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Bodies of Water (and the other kind of bodies)

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Peter was not having a good day. Well, not a good night since it was past three in the morning by now. It wasn't the fact that he was covered in blood or that he was carrying a body through the woods, things like that happened, it was the fact that he was hiding in the bushes like a damn teenager while the deputy in the patrol car was shining his flashlight into the very bushes Peter was currently hiding under.

Cursing under his breath Peter ducked deeper into the shadows. Even with the flashlight, the deputy shouldn't be able to spot him but it would just be his luck.

Eventually, the man decided that it had been nothing and turned off the flashlight.

Only when the back-lights had disappeared down the road, Peter dared to breath easier.

"That's all your fault," he told the dead omega at his side who didn't bother to answer. "Why couldn't you just take the hint and leave?"

This was Hale territory, had been for centuries, everybody knew that but it was also known that the Hale pack didn't mind other werewolves passing through and even offered shelter to the ones who respected the etiquette and introduced themselves properly to the alpha and stated their business in their territory.

Peter was the one who took care of the rest.

Most just needed a bit of encouragement to remember that they had something important to do on the other side of the country. Some just couldn't take a hint. Which lead to situations like this. Usually, Peter was better prepared, he had to admit.

He had thought that he could just scare off the scrawny guy before he could pile his shit on their doorstep. As far as Peter knew the guy was not part of a pack but he'd managed to piss off a few packs and even hunters and now a lot of not so nice people were looking all over for him.

Peter didn't care as long as he wasn't bringing a war into his territory but that idiot had been determined to piss off another pack which just happened to be the Hale pack. Mainly by trying to kill Peter.

"Not your best of plans, wasn't it?" Peter looked down on the body still half-hidden under the bush. It was tempting to just leave him here but he would be found too soon, causing even more trouble.

Since Stilinski had been elected sheriff, he had his deputies patrol this back road frequently. They were looking for dumb teenagers sneaking out to the lake for some nightly skinny dipping, which in this lake was more of a dare than something even the dumbest kid did for fun, but they wouldn't miss a dead body right next to the road for long.

With a sigh, Peter picked up the dead guy again and started walking. He wasn't familiar with the woods on this side of the town so he had stuck close to the road because getting lost just a few miles out of Beacon Hills would have been the cherry on top of this pile of crap. He would never live that down.

Instead, he had almost gotten caught by a pimpled deputy who was green enough to get stuck with patrolling the back-roads at three in the morning. He would have never lived that down either.

"Pack doesn't go there," he muttered under his breath and tried to get a good grip on the body over his shoulder.

The preserve with the Hale house was on the other side of town and Peter knew the woods around there like the back of his hand. But this part of the woods didn't belong to the Hale pack and Hales didn't go there. Period.

Naturally, Peter had been one of the dumb teenagers sneaking out here to see what all the fuss was about but there were just more woods out here. And the lake of course. At least Peter hadn't been dumb enough to take a swim in there. The lake was known for its wicked undercurrent, people tend to drown if they dared to go for a swim. Some did it on purpose, though. Aside from being a magnet for teenagers looking for an adrenaline kick, it was also known as a suicide spot.

Sheriff Stilinski's patrolling routine had scared off most of the idiots, though, Peter had to give him that.

Keeping an ear out for any cars Peter walked alongside the road until he reached the overgrown path that would take him to the lake. In the dark, he couldn't read the signs but the No Trespassing was clear.

The body wouldn't pass as a drowny, he looked more like he had a run-in with … well, a pissed-off werewolf, but Peter hoped that it would stay undetected long enough for nature to take its course. At least the water should wash off any trace Peter had left on it.

But chances were good that nobody would find the body for years. Aside from the stray teenager here and there, and the Sheriff was doing a good job on that side, nobody ever came out here. The area was even partly fenced in to keep trespassers out.

Thinking about it, Peter didn't even know who this parts of the woods belonged to. They were privately owned, that much he knew but not by who.

"Strange." Peter adjusted his grip on the body over his shoulder. At least the bleeding had stopped and the guy wasn't dripping down on his ass any longer.

However, it was Peter's job to know what was going on in and around Beacon Hills and he took pride in knowing that little got past him but he had never really thought about this part of the woods. Which was strange because it was just on the other side of town.

"Because it's just miles of trees with a lake in the middle," Peter justified his lack of knowledge to himself. He probably should look into this, it didn't sit right with him, not knowing who a huge chunk of the land around here belonged to, but it was probably not a good idea to show interest in the lake right after he'd dumped a body there.

"And pack doesn't go there." He could almost hear his grandmother's voice. She was the first he could remember telling him this but she hadn't been the only one by far. Every adult in the pack was telling the kids the same thing. That they could roam the woods on their side of the town as much as they wanted but pack didn't go to the other side. Talia was telling her kids this and Peter himself might have said it on occasion. Peter was pretty sure that Laura and Cora had sneaked out here just to have a look but there wasn't anything to see.

Besides, walking deeper into the woods here felt strange. If asked, Peter would have said that Beacon Hills and the surrounding woods were all Hale territory but this part didn't feel like territory at all. It almost felt as if he wasn't welcomed here. As if he was the intruder somebody needed to scare off.

The feeling grew stronger with every step and when he finally stepped out of the woods with the lake lying in front of him, the surface eerily calm and uninterrupted, Peter was almost ready to just drop the body and run.

"Get a grip," Peter muttered to himself. He did drop the body but only to have his hands free. If he got attacked out here, he wanted to be able to defend himself.

The path ended at a pier but it looked old and rotten and Peter wasn't sure if he should dare to step out on it. An involuntary bath in the lake sounded just like the perfect way to end this night.

There was no boat at the pier but Peter hadn't expected to find a convenient boat waiting for him out here. As if he had planned any part of this night. His plan had been to chase that idiot off, get home and maybe read for a while while the house around him settled down for the night.

He liked these quiet evenings where he sat in his chair in the living room, reading. Right after dinner the house was still loud and chaotic but farther into the evening it became quieter. The youngest went to bed first, the conversations became low murmurs and eventually, it would be just Talia and him. They had the best conversations right around midnight.

Talia would pat his shoulder, remind him to not stay up too long and then she would turn in as well, leaving Peter the only one still awake.

Peter would go to bed eventually but before that, he usually stepped outside for a moment to get a feeling for the night, a reassurance that they were safe, before he came back in and locked the doors.

But not tonight.

Peter glared at the body at his feet again.

"You're a pain in my ass, you know that?"

At least the feeling of not being welcomed had eased off, or he had gotten used to it, either way, it was time to get rid of the body and go home. He should probably get rid of his clothes as well and take a shower before the pack woke up. It wasn't a secret that he was the one, taking care of any threats to the pack, but there was no need for the others to see him soaked in blood.

Maybe he should wash up in the lake while he was here, just to take care of the worst.

"But first I have to get rid of you." He kicked the body in the side, just because.

Aside from the pier, there was a small cabin to the left but it was too far away for Peter to tell if it was in any better condition than the pier. As far as he knew, nobody came out here for longer periods of time, so it had probably been abandoned for decades.

Which would make it a good hiding spot for a body. And he would be able to dump it there without taking a swim which was a plus. The first this night.

There was a small path, following the curve of the lake, but Peter couldn't tell if it was man-made or if animals had made it when they came here to drink.

Taking a sniff, Peter didn't catch a trace of people, but he had a stinking, blood-soaked body draped over his shoulder so he wouldn't read too much into that assessment.

There was no heart-beat coming from the cabin, that much he could tell when he came closer.

The cabin itself was old but not in a bad shape. As far as Peter could tell in the poor light, the roof was intact, the door was closed and hanging properly in its hinges. The shutters were closed as well but there was no light behind them.

Judging by the size, it was only a small, one-room cabin, most likely used as a shelter over a fishing trip. Peter doubted it had electricity or running water.

When it had been used last, Peter couldn't tell, it might have been years. Perfect.

The locked door was no problem for Peter. He ripped it half off its hinges without a second thought.

The inside of the cabin was just like expected. A place to sleep in one corner, a stove with some firewood piled next to it in the other. A few shelves and cupboards.

What he hadn't expected where books and magazines piled along one wall, a stack of DVDs and the black rectangle thing on the bed turned out to be a laptop. Why somebody would forget something like this here and didn't come back for it was beyond Peter but why somebody would bring a laptop to a fishing trip in the first place was another mystery.

Peter took a breath, maybe the cabin wasn't as abandoned as it looked, but the copper scent of blood was still clogging his nose. However, he was pretty sure that nobody had been here for quite a while.

Peter stepped out of the cabin. Time to finish up. If he left the body on the bed and the door open, chances were good that animals would take care of his problem. By the time the body would be found it should look as if a homeless guy had broken into the cabin, died in his sleep and got snacked on by some critters.

Grinning to himself, Peter picked up the body again.

"What are you doing here?"

Peter swirled around just in time for the condescending "Huh?" which the person standing in the water delivered with his whole body and loud splashing.

"This is private property."