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Weak (I'm bad at names)

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Deceit flinches back, titling his hat down as tears gather in his eyes and he is yelled at by Patton and Virgil for having Thomas lie about something again.

It is always something so small that made the snake side upset.

He was weak.




He is snapped out of his thoughts when Logan stands in front of Deceit, blocking him from the others view, and them from his.

Logan slowly lifts Deceits hat and sympathetically pats his cheek as he wipes the others tears.

"Do not listen to their illogical babble, Deceit. For they are wrong, you are needed and you are important, always remember that. "

Deceit looks at Logan, very confused about the positivity he was just given. "Why...?"

Logan kisses Deceits head. "Because I love you."

Deceit tears up and smiles. "I love you too, Logan."