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Wired: Metta's Story

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Once upon a time, there was a child. The child's name was Frisk, and they just so happened to be an orphan. One day, the foster home that Frisk lived in took a trip to a nearby mountain called Mt. Ebott, which had a mysterious legend surrounding it. The legend reads thus:

Those who climb the mountain are said to disappear.

Frisk, being quite the curious child, wandered away from the group and fell down a deep, dark, hole... and found themself somewhere else entirely.

Deep, down in the underground, beneath Mt. Ebott, monsters were sealed away thousands of years ago after a brutal war between them and humans. The humans feared the monsters' power, so they drove them below, using seven of their greatest magicians to seal them with a powerful barrier that only a human SOUL may pass. However, if a monster gained seven human SOULs, the barrier could be destroyed.

Frisk, determined to return home, began to journey through the underground, being kind to them despite their attempts to kill the small human in order to escape. Frisk encountered many strange monsters, becoming friends with all of them.

One such monster was a young robot who went by the name of


"-might be better if I stay here awhile."

Mettaton could hear his voice quavering. It embarrassed him a little, as he'd never shown this much vulnerability while on air, but the phone call from his dear cousin had truly affected him. He wasn't sure what to do. How had he gotten here? Leaving Blooky behind had seemed like the right choice at the time... but had it been?

"Humans already have stars and idols, but monsters... they only have me." Mettaton continued speaking, feeling the guilt for all that he'd done. He'd tried to kill a small child for his own personal gain, and he'd almost left behind the monsters that loved him. He quite literally represented the HOPE of the underground... considering he was the only TV channel. Although it did quite fit, as his SOUL trait was HOPE.

"If I left, the underground would lose its spark. I'd leave an aching void that could never be filled.

So, I think I'll have to delay my big debut. Besides..." He found himself smiling genuinely at the small child, something he hadn't done towards anyone in quite a while.

Well, he hadn't even had a mouth for a while, but, y'know.

"You've proven to be VERY strong. Perhaps... even strong enough to get past Asgore...

I'm sure you'll be able to protect humanity." Maybe Mettaton would be able to perform on the surface someday after all...

He chuckled softly. This had all been a mistake...

"The truth is, this forms' energy consumption is... inefficient." He could feel himself losing consciousness. In front of his eyes, the words POWER LEVEL LOW were flashing. "In just a few short moments, I'll run out of battery power, and... well..."

Mettaton's eyes closed. His voice was quite quiet. "I'll be alright." He silently prayed that the human would make it past Asgore okay. Humanity had to live on!

His eyes opened, flashing a huge grin at the human and his audience. "Knock 'em dead, darling!

And everyone... thank you. You've been a great audience..."

He lost power.


Where am I? What happened? Mettaton shifted, only to find himself strapped down. Huh? He opened his eyes. He was in Alphys' lab. . . and wait. Was he in his EX form? Suddenly it all came flooding back. The human. . . and Alphys. . . and Blooky! My darling Blooky. . . He was interrupted from his extremely confusing jumble of thoughts by Dr. Alphys walking into the room.

Mettaton sucked in a breath. Oh dear, what had he done...? Alphys likely felt very hurt by his actions towards her and the human... Maybe he should apologize- no. Absolutely not. A star doesn't need to apologize, the world would forgive him anyway.

Alphys looked up and made eye contact with Mettaton. She usually looked at her feet, it was an awful habit. Mettaton shifted his gaze. "O-Oh! You're... A-Awake," she said in her usual stutter. "H-How do you feel...?"

"I feel... Fine, Alphys-darling," he said quietly. It was only partially a lie.

She stared at him for another moment, then walked across over to him and unstrapped him from the working table. Mettaton sat up and moved his joints, making sure they all worked properly. Everything was to his satisfaction, Alphys had fixed him up wonderfully.

Mettaton glanced at Alphys to find her watching him. "E-Everything working fine...?"

"Of course," he said with a forced smile.

Alphys forced a smile back at him and turned away. Mettaton couldn't take this anymore. He had to just swallow his pride and apologize. She was halfway across the room before Mettaton stopped her. "A-Alphys, sweetheart, wait!"

She turned back at him. "Y-Yes?"

"I- uh, well-" She looked a little surprised to hear him stutter. Mettaton felt rather humiliated. "I'm sorry." He managed to force out. She looked even more surprised at his apology.

"I'm sorry I was a terrible friend to you, and betrayed your trust, and tried to kill the human." His voice shook a little. He hadn't genuinely apologized for a while now. He was a little surprised to find just how much he cared about Alphys' friendship.

"...They're a child, Mettaton," she responded after a moment.

"I know."

"Sorry isn't going to cut it, Mettaton! You can't possibly understand how I feel right now!" Her voice grew louder with each word she spoke. Mettaton had never seen her this angry before. "You're just a shallow idiot who only cares about himself!"

"I care!" Mettaton could feel his own temper quickly rising.

"Oh really? Well, I guarantee that sooner or later you'll forget about me and move on, just like you did to your cousin!"

Mettaton's light pink eyes widened. He felt a sudden wave of sadness. That phone call... oh, Blooky...

"Oh, Mettaton, I'm s-sorry..." Her stutter was back. "Th-That was crossing the line."

Mettaton's voice was soft and quiet. "Let's just agree to call it even and be friends again."



Mettaton knocked on the door of the blue house nervously and stepped back, clutching the paintball gun. What if Blooky was mad at him? What if this went totally wrong? No, it had to go well...

The door opened. Mettaton let out a shot of hot pink MTT-Brand Ghost Paint, and his cousin was coated in it. Mettaton grinned mischievously as the ghost looked at him, shocked and tearing up... but Mettaton could tell they were exasperated as well.

"Hey, Blooky."