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Truth Amongst Us

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Namjoon would say that he may have some insecurities. He’s only human after all, and is still working through any doubt he may hold against himself. Like if he’s chewing too loudly while eating in a movie theater. If the colors of his shirt clash with his pants. Or if he talks too loud in a quiet vicinity.

Though one thing that namjoon can hold for certain is that he’s definitely secure with his relationship.

Namjoon being utterly and hopelessly in love with one park jimin.


It was a Friday night, and namjoon was currently at a bar waiting for the rest of the tables drinks. Having lost the cap toss that would determine who’d get up and get the drinks. Jungkook deciding to help along.

Jungkook scans the club and focus on the dance floor. Where his two friends, taehyung and jimin, are currently dancing up against each other to a song that’s clearly meant for grinding.

“Doesn’t that...I don’t know bother you?” Jungkook ask hesitantly, vaguely gesturing to the not so safe for work dancing between his two friends.

Namjoon, whose still facing the bar, simply ask, “what should bother me?”

“Their dancing together it’s pretty…” jungkook nods off.

Namjoon, who now understands where this is going, simply turns around and noticed the scene on the dance floor.

Currently, the club is playing a song more on the productive side, and watches as tae has both of his hands in jimins back pockets, no space between their chest.

Namjoon turns around back to the bar, and prepares to grab their drinks, and simply says, “I have nothing to be bothered by, kook.”

“Are you sure?” jungkook asks, grabbing half of the drinks to bring back to their table, “taes basically been grinding up against your boyfriend the entire night.”

“Yes, my boyfriend, my boyfriend who is very open and clingy with all of his friends, and never does anything less than innocent with said friends.” Namjoon sighs, feeling like his speech is rehearsed by now.

Jungkook, who still isn’t convince, or rather, doesn’t understand namjoons logic, lets it go.

Both jimin and taehyung come back from the dance floor, all sweaty and try to seat themselves ontop of each in the booth.

Namjoon looks fondly at jimin and his dimpled smile.


Namjoon knows that jungkook isn’t the first to question on how namjoon is ok with taehyung and jimin close dynamic, and won’t be the last.

More often than not it would appear that people would perceive taehyung and jimin are the ones in the romantic relationship, rather than him and jimin.

Namjoon isn’t fazed by it at this point, having been dating jimin for more than a year now, and understanding how close the younger is to his best friend. But the act that people have the nerve to assume jimin and his relationship is still just as annoying, and will continue to peeve namjoon.

“Seriously namjoon,” an old college colleague stresses, “are you sure you guys aren’t in an open relationship or something? He’s literally feeling up your boyfriend.”

Namjoon simply rolls his eyes, trying to contain a groan, “they’re sitting on a couch”

The coach that belongs to a random coworkers of jimin, and them being invited out to said coworkers little party.

“They’re clearly cuddling dude,” the guy insist, “if my boyfriend did that-“

Namjoon simply gets off the wall he was leaning on and walks away, not in the mood to hear whatever he was gonna say.

Namjoon heads to the couch where taehyung and jimin are huddle together on, and gives a small smile.

Jimin turning to look back at his boyfriend, and leaning up to peck his cheek.

It’s clear they are the ones in a relationship.


“Must suck third wheeling huh,” a random girl, whose sitting near the table next to his in the cafe, murmurs.

“Uh huh,” namjoon wondering since when did strangers butting in has become socially acceptable.

“How do you handle being around a couple so grossly in love,” the girl ask scandalized, “why are you on their date anyways?”

Namjoon has had this conversation before. Out of every outing with jimin and taehyung, 2 out of 3 times someone would mention how namjoon is “third wheeling” on a date, and give him sympathy eyes.

Namjoon simply gets up from the table, approaches jimin whose in line with tae, and gives him a little kiss on his lips.

Jimin giggling at namjoon and leaning in for more.

Third wheeling his ass.


The thing is, jimin isn’t oblivious to how exactly people interpret taehyung and his relationship. He’s known that in the past, would constantly confuse the two friends as a couple. That confusion never bothered jimin, seeing as taehyung is his favorite person, and would simply correct the mix up.

In the past taehyung and him would might indulged in people’s mistake of them as a couple, finding it funny to mess with people. Of course this would stop when jimin got a boyfriend, his joonie.

So despite knowing this, jimin only ever cared that namjoon knew that he was definitely not dating his best friend, and that he was completely available for the elder.

So once namjoon and him have settled down, and have been happily together for over a year, jimin completely neglected how others still continue to perceived his and taehyung's friendship.

Jimin solemnly focusing all his love and attention on his boyfriend.

It isn’t until he got accused of cheating that he realizes people still think that taehyung and him are anything more than best friends.

Jimin, who hasn’t calmed down whatsoever from the encounter of a meddling coworker declaring that he’s cheating on his boyfriend with tae.

The only reason that meddler got out alive was that taehyung was holding him back in the middle of a grocery store in the ramen aisle.

Upon opening the door to their apartment, namjoon stands ideally in the hallways doorframe, and sighs, “didn’t know you were cheating on me jiminie. And to bring the mistress as well”

Jimin proceeds to grab a couch cushion and throw it at namjoons head, “that is not funny namjoon, don’t even joke about that.” Jimin whines, crossing his arms and huffling sitting on the couch, arms crossed.

Taehyung proceeds to sit next to jimin, wrapping himself around his platonic soulmate.

“I’m sorry,” namjoon sighs, realizing blatantly this isn’t the time for jokes. Namjoon walks around the couch and wraps himself around jimin's other side.

“How bad?” Namjoon ask sagely

“Really bad,” taehyung supplies, “what kind of asshole makes an accusation like that? Fucking ridculous.”

Namjoon cringes, realizing that neither jimin nor taehyung should’ve been accused of such a thing, nonetheless by a random coworker.

“Me cheating on the love of my life with my platonic soulmate? What kind of bullshit!” Jimin huffs, still fueled by angry of what was said to him.

“You know your closeness with taehyung never bothers me right,” namjoon says lowly shoving his face in jimin's shoulder.

Jimin pushes his face away, and says very seriously in a stern voice, “if it did we wouldn’t have made it past the first date.”

Namjoon chuckles fondly, “I know.”

“Anyways,” Jimin softens, “I can’t believe people still think taehyung and I are dating, it’s obvious that you’re the boyfriend, do I need to shove my tongue down your throat in public more often?”

“Maybe you should get married,” taehyung exclaims, “nothing says committed like a gold band around a finger.”

“Ok...hold on,” namjoon says simply already seeing the gears turning in jimin's head, no doubt that taehyung and jimin would most definitely plan a wedding on the spot.

“Listen,” namjoon says, one hand grabbing jimin's hand, the other holding his cheek so he’ll face him, “jimin I don’t care what anyone thinks about us, I don’t care if people think I should be bothered by it, nor do I care if view is as anything less than boyfriends. I’m secured in what we have, and what we are together. It doesn’t matter how close you are with tae, I know the truth, and I trust in what we have and hold together. I love you jiminie.” Namjoon declares softly lightly kissing jimins nose.

Jimin all but furrows his brows and scowls, “what have people been saying? For how long? The fuck namjoon?”

Namjoon softly bangs his forehead on jimin's collarbone lightly laughing.

“Jimin,” tae says exasperatedly, “your boyfriend practically declared his love, which definitely fueled into the marriage plan, and that’s what you’re focusing on? My clueless clueless jiminie”

Jimin, upon realizing what namjoon was trying to get at, lifts his head and says softly, “thank you for never being jealous of tae and me”

“You don’t need to thank me-“

“I know,” Jimin cuts off, “you’re gonna says how it’s a basic human decency to respect us, but still asshole ex boyfriends can sometimes make you forget the simple things one has the right to have. You’re still mine and I’m yours” Jimin ends lightly.

“You know a spring wedding would be lovely,” taehyung says fondly,”the colors would go well”

Jimin squeals, breaking the little moment with namjoon and turning to taehyung, “the amount of flowers that’ll be bloom tae tae-“

Taehyung and jimin excitingly cheering for a make up wedding.

Namjoon is insecure about a lot of things, but definitely not his relationship.