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Alone with you

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Mallory doesn't know if the ship's demise was a curse or a blessing, but she is now marooned on an uninhabited island after the ship that was supposed to take her to her betroth was destroyed after a storm. She doesn't even know how she survived in the first place, the last thing she remembers was plunging into the water. On the other hand, she doesn't have to marry the old man that her parents was making her marry, more likely sold her off to. The man was rich, yes, but he suspiciously had way too many dead or missing wives, Mallory had no intention to be one of those wives, she planned on escaping when they make a stop, she guessed this was her escape, but at what cost, then she sighed. 


First she needs to find shelter, food, and water, so Mallory decided to enter the forest, hopefully, nothing in it will try and kill her. 


Unknown to her, a figure in the water worriedly watches her. 



Honestly, this was not exactly Michael's intention, he didn't mean to destroy the ship, and he most definitely did not intend to strand Mallory in this island. Things just got way out of hand. 


He watches her as she entered the forest, hopefully she finds the cave near the river so he can still watch over her. He now wishes he could have legs so he can follow her, but that wish does not bode well for him. 


Michael had met Mallory only once when he was very young, when his hair was shorter, and his tail was a lighter color, she was about 5 yrs of human age, at least, that's what she looked like, maybe even younger because she is still quite petite now. 


When he was watching the humans, he sees her playing in the sand. At one point, she played too far into the sea when her parents were not paying attention and almost drowned, Michael saved her life, she smiled at him and thanked him after she stopped crying. Since then, he was enamoured with her and whenever she visits the beach or the port, he watches her, always just watching, he had seen her grow into a beautiful young woman she is now. 


However, before she set sail on the ship, he had heard her crying, he wanted to comfort her, but couldn't, for fear of exposing himself to humans, so he heeds her words instead, he will give her the escape she needs.


Things didn't go as planned, the storm he brew was only suppose to make them anchor at the closest port so Mallory can make her escape, but the idiotic captain proceeded with the voyage. Michael had no choice but to take Mallory when the ship sank and bring her on this island.


Michael dives in the water, swimming his way in the underground passageways that will lead him into the river to try to find Mallory in the forest. 



When Mallory saw a river, she quickly drank from it and tried her best to clean herself. Afterwards, she followed it, hoping that she finds some food or shelter. Luck seems to be on Mallory's side, she was able to find a cave near the river, she took a peek inside, making sure nothing was there to attack her, she breathe a sigh of relief when there was none. As soon as she went inside, she heard a loud thundering noise and crash, she quickly gone out and sees a tree that looked like it was striked by lighting, looking up, there wasn't a cloud in sight. 


This was another luck for her, she had no idea how to build a fire, and she needed it to stay warm and dry her clothes. Mallory took a burning branch and brought it inside the cave, quickly, she tried to find wood and leaves she can burn to keep the fire going. 



Michael watches Mallory again, he did everything he could to help her, the only thing left is for him to get her rescued. Although, if he does, he may never see her again, but this is for her.