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Imperio, (Because I'm Writing Your Recommendations)

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June 2001

When Pennywise opened the front door, he hadn’t exactly expected a red-faced and bleary-eyed Henry Bowers to be standing on the other side. It had been a long time, almost half a year, since he’d seen him, and that was at their usual Christmas Eve party. Taking a long look at the 28-year-old, he began to decipher the reason for his abrupt and unscheduled visit. 

The younger man’s ashy blond hair was in a state of disarray and he looked like he hadn’t gotten a good night’s sleep in a few days. Even without his heightened eldritch senses, the disguised clown could tell that he’d also been crying. His clothes were haphazardly tucked in and the ruffled flannel he wore over everything barely covered the stained white undershirt. Poor patchworked jeans with a too-tight belt choked his waist and tried to tuck under his mud-caked work boots. Glancing back up at Henry’s face, he belatedly noticed an embarrassed sheen pooling into his downcast orbs. However, the oddest aspect of the man was the scruffy goatee around his lips, making them stand out in a way that he wasn’t sure that he disliked.

“Hey… my girlfriend kicked me out…” Henry began, his voice coming out in a dry croak, “Would it be alright if I stayed here for a while until I figured something out? I can do things around the house if you need anythin—”

“Save your breath, boy,” the eldritch huffed at his pseudo-eldest son’s pitiful tone, “You know you are always welcome here. Hermione would have my head if I didn’t express that clearly. Now get in here before the cold air gets out,” he practically yanked Henry and his small suitcases inside the air-conditioned house.

His children had learned that lesson the hard way, coming in and out without closing the doors and then promptly getting reprimanded by an incredibly irate witch. At this stage of Hermione’s pregnancy, she was prone to heat flashes, and she absolutely hated being too warm. It had even gotten to the point that simply spooning rose her temperature too high. He could hardly touch her between that and her refusal to have sex this late into the third trimester, which was something that had him in a constant state of irritation.

“Penn? Who was at the door?” Hermione piped up from the hallway, waddling towards the two men with her large belly leading the way.

Gingerly, Pennywise turned around and allowed Hermione to move in front of him, “Oh! Henry! I’m so happy to see you! I’m sorry to say this but you look awful. Come in, come in! Let’s see what we can do about that,” Hermione hugged Henry before yanking him further into the house and up the stairs.

“Uhh… okay… Congratulations on the pregnancy, Hermione. I wasn’t expecting that… How long?” Henry prompted curiously, his cheeks losing a bit of their heated red glow.

“Oh, yes of course! Well… It happened in January and I only have a few more weeks to go. There are six this time, six! That’s why I’m so bloody huge! And the symptoms… ugh! These pains are killing me. I know it’s been twelve years since I’ve done this, but these don’t feel like normal cramps.” Hermione groaned, rubbing along her giant bump and feeling one of their newest children kick against her palm. 

“Woah! Six? That’s a lot, Hermione. What do Rose and the others think about it?” Henry wrapped his arm around Hermione as they climbed the stairs.

The witch chuckled softly, “They were all pretty happy with it. Penny had been expecting it as always. I can never slip anything past that girl... And Rose was excited to have a few more younger brothers and sisters. Hugo was rather indifferent. Tom has always been resistant to change, and he’s a bit of a Mama’s boy, but he’s been strangely accepting. Robert was… very curious about the whole process. Well… you could probably understand why. Twelve years old, and he’s sharing a room with Tom already. My heart goes out to him, of course. I understand what it’s like having a clingy eldritch as a mate.”

Pennywise trailed behind the two, toting Henry’s luggage in his pale grip. He scoffed, growling lowly at Hermione’s comment. If anything, he’d been very distant towards her in comparison to his usual behavior, and that was only because she denied him at every turn. The clown sighed. At least he could enjoy the sight of his mate’s plump posterior as she walked in front of him. Fuck, I’m getting pathetic...

“You’ll have to bunk with Hugo, and I know he won’t mind… He’s out at the park with the others right now, but he’ll be back later. Penn, why don’t you help him get settled and I’ll go make lunch. I’ve read that food is one of the best things for a crummy mood,” she bustled out of the small bedroom, her maternal nesting instincts kicking in fully.

The door closed with a pointed thud, sending the room into a tensioned-filled silence quickly broken by Henry unzipping his magical suitcases and pulling out pillows and blankets alongside a small mattress. He had set the luggage on the floor and was currently bent over and partially inside one of them, looking for something likely tucked down underneath half a million other things. Hermione had given the cases to him for his 18th birthday and they’d served him well over the years. However, that wasn’t what Pennywise was focused on.

Henry’s bum swayed tantalizingly, almost seeking out the carnal friction that he was now denied, given what he had said about his girlfriend. Henry was now unmated, and in distress because of it. Pennywise could practically taste the feelings of mourning and sadness wafting off of him. He could help him forget her. Hermione wouldn’t mind his needs. She couldn’t help him now anyway in her condition.

The tall eldritch advanced on the smaller male, slotting his pelvis behind Henry’s arse and giving it an experimental bump. Henry’s eyes were wide as his head spun around to gape at their sudden closeness. Pennywise chuckled into his nape, lowering the rest of his body over Henry’s back. Trapped, the younger man began to fidget.

A sharp nip made Henry freeze, “Shh… This has been a long time coming,” Pennywise nipped sharply at his neck, which made him gasp, “Hermione has been denying me what I want, and you have been denied for a long time, too,” he gasped when a dark hand slithered into his jeans and palmed his flaccid member within the confines of his briefs.

“So sensitive… I can smell your lust, Henry,” the clown cooed, picking Henry up with his other arm and laying him down on the pile of unsorted bedding.

With a flick of the eldritch’s finger, his jeans peeled off his skin and pooled around his ankles. Henry’s flannel and undershirt shared the same fate, all three items being thrown into a corner for later. Now only in his underwear, the older-looking male curled into himself, tucking his knees up to his chest in nervousness.

“Uhh… Pennywise… I… Don’t kno— ack!” he cut himself off when Pennywise abruptly crawled in between his arms and legs and sucked Henry’s left nipple into his mouth, toying with the flesh with his teeth and tongue.

“Hush,” the clown rumbled through teasing suckles, “You’ve wanted this for years, haven’t you? You still wanna sit all nice and pretty on Daddy’s cock?” he delighted in Henry’s jolt when he squeezed the man’s hardening length.

A breathless moan escaped Henry’s clenched jawed mouth and Pennywise pressed a chaste kiss to his pale lips, just enough to get some of his aphrodisiac saliva into his mouth. Immediately, the youth’s darker eyes grew heavy and dazed and his tongue lolled out onto his chin, drooling a bit onto his bare chest.

“Guuhh… Yeah…” Henry nodded slowly, unsure of which of his feelings were real.

Sharp teeth emerged from a red-lipped smirk and bit down hard into the tight muscle of his right bicep, injecting a familiar shape-shifting venom into his body. Slowly, Henry transformed, shrinking a bit and losing a lot of the bulk he’d built up in the last twelve years. Soon enough, a nervous eighteen-year-old boy stared back at him. Pennywise chuckled as he watched the other man examine himself, testing his long-forgotten arms and fingers.

Henry ran his hand through his hair and took in the feeling of his old mullet before trailing that same hand down his face and feeling nothing but smooth skin. He jolted, looking back up at Pennywise’s amused eyes.

“What? I just temporarily took ten years off your appearance. You’re welcome,” the clown walked his fingers up Henry’s chest and flicked the perky nipples he found there, “Now, may we continue? I haven’t gotten laid in over a month.” Pennywise pressed himself closer to Henry, snaking his arms behind the other male’s back and holding his shoulders so he couldn’t scoot up and away from his cock. 

Each fingernail threatened to penetrate Henry’s shoulder as they tapped excitedly on his skin and a sharp ripping sound drew Henry’s attention downward to the writhing mass of tentacles stretching through the eldritch’s trousers. They were slimy, each brush against each other accompanied by a wretched-sounding squish. The sounds made his toes curl in a mixture of revulsion and excitement. Pennywise chuckled darkly as he curled further into himself at the gross sensation, coincidentally exposing his puckered pink opening further to the clown’s view.

“Good… good…” he praised the younger man, rubbing their cocks together.

Henry whined at the friction, completely unprepared for the sudden entrance of a thinner tentacle into his anus. He yelped and Pennywise shushed him, comfortingly wrapping his other tendrils around his thighs and pulling the human further into his embrace. They teased the round globes of his bum and the sensitive skin of his balls, testing his reactions and squeezing them in an erotic game.

Soon, after a moment, another tentacle was added to the one inside him, and another, and another. Each one varied in speed, thickness, and length; reaching varying depths of his intestines and glands. His prostate was given special attention by one in particular, and it just loved to use its little suckers to push and pull on the gland, teasing him worse than anyone ever had before. His hips couldn’t stop bouncing, knocking into the eldritch’s each time the tentacle pulled on him.

Meanwhile, sharpened teeth danced along Henry’s collarbone and pectorals, never going for the neck or shoulders where a mating bite would go. While Henry and he trusted each other on a basic level, that didn’t mean he ever wanted to give up Hermione and their young. At the same time, his primal instincts were pushing him to take a second mate and breed him up as he did with his wife. Not that he would ever follow those instincts, but they made for amazing dirty talk.

Instead, he lined his dark red and purple member up to Henry’s stretched hole and pushed in, simultaneously pulling out all of his tendrils. The human threw his head back in a silent scream, fresh tears leaking from his bleary eyes. He sobbed brokenly as Pennywise curled his arms around him, pressing a caring kiss to his strained temple.

Sliding back out, the eldritch delighted in the way the smaller male clutched at his shoulders, leaving scratches in his desperation.

“Careful,” Pennywise teased, “Your desperation is showing. You’re more wound-up than I thought,” he laughed at the offended look in the other’s eyes as he began a quick pace that made Henry throw his head back in surprise.

The eldritch grunted, throwing Henry’s legs over his shoulders and pushing the younger man into the mattress further so he could continue jack-hammering his pelvis. Henry, meanwhile, let out small sharp moans capitalizing each thrust. His hair fell into his watery eyes, only to be swept away by a dark inky hand while the other held onto his opposite shoulder. At the same time, the now-teen’s overstimulated cock bounced erratically between their stomachs, splattering both with precum each time the purple-hued head made contact with their skin.

Abruptly, the eldritch’s hips changed their cadence and Henry felt a thick bulge growing against his anus. He froze at the realization of what it was but Pennywise kept his hips moving, rubbing the bulge against him with shallow rabbit-like thrusts.

“Oh, come now, Henry…” the clown crooned hypnotizingly, staring down at the shocked male with his entrancing red eyes, “It’s hardly any worse than what you’ve had yet, my darling  little cock-sleeve.”

Pennywise pulled them up into a seated position, slightly bouncing Henry in his lap with his hands on his arse. He fell forward onto the clown’s pale chest and had no other choice but to grasp onto equally-pale shoulders with white-knuckled sweaty hands and hold on for dear life. With every thrust, he was pushed further down onto the hard dark knot. Tears fell from his eyes now, nearly at the same pace as the white pearly pre dribbled from his painfully-hard member.

Looking up, he caught Pennywise grinning ferally down at him, his frightening teeth glinting dangerously in the innocent lamplight of his eldest son’s room. The large hands gripping his fragile hips began twisting him sideways, practically corkscrewing his hold onto his bull-like genitals. Henry visibly gulped, his voice coming out in broken cries for mercy that ultimately fell on deaf ears.

With a harsh push, Pennywise’s knot slid into the smaller man’s hole with a slick-sounding pop . He pressed himself closer to Henry, rolling his hips with shallow thrusts in an attempt to assault his prostate with the tip of his cock. Breathless whimpers met his sharp ears and he grinned further, feeling both of their climaxes quickly approaching

The clown tightened his grip on Henry, tightening his tentacles around Henry’s thighs and genitals, making him cry out in surprise, “That’s right, take Daddy’s knot in your little hole. Gonna cum? Hmm? You’re so close I can almost taste it,” he lapped at the skin along Henry’s jugular and immediately felt his pulse quicken. Perfect.

“...Please,” Henry begged, rolling his hips weakly against the short deep thrusts, “I can’t take it anymore… Make me cum.”

Pennywise growled excitedly, feeling his balls churning in preparation, feeling the dam of his sexual feelings breaking, “Make me cum, what?”

Henry cried out louder than he had yet, throwing his head back as the clown yanked on his mullet, “Daddy!”

A quick spurt of white creamy cum splattered between their torsos, cooling rapidly in the air-conditioned room. The diverse sensation took Pennywise over the edge as he came locked inside the transformed teen with a loud snarl.

Coming down from their respective highs, the eldritch rolled them onto their sides, still chest to chest. A deep rumbling purr vibrated out of his chest as he pulled the exhausted human towards him. Dark clawed hands stroked aging skin, marveling at the difference between old and young flesh. Not that twenty-eight was old by any means, but it was certainly ten years older than eighteen, and a decade could mean a lot for such things.

Henry closed his eyes, feeling his facial hair and bulk return. It felt nice to be back in his current physique, but he had to admit that he would miss his younger self after feeling it again. It had also been a while since he’d confronted his “daddy issues,” so it could be said that today had been full of odd nostalgia.

“I have half a mind to breed you up while I’ve got you here,” the clown murmured beside him, stroking the skin around his middle.

Henry’s eyes shot open, “You wouldn’t!” he nearly shouted, pushing at Pennywise and trying to pull himself off of his knot.

The eldritch winced, “Stop that, Henry. Of course I wouldn’t. I’m about to have eleven kids in this house, and the last thing I’m going to do is lay my eggs inside of your intestines and let my seed impregnate them. Not only that, but they’d be identical clones of me , and as much as Hermione loves me, she thinks Robert is close enough for comfort, and I agree .”

“Hermione!” Henry gaped, “Y-you… and I…”

“Stop worrying! You’re gonna hurt yourself,” Pennywise rubbed his hands up and down Henry’s back, teasing the coarser hair at the base of his neck, “Hermione would have come in here if she’d had a problem with it, right my dearest mate?”

“Ah! Why’d you call me out?” Hermione’s muffled voice came from behind the door, sounding thoroughly embarrassed, “Now I feel like a bloody pervert…”

The eldritch cackled while Henry was still mortified, “Maybe that’s because you are one,” he teased, sniffing the air and smiling excitedly, “I can smell you, love… You were touching yourself...” A guttural purr made the floorboards tremble, “Can I have you tonight?”

Hermione laughed, clearly shaking her head exasperatedly from what Henry could tell, “Maybe when you’re not bollocks deep in Henry’s arse and have had a shower or tw— Arghhh!”

“Hermione!?” Both males shouted in unison.

“Penn! It’s time! I knew those cramps felt different!” Hermione shouted, her voice trailing down the hall.

Henry looked to Pennywise for a reaction but only got an exhausted smile before the eldritch threw his head back and knocked it into the floor. A strangled groan left the eldritch’s slack mouth and the other male nodded in sympathy.