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Alone with you

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Honestly, Michael has no idea what to do to get Mallory rescued, there are some possible ways, like luring a vessel into the island or make a storm that will bring one (of course, the last time he did that, it became a disaster), but it could take weeks, or months. He wants to help her, but he has driven himself into a corner. 


Mallory swore she saw a tuft of blonde hair and red tail in the water several times while she trying to catch fish or gathering water from the river. It's been a couple of days since she got to this island, so she believed that it was not a hallucination. 


She watches the water in a way that doesn't look like she is, to make sure she wasn't going insane and that whatever it was will not run away. It was there again and it looks like it was watching her, she was curious about what it was, so she planned, she wanted to know. 


She noticed it was there whenever she was not in the water so during one of her routines in the morning, she hid behind a rock where it usually appears. Like a clock, it was there, she was right, it was a tuft of blonde hair, it was looking around looking for something, is it looking for her, she wondered. When she tried to peak closer, her hand slipped, she lost her balance. 


Michael was too late to notice that Mallory was behind her, so he was unable to avoid her when she fell on top of him. 


Mallory panicked so she held on tight on the first thing she was able to hold, the creature’s torso. When she was able to steady herself in the water, she came face to face with a beautiful creature with blue eyes like the water in the vast ocean, blonde hair like the sun, and pale skin like the moon at night. Mallory cannot help but just stare at the creature in front of her until she felt something odd grazing her feet, when she looked down, she saw a large fish tail. The end of the tail is red, however, as she slowly trace it to its source, the color darkens to black until she sees that it was attached to the creature in front of her. 


Michael felt her warm arms encircling his torso, he helped Mallory as best as he could to steady herself in the water. He never thought he would ever look at her beautiful brown eyes directly again. However, dread seeps into his veins when she looked down on his tail, he braced himself for her reaction, but he never expected to see recognition in her eyes.


"I know you"


Mallory knows him, she remembers, he saved her once.