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You're my other half

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This is a one-shot series including the characters from You're the only one I want. You have to read the first part in order to understand these one-shots.

Thank you to everyone who supported the story and please feel free to comment any request or prompts for the one-shots! I'd love to see your ideas, and if I write on of them, I'll be sure to give you credit.


Happy reading! <333


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Jungkook’s POV:


I was lying in bed, playing with the beautiful ring on my finger. It still made me giddy every time I thought back to the proposal, which was a two weeks ago.

The ring was gorgeous, absolutely stunning, and the fact that Taehyung had designed it for me just made me soo happy.

Oh my god, I still can’t believe he PROPOSED. I’m going to get to marry the man of my dreams! 

The arms around my waist tightened, snapping me out of my thoughts. Taehyung nuzzled his nose against the back of my neck before pressing a kiss there.

“Morning baby,” came his sleepy mumble.

“Good morning, my fiance ,” I said.

He chuckled, turning me around so that he could kiss me. 

“Love you Kookie,” he said as he nuzzled our noses together.

“Love y-” a loud knocking on our door cut me off. 

Taehyung’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Who is it?”

“Are you guys decent?” Jin yelled in response.

Taehyung groaned and I sighed. 

“No we’re naked, go away.” he yelled.

After a few seconds, the door opened and Jin hyung walked in. “What are you talking about? You’re in pyjamas. Why’d you lie?”

“Why’d you come in though? You didn’t know I was lying.” came Taehyung’s exasperated response.

Jin hyung shrugged. “I’ve seen worse. Anyways,Tae, Sejin-hyung called. You and Jimin have to go record your vocals today.”


“In like ten minutes, so go get ready. Kookie come on honey, I made you breakfast.”

“What about me?” Tae pouted. “Did you not make me breakfast?”

You lied to me, you can get breakfast on your way to the studio.”

“W-what?” he sputtered. “Your excuse makes no sense, you literally made breakfast before I lied to you.”

I laughed when Jin just stuck his tongue out in response and left.

“Bye baby,” Taehyung said, kissing my cheek as he walked past me to grab his jacket from the coat rack.

“Wait, hugs.” I said, turning away from my breakfast to hold my hands out towards him. He smiled and walked over and wrapping me up in a tight hug. 

“Can. You. Two. Stop. Being. Gross. I’m trying to eat my cereal without puking .” Yoongi groaned, making Jin laugh.

“Leave the lovebirds alone you grandpa. They just got engaged, let them have their moment.”

“That was two whole weeks ago, they should be out of the honeymoon phase by now.”

“They’ve been in the honeymoon phase since they started dating, I don’t think they’re getting out of it anytime soon.” Namjoon said dryly as he grabbed his cup of coffee.

“You know, if it bothers you so much hyung, you could just like look away.” Taehyung suggested before kissing me softly.

“Or you could just not makeout right in front of me.”

“Okay no more fighting.” Jin hyung said. “Taehyung go , Jimin’s already waiting for you in the car. You’re late.”

Okay, I’m going.” Taehyung said, pressing a final kiss to my lips before leaving.

I returned my attention to my cereal, slightly pouting now that I didn’t have a boyfriend to cuddle. This was the first time that Taehyung and I were being separated since the engagement, and even though he was only leaving for a few hours, it’s hard to adjust to that after spending every waking moment with someone for two weeks straight.

“So Kookie, what are your plans for today?” Joonie hyung asked me.

“Umm… maybe I’ll clean, I’ve been meaning to organise some things, and my room’s kind of a mess right now. I have a photoshoot later today though.”

“Oh, the rest of us were thinking of going to the mall today, wanna join?”

“Sure, what time?”

“4-ish? Sejin hyung said that he could have security arranged for that time, so we have to go then.”

“Oh well then I guess I can’t join you, that’s smack in the middle of my photoshoot. Maybe another day?”

“Sure,” he agreed easily.


After breakfast, I head into my room to clean. I started by cleaning out my closet, rearranging my clothes so that they were easier to access. 

Next, I cleaned around the room for a bit, dusting and vacuuming and whatnot. When I was done, I felt a lot more organised and productive, I can’t focus in a messy room.

I worked on some music for a bit, feeling like I should be somewhat productive even though I was on a break. 

After a couple of hours of working, I had to leave for my photoshoot. I kept getting the feeling that I was forgetting something, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Brushing my thoughts aside in favor of getting to the shoot on time, I quickly grabbed my stuff and headed out.

“Why do you still insist on walking me to my door every time you’re dropping me off? It’s literally not even dark out.”

“Because Kookie,” Taemin ruffled my hair. “You could still get kidnapped.”

“That’s ridiculous.” I said as we got out of the elevator. “There’s no way someone would try and kidnap me in broad daylight. Plus there’s no creeps around anyway.”

“Oh yeah? What about that extra friendly, creepy looking man we just saw in the hallway. He was clearly a red flag. He’s always in the hallway when I drop you off, and he’s always staring. And he’s bald and way too old to be checking you out. Don’t tell me you don’t think he’s a perv.”

“No he’s obviously a perv. But he’s kinda scrawny, I could take him on.”

Taemin laughed. “You mean to tell me that you’d rather fight a random middle-aged man than have me walk you to your door?”

“No, I just wanted to know why . Besides, I see a flaw in your theory.” I said, unlocking the door to my dorms and gesturing Taemin inside because “If you walked me here you might as well stay for a while.”

My hyungs were still all out of the house since it’d only been about an hour since they left for the mall.

“What’s the flaw?” Taemin asked, grabbing a soda and a bottle of banana milk out of the fridge, handing the latter to me.

“The flaw is that there’s nobody to walk you back to the car. You walk me here so that I don’t get kidnapped by the creepy perv that hangs out in the hallway, but who’s protecting you when you walk back to the car?”

“Nobody,” he answered simply. “I don’t need the protection since ‘creepy perv who hangs out in the hallway’ “ he made finger quotes with his hands, “clearly has his eyes set on you, not me. Therefore, I don’t need the protection.”

“I disagree.” I said smiling as we took a seat on the couch, starting to play video games.

“Oh Kook?” Taemin asked after a few minutes, eyes still trained on the screen.

I let out a small hum to let him know I was listening.

“Are you planning to tell the model hyungs about the engagement? I just need to know so that I don’t accidentally slip up and tell them if you don’t want me to.”

“Uh… I don’t have a problem with it, but I’ll have to ask Taehyung just to make sure he’s okay with it too.”

He hummed in acknowledgement and we were quiet again for a few minutes, focusing on trying to win the game.

“Wait do you think they noticed the ring?” I asked.

“Um… well you aren’t wearing it today, so probably no.”

“What are you talking about? I’m wearing it.”

“Uh…” Taemin’s character dies as he glances over to my finger. “No you’re not.”

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. I briefly wondered if he was saying that to make me lose, but since he’s already lost, it wouldn’t make any sense. I look over at my finger, almost certain the ring is there because it’s been on my finger since the day Taehyung put it there.

“It’s right here-” I cut myself off with a loud gasp at the sight of my ring finger, with NO RING ON IT.


I got up, frantically looking around. Taemin got up too, seeming to realise my state of sheer panic and started helping me look.

We looked under the couch cushions, under the carpet, every corner of the living room and the kitchen. We checked every appliance in there, including the microwave, oven and even the fridge.

By the time that we’d practically torn apart the living room, and it was clear that my ring wasn’t in there, I could feel tears well up in my eyes. 

I can’t believe I was so fucking STUPID, I lost my engagement ring, I LOST it. Oh my god Taehyung is going to HATE me.

Hey, no Kookie, don’t cry, we’ll find it okay?”

“How?” I sniffed, trying to get the tears to stop but they just wouldn’t .

“Uh, maybe we just missed it, we should look again.”

“It’s got like eight diamonds on it Taemin, we wouldn’t just miss it and oh my god it must have been so expensive-

“Hey, calm down. Deep breaths Kookie. Panicking is only going to make things worse.”

I followed his breathing, managing to stop my oncoming panic attack.

“Did you take it off at any time? To cook or something?”

“No, I didn’t cook today! All I did was-” I gasped, rushing to my room, a very confused Taemin trailing behind.

“Okay I took it off to clean, and I put it right here. ” I pointed to my bedside table. Correction, I pointed to my empty bedside table with no ring on it.

“But now it’s NOT HERE!” I exclaimed,

“Okay, let's just look in here. Kookie breath, it’s okay.”

“No it’s n-not,” I started stuttering trying to keep the tears at bay.

“Aww Kookie come here.” he hugged me as I tried to calm down. “I know this sucks, but I’m sure if you tell everyone, they can keep an eye out for it throughout your dorms, you’ll find it Kook.”

I shook my head no. “We have to find it before Tae gets home, I don’t want him to be mad.”

Taemin’s eyebrows furrowed. “Why would he be mad?”

“Taemin, I lost my engagement ring!”

“Uhh- so? He can’t get mad at you for it, you lost it, it was an accident.

I shrugged, looking away when I could feel the tears start up again.

“Let’s just look in here first okay?” he suggested and I nodded.

After we’d torn apart my bedroom and found no ring , I was positive that it was gone for good and that I have to be the most careless person on the planet.

At this point I was just ready to curl up and cry in my misery because I loved that ring so freaking much. It reminded me of that night, which had to be the best night of my life, but now it’s gone.

“Is there anywhere else we can look?” Taemin asked. 

“We checked everywhere, the only place left is inside the freaking vacuum, which I’m not looking in because it’ll make my hands dirty and the dust is just going to give me allergies.”

“Want me to look in it?”

“Will you?”

“If it gets you to stop crying, then yes.”

“I’ll stop crying if you find it in there.”

“Okay… it’s worth a shot.” Taemin got up to go look inside the vacuum.

He returned a few minutes later with empty hands and I just lost all hope, letting myself bury my face in a pillow and cry it out.

“Kookie, please stop crying.”

I didn’t answer.

“Want me to call Taehyung? I won’t tell him about anything, but maybe he’ll be able to calm you down a bit more?”

I shrugged, and Taemin sighed, not a frustrated one, just a sad one. I know he doesn’t like seeing me cry, but I can’t help it right now, I just feel so miserable , and crying helps, sort of.

“Okay I’ll call.”

Taemin’s POV:


I quietly left Jungkook’s room to get my phone. It was in my bag, and when I pulled it out, I called Taehyung.

I hated seeing Jungkook so upset, although it’s understandable, but I just really wished he’d stop crying , it sucks seeing him sad. And I can’t even fix it because I can’t make a ring appear out of thin air.

When Taehyung didn’t answer I texted him.


Me: Answer your phone

Taehyung: I’m busy.

Me: This won’t take that long

Taehyung: I can’t answer the phone

Taehyung:I’ll screw up Jimin’s recording session if I talk

Me: Then leave the room dummy

Taehyung: That’s also going to make noise dummy

Taehyung: What do you want anyway?

Me: It’s about Jungkook

Taehyung: ?

Me: Well he’s crying so…


Not even a second later Taehyung was calling me.

“Is he okay? What happened?”

“ What happened to not being able to answer the phone?”

“Fuck that, what happpend to Kookie? Can I talk to him?”

“He’s just upset,and I can’t get him to stop crying, so maybe you can help make him stop, because that shit is difficult to watch.”

“Okay can you put him on the phone?” The clear concern in Taehyung’s voice made me smile, lost engagement ring or not, they’d be fine.

Jungkook’s POV:


“Kookie?” I poked my head out of the pillow I was crying into when I heard Taemin’s voice.

“He wants to talk to you, is that okay?” he asked. When I nodded, he handed me the phone and I put it to my ear.

“Hey baby,” Taehyung’s voice was so soft and so incredibly gentle, washing over me like a warm blanket, but it also brought the guilt back full force.

I sniffed, seeming to panic Taehyung on the other end.

“What’s wrong bunny?” he asked, concern poorly hidden in his voice. 

He’d be upset for sure when he finds out I lost the ring, and I just couldn’t bring myself to tell him over the phone. What if he doesn’t wanna come home when he finds out? I could feel tears well up in my eyes at the thought of how disappointed he’d be.

Baby just tell me what’s wrong.” 

“J-Just c-come home , please.”

“Okay, alright, I’m coming okay? I’m leaving right now baby, just calm down for me?”

I nodded, but then I realized that he couldn’t see me. “Okay” I said, the sound coming out more shaky than I had meant it to.

Taehyung’s voice softened even more. “Please don’t cry Kookie, whatever’s wrong, we’ll figure it out okay? I’ll be home in ten minutes angel. I love you.”

“Love you Tae.” the line cut off and I extended the phone out towards Taemin, who gently took it from my hand and then took a seat next to me. 

I leaned my head on his shoulder, taking a shuddering breath. He ran his hand up and down my arm in an effort to calm me down.

“What do you think he’s gonna say?” I asked.

“Well he’s not going to be mad, that’s for sure.”

I pouted up at him and he pressed a comforting kiss to my forehead. “What makes you so sure?

“Um, maybe the fact that the dude’s never gotten mad at you.”

“You’re right, he’ll just be dissapointed , that’s worse .”

“He’s not going to be disappointed Kookie, besides I’m sure you guys will find it.”

“The point is that I lost it. And I don’t think we’ll find it, I even checked in the vacuum .”

“Uh correction, I checked in the vacuum, you watched cuz you didn’t want to get your hands dirty.”

I laughed a little at that and he smiled. The doorbell rang and I flinched.

Taemin shushed me before getting up to get the door, grabbing his bag so I knew he’d be leaving to let me and Taehyung talk things out privately. I made a mental note to thank Taemin later and curled back into bed, hiding my face in my pillow again as I waited for Taehyung to come to me.

I felt nervousness unfurl in my gut at the sound of quiet footsteps padding down the hallway.

“Baby?” Taehyung’s voice was soft. I felt the bed dip beside me before arms wrapped around me, bringing my head to rest on Taehyung’s chest.

“Honey, look at me.” 

I did, slowly looking up to meet Taehyung’s eyes. He made a pained noise in the back of his throat, tightening his arms around me as he leaned in to kiss the tears away.

“What’s going on baby?” his voice was so gentle and coaxing, and I knew I had to tell him.

“I-I um,” I sniffed, and Taehyung nuzzled my cheek, pressing a kiss to the spot before pulling back a bit to look at me. 


His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Huh? I’m sorry baby can you say that again?” he was being so incredibly patient and I was close to tears again.

“I- I lost the ring.” I said, barely managing to get the words out before bursting into tears again. I braced myself for Taehyung’s reaction because he should be upset and-

“Oh shhh. Jungkookie, my love. Baby it’s okay, we’ll find it. Please don’t cry Jungkookie.”

Huh? Is he not upset?

And he wasn’t, all Taehyung did when I told him was pull me closer to him and kissed me, brushing away the tears.

“You- you’re not mad?”

He looked genuinely confused. “Why would I be mad?”

“Because I lost the ring, and it must have been so expensive-”

“That doesn’t matter baby. Is this what you’ve been so upset about?”

I nodded and he sighed.

“Baby, I understand if you’re upset because of the ring, it was important to you, but don’t be upset because you think I’ll be mad about it or anything like that. It’s just a ring Jungkookie, it doesn’t change anything honey, okay? Besides, that ring isn’t worth a single tear from your eyes.”

I sniffed, calming down when I realised that Taehyung wasn’t upset. “But I loved that ring, and it’s gone. Now I don’t have a ring.” I pouted.

He smiled a little, wiping away the last of my tears. “I can get you another ring bunny.” 

“I want that ring.”

“I can get you the same exact one, you won’t even be able to tell the difference.”

“ ‘s not the same, it’s not the one you proposed with.”

He huffed out a laugh. “I can propose again too if you want? Just no more tears baby, you know how much I hate seeing you cry.”

I smiled at that and he let out a relieved sigh. “Finally, there’s that smile.”

I relaxed into his arms, although I was still upset about the ring, I guess it didn’t seem like the end of the world anymore.

Taehyung’s POV:

I was sitting on the couch, cradling a still slightly upset Jungkook in my arms, rocking us back and forth. Some random comedy was playing on the TV, but I wasn’t paying attention, gaze focused on the precious boy in my arms. 

I made sure to keep reassuring him and pressing kisses to his forehead every time he looked remotely close to sad. I just can’t handle seeing those normally happy doe eyes look all red and puffy. 

The door opened and Jin hyungs walked in. 

“Hey guys,” he said, dropping a few shopping bags onto the ground. “How was your day?”

“Terrible” Jungkook grumbled and I kissed his nose, pulling him in closer. 

“Why?” he asked.

Jungkook groaned in response, tucking his head into my neck. I pressed one,two,three kisses onto his head, nuzzling my nose into his hair.

Jin hyung was still waiting for a response, so I answered for Jungkook.

“My baby just lost his ring today, so he’s really upset.”

“The engagement ring?”


“Oh it’s not lost, it’s with me.”

Jungkook head shot up at lightning speed, turning to look at Jin.


“Well you left it on the table, so I figured it might fall and get lost, so I kept it in my pocket.” As he was saying this, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring. “Here.” 

Jungkook grabbed it quickly, hugging it to his chest and it made me laugh. 

“Put it on?” he asked me, and I complied easily, slipping it onto his finger and pressing a kiss to his lips. 

He smiled a big bunny-toothed grin for the first time that day and I finally relaxed knowing that he was happy. 

“Love you bunny.”

“I love you too, so much.”

After kissing me a few more times, Jungkook got off of my lap and walked over to Jin, proceeding to tackle him to the ground.

“Yah what are you doing brat?!??”

“Do you have any idea how much STRESS you put me through? I CRIED SO HARD HYUNG! I looked  everywhere! I even made Taemin look in the vacuum!”

Jin cackled in response, tickling the younger in retaliation.

I relaxed on the couch, the sound of Jungkook and Jin giggling echoed through the dorm and I watched them with a fond smile.

I can't believe I get to marry that precious angel of a boy. I can't believe I get to marry the man of my dreams.


Chapter Text

Five years ago…


Taehyung was losing it.

He was absolutely about to lose his mind and it was all because of the one and only Jeon Jungkook.

His bandmate is just so ugh.

He’s hot and he’s cute and he makes Taehyung's stomach do backflips every time he looks at him and Taehyung’s heart stops every time he smiles. In conclusion, he’s the definition of  ugh.

Taehyung’s been trying to ask out Jungkook for months now, but he wants to make sure that Jungkook at least reciprocates some of his feelings so that he doesn't make a total fool of himself in front of Kook.

He’s been subtly trying to figure out if Jungkook likes boys, but it hasn’t been easy. Whenever he asks Jungkook is he likes him, he always responds with an ‘of course I do hyung,’ but Taehyung doesn’t think that Jungkook knows what he means.

He can’t talk to anyone else about this either, not because he doesn’t trust his other bandmates, that’s not the case at all , it’s just that Taehyung just isn’t ready to share this part of himself that he’s hidden for so long.

Besides, if he were going to tell someone, he’d probably tell Jungkook first, the only problem is that he likes Jungkook, like a lot , so he doesn’t want to screw it up.

That’s why it’s been months since Taehyung’s accepted the fact that he’s attracted to boys, but he still hasn’t asked Jungkook out.

He just wants to be careful with Jungkook, because he doesn’t know how he’ll go on if he screws up the relationship that they have.

So Taehyung’s trying to be subtle, trying to not overwhelm the younger with random questions.

But that’s hard, it’s hard to keep a reasonable distance (more than a few centimeters) between him and Jungkook, especially when the stylists decided to dress him up like that.

Jungkook looks adorable , but he still has a manly vibe to him, and it just makes Taehyung want to die , or wrap him up in his arms and keep him there forever , but neither one of those is an option, yet . Maybe if he mans up and asks the younger out, then he’ll be able to wrap him up in his arms, but the thought of being rejected terrifies him.

They were at an award show today, and they were just getting ready to go out and take their seats. A lot of idols were doing the same, so Taehyung had been running into a lot of his friends.

Unfortunately, that meant that Jungkook would be running into his friends too, which means he’d be running into Mingyu.

Taehyung had been talking to Jungkook when the pair ran into Mingyu, who immediately wrapped Jungkook in a hug akin to the one Taehyung wanted to give to Jungkook.

“Hi Mingyu” Jungkook giggled as the man still had him in a hug.

“Hi Jungkookie,” Mingyu sang. “You look great today.” 

Jungkook flushed a little at the complement, and something about the whole interaction rubbed Taehyung the wrong way. 

It was as if the two maknaes forgot he existed, and that definitely wasn’t a good feeling.

“So um, I’ve been meaning to ask you something, and if it makes you uncomfortable, just tell me, I totally understand.” Mingyu rambled.

Jungkook nodded. “You can ask me anything silly, we’re friends. I doubt I’ll get uncomfortable, Yugyeom asks me a bunch of weird questions so it’s hard to imagine that you’d be able to top that.”

Taehyung was starting to feel as if he was being rude by listening in on their conversation, but the other hyungs had gone ahead and someone had to keep an eye on their youngest, so he stayed and continued listening.

Mingyu laughed, “Yeah, he asked me what color underwear I was wearing today, just for fun. So anyway, I was just wondering if you… wanted to go out with me sometime? As more than friends, obviously.”


Jungkook looked a little startled for a few seconds before he broke out into a natural smile. “Yeah.”


“Yeah?” Mingyu looked really excited.

“Yeah, I think I would like to go out with you sometime. As more than friends, obviously.”


Mingyu laughed, “Amazing! I’ll text you later to plan when?”

Jungkook nodded and Mingyu gave him a final hug before running off to catch up with his bandmates.


Jungkook turned to face Taehyung, nervous smile playing on his lips. “You’re okay with this, right hyung?”


“Of course I am Kookie.”

“It’s just nobody else knows that I - I um,”

Taehyung flashed Jungkook a smile, wrapping an arm around his shoulders as they continued walking. “It’s okay Kookie, better than okay actually, I fully support you.”

Jungkook passed him a thankful smile, one that made Taehyung’s heart flutter, before they took their seats at the award show.

The entire time, Taehyung barely registered what was happening, too caught up thinking about Jungkook going out with Mingyu.

Maybe it won’t actually happen? Maybe it’s like an inside joke or something? Oh who am I kidding? They’re going to go on an actual date and Jungkookie’s going to fall in love with him because Mingyu is HOT and FUNNY and REALLY FREAKING NICE.

Dammit, why didn’t I just man up and ask him out when I had the chance, now my chance is GONE, and ughhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I’m pretty sure the universe fucking hates me.

His suspicion was confirmed when he saw Mingyu not-so-subtly wink at Jungkook, and Jungkook actually blushed in response.

Yup, the universe HATES me.

Taehyung was going to strangle Mingyu (not actually because that would be mean, but in his head, he was going to strangle him).  It had been a week since the award show, and they had one day off. Mingyu managed to convince his managers to give him the day off too, so he could take Jungkook on a date.

It had been two hours since they left, and Taehyung was about to rip his hair out because what the fuck? That could have been him if he’d just asked.

But sometimes he does stupid shit when it comes to Jungkook. Literally nobody has ever made him this nervous, and he really doubts anyone else ever will.

Wait… just because Jungkook went on one date with Mingyu, doesn’t mean he’s taken… right?


Taehyung’s going to do it, he’s going to ask Jungkook, tonight.




After two more hours, and a shit ton of disgusting black poison (Namjoon’s black coffee), Taehyung finally hears keys jingle outside the door.

Maybe it’s because Jungkook is younger and just naturally has more energy, but fuck it’s late and Taehyung’s tired even though he’s practically done nothing all day, but when Jungkook walks in, the boy is nothing but a ball of energy.

Jungkook’s smiling subconsciously, but it widens when he sees Taehyung waiting for him, sprawled out on the couch.

“You’re up?” he asked as he slipped off his coat and Taehyung thought he looked stunning in that moment.

“Yeah, someone had to make sure our maknae returned from his date alive. ” Taehyung sighed dramatically, eliciting a giggle from the younger.

“Come cuddle me.” Taehyung continued, holding out his arms for Jungkook.

The younger rolled his eyes, but complied, choosing to plop down on top of Taehyung instead of lying down on the space beside him.

“So how was your date?” Taehyung asked, one hand coming up to run through Jungkook’s hair as the younger rested his chin on his chest and looked up at him.

“Fun.” Jungkook mumbled, closing his eyes at Taehyung’s soothing ministrations. “Mingyu’s really nice.”

Taehyung swallowed down the lump in his throat. “I’m glad.”

Jungkook opened his eyes again, seemingly studying Taehyung’s face for a minute. “No you’re not.”

Shit Jungkook really knows him too well.

“Yeah I am Kookie.”

No, you’re not, so talk to me. What’s going on?”

Taehyung sighed, it’s now or never right?

“So… okay, I’ll tell you. But there’s rules.”

Jungkook raised his eyebrows, turning his head cutely in confusion and it’s doing things to Taehyung’s heart that cannot be normal.

“Just listen. You gotta tell me if I say or do anything that makes you uncomfortable, okay? If it does, that’s fine we can just pretend like the conversation never happened.”

“O….kay? You’re making it sound like you’ve murdered someone and you’re about to let me in on the secret.”

Taehyung chuckled at Jungkook’s unbelievable cuteness. “No it’s nothing like that. It’s just… well I-”

Taehyung tried to calm down his heart because that can’t be okay for it to be beating so fucking fast .

Again, Jungkook seemed to realise this, pressing his hand onto Taehyung’s chest,right above his heart, a small frown playing at his lips. “Calm down hyungie, even if we’re going to have to go bury a body, it’s okay, we can borrow Yoongi hyung’s shovel.”

He was clearly joking, but the meaning behind it was clear:  I’m here.

“Okay so maybe I’m not glad that you went out with Mingyu.” Taehyung said. He felt Jungkook tense a bit on top of him and he immediately tightened his arms around Jungkook, tugging him a bit closer. 

“Not because I have a problem with you going out with a guy, not at all Jungkookie. I was actually kind of relieved when I found out.”

Jungkook looked confused again, but he relaxed on top of Taehyung nevertheless. “What do you mean hyung?”

Taehyung internally sighed, Jungkook’s really going to make him explain everything , huh?

“Jungkookie, I like you.”

Jungkook looked genuinely surprised, but didn’t say anything and the silence was making Taehyung a little uncomfortable.

“Say something please.”

“I like you too hyung, I thought you knew that already.”

Okay what? He’s never told me that.

“Every time you asked, I told you I liked you, but you never said anything more, or said it back, so I just assumed that you didn’t mean it in that way.”


Taehyung let out a little laugh that made Jungkook smile. “We’re both so dumb, I didn’t think you meant it in the way that I did, and you thought the same.”

“Yeah, we’re kinda stupid.”

Jungkook’s face was really close to his now, and he didn’t back up when Taehyung leaned in.

When Taehyung hesitantly pressed his lips to Jungkook’s, the younger stiffened for a minute before melting into the kiss.

Taehyung swore his heart exploded right then and there. 

The kiss was soft and sweet, and when Taehyung pulled back, Jungkook was smiling at him.

Taehyung definitely could get used to this.

“Tomorrow,” he whispered softly when Jungkook laid his head on Taehyung’s chest, pressing closer. “I’d like to take you on a date, if you’ll let me?”

Jungkook yawned, tucking his head into Taehyung’s neck and unbelievable warmth spread all the way down to his toes when Jungkook pressed a kiss to the spot. 

“I’d love that.”


Staring at the cute boy curled up and asleep in his arms, Taehyung thought back to when it all started. 

Sure they had their ups and downs, and the road hadn’t been easy, but he’s so glad and grateful for all the things that happened, the good and the bad.

Today was their fifth anniversary, and Taehyung can hardly believe that Jungkook’s been his boyfriend (now fiance) for five years.

He wondered how long they’d have to be together before he’d stop getting all warm and fuzzy inside whenever he looked at Jungkook (or kissed him or hugged him, or just anything involving Jungkook), but he hoped it never did.

Jungkook shifted in his arms, making a soft noise in his sleep, and Taehyung felt his heart explode with love for the boy for about the billionth time since they got together.

Yeah, he’s sure the warm feeling’s never fading, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chapter Text

Jungkook’s POV:


I sighed, leaning back in my chair. I absentmindedly watching Taemin pose for his photoshoot. I had already gone, so I was just waiting for him to finish.

I decided to text Taehyung while I waited. We haven’t been able to spend as much time together. Sure we see each other everyday, but being in the same room during dance practice or standing next to each other during meetings doesn’t count. To make things worse, I’ve been stormed with modeling schedules, so that rare times that we have a break from work, I’m at a photoshoot or traveling for a photoshoot. There’s hardly enough time for me to breathe, which  means there’s definitely not enough time to spend hanging out with Taehyung.

Suddenly missing Taehyung, I decided to call him instead.

He picked up on the fifth ring. “Hey Jungkook.”

Jungkook’s eyebrows furrowed at the lack of a nickname, but he ignored it. “Hey, just called because I’m bored.”

Taehyung’s reply came after a few seconds. “Aren’t you at a photoshoot?”

“Yeah but I-” Jungkook was cut off by Taehyung laughing, and now he’s definitely confused because he hasn’t even said anything remotely funny.

“Minjae stop that’s…” Taehyung burst out laughing again.

Oh, so he’s with Minjae.  

“Kookie I’ll call you back later okay? Bye.” the line cut off.

“Okay…” I said to myself, frowning at how he was just basically ignored.

Taehyung and Minjae have been friends for a while, but they’re not as close as Taehyung and Bogum for example. But recently they’d run into each other randomly, and they started hanging out again. This wasn’t a problem for me, Taehyung should hang out with his friends, but what was a problem was that it seemed that Taehyung was spending more time with Minjae than he was with me.

And that wasn’t entirely the problem either, I have been really busy recently, so I understand  if Taehyung is spending more time with other people. But even when we are spending time together, it’s as if Minjae had all of Taehyung’s attention. Whether it was texting Minjae while we’re watching a movie, or talking about him all the time, he always seems to have Taehyung’s attention now, and that is the bit that bothers me. 

I tried to push my thoughts aside, it wasn’t Taehyung’s fault, so there’s no point being upset about it. I’m probably just letting my jealousy get the best of me.  I’ll just have to make more time to spend with Taehyung if I want his attention.

Taemin walked over to me, providing a distraction from Minjae. 

“Hey you ready to go?”

I sighed. “Yeah, let’s go.”

It’s been two hours since I got home and Taehyung still isn’t back yet, and it’s getting pretty late.

I texted him earlier but he hasn’t replied, and I’m really tired. Besides, I have a photoshoot tomorrow at 5 in the morning, which is an ungodly time to be awake.

I told my hyungs that I was going to bed, and slipped into my room. I thought that I’d fall asleep really fast, being exhausted from my strenuous schedules, but I couldn’t. I was so used to sleeping with Taehyung beside me, but he’s still out with Minjae.

I tossed and turned for about another hour before I started falling asleep. Just when I was about to drift off, I heard the bedroom door open. I knew Taehyung was back, but I didn’t even have the energy to turn around or talk.

It was 2 am already, and I had to be out of the house by 5, that’s not a lot of time to sleep. So I kept my eyes closed, relaxing when the bed dipped beside me and Taehyung wrapped an arm around my waist. He pressed a kiss to the back of my head, before lying back down.

Okay so maybe I still have some of his attention.

The next day, Taehyung talked about his day with Minjae over dinner, I stopped paying attention eventually, not wanting to know more details of my boyfriend spending time with someone else.

Three days later, we finally got some time and I suggested that we catch up on a drama, one that we’d started watching together, but Taehyung said he’d already watched some of the episodes with Minjae.

A week later, I was tired of having to fight for Taehyung’s attention. I’d managed to squeeze in two photoshoots in one day, and although it was tiring as hell , it meant that I had tomorrow off.

“Tae? Can we do something tomorrow?” I asked, walking into our bedroom. Taehyung looked up from his phone, putting it aside and holding out his hands towards me.

I crawled into his lap on the bed and he pressed a kiss to my nose. “Aren’t you working tomorrow?”

“No I did both the shoots today, so I have tomorrow off. Can we do something?”

“ ‘course. Baby, aren’t you tired from dance practice and two photoshoots.” he asked, brushing back my bangs to press a kiss to my forehead.

I nodded. “Editorial photoshoots are the worst, all the different poses I have to hold, and they’re all uncomfortable. Ugh I’m so sore .”

“Aww baby, c’mere lemme give you a massage.”

I sighed into his arms as he began massaging my muscles experately.

“So what do you wanna do tomorrow?” he asked. I shrugged, burrowing my face into his neck.

“How about a park date? We haven’t done one of those in a while.” he suggested.

“Yeah, sounds fun.”

“Okay, so I made some plans tomorrow, but how about we spend the morning together before I leave, and then I’ll meet you at the park at like seven?”

I nodded. “Yeah okay.” I yawned widely, making him smile.

“Come on sleepy baby, let’s go to bed.”

“M’kay, but you have to cuddle me.”

He laughed softly, “ Rude of you to assume I wasn’t going to already.”

I couldn’t keep a smile from spreading across my face as we snuggled close. Sleep was easy to do that night.

I got to the park at seven, bubbling with excitement for our date. I shivered slightly from the cold, it was a stormy night, dark clouds hanging above me. I had come to the park right after the extra dance practice session I had with Hobi hyung, and I didn’t bring a jacket to practice, so I didn’t have one now. I could have gone back to the dorms and grabbed a jacket, but then I’d be late, so I settled to do without one, it wasn’t that cold. 

I waited by the front gate of the park, expecting Taehyung to show up soon. I texted him that I was here, just in case he was already in the park.

Half an hour later, I decided to walk around the park and get in some exercise while I waited, I’m sure he’ll be here any minute.

Another hour later, I was sitting on a park bench, next to an old man that smelled like peanuts. Is he okay? Maybe he got hurt or something? That could explain why he hasn’t been responding to any of my texts.

I called Taehyung, but he didn’t pick up. Then I called Jiminie, who answered right away.

“Hey Kookie, what’s up?”

“Have you heard from Taehyung?” I asked, certain that the dummy had managed to get himself kidnapped or something.

“Well he hasn’t texted me, but I was just on twitter and Minjae posted a picture with Taehyung about 3-ish minutes ago. Why?”


Well then…

“We were supposed to have a park date, but I guess he forgot.” I tried to mask the disappointment in my voice but clearly, it didn’t work.

“Oh no Kookie, you haven’t been waiting too long have you?”

Only about two hours.

“No, not that long.”

“Do you want one of us to come pick you up?”

“Please, it’s getting late and I don’t wanna walk back in the dark.”

“Okay Kookie, I’ll be there in five minutes.”

“Okay hyung, thanks.”

I let out a heavy sigh when I hung up. I had been sitting here for almost two hours, waiting for Taehyung and worried that something had happened to him, and he was just hanging out with Minjae.

I seriously can’t believe he forgot about our date, it’s like he’s replacing me with him.

Fine if he wants to be that way, he can just make Minjae his fiance for all I care. 

I genuinely felt a little mad at Taehyung, and I hadn’t felt that way in a while, but seriously he should’ve at least texted me if he was going to continue spending time with Minjae.

I wouldn’t have wasted all this time if I’d known.

I sneezed, curling in on myself to preserve my body heat. I scoffed bitterly, and to think that I was worried I’d make Taehyung wait for too long if I went back to get my jacket.

I got up when I saw Jimin pull up outside the park. I sneezed again as I walked towards the car, oh no, I hope I didn’t get sick.

I got sick. 

Sitting in the park in the cold without a jacket was definitely not one of my brightest moments. 

Now I was puking up dinner, and sneezing and coughing every ten seconds. My nose was blocked and stuffy, my throat was sore, and my voice was hoarse.

“Aww baby’s really sick, huh?” Joonie hyung asked as I let out another big sneeze. He took a seat next to me on the couch, and I immediately snuggled up to him, needing the affection, and it wasn’t just because I was sick.

“Do you think you can try and eat something again Kookie? You puked up your dinner.” he ran his fingers through my hair, relaxing me in his hold..

I shook my head no.

“Please? I don’t want you to go to bed on an empty stomach.”

I pouted at him. “But hyungie what if I puke again, it hurts

Namjoon frowned in response, bringing a hand up to check my temperature. “Hmm, you’re still pretty warm. Jin hyung? Can you get the thermometer?”

I closed my eyes, my head feeling heavy.

Taehyung’s POV:


I got home, exhausted but happy. Minjae was a really fun person to hang out with. I glanced at my phone to see if I had any notifications, but then I remembered that it had died a few hours ago.

Well at least I get to see Kookie now, so that’s good.

I walked into the dorms and headed straight to the kitchen because I heard noises from there.

“Hey guys.” I said, causing Jin hyung and Jimin to turn and look at me.

They glared at me, and I was just about to ask them about why I was receiving such a cold treatment, but Yoongi hyung walked in.

“Welcome home asshole.” he said curtly to me, before turning his attention to Jin hyung.

“Hyung we need the fever reducer, his fever’s only going up.”

“I can’t find it, I think we’re out. Can you run to the store and get some?”

Yoongi hyung nodded, roughly bumping his shoulder against mine as he walked out.

“Is someone sick?” I asked, ignoring the weird action from Yoongi hyung.

“Kookie.” Jin hyung replied.

Oh no, poor baby.

“How? He was fine this morning.”

“Oh I don’t know, maybe it’s because you told him you’d meet him at the park at seven, and then COMPLETELY FLAKED, so he just sat there, freezing his ass off for like an hour and a half, while you were off having fun with your friends.” Jimin spat, glare only intensifying.


No no no.


“I - shit, I completely forgot, I’m such an asshole I-”

“I completely agree.” Jin hyung said.

“I - fuck what do I do now?” I asked, and Jimin’s eyes softened a bit.

“Well he’s asleep right now, but you should definitely apologize when he wakes up.”

“Yeah, I agree with Jimin. Not that we can guarantee that he’ll forgive your dumbass, but you should still apologize.

I nodded, heading into the living room. The sight of Jungkook lying there on the couch, his nose and cheeks dusted a harsh pink, and a pile of blankets on him, it just broke my heart.

I took a seat on a chair next to the couch, feeling the guilt hit me hard, I can’t fucking believe I forgot about the date, what kind of a fiance am I? And all because I was hanging out with Minjae.

I sat there for a few minutes, just thinking, but eventually decided that the only thing I could do was apologize profusely when Jungkook wakes up.

I leaned further back into my chair, closing my eyes, I need to make it up to him somehow.

I woke up to a small pain in my forehead, and I opened my eyes to see that Jungkook had flicked me.

“Go to bed idiot. If you keep sleeping on that chair, you’ll get neck pain.” his lips were pulled into a natural pout, hair messed up on one side from sleeping, and a slight huskiness in his voice. 

“Baby, can we talk?” I asked hesitantly, he didn’t seem mad, but then again, Jungkook doesn’t ever yell when he’s mad.

Jungkook sighed, laying back onto his makeshift bed on the couch. “Tae, it’s four in the morning.”

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion and I glanced at the clock in the living room. It read 4:15 . “Huh, I must have fallen asleep for longer than I thought.”

“Hm, I just woke up a few minutes ago, or else I would’ve sent you to bed a while ago. Seriously though, you’ll have bad muscle ache from sleeping like that.”

I sighed, turning my neck a bit, and yeah it did hurt, maybe sleeping on the couch wasn’t the best idea.

Focus Taehyung, you have more important things to take care of.

Since Jungkook was still staring expectedly at me, I figured that now would be a good time to apologize. 

I was just about to start talking, when I caught sight of Jungkook’s hand, with no ring on it…

Holy shit, did I fuck up that bad?

“You… you took it off?”

Jungkook looked confused as he followed my gaze to look at his hand. “Huh? Oh the ring? No dummy, it goes on the other hand.”

He pulled his other arm out from the pile of blankets, and showed me.

I let out a sigh of relief.

“Why’d you think I took it off?”

“Maybe because... I forgot about our date?”

I saw Jungkook’s eyes harden a bit, almost as if he was putting his guard back up, and I panicked.

I reached out and grabbed Jungkook’s hands, crouching down on the floor in front of him and holding his hands to my chest. “Don’t do that please, don’t put your walls back up. Listen, Kookie I know I messed up, big time. You probably don’t want to hear some excuse about why I forgot, or listen to me ramble on about how sorry I am, which I am, so incredibly sorry, so just… just talk to me. Tell me how to fix this.”

He let out a breath, moving to a sitting position on the couch and patting the spot beside him for me to sit. When I sat beside him, he swung his legs over my lap, sitting sideways so that his shoulder pressed into the back of the couch.

“So forgetting about our date was kind of an asshole move, but that’s not the root of the problem. You’re human and you forgot, I can’t be mad at you over that, that’s not fair. What bothers me though, is that you were spending time with Minjae instead. Not that Minjae bothers me… I knew he had a thing for you a while back, but that was a long time ago. Like yeah I’d much rather have you spend time with me, but that’s just me being a bit jealous. He’s your friend, so hang out with him as often as you want, I have absolutely no problem with that. I’ve been busy recently, and you’ve been spending more time with him than you are with me, which again, is not a problem. It’s just that when we do spend time together, he still has most of your attention. I’m not asking for you to give me your undivided attention every time I’m in the room, just - I’d like to have some of it. And it’s the little things that are the problem, I’d much rather you not answer my call and text me that you’re busy then answer but completely ignore what I’m saying, only to hang up eventually anyway. Now I’m rambling, but that’s my thought process at the moment… does that kinda make sense?”

I nodded, silent for a moment as I processed. I hadn’t even realised I was doing that to Jungkook, but now that he’s said it, I realized that I have been doing that.

“No baby, that makes perfect sense. I - shit, I didn’t even notice that I was doing that. I’m sorry-”

“It’s not something you have to apologize about Tae, just maybe… work on it a bit? I’m not even mad so there’s no apology needed. I was mad before… but now that I’ve had a nap, I think I was probably just grumpy then.”

I cooed at how cute he was. “Why are you so goddamn perfect?”

He cracked a smile, shrugging. 

I leaned in to kiss him but he backed up.

“I’m sick, so no kisses.”

I pouted, and we had a mini staring contest. He won, so that meant no kisses.

“Fine, can I at least get a hug?”

He held out his arms and I wrapped him up in a tight hug. We stayed like that for a few minutes, before Jungkook pulled away and flicked my forehead again.

“Ow, what was that for?” I winced.

“That was for getting me sick, which by the way, I am mad about, and I do blame you for it, because I hate being sick.” 

I laughed. “Sorry baby.”

“Apology not accepted.”

“What? Aw baby. Maybe if I tickle you…”

“You tickle me and I might just puke on you.”

I stopped,my hands positioned to tickle Jungkook, but I really didn’t want to get puked on, so I just settled for pulling him into another hug.

Tae, go sleep now, you have work in the morning.”

“I wanna sleep here though.”

“No, there’s not enough space on the couch.”

“There’s a chair right there.”

“Were you not listening to me when I told you to not sleep on the chair? See this is what I’m talking about, pay attention to what I’m saying.”

“You’re just trying to get rid of me, sleeping on the chair can’t be that bad.”

He glared cutely at me. “Fine, sleep on the uncomfy wooden chair, then when you’re sore in the morning, just know that you’re still going to have to do things for me while I’m sick.”

I smiled, stealing a quick kiss from him, I couldn’t help it. “Okay.”

Jungkook groaned. “Then at least go sleep on that couch.” he pointed to the one across the room.

“It’s too far.”

“I’ll tell you what’s not too far.” a voice from the hallway made us turn, and I saw Jin hyung standing there. “If you guys don’t shut up, I’m not too far off from attacking one of you, so quiet.

“Kay hyung.” I said, returning to hugging Jungkook tightly, pressing kisses to his face until he was squirming in my arms.

Hyung, make him stop attacking me with cuddles.”

Jin hyung sighed. “Tae, let him go, he’s sick.”





“Oh my god, you kids are the reason I get migraines.

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