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"Why are you up?" "You alright?"


Natasha suddenly woke up, breathing heavily. It was 3am. She had had a nightmare, and rolled over to burrow into you for comfort, but you weren’t there. She frowned. There was no light or sound coming from anywhere else in your shared room, and she wondered where you went.

“JARVIS, where is Y/N?” Nat asked the A.I.

“I believe she is in the kitchen, Miss Romanoff,” he responded. She climbed out of bed, wrapped a blanket around herself, and headed for the kitchen.


“Why are you up?” you heard a voice murmur from behind you.

“Couldn’t sleep,” you replied, eyes narrowing at your girlfriend. She looked a little off.

“You alright?”

“Nightmare,” Nat responded. Your brows furrowed.

“Come here,” you murmured, opening your arms. Natasha came over to you and melted into your embrace. She nuzzled her nose into your neck and sighed.

“Well, now that we’re both up, do you want to watch something?” you mumbled into her hair.

“Yeah, let’s watch a nice movie,” she replied. You both made your way into the living room, grabbing extra blankets from the basket against the wall. You searched through the movie collection for a minute, before deciding on a disney movie. It was light and happy, something you both needed.

“Why couldn’t you sleep?” Natasha asked as the title screen played.

“I don’t know- my insomnia might be back,” you admitted quietly. She frowned.

“That’s not good,” she hummed.

“I’ll talk to Bruce about it tomorrow,” you soothed. Her lips brushed against your temple and you turned your head so that you could get a proper kiss. Nat tried to deepen the kiss, but you pulled away, chuckling.

“Pay attention to the movie.” She rolled her eyes, but then turned her gaze to the screen.


“Oh my god this is so great. I can’t-”

“…the blackmail is going to be so good I-”

“Guys, come on, let them-”

You slowly opened your eyes, blinking a few times.

“Guys!” you exclaimed, waking up Natasha in the process.

“What?” she sleepily asked.

“We totally did not get pictures of you sleeping,” Clint said.

“Clint, so help me god,” your girlfriend replied, voice dangerously low.

“Gotta go,” Clint called as he took off, your girlfriend running after him. You sighed back against the pillows, closing your eyes again. So what if they had pictures of you two together- you guys were adorable.

“Hey Steve, can you send me those pics?”

“Sure, Y/N.” Even though your eyes were closed, you could practically hear his smile.