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The Tomb of the First Emperor

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Rip, Sara, Henry, Mia and an Asian woman around mid-20s rushed down some rock platforms floating as around them was emerald sky and lanterns flying in the air.

"Where the hell did he go?" Henry wondered, looking around.

Suddenly, they heard a roar as the Asian woman was floating in the air, restrained by some red bonds in form of light.

"Die, worms!" From beneath flew up an Asian man in an Imperial Chinese armor, holding in his hand an orb, around him a barrier and then, towards Rip, Henry and Sara flew a giant red dragon.

"Holy…" Henry gasped.

"Move!" Rip ordered as he, Henry and Sara scattered around as the dragon breathed out fire, almost burning them alive.

"Dragons! Of all the creatures, it had to be dragons! Why is it always dragons?!" Sara snapped.

Henry whirled on Rip. "I swear to God, Rip, if we make it out of this alive, you and I need to talk about…"

"Alright, I know! This is my fault! I didn't expect things would go down this way!" Rip said.

One week ago, present, 2018, Gotham City

"Are you OK, Sara?" Henry asked.

"Yeah, it's just…" Sara paused. "I feel like something's been missing lately."

"What do you mean?" Henry asked as they heard the doorbell. Henry opened it and immediately glared and was about to throw a punch, when…

"Easy, easy. I come in peace." Rip said, raising his hands in surrender.

"What do you want?" Henry demanded as he and Sara glared.

"I know it's been a while but I was wondering if you could help me with something." Rip said.

"If it is like with Bane or Mercy, forget…"

"No, no. All I need is some additional backup. Because where I'm going… it's very dangerous." Rip said.

"No tricks, no lies, no catches?" Sara asked.

"There might be but I promise, no secrets." Rip said.

1935, Golden Lotus Opera, Hong Kong

Henry, Sara, Rip, Zari, Ray, Mick, Charlie and Nate scattered across the theatre in disguises as Henry and Sara sat across Rip in a balcony booth.

"What exactly are we doing here, Rip?" Sara asked.

"Meeting an old acquaintance of mine. She needs my help." Rip said.

"Acquaintance?" Henry asked. "Like Hex and the JSA?"

"Not exactly." Rip said. "She works undercover in the Black Dragon Triad, in this era, they were the most dangerous Triad in the whole Asia. She says that their leader, Kai, has found some dangerous artifact with immense power, called "The Dragon's Heart". Well, they found its location but Mei Ying stole something from them that allows them to get to it. A key of some sorts. She needs my help to secure it. If Kai gets his hands on it, the results will be catastrophic."

"And you need us to make sure that things will go smoothly. OK. I guess we can do that." Sara said as Rip nodded.

"Thank you. I promise, this should be nothing but a simple exchange." Rip said before a moment later, an accented female voice spoke up.

"Well, well, well, stunning as always, are you, Rip?" An Asian woman with black hair tied to a bun said as she neared them, in dress with flowers.

"I could say the same thing about you, Mei Ying." Rip said as he kissed her.

"Oh." Henry said, realizing what was going on.

"Well, you sly dog…" Sara teased.

"Mei Ying, these are my… associates. Henry Fyff, Sara Lance, meet Mei Ying." Rip introduced them.

"Pleasure to meet you." Mei Ying shook her hand with Henry and Sara.

"My pleasure."


"Can you take us to Kai's fortress?" Rip asked.

"I can." Mei Ying said. "I couldn't get to it because it's too secured but I have brought you the two pieces that were missing."

Mei Ying showed a small round artifact, that looked like a broken circle to which was attached a small orb.

"What is this?" Henry asked.

"The Mirror of Dreams." Rip said. "The key that they need."

"Or a fragment of it. I couldn't get that final piece out." Mei Ying said. "And you were right, in the fortress they also have Pa Cheng."

"Pa what?" Sara asked, not understanding.

"It's… something we might need later. We're going to need more than our usual guns and weapons when we find Qin's tomb." Rip said.

"The First Emperor of China. Qin Shi Huangdi." Henry realized.

"A legend says that he has possessed a black pearl called "Heart of the Dragon", wielding immense power." Rip said. "We need to find it before Kai will. We should also be wary of von Beck. Nazi general Kai works with. We came across him recently in Istanbul and found out that he was also after a piece of the Mirror but he beat us to it and handed it over to Kai."

Mei Ying then looked around with narrowed eyes.

"Something's wrong. Wait here." Mei Ying said, walking away as she winked at Rip, who blushed as it hit Henry and Sara.

"You son of a bitch…" Sara said.

"I have no…"

"You think we didn't notice how were you two looking at each other?" Henry teased and Rip's cheeks turned pink. "What's the story?"

"It's… now's not the time to talk about it. Let's just say we've been through some wild times." Rip said.

Henry and Sara snickered, realizing what was going on before a waiter delivered to them a bottle of champagne.

"We didn't order anything." Sara said.

"Compliments from the gentleman across there." The waiter said as Rip, Sara and Henry turned to the balcony across them to see an elderly Asian man.

"Kai…" Rip whispered, pale.

Then they turned their attention to the lobby to see men in suits with black dragon emblem on their backs.

Ray called out. "Guys, we have a problem. Kai's goons are…"

"We know!" Rip said.

Atom emerged from a box and knocked out two of the Triad thugs as Nate threw a box at the remaining thugs in the backstage, knocking them down.

Mick was at the front door and fired from his flamethrower, knocking down some of the Triad thugs and incinerating them as Zari used her Air totem to knock them away.

Rip, Henry and Sara jumped down, engaging the Triad men.

Henry rushed at one of them but the thug dodged and kicked him in the chest as Henry crashed against a table. Henry got up and picked a leg from the table and dodged as the thug attacked again and Henry hit him in the chest with the leg and then in the back, knocking him down before hitting him in the face, knocking him out. Henry dodged as another attacked with a knife and jumped back as it scratched his shirt. Henry kicked him in the leg and threw him over his back.

Rip blocked as two of the thugs engaged him but he was quickly overpowered as they knocked him down. Rip pulled out his gun and fired but the thugs dodged with acrobatic grace. Rip fired at a lantern above as it fell on one of the thugs, knocking him out. Rip then shot the second thug in the chest, killing him.

Sara dodged and picked a nearby lamp stand as her foe engaged her with a sword. Sara blocked with the lamp stand and hit him in the chest and in the face and then in the leg as the thug fell down.

"We need to find Mei Ying." Rip said.

Nate steeled up as the thugs used swords and were unable to pierce his metal skin as Nate used his steel form to knock them out.

Zari created a tornado, throwing the thugs out of the window.

"Uh, we have a problem, Kai and Mei Ying are getting away and we've got company!" Charlie called out as more Triad men appeared in cars.

Atom flew towards them and destroying the cars.

Rip, Henry and Sara went out and saw that Mei Ying was being taken by the Triad men into a car.

"Ray!" Sara said.

"A little busy now!" Ray called out.

"Gideon, can you track them?" Rip asked.

"Already on it." Gideon said as a moment later, an Asian man carrying a rickshaw appeared.

"Mr. Hunter, I presume?" The Asian man said.

"Yes." Rip said.

"My name is Wu Han. I came here to meet Mei Ying." Wu Han said.

"You just missed her, pal." Henry said.

"I've noticed. Get in, now!" Wu Han ordered.

"Wait, in a rickshaw? Why not a car?" Rip protested.

"No time, we gotta move!" Sara ordered, seeing more Triad men in a car nearing them as they got onto the cart as Wu Han carried them. The Triad men started to chase them as Henry pulled out a gun and fired, shooting down the shooter but the car kept on chasing them. Rip pulled out his gun and destroyed the tires as the car skidded.

"Can this thing move any faster?" Sara snapped.

"Look under the seat." Wu Han said and Sara looked down to see a Thompson machine gun.

"Nice." Sara smirked as they kept on trying to lose the pursuers and shoot them down. "Ray! Where are you? We've got a problem!" Sara called out.

From the air flew Atom, firing on the road as the cars skidded.

Wu Han managed to get them to the docks, only to see Mei Ying and Kai onboard a ship, sailing away.

"Mei Ying!" Rip said before cursing. "Damn it. We can't use the Waverider, they'll detect it and we might cause more changes in history."

"What are we gonna do?" Sara asked. "Where are they taking her?"

"Most likely Kai's hideout. The fortress of the Black Dragon." Wu Han said. "Getting in won't be easy. We'll have to go through the Nazi base Von Beck has set up on the island near the fortress in Peng Lai mountains, where the fortress is."

"A simple exchange, huh?" Sara asked sarcastically, glaring at Rip.

"Alright, I did not see that coming, my bad. We need to find Mei Ying. Fast. We can't let anything happen to her." Rip said, worriedly as Henry and Sara saw the look in his eyes. Was he… in love with her?