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At age 4, most late bloomers in this world manifest their quirks. For some, this would be a taste of true power.

That is unless you’re me. I’m an average teenage girl, I guess, maybe a bit ditzier & sporadic. A person people usually forget that exists. It’s okay though I don’t mind, leaves me more time to play videogames & watch cartoons, instead of making awkward small talk with strangers. And family. And friends.
… Okay, so maybe it’s more of a good excuse to not talk to people because I suck at social cues, but whatever. Back to my main point.

Officially, I have no quirk. At least that’s what it says on my records.

It would make sense though, for me to not have a quirk. It seems a few of my younger siblings are genuinely quirkless, so if mine hasn’t 'manifested' yet under my parent's eyes, it’s only logical. Not necessarily normal, but logical.

Nothing about my quirk, or how long it took to manifest, feels logical.
As I said, the latest people develop their quirk is at age 4. Imagine my surprise when I start to notice...differences in my skills when I became older.

Now officially, I don’t have a quirk. Even when I began to suspect a change in that development, none of my abilities were flashy enough for me to ever really consider it a quirk. None of my abilities added up to any of the quirks I could find online.

By age 13, I began formulating all types of theories on what my quirk could be. Back then I was just a frantic, paranoid, overly zealous tween. My family laughed at me. They cared in their way though. Told me to get over my dream of wanting to become a hero, that I was quirkless & should be pursuing a passion that I was not only able to achieve but one that brought me even more joy than the prospect of becoming a hero. They cared, they were just the brutally honest tough love kind of people.

My family never paid much attention to my feelings or where my head was at. I wasn’t theorizing about my quirk because I was desperate to become a hero, I had buried that dream deep within me a long time ago.

Back then, & I guess even now, I just wanted to feel like I belonged in society.
My quirk, although I desperately dreamed of the day I would develop it, only hinders my desire to fit in with everyone else. It’s messy & nonsensical & even I don’t understand. Don’t want to understand it.

Ironic isn’t it? The one thing I desired most in my life, thinking it could make me feel like a normal person. It was all that I ever wanted, & now? It makes me feel messy. Makes me feel like I still can’t fit in right. Like, I knew I was a freak, but boy was I ever now. Some kind of useless anomaly, or a soggy puzzle piece that has been rendered useless.

So I’m quirkless on paper. I’m fine with it. It’s cool or whatever, no biggie. Rather take that kind of weird over the other.

Other than the whole quirk shenanigans, I live a pretty normal life? My dad’s a retired pro-hero, who now works as a bus driver. My mom on the other hand...she know what? Nevermind. My mom’s a receptionist who has an Etsy account on the side. Let’s keep it at that for now. My younger sisters are 14, 11, & 8 years old respectively. I’m the oldest, at age 17. I don’t see my family a lot because I’m in a boarding school.

Now I can tell what you’re thinking, ‘Oh really! Why don’t you go to public school if you wanna be so normal? HUHHHHHH??????’, & let me stop you right there before you start a useless investigation their, chief.

This boarding school is pretty special. It’s mainly meant for kids who are either, A. born with a quirk that society views as ‘villainous’ or ‘evil’, or B. Quirkless kids whose quirk developed families don't’ know what to do with them.

So I’m here because basically, I fit its criteria. Plus, it’s rather nice. The staff is kind & the student body is pretty chill. Now, the only real reason I have for feeling isolated from my peers is my mental health issues! That shit makes me feel like a fucking onion. Oh well.