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Feelings Not Included

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Shiro stares at the small item lying on his sheets and can’t help but wonder if he got duped.

As an Omega, and a painfully single one at that, he’s always been adventurous in the realm of toys. Silicon, plastic, glass, metal, he’s tried them all, in a variety of shapes, sizes and speeds. Wandering into an alien sex shop didn’t even phase him that much, aside from the few models sitting behind the back counter that made even his kinkiest of Bad Dragon toys look tame. If he’d had more money and less shame, he probably would have walked out with the massive mold of a half dozen tentacle cocks, but he was shopping in the few hours they had before taking off once again in the Atlas, and the chances of being caught dildo-handed were infinitely higher with a crew of their size than when it had just been the seven of them aboard the castle ship. 

So... he’d let the saleswoman talk him through a variety of smaller, more subtle packages. They’d skimmed over the usual entry level things pretty fast, little egg vibrators and standard human sized cocks. They’d spent a bit of time poised over the knotted and ridged toys, but as soon as she’d asked him for the reason behind his purchase, she’d immediately beckoned him to the back of the store. 

“This,” she said, grinning as she held out the smooth, mysterious package, “would be perfect for you. It’s built especially for individuals looking for that extra little companionship through those lonely nights.”

Maybe it was her promises that his satisfaction would be guaranteed, maybe it was her comforting him that no matter what partner he longed for when alone, the toy could provide. Or maybe it was the fact he only had ten minutes left before takeoff, but he bought it. It hadn’t been cheap either, clearing him out completely even though she gave him a first timer’s discount. 

Now though, looking at the toy out of its packaging in the privacy of his own room, he can’t help but feel like she’d unloaded something nobody wanted onto him. It’s barely the size of his own dick, grey and unassuming like a pill taken on doctor’s orders. Not a knot or ridge or knob to be seen. Turning it over in his hands he doesn’t find anything else out of the ordinary on it. Not even a switch or compartment for batteries. The box doesn’t have anything else either, just a sheet of instructions written in some alien language he can’t even begin to guess the meaning behind. The only thing he knows about it is its name, and that was just because it had rung up in galactic common when he’d bought it. 

On the whole, Shiro’s unimpressed with his purchase. But then again, he’s been surprised before. Half of his toy box was things he’d only decided to buy on a whim, and in the end he’d enjoyed more of them than he thought he would. Of all his drunk or horny late night purchases, he’d only ever regretted three of them, and there were a lot. 

Shiro checks the clock on his bedside and weighs his options. It’s late enough that no one should bother him now, and so long as he keeps the lights low and his voice down anyone coming by will think he’s gone to sleep. He’s already itching to get something inside him, heat still over a week away, but the prospect of a new toy, no matter how bland, is enough to get him in the mood. He strips in short order, clothes discarded on his chair, and settles into bed with the toy. 

It’s clearly penetrative, that much he can tell, if only by lack of any sort of hole or slot for his dick to slide into. That’s good… he can already feel that little twang of need between his hips, that craving for an Alpha’s cock locked and loaded inside him. He’s got lube on his fingers in a matter of minutes, slick and shining like his entrance, and with a groan of anticipation he slides one inside himself. 

He’s always been an easy lay, body opening readily to whatever offers itself up to his hole. One finger already isn’t enough, barely a hint of stretch, so he adds a second without fanfare, letting his voice slip out as he feels the first hints of resistance at his rim. God… he loves this, loves the feeling of his body working itself open, waiting for what’s to come. He’s already fantasizing about what that toy might do, how it’ll pound him into the sheets and leave him gasping for air. How it’ll split him open, have him begging to be bred, siding against his slick walls as he chases his climax like a man possessed. Maybe it reacts to heat… or to movement, and that was what the lady was talking about. It giving it to him as good as he gave… Shiro was ready for that, something matching his intensity without effort, without the flicking of switches or readjustments on the mattress. 

Already his mind was going wild with possibilities, and he hadn’t even used it. 

Shiro stuffs a third finger into himself, curling and digging his fingertips into his walls to feel every last delicious degree of friction. Already he can feel his cock approaching full mast, drooling against his leg as he continues to stuff his fingers in to the knuckle. Whatever it was, it was supposed to be good, and hey… if it wasn’t, he had a literal treasure trove of follow-ups to make up for it. 

He tugs his fingers out with wet pop, hole aching and wanting for more. His fingers scrabble across the sheets, seeking out the sleek form of the toy and bringing it to his groin. Now that it’s in his palm and covered in a mix of lube and his own juices, he catches the underlying texture of it, smooth with just a hint of catch. It reminds him of some of his most lifelike toys, cast to feel just like an Alpha’s cock on his insides. Already he’s more excited. He brings it between his thighs and squeezes, letting it press up against his crack and nose at the base of his cock, smearing slick up and down his taint as he grinds in to the feeling of it. If he rocks just so, he can catch himself from back to front, the rear end just nudging his asshole as the front butts against his cock and makes it bobble. Heat seems to coarse through it, and before long it’s as warm as the heat pooling in his belly, ready and willing as any cock. 

“God… just get in me already,” he moans, spreading his legs just enough for it to slide down back onto the sheets, shining with slick. His hole is ready, muscles twitching in anticipation as he takes the toy in hand and guides it towards it, letting the tip of the thick, pill-like body press against his entrance. 

It’s better than fingers, he’ll give it that much as his back arches and his shoulders dig in to the mattress. It spreads him well too, just the barest tapering at it’s tip before the full girth hits him, and then after that it’s nothing but the maddening slow slide of first penetration. He knows he needs to go slow, adjust to the feeling of it in him, but he’s just so empty and it’s so thick and warm, inching it’s way in to fill the gaps inside of him. He manages to hold his instincts off, move it slow and steady into himself until he reaches the halfway point, but by then he’s thinking more with what’s between his legs than between his head and the time for slow beginnings is over. With a grunt and the palm of his hand, he shoves the entire thing inside himself. 

And dang… it hits the spot. Shiro lays on the bed, panting for a second as he gets used to the full feeling of the toy inside himself. It thrums inside him to the pounding of his heart, still giving off that same lifelike heat he knows isn’t his own. It sits nicely in the cradle of his hips, surprisingly heavier than he’d first thought, but in a good way, one that let it dig in against his walls as his hips begin to rock. And oh god… when he does… Shiro’s eyes flutter shut. He can feel the weight inside it moving, rolling back and forth like a second entity, the full weight of the toy hitting the end a second after it’s outer body does. A first and second fuck, and fuck if he isn't’ down with it.

Shiro’s hips move faster and faster as he works the toy inside him, head back, feet planted, ass in the air as he bucks into the feeling. It slides back and forth inside of him, end to end in his passage. With every lowering of his hips he can feel it kiss his entrance, every rise he feels it slip even deeper, the rolling weight inside of it slamming it further each way and making his head spin. Through hazy eyes he catches sight of himself in the mirror, legs splayed, cock flopping against his stomach as he works himself towards orgasm. He swears he can just catch the silver tip of it crowning out of him as he shifts low, and then with a groan and a rise it’s gone, sliding back inside of him and hammering into that spot that makes him see stars. 

Yeah, he’s definitely happy with it. 

He changes his movements up, hips circling high, letting the full weight of it push deeper into him, stirring up his furthest insides. A hand jumps to his belly as he does, and the feeling of it rolling around beneath his fingers, right below his navel is enough to have him moaning into open air. God… it’s so good and hot and perfect , always that extra little edge of unpredictability that has him keening with longing that it’ll hit him just right. He’s getting close, orgasm building just behind where it rocks inside of him. 

Just a bit more… he needs a little bit more… needs that full feeling of an Alpha slamming inside him, shaping his insides to the contours of their throbbing member. He angles low, letting the toy slide right back to his entrance and forcing himself to stay tight to keep it inside. He can almost imagine it now, that Alpha, sitting on the bed, just letting Shiro work himself up and down their cock, waiting… waiting for their Omega to reach the breaking point and beg to be taken. Of how they’d bend him over in two, ankles by his ears, grinding their building knot into the curve of his ass and fucking him with just the tip until he’s hiccuping with pleas, begging them to knot him for all he’s worth. Threatening to pull out until he succumbs to their dirty talk, the words breed me falling from his lips as tears form in the corners of his eyes in need. 

And then the sweet release of that knot sealing itself inside of him, of his body coming around it. Of the rush of them pumping their load deep inside him, growling praises and raining licks and kisses over his face and neck as he finds his release, satisfaction pooling in his belly like his Alpha’s seed. That picture, that fantasy of being owned so completely has him stumbling over the brink, passage contracting, Omega cock spurting across his chest as he comes with a cry. The toy inside him jumps, rocking erratically as his hips falter and shake and fall back into the mattress, still jerking back and forth as he rides it out in oversensitive bliss. 

He’s not sure if its his imagination or reality, but he swears the toy seems to swell inside him in time to his climax. Almost like a real knot, coming just as he needs it, willing his Omega body to milk it for all it’s worth. The weight of the toy is heavier now, pushing his hips deeper into the mattress in as the boneless satisfaction kicks in and Shiro settles into the sheets, still rocking himself through the last trails of orgasm. 

Actually… he cants his hips higher. It does feel bigger. 

It no longer slides inside him with the same ease, and there’s the same stretch he gets from his knotting and inflating toys. That in itself isn’t cause for alarm, but then again, he’s not exactly sure when it will stop. The more he notices it, the bigger it seems to feel, until there’s a tightness in his walls he can’t ignore. He feels himself sink lower into the mattress, lower than he ever would on his own, and that snaps him out of it. 

Whatever the toy was, it was still growing. Not good… not good … he has no idea what the specs are on this thing, how big it can get. Heck… he hadn’t even read the instructions manual, a stupid fucking decision he recognizes now.

Shiro sits up, the weight of the toy settling low in the cradle of his hips. There was a chance it just responded to whatever fantasies were going on in his head, but the idea of just sitting here thinking about it shrinking around to normal size wasn’t something he was willing to risk. He needed it out, and he needed it out now.

“Fuck, ” he groans, trying to work the toy lower inside himself. It’s like the entire thing is a knot, swollen inside him, and it’s slow going. He was so stupid to have stuck it in without even considering how he’d get it out, but then again, he hadn’t expected it to get bigger either. 

Every centimeter he pushes it inside himself feels like a mile, the toy dragging over every last surface inside himself. Nothing was safe from the hot, velvety sides of the toy, rippling over his walls like a massive tongue. Every push, every contraction of his insides trying to squeeze it out of himself had him keening, every last nerve between his legs thrumming with contact. It feels so good, and yet he knows it needs to end soon or else.

A sheen of sweat forms on his body as the toy finally, finally begins to crown. It’s so thick now, his hole struggling to accommodate it all as the first few millimeters slide from him. God… it really is the size of a full knot, something he was meant to take the other way, and fighting against it, pushing it out has his body all sorts of confused. The ring of his entrance strains, battling with itself over whether to let it out or have it sink back inside where it swears it belongs. It’s a maddening battle, one that has Shiro pushing one inch and then losing half to the instincts he’s fighting, the toy sinking back inside before he snaps back into reality. Even with the rising bubble of panic in his gut he can’t deny how good this feels, how spread out he is, wet and dripping as he forces more and more of it from him. 

It gives a sudden lurch, weight of it shifting yet again, and Shiro almost loses everything, the toy rocking back dangerously close to sit fully inside him once again, but he catches himself at the last minute. He’s painfully hard again, body sweaty and exhausted, but he continues on, pushing bit by bit until it reaches the tipping point. 

The toy falls out of him with a wet sound and suddenly Shiro is empty and gasping. His head falls back into the sheets for a second at the sudden loss of warmth. He can feel his hole closing around nothing, grasping for what its lost, and it takes all of his remaining strength to sit up and inspect the thing that’d caused him so much trouble. 

Propped up on his elbows, Shiro’s jaw drops at the sight of the thing between his spread legs. It’s the size of a loaf of bread. That’s… that can’t be right. There was no way that had fit inside himself. He has to be hallucinating. It has to be early heat hormones… Shiro blinks, trying to clear the remain fog of arousal from his brain. 

When he looks again, a squeak of disbelief leaves him. 

It’s even bigger.

It’s growing

Shiro’s rooted to the spot, dumbfounded as he watches the silver shape swell between his thighs. It just keeps growing… bigger and bigger and bigger until his knees are being nudged apart. It’s getting taller too, a shadow falling over his stomach as it rises up in front of him like some sight gag of an erection. That… that had been in him . That thing had fit in him, and now, like one of those dollar store grow toys it was eight times it size, swelling right before his very eyes. 

A line forms in the surface, and then another, and another, the perfect cylinder now marred with marks going up, down, sideways… gashes deep and shallow alike. Some parts sink in, some swell out, until recognizable shapes start to form. Far too recognizable... It was like watching those modeling clay videos on fast forward, something coming from nothing in the blink of an eye. Shiro crawls backwards across his sheets, back pressing up against the wall as colour begins to bloom across the surface of the toy. Some parts pink, others white, even a few places where shadows deepened into deepest browns and blacks. They spread like cream in coffee, swirling across the surface until finally settling in place.

It’s still so warm… so lifelike, where it rubs against his bare thighs. Shiro’s at a loss for words, he’s at a loss for anything, unable to do anything other than stare at what’s just materialized on his bed in front of him. 

Everything is still for a moment, one silent, terrifying moment, before the toy jerks to life once again. 

But… it didn’t look like a toy anymore. It wasn’t the same little pill shaped thing Shiro had pulled out of the box. It wasn’t even the massive weight he’d pushed out of himself.


Sitting there, Shiro’s legs spread over both of it’s knees, was a perfect replica of himself. Every muscle… every scar matches, even the birthmark under his right collar bone. It’s him, in the flesh… except it’s space silicon or god knows what, and Shiro knows this isn’t it. The saleswoman had promised a partner for lonely nights. Something that would look after his needs no matter what, know his body as intimately as he knew it himself…

He hadn’t expected it to be so literal.

It’s eyes open, and fear shoots straight up Shiro’s spine as those steel grey eyes slowly hone in on him. The replica smiles sweetly, hands rubbing up and down Shiro’s thighs. He can’t help but notice how much it feels like real flesh and blood, how much his Omega instincts soak in another’s touch, even if every other fibre of him was hyperventilating over the fact it had been an inanimate egg just moments ago.

  The duplicate leans forwards, arms loosely caging Shiro beneath it. Fuck… it looked so alive, like looking in to a mirror of himself, except this one was giving him bedroom eyes that would make even the most prudish of Betas start undressing. It gazes down at him, looking at him like he’s the most amazing thing it’s ever seen, and then it speaks, it’s voice so familiar and yet so alien coming from lips that aren’t his own.

“Hey there. I’m your Kuron… how can I please you?”