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Down the Broken Road

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Taking a bite of his lunch Kyle looked over at Hal. They had been paired up to do a patrol together around Earth. It had been simple, boring even. Nothing happened this time which was rare, honestly, he liked it. Only because he was getting McDonald's after.

The fifteen-year-old looked at Hal as the older Omega hadn't touched his food at all. instead, he was looking at it like it had wronged him somehow. Watching him for a few minutes Kyle noticed that Hal looked pale.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Hal grumbled out frowning. "Just not hungry."

"Not feeling good? You should rest."

"Can't kid," Hal sighed as his stomach turned, his nose scrunched up. He swore he could smell everything in the restaurant. "Hurry up, so we can get out of here."

"I can take it to go," Kyle put his food in his backpack. "Am I staying with you tonight or with John?"

"You can stay with me. Besides, I bet John is out on a mission or Oa."

When they got home Kyle went to the guest room he used when staying with Hal. If anyone saw it they would think that Kyle lived there permanently. It had comics, action figures, books, art supplies almost anywhere, an Artist desk an a bed with clothes tossed on it.

Going to his bed Kyle looked through them looking for comfortable clothes. He kept the clean ones on the bed and the dirty ones in a corner. Sliding into a shirt and some shorts he pulled a hoodie on.

Getting into bed Kyle pulled the thick blankets over him as he took in a deep breath and let it out. Even though here was temporary, he was enjoying it. Even if he never got adopted the others had promised that he was always welcomed.


Sleeping for maybe two hours Kyle woke up to because he heard something. Eyes heavy with sleep Kyle sat up looking around not sure what it was until it happened again.

Getting up the younger Omega scooted off the bed heading out of the room looking around. He heard it coming from the bathroom. Going over he knocked on it. "Hal? You okay?"

"Yeah!" Hal called out, it sounded like he was gasping. "Must have been something I ate!"

"But you didn't eat anything!"

"...I ate something at that gas station we stopped at."

"Hey, you said never eat from the on-sale hot food!" Kyle leaned against the door feeling a bit bad that he could hear his friend throwing up. "Do you want me to get you something to help your stomach?"

"No! I- Ugh," Gasping could be heard. "I'm just going to ride this out! Go back to bed!"

"You sure?" "Yeah!" Hal groaned. "Seriously, I'll go see the doctor tomorrow if I'm not feeling better, alright?"

"Okay, I guess. I'll be in my room if you need me," Kyle walked back to the room slowly looking back as he heard more vomiting. Getting back into bed he pulled the blankets up hoping to get some sleep. He knew he wouldn't sleep now knowing that Hal was sick. "...I hope it's not the flu."


Flushing the toilet again Hal rubbed the back on his hand on the side of his mouth. He was sure that most of whatever he had left in his stomach. Using the side of the bathroom to push himself up he went to the sink. Turning on the cold water he washed out the last of the vomit from his mouth and used some mouth wash to help.

Cleaning his hands Hal reached over to this toothbrush stopping for a second he had a small wave of nausea. After a minute the pilot brushed his teeth for extra measure. Looking in the mirror he frowned as he saw how pale he was.

Rubbing his face he shook his head. Maybe it was his heat. It was coming up in a week. It could be early or maybe he fell out of sync. Both he and Kyle had synced up and normally spent the heats watching shows and eating anything but healthy food.

It could have been the stress too. Sinestro had escaped again and it had been hell trying to track him down. Taking in a deep breath Hal tried to calm his body down before heading out of the bathroom.

Getting to his bed Hal plopped down on the bed sighing. Maybe if he slept he'd feel better in the morning.

"Popcorn," Kyle grinned pulling a box off the sheld and putting it into the basket. Going back he pulled down two seasonings. "Kettle Corn or White cheddar? Or both?"

Standing at the shopping cart Hal was spaced out. Whatever was on his mind seemed to be distracting him from their two-month heat plan, which was to pig out and watch movies or play video games.

"Hal? Hello, Hal?" Kyle tossed the two bottles into the cart and waved a hand in front of the other. "Earth to Hal?!"

"Huh?" Hal blinked. "What is it?"

"I said, Kettle Corn or White Cheddar?"

"Uh, whatever you want." Hal shifted looking just as distracted as he straightened up. "Get some popcorn too."

"I already did." Kyle picked up the box to show him. Frowning when he saw Hal zone out again he reached over to shake his arm. "Hal? Are you okay? You keep zoning out. You didn't even blink when I put beer in the cart."

"You what?!" Hal looked down only to see nothing was there. "Where is it? Under the chips?!"

"Nope!" Kyle grinned. "Just wanted your attention. You haven't really been paying attention for the last five days. You need to go see the doctor."

"I don't need to see a doctor," Hal glared at him. "Get the popcorn so we can go."

"I did! And if you don't go I won't make the Jalapeno poppers!"

"...That is cheating." Hal glared at him. "You know I always mess them up."

"I still don't know how it's three ingredients." To this day Kyle still had no idea how Hal could mess up Jalapeno poppers. It was one of the easiest things to make! "Still you want, if you go I'll make you that triple chocolate cake you like."

"..." Hal glared at him, Kyle had always been a great cook, the kid swore he started cooking at eight, but that was a good deal. "Fine. You win, I'll go."

"Yes!" Kyle moved away to grab some pretzels. "Let's get chocolate dip and caramel."

"You're lucky you can cook."

"This is stupid." Hal crossed his arms. "Why are we seeing a doctor in a mall!?"

"Because your insurance takes them, they take walk-ins and…. Because the arcade I here. Like right across from here." Kyle turned to Hal trying to use the biggest puppy eyes he could on the man. "Please…..?!"

"I should have known," Hal glared at him before sighing. He took out a twenty. "Don't spend it all in one go alright?"

"Thanks!" Grabbing the money Kyle took off in a hurry. "Good luck!"

"Yeah, yeah," Leaning back Hal took in a deep breath. "At least tomorrow I can stay home for three days."

"Mr. Jordan? The doctor will see you now."

Hal sat in the office as he sniffed the air. They used way too much of whatever made it smell like a doctor's stuff and whatever they used. He covered his nose with his hand in an attempt to keep the smell somewhat bearable. Even with his hand, he swore it was still strong.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Jordan," The doctor came in with a smile. He took a seat and looked over the tablet to see weight and height "Alright, what seemed to be the trouble?"

"Uh, well, I've been getting sick lately. In the last month just a tiny bit, like a small upset stomach. Now I've been throwing up a few times this week. Sometimes I feel sick, other times I'm fine. Uh, tired a lot." Hal rubbed the back of his head. "I can smell everything sometimes or sometimes I'm just hungry all the time."

"I see, well, can I ask you if you're pregnant?" The doctor asked gently.

"Nope," Hald patted his stomach. "I have the implant in my arm. No, babies for me. Ever."

"Ah, I don't think we have that on record," the doctor looked back at the start of the chart. "It says here that you come to go to our main office?"

"Yeah, the one down on 83rd. Hey, can I ask you something?" Hal leaned forward. "How come this place is in a mall?"

"It's a walk-in clinic for fast emergencies, colds, cases of flu, cuts and stuff like that." The doctor looking back into the file. "Mr. Jordan. You got the implant eight years ago."

"I did?" Hal looked surprised. "Wow, time flies."

"Mr. Jordan, you are aware of those things only last for about seven years?"

"...No. Isn't it a lifetime thing?!" Hal jumped up walking over "Shouldn't they have told me that?! They should right?"

"They did. You signed that paper that you read and understood." The doctor zoomed on the page showing that Hal had signed that he understood every seven years it would have to be replaced."

"... Well, if it's been eight years and it's still working that's good right?" Hal asked started to get nervous. "I mean, I've had normal heats but no pregnancies."

"Well, to rule out the possibility would you like to take a pregnancy test? If it's negative we can go from there and get you what you need."

"Yeah sounds good," Hal gulped as he was handed a cup to pee in. He glared at it before leaving to go fill it up. As he walked out of the room to the restroom he took in some deep breaths. "This is fine. It's fine. No way that I'm pregnant… no way."

Kyle was playing some air hockey with some others. A few Alphas, Betas, the only other Omega there seemed excited with whoever they were messaging. Kyle got in another goal and whooped throwing his arms up.

"I win!" "Good game! I was this close!" The Alpha shook his head even though he was smiling. "Next time."

The group moved away to go play another game. Kyle started to trail after them. He often made random friends when back on Earth. It was hard to keep up some friendships when he was constantly getting missions off the planet and even on the planet with his location varying.

Kyle had learned to chameleon his way into groups for a minute or two. If anything sometimes he'd lack on a game and get a pity-hang. Before he could weasel his way in the stopped seeing Hal sitting on a bench.

Odd. Jogging over Kyle looked over him. It didn't look like the doctors had helped since Hal was still zoned out. Waving his hand a few times. Nothing. He sighed before shaking Hal's shoulder as the older Omega looked at him startled.

"What did the doctor say?"

"Ah, just that I have to," Hal let out a long breath thinking of a word. "Just have to… wait until it runs its course."

"Yeah, but did he give you meds or make sure it wasn't something bad?"

"Everything is fine, now let's go." Hal got up still looking out of it. "How about we order take out for dinner?"

"What about the food I promised you?" Following him, Kyle crossed his arms. "I'm not going to ake them during heat. That's junk food and toaster oven, microwave, and snacks time!"

"After our heats, okay? Right now, I need take-out from that Cuban food place I like."

Hal laying in bed as words echoed through his mind over and over again.

Pregnant. He was pregnant. The damn test came out positive! The doctor told him that he must have been pregnant since his last heat which meant that it happened two months ago when he was back from a mission off Earth that hadn't gone well.

It had gone horribly, friends of his died and Hal wasn't in a good place. Bruised and beaten from the battle he had been zoned out when his best friend, Barry Allen had come to help him back to the Watch Tower so he could calm down.

This had let him have enough time to calm down, with the kinds words, the moment Hal had relaxed his heat started. One thing led to another and well. It wasn't their first time sleeping together and it wasn't the last.

Friends with benefits had been their thing for a while now.

Condoms, birth control, the stupid implant that should have worked forever or at least he thought that's what it meant but of course him not paying attention was biting him in the ass now. Worse was that Hal thought it was a little off last heat. He had felt a little more into it.

Writing that off as trauma of what happened Hal just kept going on with his life. They had only slept together once after that. Now that Barry had been dating someone for the last month he wasn't sure to do.

Keep, don't keep, give up? Thee options that kept rolling over and over his mind. There wasn't a way for him to keep the baby. Not with the work that Hal did. Hell, sometimes he struggled to make his rent because of all the off-world missions! He was lucky he could bring back stuff like gold and jewels he could pawn. Some planets thought they were just shiny rocks, so they laughed him off when he took them back with him.

The door opened and Kyle walked in heading towards the bed. He looked ill and in pain. Climbing into bed when Hal lifted the blankets he curled up against Hal. For a few minutes, they scented each other for comfort. Normally Hal was feeling the pain in his hips abdomen from his body telling him that it was time to try for a baby.

After a short while, Kyle drifted off to sleep his nuzzling stopping. Maybe it was the knowing or hormones or whatever the hell it was but if Hal could bearly take care of himself and Kyle how the hell was he going to take care of a baby? Hell, he and Barry weren't even together-

Shit. A sinking feeling hit Hal's stomach as he curled more around Kyle mostly comforting himself now as he held the smaller Omega close a thought smacking him in the face that he swore that he could feel it.

Barry didn't know and Hal couldn't tell him. Not when Barry seemed so happy with the person he was seeing. This was... His fault. He half-assed the implant didn't even think! Hal couldn't ruin Barry's life chance of finding a mate he was in love and to hold him down with a child that wasn't supposed to happen was unfair.

There was no way that Hal could tell Barry.

No, he would just deal with it silently. It was fine, he didn't want kids anyway… or Barry. Mate! He didn't want… a mate… not Barry. They're… just friends.

So why did Hal's heart feel like it was breaking?