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The pleasure hunter {JinKook}

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I went at least the third club hoping that I finally get what I want. It's been two days since the last time and I had no choice.

This place opened not long ago, so they were quite a big crowd. I didn't hesitate, I went to the dance floor immediately as this is the easiest way to get someone. Lets the hunt begin. I started dancing, my body moved easily to the music, let it take control of me, God I love dancing so much. I didn’t take long until I felt two hands around my waist. I looked back, but I was disappointed as I saw a girl with a cloth - what was barely covered anything on her at all - trying too desperately. I stared at her with a not so kind look, pulled off her hands of me and left her on the dance floor. I walked to the bar hoping a drink would help me to calm down a bit.

While I was waiting for the bartender, I unbuttoned my shirt until my chest, and run my finger through my moist black hair.
‘You don’t like the party-bitches?’ I heard a voice beside me.
‘Hell no’ I replied, making my lips a thin line. ‘They are way too easy to get’
‘Well, probably, but there will be always someone who just use the opportunity’ he nodded to the dance floor where I left that bitch. She was doing a make out with another guy. I shook my head in disbelief. I looked back to the guy beside me. Damn he was so good looking. Beautiful, brown eyes, a bit bigger nose - which definitely not made him less handsome - and oh my God, those big, plump lips. He seemed taller even while he was sitting, he had wide shoulders and thin waist.
‘Can I buy you a drink?’ he asked me after he looked at me head to toe, his glare stopped a bit as he watched my half-visible chest.
I nodded a yes and sat down beside him.
‘What would you like to drink?’ he looked at me in the eye. I licked my lips and didn’t miss that his eyes followed it. I felt my desire grew, slowly started to take control over me.
‘Surprise me!’ I answered, a grin crossed my face. The desire hit me again as I looked at his lips, I almost kissed him at that moment. He closed his eyes, and took a big breath. I wanted to ask what’s wrong but he wrapped his hand around my wrist and pulled me out from the club.
‘Hey, what do you think you’re doing? Let me go!’ I tried to twist my hand from his, but he was stronger than I expected.
‘I’ll give you what you need.’ he looked back over his shoulder, still pulling me through the parking lot. He stopped at a black Hyundai, he turned off the alarm and hopped into the driver side.
‘Get in!’ I could clearly heard on his tone that he won’t accept a ‘no’ as an answer, so I did as he commanded. I put my seat belt on, staring out to the streets. He didn’t say a word, looking towards the road before him, his fingertips got white as he grabbed the steering wheel.

I had no idea what will happen to me, what he wanted from me. I was scared, it started to eat me from inside. Maybe I became the hunted?
‘Don’t be scared, I won’t hurt you’ his voice was calm, trying to comfort me. Wait, what if he can read my mind? No way, he obviously see that I was scared, that’s all. He just...he just can’t be like me... he is not like me.
‘What do you want from me?’ I asked hoping that I will get an answer.
‘I’ll give you what you need.’ that was his answer again. What the hell? Come on, why couldn’t he get me a proper answer? A small sigh left my lips, and I turned my head towards the window again, watching as the buildings passed by.



Jesus, this kid. A few minutes ago the desire he felt was so powerful I thought he will kiss me or something. And look at him now! He stared at me with those doe brown eyes wide open, expecting to be killed or whatever. Pft, I can’t believe this kid. Well, honey, it’s your fault, you shouldn’t act like a horny bitch…
Fortunately I didn’t feel his fear on my tongue, I took that as a good sign, so the rest of the trip was calmer. I knew that we will be alone, my housemate went to a party as well, but he will definitely won’t come home until tomorrow.



We parked at a four-star hotels parking lot, both of us got out of the car and walk into the hotel in quiet. He didn’t stop at the reception, neither did I, just walked through the hall only to stop before the elevator. We stepped in and only got out at the last floor, going towards a separate suite. There were two guards just in front of the door, both of them looked scary as hell. As we went forward, they nodded to the mister-so-handsome man before me and let us into the suite.
‘Don’t let anybody in until I say otherwise’ he said as he opened the door and let us in.
I was in shock and awe as I looked around. The living room was huge, one of the walls was only a window with a gorgeous sight of the city. In front of the suite entrance there was a tv built into a cupboard, someone put a coach before the tv. There was a counter on the other side which separated the kitchen, I saw the newest kitchen equipment. There were three doors after the living room, one bathroom in the middle and two bedrooms could be seen.

While I looked around, my ‘robber’ stepped behind me, put his hands around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I jumped a little, he surprised me.
‘Don’t worry, I won’t do anything that you don’t want.’ he whispered into my ear making me shiver.
‘How do you know what I want?’
‘It was obvious with that look on your face I saw at the club. Full of lust and desire.’

I stayed quiet, I felt my cheeks started burning. He stepped next to me, grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers gently. We walked to one of the bedrooms and he let me enter there first. The first thing I saw was a huge, queen-sized bed. I didn’t have time to look around as I heard the door closed and a click. I turned around, my eyes got wide open as he walked closer to me, pushing me onto the bed. I didn’t expect the dominance he had but honestly I didn’t care, I desperately needed to be touched. I welcomed the desire as it came back to me like a known friend, and let it take control over me.
He climbed over me, looking with lustful eyes at me.
‘You are beautiful’ he whispered, and gently sooth my face with his hand. I closed my eyes, I really enjoyed the touch, his soft skin on mine.
‘Well, look who’s talking’ I replied with a husky voice as I looked at his face, into his eyes. God, he was so stunning!
He got closer to me, almost kissed me but stopped the movement in the last moment. I didn’t wait any longer, I grabbed his neck and pulled him closer, making the final distance disappear.


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As our lips met each other, the desire he felt hit me like an ocean wave, attacking my mind, making me feel like a drunk. He kissed me like his life depends on it, he was rough, but it didn’t bother me at all. He was like some kind of predator which starved for days.
I licked his lower lip, and I entered my tongue to his mouth when he dropped his jaw, giving me the permission. We kissed each other passionately, it felt so good. I broke the kiss and lowered my head to his neck, licking and biting his sensitive skin, making him moan.

My hands were busy as well, unbuttoned his shirt fully, I wanted to feel his bare skin. I sooth his soft skin, he run his finger to my hair, grabbing my locks, making me shiver.
He wasn't the only one who's longing for to be touched. I don't even remember the last time I had sex, and he made me insane, I couldn't handle it, I couldn't hold back myself. I didn't care about the consequences. There was only one thing I wanted: him.

I started to go lower from his neck to his chest, kissing his soft skin a thousand times. my fingers played with the border of his pants, I soothed his skin a few times. It was so tempting as he lifted his hips unwillingly, but I didn't want to go further, I wanted to torture him a bit more, I enjoyed the situation too much.
'Pl-please, ahn!' he couldn't finish his sentence as I reached my hand under his boxers, touching his almost fully erected member.
'What was you're saying?' a grin crossed my face as I spoke, I lifted my head and stared at his face.
He didn't answer me, he sat up instead quickly. He surprised me with his action, I found myself under him in the next moment, he was sitting on my lap.
'Just like that. My turn' he said, biting his own lips.

He looked at me like he wanna eat me alive, and I wasn't even undressed yet. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and his desire attacked my mind again, I felt like I will drown in with it.
His hand soothed the side of my body to my chest, stopping it at my neck. He leaned to me, kissing my lips gently. He became wilder after a while, biting and sucking my lips.
He moved his hands and started to unbutton my shirt. I made my hands busy as well, gently stroking the side of his body and neck, and grabbed his waist at the end. He let me sit up and took off my shirt, he did the same with his. 

He didn't let me take the lead, still sitting on my lap.
'I didn't finished yet' his voice was so low as he spoke, than he leaned to my neck. He licked the skin above my vein, then started to lick and bit the sensitive aura around my collarbone. A soft sigh escaped from my throat, I tried to hold back a moan.
He leaned forward, kissing my chest and abdomen, his fingers got busy at my pants. He quickly unbuttoned it and painfully slowly pulled it off of me. He stuck a little as he saw the huge bump under my boxers, licking his lips at the sight, I clearly heard him gulping. I chuckled when I saw his face.
'What did you surprise you so much?'
'Well, I never have a partner with such a - he cleared his throat -remarkable size.
'Oh, maybe you don't like it?' he looked at me, his eyes were full of lust.
He didn't answer, he stroke my erection instead, making me groan, I just couldn't hold back it in.

It was so satisfying to watch as he took off the last cloth of me, staring my hard member with his lustful eyes. He gently grabbed it and licked my full length. I tossed back my head at the feeling, closed my eyes, a moan escaped from my lips. I stroke my fingers into his hair, grabbing his silky black locks. 

It felt so good as he caressed me, soothing my skin on the side of my body, my chest, my abdomen. he cared about me, about my feelings, not just his own desire. Dear Lord, I almost came as I felt his lips around my dick, the warmth of his mouth, his curling tongue. It was so, so good. 
Than he started to move his head, and that's where I lost my sanity, the pleasure, the lust completely take control over me as mine and his mixed together. I couldn't separate them, it was too much for me.
'I-i'm gonna cum, i-if you won't stop' I tried to warn him, but I could barely speak. I grabbed his locks again, hoping he will get the hint.
He took out my cock last minute, than licking my skin from my crotch to my neck, pushing his lips to mine at the end, kissing me passionately.
'You are so tasty!' he whispered into my mouth. I didn't get what he meant about that, but I didn't care.

I hugged him tight, rolling him under me.
'I would like to return what I've gotten.' my voice was low, I looked at him in the eye. They were full of lust and desire, it was stunning. He nodded a yes, I pecked his lips as a sign of gratitude.
'You won't regret it, I promise!' I said, and after a last kiss I leaned down to his neck, kissing and licking his soft skin here and there, biting it a few times as well, while I pulled off his pants. When I got to his crotch, I already pulled off his boxers, staring at his huge, hard member. I licked my lips at the sight, than grip the base of it, and took his full length into my mouth.

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I took his cock out of my mouth in the last second, licking his skin from his crotch to his neck, kissing him passionately in the end.
'You are so tasty!' I whispered into his mouth. The desire he felt towards me was strong, intensive, making me almost full already. This is a type of nourishing already, but everyone has a different taste of it. But was so good, so different, I've never taste any of like this before, it was really special. He hugged me tightly and turned me under himself.
'I would like to return what I've gotten.' his voice was so low, looking at me with lustful eyes, probably mine was like that too. I nodded a yes, and he pecked my lips.
'You won't regret it, I promise!' he said, and after one last kiss he leaned down to my neck, licking and kissing it, he even bit the sensitive skin. He pulled of my pants while trek down to my crotch, pulling off my boxers when he got there. He looked at my erection with lustful eyes, licking his plump lips. he grabbed the base of my member, and took my full length into his mouth.

It was unexpected, as he started to suck my cock, licking the top of it, making me moan, I had to toss my head back.
'That wa-was not fa-fair' I panted heavily, I could barely speak. He looked at me so innocently, while he was sucking my dick like a whore. Oh, my God, I almost came seeing just the sight of the process. How could he looked at me like that? 
I tossed my head back to the pillow instead, trying to hold back the moans, but it was way too hard. I lifted my hips up unwillingly, wanting more, and he gladly fastened his pace. It was so good. His plump lips around my cock, his warm mouth, his tongue, everything he's doing felt too good.

I felt a bit of pain all of a sudden in my lower side, I lifted my head at the feeling. I didn't realized he was prepping me until now, thrusting his third finger inside me. He was doing it so well, the pain went away almost immediately, left nothing else but pleasure instead. His huge size popped in my head, making me wonder that I will need more prep, three fingers won't be enough. I gently stroke my fingers through his hair, hoping he will get the hint.
'Yo-you can put one mo-more finger...' I said, damn, why is it so hard to speak?
He slowly pulled out my hard member from his beautiful lips, he looked at me uncertainly.
'Are you sure?' he asked while he pulled out his fingers.
'Positive. If not, you won't fit in properly' I felt ashamed, but that was the truth after all.
He nodded, his blushing face was so cute. He tried to lean his head again, but I put my fingers under his chin, making him stop. He looked at me, lifting up one eyebrow.
'Please, try to distract me with something else. I don't want to cum so soon.' I felt my cheeks burning in embarrassment as I spoke. I looked at him, seeing a grin crossing his handsome face, locking his eyes with mine.
'It doesn't bother me if you have multiple orgasms.' his voice was low, full of lust and desire, but I know he really meant what he said. I couldn't say a word, I tossed my head back to the pillows again.

He licked my full length, and I felt his lips around my hard cock again. He started to bop his head slowly, making his pace faster after a while, letting me into his mouth deeper and deeper.
'Fuck!' I gasped, it felt so good, I lifted my hips unwillingly, enjoying as he sucked my dick. I run my fingers into his silky black hair, and let myself enjoy the moment.
He leaned his other hand towards my mouth, touching my lips with his long fingers. I got the hint, and opened my mouth, letting his fingers into it, licking and sucking them, imagining that I was doing it with his cock. A few moments later he pulled out his fingers and after a few seconds I felt his index finger at my entrance, making small circles around my ring.
He sucked my dick harder, I cried out loud at the feeling, throwing back my head to the pillow.
‘I-i'm gonna cum, if yo-you keep - I gulped - keep doing it’ I tried to warn him, as I felt the heat growing, I knew that I will get to my limit soon.

It didn’t bother him at all however, still bopping his head on my twitching member, sucking it even harder, he tightened his grip as well. I was just about to cum when he pushed his fourth finger inside me.I hissed a bit, but the pain flew away quickly, all I felt was the pleasure, it felt like it will drive me insane, the waves bury me underneath. The orgasm hit me hard, I arched my back, pushing my hips higher as I came into his mouth.

As I came back from the high, he sucked out all of my cum, rising up - he pulled out his fingers as well -, and looked at me in the eye, he swallowed all of my semen. Fuck, I already felt my cock started to hardened again as I looked at him. He left little kisses as he trek up from my crotch to my chest and neck, kissing my lips in the end. It was passionate and gentle at the same time. A pop sound could be heard as we broke the kiss, and he leaned his hand towards the nightstand. He pulled out the drawer, a pack of condom holding in his hand, pushing back the drawer. He tore the package open, rolling the condom onto his huge erection with practiced hands.

He kissed me again, this time it was more intense, he pushed his tongue into my mouth, making a make-out session. It was overwhelmingly passionate, and I felt the top of his cock slightly touched my entrance. I pushed up my hips, I wanted to feel him so, so bad. He tightened his grip on my waist, holding back my movements.
‘Why so impatient?’ I saw a naughty smile on his face as I looked at him.
‘I wanna feel you so bad..P-please!’ I bit my lips and kissed him. His desire is a kind of source to reduce my hunger , but still, it was not as... nutritious to fulfill my hunger. I put my hands on his ass, trying to pull him closer, but he still didn’t move, making me lose my mind. I groaned but I didn’t break the kiss, I licked his tongue instead, making him moan into my mouth.



I moaned into his mouth as I felt his tongue on mine. I felt how much he wanted me, it made me feel like I was drunk, the waves of his desire buried me. I soothed his elaborated chest, down to his abs, shifted it to his waist, grabbing my shaft with my other hand. I broke the kiss, I wanted to see his face when I enter into him.

He nodded a yes, and I moved my hips just a tiny bit, pushing just the tip of my cock into his entrance. He bit his lips and hissed a little, looked at me with half-shut eyes.
‘Does it hurt?’ I asked immediately, I didn’t want to do anything that doesn’t make him feel good.
‘N-no’ he moaned his answer. I pushed myself forward inch by inch. I didn’t want to hurt him, the only feeling that I wanted him to feel was pleasure. I felt his warmth around my shaft, it felt so good, so tight.
‘My God, you are so tight!’ my voice almost sounded like a groan.
‘A-ahn, I-i could feel every inch of you, making me full!’ he moaned quietly. I waited a few moments, let him getting use to the feeling.

I slowly moved my hips, taking out my cock and pushed it back just as slowly as I pulled it out. Fortunately the fourth finger made it easier, he moaned in pleasure, so I started to move with a slow pace. He curled his legs around my waist and gently caressed my chest and abdomen. He looked stunning as he closed his eyes, biting his lips, quiet sighs and moans escaped from his throat.
‘Fa-faster, please!’ he begged a few minutes later, and a gladly obligated as he pleaded and fastened my pace, trying to thrust deeper inside his tight, warm hole. I was more than satisfied as I got my goal a few moments later.
‘A-ah, the-there, right the-there!’ he cried out and started moaning louder making me sure I found his prostate. He didn’t have to say it twice, I tried to find the same angle with every thrust. 

I felt his walls twitching, he was close to his orgasm. I didn’t want to let him come, so I grabbed his twitching dick, drops of precum was already on it, and tightened it at the base. He arched his back, loud moans escaped from his lips. 
‘Ple-please, I wa-want to-!’ he couldn’t finish his sentence, I tightened his cock again for a few seconds, then I started to move my hands on his shaft, using his precum as some kind of lubricant.

He was so mesmerizing as he moaned under me, pleasure seen on his handsome face, his skin was covered with a light sheen of sweat. He was making me insane, I totally fell in him, and I didn’t even know his name.
I started moving my hand faster on his shaft, tightening it a few times, and moved my hips faster too, going deeper with every thrust, trying to reach his spot as much as I could.

His orgasm caught him off guard, he cried out loud, arched his back, tossed his head back to the pillow, eyes shut, cumming into my hands and onto his abdomen. His walls got tighter around my cock, I came after a few thrusts, spreading my seed into the condom. I leaned against his chest, only our deep breaths could be heard in the room.
It was a bit hard for me to rise up of him a few minutes later, I slipped out from him, took off the condom, knot it and threw it onto the trash can, then I laid next to him.

Suddenly I felt more tired, more exhausted than usual. I didn't know why is this happening to me, but I realized it after a few seconds.
Not many people knows - just people like me - that if someone had an orgasm, a special aura appears around him, it's like a mix of emotions. It contains a lot of energy, some kind of source, which is a sort of nutrition for a type of species.
I lifted myself up with my arms, I looked at him scared, scared of what he really is.
'No, that can't be!' I whispered in disbelief.

I can't believe it! He is a...

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‘Ple-please, I wa-want to-!’ - I couldn’t finish my sentence as he grabbed my penis at the base and tightened it, didn’t let me cum. Then he released his grip and started to move his hand on my shaft.
He almost hit my prostate with every thrust he made, I couldn’t stay quiet, I was a moaning mess under him. It was so good, he was so good, I have never had a sex as good as this. And let me tell you, maybe I’m young, but I had had sex  many, many times. He moved his hand faster on my cock, even tightened his grip a few times. 

My orgasm hit me hard, I wasn’t expecting it. I arched my back, tossed back my head as I came in his hand and onto my abdomen. My whole body shivered as I came, he’s still thrusting his cock into me. After a few more thrust, he stopped and I felt his cock twitching, spreading his seed into the condom. He leaned onto me, gasping for air, only our breathing could be heard in the room.

After a few minutes, he rose up, moving back a little, I felt his now semi-hard member slipped out of me. He pulled off the condom, knot it and threw it into the trash can. After he’s done, he laid next to me, his breathing started to normalize. 

I felt the aura was growing around him, and it slowly started flowing through into me. This power was new to me, and I couldn’t control it, I wasn’t sure if I will ever be able to control it. Every time my partner had his (or her, but I prefer men), orgasm, this aura appear around them, and I took it every time unwillingly. And it tastes different every time.

He was special in many ways. First, his desire felt so different before, it was a type of nutrition too, but his aura...God, it was so... tasty. I don’t know how I could describe it, it was like I compare a McDonalds’ to a five michelin-stares restaurant. It was too good, I know I will never have the chance to get better than him . In every possible way, I mean, he was hot as fuck, and caring, and even his aura was filling me full. Let me tell you, a normal partner filled me for like two days, and his will be enough for four days at least, maybe even for a whole week. So yeah, you can guess why I wanted him again in the future...or forever.

After a few minutes, he pulled himself up to his arms, and looked at me with a terrified face.
‘No, that can’t be…’ he whispered, his eyes were wide open. Damn it, did he realise what am I?
‘What’s wrong?’ I asked, hoping that maybe I could get away with it. Of course, because that would be just too simple…
‘ are.. an incubus?’ he asked, he could barely hold himself up on his arms, he was too weak, I took his aura, his energy out of him.
‘I don’t know wha-‘
‘Drop the act, I’m not dumb!’ he interrupted me, his half-shut eyes were filled with anger. ‘I feel what you’re doing!’
Wait, what the hell? What did he mean by that?
I looked at him curiously, it was strange how he used his words.
‘You feel it?’ I asked.
‘Yes. I could…’ he couldn’t finish his sentence, he lost his remaining energy, and fell onto the mattress with closed eyes.

Great, just before he could explain anyithing, he’s fucking fell asleep! I felt a little bit of guilt, I mean, I was responsible why did this happen to him after all. I rose up from the bed and dressed up. I looked at him, laying on the mattress unconscious. I couldn’t let him there like this, I gently moved him onto his back, shifting him on the bed, covering him with the blanket. I stared at him for a few seconds, then I left the room, closing the door as quiet as I could.
I could have left, but for some reason couldn’t let me do it. I felt like it wouldn’t be right in his case.
I kept on thinking until the Sun rose up at the horizon. While I was trying to figure it out, why the hell I am still here, I opened the cabinets in the kitchen, hoping that I could find something to eat. I found some ramen in one of the cabinets, I randomly grabbed one and started to make it.
So, somehow he figured it out what I am. But how? Clearly he’s not an ordinary human, they only felt the tiredness, nothing else. But he knew exactly what I was doing to him.
‘Aish! How did he figure it out?’ - I murmured to myself, I grabbed the ramen cup and started eating. Suddenly a thought came to my mind, something that he said yesterday at the parking lot.
‘I’ll give you what you need…’ I whispered the words. Is he a telepath? He knew in the car that I was scared, even though I haven’t said a word.
I finished my meal quickly, I was so hungry. Maybe I took his aura, but that filled a different kind of hunger, so to speak.

No, he isn’t a telepath, it must be something else… I sipped the rest of the soup, and threw the empty cup into the trash can. Then another thought came into my mind. He said he could feel what I was doing!
‘My goodness, please tell me this is a joke…’ I pierced my hair, I had to sit down, the realisation shocked me. He could read in emotions? Maybe even control them? I wanted to know it, I had many questions, and I wanted to know the answers. I have never met anyone someone like me before.

I walked to the room, and gently opened the door, where the sleeping beauty was. I laid next to him carefully, I didn’t want to wake him up. I stared at his beautiful face, admiring his stunning looks. His silky black hair was a bit too long, it covered his eyes, his skin was perfect, not a single acne could be seen. He had a nicely curved nose, and he had the most desireable plump lips I’ve ever seen in my life. God, he was handsome.
‘I wish that you weren’t afraid of me…’ I whispered. I felt my sadness growing inside me, it was like someone was sitting on my chest, making me hard to breathe. I didn’t want him to be afraid of me. One occasion was enough to realise that I didn’t want anyone else just him...but I was 100% sure that he wasn’t wanted to be with a monster like me.



‘I wish that you weren’t afraid of me…’ he whispered next to me. I didn’t open my eyes, I pretend to be sleeping. I was already awake when he came back into my room and laid next to me, but I was curious, I wanted to know his next step.
I was surprised he didn’t took off. I mean, I realized what he really was, so it was odd to me that he stayed.

I tried to read his emotions, hoping that it’ll help me to get some answers. Chilling waves came into my mind, it was like a touch of the ocean, making me feel like someone was sitting on my chest. Sadness? Why was he sad? I felt the mattress moved under me, then I sensed his hot breath on my skin. I tried to calm down, and breath equally.
‘What did you do to me?’ he asked quietly. ‘Why am I so obsessed with you? I have never met someone like you before.’
It felt good to hear what he said, and I had to admit, I felt the same way as him. I slowly opened my eyes, and looked at him.
‘I’ve never met someone like you either.’ I whispered.
‘Are you scared of me?’
‘I wouldn’t say that I am scared of you, it’s just….strange.’ I admitted.
‘I am so sorry that I did this to you…’ he got teary eyed, his lips were trembling.

I extended my arms, and he hugged me tightly immediately. I caressed his back with one of my hands, and stroke his hair with the other. The pain he felt made me feel like I was in the ocean, slowly drowning in it.
‘Hush now, it’s okay, I don’t mad at you. I knew you need this to keep you to survive.’ I said, trying to calm him down.
‘I-i don’t know ho-how can I co-control i-it.’ he stuttered, still crying.
‘You will learn it, you just need some time.’ I tried to encourage him.

He finally calmed down after a while, he unfolded himself from my embrace, and laid back in front of me.
‘You think so?’ he asked uncertainly.
‘I do.’ I nodded in some sort of confirmation, and smiled at him. He blushed and looked away, and looked back at me after a few seconds.
‘Co-could you help me how I can control my powers?’ he asked quietly.

I didn’t answer immediately, I had to think through it first. So, the sex was amazing, I couldn’t deny that. As he used his power, he didn’t make any harm, he didn’t hurt me, I only got too tired, too sleepy, but nothing more. And my father owns this whole place, so no one could complain if he stays here or if he’s coming here from time to time. I just have to tell my housemate about this, but honestly, he can’t say a word about my business. I’m the only heir, so I almost own this place already.
‘Yes, I’ll try my best to help you.’ I answered. After he understood what I was saying, his eyes were full of excitement, and he hugged me tightly. A new, more pleasant emotion replaced the sadness - happiness.

I hope I made the right decision.

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‘Co-could you help me how I can control my powers?’ I asked him. He didn’t answer immediately, he looked like he was considering his opportunities. I was so nervous, and scared at the same time. What if he says no? Aish, why did I even asked it in the first place?
‘Yes, I’ll try my best to help you.’ he said his final answer. I was in pure shock. Did I hear it correctly? He said yes?
I hugged him tightly, I almost cried in happiness.
‘Thank you so so much!’ - I mumbled into his chest.
‘Well, I’ll have some benefits of it as well.’ he giggled quietly, and I felt a smile crossed my face too.

We separated a little and looked at each other’s eyes in silence.
‘Uum….and what’s gonna happen now?’ I asked shyly.
‘Maybe we can introduce ourselves. My name is Kim SeokJin, but you can call me Jin.’
‘Jeon JeogGuk, you can call me Jungkook.’ I smiled at him, and he did the same. I just couldn’t stop looking at him, he was so handsome. My eyes kept going to his plump lips, so I woke up from the bed, making some distance. It’s…more safe. I lifted up my arms, got on my toes, stretching my whole body. I opened my eyes and looked at Jin. I saw him with half opened mouth, he stared at me with lustful eyes. A memory popped up in my mind, what he did to me with those tempting lips, I felt like it’s better if I’m leaving the room, so I did.



I couldn’t take my eyes off of him as he started stretching. His arms were masculine, I could clearly see his muscles dancing under his skin as he lifted them up to the ceiling. He closed his eyes, and arched his back, standing on his toes. His shirt lifted up, given a sight of his abs. I felt the desire started to grow inside me, I had to held back a moan. He looked at me when he finished stretching, our eyes met. Before I could read anything of his eyes, he rushed out from the room.

I sighed and woke up from the bed. I realized I was naked, so I picked up the clothes from the ground and dressed up, then left the room.
My goal was the kitchen, I was pretty hungry. Jungkook stood at the cabinet, drinking a cup of water.
‘What do you want for breakfast?’ I asked him while I opened the fridge.
‘Nothing, thank you.’ I frowned and looked at him. ‘I found something to eat while you were sleeping.’
‘What did you eat?’
‘A ramen’ He said shyly. I pouted as I looked at him.
‘Okay, sit on your pretty butt and let me make you some proper food.’ I said with a demanding tone. He looked at me with a terrified look, and then he obeyed. I turned back to the fridge and grabbed the ingredients I needed, and started to make the breakfast.

I love cooking. I know I could order food, I’m living in a hotel after all, but I always cook for myself. I sliced and minced the veggies with practiced hands, then I put them into the whipped eggs and mixed them all.
After a few minutes I put the finished gyeran mari (note: it’s a Korean dish, it’s like a rolled up omelet) on the plate, waiting to be cooled a bit, I cooked the rice in the process.
‘Jungkook!’ I looked back above my shoulder.
‘Could you set the table, please? I almost finished. The plates are in the cabinets next to me.’
‘Sure.’ He said, and did what I’ve asked.
After I finished with everything, I put the food on the table and sat in in front of Jungkook.
‘Enjoy your meal!’
‘Thank you, you too! Gosh, this looks good!’ He stared the food with hungry eyes, picking some to his plate.
‘I hope you like it’ I smiled at him and took some food to my plate.

We ate everything in a few minutes, then both of us sat with lazy smiles on our faces.
‘That was amazing!’ I blushed at his comment, I looked away in embarrassment.
‘Nah, anyone can make this, it’s one of the easiest food.’ I mumbled.
‘If I had to make breakfast, we would’ve eaten sandwiches.’
I giggled and looked at him.
‘You’re that bad at cooking?’ He chuckled at my question.
‘You have no idea!’
‘It’s not that hard to learn, you only need some practice.’ I said as I stood up from my seat, collecting the dirty dishes and put them into the washing machine.

After I finished I cock with my head to the living room, then both of us sat down on the couch.
‘So, I think we should get to know each other.’ I looked him in the eye, shifting my body to sit in front of him.
‘Okay.’ he nodded. ‘What do you want to know?’
‘How old are you?’
‘Eighteen.’ shit, he’s young! He looked older.
‘When did you turn to eighteen?’ I was already afraid of his answer.
‘In September.’
‘Shit…’ that was all I could say. Fuck, just three months? That explains why he can’t control his power. If someone has powers, it usually turns out in their 18th birthday. That’s why I was so surprised that his 18th birthday was only three months ago.

A bad memory probably came to his mind, the cold waves of his sadness hit my mind hard. I didn’t even think it through, I hugged him immediately. He was surprised first, but after a second he hugged me back, pushing his head to the crook of my neck. I gently stroke his hair as comfort.
‘Please don’t start crying! I couldn’t bare it.’ I felt a lump on my throat, making me hard to speak.
‘So-sorry…’ he broke the hug, took deep breaths until he calmed down a bit.
‘Na, it’s okay’ I crooked his arm, a calming smile crossed my face. He looked away, blushing. It was obvious he wanted to ask something, but something held him back.
‘You can ask anything if you want. I didn’t let you do that yet.’
‘What is your power exactly?’ he glanced at me shyly.
‘I could sense and read in other’s emotions. I could control them if I want to, but that’s a bit exhausting.’
‘And your power turned out at eighteen too?’
‘Well, not exactly.’
‘What do you mean?’ my answer surprised him.
‘I could sense other’s emotions, but I could only read them fully when they were strong. When I turned eighteen, my powers developed fully, and I could read them now more clearly, more easily.’
‘And how do you…experience it?’
‘Hm, how should I explain it…’ I murmured as I was thinking about how to put this in the correct words.
‘How do you describe the sadness I felt a moment ago? How did you feel that?’
‘It was like I was in the cold waves in the ocean. Cold, freezing, drowning.’
‘And…in the club? What did you feel when you grabbed me out of the club yesterday?’ His cheeks got a cute pink color, as he spoke.
‘Well, very, very strong sexual desire. But it’s harder to explain. It was like I was drunk, my head felt dizzy, making hard to think clearly. But my thoughts are about sex, not alcohol.’
‘You felt only that? Only desire?’
‘Yep. Why? Did you felt something else too?’ I wasn’t quite sure why he asked that exact question.
‘Uumm…yes’ he bit his lower lip, he blushed even more.
‘And…what was it exactly?’




‘You promise not to be afraid of me, if I tell you?’ He rose up one of his eyebrow, it was obvious he had no idea why I asked this question.
‘I promise’ he nodded with a serious look on his face.
I inhaled a big breath, exhale it shakily.
‘Immeasurable hunger’ phew, I said it! His other eyebrow rose up as well, he didn’t expect the answer he got.
‘I don’t get it, why should I be scared of you?’
‘As you know, an incubus needs human sexual desire to live.’ He nodded a yes, giving me a sign that he understood what I said. ‘The last time I… I was with someone was three days ago when we met at the club. And I…I have to…you know’ I felt my cheeks burn so much when I finished my sentence.
‘And you feel this as a kind of hunger?’
‘Yes. I don’t know how else can I describe it. I feel like a predator whose looking for a prey.
‘Hmm…it’s odd, I only felt your desire, nothing else…’ he mumbled, tipping his lips with his fingers. I gulped at the sight.
‘Maybe the desire I felt was stronger than my hunger – I said, and just couldn’t stop staring his lips.
‘Re-really?’ He stuttered quietly, eyes sparkling. I got a bit closer to him, our chest touched.
‘Yes.’ I whispered.
‘Jungkook…what are you doing?’ he asked, but didn’t get away from me.
‘What do you want me to do, Jin?’ I mused. I felt his heartbeats on my chest, it was fast, as fast as mine. We had sex only a few hours ago, but the desire I felt was as strong as yesterday.
‘I-I don’t know.’ he muttered. He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. ‘But I know, what you want’
I chuckled a bit, a grin grow on my face.
‘You know that’s cheating, right?’
‘Oh, shut up already!’ he growled and pushed his lips to mine.

Chapter Text



‘Jungkook…what are you doing?’ I asked him, but I didn’t move, it felt too good to be this close to him.
‘What do you want me to do, Jin?’ He mused with a lustful tone. I felt my heartbeat fastened.
‘I-I don’t know.’ I stuttered. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. His desire slap me on the face, breaking into my mind. ‘But I know what do you want.’ He chuckled a bit, a grin crossed his face.
‘You know that’s cheating, right?’
‘Oh, shut up already!’ I growled and pushed my lips against his.
He wasn’t the only one who felt desire, it was just a fuel to my fire. Shit, we had sex last night, but it felt like forever to me.
I was submissive in my previous relationship, shy, moderate. But Jungkook brought out the worst of me, a side that I didn’t know either until now.

I kissed him passionately, hungrily. He sat on my lap, I curled my hands around him, pulling him closer. I licked his lower lip, pushing it into his mouth, soothed his tongue with mine.
His desire came into my mind with a new, stronger wave, making me moan into his mouth. I broke the kiss, and looked into his lustful eyes.
‘You’re making me insane!’ I growled, my voice deepened by my desire.
‘What should I say? We just fucked yesterday, but I want you as much as yesterday.’ His words turned me on even more.
‘Do you feel that… hunger?’ – I asked him curiously. I was afraid of the answer, but I wanted to know. He locked his eyes into mine, like he wanted to mark his words.
‘No. I want you because of you , and for nothing else. It has no intentions to my…otherness.’
His answer made me blush. He chuckled at my reaction, then leaned to my neck, and he started to suck and bit my sensitive skin. I crooked his soft black locks, making obvious that I liked what he’s doing to me. I gripped his ass with my other hand, making him groan. He sucked harder the skin of my neck.
‘You little biter…’ He licked the skin above my vein, making my whole body shiver in excitement.



Fuck, I wanted him more than anything. I licked, sucked and bit his neck, making him sigh and moan in pleasure. My fingers played with the buttons of his shirt, undo it one after another, soothing his bare chest. I shifted myself on him, rubbing my crotch to his, we both groan in pleasure. I leant back from his neck, pushing my lips into his again, inviting them into a passionate kiss. He released my locks, moving his other hand to my ass, gripping it, pulling me even closer to him.
I slid my hands from his chest to his back, then down to his ass, gripping them tightly. He broke our kiss, throwing his head back as he moaned loudly. I took the opportunity and leaned to the other side of his neck, to do the same thing as with the previous side.

‘Ju-jungkookh…’ He tried to speak, but it was a bit hard for him.
‘Hm?’ I soothed his soft skin with my lips, making him shiver.
‘If you..if you won’t stop, we couldn’t make it to the bed.’ He could barely speak, but finally he managed it.
‘I don’t care where we'll be doing it as long as you enjoy what I’m doing with you’ I leaned to his collarbone, licking and biting his skin.
He groaned, then quickly grabbed me and stood up while he was holding me. I immediately locked my legs around his tiny waist, hoping that he won’t drop me. I looked at him in shock.
‘What the hell are you doing?’ I asked him curiously. Fuck, he’s strong. He lifted me so easily like I was a feather pillow.
‘If you won’t go by yourself, I’ll carry you.’ He said, making his way to the bathroom.
‘You said bed. Why are we going to the bathroom then?’ I asked him, a grin appeared on my face.
‘The last time I had a shower was two days ago, so I changed the plan.’ He kicked the door behind us, letting me get off of him.

I locked my eyes on a huge bathtub, as I looked around the room. I heard a click sound, he probably locked the door, but I didn’t care about it honestly. I felt his hands around my waist. I stepped back until my back met his chest, and Jin slid his hands to my abdomen. He slid his fingers under my shirt, making my whole body shiver.
I turned around in his hold, almost leaned to one another at the same time to a passionate kiss. I took his lower lip between my teeth, hoping that I could take the lead. He opened his mouth wider, and I pushed my tongue into his warm cave, tasting every inch of it.

We broke the kiss in lack of oxygen, both of us gasped for air. He put his hand on my chest, pushing me backwards until my legs met with the bath tub. I sat on the edge of the tub, and he stretched past me, opening the tap. As he rose up, he took a few steps back and stood in front of me. I looked at him with awe. His beautiful face, his neck where some hickeys I made could be seen. I lowered my eyes, looking at his wide chest under the unbuttoned shirt, and his mouth watering abdomen. I lowered my eyes again, I licked my lips at his clearly visible bulge, I had to take back a moan as it wanted to escape from my throat. His masculine thighs could be seen clearly through his pants. I looked back to his crotch unwillingly, gulping at the sight. Fuck, I wanted him. Like, right now.



I pushed him to the edge of the tub after our heated kiss, then stretching towards the tap, opening it. I stepped back a little afterwards, and I looked at him. His gaze made me frozen. He slowly checked me from head to toe, stopping a little a few times here and there. It would be a lie if I say I didn’t enjoy this. It was satisfying as he looked at me with such lustful eyes. He licked his lips when he stared at my visible bulge. He lowered his eyes, but looked back to my crotch after a few seconds, he’d gulped loud enough to be heard.

I couldn’t sense anything else except his desire towards me. I was more than happy, because he felt this way because of me. Not because his hunger ruled him, he wanted me. I smirked as I looked at his lustful eyes.
‘Oh, Jungkook, what is it that you like this much?’
‘You’ He whispered. ‘Your face, your plump lips, your body…everything about you.’
He quickly stood up from the edge of the tub, grabbing my face with his hands, kissing me demandingly. I grabbed his waist, pulling him closer to me, kissing him back, opening my mouth wider and letting his tongue slipping into my mouth.

We didn’t break the kiss, I started to unbutton his shirt, pulling it off of him, while he made the same with mine. I leaned back and lowered my head to his neck, caressing his sensitive, soft skin with my lips and tongue. Quiet sighs left his lips, he gripped my locks, making me sure that he’s enjoying what I was doing to him.
I started to unbutton his pants, tracing little kisses on his neck, biting his soft skin a few times.
‘Ahn,…’ He moaned as I licked his skin at the lace of his underwear, pulling lower the last bothering clothes
‘Hmm, I didn’t even start it yet.’ I purred almost as the desire lowered my voice. I stood up, undressed myself, then I got into the bathtub, while Jungkook took off his pants with his underwear as well.

I closed the tap and sank into the hot water, Jungkook sat on my lap, the water reached until me neck, covering us both. He leaned on me, his chest touched mine, pushing his crotch onto mine. A small moan left my lips at the feeling, I grabbed his ass at his movement.
‘Jungkook, stop it, or I’ll couldn’t hold back myself.’ I tried to convince him with a good argument, but he just giggled, leaning onto the crook of my neck, soothing my back under the water.
‘Who asked you to be gentle?’ His hot breath tickled my skin, making me shiver.
‘You didn’t mean that, do you?’ I asked him. He looked at me in the eye.
‘Jin, let’s make something clear before we go on. I'm a fucking incubus. Sex is in my nature, and there were times when I had no choice. Trust me, there were times when I not enjoyed the sex at all, but I had to do it. I had to do it even if I couldn’t walk or move at all for two days.’
I was in pure shock as I fully understand what he’d said.
‘But...but don’t you have know...enjoy it?’ I felt like an idiot, but I wanted to know the answer. A bitter smile crossed his face, and I wasn’t ready for the answer.
‘In normal setup, yes, I should enjoy it. But if my partner turned up by making me feel pain, and hurting me, I had to endure the pain.
The thought that someone caused him pain, that he was practically raped, made my desire disappear entirely. My heart ached, I felt tears building up at the corners of my eyes. I surprised Jungkook with my reaction, he stared at me with a fearful face.
‘Jin, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?’ I felt his desire disappear, and concern started to build up in him. I couldn’t hold back it anymore, a loud sob left my throat, and I started crying as I hugged him tightly.

Chapter Text


"Jin, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" I didn't understand why he became so sad. The desire I felt was long gone. I worried about him, I didn't want to see him like this. His tears started to flow like nothing could stop them, he hugged me tightly, sobbing.
"The fa-fact tha-that someone hu-hurt you..." He couldn't finish his sentence, he cried and sobbed so hard his whole body was shaking.

I soothed his back, gently stroking his hair trying to calm him down. What a pure soul was him! I've never thought that he'd reacted like this. He knew what I was, but looks like he didn't thought fully about what this means exactly and what this could be mean.
"Please calm down, I'm okay now." I don't know how much time he needed to calm down a bit, but that didn't bother me at all. It made my heart ache to see him like this. He unfolded from my arms and laid back, looking at me in the eye. His eyes were still a bit teary, sad, but at least he stopped crying.
"I'm sorry, but I got distracted by what you've had said." He whispered.
"You don't have to apologise." I looked deeply in his eyes, making sure for him that I really meant what I said. He glanced over, biting his lips like he was afraid to say the words.

I had an idea what he wanted to know, so I prevented him.
"You can ask me anything." He glanced at me surprised first, than looked away again, blushing a little. He looked so cute like this, I had to hold back myself from smiling.
"How many times did they...hurt you?"
"Fortunately it wasn't that common that they hurt me too badly." My answer surprised him, his eyes were full of horror.
A big sigh left my lips. Poor Jin, he didn't expect that how much shit I had to suffer for taking the source I needed to survive.
"Okay, fine. Take a bath first, then I tell you what you want to know if you still want to know it. Is that okay for you?"
He nodded a yes, and I leaned back from his lap, letting both of us take his time for washing ourselves in silence.



I was thinking about what I'd heard while I was brushing my body with the body wash and then leaned under the water to wash it off.
I was really curious about his past, but I was afraid of what will I hear at the same time. I knew there are some pervert, sick bastards whose enjoy hurting and causing pain to others. But it's a whole different story when you truly face it.
We wiped ourselves with the towels then went to my room. I took myself to my wardrobe while Jungkook sat on the bed. I randomly picked two pieces of shirts, underwear and pants, and handed one of them of all. The shirt was a bit big for him, but the pants fitted perfectly on him. Damn it, he even looked hot in these casual clothes.

We went out to the living room, sitting on the couch, shifted our bodies in front of one another. His facial expression was serious as he looked deep into my eyes. I felt he was nervous, it felt like a thousand needles piercing my skin.
"Are you still curious?" He asked.
"Yes." My voice sounded serious, but the truth was I was scared.
"What do you want to know exactly?"
I didn't answer right away, I had to thought about it. I knew what he was exactly, but I didn't know how did he find it out.
"How did your powers show up?"

He sighed, looking me in the eye.
"Should I start from the start?"
I nodded a yes. He inhaled deeply, exhaling it then he started to tell his story.
"On my 18th birthday my friends made me a surprise party for me. We went to one of their house to watch a film, as his parents went to s trip or something for the weekend, so the whole house was ours. I only found out the truth when we arrived there."
"What happened at the party?"
"We drank. A lot." He said, a bit ashamed look could be seen on his face.
"Nah, come on, it's okay to have some fun." I reassured him while I gently soothed his upper arm, making clear to him that I didn't scorn him.
He glanced at me, a bittersweet smile appeared on his face.
"Anyway, we were quite drunk, and they invited some girls too, and I had some dates with one of them. Both of us became too brave because of the alcohol, and, well..." He stucked while he spoke like he didn't know how should he express himself.
"I can imagine what did you do."
"Well, yes, we soon ended in one of the rooms upstairs. Unfortunately I couldn't remember much as I was too drunk. I'm certain that we slept together, but I don't remember much, only flashbacks. I remember the desire I felt, and the hunger too, but I didn't know than what it was exactly at that time. My...power took control of me, and it felt like my body moved by itself, by my power." He lowered his head down, he blamed himself for what he had done.
"Jungkook, your powers activated for the first time ever, and you had no idea about it until then. No one can control it at first time." I put my hands on his, squeezing them a little. I felt he became a bit calmer at my action, he turned his hand over and intertwined his fingers with mine. It gave him some kind of courage, he sighed then he continued his story.



"As I woke up in the next morning, I surmised something was wrong. I drunk so much the day before, but I didn't felt hangover at all, moreover I was full of energy. Obviously I had no idea why it had happened. When I outdone about my state I saw the girl next to me. She was still sleeping...or that was I assumed. I tried to wake her up, I even shook her shoulder but nothing worked, I couldn't wake her up." I felt my stomach clenched at the memory. Jin gently squeezed my hand, making small circles on my skin.
"What happened?"
"As I started to scream her name trying to wake her up, my friends came into the room to check out what's going on. When they realized the situation one of them called the ambulance. Jin, I was so scared, I had no idea what had I done to her." I felt my eyes started to tear up.
He pulled me closer to hug me tightly, I immediately hugged him back, putting my head to the crook of his neck. I tried to hold back my tears, Jin soothed my back with his hand. I flooded out a few moments later and gathered my courage to keep speaking.
"They took her for many tests, they diagnosed coma, but they had no idea what caused it. All of her tests were fine, her labs were good too, but she didn't wake up."
"How long was she in coma?"
"Two days."
He looked at me with wide opened eyes, his lips agape a little. He cleared his throat.
"What happened when she woke up?"
"She was confused, she had no idea why she was at a hospital. Then..." I paused a little. "Then she saw me, her whole body started to shiver. She screamed at me that she didn't want me to come near to her or touch her."

I closed my eyes, and a flashback come through my mind, how terrified she was, the horror in her eyes as she looked at me. I gulped loudly before I spoke again.
"A nurse and a doctor came into the room as they heard the screams. The doctor asked me to leave the room and go to the hall, promising that he will soon follow me to tell the developments. I worried about the girl so I obeyed. I was so nervous as I waited for the doctor, I wanted to know what was going on.
"Did they find out why she was so terrified?"

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He lowered his head, and I felt a new emotion - fear. I gulped, I spoke quietly.

"Jungkook? What did the doctor say when he came to you?" He shook his head, didn't want to give me an answer. I reached to his head, lifting up his head with my fingers, tears started to roll down on his cheeks.

”I-i'm too afraid to t-tell you. Yo-you will be terrified, o-or worse, be disgusted wi-with me!"

"As you can see, I'm not a normal person either. I don't think that you could say anything that would make me do anything you stated."

"Jin, don't you get it? I became a demon at the first time!" He yelled at me, then he buried his face into his hands sobbing grievously.


I didn't really understand first what he was saying.

"What do you mean about that?"

He lifted up his head, dropping his hands into his lap, looking at me sobbing.

"I partly transformed during sex...have you ever seen how incubus' are represented?" He asked as he calmed down a bit.

"Yes." I answered, a picture flashed in my mind I'd seen before. Batlike wings, sometimes they were illustrated with horns. I could barely imagine Jungkook like that.

"In my case, my wings grew...I noticed it only at the end, after she came."

"You haven't even noticed it?"

"She scratched my back before, I thought that was the reason of the pain I felt."


I tried to comprehend what I heard. I knew that every power comes up differently, it's unique with everyone. But the fact he experienced it in such a horrible way...I felt sorry for him.

"And why did she only wake up two days later?"

"I don't know...maybe it's because that was the first occasion I used my power...I have no idea.

"What happened after that?" I was a bit scared of the answer, but I wanted to know it.

"I was so scared that I ran away, I didn't stop until I got home." He wasn't crying that much as he spoke. He took a big breath, exhaled it, then he continued.

"My parents weren't at home, but that didn't bothered me. I didn't wanted to explain anything about what had happened, I was so ashamed. I took a bag, dropping every cloth I could and ran away from home."

"What the hell did you do?!?" I couldn't believe what I've just heard. I looked at him in pure shock.

"I left a letter to my parents, I wrote down what I really am. Fortunately I started to safe some money for myself long before, I was planning to move out and rent an apartment, so I could stay at a cheap shitty hotel."

"But...Your parents weren't looking for you?"

"They sent a text. They wrote down an address of an apartment they rent for me with a note of the amount of the money they'd send to my bank account." I couldn't sense any emotion from his voice as he spoke.





Jin stared at me with his eyes wide open, like he just couldn't believe what he had heard. I remembered how surprised I was when I read that short text. They treated me like something unwanted that better to be ignored. I managed it pretty bad in the beginning, but after a month I only felt emptiness when I was thinking about my 'parents'.

"That's it? They didn't called you? They didn't care about what would happened with their son?!?" I didn't understand why he was so upset about it. I stared at him with a raised eyebrow.

"I just told you that they got me an apartment, and they keep sending me the money in every month. Why are you so angry?"

"Because parents should support their child emotionally, money could never substitute it! It was your worst phase in your life, and instead of supporting you, of helping you, they got rid of you..." His lips trembled at the end of his sentence, his eyes was shining because of his unfallen tears.


The sight made my heart ache. I didn't want him to feel sad because of me. I crawled closer to him and hugged him tightly. He slid his hands onto my back automatically, putting his head onto my shoulder. I gently stroke his hair, caressing his back with my other hand.

"Please don't cry, Jin. Altough it was hard to call up those memories, but I'm better now. Thank you for hearing me out."

"I should be thankful that you told me about your past." His voice was quiet, hoarse even. We stayed like that for a few minutes, but that didn't bother me. It felt good to hold him like this, a warm, calming feeling spreaded inside me.


An opening door broke the intimate moment. We flooded away from each other, both of us looked at the person who came into the apartment. He was shorter than me, his skin was pale, he had a thin physique. The mint-haired boy looked at us frowning.

"Oh, hello, Yoongi!" Jin welcomed him. Hm, looks like they know each other?

"Who the hell did you bring up here?" He asked instead of greeting Jin as he measured us.





I shighed, looking at him with a grim on my face. He know how much I hate when he's acting like an asshole. I looked at Jungkook, it was clear to me that he had no idea about the situation.

"Jungkook, let me introduce you to Min Yoongi, my house mate. Yoongi, he's Jeon Jeongguk." I looked at him significantly, trying to indicate him with my thoughts about what was happening right now.

"Please don't be an asshole, okay? I'll tell you everything later."


While we communicated silently, I saw in the corner of my eyes that Jungkook turned his head between me and Yoongi.

Thank God he got the hint and nodded a bit, making sure for me that he will do as I asked.

"Hi" Yoongi said curtly looking at Jungkook, his tone was just not as rude, it was a huge progress from him.

Yoongi looked at me, and just before he spoke up, he send his thought into my mind. "Where did you find this boy? He's scared as fuck because of me."

"Is there anything to eat?"

"We ate everything I made for breakfast, sorry." "I told you, I'll tell you everything later."





Fuck, I hate hangover. It makes my head aching like hell, making my life harder. I slowly opened my eyes trying to adjust to the lightning in the room, looking around. Looks like I drank way too much yesterday evening, I couldn't remember fully about last night. A girl laid next to me, the blanket only partly covered her naked body. I murmured some curses under my nose, then I checked if she's sleeping. Fortunately she was deeply sleeping, so I could woke up, being as careful as I could to not wake her up, then I dressed up quickly.


Aish, I should stop doing one-night affairs. I quietly sneak out from her room, making my way home after I slipped into my shoes. I had no idea where was I at first, it took some time to walk into a familiar district. I was listening to music, my goal was to keep everyone out of my head.


I arrived at home pretty soon, as if you can call a hotel a home. I said a hello as I walked next to the reception, then I stepped into the elevator, going to the last foor. I made my way out to the hall, I put my headphones into my pocket in the process. The two guards stopped me at the entrance of the apartment, I looked at them frowning.

"Come on guys, let me in."

"Mr. Kim asked us not to let anyone in." Said one of them.

"Well, maybe he'd said that, but I live here."

They looked at each other, and I started to think that maybe I have to figure out something else, but they ultimately let me in.

I took off my shoes, then I saw my house mate who was sitting in the couch in the living room with a young boy in front of him.

I hold back a sigh and made my way towards them. What the fuck, Jin, what did you do this time?


Chapter Text



"Oh, hello, Yoongi" Jin welcomed me. I could clearly see that he wasn't happy to see me. Pff, thanks, it's nice to feel the caring...

"Who the hell did you bring up here?" I know I was an asshole, but I didn't give a shit about it. I looked at the boy next to Jin. He was younger than me, but I couldn't tell the exact age difference. His skin looked perfect at first sight, his slightly bigger nose didn't make him less handsome. His lips were thin, but still tempting, his jawline was sharp.

Jin sighed, looking at me with a grim on his face.

"Jungkook, let me introduce you to Min Yoongi. Yoongi, he's Jeon Jeongguk." "Please don't be an asshole, okay? I'll tell you everything later." Hmm, looks like his night was good as well. At least he remembered it.

"He didn't tell me he's not living alone." Fuck, are they got already so good with each other that this is the first thing he's thinking about? My God, Jin, your pure heart will be the end for you...

I nodded a bit, making sure for Jin that I'll do as he pleased.

"Hi" I said curtly looking at Jungkook. I tried to be less rude, but it was in my nature, it was hard for me.

I looked back at the older. "Shit, looks like he doesn't like me. Easy, Jungkook, don't panic."

Come on, am I look that scary?

"Where did you find this boy? He's scared as fuck because of me."

"Is there anything to eat?"

"We ate everything I made for breakfast, sorry." "I told you, I'll tell you everything later."


Aish, why the hell did he bring up someone here? "Okay, but don't you dare to miss anything! There has to be a reason why he stayed here after you fucked him."





I swear to God if Jungkook weren't be here I would smack Yoongi. But I held myself back.

"I'll make something for you." I stood up already, glancing at Jungkook in the process.

"Do you want to eat too?"

"I-i'm not hungry..." He murmured under his nose. Yoongi went to his room while we were speaking.

Jungkook still looked confused as he looked at me in the eye. I felt his concern, so I crouched next to him, gently soothing his hand with mine.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about him" I said quietly. "Just to be sure, we had nothing like that. He needed a place to live, and I was a good friend to help him out."

When he understood what I had said, he smiled, his concern disappeared as well.

"It's okay, honestly you shouldn't explain anything at all..." He became a bit sad. "I'm just a-"

I didn't let him finish his sentence, I put my index finger onto his lips to protest.

"Don't you dare say it out loud, and never, ever think about it again! Maybe it started that way, but trust me, you mean a lot more than that right now" I blushed as I finished my sentence. I didn't exaggerate. I knew I only met him last night, but I felt like it won't take a long time till I'll feel much deeper emotions towards him.

He looked at me with wide eyes for a moment, then he nodded a little. I took my finger from his soft lips, locking my eyes into his.

"You can come anytime you want, okay?"

"O-okay" He stuttered blushing. I chuckled, then I pecked his lips before heading to the kitchen.





While these two were chatting I went to my room. I randomly picked some clothes from my wardrobe and walked back to my door, but I stopped as I heard what Jin had said.

"Just to be sure, we had nothing like that. He needed a place to live, and I was a good friend to help him out."

I didn't move as I wanted to hear what else he would say. I didn't want him to speak too much about me to a person he just met.

Jungkooks voice was low, I barely heard him speaking.

"It's okay, honestly you shouldn't explain anything at all...I'm just a-" Whatever he wanted to say something couldn't let him finish his sentence.

"Don't you dare say it out loud, and never, ever think about it again! Maybe it started that way, but trust me, you mean a lot more than that right now" my housemate said. I immediately used my power, I was curious about what he was thinking. I buried myself into his thoughts and I found what I was looking for. I had no idea what had happened between them last night, but my hyungs feelings were deeper already towards the younger. His next sentence just confirmed that fact.

"You can come anytime you want, okay?"

A few seconds later Jungkook spoke.


There was something about what I had heard that made my heart ache. It's not that I was jealous or something. I just worried about Jin-hyung cause I knew his heart was broke once before. I didn't want him to be heartbroken again. 


I opened the door and went to the bathroom without a word. I could hear Jungkooks thought through the closed door.

"Jungkook, don't fell in love with him after your first occasion! Maybe he just pity you."


I felt my mouth formed a smile, I laughed quietly while I shook my head.

"Aish, these two idiots!" I murmured under my nose as I started to undress to have a shower.





I was still at the effect of the kiss when Jin made his way to the kitchen and started to make breakfast for Yoongi.

I wondered about what I've had heard. It looked like Jin...likes me? He didn't wanted me just for a quick sex? And that wouldn't be the only reason for staying with me? Because if that was the, I couldn't bare that. Maybe I'm an incubus, but I can have feelings, I can feel love just like anyone else...

I shook my head as I walked towards my hyung. “Jungkook, don't fell in love with him after your first occasion! Maybe he just pity you.” Yoongi left his room and went to the bathroom, he closed the door with a bit more force than necessary.


I leaned to the kitchen counter next to Jin when I arrived at the kitchen. I watched him for a while in silence as he sliced the ingredients. It was obvious that he knew what he was doing, and he loves to do it. I collected my courage and took a big breath before I spoke.


"Hmm?" He didn't even looked at me as he poured the whipped eggs into the frying pan.

"Tell me, is Yoongi.."

"Yes" I didn't have to finish my sentence, he already knew what I wanted to know.

"Oh...and what is his power?" I was more than curious, but I didn't get the answer from the man I asked from.

"I'm a telepath" Yoongi said.

I turned around, looking at him surprised. I felt my cheeks started to burn, I glanced anywhere but his face.

"I-i'm sorry, I just..." I stuttered, I was scared about what his reaction would be, but he just smiled at me.

"It's okay. But you owe me an explanation as well."

"Yoongi!" Jin warned him while he put the cooked meal onto the table.

The mint haired boy looked at him frowning, a grimace appeared on his face.

"What? It's fair! I told him my powers, so he owe me to tell his."

"It's okay that you would like to know, but you should said it less... awkwardly." Jins glare was serious as he spoke.

"Why would I supposed to do that? You know that I just can't communicate as a normal person or whatever."


I just stood there in shock, watching the two arguing. They looked like a married couple as they brawled. It looked like almost comic scene. In the established silence I spoke.

"I'm an incubus.


Chapter Text


I sometimes felt like Yoongi was my little brother who needs to be scolded. I told him at least a million times that he shouldn't be this rude. As we were arguing with each other I felt that Jungkook was a bit scared. That's why I tried to stop this idiot, but in the sudden silence Jungkook spoke up totally unexpectedly.
"I'm an incubus."
Both of us looked at him in pure shock, but our reasons were different.

My reason was that I didn't expect from him to tell this to someone who he had just met. Yoongis' was caught in surprise by the information he had heard. "Is that true, Jin?" I could sense and read his emotions more easily as his thoughts came into my mind, but it was not fear I sensed and it caught me off guard. Ookay, looks like Yoongi was out of his mind. "Yes, it is true, but why the hell are you so...excited?"

Junkook's cheeks became cherish red as he turned his head between us. It snapped me out of my thoughts and I looked at him from Yoongi.
"I'm sorry, but you surprised us."
Yoongi was still silent as he looked at the young boy. At least not loudly. "Woah, I've never met anyone like us before. You have to tell me everything."
Jungkook looked at me frowning.
"Why are you surprised? You already knew what I am."
"Yes, but I've never imagined you would tell Yoongi so easily."
"Fine, I will tell you if you really wanna know it" I told Yoongi through my thoughts.



He had a point, I didn't know myself why did I tell that information to the mint haired boy. Maybe he wouldn't believe it, who knows. I narrowed my eyes from Jin to Yoongi, hoping that he would finally say a word. But it looked like he was deep in his thoughts so I spoke up.
"And why are you so surprised?" 
He blinked a few times than he locked his eyes with mine.
"I've never met anyone like you before." He didn't looked like he was afraid of me or disgusted by me. Actually I saw interest, curiosity sparkling in his eyes. Well, that was the last thing I expected. His reaction was totally different than Jin's and I was more than happy about it.
"I've never met with a telepath either. Or anyone whose got powers to begin with." I glanced the man beside me who awarded me a warm smile.

Yoongi sat at the table and started to eat his now cold breakfast. I pushed myself off of the kitchen counter and sat on the chair on the other side of the table.
I stared at him in silence, watching him eating while my thoughts went on. "Can he looked into my mind anytime he wants?"
"Yes, if I concentrate just a bit more I could clearly hear any thoughts of yours." He said after he swallowed the food he ate.
I loomed away, blushing, I locked my bottom lip between my teeth.
"It's not fair...." I mumbled quietly. "I have to watch out of my thoughts while he's around me."
"You better be!" Yoongi said with a smirk, chuckling.
"Yoongi! Enough!"


My laugh faded quickly, I looked at my hyung who looked at me with a killing gaze. I looked away instead and locked my eyes to the maknae. His face was cherish red and he didn't say a word.
"For Gods sake, you dumbass, if you scare him to leave, you'll be living in the streets!"

His thoughts attacked my mind like a truck, it was like he screamed into my ears, almost made me shiver.
"Okay, okay, I'm sorry..." I mumbled quietly and finished my breakfast. "Easy, man, I won't  read in his mind...that much."
Looks like i shouldn't had said that as Jin looked at me like he really want to kill me now.
"You should be careful while you're living here."

Pfft, great. All these years of friendship he just doubt me like some trash just because I made a stupid joke. "Fine, I got it. Easy, man!"
"I'm sorry, I'll be a good boy, I promise" I said while I rolled my eyes.
"You better be." he scoffed me. I stood up from the table and put my plate into the dishwasher. I swear I tried to lock out Jungkooks thoughts, but I was really hard. I tuned much easier into those minds like me, it takes much less effort to read their thoughts.

I sat back to my chair and looked to the young boy. I followed me with his eyes, but he didn't dare to speak.
"Look, I'm really sorry that I scared you, I didn't mean to. I have a weird humor, I guess." I tried to complain, the corner of my mouth rose up a little.
"I'm not mad at you. It's just so embarrassing that you could look into my mind in any second if you want to."
Jin sit next to Junkgook, he put his hand onto the younger's. They looked at each other, my hyung tried to calm him.
"It took some time for me too, but trust me, you'll get use to it. Besides, he won't try to read in your mind all the time, right?" At the end of his sentence he gazed at me with a meaning look.
"Fuck you, Jin."  The corner of his lips twitched a bit. "Already happened." 
"No, I won't." I murmured under my nose, pouting. "Tsk, snooty."
"O-okay, thank you." Jungkook said, he smiled shyly.

As the conversation was over for me, I stood up from the table and went to my room. I closed the door behind me and hopped to my bed. Jin was a lucky man with this boy. How was he like in bed? I was curious, but I didn't dare to ferret in my hyungs memories. He promised me he will tell me, and I trusted him enough to believe him.



I lowered my head and a big sigh left my lips when I heard his rooms door closed. That was not as bad as I expected to be. I looked at Jungkook, he stared at me with an uncomprehending look.
"Is everything okay?" He asked, concerned.
"Yeah, it's just...he's not an easy case. I had no idea how would he react."
"Well, he is a weird one for sure. The fact that he could read in my mind as much as he creeps me out. How do you manage it?"
"It was very hard at the start, he couldn't control it then. But he can control it much better now."
"How long do you two live together?"
"For four years."
He was quiet for a few moments, he processed what he'd heard. I spread out my power automatically, but luckily there was no negative emotion, just curiosity.

I didn't break the silence, I let him in his thoughts. He started to chew his bottom lip, my eyes caught the act unwillingly. I swallowed and tried to suppress the blooming desire in myself. I didn't wanted to get into an embarrassing situation, I mean what if Yoongi chose the wrong moment to come out from his room? It would be so awkward if he saw when I kiss this demigod next to me.

A quiet beep sound broke the silence. Jungkook looked at me surprised, but I shook my head.
"It's not mine, the sound came from the bathroom."
He stood up from the table and went to the said room. I remembered that his clothes was there after our bath, his phone probably was in his jeans' pocket.
He came back after a few minutes with a lowered head. I felt his sadness and immediately rushed towards him, I put my index finger under his chin and lifted up his head to make eye contact.
"What happened?"



"How long do you two live together?"
"For four years."
His answer surprised me but I tried not to show him. I wondered about what I had heard, and the things that had happened a few moments ago. Okay, so Yoongi is a telepath, Jin can read in emotions and he could control them if he wants to. They live together for four years. Jin stated that nothing like that had ever happened between them, and I mean more to him than a simple one night affair. I started to chew on my lip.

I heard a beep sound, but I didn't know where it came from. I looked at Jin with a surprised look, but he just shook his head.
"It's not mine, the sound came from the bathroom."
I stood up and went to the bathroom and crouched next to my jeans. I took my phone from the pocket. I got a text from my mother.

"Dear Jungkook! Your father and I got to know that you spent your night in a four-star hotel . Looks like you don't need a rent to live in, so please, pack up your stuff and move out from the apartment till today's end. We will transfer the rent by the way. You can spend it on whatever you want.
Best regards: Mom and Dad"

I needed a few moments to process what I'd read. How the hell did they know that I was here? They had someone to look after me?
After the first shock came through me I realized the meaning of the text. I had to move out from my apartment. I was totally destroyed by that fact, I went to the living room with a lowered head.

I couldn't believe the fact that my parents practically dislodged me from my rent. I only took a few steps when I heard someone rushed towards me. A hand reached under my chin and lifted my head upwards.
"What happened?" Jin asked me with a worried face.
I didn't answer him, I put my phone into his hand instead, then I walked to the couch, hopping down on it with a huge sigh.



I stared at the phone in my hands with a weird look then I glanced to Jungkook who sat on the couch.
"What's this?"
"Just read the text, it's still opened." He said and tossed his head back with his eyes closed.
I looked back at the mobile screen and read the text. Then I read it again.
"Is that serious now?" I couldn't believe the fact that his parents dare to do this with their son.
"As much as I know them, yes, it is, and I should call myself lucky as they decided to transfer the money at all." He said with a sad tone.

I walked towards him and sat down on the couch next to him. His sadness attacked my mind ruthlessly. I reached my hand to his shoulder, gently soothed it and slid it to his neck, a small sigh escaped from his lips.
"I'm so sorry, it's my fault. If I didn't bring you here, you still have a place to live" I tried to hold back my tears, but damn, it was so hard.
Jungkook lifted up his head in surprise, staring at me with wide opened eyes. As he saw my unfallen tears, fear appeared on his face, he held my head between his hands.
"Oh, hyung, don't blame yourself! If not now, I'm sure that later on they would've found another reason to abandon me. Don't cry, please!" He caressed my cheek with his fingers, I closed my eyes at the warm sensation.

I took a deep breath and I tried to calm down, but I felt his sadness besides my own, and I just couldn't do it. I opened my eyes and looked at into his. It could be more helpful if he would feel another emotion...
A sudden idea made me to lean down to his lips.


Chapter Text


He was surprised at first, but as he sensed my tongue on his bottom lip he immediately lowered his jaw with a quiet moan to let me deepen the kiss. His negative emotions switched to desire just in a few seconds, making my own desire bloom as I felt his. I sneaked closer to him and he sat on my lap, curled his legs around my waist, kissing each other still.

He moved his hands from my cheeks and slid them down to the side of my body, making me quiver at the sensation. I broke the kiss, I needed some air. His eyes were sparkling with lust, a mischievous smile appeared on his face.
"Well, you know how to distract someone."
"I hope you don't mind" I said and I felt my cheeks started to burn. He chuckled a bit, I leaned my head till my forehead touched his, we stayed like this for a few seconds.
"What are you gonna do?"
"I have to pack up my stuff" his voice sounded a bit sad.

He leaned back a little to look at me in the eye. I stare at his face while I tried to reach my house mates mind. "Yoongi?"
The answer almost came immediately. 
"Jin, you better have a good reason to wake me up!" 
I knew I'll get punished somehow later, but I didn't care. "Sorry, I just wanted to let you know that Jungkook will move in."  I didn't even wait for his answer as I opened my mouth to speak with the boy in front of me.
"Move in with me."

He stared at me in pure shock, he was speechless.
"And why the hell should he move in?" His concern could be heard clearly even from his thoughts. I was more than happy that he didn't send me to hell in the first place.
"His parents dislodged him from his rent."
"Wha-what?" The maknae asked as he finally understood what I've had said.
"You have nowhere to live, and you could easily live in here, my residence is big enough for the three of us."
Yoongis voice sounded annoyed in my head. "Shit."  I heard his voice again after a few seconds. "Fine, but he will sleep with you!"
Jungkook chewed his lips while he wondered about my offer.
"Where will I sleep? You have only two bedrooms."
"You could sleep with me, the bed is big enough for both of us."
He blushed, probably he thought about last night.
"And wouldn't I bother Yoongi?"


I looked at Jin with a worried face. I mean it's one thing that he was okay if I move in here, but I had no idea about what Yoongi would think about this.
Jin blushed and looked away.
"Well...he said it's okay."
I blinked a few times, I didn't understand when the hell did they talked about it.
"Oh!" was the only thing that came out from my mouth when I realized the conversation probably happened through their minds.
So that's why my hyung was embarrassed. He felt ashamed as he communicated with the mint haired boy without me knowing it. I reached to his chin with my hand, lifting up his head a little, he glanced at me with a scared look.
"It's okay, I'm not mad, I'm just surprised, that's all. It's not a common thing that you could speak only with your thoughts with someone else."
He relaxed when he understood my words, a cute smile appeared in his face as well.
"So, what's your answer? Would you like to live with us?"
I let go his chin while I got deep inside my thoughts about what would my answer be. My answer would have been a no as he firstly offered it. But to see how much he wanted it, I nodded slowly.
"I think yes, I would love to."

He hugged me tightly while he pushed his lips onto mine, the momentum almost made me fall back on the couch. After the first shock I kissed him back, reaching my hand to his soft locks, pulling his hair gently, caressing his back with my other hand. He didn't dragged back that much, he rubbed his nose with mine then he leaned his head to the crook of my neck.
"You won't regret it, I promise" his voice was so low, it made me quiver.
"I'm sure about that."
I gently pulled him away from me to look into his eyes.
"I'll go now, I pack up my things from the apartment."
"You need any help?"
"Can I borrow your car?" I asked shyly. I got my driving licence a year ago, but I didn't have enough money to buy a car for myself.
"Of course."
"Thank you, I will pay it back somehow."
A playful smile crossed his face, he looked at me with a cocked eyebrow.
"Hmm, you can pay back at night." I felt my cheeks burned in embarrassment.
"O-okay" I stuttered, Jin giggled at my reaction.


I couldn't hold back my small laugh, he was way too cute. I was extremely happy as he said yes to my offer. As he told me about his past it looked like to me that he didn't have another place to live, that's why I asked him to move in here. I had to admit that selfishness was in the picture too. I mean, come on, after what had happened last night I was more than sure that no one ever could make me feel the ways he made me feel, it was too good to be with him.
I stood up and reached my hand towards him.
"Come on, I accompany you."
He blinked a few times than he smiled at me and put his hand into mine, pulling himself up from the couch. He made his way to the bathroom. I didn't understand it first, but then I remembered we left our clothes there from yesterday.

I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bag from a drawer. When he came back from the bathroom I gave the bag to him and he put his clothes into it. Both of us went to the front door, he put on his shoes and I gave him the car keys after he stood up again.
"Have a safe drive."
He almost opened the door when I grabbed his shoulder.
"Could you give me your phone for a moment, please?"
He looked at me confused but he did as I asked, putting his unlocked phone into my hand. I saved my number to his contacts and gave back the device to his hand.
"If you need any help, call me, okay?"
He shook his head a yes, slipped his phone to his pocket and left.

I closed the door behind him and made my way to the living room. I just hopped onto the couch when Yoongi opened the door of his room. I held back a sigh as he walked towards me and sat down next to me, looking at me with anticipation. 
"What do you want to know?" I asked without hesitation.
"Start from the beginning, I guess."
"You know that bar that opened recently?" He nodded. "I met him there."
"Why the hell were you there?" His question was on point, I wasn't the one who loved to go to parties and got drunk.
"It doesn't matter." I waved blushing. I was ashamed to admit that I remembered the old times when I was in a happy relationship. That made me depressed, obviously, so I decided to go to a bar hoping that if I drink enough maybe it could help me to forget.
"You thought about him again, didn't you?" Shit, he knows me too well, he didn't have to read in my mind. I sadly nodded a yes and he sighed.
"Jin, almost four years had passed, forget him! You should concentrate on the present, not the past."


It felt like shit to see my hyung this sad. Most of the people thought that I was an asshole, but I could do anything to those who are important to me. There are only a few, and Jin is one of them.
"So, you two met at the bar. What happened next? Did you know at that time already that who he really was?" I tried to continue the conversation we started before, I had to distract him from that wanker.
"No, I only realized it later" he started, and I listened to him with interest as he told what had happened last night.

He really told me everything, and I tried to sit as comfortable as possible, but it was way too hard because my pants got too tight down there. My only luck was the fact that I had pretty good self control.
"So, you only found out that he's an incubus at the end?"
"Yep. I got more tired than usual and I had no idea why it had happened. Only my own power helped me to figure out what he was doing."
"More precisely?" I was curious, I had no idea what the hell he was talking about.
"Umm, well, after you have an orgasm, a special aura appears around you, it's a mix of multiple emotions. The incubus uses this aura to get some kind of energy, it's a source that they need to live." I was speechless as he explained this to me.
"You have never told me that before."
"You never asked."
"Touché. And what happened after that?"
"I got too tired and I fell asleep. I didn't wake up until morning."
"Why the hell did he stayed? He could easily had gone home."
He wondered about it, I didn't use my power, but damn, I really wanted to.
"He didn't know himself, and he surprised me as well when he opened the door in the morning. Yoongi, it was so good to be with him!" He sighed at the end.

I could only hope that he really find the happiness he deserves. My hyung has a pure heart, and many people used him. I tried to protect him as much as I could, but I couldn't be beside him all the time.
"I can imagine if he screwed your head like that." I was just pickering him, and he blushed again.
"I'd like to help him how can he control his powers."
"Why, he doesn't know how to do it?" I asked him surprised.
"He turned eighteen three months ago."
"Shit, he's that young?"
"Yeah, it surprised me too. Furthermore, his parents practically disinherited him when they found out what their son is."
"Excuse me?"
"They put him into an apartment and they transfer some money to his bank account in every month. I suppose from what happened earlier they only communicate with him via text messages."

I stayed quiet for a while, I tried to process the things I've had heard. I understood the situation he got in, my parents' reaction were similar to his. I was more lucky though 'cause they waited till I move out myself.
"Why he has to live with us in the first place?"
"His parents somehow figured out that he slept in here. They continue to transfer the money for him but they dislodged him from his apartment."
"Shit" was the only thing I could say. I felt sorry for the maknae, it's a shame that he has to suffer like this at this young age.


I saw that how much Yoongi was surprised by the things he had heard. He was deep in his thoughts, his eyes were focusing on nothing. After a few minutes he looked at me again.
"Jin, tell me, how do you feel right now?" He asked me quietly, his concern reached my mind.
"I couldn't describe it with words, it''s intangible."
"Then show me!" He asked and he reached his hand towards me.

There's a thing about my power to be known that besides that I could read someones emotions, I can show mine to someone else by touch. That's why I could control the emotions, I repress it and substitute it with mine, so to speak. I grasped Yoongis hand, shut my eyes and I started to think about Jungkook. His beautiful face, big grown eyes, how was it to be with him. Warmness bloomed in my whole body, it was a mix of happiness and desire.
I opened my eyes and glanced at the mint haired boy in front of me.


He slid his hand onto mine and shut his eyes, concentrating. Thanks to his powers his emotions flew into me slowly. They were strong, intensive feelings, his happiness mixed with desire, they got deep into my soul.
I didn't expect that they only met yesterday yet he had this deep, strong emotions towards Jungkook.
We still held each others hands when my hyung opened his eyes and locked them with mine.
"Well, what did you found out, smartass?" He tried to joke around.
"That you are lovesick as hell." I said smiling.
His face became so red like a tomato. He let go of my hand and buried his face in both of his hands.
"I-it's po-possible." He stuttered.

A beep sound of a phone could be heard from Jins room, both of our heads turned to that direction.
"It must be Jungkook." He said and rushed to his room.
About a minute later he came back with sparkling eyes.
"Was it him?"
"Yes, he wrote a text, he will be here soon. I'll make some space in my wardrobe for his clothes. Could you go down to the parking lot? The guards won't let him in alone."
I sighed, looking tiredly at my hyung.
"Do I have to?"
His happiness disappeared in a second, his gaze was dead serious.
"If you want to stay here, than yes." He said primly.
"It's not fair to threaten me with this all the time." I mumbled under my nose while I stood up from the couch.
He rolled his shoulders and went back to his room. I put up with my fate and made my way to the front door, put up my shoes and went down to the parking lot of the hotel.

Chapter Text


As I stepped out from the residence and made my way towards the elevator, I could feel the guards eyes burning holes into my back. I wondered about what had happened while I went down to the parking lot. It felt like shit what my parents did to me, but I wasn't that sad as I could live with Jin. I've had never imagined that there would be someone in my life who accept me despite the fact who I really was.

When I got out from the hotel I looked around and clicked the button on the car key. I heard the sound of the alarm and walked to where it came from. After a few minutes I was driving to my apartment by following the instructions that the GPS gave me. Most of the people were working at this hour, so the traffic wasn't that bad, I drove there quite quickly. I parked the car, unfolded my seat belt and unlocked the alarm system of my apartment, making my way to the hall.
It didn't take too long till I packed up all of my belongings I brought here through the three months I was living here. I didn't bought that much stuff besides the things I brought with myself when I moved in here.

After I finished with everything, I sat in the car and drove out without looking back. I tried to chase away the thought that my parents convinced how much they hated me, that they looked at me like some kind of garbage they want to get rid off. No matter how hard I tried it, I couldn't do it. It wasn't just what they had done to me, but at least they'll transfer the money anyway. And I'll definitely give it to Jin, I won't let him to let me live with him for free.
As the thought formed in my head, I reached my phone at the red light and wrote a text to Jin that I was almost at the hotel. As he lives in a residence, they won't allow anyone in.

I became more and more excited as I was on my way to the hotel. Flashbacks came into my mind about what had happened yesterday, and I felt I was blushing at the memories. When Jin looked at me with lustful eyes, his tempting lips which discovered every inch of my body, his broad shoulders I gripped when he pushed himself into me again and again.
I felt that the memories bloomed the desire inside me, but it was different this time, the hunger didn't came with it. I had sex before only cause I had to, it was the only way I could get the aura, the source I needed to live.

But with Jin, it was different in many ways. His aura I got from him was more intensive than a normal human has. And after I slept with him, I was sure that I would never, ever be capable of being with anyone else but him. And that fact has nothing to to that I was an incubus. He made me feel things that I've never thought I would capable of feeling. Furthermore, it looked like he felt similar towards me.
What was he said? Something like I could clear my debt tonight, right? As a gratitude that he let me live with him. A mischievous smile appeared on my face as I wondered how could I do that.



I was just cursing myself for my stupidity as I came down in a t-shirt in December when I saw Jins car turning into the parking lot. I shuddered by the freezing wind and made my way to the car, stopped at the luggage track of the vehicle, waiting for the boy to get out from the car. "Why didn't Jin come?" It came through his mind as he walked next to me.
"He's trying to make some space for your clothes." I answered to his unspoken question.
He blushed as he looked at me, then he turned his back to me instead and opened the luggage track. He leaned forward to pick up his stuff and I used the opportunity to check him out from head to toe. He was taller than me, and it was easy to see that he had a muscular body despite the clothes he was wearing. I swallowed hard as I glanced to his ass and thighs. Good thing that he couldn't read my mind. His handsome face would probably became more red. Aish, Jin, you lucky! I lightly shook my head to erase my lustful thoughts.

Jungkook turned around and gave me a bag, he threw another one into his shoulder half-way.
"That's it?" I asked him with a raised eyebrow.
"Yes. Why?" He slightly tilted his head to the side, his doe eyes scanned my face. Oh my God, I had to hold back myself, if I try anything Jin will definitely kill me. Only if I won't die in guilt before that...
"I thought you'll have more stuff."
"Well, I didn't brought too much stuff with myself, when I moved out." Something made him feel embarrassed as he spoke then he turned around and made his way to the hotel. It made me nosy, Jin only told me what had happened last night till I got home. I knew that he had a bad relationship with his parents, but I had no idea what were the circumstances when he moved out. So I repressed my conscience and used my powers to reach his mind as I followed him.

When I use my power like this, I didn't see the memories as an outsider. I saw them through the persons eyes. Like I was the person who experienced the things that had happened to them.
Like I was the one who hover above an almost full written paper, tears dropping onto it, leaving patches on it. As grabbing clothes form a wardrobe, throwing them into a bag. As looking around one last time before closing the door of a place that once felt like a home.
We were waiting for the elevator when the last flashback run inf front of my eyes. Jungkook didn't notice anything at all of this, he was chewing his lips, deep in his thoughts. As I knew what he was thinking at the moment, something made me to do something about it, to try to distract him.
"Jin is a very lucky man" I said just as loud as he was the only one who could hear me. I glanced at him and saw as he lowered his head blushing, a shy smile appeared on his face.
"You really think so?"
"Man, have you ever looked into a mirror?" I asked him jokingly, trying to make him feel better.
He giggled quietly, lightly shaking his head as he stepped into the elevator. My mouth formed a smile as well when I followed him and pushed the floor where Jins residence was.



I have never thought that Yoongi had a kind side. He looked so...cold, rude even. But here we were, like his only goal was to make me feel less sad.
"Why are you so kind to me suddenly?" I asked him, waiting for the answer.
"I realized I should behave nicely if we will live together" he said, rolling his shoulders.
"Oh, well, thank you, I guess..." I murmured embarrassed.
"Plus if I made Jin angry, he will kick me out instantly. I love living here, I got use to the luxury, I don't want to search for another place to live." He added after a few seconds.
I blinked at him speechless, I tried to figure out if he was serious about what he had said.

The elevator got up to the right floor, I quickly stepped out and made my way towards the guards. I halted when I got to them. They looked pretty scary, looking at me with a poker face, and I was too scared to speak.
"Easy, guys, he's with me." Yoongi said next to me. The guards nodded then they let us go. The mint haired boy stepped away from me, I followed him with a lowered head.
I sighed in relief when I closed the front door. I took off my shoes, put down the car key from my pocket and went to Jins, I mean, to our room.
The door was half opened, quiet noises came out from the room. I sneaked in carefully, put down my bag slowly trying not to make any noise. Jin crooned something softly as he tried to pack his clothes to one side in the wardrobe, showing his back to me. He didn't noticed that we had arrived.

A stood there for a moment and enjoyed the sight in front of me. My hyung was seductive even from behind with his board shoulders, tiny waist and shapely ass. The waves of desire reached my mind and body again as I stepped behind him, curling my arms around his waist, leaning my head to the crook of his neck.
"Hey" I whispered and left a small peck on his sensitive skin.
"Hey" his voice was low too, he tossed back his head to my chest, letting me hug him even more tightly. He reached his hand to my hair, softly pulling my locks to pull me closer to him, a soft moan escaped from his lips when I licked his neck.
"At least shut the door if you want to dally. I don't want to see it!" Yoongi growled and in the next moment I heard the door shut. Jin giggled quietly and turned around in my arms, locking his eyes with mine.
"Don't worry about him, he's just jealous." A mischievous smile crossed his face, he laced his hands around my neck.
"I don't care anyone or anything else except you" I said and smashed my lips with his.

Chapter Text


He kissed me passionately, I crooked his hair with one of my hands, soothing his back with the other one. He licked my lips and I gave him the access, opening my mouth wider. A pleasant shiver run through my whole body when I felt his tongue touching mine. The waves of the desire buried me, making me moan into his mouth. I wanted him so fucking bad, it was unbearable, and his desire towards me was like a fuel to my fire.
We looked at each other when we broke the kiss, our gasping echoed in the room.
"It's time for me to pay you beck your offer." His voice was so low as he spoke.
"Hmm, and how do you wanna do that?" I asked him, a mischievous smile crossed my face.
He didn't answer me, he leaned to my neck instead and started to lick and suck the sensitive skin while he backed out to my bed, pulling me with himself. When he reached the mattress he sat down and I sat on his lap, I chewed on my lip trying to hold back my voice.

I stroke his hair, softly pulling his locks between my fingers to pull him off from my neck and smash my lips with his. I bit his lip as I tossed him back on the bed. I slid my hands under his shirt and soothed his bare skin, making him quiver at the feeling.
I broke the kiss and rose up from him and took off my shirt then took off his as well. I slid my fingers on his naked chest, down to his abdomen. My touch made him shiver, I licked my lips and started to undo his pants. I almost took off the cloth but he sat up, grabbing my wrists to stop my movements. I glanced at him, waiting for an explanation.
"I-I don't want to be in the focus." He said quietly as he looked away blushing hard. I stood up from his lap and grabbed his face.
"It pleases me if I could make you feel good." I said softly and I gently caressed his cheeks with my thumb.
"I don't want to be focused." He mumbled under his nose as he locked his beautiful brown eyes with mine.

Suddenly he leaned to my mouth, he slid his tongue between my mildly parted lips and tangled it with mine. The pleasant feeling sent shiver through my whole body, it made me moan into the kiss.
My hands went on their own will, one of them reached his hair and stroke into the soft, silky locks, the other slid onto his back, pulling him closer to me. We broke the kiss after a few moments, he leaned his forehead to mine, staring my face with his lustful eyes.
"I want to make you feel the way I felt last night." He whispered, his lips almost touched mine as he spoke.
"Wha-what do you mean exactly by that?" I asked, but I had a feeling that I knew what he was thinking of.
"I think you know exactly what I want." He answered softly, looking at me with hopeful eyes.
I wanted and was afraid of it at the same time, it was so long ago when I was the submissive one. But I trusted him enough to believe in him, so I repressed my fear and nodded a yes.
"Fi-fine." I stuttered, blushing. The moment the word left my lips I saw the happiest smile ever in his face, he looked like a cute bunny. The happiness he felt was so intensive, it mixed with his desire, making me feel dizzy like I was drunk. My God, what have I done? His smile faded, and a whole different emotion appeared on his face.


Sometimes I hated so much that I have powers. No matter how thick the walls were, I heard their thoughts anyway. And it's pretty hard to take some rest, sleep even if their lustful thoughts keep attacking my mind. A deep sigh left my lips and I closed my eyes. In the next second I heard Jins thoughts and I saw through his eyes, seeing a half naked Jungkook between his legs. His eyes were filled with pure lust and desire, his lips were kissed swollen, his bare chest rose up and down as he breathed, his muscles looked like they were dancing under his skin as he gasped for air.
I felt my cock started to harden at the sight, so I opened my eyes and sat up in my bed, trying to erase the pictures I just saw. It had never happened before to slid into someones mind unwillingly. I only used this type of my power to search in their memories without them knowing it, just like in Jungkooks case not long ago. I had no idea that I could use it like this too.

I stood up from my bed as I shook my head and walked to my wardrobe. I picked up some clothes and headed to the bathroom. The picture I just saw flashed back again as I glanced at the closed door next to my room, it made my semi hard member twitch. I felt my cheeks started to burn, I turned my head and walked to the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I opened the tap and after I managed the right temperature I started to undress myself. I took off my shirt first, I shut my eyes while I pulled off the cloth. I was in my hyungs mind again, he laid in the bed, watching the young boy between his legs. He left trail kisses on Jins chest, leaning down to his abs until he reached his crotch. He undid the olders pants and stared at him when he was done, but he didn't pull off the cloth. His eyes were burning with wistfulness as he looked at the man laid under him.
The next thing I knew I was grabbing the edge of the bathtub, gasping for air, my shirt was in the water. My pants were fucking uncomfortable by now, I growled as I tried to took off of me. I grabbed the wet shirt out from the water and threw it next to my pants and closed the tap. A soft moan left my lips as I sank in the warm water, it reached my neck, covering my whole body. I tossed back my head to the edge of the bathtub, enjoying the sensation.

I started to wonder why the hell had that happened to me. Was it because I found Jungkook attractive? I felt similar than Jin? It looked like that was the only explanation.
Should I tell Jin about this? I was afraid if he would be mad at me. I didn't do it on purpose! Aish, I'll have to tell him. I didn't want to keep secrets from him. Shit, what's gonna happen from this? 
I grimaced as I glanced at my erection. After a soft sigh I wrapped my fingers around my shaft to get over with it. The pictures of the half naked Jungkook came back to my mind unintentionally, and I had never, ever reached my climax so fast.



I was so happy that Jin said yes. I wanted him so fucking bad, my only goal was to cause him so much pleasure that he had never experienced before.
I just undid his pants and I looked at him, locking my eyes with his. He looked extremely hot as he looked back at me with those lustful eyes, his chest moved at a faster pace as he gasped for air, his soft skin was covered with sweat.
"Ple-please, ahhn-!" He couldn't finish his sentence as I stroke his bulge through his pants.
"Don't worry, we won't miss a thing" my desire made my voice low as I spoke, I pulled his pants off painfully slowly with his underwear.
I gulped hard as I saw his huge cock, I licked my lips when I wrapped my fingers around him.
"Your size still surprises me" I whispered, tightening my grip a bit around his member.
"A-ahh, you want to dri-dive me in-ah, insane?" He asked between soft moans, he arched his back at the sensation.
"Just a little" I said with a playful smile on my face. I closed my eyes and licked his full length, it made him quiver, a lustful moan left his lips.

I licked him again, taking only the top of his member, using my tongue in the process. I felt his hand in my hair, pulling my black locks a bit. I shut my eyes at the feeling and started to slowly move my head on him, letting him sink deeper into my mouth.
It was strange that I didn't felt the hunger. I didn't wanted him cause I had to be with him to survive. I was with him because I wanted to, I wanted to make him feel pleasure.
His lustful moans echoed in my ears as I started to move my head faster, sometimes I let his cock to touch the back of my throat. I hummed to make him feel more pleasure, he gripped my hair harder and lifted up his hips unintentionally.

I reached my free hand to his tempting lips. He got the hint and I slid my fingers into his mouth. He started to lick and suck them like my dick was in between his lips, not my digits.
I slowly pulled out my fingers and aligned them to his rim. I wrapped my lips tighter around his cock, sucking it harder, he arched his back at the pleasurable feeling, a loud moan escaped from his lips. I used the opportunity and pushed my index finger into his hole, but I didn't start to move it yet. I wanted to let him to adjust and relax.
I pulled out him halfway from my mouth and started to use more of my tongue and my hand on him. After a few moments I felt his precum on my tongue, so I slowed down my tempo and started to move my finger in him.


I almost forgot what does it feel like to be prepped. It helped me a lot that I had the best blow job in my life so I almost felt no pain at all when he started to move his finger inside me. I loosened his hair and moved my hand next to myself, I didn't want to hurt him.
I bit my bottom lip when I felt his second digit, this hurt a bit. He scanned every moment, every flutter I made. He let my cock deep into his mouth again, hitting the back of his throat for distraction. I hissed at the sensation, I tried to hold back my moans.

After a few moments I could finally relax, soft sighs and whimpers left my lips as he stretched me with scissoring movements with his fingers while he still bopped his head on my shaft.
"Ju-Jungkook, I'm go-gonnah cum, if you won't sto-stop" I could barely speak between my moans, I looked at him with half shut eyes. He didn't stop though, he locked his lustful eyes with mine. The waves of the pleasure attacked my mind, burying me under themselves. It was too strong, too intensive I couldn't let my eyes open. I tossed back my head into the pillows, breathing heavily. The next moment I felt his third finger entered inside me next to the other two, he stopped the scissor movements and thrust them deep inside me.
The feeling was extremely good, I almost came. I slightly moved my hips, asking him for do it again without words.

Thank God he got the hint, he pulled his digits almost all the way out and slowly pushed them back again and again, going deeper with every time. I arched my back when he hit my prostate.
"Aah, there!" I cried out loud, he repeat his movement in the same angle.
The pleasure he caused with his fingers, mouth and tongue was unbearable for me, I moaned loudly when I came. My whole body trembled as the waves of my orgasm buried me alive.
Jungkook slowly pulled me out from his mouth, he swallowed my semen and licked his lips. He hovered above me, pulling out his fingers. I curled my arms around his neck and pulled him down to me to kiss him passionately. I grabbed his bottom lip between my teeth, making him groan, he grabbed my ass.
"Don't tease me, you might regret it later" he almost growled, it made me shiver.
"It's your fault. I want to feel you, Jungkook" I whispered to his lips and leaned to his neck, licking his popped out vein, biting the soft, sensitive skin in the end. He dragged a bit and he almost reached to the drawer of the nightstand, but I grabbed his wrist. He looked at me confused, seeing his face made me smile.
"We don't need that" I said to his unasked question and pulled back him above me. I loosened his wrist and he soothed my ass cheeks, in the next moment I felt the tip of his cock aligned to my entrance.

I lifted up my head and looked into his eyes. I totally lost in them, they were filled with lust, my mind was buried under pleasure and desire we both felt. He scanned my face with his gaze when he slowly entered into me. I suck on my breath for a moment and he stopped moving immediately. I took a deep breath and shut my eyes, trying to relax. I felt his soft lips on my neck, he left feathery kisses all over my skin, sucking it here and there, trying to distract me from the unpleasant feeling.
I was so happy that he was so careful with me. My previous partner didn't care much about my feelings, how much I enjoyed our love-making. After my powers showed up, he couldn't accept me and left me. After that I didn't let anyone too close to me, and I soon gave up the one night stands, I felt so much emptiness inside after those occasions I couldn't bare it. Yoongi helped me a lot, obviously, but he was like a brother to me, he still is, and he feels the same way towards me. As these thoughts came through my mind, I felt my eyes started burning.


The moment I saw I caused him pain I stopped immediately, scanning his face, I worried about him. He shut his eyes and took a deep breath, I leaned to his neck and left soft, light kisses on his neck, sucking the sensitive skin a few times to distract him. I felt him began to relax a bit, but I didn't stop caressing his neck. After a few moments I heard him sniffing, then a second later he sniffed again, the next moment I felt a salty liquid in my tongue. I lifted up my head instantly and froze when I saw his face.
"What's wrong? Does it hurt that much?" I asked him in despair.
"N-no, it's fa-far from it, I'm just s-so ha-happy" he stuttered as tears started falling from his eyes.
"Then why are you crying?" I gently touched his face with my free hand, I wiped a tear on his cheek.
"No o-one ever paid this mu-much attention to me this before" he answered between his sniffs, he could barely speak. His answer shocked me. Who the hell would hurt a pure soul like him? Who doesn't want to give him pleasure and enjoyment?
I leaned closer to him and kissed his fallen tears, leaving a kiss on his lips for the last time.
"Then you have to get use to it, because you will be treated like this every time" I said, a smile crossed my face as I locked my eyes with him. A faint smile appeared on his face, his lips trembled a bit as he tried not to cry.
"Tha-thank you" he whispered and shut his eyes, pushing his soft lips onto mine.

The kiss became more hungry after a while, I slid my hand from his cheek to his chest, softly caressing his skin on the side of his body, leaving my hand on his ass, squeezing it tightly. He lifted up his hips unintentionally at the pleasurable sensation. He dragged from me as he break the kiss, moaning loudly. I slowly repeated my movement and pushed myself a bit deeper inside the tight warmness while I scanned his face. He sighed softly, he grabbed my hips and squeezed them, pulling me closer to him. I moaned when my whole length was inside him, but I didn't start moving, I wanted to enjoy the feeling as his warm, wet muscles clenched around my cock.
I glanced the man under me, making sure to memorize every inch of the sight. His dark, black locks clinged to his forehead, his brown eyes was full of lust and desire. His swollen lips were partly agape, his chest moved up and down in a faster pace as he tried to gasp for air. His skin shined because of his sweat, making him more tempting, his hard cock curled up to his abdomen.
"Ju-Jungkook?" I could barely heard him as he spoke. I looked at his face which was slightly red.


I felt my cheeks started burning as he looked at me with those lustful eyes. I looked away, he made me feel too embarrassed as he stared at me like he wanted to eat me alive with his eyes.
"You can mo-move" I stuttered and slapped myself internally. Come on, gather up yourself! You had such a big mouth yesterday...

He let go my ass with one of his hands and lifted up to my face, gently caressing my cheek. I shut my eyes and leaned into his touch then I moved my head to look at him in the eye again. He was so beautiful! His raven black hair adhered to his forehead, his doe eyes was so dark, the lust almost made them look like black, his lips curved into a soft smile. I lowered my gaze to his chest and abdomen. His muscles outlined more every time he breathed out, I licked my lips at the sight. I couldn't believe the fact that he wanted to be with me, it was like some fairy tale, too nice to be true.
He pulled out himself slowly and I glanced down unintentionally. I looked mesmerized as he gradually pushed back himself into my hole, making me moan when he entered in me with his full length.

"You're so tight!" he almost growled as he spoke, then he started to move with the previous slow pace. It was too good, I tossed back my head into the pillows, moaning under him. I slid my hands to his back, scratching his skin with my nails. He leaned closer to me and started to bit and suck my neck, moving just a bit faster into me. After a few minutes he rose up from me and grabbed my hips, lifting my lower body up a little so he could thrust himself deeper. I wrapped my legs around his waist and grabbed his wrists, trying to keep myself in the same position, helping him to reach the angle he wants. My breathing fastened, the waves of the pleasure hit me harder with every thrust he made.

His stamina was unbelievable, I would probably had came by now, but he smashed himself into my hole insistently, pushing himself so deep again and again. I stopped breathing for a second, I looked at him in surprise.
"The-there! Aahn, do-don't stop, ple-please~!" I said between moans when he hit my prostate. 
"I won't stop, trust me" he said quietly and started to move his hips faster as if it's even possible. 
In the back of my head I remembered for a moment that Yoongi was home but it was way too pleasurable as he hit my sweet spot with every thrust. I couldn't hold back myself, I was a moaning mess, I slid my hands to his upper arm, scratching his skin with my nails.


I moved inside him insistently, his moans became louder, I guessed I hit his prostate with almost every thrust. An indescribable feeling got me as I watched him. I didn't want this moment to come to an end. I lifted one of my arms from his hips and wrapped my fingers around his precum covered cock.
"Ju-jungkook, ahh!" He moaned when I started to move my hand on his shaft. After a few moments he cried out loud, his whole body trembled as his cock released his semen between our bodies.
I let go his member, lifting it to my mouth and I licked his cum from it, then I grabbed his hips again and I pushed myself deeper with a slower pace. His orgasm made his lower muscles clenched around my cock, after a few more thrusts I reached my climax, shooting my hot, sticky liquid into his tight, warm hole.
I pulled out myself tiredly, I gathered my remained strength and laid next to him, looking at his beautiful face.

He moved his head to the side, his eyes were sparkling with millions of emotions at the same time, he curled up his plump lips to a smile. I felt my mouth do the same, I reached my hand to his face, gently caressing his soft skin.
After a few seconds he closed his eyes, and the memory popped up in my mind about what had happened yesterday. I slid my other hand onto his face terrified, leaning closer to him.
"Jin! Jin, are you okay?" I asked him, feeling the panic blooming inside me. After a few moments he lifted up his hand and wrapped his fingers around my wrist while he slowly opened his eyes.
"I'm fine, don't worry" he said quietly. After his words got to me the tight feeling in my chest soften a bit, but it didn't disappeared entirely.
"Are you sure?"
"Jungkookie, I'm just tired, that's all. You would feel if you use your power, right?"
He had a point, I didn't felt indeed that my powers had activated. I exhaled my breath shakily, and he giggled at my reaction. I looked at him pouting.
"It's not funny at all!" I growled, but he looked at me still smiling, he pecked my lips softly.
"If you could see your face, you would have a different opinion."

We laid in the bed for a while in silence, looking at each others faces.
"Why didn't your power activated?" He asked quietly.
"I don't know. Maybe it's because I didn't have sex for survive, I guess."
"Oh really? Then why were you so rough?" He blushed as he asked.
"One, I wanted to pay back that I could live with you" I started, then I cleaned my throat feeling that my cheeks started burning. "And two, I wanted to give you as much pleasure as I could."
"Then I could reassure you, this was the best sex I have ever had in my life" his eyes shined as he spoke, a warm feeling bloomed inside me as I looked at him. I felt the tiredness getting over me, it became harder to keep my eyes open. He kissed the top of my head softly, and after some stirring he covered us with the blanket.
I cuddled with him, then I finally let the tiredness get over me, pulling me into the dreamworld.

Chapter Text


After I finished the bath I dressed up then I walked to the washbasin and looked at the mirror. My cheeks were cherish red, my pupils were expanded, my irises shined with a unique spark. Well, that happens to someone who sees in short flashbacks what's happening in the other bedroom. I opened the tap and washed my face a few times hoping that the cold water helps me to calm down a bit. I didn't bother to dry my face and made my way with quick steppes to my room, almost shut the door behind me.

I took out my headset and turned on some music hoping that maybe I could keep myself out from Jins mind.
A started wondering as I stared at the ceiling, my middle school years popped up in my mind. I was in the basketball team, and I was the best shooter. After one training I stayed longer to throw some more scores as I was nervous for the match on the following day.
I was extremely tired when I walked to the dressing room. I didn't even bother to change my clothes, I just grabbed my bag and made my way out from the school with sloppy steppes.
I heard a repressed scream from a classroom, cursing reached my ears after a second. I threw my bag and rushed to the source of the sounds. I opened the door but the sight made me frozen. A really handsome, good looking boy was pushed onto a desk, looking at me with terrified eyes, tears rolling down on his beautiful face. One boy grabbed his wrists, and another tried to took off his pants, glancing at me with an annoyed, angry look. The anger took over me in seconds, and a few minutes later I stood in front of the unknown boy with bleeding knuckles, scanning the others on the floor.

After I made sure no one would try to stand up, I turned over and looked at the terrified boy on the desk. The tears kept on falling from his eyes, rolling down on his cheeks, his eyes were full of terror. His whole body trembled, it looked like he was scared of me, thinking that I'd hurt him too like I did with the others. 
"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you" I said softly, I lifted up my arms and took a few steppes backwards. He didn't move for a few seconds, then he slowly stood up from the desk and buttoned up his pants with shivering fingers. He wiped his nose with the sleeve of his hoodie and looked at me sniffing.
"Tha-thank you" he stuttered quietly, his voice shivered as he spoke. He was still under the effects of what had just happened.

I didn't know what should I say. You're welcome? No problem? Anytime? None of them were right to be said. I just nodded and took some steppes to go out from the classroom. As I was next to him, he grabbed me at my arm, staring the floor with light pink cheeks. I turned over to him, staring him with a questioning look. I had no idea why he wanted me to stay with him.
"Cou-could you walk home with me? I'm too afraid to go alone" he asked me quietly, glancing at me nervously. Gosh, he looked so tiny, so vulnerable, I couldn't let him there alone. I nodded a yes and he sighed in relief, his lips trembled a bit as a faint smile appeared on his face. He gripped my hoodie with his fingers as he followed me to the hallway, I grabbed my bag from the floor and we left the building.

A loud moan snapped me from the memories, it was loud enough to hear besides the music I was listening to. I sighed angrily and added more volume to the music. After a few seconds I heard Jin again, I cursed under my nose as I woke up from my bed and before I left my room I grabbed my wallet from the nightstand. I tried to keep out the sounds I heard from their room as I slipped into my shoes and grabbed my jacket, leaving the place quickly.
A few minutes later I was walking on the streets without a true goal, and I ended up sitting on a bench in the park. I sighed tiredly and put my ear pods into my pocket, my thought went back to the past.

After I saved Jin, a few days later he invited me for lunch at his house like some kind of gratitude. The food was so good, he surprised me when he'd told me that he made all of the mouth watering, delicious food. Maybe the way we first met made me act in a different way with him, maybe it was something totally different that is unknown for me, something that I've never comprehend. I show him a side of mine that no one had ever seen before. But at that time I felt like I'd done the right thing, I've never had regretted it. After that day we spent our time together a lot, we got to know each other, we became so close like brothers.

A lot of things had happened to us, both good and bad, but we were always supported each other. I was there for him when he found out that he has powers, that he could read in peoples emotions. I was with him and supported him when his boyfriend left him cause he couldn't accept the fact that my hyung isn't a normal human being. And Jin was there for me when my powers showed up, and later on he let me live with him when I couldn't pay for the rent for my shitty apartment where I'd lived after I moved out from my parents home.
We helped each other how we can control and use our powers, and we learnt how to live together. It probably sounds weird but we had never slept with each other. I mean I admit he's handsome, I'm not blind, but I just couldn't see him like that, I never did. I love him like my brother and he feels the same way as me.
I'm glad that after these many years he finally opened up to someone he felt love for. Jungkook is a really special boy, and it looks like he felt the same way towards my hyung. I had to admit that I was a bit jealous. I didn't think it was likely that I'd met anyone who could ever love someone like me.

The last thought made me sad, I sighed and shut my eyes, trying not to cry.
"Aish, I have to release my wings tonight. I hope that no one will be on the rooftop this late...."
I opened my eyes at the shred of the thought, I looked around quickly. The nice weather coaxed lots of people out for a walk besides this late hour, so I had no clue who was the one I heard. I didn't wanted to extend my powers cause I'd heard anyone around me, and I wanted to avoid that. Shit! I sighed angrily and made my way home.
"Is that Yoongi?" I heard a way too familiar voice echoed in my mind.
No, no fucking way that I wanted to see him. I quickened my steppes hoping that he wouldn't notice me again. The fact that three years had passed didn't matter, my heart ached just as sharply when I heard his voice in my head. What the hell is he doing here anyway? Didn't he have to be in some practice room learning the newest choreography or something? It wouldn't be the first case that he practiced till dawn...

I shook my head and tried to erase every thought of him as I walked out from the park. He left me when I needed him the most. My parents were scared of me, my sport career which just started to bloom were completely ruined. He and Jin were the only ones for me, but he couldn't accept me. He couldn't process the fact that I have powers. If my hyung wasn't there for me, I would've probably killed myself. But he helped me, he pulled me out from the depression and with his support I got here where I am now. It's not the best life ever, but at least I was alive.
A soft smile crossed my face at that thought as I entered the hotel. I pushed the button and waited for the elevator, and a few moments later I extended my powers to eavesdrop a little. They both were sleeping already, so I was relieved when I opened the front door and closed it quietly. I took off my shoes and left my jacket on the clothes peg then went to my room. I changed while I was wondering about what had happened at the park. Looks like I heard a person thoughts who was just like us. Unfortunately I only could assume that the voice that I heard in my mind belonged to a male. Wings...what kind of wings he had? Unintentionally I thought about angel wings as I fell asleep.

But I saw an angel that I've never, ever seen in any paintings or drawings before. He was sitting in a poorly lit room on an old bed, and he watched his reflection in the mirror. His beautiful, almond shaped eyes were filled with pain, his stunning face was distorted by hurt. His eyes focused behind his back as he tried to extend his wings a bit making sure he didn't shatter anything in his environment. Unfortunately there wasn't enough space in his room, he couldn't extend his wings fully. His bare chest rose up and down frequently, the pain made him gasp for air.
"Tomorrow...maybe I could go to the rooftop tomorrow" his voice was shaky as he spoke. He slowly constricted his wings and extended them again, he wanted to move his not so used muscles at least a bit. He moved into this city only a few days ago, but it was way more than enough to missing to fly. But some stupid teenagers chose this night to hang out on the rooftop, so he had to found another solution. It was obvious that this wasn't enough, but he had no choice at this point. He had only hoped that maybe there would be no one at the rooftop tomorrow.

As the boy looked at his reflection in the mirror, he saw his eyes glittering with intrepidity. "Tomorrow " he reassured himself as his feathery body parts retracted into his back. "no matter what, I'll go to the rooftop tomorrow." He sneaked up in his bed and covered himself with the blanket, and a few moments later he fell asleep.

I suddenly sat up in my bed, I felt like I just got out from underwater as I gasped for air. What the fuck was that? As I evoked his voice, the realization hit me in the head.
He was the one I heard in the park.
But how the hell did this happened? I was asleep, how in the world had I slipped into someones mind that I've never met before in my life?
Well I slid into Jins mind unwillingly too...maybe my powers became stronger? But why? And why now? Aish, too many questions that I couldn't answer. But for now, I had only one question that I desperately want to know the answer.
Who are you?

Chapter Text


I opened my eyes slowly and looked at the man in front of me. Jin was sleeping peacefully, his facial features were smooth, smiling even in his sleeping. One of his arms laid under my neck, the other on my waist, our legs were tangled.
I still couldn't believe that I could be with such a beautiful man like him. No, I didn't mean his looks only, his soul was so pure like an angel. Faith had a weird humor, as his heart was pounding faster for a person who has demon-like powers. And I'll do everything to make him happy. Cliche or not, this short time was enough for me to feel like this. To feel my skin prickle at his touch, his smile make my pulse faster and a warm feeling blooms inside me at the sight of it.

"I think I fell in love with you" I only whispered, I didn't wanted to wake him up, but I felt like I had to say it out loud. His eyes were still shut, his lips were parted a bit, the sound of snuffing could be heard as he was still in dream world.
He started to stir, he hummed a bit and pulled me closer to him. I held back a giggle and lifted my hand to his chest, touching his soft skin gently. I felt his heart-beating under my palm, I could look at his stunning face. I bit my lip, suddenly feeling an urge to kiss him. I shut my eyes and took a deep breath, but instead of calming down I smelled his scent which turned me on even more.
"You're gonna drive me insane even when you sleep" the pent-up lust made my voice low. I leaned closer and closer to him, my half-shut eyes focused on his tempting plump lips of his. His heart started to beat faster under my palm so I stopped my movement instantly, my mouth almost touched his, my lips curled into a smirk.
"You woke up, sleeping beauty?" I asked quietly.
He didn't answer me, he patched his lips onto mine instead. The kiss was slow, we sneak even closer to each other.

After a few moments we dragged a little, I opened my eyes, staring at his lustful ones, his swollen lips turned into a lazy smile.
"Oh, I got a nickname now?" He asked quietly.
"Why, you don't like it?"
"Hmm, I don't doesn't describe me well" he said as he frowned.
His face made me chuckle, I rubbed my nose with his.
"How should I call you then?"
He almost said something, but in the last second he bit his bottom lip and stared at me with red cheeks.


My first thought was 'my love'. And I almost said it out loud, but thank God I shut my mouth in time, locking my eyes with his. I felt my cheeks started burning, he looked at me frowning, scanning my face. I couldn't say these kind of words, we just met a few days ago for Gods sake. I knew that Yoongi made me realize I love Jungkook, but that didn't mean that he felt the same way as me. He was attracted to me, obviously, but that doesn't mean he fell in love with me. But, if I was thinking more about it, maybe he felt more than just attraction towards me. The fact that I could read in someones emotions doesn't mean that I recognize love. I mean, come on, I didn't even realized by myself what I had felt towards Jungkook, how could I recognize if he felt the same way as me?

He still stared at me with an interested look, and I felt I started blushing more.
"So? Any ideas?" He asked me smiling. I didn't trust in my voice, so I shook my head. He gave a quick peck onto my lips and rubbed his nose with mine again.
"We'll figure out something" he said in a joyful tone, his eyes were sparkling mischievously. I nodded a yes and hugged him tightly. He chuckled softly but didn't backed out from the hug, he curled his arms around my waist, putting his head in the crook of my neck, his breathing tickled my skin. I took a deep breath as I extended my powers, I was curious about his feelings.

A warm feeling spread out in my chest, making me calm and relax, making my skin prickle. It was very similar to the one I felt when I spoke with Yoongi. I hugged him even tighter as if it's possible. Jungkook...loves me? I wanted to know, but I didn't dare to ask him. Maybe....
"Yoongi? Are you awake?" Please, please be awaken!
"It's been a while...what is it? Is there something wrong?" The answer came after a few seconds.
"No, everything's fine, I just....I'd like to ask you a favor, if it could be solvable somehow." The fact that I was nervous could be heard even through in my thoughts.
"And what would it be?" I booked it as a half win, he didn't denied me in the first place. It was a good sign.
"Could you take a look in Jungkooks mind?"
"Why would I do such a thing? Didn't you asked me not to?" Aish, I'm gonna kill him someday!
"Yoongi, please! I'd like to know if he feels the same way as me."
"Yes" I got the short answer immediately. There's no way he had done so quickly what I'd asked him.
"Wha-what? You didn't even looked into his mind!"
"I didn't have to, trust me. He had been already thinking about he fell in love with you when I first met him" I couldn't believe what he was saying, my brain just didn't wanted to process it.

While I was talking with him in my mind, I still held Jungkook between my arms, looks like he fallen asleep. He was snuffing steadily in my arms, his arms were laid lazily around my waist. I felt my eyes got teary, I tried so hard to sniff quietly, hoping that I won't wake him up.
"Thank you for telling me" I send my thoughts towards Yoongi as I looked at the sleeping young boy in my arms.
"There's nothing to be thankful for. I love you like a brother, Jin, and you deserve to be happy!" His gentle voice echoed in my head, he barely showed this side of himself. "But if he hurt you in any way, I'm gonna kill him!" He stated almost immediately. Yep, the old Yoongi had returned, ladies and gentlemen! I had to hold back myself from chuckling, a smile crossed my face.
I kissed Jungkook softly on the top of his head and took a deep breath, trying to fell asleep.
"Jin!" I heard the voice of my housemate again.

"Next time try to moan more quietly, please" I felt my cheeks started burning.
"I-I'm sorry" Gosh, it's so embarrassing!
"Whatever, you just persecuted me, I had to wander in the streets int the middle of the night" he stated, and I almost saw him as he's shrugging his shoulder with a careless face and a contemptuous look.
"Oh, poor you!" I had to hold back a snort. Such a dumbass! Sometimes I wonder why am I letting him live with me in the first place...
"I know, right? I almost met with him too..." he said and it made me frozen.

"What? Where?" I knew exactly who was he talking about, and I knew that person well enough to know that I found him sooner in a practice room than on the streets.
"At the park. I was just made my way home when I heard his thoughts. He wasn't sure he'd seen me, and I didn't give a chance for him to make sure of that" I felt sorry towards Yoongi, I was more than sure that he didn't get over this, just like me...but he'd never confess it.

"Plus it looks like I found someone like us" well, that caught me off-guard.
"Really? What made you think that he's like us?" I was more than curious, just like him when he found out that Jungkook is an incubus.
"He had been just thinking about he have to spread out his wings on a rooftop of a house. But he could cover it somehow, I'd seen it if someone was walking with wings on the streets. I just heard his thoughts, I don't even know his name..." I sensed that he wasn't telling me something.
"Okay, what is that you aren't telling me? Spit it out!" I didn't get a response. "Min Yoongi, answer me!"
"Jesus, calm down, man! Aish, you're such a pain in the ass..." I'd like to repeat myself, why am I letting him living with me?

"Yoongi!" My whole body tensed, anger started to rule over me.
"I was in his mind while I was sleeping."

His sentence switched my anger into pure curiosity.
"What do you mean exactly by that?" I asked him, I didn't get it clearly what he was talking about.
"I saw things through his eyes. Like I was occupied him or something like that" he said after a few seconds, like he didn't know either what had happened to him.
"Is it the first time this happened to you?" I didn't remember that he had ever mentioned this side of his powers before.
"Yes" Short, solid answer. Again.
"When was the first time you got" Silence.
"Last night." Okay, why am I having a bad feeling about this?
"Whose mind did you slip into?" I asked him worried.
"Yours" he said. Shit.
"What do you mean exactly by saying last night?" If there's a God, and he has a little bit of mercy, his answer wouldn't be what I was guessing.
"Not long after I shut the door on you two" no, there's no God at all. Or, if there is, he wants me to suffer.
"Do I wanna know what did you see?" I felt that not only my cheeks, but my ears started burning like hell in embarrassment.
"I think not" he told me his answer a few seconds later. I shut my eyes, a deep sigh left my lips.
"Okay. But you have to tell me more about that mysterious boy!" I was curious, and I hoped that we will find him.
"Fine, but just let me be already, I want to sleep" I knew the conversation was over for him, so I closed my eyes and tried to reach the world of dreams.

An angel...what does he look like? How old is he? What does his wings look like? White just like in the paintings? The questions swirled in my mind, they kept me awake.
Jungkook hummed a bit, he rubbed his face more into the crook of my neck, his grip tightened a bit around my waist. The fear slid into my mind insidiously, I felt like a thousand needle pierced my skin, it made me hiss in pain.
"Jungkook?" I softly stroke his hair, but I didn't get a response. He started to groan, his grip tightened even more on my waist. He tried to pull up his legs to his chest, but he couldn't do it as they were tangled with mine. His fear became more intense, it was like someone sat on my chest, making me gasp for air.

I put my hand on his shoulders and shook him a bit, hoping that I could wake him up.
"Jungkook! Wake up!" I tried to speak louder, but the tight feeling in my chest made it harder.
"Ple-please don't! Sto-stop it, please!" His voice cracked as he spoke, I felt his tears on my neck as he started crying.
"Jungkook, wake up!" I pulled him away and shook him harder this time. He blinked a few times and looked at me. His irises focused on me, and a few moments later he squeezed his eyes shut and leaned to my chest, holding me tightly, I hugged him immediately.

My God, I felt like my heart will tear apart as his whole body trembled by his grievous sobs. I caressed his back with one hand, softly stroking his raven black, silky locks with the other one, hoping that maybe I can calm him down at least a bit. His sorrow and sadness were like a wire around my throat, making me hard to breath properly, burying me alive under themselves. I could use my powers to depress his feelings, but I didn't wanted to use it without his permission. I assumed that maybe he dreamed about an old memory of his.
Oh, dear Jungkook, what have they done to you?

Chapter Text



I hugged Jin tightly, and tired to calm down, but the flashbacks kept floating in front of my eyes.

"He-help me...ple-please" I stuttered quietly, my sobs made hard to speak. Jin kept on caressing my hair and my back, he held me tight in his arms, giving me some kind of safety.

"How? Ho-how can I help, Jungkook?" His voice trembled, making me realize that he felt the same way as me because of his powers. It made me cry even more, I didn't want him to suffer because of me.

"Ca-can you suppress my pa-pain? The sa-sadness?" I asked desperately.

"Do you re-really want this?" He asked quietly.


I wanted to say yes. My God, I wanted that these emotions to disappear so badly, to erase all of my suffer, to never let them haunt me again. But I couldn't do it. Something deep inside was telling me that this wouldn't be the right decision. That I should learn how to defeat it, and that I have to do it without his powers.




"I do-don't want you to suppress my emotions."

"Why did you change your mind all of a sudden?" He asked in a curious tone, there was no sign of malignancy in it. I took a deep breath and exhaled it shakily, I felt that my intrepidity slowly suppressed my sadness, making me calmer a bit.

"I realized that I have to defeat my demons by my own inner strength. I wish that they could just disappear, that they could never haunt me again, but I didn't feel right if you use your power to do that. If you'd depress my pain, my sadness, I wouldn't be the same person anymore. Like I'd lose a part of myself, never getting back it again" I only whispered at the end, but he clearly heard me anyway.


He lifted up my head by my chin and looked into my eyes. His lips trembled a bit and formed a faint of a smile. He slid his hand up and wiped the tear which just started to drain on my face.

"I'm glad that you think that way. Don't get me wrong, I didn't want you to suffer at all. Just..." He hesitated a little, like he was searching for the correct words. "I don't like to use this side of my power. I have the same opinion as you, that you lie to yourself, being a coward who doesn't want to face the bad things."

His eyes were filled with sadness, like a bad memory came in his thoughts. He made little circlets with his thumb on my face, I closed my eyes and leaned into his touch.

"Our memories, our actions, our emotions forms us, and it contents everything. Even if something terrible happened in the past, it has an effect on our personalities, the decisions we will make in the future and how w're gonna behave just like when a happy, positive thing happens to us."

I looked at him again, a small smile crossed my face. His words made me relax, my tears finally stopped falling.

"I hope that if even just a little, a tiny bit, but I could help you to defeat your demons. Let it be a smile, a hug, or a quite board shoulder which can you cry on" his last words made me chuckle, a mischievous smile appeared on his face. "Whatever happens, I want to be there with you."

I shut my eyes and leaned closer to him, leaving a soft kiss on his lips then I touched my forehead with his.

"Thank you."


We stayed like this for a while, neither of us wanted to break this moment. His hand was still on my cheek, gently caressing my skin. I soothed the side of his body and his back, our legs were still tangled.



"What...what did you dream about?" He asked softly. His question made me frozen, my hand stopped at his waist. 

"I'm sorry! You know what, just forget that I even aske-

"I dreamed about an night affair" I interrupted him. No matter how hard it was to recall these memories, I knew that I'll have to speak about it one day. I couldn't run away from them forever. I dragged a bit from him and locked my eyes with him. He scanned my face with worry, biting his bottom lips.

"You really don't have to tell me, if you don't want to" he said after a few seconds of silence. I gently shook my head.

"It's better to get over it."


He nodded a yes and a big sigh left my lips to gather some inner strength to begin my story.

"It was the first time after I realized that I have powers. I was really sad and confused, I didn't understood completely what was happening to me. What I've done to that poor girl, my parents cold behavior, even my friends didn't wanted to see me again...I felt so lonely. I didn't even stepped out from my apartment, I had laid in my bed for days, I only ate when I was too hungry, but after a few bites I lost my appetite."

A tightening feeling appeared in my chest as I evoked the memories, but Jins closeness and as he caressed me with his fingers made it more bearable, making easier to continue.

"About four days later I realized that no matter what I had ate my hunger didn't decreased, I felt I became weaker like I have gotten sick. I wondered about it till night when I finally realized that maybe my power was the reason of my state. But that didn't solve the problem, I had no idea what should I've done. I was ashamed, and I was too scared to maybe..." I felt my cheeks started to burn. Aish, it was so embarrassing!

"To pick up someone from the streets?" Jin asked quietly. His tone was calm, and when I looked into his eyes I didn't see any kind of pity or disgust. I nodded a little and took a deep breath before I continued.



"I thought that a little alcohol would make the situation easier, so I went to a club hoping that I would be lucky enough to find someone."

"Were you successful?"

"No" I said sighing. "When it looked like I had finally found a pretty girl, I began too nervous and scared her. The failure made me totally saddened me, so I went to the bar to drink before I leave."

"Familiar situation" he stated with a little smile.

"Yes, things went on almost the same way. A handsome guy who was even taller than you accosted me and bought me a drink. We chatted about small, sweet nothings, I didn't even remember what we'd been talking about, but I enjoyed his company" his face appeared in front of me, his small dimples which appeared when he smiled. If I had known what was behind that smile...

"One drink followed another, making me hard to think clearly. I couldn't remember everything from that night. One moment I was sitting at the bar with him, and in the other I was sitting in a taxi, he sat right next to me at the backseat. After that I probably fell asleep or something cause when I opened my eyes again he held me in his arms, trying to open the front door of his apartment. When I finally could stood on my legs he opened the door and let me step in before him."


My breathing fastened a bit as the flashbacks attacked my mind. Jins presence was the only thing which kept me with him. He was like a lifebelt for me, keeping me in the surface, not letting to suffocate by the waves of the bad memories.

"When he closed the door, the whole atmosphere changed. I was looking around the place and in the next second he turned me around and smashed his lips onto mine. I tried to keep out every thought from my brain and only focus to the physical contact. I pretty much succeeded, the desire overwhelmed me quickly" the memories came back again, making me blush for Gods know what times now. His plump lips weren't as tempting as Jins, but they were more thick than average. His muscular arms which held me tight, his silver colored soft hair, his deep voice which had made me tremble.

"I had never been with a man before, but I didn't cared about it, the hunger caused by my power was too big, making me lose my mind. We soon ended up in his bed, both of us were impatient, and probably the drinks didn't helped either. Then..." I hesitated a bit, the tight feeling in my chest became worse, my eyes began to prick. No, I can't cry again, I have to tell him!




It was terrible to see him like this, the sadness started to take over him, he tried to calm down as he started to take deep breaths. I caressed his face and back with my hands, he shut his eyes and leaned into my touch. A few moments later he opened his eyes again, and after a shaky breath he continued.

"He became more and more rough. He almost ripped my clothes as he undressed me, the gentle touches were switched by painful gripping. I asked him to stop, but he acted like he didn't heard me at all. Because of the drinks and the...side effect of my power or whatever it was made me too weak, I couldn't escape. Shit, I couldn't even climb down from the bed, he pulled me back with such ease like I was some kind of a doll."


I was close to start crying. It was terrible to listen, I couldn't even dare to think about how was it like for him to live through this.

"He only pulled down his pants and at that moment I knew that I couldn't do anything to stop it. It was like my brain completely shut down, my body became numb. The fact that his grip loosened a bit didn't matter, I knew that if I had really wanted to escape I could have done it in that moment" his eyes were full of unshed tears, his lips trembled a bit.

"Why didn't you run away?" I asked him with a muffled voice.

"Cause in the back of my mind I knew that I had no choice. That if I'd run away then my body didn't have gotten what it needed to survive" he replied in a sad, resigned tone.

"It was horrible in the beginning, the pain was unbearable. He didn't even bothered to prep me properly, he just chased his own pleasures. It didn't matter how much I screamed and begged him to stop, it looked like it turned him on even after a while I gave up and only prayed for to be over" a tear made his way and started to roll down on his cheek, I wiped it immediately with my thumb.

"I was disgusted with myself, that my body started to react after a while. My mind became dizzy and foggy, keeping out everything except the lust and desire."

"What do you mean?"

"Maybe my powers activated, I don't know... it was like it had taken control over my body."

"Like in the case with the girl when your powers firstly activated?" I asked him curiously. He nodded with a hum, his action let out another teardrop to fall.

"I couldn't remember what had happened after that."


Both of us stayed quiet for a few moments, I tried to process what I had heard.

"So, if the situation needs it the incubus inside you so to speak takes control over your body and mind..." I mumbled under my nose. "What is your next memory?"

"That he laid on me knocked out."

"And how did you felt?" I asked him. He didn't respond immediately, he glanced over frowning.

"...fine. I didn't felt hangover at all, and I didn't felt any kind of physical pain" I noticed how he used his words, but I didn't interrupt him. "I dressed up and left the place. I had never went to that club again."

"He didn't contacted you?"

"Even if he tried he had never succeeded as I have never met him again. I don't even know his name, and I didn't tell him mine either."

"Well yeah, if you didn't stay here I've never known you name either" I noted in a playful tone, hoping that I could make him feel a bit better. A small smile hid in the corner of his mouth.

"You didn't bothered to introduce yourself either" mischief sparkled in his eyes, the sadness was completely gone.

"Touché" a smile crossed my face, and he rewarded me with a huge grin. A few seconds later his grin formed into a smile, and a whole different sparkle appeared in his eyes.

"Thank you."

"For what?" I asked frowning.

"That you heard me out...and that you aren't afraid of me or disgusted by me."

"Aish, didn't I told you already that no matter what happens, I'll be there for you?" I looked at him with a dour expression, pouting with my mouth like a child. He chuckled a bit and pecked my lips.

"I know, but it doesn't matter, I am grateful that you don't push me away despite what you've heard" it was obvious that he was embarrassed, he blushed a bit.


I knew that it will need some time to process through everything I had heard, but I knew that how hard it was for him to gather up his courage and inner strength to tell me about what had happened to him. He trusted me enough to tell me about his past, and it was a treasure that I'll have to take great care of.

"What are you thinking about?" He asked smiling.

"You" I admitted with burning cheeks.

"Oh, and what does it mean exactly?" 

"That how strong you are."

"Pardon?" He asked frowning.

"There are only a few people who can face their fears, their terrible memories especially when it's that fresh. Only three months has passed before it happened to you. Many cannot even talk about it after years."

"I couldn't do it without you" he mumbled blushing.

"But still, it's a big thing! You trusted me enough to tell me about it, and I'm really grateful for that."

His smile was soft, he leaned closer to me and kissed me gently.


His happiness warmed my soul, it was like he tried to tell his feelings with his kiss. He moved his lips slowly, I slid my hand from his cheek to the back of his neck.

We panted when we broke the kiss, looking at each other. The romantic moment was interrupted by a loud growl. I giggled softly and Jungkook glanced at me with cute burning cheeks.

"C'mon, let's go eat something for breakfast" I said with a smile on my face and pulled off the blanket before I woke up from the bed.

While we dressed up I glanced at Jungkook, adoring his looks. Aish, I totally fell in love with him, there's no need to deny it. And knowing the fact that he loves me back made me even more happy. But it won't be easy. A lot of things happened to him, and I had lived through some bad things as well. Both of us had scars in our souls, but I hoped that we could solve everything together.


Chapter Text


After we ended our discussion I tried to fell asleep again, but something kept me awake. My thoughts always turned back to the angel. He was more handsome than Jungkook, he looked older than the maknae but I assumed that he was younger than me. His jawline was sharp, his nose was a bit bigger than average, he had thin lips but they were tempting somehow. He looked so...cold, untouchable at first sight. Like he didn't belong to this world. He was not my type, but he was handsome, it would be a lie to deny it. And his wings...they looked black at first sight, but as the poor lit illuminated them I would say that they were very dark blue. They were stunning.

Jungkooks thoughts penetrated into my mind, flashes of his nightmares to be more precise. He laid in a bed and a guy pressed him into the mattress, not letting him a chance to escape. I felt the boys fear and pain as the man held his arms above his head and started to almost rip off his clothes.
"You acted so differently at the club, why are you trying to resist now?" The guy asked him, and his voice was way too familiar.
Jungkook didn't reply, he tried to fidget for a while, but when the last cloth was pulled off of him, he froze entirely. Like he just had given up. He laid in the bed stiffly, looking the man with teary eyes who rose up from him and quickly pulled down his pants with his underwear. I looked at the man through Jungkooks eyes. His tall figure, his attractive face, his silvery messy hair, his dimples which appeared as he smiled....

I left the young boys mind suddenly, I was looking the sheets in front of me as I sat up in the bed. No, I can't believe this... this cannot be happening.
"Oh my God, I have to tell this to Jin" I mumbled under my nose. I extended my power and reached the elder ones mind to tell him about what I had just realized, but he was too busy trying to wake Jungkook up from his nightmare. He succeeded and the poor boy started to cry so hard, his whole body trembled by his sobs.

I already knew that my hyung's gonna kill me when he realizes that I eavesdropped, but I was worried for the maknae, dammit. Jungkook told him about his dream but he had not fully described how did the guy looked like who had done this to him. Shit, I almost started crying as well while I listened to about what had happened to him. Poor boy, my heart ached for him. He was raped at such a young age, and only three months had passed, yet he was brave enough to tell this to my hyung. The bond between them became even stronger, and I thought that maybe they didn't even noticed it. I knew that that fucker treated Jin almost the same way, but the fact that fate could be so cruel I had never imagined. What were the probability that Jungkook had met with him? That he had....he had hurt the maknae too? Immeasurable anger took over me, I clenched my hands into fists, making my knuckles white. If I'll ever meet him, I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch.

I heard a door opening, I assumed they left their room. I didn't know what should I do. I wanted to talk with Jin, but there were too many emotions whirling inside me. He knows me too well, he would sense it right away that something is off, and I didn't want to make a scene in front of Jungkook. But it looked like my stomach thought it differently as it started to growl, letting me know that I should eat something. I looked at my traitor nerve with a pout. I sighed in defeat and woke up from the bed, walking out from my room.


I leaned back to the counter watching Jin as he was making breakfast. I asked him to make the same dish as yesterday, and my mouth started watering just by the thought of it. Well when my eyes started to look at Jins board shoulders, tiny waist and then his ass, a total different hunger took over me. No, I didn't mean the hunger that my power caused. Jesus, I'm worse than a teenager who thinks nothing else except sex...but I wasn't as far from that considering the fact that I only turned to eighteen three months ago. But still! I couldn't attack him whenever the desire he made me feel sets on fire inside me. I felt lucky that I didn't took his aura last night, but I was scared that on the next occasion maybe it will happen again. I couldn't control it yet and I didn't want to hurt him. I have to learn how to use my powers properly as soon as possible. I must to. I just have to realize how can I do it.

A waving hand snapped me out from my thoughts. I trembled a bit and blinked a couple times, looking at the owner of the hand.
"Hey, Earth calling Jungkook!" He said with a smile on his face. Aish, his smile made the butterflies alive in my stomach...
"Hmm?" Great, I couldn't even talk now?
"Where have you been?" He asked kindly.
"Uhm, I just wondered how can I learn how to use my power" I only told half truth, but I just couldn't admit to him that I'd like to make love with him right here in the counter...
"And, have you got any idea?" His voice was filled with curiosity, thank God he had no idea about what I was thinking at that moment. Tsk, fortunately there was only one telepath at the house...
"Well, not really..." I admitted bitterly.

He smiled at me softly while he put his hand onto my shoulder, my heart almost skipped a beat.
"Don't worry, we'll figure it out somehow, okay?" I only nodded a yes, my mouth curled up to a half smile.
"Well, as we finished this topic, would you like to set the table? Breakfast is ready."
"Sure" I said before I opened the cabinet to take out the plates.
"Set one more of each for Yoongi, please" he noted as he glanced back while he sliced up the mouth watering food.
I did as he asked and set the table. I just hopped down to a chair when the door of his room opened, and a messy haired Yoongi came out with slow, sloppy steppes to the kitchen.
Somehow I found it funny as he poured out the coffee into a mug with a sullen expression on his face. When he flavored it he walked to the table with leisurely steppes and sat down in front of me. He looked half asleep.
Jin sat right next to me after he set everything onto the table and after we thanked the meal we started eating.


I know it will sound boastful but I really love my cooking. I rewarded the food with a quiet humm I just put into my mouth, tasting it fully.
"Jin?" I heard Yoongis voice echoing in my head.
"Can I tell Jungkook too that I saw someone who's just like us?"
His question surprised me, but I continued eating in silence.
"O-of course, I'm sure he will be happy for the news" I smiled at him for giving him some encouragement, and he took a deep breath before he spoke.
"I heard someones thoughts who's just like us yesterday."
I glanced next to me to look at Jungkook. He blinked in shock, his hand which held the chopsticks stopped halfway to his mouth.
Yoongi just nodded a yes and continued eating like nothing had happened.
"And what did you heard? Did it turned out what kind of power she or he has?" He asked with pure excitement. He looked like a child who just got his favorite toy for Christmas.
"He has wings which he can hide somehow from the prying eyes" Yoongi sounded neutral but I sensed that he was nervous, it made my skin prickle. The only thing that helped was Jungkooks happiness, it warmed my insides. It was strange to sense two persons feelings at the same time, but for now I could bare with it.
"Woah, daebak! And did you figure it out what kind of wings he has?" His question was odd at first, I mean people assume to angel wings automatically, but as I saw his expression it popped up immediately.
"Angel wings" the mint haired one said shortly.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes. Why are you so interested? What other kind of wings could he has?"

Jungkook started to chew his bottom lip nervously, he stared at his plate.
"What's the matter with him? Did I say something wrong?" Yoongi asked, worried.
"...I have wings too, but mines are totally different" the boy mumbled quietly, he still looked at his plate.
Yoongi looked at me with wide opened eyes, blinking a few times.
"Why didn't you tell me about this?"

"Because you have never asked. You only asked how I've had figured it out that he's an incubus."

"Point taken."

"You're talking like that again, don't you?" Jungkook asked suddenly. I glanced at him with burning cheeks, but I didn't see that he was mad at me, moreover his lips curled up to a shy smile.
"I'm sorry, just..."
"I asked Jin that if he knew about this...I mean that you have wings too" the mint haired interrupted me.

Both of us looked at him, but he just continued eating, didn't even looked up at us from his plate.
"Oh...yes, he knows about it. After our first...time the next morning we talked and this came up as well" Jungkook became more quiet at the end, he was obviously embarrassed.
"Hmm..and would you like to tell me too, what kind of wings you have?" Yoongi asked, his voice sounded calm, he wasn't rude, he was just curious.
"Well...look at yourself" the maknae said after a few seconds.


Both of them looked at me shocked.
"Wha-what?" Yoongi asked, he snapped out from his shock first.
"You're a telepath, right?"
"And if I imagine how my wings look like, you can see that as well?"
"...yes" he admitted after a few moments. Hmm, strange, it looked like he didn't want to admit that fact.
"Then I'll show you" I said firmly. He nodded a yes and put down the chopsticks from his hand and stood up from the table. he looked at me with one raised eyebrow and nodded sideways to the living room. I got the hint and stood up, following him. He hopped down to the couch and patted the free space next to him so I sat there. he rose up his hands with his palms up, waiting for me to put my hands onto his.

I hesitated a bit before I took a deep breath to gather up some courage and I put my hands with palms down onto his.
"Close your eyes and bring up the memory that you wanna show to me" he said quietly with a calming tone.
I shut my lashes and brought back a memory when I saw my wings second time. It happened after a longer omission. I couldn't even remember who I'd been with, but that wasn't the pont cause at that time I was only could deal with the fact that my wings had grown again. My partner was knocked out when they grew out and it took a long time to draw them back. They weren't nice, they weren't covered with feathers like the angels wings. They were big, black ones, looking like the wings of a bat.

Yoongis hands trembled a bit but he didn't pulled them away from mine. A few seconds later I took my hands from his and opened my eyes, scanning his face. I thought I'd see disgust of fear, but I didn't see anything beyond astonishment.
"Now I know why did you asked what kind of wings he has" he said with a half smile.
I didn't respond, I shrugged instead and started to chew my bottom lip nervously.
He soothed my hand gently, his smile and his gaze showed nothing else except kindness, warmness.
"You don't disgust or scare me. Don't you ever think about these kind of things again."
"Why?" I asked suddenly.
"Because I don't see any reason to do so. It's your power, it belongs to you."
"But...I slept with strangers and took their auras then I left them without a word! Aren't these enough to make you feel disgusted?" I asked him, and for fucks sake, I'm not gonna cry in front of Yoongi!
"No" he said in a definite tone.
"Jungkook, this is a lifeblood for you, you did it to survive, for Gods sake. You didn't do it for pleasure. You did it because you didn't have any choice. And it didn't get into your head. You didn't became a whore who fucks with anyone. You stayed a shy, kind-hearted boy who sometimes tries to play the grown-up to get what he needs."
I felt that his last sentence made my cheeks burning, I looked away, he made me embarrassed way too much. Aish, I just confirmed his statement with my actions.

I looked at our hands as he caressed the back of my hand with his long, thin fingers. It was a strange feeling that someone cared about me, I didn't have a part of it after my power showed up.
"Yo-you really think that way?" I asked shyly but I couldn't dare to look up. He lifted his free hand under my chin, rising my head up to look at me in the eye.
"Yes" he replied with a definite tone, it was obvious that he really meant what he had said. There was something in his gaze that I just couldn't put in anywhere. We looked at each other for a while in silence, he was still making little circles on my hand with his thumb.
"Are you two gonna come back to eat? the food's gonna be cold" Jin noted in a motherly tone. I held back a giggle when Yoongi stood up while he rolled his eyes and went back to the table. A few moments later I followed him and I felt warmness blooming inside me as I sat down next to Jin. A certain emotion took over me that I thought I'd never experience again: I felt like I found home.


Chapter Text


I glanced at Yoongi with a dour expression, but he didn't give a shit about it, he just ate his now cold breakfast in complete calmness. Jungkook followed him a few seconds later. A happy smile crossed his face, his eyes sparkled as he sat down next to me. I sensed how happy he was, it made me relax. We ate in silence, but it didn't bother me at all. After we finished Jungkook stood up and collected the dirty dishes, making his way to the washing machine, putting the plates into it.
"I'd like to talk with you in private" I heard Yoongis voice echoing in my head. I looked at him surprised but nodded a yes hinting that I understood what he asked me for. It was odd why he was trying to rush this, I assumed he just wanted to talk about that mysterious angel. Maybe something had happened that he wanted to tell me about?

After I nodded he stood up and went to his room, I just stared at him.
"Jin? Is everything okay?" Jungkook asked me.
"Yeah, I just got distracted" I replied, my lips curled up to a shy smile.
He nodded and sat back next to me, he put his hands onto the table. I automatically put my hands onto his and squeezed them lightly. A cute pink shade appeared on his cheeks but he didn't pull away, it made me happy. We just sat there deep in our thoughts for a short while.
"It's so strange" he noted quietly.
"What do you mean?" I asked him frowning.
"That you two care about me" he whispered. I didn't say anything, I squeezed his hands instead. He locked his eyes with mine, a soft smile crossed his face.
"I just feel sorry for that we didn't met sooner" I noted with a bittersweet smile.
"Because maybe you wouldn't have gone through those horrible things that'd happened to you..." I lowered my head, my voice sounded sad as I remembered what he had told me.


It felt like thousands of butterflies came alive in my stomach as I heard what he'd just said. I turned my hand and intertwined our fingers, I squeezed his hand softly. He looked at me again, his eyes widened by surprise.
"What happened had happened, there's nothing we could do with it. I can be here with you right now, and this is the only thing what matters to me" I felt my cheeks burning when I finished my sentence. Jin smiled as he saw my face, my words made him blush too.
"And what about Yoongi?" He asked a few moments later, his lips hid a mischievous smile.
"I think I'll have to like him as well" I shrugged playfully, making Jin giggle quietly. He leaned closer to me and pecked my lips.
"Don't say it in front of him, he would take this as an offense" he said quietly and stood up, pulling me up as well. I followed him as he went to the living room, sitting down on the couch with him.

I pulled myself closer to him, he put his arm onto my shoulder, letting me rest my head onto his shoulder. I shut my eyes and took a deep breath, a pleasant calmness took over me. It was so good to be close to him.
"What should we do today?" Jin asked after a short while.
"Hmm... I don't know..." I mumbled, leaving my eyes closed still.
"What would you like to do?" His chest resonated as he spoke, it sent a shiver up to my spine.
"Hmm...maybe a walk in the park? I'd like to move out a bit" I said after a short time of thinking and looked at Jin.
"Sounds good" he smiled and stood up from the couch, taking off his arm from my shoulder, making his way to our room. I stood up as well, following his steps and closed the door behind me.

A few minutes later we walked out from our room - we both changed our clothes - and I was already walking to the front door when Jin held my hand to stop my movements.
"I'm gonna let Yoongi know that we're leaving. You can go, I'll catch up on you in a few minutes, okay?"
"Alright, I'm gonna wait for you in front of the hotel."
"It won't take long" he pecked me quickly on the lips and turned back, making his way to the mint haired' room. I quickly slid into my shoes and in the next moment I was out on the hallway.


A quiet knocking made me awake. I woke up from the bed growling and slightly opened my door. Jin looked at me as he chewed his bottom lip, glancing at me with a questioning look.
"Sorry to wake you up, but I just wanted to tell you that we're gonna take a walk at the park" he said, and did I sense fear in his voice?
"Where is he now?"
"He's already in front of the hotel, waiting for me. Why?" He asked frowning. I opened the door more wide and stepped aside to let him in. He hesitated for a few moments before he came into my room, sitting down onto my bed.

He looked at me with a puzzled expression while I sat in front of him, but he didn't say a word.
"Jin, I'll have to tell you something" I started, the nervousness sneaked up on the back of my neck insidiously.
"Yoongi, you're scaring me" his voice sounded worried, he must've sensed my nervousness.
"This morning, when Jungkook had a nightmare..." I started again, and Jins whole body tensed.
"What did you see?" He asked without hesitation. He wasn't angry, and I was grateful for that.
"That he had told you...that he was..." I couldn't say the word, like it was already a sin to say it out loud.
"Yeah, I've already guessed that, but as I see your expression and sense your emotions it makes me conclude that you saw something that Jungkook didn't have told me" aish, sometimes I hate that he has powers like this. I just nodded a bit but I didn't say anything, chewing my lips instead.

I was scared. I hated to admit to myself, but I was terribly scared. Jin was like a brother to me, and I knew if I tell him what I'd seen it will destroy him. Shit, he went to the bar because he'd been thinking about that asshole again, that's how he'd met with Jungkook. The fact that years has passed didn't matter, he just couldn't forget him.
"Yoongi, what is it that you so scared of to tell me? I sense that you almost dread" Jins tone was filled with worry, he put his hand onto mine, trying to calm me down a bit. I turned my hand and squeezed his, looking deep into his eyes.
"I could see clearly the persons face who did this to Jungkook" I finally said it after a few seconds of silence.
"I don't really get it why were you so scared to tell me about this" he scanned my face with a confused look.
"I recognized the person who did this to him" I noted, hoping that it will be enough for him to put the pieces together. I didn't even want to say the name of that asshole. Jins whole body froze when he realized what I had said. I didn't have to use my powers to know how his thoughts were whirling around in his mind.
"Who did you see? Who was it, Yoongi?" He asked with a trembling voice. I didn't reply, and my hyung started to loose his patience.
"Yoongi, answer me! I asked who the hell was that you recognized and you're not willing to say his name?" He almost shouted, his demanding voice made me wince. I've never seen him like this before.
"Your ex" I answered briefly.


I looked at him with an opened mouth, my whole body froze. No, that can't be, I'm sure I heard wrong.
"What?" I asked silly.
"You heard it well. The man I saw in Jungkooks nightmare, who..." he hesitated a bit, like he's trying to search for the right words. "Did this to him, it was none other than your ex" he finished his sentence. He didn't have to say his name because I didn't have much exes. More precisely I had only one man in my life that I had given everything I had and loved him from the bottom of my heart. I thought that he had felt the same way as me, and I was so happy.
but I was wrong. Oh God, I was so fucking wrong.

If you really, truly love someone then no matter what kind of barrier appears in your relationship, you will try everything to defeat it with the love of your life on your side. Because you don't only share the happy moments, you share the bad ones too. But if your feelings are true towards the other then you can take over these bad things too, making the bond between yourselves more stronger.

I had felt like that towards him. But the pink clouds blinded me, and I only realized that our relationship was only one-sided when it was too late.
That if we'd been arguing, I was the one who apologized first, even when he should have done it.
Or when we had a joint program, we almost always had done something that he'd wanted, not me.
Or that I'd always called him or texted him first when we didn't have seen each other for a longer period.
That I always had acted how he wanted. If he had any kind of problem, I'd been always there for him, supporting and helping him. I had never complained if I didn't like something that he had done or said. I tolerated both the mental and physical pain that he'd caused.
The malicious remarks and comments.
The green and blue bruises on my body that appeared after I have slept with him.

But when I needed him the most as a support, he didn't stayed with me. On my eighteenth birthday I'd realized that I'm not an ordinary human. I sense and read in peoples emotions. I didn't wanted to take secrets from him, so I told him about it. I couldn't control my powers so I'd read his emotions immediately.
I could've bear these. But there was something else that had made my heart broken into pieces.
Disgust. Pure, immeasurable disgust.
He tried to hide it obviously, but his words sounded like gibberish to my ears. I asked him to stop talking. He had looked at me in surprise first, but after he nodded he had left, stepping out from my life.
I just had sat there on the couch, my tears were falling like nothing could stop them, staring into nothing in front of me.
The love of my life had left me forever.

It took several weeks to think about him without the urge feeling to cry.
It took months to finally gather up enough courage to start dating. But I couldn't do it, I couldn't control my powers at that time, and I gave up the hope that I could live in a normal relationship.
I started to go to clubs, I tried to make myself believe that maybe the one-night stands make me feel less alone. But after a few tries I gave this up too.
I felt like a wreck, a waste and this was trailed back to one exact person.
A person who's turned out that he didn't only ruined my life.

How did he charmed Jungkook?
By his manly emission?
His intelligence he showed when they chit-chatted?
With his dimples which showed up when he smiled?
How could've he done this to him? Ho-
"Jin?" Yoongi snapped me out from my thoughts. I focused on his face with my eyes, his worry and fear smashed into my mind. He lifted up his free hand and gently caressed my face, wiping down the tear drop from it. I didn't even realized that I started crying.
"I'm so sorry!" He almost whispered, but I heard clearly how his voice trembled.
"Why are you the one who apologize?" The anger lighted up inside me unexpectedly, suppressing all of the other emotions inside me. "You weren't the one who raped Jungkook!" I almost shouted the words, they echoed in the room.


What the hell does it take so long? He said that he's gonna tell Yoongi where we're going and then he comes after me. I slid my hand into my pocket to reach my phone, but it wasn't there. I looked at my other pocket then in my jacket but my mobile was nowhere to be found. I sighed annoyed and went back to the hotel. A few minutes later I was already walking on the hallway, the guards let me in without any problem. I started to took off my shoes after I closed the door, but I stopped my motions. Yoongis door was open but I didn't see into the room where I was standing. I took just one step when I heard Jin.
"Why are you the one who apologize? You weren't the one who raped Jungkook!" He almost shouted the words, it made me wince, I didn't dare to move.
"How could he'd done this? How could he'd gone that far? It wasn't enough for him to leave blue and green marks on his partner?" Jins voice sounded more and more desperate, like he could cry in any second.
"Jin, please, calm do-"
"For fucks sake, Yoongi, how the hell can I calm down? You just told me that the man who almost ruined me for the rest of my life was the one who raped Jungkook!"

My eyes got wide open, it was like the time had stopped. I couldn't believe what I'd just heard. I felt my legs trembled, I leaned to the wall for support.
"I don't know, but you have to. We cannot do anything about it for now, but trust me, there's nothing I wanna do more than hitting that bastard till he moves" Yoongi growled.

I had no idea how long I stood next to the front door, I could barely dare to breath in the silence.
"You're right" I heard Jin, his tone was more calm.
"You mean what? I can kill Namjoon?" Yoongi asked and I assumed he was smiling. I heard a smacking sound.
"Ouch!" The mint haired hissed.
"You deserved that. No, you won't kill anyone except my patience" Jin noted in an annoyed tone.
"Oi, come on, I just wanted to ease the mood..." Yoongi growled.
"It was a weak attempt" his words has no negative meaning, it sounded more like he's bickering the other.
"That's what I've got" Yoongi sighed and I heard the older ones chuckling.
"Well, thanks I guess. I gotta go, or Jungkook goes to the park without me" I heard movement sounds and the realization hit me: if I won't leave I'm gonna get caught.

The thoughts whirled fast in my head, but my body just didn't wanted to cooperate with my brain, it didn't want to obey. After seconds which felt like forever I turned around to open the front door, my hand were on the handle.
"Jungkook?" I heard Jins surprised voice from behind.
Shit, I screwed this up nicely.

Chapter Text


His voice made me frozen, I needed a few seconds before I turned around. Jin looked at me with wide opened eyes, and I felt the terror started to take over me slowly. He scanned my face while Yoongi came next to him from his room with slow steppes.
"How much did you heard?" He asked, I couldn't sense any emotion from it. I didn't know if it's a good or a bad sign. I just glanced at him before focusing on Jins face again.
"What?" Was all I could say at that moment, and the mint haired sighed tiredly, looking at me frowning.
"I'm not stupid and you know that. Now, spill it out how much you heard or I'm gonna look after it" his voice sounded serious now, like an old man who scolded an indelicate child.
"There's no need for that" Jin said in a non-contradictory tone as he looked back to his house mate. It felt good that he took care of me even in this situation. I mean he could be mad at me as I eavesdropped them even if I did it unwillingly.
"As you wish" Yoongi rolled his eyes, lifting up his hands and went back to his room, closing the door behind him.

I still stood at the same spot, and Jin sighed as he looked at me again, a fade of a smile appeared on his face. He cocked his head to the living room, making his way there. I slipped out from my shoes and followed him, I hopped at the couch next to him, looking at my hands in my lap like they were the most interesting thing in the world. Too many thoughts whirled in my head, I didn't have time to process everything I've heard.
"Jungkook?" Jin asked me after a few minutes of silence. I glanced at him shyly, chewing my bottom lip in nervousness.
"Don't be afraid, I won't let Yoongi to forage in your mind" he said in a calming tone, I nodded a yes to let him know I understood what he'd told me. He held my hands into his, squeezing them gently.

I was grateful that he tried to calm me, but I just couldn't do it. His words he'd said before still echoed in my head like a mantra. And the thought that he's got hurt made me sad. I remembered what he'd said yesterday about no one had been so gentle with him before like I'd been with him. And now that I knew what he ment by that, I felt the tears started to congregated at the corner of my eyes, an unpleasant tightness appeared in my chest. I lowered my head and took deep breaths, trying not to cry.



I looked at Jungkook face worried, but after a little while he lowered his head. His sadness was like a cold hand, curling its chilling, freezing fingers around my neck, choking the words inside me. I still held his hands, leaving little circles at the back of his hand with my thumb. I had no idea how long we stayed like that, but I didn't care. I was way too worried, I didn't want to rush anything, knowing that it would just make the situation worse.
A time which felt like forever he lifted up his head again, deep, intensive sadness filled his eyes.
"I'm sorry, just..." he started but he trailed off like he didn't know how he should continue.
"You have nothing to apologize for" I said quietly, soothing his face gently with my hand. He shut his eyes, leaning into my touch.
"It's just... the thought that he treated you the same way..." he whispered, his voice trembled a bit as he tried not to cry. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to hold back his tears, my vision became blurry by the mix of the sight and his sadness I sensed.

He's thinking about me before himself even in a situation like this. Much worse things had happened to him than with me, and he still worried about me. I slid my hand from his face to the back of his head, pulling him closer, and Jungkook almost immediately curled his arms around me, hugging me tightly, pushing his head in the crook of my neck. In the next moment a grievous sob gushed out from his throat, making his whole body shiver by it. It made me cry, my tears made their way down on my face, I couldn't held them back anymore. I gently caressed his hair and back while he gripped my shirt as he cried. His pain and sadness penetrated deep into my soul, I felt like cold, freezing water filled my lungs, making me hard to breath. After a while it was too much, I couldn't take it any longer, his emotions were too intense, I knew I had to find a way to calm him down at least a bit.
"Jungkook, please try to calm down a bit" I asked him, but even the speaking was a hard task. He pulled away as he heard my voice, scanning my face with a scared look.
"Di-did I hug you too ti-tightly?" He asked between sobs. I shook my head, trying to take deep breaths.
"The-then what's wrong?" He took my face gently between his hands, locking his tearful eyes with mine. His sadness switched into worry, but it didn't make me breath less harder, it didn't loosened the tightness in my chest nor in my throat. I heard that Jungkook tried to call for Yoongi, but my house mate didn't come out from his room. I assumed he was leaning above his desk with a headset on his head, it wouldn't be the first occasion, I knew he doesn't hear anything from the outside world.



The curiosity was killing me, I wanted to know what were they talking about, but conscience didn't let me to eavesdrop. I leaned above my desk with a headset, knocking the paper with my pen, hoping that a useful rhyme pops up in my head that I can write down. Usually the inspiration caught me while I was doing everyday things, but it had happened a few times before that I sat down with the particular goal as writing some good lyrics. That's what I was trying to do right now, but when I wrote down a few lines and read them again, I crossed them with multiple lines, snorting angrily.

After a while I gave up and leaned my head onto the table, listening to the music. I almost fell asleep when I heard Jungkook voice echoing in my head, snapping me out from the sleepiness.
"Yoongi? Yoongi, do you hear me?" His voice sounded scared, I threw my headset onto the table and rushed out to the living room.
"What happened?" I asked him, freezing in front of the couch as I tried to process the sight.

Jin tried to take deep breaths with his eyes closed, Jungkook cupped his face with his hands, looking at him with tearful eyes. He glanced sideways and when our eyes met I saw how scared he was.
"I-I don't know. Help him, ple-please" he stuttered, his sobs made harder for him to speak.
I crouched next to the sofa and gently pulled away Jungkooks hands from Jins face, turning his head towards mine.
"Jin, do you hear me?" I only got a nod as an answer.
"What's wrong?" I asked worried, but he didn't reply, he took deep breaths, his eyes were still closed, I wiped his tears with my thumb. Shit, this won't work.
"Jin, what happened?"  I could only hope that at least we can communicate this way.
"It's Jungkook...his emotions are too intense, it's like his sadness is choking me" he could barely answer, and I turned my head to the said boy.  Poor thing switched his gaze at me and Jin, his tears never stopped falling down on his beautiful face.
"Jungkook?" I called him, making him snapped out from his thoughts.
"Please forgive me for asking this, and I'll explain it later, but could you go to your room?" My question caught him off guard, but he nodded a bit and stood up from the couch, making his way to their room, closing the door behind him.

I turned back to my hyung, I waited hoping that this will help him at least a bit. A few minutes had passed and his breathing started getting back to normal, but it still wasn't as even as it should be. He stopped crying, only sniffing a few times as he looked at me.
"Tha-thank you" he stuttered in a husky tone.
"Just don't rush with the gratitude, yeah? Try to calm down first" I scolded him, and he nodded a yes with a fade of a smile. I took my hands off from his face and sat down next to him.
"What happened?"
"Well, I tried to calm him down that I don't let you to look into his mind" he started and I felt a grimace crossing my face. He rewarded me with a scornful look.
"Yoongs, you don't think I'd let you to ferret in his head?"
"Yah! I wouldn't do such a thing..." I mumbled under my nose. It was obvious that he didn't believe a word, but at least he dropped the topic. He told me in short about what had happened, and when he finished both of us stayed in quiet for a while.

"So his emotions are the reason of your previous state?" I asked him after a short while.
"Yep. His sadness and bitterness was too strong and intense, it made me hard to breath."
"Why didn't you suppressed his feelings?" I knew well he could do that, that's why I didn't understand why he didn't do it.
"I didn't wanted to use my power without his permission" he replied. I looked at him confused at first, but then his conversation with Jungkook popped up in my mind which I eavesdropped earlier unashamedly when the younger woke up from his nightmare. 
Unfortunately Jin knew me too well as after he saw my expression his eyes started to sparkle in anger.
"You eavesdropped us?" His voice was maybe low, but I sensed the wrath beneath it. I swallowed nervously.
"I-it's a possibility" aish, I hate how easily he makes me freak out. There's nothing more terrifying than an angry Jin. He shut his eyes, puffing out his air angrily.
"I didn't mean to, I just wanted to tell you what I'd seen" I jabbered quickly, trying to save my ass, I was too young for death. He opened his eyes and looked at me, waiting for me to continue.
"I wanted to tell you that I'd recognized Namjoon when I first saw him in Jungkooks nightmare, but you were too busy to wake him up."
"And why didn't you tell me after that?" His cold tone made the air freezing around us.
"I wanted to know what he would tell you about his nightmare" it looked like my answer was convincing enough for him as he finally didn't looked at me like he wanted me dead.

I assumed he thought the conversation was over because he stood up from the couch and made his way to their room. I was still deep in my thoughts, I could barely heard the closing door. I hoped that whatever Jungkook had heard they can talk about it without repeating what had happened before.
It had never happened with Jin before that someones feelings make this effect to him. Maybe his powers got stronger too? What if Jungkook is the reason for all of this? Like our powers reacts to his, becoming stronger. But why? And the same thing would happen if we meet someone who's got powers too? The thoughts whirled around in my mind, I felt my head started to ache because of it. A big sigh left my lips as I went to my room, and after I changed my clothes I slipped my keys into my pocket, leaving our home. A few moments later I was already wandered on the streets, still deep in my thoughts.

I ended up on the same bench like last time, and the mysterious angel came up in my mind unintentionally. Maybe he's gonna come this way around again?