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Obedient Boy

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“Gentlemen,” Enji said, moving into the study room. “Is everyone’s glass properly filled.”

The men in the sitting room all nodded and held up their glasses. Enji smiled to himself and went to take a seat. 

Five over sized chairs to accommodate everyone as if they were having a fancy dinner, but no table. Aizawa and Fourth Kind to Enji’s right, Vlad King and Gang Orca to his left. Enji made sure he was at the head of it all-- closest to his fireplace. The lights were low-- but everything in the study was clearly visible. 

Looking around the room, he saw his friends all sipping their brandy and just waiting. 

“Shouto!” Enji called out. 

All the men turned as Shouto entered the room. He was silent-- as trained to be. Wearing a collar and a simple jock-- he made his way to the center of the chairs and stood, facing Enji. 

“As I have explained, my boys are highly trained and very obedient,” Enji said, “Though Shouto is my most obedient boy.” 

All the men turned and looked at Shouto as he stood with his hands behind his perfectly postured back. Enji smiled as he looked Shouto over-- he was perfect. 

“Shouto is my masterpiece,” Enji said, “And I model all of my boy’s behaviors after him. It did take some time breaking him in and knocking that rebellion streak out of him.” 

“And you say… he is obedient?” Fourth Kind asked. 

“Yes,” Enji said, “Give him any command.” 

“Turn so we can see you better,” Vlad King said. 

Shouto slowly turned-- giving each man a perfect view of his body. Enji crossed his ankle over his knee as he sat back, taking a huge mouthful of brandy and swishing it in his mouth before swallowing. 

“He seems rather… small,” Gang Orca stated. 

“That he is, but trust me, he is the best,” Enji boosted. 

“I don’t see how that is possible,” Aizawa added. 

“Shout, please kneel on all fours so your ass is facing Aizawa,” Enji commanded. 

Shouto slowly fell to his hands and knees, making sure to stick his ass proudly at Aizawa. 

“Open your cheeks,” Aizawa demanded. 

Moving his hands behind him, Shouto did as asked. 

There was a slight gasp from Aizawa and Fourth Kind as they were able to see just how trained Shouto really was. Fourth Kind went to reach out with one of his hands before Enji stopped him. 

“No touching him,” Enji said, then smirked, “Just yet.” 

Fourth Kind pulled his hand back. 

“Shouto, turn so the other two may see,” Enji commanded. 

Shouto let go of his ass cheeks, and spun so that Vlad King and Gang Orca could see. Spreading his cheeks once more, Shouto noticed how one of Fourth Kind’s hands were on his crotch rubbing as he watched him. 

“Do you gentlemen like what you see?” Enji asked. 

“It is a marvelous sight,” Vlad King added-- Gang Orca, Aizawa and Fourth Kind nodding their heads. 

“But you said he was trained…?” Aizawa asked. 

“Thoroughly,” Enji said, “Shouto, come here.” 

Shouto scrambled to his feet, and walked over to Enji, stopping in front of him and clasping his hands behind his back. Enji smiled-- his Shouto was perfectly trained. 

“Shall I demonstrate?” Enji asked. 

“Please do,” Gang Orca said. 

“Shouto, remember your training,” Enji said uncrossing his ankle off his knee. 

They all watched as Shouto placed his hands on Enji’s knees to spread them more before falling between them. Small fingers undid Enji’s belt as Shouto kept his eyes on Enji’s crotch, a pink tongue hanging out and licking his lips. Carefully as the button was undone, Shouto unzipped his pants and untucked his shirt. 

Enji smiled even more as Shouto pulled his massive cock out, stroking him fully hard. Sitting back, Enji winked over at Fourth Kind and allowed Shouto to continued stroking him. 

“Is that all he can do?” Aizawa asked. 

“Shouto,” Enji said, placing his hand on Shouto’s cheek. “Show them how well you can take this cock.” 

“Yes, sir,” Shouto said, rising up and turning so he faced the men. Backing up a bit, he lined his rim with Enji’s cock and slowly started to sink down. 

“We can’t see anything!” Vlad Kind exclaimed. 

“Shouto! Open your legs!” Enji commanded. 

A nod and Shouto lifted his legs so they rested on the tops of Enji’s thighs-- spreading his legs as wide as he could. It was clear his ass was easily taking the massive size of Enji’s cock. A small moan and Shouto started to lift up and down over Enji’s cock. 

“And he gets hard and cums very easily,” Enji said, pulling the front of the jock down-- showing off Shouto’s perfectly hard pink cock to the guys. His hand engulfing Shouto’s cock, and Enji stroked Shouto’s cock-- making Shouto moan obscenely. 

All the men in the room kept their eyes fixed on the show before them, their hands steadily palming themselves. 

“Alright, that is enough,” Enji said, releasing his hand from Shouto’s cock, hearing a small whine from him that only made him pinch Shouto’s nipple-- hard. “None of that!”

“Sorry, sir,” Shouto said, lifting himself off Enji’s cock and falling to his knees on the floor and quickly tucking Enji’s cock back into his pants and buttoning Enji’s pants. 

“You’ll get yours later, I promise,” Enji said, his tone now soothing as his hand brushed down Shouto’s cheek. 

There was a warm smile from Shouto as he finished with his pants and rested his head on Enji’s knee. Running his fingers through Shouto’s silky hair, Enji looked out to the men. 

“Would any of you care to try him out?” Enji said. 

Four heads nodded at him-- only making Enji’s pride swell a bit more. 

“Shouto, go visit Fourth Kind,” Enji said. 

Shouto crawled over where Fourth Kind was, then was between his massive thighs, undoing his pants. Fourth Kind had one of his hands in Shouto’s hair, and another trailing down his chest. 

“No cumming in my boy!” Enji warned. “This is only for trying out.” 

The men nodded, but never took their eyes off of where Shouto was releasing Fourth Kind’s cock, and currently licking and stroking him fully hard. 

“Yes, he is also very well trained in oral, but as Fourth Kind is quite large, he compensates with those little kitten like licks,” Enji said. 

“And they feel amazing,” Fourth Kind moaned, then took a big gulp of his drink. 

“I think he is ready,” Enji said. 

Shouto nodded and rose up. This time he lifted a leg up, and then his other-- resting them on Fourth Kind’s thighs-- giving the men across from them a clear view of what was happening. Fourth Kind grabbed his cock and angled it so Shouto could easily lower himself down. 

Shouto and Fourth Kind moaned loudly. 

“Ah, you fill him nicely,” Enji said. 

“He is so tight,” Fourth Kind moaned, two of his hands around Shouto’s waist, moving him up and down rapidly. The wet squelching sounds echoing around the room as Shouto laid back-- allowing his body to be viewed better. 

“As I said, he is thoroughly trained,” Enji stated. 

Fourth Kind moaned even louder and thrusted up hard into Shouto’s small body. Both of them cried out before Fourth Kind lifted Shouto completely off his cock. “This boy will make you cum fast if you are not careful.” 

Enji tilted his head back and laughed. He knew that magic that Shouto had of making men cum. 

“Who wants to go next?” Enji asked. 

“Me!” Vlad King exclaimed. 

Shouto fell back to the floor, and before making his way across the room, he tucked Fourth Kind back into his pants-- but first, licking at the head of his cock and smiling sweetly up at him. 

“...fuck,” Fourth Kind whispered. 

Once Shouto had Fourth Kind all set, he resumed to his hands and knees to crawl over to Vlad King who already had his cock out and stroking himself. 

“Already for you!” Vlad Kind said. 

Shouto stood and turned, lowering himself onto Vlad King’s cock. He did not rest his feet on his thighs, though he opened his legs as wide as he was able too-- bouncing himself up and down as his cried out. Vlad King had reached around, pulling out Shouto’s cock and stroking him. 

“Cum for us,” Enji commanded. 

Shouto’s body moved faster as he bounced on Vlad King’s cock, his moans piercing as his body started to shake. Vlad King pumped his cock in his fist til white streams of cum shot from Shouto’s cock and onto the carpet. 

“Now Shouto,” Enji said, “Clean that up.” 

Shouto was catching his breath, his chest rising and falling-- a blush covering him down to this neck. Pulling himself off Vlad King’s cock, he lowered himself to the plush carpet, sticking his ass greedily in the air as he stared up at Enji-- his pink tongue hanging from his mouth and licking up his own cum. 

The room was silent as they watched Shouto carefully lick every drop of his cum off the carpet. 

“Well hell,” Aizawa said, shifting in his seat a bit, his hand over his crotch and palming himself. 

“Shouto, please go visit Aizawa next,” Enji said. 

Licking his lips, Shouto crawled over where Aizawa was. Aizawa was a much smaller man than the others, and he carefully undid his pants as he stared up into his dark eyes. Aizawa brushed back Shouto’s hair and intensely stared at him. 

“Shouto! Don’t make the man wait!” Enji roared. 

Shouto reached and pulled out Aizawa’s cock and opened his mouth-- easily taking Aizawa’s cock right down his throat. Shouto’s nose pressed against Aizawa’s dark pubes and the other men moaned softly. 

“As I said, he is well versed,” Enji reminded them all. 

Shouto bobbed his head up and down over Aizawa’s cock, allowing his drool to drench down onto Aizawa’s balls. A soft barely there moan and Aizawa continued to brush back Shouto’s hair, staring down at him. 

“He is quite the lovely doll,” Aizawa said. 

“My most perfect doll,” Enji replied. 

Shouto hummed around Aizawa’s cock, the tears streaming down his face from where Aizawa’s cock was so deep into his throat. Using his thumbs, Aizawa brushed back the tears and smiled down at the tear streaked cheeks. 

“Very good,” Aizawa said. 

A few more bobs of his head-- Shouto loudly slurped off Aizawa’s cock and slowly rose to his feet. Keeping himself facing Aizawa, Shouto straddled his hips and sank down on his cock. Both of them gasping as Aizawa bottomed out. Reaching around, Aizawa grabbed Shouto’s ass cheeks and spread them, fucking up hard into his tight hole. 

“Even after you all… so large… he is still tight!” Aizawa gasped. 

Shouto ran his hands through Aizawa’s hair, undoing the tie that held it back. As Aizawa’s hair fell around his face, Shouto grabbed his hair, smashing their lips together. The men all cheered as Enji’s chest swelled with pride. 

Shouto made a good show of how his body could roll over Aizawa’s-- and how lewd his mouth could kiss. Lips smacking as he moaned and rolled his hips more-- the loud smack of Aizawa’s hand coming down on his bottom before pulling back. There was a trail of spit connecting their lips as Shouto breathlessly stood off of Aizawa’s cock. 

“Is it finally my turn?” Gang Orca asked. 

Shouto fell back to the carpet, crawling over where Gang Orca was. The way Shouto’s cock was only half hard as he crawled between Gang Orca’s legs, undoing his pants. Shouto wasn’t ready for what he was about to find. 

It was the largest cock he had ever seen. Making its way up Gang Orca’s chest, his cock wrapped and whipped around. Shouto’s eyes darkened over as he licked at the base, staring Gang Orca in his beady eyes. 

“Turn and straddle my cock,” Gang Orca said. 

Shouto stood, turning his body and feeling the cold hands of Gang Orca on his waist. Looking down, he saw how Gang Orca’s cock moved almost tail-like between his legs, feeling around his abdomen. Spreading his legs, he allowed Gang Orca to move him into his lap-- his cock between Shouto’s thighs. 

Shouto could grind down on the base of Gang Orca’s cock as the tip wrapped around his own cock. Squeezing and stroking him til he was hard again. 

It was hard not to look, but Shouto could not take his eyes off it-- or not imagine how it would feel deep inside of him. Moaning, Shouto leaned back, resting against the bulk of Gang Orca as his cock wrapped and squeezed his own. 

“So, are we going to actually get off, or just be teased?” Fourth Kind asked. 

Shouto moaned softly and rolled his hips over Gang Orca’s shaft once more. 

“Shouto!” Enji called out, snapping Shouto from his trance and moving from Gang Orca’s lap. Making his way back to the floor, he rested on his knees-- eyes down. 

“Lay out flat, Shouto,” Enji said. 

Shouto laid back and stared up as the men all stood from their chairs around him. 

“You may all cum on my special boy,” Enji said. 

Shouto looked up, watching as four cocks in hand all stroked as they stared down at him. Shouto bravely reached for his own cock, stroking it as he looked up at the men. 

“Open your mouth,” Enji said. 

Shouto did, hanging his tongue out as he waited. Fourth Kind was the first-- missing his mouth and covering his face and hair. Aizawa quickly followed, covering his chest. Vlad King as able to get most of his into Shouto’s mouth while Gang Orca just covered Shouto. 

The men all groaned as they took their seats, leaving their cocks hanging out. Enji smirked and then called Shouto back over to him. 

“Now Shouto, let’s show them how much cum you can hold,” Enji said. 

Shouto’s knees shook as he made his way back into Enji’s lap. His body was covered in cum and neither cared as he laid his back to Enji’s chest-- his body so rung out while Enji grabbed under his thighs-- spreading his legs beautifully. 

“And he is small enough to hold and fuck,” Enji said, driving his cock deep inside of Shouto-- everyone listening to the loud moan and Enji’s cock impaled him. 

Shouto was like a ragdoll on Enji’s lap, the cum sliding down his chest as Enji grunted and thrusted up deeply. His fingers sinking into Shouto’s soft thighs, spreading his legs even more. All Shouto could manage was to brace against Enji’s chest, feeling the way his cock split him in two. 

Usually Enji had staying power-- but with Shouto it was different. More thrust as Shouto’s body jarred against his-- then he was roaring out, filling Shouto with his cum. Continuing his thrust, the cum ran down his cock and onto the chair as Shouto’s belly poked out just the tiniest bit. 

“Fuck,” Fourth Kind said, moving over and placing his hand on Shouto’s lower abdomen. 

“Told you, he can hold his cum,” Enji said, then kissing below Shouto’s ear. “Now stand and show them how well you hold it in.” 

Shouto’s brow was covered in sweat as his legs shook and he went to rise. Enji’s cock slipping from him as he tightly clenched his bottom, only allowing the smallest amount of cum to seep out. 

“Even after all that,” Vlad King said, admiring as Shouto turned, placing his hands on Enji’s thigh and bending slightly. 

Aizawa came forward, plunging his fingers deep inside of Shouto-- causing him to moan out. “He does tighten well.” Even as he pulled out his fingers, Shouto clenched around him to hold in the cum. 

“Not many can hold cum as long as my Shouto can,” Enji boasted. 

“How long can he hold it?” Gang Orca asked. 

“Til I tell him too,” Enji said. 

All the men hummed their approval as they stared at Shouto’s clenched hole. A few of them ran their fingers over the tight muscle, making Shouto whimper slightly. 

“Now Shouto,” Enji said, his palm running down his cheek. “Release.” 

As soon as the men stopped touching him, Shouto relaxed as the cum slipped from his ass and down his leg. 

“Now, if you don’t mind,” Enji said, standing and picking up Shouto as if he weighed nothing. “I would like to place him in a bath and allow him to rest. Please, have a drink while you wait.” 

The men all moved to the table with brandy and talked among themselves as Enji quietly carried Shouto out. “You were such a good boy,” Enji cooed.