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Heavenly Honey

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Heavenly Honey


            Dean hated the farmers market. He was a man that lived on meats and the most vegetables he got in his meal are the lettuce that appeared on his burger. As for fruit, he got that in pie. Now, however, Sam has decided he has issues with his eating habits. So, now here was Dean. Standing in the middle of the farmers market as Sam talked about all the health benefits for eating healthy. He just nodded as Sam talked and talked about how wonderful kale was. Gross.

            “This place is big, Dean. So we’ll meet back here at four, okay?”

            “Yes, mom.” He teased his brother.

            Sam rolled his eyes. “Alright, Dean, I’ll see you in a little bit and you better buy something.”

            “I told you. Apples for a pie. That’s it, Sam that’s all I’m getting.” Dean huffed.

            Sam walked away and left Dean at the front of the market.

            Dean spotted some apples and shrugged. “Found the apples.” He mumbled to himself. He decided to walk around. Sam was going to be here for a while so he would just get them later. He started walking maybe he would run into a hot girl or guy. He scanned the booths as he walked by. Most people he spotted were not his type. He kept walking.

            There were some craft booths that he stopped at and admired their work. Bought himself a bracelet at one and kept moving. The next booth over from the crafts was a booth that sold honey. Dean really didn’t like honey. He started to walk away when a gruff crisp voice greeted him.

            “Hello, and welcome to Heavenly Honey.”

            He jerked his head up so fast his neck popped. The man on the other side of the counter smiled at him a wide gummy smile. Oh, my, God, he was handsome. He had raven black hair that was longer than Dean’s hair but still short. It was sticking out everywhere like the wind had blown through it (it probably had as this was an outdoor event), tan skin, and piercing blue eyes. Dean’s mouth fell open. “Uh, hi.” He forgot how to talk for a minute

            The man smiled again. “Yes, hello.” He picked up a small jar. “Would you like to try some honey?”

            “Uh?” He stared at the honey. I’d like to try you. He thought. He took the honey and took a small bit of it. “Mmmm, that’s actually good.” He said

            “Actually good?” The man asked

            “Sorry,” He licked his finger that got some honey on it. He did defiantly notice the guy behind the counter watch him lick his fingers. “I usually don’t like honey. But this is good.”

            He smiled. “Perhaps you never had fresh honey.”

            “Must be it.” He looked at the cup which was now minus honey. “Usually, I get like the stuff in the store.”

            He nodded and gave him a devilish smirk. “Mine is certainly better than store-bought honey.”

            He raised an eyebrow. “So you…”

            “I am a beekeeper. My bees made that honey that you enjoyed.”

            “Awesome.” He smiled at him. “Never met a beekeeper before.” He tossed the cup into a trashcan. “How much?”

            “A small jar five dollars, a large one is ten. I even have specialty honey.”

            “I’ll take a small jar. It’ll be good on toast.” He took out his money and handed it to the man. His fingers brushed against his as they exchanged the money and honey.


            “Thanks.” Dean walked away with his jar of honey. He wondered back to the area where he was going to meet Sam. He got his apples and sat on a bench waiting for Sam.

            Sam approached him with an armful of bags filled with fruits and vegetables. “Did you find anything?”

            “Yeah.” He held up his arm. “This bracelet, apples, and a jar of honey.”

            “Honey? I thought you didn’t like honey.”

            “Well, uh,” He blushed and looked away. “I made an expectation.”

            “So what was her name?”

            “Well, he and… I didn’t catch his name.”

            “Oh.” He blinked and laughed. “I see.”

            “Yeah, it’s good honey though, Sam.”

            He nodded and they gathered their bags and left.




            Dean really did like the honey. He had it on toast nearly every morning. He put it in his tea and he rarely drank tea beforehand. The jar was slowly becoming empty now. The weekend was approaching. “Sam,” He started one morning.


            “Is there a farmers market this weekend?”

            “Yeah, I think so.” Sam said with hesitation in his voice. He looked at Dean his eyebrow raised in suspicion.

            “I’m uh, almost out of honey.”

            “Sure.” Sam said with a teasing tone and a smile.


            That weekend the two of them went to the farmers market. Dean left Sam and headed to the honey booth. He was grinning. Today he was going to learn the man’s name and if he was feeling ballsy maybe even get his number. He walked up to the booth his grin wide. He stopped in front of it. “Hello.” He said smoothly and flirty.

            “Hi! Would you like to try a sample?” Asked a woman's voice

            Dean blinked. It was a different person at the booth this time. He felt his face heat up as he looked at the dark-haired woman before him. “I uh,” He blinked at her.

            She had dark hair and blue eyes. She could very well be that guy’s sister or just as easily his wife or girlfriend. “A sample?” She asked as she offered up a cup.

            “No, I uh,” He picked up a small jar. “This one I had it the last time and… really liked it.”

            She nodded. “We at Novak farms are always happy to have repeat customers.” She took the jar and his money. She bagged the honey and handed it to him.

            He licked his lips. “So, uh, last time I was here there was a guy and…”

            “Oh, you must mean Castiel.” She smiled fondly. “Average height, dark hair, blue eyes, built?”

            “That’s him.”

            “Yup, that’s my brother Castiel.” She offered up a sample to another person that stopped by the booth. “He is our beekeeper. It’s a big farm. He was busy today so I covered his booth for him.”

            “A big farm? I thought it was just some guy and some bees?”

            She laughed. “Well, clearly you didn’t read the jar label.” She smirked. “I can tell him you asked about him?”

            He felt his face burn hot. “Uh, sure.”

            She told him to have a nice day and Dean left feeling confused and nervous. He looked over the jar of honey and sure enough on the back was a story about the family farm.

            The Novak family farm has been in operation since 1922. It continues with each generation of Novaks. Then it informed him to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

            Dean looked around for Sam. Not seeing him he sat on a bench and looked up the farm on the internet. He found the official company website. The first thing that came up was their logo and a large family picture. He scrolled through it. There were about six of them involved in different parts of the company and the farm. He looked through the names of the Novak family until he spotted Castiel. With a nervous finger, he clicked on the link about Castiel. The screen filled with a picture of the man. Dean felt his heart flutter as he stared into those big blue eyes and took in his gummy smile. God, just something about Castiel just set his mind ablaze. He scrolled down to the general information.  Castiel had many degrees in various fields, he took up beekeeping as a hobby and decided that he enjoyed it and by using his business degree he was able to start up his own business Heavenly Honey that was part of Novak Farms. Castiel also donated time and money to various charities and started outreach programs for at-risk youth. Dean smiled at the picture below with Castiel holding a jar of honey in his bee keeper’s outfit.

            He wondered what it would be like to go on a date with Castiel. He sighed. He wanted to know more about Castiel. His body coursed with excitement as butterflies filled his stomach. Yes, there was something about this man that just got his motor running. He wanted to get to know him. He had to see him at least, though, in order to do that.

            “Did you get the honey?” Sam asked which startled Dean out of his thoughts.

            “Huh? Oh yeah, yeah I got the honey.”

            He smirked. “Did you get the man’s name this time?”

            “Yes, it’s apparently Castiel.”

            He frowned. “Castiel?” He repeated as he made a face. The name was hard to wrap around. “Well, did you get Castiel’s number?” He asked stumbling over the name again.

            He blinked. “Oh, no, he uh, wasn’t here. His sister is manning the booth and she told me his name.”

            “Oh.” Sam said and left it at that.

            Dean’s body still hummed with excitement. He was looking forward to coming back and hopefully get to talk to Castiel.




            The weekend comes along faster than Dean anticipated. He finds himself going to the market without Sam. He has a goal in mind and no matter what he is going to see it through. He headed right to where Castiel’s booth was. He walked towards it and stopped.

            There he was standing in the booth. A warm pleasant smile across his face as he handed a jar of honey to a young woman. “You have a good day ma’am.” Castiel said. His gruff voice shook Dean to the core. God that was such a hot voice.

            Dean marched right up to him. He smiled at Castiel who looked at him with a confused look. “Hey, there.” Dean said as he leaned against the counter separating the two of them. Dean considered himself an expert in flirting.

            Castiel blinked and looked at him. “Oh, you’re the guy who was here two weeks ago.” He picked up a jar and held it out to him.

            “Oh, no I’m not here to buy honey.”

            His face fell as he sat down the jar. “Oh.” He said softly

            “Sorry I….” He rubbed the back of his head as nervousness took over. Maybe he wasn’t as good at flirting as he thought. He shook his head and tried again as confidence flooded in. “I came here last week…. I wanted to…” Nope, no confidence. He felt his heart pound from nervousness as Castiel’s blue eyes locked with his. Seriously, how could one man have such deep dark blue eyes?


            Dean looked up to see the bee keeper’s hand extended to him.

            “My name is Castiel.” He flashed him an award-winning smile and Dean about lost his mind at it.

            He took his hand. “Dean. My name is Dean Winchester.” He chuckled. “I actually already knew your name… I talked to your sister last week.”

            He tilted his head and it reminded Dean of a puppy. It was a cute look on Castiel. “You spoke to Hannah?” He licked his lips and looked thoughtful. “Oh, yes, she mentioned someone came around asking about me.”

            “That was… uh, me.” He felt his face redden. Now he felt like a creepy stalker. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea? Castiel probably thought he was some weirdo or something now. Shame crept into his bones. He wanted to run. He wanted to hide. He could find himself another hot guy with intense blue eyes, right?

            “I am sorry that I missed you.” Castiel sighed. “I had business to take care of at the farm and I couldn’t come in.” He rubbed his arm and Dean noticed the faint blush color his cheeks. “I was hoping you would come back.” He said very softly

            Dean no longer felt like a creeper. He smiled boldly. “Yeah, I came around. I wanted to see you again too, Castiel.”

            He smiled. “Well, good, at least we are on the same page. By the way, you can call me Cas.”


            “Yes, my brother informed me that Castiel is far too long of a name.”

            Dean snickered. “It is a long name.”

            “Imagine living with it.” He looked at the honey and sighed. “Did you actually like the honey, Dean?”

            “Of course I did.” He felt his face heat up

            He nodded. “Good. I was worried you only got it because you wanted to flirt with me.”

            Dean felt bold again. “That was part of it.”

            He smirked. “I knew it.” He picked up a jar and scribbled something on the back of it with his pen. He placed it in Dean’s hand.

            “I don’t,” Dean started but Castiel cut him off.

            “I have to man the station all day. But,” He paused and grinned a wicked grin that sent Dean’s mind straight to the gutter. “If you want,” his voice dropped a few octaves. “To get some coffee some time give me a call.” He winked

            Dean’s jaw practically hit the floor. “Uh, ye-yeah sure… I’ll, uh, call you.” He was so stunned he forgot how to speak for a second. He stumbled away from the booth and heard Castiel greet another customer with gusto. He looked back at him and their eyes locked again. Castiel grinned at him. A grin that made his dick twitched with excitement. Castiel gave him a wink and the ‘call me’ gesture. He blinked and stumbled further away. He looked at the jar and got out his phone and put Castiel in his contacts before the ink rubbed off the jar. He couldn’t wait until this coffee date. He grinned ear to ear. This coffee date was going to be amazing. He could just feel it. This was the start of a beautiful relationship.