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Steve Harrington & Harringrove One shots

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Close your eyes make a wish and blow out the candlelight

“…what the fuck?” Robin cursed quietly while Steve looked at her with the same surprised expression

They were at Steve’s house, having a sleepover after a long and shitty shift at Scoops ahoy. They wore their pajamas and ate lots of sweet and junk food as they laugh at cliche movies. They were talking about Robin’s crush on Tammy Thompson again (“She still sounds like a Muppet!” “At least she has dreams, Steve”) when they heard the sudden sound of a familiar and cheesy song..

For tonight is just your night, we’re gonna celebrate, all through the night

It was “I’ll Make Love To You” by BoyZ II Men.

“Okay..what the fuck?” Steve repeated Robin’s word as he got up, walked towards the window and opened it.

Before immediately gaping at the scene before him with an opened jaw.

“Steve?” Robin called out, starting to stand to see what was going on when Steve quickly closed and locked the window with a horror struck face. ”…Steve, what’s going on down there?”  Robin asked, raising her eyebrows at Steve’s expression, who looked as though someone just gave birth in front of him. “You don’t want to know” Steve said with a dead tone.

Pour the wine, light the fire, girl your wish is my command, i submit to your demands

The music got even louder, making Steve, for some reason, blush red and bite his lip. “Okay, now I gotta know what the hell is going down there” Robin thought, determined to know why her dingus was getting all flustered and nervous. Robin tried to peek over Steve’s shoulder but Steve moved.

“Ro-Robin! I’m serious!” Steve squeaked as he tried to push Robin away from the utter disaster he just saw outside his house. But Robin just rolled her eyes and pushed Steve out of the way easily.

When she opened the window, she too, felt her mouth gaping at the scene.

I will do anything, girl you need only ask!!

Outside stood Billy Hargrove, wearing his red button up shirt, with the sleeves rolled up and opened up at least 3 buttons to show off his chest. He looked smug and cocky as he held up a Large Stereo box over his head. Nancy and Jonathan were in the side-lines, both trying to hide their amused smiles as they held up a poster over their heads that read…

“Steve Hargrove “with a big red heart at the end of it.

Robin felt herself burst into laughter, “Holy shit!! Billy Hargrove is trying to fucking court Steve Fucking Harrington with a fucking love song!!” she thought as she started cracking up even more. She had to grip the edge of the window, making sure she wouldn’t fall and die from laughing her ass off.

She knew Billy had a huge crush on Steve ever since the first day he came here. It was practically obvious to everyone, well, except to Steve.

Billy’s been flirting with him, like; Calling Steve “Pretty face”, “Sweet heart”, and even “ Sweet thang”, Always looking at him with stupid hearts in his eyes, And he can’t even go through a day without seeing and/or talking about him.

After Billy heard that Steve was going to be working at “Scoops Ahoy”, you already know that He was already going to be their first costumer. He burst inside the ice cream parlor with his swagger, wearing his usual light blue leather jacket and matching jeans. He had a flirty confident smirk on, ready to turn on his flirt mode, expecting Steve to be looking at him with admiration in his eyes…

Billy, however, didn’t expect to see Steve wearing the smallest shorts in history and see him bending over to grab something. Robin still remembers the pain from trying to hold in her laughter as Billy’s face turns bright red and him immediately running towards the bathroom in lightning speed.

You would’ve thought Steve would notice by now about Billy’s absolute obsession with him, right?

…Of course he didn’t notice.

Steve still thinks that it’s all an “elaborate prank” and Billy’s just “joking around”, saying that “this was all a joke and it would blow over soon” Sometimes, Robin just wants to smack Steve’s dumb pretty face and scream “HE WANTS TO DATE YOU, YA DINGUS!!”

But it seems like Billy beat her to the punch.

After what seemed like hours, Robin finally stood up from laughing and looked out the window once more, still slightly shaky from her wheezing. Billy gave her his usual shark like grin and mouthed “Steve?” She let out another laugh and turned around, to see a blushing Steve looking right at her.

“Ohh, Steve!! You’re prince charming is waiting for you!!!” She teased, making Steve blush pure red.

He slowly stuck his head out the window, immediately regretting it as Billy gave him a flirty smirk and winked at him. The song still playing loudly..

“I’ll make love to you, like you want me to! And I’ll hold you tight, baby all through the night!!  I’ll make love to you!! When you want me to, and I will not let go till you tell me to!!!”

Robin whispered in his ear with a mocking smile, “Still think it’s a prank Harrington?” 

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