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Alone with you

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An odd occurrence happened the moment that Michael and Mallory got back to town that baffled them, it’s as if the world had turned upside down. Everyone suddenly knew who Michael was, when that morning no one even knew who he was, they greeted him as if he had lived there for a very long time. Curiously, people were teasing them both that they were out on a date on such an early hour, this had made them blushed to no end. 


When Mallory went to the bar for her work, Hank and Cordelia suddenly greeted Michael ‘son’, which had the two confused, looking around the bar, there were changes there too, there were things there that wasn't there before, like a wall full of pictures of the locals and regulars. One that easily caught Mallory’s attention was a picture of Cordelia with a child with light colored hair while Hank was behind them. It was a formal picture but you can see the happiness in their eyes. However, as far as Mallory knew, Hank and Cordelia never had a child because they were unfortunately incapable of it, she knew the two were still happy, but she also knew there was a strain in their relationship because of it. But now, looking at them, they looked a lot happier and the strain seems to be gone, they are looking at Michael as if he was their world. 


“Excited to see your fiance that you had to pick her up from her apartment I see”. Hank said then laughed wholeheartedly. 


“Oh, don’t listen to your father Michael, your proposal to Mallory last night was most surprising and wonderful, I did wonder when you will ask for her hand though, I was a bit worried there for a second”. Cordelia then approached Mallory and caressed her cheek, “I hope for both of your happiness”. 


Both were so confused at what had happened that Michael excused themselves, he just grabbed Mallory’s hand and pulled her to the back room, to which Hank commented “No hanky panky until the wedding”, Cordelia smacked her husband’s shoulder. 


“What is going on?”, Mallory quickly asked, but as quietly as she can so the others will not hear them. 


“My only guess is my father”, Micheal replied, but when Mallory turned her head in Hank’s direction, he quickly countered it, “Not him, my real father, the mer-folk, he has powers beyond your imagination, he gave me legs so I can be with you and most probably gave these people false memories of me being their child”


“But they said that you’re my fiance, we’re to be married” 


Michael suddenly looked dejected, “Is that not what you want?” 


Mallory quickly shook her head, “No, that’s not what I mean, I want it, I want to be with you”. Michael beamed at her response. 



In the next couple of days, the two tried to learn everything that Michael’s father had changed, when the locals tells a story they would listen carefully. The biggest change that occurred is Michael being Hank and Cordelia’s son, John Henry being Michael’s rival for Mallory (who obviously lost), and Mallory’s rescuers are now, Michael, John Henry and Kyle.


The two lived with the knowledge of the “truth” and kept it close to their hearts. 



Two years have passed, Michael and Mallory’s marriage have gone by, with the two now living in a home that Hank and Cordelia gave to them as their wedding gift. 



Michael looks out their bedroom window that has a view of the moon and the sea, Mallory wrapped her arms around his waist from behind him and looked out the window as well. 


“Do you miss your tail, do you miss your family?”, Mallory asked. 


Michael took her hand to loosen them so he could turn around and look her in the eyes, he pulled her hands to his lips before he answered, “Sometimes, but I think I would not have been happy if I stayed there, my happiness is with you after all". 


Mallory wrapped her hands around Michael's neck so she could pull him for a chaste kiss. "My happiness is with you as well". 


Michael took Mallory's lips again, but with more adore as he pushed her down their bed. He then started to kiss and nibble on her neck as he loosens the ties of her nightgown then he proceeds to kiss every inch of her as if he was worshipping a goddess. His lips leaves a mark wherever it goes, her collar, her breast, her belly, and her thighs.


Mallory remembers their marriage consummation, Michael fumbled a lot with his new anatomy he didn't know what to do at that time, she had to guide him along the way like she did in the island, but now, he'd become somewhat of an expert in the ways of love making. 


Michael watched Mallory from where he kneels, watching her reaction to his every touch and every ministration. His lovely wife’s naked form sits at the edge of the bed while he works his mouth and hands over her sex, even though he has acquired other things beside his legs, this was still his most favorite thing to do with Mallory, he just can’t get over the fact that she is very delicious, if he can, he will eat her out day in and day out, he almost did too, at least, on the first week of their marriage, he would do it anywhere in their house, the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, and of course on their bed, he sometimes thinks that he could live off of her. He smiled against her sex as he remembers how Mallory was always so exhausted that they had foregone leaving their new home and he had to carry her everywhere. Mallory came with Michael's name on her lips. 


Mallory has barely recovered when Michael claimed her lips with his own and their tongues danced around each other. She pushed him on the bed, flipping their positions and pulled from their kiss that earned a disappointed groan from her husband, she mischievously smiled. 


Mallory started kissing Michael's neck which he immediately tilted so he can give her more access, while her hand drifted inside his pants to give attention to his already hardened cock. It was Mallory's turn to worship her husband. As she slowly kissed her way down his shoulder, without any warning she bit him that coaxed a loud moan from his lips. 


Mallory sat on top of Michael’s torso holding him in place. His hand started to skim her knees, up her thighs and held onto her hips to settle there. Mallory lightly caressed his face and Michael enjoyed the feel of her soft skin that he closed his eyes to savor the moment. When Mallory pulled back, it took him a second to realise it and what she was doing, she had turned away from him, her slender back now facing him, the moon shining through her curly brown locks. 


Mallory touched his cock again, starting from the tip and traced a line down his shaft, when it twitched, she proceeded to give it as much attention as she can. At first she wrapped her petite hand around his cock and stroke it up and down, when Michael started to groan in pleasure, she leaned in to give it a quick peck then proceeded to insert his length into her mouth. She sucked and pumped his length inside her, making sure to use her tongue around him. 


The first time they did this, Michael was more reluctant on doing it than Mallory, but she was teaching him all the humanly pleasure a couple could do. When it was apparent that he will not wholly fit in her mouth that she made a gagging sound, he wanted her to stop as his worry outweighs the pleasure building up inside him. However, Mallory assured him that she was fine, then she continued until he came undone that he was unable to argue anymore. 


Michael gripped the bed sheets as the pleasure of Mallory’s ministration builds. When he opened his eyes, he realized he had a perfect view of her wonderful cunt. As she sucked and licked his length, he tentatively touched her exposed cunt, it was still wet from earlier and still getting wet from her own actions. When Mallory felt Michael’s hand touching her, she had to stop her ministrations to moan her pleasure.


Michael pulled Mallory hips so her cunt is over his mouth and he proceeded to eat her out again. Mallory was again at his mercy, she was trying her best to return the favor, but the pleasure kept building up again. The two came undone with each of their sex in the other’s mouth, both drinking the other’s essence. 


Mallory turned to face Michael again, his length still hasn’t calm down and so does she, she wanted him inside her. Michael was still panting from the pleasure when he felt Mallory inserted his cock inside her that it made him gasp out loud. He watched as his length repeatedly disappeared inside her cunt as her body bounced on top of him. He pushed himself off the bed so he can hold Mallory closer, he pulled her until their forehead meets, their arms wrapped around each other, blue and brown eyes focused only to the other, their bodies in sync, their lips chanting each others names until with a few more pumps, they came. They held each other, panting, they stayed like that for a few more minutes, both still staring at each other, full of adoration to their other half. 


Michael pulled Mallory down the bed and held her tight, his wife looked at him and smiled. 


“I have good news for you love”, Mallory said as her smile turns into a grin. 


Michael moved a lock of hair obstructing his lovely wife’s face, “What is it love?”


“I’m pregnant, we’re going to be parents soon”. 


Michael’s eyes widened, she explained this before, humans create life inside a female body, like whales and sharks, he was unsure that they could produce an offspring, afterall, he was technically not a human in the first place, so he had convinced himself that it will never happen. 


When it took a while and Michael still has not reacted, Mallory frowned. “Did you not want a child?”. 


The question finally pulled Michael out of his reverie and panicked, he quickly shook his head and told her of his thoughts, Mallory understood his dilemma and kissed his lips, she assured him that he was not the only one who had similar thoughts, she too was doubtful that a child can be created between them, but now it is their reality. 


They really are each others happiness.