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Imperio, (Because I'm Writing Your Recommendations)

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June 2001

When Pennywise opened the front door, he hadn’t exactly expected a red-faced and bleary-eyed Henry Bowers to be standing on the other side. It had been a long time, almost half a year, since he’d seen him, and that was at their usual Christmas Eve party. Taking a long look at the 28-year-old, he began to decipher the reason for his abrupt and unscheduled visit. 

The younger man’s ashy blond hair was in a state of disarray and he looked like he hadn’t gotten a good night’s sleep in a few days. Even without his heightened eldritch senses, the disguised clown could tell that he’d also been crying. His clothes were haphazardly tucked in and the ruffled flannel he wore over everything barely covered the stained white undershirt. Poor patchworked jeans with a too-tight belt choked his waist and tried to tuck under his mud-caked work boots. Glancing back up at Henry’s face, he belatedly noticed an embarrassed sheen pooling into his downcast orbs. However, the oddest aspect of the man was the scruffy goatee around his lips, making them stand out in a way that he wasn’t sure that he disliked.

“Hey… my girlfriend kicked me out…” Henry began, his voice coming out in a dry croak, “Would it be alright if I stayed here for a while until I figured something out? I can do things around the house if you need anythin—”

“Save your breath, boy,” the eldritch huffed at his pseudo-eldest son’s pitiful tone, “You know you are always welcome here. Hermione would have my head if I didn’t express that clearly. Now get in here before the cold air gets out,” he practically yanked Henry and his small suitcases inside the air-conditioned house.

His children had learned that lesson the hard way, coming in and out without closing the doors and then promptly getting reprimanded by an incredibly irate witch. At this stage of Hermione’s pregnancy, she was prone to heat flashes, and she absolutely hated being too warm. It had even gotten to the point that simply spooning rose her temperature too high. He could hardly touch her between that and her refusal to have sex this late into the third trimester, which was something that had him in a constant state of irritation.

“Penn? Who was at the door?” Hermione piped up from the hallway, waddling towards the two men with her large belly leading the way.

Gingerly, Pennywise turned around and allowed Hermione to move in front of him, “Oh! Henry! I’m so happy to see you! I’m sorry to say this but you look awful. Come in, come in! Let’s see what we can do about that,” Hermione hugged Henry before yanking him further into the house and up the stairs.

“Uhh… okay… Congratulations on the pregnancy, Hermione. I wasn’t expecting that… How long?” Henry prompted curiously, his cheeks losing a bit of their heated red glow.

“Oh, yes of course! Well… It happened in January and I only have a few more weeks to go. There are six this time, six! That’s why I’m so bloody huge! And the symptoms… ugh! These pains are killing me. I know it’s been twelve years since I’ve done this, but these don’t feel like normal cramps.” Hermione groaned, rubbing along her giant bump and feeling one of their newest children kick against her palm. 

“Woah! Six? That’s a lot, Hermione. What do Rose and the others think about it?” Henry wrapped his arm around Hermione as they climbed the stairs.

The witch chuckled softly, “They were all pretty happy with it. Penny had been expecting it as always. I can never slip anything past that girl... And Rose was excited to have a few more younger brothers and sisters. Hugo was rather indifferent. Tom has always been resistant to change, and he’s a bit of a Mama’s boy, but he’s been strangely accepting. Robert was… very curious about the whole process. Well… you could probably understand why. Twelve years old, and he’s sharing a room with Tom already. My heart goes out to him, of course. I understand what it’s like having a clingy eldritch as a mate.”

Pennywise trailed behind the two, toting Henry’s luggage in his pale grip. He scoffed, growling lowly at Hermione’s comment. If anything, he’d been very distant towards her in comparison to his usual behavior, and that was only because she denied him at every turn. The clown sighed. At least he could enjoy the sight of his mate’s plump posterior as she walked in front of him. Fuck, I’m getting pathetic...

“You’ll have to bunk with Hugo, and I know he won’t mind… He’s out at the park with the others right now, but he’ll be back later. Penn, why don’t you help him get settled and I’ll go make lunch. I’ve read that food is one of the best things for a crummy mood,” she bustled out of the small bedroom, her maternal nesting instincts kicking in fully.

The door closed with a pointed thud, sending the room into a tensioned-filled silence quickly broken by Henry unzipping his magical suitcases and pulling out pillows and blankets alongside a small mattress. He had set the luggage on the floor and was currently bent over and partially inside one of them, looking for something likely tucked down underneath half a million other things. Hermione had given the cases to him for his 18th birthday and they’d served him well over the years. However, that wasn’t what Pennywise was focused on.

Henry’s bum swayed tantalizingly, almost seeking out the carnal friction that he was now denied, given what he had said about his girlfriend. Henry was now unmated, and in distress because of it. Pennywise could practically taste the feelings of mourning and sadness wafting off of him. He could help him forget her. Hermione wouldn’t mind his needs. She couldn’t help him now anyway in her condition.

The tall eldritch advanced on the smaller male, slotting his pelvis behind Henry’s arse and giving it an experimental bump. Henry’s eyes were wide as his head spun around to gape at their sudden closeness. Pennywise chuckled into his nape, lowering the rest of his body over Henry’s back. Trapped, the younger man began to fidget.

A sharp nip made Henry freeze, “Shh… This has been a long time coming,” Pennywise nipped sharply at his neck, which made him gasp, “Hermione has been denying me what I want, and you have been denied for a long time, too,” he gasped when a dark hand slithered into his jeans and palmed his flaccid member within the confines of his briefs.

“So sensitive… I can smell your lust, Henry,” the clown cooed, picking Henry up with his other arm and laying him down on the pile of unsorted bedding.

With a flick of the eldritch’s finger, his jeans peeled off his skin and pooled around his ankles. Henry’s flannel and undershirt shared the same fate, all three items being thrown into a corner for later. Now only in his underwear, the older-looking male curled into himself, tucking his knees up to his chest in nervousness.

“Uhh… Pennywise… I… Don’t kno— ack!” he cut himself off when Pennywise abruptly crawled in between his arms and legs and sucked Henry’s left nipple into his mouth, toying with the flesh with his teeth and tongue.

“Hush,” the clown rumbled through teasing suckles, “You’ve wanted this for years, haven’t you? You still wanna sit all nice and pretty on Daddy’s cock?” he delighted in Henry’s jolt when he squeezed the man’s hardening length.

A breathless moan escaped Henry’s clenched jawed mouth and Pennywise pressed a chaste kiss to his pale lips, just enough to get some of his aphrodisiac saliva into his mouth. Immediately, the youth’s darker eyes grew heavy and dazed and his tongue lolled out onto his chin, drooling a bit onto his bare chest.

“Guuhh… Yeah…” Henry nodded slowly, unsure of which of his feelings were real.

Sharp teeth emerged from a red-lipped smirk and bit down hard into the tight muscle of his right bicep, injecting a familiar shape-shifting venom into his body. Slowly, Henry transformed, shrinking a bit and losing a lot of the bulk he’d built up in the last twelve years. Soon enough, a nervous eighteen-year-old boy stared back at him. Pennywise chuckled as he watched the other man examine himself, testing his long-forgotten arms and fingers.

Henry ran his hand through his hair and took in the feeling of his old mullet before trailing that same hand down his face and feeling nothing but smooth skin. He jolted, looking back up at Pennywise’s amused eyes.

“What? I just temporarily took ten years off your appearance. You’re welcome,” the clown walked his fingers up Henry’s chest and flicked the perky nipples he found there, “Now, may we continue? I haven’t gotten laid in over a month.” Pennywise pressed himself closer to Henry, snaking his arms behind the other male’s back and holding his shoulders so he couldn’t scoot up and away from his cock. 

Each fingernail threatened to penetrate Henry’s shoulder as they tapped excitedly on his skin and a sharp ripping sound drew Henry’s attention downward to the writhing mass of tentacles stretching through the eldritch’s trousers. They were slimy, each brush against each other accompanied by a wretched-sounding squish. The sounds made his toes curl in a mixture of revulsion and excitement. Pennywise chuckled darkly as he curled further into himself at the gross sensation, coincidentally exposing his puckered pink opening further to the clown’s view.

“Good… good…” he praised the younger man, rubbing their cocks together.

Henry whined at the friction, completely unprepared for the sudden entrance of a thinner tentacle into his anus. He yelped and Pennywise shushed him, comfortingly wrapping his other tendrils around his thighs and pulling the human further into his embrace. They teased the round globes of his bum and the sensitive skin of his balls, testing his reactions and squeezing them in an erotic game.

Soon, after a moment, another tentacle was added to the one inside him, and another, and another. Each one varied in speed, thickness, and length; reaching varying depths of his intestines and glands. His prostate was given special attention by one in particular, and it just loved to use its little suckers to push and pull on the gland, teasing him worse than anyone ever had before. His hips couldn’t stop bouncing, knocking into the eldritch’s each time the tentacle pulled on him.

Meanwhile, sharpened teeth danced along Henry’s collarbone and pectorals, never going for the neck or shoulders where a mating bite would go. While Henry and he trusted each other on a basic level, that didn’t mean he ever wanted to give up Hermione and their young. At the same time, his primal instincts were pushing him to take a second mate and breed him up as he did with his wife. Not that he would ever follow those instincts, but they made for amazing dirty talk.

Instead, he lined his dark red and purple member up to Henry’s stretched hole and pushed in, simultaneously pulling out all of his tendrils. The human threw his head back in a silent scream, fresh tears leaking from his bleary eyes. He sobbed brokenly as Pennywise curled his arms around him, pressing a caring kiss to his strained temple.

Sliding back out, the eldritch delighted in the way the smaller male clutched at his shoulders, leaving scratches in his desperation.

“Careful,” Pennywise teased, “Your desperation is showing. You’re more wound-up than I thought,” he laughed at the offended look in the other’s eyes as he began a quick pace that made Henry throw his head back in surprise.

The eldritch grunted, throwing Henry’s legs over his shoulders and pushing the younger man into the mattress further so he could continue jack-hammering his pelvis. Henry, meanwhile, let out small sharp moans capitalizing each thrust. His hair fell into his watery eyes, only to be swept away by a dark inky hand while the other held onto his opposite shoulder. At the same time, the now-teen’s overstimulated cock bounced erratically between their stomachs, splattering both with precum each time the purple-hued head made contact with their skin.

Abruptly, the eldritch’s hips changed their cadence and Henry felt a thick bulge growing against his anus. He froze at the realization of what it was but Pennywise kept his hips moving, rubbing the bulge against him with shallow rabbit-like thrusts.

“Oh, come now, Henry…” the clown crooned hypnotizingly, staring down at the shocked male with his entrancing red eyes, “It’s hardly any worse than what you’ve had yet, my darling  little cock-sleeve.”

Pennywise pulled them up into a seated position, slightly bouncing Henry in his lap with his hands on his arse. He fell forward onto the clown’s pale chest and had no other choice but to grasp onto equally-pale shoulders with white-knuckled sweaty hands and hold on for dear life. With every thrust, he was pushed further down onto the hard dark knot. Tears fell from his eyes now, nearly at the same pace as the white pearly pre dribbled from his painfully-hard member.

Looking up, he caught Pennywise grinning ferally down at him, his frightening teeth glinting dangerously in the innocent lamplight of his eldest son’s room. The large hands gripping his fragile hips began twisting him sideways, practically corkscrewing his hold onto his bull-like genitals. Henry visibly gulped, his voice coming out in broken cries for mercy that ultimately fell on deaf ears.

With a harsh push, Pennywise’s knot slid into the smaller man’s hole with a slick-sounding pop . He pressed himself closer to Henry, rolling his hips with shallow thrusts in an attempt to assault his prostate with the tip of his cock. Breathless whimpers met his sharp ears and he grinned further, feeling both of their climaxes quickly approaching

The clown tightened his grip on Henry, tightening his tentacles around Henry’s thighs and genitals, making him cry out in surprise, “That’s right, take Daddy’s knot in your little hole. Gonna cum? Hmm? You’re so close I can almost taste it,” he lapped at the skin along Henry’s jugular and immediately felt his pulse quicken. Perfect.

“...Please,” Henry begged, rolling his hips weakly against the short deep thrusts, “I can’t take it anymore… Make me cum.”

Pennywise growled excitedly, feeling his balls churning in preparation, feeling the dam of his sexual feelings breaking, “Make me cum, what?”

Henry cried out louder than he had yet, throwing his head back as the clown yanked on his mullet, “Daddy!”

A quick spurt of white creamy cum splattered between their torsos, cooling rapidly in the air-conditioned room. The diverse sensation took Pennywise over the edge as he came locked inside the transformed teen with a loud snarl.

Coming down from their respective highs, the eldritch rolled them onto their sides, still chest to chest. A deep rumbling purr vibrated out of his chest as he pulled the exhausted human towards him. Dark clawed hands stroked aging skin, marveling at the difference between old and young flesh. Not that twenty-eight was old by any means, but it was certainly ten years older than eighteen, and a decade could mean a lot for such things.

Henry closed his eyes, feeling his facial hair and bulk return. It felt nice to be back in his current physique, but he had to admit that he would miss his younger self after feeling it again. It had also been a while since he’d confronted his “daddy issues,” so it could be said that today had been full of odd nostalgia.

“I have half a mind to breed you up while I’ve got you here,” the clown murmured beside him, stroking the skin around his middle.

Henry’s eyes shot open, “You wouldn’t!” he nearly shouted, pushing at Pennywise and trying to pull himself off of his knot.

The eldritch winced, “Stop that, Henry. Of course I wouldn’t. I’m about to have eleven kids in this house, and the last thing I’m going to do is lay my eggs inside of your intestines and let my seed impregnate them. Not only that, but they’d be identical clones of me , and as much as Hermione loves me, she thinks Robert is close enough for comfort, and I agree .”

“Hermione!” Henry gaped, “Y-you… and I…”

“Stop worrying! You’re gonna hurt yourself,” Pennywise rubbed his hands up and down Henry’s back, teasing the coarser hair at the base of his neck, “Hermione would have come in here if she’d had a problem with it, right my dearest mate?”

“Ah! Why’d you call me out?” Hermione’s muffled voice came from behind the door, sounding thoroughly embarrassed, “Now I feel like a bloody pervert…”

The eldritch cackled while Henry was still mortified, “Maybe that’s because you are one,” he teased, sniffing the air and smiling excitedly, “I can smell you, love… You were touching yourself...” A guttural purr made the floorboards tremble, “Can I have you tonight?”

Hermione laughed, clearly shaking her head exasperatedly from what Henry could tell, “Maybe when you’re not bollocks deep in Henry’s arse and have had a shower or tw— Arghhh!”

“Hermione!?” Both males shouted in unison.

“Penn! It’s time! I knew those cramps felt different!” Hermione shouted, her voice trailing down the hall.

Henry looked to Pennywise for a reaction but only got an exhausted smile before the eldritch threw his head back and knocked it into the floor. A strangled groan left the eldritch’s slack mouth and the other male nodded in sympathy.

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September 2004 - November 2005

They’d met through school. He’d been an assistant to the groundskeeper and caretaker, and she was a student. He only seemed to be a few years older than her, a twenty-one to her fifteen but she felt that her mind more than made up for the gap between them. He seemed to feel the same, sneaking little finger-touches, and kisses when their relationship began to blossom, whenever they passed each other in the hall, an event infrequently occurring in itself.

The first time Penelope Gray laid eyes on Mordred Deschain, she thought his raven hair was too long, much too long for a boy. To her, the disheveled mop looked like a weeping willow, the strands flowing in the wind and brushing against her cheek whenever she happened to be near him. His devil-may-care attitude hadn’t won him any favors with her either.

The rest of him was not all that bad. His frame was limber but not willowy like Tom’s had become in recent years. In fact, the two of them kinda looked like brothers if one ignored the several differences in facial and muscle structure. Both of their eyes were a dark, almost black color. Their hair matched their eyes, and both of them had a skin color that looked like they hadn’t stepped outside in their entire life. Who knew the Gray kids had a thing for the dark and brooding types? Penny on the other hand, was short, freckled, blue-eyed, and had short fiery red hair in her preferred form, a complete opposite to the man in question.

When he began to stand close to her more often after that first time, she tried to ignore him. However, when Mordred was as tall as her father’s human form, he easily stood out in the crowd of bustling students. The feeling of his hauntingly dark eyes became an itch that she was more and more tempted to scratch, to acknowledge him, to… confront him.

Penelope didn’t know what he wanted. Unlike everyone else, he was particularly difficult to read. After living with her parents, she assumed all he wanted was a quick lay with a younger body, but after a year, she didn’t think that was necessarily the case anymore.

During her sixth year, she began seeing Mordred everywhere . Whenever she would look outside the classroom window, no matter which class, there he’d be, trimming hedges, raking leaves, polishing statues. If not for how invested he seemed to be in his labor, Penny could have sworn that he was following her. He never looked at her during these times, as though he were getting her back for the previous year of ignoring him. That was fine with her.

When he started appearing during her after-school activities was when Penny began truly despising his presence. It was one thing to linger around her during the school day, but it was an entirely different thing to disrupt her extracurriculars. Whether she was attempting to translate ancient runes for fun, or brew a recreational potion, he was there, working on some seemingly unnecessary task for a seemingly unnecessary amount of time.

For example, she’d be painting a magical portrait or landscape in one of the unused classrooms with a group of her friends and he would waltz in with a tall ladder on his shoulder only to climb one step and manually replace a candle in the chandelier before packing up his things once more, an activity that seemed to take longer than necessary, and leaving. He could have used his magic, as she’d seen him do endless times when she noticed him at the end of her classes, but here, he didn’t.

Sometimes he would glance over at her, his tar-colored eyes locking with hers for a split second and a smug smirk creeping onto his face faintly enough that she was positive she was the only one who noticed. One time, he did this, only to drop the box of candles purposefully on the floor so he would then be able to stay longer and clean up the spilled contents.

Her friends would titter and fawn over the tall man after he left, gossiping about how handsome he was in a ‘broody’ sort of way or how well-endowed he probably was. While Penny could see the appeal of having a ‘bad boy’ partner, as she firmly believed her father had once fallen into that category before her mother came along, that didn’t mean she didn’t know those sorts of relationships tended to turn out badly.

Even after taking a page out of her mother’s book, “a surefire method to get some time to yourself,” she’d been informed, Penny had still been plagued by her giant spectre. Once, she’d been curled up on a cushioned window seat overlooking the grounds and suddenly he was leaning over right in front of her, cranking the creaking window open and sending a cool breeze rushing through the library. The chill crept up her bare legs, gooseflesh making her skin tingle. Mordred had brushed her shin when retracting his hand and was retreating with a poorly concealed grin on his face. His teeth were like ivory tombstones in neat little rows.

It was a chilly afternoon in November when Penelope finally confronted him. She’d been sitting for the better part of two hours in her Charms class while she watched Mordred wipe and dry the same window nearest to her desk for what the red-haired witch thought had been at least an hour and a half. His hands were turning blue and he just wouldn’t leave. So, after her class let out, she bundled herself up and went out onto the grounds, following the trail of large footprints to where he was now quickly cleaning the rest of the glass where he’d been inching along like molasses previously. 

“Aren’t you cold, Mr. Deschain?” Penny raising her voice to be heard over the crisp winter winds.

It was almost too gratifying how she’d actually made him jump, his lanky frame jerking like a spooked cat. It has been enough to make her giggle. He turned around, an almost guilty look flashing on his face before it was replaced by something more blank.

“Not at all,” the deep tenor of his smooth voice curled around his slight smile, “but I have to ask the same of you,” his eyes trailed down, eyeing her bare legs submerged in a foot-and-a-half of snow.

Penny blushed, finally feeling the cold seeping into her skin. Her shoes and socks would be wet for the rest of the day if she didn’t hurry back to her dorm and change them before her next class started. Oh right, magic… A simple drying charm would do.

She shivered, “I’m fine!” she slid her knitted gloves off and held them out to him, looking askance so as not to make direct eye-contact, “Just put these on. I’m tired of looking at your frostbitten fingers…” Penny huffed half-jokingly, shoving the gloves into his chest before quickly turning away, or she would have had he not caught her hands.

The army-green accessories dangled in her clenched fists as her hands dangled in his much larger cold ones. Her breath stuttered, the vapor visibly escaping in sharp little puffs from the red lips that matched her red cheeks, nose, and ears. She was warm, even warmer than before, like a furnace. He, on the other hand, was cold. His grip was icy, his stance was rigid, and the way he clinically examined her hands was wrapped in suppressed emotion. However, his deep dark eyes were warm like newly laid asphalt on a summer day.

There was less than a foot of space between their bodies and a sharp angle between their eyes. It was here and now that Penny realized how drastic their height difference was. While Mordred had to be at least 6’3, she, on the other hand, had inherited her mother’s stature and barely cracked 5’4. She already knew she was small, but now she really knew that she was small. 

Her thoughts were broken by Mordred gently lifting her hands to his chapped lips in a chivalrous gesture of gratitude. At the slow press of his skin to her pale freckled knuckles, Penny jerked but didn’t rip her hands out of his like she wanted to. Instead, she waited until he released them, which he seemed to do reluctantly. To make up for her loss of protection, she shoved her hands into her pockets and his frame jerked with silent laughter.

“Thank you, Miss Gray. This is very sweet of you,” he held the gloves up to his face and took a subtle sniff of the material, such a familiar gesture done by her father to her mother that she thought nothing of it, “I shall return them to you later this evening after dinner, if that’s alright…”

“Of course, Mr. Deschain,” she backed away slowly, knowing she would be late to her next class if she didn’t leave now.

“Please,” his dark eyes locked with her bright blues, “Call me ‘Mordred.’”

“Okay, Mordred.” She smiled shyly, testing the name on her lips as she turned away, “Good luck on the rest of the windows. Hopefully the others won’t be as difficult for you as this one was.”

She could have sworn his eyes flashed amber when he simply smiled at her in response.

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June 2001

Looking at his ever-changing form in the mirror was not something the seven-foot eldritch did often, but the surprising appearance of a black eye had been reason enough for Pennywise to do so. After probing the small purple bruise with hesitant claws, he discerned that it was obviously non-fatal and would heal in the next few hours. He forced himself back into his smaller human form and grabbed a pair of aviators from his mate’s dresser. Henry had given them to him for Christmas one year and he’d only worn them a few times. Pennywise grumbled at them despite their neutral mirror-like appearance. 

Hermione would know something was wrong because he didn’t usually wear sunglasses of any kind, and the reason for that was mostly because she was so enraptured by his cobalt blue eyes. This was something she reminded him of very often, especially when they made love. 

She would hold his face in her hands and kiss him with her eyes wide open and cross-eyed. It was one of the infinite number of things he liked about her. Even thirteen years later, his mate was just as delicious as the day he first tasted her sweet lips. After all, being immortal tended to do that sort of thing.

Bill Gray’s jeans tightened at the memories still fresh in his mind after so long and the eldritch winced further, reminding himself of his other problem at hand. Well… they were both really just one big problem split into two pained body parts. The short story is that he was unbelievably horny, as he often was whenever Hermione was pregnant, and the other short story was that he needed to have a few choice words with his youngest son.

In all honesty, the root of the longer problem started when Hermione announced in the middle of December that she was ready to bear another clutch for him. By no stretch of the imagination was this a surprise to Pennywise. He’d seen his mate’s silent battle with the so-called “empty-nest syndrome” during their children’s first year of schooling at Ilvermorny, and even then halfway through their second, so he could tell that she was ready, and so was he for that matter.

Having their large home all to themselves was lonely despite having each other. Hermione still worked full-time at the wizarding hospital in Salem and Henry had long since moved out, the now-twenty-eight-year-old living on his own and dating a lovely woman from New York. He would pop by to see them every few months or so, but he had gradually become more distant over the last seven years since he’d graduated from college. Lastly, of course, his stay-at-home dad job was now useless and left him bored more than anything, and when Pennywise got bored, bad things had a tendency to happen to good people.




At the time, Pennywise had been ecstatic about having more babies around for him to raise with Hermione, and he’d gladly bred her up once more, taking another three days to make sweet depraved love to her until she could no longer walk without a major limp. Unfortunately, however, her heat had taken place over their children’s Christmas Break, so all five of them were at home and they had obviously noticed when Hermione wasn’t leaving their bedroom, or their bed.

While all of their children had walked in on a few suspect scenes between them over the years, they’d been taught at an early age to knock before entering a room and they’d been taught to use silencing charms as soon as they were allowed wands. Unfortunately, these things were rather moot when Penelope knew even before they’d had sex most times, so she learned to steer clear of her parents when the time of Hermione’s ovulation came, cloistering herself away in her own room and putting up as many sound barriers as she could despite having her mind picking up much of their lecherous thoughts. Rose and Hugo’s senses were dull enough to be practically blind to the pheromones and most of the smells, but they also knew to put up sound barriers after hearing enough one too many times. Robert, Pennywise’s little ‘problem child’, his mini-me, was where things began to go wrong, because Robert became very interested in what they were doing.

Perhaps it had started out as concern and protectiveness for Hermione, but Robert didn’t want to leave her sight after the first couple of nights of her not tucking him in. On the third night, he knocked on their door just as Pennywise was about to climax inside her. It was a definite mood-killer that left both he and Hermione frustrated and embarrassed. Hermione had quickly cleaned the sheets and clothed them both in pajamas just as he opened the door, revealing the curious red-haired pre-teen.

Pennywise had scowled at the boy standing before him before reluctantly letting his son into their partially destroyed room, ignoring Robert’s wide-eyed gawks at the cracked furniture and disarray of pillows as he stalked back to his mate. Hermione was laying placidly against her pillows closest to the wall and furthest from the door. At the sight of Robert, she sat up and moved closer, leaving the “most protected part of the bed,” as the clown had dubbed her side of the mattress, which was up against the wall, for her “baby,” as Hermione still fondly dubbed Robert even after twelve years. Her nesting instinct had kicked in, urging her to move her young to the safest place despite the only supposed threat being her youngest son’s bad dreams.

Robert had inherited his father’s gangly long and thin limbs, and yet he was holding his own mate in his arms like the other boy weighed nothing. Tom was out like a light and curled tightly into the other’s grasp, slightly twitching from the lack of warmth. Pennywise shook his head at the sight, knowing full well that his son had simply dragged Tom from his own warm bed and brought him over to them just so they could still be in the same room.

“You are being selfish, Junior,” he quietly chided Robert who bristled at the comment, “A good mate values their other half’s comfort over all else, and you have taken yours away by bringing him along to what? Be your security blanket? He’s not an object, pup. Be glad he sleeps like the dead because if not, he wouldn’t be very happy with you, now would he? Would you want that?” the clown had hissed, making sure his slack-jawed son understood what he was getting at.

Hermione’s sharp voice cut through Robert’s shocked submissiveness, “Lay off of him a little bit, Penn. It’s too early for this and I still remember a certain someone dragging me down to the sewers of Derry because he was feeling nervous. If you’re going to deliver a life lesson, don’t make it a hypocritical one, prat…” she muttered, rolling away from the three males, “C’mon Bobby, bring Tom over and lay him down against the wall and slide in next to me… There we go… Penn, are you coming back to bed, or not?”

Pennywise had come back to bed, feeling his pride hurt a little bit, but that quickly went away when Robert began wriggling around and sniffing, nearly pushing Hermione back into his side of the bed. He cradled his mate against him as they both waited for their more rambunctious son to settle down. Watching the boy struggle to understand their sex pheromones brought the possessive side of himself close to the surface and the urge to kick his son, and by extent, Tom, out of the room became stronger.

“It smells strange here…” Robert finally laid flat on the bed, looking up at his parents, “It smells really good…” he looked down and both adults noticed a certain new tent in the covers, “I feel funny…”

“Err… Penn… Umm...” Hermione helplessly floundered for a suitable explanation to give to her twelve-year-old son as Pennywise instead reached over and grabbed the sleeping Tom before walking out of the room, leaving a squawking Robert and mortified Hermione behind.

The boy gave chase and caught up with his father as the latter was tucking Tom back into his bed. Pennywise turned to his son before walking him downstairs to their living room. When both of them were seated on the couch, he began speaking.

“Congrats, Junior,” he hissed tiredly, rubbing his face in disbelief for having “the talk” at this time of night, “You’ve got your first erection.”

“What?” Robert’s eyes widened as he fearfully looked down at his tented boxers, “Am I gonna die?” his eyes began to water as he tugged on his red tufty hair, a nervous habit that both he and Hermione were still trying to get him to break.

Pennywise nearly face-palmed but instead let out a long breath, “No, but sometimes it will feel like it…” he muttered passive-aggressively, remembering all the times his little witch denied his needs over the years. There weren’t many such instances, but there were too many for his liking.

Luckily, Robert’s fear was enough for his cock to become flaccid once again, and for that the older eldritch was grateful. The last thing he wanted to do was show his son how to masturbate, but he had the feeling he would at least need to explain the mechanics of what was going on with his body. He exasperatedly scratched at his head, ruffling up his own red tufts.

“Dad?” Pennywise’s amber orbs locked with his son’s identical ones, belatedly realizing they were sitting in complete darkness even though their biologies made that fact inconsequential.

“What?” he crossed his arms and leaned back into his side of the couch.

“What was that smell… from before?”

“Those were sex pheromones…” he winced as Robert tilted his head in curiosity, his now blue eyes shining in the darkened living room.

“What are para-phones?” the boy pouted as he tried out the new word on his dark tongue.

Pheromones are a chemical given off by something to make another act a certain way. That’s how your mother explained it to me, anyway. My… sweat is what you could smell,” he lied, not ready to reveal that aspect of his inky black seed. “You’ll start making them too, in a few years or so,” he explained stiffly, remembering his lonely youth and his harsh learning curve of controlling his hunger pheromones. He’d nearly starved on a few occasions and he was glad that his son wouldn’t go through the same pain and confusion.

“Oh… why?” Robert looked at his father’s sweat-soaked arms and neck, nodding at each before looking back up at his father’s red face.

“My deadlights think your mother doesn’t like me and the pheromones are their way of making her like me again.”

“But Mommy loves you! She tells you every day… Why would you think that?” his little baby blues began to well up with confused tears and Pennywise set his large hands on the boy’s shoulders.

“I know she does, Junior. I know…” he wiped his son’s tears with a swipe of his clawless hand, “but eldritches get very jealous, sometimes even when there is no need to be. You’ll understand this more when you’re older.”

“But I want to understand now!” Robert grabbed his father’s hands before they left his shoulders and Pennywise huffed at his demanding behavior.

“What if I took Tom away and didn’t let you see him? How would that make you feel?” he prompted the boy, watching as his eyes narrowed and his mouth turned into a sharp-toothed snarl.

“Don’t. Do. That,” Robert hissed darkly at him and Pennywise tightened the hold his shoulders, letting his claws unfurl and sink into Robert’s arms enough for the boy to submit to him. Empty threat or not, he would not be undermined or threatened (albeit nonverbally) by his twelve-year-old son.

“I wouldn’t separate you two, you knucklehead,” he let go of Robert once the baby-blue hue returned to his eyes, “but how would you feel ?” he repeated.

“Mad… Sad… Scared… I don’t want Tommy to ever go away… He’s mine , my soulmate! That’s what Mommy and Penny said!” his eyes darted to the stairs, betraying his rising urges to run to Tom’s bedside.

“That’s where you are wrong, boy…” Pennywise rapped him on the head lightly with his fist to regain Robert’s attention, “ You are his . Humans don’t need soulmates. Your mother and Tom would be fine without us, but we would die without them. That is why we, as the stronger species, must care for them as best as we can. Mating with them will stop them from dying of human illnesses and age—”

“Mating? What’s that?” Robert interrupted, eager to find out more about this new thing that would prevent Tom from getting sick and dying.

“Err… I shouldn’t have said that…” Pennywise muttered, realizing he’d brought the conversation back to the area he was trying to get away from. And we’d been so close to ending this talk… Damn, I don’t want to bother Hermione with this either…

“Why?” Robert chirped.

“Because you are….” he trailed off, realizing that Robert was no longer ‘too young’ to know the answer to his inquiry. Pennywise sighed once more, hanging his head in preparation for his later regrets for poorly explaining sex to his son, “When you find your soulmate, you want to hide them away and never let them go, never let other males come near them because you think they’ll take your mate away.”

Robert’s eyes lit up in recognition and he nodded, whispering to him conspiringly, “The girls like Tommy at school, and one day, one of them wrote him a Valentine’s Day card. I felt so mad… I locked Tommy in my room for the rest of the day. I didn’t want them to see him anymore, but Tommy was so sad and mad at me that I let him out the next day…” he pushed his fingers together sheepishly, “I’m sorry, Dad…”

Pennywise tilted his head, “I’m not the one you need to apologize too. Tom needs to hear that. Behaving as you did is a part of your instincts. I cannot fault you for them just as I can’t blame you for breathing. The thing is that we need to try to be better than our instincts. Your mother taught me to be better, to not be so jealous when another man approaches her.”

Robert pouted, looking irritated, “But Tommy likes the girls… he goes on dates ,” he spat the word like it was a disease, “I wish those bitches would leave us alon—ow!”

“Language, pup! You might not be a baby anymore, but I’d still bend you over my knee like I had to when you were little,” Pennywise scowled tiredly down at the equally-scowling boy, “Where did you learn that word? Hmm…? Your mother would be sad to hear that kind of talk coming out of your mouth.”

“No! Some of the older boys at school say it!” Robert whined, curling away from his father, “I won’t say it again!”

“Wise decision…” he hissed through sharp jagged teeth, sending them into a short-lived oppressive silence.

“Dad…” Robert whispered a few moments later.

“What?” he faced the contorted ball of limbs as its head poked out.

“The older boys also talk about ‘fucking’ the… uhh… girls. What does that mean?”

Pennywise groaned, wondering what his son was even doing listening to the older students talking about their nightly conquests. He just hoped his other children weren’t doing the same, “That means ‘mating’ the human way. That’s also a bad word, you hear?"

Robert nodded rapidly, not wanting to be on the receiving end of his father’s punishment for saying such words around the house, “‘Mating the human way?’”

“Humans don’t have soulmates, so they change their mates often, sometimes every night,” Robert gasped, scandalized and angry, but let Pennywise continue.

“We eldritches find our soulmates and bite them right here on the neck. It shows others that they’re your mate and the mark can help calm them down if they are scared, sad, or angry. It also keeps most others from trying to steal our mates,” Pennywise jerked down the collar of his shirt to show Hermione’s sharp-toothed mark on the spot where his neck met his shoulder, “Your mother did this to me, and I gave her one, too.”

“Oh!” Robert exclaimed, looking at the harsh red scarred indents that Pennywise hoped would never heal. The older eldritch liked his mate’s rougher side. “Does it hurt?”

“Yes, a bit at first. That’s why it is important to make your mate feel really good before you bite them.”

“How?” Robert scooted closer on the couch.

“Well… you mate with them,” Pennywise blinked, realizing that the time has finally come where he had to teach his son about mating.

“How?” he parroted his previous question.

“Err,” Pennywise coughed uncomfortably, “When you feel like mating, your body makes the pheromones that make your mate like you. Sometimes your soulmate won’t want to mate, but your instincts will be urging you to coerce them, to make them want to. Humans are defenseless despite having dull senses. They aren’t immune so it is important to listen to what your mate wants.”

Robert nodded, “I want Tommy to like me.”

“‘He does, Junior,” Pennywise shook his head, “Why else would he let you carry him around and hold him like you do?”

Robert smiled shyly, hiding the grin behind his hands and holding it tightly, “Tommy loves me…” he whispered to himself, as though just realizing the fact at that moment, “What happens after the para-phones?”

“Pheromones…” the clown interrupted the boy’s epiphany, “When you begin releasing pheromones, your cock will get stiff and come up against your belly button. It is hard and uncomfortable because it is full of blood, but luckily there are two options to get the blood back to where it was before.”

Robert nodded, looking down at his boxers and remembering what he’d felt a little bit ago.

“Your first option is to not touch it and let it go away. Thinking of something gross or scary helps sometimes, but a cold shower is the best way to get rid of an erection.”

“Aw! I don’t wanna take a cold shower!” the boy whined, shivering at the idea.

“Well, than your other option is to touch it. Touching yourself is nice when your mate isn’t around to help you, but having a mate makes it feel much better. Now, listen here. You cannot touch yourself in public or in front of anyone other than your mate. It is a very rude thing to do and you would get in big trouble,” Robert nodded nervously, “Mating is much better, and it makes your mate feel really good, too. You put your cock into your mate’s lower hole and go in and out until your dark seed spurts out inside your mate. That is mating,” he smirked wolfishly, losing himself in his explanation. I never did get to finish myself earlier… Maybe Hermione will let me have her while she sleeps...

 “I want to make Tommy feel good,” Robert smiled at the idea, wanting to see his soulmate’s rare and perfect white-toothed smile.

Pennywise blanched, breaking out of his musings with a full-body flinch, “When you’re older, you can, but not now,” his son pouted at the immediate dismissal, “Would you be comfortable with Tom’s cock going up your butt?” he prompted crudely at his defiant expression, trying to get Robert to drop the subject until he had the common sense not to ask his own father about the mechanics of having sex.

Robert considered the question, letting his blue eyes roll around as he came up with his thoughts, “He is small… it wouldn’t hurt much.”

Well that was definitely not what Pennywise had been expecting to hear, “Oh…” now there was the part of his bruised pride that flared at the idea of his son being the submissive one in his relationship.

“I’d rather be inside Tommy, though… I don’t know why… My cock feels funny when I think about it.”

Pennywise’s breath left him in a low ‘whoosh,’ “Well, our species likes being dominant. We are protective and territorial yet we can shift to either sex. The stronger eldritch gets to be on top, or puts their seed, sperm sacs, or eggs inside their mate for breeding,” he explained, rolling the idea of his son’s chances of reproduction around in his head.

“I’m stronger than Tom,” Robert promised, “Eggs? Breeding? Doesn’t that mean babies?”

“Yes, an eldritch can produce eggs and place them inside their mate if they need to. I have not done this because your mother makes her own eggs and for me to do that and add my seed to them would only make clones of myself… and I’ve already gotten close enough with you, pup!” he grabbed Robert and brought him into his chest for a tight hug.

“Ahh! Daddy, no! You’re crushing me!!!” the boy’s voice cracked as he squealed and Pennywise cackled at the sound before letting his son escape.

“How do you make eggs?” Robert wondered aloud and his father shrugged.

“Uhh…” he tried to verbalize the strange feeling of creating something inside your body by your sheer force of will, “You really just think about the weight and feel of them, of wanting to fill your mate with them, and your deadlights will make a bunch for you. The happier and healthier you are, the more you’ll get. They’ll die if they’re not inside you or your mate, so it is important to care for them once you have them.”

“Have you ever made any?”

“A few times, but I’ve only impregnated your mother. I laid a few in her womb but they dissolved pretty quickly once you and your brother and sisters were conceived. The other times were accidental and I was able to watch them leave me and decay. There was no seed inside them, so they were simply half of what you need to make a little pup like you,” he poked Robert in the side and delighted in his little giggles.

“Are you and Mommy making babies?” Robert gasped, connecting the pieces of what Pennywise has been telling him, “Are the boys at school trying to make babies?”

The older eldritch had to laugh at that, “No, Junior. Mating, or sex, for humans is mostly done for pleasure and they hopefully use protection so they don’t make babies. It would be a very irresponsible thing to do. Do you understand?”

Robert nodded, happy that he now knows a bit more about his parents and the idea of younger siblings possibly coming soon, “Will Mommy get really big like aunt Lavender?”

Pennywise nodded eagerly and Robert gasped in awe, “Even bigger,” he whispered conspiringly to his son, “We might even have five or six this time.”

“That’s a lot!” Robert thought about having five babies in the house, and wondered where they would go, “Would I have to share my room with them?”

Pennywise shook his head, “No, your mother and I would have them in our room until they were out of their cribs and then we would set up their rooms in the attic until you, Tom, Hugo, Penny, and Rose moved out. Then they’d take your rooms.” Robert nodded happily at not having to give up his private space with Tom.

“Now, do you think you can find your way back to bed without me holding your hand?”

The answering scowl made him laugh, completely ignorant to the hole he’d been slowly digging throughout the entire conversation.




“Father, Robbie’s doing it again,” Penelope’s disgusted voice met his ears and he groaned, angry at himself for practically writing a step-by-step guide to breeding and mating and accidentally leaving out the aspects of how dubious the pheromones made consent and how futile it was to breed a human male without significant transformation to the male’s innards.

“I’ll handle it, little bug,” he smiled sheepishly at his presently youngest child, “I’m sorry they’re not being very discrete, or appropriate.”

“I’m used to it from you and mother,” Penny grimaced primly, her mental age showing as he stared at him completely nonplussed, “His thoughts are very loud... and incorrect. It isn’t your fault, father. He is… stupid and horny, like most teenage boys… Tom is suffering, and unhappy. Robbie’s human nature makes his protective instincts weaker. He is not so in tune with his mate either. Mother will be very displeased. Tom is calling for her in his mind, and he will run for her once he can.”

“That boy…” he growled at his son for hurting his mate in that way, “Where are they?”




This was the fourth time finding his son attempting a mating with a reluctant Tom. They’d all been during the summer break, and for that he was grateful. He wouldn’t have been very happy if he’d had to retrieve them from Illvermorny if the redhead had tried anything there. The incidents also happened whenever another boy or girl would get a bit too close for Robert’s liking. It was an understandable trigger, but one that Robert needed to understand and repress much like Pennywise had. However, Robert didn’t have the billions of years of life experience and control behind him, so a small part of his black heart went out to his son. He’d waited twelve and a half years to bone his mate while he hadn’t lasted more than a few weeks after meeting Hermione. Now, looking at Robert’s fiery red eyes and sharp bloody teeth, he felt nothing but regret for treating the boy with a not-so-heavy hand.

He’d tracked them down to the small unassuming shed in the backyard, the door forcefully locked from the inside. With his superior magical capabilities, he’d been able to rip right through Robert’s feeble attempts at a forcefield and break down the door. The scene before him made him freeze.

His son was completely unhinged, his hair looking like crackling flames and his alabaster skin covered in sweat. Robert snarled at Pennywise, sensing an intruder yet blind to the reality that it was simply his father coming to rescue his mate from the pain he was putting the other boy through. A high whimper came from the raven-haired boy’s wilted form as his mate’s claws began digging into his hips and drawing blood.

Pennywise glanced down to his adopted son. Where there weren't any bruises, there were scratches and bites. There were also a few wet spots of either sweat or Robert’s saliva along his neck. Blood dripped from the harsh mating bite on the smaller boy’s shoulder, exactly where Pennywise had demonstrated about six months ago. His heart sunk. They’d never gotten this far before.

Even now, the older eldritch could see that Robert was balls deep inside of Tom, his limber hips rolling in sharp little jabs, signalling that he’d popped his knot already and would have to wait until the swollen bulge went down.

Suddenly, Tom lurched with a loud desperate scream but Robert held him down with an equally loud snarl, “ Mine, My Tommy ,” he kept eye-contact with Pennywise the entire time, his pre-teen mind only focused on proving that the dark haired boy was his by knotting his poor arse.

“Tom,” the eldritch prompted softly, hoping the boy would lift his head up but his arms had already collapsed underneath him, spasming periodically, “Daddy’s here now, but I have to wait for the knot to go down, okay?”

Tom simply cried out in agony as Robert began deepening his thrusts, concentrating hard by the look in his eyes and the contortedness of his features. The dark-haired boy’s stomach was beginning to swell as Pennywise finally made the connection.

“Robert! Don’t! He’s a human male! You can’t breed him like that!” his eyes began to grow red with his bubbling rage.

“Grrr! Yes, Tommy… have my babies… take my eggs… breeding you up… all mine....” Robert spoke, his voice deepening into a low gurgle as he reached a hand underneath Tom’s prone form and lazily jerked his cock in time with his shallow rabbit-thrusts.

A primal roar erupted out of Pennywise’s chest, propelling him forward into Robert’s space. His son was quick enough to land a violent punch to his eye but in the blink of an eye, he had his arms wrapped around his son, fully immobilizing the latter’s arms. His teeth descended with opposing gentleness, sinking fully into the boy’s shoulder and injecting venom into his veins.

Slowly, Robert stopped snarling. His eyes grew heavy before they rolled back into his head and the fight left him entirely. The tall boy slumped in his father’s grip and Pennywise lowered him to the ground with tears in his eyes.

“Is he dead?” a raspy numb voice piped up from the floor.

“No, Tom,” Pennywise faced his son’s injured mate, “I just knocked him out for a while…”

“Oh,” Tom breathed, the air leaving his mouth in staggered and pained huffs.

Pennywise helped Tom roll onto his side, every movement making the raven-haired wizard wince, “We have to separate you two. So, this will hurt…” he warned Tom who only nodded exhaustedly.

“Everything hurts,” he replied brokenly and Pennywise nodded, clinically gripping the base of Robert’s cock and pulling as hard as he could.

Tom cried out in pain before slumping back onto the floor. Tears fell from his eyes now as he curled into himself. Pennywise picked him up in his larger arms and began rocking him back and forth while the boy sobbed.

While he understood that Tom Riddle had done utterly unspeakable things in his previous life, he didn’t think that Tom Gray deserved to suffer for them in this way. He was still so young , Pennywise looked down at the harsh scratches and bites on his pale skin before moving lower and looking at the tension in his belly.

Gently, the older eldritch lowered the human boy to the ground and slowly raised his knees until they were near Tom’s head, “Robert layed eggs, didn’t he?”

Tom nodded but held himself close, “Yes…”

Pennywise narrowed his eyes at Tom’s emerging maternal instincts, the bite mark working fast to make the idea of bearing his mate’s young very appealing, “Listen, Tom… Those are gonna come out now, or the next time you need to shit. The bite is making you want them, but they aren’t going to live very long in your intestines. They need a womb.”

Tom shook his head, snapping out of the bite’s effects, “Yes!” he wheezed, grappling for his father’s hand, “Help me get them out!”

Pennywise kneeled by Tom’s side and watched as ten golf-ball-sized gelatinous eggs emerged from his puckered red opening, pushing on his abdomen all the while. When they were all out, Tom sighed sadly, looking down at his mate’s young.

“They would have become clones of him,” the clown explained to Tom, picking one up and examining the fertilized orb with a curious eye, “He would have to get a hold of your seed if you wanted to contribute to their genetics.”

Tom picked another one up, watching the little bit of black seed inside move, “He sucked my cock,” he admitted, looking down at his flaccid member, “so, maybe they wouldn’t have…”

“It doesn’t matter,” Pennywise shook his head, tilting Tom’s head up to look into his dark eyes, “You’d have to make yourself a womb for any egg to last long inside you. What really matters is that he mated you.”

“What does that mean for me?” Tom rasped, sadistically crushing the egg in his fist and watching as Robert’s seed trickled down his forearm.

“Well… you’ll never escape him for as long as you live, as his life is now tied to yours.”

“His life is tied to mine?” Tom prompted, looking back at Pennywise as he gathered himself up and began to stand. The latter began using his own magic to patch up the boy’s cuts and bites, making many of them disappear from his pale skin.

“Yes, and as Robert is an eldritch, you both will likely live for a very long time. I’m not sure how much of me is in him... With his deadlights, anything could be possible… You might even be able to live forever. ”

Tom’s eyes flashed red, so quickly that the eldritch was unsure it even happened, and the raven-haired boy began to smile, tears drying on his face as he looked at Robert where he was lying unconscious on the floor, “Live forever? I think I like the sound of that.”

Chapter Text

May 2008


“Mum, what do you know about anal sex?”

Hermione spat out her morning coffee and looked frantically around to make sure none of her six six-year-olds were within the immediate vicinity before turning to her adopted son, “Why are you asking me ? Why don’t you try out that new muggle Google website? I’m sure that will tell you what you want to know.”

Tom Riddle sighed, rolling his eyes, “Because I trust you to give me a truthful answer, and as you are mated to father, you would be the best person to ask advice from about Robbie.”

Hermione nodded, reluctantly seeing Tom’s logic on approaching her about being an eldritch’s human mate, “Alright, Tom… What do you want to know?”

“How can I make it... not hurt? Every time we try… well… It doesn’t feel good afterwards,” he prompted, waving his hand in a dismissive gesture.

Hermione tilted her head and spoke frankly, “Gentle widening adjustments, foreplay, and a ton of lubrication.”

“Just like that?” Tom asked, his dark eyes narrowing at her simple answer.

“Well, go slow, take a pain-reliever potion, fondle each other!” Hermione groaned exasperatedly, “You’re eighteen, Tom! Surely you should know this by now, and if Bobby is considerate, he’ll make it as painless as possible.”

“He is considerate, very much so...” Tom nodded, reaching a pale long-fingered hand up to stroke his mating bite underneath his collar, “and I… care about him despite his nature,” he smiled shyly, looking at the ceiling to where Robert was likely still asleep in their bed.

“As do I with your father, Tom. A challenge in itself, I assure you.” the teen nodded, turning back to face Hermione.

“We’re planning on moving out now that we have graduated,” he began elusively, glancing down at his lap as he completely changed the subject, “Robert likes the idea of being close to you and I can’t help but agree. You are my mother and I love you. So, we were thinking of somewhere along the coast where he can hunt discreetly and I can work on my personal research—”

“Personal research?” Hermione interrupted him, an edge of concern tainting her voice.

Tom laughed, the cold sound echoing off of the walls and sending shivers down her spine, “Surely you don’t think I’m dabbling in the dark arts again, do you?”

Hermione leaned away from him but he grabbed her wrist and held it within his hand, stroking along her fluttering pulse, “What do you mean, Tom?”

“I remember…” he revealed, the teen’s eyes shimmering crimson in the morning light, “I remember everything now. I didn’t interact with you very much before, but tell me, how is dear old uncle Harry? He’d be happy to know I have no intention of killing him like my other self did.”

Hermione was shocked speechless, but Tom seemed to expect that, “It started when I was little, seeing parallel visions of my other childhood in connection to my own, but then the visions became violent and hurtful, showing me hurting myself and others. I know what Hogwarts looks like inside and out even though I’ve never been there before. I wish to see it someday…”

“Oh,” Hermione croaked, not knowing what else to say to his admission, but Tom continued to hold her hand, even pulling her closer, aiming for a hug.

“I was a bad man,” he whispered to her in the open space of the living room, “but I now understand why I failed before. Horcruxes were a stupid idea. Dark magic costs too much, but with my mating to Robbie, it’s no longer a problem. 

“Why are you telling me this?” Hermione rasped, her teeth worrying her lower lip.

“Because we, and Penny, are the only truly immortal humans in the whole world. Who else would I talk to about this?” He hugged her completely now, resting his head on her shoulder, “And I’m grateful that you and father were horny so Robert could exist.”

“Er… You’re welcome, I guess… What does Penny have to do with this...” Hermione scratched her head at Tom’s behavior.

He laughed in mock regret, “Oops! I wasn’t supposed to mention it, but you’ll find out soon enough… As for my research… I want to make myself a more sustainable womb and give Robert the offspring he wants. They’ll keep him busy while I climb the ranks of MACUSA, maybe even becoming president.”

“That’s rather ambitious of you, Tom, but I know you, and I know you could do it,” Hermione sighed resignedly, “and Robert will be a great father, just like Penn.

“Yes, I certainly hope so…” Tom rubbed his belly with a sly grin, “Speaking of which… I wanted to show you...” he added, bringing Hermione’s hand to his abdomen so she could feel the tell-tale hardness.

“Oh, Merlin! You’re pregnant?!” she gasped, “How?! When?!”

Tom chuckled, “The womb is a prototype, and it’ll only last for long enough to have the child, or children, depending on how many there are. It was graduation night and I wanted to reward Robert for passing all of his classes. So, we kissed,” a longing look swept through his eyes, “Then, one thing led to another and... I’d been testing this prototype at the time and… he did it. I came inside him and he… filled me with our clutch, told me that he’d bear the next one, and I was too eager to refuse. It’s funny how malleable the mating bites make us…”

“Don’t I know it…” Hermione grinned wryly, “How do you think the sextuplets got here? They’ve got ‘sex’ in the name!”

Tom laughed before wincing, rubbing at his pectorals with a hesitant hand, “I’m only a couple of weeks into this and I’m already lactating.”

“Oh, my sweet boy…” Hermione groaned dramatically, “You best keep Robbie away from there, otherwise he’ll never let you stop. I’ve been producing milk since 1989.”

“And you’re not stopping if I have anything to say about it!” Pennywise warned, striding into the room and dragging Robert in a headlock. The other teen was smiling, so he obviously didn’t feel in danger, “I think congratulations are in order, don’t you think, my dearest mate?” he grinned happily at her before ruffling his son’s hair and letting him stand up straight.

Immediately, Tom stood and went over to curl into Robert’s tall form. Now, the red-haired teen was only a few inches shorter than his father, a fact that had Hermione mistaking them a few times out of the corner of her eyes. Immediately, a purr came out of her son’s chest as he hugged Tom close and pressed loving chaste kisses to his face and neck. Clearly, it was no secret why Tom wasn’t destroying Wizarding Britain this time around. He had a family now, and it was about to grow even larger.

Suddenly, one of their six-year-olds popped up from behind the couch and scared Hermione, naked with the exception of wearing underwear on his head, and screamed at the top of his lungs, making everyone wince.

“TOMMY’S HAVING A BABY!!!” and like a dinner bell was rung, the other five siblings rushed into the room and bee-lined it for the younger couple. 

Robert gaped at the invasion, swiftly picking his mate up and holding him over his head, completely out of reach for the six children who were pawing at their older brother and trying to climb him, thinking it was a new game, “C’mon you little gremlins! Get off me!”

“NOOOO!!!” they giggled, continuing to harass Robert.

“Mom? Dad? A little help here!”

Pennywise and Hermione came over to intervene, the latter picking up her two youngest daughters and sitting them down on the couch while Pennywise flung the instigator over one shoulder, holding the half-eldritch by his leg while gently corralling the other three boys over to Hermione with a broom. 

The child continued to giggle, kicking his free leg in the air as he hung upside down. Pennywise raised him and flipped him right-side up, “Pup, this is the third time today,” he began, his painted nose wrinkling at his son’s general lack of modesty as he materialized a set of clothes onto his wriggling body, “Please keep your clothes on!” he whined beseechingly, setting the rowdy boy down on his two little bare feet.

Without breaking eye contact, he reached for the hem of his t-shirt and Pennywise grabbed the boy’s hands. 

“Why are you like this?!”

The dark curly-haired boy simply giggled, running over to Hermione and face-planting into her chest. She cuddled him close, kissing his forehead and rubbing his back comfortingly as he wriggled with excitement about his adopted brother, “Calm down, you little terror,” Hermione cooed at him, holding the boy close while his other siblings curled around them.

Pennywise looked exasperatedly over at Robert and Tom, gesturing to the horde of small children, “Welcome to our world.”

One by one, Robert let each of them come close and feel the slight bulge in Tom’s belly. Without a female’s hips, he was bound to get rather large, the expecting male reasoned aloud. Hermione discreetly talked to him about milking habits while Robert and Penn spoke further about caring for Tom while he was expecting and the likely instincts that will emerge during the next few months. The other siblings were busy playing an impromptu game of tag where the troublemaker was climbing around on the ceiling to evade his older sister, who was floating around trying to tag him.

Hermione pursed her lips, shutting her eyes in exasperation at the chaos around her, “And just when I thought Mother’s Day couldn’t get any weirder…”




Meanwhile, Penny stood in the kitchen, her own mate’s arms wrapped around her belly. The older male chuckled, lapping purposefully at her fresh mating bite as they both listened to the small celebration happening in the living room, “I hear we weren’t the only ones making the most of your graduation.”

“Clearly not,” she agreed bluntly, reaching her hand up to massage his dark-haired nape, “My father still doesn’t quite trust you…”

“Hmm…” she could feel him shrug, “I don’t understand why, I’ve been nothing but polite to him.”

“He saw you crawl out of my window last year when you visited over Christmas Break, and instead of explaining yourself, you fought him until you were able to flee.”

“That was one time… and he started it,” the red-haired woman pinched his arm.

“You were wearing a leather jacket and a ski-mask,” she reasoned bluntly.

“A leather jacket that you frequently touch yourself to and a ski-mask that you bought for me. If you want me to set a good impression, then don’t dress me up like a burglar,” he nibbled her ear until she stopped pouting, “Oh, don’t be like that, sweetheart,” he licked her neck and she felt his tongue piercing, “I know you love it… Besides, you’re mine now… aren’t you?”

“I’d like to see you try to get rid of me,” Penny huffed, turning in his hold and climbing his torso until they were at eye-level with each other. Her eyes shined amber red, her dormant eldritch genes coming out to play as her mate swooned, his identical eyes lovestruck at her play at dominance.

“Yes, my sweet,” he purred, tattooed hands coming around to hold her front to his, careful to not put too much pressure on Penny’s belly, “So, how long before we tell them?”

The fiery witch hummed, “A few weeks should be enough,” her legs clutched her mate’s narrow hips tighter, her feet digging into his lower back.

He leaned forward, sniffing along her pulse for the subtle scent of new life and breathing it in before leaning back and leveling her with a heated expression, “I want you.”

“So needy…” Penny hummed, nibbling on his own bite and making him shiver.

Just as she leaned in for a kiss, Rose walked in the room, took one look at their entangled bodies, and pulled a disgusted face, “Ugh… Seriously! Between you two, Tom and Robbie, and Mum and Dad, I can hardly walk in a room without someone itching to fuck. You have your own room now, Penny, so go there! You should be glad I wasn’t Dad—”

“Did somebody say ‘Dad?’” a baritone voice growled from behind the mortified couple.

Chapter Text

December 25th, 2007

(Christmas Day)


Penelope had likely only been asleep for about an hour when she heard the soft slide of her bedroom window opening. Instantly, she went on high alert and used her mind to force the invader to freeze in their tracks, completely immoble. The cold winter air began to blow in from the open window and the half eldritch shivered, using her wand to shut the window and burrowing herself further into her blankets. It seemed her boyfriend wanted to pay her a visit… in the ski-mask she bought him and black leather jacket. She supposed it was a good thing that Rose was sleeping at her friend’s house for the night.

“Happy Birthday, my sweet,” Mordred cooed, his hungry amber-red eyes focused on the ambiguous bundle containing his chosen intended, “I have a present for you…”

“If you are going to say ‘my dick,’ then I’m just going to send you back outside,” Penelope groaned, rubbing her tired eyes in an attempt to wake up.

“Now, that would be very rude. My dam raised me better than that,” he promised, urging her to let him go. He was making a puddle on her rug by the window, the snow melting into his clothes and the carpet. It was fine by him, though… She’d warm him up again.

“Why are you here, Mordred?” Penelope spat, wanting him to get to the point. He was almost lying to her, she was sure of it, but she couldn’t read his mind very well, just like she couldn’t really read her father and half-eldritch siblings’ minds. She’d thought it was merely a coincidence, but now she wasn’t quite so sure.

Mordred smirked, seeming to glide towards her from across the room in an almost vampiric way, his dark silhouette contrasted by the light of the near full-moon coming in through the curtains, “It’s as I’ve said, I have a present for you, Penny.”

His pale hand pulled out a small parcel wrapped in white string and quickly pressed it into her hand as she emerged from her blanketed cocoon. Penelope tried to re-adjust the gift in her hands but realized that the string was actually kind of sticky, “Hey, what did you wrap this with?” she leaned in to smell the suspicious wrapping and immediately fell in love with its scent, “It smells so… good…”

Mordred grinned sharply at her lowering defenses, letting his fangs emerge a bit, “Silk strands… They’re edible, if you’re feeling hungry. There is a candy bar inside, your favorite,” he promised, urging her to partake in his spun silk in hopes of awakening her eldritch instincts.

“Silk strands…” Penelope licked at the pheromone-coated string, not noticing that her tongue was turning a bit black, “Like a spider? ...My head feels groggy,” she whined, feeling her 6th sense dulling and her others strengthening. Mordred smelled really good to her right about now.

He tutted over her, watching her eyes as they changed from her exquisite blue to an enchanting bright ember. Her lips reddened as she began to devour her present with such gusto that the older half-eldritch was glad he included the present in their foreplay. Who knew how much of him she’d have managed to nibble off by now if he hadn’t.

Mordred pat her down slowly, running his hands and fingers down her body to soothe her unease. Smooth nimble shoulders wilted under his hands, traveling down her thin pale arms and delighting in the bits of muscle he found. Penelope’s nipples diverted his path and he rewarded them for doing so, eagerly stroking and licking them through her thin nightgown. Meanwhile, his little mate had found the chocolate inside the silk and was licking and sucking on it like it was the last she’d ever get. 

“Shh…” Mordred chittered for her in his sire’s tongue as she began to emit tiny frantic noises, “ Be calm, my little one… I have waited to claim you for years and now you are ready to take your place at my side as my mate and Crimson Princess.” Penny calmed despite not understanding his words, but she was still very much invested in her treat. 

Grateful for her distraction, Mordred began the next phase of his courtship. He vanished his clothes and did the same to Penny’s. If the younger half-eldritch noticed, she didn’t comment, neither did she seem to notice a similar vertical toothed fissure running down the length of his torso. Gingerly, he pulled on a small piece of thread sticking out of the ending in his naval. 

The silk came easily, lubricated and sticky with his pheromones. The long-haired male reached for Penny’s legs, bunching them up to her chest and wrapping each one in his silk. Her arms followed more carefully, as he didn’t wish to distract her from finishing off her candy bar. Then, he tied her arms to the bottom of her bed posts, rendering her limbs nearly immovable.

Penny squirmed as she ate the last bite of the silk-covered chocolate, “What’re you doin’?”

Mordred chuckled, stroking her smooth freckled cheek and trailing his fingers down to where her mating bite would soon lie, “Applying your veil, sweetheart. I already rid you of your gown.”

“Veil?” Penny parrotted, her mind overrode by primal mush, “But I’m too young to get married…” She tried to reason faintly.

Mordred cackled now, moving over her prone body and letting her feel his dark writhing tentacles and hard bumpy cock, “Your body is telling me a very different story,” he grinned, his other three spidery limbs emerging from his back, each with a deadlight on the end.

The lights moved in the darkness of the bedroom, hypnotizing and lulling Penny into more of a trance, eliminating her resistance to his actions. Meanwhile, Mordred began preparing her virgin neck for her first, and final, if he had any say, mating bite. His dark tongue lapped at her soft column, feeling each pumping vein beneath it and smelling the newfound maturation and fertility in her blood. She was ready even if she didn’t believe it.

Mordred’s dark hair left a tingling feeling along her skin as it brushed her in time with his head bobbing over her shoulder. He sucked her neck, peppering little prominent hickeys from her ears to her collarbones. To him, her flavor was absolutely divine and he could taste her powerful magic. While not as fertile as her mother, she would bear him young with magical blood, something that couldn’t be said for others he’d come across throughout the Macroverse.

“Will you be my mate, Penelope Ginevra Gray?” he rasped against her ear, licking and suckling on her earlobe. Now, to seal the deal...

The younger half-eldritch whined, her eyes unfocused, “Y-yes.”

Abruptly, his fangs sunk into her neck and quickly made a mess of the wound, tearing and shredding the skin further to create a longer-lasting bite. Naturally, Penny cried out at the pain despite being distracted by his minor lightshow. Mordred licked at the wound, ensuring that not a single drop of her hybrid blood escaped his inky black tongue.

Tears began to fall as the mating fully sunk in and Penny writhed helplessly, wishing to both cling to the long-haired half-eldritch and push him away. His tongue wasn’t doing her any favors either, the harsh lashing eliciting more pain than pleasure.

“Hush, my sweet,” he purred smugly, “You’re getting the wrong body part wet.”

“Fuck you,” Penny hissed, her own fangs emerging from her clenched teeth.

Mordred smirked, his own bloody fangs on display for her as he brought their faces closer together, “That’s the idea, my little mate. How precious,” he nibbled her lips, “You’re so eager that you can’t form complete sentences.”

“You’re an eldritch, like my father,” she finally realized what was happening and was already too late to stop him.

“Half. Just like you,” Mordred cooed, leaning in to nudge their noses together.

He kissed her sweetly now that he’d gotten what he really wanted, his lips delicately coercing hers to part as he prevented her weak protest. His tongue slid along her wall of teeth, painting them in her own blood. Gently, her teeth let him sneak inside, forcing him to slit the skin and pour his own blood inside her mouth as payment, and he was all too glad to pay.

Mordred’s cock nudged Penny’s nethers, his tentacles probing her hole and delighting in the slick gradually trickling down from inside. When he could feel Penny’s breathing stagger, he broke the kiss, arching his spine so he could taste her soft dusty-pink nipples. Not breaking his rapid pace, he sucked her left into his mouth, rolling the bud around before latching on and beginning to suckle. 

A female eldritch that was sexually-mature yet not bred produced something crudely called “love milk,” and it’s a clear, sweet liquid capable of capturing any unmated eldritch that caught the flavor. It’s stronger than any flavor to their species aside from one’s own mate’s various fluids, but the most important aspect about it is it’s ability to render a male’s seed completely protected against the female’s deadlights that would eat any foreign material. In mated couples, the sires drink from their mates for the same reason.

So, with this in mind, Mordred slurped up his mate’s fleeting love milk, already feeling it working its way down to his awaiting seed. He grinned ferally, taking pride in his mate’s ability to assist him in such a way.

Penny began moaning despite herself, wriggling further into his mouth. She tried not to feel much enjoyment, but his lips, teeth, and sinful tongue on her breasts made her core heat up. Wetness began to drip onto his waiting cock, and she could feel it pulse against her clit with his supernatural blood. The rhythm called to her and she knew what it meant.

Mordred continued to suckle, his lips making little contented noises while his hands began kneading her smaller hips and belly, urging her to enter her first heat. While this wouldn’t necessarily happen, it was still part of the instinctual mating dance.

Penny was surprised when Mordred detached himself from her reddened nipples, now looking down at her with his blown pupils around his dark curtain of hair. It was isolating. Within his hair, it was only him and her. His lips were red from both sucking and from their combined blood. Hers mirrored his, looking plump and perfectly ravaged. Stars danced in her eyes as she stared up at him silently.

He purred at her blissed-out expression, leaning down to press a chaste kiss to her temple, “Good girl…”

Using the distraction, Mordred lined himself up with her drooling snatch and pushed inside, delighting in his new mate’s virgin hole. Penny screamed, shocking herself out of the trance. She began to fight her bonds but the tall hybrid gripped her nape, stubbornly repressing her rebellion as he continued to thrust onward. The bed’s springs creaked beneath their harsh love-making, making him laugh as he carelessly began pounding her and the bed against the wall.

A bit of blood leaked from between them and Mordred dipped a curious finger down to sample the flavor, wrapping his tongue around the appendage and making a depraved slurping noise that had Penny’s inner muscles involuntarily sucking his cock in further. The long-haired male groaned, jerking his hips in a humping motion that made the little witch moan.

She felt her orgasm begin to build and so she started pumping her own hips into his pelvis and delighting in the bumpy hardness her mate could provide. The little witch could feel his tentacles growing bolder on her thighs and bum, pinching the round globes they found and twisting provocatively at her anus. His cock was growing, too: thicker, heavier, and harder with a large bulbous knot to back it up.

Penny breathed heavily in both anticipation and fear at the feeling of the knot nudging her entrance. It felt like welcoming him home, like allowing him to make himself at home inside of her. They were becoming one, a tied pair. Her mother had mentioned this to her and Rose when they first started their monthly bleedings. If he was able to knot her, he could breed her.

Mordred hissed as Penny’s dark claws penetrated his shoulders where they could just barely reach. He looked down at her and caught the red-haired girl’s panicked expression, her eyes wide and bright blue. Awake, are we? He hissed satisfiedly at her, pushing the beginning of his knot into her battered hole.

Penelope cried out, thrashing back and forth as much as she could, “Ow! Stop it! That hurts!”

“Shh…” Mordred stopped his advances, conscious of her pain, “I’ve got you…” He rubbed her belly and hips, whispering in a crooning baritone, “Just gotta get you a little more horny, that’s all…”

Penny shook her head, tears pricking at the corners of her eyes, “P-please…”

“Hmm… We’ve made so much progress,” the older eldritch thought aloud, distractedly rolling a leaky nipple in between his fingers, ''otherwise I would lick your sweet little cunt until it trickled like a river.”

Penny seized, twitching from the inside where more wetness was beginning to do was he said. Mordred immediately noticed, a cruel smirk adorning his pale face, “Oh? Now what’s this?” he slid his cock a bit further in, making his mate whine, “The prim little bookworm likes dirty talk, does she? I never thought you could be this way… Tell me, do you spy on your classmate’s fantasies, the dirty words contained in their horny little brains.”

The bound girl turned her face away in embarrassment but he wasn’t finished, “I know you did. You don’t even have to say it. I could always smell your wet panties during your classes, in the hall, the greenhouses. Sometimes I would sneak behind them while you were in your herbology classes… Ever the perfect student… Right, Penny? Mummy would be very proud of her little girl,” he booped her nose, kissing under her jaw and licking back to her ear.

Mordred grinned sharply, curling his long dark fingers into her curly tufts of red hair and holding her head down so he could have her right ear, “I was proud of you, too… Whenever you raised your hand, you’d kneel on your seat, trying to make yourself taller than everyone else. And your skirt would rise, up, up, up, ” he licked the back of her ear and Penny whimpered, “and you’d bend forward over your desk, almost lifting your bum in the air to get your professor’s attention from across the room… Well, you got my attention, sweetheart…”

He uncurled his fingers slowly, allowing a bit more room for her to move her head. Instead, he captured her chin and tilted it towards him, staring into her eyes, “I think the cotton kitten panties are my favorite. They always show me when you’re dripping for me.”

Mordred sunk in further, fondling her clit with his free thumb, his knot hanging halfway out of her accommodating snatch, “Although, I’m also fond of the silky lilac ones. They’re so tight on you that I can always see your lovely folds and perfect little button… Damn, sweetheart…” he whistled tensely as he sunk in another millimeter, “I’ve wanted to bang this cunt for years…”

Penny moaned, begging him to cup her breasts and just take her already, “P-please…”

“Sometimes I’d watch you struggle in the back of the room, block your voice from being heard by everyone else, and I would jerk my cock to your innocent little panties, wondering what they’d look like covered in my seed,” he hissed, biting her lower lip and sinking the rest of his knot fully inside of her.

Penny cried out at the intense pressure, “Ah~” she vocalized brokenly, tears flowing down her flushed cheeks now.

“Fuck… I had to replace those shrubs twice a week cus’ they just kept dyin’,” Mordred chuckled, cradling her to his chest as he began shallowly humping her pelvis, “but it was worth every moment of pleasure,” he sucked quickly on her milky nipples, moving back up to her face.

Small breaths escaped Penny’s red chapped lips in between her little aroused gasps.

“I always looked forward to kissin’ you,” he rumbled against her lips, his gunslinger dam’s accent coming out in his aroused growls, “but there were a few times where I almost begged for you to wrap these plump lips around my cock.”

Mordred kissed her again, his saliva-slick black tongue dancing with hers. He picked up his pace, thrusting quicker and quicker, “I also could have bent you over in the Horned Serpent common room. There’s a little alcove that is frequently used for such purposes by your schoolmates… How would you like to bounce on my cock and watch your friends wonder where you went. You wouldn’t dare give us away, would you?”

“Sto-Stop talking,” Penny whined, as Mordred sped up even faster, jackrabbiting his tiny thrusts and somehow pushing deeper into her womb. She could feel her cervix’s entrance giving way beneath her mate’s brutal thrusting, her orgasm inching closer and closer to its crescendo. 

He smiled at her, all fanged and triumphant as he thrust once, twice, and then a final third time before pushing in as far as he could. Penny screamed, her vision whiting out at the intense feeling of her first orgasm as a mated woman. 

Mordred purred, feeling the amazing sensation of knotting his mate at one end of his long cock, and penetrating her with the sensitive tip. Seed spurted out of him with the speed of a high-pressure hose, the warmth hitting the top of her uterus and splashing back against him in a way that made him cum a second time, a mini-orgasm that had seed dripping around him and into her channel.

Meanwhile, Penny was shaking, her toes curling tensely, eyes diverted, and dark eldritch tongue lolling out between her descended fangs. She drooled over herself and he silently promised that he’d lick her clean again. Mordred rubbed her chilled skin, pulling her covers over them both and duitifully tucking her in underneath him.

When she stopped shivering, he graced her with another kiss, ending it soon after to lap at the saliva and sweat present on her face and neck. The male hybrid cupped her face and delighted in the satisfied and content look in her mesmerizing multicolored eyes. He traced each trail of freckles with his thumb and massaged every piece of skin that he could.

Penny came back to herself slowly, primally delighted to be confined in a cocoon of blankets and Mordred, “I thought your ‘dam’ raised you better…” she rasped, her voice rough from screaming.

“Yes, he did…” Mordred agreed, not losing a beat, “but my sire told me how to take a mate.”

As if he’d been waiting for her to speak, a small bulge traveled along his cock, followed by another, and another, and another. Sperm sacs, her mind supplied frantically.

“I haven’t graduated yet! I can’t be pregnant now with a whole semester left to go!” she wriggled, trying to bust free of her restraints.

Mordred rubbed her arms to calm her, grunting with each sac passing through each of her tight spots, “I’m just making an early deposit,” he winked, “They’ll stay small, frozen in time, until then… I gotta feed ‘em, keep ‘em alive, so I hope you enjoyed cumming on my cock, because you’ll have to do ev’ry time they need more nutrients.”

“Guh,” Penelope grunted, feeling the first of the sacs pass into her womb. It floated around its seeded environment, going straight for the closest egg and sucking it right up, saturating it in hungry sperm.

In the span of a half hour, the other sacs followed, swallowing her eggs until she was teeming with their young. Penelope started crying, feeling the process happening inside of her and realizing how much she’d actually wanted it.

“There, there, my little mate,” Mordred cooed, curling a loose lock of hair behind her ravaged ear, “I’ve got you, always and forever.”

Contradicting his promise, his knot shrunk enough for him to slip free. He slid out of her sloppy hole, delighting in the syrupy fluids coating his limp cock. Penny stared at it longingly and the half-eldritch chuckled, moving back over her and kneeling over her prone form, “You deserve a treat, sweetheart. You’ve been such a good girl for me…”

Penny’s lips touched the tip of his cock and he was in heaven all over again. She was so naive to how the image of her licking tentatively at his hardening member made him feel. Their combined flavors were enticing, and he fought to keep control. His eyes were red and his breath came in moderated puffs.

Penelope finally enveloped the tip into her hot moist cavern, sucking on it like a lollipop. Her tongue lathered him in potent aroused saliva and he trembled, his eyes itching to roll back into his head. Then, she abruptly sucked, taking four more inches into her mouth. Mordred gasped loudly, grasping her red tufted hair in his fists.

“You’re killing me, Penny…” he growled, his breath leaving him haggardly as he fought against fucking her mouth and it’s deliciously tight squeeze.

The other half of his cock pulsed, the quickly-inflating knot a couple inches away from bumping her pert little nose. She didn’t mind, however, engulfing the rest of him little-by-little until the knot stopped her. Mordred sighed in relief when she halted, knowing full well that she’d been too late to take his knot in her mouth. He’d have ejaculated instantly had she been able to do so, and that would have been embarrassing.

Instead, the smart half-eldritch grasped his large balls in her fist and began rubbing them with her fingers. Mordred’s tentacles wrapped around her arm in retaliation, sucking little kisses on her wrist and knuckles with their suction-cups. Her teeth pierced him threateningly, making a small part of him much more aroused than before. He keened as his heart beat faster. She could take his dick off at any time, and he was cumming . His bollocks churned in her grasp, pumping their seed through his genitals.

With a smug smile, Penny purred loudly, the vibrations making him shout. His cum hit the back of her throat and was sucked down, making its way into her belly. His eyes rolled back into his head and he slumped over her. Now it was his turn to tremble.

The witch let go of Mordred, allowing him to yank his cock from her tempting mouth. Then, with a few swishes of her wand, Penny flipped them, resulting in her sitting on top of his tired genitals. He winced, his amber eyes trailing up to look into her own.

“You were presumptuous to trick me into a mating, Mr. Deschain ,” Mordred twitched in pained arousal and tried not to crack a smile. He loved it when she got like this.

“Now, I carry our young, yet another decision you made for me,” she thought aloud, “What do you suppose we do about that…?”

Mordred dared not purr, as much as he wanted to, but instead tucked his extra three arms away. He wouldn’t need them, not like he needed her.

“I ought to punish you,” she stated stiffly, her voice momentarily growing cold, like she was made of ice, “A cock cage might lessen your sense of entitlement.”

Mordred couldn’t hold back his purr, Who knew she’d be like this? ...My little firecracker.

“Babe,” the dark-haired hybrid rubbed her thighs eagerly, “I’ll let you do whatever you want to me,” he promised, leaning up to press a lingering suckle to her right nipple.

Penelope slapped him, not hard, but enough to get his attention, “I find you very arrogant tonight, Mordred Deschain.”

The goofy smile that Mordred now sported should have concerned her. He looked like he was in love, head over heels in love. 

“Just as long as you find me,” he quickly sucked on her opposite nipple before leaning back into the mattress, effectively dodging his mate’s second slap.

Penelope moved both of her arms to hit him, but in a millisecond, he held them both in his large pale hands. Cheekily, he brought her hands to his lips and kissed them chivalrously. 

The sound Penelope made in that moment sounded like an angry cat fighting an equally angry duck. She fought his grasp, thrashing left and right and up and down. He held firm nonetheless, even when she planted her knees into the mattress and pulled. If he’d let go at that point, she’d have tumbled off the bed.

When Penny realized that he wasn’t letting her go and she was just burning off the rest of her energy, she focused on him, contemplating how much a headbutt would come in handy. 

Instead, she lowered her face to his neck and bit as hard as she could, drawing blood and making a very deep bite. The wound stung and hurt like a bitch, but neither of them could deny the aroused groan that escaped Mordred’s lips. Is he mocking me? Penny growled.

Her eyes glared into his dark abyssal orbs and he smiled that same giddy love-sick grin that never failed to make her defenses crumble.

He’d made that face after their first kiss in her favorite study room in the library, and then again when he snuck into the prefect’s bathroom to watch her bathe. She’d thrown her rubber duck at him and he caught it, giving it an experimental squeeze. They’d both laughed and he’d ended up joining her, bare naked and looking deceptively human.

“Did you really not know I was half-eldritch?” Mordred asked her curiously, bringing her back to the present moment.

She looked down at him and his overly pale skin, dark long hair, and deep dark eyes, “I… Yes, deep down… I think I did know you were an eldritch… Your mind,” Penny caught very few of the jumbled thoughts dancing in his eyes, the windows to his dead-lit soul, “is like my father’s and my siblings’... They’re hard for me to read.”

“Hmm…” Mordred hummed, looking up at her naked form and indicating to his fissure, “and?”

Penny blushed, “My parents tend to… project. I’ve always pictured sex the way my parents do it, with strange anatomy and an awful lot of biting and sucking. When I got older, I realized differently, but the human way felt off for me. So, I guess I prefer eldritches. How did you know my eldritch traits were dormant and existent?”

Mordred blushed, maintaining his shy smile, “Er… I didn’t. I figured if you were human like your dam, you’d simply change, and if your traits were sleepers, then you’d still change to take my bite and seed. I’d have mated you no matter if you were more human or more eldritch.”

She shook her head exasperatedly at him, her dominant exterior fully shuttered away, “I should still hit you for that, but I just can’t when you look at me like that, and touch me like that… I’m pregnant, Mordred! You bred me… I can feel them there.”

Penelope finally giggled, laying down next to him and curling into his side. Mordred wrapped his arm around her and she sighed, looking up at him with large blue crystalline eyes. They shone in the dark and he couldn’t help but press another kiss to her perfect lips. She trailed a clawed finger around his right nipple, sending goosebumps along his skin. 

“Careful, Penelope… Unless you want to ride another round on the bull, I’d suggest you stop doing that.”

“Ride the bull?” she hummed sleepily, “That’s corny, even for you,” she rested her hand on his chest and closed her eyes.

“Well, someone has to be the joker in this relationship,” he whispered, running his fingers through her chaotic curly red hair.

Penelope began to purr at his ministrations, curling into him further, “Mmm… You should ask my father… he could give you some better material… just stay away... from the dad-jokes… our little ones... don’t need to... hear that... shit…” she tapered off, sleep finally claiming her once more.

Mordred smiled at her, leaning over to kiss the crown of her head before slowly extracting himself from her nubile and clingy body. Looking down at his little fire nymph, he took a primal delight in how debauched and disheveled she looked. Bites lined her shoulders like a necklace and bruises clustered around her hips and breasts. If she’d been free, he’d probably be sporting many other bites and scratches aside from his mating bite. He cupped the mark, bringing away only a little blood. His healing was working hard to stop the bleeding, just as his mate’s was, judging by the lack of blood on the sheets. 

Smiling at her once more, he covered her back up in her blankets and strode towards his clothes. Using his own magic, he changed into them and donned his ski-mask. He left his leather jacket behind for her to smell, as it would be a long few weeks before he could see her again. He hoped she’d rub herself on the leather, pushing her little clit into the metal buttons and drooling her sweet fertile essence over the sleeve as she pretended it was his cock.

The window slid open silently and he was quick to crawl out, leaving only a small breeze of cold winter air behind. With the help of his other three spider legs, the half-eldritch descended the siding of the house and landed on the snowy ground with a quiet crunch. Mordred glanced around, only seeing the dark forest on either side and the frozen beach ahead of him. He’d have to go around to the front or cut through the forest to his left to get to his car parked on the side of the road.

Suddenly, he was being tackled to the side. The snow broke some of the impact, but then he was being punched in the gut. Mordred wheezed, but threw the other person off of him and jumped on them before they could get back up. Then, they were rolling, each trying to get on top of the other. Teeth flashed and the both of them were snarling venom-filled growls at each other. Claws scraped through clothing and skin, the wounds spilling blood that rose rather than fell. 

Mordred groped around the snowy ground and miraculously found a small but thick pine branch, smacking his attacker across the face and sending them flying back a few feet away. He bolted for the road again and made it to the front of the house before he was once again knocked flat on his ass. Luckily, he was able to roll backwards as the other lunged forward, if not, he’d have been skewered.

Now, there was almost fifteen feet between them, and Mordred was able to get a good look at his attacker. Surveying the taller male, he saw creepy-looking clown with a pale face, red make-up, and extremely familiar red tufty hair. Oh shit!

The half-eldritch booked it across the driveway as fast as he could, but Penelope’s father was evidently faster. Before he even realized it, he was pinned against a large oak with a gloved hand clutching his throat. Snow started to fall around them and everything was silent aside from their heavy breathing. No birds, no squirrels, no anything, the sign of an eldritch’s territory, as most primal beings unconsciously stayed far away from their species.

Amber-red glared into red and the hand tightened on his throat, even raising him up on his toes to align their eyes straight across. Mordred panicked, catching the other’s scent downwind. Not only was Mr. Gray old, but he was a lot older than his sire. He was tangling with an ancient eldritch, and he’d just coerced his daughter into mating with him. Shit!

“Now then, you slippery little spider… tell me something…” Penelope’s father growled in a deep baritone similar to his, “What were you doing in my daughter’s room? I hope you didn’t steal anything. You’re already going to die for trespassing into my territory.”

“No!” Mordred snarled and the eldritch cut off his shout by tightening his hand’s grip on his windpipe.

“No?” Pennywise loosened his grip a smidge, barely enough to let him talk, “Expl—”

The older eldritch cut himself off, noticing that the wind was shielding the boy’s scent from him. He shoved Mordred further into the tree, hearing the wood groan in protest as he immobilized him. His red nose scented along the long-haired man’s t-shirt-covered shoulder and immediately caught Penelope’s scent there. Quickly, the collar of the shirt was pulled aside and his fresh mating bite was visible for the both of them to see. 

Pennywise growled lower and louder, the sound vibrating into Mordred’s diaphragm. Then, he was touching the offending wound, pressing his claws into it and examining it as invasively as possible. Meanwhile, the younger eldritch hissed and spat until his voice was cut off again by the elder’s strong hand.

“You mated with my daughter!?” Pennywise finally roared, pulling on Mordred’s long dark hair and knocking his head back against the tree, “What did you do, just wait around for her to get her first heat and then strike before anyone else!?” he eyed the boy again and snarled again, “That’s exactly what you did! I’ll bet you found her at that school. My mate told me she’d be safe there, that all my young would be safe, and yet, here you are. Did all the other little schoolgirls in skirts not satisfy you?! Did you wonder what it would be like to bed someone like us ?! You snuck out very fast! Did you think my daughter was going to be a quick fuck and drop?!”

“No!!!” Mordred yelled in his face, his eyes burning redder than they’d ever been, “Penelope is my mate and I love her. Ever since I first saw her, I knew I wanted to wait for her, to mate her. She is beautiful, and strong, and funny, and so goddamn smart! She claims to not be able to read my mind and yet she always knows what I need… and I need her! I don’t want anyone else and I never will! The damage is already done! You kill me and she dies! You were too slow, old man!” Pennywise snarled at that last part, knowing that he was rather rusty in fighting other trans-dimensional beings. 

Mordred was thrown aside, landing in the snow with a loud crunch. The youth looked up at his new father-in-law defensively and prepared for another fight. However, Penelope’s father looked exhausted, like he’d realized the truth in his words. While he didn’t know anything about Mordred, or his past, he had to live with it because Penny made the choice to do the same.

“Did you breed her?” Pennywise whispered, almost afraid to ask.

“Yes, but they won’t grow any more until after she graduates,” he answered wearily.

Pennywise huffed angrily, nodding his head in understanding. He couldn’t exactly protest, he’d impregnated his mate during their first time as well, after all. Instead, he pointed his gloved finger accusingly at him, “If I see you sneaking around here again instead of facing me like a man, then you better hope my mate or Penelope is with us because if catch you like this again, I am going to break every bone in your body until you are an inch from death, and then I’ll bring you back and repeat it over and over again until I’m satisfied.” Mordred nodded.

“Good,” Pennywise glared, amber eyes glinting sinisterly in the dark, “Now, get out of my sight.”

And Mordred did, knowing full well that if he'd been wearing any of his piercings, Penelope's father would have been all too happy to rip them out of his face and ears.

Chapter Text

February 14th, 1990


The little record shop on Derry’s Main Street was empty, or at least it would be if it wasn’t for the dark-haired employee and his boyfriend sucking face in one of the aisles. Their tongues mingled, the piercing on one catching the other’s teeth and trailing along them to make ribbed sounds. A patch-ridden jean jacket fell to the floor with a loud plop while a magical satchel slid off a shoulder and landed on top of it, nearly spilling its contents all over the shitty carpeted floor; a titlewave of files.

Neon signs blanketed their tangling bodies in multicolored strips of light. A large purple bulb made their eyes dark and reflective, bouncing the rainbow of shades between each other like an electric current. The employee’s metallic piercings shined in the blacklight, catching his boyfriend’s eyes similar to an angler fish. Thin fingers came up to fondle and tug on them, wondering how they interacted with the sweaty skin around them.

Seth’s larger hands gripped his lover’s green nape and lower back, squeezing him as close as he could as he pressed him to the far wall furthest from the door. Meanwhile, the lithe auror wrapped his willowy limbs around the other’s leather-clad back, hugging him closer as his leg hitched up to grind their clothed erections together.

Abruptly, Seth thrust against Enoch’s core, sending a shutter through one of the larger shelving units which made the records inside rattle within their boxes. The noise was loud and it made both of them pause in the otherwise silent shop.

“Careful, Sethie,” Enoch giggled, using the unplanned pause to unbutton his auror robes and pull him into another kiss, “You wouldn’t want to break anything,” he joked, using his finger to tease the nipple piercing on Seth’s chest.

The squib grumbled playfully, squeezing the green-haired man closer and sucking a disciplinary hickey into his neck. Enoch whined, reaching up to dig his fingernails into his boyfriend’s scalp. The stinging sensation made the other hiss and pull back enough to see the auror’s disheveled appearance.

“I’m sorry!” Enoch yelped at the look in Seth’s eyes.

“It’s okay,” the musician started, “but someone’s a bit grabby today,” he admonished, grabbing Enoch’s hands and pinning them to the wall on either side of his head, “You’ll get these back when you can use them properly.”

Enoch’s responding nervous giggle was cut short when Seth’s free hand quickly grabbed his swollen member through his pants, running his practiced digits along the length and squeezing periodically. His hips jerked, trying to wiggle themselves out of his trousers. Instead, his robes fell to the floor and he was just left with his dress shirt to cover his torso. The fabric tented, hinting at the eager cock hidden conspicuously behind.

Seth chuckled, stepping away to relieve himself of his jeans and underwear. Enoch gaped, frozen stiff at the sight of his love’s equally stiff cock standing up straight and seeking him out for another round. He whimpered as the rocker stripped further, depositing his white tank top on the floor. 

A pointed look from his boyfriend drove Enoch to move, “C’mon baby boy… strip for me,” Seth cooed in the deep timbre tone that never failed to make the auror drip precum a little faster.

The green-haired auror partially complied, stripping out of his pants and briefs but nervously leaving his dress shirt exactly where it was. After a moment of him standing there waiting, Seth walked back over to him. Enoch could hardly look, blushing hard at the sight of Seth’s bobbing cock dripping pre all over the floor in front of him. Tap… tap… tap… He could hear each drop in the silent shop. Green eyes darted to the side, purposely not looking at the reddening phallus, its droplets, or its owner’s wolfish grin.

They stood toe-to-toe now, and Seth’s rough, calloused hands were reaching for his once more, picking them up gingerly from their position in front of his groin. Sensing a change in Enoch’s mood, the music store employee brought them to his mouth and pressed a kiss to each knuckle before letting them drop down to his sides.

“What’s got you in such a flustered state? Besides me, of course,” Seth purred, reaching for the dress shirt and frowning when the auror tried to back away but was stopped by their clasped hands. Enoch shook his head pleadingly.

“E? Babe… It’s okay. I just want to see you, that’s all,” the rocker’s calloused fingers parted the first buttons so quickly that Enoch wasn’t able to react until the fabric was parting, revealing what he’d been so hesitant to show.

Little hoops pierced each of the green-haired male’s nipples, their metallic texture glinting prettily on his dusty pink flesh. Seth gasped, his fingers trailing along the cool metal before rolling the raised puckered bud between his thumb and forefinger. Enoch jerked in his grasp, a strangled high-pitched moan escaping his clenched teeth.

“So sensitive…” Seth praised his lover, “They healed nicely,” he nodded, that same predatory smirk on his face as he pinched his new favorite toys, “These are weeks old. Why didn’t you tell me?”

Enoch whimpered, “‘Wanted to surprise you. Y’know, for Valentine’s Day?”

“Mmm…” Seth hummed giddily, “Thank you for such a wonderful present. I’ll be sure to reward you handsomely in return,” he leaned down and took one of the pierced buds into his ravenous mouth.

His teeth tugged on the little ring, pulling it left, right, up, and down in an attempt to coax it out of his lover’s skin. While it wouldn’t yield, he at least hoped to make Enoch cum from the stimulation alone. He was overly sensitive like that. Even now, the green-haired auror was moaning freely, rolling his naked hips against Seth’s in an attempt to get some relief. 

The chapped skin was fascinating to the rocker’s tongue, as the piercings scraped together in a delicious sort of friction. The dark silver pearl decorating the tongue popped in and out of the ring, snugly pushing on the opening of the nipple every few seconds in a coherent rhythm but with mounting pressure. Each thrust of Seth’s tongue felt harder than the one before it, and Enoch was loving it.

Shaking hands came up to grip the dark locks as lewd suckling and slurping noises filled the empty shop, drawing blood to the green-haired auror’s face at a speed that likely broke an unwritten record somewhere. Meanwhile, Seth’s hips were beginning to dance with his own, and an oh-so-familiar stickiness was beginning to build between them. 

The sound of skin slapping skin filled the air as the two of them rutted between two shelves of albums and bathed in the neon lights above them. Enoch ended up pressed back against the wall after a particularly hard buck from his boyfriend, completely at the mercy of the other man, watching as his cock grew stiffer and redder. With each thrust, the flared mushroom head painted a little stripe of pre across his abdomen. There was such a thick layer of it that the area glowed brightly on his skin as an effect from the UV light.

Suddenly, the rocker threw his head back and groaned loudly, sending a shaking thrust into his lover’s torso. Enoch felt a small spurt of warmth jet up his naval all the way up into his disheveled forest green undercut.

Looking down, the auror marveled in the fluorescent blue brightness dripping down his chest. It then slowed, stopping where it was at it quickly cooled. Curiously, he trailed his fingers up, pumping a fingertip into his bellybutton to remove the rogue droplets that migrated there before following the path up his torso, between his pectorals and pierced nipples, along his ravaged neck, and finally his debauched angelic face where the rest of his boyfriend’s cum got stuck in his sweaty hair.

Seth’s hands cupped his lover’s face as he panted like a dog, leading it to his so he could press a loving kiss to Enoch’s ruined lips. He spun the auror around, gripping his neck in one hand and leaving the other to target his aroused genitals after sensually rubbing his own ejaculate into his flushed skin. Now his skin glowed slightly in the blacklight.

A breeze came through the shop, making the both of them shiver in their lack of dress. The distraction led to the taller male cuddling the shorter male closer, playfully sucking his ear into his mouth. Enoch moaned, the sound coming deep within his chest and coming out in a high pitch.

Meanwhile, Seth reached a rugged hand down and rubbed around the base of the auror’s member, feeling the smooth forest green hairs part under his eager fingers as he squeezed and pinched the hardness he found there. Enoch yelped, thrusting against his lover’s bony hip. The hand wandered further, dipping down even more to fondle the sensitive sac it rediscovered behind his erection. It pulsed warmly above his hand, informing him that he could climax at any time. When Seth retracted his wandering hand, Enoch whined louder than he had before, uncaring that they were in a public place where anyone could come into the shop.

“Sorry, baby… ‘Still don’t wanna to finish you yet,” Seth explained, pushing Enoch back against the wall and offering his three middle fingers for the younger male to suck on, “Open your mouth, E.”

Dark eyes bore lustfully into his bright green ones as Enoch’s slippery pink tongue snuck out of its moist cavern to lead the three digits inside. Seth’s free hand came up to fondle the auror’s forest green semi-undercut, running his fingers through it to soothe him like a spooked cat, “That’s right, E… get them nice and wet for daddy .”

Enoch nearly choked but Seth was there to calm him by running his free fingers along his bobbing throat as he continued sucking. The punk rocker chuckled, “Sorry, babe. That was my fault.” The auror huffed in agreement, bringing his smoother hands up to twist his lover’s nipples harshly. A low surprised yell erupted forced its way out of Seth’s clenched teeth and he retaliated by beginning to thrust his fingers in and out of the auror’s mouth.

Drool began to trail down Enoch’s face as the fingers were pulled out, dripping erotically down his chin and sweaty pale column. Luckily, another slippery tongue was there to clean up the mess. Seth caught the trail just before it reached his collarbones, dispersing it back up and around his other ear. He fondled the skin just below with his teeth, biting and suckling another hickey into it within seconds.

Meanwhile, their cocks were becoming reacquainted, rubbing against and dripping pre all over each other. Seth’s piercing tickling the underside of the other member, making the both of them even harder. 

When Seth felt no resistance in Enoch’s throat, he retracted his fingers, delighting in the strings of clear spit connecting them to the other’s ravaged lips. The auror gasped much-needed air, focusing on the saliva glinting in the multicolored lighting. 

“Hands on the wall,” Seth growled, his second climax quickly approaching, “Show me that little puckered hole.”

Obediently, Enoch stepped forward and bent over, spreading his arsecheeks and displaying his clenching pink opening for Seth’s perusal. He blushed as the shop worker let out a low whistle, placing both of his calloused hands on the auror’s plump globes and squeezing them. A squeak burst through his tight lips as a thumb fondled the tight ring of muscle at his entrance. Enoch wriggled and was disciplined with a quick swat to his left buttcheek.

“I’ll suck your toes if you stay still, baby boy,” Seth soothed the reddened skin with the back of his hand before thrusting his slick fingers into Enoch’s slick entrance. 

The auror cried out at the pressure of feeling three fingers in his anus without much lube. He’d had thicker fingers and cocks before, but there had always been preparation put into taking such things inside him, but here, he knew he’d be feeling this tomorrow.

A low squish ing and squelch ing filled the aisle as Seth worked his long digits, playing each gland and wall like a fine-tuned instrument. His lover’s new nipple piercings dragged along the wall as he bounced up and down on his unsteady legs. The rhythm as too fast for him to keep up with. His pupils were blown and his tongue lolled lazily out of his mouth as he panted for the rocker to pick up his pace.

Seth removed his fingers and Enoch whined, his bum thrusting back to chase after the retreating digits before being slapped for doing so. He yelped at the sharp sting, pressing himself back against the wall and spreading his legs for easy access. His hole writhed wantonly at its newfound emptiness and he hoped his lover would remedy that problem.

A pleased grin spread across Seth’s face as he lined his dripping cock up to Enoch’s clenching hole and began pushing in, feeling every bit of the stretch. The shorter male’s walls hugged him, sucking on his organ like a second mouth in its indecision about pulling him in or pushing him out. High pitched cries filled the air as the green-haired auror took him further and further into himself, panting all the way.

Meanwhile, Seth was teasing his lover by tugging on his piercings and trailing his hand down to wrap around his neglected cock. His hand was warm, which felt good to the auror, but it was also very dry, which made friction a bit painful. To make up for it, the rocker decided to move his own cock, setting a jack-hammer pace that plastered Enoch against the wall more so than he already was.

“Ah! Ah! Ah~” he moaned through each thrust, feeling helpless as Seth monopolized his entire lower half, “Please, Seth!”

A large hand gripped his hip, leaving behind future bruises as they gripped his skin tightly. He looked to the lit ceiling, feeling a thumb stroking over the head of his cock, smearing his precum along the slit. He thrust into the hand jerkily, feeling his orgasm creeping up on him like an oncoming freight train.

Seth sped up his thrusts, knocking Enoch against the wall each time he made contact. His teeth were busy nipping and sucking on his green nape while his hands were busy with the smaller male’s hip and cock. The auror’s skin was so flushed that it looked apple-red, and the rocker loved sampling the redness to see if it tasted like apples. It didn’t, but the taste was still appealing nonetheless.

Enoch knocked his head back against Seth’s tense chest, crying out as he painted the wall and his boyfriend’s hand in filmy off-white jizz. It dripped hotly onto the carpet and created a pretty fluorescent puddle under the UV light. He clung to the wall, not feeling confident enough in his wobbly legs to attempt standing. His boyfriend, on the other hand, clung to him, keeping his softening member inside his satisfied sheath despite the equally filmy jizz leaking out of him from between their bodies.. 

Both males panted, pressing little kisses and nips to whatever patch of skin either of them could reach. After all, it had been a few weeks since they’d been together. Enoch had gotten an assignment on the other side of the country and had been gone for a long time. Too long, in Seth’s opinion. So, when Enoch arrived at the shop, he’d jumped the poor auror.

The chime on the door sounded, signalling that another person had entered the shop. Footsteps echoed in the silence, coming towards them. Enoch covered his nervous inhale with his hand and shared a mortified look with Seth. It was too late to make a dive for their clothes, or for the wizard to grab his wand and clean up the mess of semen, not on his shaky legs. A familiar face came into view and the both of them froze even further, as though it were possible.

“Gah!” Alison yelled at the sight of her friends’ nudity, turning away and averting her eyes, “What the fuck?!”

Seth chuckled at her embarrassment, his worry completely evaporated into little inconsequential pieces, “I’d think that would be pretty obvious.”

“But why here!!!” she shouted, turning around and flailing her arms at them in an encompassing gesture, “Anyone could just walk in!”

Seth shook his head amusedly, “Yeah, maybe a few times a day. C’mon, Alison… No one comes for records at nine-o-clock at night.”

Alison looked down, pushing her fingers together sheepishly.

“Really?” Seth tilted his head at her before looking over to Enoch, who was still watching Alison like a spooked cat, “E?”

Enoch coughed, “She may have mentioned wanting to buy some albums, but that was weeks ago…”

Both naked men looked to Alison who merely shrugged, looking around at their mess and avoiding glancing at their sloppy members, “I didn’t know Enoch would be here. Contrary to what you might think, I’m not his keeper. Tonight had seemed like a good idea to come, and I just got off work, so… here I am,” she gestured to herself and then to the shop’s interior.

“Okay,” Seth shrugged, glancing over to the clock and smirking.

In his full naked glory, he walked over to where Alison was standing awkwardly, only to stride past her and to the door, spinning the sign on the door to show that she shop is closed for the night. Turning back to the witch and wizard, a wolfish grin crept across his features, growing more devilish with each second.

“It’s past closing time anyway, but I could help you out if I got a little something in return.”

Alison gaped, scandalized while Enoch looked about ready to cry.

“Wh-what?” she shook her head, not sure if she heard the musician correctly.

Seth laughed now, looking between her and Enoch, “How are you at sucking toes?”

Chapter Text

December 25th, 1989

(Christmas Day)

Abruptly, another contraction hit her, urging her to pass the afterbirth and she numbly went along with it, expelling the bloody clumped mess of nerves before passing out from her understandable exhaustion.

The clump of dark red and pale yellow veins and hormone-producing sacs dribbled from his mate’s gaping snatch, falling bloodily into his waiting hands that fumbled to catch the organ in its entirety. Crimson dripped from his fingers and he moaned at its warmth, raising the placenta to his red painted mouth and biting into the juicy flesh.

Flavor exploded in his mouth and he sucked on the bitten piece, ensuring that not a single drop found its way outside his sharp-toothed maw. His knife-like incisors shredded the chunk of nerves away from the soft mass, and his head lurched back to swallow fully, his deadlights preening with eagerness and hunger as they set to work on slowly metabolizing his mate’s rejected organ, the organ that his young fed from.

Oh, yes, he could feel their lingering feedings of glucose and hormones, their watery breaths echoing within the visceral blood inside each of the four chambers’ membranes. In fact, he could taste each child’s respective tubes and pick them perfectly.

Hugo’s was currently in his mouth, the scent of maleness, peaches, and what felt similar to Hermione’s magic buzzing around his deadlights, exciting them, urging him to feast further, to channel Saturn as he feasted on his children, consuming them to keep them from usurping his authority. 

However, this felt different. He awaited his young’s arrival for so long, and now that they were here only a mere few meters away, he wanted to consume what he coveted, so that it would never be apart from him again. He knew his young would grow, and deep down, he felt there was no better way to keep a piece of them inside him than to eat the thing that tethered them to his mate, allowed them to feed, and allowed them to grow.

Blood and saliva dripped down his chin, dropping provocatively onto his hardening cock and writhing tentacles. Their cooling droplets decorated the pale bumpy flesh and slipped down to the folds of his sheath to ornament his deflated knot.

The placenta made a squishing sound between his teeth, gushing more blood with every bite. He moaned at the depravity, not even considering his unconscious mate as he sucked on the peach-flavored organ. Jagged teeth shredded another piece into his mouth and his head fell back to swallow, the clown’s adam’s apple lurching fulling along his esophagus as it accommodated the nerves’ descent into his bright gullet.

Again and again, sucking, shredding, and swallowing became a pattern for him over the following minutes, his own blood singing to rut again after such a successful breeding. He’d done what every male eldritch abomination wanted to do: sire a clutch with his mate, and now he was reaffirming his connection with his young by eating a piece of their link to their dam.

To Pennywise’s immense disappointment, the rest of the placenta was gone before he knew it, leaving him to sulk with only his bloody skin to remind him of what he’d done. His dark, dexterous tongue lapped at his guilty digits, pulling them into his mouth and suckling on each one until the pure untainted flavors of his mate and children were gone from him. 

Chasing the red drops along his skin, the clown tuned out the sound and feeling of his bones snapping and cracking as he bent part of his back forward, using his tongue to wrap sinfully around his blood-covered cock. He whined at the taste, arching himself further and beginning to lap as his genitals like a cat, sticking his leg up into the air and curling around himself.

His hips jerked wantonly, a result of his mounting arousal. Moaning, he began to thrust into his mouth, sucking on the reddened skin with his eager painted lips. The bed shuddered underneath his jerky movements, making his mate twitch in her sleep, spreading her legs wider as they fell open before him. 

Pennywise froze, his nose flaring, catching the source of the flavor. He grinned, unfurling from his impossible position and feeling his bones snap back into place. Hermione was completely unconscious, and likely would remain so for the rest of the night. Aside from being very injured, he couldn’t see the possibility of her waking under his tongue’s lashing at her hole.

Eagerly, he stroked the length of her battered entrance with a gentle swipe of his tongue, leading himself up into the cropped blood-stained hair hiding her little clit from him. Pennywise suckled on the little bud, making the witch’s pelvis jump. He held her down as he cleaned around her little pearl, nibbling on her skin and kissing the newly-cleaned areas. Hermione whined in her sleep, leaking a bit of clear fluid as it mixed with the remaining blood in her channel.

Pennywise immediately noticed, kissing his way to her opening and sticking his tongue inside. He swirled his appendage around her innards, cleaning her channel of blood and assisting his mate with contracting it back to its original tight size. Hermione whined once more, rolling her hips and finding that her innards became less and less painful as her mate worked his tongue up into her womb, sucking up the remaining blood and fluids left over by their young.

His large hands gripped her youthful hips as he continued to harass her genitals with his tongue, lips, teeth. Hermione slept on, twitching and whimpering as he worked her further and further into pleasure. He could almost taste her oncoming flood of clear filmy arousal.

“Yes, my Hermione… Our family has grown tonight, and I want to reward you for being such a good mate, a good mother… Now come for me,” he cooed against her clit, flicking it erratically with his tongue as Hermione’s unconscious body arched in pleasure. His own arousal had also finally had enough, spitting dark tar onto the sheets underneath them.

Pennywise caught her before she fell or awoken, gliding her back down to the mattress and cleaning her of the mess she’d made. He licked all around her sloppy hole, erasing all traces of blood and cum, including her shapely arse. Then, he took a quick shower, taking only enough time to sterilize his skin so he could hold his children without risking their health. Since he also had the time, he carefully dabbed Hermione’s skin with a sponge, cleansing her of lingering sweat, blood, and tear tracks.

The sheets were cleaned, sent down to the laundry along with all the other ruined towels and cloths he wished he would have spent the time cleaning with his tongue. Although, Hermione’s comfort meant more to him in that moment. It felt satisfying to lay her down on the fresh and warm linen sheets, watching her croon and curl herself into a little ball as she took in the smells of detergent. What could he say? She’d taught him to be human rather well. He moved to join her but a little whine caught his sensitive ears.

Pennywise strode over to the cribs across the room, head swivelling to catch which of his pups was becoming unhappy with their current conditions. Rose immediately stood out to him, her face scrunched and limbs trying to break free of their blanketed confines. The clown immediately began to purr, trying to express feelings of calmness through his torso as he plucked her out of her crib and held her to his naked chest with both hands.

“It’s okay, pup,” he rasped, nuzzling her temple with his red-tipped nose and brushing her brown wisps of hair with his fingers, “Daddy’s got you.”

Rose whimpered and wiggled, urging her father to unwrap her from her towel. Pennywise did so, immediately focusing on her tiny hands as they balled into fists up near her head. He sat, laying the towel over his bent legs and laying her on top along his thighs. The clown leaned forward, watching his eldest child silently discover his face in the dimmer lighting of the room.

“There we go… Now, you can move all you want,” he grinned at Rose’s sudden kicking against his lingering hand, “Easy, easy, little one. You don’t have to fight me…”

Her little eyes were still so vague in color, but he knew they would darken into the shade of her mother’s whisky irises. Nevertheless, they widened as they traced the red paint on his face. Hermione had told him that red is the first color babies recognize. She’d gotten that piece of information from one of her baby books she’d been reading obsessively over the last few months. He doubted Rose could even decipher red at her age, but soon enough, she’d get to know the hue very well.

“Let’s get a look at you, now… make sure you are healing alright… Mummy would be very upset if I let you get sick.”

Unbuttoning her onesie, he checked on her snipped cord, noticing nothing out of the ordinary and buttoning her back up. The temporary chill seemed to break Rose’s fascination with her father’s face, as she immediately began whimpering again.

“Oh, no, no, no… Shh… Hush, little mouse. Let’s get you fed again,” Pennywise shushed her, using his mind to conjure one of the many bottles Hermione had purchased for their young. 

Gingerly, he filled it with the milk he’d wrangled from his mate and placed a rubber nipple onto the top, angling towards Rose’s mouth. Like before, she immediately latched on, suckling eagerly and reaching for the edges of the bottle with uncoordinated hands. Pennywise chuckled quietly, bringing his dark fingers to her grasping ones and brushing them against her palms. Reflexively, Rose gripped her father’s long fingers, locking them inside her balled fists. His thumb rubbed along her tiny knuckles, delighting in their smoothness and warmth. He bent down to kiss them both, happy with his daughter’s contented mood.

Another emerging wail came from the other crib and he jerked his head to the side, allowing his other four limbs to emerge fluidly like dark tentacles from his back. They curled up around the rim of the crib and climbed in to wrap around the conscious baby and bring him out to lay against the clown’s chest.

“Shh… Junior… This is unbecoming of a little eater of worlds,” he joked, stroking his son’s fingers and head with his silky tendrils.

Robert sniffled and coughed against his father’s tentacles but ultimately calmed once he began to purr. The vibrations worked their way into the boy’s core, soothing his deadlights to the point where his endless thirst was managed for the moment. 

His little eyes were a shining amber, glinting hungrily in the dark in a startling reflection of his father’s. When he yawned a second later, a little bit of light emerged, momentarily shedding more brightness onto the clown’s pale fissured chest before closing his mouth and whimpering, seeking the same freedom given to his older sister.

Pennywise kissed his son’s head, using his secondary set of arms to unwrap him from his confines and check on his naked torso. The lack of a belly button threw him off at first, as Robert looked so human at first glance, but being born from an egg sac changed such things. As with Rose, he brought a second bottle of milk to his wavering mouth, only having to brush his cheek once before his son got the idea to start rooting for his mother’s fulfilling milk.

“There we go, my little cub… Feast on your dam’s sweet milk and satisfy your hunger for fear… It doesn’t get any better than this, Junior. When you get your own mate and make them leak, you’ll understand,” Pennywise winked, soothingly running his fingers over his son’s bare tummy.

With two of his pups laying against him, he couldn’t help but shed a tear, using one hand to feed them and another to pet them. He felt bad stealing this essential contact from Hermione, but he couldn’t bear waking her up while she was in such an exhausted state. After all, he was more than happy to spend more time with their brood.

Hugo began to cry a few minutes later, and Pennywise eagerly reached into his crib with his tertiary set of arms and curled around him, molding the smaller boy to his back and cocking his head around one-hundred-eighty degrees to survey him.

“What’s the matter, my sweet little prince? Daddy’s got you, now…”

His eldest son had already curled into himself, whimpering as the clown adjusted him into lying just underneath his younger brother. Now, draped across his father’s torso, he lay peacefully in his large hand, waiting to be freed from the towel he was swaddled in.

Pennywise purred louder, using his free tertiary hand to unwrap Hugo from his towel and check on his frail human torso. Like Rose, he immediately protested the feeling of air on his skin, whimpering until his father buttoned him back up in his onesie.

“Shh… It’s okay, Hugo… Let’s get you fed and warm again…”

Another bottle was dipped into the pail of milk and its rubber nipple gently coerced into his eldest son’s mouth. Thankfully, he drank a few minutes before beginning to cough. Pennywise startled, quickly raising him to his shoulder and patting his back until his coughing subsided. 

Hugo whined in his stiff grasp as he was brought back to lay against the clown’s lower torso, his vocalizations growing louder as the bottle was coerced back into his mouth. Taking the offending instrument away, he brought his son up to his face and the baby calmed, staring at his father’s bright worried eyes and sloping features.

A little purr emerged from Hugo’s chest, surprisingly the only physical eldritch characteristic the boy had. Pennywise smiled despite himself, bringing his son closer and resting him against his face. His painted nose explored his son’s tiny neck and twig-like limbs, snuffling humorously at his tiny toes that curled once he brushed the arches of his tiny little feet with his tongue.

Hugo cooed when his father’s tongue brushed the skin of his knuckles and cheeks, cleansed his neck and forehead, and lapped at his brown wisps until they stood up in a tufty cowlick.

Meanwhile, Rose and Robert still sipped from their bottles, the latter’s getting refilled by another of their father’s six hands and placed back in the young boy’s mouth. Pennywise purred at his three young, reaching another arm behind him to gently pluck his silent child from her crib.

He held Penny against his side, looked down at her tiny body and noticing her little eyes open and watching him right back. His smile widened at the sight and he brought her up to press a kiss to her forehead, “Wide awake, my little bug?”

Penny seemed to frown at his patronizing tone, shuffling irritatedly at her confines like her older siblings.

“Okay, pup. Be patient, sweetheart,” he crooned at her, removing the towel entirely and letting her rest fully in his dark hand, “Are you hungry?”

Immediately an image of a full bottle of milk filled his vision and he chuckled quietly, preparing his youngest’s light meal with his thankfully free hand and raising the warm bottle against her pursing lips.

Penny latched onto the rubber nipple, the sounds of her feeding joined Rose’s and Robert’s and Hugo whimpered against his head, grasping his red tufts within his little fists. He raised Hugo’s bottle up to his mouth and the picky boy took a few more sips, suckling periodically before laying passively on top of his father’s head, curled within the fiery locks. Pennywise smiled at him, allowing his hair to come to life and hold him securely inside their blanket-like nest of tendrils.

“Sleep, my son… for you will not be able to lay within my hair for long… You will soon grow to be a big strong wizard with magic just like your dam,” he chittered to his son in his eldritch tongue, bringing the bottle away from him and delighting in his nasally snores. 

Rose was slowing in her own suckles and barely even noticed when Pennywise set her bottle aside and brought her to lay in his arms like Robert and Penny. He kissed her little head once more, envisioning her growing into a smaller version of his mate but with just a little bit of him in her. Perhaps she would grow to have his nose, or sense of humor, or even his ability to contort himself. She could become talented in gymnastics, and it would be something positive that he contributed to because try as she might, Hermione wasn’t as flexible as he was.

Pennywise looked over to Robert, wishing the opposite. He hoped his mate’s genes had more of an influence than his did, perhaps shaping his mind and personality rather than his appearance and abilities. He’d still be an eldritch, nevertheless, but that didn’t mean he’d turn out like he did in his own youth. He could be polite, unselfish in his desire to feast on fear, and not let his gluttony consume him.

Now, however, he was a little pup snug in his cradling hand, blissfully unaware of what made him different than his siblings and every other human being. Pennywise booped his little nose, delighting in how it made his son scrunch it up whilst he still fed on his mother’s immensely emotionally charged milk. Hermione had been feeling so many things during their most recent mating and throughout the birth that he’d be surprised if Robert didn’t grow larger over the next day or so. In fact, he couldn’t wait to sample the white creamy liquid himself once his young had their fill.

Penny blubbered around her emptied bottle, clearly ready to be put back to bed. She sent her father an image of a water balloon and he giggled, noticing the similarities between the bloated rubber sac and his daughter’s slightly distended stomach. Pennywise rubbed her cheek before rubbing her stomach in large slow circles, “Did you eat too much, little one? You are just like your mother… always eating too much for her tiny body… You’ll burst like a tick if you do that too much, little bug,” he cooed at her, laughing as she kicked at him in protest, “You’ve only brought this on yourself, you know?”

Pennywise smiled as she fell asleep, looking at his other children and noticing that they’d done the same, curling into him for warmth and comfort in a way he’d never associated with his current form. The clown smiled, shifting between sharp and buck teeth as he eyed the pail next to him and conjured a straw, “Sleep tight, my little bugs.”

Chapter Text

June 1990

Hermione giggled as she watched Robert sitting propped up against her pillows, completely transfixed on the little dark-haired boy in her arms. He purred happily as his mate continued to suckle from her leaking breasts. Tom, meanwhile, made little contented coos as he laid placidly against her. She brushed a small piece of hair out of his dark eyes and rubbed his cheek.

After kissing his temple, Hermione swiveled her head around, scanning the room for her other three babies. Rose was passed out in the playpen and her mother vowed to lay her down in her crib once she was finished feeding Tom. Hugo was playing with and periodically gnawing on his stuffed pygmy puff, a belated Christmas gift from Luna and Rolf Scamander. Lastly, she could spot Penny sitting independently on the opposite end of the room, staring cloudy-eyed at the stack of children’s books.

Penelope could become quite the space-cadet when she was exploring with her mind, traveling into different rooms and foraying out into the enchanted forest around their home. Impressively enough, she’d been able to spot a hidebehind and a few of the more elusive nymphs that even Hermione hadn’t been able to find with her magic. At the same time, the toddler stayed right where Hermione or Pennywise could keep an eye on her.

“Penny, love?” the toddler turned her red-tufted head and refocused her gaze to look at her mother, “Do you want me to read to you?”

“Yes,” her voice echoed quietly in Hermione’s mind like a soft cloud, making her smile.

“Which story to you want me to read, sweetheart?” she prompted her youngest and Penny turned to look back at the stack, shaking her head dismissively before looking back at her mother.

“I want to hear “The Witch and the Eldritch,’” Hermione shook her head exasperatedly at the request, silently cursing Pennywise for starting the long-running chain of telling their children about their love story. All five of them were enamored with the tale, always requesting it first when storytime came up before bed. It had gotten to the point where the little telepath could tell it to her verbatim with very few errors.

“Again, Penny? What about one of the Grimm's Fairy Tales ? Or Cat in the Hat ? I know Corduroy is one of your favorites.”

“No!” Penny’s voice was louder this time as her little face became wrinkled and teary-eyed, “ Witch and the Eldritch!”

“Alright, alright, shh, shh! Please don’t cry, Penny,” she pled to her daughter as she burped Tom and laid him down at Robert’s feet.

Hermione went over to her blubbering child and picked her up, rocking her slowly and rubbing her back before she began to sob. Her tiny fingers grasped her mother’s curly locks, gripping them tightly as she rested her head against her ruffled blouse. Hermione’s hand combed through her red hair, sculpting the malleable damp tufts into something resembling her father’s more chaotic ones. She’d bathed each of her children an hour previous, so Penny still smelled so strongly of peaches, a scent that always surrounded them, according to her mate.

She sat back on the bed, holding the little one in her arms while she watched Robert clap his hands together and coo at Penny, likely hearing the news of the upcoming retelling of their favorite bedtime story. Tom blinked up at her as well, sucking contentedly on his knuckles. Hugo squealed from across the room, raising his arms above his head and completely abandoning his pygmy puff in favor of his mother’s embrace.

“Hold on, little love,” Hermione giggled, setting Penelope down on the bed next to her adopted brother before walking over to pick up her eldest son from the carpeted floor.

He wriggled excitedly in her grasp, babbling and grasping at her hair and hands with drool-slicked fingers. Hermione laughed at his antics, checking over her shoulder and noticing that Rose was still asleep, her little breaths rising and falling in her moving chest and coming out as tiny snores. She was fine where she was, Hermione decided, propping Hugo up on the pillows next to his brother and resituating the other two toddlers into a similar position beside them, allowing Robert to cuddle Tom and hopefully fall asleep easier than the night before.

“Once upon a time, there was a little witch,” she began, using her wand to draw out little stick-figure illustrations to fit the story, “and she had the most beautiful soul in the whole universe. It was so bright that it snuffed out the worst of shadows, and it helped her throughout her childhood. The witch also had a magic wand that used her soul to make wonderful spells and enchantments,” Hermione giggled as her children attempted to reach for the floating figures and huffing when they simply danced out of their grabbing hands. 

“She wanted to use her magic to help people, and so she went to a little town near the coast to help the people there find their missing children. It turns out that there was a lonely, hungry eldritch living underneath the little town. He was sad because no one loved him, and so he ate the poor children, searching for their happiness and delighting in their fear as he ate their little souls,” Robert cooed at seeing the loose depiction of his father as she drew it. 

“When he saw the little witch’s beautiful soul, he wanted to devour it, to eat it so nothing else could. He tried to take her soul by scaring her as a creepy clown with fiery red hair and beautiful red balloons following him everywhere, but she didn’t get very scared. In fact, she liked the clown. He made her curious and he made her happier than she’d been before,” Penny burbled at Bill Gray’s image, spotting her father’s other form instantly.

“So, he became a handsome man to trick her into giving him her soul, but she didn’t like the handsome man as much, so he became the clown again. He realized that he wasn’t going to trick her into giving him her soul, so the eldritch spent more time with the witch, trying to understand why her soul shone so bright, and why she liked his clown form when it scared everyone else.

Slowly, over the coming weeks, the eldritch fell in love with the witch, wanting to make her his, wanting to have children with her,” Hermione paused, noticing her children’s eyes watching her intently. 

“But one day,” she held up her index finger, “the little witch went away, leaving the eldritch alone,” Hugo whimpered, “So, he became very angry and ate four children before the witch returned,” she spoke sinisterly, grabbing for her children’s eight little feet and laughing as they squealed and brought them up away from her grabbing hands.

“The witch was scared of the clown after that, and she thought he was mean, but he saved her from some bad people. So, she began to spend time with him and the handsome man again, thinking they were two different people. But the eldritch was scared the witch wouldn’t like him as the clown anymore, so he got closer using the handsome man.”

“One night, the eldritch revealed himself to be the clown and the handsome man, and the little witch was startled at first, but she was also so happy. Then, he asked if he could have her soul, and she said ‘Yes, but only if I could have yours,’ and the eldritch was so happy to be loved. He gave her is old, red, tattered soul and she loved it, nurtured it into being good, loving, and caring.

“Then, there was a group of children who wanted revenge on the eldritch for eating the children. They wanted to hurt him, kill him,” Hermione shushed Penny as her lip began to waver, “but the witch saved the children and made them think the eldritch was dead,” Penny began to hiccup, and Hermione picked her up to hold her in her arms, letting her suckle until the spasms stopped.

“The eldritch and the witch left the little town, riding off into the sunset and living happily ever after,” Hermione grinned at the toddlers’ gummy smiles, “The End.”

Suddenly, Robert squealed, waving at something across the room and Tom, Hugo and Penny followed suit, wiggling in their spots against the pillows and in Hermione’s arms as they tried to crawl over to the edge of the bed. Hermione looked over her shoulder and noticed all too familiar red balloons floating into the room from the hallway. They began to fill the room, their strings trailing along the carpet like tiny white snakes.

The witch laughed, shaking her head at her mate’s theatrics, “You best come help me before our children tumble off the bed.”

Robert squawked as a white-gloved hand picked him up just as he reached the edge of the bed. The other large hand was snug around Hugo as he was flipped over onto his back. The little boy wriggled, trying to flip himself back over but having no luck, much like a turtle.

“Sorry, doll…” Pennywise purred down at her, his eyelids heavy and heated, pupils dilated, and irises a honeyed amber yellow, “I do believe it is bedtime for these little ones, is it not?”

Hermione shuddered, looking away to press a kiss to her youngest daughter’s head, “Mmm… perhaps they could be put down an hour or two early…”

“Perfect,” the clown purred at her, leaning over her seated form and pressing a chaste yet passionate kiss to her lips, “I can’t wait to catch you, my sweet Hermione…”

The witch stuck her tongue out and brushed his upper lip, “You’ll have to give me a head start.”

Pennywise shook his head, grinning sharply at her request, “Alright, but that means it’s my true form coming out to play tonight.”

Hermione shuddered again, knowing how helpless she always felt under the large bulk of her mate’s eight-limbed thorax and abdomen. But sometimes it was so much more exhilarating to be caught and bound and thoroughly ravaged by such a beast.

“Oh-okay,” Hermione’s words came out in a loosely concealed moan and she knew he could smell the moment the tiniest dribble of slick escaped her snatch.

His nose flared and a deep resonating purr echoed from his chest, rendering his young instantly docile and sleepy as he quickly tucked Hugo and Robert into their cribs, paused to gently scoop Rose from the floor and place her next to Hugo. Tom went with Pennywise with little resistance, being carried to his crib in one hand and adjusted to fit alongside her eldritch son as Robert’s “little spoon.”

Lastly, Pennywise plucked Penelope from her mother’s arms and held her forehead to his. A chuckle left his lips as their daughter likely told him about her day. He’d been gone before Hermione had even awoken, likely having to travel far to find his meal. So, neither she nor their young had seen him all day.

“Is that true, little bug?” he murmured quietly and Penny felt around his massive head, tugging on his hair and squealing. 

“Dada!” she clapped her hands and laughed at Pennywise’s shocked expression. He looked over to Hermione who laughed and shook her head knowingly.

“She’s been waiting all afternoon to show you that,” the witch grinned, looking at the little half-eldritch and nodding in encouragement, “Penny? Who am I?”

“Mama!” Penelope announced proudly, giggling as Hermione came over to blow a raspberry on her tummy.

“Yes! Little love! Mama’s so proud of you! Dada’s speechless, isn’t he?” 


“Penn?” Hermione watched her mate’s face go through a series of emotions, unsure what to go with and settling on shock, “Are you okay?”

“I…” the eldritch floundered, cradling his daughter to his chest and looking panicked, “I feel… I’ve never felt like this before,” he held Hermione in his bright blue gaze, “I feel so much pride and happiness that I don’t know what to do…”

“That’s good, isn’t it?” Hermione smiled, kissing Penny’s little face as she continued to repeat her father’s new nickname, kicking her little feet against his chest.

Pennywise closed his eyes and breathed in his daughter’s peachy scent, “Yeah,” he exhaled calmly, regaining a bit of his horniness from before, “Yeah, it is…” he looked heatedly at Hermione before looking back at his clever little girl, “Dada’s proud of you too, my little bug,” he booped her nose and she caught his finger, holding it in her grasp and bringing it towards her mouth to suck on it, “Oh, no, no, no, little bug,” he took his finger back and replaced it with a pacifier, “If anyone’s gonna be sucking my fingers tonight, it’s gonna be Mama.”

Hermione blushed, remembering the little deal she made with her mate the night before.




Her little eldritch son had become quite the little terror during the previous night, learning to crawl as far as a month ahead of his other siblings and applying his practiced skill set in the wee hours of the morning. She’d nearly had a panic attack when she’d woken up to feed a crying Rose and realized that Robert wasn’t in his crib and Pennywise was sound asleep in their bed.

Frazzled, she held Rose to her breast with one arm and used her other hand to cast a lumos around the floor, wondering if he’d climbed out of his crib and was playing with his toys on the floor. Nervously, she waddled around, bouncing Rose as she checked every nook and cranny of their room. The door was locked, so unless he’d figured out how to teleport, she should’ve still been in the room.

Tom had been sleeping peacefully in his crib, sans an overbearing Robert cuddling up to him or clinging off the bars keeping him inside. Hermione whimpered to herself, soothing Rose back to sleep and setting her back into her own crib. The witch moved to wake Pennywise but a warm wet droplet hit her cheek and she froze, analyzing the rapidly cool clear fluid with her finger as she wiped it off her face. 

Another droplet hit her in the same spot and she quickly shined her wand upwards and nearly dropped it, screaming in surprise. Pennywise was instantly at her side, cradling her shaking form underneath his larger frame and glancing upward at where her wand was lighting the high, sloping ceiling. His amber eyes widened but he was quick to soothingly lave at her mating bite with his warm tongue, making sure to cleanse her cheek of their son’s saliva.

“It’s okay, doll,” Pennywise crooned in her pricked ear, “He’s honing his hunting instincts and learning how to stay vigilant for his mate. He’ll sleep for a long time tomorrow. His human side eventually won’t be able to keep up with his nocturnal prowls, so he should grow out of it soon. He’s just learning through exploration, just like any other human baby. We should have been prepared for this… He’s been crawling for the last couple of weeks, and he can see farther now…” Pennywise rubbed her belly in large smooth circles, knowing how much the gesture calmed his mate despite her regretfully barren womb.

“B-b-but his he-head…” Hermione bemoaned, “It’s on b-backwards, and he’s stuck to the ceiling…”

Sure enough, her little eldritch son was baring his single trio of sharp teeth at his parents in a wide unnatural grin, his head turned one-hundred-eighty degrees so they could see his face and his little nappy-covered bum at the same time. As Hermione’s light shined on him, Robert crawled away from the bright beam, cooing like one of the pigeons Hermione always saw in New York when she visited her old co-workers.

Pennywise smiled at the impromptu little game their son had started, watching him skitter around to avoid his mother’s light with his own night vision. He was a clever little bugger, he’d give him that. Looking around the floor, he noticed fresh drool on a few of the smaller rodent-shaped stuffed animals. If they’d had a rat scurrying around the room, Robert likely would have been quick and smart enough to snatch one up.

He could tell Hermione was getting frustrated, judging by her little irritated huffs at Robert’s elusiveness. Chuckling, he went over to the closest wall and crawled upwards, intending to sneak up on his distracted son as he was solely focused on the bright beam of light, much like a cat with a laser-pointer.

Hermione noticed his move and gradually began to push Robert closer to his father who lie in wait, hanging lower from his spider legs. However, their son just wouldn’t move as far back as she was baiting him to. The little eldritch was only an extra arm’s reach away and he threatened to move away from Pennywise, crawling slightly to the left—

“Robbie!” Hermione whined desperately and the toddler paused, tilting his head at her and making a lower coo, sounding more like an owl than a pigeon, “C’mon, Robbie,” he burbled quietly, “it’s time for bed.”

Suddenly, Pennywise struck, capturing the boy’s nape and peeling him off the ceiling with his humanoid hands. Robert cried, spooked by his father’s sudden appearance and surprised at being held by his little scruff, something Hermione had been amazed at when she found out he had one.

Robert was lowered into her awaiting arms, head facing the right way but still sobbing. Hermione kissed and cooed at him, replicating her mate’s purr to the best of her abilities. Out of the five children, “the purr,” as she liked to call it, worked on her little eldritch the best.

“Aww… Did Daddy scare you, Bobby?” she frowned at her mate as he sheepishly came down from the ceiling, “That wasn’t very nice, was it? Are you hungry? Some food might make you forget about Daddy being mean, huh?”

Sure enough, the toddler calmed down at the smell of nearby food, reaching out to his mother’s hair and squeezing it between two tiny fists. It was almost pathetic how matted her hair was from his, as well as his siblings’, fixation on the brown curly locks. Pennywise fretted over it often, taking the time to brush it for her before bed.

Smiling, Hermione lowered the neckline of her nightdress and led his tiny gaping mouth to her nipple, watching him suckle for a few moments before looking to Pennywise, or at least his shiny cobalt eyes as they shined in the blackness not lit by her wand.

“Was that necessary, Penn?” Hermione prompted tersely.


“And what does that mean?”

“I have to go hunting tomorrow,” Pennywise nodded dejectedly, knowing he got a bit rougher with his mate and young when he was close to needing to feed, “Can I hunt you ?” he asked after a moment.

Hermione paused, considering her plans and remembering that she had the day off. She was going to spend the day with her little ones, of course, but now that her mate was getting ravenous… well… that certainly added a bit of spice to her Sunday. She knew full well that he became especially horny after a good hunt, especially if he became very well-fed.

After you hunt,” she replied and he chuckled knowingly, coming closer to suck on the tips of her ears and nose before bringing their rosy lips together. Their tongues tangled, black wrapping around red and tickling her pearly white teeth. When they separated a minute later, a string of saliva connected their ravaged mouths.

“It’s a date, my sexy little mate,” he rhymed, kneeling down to suckle from her free breast and easing her down into his lap, their son squeezed comfortably between them with one of his hands holding her long curly brown hair and the other ensnared in his father's identical red tufts.




 Meanwhile, Ron Weasley was incredibly angry and completely drunk off his ass as he stepped through fireplace after fireplace from England to the United States to reach the one person he knew he could count on for comfort. So what if she was now married with kids? They’d been together once, so that meant something, didn’t it? Screw Lavender and the lackluster sex! He knew where the quality pussy was anyway.

He could just picture Hermione’s beautiful curves, plush arse, and large heaving breasts heavy and full from all the breastfeeding she’d been doing for the last few months. Perhaps she would let him have a taste of her milk. Bill likely got to drink a lot of it for knocking her up five bloody times in one go. Lavender wanted what Hermione had, a fabulous house, a handsome husband (as though he wasn’t), and a beautiful family. 

The healers had told him it was unlikely he could father a child due to his family’s deep roots in almost every branch of Wizarding Britain’s Sacred 28 pure-blooded families. Despite being from a family with many children, he’d been cursed with the results of their ancient incest. Cousins marrying cousins, leaving behind distant cousins tricked into thinking they’d have strong genetics. His parents were flukes carrying those cursed genes and passing them down to him and not his perfect sister, the first female Weasley in ages.

Ron huffed and puffed outside his old flame’s house, oblivious to the hunt within. His drunken mind somehow came up with the right spell to sneak into the house and begin his search for Hermione. Dazed, he began to check every cabinet, even the kitchen ones despite there being no possible way for a human to fit inside them. He checked the basement and the laundry area before going back upstairs and looking in the hall closet, finally finding Hermione.

She was completely naked, just as she was meant to be, and yet, she was looking at him in confusion. That’s not right , his drunken mind tried to put the pieces together but instead just set them aflame with the alcohol running through his veins. 

“Ron?” Hermione spoke his name and he was in heaven, “What are you doing here?” she tilted her head before realizing she was standing in front of her ex completely naked and her mate could come around at any moment, “Is it really you? This isn’t funny, Penn?” she bucked against his wandering hands as they reached for her, “You know I don’t like it when you turn into my friends! Are you testing me?”

Ron lurched forward and wrapped his arms around her, crushing their mouths together hard enough to hear the clack of their teeth against each other. Hermione made a muffled cry and pushed against the taller male, tasting the alcohol on his tongue and immediately knowing it wasn’t Pennywise. The eldritch never drank, claiming that it simply had no effect on him whereas coffee was his equivalent of alcohol. As such, he often called her an alcoholic for as much as she drank it.

He grasped her fumbling wrists harshly in his fists, pushing her further into the closet. She tripped over little baby shoes and large boots and just about any kind of footwear imaginable, falling into the far wall cushioned by various jackets worn by her and Bill Gray. The door fell closed behind them and Hermione whimpered as they were became sheathed in darkness.

Ron gripped the back of her neck, holding their mouths together as his other hand abandoned her now bruised wrists to wander along her helplessly leaking breasts as they heaved heavy breaths from all the jostling. Tears fell down her face as she silently sobbed, from both fear and anger at what her ex was doing. She thought they’d parted well as friends, but clearly he’d been hiding many things during the previous summer. Just as Ron’s intrusive hand moved to touch her nethers, the door flew open, revealing the silhouette of her mate.

Hermione could see the moment he finally registered what he was seeing, looking between her shaken and traumatized nudity to Ron’s possessive grip and markings on her wrists and disheveled lips. His eyes grew so unbelievably red that they looked almost black in the dim light of the hallway. His toothy grin melted away, tilting downward into a gaping sharp-toothed snarl. His claws emerged from his fingers and toes, shredding through fabric and leather before biting into the door handle and floorboards.

One of the sharp hands flew forward to sink its claws into the meat of Ron’s shoulder in five painful stabs, yanking him around and throwing him into the side of the closet. Ron barely moved, his head reeling at the sudden change of view as it took him a few seconds to process what had just happened. Hermione jumped at her mate’s action, shielding her eyes as she spotted the brightness emerging from Pennywise’s contorting mouth. However, the light went away and the sound of flesh meeting flesh met her ears.

“Piss off, you bloody—!” was all Ron got to say before he took a fist to the face, a loud crunch echoing within the tiny space as he was forcibly knocked out.

Then he was on her, sniffing along her skin and snarling at her bruises and tainted lips. He licked at the offending areas with his tongue, covering them in multiple layers of his scent before migrating to her mating bite and sinking his teeth into the flesh. Pennywise lapped at the wound, holding his mate as she shook in his grasp. Slick began to drip from her aroused cunny and Pennywise noticed the new presence with a relieved purr. She’d been unwilling in this previously-labeled betrayal. His inner eldritch was sated at the news, now only itching to soothe his mate and reclaim her body as his.

He purred at her despite his bloodlust, rubbing her shaking limbs in his declawed hands. Little chittering coos, much like the ones he made for his distressed young, left his lips and worked their way into Hermione’s nerves, calming her down enough so she could speak without breaking off to sob.

“Y-y-you didn’t kill him…” Hermione rasped, her throat raw with her previously-trapped sobs.

“No, my sweet,” he crooned, kissing her neck and lapping purposefully at her lips, “That is your decision to make.”

“He was so drunk, and unstable… Something horrible must have happened for him to act like this.”

“That doesn’t mean he should have tried to steal you from me,” he growled at her avoidance of the subject at hand, “He wanted to fuck you, attempt to breed your perfect womb with his weak seed outside of your heat.”

“He’ll likely be full of regret when he sobers up,” she reminded him, “You know him, Penn… He’s not like this, at all,” she looked over at him and shivered, “I can obliviate him, and he can go home tomorrow. Lavender is probably worried sick.”

Pennywise growled, “Fine, but I want to make him watch as I take you, seed you in my true form. He so does fear spiders…”

Hermione wrung her hands in nervousness, “You know how I feel about voyeurism…”

Pennywise kissed her soothingly, delighting in the lack of foreign flavors on her cleansed tongue, “You won’t even notice he’s here, doll.

“Fine,” Hermione kissed his jawline as he picked her up, cradling her in his large arms and carrying her down the hall and into the living room.

Hermione’s eyes widened at the intricately woven web he’d constructed above the living room furniture, “So this is what you meant by giving me a head start…”




Ron awoke to moaning. His mouth was covered with some kind of tape and his eyes cracked open blearily as he took in the scene in front of him. He was still very drunk, but perhaps he was also drugged if he was seeing a giant spider vibrating its abdomen over his other best friend, his ex.

Looking around, he noticed that he was sitting in the corner of a giant spider web, and that web was above Hermione’s living room. The spider in question was at least five times the size of a human, completely white with blackened legs and underbelly, and in possession of eight eyes the shade of hellfire. It’s giant legs were bracketed around Hermione, her naked body twitching and writhing underneath.

“Ohh~ Penn~” she moaned, rolling her naked hips into the spider’s abdomen.

The spider, meanwhile, nibbled at her bound wrists, delighting in how her pulse jumped a little more with each brush of his fuzzy chelicerae. It purred at her moans, speeding its thrusts up to be just a little bit faster. Hermione moaned louder, beginning to thrust her hips in tandem with her mate’s. She gripped his pedipalps and kissed his little fangs when his head leaned close to hers. His eyes grew brighter as he crooned at her, leaning down to nibble the fresh bite on her neck.

Then the spider was jolting, pulsing into Hermione’s bouncing hips, “Ah!~ Ah!~ Ah!~”

Her climax hit her like a freight train, and she arched up as much as she could before dropping back to the comforting embrace of the web beneath her, completely unconscious. Pennywise purred at her, contented that he’d thoroughly knotted his little mate once more. Through smelling her, he knew his seed wouldn’t take, at least not alone. He’d have to disrupt her cycle by snatching an egg or two from her ovaries and planting them in her womb to jumpstart a heat with her knotting.

Ron’s mind finally caught up to him as he jolted in his bound spot. Hermione was having sex with a spider, perhaps even an albino acromantula from the size of the male above her, and she was loving it.

Pennywise looked over at Ron with his eight fiery eyes and shrunk into his clown form, spooking the other red-haired male even more before losing a bit more height and turning into Bill Gray. The Weasley male jumped at the sight of Bill’s glowing red eyes and jagged smile. The eldritch looked down at his sated mate and looked back up at Ron.

A new fly in my endless web…

Ron fainted.