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Alone with you

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Mallory remembers, a bit vague, but she remembers, she followed a fish in the water out of curiosity, but she didn't notice that she was near a sudden drop in the water, when she lost her footing she almost drowned until small arms grabbed her and helped her up, she saw a pretty face and blue eyes. As soon as she was safe, he was gone. 


Since that day, Mallory had always felt that she was safe if she was near water, a weird conclusion after her near death ordeal. 


"You saved me before, were you the one that saved me from the boat?"


The creature nodded and Mallory gave him a smile then thanked him. 


“Can you tell me your name?”, Mallory asked again. 


The creature tilted his head then answered her, “Michael”. Mallory thought that his voice was soft, like a caress. Then he pointed at her and said “Mallory”. She was surprised, she didn't even know that he knew her name. 


“What are you?”


"Mer-folk", he answered. 


Mallory concluded that Michael can understand her quite well but he does not speak very well, so a conversation with him might be a bit of a challenge. Mallory was starting to get cold that she moved to sit at the edge of the river bank and asked Michael if he’ll still come back. In response, he nodded vigorously. She told him that she had to dry off before heading back to the cave. 




In the next few days, Michael would bring Mallory gifts, like some fish for her food, sometimes he would bring her something from under the sea that he thinks is pretty, but since it is a creature of the sea, it would not survive long on the surface. He would also bring her things from the wreckage of ships, like clothes or pots, things that maybe useful for her. He wanted to please her and make her smile, which she always gives. Although, sometimes Mallory would protest his gifts, it's not that she doesn't like them, but she doesn't really want Michael to put himself in danger for her. One time, he had brought her a jellyfish, he thought that she could eat it, but its sting bruised his hand, they apparently could eat it, except for the tentacles where it stings. 


Everyday, Mallory would talk to Michael, this helps to teach him to speak in full sentences and he quickly learned from her. Long days passed and he had learned to speak quite well. 


Mallory was always happy to see Michael, if she gets stuck in the island until her death, it wouldn't be bad to have him as a companion. She was quite content on their friendship, however, this had drastically changed one day. 


It was quite a sunny day when Mallory decided to take a bath, she usually takes one when she knows that Michael would be away long. Even though, he is not a human, she was still embarrassed to appear naked in front of him. 


However, Mallory did not notice that Michael had come back quite early. 


Curious, he was very curious, before he had come up to the surface of the water, he had seen Mallory's body submerged in the water, Michael thought that her legs were beautiful, there was a part there he didn't understand though, right between her legs. He wondered what it was for, he had never really seen a human fully naked before, so out of curiosity, he closed in on Mallory quietly and touched it. She was startled that she screamed and her instincts kicked in, literally, and she hit Michael square on his face. 


However, when Michael surfaced holding on to his face, he tilted his head in confusion, he does not understand why Mallory was angry at him, he didn't make an effort to turn away from her naked body. 


Mallory had scolded him, for sneaking up on her and for touching her inappropriately, however, he still did not understand what it was that he did that was inappropriate. She sighed and tried to explain that the part he touched was for making human babies, but he could not understand since he has a different physic and mer-folks have their own way to reproduced, but it never involved such parts. So out of curiousity, he said he wanted to see and Mallory's entire face became bright pink. 


Mallory doesn't know what came over her that she sat at the part of the river bank where Michael can come as close as possible to the land. Was it her own curiousity, her lust, or was there something else. They were the only ones there, it sort of felt wrong doing this, but in her mind, she was just going to teach him. 


She nervously spreads her legs in front of Michael and showed him, her sensitive spot, he told him that it is where a human male anatomy would go in to give and recieve pleasure and to make babies. Mallory blushed, he was looking at her so intensely. She told him that normally, only lovers are allowed to touch it. She became bolder and bolder, she spread herself to show it to him, the part where, if touched properly, would elicit pleasure for human females, then she showed him how by rubbing her clit. Mallory can’t believe it, she was touching herself in front of another being that is technically male, but the intense look on Michael’s face made her want to do it more and more. 


Mallory then inserted a finger in her and she couldn't help the mewl that escaped her lips, it's been a long time since she had touched herself like this. She can't believe that she was pleasuring herself like this while someone is watching her do it, it made her heart beat faster, as well as the movement of her finger, but it wasn't enough, so she inserted another finger in her while her thumb simultaneously rubbed her clit, her other hand started to grope her breast and pinched her nipple. The pleasure and Michael's unwavering gaze upon her almost had her come undone. 


She felt Michael came closer to her and his hand pulled the finger that was deep inside her, she so close, but he was curious, he turned her hand and started to smell it and then licked it, he made a pleasured sound like it was delicious, like he had never tasted anything like it, it was intoxicating that he started to suck on her fingers. Mallory was watching her fingers disappear in Michael’s mouth and the way he licked and sucked on it aroused her even more that she thought that she could come with only this. 


When Michael had sucked all her essence from her fingers, he wanted more, so he went to the source, he first asked Mallory though if he could touch her, he didn't want to be hit again. Mallory gave him a nod, she wasn't sure if she could speak properly, but he wondered if they are lovers now since she was allowing him to touch her. When he asked, Mallory grinned and nodded, and his heart fluttered. 


Michael reached out and touched her again, he first touched Mallory’s clit and did what she did, and rubbed it, Mallory let out a moan that sounded wonderful to his ears, he wanted to hear it again and again. So he did what she had done earlier and inserted two of his fingers in her, he watched her expression with each pump of his fingers, he experimented and curled his finger inside her, it made her arched her back while she groped, and squeezed, and pinched her nipples, she moaned and gasped, her face looked as if she was in total euphoria, but he wanted to taste her again, so he pulled out his fingers and grabbed both her legs to spread it wider so his head can be as close to her as possible, then he licked her, he opened her and slipped his tongue inside of her, every time he does, she would make a sound that it felt like he was being put into a trance, like all of his being wants her to only make that sound, and the more he does it the wetter and tastier she becomes, he couldn't stop.


Mallory was on the edge of a cliff and she was close to falling, Michael's tongue was something extraordinary, it moves inside her like he was licking every single inch of her, his arms was wrapped around her legs to hold her open and so he could use his hand to play with her clit. Sometimes he would pull out his tongue inside her to lick, suck, and nibble on it. This made her grabbed hold of his hair and grind herself on his sinful mouth until she reached her breaking point and held on tight to him, however, Michael doesn't notice, or doesn't know, so he keeps on stimulating her again and again, he alternates the things he learned and she came one after another and he doesn't stop until Mallory couldn't take it anymore, too much, he was doing too much that she had to pull him away. 


She was heaving, her legs ache, her body is spent and limp, her body was sweating and her hair was almost dry by the time she made him stop. Michael didn't know if he had done something wrong that Mallory had pulled him away, so he asked, but Mallory only smiled and shook her head. She had told him that he did wonderful that she loved every second of it. He became ecstatic that he wanted to do it again, but Mallory stopped him and he frowned, she told him that humans have limits and she had reached hers. 


When Mallory tried to stand up, her leg wobble that she slipped back into the water, Michael was there to catch her. She looked at him and couldn't help but close in their distance and she kissed him on the lips. She can taste herself on him, she didn't know if Michael knew what a kiss was, but she quickly finds out that he does when he slipped his tongue in her mouth, but as much as she wanted to spend her entire day kissing or maybe more oral pleasure, she was already overstimulated that she had to stop, but she opted to just hug him and pressed her forehead against his and stared at his beautiful blue eyes. Blue and brown eyes are locked onto each other for what felt like hours, she didn't want to leave him but Mallory was starting to get cold, she reluctantly lets him go, but before she leaves, she gave him another kiss on his lips.