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Alone with you

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The moment she woke up this morning, Mallory felt odd, it felt like there was something missing, something wrong, something is not right. She wasn't sick or anything, but her heart felt heavy. She tried to ignore this feeling and proceeded to prepare to leave for her work. As she closes the door to her bedroom, the lone necklace by her nightstand slowly fades. 


“What happened to your necklace Mallory?”, Cordelia asked while Mallory was wiping the tables clean to prepare for the day. 


Mallory looked at Cordelia, puzzled, “I’m not sure what you mean, I don’t have a necklace”. 


Cordelia raised an eyebrow at the young girl but decided not to question it anymore, she is possibly trying to forget the person who gave it to her. It’s bizarre though, Mallory had never let it leave her sight before, many patrons have asked to purchase the item from her because it was quite beautiful, the pendant changes color from red to black if you look at it from different angles. She said it was given to her by a lover, but she doesn’t say where it actually came from or what exactly it is. 


After a few days, the feeling of wrongness has not left Mallory’s mind, like her mind seems to seek something that is no longer there. There are things in her daily routine that she started to question, like why she walks to port or the beach, why she sometimes finds herself looking at the sea for something she doesn’t even know.



One evening, Kyle and John Henry dropped by at the bar with their new friend, their ship had just docked that afternoon and they wanted to take a little break. Mallory greeted them happily, after all they were the sailors that saved him from that deserted island. Her brows furrowed, she seems to be unable to remember how she got to the island in the first place. She shook her head, it wasn’t something she should worry about now.


Mallory noticed the new face they brought with them, a young man with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. When she was about to take his order, Kyle intervened, he introduced the young man to her as Michael and he is unable to speak so he ordered for him. Like her, he was rescued by their ship, they found him clinging onto a plank of wood after a storm they had battled. The ship where he came from was nowhere to be found and had most likely already sank, there weren’t any other survivor, he was lucky to still be alive, the only reason they knew his name was because he wrote it down for them. 


Mallory gave Michael a wide smile before she reached out her hand to shake his, however, Michael suddenly took her hand and gave it a small peck then guided it to his cheek before he smiles gleefully back at her. Mallory’s cheeks blushed at the gesture and quickly pulled her hand from his grasp, his lips and skin was soft and warm, she quickly dismissed the thought and left to have their orders prepared. 


“You’re in trouble John Henry, it seems Michael is enamoured with Mallory,'' Kyle said and then laughed. John Henry’s response was to glare at his old friend. 


Although, Michael is unable to speak, he was able to understand their conversation and he frowned at the implication of their conversation, to which Kyle had noticed and explained to him that John Henry has been pursuing Mallory for a long time, she had rejected him before though, because she was still in love with someone else. John Henry sighed heavily and drank a big glass of beer beside him, he cannot retaliate against his friend since everything he said is true, he likes Mallory a lot but she was occupied with another love that he believes is already lost, he decided to bid his time until she comes around. The two men does not notice but Michael was angrily glaring at John Henry. 


As Mallory walks around the bar, taking and delivering orders, she was unable to help herself to glance at Michael every now and then, but each and every time she looked, he was already looking at her and just smiling. He was odd, to say the least, his appearance looked so familiar, even the way he had kissed her palm and the feel of his skin, it felt like she knew it, she was quickly snapped out of her reverie when a customer called out to her. 




As Mallory walked home from her work, she suddenly felt like she was being watched, she got quite nervous that she quickened her pace, then she heard a second set of footprints behind her so she took a corner where she knows there will be more people, but before she could take another step, a hand grabbed her arm and dragged her back, she was about to scream but a hand was quickly placed on her mouth, when she saw who it was that was holding her captive, she was baffled, it was Micheal. 


She doesn't know what came over her that she stopped struggling, Micheal removed his hand from her mouth, but a finger lingered on her lips. She doesn't move, doesn't stop him, as his finger traced her lips, then her cheeks, then her brows, then chin. There was a smile on his face that looked happy and relieved that Mallory does not understand, but somehow felt her heart was also happy. 


Micheal caressed her cheek then held it like it was precious. In the dead of the night Micheal's lips founds her, a kiss so warm and soft that her heart pounded loudly in her chest. Lips so familiar that it felt like she was home. 

The next morning, Mallory wakes from an odd dream, she doesn't understand why she dreamed of Micheal, she touched her lips where he had touched her, where he had kissed her. 



“If you truly believe she loves you and will choose you again, then take my deal, when you find her, you will have 3 days to make her choose you again, if you fail, the sea will take you back by force and you will never see her again, if she does choose you, I will return to you what I will take and you can be with her, but in exchange you can never return to the sea."