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Jiang Yanli has never seen her little brother quite so nervous, and it pains her to know that she is, in part, responsible for his obvious discomfort. She reaches out to hold his hand, squeezing tightly. “You know you don’t need to do this for us, A-Xian,” she says gently. “We can find another way.” She tries to sound confident, even though the alternatives have been unsuccessful so far.

Wei Wuxian smiles back at her, cheeks hot and red with his climbing heat flush, shaking his head. “You don’t need to worry about me, shijie. I wouldn’t have offered if I wasn’t sure. Besides… I still owe you a wedding gift, don’t I?”

Jiang Yanli can’t help but return his smile. There aren’t many little brothers who would offer what he has offered her and her husband - a chance of a child of their own.

After their wedding, she and Jin Zixuan had tried and tried for an heir, but years had passed, and nothing. Rumours began to spread - that if only the young master Jin had chosen a proper omega bride instead of an inferior beta woman, there would already be multiple sons and daughters brightening Koi Tower. Sect leaders began to bend Jin Guangshan’s ear, reminding him that they had multiple pretty omega sons and daughters who would make excellent wives for the young master, and the old man had begun to exert pressure on his son. An heir must be produced, at all costs.

The one it hurt most, of course, was Jiang Yanli. Above family duty, she wanted a child so badly - part of her and part of her husband, to raise and love - and her failure began to drain on her as her courses arrived each month. Finally, she had grown to accept that she must stand aside, allow her husband to take another wife, watch as they gave him what she couldn’t.

As much as Jin Zixuan objected violently, held out against his father’s demands as long as possible, they both knew what duty required of them, talking softly in their shared marital bed. “I won’t love her,” he insisted boldly, squeezing Jiang Yanli close, and she shook her head, stroking his cheek.

“She will be your wife too, dear husband, and the mother of your children. It would be cruel to deny her your affection.”

“But I cannot force space in my heart for another when it all belongs to you, my love,” he breaths, pressing a kiss into her hair, and she was grateful for the dark to hide her tears.

And so the wedding interviews began, a parade of eligible omegas brought before her husband while she sat there with a neutral expression. It wouldn’t do socially for her to give anything other than approval, after all, even if her heart clenches at every shy, flirtatious smile directed towards her husband.

Jiang Cheng’s approval for the plan had been most unwillingly given. He’d taken it as a grave insult to their clan, of course, but more than that as a devastating insult to his much-beloved sister. She had had to spend many hours convincing him not to raise an objection - it would only draw out the whole affair, and all she wanted was for this whole thing to be over.

What she hadn’t expected, however, was for Wei Wuxian to arrive in her rooms one day shortly after the initial marriage meetings, cheeks hot with an outraged flush as he pushed the doors open. “Shijie, tell me it isn’t true! That strutting peacock is taking another wife?! I’ll kill him!”

“You will not,” she warned him, coming to take his hands and calm him down, bringing him to sit with her. “He needs an heir, A-Xian, and I…” she can’t bear to voice her failure. “I will remain his first wife.”

“But for how long! Don’t think I haven’t heard all those sect leaders planning to push their omega brats into your place… they think he’ll fall in love with whoever gives him a baby. And maybe he will!! You know what his father’s like…”

“A-Xian,” she cut him off sharply, and his eyes had flicked down to the table, contrite in the face of her disapproval. “Don’t be so cruel about him. He’s not what you imagine.”

“Well, he better not be,” Wei Wuxian sulked, squeezing her hands tightly. “It’s not fair, though. I don’t see why he has to take another wife just to get a kid… it’s not like the old man only had legitimate kids, is it?”

“His legitimate children are the only ones in line for the clan leadership,” she reminded him. “And no decent clan is going to lend out their omegas as breeding stock without the promise of a place in his household...”

“I would,” Wei Wuxian blurted, and Jiang Yanli met his eyes, shocked.

“You can’t be serious.”

“Why not? I’m the Jiang sect’s head disciple, so my rank is good… I’m an omega, so I can bear him all the little brats you could ever want.” Wei Wuxian’s tone got more excited, and he grinned. “This plan could work, shijie!”

“It will not work! A-Xian… your feelings about your secondary gender have always been clear,” she phrased it delicately. Ever since he presented, Wei Wuxian had actively rebelled against any attempt to make him behave like a proper omega. He sabotaged the first and only marriage interview their parents set up for him with such rudeness and bad behaviour that nobody bothered to make another offer. He refused to curtail his cultivation dreams, continuing to wander the land night hunting, drinking and spending time alone with alphas and being openly, honestly disdainful of ever taking a mate or having children.

“Yeah, so I don’t want to settle down and churn out kids for some alpha, but I’d do anything for shijie’s happiness,” he’d promised, his eyes so earnest as she reached up to stroke his cheek. “And I don’t care about being made some marriage promise first. He can just put your baby in me. It’ll work!”

It had taken days before she’d felt confident enough to raise the idea with Jin Zixuan, and she’d expected him to shoot the idea down immediately. While relations between him and Wei Wuxian had improved greatly since their wedding, they were still far from friendly, and she was proposing that he turn away from something proper and right, and instead embark on some scandalous plan to use her shidi as a brood mare.

Surprisingly, though, he’d shown immediate interest, and the three of them had met to discuss it, talking it through until the early hours. “I only want one wife,” Jin Zixuan swore to her, kissing her hands. “This plan… it’s unconventional, but nobody else needs to know. We can tell people outside our household that you are pregnant, and put you both into seclusion. Wei Wuxian’s whereabouts are generally enough of a mystery that nobody should question his absence, and when the child is born, he will be passed off as yours.”

“Just don’t expect that I’m going to fall for you,” Wei Wuxian teases, just to see Jin Zixuan turn red and splutter. “Not all omegas get gooey for big strong alphas, you know...”

“Don’t flatter yourself, Wei Wuxian! I have no interest in any sort of harem, especially not one that involves you in any way!”

“Settle down, young master,” Wei Wuxian grins, and there’s something satisfied, almost relieved, in his expression. It comes and goes quickly enough that most people would never have noticed it, but she knows her little brother, and she knows his fear of being claimed by an alpha against his will. The sacrifice he plans to make for her is huge, and she loves him so fiercely for it.

With the arrangement settled, Wei Wuxian had left on his usual business, only to return within the week, arriving in her rooms with his usual smile brought fragile by the trembling in his limbs and the red spots already dotting both his cheeks. She touches his forehead, alarmed at how hot he felt already. “So soon?”

“Sorry, shijie, but… it kinda took me by surprise,” he leans into her touch, exhaling softly. “I’ve been on suppressants since I was fourteen, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I came off them…”

“It’s okay,” she promises, her tone soothing. She understands her little brother enough to know how much he hates being out of control, and the changes to his body are pushing him well out of his comfort zone. She attempts to make him feel at home as much as possible - gives him a bowl of soup while she frets over how thin he has become, helps him bathe and change into a soft robe, and then brings him into their bedroom to await Jin Zixuan’s return.

By the time her husband arrives, summoned back urgently from a night hunt, Wei Wuxian is in the full blown throes of heat, body trembling and hot, whining openly as he finally catches the scent of alpha. Jiang Yanli comes to greet her husband, who looks just as affected - nostrils fluttering, pupils blown wide, unable to tear his eyes away from the omega curled up half naked in their bed. “Be gentle with him,” she whispers in her husband’s ear, taking one more protective look back at her little brother before she turns to leave.

She’s prevented from doing so by a hand grabbing at her wrist. Wei Wuian has seized her tightly, gazing up at her with pleading eyes. “Please, shijie… stay. Don’t go,” he begs.

She glances at her husband, in the middle of disrobing, and he nods. “I don’t object, but are you comfortable with this?”

Truth be told, she isn’t sure. But how can she abandon her little brother in his time of need? Jiang Yanli sits next to Wei Wuxian, bringing his head into her lap, and his hands fist into the material of her skirt, desperately seeking comfort. “It hurts, how do omega put up with this every month?” he whines, rubbing his thighs together greedily. He’s trying and failing to keep his eyes away from Jin Zixuan, but his instincts draw his attention back to the alpha in the room as his scent gets stronger and stronger, and with a groan he lets his legs fall open wide, presenting himself lewdly. His inner thighs are wet with slick, his opening fluttering, greedily seeking out an alpha’s knot.

Jin Zixuan looks desperately out of his depth too as he kneels between Wei Wuxian’s spread thighs, torn between his lingering awkwardness around his brother in law and his natural urge to take the omega begging for his attention. He glances at his wife, and she reaches out to stroke his hair, giving him a smile, encouraging him onward.

Jiang Yanli can tell the exact moment that he starts to press inside - Wei Wuxian tenses up all over, hand almost tearing through her skirt as he’s filled up for the very first time. “It’s too much,” he gasps, even as instinct drives him to wraps his thighs around Jin Zixuan, urging him in deeper.

Jiang Yanli strokes her fingers through his unbound hair, trying to calm him as Jin Zixuan bottoms out inside him, stilling temporarily to give him time to adjust. She remembers her wedding night, how unsure she’d been, but at least in her case she had known that she and her husband were bonded by love. Wei Wuxian is suffering through an unwanted heat and a mating by a man he’s never seen eye to eye with, just to make her happy. She doesn’t deserve a little brother as devoted as him, she knows it. “You need to try and relax, it’ll hurt more if you’re tense,” she reminds him, rubbing her fingers gently against his scalp to help relax him.

Eventually his shallow breaths calm, and he nods up at Jin Zixuan, still unable to quite meet his gaze even with his cock buried up in his belly. “Go ahead,” he whispers, and Jin Zixuan starts to move, hands wrapped around Wei Wuxian’s small waist to hold him in place as he fucks his slick hole, teeth gritted as he tries to control his noises. While he’s always been passionate with her, she’s never seen him like this - in full alpha rut, eyes blazing with intensity as he breeds his omega.

Wei Wuxian looks like he’s coming apart entirely, driven beyond words, letting out desperate needy whines each time Jin Zixuan’s thick alpha cock slides up inside him. She understands properly, for the first time, why he has always rejected this fundamental part of his biology - Wei Wuxian prizes his freedom and independence above all else. To be so in thrall to his natural urges is simply not the way he chooses to live.

He’s writhing between them desperately by the time Jin Zixuan’s knot starts to swell, and his face goes slack, crying out high and long as they’re tied together. The pressure inside him is enough to finally make him ejaculate too, spilling across his belly and gritting his teeth, and finally going boneless against her lap, breathing hard, his legs sliding down from around Jin Zixuan’s waist as they both catch their breath.

It’s quiet for a while, awkward and tense, before Wei Wuxian breaks it with a soft chuckle. Even this couldn’t keep his smile away for too long. “So… let’s hope that one time is the charm, huh? I can think of better ways to spend an evening other than having your knot wedged up inside me…”

“Shut up!” Jin Zixuan huffs, his cheeks red, and with the hormones wearing off for both of them, they’re back to their usual detente, for which Jiang Yanli is surprisingly grateful. Whether it’s biology, social pressure, or general disapproval, nothing can keep her little brother down for long.