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Reborn Again

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"Kacchan!" A shrill voice cried. Who the voice belonged to, Bakugo knew.

He knew too well, and that fact scared him.

"What do you want, stupid Deku?" He heard his own voice reply, squeaky but still boy-ish.

"Your quirk is so cool, Kacchan! Can I see it again? Please, Kacchan?" A freckled face emerged from the darkness, smiling so brightly that not even the sun could compete.

"Why are you so interested in my quirk anyway, huh?" Bakugo asked, genuinely intruiged. 

"Because I like the best quirks! And since Kacchan is the best, I just knew he'd get the best quirk of them all!" The young boy cheered. Bakugo would never admit it, but he remembers blushing at that.

"Tch, glad you realise it, idiot." 

Deku- no, Midoriya smiled.

Actually, no, wait, Izuku. Izuku smiled. 

Bakugo missed that smile — so much, honestly. He can't believe he was stupid enough to want that smile out of his life. Especially when the light in Deku's eyes that came with it was so vibrant and pretty.

But his younger self's wish came true: that smile was gone. Forever.

And it was all his fault.

The ash-blonde shot out of bed, sweat dripping down his forehead as he took deep breaths. Now that the bright smile was no longer there to chase away the darkness, the void came back.

And it swallowed Bakugo whole.

When he said it in middle school, he hadn't expected the boy to actually go through with it. He didn't expect the boy to actually jump.

And now he regretted it, every single word.

That bright smile was gone forever, along with the shine in those forest green eyes, and that slightly high-pitched voice — that although was annoying at times, was very good at cheering him up. 

The clock said it was only 3 in the morning, way too early to be up. Bakugo usually woke up at 5.

Not that he could get anymore sleep with that nightmare — that was supposed to be a dream, but just felt like a painful reminder — following him around.

So he got up, got ready for the day, doing his best to hide his dark eye bags. It didn't really work, though.

Those dreams had been going on for years, ever since that day. Every one a different scene, one that had already happned. However, sometimes, he'd get dreams that showed him what the future was like; or at least, would've been like.

There was one where he was captured by a villain with a sludge quirk, and Deku was there to save him, well, try to, at least. Because of his bravery, All Might gave the greenette his quirk after saving them both, and together, they became the number one heroes.

Not like that could happen, since Deku was... you know.

He didn't realise it, but as Bakugo sat on his couch, thinking about his dreams, his alarm went off, and it was 5 AM.

Bakugo looked out the window, seeing their middle school close by. He wanted to stay near, to remind himself of what he'd done. He hoped that someday, he'd move on.

And it was working, slowly. Very slowly, but it was.

Bakugo got up and stretched.

It was time for a new day.

Without Deku.




"Hey, Bakugo! How are you, man?" A certain bubbly redhead ran over, waving frantically as he greeted his friend.

Bakugo scowled like usual as his reply, but the smile on the other's face was unfaltering.

"Hey, Kaminari! We're over here!" Using his mouth as a microphone, the overly peppy — in Bakugo's opinion, anyway — boy called out to his blonde haired friend.

"Kiri, Bakugo! Hey." Kaminari jogged over, smiling as wide as Kirishima.

Bakugo sighed. He was tired.

"Hey, man, you okay? You seem out of it today, more than usual." Kirishima pat his friend on the back, red eyes shining with concern.

"Couldn't sleep. Woke up at 3." Bakugo growled. He wasn't lying, but he decided not to the mention the nightmares.

"Aww, it's okay, Bakugo. You can head home if you want-" Kaminari tried to say, but Bakugo cut him off with a firm shake of his head.

He stomped off to the locker room, ready as ever to fight villains.

He wouldn't let Deku and his past drag him down any longer. 

Plus, he needed a distraction.




"Look out! Ground Zero!" A familiar voice yelled before he was ungracefully shoved aside. An attack flew right by him, barely missing his head.

"Focus, please. I know you, and I know you never falter in a battle." Todoroki, pro hero Shoto exclaimed over the noise.

"So, if you're really that out of it, call backup and rest!" He commanded.

Bakugo snarled, "I don't have to listen to you, half-and-half!" He dodged another attack.

Todoroki frowned, "Put that aside for a minute! Either focus on the battle or step out and clear your head!"

Bakugo froze in place, he had a point. Distracting himself like this was most likely going to get him killed.

But then, would it be that bad? He was yanked to the side, but he didn't pay any mind.

He could see Deku again. He could apologise for ending his friend's dream early, midway. There was nothing crueler. 

But if he died now, Deku would definitely be mad. Deku had two dreams: to become the greatest hero, and for Kacchan to be by his side. So if he died...

He'd be ending yet another dream.

So he jumped back into action, explosions raging from his burning hands.

He would fight, "Die!"




"Watch it!" Bakugo warned as he jumped in front of a villain's hand, scooping a little boy up in his arms.

"You alright, little buddy?" He asked. The boy nodded in fear, clutching onto Bakugo's shirt as firmly as his young and weak body would allow.

Patting the kid's back in a soothing manner, Bakugo made his way to a rescue tent to get his wounds patched up.

"Stay here and listen to the other heroes, okay? I'll be back soon, 'promise." Bakugo reassured — surprisingly, he was good at it — and the boy nodded, being ushered off to the side by a medic.

Bakugo left the tent, running back to that villain to teach him a lesson or two about the consequences of hurting kids.




Bakugo slipped back into the tent after the battle was over. He clutched his side, a bloody wound making him limp.

He groaned in pain as he sat down. A medic immediately rushed over, tending to his wounds. 

Just as he was about all patched up, the little boy from earlier came running over, "Ground Zero!" 

Bakugo looked up. He hadn't had the time to notice it before, but the boy had green hair and brown eyes, and sported a pair of red shoes. Bakugo blinked a few times, but his eyes were not playing tricks on him at all.

That was basically Deku, standing right in front of him, a child.


The child shook his head, "Not quite."

Oh, had he said that out loud?

"My name is Atarashi Izukiru. I'm a big fan of yours, Ground Zero!" The child cheered.

Bakugo felt a smile tug at his lips. He reached over and gave the kid's unruly bed of hair a quick ruffle.

"Mind if I call you Dekiru, kid?"

Izukiru nodded in glee. He ran into Bakugo's arms, giving him a big hug.

"We gotta get you back to your parents, kid. They are definitely worried by now." Bakugo said, though slightly reluctant to let the kid go.

Izukiru shook his head, "Um, I don't have parents, Ground Zero, sir."

Bakugo frowned. An innocent child like this one deserved a loving home.

"First of all, the name's Bakugo Katsuki. Second of all..." He looked at the child, who was close to tears.

"I'm keeping you." Bakugo grinned.

Dekiru blinked, "Huh?"

"Mr. Ka-Kats-" Izukiru stuttered.

"Mr. Kacchan," he tried again, "I have to go back to the orphanage, don't I?" 

This kid was so smart, Bakugo realised. Just like Deku.

"You do," Bakugo gave the little boy a kiss on the forehead, "But I'll be right there to pick you up. I promise."

Izukiru smiled, nodded, and bounced off to find his caretaker.

And as Bakugo watched the kid skip away, he couldn't help but feel grateful that he was given another chance to spend a life with Deku.




"Just sign here, and you can bring him home!" The receptionist stated, pushing a sheet of paper in front of him.

Bakugo read through it quickly, and with a swift stroke of a pen, the parchment was stained black with his signature.

The woman smiled, "Izukiru! Come on out!"

The greenette suantered out, a big smile on his face as he called out for 'Kacchan'.

"Hey, kiddo." Katsuki picked him up, "I'm your dad now. You're a Bakugo, now."

Dekiru cheered. He was so enthusiastic and excited that Katsuki almost felt honoured to call this boy his kid.

On the way home, Katsuki asked his new son a question, "Do you know what 'dekiru' means, Izu?"

The boy thought for a little bit, "Doesn't it mean 'can'? As in, 'you can do it'?"

Katsuki smiled, he was too smart for a four year-old, "Right. Then, what about 'deku'?"

Katsuki thought he saw a look of faint recognition and memory flash through Izukiru's eyes, but it disappeared as suddenly as it came.

"It's a person that can't do anything. But 'deku' and 'dekiru' sound similar, so it's ironic, isn't it?" The young boy smiled, making the pro hero grin.

"Right, again."

The rest of the walk home was silent.




"C'mon, Dekiru! Don't give up now! Get up." Katsuki encouraged. 

Groaning, said boy stood, clutching his arm. He ran forward, right arm lifting to land a crunching right hook on the test dummy in front of him.

Katsuki took to training his son almost immediately after they got home. Izukiru only had time to change into more comfortable clothes to workout before he was dragged off to Katsuki's built in 'gym'.

When the punch landed, the test dummy's head was blown to the other side of the room.

Katsuki stared, mouth agape. Izukiru had a quirk. His son had a quirk!

He raced to the child, picking him up and spinning him around in glee, "You got a quirk, Izu! How do 'ya feel, champ?"

"I-I feel amazing, dad! It feels so weird, but a good kind of weird!" Izukiru stared at his hands in absolute awe, as if he'd never imagined he'd get a quirk.

Katsuki's brain brought up his last words to his childhood friend, and for a moment, he wondered if this child was Deku, and he finally had a quirk. Maybe his advice wasn't wrong, he pondered, before shaking the thought away and putting all his attention on his adopted son.

Sharing a glance and a nod, the two left the house to get Izukiru's quirk registered.




"It seems to be some sort of telekinesis. He can control any object he's previously touched. All we have to do now is find out is how long ago he has to touch an object." The doctor stated with a smile. 

He turned to the father of the boy, "How long was the drive here?"

"I don't know, maybe half an hour?" 

"Izukiru, try to think of something you touched at home. Let's see if you can bring it all the way here." The doctor instructed. The child paled slightly.

It took them half an hour to get here. How could he bring something all the way here with his quirk? It was barely trained, heck, he didn't even know how it worked!

"Don't worry, just concentrate really hard. Think of the object, every little detail. And then, will it to move." 

Izukiru decided he'd trust the friendly doctor. A worried glance to his father showed him the soft smile Katsuki reserved for only him. This alone gave him all the encouragement he needed.

He settled on something simple. A notebook. Easy enough. He closed his eyes tight, thinking about his favourite notebook. The Ground Zero themed cover, the messy pages, and his scrawny handwriting specially decorating each piece of paper.

He tried and tried with all his might. He imagined the book flying. He imagined it floating all the way to the building he was in, to the very room. Luckily for him, he had photographic memory, and had memorised the entire car ride here.

Not five minutes later, Izukiru saw the notebook in front of the hospital door in his head. Still leaving his quirk activated, he opened his eyes and stumbled his way to the door. 

With a deep breath of faith, he swung it open, seeing a levitating notebook — his notebook — in his face, surrounded by a faint neon green glow.

He did it.




The difficulty was increased.

There was a small pile of items in the corner of the medical room. Different objects of different sizes, or touched different time frames ago.

Each time, Izukiru lifted and carried each object without breaking a sweat. 

That was until the doctor requested for Izukiru to lift the heaviest object he could in the room. This was mostly to test his endurance and weight capabilities, but it made the boy nervous. What if he failed? 

"Hey, squirt." Katsuki spoke, making Dekiru turn his head.

"You'll do great. I know you will." The greenette's father ruffled his hair, making him smile.

He'd do his best!

He looked around the room, seeing that the only object he'd consider heavy — taking his quirk into account — were the people. And he was pretty sure his father was heavy.

And so it shocked both Katsuki and the doctor when Izukiru walked right over to his father and lightly grazed his fingers on Katsuki's hand.

Izukiru shut his eyes once more. He'd have to get rid of that habit, he deduced, but that could wait. Right now, he had to lift his father off the ground.

He could do this!

He thought about his father's ash blonde hair, and ruby red eyes. Distantly, Izukiru feels like he'd seen that face before, but shrugs it off as seeing the hero on TV. 

Anyway, he imagined Katsuki, feet planted firmly on the ground. Then, he raised him higher. No reaction from the other two people in the room. He tried again. Nothing.

He clenched his fists and took a deep breath.

Katsuki believed in him.

And he lifted him up again.

"Woah!" Izukiru opened his eye to see his dad almost touching the ceiling. Considering they were in a hospital, that was impressive.

Izukiru rushed to let his father down, and as soon as Katsuki's feet touched the ground, he sprung forward and enveloped his son in a loving hug.

"Good job, Dekiru. I'm so proud of you." Katsuki smiled. Izukiru giggled, he did good.

"You know, Izukiru, you could become a hero with a quirk that strong." The doctor said, smiling wide. He saw so much potential in this child.

He truly was the son of a hero.

"I will!" Izukiru stated with determination oozing from his eyes, "I'll be the best hero ever, just like dad!"

Katsuki would've cried then and there if it weren't for the doctor watching.

So instead, he just hugged him again, tighter this time.

He loved his kid so much.




"Dad! Dad!!" The now teenage son of Katsuki rushed into the house, a letter with a U.A seal in his hand.

Katsuki smiled, and ushered the boy into his room to open it.

Minutes later, Izukiru came out in tears, "I did it, Dad." He frantically went to wipe his tears away, smiling all the while.

"You did it, kiddo. I'm so proud right now!" Katsuki scooped his son into a noogie.

"Dad! I'm not a kid anymore!" Izukiru whined, sticking his tongue out in disdain.

Katsuki ruffled his hair again, "You always will be to me."

The lights in the Bakugo residence diminished. It was bed time.



"Dekiru! Wake up, you got U.A in an hour!" Katsuki yelled, storming into his son's room like his mom used to do to him.

Said boy groaned, "Just because you wake up at 6 doesn't mean I have to, Dad."

"Yes, it does. Now wake up, sleepyhead. If you wanna be a pro hero like your old man, you gotta at least wake up in the morning."

Izukiru sighed, sitting up and flinging himself out of his comfy covers. His dad had a point. 

He couldn't be slacking around anymore. It was his first day at the most prestigious hero school in Japan, and he just had to make a good first impression.

So, he got up, ate breakfast, and headed off to school. 

Oh, and his father dropped him off. He felt like a celebrity for a second.

He kind of liked it.




"My name is Bakugo Izukiru. I'm the adopted son of pro hero Ground Zero. I hope we can be friends!" Dekiru grinned brightly — a grin that Bakugo sometimes compared to Deku's — and looked over his sea of classmates.

"Woah! That's so cool!" 

"Can I meet him?!"

"How powerful do you think he is?" 

"Alright, settle down, brats." A black haired male spoke up from behind Izukiru, his gaze making the students mute themselves.

"Go sit down beside Iida." Aizawa pointed to a brunette, whose dark blue eyes widened in slight surprise.

A light, gentle smile bloomed on her notably round face, "Over here, Izukiru!"

The boy slid into the seat next to her, "Hey."

"Hey." Iida smiled, "I'm Iida Yuaku!"

"You already know who I am, but you can call me Dekiru, if you want." The young Bakugo said.

"That's such a smart play on words, Dekiru! I barely know you, but I just know we're gonna be best friends!" Iida cheered, enthusiasm leaking from every word.

Dekiru smiled, he liked this too.




"What's your quirk, Iida?" Dekiru asked, slowly whipping out his notebook mid-walk. The two friends were headed to the cafeteria to get their lunch, and Izukiru couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask such an important question.

"Oh! I can control the speed of objects that I touch. It's really useful for defence and offence. I can make basically anything into a projectile, or can stop anything flying at my face, as long as I can touch it." Iida smiled, taking the moment to brag a little.

"That's so cool!" Izukiru exclaimed, neither eyes nor pencil leaving the paper he was scribbling on.

It wasn't the same notebook he'd had since a kid, oh no, that one was long since finished. This was maybe his twelfth? His dad honestly didn't mind him taking these kinds of notes, he even encouraged it.

Sometimes he got annoyed with his mumbling habit, though, but he wouldn't scold him for it.

His dad said he was already used to it. He said he had a friend just like him. He wanted to meet this friend, but dad had played it off, said that the friend was somewhere far away.

Izukiru wasn't dumb. The friend was dead. But his dad never told him why. It was fine though, it seemed like a pretty sensitive topic.

"Dekiru? Dekiru!"

And… he was mumbling again.

"Ah! Iida! I'm so sorry, that happens a lot." Izukiru scratched the back of his neck sheepishly, placing his notebook and pencil on the table.

"Its fine, Dekiru. Now, let's go get some lunch!" Iida cheered and skipped off.

Izukiru smiled. 

She was nice. Really nice.




"Dad, please." Izukiru cried, tears staining his cheeks. 

"I'm a hero now, a full-fledged pro hero. Why couldn't you let me work together with you?!" He screamed.

Katsuki smiled at his son, "I'm so sorry, Izu. I didn't mean to, it just-" He coughed, "-happened."

He felt arms around his torso, firm but not tight, "I love you, dad. I'll miss you." Katsuki heard his son say, muffled from his sniffs and from pressing his head into his chest.

"I love you too, squirt. Take care of your family, 'ya hear?" It hurt to speak, but Katsuki would. 

You see, while he was out on his daily job, he saw a villain chasing a petrified lady. She couldn't run fast, she was pregnant. Maybe around 4 months in, from what he'd seen. Luckily, the villain was slow too.

He was a hero. And he jumped in to save her. 

The villain shot him. He took the villain down with him. The lady got off scott-free, frantically calling the ambulance. She cried and cried, thanking him for 'saving her and her child'.

He was going to lose his life, but it was worth it, because he saved two.

Katsuki felt his own eyes fill with tears as he scanned the hospital room. 

In front of him was, of course, his son. Beside his son, was his son's wife. Yuaku was holding their child, her own tears pouring down her face. 

Behind his son stood Aizawa, trying his hardest not to cry, as he witnessed his ex-pupil on his death bed. His collegues were also there.

Kirishima and Kaminari were full-on bawling like children. Sero and Ashido were not much different. Tenya and Ochako tried to comfort their daughter and step-son, but weren't really doing any good, considering they were also crying.

Katsuki wished All Might was there, but he died all those years ago, trying to protect him from All For One and the League when he got kidnapped way back when.

Katsuki felt his breathing slow, it was time. Who knows, maybe whatever happened to Deku would happen to him. Oh, he certainly hoped so. 

Katsuki closed his eyes.




"Mama!!" He shrieked. 

This… this couldn't be happening! 

A villain, that one! He screamed and shouted. His mama was being taken away from him! She… She-!

She's dead.

He stood still, tears falling from his ruby red eyes.

He was scooped up into a pair of arms. He looked up, "Who are you?"

Dekiru smiled, "I'm a hero, and I'll keep you safe."

The brown haired, red eyed boy smiled.

"What's your name, buddy?" The hero asked.

The young boy wiped his tears and sniffed. This man saved him. He liked this man.

He smiled as wide as he could, albeit the tears still streaming from his eyes.

"The name's Saisei Katsu!"