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Threads of Fate are always Frayed

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Mikumo sat in the police interrogation room, a cup of coffee sat before him, but he wasn't exactly in the mood for the crap they call coffee here. He held an ice pack to the bruise on his cheek from where one of his johns had gotten a little to rough and slammed him against the brick wall of some alley. 

Lucky for Mikumo some pro hero had intervened and all the guy had done was rip up his shirt and shorts a little. But not so lucky for him the pro hero had decided to take Mikumo in as well, apparently the guy was wanted for some crime.

He pulled back the sleeves of the overly large hoodie with Musufatu Police written across the chest, one of the officers had given it to him so he wouldn't be in his torn up clothing. He felt like a little kid playing dress up in this thing, it was one part the guy was a mountain of muscles and Izuku was on the malnourished side, so he stayed small for most of his life. He scratched at the fading marks on his arms, they always itched when he was in a stressful situation, and this one was a very stressful situation. He jumped when he heard the door open up and in walked a the Chief of Police

"Hello Mikumo, we meet again." Chief Tatukami gave the teen a kind smile and Mikumo returned a flirtatious one. He sat up adjusting himself to appear as cute and innocent as he could be.

"Hello Tatukami, so did you finally take me up on that offer for a weekend romp?" Mikumo gave a little pout as Tatukami chuckled and said no. Tatukami then placed a bento box with katsudon in it, in front of Mikumo. His mouth began to water it had been a while since he had actual food that wasn't from a convenience store. Tatukami opened the box and the smell was heavenly.

"Go ahead Mikumo, you definitely need it. If you stick your tongue out and stand sideways you would be a zipper." Tatukami laughed at his own joke and watched Mikumo devour the meal with gusto. "You know Mikumo this has been the fifth time we picked you up in some alley." Mikumo paused his eating, swallowed the delicious food before answering.

"I just have bad luck in alleyways." He put on a cheeky smile, Tatukami fixed him with a look that Mikumo couldn't place.

"Well you should consider it a stroke of good luck that a pro hero picked you up. That guy you were with was a serial killer targeting young boys, if Eraserhead hadn't shown up then you may have been in the morgue, rather than enjoying my wife's cooking." Mikumo stared down at the food in front of him, a solemn look on his face.

"My quirk would have kept me safe." Mikumo said quietly putting down his chopsticks. Tatukami laid his large hand on top of Mikumo's. He locked eyes with the chief of police he kept his face blank.

"Mikumo, Eraserhead and a Detective Tsukauchi want to have a word with you in regards about the serial killer, I can stay in the room if you want." Mikumo nodded. Tatukami stood up and opened the door talking to someone before stepping aside and two more people walked in.

The first guy was clean cut, wearing a tan trench coat and white gloves. He wasn't bad looking either, he looked to be in good shape as well. Mikumo was shamelessly, mentally undressing the detective that he didn't pay attention to the other guy.

"Hello, I'm Detective Tsukauchi and this is the Pro Hero Eraserhead." The detective gestured to the second man. Mikumo had never seen such a ragged looking man before, he looked worse than the bums living under the bridge.

"I'm Akatani Mikumo." he said and he noticed the detective raise an eyebrow when he said that. He wrote something down before he continued.

"Can you tell me what you were doing out this late, it is a school night after all?" Detective Tsukauchi kept his face friendly and open, while Eraserhead leaned against the far wall, his yellow goggles making it hard to know where he was looking, his face blank of any emotion. 

"I was getting something from the convenience store, when this guy just comes up to me asking for help. Next thing I know I was being pressed against the wall and he shows up." Mikumo pointed at Eraserhead. "Taking the guy down and now I am here." Naomasa kept a neutral expression on his face as he wrote something down once more.

"Mikumo, how old are you?" It was Eraserhead who asked this, he was staring at him or at least he thought he was staring at him, those damn goggles made it hard to tell.

"Eighteen." He answered automatically, and this was when Naomasa put his pencil down and stared at him with a look of disbelief. 

"I think it's time you told the truth." 

"I am telling the truth." Mikumo pouted and aimed the full effect of his puppy eyes at the Detective, but he was totally unaffected. 

"My quirk is called Human Lie Detector, so as the name suggest I know that you are lying." Mikumo stiffened in his seat, this was bad. "So I need you to tell me the truth, because you could have been this guys next victim." 

Mikumo looked over to where Tatukami was by the door, he was watching closely now that he heard that Mikumo was lying. He let out a sigh.

"What part was a lie?" Deku asked coyly.

"All of it was a lie, so let's start from the beginning." Naomasa flipped to a new page in his notebook. "What is your name?" Mikumo sighed guess he might as well come clean now.

"Izuku is my real name."

"Last name?" 

"Don't know it." Naomasa looked at him and his quirk didn't go off so he was telling the truth. "So Akatani is not your surname?" Izuku shook his head.

"and what is your actual age?" Eraserhead asked once more, Izuku squirmed a little.

"I'm old enough." He said but Eraserhead walked up to the table pulling out the chair, and sitting down across from him, Eraserhead removed his goggles and locked his tired eyes with Izuku's green ones.

"How old are you?" Eraserhead asked once more, his voice was firm but gentle. Izuku broke eye contact before answering. 

"I'm fifteen." Tatukami made a noise of shock, Izuku turned to him. "Which is above the age of consent in Japan." Tatukami crossed his arms.

"Why would the age of consent be an issue?" Naomasa asked his eyes narrowing at Izuku. 

"Why don't you show them your ID, Mikumo." Tatukami said, his tone left no room for arguments so Izuku reached into his torn shorts and drew out an old wallet, opening it Izuku took out the ID. He put it on the table and Eraserhead picked it up.

"Akatani Mikumo." Eraserhead read out loud. "Age eighteen." Eraserhead turned the card around examining it closely. Eraserhead handed it to Naomasa who also checked it out.

"It's a very good fake." Naomasa was pretty impressed by the ID, Tatukami had an angry tone when he spoke next.

"Except that it runs as an actual ID. So were did you get it from Izuku?" Izuku flinched a little as the angry tone was directed at him.

"Guess I can't really lie cause your here." He said directly to Naomasa. "I found a guy who runs things through the black market and I had to do somethings for him in order to get that, so can I have it back please." He held his hand out but Naomasa didn't move to give it back.

"I'm sorry Izuku but I can't do that, I have to keep this." Izuku tried to grab the card but Naomasa moved faster drawing it out of Izuku's short reach, he tried to reach for it once more and the sleeve of the hoodie fell back revealing the track marks on the bend of his elbow. Tatukami grabbed Izuku's arm to get a better look and Izuku started to struggle in his grip.

"You're a user." Eraserhead's tone was more sympathetic than judgmental, Izuku kept trying to wiggle out of Tatukami grip.

"Let me go!!" Izuku hated the way his voice sounded so child like and scared. "I'm not a junkie."

"Then why do you have all these?" Tatukami gestured to the fading needle marks.

"It's what I had to do for the ID." Izuku was on the verge of crying, he hated when people grabbed him like this without warning it reminded him of how his dad would grab him before disciplining him.

"Izuku what did you have to do for this ID?" Naomasa asked gently but Izuku ignored him going into panic mode, he was struggling harder now, tears streamed down his eyes and he began to hyperventilate. Eraserhead grabbed Tatukami's hand trying to make him release the panicking teen. Tatukami was a little to late in releasing his grip when Izuku's quirk kicked in, the three men found themselves launched backwards.

Eraserhead was the first to recover being launched back and turned to see Izuku on the ground curled up tight, he could hear the kid sobbing and he repeating something over and over.

He approached with caution but he hit an invisible force, Eraserhead put out his hand and it came into contact with something. So the kid's quirk was to create a barrier of some kind. He heard the kid muttering the phase 'I'm sorry daddy, I'll be good' over and over. This was heartbreaking to see. Eraserhead activated his quirk and negated the barrier taking a step forward he knelt down besides Izuku and gently tried to touch him but that just caused him to scream and beg louder. He drew the crying boy into his an embrace and making soothing sounds as he stroked his head.

It seemed to work as the boy began to calm down his sobs turning into small hiccups Eraserhead kept it up until Izuku simple fell asleep, his body going limp.

"That was new." Tatukami said with a groan as he stood up rubbing his head from where he made contact with the wall. "Never seen the kid do that or use his quirk before."

Naomasa stood up as well. His arm was bruised, he looked over to Eraserhead with the small boy tucked against him, he was stroking the boy's hair and he could make out soft sounds of comfort.

"This is going to be a long night." Naomasa said under his breath.