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The blood prince

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It’s a story that has been told through the generations; a fairy tale, a campfire story, a fable that mothers tell their children to make them behave. It’s a story that’s as old as the Kingdom of Musutafu is. Many say that it’s based on some old and simple truths but has been twisted and turned around throughout the years, while other people say that it’s only a tale made up by travelers and the kingdom to keep people away from the dangerous ruins of the forgotten castle and to keep children from staying out too late. “It’s just an old wives tale” they’ll say; “it’s just a stupid fairy tale!” Kids will tease.


It is the gossip of the kingdom, the abandoned ruins of a castle that lays on the outskirts of their boundaries; what was once a garden has now become a forest, and the castle guard walls are nothing more than a crumbling line of stones that barely even go as high as the knee. However, the castle itself has somehow stayed standing strong throughout the generations, only a few towers showing the wear and tear the many decades have brought upon it. It’s a mystery to most about who it belonged to, so it wasn’t all that far off for  the people of the kingdom to create a story about the foreboding and honestly spooky shell of sometime of before. 


There shouldn’t be no merit to the story of the Black King and the Prince of the Night. 


And yet; they all listen to its story every time it’s brought up, an eerie silence blanketing whoever listens to the tale. 


‘There once was a kingdom that ruled this land, before Musutafu was even a thought. It was ruled by a wicked and sinister king, a king who was a master of black magic. The Black King was pure evil and dictated the land with the only intention of becoming more powerful than any other person alive. He wanted to rule the world and twist it into his own wicked image. 


And as his reign and power grew, the more insane he became. 


From a neighboring kingdom, the Black King stole a bride, and forced her to wed him out of fear for her and her Kingdom’s life. and soon  made her bear his only heir.


 A son. 


Another pawn for the King’s schemes; he planned to make him as wicked as he was. however, against all odds, the prince had not an ounce of evil in his heart. He cared for his people and wished for their suffering to end. As the prince grew, the more strong willed he became, and the more his father became insane. The Black King would not hesitate to use violence against anyone, not even his own wife nor child were spared from his torturous deeds. The poor prince soon lost his mother to his Father’s insanity and decided to take a stand against the King.


At the mere age of 14, he lead a rebellion against his own father, leading hundreds of rebels through the castle and to finally take down the Black King.


Every warrior was wiped out by the King’s magic; not a single soldier or farmer who took a stand was left alive. For the Prince’s fate, he was left alive, but was cursed by his father to become a creature that was forever dependent on the blackness of night; a creature that no one, whether country man or noble woman, would trust. A being that struck terror into the hearts of anyone. 


He became known as the Blood Prince, as he didn’t wish to terrify his subjects, and soon only came out of the castle in only the light of the moon.


The prince didn’t give up however, even with his curse. He searched for years for someone who would be powerful enough to defeat his father and save his people from the evil that has laced its way throughout the entire kingdom. after decades of searching, the prince of the night finally found his kingdom’s savior, a great man who wished only for peace. 


The first king of Musutafu. 


The prince along the first king and his army, finally were able to defeat the Black King and free everyone. Unfortunately, the said could not be said to the land; after decades of evil black magic running throughout the main city, the ground held no magic or life in it anymore, it was unlivable.


It was decided that they would build a new kingdom; Musutafu. They would abandon the dead city of their old kingdom and start anew. 


However, what happened to the Blood Prince is a mystery. Some say he decided to stay in his castle until his death, no matter if his kingdom was no more. It was the only place he called home, and decided that he would make sure that no one would ever enter the ruins, as it was no longer safe for any mortal man or woman to enter, and to make sure that the magic artifacts and books that his father had accumulated would never see the light of day again. Many say that the Prince’s soul, as well as those who had died in its walls still clings to the ruins. Others say that the curse took him over and made him into a vicious beast, and one of the past kings sealed him away within the old castle walls. And there are even a spare few who say that the Blood Prince still lives, that the curse had made him immortal and he now wanders the castle grounds, guarding its secrets.


Many of those who try to enter never even make it past the gardens, and those who do make it never remember anything else, just that they had reached the doors only to wake up the next day outside of the rusted gates to the grounds. But the nightmares they have afterwards can only hint at the truth within.  So take this warning and hold it dear to your hearts; young and old, to travelers and those who try to even take a step onto the ruins grounds. 


Never seek out what’s in the forgotten castle, or else!”


It may be a long story, yet it’s story is both a sad and happy one. Many teenage boys will dare one another to stay the night in the ruins, and while many claim they have lasted the night, none have truly succeeded in such deeds. 


The only people who ever enter the castle is the King. Every king has all have come and gone from the ruins throughout their rule; it has become a right of passage for the first prince to brave the ruins for days on end. Some have taken their closest aids with them, while others have done the deed alone. But it can be said that each and everyone of them who do succeed in staying have all become great and wise rulers.


But even that seems more like a myth to the common folk of their kingdom. 


It all seems like it’s a story straight out of a fairytale, with no truth to be had in any of it.


But then again ...with their world being filled with mystical beings and creatures; unicorns and dragons, knights blessed with powers by the gods at birth, and wizards who study all sorts of magic, evil still crawls throughout the land and monsters still hide in the darkness of caves. Fairies fly free through the sky and centaurs gallop through forests every day. Their world is filled with magic, anything is possible. 


Some stories may hold more truth to them then what people wish to believe.


And maybe it takes the right few people to bring these truths back out into the world.