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The Story of the Spider

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The final bell had just began ringing throughout Mezu Junior High when every student stood up and barged out the door, excited for the weekend to start.


Almost every student was chatting about the latest pop quiz, the most recent villain attack, the newest heroes. A few about their plans for the next two days. 


Even fewer stayed completely quiet, trudging through the noisy school halls in hopes they can get out quickly.


One of those people was a girl. Dressed in her dirty, torn school-issued shirt, skirt, and leggings, her shoes just small enough that they were uncomfortable. The tears in the back for her legs getting much to big, causing the chrisp April air to attack her back.


This girl is Mai. Mai Riemisho, but those who talk to her call her Riemi. If people would talk to her, however.


It wasn’t her fault her clothes were torn. Her last job fired her. It wasn’t her fault that her hair was always knotted and ratty, and about a foot too long. Her hair brush snapped a few days ago, and she couldn’t find a sharp enough knife to chop her hair again. It wasn’t her fault, few things these days were her fault. 


She tried to talk to the principal, the school counselor, the authorities, about her situation. But they didn’t care, they just told her that she was lying. Her aunt paid for Riemi’s schooling. That was cLeArLy EnOuGh. 


No. No it wasn’t. That aunt was a dense fucking cabbage, the most dense cabbage. Denser and more cabbage then the fucking sun. That aunt may pay for Riemi’s education, but that’s it. Riemi couldn’t even go into that woman’s house. 


Sighing, Riemi pushed past the remaining students. She had to go apply for another job, something to pay for herself and a few of the families she helps out.


Pat. Pat. Pat.


A few drops of water fell from the sky, one landing on her nose. She wiped it off, letting her head drop. 


If it’s raining, then I should hurry. I forgot my jacket again…


Her pace sped up, bringing her arms over her head to try and block out the rain. 


The sky quickly grew dark, although it was only 3:15. The rain plummeted down faster, so Riemi decided to hide in an abandoned building. No one was waiting for her to return, and she had homework she needed to complete.


If I can’t see, then I can’t finish it. Fuck you, you moody clouds. It’s due tomorrow! She thought, calmly walking into the building.


It was a building that the girl was familiar with. She went there often, mostly when she was running from the bastards trying to convert her into villantry.


There was a comfy spot, a tunnel in the concrete wall. Riemi pulled off her shoes and wrapped them with webs formed around her chest. With her feet freezing on the crumbling stone, the spider girl reached her hands up and pressed her finger pads on the wall.


As she hands stuck to the wall, she pulled up her feet and crawled upwards. It took only a few seconds, and then she was curled up in her little concrete cave. 


Since she was there so often, Riemi had a few items there. A change of clothes, a couple dollars, and a couple hair ties that she had stolen from other teenage girls.


The girl grabbed a hair tie and pulled her hair back, uncovering the eyes on the side of her head. Her hair was now in a bun, a few strands still in her face. 


It was dark, but Riemi’s side eyes could see in the dark. So she set her socks and shoes down, pulled off her messenger bag, curled up into a fetal position, and closed her eyes to take a nap.


It was a peaceful nap, until some lOuD fUcKiNg ScReAmInG woke her up.


When the screaming woke up her nap, she bolted up and smacked her head on the concrete above her. Riemi rubbed her head and peered out the gap.


A bunch of bad guys were in the building, a small street gang that Riemi was familiar with. They were being screamed at, very loudly. By a pro-hero, with long yellow hair slicked up into a sharp point.


“!!!” The hero’s screaming was just...screaming, no words behind it. That mildly annoyed Riemi, but the noise bothered her sensitive ears even more.


The gang members were on the ground, ears bleeding from the loud noise. Somehow, this man’s screaming was an effective quirk in the hero business.


Damn, I’d like McScream’s quirk. I’d kill to scream at some cabbages.


The man got onto his phone, telling the person on the other side that the gang was taken care of. Riemi crawled a bit further out to see if it was really all of the members.


“There’s five…” She muttered to herself, counting the names she knew on her fingers. “There should be six, but that leader bastard’s there, so the other dude shouldn’t be a problem.”


This gang’s filled with a bunch of dumbasses, it’s not surprising that the pro-heroes got into their mess. But they’re the least dangerous gang in this area! Go find those important gangs that kidnap children and torture them until they join their ranks, damnit!


The man glanced up, scanning the room. “Another person? I don’t see anyone-” he finally saw the girl, who was watching him. “-Is this other person a kid?”


Riemi’s eyes widened and she shook her head. “No! The other member’s a guy, but he’s not here. You got the leader, the other’s not a problem.”


The man nodded. “There’s a kid here, she says the other guy’s not a problem. We got the leader of the group. Ya got the cops on the way?”


After a few seconds, the hero nodded. “Alright. I’ll talk to her, and bring her in.” He hung up the small cell, and looked back at her. “Hey, listener! Come down, I’d like to talk to you!”


Riemi nodded, shoving her shoes into her bag and putting it around her shoulder. She shot a bunch of webs at a bar in the middle of the ceiling, and crawled out. The bottoms of her feet pushed off the chipped wall and the girl swung down onto the cold ground.


Despite the cool glasses McScream was wearing, Riemi could tell that he was a bit shocked. The girl let the webs slide back into her body and waited for him to take her wherever.


“You’re a pro-hero, correct?” Riemi asked him, waiting for him to do anything. “Sorry, I can’t remember your name. I have more important things to focus on than heroes.”


“Where’re your parents, kid?” He finally found his voice, crossing his arms. “Tryin’ to run away from them?”


Oh geez, this was gonna be fun . “Sorry sir, but my parents have been dead for almost seven years. I do have an aunt that I’m supposed to be staying with, but she’s a real dense cabbage. She won’t let me stay there unless the school or CPS are looking into something.”


The man was making the motions to pat her shoulders, but as she spoke he pulled his arm away. “ Oh. ” He took a deep breath. “Well, kid, I’m sorry. But I may need to take you in, since you know these guys.”


“Sir, these guys are nothing,” Riemi explained. “If ya wanna find people who seriously hurt people, go after the Elefel gang. They practically run the back alleys of Japan. I don’t know where the leaders are currently, but you should really look out for them. Well, maybe not you. No offence, but I doubt you could take them on alone. Maybe you could convince All Might or Endeavor to help you.”


“Uh, kid…how the hell do you know about them?”


She looked up at him, raising a lip slightly so she could fake a terrible smile. “I live on the streets, sir. Since I was eight. I would know. And, if you’ll excuse me, I have to return to my home.”


Giving McScreams a small wave, she turned around and began to walk towards the door. Her toes and heels kept sticking to the ground, so each step took a bit of effort to pull the foot off the ground.


“Wait, kid!” The man ran forward, sliding in front of her so she couldn’t get out. “I can’t let you go back, can I? I...I should take you to a department.”


“You can try, but I’ll just have to come back here.”


“Well, ah shit,” the man groaned, smacking his head. “I need to call someone. Come on, we need to get a bit away when the cops take these five.”


He quickly walked out of the building, and Riemi decided to follow him. McScreams turned into an alley, and pulled out his phone again.


“Don’t leave.” He commanded, and Riemi just plopped onto the ground, curling her spider-like legs around her body as the rain continued to pour.


“Hey, Shota? It’s Hizashi … Look, I’m sorry for waking you up, but there’s something- … No, it’s not another stray cat! It’s… No, Shota, look. I just finished a job. Last job for the night. And, I ran into a kid. A girl, maybe thirteen or fourteen. Weird quirk, I haven’t asked her yet. I... I think we should let her stay for a few days … Really? We’ll be there in a few. Love you.”


He hung up the phone, and looked back at the kid. “Okay, this may sound weird, but you’re coming home with me. I’m the pro-hero, Present Mic. Call me Yamada, or whatever you’d like. boyfriend, Shota Aizawa, he lives with me. You’re going to stay for a few days, until we can get your situation fixed, alright?”


Riemi nodded, standing up. “How far away is it?”


“Not far. Actually, just a few blocks. Come on.”


Yamada began to walk rather quickly out of the alleyway. Riemi caught up with him, her feet constantly sticking to the ground. 


“What’s your name, listener?” He questioned her, as they made their way to the apartment.


“Mai Riemisho. But I prefer Riemi.” Her voice had grown soft, softer than it had been before. The man was being nice, so she’d be nice back.


“Well, it’s nice to meet you Riemi. You aren’t uncomfortable with me with my boyfriend, right? I know some people are.”


“Nah, it’s fine. I had a girlfriend. Great person.”


The man grinned. “Awesome!” His voice grew louder, and she flinched at the tone. “Oh, sorry. I don’t mean to do that.”


“S’okay, Yamada. My hearing’s a bit sensitive.”  


They were quiet for a few minutes, until they were walking into the apartment building. “Hey, you ever had a cat?”


“When I was seven. My cousin named him Onion.” She smiled a bit at the memory. Her explosive dumbass of a cousin was weird, but she still missed him like crazy.


Yamada scoffed a little. “Strange name for a cat.”


“My cousin’s weird.”


“Same part of the family as that aunt of yours?”


“A different aunt. But that aunt lives in a different town.”


He nodded, and they walked up a flight of stairs to the second floor. “You go to middle school?”


“Mezu Junior High.” She replied, looking down at her torn outfit. “It’s not a great school, but it’s within walking distance.”


They approached a door, exactly like every other one. Yamada unlocked the door with his key, and gently opened it.


A man was in the hallway of the house, sipping something out of a mug. He had wavy black hair that went past his shoulders, a bit of stubble on his face, a thin white scarf on his shoulders. His shirt and sweatpants were both black.




But, there were three cats at his feet. A fully black one, a fully white one, and an orange one. They were pretty freaking cute.


“This is the kid?” Spoopy Man asked, his tone gruff and tired. Yamada nodded, really cheerfully.


“Shota, meet Mai Riemisho! Riemi, meet my boyfriend, Shota Aizawa!” His voice got loud again, but Riemi didn’t flinch badly.


Aizawa moved closer, holding his hand out. “Nice to meet you, kid.”


Riemi shook it, her finger pads hovering over his hand. “Thank you for letting me stay.”


“No problem.” He let go and took a sip of his drink. “Go take a shower. There’s clothes in there already. When you’re done, whatever’s in the kitchen’s yours to eat. I’ll set up a bed for you.”


She nodded, a bit uncomfortable with these two strangers. Most strangers equalled danger, or pain.


These guys are pro-heroes. Gay pro-heroes. Heh, maybe they won’t try to kill me. :D

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Those ‘few days’ turned into a few weeks, and Riemi couldn’t see an end.


Aizawa and Yamada happened to be both pro-heroes and teachers at UA High, a school that Riemi had always dreamed about going to. And Yamada ran a radio show, so they both were rarely there at the same time.


The two men had gotten their new spider child a few new school uniforms, making sure she had enough shoes and socks since she sometimes took them off to climb somewhere high and cry in the ceiling. She got a new messenger bag, and a bunch of school supplies that she was lacking. They were even able to pay for a haircut, since her hair was so long and knotted. 


On that bright and beautiful Monday morning, Mai Riemisho went to school as a new person.


And by 3rd period, she was back to her old self, hating her classmates.


Welp, they were all dicks anyways!


But, no matter what her anxiety told her, life was getting better. 


She was finally getting the help she needed, her grades going from low B’s to high A’s in a few weeks. When one of the adults were home, they’d help her with her homework and teach her some fighting tips. 


And it was the mental and physical help that her new parental figures had given her that made her apply for a scholarship to UA Highschool.


She never told them that she did, but she figured that it was obvious. Especially when she got the letter that confirmed that she could partake in the Entrance exams, and the letter was on her bed, UA symbol facing up. Not to mention the nearly happy look in Aizawa’s eyes that night at dinner.


Then, it was May.


May was the month of Riemi’s birthday. May 15th, exactly. No one knew about it, but hey! It was the truth. 


The last time she celebrated her birthday, she did her homework at her girlfriend’s house and was given a crap ton of gummy bears.


Fucking worth it.


That morning, she woke up. Stretched her two arms, six legs. Blinked her eight eyes, rubbing the sleep out of all of them. Relaxing her body enough so that the blankets stopped sticking to her fingers and toes. Brushing her hair out of her crimson eyes, she opened the door to her room and wandered to the kitchen.


The apartment was small, with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a hallway closet. And due to the fact that she took awhile to wake up, she had bruised her hip on oNe PaRtIcUlAr ChAiR.


Back to the morning, she went to the cabinet to find her normal cereal, when she saw a small wrapped box right in front of it. Pulling it down with her cereal, she looked the box over.


To: Riemi

From: Aizawa & Yamada


We were filling out paperwork,

and found out today was your

birthday. Hope you like it.


Smiling to herself, she carefully tore the paper off and opened the box. The present made her smile more.


The present was wrist-length black gloves, with removable finger parts. They were something that she had seen while shopping for clothes. The gloves were perfect for her quirk. If she wanted to catch a ball during PE, she could still be able to throw it. And if she saw something cool and perhaps climbable, she could remove the fingers and climb it.


She set them on the table, throwing the paper away so the cats didn’t eat it. She poured herself breakfast so she could hurry and get to school. Both the adults were gone, already at UA preparing for their classes. So Riemi had to hurry and jog to her school for a short early morning workout.


In just a few minutes, she had her school uniform on, her gloves on her hands, bag across her shoulders and over her legs.


Before she went to the door, she made sure to pet the three cats. The black one’s name was Sushi, and Sushi was the cat that like Riemi the best. The white’s name was Riceball, and the orange one’s name was Apple. All named after food, and it was pretty freaking cute.


“Well, time to go suffer some more!” She said, optimistically. Pushing the door open, she began her journey.


During her homeroom class, the teacher asked about her gloves. 


“Oh, they were a birthday present.” Riemi explained. “For my quirk, so my fingers don’t stick to everything I touch.”


“Alright, just don’t make them a problem.”


The teachers were actually nice, which was rare. And the students must have heard, since a few wished her a happy birthday, even though they never spoke to her at any other time. 


She ate lunch, got her homework for her Hero Course Prep class, and took a nice breather between the long break between lunch and PE.


Then PE came.


She changed into her showy PE uniform, with her shirt going a bit too far down her chest, her shorts a bit too short. Too many of her many scars, burns, and blemishes on show for the world to see.


Pulling the gloves over her fingers, the spider child took a deep breath and walked into the gym.


They were playing dodgeball, a game that Riemi actually enjoyed thanks to her natural acrobatics. And, now equipped with her gloves, she could kick real ass.




“Riemisho!” The PE teacher called out, glaring daggers at her. “No gloves in the gym!”


Riemi ran over to him, beginning to explain that the gloves were to help her quick and improve her work in the class.


“I said no gloves, Riemisho.” The man was about 7 foot, really thin and pointy. His glare shook the poor girl’s spine, and she couldn’t help but let a few tears fall from her eyes as she went back into the changing room and threw them into her locker.


A sudden lack of air made her have to lean against the wall, panting. Her heart began beating faster, and she had to press her palms into her head to calm herself down.


Being yelled at was one of her most violent triggers. Being yelled at, or someone correcting something her, or someone getting visibly or physically mad at her. She’d been attacked by people, kidnapped and hurt, trying to be forced into a gang.


Her breathing evened out eventually, but it had been a few minutes and she heard the teams for dodgeball being decided. Quickly, she ran into the bathroom and made it seem as if she had used it, before returning to the gym.


The teacher just glared at her as the person choosing immediately chose Riemi to join their team. She was a favorite, yet no one cared about her out of the gym.


Dodgeball started, but Riemi wasn’t really feeling it. Sure, she caught some balls and threw them at the other students, but not as much as always, and her heartbeat was still a bit too fast.


Thankfully, the class wasn’t too long, and in about an hour she was back in her normal uniform and gloves. Only one more class until the end of the day.


The class was another Hero Course Prep class, one of English. Riemi’s english was great, at least her speaking. But the grammer was stupid.


Class began, and ended a while later. Like always.


Riemi was walking home from school, bag at her side, arms dangling at her side. A slight dim mood rested over her head, but she just walked quickly and scanned the streets with her eyes.


A few other students were walking home, a bunch of the ones that weren’t well off, like Riemi had been just a month ago. 


As she was walking closer to her apartment, she suddenly had a great idea.


I should go visit everyone.


Her path suddenly changes, and she walks an extra 10 minutes just to find the city graveyard.


The graveyard was a very desolate place, somewhere few people visited. She’d see people there sometimes, but never spoke to them. She knew what it was like.


It was almost instinct, taking the path down the center and turning down the side path to the familiar headstones.


Five headstones, all in a row. Two from one year, three from another.


Keiliah Jurin-Riemisho

1974 - 2012


Rinso Riemisho

1978 - 2012


Kai Juur

1980 - 2018


Kentio Monoma-Juur

1979 - 2018


Saeko Juur

2004 - 2018


Riemi knelt onto her knees, sitting criss-cross on the grass.


“It’s...been awhile, hasn’t it?” She whispered, looking at her gloved hands. “It’s my fault. But, I have good news finally! I found a place to live.


“It’s really nice. A pro-hero found me one day, woke me up from my nap. His name’s Yamada, he’s the pro-hero Present Mic. He’s dating another pro-hero, Eraserhead. His name’s Aizawa. Both of them are teachers at UA High, and they’re helping me get in. I hope I can, it was always Katsuki, Izuku, and Is’ dreams. I hope those two get in too.


“It’s my birthday today.” The girl wiped her eyes, feeling her tears start to come down. “I got - I got a present. A pair of gloves, ones with removable fingers. They’re great, I was able to smack my desk without having to rip it off. I hope Yamada and Aizawa didn’t pay much, I’ve caused enough trouble.”


Riemi stayed quiet for a few minutes, sitting there, morning the memories of her friends and family. A few more tears, until her phone buzzed.


A text from Aizawa. Reasonable, since she wasn’t home yet.


Aizawa - Where are you?

Aizawa - you better not me hurt hizashi’ll kill me

Aizawa - be*


Riemi - I’m fine sorry

Riemi - I was visiting my parents graves

Riemi- I forgot to tell you, im leaving now


Aizawa - oh ok

Aizawa - want me to pick you up?


Riemi - it’s fine, i’d like to think


Aizawa - alright call if you need 


Riemi stood up, whispering a quick goodbye before turning and walking back down the path. Waving at a stranger who had appeared, she wiped her eyes again and jogged down the sidewalk.


Her speed stayed at her consistent pace, a bit faster than normal people but still a jog. She was at the apartment in about five minutes.


She was panting slightly as she walked up the stairs, and as she knocked on the door since she didn’t have a key.


Yamada opened the door, pretty much screamed, “Riemi! Happy Birthday!” and pulled her into a tight hug. Riemi, who wasn’t the biggest fan of physical contact, just awkwardly wrapped her arms around him and tried to call for help from Aizawa.


The emo bastard just shook his fucking head.


Riemi tried her best to glare, but stopped as Yamada let her go and waved her inside. The girl walked in and shut the door with her leg.


“Happy birthday, kid.” Aizawa said, sipping coffee from his mug. “No trouble?”


“None, I’m fine.” 


He nodded, looking at her hands. “Like you new gloves? Figured that they’d help you out.”


“They’re great, thank you for buying them.” She smiled, brushing hair out of her face. She walked to her room, gently closing the door and pulling out her homework.


School ended in about a month, and there she would only have a few weeks until the UA Entrance Exams. Aizawa and Yamada promised to help her prepare, without spoiling anything that was going to happen. 


Riemi pulled off her school jacket, pulled off her socks and climbed onto her bed. Pulling out her workbook, she grabbed her pencil and began to write the answers to her math problems. 


As she was struggling on one story problem, a sudden memory filled her head.


Three little kids sat at a table, surrounding a large superhero covered cake. Seven adults were standing around them, the green haired woman filming the whole thing.


It was the blonde girl’s birthday that day, May 15th. Her blood red eyes took in the sight of the cake, a huge grin on her face.


“It’s so cool!” She shouted, leaning onto the table.


“Yep! Mom spent a lot of time on it!” The other blonde child said, his own red eyes glimmering in delight. “It’s going to taste amazing!”


“You have to let Mai blow out the candles first, Katsuki.” Mitsuki Bakugo told her son, grabbing the back of his shirt so he’d sit down.


The three kids laughed, and the green haired boy started the happy birthday song.


When the song was over, Mai blew out the candles, and nearly bounced in her seat as her aunt cut her a big slice of cake. 


“Happy birthday, kid.” The woman ruffled her niece's hair as she slid the cake in front of her.


In a couple of minutes, Katsuki, Izuku, and Mai were all sitting at the small table, side by side as they blabbered about the little hero icons they had on their slices. The adults watched from the other side, watching their children and grandchildren in earnest.


Riemi smiled, remembering her last birthday wish her cousin and best friend. Seven years ago.


Happier times.


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Chapter 3 - Taking Those Dang Exams


The rest of the school year flew past, and soon, it was summer.


Riemi was given a schedule for training and studying for the Entrance Exams. And she followed it, to the exact letter.


Aizawa and Yamada were home more, most of the day now. So they were able to show her some tips and tricks.


She would wake up at five-thirty every morning, and go on a long jog around the area that, at first, took thirty minutes. By the exams, it took twenty.


Then, she would eat breakfast, something rather healthy. 


Once breakfast was done, she’d go into the little make-shift training grounds that was behind the apartment building, and practice fighting with either one of the adults or with a training dummy.


Her fighting style was weird. It involved a lot of jumping onto walls, shooting a web onto someone and jumping at them, hopping up really high, and rapidly slicing people with her legs.


Occasionally, she could jump on someone’s back and lock them in a chokehold. She’d done this to Aizawa, even after he erased her quirk. She’d gotten behind him and was able to jump at him. Even without her quirk, she was pretty fucking acrobatic.


After fighting training, she’d do a bunch of push-ups and sit-ups, along with lifting weights with six of her limbs.


Weight lifting led to lunch, which was another healthy meal (besides for Friday’s, where the three would go out for lunch). Lunch led to a sprint, then it was study time.


It started with math, until dinner. Then, english. History, then Science, then Hero Laws. Then, finally, it was time for bed. Eight hours of blissful sleep.


Her arms and legs were often sore, but it was perfectly fine. She could get into the best high school for heroes in Japan, finally complete her part of the dream that she started when she was five.


I better see Izu and Katsu when I get there. They couldn’t have forgotten our dreams. I’ll kick their asses. Maybe...maybe not Izu’s, he’s quirkless, but definitely Katsu’s. He’d be dead.


Seeing her cousin and her friend again was one of her biggest drives to get into the school. The other drives were to help the other people who lived on the street, and to kick some gang member ass.


And, on this beautifully HoT fUcKiNg DaY, she took the train to UA High with Aizawa and Yamada, the three playing phone games together to relieve stress.


Riemi was dressed in a light green t-shirt and jean shorts, since she didn’t feel like dying that morning. She did have her hair down, and her gloves on, but she also was wearing flip-flops, since she wouldn’t need them for very long.


The train stopped, and the three got off, along with a few other students and a few other pro-heroes. 


The girl hadn’t seen the actual school building of UA in years, and it was bigger than she remembered. A gigantic ass building, hundreds of pretty trees, flowers.


Fucking beautiful.


“Students aren’t allowed inside yet.” Aizawa said, stopping his pace. “Mai, you’ll have to find a place to wait. After the exams, take the train home. Just show them your UA Exam entrance thing, they’ll let you on. We’ll be home around six, or something.”


“Okay. I’ll see you then.” She stretched her fingers, hearing them crack and pop. The two heroes went inside, and Riemi found a nice shady spot to sit.


More students began to appear, most of them wearing more workout-type attire. But they looked like they were in pain, nearing a heat stroke.


A guy who looked like a square, sweating in his jogging outfit.


A blonde with a t-shirt and sweats.


Okay...most people were in jogging outfits and t-shirts.


Very few people were dressed like she was, and she got a few weird looks. The square guy even went up to her.


“Miss!” He shouted, his arms going at stiff angle in the air. “It is not proper to wear shorts and flip-flops to an exam! You should find some pants and shoes!”


Riemi glared up at him, waving her hand. “Good morning to you too. But, if you cannot tell, I enjoy being comfortable. And I have spoken with the teachers. It’s fine, considering I’m wearing this so I can use my quirk properly for the physical exams.”


And, man, did something break in his head. “’s still not proper!”


“And I don’t want to show almost every fucking scar I’ve obtained since I watched my house burn in front of my eyes, but here we are.”


Thankfully, the announcement that the children could go inside stopped Square Man from retorting. She stood up, stretching her legs out.


“Good luck, Square Guy. Seems like you’ll need it.” Riemi walked past him, going towards the building. “Maybe we’ll both pass.”




Well, Riemi wasn’t too confident on her test scores, but she must have passed. She better have passed. 


But the spider girl was a bit worried. She had yet to see a boy with fluffy green hair, or a boy with spiky blond hair that smelled like cinnamon. People with weirdly shaped bodies, a girl with vines for hair, three invisible people, a friendly red-haired shark boy, but no Katsuki or Izuku.


Maybe I can find Auntie Inko, Aunt Mitsuki and Uncle Marasu again, and ask them if they made it.  


She sat down in the auditorium, where all the applicants were waiting for the physical exam to be announced.


The thousands of students in the auditorium were giving the spider girl a bit of anxiety, but she’d suffer. The two people next to her were from her school, so that was a slight plus. They wished her luck, and she wished them luck back.


Yamada was the person explaining this part of the exam. Apparently, he was the school DJ, and a teacher. Made sense, since he was so loud.


He explained that each teenager would be taken to one of eight areas, all perfect copies of the other. There were three robots that would either be worth one, two, or three points if you destroyed them.


There’s a fourth robot on the paper, but it says it’s only zero points...I don’t like this…


As Riemi was about to ask one of her old classmates about it, someone a few rows ahead raised their hand.




“Sir!” The teen stood up, and it was Square Man. “You told us about three different types of robots, but on the sheet, there are four types. I hope this isn’t a mistake, considering this is such a prestigious school.


“And -” he turned around, and looked at someone who must have been sitting above them, “- you have been muttering this entire time, and it’s extremely distracting.”


“Sorry!” Another guy’s voice apologized, and by the tone of his voice, he was pretty freaking embarrassed. 


Poor guy…but if Square Man heard him, how the hell didn’t I?




Even with her ears plugged, Riemi could hear him like he was right next to him. It rang in her head, and was pretty annoying.


She looked at her card, reading over her information and the area where she’d be taking her test.


Area 4. If Katsu or Izu are here, I hope they’re there, too. And Shark Boy. But not the square guy, he’s a cabbage.


The students were all told to head to their respective areas, so they all stood up and walked out. Riemi didn’t get any of her old classmates, but it didn’t bug her much. 


The area wasn’t too far, so the people also going to Area 4 were all walking there. Riemi was somewhere in the middle, just hoping that she didn’t get lost.


She got to Area 4, having to push through a couple people while apologizing heavily. Standing near the entrance, she stretched her limbs and relaxed her hands. Once they were relaxed, she pulled the finger parts off and cracked her knuckles.


I don’t see anybody with green or blonde hair...sides that guy, but his hair’s too long…


One of her legs hit something, and Riemi jumped, looking at who she had hit.


“Shit, I’m sorry!” She apologized, making sure the guy wasn’t hurt. He had indigo hair that seemed to defy gravity, like Aizawa’s when he used his quirk. And his eyes nearly matched the color of his hair.


The teen just looked away. “It’s fine.”


Riemi blinked a couple times, then let her legs fall so they hovered above the ground. “Well, good luck then, friend.”


She turned around, and continued to stretch. Cracking her neck, stretching her arms. 


Then there was a tap on her shoulder.


Turning around, she saw the floaty haired guy, looking a bit confused. She tilted her head.


“Something wrong?” She asked, looking around at the other people waiting to start.


“Why...why did you wish me luck?” He seemed confused, and Riemi couldn’t help but smile a bit. 


She gave him a thumbs up. “Because I want you to do your best! Only the best get in, and I want a great competition!”


Floaty Hair still looked confused, but before their conversation could continue, a shout was heard. “CRIME DOESN’T WAIIIT! TIME’S ALREADY TICKING DOWN, GET GOING!”


The doors into the area opened, and Riemi began to sprint towards it. Dodging other people until she had a clear shot at a wall and webbed herself up onto it.


As she was flying up onto the wall, she kicked her flip flops off her feet so she could crawl on the wall. 


In just a minute, she found a group of robots. Without caring about the numbers on the side, she shot a web onto one of them and flew down, stabbing one of her legs into the robot’s sensor and disabling it. Jumping onto the next one, she wrapped her legs around its neck and began to pull it apart, while wrapping the other robots in webs. As soon as the one she was on was deactivated, the third was broken and Riemi could continue.


But, as she jumped off and began to run, a bunch of the webs connected to her arm snapped and blood began to dribble down her. Cursing, she pulled her arm closer and began to look for more robots. 


Suddenly, the ground began to shake. It slowed Riemi down, as she tried to find what could possibly be shaking the ground this much.


Then she saw it. Only a bit of the huge ass green robot from the tops of the buildings, but it scared the spider child.


Is that the fucking zero pointer?! Fuck you, UA!


Riemi heard screaming, probably from the people near the robot. But she couldn’t do anything, she needed points so she could get into the damn school.


So she shot up onto a large building, examining the area to find more robots. There was some robots a few blocks away, but someone was already there.


Someone who looked like they would need some help.


Webbing to the next building, hopping on the bottom of the feet. When she got to the person, she flipped down and grabbed the robot’s neck, then jumped onto the ground and snapped the neck with her strength. 


There was a girl there, a small red-head with what looked like rhino horns. The red head shoved her horns into the next robot, not saying anything to Riemi. So Riemi just hopped back onto the wall, grabbed the other robot worth 3 points, shot a shit ton of webs at it, and threw it at another nearby robot that was about to hit another teen.


Hoping up another building, she looked for more.




Swearing at the teacher, she found more robots to knock them down. Tried to rack in the points, but she couldn’t remember half the amount of the points.


And then, it ended.


The gigantic robot stopped moving, as well as the other smaller machines. A bunch of people sighed; some in relief, some in sadness. Riemi wiped the sweat off her forehead, checking her arms for any major injuries.


A few cuts and scrapes, some bad-ish parts where her webs had snapped and tore off her skin. But nothing a little medicine and bandages couldn’t fix.


Riemi pulled her gloves back over her fingers and searched for her flip flops. She knew she wouldn’t find them, but she still did try.


One of them was at the entrance, but it was burnt to a crisp. She would be sad, but it was a cheap-ass black flip flop that Aizawa didn’t expect to get back.

Along with all of the other students, she left the area.

Chapter Text

The results for the exams wouldn’t be given out for a couple weeks, so Riemi, Aizawa, and Yamada were left in suspense.


Normally, Aizawa and Yamada would be organizing the passing students into classes. But, since they had to tell the school that they had a ‘ward’ that applied, they were kicked out of doing any of the decisions. They all understood, so they all worked during that time.


Riemi’s workouts and studying was lessened, but she still had to work. Lifting weights, working on English, jogging. But, the adults decided that this was the perfect time to teach their spider child the basic life skills she had missed out on.


Riemisho could scale a crumbling building, take out a kidnapper with a single kick, but had trouble sending emails, could not cook for shit, didn’t know how to clean a bathroom, and couldn’t run a washing machine.


So, Yamada taught her how to cook eggs, grilled cheese, ramen, and a few other things.


Aizawa showed her how to work a washing machine and informed her about the chemicals that were dangerous to mix. 


And the email problem was fixed with Youtube.


A couple days before the results were supposed to come, Aizawa invited his nephew over to the apartment. The nephew was Riemi’s age, and apparently took the Exams, too.


So that day, Yamada cooked a nice dinner while Aizawa and Riemi cleaned the house. Riemi learned that Aizawa could work up to 72 hours straight as long as he had enough coffee. That scared her, even more than the fact that he can just...not blink for up to ten minutes straight.


At around 3PM, there was a knock on the door.


Since Yamada was busy cooking, and Aizawa was going to get more coffee, Riemi had to answer the door.


And she knew the person who knocked.


Floaty Hair.


“Hey- OH! You?” Floaty Hair said, a confused look in his eyes. “Wh- what are you doing here? Are you Uncle Shota’s ward?”


Riemi nodded. “Nice to see you again, too.” She fully opened the door, gesturing for him to come in.


Floaty Hair’s eyes went wide, but he walked in and took his shoes off. “One of your flip flops smacked my head, ya know.”


“Sorry about that.” She hid a smile, already feeling a bit more comfortable with him. “Did you happen to burn it to a crisp? I only saw one, and it was charred.”


He shook his head. “Fire’s not my quirk. I...actually still have it. If we both made it into UA, I was going to give it back. Y’know, for being nice to me before we had our exam.”


“Aw, that’s so nice of you.” She laughed a bit and lifted her hand. “Mai Riemisho, by the way. Call me Riemi.”


He shook her hand. “Hitoshi Shinso, call me whatever you’d like.”


They walked into the living room, sitting down on the couch with Aizawa. Shinso greeted his uncle, and Yamada (his hopefully soon Uncle-in-Law). 


“Think you did good on your exams?” Aizawa asked, while they relaxed on the couch. Riemi was on a nearby chair.


“I think I did fine on the written test....” Shinso started, looking at the spider girl who was petting Sushi. “But I know I didn’t do good on the physical. My quirk doesn’t really suit that kind of thing.”


“What’s your quirk?” The girl asked. “I wasn’t able to see it when we were taking the exam.”


He smirked a little. “Do you really want to know?”




As she tried to reply, all control of her body stopped. She couldn’t move, and could pretty much only breathe.


Shinso’s smirk grew. “It’s called brainwashing. Answer my question, and you’re now my puppet. Anything I want you to do, you do. Now, please give me Sushi and get me a glass of water.”


Against her own will, Riemi stood up, caring the black cat. She gave her to the purple haired bastard the cat and walked to the kitchen.


This is so badass! Controlling people by just asking them a question. Shinso doesn’t even need to kick anyone’s butt to take them out! But there has to be a weakness, right? No quirk can be this cool.


She was trying to figure out his quirk as she got the water he wanted. When she was back in the living room, he handed him the glass. He grabbed it, lightly touching her finger.


Instantly, Riemi felt all control of her body come back. She gasped lightly, stumbling back.


“Damn, Shin, that’s badass!” She grinned, making sure she had full movement back by stretching her fingers. “You don’t even have to touch villains to defeat them! Just tell them to punch themselves, and they’re gone!”


And then, Riemi could swear on her parents that a light formed in Shinso’s eyes as she said her words. He seemed shocked, but a happy shocked.


Aizawa laughed and patted his nephew’s shoulder. “Not everyone thinks it’s a villain’s quirk, kid.”


Shinso tried to respond, but he was...just so shocked.


How the hell is that a villain’s quirk? And why’s he so shocked?


Riemi smiled a bit. “Any quirk can be a villain’s quirk. As much as it can be a hero’s.” She picked up Riceball and sat down on the chair she was on earlier, stroking the cat’s soft fur. 


His cheeks went slightly pink, and he looked down at the cat in his own lap. “T-thanks.” He whispered softly. 


They were quiet for a bit, petting the cats in their laps. Aizawa stood up to go to the kitchen, most likely to talk to Yamada. Yep, correct, since soon she heard faint voices.


Even though she could clearly hear them speak, since her hearing was so sensitive, she did her best to ignore them and focused on petting the cat on her lap.


Riemi brushed a few locks of her hair behind her ear, revealing the eyes on the sides of her head. She closed her main eyes and looked at the house from her side ones, trying to work on getting used to working with them.


She was brushing the side of Riceball’s face when he suddenly stood up and jumped off her lap. With a defeated gaze, she watched as the betrayer jumped onto the couch next to Shinso. Riceball nuzzled against Shin’s leg, and Shin looked at the walking cloud, then at Riemi.


“Riceball doesn’t like you, huh?”


“Shut up.” She brought her legs onto the chair, counting the faint scars on her legs for the umpteenth time. Brushing the larger scars with the tips of her fingers. 


As she began to count the scars on her arms, Shinso cleared his throat. “Hey, Riemi?”


She looked up, her hair falling in front of her face. “What’s up?”


“What...well, if you don’t mind me asking, what happened to your parents?”


Riemi’s eyes widened, and the conversation in the kitchen stopped. “I...sorry, but… I don’t feel comfortable talking about it…”


“Hey, it’s okay.” Shinso locked eyes with her, a sad smile on his lips. “Sorry for asking, I was curious. You don’t have to tell me anything.”


Riemi nodded and stood up, sitting down next to her so she could pet Riceball again. Shinso seemed to stiften a bit, but relaxed soon after.


They stayed in a peaceful quiet, petting the two indoor cats while ignoring the conversation in the kitchen.


“Have you had a cat before?” Shinso asked quietly, keeping his gaze on Sushi.


“One. My cousin was with me when he got him. His name was Onion.” Her reply was just as quiet, as she scratched Riceball’s chin.


Shinso chuckled a bit. “Seems like a lot of people are naming their cats after foods these days.”


“Of course. Food’s such a great thing, why not name you pet after a food?”


Riceball then stood up, climbing onto Shinso’s lap and resting next to Sushi.


Riemi growled at it. “Fuck you, you fat little snowflake.” 


The white cat just curled up in Shinso’s lap, ignoring Riemi’s insult. Shinso ignored the white cat and continued to pet the black cat.


“Ya, Riceball’s an ass.” He admitted, looking at the cat he was mentioning. “But he likes me, so that’s a plus for me at least.”


“Nice to only you and Aizawa. Must be something in your family.” She reached her hand out to pet Sushi a bit, just the top of her head. 


Shinso chucked again, gently pushing Riemi’s arm away. “The cat’s don’t like you, don’t scare them away.”


The girl huffed and fully sat up, crossing her arms and staring at the blank TV. “You’re just as bad as Riceball.” 


“Okay, you two.” Yamada announced from the kitchen. “It’s dinnertime, leave the cats alone and get plates.”


Riemi smiled and stood up, walking around the couch and going to the bathroom to wash her hands before going into the kitchen.


In the kitchen, Yamada had made katsudon. While the meal hadn’t taken all day to make, it still took a while, not to mention the macarons that were also made. Riemi thanked Yamada after she got her bowl, then sat down at the kitchen table.


Shinso sat down next, across from her. Aizawa sat to her left, and finally, Yamada to her right.


She began eating slowly, interacting in the conversation that the others were making. It was a bit uncomfortable, with her hair in her face. She couldn’t put it up, though, since Shinso was there and her eyes were her biggest insecurity.


When one of the adults told a joke, and everyone laughed, a bunch of her hair got in her face. It was too short to get near her food, but still covered part of her face.


No one mentioned as she pushed the hair away again, knowing that part of her eyes had gotten revealed. And still was, but it wasn’t the side with the giant scar, so it was better.


Riemi finished first, like she often did when she ate with just Aizawa and Yamada. Part of her quirk; the web part, required her to eat a lot to properly use it. And, since she had been cleaning up some high places, she had used them to dangle from the ceiling and dust.


She was still a bit hungry, but stayed at the table to talk. They had begun talking about some of the things that Riemi and Shinso could expect to see if, or when , as Yamada had put it, they got into UA. 


“No matter what class you two could get into,” Aizawa started, looking at the two teens with a serious expression. “You’ll be partaking in the UA Sports Festival. It’s a time to show off in front of pro-heroes, and it’ll be the start of your hero careers. It’s also a time for students outside the hero course to get into the hero course. So, even if neither of you get into hero course at first, you still have a chance. But don’t expect either of us to get you two in. We have no choice in the matter. We can expel students, not move them up.”


Riemi and Shinso both nodded. “If I get in, I’ll get into the hero course.” Shinso had a determined look in his eyes. “So I can prove everyone wrong, that I don’t have a villain’s quirk.”


“I-I’ll do whatever I can.” Riemi tried to say her words with the same determination, but she wasn’t really able to. “But most pros look down on mutant quirks, since they have more limits and are rarely as strong. Not to mention how easily I can become useless if I tear enough webs, or if I get hungry.”


“Webs?” Shinso asked, and Riemi noticed him looking at her bare arms. She took her arms off the table, looking down a bit.


“I can shoot webs out of any of the pores on my body. But, if I tear one, my skin breaks and I start to bleed. A few webs next to each other doesn’t cause a bad injury, but most situations require around thirty, maybe up to fifty, and if I tear them I can scar my skin. And I can’t be hungry when I use them, or the web will be a lot weaker.”


She looked back up, seeing an interesting look on his face. Riemi couldn’t really explain it, it was a rare face that she couldn’t decipher just by looking at him.


“How many layers does your quirk have?” His question was... one she wasn’t used to. But it was a great question. One that she considered her favorite once she heard it.


Once she saw that his bowl was empty, she stood up. “I-I can show you. Outside. In the parking lot. I don’t want to break anything.”


When Shin nodded, she looked at Aizawa and Yamada for confirmation. 


“You two can go.” Aizawa told her, seeming a bit happier than he was a few minutes ago. “Hizashi and I’ll be out there in a minute.”


Riemi grinned. “Thank you.” She jogged towards the door, tugging off her socks and shoving them inside her shoes. Shinso gave her an odd look, but she just shrugged as she opened the door.


They walked down the stairs together, Riemi having to force her feet off the carpet. She was strangely stressed, even though she had used her quirk around people before. So as she yanked her feet off the ground, small bits of the carpet stuck to her feet, along with most of the dirt that resided on the floor.


Shinso must have noticed, because he asked about it. “Why the hell are you walking like that?”


“My toes and heels can stick to any surface. And they’re trying to stick to the carpet.” They had reached the stairs, so Riemi pulled her feet off and jumped onto the railing. “That’s why I threw off my flip-flops during the exam. ‘Cause I needed to climb the buildings.”


She slid down, waiting at the bottom for Shin to get down. Once he reached the bottom, she bounced off and walked towards the back door, to the mostly empty back parking lot.


There were only three cars residing there, all under the small roof for shade. By now, the sun was just beginning to go down, so they had plenty of light to play around in.


Riemi waved Shinso over as she walked closer to a wall. “So, you want to see everything I can do with my quirk?”


“That’s what I said.” He exclaimed, looking at the wall. “What are you going to do, climb the wall?”


“Well, first off,” she took a few deep breaths to relax her body. Once it was relaxed enough, she pulled off her finger covers. “I can stick to nearly any surface, including ice, with my finger pads, toe pads, and heels. So I can climb up walls, climb across ceilings, and anything like that. And, involving my webs…”


Taking a couple steps back, she shot a bundle of webs out of her arm, waiting for it to stick to the wall before zipping towards it, stopping as she was against the wall. Then, she crouched on the wall and made another web, so she could lower herself towards the ground back to Shin.


As she lowered herself down, she happily read the slightly impressed look in Shinso’s eyes. A smile appeared on her face as she dangled upside down to talk to him more.


Turning her head around, she pointed to the sides of her head. “I have six extra eyes, three on each side. They don’t see as far, but I can see in the dark with them. But I can’t look with all eight of my eyes at the same time, or I instantly get a huge headache. I’ve tried working on it, but nothing’s helped.”


He walked closer, hesitantly touching the webs coming out from her arms. She knew his hand stuck, and when he tried to pull his hand off, he had to yank a bit.


Riemi laughed, curling her human legs into a criss-cross like stance. “They’re webs, they’re a bit sticky.” She lowered herself onto the ground, and let her webs whip back into her body. “So, any cool things about your brainwashing quirk?”


His eyes widened. “ want to hear about mine?”


“Of course!” Riemi pulled herself to her feet, giving him a smile. “I wouldn’t make you suffer with watching me use my quirk without allowing you to show off.”


He rolled his eyes. “Can’t show off if there’s no one else around.”


“Then can you tell me some cool things about it?”


Shinso sighed, closing his eyes. “You’re annoying.” But still, he sat down and motioned Riemi to sit next to him. She did, leaning her legs against the wall and crossing her arms.


“I can control up to two people at a time.” He explained, pulling his knees to his chest. “They just have to answer a question, any question, I ask. I can make them do almost every movement, make them do basic actions. Copy anything, grab anything, as long as I explain the full action. But there are limits.”


“That’s cool!” Riemi smacked the ground with her hands, immediately feeling the rocks get stuck on her fingers. “You’ll definitely get into UA with a quirk like that.”


He opened his eyes, tilting his head to look at her. “You optimism is obnoxious.”


“I get that a lot. Sorry.” She turned her head up at the top of the building, feeling a bit embarrassed. 


Right, I am annoying. Geez, Shinso’s like Aizawa, so pessimistic. How does Aizawa put up with me? If Shinso’s complaining after knowing me for this long. God, and those adults that I helped out, on the streets. I must have been super annoying to them-


“Hey, I didn’t mean it like that!” Her head had fallen into her arms, so Shinso reached over and grabbed her arm. “You’re annoying, but...but we’re still friends.”


She lifted her head, smiling a bit. “I know. I’ll try to be less annoying.”


He smiled back. “I don’t mind. Just ignore me when I call you annoying.”


Shinso moved his hand away, standing up and holding his hand out for her to grab. She pulled the finger covers back over her fingers and grabbed his hand, standing up with his help. Her eyes caught Aizawa near the door, who was giving the two a creepy smile.




“You two getting along?” He asked, leaning against the wall. “I thought you two’d get into a fight. Or Hitoshi’d make you do a bunch of shit for him.”


“I’m not trying to be a jerk, Uncle Shota.” Shinso had his arms crossed, walking back towards the door. “We were just talking about our quirks.”


“Sure…” Aizawa turned back to the door. “Come back in, Hizashi’s bringing out the macarons. You still haven’t tried one, have you Mai?”


Riemi nodded, ecstatically. She jogged over to the door, slowing down as she got to the door. She waited for Shinso to catch up before going inside.




The four ate most of the macarons, giving the rest to Shinso to give to his parents.


Before he left, Shinso handed Riemi his phone, commanding her to put her phone number in it. She just rolled her eyes and compiled, then gave him her own phone to do the same.


“Tell me if you got into UA when you get the letter.” He told her, as he was putting his shoes on. “What class you got into, too. I’ll tell you the same.”


Riemi smiled. “Of course. See ya later, Shin!”


“See ya, Riemi. Goodbye, Uncle Shota, Hizashi.”


Aizawa and Yamada waved goodbye to him he closed the door.


Well, that was fun. Riemi began to help the two adults clean up the small mess in the apartment, making sure to pet Sushi between chores. I really do hope we get in a class together.

Chapter Text

Chapter 5 - The Exam Results


Three days later, after Riemi got home from her morning jog, she was handed a letter.


With the UA insignia on the paper.


Her eyes lit up, as she snatched the paper from Yamada’s hand. With the envelope in her hands, she ran off into her room and locked the door.


She began to tear the paper, hearing footsteps near her door. Aizawa and Yamada probably want to see if I get in, too. I’ll probably screech loud enough for them to hear.


The letter opened, and the first thing that caught Riemi’s eyes was a small bit of metal. She took it out, setting it gently on her desk. There was a button on the top.


Click the button, Mai, and accept your fate.


Taking a deep breath, she gently pressed her gloved finger down on it.


In a split second, the once nearly bare wall was covered in a holographic message, with no other than All Might front and center. Riemi began to grin in excitement. She had loved All Might since she heard about him from Izuku, back when they were about two or three.


Her fangirl had never left, apparently.


“Ah-Ha! I am here, as a projection!” The pro-hero shouted, loud enough to make Riemi flinch and plug her ears. “I know it has been awhile, but with great power comes a great amount of paperwork! My apologies, young miss.”


Riemi’s eyes went wide as the projection bowed.


“The truth is, I didn’t come to this city just to fight villains. You’re looking at the newest UA faculty member!”


AlL mIgHt? A tEaChEr? WhAt ThE eVeR lOvInG fUcK-


“You passed the written test, and got enough points in the practical exam to land you in fifth place for all of the students taking the exam. Not only did you show great promise in your academic skills, but you showed great strength and quick thinking, along with a kind heart.”


There was a small screen besides All Might. It turned on, showing a bunch of the times that the spider girl had wished other people luck, including Shark Boy and Shinso.


“As a teacher, and a pro hero, I know that the essence of a hero comes from the heart. You showed that you have the attitude, and the strength and smarts, to become someone great.”


A picture showed up on the screen, with her name and her score on the practical exam.


5th Place  -- Mai Riemisho   Villain - 45 Rescue - 17


All Might looked back at the camera, as if he was peering into Riemi’s soul. “You passed the exam. Welcome, Mai. You have made it, you are now part of the Hero Academia.”


Tears filled Riemi’s eyes, and for once she allowed them to overfill as she happily cried.


The video had ended, but she still cried. Bolting out of her chair, she sprinted to her door and pulled it open, nearly hitting Yamada with the door.


She pulled the two men into a tight hug, now sobbing as she thanked them over and over. She felt them hug her back, as she continued to cry. dream come true! I can be a hero, I can finally help those people! I can take down the Elefel gang, in just a few years! This...this is amazing!


“Thank you so much.” She finally said, pushing away and violently wiping her eyes.


“You did it yourself, kid.” Aizawa patted her head, ruffling her hair a bit. “Now stop crying, there’s still some paperwork to fill out.”


Yamada patted her shoulder. “We’re still happy for you, Mai.”


Riemi grinned, wiping her eyes again before going back into her room.


She immediately grabbed her phone, going into her contacts to find Shinso’s number.


Riemi - Shin! I got in!


Knowing it might take a minute, she set the phone down besides her as she grabbed the papers that were in the envelope.


She was reading about the hero suit she was supposed to create when her phone buzzed.


Floaty Hair - awesome Rem! what class im in general studies


Riemi - THe hero academia! Class 1-A!!!!


Floaty Hair - good job


Riemi - good job to u too! we both got in!


Riemi - i want my flip flop back now


Floaty Hair - lol fine, wait till first day


Riemi smiled at her phone, wiping her eyes once again.


Riemi - fine, see you then


Floaty Hair - see ya


The spider girl set her phone down, looking back at the sheet for her hero costume.


On it, was a base that mirrored her own body, in height and shape. It even had her eyes and her legs on it.


So I have to create a hero costume, eh? I can do this.


Grabbing her mechanical pencil that was already on her desk, she began to sketch.


First, she did the head. A headband, around her hair to keep it up, then she drew her hair into pigtails behind her.


The torso. Riemi, sadly, knew that she had to have most of her skin showing so she could use her quirk to the best of her ability. So she drew on a tank-top, with the top slightly lower than her neck, and the sleeves flying up. The tank top covered her chest, but stopped at her waist. At her waist, she drew a belt. She put a couple arrows pointing to it, asking the designers to put bandages in there so she could fix any bad injury rather quickly.


The tank top was loose as it reached her stomach, not quite reaching her hips. While sketching it on paper, she couldn’t help but cringe. She had a pretty nasty burn on her hips, and she didn’t want anyone seeing it.


Taking a deep breath, she worked on the legs. Again, she needed skin showing. So, loose shorts. 


Glancing down at the feet, she had a sinking realization that she cOuLdN’t HaVe AnY sHoEs. So she was forced to keep them blank, making sure to write, ‘nothing for feet’ on the bottom.


She drew on some fingerless gloves, making them stop just above her wrists so she didn’t accidentally tear a big web out of her wrist. Riemi had done it before, and the temporary scar it had left made people think she’d done it on purpose.


Can’t do that again, not with Aizawa and Yamada looking after me.


She spent about an hour, adding lines and taking bits of clothing away. She tried to think of anything that could cover her feet, but nothing came to mind. 


The final product was terrible. Way to much skin showing. Her side eyes on full display, so that everyone could see them and her stupid scar on the left side. Her stupid scars on her stomach and legs.


I hate it. I want to burn this. But I have to use it. Fuck.


Riemi set down her pencil, reading over the rest of the information that she was given. Where to pick up her uniform, regulations with her uniform (thankfully she could wear leggings under her skirt), school supplies, her locker number. The cost seemed like way too much, but Aizawa had a bunch of spare supplies already, she could probably just use some of that.


Someone knocked on her door, and she told them to come in.


The door opened, and she spun around in her chair.


Yamada walked in, holding a large plate of food. She’d forgotten breakfast, right. The plate had eggs, bacon, toast, a bunch of things with protein. 


“Did Hitoshi get in?” He asked, setting the plate on the desk. Riemi nodded.


“He’s in General Studies. But that’s still UA!” She grinned, brushing her hair out of her face. “Thanks for the food.”


“Course.” Yamada looked at the hero suit design, picking up the paper. “Already figured out your suit?”


“I mean, it sucks, but it’s what I’ll have to do.” Riemi took a bite of a piece of bacon. “I just have to figure out a color scheme.”


“You’re going to be stealth-oriented, right?” He saw Riemi nod, and smiled widely. “WELL THEN YOU SHOULD GO WITH BLAAACK!”


Riemi cringed at the noise, and took the paper back. “Or course, I’m using black. But I need another color. Probably red, to match my eyes. Or silver, which could look badass.”

“You’ll figure something out.” He patted her head. “Take a break for the rest of the day. You deserve it.” Looking back at the desk, he grabbed the school supply list. “Well, we still need to pick this up. Wanna go now?”






Leaving Aizawa at home, Riemi and Yamada took the bus to the nearest mall to get her uniform and supplies.


Riemi had dressed in a long sleeve shirt and jeans, even though it was still pretty warm. She had to have her legs out of her shirt, since her shirt already had holes in it.


The two blondes climbed onto the bus, sitting near the front. They began talking about some of Yamada’s funny hero stories, and stories from when he and Aizawa were students at UA themselves.


The stories lasted until they reached the mall, where they got off and searched for the store were they could get the uniforms.


“It’s been awhile since I’ve had to buy one.” Yamada muttered, looking over everyone to find the damn store. “Does the paper say where it is?”


Riemi pulled the paper out of her pocket, glancing it over. “It says...Jerund’s School Supplies? Is there a store called that here?”


“Yep!” He began to quickly walk towards the stairs, and Riemi nearly lost him. But she found him, staying close to him as she dodged other people.


They reached the store, Yamada holding the door open for Riemi to walk in first.


Inside was a shit ton of school supplies; notebooks, pencils, erasers, backpacks, ties, shoes, everything. The woman behind the counter smiled at the blondes, waving them over.


“Are you two here for a uniform tailoring?” She asked, her voice sounding the wind chimes. It was beautiful. 


Yamada nodded. “For UA High School.”


Wind Chime woman’s eyes widened. “UA?” She looked at Riemi, who nodded happily. “Congratulations, miss. You’re the first one I’ve seen today. What class did you get into?”


“Class 1-A, Hero Course.” Riemi smiled, clenching her fists to fight her anxiety. 


“That’s amazing, kid. You’ll be a great hero.” She pointed to a hallway. “Miss, go down there, first door on your left. Just tell the tailor inside that you’re going to UA, she’ll get you set up. Sir, you can wait out here, maybe get your daughter the supplies she’ll need?”


Yamada looked stunned at Wind Chime’s words, but caught himself. “Alright. Mai, any preferences?”


“Uh...I don’t mind the colors, but can you try and keep them all the same color? And, maybe cartoon erasers? If there is any.”


Yamada chuckled. “Sure, kid. Whatever you’d like.”


Riemi grinned and turned to the hallway, pushing the first left curtain away to enter the room.


A short woman sat there, who had talon-like fingers. She had short green hair, in a bob-like fashion.


“Ah, my first pupil.” Despite her possibly frightening look, she spoke really nicely. “What school you go to, miss?”


“UA High.” 


The woman smiled. “Good job, kid. I’ll go get your uniform. Undress over on the stool, just keep your underwear on. I’ll cut out some holes for your legs, and fix them when you’re dressed.”


“O-okay…” Riemi was hesitant to undress, but she knew she had to. It was the first time Riemi got a uniform tailored for her, but it was normal for other people.


So she pulled her shirt over her head, then pulled her jeans off. Setting the clothes on a nearby seat, she took off her shoes and socks, and as the woman came back, was trying to relax her hands enough to take off her gloves.


“You can keep your gloves on.” Talon Lady told her, and Riemi sighed in relief. She climbed onto the stool, feeling her feet stick instantly as she shook slightly. The lady’s eyes caught on the scars and burns on Riemi figure, but only gave the girl a comforting smile. “Don’t worry, I’ve seen worse. I won’t ask.”


“Thanks.” Riemi gave her a shaky smile.


Talon Lady handed Riemi a long sleeved white shirt, which Riemi pulled on. Along with the gray and green jacket, the green skirt, and the requested black leggings.


Before working, Talon Lady took a few steps back. “That looks amazing on you, miss. The holes for your legs are big enough, right?”


“Yep! They work, thank you.” 


Talon Lady grabbed a sewing needle and began to work, making it fit Riemi’s rather thin frame. In about ten minutes, the first uniform was done.


They did two more, so she’d have spares in case she couldn’t wash them every night. Then the tailor made two warmer outfits.


In an hour, they were done. “Alright, miss, we’re done. Get dressed, and I’ll bring your outfits to the front desk. And, since you’re in a hero course, the outfits are free, so don’t worry about it.”


“Thank you, Miss Tailor Lady.” Riemi jumped off the stool, her right foot sticking and making her trip. She caught herself with her legs, and laughed it off. 


Pulling the stool off her foot, she grabbed her clothes and tugged them on. Soon, she was back in her comfortable clothing, and was able to leave.


The store was busier now, with all the other stalls filled and a line of students waiting. One was from Mezu Junior High, and he gave Riemi a wave.


“Hey, Riemisho!” He called out, walking over to her. “Nice to see you. What school did you get into? I got into Hosu Academy.”


“I-I got into UA High, Okku. The hero course.” She stuttered a bit, but Okku’s jaw dropped.


“You got into the UA Hero Course?!” He nearly shouted, and Riemi had to shh him. “I didn’t think you had it in you! These past few months have really changed you, haven’t they?”


“I guess.” Riemi rubbed the back of her neck, noticing Yamada sitting on a chair near the front of the store. “Well, it was nice seeing you, Okku, but I have to go. Have fun in Hosu!”


“Have fun in UA!” 


Riemi gave the teen a wave, happy he decided to speak to her. The people at Mezu had always been nice to her, since they knew about what she had gone through, but they rarely spoke to her. But Okku had always been nice.


She met up with Yamada, looking at the stack of school supplies in his lap. All of them were either purple or green, with the binder a mix of both. Perfect.


On the top of the stack was a mix of animal shaped, food shaped, and hero shaped erasers. The same kind she had as a kid.


“Thank you, Yamada.” She helped grab some of the things on top, while he carried everything else to the counter where they could pay.


Wind Chime scanned all of the items, while Talon Lady brought out the uniforms. Talon Lady asked Riemi if she had her sketch of her hero costume, which she did. 


“Since I have your size already, I’ll work on this whenever I have the chance. Good luck, spider kid.” 


All of the supplies were put into large cloth bags, ones that Riemi carried with her upper legs. After saying goodbye to the two nice women, the blondes walked out of the store.


“Wanna go get pretzels? I promised Shota I’d get him something.” 




They journeyed to the food court, finding the pretzel cart. Riemi got a lightly salted buttery soft pretzel, while Yamada got one unsalted, lightly buttered pretzel for Aizawa and a heavily salted one for himself.


The two found an empty table to sit at, and Riemi set her bags down next to her. Nibbling on her pretzel, she answered some of the questions that Yamada had.


“Who was that guy you talked to back there?” He asked, pulling off a chunk of his snack. “You could have stayed, if he was a friend of yours.”


Riemi shook her head. “Nah, Okku’s just an acquaintance. I’ve done a few projects with him, but we’re not really friends. He’s just a nice guy.”




Her eyes widened. “Yamada, no. We didn’t have a relationship.”


Something about her voice, the way she replied hurriedly, and as if she were scared, caught Yamada’s attention. “You okay? I didn’t mean to assume, I was just teasing you.”


“Ya...ya, I know.” She sighed, looking at her pretzel. “Relationships are...touchy, for me. My last one...ended terribly.”


“Talk about it when we get home?”


“Maybe…” Riemi took a huge bite of her pretzel, enjoying the buttery flavor. 


They continued to talk, changing the subject and talking about the things Riemi was nervous about at her new school. 


“Actually, do you have any way to look at the roster for the school?” Riemi asked, as she finished the pretzel. “I’m looking for a couple people. Two, actually.”


“I might. Who’re you looking for?”


“Katsuki Bakugo, and Izuku Midoriya.” She looked down at her hands. “I didn’t see them, but- but I need to find them.”


Yamada nodded. “I’ll keep an eye out. Old friends of yours?”


“Izuku is, and Katsuki’s a cousin I fell out of contact with after my parents died. I haven’t seen either since we were eight. It was our dream to get into UA together, to be like the pro-heroes on TV.” Riemi laughed to herself. “Just gotta make sure they kept up their part.”


“Well, I’ll tell Shota to look too. And, if they aren’t there, we can help you find them.”




They finally decided to leave, grabbing some tea from another stall for them to drink. Riemi was still carrying the bags on her legs, while drinking her strawberry tea.


As they reached the apartment, Riemi waved to Aizawa and went to her room, hanging up her new uniforms next to her old ones, the old ones a mix of red, black, and white. Then, she stacked up all her supplies, examining her erasers.


The erasers were all kawaii ones. Two food ones, a sushi roll and an onion. A cat and a turtle. And the heroes Hawks and Kamuni Woods.


My beautiful children...I will protect you, I will love you. No one will hurt you.


Especially you, Onion.


She knew why Yamada had gotten the onion eraser.

Chapter Text

The first day of school came in like a train, and Riemi’s nerves was the wreck that was caused by it.


She could barely get her gloves on, the stickiness of her fingers unbearable. But, she was able to calm down enough to put them on.


Once they were on, she grabbed one of her uniforms that had been recently ironed, and put it on the best she could without wrinkling it too bad. 


The skirt was a bit shorter than Riemi was used to, but it would work.


Grabbing her new messenger bag filled with supplies, she went to the kitchen to eat breakfast.


Aizawa and Yamada had already left, getting ready for the first day of classes. But they left a decent sized protein-filled breakfast in their wake.


She practically shoved the food in her mouth, tying her hair up so she could make sure not to get her uniform dirty. She rinsed off the plate and set it in the dishwasher, starting it with the rest of the dishes so they’d be clean when they all got home.


Running to the bathroom, she brushed her teeth and hair. She had to adjust the hair so it covered her eyes perfectly.


Dropping her phone and her spare key into her pocket, she took a deep breath and opened the door, locking it behind her. 


The train’s about ten minutes away, and it leaves in fifteen minutes. But, I’m nervous, so I’ll speedwalk there, maybe jog. Geez, I’m so excited! Even if Aizawa and Yamada weren’t able to find them, Katsu and Izu might be there! And Shin, I’ll get to see him again!


Saying good morning to a few people at the entrance of the building, Riemi pushed open the glass doors and bounced onto the sidewalk, her hair bouncing with every step.


There were other students on their way to their own respective schools, all nervous in their own right. They all ignored the bouncy spider girl, thankfully.


She got on the train with a few extra minutes to spare, showing her UA Student ID to get a free ride. 


Finding an empty part of train to sit in, she crossed her legs and stared out the window, looking towards the morning sky.


“Hey, Spider Girl!”


Turning around, she saw a semi-familiar face. She didn’t remember his name, until she saw his teeth.


Shark Boy!


“Hello, Shark Boy.” She turned around, scooting over so he could sit down next to her, along with who seemed to be his other friend. The other friend had pink hair and skin, and weird black eyes.




“Ejiro Kirishima.” He held out his hand for a high-five. “That’s my friend, Mina Ashido.”


Riemi high-fived his hand. “Mai Riemisho, but I go by Riemi.”


“So!” Ashido plopped onto the space between Riemi and Kiri. “What class ya get into? Kiri and I got into Class 1-A!”


“I’m in 1-A too.” 


Ashido screeched, grinning wildly. “We’re going to be best friends! What’s your quirk, Riemi?”


“I call it Spider.” Riemi leaned forward, so both Ashido and Kirishima could see her legs. “I also have eyes on the side of my head, and can stick to nearly any surface. And, I can shoot webs out of any pore of my body.”


“Cool!” Ashido held out her hand, making a small glob of...something come out of her hand. “My quirk’s called Acid! I can make acid out of any pore of my body!”


Riemi looked over at Kirishima, and he held up his hand. It looked weird, like it was a rock rather than flesh. “My quirk’s Hardening. My skin can harden into solid rock. It’s great for both defense and offense.”


“That’s badass, Kirishima.” Riemi pulled herself to the top of the seat as the train began to move. “No wonder you two made it into the Hero Course.”


“You did, too!” Ashido smiled up at her, and Riemi smiled back.


Alien’s cute. Like, really, really cute. 


They continued to chat as they made their way to their new school, about how difficult the Entrance Exams were, and the ranks they all got. Apparently, Kirishima had gotten second place.


“The only person who got more points than I did was this Katsuki Bakugo dude.” Kiri grinned as Riemi’s jaw dropped. “I hope he’s in our class, I want to meet him.”


“You sure that his name was Katsuki Bakugo?” Riemi asked, talking really fast. Kiri nodded, and the girl punched the air. “Hell yes!” 


He’s here! Katsuki’s here, oh, this is amazing! Finally, I can see him again!


“You know him? Think you can introduce him to me?”


“Uh...well…” Riemi laughed a little. “I haven’t seen him since we were eight. He’s a dumbass, so he might not remember me very well, so I don’t know if I can. But, I can tell you what he looks like.”


“Oh! Is he hot?” Ashido asked, making Kirishima blush a little. Riemi laughed again.


“I couldn’t say, that’d be weird. But, unless he’s dyed his hair, it should be the same color as mine, just a lot shorter and spikey. And he had eyes that are like mine, similar in color. But his eyes are smaller. And his quirk, he calls it Explosion. Oh! And he smells like caramel, that’s due to his quirk. Weird, but kinda funny.”


The train began to slow down, as they approached the school. Standing up, the trio walked to the doors.


“C’mon!” Ashido shouted, dragging the other two outside and towards the school. “Let’s go find this Bakugo dude!”


Riemi gently ripped her wrist out of Ashido’s grip. “I’ll meet up with you in a minute, I need to look for someone else.”




As they had been coming off the train, she had noticed Shinso leaning against a tree, holding her cheapass black flip flop. As she approached him, he flung the flip flop at her head, which she effortlessly caught.




“Jackass, I hit you with mine on accident!” Despite her language, she was grinning. “That was just cold, Shin.”


“How did I know you hit me that day on accident?”


Riemi poked him in the chest, cursing the few inches that the boy was taller than her. “You can’t prove that I planned anything, so it was an accident.”


“Sure I can’t…” He smiled, patting her shoulder. “We should get to class. That alien girl and redhead friends of yours?”


“I guess. They’re looking for someone, to see if they’re in our class.”


The two began to walk towards the school, entering the door with a big ‘1’ in it. “General Studies is down here, correct? My class is on the third floor.”


“Yep.” They stopped at the lockers, dropping off everything they didn’t need for class. Then, the found the entrance to Shinso’s class. “You staying after to help Shota and Hizashi?”


Riemi shook her head. “I’m taking the train again. The school won’t allow me to, unless it’s tutoring. Why, ya want to talk?”


“Maybe.” He turned to the door. “I’ll find you at lunch, maybe. See ya.”


“See ya, Shin!” 


Riemi began to speed walk down the halls, finding the stairs and climbing them in record time. Jogging down the hallway, she searched for her class.


1-A...1-A...oh! There!


Without hesitation, she pushed the door open.


There weren’t many people in the class, but damn was it noisy. Kiri and Ashido were there, talking to two guys. A blonde with a bolt in his hair, and a thin guy with spiky black hair.


In the back, there was a guy with split hair, half red and half white. He barely looked at her before looking away. Next to him was a girl, with a black ponytail. 


And then, him .


Katsuki Bakugo, his feet resting on his desk. He was being chewed out by Square Man, who noticed Riemi and ran over.


“Ah, miss!” He bowed very abruptly. “My apologies for our last interaction, my nerves were getting the best of me. Please, forgive me.”


“T-Thanks, I accept your apology.” She held out her hand. “Mai Riemisho, I go by Riemi.”


She noticed Katsu’s head perk up, and he looked over at her, but she ignored him and waited for Square Man to shake her hand.


“Tenya Iida. It’s nice to meet you, Riemi.” He shook her hand, then when back to shouting at Katsu. But Katsu took his feet off the desk, still watching Riemi.


He gave off a scary vibe, one that made Riemi back away a little as he got closer. He ended up grabbing her wrist and shoving her out the door, throwing her against the wall.


“Where the hell have you been?!” He growled, glaring at her. 


Jesus, he’s pissed. What the hell did I do? This is a terrible way to greet someone!


“Trying to survive. It’s great to see you again, Katsu!” She tried to smile at him, but he just snarled.


“Mom said I couldn’t talk to you anymore. I thought that I’d never see you again. Why the fuck didn’t you try to find me again!” Small explosions erupted from his hands, and Riemi felt a chill go down her spine as she lifted her legs to defend herself.


“I wanted to, Katsu, I really did.” Her voice was soft, and she felt a tear form in her eye. “I did whatever I could, to find you and Izuku again. But...but my aunt, she threw me out! After just a month, and I didn’t know how to find you! I swear, I tried. Trust me, I didn’t want to leave you.”


He still looked angry, and the explosions only got bigger. Then, he began to walk closer to her.


Shit, is this Katsuki? He wasn’t like this when we were kids! I get growing up and changing, but what the hell?


“K-Katsu...don’t be an idiot…” She held up her hands, trying to calm him down. She couldn’t fight back, Aizawa would expel her ass. 


Suddenly, someone was in front of her. It took her a minute, but Riemi registered the person as Kirishima, standing with his arms in front of himself. Probably using his quirk.


To...protect me?


“Hey, Bakugo!” Kiri said, cheerfully but stern. “Getting in a fight isn’t a good way to start the school year off, is it? C’mon, just go back to class.”


The explosions stopped, but Katsu still looked angry. “Fine, whatever.” Stuffing his hands into his pockets, he continued to glare at Riemi as he walked back into class. “Find me after class, Mai. We need to talk.”


He walked into the classroom, slamming the door behind him. Riemi sighed, shimming out from behind Kiri. “Thanks for helping me, Kiri.”


“I thought you two were friends?”


“We’re cousins, and I...we were, but I guess not anymore.” She smiled, popping the joints in her legs. “C’mon, we need to be back in the class before the teacher comes.”


Shoving her gloved hands into her pockets, she pushed the door open and looked for a desk to sit in. 


The seat in front of Ponytail is open, I should sit there. So I can still be somewhat close to Katsu, too. Geez, I guess he grew up into an asshole. I hope Izuku’s still really nice, I can’t imagine him being a jerk.


She walked over, grabbing her stuff that she had dropped and setting them on the desk.


“Mind if I sit here?” She asked, and Ponytail nodded. So, Riemi sat down, putting her things into her desk and resting her head on the desk, watching as other students walked in.


After a few minutes, when most of the class was there, Kiri and Ashido dragged a couple people over to her desk. “Hey, Riemi!” Kiri said, pointing to the other people. “Meet Denki Kaminari, Hanta Sero, and Kyoko Jiro!”


Riemi waved, lifting her head up a little. “Mai Riemisho.”


“Woah!” The blonde, who Kiri said was Kaminari, went over to Riemi’s legs, poking one. “Are these spider legs? Are you part spider?”


“Well, my quirk’s called Spider.”


“How much spider are you?”


Riemi looked at him, confused. “Uh...I don’t know...maybe twenty five percent?”




She listened to their conversation, which for some reason they kept around her desk, while listening to Iida yell at Katsu for keeping his feet on his desk, and another conversation between a frog girl and a guy with a raven’s head. 


That is, until the door opened, revealing one of the last students of Class 1-A.


That green hair...hell yes! Izuku, I’m so happy for you! I missed you, my old friend! First quirkless kid in this school, and you made it to the hero course!


“It’s him.” Iida suddenly said, in a weird tone. Everyone’s conversations stopped, and they stared at him.


Um...Hi! ” Izu said, in a squeaky tone. 


Iida walked up to him, his arms moving square at his sides. “My name is Tenya Iid-”


“Ya, I know!” He waved his arms frantically in front of him until Iida stopped. “I-I’m Izuku Midoriya. Super nice to meet you.”


“Midoriya…” Damn, Iida’s voice was so weird. “You realized that there was something more to the practical exam, didn’t you?”


Huh? Oh, he must mean the rescue points. That even stumped me. Well, Izu’s always been smart. But how did Izuku pass the practical? There’s no way he could have gotten any points, rescue or otherwise.


Iida began to ramble on about Izu, while Izu began to look more uncomfortable.


“Hey, I recognize that messed up hair! Falling Boy!” A high-pitched girl’s voice came from behind the door, and Izu turned around. Riemi couldn’t see the hallway, so she couldn’t see the girl as she began to talk, and Izuku began to get flustered.


Looking around, she saw Katsu glaring at the door. He scoffed, deep in thought.


Why isn’t Katsu greeting Izuku? They’re friends. I mean, I’d greet Izuku, but there’s already a bunch of people over there. But Katsu must still be close friends with him, right? Auntie Inko and Aunt Mitsuki wouldn’t let them be seperated.


Katsu turned his head so he faced the front, and the girl, who now Riemi could see a bit since she had moved, was still talking.


She had really pink cheeks. Oh, Pink Cheeks. That’s what I’ll call her.


“If you’re just here to make friends, then pack up your stuff and leave.” There he was, Aizawa.


I swear, if Aizawa’s in that weird caterpillar sleeping bag-thing I’m gonna-


Pink Cheeks turned around, making a quiet defeated noise.


“Welcome to UA’s Hero Course.”


Riemi heard the faint noise of a zipper.


Fuck, it’s that weird catapilliar thing! Poor Pink Cheeks, she’s probably terrified…


The three at the door all made scared noises as the sleeping bag moved and the zipper noise returned.


“It took eight seconds for you to shut up, that’s not gonna work. Time is precious. Rational students would understand that.”


The look on Izu’s face almost made Riemi laugh, and the people all scuffling to their seats made her have to cover her mouth. She sat up, putting her arms on the desk and leaning against them, so her head was still up.


Aizawa walked into the classroom, standing at the doorway as he scanned over his students. “Hello, I’m Shota Aizawa. Your teacher.”


Riemi watched him dig into the Cursed Sleeping Bag, feeling a bit scared. “Okay, let’s get to it.” He pulled out a gym uniform, one that Riemi had already seen. “Put these on and head outside.”


Aizawa continued to climb back into his sleeping bag. “Locker rooms are on the bottom floor. Girls on the left, boys on the right. Go.”


Everyone in the class hesitated, besides Riemi. But she stayed sitting down, not wanting to draw attention to herself.


Then, in an instant, everyone stood up and hurried out the door, shoving past each other. Riemi hung back until the horde at the door was just a few people, then followed.


“Mai.” Aizawa said, leaning against the wall in his sleeping bag. She looked over to him, and he handed her two hair ties. “Put your hair up.”


Shaking a little, she nodded and took the hair ties. Giving him a small wave, she turned around and caught up with everyone else, noticing Peppermint looking at her weirdly.


“What?” Riemi didn’t stop walking, but slowed down to his pace.




Well okay then.


She reached the main group, standing besides Jiro as they all walked down the stairs. 


The group reached the locker rooms, and separated into the changing rooms. Inside the girl’s, Riemi prayed to whatever god could exist that there was a private changing area.


And there was.


Oh thank the Gods…


She found her locker, which had her name on it, and quickly opened it. Grabbing her uniform, she hurried over to the clothed over section.


Ponytail stopped her. “Where are you going, Riemisho?” She asked, in a soft and caring tone.


“Uh...I...I don’t like changing in front of people!” Riemi gently pulled her arm away, and hid behind the curtain.


Taking a deep breath, she quickly began to undress, making sure that no one had a chance to see her scars. 


Now, with her gym uniform on, she peered from behind the curtain to see if anyone was watching the curtain.


No one was, they were just changing.


Why would they be watching? They respect your privacy. Just force down your anxiety and go put your clothes away, Mai, it ain’t that hard. If you’re gonna be a hero, ya gotta bite down your fears and fight them!


With another deep breath, she pushed the curtain back quietly and walked over to her locker. Setting her clothes inside, she closed it and went to the mirror.


Grabbing a hair tie from her wrist, she lifted the right side of her hair and tied it back, then doing the same to her left side.


In the mirror, she didn’t actually look that bad. The only scars on show was the one on her eyes, the small one on her nose, and a couple thin ones on her legs and arms. Nothing bad.




“Riemi!” Ashido bounced over, wrapping an arm around Riemi’s neck. The blonde heavily flinched and tripped, catching herself by sending a web to the ceiling.


Ashido didn’t seem to care, however. As Riemi pulled the web back into her neck, the alien pointed to the scar on Riemi’s face. “How’d ya get that scar? On your eyes?”


“Someone tried to gauge them out with a knife.” Riemi said simply, tightening her pigtails. It was the truth, not a lie in any word.


Ashido’s racoon-like eyes widened. “Wha...why? Why would anyone do that? That’s so mean!”


“Because people are bastards.” Riemi said that as if it were obvious, but she got confused and slightly worried glances from all the other girls. “Eh, don’t worry about it. I doubt any of us are gonna get out of this school without a least one scar, I’m just had a head start. Let’s go, Ashido.”


As they walked outside, Ashido shouted, “That’s a terrible head start, Riemi!”


“Does it really matter? It’s just a scar.” She lifted up her arm, pointing to the scars on her arm. “I have plenty to spare. It’s not like they hurt or anything.”


Outside, a bunch of the guys were already waiting. Ashido grabbed Riemi’s hand and dragged her towards Kiri and Kaminari. Riemi noticed that her cousin wasn’t too far away from the other two guys.


“Guys~!” She shouted, pushing Riemi towards them. “The spider has too many scars!”


Katsu’s eyes widened a little, but he was still glaring at everyone. Kirishima looked at the scar on her eyes, and his eyes widened a shit ton.


“Damn, how’d you get that?”


Riemi took a few steps back, covering the eyes from everyone else. “Please...can you not ask? Because I’m just gonna give you vague answers.”


Then, Kirishima turned to Katsu. “Hey, you’re her cousin! How’d she get those?”


“I have no fucking clue!” 


Why is Katsuki so mean now?! I DON’T LIKE IT BE NICE YOU DAMNED IDIOT!


Riemi slipped off to the side as the rest of the students got outside.


As everyone gathered on the field, Aizawa met them out there, looking more tired in the sunlight.


“We’re having a quirk assessment test.”


A collective ‘huh?’ came from the crowd.


“But, orientation…” Pink Cheeks said, confused. “We’re gonna miss it!”


Aizawa turned around. “If you really want to make the big leagues, you can’t waste time on pointless ceremonies.”


The students gasped, even Riemi a little bit. Ya, Aizawa told her he wasn’t a nice teacher, but she hadn’t expected this.


Well, however he is, I can put up with him. I have for the past few months, I can now!


“Here at UA, we’re not tethered to traditions.” He turned his head around, looking at his students. “That means I get to run my class however I see fit.”


He paused for a second, turning around a bit more. “You’ve been taking standardized tests most of your lives. But you never got to use your quirks in physical exams before. The country’s still trying to pretend we’re all created equal, by not letting those with the most power excel. It’s not rational. One day the Ministry of Education will learn.”


Aizawa looked at Katsu, who probably was still glaring at whatever he wanted to. “Bakugo, you managed to get the most points on the Entrance Exam. What was your farthest distance throw with a softball when you were in junior high?”


Katsu looked down a little bit, probably having to think too hard again. “Sixty-seven meters, I think.”


“Right. Try doing it with your quirk.”


Aizawa handed Katsu a soft ball, and the explosion boy went to the empty throwing area, standing in the middle of the circle.


“Anything goes, just stay in the circle.” Aizawa explained. “Go on, you’re wasting our time.”


Katsu began to stretch, looking over at Riemi for some reason. His eyes seemed to fill with more anger, and she almost got scared. “Alright then, you asked for it.”


After doing a bit of leg stretches, he threw the ball up, caught it, and began to throw it, using his quirk to blast it up into the sky.


Riemi smiled a bit. She had always known Bakugo held potential, and now she could see it in action.


Everyone looked surprised, trying to see where the ball went.


“All of you need to know your maximum capabilities.” Aizawa said, watching the ball himself.


Riemi heard the ball tap the ground, very, very faintly. 


The teacher turned around, holding his phone out. “It’s the most rational way of figuring out your potential as a pro-hero.”


The screen showed a large number in neon-blue lettering. 705.2


Holy shit Katsu! That’s great!


“Woah, seven hundred and five meters? Are you kidding?” Kaminari asked.


“I wAnNa Go! ThAt LoOkS lIkE fUn!” Ashido added.


Sero replied with, something, but by then Riemi was too excited to care.


Then, Aizawa began to have an ominous look in his eyes, one that Riemi knew brought trouble. It was a similar look he had when she seemed excited to start her training, and she knew the hell that had brought.


“So that looks ‘fun’, huh?” Everyone began to look a bit scared, which was good. “You have three years here to become a hero. Do you think it’s all going to be games and playtime?” He grinned, a scary grin. “ Idiots . Today you’ll compete in eight different physical tests to gauge your potential. Who ever comes in last, has none. And will be expelled immediately.” 


Everyone gasped in a ‘HoLy ShIt’ way, and Riemi felt the panic rise through the ranks.


The students stayed quiet, letting the words sink in.


Oh holy capriese sun! I can’t get last, he’ll be so disappointed! But, Izuku...he might get last! He’s fucking quirkless! How’d he even get into this school in the first place?


Thinking of Izuku, Riemi noticed that he seemed to be freaking out, looking at his hand while shaking.


“Like I said,” Eraserhead finally spoke up again. “I get to decide how this class runs.” He looked up, lifting his bangs to reveal his bloodshot, baggy eyes to the nineteen poor, innocent children and Katsu. “ UNDERSTAND? If that’s a problem, then head home right now.”


Riemi grinned, already taking the finger covers off of her gloves. She was hyped, and she was mother-trucken’ ready.


So this must be what he meant by being a strict teacher! A huge test, on the first day of school. One that I can’t possibly fail.


Sorry, Izuku, but I may have to leave you in here. An empty spot will give Shinso a chance to move up, and it’s every man for himself.


Pink Cheeks began to shout about how Aizawa can’t send anyone home this early. Something about how it ‘wasn’t fair’.


“Oh, and you think natural disasters are? Or power-hungry villains, hm? Or catastrophic accidents that wipe out whole cities ? No. The world is full of unfairness. It’s a hero’s job to try and combat that unfairness. If you want to be a pro, then you’re gonna have to push yourself to the edge for the next three years, because UA will push one terrible hardship after another. So go beyond! Plus Ultra style.”


He motioned for the students to move closer, with his finger. “So show me it’s no mistake you’re here.”


Riemi took a deep breath, mentally preparing herself for the challenges that awaited her. Rolling her shoulders back and stretching all eight of her limbs, she grinned and got ready.


“Now then, we’re just wasting time by talking. Let the games begin.”




The first test was the fifty meter dash, something that Riemi knew from the start she’d average in. While she was fast on her feet, she wasn’t that fast.


She waited on the side as the groups went past, mentally noting the time it took each person to find an average in times, so she knew what to aim for.


Aizawa commented on each student, but she ignored it for the most part.


The saddest one she watched was Katsu and Izu’s. Katsu left the green-haired boy in the dust with his explosions, just what Riemi expected. But she did catch his asshole remark at the end, and nearly walked over just to smack him.


What happened to their friendship? 


When she went against Ponytail, she did what she’d been taught to do; run low, spread out her legs, and take short strides.


Her time was 5.2 seconds, beating Ponytail by half a second. 


Good, but I can still do better!


The next test was grip strength.


She was forced to remove her right glove, but it was fine. She squeezed the thing and got a decent score. 123. But not good enough.


Then, standard long jump.


Her jump had always been strong, and she could use her webs to shoot far away and sail through the air.


She’d ‘jumped’ the entire thing. Can’t do better than that!


Repeated side-step.


She’d gotten a little below-average score, but was still confident in herself. I can still do this!


Ball Throw.


She was going second-to-last, so she had plenty of time to plan how’d she aim the ball so she could throw with her webs.


Pink Cheeks had gotten infinity, ‘cause the ball went into orbit.


Right before her turn, it was Izuku’s turn.


Riemi knew he’d gotten crap scores in everything else, and she honestly felt terrible. Poor broccoli guy was just trying to be a hero. Guess, he’d just have to survive with his one day of UA education.


The girl heard her cousin say something.


“Of course he is, he’s a quirkless loser!”




“Quirkless?” Iida asked, confused. “He has a quirk.”




Riemi stared at Izuku, as he held the ball in his hands. There’s no way he has a quirk. No possible way- I last saw him when I was eight! He didn’t have a quirk then, he can’t have one now! No, Iida was mistaken. Izuku doesn’t have a quirk.


Izuku began to throw the ball, but right before he threw it, Aizawa used his quirk. She knew, since his hair and scarf began to float.




The ball was thrown, but only got to 46 meters. Shorter than Riemi’s old average. She looked from Izuku, to Aizawa, then to Katsu. 


What? Why is Izu so surprised? And how can Aizawa use a quirk eraser on a quirkless kid? Was Iida right? Does Izu have a quirk now? How the fuck do you get a quirk after the age of eight? All of the artificial practices were banned after World War 2!


“- I was trying to use it just now…” Izuku muttered, confirming Riemi’s thoughts. Her eyes widened in shock.


“I erased your quirk.”


Everyone looked at Aizawa, who’s scarf was surrounding him now. Riemi was still in shock.


“The judges in the exam, were not rational enough.” Aizawa was always more intimidating when using his quirk, and with that and Riemi’s confusion, she could barely handle the situation. “Someone like you...should never be allowed to enroll in this school.”


Izuku muttered something, then must have realized what hero Aizawa was. He said something, something that Riemi couldn’t care about over her shock of his apparent power.


Most of the students formed a circle to talk, all but Riemi and Katsu.


“You’re not ready.” Aizawa said, glaring down at the poor boy. “You don’t have control over your power. Were you planning to break your bones again, relying on someone else to save your worthless body?”


“No! That’s not what I was trying to do- AH!” As Izuku tried to speak, Aizawa sent his scarf to pull the boy closer to him, so he could be more intimidating.


“No matter what your intentions are, you’re nothing more than a liability in battle. You have the same reckless passion as another overzealous hero I know. One who saved a thousand people by himself. He became a legend.” As Aizawa spoke, he must have glared harder at Izuku, because he was shaking like mad. Riemi pitied him a little, having been caught up in the teacher’s trap herself many times.


“But even with that drive, you’re worthless if you can only throw a single punch before breaking down. Sorry Midoriya, with your power there’s no way you can become a hero.”


As Aizawa finished his sentence, a fuse inside Riemi’s heart almost snapped. She knew Izuku, and quirk or not, he had every making of a great hero. Traits that had been present since they were kids, traits that no one could outgrow. 


But Aizawa…he’s going to expel Izuku! Unless…


Unless he tricking him, teaching him to be smart about his quirk use. Aizawa’s a mean teacher, but a great one. So that one’s getting expelled. He just wants us to do our best! And teach someone an important skill! Ya, that’s what he’s doing! At least I hope that’s what he’s doing.


Aizawa stopped his quirk, letting his hair fall and loosening his grip on Izuku. “I returned your impractical quirk. Take your final throw.” His voice was snotty, but Riemi knew it was the tough love the man was known for. “Hurry, and get it over with.”


Riemi watched as Izuku went back into the circle, his head down. A bunch of her classmates began to theorize what their teacher had said, so only she must have heard the conversation.


Welp, the curse of great hearing strikes again! Just hurry, Izu...I still want to throw, and I want to see your plan! Show me your power, if you really have one now!


As Izuku began to throw, Riemi’s eyes lit up in anticipation, wanting to know what he decided.


And. The. Ball. Went. Flying.


Riemi grinned as the small softball soared into the air, then looked back at her long lost friend. Her long lost, now non-quirkless friend.


Hell ya, Izu! I always knew you’d be a hero!


She looked at his hand, the hand he had thrown with. One of his fingers was twisted weirdly. Broken.


He sacrificed it...for the test! And he’ll still be able to do everything else!


The little machine beeped out, 705.3 meters! and Riemi felt weight fly off her shoulders.


And he beat Katsuki!


“Mr. Aizawa…” Izuku said, looking at the teacher. He pulled his hand into a fist, even though he was clearly in pain. “You see, I’m still standing!”


Oh, how Riemi could have cheered on the once quirkless boy, but she settled with a happy smile for him. But...something didn’t sit right in her heart.


Izuku might not remember me. I know he’s seen me, and while my appearance has changed, my hair and legs would give my identity away to anyone. Fuck, he may have forgotten about me.


But I’ll be your friend again, Izuku Midoriya, and I’ll always have your back!


A few people shouted words of encouragement to him, so Riemi settled for a thumbs up. He seemed to take all of it to heart, because he smiled.


But, she did notice the shocked look on Katsu’s face when she looked around at everyone.


He’s confused, and rightly so. Me too, Katsu. Me too.


Then she heard panting, coming from him. Oh, shit he’s angry. “Hey, Katsu, calm down-”


But he didn’t care. He began to sprint towards Izuku.




Deku? DEKU?!


Izuku freaked out, screaming. 


Yet before anything bad happened, Aizawa caught Katsuki with his capture weapon, and disabled his quirk, so big meanie Katsuki couldn’t hurt Deku .


Riemi stopped listening, knowing that she’d be up next. She probably wouldn’t need to hear, anyway.


But, the little spy in her heart couldn’t help but listen.


“Stand down.” Aizawa growled, holding Katsuki back with his scarf. “It would be wise to not make me use my quirk much, it gives me serious dry-eye.” He pulled his scarf back, stopping his quirk and turning around. “You’re wasting my time now. Whoever’s next can step up.”


Riemi knew that she should probably drag Katsuki away from Izuku, but she refrained. Whatever had happened between them the past seven years wasn’t anything good.


Just ignore that right now, you need to pass these last few tests so you can prove to Aizawa that his training wasn’t for nothing. Just grab the damn ball and throw it, it’s not that hard. Then you can yell at Katsuki and demand answers.


So, Riemi walked up into the circle, grabbing the ball that was already waiting for her.


Just whirl it around in a circle and throw, not that hard. No one will be impressed, sure, but that doesn’t matter right now. Izu took all of the spotlight, and that’s fine.


Throwing the ball up and down a few times, then stretching her arms, she relaxed her hand so the ball fell, but only about a foot. 


A foot length of web would work.


Beginning to spin the ball in a small circle, she ran forward and let the web release the ball, having it be thrown a couple hundred feet.


342.6 Meters!


“Throw again, Riemisho.” She heard Aizawa say, even though it wasn’t very loud.


“How’s she supposed to hear that?” Pink Cheeks asked, looking at Iida. Iida only shrugged.


Riemi scoffed, throwing the second ball only a few meters more than the first. Once the ball had landed, she turned from the circle and waited for Ponytail to take her throw.




The last three tests weren’t difficult, but the girl didn’t do amazing on any of them. Just a bit above average.


As the students walked towards the screen that would show all of their scores, Riemi watched as Izuku fell to the ground, most likely in pain, and due to the run they had just done.


She looked at him as she walked by, making sure to walk around him.


He still doesn’t remember you, so we’re not friends. I can’t act like we are. But I just want to give him a fucking hug...


“Alright, time to give you the results.” Aizawa said as the students circled around, seeming more tired than ever. “I’ve ranked you all from best to worst, you should probably have a good idea of your standing already. I’ll just pull up the whole list, it’s not worth going over each individual score.”


Riemi waited in anticipation, excited to see what she got.


I know I didn’t get first, first place is probably Katsu or Peppermint. But I didn’t do terrible, so hopefully I’m still in the top ten. Please be in the top ten!


Aizawa pulled up the screen.


7th Place - Mai Riemisho


Oh hell yes! Only six more places to go up!


Then, she saw last place.


20th Place - Izuku Midoriya


Poor Izuku, probably scared to shit. But I know he ain’t leaving. I know Aizawa’s stupid little tricks. At least, I hope I do.


Aizawa pressed the button on the remote, and the screen went away. “And I was lying, no one’s going home.”


Guessed it, you scary emo bastard.


The teacher grinned. “That was just a rational deception, to make sure you gave it your all in the tests.”


A few of the students freaked out, and Riemi guessed one of them was Izuku.


“I’m surprised the rest of you didn’t figure that out.” Ponytail said, and Riemi turned to look at her. “Sorry, I guess I probably should have said something.”


Oh, Ponytail figured it out, too? Well, she did get in on recommendations. She’s got to be really smart.


The students began to talk amongst themselves, Riemi keeping quiet while watching everyone else.


Aizawa began to walk back towards the school. “That’s it, we’re done for the day. Pick up a syllabus in the classroom. Read it over before tomorrow morning.”


He went over to Izuku, grabbing a sheet of paper from his pocket. “Midoriya.” He handed the paper to the green-haired boy. “Take this and have the old lady fix you up. Things are going to be tougher tomorrow when your actual training begins. Make sure you’re prepared.”


The twenty students began to walk back to the locker rooms, but Riemi couldn’t help but hear another voice from a bit away.


“Aizawa, that was a rotten move.”


Is that...All Might? So he really is a teacher here, huh? I’m surprised. But what’s with that comment? Does he not like Aizawa’s teaching style? I get it, but All Might shouldn’t judge. 


Ignoring the rest of that conversation, she jogged up to meet the rest of the girls in the locker room.

Chapter Text

Chapter 7 - The Second Day, With All Might!


Riemi left class that day searching for Shinso, since he told her that he wanted to talk to her for a bit after class, before her train came.


“I want to see how the Hero Course is like, so I’m prepared. We didn’t talk much, and I want to know what I’ll be getting myself into.”


She finally spotted him, leaning against the gate. She waved over to him, until something grabbed the back of her shirt.


“Hey! Let go!” Riemi struggled to get out of the person’s grip, but the person wasn’t budging. Just dragging her farther away.


Shinso must have noticed, because he pushed off the wall and began to walk towards them. Riemi stabbed her legs into the dirt to get the person to stop, and looked up.




Katsu glared down at her, beginning to drag her harder. She had no choice but to lift her legs back up. She looked at Shinso, who was now jogging closer.


“I’ll talk to you later!” Riemi shouted, gesturing for him to go away. He stopped, scowling a little, before turning away.


Katsu finally stopped when they were behind the school, throwing her out in front of him. Riemi scrambled onto her feet, holding her arms out in front of her to protect herself, in case he tried to fight her. 


“What the hell do you want?” She demanded, trying to seem scary herself.


“Do you know how Deku got his quirk?! ‘Cause you didn’t seem surprised when he used the damn thing!?”


He took a step closer, so she took a step closer to him.


“I don’t know how Izuku got his quirk,” she hissed, crossing her arms and raising her legs. “You should know, haven’t you been around him these past seven years?”




Riemi’s eyes widened, taking a few steps back. “Wh...what happened to you, Katsuki? What happened to that obnoxious idiot that I grew up with? First, you’re calling Izuku ‘Deku’ and trying to fight him, then you’re calling me a bitch? I mean, you’re right, but that’s not you!”


Katsuki growled, talking enough steps forward so they were just inches away from each other. “You left me, Mai. You left, and I finally was able to see past your little fantasy and see just how weak and fucking useless you and that Deku are. So I took my place at the top. Deku and I aren’t friends anymore, and you can’t change that.”


“Oh, so you’re blaming me, you explosive piece of shit? Well sorry , I had to deal with my parents dying in a fucking fire before my eyes. Not to mention my aunt kicked me out onto the streets. Not to mention the multiple times I’ve been kidnapped by gangs, the times I’ve been assaulted. You think I wanted to leave you two? I loved you guys! And now you’re a jerk, and Izuku doesn’t remember me! And that’s your fault, Katsuki Bakugo. You gave up on our dreams, and on our friendship with each other.” She turned away, walking back towards the gate. “I was dealing with life however I could, but you fucked yourself over. How will you explain this to Aunt Mitsuki? Uncle Masaru? They’ll know I’m here soon enough, and you’ll have to explain.”


Without another word, Riemi left her cousin, leaving her angry words with him.


She arrived at the station, along with many of the other UA students. Her train, thankfully, still hadn’t left, so she sat down next to where Kirishima was waiting.


“Took ya long enough!” Kiri said cheerfully, grinning. “What took you so long, you could have missed the train!”


“I...had to talk to Katsu.” She explained, playing with her gloves. “We had to clear something up.”


“Ya know, for being cousins, you two aren’t close at all!” Ashido appeared, sitting above Riemi’s seat. “Bakugo keeps trying to fight you. Has he always done that?”


“We fought as kids, sure…” Riemi sighed, closing her fist. “But it’s different now. He’s a lot stronger, and scarier.”


“Not nearly as scary as Aizawa-Sensei, though.” Ashido began playing with Riemi’s hair. “Damn, Sensei’s talk with Midoriya gave me the jeepies, and I couldn’t even hear anything.”


“It wasn’t really anything important.” Riemi allowed the alien to continue with her hair, until it was in two short braids. “Just some of Sensei’s apparent tough love.”


Kiri looked over at her. “Wait, could you hear them? You weren’t any closer than us!”


Riemi smiled. “I must have forgotten to tell you. My quirk gives me enhanced hearing, too. I heard the entire conversation. It’s not my fault, they were talking too loud.”


Kirishima and Ashido gasped, and grinned. “That’s awesome, Riemi!” Ashido happily shouted. “You’re gonna need to give me information, then! The deets on our classmates!”


Riemi laughed, bending over a little and covering her mouth. “Maybe, Ashido. If I hear anything really interesting.”




The next day, normal classes started.


First class was Engish, with Yamada. Riemi hadn’t gotten much sleep that night, so she was leaning her arms on her desk and trying to keep her hair out of her face. 


He’s too loud...I thought he was loud at home…


The next class was Math, with Midnight-Sensei. Then, Social Studies with Cementos. And a few others, which were just as boring.


Then, lunch.


She bought a bowl of high-protein katsudon and some chocolate milk, then searched for Shinso. All of the students had lunch together, so they decided to stick together. 


He was sitting alone at a table, eating a bowl of rice while playing on his phone. Riemi smiled at sat across from him, brushing her hair out of her face so she could eat.


“You can put your hair up, ya know?” Shinso stated, setting his phone down on the table. 


“And you can stop making your hair defy the laws of gravity.” Riemi took a bite of her noodles, smiling at the food. “Sorry about yesterday, Katsuki decided to talk to me.”


“He seems a bit forceful. He didn’t hurt you, did he?” 


Riemi shook her head. “Don’t worry about it. He won’t hurt me.”


Shinso rolled his eyes, leaning against the table. “So, what did you do in class yesterday?”


She began explaining, waving her chopsticks around as she spoke. Adding a few jokes in the story, to make Shinso laugh. 


When her story was over, she was half-way done eating. Shinso was almost completely done, since his portion was smaller.


Shin’s face was a bit red from laughter, as he took another bite of rice. “Oh, I can’t wait to get in your class. That sounds amazing. A lot more fun than what I had to do.”


“It was pretty exciting. I can’t wait to see what we’re doing today!” She punched the air, then took another bite of food. “All I know is that I need to get hella protein in my body. If we’re doing fights today, then I wanna fight Katsuki!”


“Why do you want to fight him?”


“‘Cause he’s so strong! I wanna beat him!” She grinned, stirring her food around a bit. “I mean, I’d lose, but it’d be worth it. I could go all out, and I know he would too! And it sounds fun!”


Shinso sighed, dropping his head into his hands. “You’re going to get yourself killed some day. Someday soon.”


“I wouldn’t mind. As long as I get to kick ass along the way.”


He looked back up, his eyes narrowing. “Shota and Hizashi would never let you. And, hell, neither will I, if I can help it.” He kicked her leg, making her jump. “Now finish eating, lunch ends soon.”


Riemi giggled, quickly finishing her katsudon and taking her dishes and Shinso’s to the dirty dishes counter.


They met up by the door, so they could get their materials for the next class. Together, they went back to the front of the school and grabbed their stuff.


“You know who’s teaching your class today?” Shin asked, as he grabbed his binder.


Riemi nodded. “Apparently, All Might is. At least, that’s what Aizawa said after school yesterday. I can’t wait, All Might’s so amazing! He’s…” she laughed, embarrassed. “...well, he’s the reason Katsu, Izu, and I dreamed about coming here. We’ve looked up to him since we were kids.”


“There’s nothing wrong with that.” Shinso closed his locker, looking down at her. “Probably everyone here looked up to him. I did too, before I learned Uncle Shota was a hero. Just control yourself when he’s in the class.” He smirked, closing her locker for her. “On another note, you have an eraser I can borrow? Someone stole mine yesterday.”


“Yep! Hold on…” She opened her pencil pouch, digging around for her cat eraser. “!”


His eyes widened, and he took it. “Where’d you get this?”


“Ya- uh, Hizashi got it for me when we were getting my uniforms. They may have run out when you got there.”


Shinso shook his head. “I’ll look for them. Thanks. Let’s get to class, the bell will ring soon.”


“Anytime, just don’t lose it.” Riemi brushed her hair back, and turned to the hallway that held the General Studies class.


Outside the door, Riemi waved at him. “Talk to you after school!” 


“If your cousin tries to ‘talk’ to you again, I’m making him give you up.”


Riemi laughed. “Only if you make him punch himself too!”


“Okay.” He gave a small wave, most likely mocking the spider girl. “See you later.”


“Bye~!” She turned around, bouncing down the hallway while balancing her binder in her arms as she ran up the stairs.


Riemi had been the first person in the class, so she set her binder down in her desk and laid her head down, her hair resting on her shoulders. Closing her eyes, she rested there for a few minutes before class started.


Until, of course, Iida happened.


“No sleeping in class!” He shouted, running over and flailing his arms. Riemi just turned her head around.


“Shut up, I didn’t get much sleep last night. And I’m not asleep, just resting my eyes.”


“Well, then go to bed earlier!”


She turned her head around, glaring. “It’s fucking hot at night in my apartment. And I can’t sleep in the heat. So it’s not my fault.”


Iida was about to reply, but Riemi waved him off. “Just sit down, Iida. Our classmates will get annoyed with you if you keep barating them. I’ll sit up when class starts, I’m just trying to rest.”


“Well...alright, but try and get more sleep. A shower could help you cool down enough to sleep.”


“I’ll try.” She closed her eyes again, facing her head towards the front of the room.

As the first bell rang, a bunch of people entered the classroom, making the room loud. She heard the people who sat around her sit down, and someone poked her head.


“You alive?” It was Kiri. He kept poking her, until she grabbed his finger and squeezed it, as if she was trying to break it.


Opening her eyes, she looked up at him. “I’m tired.” She growled, letting his finger go and sitting up. Yawning and rubbing her eyes, she leaned her arms against the desk and hung her head. 


Kirishima laughed. “Geez, you act like Aizawa-Sensei. You’re like, his kid or something.”


“Cool.” She couldn’t tell any of her classmates that she lived with Aizawa and Yamada. Only, of course, Aizawa and Yamada knew, along with Principal Nezu, and apparently Recovery Girl, too. Oh, and Shin.


And when you lived with a sleep-deprived Yamada, and a constantly tired Aizawa, you tend to feel more tired than normal.


All the students sat in their seats, as they waited for the teacher to come. 


I AM...HERE! ” The door swung open, only to reveal the one in only All Might, wearing one of his more retro costumes. “ COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A HERO!


All of the students awed, excited for what this class was going to hold. A few students commented on random things, like his outfit.


Welcome, to the most important class at UA High! Think of it as Hero-ing 101! Here you will learn the basics of being a pro! And, what it means to fight in the name of good! LET’S GET INTO IT!


He seemed really enthusiastic, which was the norm for the Number 1 Hero. It really lifted the class’s spirits.


Today’s lesson...WILL PULL NO PUNCHES! ” He held out a card, one that simply said ‘Battle’ in English.


“Fight training!” Katsuki said, in a scarily optimistic tone. 


Izuku followed up with, “Real combat?”


But one of the keys of being a hero is… ” He pointed to the wall, and on command, the walls moved to reveal 20 different suitcases, all numbered accordingly. “ LOOKING GOOD!


These were designed for you based on your quirk registration forms, and the requests you sent in before school started.


Everyone in the class cheered, besides Riemi, who just sighed. She hadn’t expected to have to wear her costume so early.


And it’s so showy…I don’t want to show off all of my scars so early.


Get yourselves suited up, and then meet me at Training Ground Beta!


Yes Sir! ” The class chanted, everyone standing up and bolting towards the suitcases.


Riemi, Katsuki, Izuku, Ponytail, and Invisi all got to their shelves, grabbing their respective suitcases.


“Ah! I can’t...quite...reach it!” Invisi whined, trying to grab hers, which was on top.


Riemi jumped up to the top, picking it up and handing it down. “Here ya go, Invisi.”


“Oh! Thanks, Riemisho!”


Riemi nodded, grabbing her own suitcase and taking it out of the classroom, going down to the changing rooms.


Once down there, she opened her suitcase, looking at her costume.


It was just how she had decided to color it; mostly black, but with a crimson trim around the ends of the fabric. A top, with minimal sleeves, a high neck, and a loose bottom. And long shorts, bunched up at the mid-thigh so that if she went upside-down, it didn’t fall all the way.


Groaning quietly, Riemi began to undress.


Then, as she was just in her bra and underwear, someone poked the large burn on her side.


Ashido, of fucking course. “How’d ya get that one?”


Riemi couldn’t get too angry at the alien, she was way too cute to do that. But she did slap her hand away, hitting her only with her palm since her gloves were off. 


“I’m not answering any questions about my scars, okay?” She glared down at her, before turning back to her suitcase and tugging her shirt on.


Ashido just went back to her own suit.


After getting her legs out of the leg holes, Riemi grabbed the silver belt and opened it, making sure it was filled with the bandages she requested.


Yep, all there.


Snapping it onto her waist, she grabbed her shorts and pulled them on, struggling to pull them over her calves.


Then, she pulled on her new gloves, ones that had her entire fingers uncovered. They went just past her wrists, and ended in a crimson strap.


Riemi grabbed the two hair-ties in the case, splitting her hair down the middle and making pigtails towards the back of her head. She followed it by taking her blood-red headband and pushed it in place, so none of her hair was in her face.


This is it, my suit.


She put her suitcase in her locket, shutting it and walking in front of the mirror.


It...honestly wasn’t that bad. The crimson matched Riemi’s eyes perfectly. The tank top reached down far enough so that no one could see anything while it was on.


If only I had some damn shoes.


Riemi jogged out of the changing room, staying in the grass as she made her way to Training Ground Beta so her feet wouldn’t get hurt on the way.


One of the boys, Tail Dude, called out to her. “Why are you walking in the grass?” He asked, and she closed her front eyes so she could look at him with her other eyes.


“I can’t have shoes with my costume, and the concrete’s freaking hot.” She held up a foot to show, which already had blades of grass sticking to it. He just nodded.


A bunch of other students were coming out, and Riemi began to talk to Kirishima, Kaminari, and Sero, joking around while theorizing what they would be doing.


When they finally reached Training Ground Beta, Riemi had to walk on the burning concrete and was constantly bouncing from foot to foot. 


Thankfully, the entrance was shaded, so she could walk normally.


She ended up being around the middle of the group, being forced onto the edge. She straightened her back, spread her spider legs to look more intimidating, and clenched her fists.


Time to impress All Might!


They say that clothes make the pros, young ladies and gentlemen, and Behold! You are the proof!


Riemi scanned her classmates, seeing their different costumes.


The giant armor suit must be Iida, only he’d wear that much protection. And that’s Froggy, wearing the green wetsuit. And damn Katsuki, are those grenades on your arms? You show off. Oh! Pink Cheeks! That’s...that’s a skin-tight outfit. Shows off your curves, but... it doesn't quite fit your aesthetic.


Take this to heart! From now on, you are all...HEROES IN TRAINING! ” 


The spider girl looked at the teacher, who still had his signature fearless smile on his face. 


All of the students formed a half-circle around him. Riemi felt different emotions rolling off of them. Some were scared, others were confident, and a few were excited.


YOU LOOK SO COOL ! ” The teacher shouted. “ Now, shall we get started, ya’ bunch of newbies?


Riemi heard footsteps behind her, and turned her head just enough to look back at whoever was running late.


Izuku, wear a...a…


A bunny costume?


What the hell is that?


Pink Cheeks began talking to him, so Riemi turned her head around and looked at the students around her, taking in their costumes.


All Might told the students to get into two rows, back to back. So, the students complied, making poorly made rows. Riemi kept to the side so that Sero, who stood behind her, could still see.


Alright, it’s time for Combat Training. ” The #1 Hero said, standing in front of them with his hands on his hips.


“SIR.” Iida called out, raising his hand. “This is the fake city from the entrance exam, does that mean we’ll be conducting urban battles again?”


Not quite! I’m gonna move you two steps ahead! ” He held up two fingers. “ The majority of the villain fights you see happen outside. However, statistically speaking, run-ins with the more dastardly evildoers take place indoors. Think about it; backroom deals, home invasions, secret underground lairs. Truly intelligent villains stay hidden in the shadows.


For this training exercise, you’ll be split up into teams of good guys and bad guys, and fight two-on-two indoor battles.


“Isn’t this a little advanced?” Froggy asked the teacher.


The best training is what you get on the battlefield! But remember, you can’t just punch a robot this time, you’re dealing with actual people now.


“Sir, will you be deciding who wins?” Ponytail questioned.


“How much can we hurt the other team?” Fuck off, Katsuki.


“Do we have to worry about the losers getting expelled like earlier?” Pink Cheeks seemed a little nervous.


Iida raised his hand again. “Will you be teaming us up based on chance or comparative skill?”


“Isn’t this cape crazy?” Belly Beam was showing off his gorgeous purple cape.


Err, I wasn’t...finished talking! ” All Might grumbled, as Izuku tried to shut everyone up. The teacher pulled out a sheet of paper, to read off of.


Why is he even a teacher?


Listen up! ” He began to explain the battlefield they would be working with, all it’s five stories, bombs, and crap.


That’s a really generic backstory, and highly implausible. Who’d keep a bomb somewhere in a normal building? It’d be best to keep something like that in a secure place, probably underground. That would risk the entire hideout, and normally, bombs are small.


We’ll choose teams by drawing lots! ” All Might held out a yellow box, with the word ‘Lots’ written on it.


“Isn’t there a better way?” Iida asked him.


Izuku answered. “Think about it! Pros often have to team up with heroes from different agencies on the spot, so maybe that’s the reason we’re seeing that here!”


“Yes, I see.” Iida looked back towards their teacher. “Life’s a random series of events. Excuse my rudeness.”


All Might turned around, for some reason. “ No sweat! Now, let’s draw!


He began to call each student up, telling them to grab a lot from the box and read the letter on the back.


When Riemi got hers, she hoped for Team D, since that’s what Katsuki got.


Nope. “I got C.” She said aloud, and looked for her teammate. Ah, Ponytail. She’s nice.


She smiled at Ponytail, walking over to her. “Glad I got you as a partner, Ponytail!”


“Nice to be working with you too, Riemisho. And it’s Yaoyorozu.” Ponytail replied.


Riemi nodded. “Alright then, call me Riemi.”


Looking back towards the front, the two tall girls watched as All Might dug into the boxes that just seemed to appear.


I declare that the first teams to fight will be… ” He pulled out two balls, one from each box. “ THESE GUYS!


Villain Team D, verus Hero Team A, Riemi thought, as the teams got situated. Damn, I’m not going against Katsu or Izuku. But, it seemed to work out. Katsuki can easily play a villain’s role, since he’s such an ass now. And Izu and Pink Cheeks are perfect heroes! Iida being a villain is a bit of a stretch, but I think it’ll work.


Riemi followed Ponytail towards the room they were going to watch the fights in, tingling with excitement. This is going to be so cool! Katsuki vs Izuku, now apparent ‘rivals’, going up against each other on the second day of school! Oh, I doubt the building’s going to survive this!




And the battle was, as Riemi had expected, quite a show.


Though she couldn’t hear anything, she knew that some arguments were had. Especially since Katsuki was still wrapping his head around Izuku having a quirk.


Izuku had easily caught Katsu’s first right hook. Katsu always started with a right hook, he had since they were five.


They seemed to be talking a lot, and even Kiri brought up that he wanted to hear it. So did Riemi, since she was so used to hearing everything.


Izu can’t rely on his quirk, since it breaks his body so quickly. But, he’s up against Katsuki, so he knows most of his moves. And, Izuku has been keeping notes on heroes since he found out he was quirkless. I even helped him fill out the page about me, back when we were little. With that little roll of capture tape, he should be able to gain a quick advantage. But even with that, Katsu’s a handful. Where he lacks in skill, he has enormous strength and speed.


She smiled as the two boys met up again. C’mon, get to the real fighting! Like when we were kids!


Katsu raised his gauntlet, yammering on about how awesome it was or something. Riemi’s eyes widened, and she took a step forward so she could see better.


Then, another voice caught her attention.


Young Bakugo! Don’t do it! ” All Might shouted, into his microchip on his ear. “ You’ll kill him!


No, that won’t kill Izuku. Nothing Katsuki could do would kill Izuku. But it could seriously hurt Izu… Riemi clenched her fists, digging her nails into the soft leather of her gloves. Damnit! I wanted to see Katsuki go all out, but not like this!


The explosion ripped out, destroying the hallway that Katsuki and Izuku stood in. A few students in the room freaked out, and Riemi backed up to where she was before.


Izu couldn’t have dodged, unless he jumped towards the ceiling and was able to stick. But he can’t. So either he got flown out of the building...or he had another trick up his sleeve. Maybe he can dodge with his new quirk.


Yet there was a third option that reigned true. Izuku had jumped out of the way, into the next hallway, with minimal injury. 


That explosion...Katsuki can fire off a second one. And with this rivalry between them now, he’s probably going to, unless All Might stops this.


“All Might.” Riemi walked over to him, getting his attention. “You can’t let Katsu fire off another blast like that. It’s too open; even if Izuku could dodge, he’d still get hurt. And if he gets hurt, then using his quirk would be even more dangerous.”


All Might stared at her for a second, most likely confused on why she was using their first names. “ I won’t. ” He lifted his finger to the chip in his ear, activating it. “ Bakugo! Use that stored up power again and I’ll stop this fight. Your team will lose.


To apply such a strong attack indoors is damaging the stronghold you should be protecting. That’s a poor strategy, whether you’re a hero or a villain. The penalty would mean a massive loss of points.


Riemi watched as Katsuki contemplated his options. He seemed pissed. 


He just wants Izuku to use his quirk. I know, because I’d do the same thing. Go all out and force him to use it. But Katsu’s a hothead, he doesn’t care how much Izuku get hurt along the way. What’s happened? I need to get to the bottom of this. I need to finally talk to Izuku and make him talk about Katsuki, if only for a better reason to want to fight him.


The fight continued, with Katsuki blowing an attack at Izu’s back. One that got a crowd reaction again.


Even Peppermint spoke up, but she didn’t listen to what he had to say.


Everyone’s just complimenting Katsuki. No one cares about how strong Izuku is! He hasn’t even used his quirk yet, and he’s taking such hard hits with his measly cloth outfit!


Everyone continued to discuss it, while Riemi crossed her arms and watched. 


What’s your plan, Izuku Midoriya? How are you going to beat our old explosive friend? Because I know you’re going to. I just have no idea how.


The two jumped at each other, and Riemi saw the bits of light coming from Izuku’s arm.


“Sir! They’re gonna kill each other!” Kiri shouted.


After a moment’s hesitation, All Might yelled, “ BOTH OF YOU, STOP!


“It’s too late.” Riemi muttered, smiling up at the fight. Ponytail looked at her, a bit confused. 


“How’s it too late?” She asked.


“Easy. This is all going along Izuku’s plan.”


As the two boys hit each other, Riemi pointed to the screen with Pink Cheeks and Iida. “Izuku’s making debree, for Pink Cheeks to use to distract Iida, so she can get the weapon. It’s risky, dangerous, and stupid, but it’s the only way the heroes could win the fight.”


And, sure enough, when the clock ran out, All Might shouted.


The hero team...WINS!


The match ended, and Riemi stared at the ground as everyone reacted, and the students in the building were taken to the nurse.


I wanted to go against Katsuki, really bad. But maybe Shinso was right, maybe he could have killed me.


She remembered something, from when they were kids.




It was a normal Saturday, the day were Mai would always go and visit her cousin and best friend.


Her quirk had finally fully developed, after a few nights of missing school due to the immense pain in had brought her, and now she could show off to her strong cousin.


The car stopped right in front of an apartment building, were a tall blonde woman and two little boys, one green haired and one blonde, waited.


Mai unbuckled and pushed her car door open, running outside to show her newfound powers to her friends.


“Katsu-Chan! Izu-Chan!” She shouted, stretching her legs out. “My quirk finally came! Isn’t it cool?”


Both boys’ eyes widened, and, laughing, they ran up to her. “Woah, that’s so awesome, Mai-Chan!” Izuku said, reaching out and touching one of her legs. “Did it hurt?”


“Yep! But I’m strong!” She moved her hair back, showing the small eyes on the side of her head. “I even got cool new eyes! It hurts when I try to see, but they’re still cool!”


Katsuki grinned, one of his happiest smiles that he saved for the two. “Your quirk is cool, Mai! But I bet I can still beat you!”


Mai grinned back at him, matching his smile. She looked at her parents, and her aunt. “I could easily beat you, Katsu-Chan!”


“What about me and Izu-Chan?” Katsu put his arm around Izuku, the shorter boy’s eyes lighting up. Mai nodded, dragging the two into the nearby grass.


When they reached the grass, she threw them onto the ground and began to viciously tickle them, laughing when they squirmed under her. “Oh, can you beat me, Katsu-Chan? Really? Even with Izuku?”


Katsu tried to use his explosions, but he was laughing too hard. “S-Stop, Mai-Chan! Y-Y-You win! You’re stronger!”--




Katsuki, Pink Cheeks, and Iida stood before the rest of the class, waiting for the results.


When All Might said that Iida was the MVP, everyone was shocked. 


Riemi didn’t care about the results, just got into a dramatic staring contest with Katsuki. Even when Ponytail began to recap the battle, she just held eye contact with him, until he looked away.


I win again! :)


She finally looked at the other two students up front. Pink Cheeks looked embarrassed, but Iida looked so damn happy from Ponytail’s words.


Ya, well, it’s true. He was the only one with a half-decent plan. Good job, Iida.


The second match started, and it wasn’t Riemi’s turn yet. So, even though she wanted to see what Peppermint was capable of, she went to find Katsuki.


“Good job, Katsu.” She said, quietly and happily as she stood at his side. “You’re really gotten stronger since we were kids.”


“Shut up.” 


So, she watched the match in silence.


Peppermint’s sure showing off his mint side. Good for me, since my biggest fear is fire. Glad I didn’t have to go against him!


She was shivering in the cold, her knees getting weak, but she held herself up, as to not seem as weak as she really was.


Peppermint got in on recommendations, just like Ponytail. So of course he’s badass. And I bet that one attack wasn’t even a fourth of his power. He’s going to be a tough one to beat, if I even have a chance to. 


The review went by quicking, and the next battle started. 


Again, quickling and boring.


Then, it was Riemi and Ponytail’s turn. Team C vs. Team G.


The two girls carried the decoy bomb to the third floor, trying to figure out a plan.


“Jiro can hear sound, and Kaminari can shoot electricity.” Riemi said, setting the bomb down. “You create stuff, right? Can you block the door after I leave? Oh, and can I have your capture tape? I may need it.”


Ponytail tilted her hair as she handed over the tape. “What’s your plan, Riemi?”


“You stay here and protect the bomb. My apologies, but I’ll be taking the reins on this battle.” She pointed down. “Even if Jiro can hear me, I’ll be able to hear them. I’ll web Kami up, wrap him in capture tape, then do the same with Jiro. You cool with that?”


Ponytail nodded. “If you fail, I’ll defend the bomb as best I can. But I know you won’t. Good luck, Riemisho.”


“You too, Ponytail.” She turned around, leaving the room and jumping onto the ceiling, going back to the first floor to wait for the two ‘heroes’. 


Of course, Kaminari was first. He seemed to be trying to move stealthily, but Riemi moved right above him. Shooting a bunch of webs from her upper arm to his leg, she launched him up and wrapped him in capture tape, just like Aizawa had done to her when she trained with him.


“Sorry Kaminari, but I’ve got some people to impress.” She grinned, setting him down on the ground and letting her web leave her arm, ignoring the dull pain and blood as she stuck the web to the wall, using yet another web. Then, bouncing back onto the ceiling, she looked for Jiro.


Pressing her comm button, she whispered, “I got Kaminari. Just Jiro left. All good there?”


“All good, no way that she could get past my barricade. Good job.”


“You too.” She continued to crawl, trying not to let her blood drip onto the ground. 


Jiro was still near the entrance, slightly confused. She looked up, seeing Riemi nearby. Using her quirk, she blasted a shit ton of sound at her.


Wincing at the noise, she waited for a break to run forward and shoot a web, hitting her earlobe things and tying them up.


Riemi jumped down, crushing Jiro to the ground and wrapping her up in tape.


“Sorry, Jiro!” She called out, getting off of her and holding the new wound on her arm. 


Villain Team WINNS!


Riemi smiled, opening her belt and wrapping her wounds in bandages. The medic androids walked up to her, telling her to head to Recovery Girl. She nodded, still wrapping up her arms.


Recovery Girl had a make-shift office nearby, where she just kissed Riemi’s worst wound and smiled.


“I’m sure Aizawa’ll get a bit worried when he sees this.” She said quietly, grabbing a small spray bottle. “Here, this’ll make cuts heal quicker. Keep it in your suit. You quirk hurts you, similar to Midoriya, but yours, at least, can be healed quickly.”


“Thanks, Recovery Girl!” She waved goodbye, going back to the observation room.


Ponytail, Jiro, and Kaminari were already there. Kami was grinning, and patted Riemi’s back. “Your quirk is so cool, Riemi!”


“You did a good job, Riemi.” Ponytail complimented, nodding her head.


Riemi laughed. “Ya, but I wish I could have made a plan were you did more. Kinda felt like I just pushed you to the side. Sorry.”


“No problem.”


Riemi stood next to her, making her back straight as she was judged among her peers.


The MVP of this match is Riemisho! ” All Might announced, making her smile. “ Does anyone know why?


It took a minute for anyone to raise their hands, since Ponytail usually answered. But, surprisingly, the first person was Kirishima.


“Riemi was able to take down both heroes in only five minutes, without being seen until her attack!” He said cheerfully. “While her plan didn’t involve her teammate, she wasn’t too cocky about her power and accepted the fact that she could make a mistake. But she didn’t, and she kicked the other team’s butt!”


All Might nodded. “ Yes, unlike some others, she was able to accept that she could have screwed up. So she told Yaoyorozu to keep an eye out for the heroes, in case Riemisho failed. That’s the making of a true hero! Now then, the last two teams, let’s go!


The last two teams went up, and it went by. Not very exciting, but all of the thunder had been taken by Katsuki and Izuku. 


One they finished scoring up the last team, all of the students met in front of the entrance to the grounds, with Riemi finally deciding to make a thin barrier of webs between the hot ground and her poor bare feet.


That’s a wrap! ” All Might shouted, blowing a whistle. “ You really stepped up to the plate. And we didn’t have any major injuries, besides for Midoriya. You should be proud, excellent first day of training, all around!


Froggy replied to him. “It’s nice to hear some encouraging words after our homeroom class. Mr. Aizawa was kind of a buzzkill.”


A bunch of the students nodded, but Riemi just shook her head.


No, he’s just a tired, strict man who needs more coffee in his life. And maybe another cat.


All Might stretched his arms out wide. “ I’m happy to bring such staggering words of positivity to my students! That’s all for now, folks! I should go check on Young Midoriya’s progress. Now, watch as a pro exits, like he’s got SOMEWHERE TO BE!


He sprinted off, towards the school. Everyone awed once again, and commented before leaving.


Riemi was the first one to leave, already being used to being around pro-heroes. She took away the webs and began to run, her feet patting against the concrete.


Izuku’s probably still asleep, so I can’t visit him yet. But I’ll have to visit Recovery Girl, before leaving today. I want to make sure he’s okay.

Chapter Text

The afternoon classes were a bit boring, just learning about Hero Laws and the History of Heroes and that crap.


Aizawa was the teacher for those classes, and of course, he noticed the bandages that were on Riemi’s hand, since she didn’t have her glove on.


He just glared at her, so she met his glare with a cheerful smile, mouthing ‘Just a scratch’ and sitting down, behind the empty desk.


School ended, but the entire class waited for Izuku to return, besides Katsuki and Riemi.


They walked down together, not talking. Riemi just grabbed her school bag and waved at him.


“See you tomorrow, Katsuki. Don’t feel too bad about losing today, you still kicked ass!” She kept her tone optimistic, even though she knew he’d just brush it off.


So she jogged down the path, finding Shinso, who waited at the gate. 


“You fight your cousin today?” He asked, looking up and seeing Katsu sulking as he left the building.


“Nope!” Riemi smiled, grabbing the strap of her bag. “But I still won my competition thingy in hero training.”


Shinso looked at her bare hand. “How badly did you get hurt?”


“Oh, just a scratch. Recovery Girl healed the worst of it, on my upper arm. But I’ll be fine.”


The purple haired boy sighed, looking towards the street. “My dad’s already here. Want a ride home? He knows where you live already.”


“Nah, it’s fine. I’ll take the train.” She waved at him, as he went to his car. “See you tomorrow, Shin!”


“See ya, Rem.”


As Shinso got into his car, Riemi heard hurried footsteps from the school. So, she did the smart thing and turned around, peering from behind the gate to see what was going on.


Katsuki was almost at the gate, and glared at her when he noticed her standing there. She just pointed to behind him, where Izuku was running up to catch up to him.


“Kacchan! Riemi!”


Huh? Me, too?


Riemi walked around from the gate, leaning on the other side with her arms dangling beside her.


“Kacchan, wait up!”


Katsuki stopped, and turned around slightly.


“WHAT?” He asked, in a scary tone of voice. Riemi ambled closer, her arms still swinging at her sides.


Izuku stopped running, looking from Katsuki to Riemi. 


“I have to tell you something. Both of you.”


Riemi was now were Katsuki was, her hair blowing back in the slight wind. “So you do remember me, huh?”


“A...a little.” Izuku’s voice was so soft. “ were there when we were kids. With Kacchan’s friends. You were the one that dragged me along, who kept the others from picking on me, correct?”


Riemi nodded, smiling a bit. “Exactly.”


“Well, I still need to tell you this. Since...since you both know I was quirkless.” His head fell a bit, making Riemi’s smile disappeared. She hated seeing him sad, that’s why she made it her duty as a kid to make him smile.


“Maybe then, you’ll understand what’s been going on.” 


He squeezed his eyes shut. “I wasn’t hiding my quirk from you two, it was given to me by someone else. But-but I can’t tell you who I got it from, so don’t ask!”


His voice fell again, but he lifted his head up. “It sounds crazy, I know. It sounds like something out of a comic book.’s real. The thing is, I don’t have any control over this power yet. I haven’t figured out how to make it my own. But I’m trying.


“That’s why...I didn’t want to use it against you in the exercise, Kacchan. But in the end, it was the only way I had a chance at winning!”


Katsuki got angrier and angrier as Izu spoke, so Riemi put a hand on his shoulder, to try and calm him down. 


“I still got a lot to learn. I know that! That’s why I’m here, following the dream we made as kids!” He put his arm on his sling. “You see…I’ll work until I have full control of this borrowed quirk. And I’ll finally beat both of you, with my own power!”


Riemi’s eyes widened, her hand on Katsuki’s shoulder falling.


A...borrowed quirk? That’s not how quirks work. But, it would explain how he finally got his. And why is he tying me up in all this? His rival’s Katsuki, I’m just his friend who abandoned him when he needed me. A friend, who he can barely remember. He even called me Riemi, even though I’ve probably called him Izuku out loud to him.


Izuku’s eyes widened, until they took up half his face. That must mean he was regretting he said. But what part?


“How dumb do you thing we are?” Katsuki growled, fully turning around. Riemi tried to stop him, but she couldn’t. “Borrowed power? Don’t talk to me like I’m an idiot. You already made a fool out of me during that damn training exercise. So,” his voice got louder, so loud that Riemi plugged her ears. “Did you come here to rub it in? I lost, and to make matters worse, it was to you! I came in first in the exam, but that wasn’t enough!


“When I was watching that ice guy, I realized that I couldn’t beat him in a head to head fight! CRAAP! I even agreed with what that girl said! MY ATTACK WAS SO STUPID!”


He began to chant ‘damnit’, getting louder and louder until Riemi just finally punched him in the back.


“Look, ya explosive damn dandelion,” she started, looking back Izuku for a second. “You fucked up. You really did. But you just gotta let go of some of your pride and grow up! I expected you to do that when we were kids!”


She pointed at Izuku, looking up at him. “As for you, Izu, I don’t know about your quirk. If it was passed down, or if you’re just covering for a quirk you couldn’t use as a kid. But I will get to the bottom of it.”


Katsuki bent back up, some of his anger gone.


“Enjoy that win, Deku!” Riemi noticed tears falling down his face as he shouted. “Because I’m just getting started! Got that? I’m gonna end up the number one hero, no matter what!”


Katsuki turned around, wiping his eyes and walking away. Riemi stood still, looking from Katsuki to Izuku. 


This is a bit bigger than I expected. They clearly didn’t get along after I left. Was I really protecting Izu that much? It never felt like it, I was just doing what would make Mom, Dad, and my aunts happy.


“Uh…” Riemi gave Izuku a wave. “I guess...well, I may not be nearly as strong as Katsuki, but I won’t lose to you in a fight, not easily at least. I’ve got my own secrets up my sleeve, my own training. We were once friends friends, Izuku, but I’m still stronger.” She winked, turning away. “And I will call myself stronger than you, until me beat either me or Katsu. Or if I figure out your secret, and just how strong you can be.”


She turned to follow Katsu, catching up just enough so she was a few feet behind him, when she heard a familiar voice.


There you are!


All Might ran up, grabbing Riemi’s shoulder in one hand, and Katsu’s in his other. Riemi flinched, taking a few steps away from him.


Bakugo! Riemisho! I found you! ” He shouted, ignoring the fact that he no longer had a grip on the girl he had been searching for.


He began to ramble on about pride, obviously towards Katsuki. So Riemi took a few more steps away, knowing that her cousin could blow up at any second.


“Let go of me, All Might. Right now.” There it was, the boom.


He looked back at the pro. “Save your speeches. I’ll be better that you, even without your help.”


Katsuki must of used a death glare, since it made All Might let go and back up. Riemi figured she could leave now, so she jogged off to the station so she didn’t miss the next train.



“Where are we going, Izu-Chan?” Mai asked, following the green-haired boy to their favorite part of the park. “And why can’t we bring Katsu?”


Izuku was holding her hand, like he usually did when he was nervous. He had seemed nervous a lot lately, since he hadn’t developed his quirk yet. Sure, Katsuki and his friends had picked on him, but Riemi would stop them before anything bad could happen. 


Izu sat down on an old log. Mai sat next to him, crossing her human legs and keeping a hand on Izu’s shoulder.


“Mai-Chan...I’m...I’m quirkless!” He shouted, beginning to cry. He threw himself at Mai, crying into her chest. She hugged him immediately, petting his hair and rubbing his back, like her mother and aunts did to her when she was sad.


“Hey, it’s okay, Izu-Chan!” She said cheerfully, letting him cry on her All Might shirt. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a quirk, you’re still amazing!”


“B-But I-I-I won’t ever be as strong as you and Kacchan!” He sobbed, lifting his head up to look at her. “W-We won’t be a- we won’t be heroes together!”


“Who says we can’t?” She smiled at him, letting him go and forcing his lips into a smile. “You can still be a hero! Katsu-Chan and I will help you, no matter what! So keep smiling!”


Izuku tried to smile, even as he sobbed. He eventually failed, falling back onto Mai’s chest to cry. She rubbed his back again, setting her head on his.


“It’s okay, Izu…” She whispered, her hands sticking to his shirt. “Does Katsu-Chan already know?”


He nodded. “H-He called me a deku!”


Mai growled, hugging him tighter. “I’ll talk to him. Did his friends call you that, too?”


That time, he shook his head. 


“Good. Katsuki won’t call you that again, okay? And tell Aunt Mitsuki about. No, let’s go tell her together!” 


Izuku had mostly stopped crying, and looked at her. “ sure Kacchan won’t get angry?”


“If he gets angry, I’ll hit ‘im!”


The boy smiled a bit, and let his friend go. “Okay, let’s go.”


Hand in hand, they wandered back to the Bakugo apartment, talking about All Might the entire way.


When they reached the apartment, Mai pushed the door open and looked for her aunt.


She was in the kitchen, with Mai’s own mom and Auntie Inko, Izu’s mom. Like most Saturdays.


“Uh, Aunt Mitsu?” Mai asked, pulling Izuku behind her. “Izuku has something to tell you.”


“Oh? What’s wrong, kid?” The tall blonde knelt down, patting her son’s friend’s hair.


Izuku sniffled, squeezing Mai’s sticky hand. “K-Kacchan called me a deku, ‘cause I don’t have a quirk.”


A controlled rage filled Mitsuki’s eyes, but she just sighed and stood up. “Oi, Katsuki! Get your butt down here!”


Mai looked over at her mom and Inko, both who looked disheartened. 


Katsuki walked down the stairs, noticing his cousin and friend in his living room. He looked angry, then frightened when he noticed his mom. 


Sprinting, he ran down the stairs and pulled Izuku into a hug, crying. “I’m sorry, Izu-Chan! I-I didn’t mean what I said, I really didn’t! I-I-I was just angry, that we all couldn’t be heroes together!”


Izuku began to cry too, squeezing Katsu back. They stayed like that for a few minutes, before Katsu pushed Izuku away, and turned to Mai, and his eyes were still wet.


“I-I’m sorry, Mai-Chan!” He hugged her too, and she wrapped him up with her legs too.


“Don’t call him that again, okay? Be nice.” She commanded, patting his head since she was a bit taller than him. “You’re no better than Izu-Chan, no better than me.” 






Riemi sat at her desk, finishing her English homework with time to spare.


Those days were great. Back when Mom and Dad were alive, I was still in contact with those two, and I could still visit Aunt Mitsuki, Auntie Inko, and Uncle Masaru.


With her extra time, she began to lift one of her hand weights and listen to music on her phone. The first song was, of course, the Spider-Man theme song.


Spider-Man was the absolute best hero in the entire fucking world. He was no older than she was, yet, he was such a popular person. So popular that he had an entire song, in a 1940’s style.


And, he was the only person Riemi knew that had a similar quirk to her. So he was instantly #1. Closely followed by Aizawa and Yamada, then All Might behind them.


So, ya, he’s the best.


With the weight in her left hand, she began to sketch.


She was actually pretty good at drawing, it was pretty realistic. She drew a bunch of the people she met, including some of the kids that lived on the streets with her. 


This time, she tried to draw kid Katsu and kid Izuku from one of her pictures she had on her wall.


What I would give to be a kid again, back before shit hit the fan. Back before the fire, the kidnappers, those gangs…


She glanced over at the clock. Oh, shit, it’s nine. I should go to bed.


Setting her weight down and setting her papers down, she ran off to the bathroom to take a shower and to brush her teeth.


Her pajamas was just an everyday short sleeve shirt and basketball shorts, so it was cool enough to fall asleep.


And, for once, she fell asleep rather quickly.




Oh, this is my old house. The green carpet, tan furniture. The pictures of everyone...just like I remembered it.


Wait, that’s...that’s Katsu, a-a-a-a-nd Izu, Aunt Mitsuki, everyone! Even...even Sae and her parents. Why are they here?


Huh? W-who knocked on the door?


So, Mom’s opening the door, okay...okay fine, probably just some pizza guy.


Oh, nope. Why the fuck is Aizawa and Yamada here? And why is Shinso aged up? Shit, I-I-I don’t like this.


No, no just...just wake up! Wake up! This…this is going to be scary! Wake up, Mai, wake up!


I-I can’t move. No, I can’t wake up. No, please, please no…


I can already feel it. The...the heat. please…


“Get out of here!” I screamed, but they didn’t listen. They just...stood there, as the fire began to start.


No, not fire. Please no fire.


No...No! I can feel it, just stop! I don’t care!


Just stop the fire…




I can hear their screams…


So, so loud…


“Mai!” Someone said, above the screams. Above the fire. “Hey, wake up kid!”




“Kid, wake up!” A familiar voice, one that was not screaming.


Riemi bolted up, still feeling the fire on her skin. Tears filled her eyes, whimpering as she tried to brush out the imaginary flames.


The person grabbed her hands, rubbing the backs with their thumbs. “Hey, kid, it’s me. Shota Aizawa. Okay? Just breathe. In and out.”


She fell onto his shoulder, tearing her hands out of his and hugging him, trying to breathe through sobs.


Aizawa began to rub her back, telling her to breathe, and that she was fine. Nothing was hurting her, she was in her bed, in her apartment, where she lived with him and Yamada. 


Eventually, she stopped crying, but stayed there as she steadied her breathing. Once it was stable, Aizawa carefully pushed her away, rubbing her shoulders.


“Nightmare?” She nodded. “It’s okay, Hizashi and I get them too. You want to talk about it? Or I can go make you some hot chocolate if you’d like.”


Riemi wiped her eyes, nodding again. “I-If y-y-you don’t m-mind.”


“It’s find, kid.” He stood up, lifting her up with him. “I know what it’s like. Just go sit on the couch, turn on something if you’d like. Hizashi’s home, but he sleeps like a rock, so don’t worry about waking him up.”


Riemi nodded, now somehow in the living room. She walked over to the couch, sitting down and curling up with a pillow, crying a little into it.


I can still feel the fire, still...hear the screams. My burn hurts, it all hurts…


She began to bite her lip, and dug her nails into her palm. 


No, nonononono, stop. You’re fine, you’re at your new house. N-no fire, no one trying to kill me in my sleep. Just me, Aizawa, Yamada, and the cats. Sushi, Riceball, and Apple. Aizawa’s making you hot chocolate. Calm down, just breathe. Focus on something else.


Looking up from the pillow, she saw Sushi standing on the coffee table, staring at her. Clenching her fists, she raised her hand and held it out, letting the cat rub against it.


See, Sushi is soft. Focus on Sushi. Sushi, good cat. Goofy cat. Better cat than Riceball. Soft Sushi. Nice Sushi. 


She picked the cat up, moving the pillow and setting the cat on her lap. The cat stayed, curling up on her lap as she stroked their fur with the back of her hand.


Calm Sushi. Gentle Sushi. 


Aizawa soon came to the couch, handing her a mug of hot chocolate. He sat next to her, petting the cat as well. 


Riemi sipped her drink, the warm liquid feeling great. She kept petting the cat, still a bit angsty.


“You wanna talk about it, Mai?” Aizawa asked, taking a drink of his drink. She shook her head.


“N...not really. Sorry for waking you up.”


He put a hand on her shoulder. “Hey, it’s okay. Nightmares are a hell of a thing. You can talk to me or Hizashi if you ever need to, we’ll understand. And if you have to miss a day of classes, you can. You have a shitty past, we aren’t going to force you to have to suffer with it while at school.”


Riemi nodded, rubbing her eyes. “It’s just...I...I was back home, be-before my parents died. And...and everyone was there. Mom, Dad, Aunt Mitsuki, Uncle Masaru, Auntie Inko, Izuku, Katsu...Sae, her parents...even you, Yamada, and Shin. And...and then...the...the fire started. Everyone...everyone was screaming. I-I-I couldn’t d-d-do an-nything.”


She began to cry again, viciously wiping her eyes. Aizawa patted her shoulder, letting her cry once again. She set her drink on the table, moving the cat off and bringing her knees up.


“It’s okay, kid. Just breathe, you can cry all you need.” He patted her back, comforting her the best he could.


She calmed down again, letting her legs fall back onto the ground. She took another drink of her now warm chocolate drink, closing her eyes and wiping them. 




“Y-ya, I think so…”


She chugged the rest of her drink, wiping her mouth on her shirt. “I...I’m going back to bed.”


“If you can’t go to school tomorrow, just text me. I’ll call you in.” Aizawa ruffled her hair a bit. “Try and get some sleep. Wake me up if you need anything.”


“Okay.” She smiled a little, bending down to pick up Sushi. “I’m taking this with me, though.”


Aizawa laughed. “Just make sure your window screen’s up.”


Riemi walked back to her room, opening the door and shutting it with her spider legs. She set the cat on her bed, then climbing on herself and curling up, the cat near her stomach.


“You’re really soft, Sushi.” She whispered, scratching under his chin. “And really nice. Better than Riceball and Apple.”


The cat meowed, moving closer to the girl. Riemi noticed that she was relaxed enough that her hands weren’t sticking to the cat.


Talking to Aizawa must have really helped. I’ve never really had anyone to talk to, since everyone around me was facing the same things.


Closing her eyes, she kept petting the cat until she fell asleep.




She must have slept through her alarm, because when she saw her clock, it was twenty minutes past her normal alarm.


Shit! The train comes in fifteen minutes! I’m gonna miss it!


She bolted up, expertly dodging the still-sleeping cat and going to her closet, taking out her uniform which she had washed the other night, pulling it on quickly so she wouldn’t be late.


Once her uniform and gloves were on, she picked up Sushi and opened her door, setting the cat outside her door and sprinting towards the bathroom.


“Calm down!” Aizawa shouted, from the kitchen. She stopped, tilting her head towards him.


“Huh? W-why are you still here?”


Aizawa sipped his coffee. “Bunch of news reporters are surrounding the school, and they’re probably harassing the students on their way to school. So Hizashi and I are giving you a ride to school, unless you aren’t feeling up to it.”


“I’m fine, I can go to school.” Taking a deep breath, she walked into the kitchen to eat. “Good morning, Aizawa. Good morning, Yamada.”


“GOOD MORNING, MAI!” His shouting, for once, didn’t make her flinch as she just poured herself a bowl of cereal.


Even though she knew she had time, she quickly ate her breakfast and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Then she went to the bathroom to wash up and brush her hair.


Damn, those eyebags are serious. I hope no one comments on them.


Adjusting her hair so it covered her eyes perfectly, she smiled at her reflection.


Okay, ignore last night. It’s in the past, no one cares. Ya got another day to work on, it’s the third day of school. Wait, only the third day? That seems wrong, but I know it’s right. Guess the hero course is just that intense.


Taking a deep breath, she left to go grab her school bag.


With her school bag against her chest, she sat down on the couch and waited for the two adults to finish getting ready.


“Alright, listener, let’s go!” Yamada cheered, holding Aizawa’s hand as he opened the door. Riemi smiled and stood up, following them out the door.


Yamada had a car, an old one, that he kept underneath the building. He and Aizawa usually rode the earlier train, but since the reporters were hunting them down, it was the best chance they had.


Riemi climbed into the old reddish car, setting her bag besides her and buckling her seatbelt.


Yamada was the driver, with Aizawa riding shotgun. 


The girl stared out the window, having not ridden in a car since she was little. 


Everyone’s being harassed by these reporters, and I get a ride to school. Besides Shinso, who always gets a ride. Fuck you, Shinso. 


She watched as they drove through the city, and Riemi could see the news reporters patrolling the sidewalks. 


“Why are there so many?” She asked, turning to look at the back of the seat in front of her.


“They’re asking students what it’s like to have All Might as a teacher.” Aizawa leaned back in his seat, glaring at a reporter that looked through the window. “I figured it would happen. Him starting to teach at UA was a bad move.”


“But we needed an extra hand.” Yamada replied, turning around a corner. “The number one hero is someone we need at a school filled with future heroes.”


“All I’ve seen is more trouble for the students.”


They arrived at the school, parking behind the building. The three climbed out, Riemi grabbing her bag before she got out.


“Okay, Mai, go around the school and enter from the front.” Aizawa told her, patting her head. “If you’re not feeling good, just head down to Recovery Girl and stay there. I’ll pick you up before we leave.”


“Alright. Bye, Aizawa. Bye, Yamada.”


“See ya in class, kid.” Both men said, and Riemi jogged off to the front of the school.


At the gate, a bunch of students were being forced to talk to the reporters. She recognized Iida, but none of the others.


Just run, friends. Just run.


She opened the door, seeing most of the students that would mingle outside already inside.


“Riemi!” Riemi turned her head to see Kirishima running up to her, skidding to a stop. “I was worried when you didn’t take the train!”


She grinned. “Don’t worry, a friend gave me a ride. They didn’t want me taking the train ‘cause the reporters were harassing UA students.”


“Ya, they were asking me and Mina a lot of questions, but they were all about All Might.” Kiri rolled his eyes. “There are a lot of other cool heroes teaching here, why won’t they talk about them?”


“All Might’s the Number One hero, the symbol of peace.” Riemi walked over to her locker, tossing her stuff inside. “Of course they’re gonna want everything they can get on him. Just don’t give them too much information, they’ll have to leave eventually.”


Kiri opened his own locker, a few feet away from her own. “You look tired. Didn’t get much sleep?”


“Woke up at around midnight, fell asleep again at around two. And it wasn’t a very peaceful sleep at all. So, ya, I’m kinda tired.”


“Just don’t fall asleep in class, especially Aizawa-Sensei’s.”


Riemi laughed. “If I get in trouble for sleeping in his class, I’ma call him out for the hypocrite he is.”


Kiri laughed with her. “Alright, that’s a fair point.”


They walked up the stairs, talking about class. 


Until they ran into Katsuki.


“Hey, Bakugo!” Kirishima ran up to him, holding his hand up for a high-five, which was ignored.


“Mornin’, Katsuki.” Riemi waved, opening the door to their class.


“Dumbasses.” The blonde boy hissed, pushing past Riemi and sulking over to his desk.


Riemi rolled her eyes and dropped her stuff off on her desk, then sitting on Kirishima’s while she waited for Ashido, Sero, and Kaminari.


“Hey, you finish the English homework last night?” Kiri asked, looking up at her. Riemi nodded. “Cool! I didn’t, I’m terrible at English.”


“I’d offer to help, but I’m terrible at teaching.” She smiled, swinging her legs. “I’m serious, last time I tried to help someone, I ended up freezing the paper in ice.”


“How? You’re quirk has nothing to do with ice?”


“I don’t remember, all I remember was the cube of Geometry. And the kid I was helping had an ice quirk.”


Kiri laughed, looking over at Katsuki. “Geez, no wonder you two are family! That sounds like something Bakugo would do, isn’t it?”


“Don’t wrap me up with her.” Katsu growled, not looking up from his desk. Riemi sighed and jumped off the desk, patting Katsu’s hair as she walked to her own. 


“You’re so annoying, Katsuki.” She told him, resting her head on her desk. “You could be a bit nicer, ya know?”




She giggled, closing her eyes and resting her head on her arms. 


She rested until more students came in, even greeting her friends without lifting her head. Hey, she was tired, so she was going to rest up.


“Are you asleep?” Izuku asked. Oh, he must be here now.


She lifted her head a little, looking at him. “Yep. How many more minutes until class starts?”


“T-three. You should probably sit up, in case Aizawa-Sensei comes in early.”


Riemi just hid her face again, sighing and relaxing against the soft fabric of her jacket. “Can ya tell me when there’s a minute left, Izu?”




He still lets me call him Izu, even though he doesn’t remember me well. Hopefully, he’ll remember and start calling me Mai again. Damn, do I miss that.


After a bit, she was poked on the head. “It’s been two minutes. W-wake up.”


She quickly sat up, making him screech a little. Riemi rubbed her eyes and yawned, smoothing down her hair.




Riemi stared at the door, waiting for her teacher to come.


I hope he doesn’t send me to the nurse, I want to stay in class all day! 


Aizawa finally came into the class, dragging his sleeping bag behind him. He looked over the classroom, his eyes stopping at Riemi for a second before turning around. 


“Decent work on yesterday’s combat training, you guys. I saw the video feeds and went over each of your team’s results. Bakugo,” Aizawa looked over at the explodo boy, and Bakugo looked up at him. “You’re talented, so don’t sulk like a child about your loss, okay?”


“Yea, whatever.”


Heh, child. 


“And Midoriya.”


Izuku flinched, instantly taking his hands off his desk and putting them on his lap.


Aizawa looked at the paper on his pedestal. “I see the only way you won your match was by messing up your arm again. Work harder, and don’t give me the excuse that you don’t have control over your quirk. That line’s already getting old.”


Riemi wanted to comfort Izu, since he seemed to not take Aizawa’s words well. But, she stayed put, knowing he had to deal with it to get any better.


“You can’t keep breaking your body while training here. And your quirk will be really useful if you can get a handle on it.”


Izuku lit up, and she could feel his smile from behind him.


“So show a little urgency, huh?”




Aizawa nodded. “Alright, let’s get down to business. Our first task...will decide your future.”


Dramatic...spooky...just say it already Shota.


“You all need to pick a class representative.”


Ah, normal stuff.


Almost everyone jumped up, saying how they’d like to be class rep. 


I’d be a terrible leader, I have too short of fuse. So I’m not going to react, I’ll just act all cool. The only people I see as class rep worthy are Ponytail and Iida, maybe Kiri. Or, hell, Peppermint. Anyone else, and I’d have to disagree. But how will Aizawa choose? He doesn’t know most of the class very well. And I know he wouldn’t even consider me, ‘cause of last night. Can’t even deal with my stupid nightmares anymore.


Iida’s voice snapped her out of her darkening thoughts. “Silence! Everyone, please!” He shouted, making everyone shut up.


“The class representative's duty is to lead others, that’s not something just anyone can do. You must first have the trust of every student in the classroom. Therefore, the most logical way to fill this position is democratically. We will hold an election to choose our leader.”


Riemi smiled a bit. Well, then. That’s a bit easy. 


The students, of course, debated it, but Aizawa didn’t care. He just hid in his sleeping bag, once again.


Iida grabbed a bunch of notecards, telling his classmates to write their vote on the card and setting it, upside-down, on the pedestal.


“You can vote for yourself, but you can also vote for anyone else.” Iida explained, handing the cards to the front of each row to pass back.


Riemi grabbed the two cards from Izu, handing one back to Ponytail. Grabbing her pencil, she wrote the only name she could think of.


Iida. Iida, of course. He’s our best option.


Quickly standing up, she walked to the front and set down the card.


“You already choose?” Kiri asked, as she walked back. “That was quick.”


“I already know who’d be the best to lead us.” She shrugged.


Katsuki whispered something. “Cocky.”


She kicked him. “I didn’t vote for myself, like I know you are.”


He growled, and she growled back.


Sitting back down, Riemi rested her head on her desk and fiddled with her turtle eraser as the other students turned in their notecards.


I hope Iida gets it, he’s probably the best. Or Ponytail. The two of them would be unstoppable.


In a couple of minutes, all the notecards were up on the pedestal. Aizawa was forced to stand up, and he took all of the cards to count them up.


When he began to write down the results, everyone was on the edge of their seats, watching him.


As he wrote the last name, he moved out of the way, and they could all see the results.


Izuku Midoriya - 3


Momo Yaoyorozu - 2


Katsuki Bakugo - 1


Tenya Iida - 1


Shoto Todoroki - 1


Ejiro Kirishima - 1


Almost everyone had at least a point, besides Pink Cheeks, Raven, and Riemi.


No...Iida...he didn’t even vote for himself!


“HOW DID I GET THREE VOTES?” Izuku shouted.


Katsu stood up, stamming his fists hard on the table. “OKAY, YOU IDIOTS, WHO VOTED FOR HIM?!”


“What, did you honestly think anyone was going to vote for you?” Sero said, taking him down with his words.


Ponytail tapped Riemi’s shoulder. “Why didn’t you vote for yourself?” She asked softly.


“Heh, I’d be a terrible leader.” Riemi laughed to herself. “Just look at me, I’m usually half-asleep in class. But good job getting second place!”


The spider girl looked over at Iida, who seemed a bit shaken when he saw his one measly vote.


“ vote? I can’t argue with my own system, but…”


Poor Iida. I tried, friend. I tried.


Riemi looked back around the room, as Izuku and Ponytail were called to the front of the class.


“Alright, the class rep is Midoriya. The deputy is Yaoyorozu.”


Izuku was shaking in his shoes, but people complimented him, understanding that he could possibly be a good class rep.


Eh, I guess that’ll work.


The rest of the classes, before lunch at least, were fine. Peaceful, besides the small, consistent panic coming from the cinnamon roll in front of Riemi.


At lunch, Riemi got her protein-filled lunch and searched for Shinso, again finding him alone at a table.


She sat down across from him, greeting him and taking a bite of her lunch.


“Hey, Shin! How’s it goin’?”


He looked up, cracking a smile. “Hi, Rem. I didn’t see you this morning, were you being attacked by those reporters?”


She shook her head. “Nope, I got a ride with Shota and Hizashi. To protect me from those bastards, I guess.”


“Good on them.”


They continued to eat, munching on their food, when Kaminari came up to her.


“Hey, Riemi!” He called out, coming up besides her. “Wanna come sit with us? We’re seeing how quickly we can get Bakugo to blow up!”


Riemi snorted, nearly dropping her chopsticks when she covered her mouth. “I...I’m sorry, Kaminari, but I’m not in the mood to die today. I’ll sit with you guys tomorrow, alright?”


“Okay! See ya in class!”


He jogged off, and when he was gone, Shinso kicked her from under the table.


“Geez, you’re leaving me?” His tone was joking, but he seemed a little hurt.


“Sorry, but it’ll only be for tomorrow.” She kicked him back, making him choke on his rice. “We can talk after school, but I’m trying to make other friends.”


“I know, I know…” He looked back at his rice, waving her off. “Eat. You still have your hero crap later.”


Riemi sipped her water, holding the cup with her palms since her gloves were in her pocket. But, before she was able to continue eating, an alarm went off.


“Oh, what the hell is it now?” Shinso grumbled, looking at the bell that was ringing. 


“Warning. Level 3 Security Breach. All Students, please evacuate the building in an orderly fashion.”


The alarm continued to ring, but Riemi and Shinso bolted out of their seats, already running towards the doors along with the other students.


The hallway quickly got swarmed, and the two were getting separated. Over the heads of everyone else, Riemi grabbed Shinso’s shoulder, wrapping his arms in webs.


“Hold on, Shin!” She shot another web at the ceiling, pulling herself and Shin up, until they dangled from the ceiling.


Shinso was latched onto Riemi’s arm. “What the hell are you doing?”


“Grab onto my spider legs! And I’m getting to the front, so I can get the doors open!”


Shinso nodded, climbing up until he was on her back, his head almost scraping the ceiling as she carefully walked on her hands towards the door.


“It’s those fucking reporters!” Shinso shouted over the chaos below them. “They got past the barricade! Go back down, there’s no danger!”


Riemi sighed, looking under her to see if there was an opening to shoot onto. None, it was just a sea of students.


“I can’t, there’s too many people! We’re stuck.” She began to move back the way they came, trying to find any space for them to land.


Alone, this would be simple. But I can’t do my normal moves with Shinso on my back. I can’t let him get hurt, and I’m not used to this much weight. I could easily screw something up.


Might as well save whoever I can.


Riemi saw Kiri and Kaminari being taken by the wave of students. She shot a web a both of them, picking them up.


“Hey Kiri, Kami.” She said, looking down at them. They waved up, grinning.


Shit, that was a stupid move. I’m scared to move my hands, I could fall and hurt a bunch of people! Crap, what do I do?


Oh wait, the window sill! It’s thick enough for the four of us to sit on, we’ll be safe up there.


Very, very carefully, she moved a few feet closer, so her plan was less likely to fail.


“Kiri!” She looked down at him, swinging the leg he was dangling from. “When I swing you over, get onto the window sill! Then help Kaminari when I do the same to him!”


“Alright!” He seemed too cheery, so she kicked her leg out without giving him another second, throwing him at the window. Thankfully, he got on, and helped Kaminari when she swung him over. 


Sighing, she moved the rest of the way, pulling Shinso off her back and setting him next to the two other guys, and climbed up herself. 


She was breathing heavily, the weight of the other three a lot more than she was used to.


Damn, that was really, really stupid. I shouldn’t have done that, I’m such a dumbass!


She saw Iida fly by, using his engines to project himself towards the exit door, which was still shut.


He smashed against the wall, and grabbed onto the bar above him.


“Listen up! Everything is okay!” He shouted, making most of the noise in the hallway stop. “It’s just the media outside! There’s absolutely nothing to worry about! Everything’s fine! We’re UA students; we need to remain calm, and prove we’re the best of the best!”


Riemi sighed, her breathing beginning to calm down, as the students below her stopped moving and just looked out the window, some going back into the cafetiera.


When there was a clear opening, she grabbed Kaminari’s hand and lowered him, doing the same to Shinso and Kirishima.


She climbed down herself, tripping a bit when she landed and nearly falling to the ground, but Shinso and Kiri grabbed her arms, holding her up.


“Nice job, Riemi!” Kiri shouted, grinning. “That was so cool! You got us out of the sea!”


“Ya...I guess...I did…” She was panting again, knowing she was pushing her strength a bit. “Think we...could go back to lunch?”


“Yep.” Shinso grabbed her wrist, dragging her back to their table. She waved back at the two other boys, and took her wrist from his grip.


They arrived at their seats, and she quickly chugged her water. 


Riemi fell into her seat, resting her head in her hand and taking a few deep breaths.


“You okay?” Shinso asked, sitting across from her. “You strained yourself too hard doing that, huh?”


She nodded. “It was stupid. I...I figured it was nothing, so it would have been fine to stay in the crowd. But noooo , I decided to climb onto the ceiling, and carry three hundred more pounds for no reason. It was so stupid, and fucking pointless.”


“Maybe pointless, but you didn’t know what could have happened. You were just following your instincts, that’s what we’re taught to do.” Instead of the normal hard kick to the calf, Shinso just tapped her leg. “Now eat, I’ll go get you more water.”


“Thanks.” She picked up her chopsticks, continuing to eat her lunch in silence.




The class was all back in their room, and Izuku and Ponytail stood before the class.


Ponytail told Izu to start talking, and he immediately said something that Riemi had expected.


“I think Tenya Iida should be our class rep!”


Izu explained, about the incident at lunch.


Ha, I knew I was right in voting for him!


And, through the process of everyone finally coming to their senses, Iida was made the Class 1-A class rep, despite Ponytail getting more votes than him.

Chapter Text

An entire week had past, one of the funnest weeks Riemi had in awhile. And today was the second Friday of the school year.


Today, the class was going to an off-campus area, to do some Rescue training. All they had done so far was battles, and they were finally doing something different.


Currently, Riemi was in the locker room, pulling her hair into pigtails. 


“There may be fire involved in today’s exercise, Aizawa had told her privately, when they were alone in the classroom. If there is, I’ll take you out. But to be a hero, you’ll need to overcome that fear. I’m not saying right now, but it’s something we will be working on.”


I have to overcome that. It’s one of the few things I’m truly scared of, my biggest weakness. If I’m going to take down the Elefel gang when I become a hero, I’ll have to be able to be able to not break down. It’ll be hard, but I’m gonna do it!


Ashido bounced up to her, in her hero costume. It was a really nice dress. “What do you think it’s going to be like, Riemi?”


“I don’t know, but I know it’s going to be fun!” She tightened her hair, then pulled on her hero gloves. “I hope I can do some City Rescue, that’s where I work best.”


“Oh, that sounds fun! Thirteen works like that, doesn’t she?” Pink Cheeks walked over, still pulling her suit on. “This is going to be great! I can’t wait!”


Riemi grinned, walking with the two girls to the bus, hopping on the steaming concrete like she did whenever she had to walk on it.


She sat down on a bench, nearby Peppermint. Ignoring him, she waited to go on the bus.


Iida whistled, catching her attention.


“Gather around, Class 1-A! Form two lines according to your seat number so we can board the bus efficiently!”


And he kept blowing that damned whistle.


But, of course, the bus had an open layout, so most of the teens just sat in the middle, while a few moved to the actual seats. It disappointed Iida, but he would just have to suffer.


Riemi sat on one of the seats, leaning against the side of the bus as she listened to music, trying to ignore everyone else.


Good thing I could find this MP3 player, it’s pretty useful for going places with my hero costume. And I can kick people’s asses while listening to that Spider-Man song, so that’s a plus.


She heard Katsuki shout, and decided to take an earbud out to listen.




Oi, Peppermint’s sleeping, ya dumbass!


“Y’know, we basically just met you, so it’s quite telling that we all know your personality is flaming crap mixed with garbage.” Kaminari pointed out, seeming all smug as Katsuki tore into him.


Riemi snickered, sitting up to look at him.


Kami’s right, that’s his personality nowadays. To the fucking letter.


“Hey, hey! We’re here.” Aizawa broke up the argument, announcing that they were at their location.


“Yes, sir.” Everyone said in unison, and the arguing stopped.


When the bus stopped, all twenty students and their teacher climbed out, meeting up with the other pro-hero waiting, Pro-Hero Thirteen.


Huh, weird. All Might’s not here...where is he? Is he already inside?


Thirteen greeted them, and everyone began to get excited. 


The hero led them inside, and, while marveling at the sights, Riemi still noticed that All Might was nowhere to be found.


He’s not here, that can’t be good. It’ll be best if we have another teacher, in case a student gets hurt and a teacher has to take them away. Or if I have to go anywhere near that fiery hell-hole.


Thirteen explained the reason for the building, and all the different sections. Apparently, they created it to prepare the students for all types of disasters. A great reason, and with UA’s seemingly endless budget, it’s probably not a hassle to keep up and running.


The USJ...Universal Studios Japan?


“Hey, shouldn’t All Might be here by now? Let me guess, he booked an interview instead.” Aizawa asked, walking up to Thirteen. Riemi listened in, even as their voices grew quiet, because dammit she wanted to know!


“Actually, it’s something else.” Thirteen whispered, but still clear enough for Riemi to hear every word. “Apparently he did too much hero work on the way to school this morning and used up all his power.” They held up three fingers, and Riemi tried to piece this information together.


All Might has a limit? How, he’s so strong! And he’s always doing hero work. Does he do some hero work past his limit? How does that all work? I’ll have to ask him, and explain how I know this information already.


“He’s resting in the teacher’s lounge.”


Aizawa sighed. “That man is the height of hero irresponsibility.” He spoke up, so that all the students could hear. “Clock’s ticking, we should get started.”


“Excellent! Before we get started, let me just stay one thing. Well, wait, two things. Possibly three. Four...or five…”


Riemi sighed, rolling her eyes as she smiled a little.


“Listen carefully. I’m sure you’re aware I have a powerful quirk. It’s called ‘Black Hole’. I can use it to suck up anything and turn it into dust.”


“Ya, you’ve used Black Hole to save people from all types of disasters, haven’t you?” Izuku asked, eagerly.


“That’s true, but my quirk can easily be used to kill.” That killed some of the mood. “Some of you also have powers that can be dangerous. In our superhuman society, all quirks are certified and regulated, so we’re also aware how unsafe they can actually be. Please, don’t forget that if you lose focus or make the wrong move, your powers can be deadly. Even if you’re trying to do something virtuous, like save someone.


“Thanks to Aizawa’s fitness tests, you have a solid idea of your quirk’s potential. And because of All-Might’s combat training, you likely experienced how dangerous your quirks can be when used against other people. Carry your lessons over to this class; today, you’re going to learn how to use your quirks to save people’s lives. You won’t be using your powers to attack enemies or each other, only to help. After all, that’s what being a hero is all about! Ensuring the safety of others.


“That’s all I have to say. Thank you so much for listening.”


The teens cheered for the pro-hero, their new teacher. 


Aizawa pushed off the wall he was leaning against. “Alright, now that that’s over-”


As he spoke, the lights in the USJ flickered, the machines stuttering in their pace. A strong sense of dread fell on Riemi’s shoulders, and the area suddenly got cold.


This isn't good. This isn’t planned, I can see it on Aizawa’s face. Oh, oh fuck!


Aizawa’s eyes widened, and he turned around. After a second, he looked back at his students. “Stay together! Don’t move!” He glanced over at Thirteen. “Thirteen! Protect the students!”


Riemi took a few steps closer, so she stood next to Kirishima. So she could see what was going on under them.


And it was like a knife to the gut.


A single man, covered in something, stepped out of a weird purple portal-thingy, but they were quickly followed by a bunch of other people, including a man-bird hybrid.


“Wait, has the training started already?” Kirishima asked, leaning a bit forward. “I thought we were rescuing people.”


Riemi shook where she stood, her feet sticking to the ground.


No, oh fuck no! I recognize some of these people! Gang members, from the smaller gangs! People that have decent-strengthened quirks. isn’t good!


A few students tried to take a step forward, but Aizawa snapped, “stay back!” before putting on his goggles.


No, He can’t take those guys on his own! Aizawa can’t! He needs help!


“This is real.” He said, so the students could hear. “Those are villains.”


“The only real heroes I see are Eraserhead and Thirteen.” A faint voice said, one that Riemi could barely pick up. “Perplexing, according to the schedule we retrieved from UA, All Might should be here as well.”


“So you scumbags used the press as a cover and sneaked onto campus?” Aizawa hissed, but there was no way they could hear him.

There was another faint voice, but not even Riemi could pick it up. Most likely to the fear she was feeling.


Dammit, calm down and focus! You need to know why they’re here!


Aizawa’s scarf flew into the air, and Thirteen stretched her arms out to block the students from going any further.


The students began discussing, and their voices calmed Riemi’s nerves, if even a bit, so she could try to focus on what the villains wanted. 


Where the hell are the alarms? Someone must be blocking them. Are they attacking the entire school? No, no, I...I don’t think they’re trying to take down the entire school. They have so many people here, even with All Might it would be a struggle. 


And that bird-man, that thing is frightening. 


She heard something from Peppermint, something about how these guys were fools, and how they must have a plan.


Well, that one voice seemed to be disappointed to hear that All Might wasn’t here. They must want to start beef with him. And I know for a fact they don’t care about children.


She clenched her fists, squeezing her eyes shut as she tried to hear something


Most of what Aizawa was saying was muffled, but her head cleared a bit and she heard him ask, “Kaminari, try using your quirk to contact the school.”


“Yes, sir!”


“Riemi, can you hear anything down there?”


Riemi shook her head, wiping her forehead. “All I heard was that they were surprised that All Might wasn’t here. But, Aizawa, you can’t take on these guys alone! I know some of these guys!”


“Ya, you can’t fight them alone!” Izuku shouted, backing her up. “Even if you could nullify their quirks, your fighting style isn’t suited for this! Your quirk works best for stealth and one on one fights. It’s not gonna help with a group.”


“Can’t be a pro if you only have one trick.” He looked at Thirteen, getting ready to move. “I’ll leave it to you, Thirteen.”


He jumped into the group of villains, before anyone could say anything else.


“They...they’re gonna kill him…” Riemi muttered, her hands going up to hold her head. “I’ve seen them kill, they’ve killed great pro-heroes! And now there’s more! He’s...Aizawa’s gonna…”


Izuku grabbed her arm, pulling it away from her head. “Have faith, Mai-Chan. We’ll get help before anything bad happens.”




“O...okay.” She took a deep breath, looking down at where the fight was starting.


Aizawa can hold his own...we’ll get help, nothing bad is going to happen, stop freaking out! Jesus, you’re trying to be a damn Pro Hero and you’re scared just by this? You’re used to this! This used to happen almost once a week!


She forced her feet to let go of the ground, grabbing Izuku and following their classmates.


The purple portal thing appeared in front of them, and Riemi realized that it was a person. One she didn’t recognize. 


“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” It said, making a rather big barrier in front of the students. “We are the League to Villains. I know it’s impolite, but we decided to invite ourselves into your haven of justice to say hello. And anyway, doesn’t this seem like a fitting place for All Might, the symbol of Peace, to take his last breath?”


They’re after All Might? That’s why they were expecting him here. But...what idiots would send a bunch of normal mercinaries after All-fucking-Might? They have to have a trick up their sleeve, something that will no doubt beat him.


Not Handy-Man. I’ve heard of him, but he’s not nearly strong enough. Not any of the other ones I know, either. Maybe one of the ones I don’t know?


Or Bird-Man...I’ve ever seen something like that. But I’ve seen sketches, and it’s not a man.


It has to be the thing to defeat All Might! And Aizawa’s down there...alone...with it and a shit ton of other nasties. Please hang in there, Shota!


“I believe he was supposed to be here today, yet I see no sign of him. There must have been some change of plans we didn’t foresee.” It’s smokey arms spread out, circling the students. “Ah, well, in the end I suppose it didn’t matter. I still have a roll to play.”


Thirteen was about to use their quirk on the smokey figure, when Katsu and Kiri jumped forward, getting ready to fight it.




A large explosion went off, and normal smoke replaced the purple stuff.


Did...did it actually work?


The smoke made Riemi cough a bit, but she forced herself to look through it with her side-eyes and try to see if Smokey the Smokescreen was still a threat.


And in fact, it was.


“You live up to your school’s reputation.” It said, growing again. “But you should be more careful, children. Otherwise, someone might get hurt.”


“You two…” Thirteen shouted. “Get out of the way! Right now!”


“I’ll scatter you across this facility!” Smokey shouted, its body surround the students. “It’ll be your comrades, and your deaths!”


Before she lost almost all sight, she grabbed Izuku’s arm, covering him slightly from the gusts of wind the smoke was making.


Suddenly, her feet were no longer on the ground, and she could see again.


The downside was that she was falling into a shit ton of water , with Izuku in her grip.


Both began to scream, and Riemi had to let go so she could land properly.


When they hit the water, both immediately began to swim around. 


Water, we’re in the shipwreck zone. Smokey must have some type of warp quirk. Cool.


She began to swim up with Izu.


I have to get to Aizawa. He won’t be able to handle that bird thing on his own. Hell, All Might might not be able to. But I know Aizawa will be injured, and I’m gonna to whatever I can to save him!


Something came after them, Riemi left the movement in the water. She held up her arms in defense, ready to punch the fucker in it’s huge jaw.


But before she could punch it, Froggy appeared, kicking the bastard out of the way. 


“Hey Midoriya, Riemisho!” She said, but her words were muffed. She shot her tongue out and it wrapped around the two, and the frog began to quickly swim up to the top of the water.


They broke into the surface as Riemi ran out of breath, and Froggy set her and Izuku on the boat. Both began to cough as she climbed aboard.


“You save our lives, Asui.” Izuku said, as the frog girl climbed on the side. 


“I told you to call me Tsu.”


Ah, so her name’s Tsu.


Izuku began to freak out a little, apologizing for calling her by the wrong name.


Tsu sighed. “This is turning out to be a terrible day of class.”


Riemi finally stood up, reaching the side of the boat to look at the center of the building, where Aizawa was still fighting.


He looks like he’s holding up, but I can’t see much. He’s probably getting tired, and he’s gonna have to blink more. The longer he stays, the more likely he’s gonna get really hurt. I have to hurry. I’ll be yelled at for sure, but I must protect him!


Izuku was explaining the situation to Tsu, and when he finished, Riemi turned around. 


“They’re after All Might, and they’re trying to kill him, that’s obvious.” She explained, holding her head as she paced. “And that bird thing’s the thing to kill him. I saw it, just a sketch, but I saw it.”


She raised her head, looking down at Izuku and Tsu. “We need to get Aizawa out of there! It’ll kill him!”


“Riemisho, calm down.” Tsu said, watching her. “We should just look after ourselves. We don’t want to risk getting captured and tortured.”


Riemi groaned. “That’s something that I can handle! I’ve handled it before, I can still handle it now. But we need to get there, we need to.”


“What do you mean you can handle that?” Izuku asked, but before she could answer, she heard the water move.


A bunch of the villains were surrounding the boat they were on. Riemi did her best to examine them, but they all just looked like water types. 


“If they can beat him,” Izu said. “Then we need to stop whatever these bad guys are planning. We have to work together, and keep All Might safe. No one at UA knows what’s happening. It’s up to us. Let’s be heroes!”


The two girls nodded, and the three looked at the villains surrounding them.


“We’ll have to fight them.” He said, his hands on the pole of the barrier. “That’s our only chance.”


“How’ll we do that without knowing their quirks?” Riemi asked, having calmed down a little.


“Well, think about it. All the bad guys down there must have some advantage in water, and assume that’s where we’ll fight.”


“If that’s the case,” Tsu scanned them herself. “They must have known what was inside the USJ before they warped in.”


“But for a group with such careful planning, there’s something that just sticks out to me, something that just doesn’t add up.” Izuku looked over at Tsu. “They sent you here, Asu-OH! Whoops! ImentTsu! Yep! T-They warped you over to the shipwreck zone.”


“I kinda fell apart on you, didn’t I?”


“A little.”


Riemi nodded. “The villains don’t have an idea what our quirks are. We could have the ability to maneuver water at will, for all they know.”


“Ya got a point, Riemisho.” Tsu looked over at the fire area. “If they knew I was a frog, they would have sent me to the fire zone over there instead of some place filled with water.”


Izuku gripped the pole again. “They probably separated us because they have no idea what we can do, and planned to overpower us once we were in smaller groups.”


“Easier to pick us off, one by one.” Riemi nodded her head again. “What’s your plan, Izu?”


He pointed to them. “They’re staying off the boat since they don’t know what we can do. It’ll help us for now, but they won’t underestimate us once we start fighting. They’re playing it safe, for now.”


“Okay…” Tsu crouched down, and Riemi and Izu followed. “Let’s talk quirks. I’ll go first.” She quickly explained, Riemi nodding along.


“I figured you were powerful, but that’s amazing.” Izu looked at his fist. “I have my super strength, but it comes at a price. Once I use it, I’m pretty much out of commission. It’s a double-edged sword until I can control it.”


Riemi nodded again, and pointed at her hands. “I can stick to nearly any surface, and jump high, like Tsu. But I can also create tiny webs out of my pores, and when made into a big web, it can be as strong as steel and as sticky and syrup. I have my legs on my back, and the eyes on the side of my head, but I doubt they’d be much use. And I have enhanced hearing.”


“Okay.” Izu dropped his head, beginning to mutter something.


Something large hit the ship, causing it to be cut in half. Izu began to fall, but Riemi kept him up with a small web.


“I’m starting to get bored!” One of the villains said. “Let’s get this show on the road!”


“Great, now the ship’s sinking.” Tsu complained, not seeming too worried.


Riemi ran to the edge, shooting a web out of her finger at one of them. It missed, but the villain attempted to catch it, and it’s hand got stuck. So she released the web, ignoring the blood on her arm.


She heard what a villain said, that they only had a minute to get off. She looked back at Izu, who was still planning something.


“Izuku, I don’t mean to rush you, but we have a minute to get off, and I’m kinda panicking.” She held onto the edge, and he moved next to her.


“Listen up.” Izuku said, getting serious. “An enemy certain of their win is bound to make a mistake. All Might said something like that in a TV interview awhile back.” He began to shake. “Now’s our chance. We can beat them!”


He looked at Riemi. “I’m going to act like Kacchan. Follow my lead. Riemi, you’re going to have to web them up. Can you do that?”




He smiled, and jumped onto the edge of the boat. “Tsu, carry Riemi, and grab me. Get us to the shallows.” Then, he began to scream, and jumped off the boat, screaming, “NOW DIE!”


Tsu grabbed Riemi’s wrist, looking up at her. “Ready, Riemisho?”


“‘Course.” She smiled. Izuku’s got this. He works best when he’s scared, or at least that’s what I’ve picked up.


Tsu waited as Izuku flicked at the water, creating a big pit in the water that sucked all of the villains towards it. 


“Tsu, Riemi, now!”


Tsu and Riemi jumped, flying through the air. Tsu caught Izuku as Riemi began to fire webs at all the villains, getting them to stick to each other as they were pulled into the hole. 


The water suddenly shot up, shooting the ball of villains into the air. Riemi grinned at it, knowing that she was finally getting revenge for the seven years of life those villains ruined. Knowing that she had saved people with her monstrosity of a quirk.


“You guys are amazing!” Tsu complimented them as she flew closer to Aizawa. “Both of you!”


They landed where the water was shallow, and Riemi quickly opened her belt to grab the bandages and spray she needed to work on her cuts.


It only took a minute for the cuts to be protected under the white cloth, but it felt too long.


Izuku began to mutter about every possible way that they could have just died, and Tsu commented on it, making him stop.


“Instead of second-guessing what we did, shouldn’t we be thinking of our next move?” The frog girl asked. 


“Ya, you’re right.” Izuku nodded, then winced at his injures.


He broke two fingers pulling that off. Better than an entire arm, but still too much. Broken fingers can hurt as bad as a stab wound. 


Izu covered his hand with the cloth on his arm, so Riemi elected to ignore it.


“We should be figuring out how to leave. If we follow the shore to the exit, then we can miss the central plaza entirely.”


“Good idea.” Tsu looked towards the plaza. “That way we don’t run into the villains Aizawa-Sensei is facing off with.”


Aizawa… Riemi clenched her fist, trying to ignore the urge to run over and help him. Please, just a bit longer!


No, but he can’t. He can’t hold on forever, he needs help!


“We need to help him.” Riemi whispered, loud enough so the two others could hear. “Even if we just help a little, we need to do something!”


She could hear the fighting, and pinpoint her guardian’s own panting out of the sounds. He needs help! Help him! All of her senses screamed.


“Right.” Izuku nodded. “Maybe we can find a way to lighten his load, without jumping into the middle of his fight.”


The two girls nodded. “We’ll follow you.” Tsu said, and the three began to wade towards the plaza.


It took a few minutes, but they hadn’t been noticed. So they peered over the edge of the dirt, watching their teacher fight the villains, risking his own life for his students. 


“Remember, we’re just here to see how things are going.” Tsu whispered, reminding her two self-sacrificial classmates.


“We’ll leave the second it seems dangerous.” Izuku replied.


Riemi scanned the grounds. There were many unconscious bodies on the ground, probably around three-fourths of what started out around there. Good job, Shota.


But he was still fighting, and she could hear him getting more and more tired. He’s not relying on his quirk as much as his acrobatics now. He’s getting tired. That’s a bad sign.


Handy-Man began to rush at him, and Riemi had to bite her lip to stop herself from shouting. 


Aizawa ran at him, erasing his quirk and elbowing him in the gut. Riemi smiled, but only a little.


Then she saw Handy-Man’s hand on Aizawa’s elbow.


Shit. I don’t know Handy’s quirk, but that’s bad. Very bad. Fight, Aizawa, fight!


Her heart fell when his hair did.


Handy-Man began to mutter about how he figured out Aizawa’s secret, and Riemi watched as her teacher’s shirt began to decay, and then, his skin.




She had to physically stop her from rushing at him, knowing it would probably get her killed.


A tear fell down her cheek as she dug her fingers into the dirt.


Please, Shota, get out of there! Please, fight! With whatever you have left, I can’t lose you too!


Aizawa’s hair began to float again, and he punched Handy, getting out of his grasp. Some of the remaining mercenaries started rushing at Aizawa, but he dodged them all, even with his ruined elbow.


His panting increased, and he held his elbow.


Where are the other pro-heroes? Come on, he needs help, but I’ll only be a nuisance!


“Don’t you think you’re a little bit out of your element here, Eraserhead?” Handy asked, facing him again. “You’re much better at working stealthily. You’re known for surprise attacks, not fighting head-to-head. But despite knowing that, you threw yourself into this fight, to put your students at ease.”


A random villain attacked as Aizawa’s hair fell. He took them down, but not very elegantly.


Shota erased Handy’s quirk again.


“And look at you, you’re still standing!” Handy’s hoarse voice was getting on Riemi’s nerves. “You really are so cool! Oh, by the way hero, I am not the final boss.”


The second Riemi saw the bird man, she couldn’t stop herself anymore.


She leaped onto the ground, crouching down and sprinting towards her guardian. And before Bird Man could touch Aizawa, she was pushing the hurt man out of the way, making sure not to hit his injured elbow.


“Mai!” He shouted, as she ran a bit farther away. “What the hell are you doing!”


“Protecting you, Shota!” She screamed, with all of the pain she could put in her voice. “I’m not losing you too, and I won’t let anyone else lose you either!”


She pushed him back again and opened all of her eyes, letting the headache give her enough pain to focus on her fight.


Handy-Man was rushing at her, his hands outstretched to touch her. She shot a few webs, moving his arms out of the way to kick him in the chest, doing a flip to throw him on the ground. She landed on his chest, just below his neck. He grabbed her ankle, and it decayed a bit. Ignoring it, she moved his hands away and tried to smash his neck, which she failed at.


So she did a backflip and landed next to Aizawa, who had his scarf out.


“You grounded for this.” He hissed, getting ready to fight.


“I’ll accept whatever you throw at me.” She replied, grinning at Bird Man and Handy Man. “Just be careful. I’ll do any close attacks.”


He nodded, his hair lifting up. She knew it was Handy’s quirk, so she sprinted up to him and webbed his chest, throwing his body at Bird Man while whispering, “Yeet.”


Bird Man wasn’t phased, but Handy groaned and stood up. “One of the students? Eraserhead, you were protecting them. What’s this?”


“The only one I trust to fight someone like you.” Shota growled, pulling Riemi back as Bird Man rushed at her. She jumped onto Bird’s back, trying to stab a leg into its brain.


It just bounced off.


“FUCK!” She screamed as Bird Man grabbed her and threw her onto the ground. She stood back up, wiping the dirt off her face. 


She saw Handy Man rush at her, but it was too late to dodge. His hand went straight to her waist, and it began to decay.


Riemi squirmed, seeing Aizawa erase his quirk, ignoring Bird behind him.




She wasn’t quick enough.


Bird punched Aizawa into the ground, and she heard the unmistakable crack of bones.


No! Nononononono!


The pain in her waist came back, but she just tried to slice him with her legs. He grabbed one of her legs, and it began to decay.


“Mai…” Aizawa whimpered, as Bird lifted him up. “Get...out…”


“No!” She tried to fight back, both with her legs and her tears. Biting back the screams of pain she wanted to make.


Her guardian’s face was clawed with one of Bird’s hands, and was thrown into the ground in quick succession. 


“You tried, little girl.” Handy hissed in Riemi’s ear, making her shudder. “You tried to save your teacher. And I compliment your skills, they’re strong for a kid. But not strong enough.”


He pushed her to the ground, tripping her and making her land on her face. She turned over and tried to kick his crotch, but he caught her foot and began to make it crumble.


This time, she couldn’t stop the scream erupting through her throat. She opened her eight eyes again, her head began to throb as she still fought back, lifting herself up and smacking at him with her spider legs.


Handy Man started to ramble on about Bird Man, about just how great it was as it tortured Aizawa. She locked eyes with him for a split second, but that second was enough to see the pain and pure rage in them.


He’s still trying to fight, despite his bones being broken. It’s our only chance. Damnit I knew I was gonna fuck this up!


The fucked up bird thing screeched, as Riemi still tried to fight off her attacker to try and save Aizawa again.


It broke another bone, and Aizawa winced at the pain. Riemi kept trying to escape, but was only ending up more and more hurt.


Once that thing lets go of Aizawa, I’m going to pull him out. Then I’ll throw Handy off of me, and try and get to safety. I’d call for Izu or Tsu, but I don’t want them getting hurt.


Handy watched as the Bird kept hurting Shota, ignoring the squirming kid under him. “You can erase people’s powers. That’s irritating, but it’s nothing impressive. When faced with true, devisating power, you might as well be a quirkless child!”


He pressed his hand on Riemi’s back, causing her to screech and nearly black out, but she kept moving.


Remember what that old man taught you, Mai. Never quit moving. If you have the energy to move, you have the energy to stay awake, and you can only survive by being awake. Ignore the pain, just wait for an opening!


But Bird never gave an opening. It was almost as if it kept a hold on Aizawa so she couldn’t execute her plan.


“Hang in there...Aizawa…” She muttered, biting her lip so it bled. “I...have a plan…””


The teacher tried to use his quirk, on what enemy she didn’t know, but the bird just crushed his arm under it’s foot.


Handy bent down, running a hand down Riemi’s arm. “I remember you, Little Spider. That ten year old girl that we captured. You wouldn’t join us, and you escaped like the little insect you are.” He grabbed her arm, making it crumble. “You won’t escape this time, I promise.”


“I’m...a fucking...arach...nid, you...dumbass!” She growled, and he chuckled.


“My mistake, I’ll make sure not to do it again.”


After a second more, Smokey the Purple Smokescreen appeared, next to her and Handy. “Tomura Shigaraki.” It said, a bit saddened. 


“Kirogiri.” Handy replied, only moving his head. “Did you manage to kill Thirteen?”




“The rescue hero is...out of commission, but there are students I was unable to dispose of, and one of them got outside of the building.”


Handy made a weird noise, and lifted one of his hands off of the girl under him. He began to loudly scratch something, his own skin, and his breathing got heavy. He lifted Riemi’s head and shoved it into the ground, making her black out for a few seconds.


She came to, and he was still panting, and was mumbling something. Riemi attempted to crawl away, but she could barely keep her eyes open.


Out of what she could hear, she heard something about the villains leaving.


Go...home? Please...please do. Please, stop hurting Aizawa…


“Oh, before we leave…” Handy stood up, completely leaving Riemi’s near unconscious body. “Let’s break the Symbol of Peace...and wreak his pride.”




She turned her head, reaching out and shooting whatever webs she could to stop him.


But she couldn’t, and he reached Tsu and Izuku.


And, he grabbed Tsu’s face.


But nothing happened.


With whatever strength she had, Riemi yanked her webs back, knowing Aizawa would only keep his quirk erased for so long. It seemed like enough, since when she heard her teacher groan in pain again, Tsu’s own screaming didn’t join the mixture of sounds.


“Aizawa!” She screamed, trying to get him out of Bird’s grasp with her other hand, but she could barely move. His face got smashed into the ground again.


A strong gust of wind blew the loose strands of hair out of Riemi’s face, and suddenly, Bird Man was gone.


Not caring where it went, Riemi mustered up her strength and crawled forward, wincing as the pain in all her injuries returned full-forced.

“S...Shota…” She whispered, barely reaching him when she had to stop. She was able to barely grab his hand, before finally passing out.

Chapter Text

She woke up in what felt like a few minutes, but she knew it was longer.


For one, she wasn’t at the USJ. She was alone, on a hospital bed, with a lot of her body wrapped up in bandages.


Secondly, she was still in a lot of pain, but a lot of dull pain. 


Thirdly, there was a nurse in the room, checking her pulse and her IV Drip.


“Ah, good morning, Ms. Riemisho!” He said, looking up from his clipboard. “Or should I say good evening. It’s around midnight.”


“Where’s Shota?” She asked, her voice a bit stronger than she expected. The nurse sighed, looking through the other pages.


“He’s in the room besides this, to the left. I’d offer to take you, but moving might not be your best bet right now. He’s your legal guardian, correct?”


Riemi nodded, wincing at the pain in her head.


The nurse smiled softly. “So’s that other man, Mr. Yamada, right? Don’t worry, I don’t care about their relationship. When you’re feeling strong enough, I’ll get you a wheelchair and you can visit Mr. Aizawa. Just rest for now.”


“He’s...stable, right? Aizawa?”


“Aizawa is stable.”


“Did any other students or heroes get hurt?”


The nurse shook his head. “Nothing like you and Aizawa. Thirteen got some bad back lacerations, but will be fine. One kid broke his legs and two fingers, but it was fixable at your school. It’s surprising. When I heard about the attack, I expected about ten students, maybe a teacher, with injuries that could be fixed in a couple hours. You have the makings of a hero, kid.”


“No, what I did was stupid. I...I didn’t need to get involved.” She turned her head, looking away from him.


“I’ve always heard that it’s in a hero’s blood to get involved where they’re not needed. And that’s what you did, at least from what I heard.” He laughed. “Get some sleep, kiddo. You can visit Aizawa when you’re better.”






Awhile later, she woke up, alone this time. Some of her casts were gone, so she figured a lot more time had passed.


She pulled herself up, so she was sitting straight up. The window in her room was open, and from the way the sunlight came into the room, it had to be around midmorning.


The door to her room opened, and she looked towards it.


The nurse-dude was back.


“Well, good morning for real this time, Riemisho.” He said cheerfully, still holding his clipboard. “Your wounds are healed enough to go visit your guardian. Would you like a wheelchair, or try and walk?”


“I-I can walk.” She pulled herself fully up, and turned to the side of the bed. Nurse Dude took out her IV, and helped her up. She winced at the pain in her foot, from where it had been decayed.


Nurse Dude held his arm out for her to clutch onto, cheering her on as she walked to the room besides her, powered by her want to apologize to her guardian. Well, guardians. She needed to apologize to Yamada for getting herself injured and putting more stress on him.


Nurse Dude opened the door, and Riemi leaned against the wall for a minute before limp to the seat near his bed. 


Aizawa was awake, and covered in bandages. His eyes were barely visible, but she could still easily see him.


“Mai…” He whispered, gently grabbing her hand. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she wiped her eyes with her other arm.


“I’m sorry, Aizawa! I-I-I-I fucked up, really bad!” Her voice cracked as she tried to keep it quiet. “I-I shouldn’t have done anything, b-b-but I co...I couldn’t just watch!”


The man patted her hand, smiling a little under the bandages. “It’s...okay, kid. You...did what...a hero would do. You...protected Midoriya...and...Asui...and everyone else. Stop...crying.”


She shook her head. “No, no. I made a mistake. I should have made a plan .”


“Stop...being so...self deprecating., like you...always do.”


So, she smiled. Still crying, but smiling. 


“I’ll try, okay?”


Aizawa nodded, reaching up and patting her head. “You’re...a good kid. I’m...proud of you.”


Riemi nodded, wiping her eyes. “Thank you.” She lowered her head, grabbing at the soft fabric of her hospital gown. “G-get better soon, okay? You still have a class to teach.”


“Yep.” Both looked towards the door, as it opened. Yamada walked in, a wide smile on his face.


“Good morning, you two!” He called out, walking forward to mess up Riemi’s hair, and kissing Aizawa’s forehead. “Nice to see you up and walking, Mai.”


“Hey, Yamada.” Riemi replied softly, rubbing her eyes. The blonde frowned, sitting down on a chair next to her.


“Is something wrong, kiddo?” He asked, grabbing her hand that didn’t have bandages on it.


She shook her head. “I...I don’t think so.”


Yamada smiled, moving his chair so it was next to her, and beginning to talk to Aizawa, making sure he was okay. Riemi leaned against his shoulder, still playing with her gown.


They stayed there for about an hour, talking about what had happened during the USJ attack. Yamada complimented the girl for attacking Handy Man, apparently she had weakened him enough that he couldn’t do much after she passed out.


She stayed there until Aizawa fell asleep, then she had to go back to her room for another round of healing from the main healer of the hospital.


Yamada went with her, helping her stay on her feet as she hobbled down the hallway. On their way, they ran into a bunch of Riemi’s classmates.


“Riemi!” Kiri cheered, waving as he moved closer. “Nice to see you’re up and moving!”


“Hey guys.” Riemi smiled, seeing Kiri, Ashido, Sero, Kami, and Jiro. She let go of Yamada’s arm, hobbling over to grab Kiri’s shoulder.


Ashido pulled Riemi into a hug, a tight one that pulled on the wounds on her waist and back. “I was so scared when Tsu asked for help carrying you! You and Aizawa-Sensei were bleeding, a-and I didn’t know how badly you two were hurt!”


Riemi laughed a little, hugging her back. “We’re fine, Ashido. Both me and Aizawa. Can you please loosen your hug, it’s pulling at my waist a little bit.”


Her grip loosened a bit, but Kiri and Kaminari joined the hug. So the wounds were still hurting. She ignored it, wanting to enjoy her friends’ caring hug.


“We don’t have school tomorrow.” Jiro said, her hands in her pockets. “So you and Sensei have another day to rest up. Think you’ll be able to go to school then?”


Riemi nodded. “I have a bit more healing to do, but I’ll probably be able to head home tonight. I’ll text you guys when I’m home, alright?”


The four students that were hugging separated, and they all smiled at each other.


“You better, Spider Friend.” Ashido poked Riemi’s chest playfully. “I’ll see you on Tuesday!”


“See ya guys!”


They all said goodbye, and Riemi grabbed onto Yamada’s arm again. They walked into her room, and she sat down.


“Can you ask for the nurse, Yamada?” She asked, bringing her injured foot onto the bed. “I wanna finish my healing, so I can go home.”


“Alright, Mai.” He patted her head again, screwing up her hair even more. She moved his hand away, smiling a little. “We can go home tonight. Hopefully, so can Shota. Anything you want for dinner?”


“No, make whatever you’d like.” She leaned back, resting her legs on the pillows that were there to prop her up. “See you later, Yamada.”


“Have a nice nap, Mai.”




The healing process took most of the day, and when Riemi finally woke up, she was starving. 


But this time, when she woke up, Shinso was there.


“Finally.” He rolled his eyes, sitting up and smiling a little. “You look terrible. Feeling half-decent?”


Riemi nodded. “Besides being hungry. How’s Shota?”


“He’s gonna head home with you and Hizashi. He’s still completely wrapped in bandages, and his arms are in casts, but he said he’s ready to leave.”


She smiled. “He’s going to be teaching class on Tuesday. Just watch.”


Shinso laughed. “Ya, I’m pretty sure he is. He might not let you go to school, though.”


“I’m going. I feel a helluva lot better.”


She began to stand up, since she didn’t have an IV anymore. Shinso grabbed her arm, helping her to her feet. Now, she could walk with minimal limp. Her foot was still wrapped, but in less bandages than before.


“Hizashi and Uncle Shota are in the waiting room, signing the paperwork to get you two out. And I’m staying with you guys tonight. ‘Cause I’m so nice.”


Riemi scoffed, letting go of his arm and pushing the door open. “So nice my ass.”


He flicked the back of her head, and she laughed as they found the elevator.


In the elevator, Riemi leaned against the wall, looking at her arms. They were mostly bandaged, and she knew she’d be rocking some new scars.


Ah, it’s not the first time.  


The elevator opened, and the two teens walked out, immediately seeing the two teachers waiting for them. But no one would recognize the adults, since Yamada had his hair down and Aizawa’s hair was tied into a bun. It was how they dressed in public.


Yamada waved for them, and he met them, handing the girl a hoodie, sweats, and her black shoes.


“Go get dressed in the bathroom, then we’ll head home.” He told her, and she took the clothes.


In the bathroom, she hid in a stall and pulled off her gown, looking at all of the bandages. They covered almost every inch of her stomach and chest, and her legs.


Sighing, she pulled on her clothes and brushed her hair with her fingers. Once she was ready, she grabbed her gown and left.


She gave the gown to the nurse lady that was walking by, and went to her family. 


Shinso put an arm around her shoulders, lightly so it didn’t hurt her. She smiled, waving at Aizawa and Yamada.


“Well, ready to go home?” Yamada asked cheerfully, a bit louder than he probably intended. Riemi nodded, smiling a little.


So the four walked outside into the cold evening, searching for Yamada’s car. When they were inside, Riemi and Shinso sat next to each other, screwing around a little like they usually do.


The car ride was quiet, except for the two kids poking each other. 


At the apartment, Yamada made Shinso a bed on the couch before going to make a simple dinner, while the kids helped Aizawa to the chair in the living room.


“How can you eat under all those bandages, Aizawa?” Riemi asked, as she sat down on the couch with Shin.


“I can open my mouth enough to eat.” He said simply. “Your wounds are fine, right, Mai?”


She nodded. “They hurt a bit, but nothing too bad. Nothing I can’t handle.”


“What happened during the USJ attack?” Shinso asked, a bit of force in his tone. “I don’t have any contacts with anyone from there besides you two. I want to how you two got hurt so much, and what they were doing there.”


Riemi stared at him for a second, blinking a couple times. “Honestly…” She closed her eyes, trying to remember. “It’s really fuzzy. All I can clearly remember is that they were after All Might, and that Bird-Man-thing was the thing that was going to kill him. Oh, and Izu, Tsu and I had to escape the shipwreck zone place after being surrounded by water-based villains.”


“Wait, that Nomu was the thing that was going to kill All Might?” Yamada asked from the kitchen, and she looked over at him. “The police were able to capture it, but it hasn’t been responsive.”


“That’s what I expected.” She looked back at the couch, grabbing at her hoodie. “I saw...I think I saw a sketch of that thing, a few years ago. One of the few things I can remember from the couple times I’ve been kidnapped. I think it was created by the villains, and if it was, then they may have taken precautions in case it gets taken in.”


“How many of those people did you recognize?” Aizawa asked.


“About...a fifth of them? Not Handy, or Smokey. Only the weaker ones, mercenaries that lived similar lives that I did. Taking them one on one, or a few at a time, wouldn’t have been hard, but all of them would have been difficult.”


“Shigaraki seemed to remember you. He said something about it.”


Riemi nodded. “I may have met him, but I don’t remember. I’ve forgotten a lot of things from events like that, only the most important things.”


Shinso glared at her a little, but she ignored it, just looking up at the ceiling.


“That’s why you jumped in.” Aizawa replied after a minute. “You knew that Nomu thing was the weapon to kill All Might, and you knew it could easily kill me.”


“Y...yes, that’s why I jumped in.”


Aizawa nodded. “I’ll have to tell the rest of the teachers. They may ask you to answer some questions, since you clearly know more than the rest of us.”




She pulled her legs up, pulling her hoodie over her knees.


C’mon, what gangs were all those people part of? I can’t remember. Last time I was taken was when I was thirteen, with that Elefel gang. And the only people I remember seeing were those four leaders. Ugh, God I hate thinking about this. It hurts.


She put her hand on her stomach, feeling it churn as she tried to remember. A wave of fear hit her, as she was attacked with minor flashbacks of what happened.


It was as if she could feel the knives on her again, the knife being dragged through her eyes. Knives dragged across her limbs, the blood dripping down her body.


Her breath hitched, and she covered as much of her head she could. Her hearing got fuzzy, and when she felt a hand on her shoulder, she smacked it away, trying to get as far away from people as she could.


No, fight it Mai! Ignore it, stop thinking about it! It’s not real, you’re just thinking about it. You’re not being kidnapped, no one’s hurting you. Breathe, just breathe.


She tried to breathe, but she could still feel the pain on her skin. The knives, the burns, the punches, the broken bones.


Suddenly, she was being wrapped up in something, something warm-ish.


Her hearing finally cleared up a bit, and she could hear someone talking.


“Calm down, Rem. Breathe, okay? Breathe.”




Without thinking, she wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his chest, taking deep breaths while trying not to cry.


There were more hands on her, her shoulder and upper arm. She could hear their voices, but just focused on breathing and the physical contact.


They’re not hurting you, they’re comforting you. Breathe. They aren’t going to hurt you. You’re safe. Breathe.


Riemi’s breathing had calmed down, and she opened her eyes slightly. 


The only thing she could really see was Shinso’s hoodie, which was gray and had a picture of a cat on the front. She tried to pull herself up, but her friend’s hug only tightened.


“Are you okay?” He asked, rubbing her lower arm in a comforting way.


She nodded, bringing her legs up so they were near her chest. “I’m sorry.” She muttered, squeezing her eyes shut.


“Shh, it’s fine.” Shinso whispered.


Another hand petted her hair. “I’m going to finish dinner. Just relax.”




Riemi tried to pull away again, and this time she was able to. She kept her eyes closed, hiding her face in her hands.


Fuck, I can’t do this! I’m trying to be a fucking hero, and all Aizawa and Yamada are seeing is a anixety-filled fuckup who has too many issues to even be considered a hero! How am I still in the hero course? I’m clearly not fit.


Just act normal, brush it off and don’t do it again. They’ll forget, and you can go up to the rooftop to clear your head later.


“You feeling better now?” Aizawa asked, and she nodded, her face still hidden.


She pulled at her hair a little, trying to focus on calming down, on ignoring the phantom pains. 


It’s not real. No, you’re just imagining the pain. Ignore it, ignore it, ignore it…


Shinso grabbed the hand that was in her hair, smoothing it out and taking it into his own. “Calm down, it’s okay. Don’t pull your hair, it’s fine.”


Riemi looked over at him, shaking a little. She squeezed his hand, trying to relax. 




She took a deep breath, letting go of his hand and dropping hers onto her lap. Hiding her face again, she took more breaths. 


“Dinner’s ready.” Yamada walked back over, patting her head. “Hungry?”




She stood up, shoving her hands into her pocket. Not looking at the other three, she stumbled into the kitchen, grabbing a plate of food.


Calm down, breathe. You shouldn’t be making yourself this big of an issue. Aizawa’s wrapped head to toe in bandages, we should be worrying about him. Not about you, so suck it up!


Her hands shaking, she sat down at her spot at the table, instantly beginning to eat.


Eat, go to your room, and when everyone’s asleep, go up to the roof. Shin and Yamada can handle taking care of Aizawa, you clearly cannot. So stop acting like you can. Just get out of their way.


Her portion was a little bigger than everyone else's, since she hadn’t eaten in a few days and she always had a large appetite.


But she didn’t feel like she could finish it. She had to stop eating half-way, since her stomach began to churn.


Why do I suddenly feel so bad? I haven’t felt this way in years. I...I need to go to my room. I might be sick, maybe a fever. Can’t get anyone sick.


Standing up, she grabbed her plate and set it on the counter, and without a word, went to her room and shut her door.


Okay, breathe. You’re alone. Sit on your bed, hide under your blankets. Just be quiet, you’ll calm down. They’ll leave you alone after a few minutes.


Riemi stumbled to her bed, pulling her blankets on top and climbing under them, even though it was warm in her room. 


Soft...focus on soft…


Finally, her breathing began to stabilize. She ignored the knocks on her door, the worried voices, and just listened to the sounds of the city outside.


No one’s here, it’s fine. Just you, and your blankets, and the sounds of the city.


She uncovered her head, crawling to her open window and resting her head on the window sill. Closing her eyes, she focused on the faint sounds of cars driving by.


It seems a bit busy for a Sunday night...but that’s fine. More things to focus on. Constant, quiet noise.


Her eyelids began to get heavy, and as she heard her door open, she closed them and let herself fall asleep.




A brunette girl sat on a bench, a bench in the middle of a park. The brunette held a bunch of books on her lap, ones that Mai recognized.


The Blue Exorcist manga Mai had asked to borrow.


And, of course, she recognized the girl.


“Sae?” She asked, slowly walking closer to the bench. Saeko raised her head, grinning while lifting a manga up.


“You asked to borrow this series, right?” Mai accepted the book, a tear running down her cheek. “Hey, why are you crying, Mai? Did you have another nightmare?”


Mai shook her head, setting the book aside and embracing her girlfriend. “N-no. Y-you’re here, Sae. You’re here.”


“Of course I’m here.” Saeko hugged her back, patting the small space between Riemi’s legs. “I’ll always be here for you. I’ll never leave you, I promise.”


Mai tightened her grip, knowing what the girl in her arms had done to herself. “P-promise?”


“I promise, swear to whatever god exists. Now, do you want to read? Mom said I have to be back home by seven.”




Riemi’s eyes opened, into the darkness of her room.


She felt around, feeling her mattress under her face and her pillows right next to her. 


Huh? I fell asleep at my window. Did I fall onto my bed?


Riemi rubbed her eyes, opening her group of right eyes to look around her room.


She was on her bed, and with the way here blankets were, someone had pulled her away from her spot at the window. 


So she did the reasonable thing and moved back, throwing a blanket over the top of her head. Having her normal eyes open now, she stared out, listening to the few noises that were present this late at night.


The slight wind blew at her hair, moving it out of her eyes. She sighed, resting her head in her bandaged arms. 


“I miss you, Sae…” She muttered, closing her eyes. “I wish you were could always explain my feelings, always comfort me after a nightmare. Not like Aizawa and Yamada can’t, they’ve helped me a lot. But were always the best.”


She sighed. “I’m sorry for failing you. I should have been better to you, I should have comforted you better when you cried over your parents. I should have been a better girlfriend to you, instead of just pushing more of my issues onto you. It’s my’s my fault you’re gone. I’d do anything to bring you back, even if you began to hate me. It’d be worth it. Just to see your face again.


“Anything. Just say the word.”


She dug her nails into her arm, wincing at the pain. But she kept doing it, continuing to stare out the window.


“Please.” Her voice cracked, and she tossed her blanket over the rest of her head. Curling up at the window, she closed her eyes again, falling into a restless sleep.




Waking up again, she first noticed the light coming from the window. Morning.


Groaning, she straightened her back, cracking it as she woke herself up.


She listened to the voices outside her room, coming from the living room.


Oh, everyone else’s up. I’ll stay here, I don’t really want to talk to anyone.


Crawling back onto her bed, she curled under her blankets and put her arms under her head. She listened to the people in the living room.


They’re laughing. Yamada’s pretty funny, so he must be making jokes. That’s what they probably did before I came into the picture. 


There was a soft knock on her door. She didn’t reply, just threw her blankets over her face.


It opened, and someone entered her room. She tried to keep her breathing quiet, and shut her eyes in case they moved her blanket.


The door shut, and the person walked towards her, gently tapping where her shoulder was.


“I know you’re awake, Rem.” He tapped her a bit harder. “I brought you breakfast. You can just eat in here, and not talk to anyone. Just show me you’re awake, so I can tell Shota and Hizashi.”


She shuffled a little, uncovering her head a little. She looked at Shinso, a faint smile hidden by her blanket. “Thanks.” She whispered, waving a little like she always did as a greeting.


“Sorry about last night.” He knelt down, meeting her eyes. “We kinda forced you to remember those things. Those bad memories caused you to panic, right?”


Riemi nodded, lowering her blanket a little bit more. “It’s fine, I was just trying to remember anything that could be useful. I just...panicked, I don’t know why. I usually can think about them fine.”


“It’s fine to panic. But you know you can talk to Shota and Hizashi, right? Or me, if you want.” He reached over and, hesitantly, patted her head.


“I-I know. I just...have trouble.” She curled up a little, gripping her blanket. “I don’t like pushing my problems on people.”


“It’ll make your problems easier.” Shin smiled a little. “Trust me, I’ve admitted to things I didn’t want to. when you’re ready, alright? I’ll listen if you want to tell me.”


“O-okay.” She sat up, her hair sticking up everywhere. “N-not today...but...maybe one day.”


“Well, I’ll tell Shota and Hizashi you’re awake. Eat, and we can go do something for the day.”


She looked over at the plate, a decent sized omelet and bacon. “Can we go to that park, with that huge obstacle course? I wanna race you.”


“Fine.” He rolled his eyes, standing up. “Just come out when you’re ready to leave. Oh, and you can take off your bandages.”


“Kay. Thanks, Shin.”


“You’re welcome, Rem.”


As he left the room, she crawled over to her nightstand, were her breakfast was. Setting the plate on her lap, she began to eat while checking her phone, seeing her group chat with Kiri, Kami, and Ashido had blown up.


Shit, I forgot to tell them I’m back home.


Pulling up the chat, she typed a response to the messages.


SpiderGirl - hey im alive, i got back yesterdau, sorry i fell asleep


SharkBoi - welcomeback spider, wanna hang out?


Alien - ya we can go to a cafe


SpiderGirl - i made plans with another friend sorry


Alien - sokay, as long as its that purple hair dude


Alien - hes cute


SpiderGirl - ya its with him, we can go somewhere later


SpiderGirl - i have 2go, c ya


Riemi set down her phone, finishing her omelet and bacon.


Once she was done, she set the plate on her nightstand and took off her blanket. She made sure her door was locked and shut her window before pulling off her sweats and unwrapping the bandages on her legs and feet.


Then, limping over to her closet to grab a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, she put on the jeans and took off her shirt, unwrapping the bandages around her chest. 


The wounds were closed, but there was still the tender light pink skin that hurt if she touched it. Replacing her t-shirt for a long sleeve one, she pulled it on. 


It’s kinda hot outside, but it’s better to hide these wounds than to wear something short-sleeved. I don’t want to scare any kids out there, since we’re going to a park and all.


Taking a deep breath, she grabbed a jacket and grabbed her dishes, mentally preparing herself for the day.

Chapter Text

She returned to school on Tuesday, taking the train with Kiri and Ashido.


Her ‘episode’ from Sunday had affected her day with Shinso, but, by some miracle, he knew how to handle it. They raced each other on the obstacle course for awhile, Riemi had chosen that park so they could practice their acrobatics, since the Sports Festival was coming up. They couldn’t use their quirks (besides for Riemi’s legs, since they were kinda needed) but the practice was still good.


After they burned their energy screwing around, they went to go buy ice cream. A nearby shop had great ice cream, and it helped Riemi’s energy and mental health levels.


When they finished their ice cream, they went for a walk around the city. The city wasn’t the safest place in the world, but the two could defend themselves and had Aizawa on speed-dial.


Riemi showed Shinso where she used to live. He seemed a bit confused, but she told him about some of the happier stories she had, including the children that lived there.


They ran into some of those children, who immediately hugged Riemi and greeted her.


“Oh, you guys have all grown so much these past few months!” She cheered, messing up their hair and pulling them into a huge hug. “How have you guys been?”


“Great!” The smallest girl shouted, wrapping her arms around Riemi’s neck. “Mum found a job, and she was able to buy me a new blanket! It has All Might on it!”


“That’s amazing, kid. Tell your mum that I said hi, okay?”


The little girl nodded, her platinum hair flying in the air. She looked up, noticing Shinso. “Who’s that? Is he your friend?”


Riemi picked the girl up, letting the two other boys and other girl hold onto her jeans. “Juli, Kai, Rin, Kokona, meet my friend, Hitoshi Shinso. Shin, these are the kids I was talking about.”


The three kids still standing ran up to him, bombarding him with questions. He looked scared for a minute, before smiling and answering them.


They kept talking, answering questions about how Riemi’s life was now. Riemi, who had bought some stickers at a place nearby the ice cream store, gave them their presents. 


“Sorry I couldn’t find anything better, this was a sudden visit.” She handed each a sheet of stickers, keeping a few sheets for the other kids.


“They’re amazing!” One of the boys shrieked, hugging his food-based stickers to his chest. “Thank you, Riemi!”


A few of the adults came, happy to see Riemi and her new friend. They spoke for a while, talking about how life was going for them. Riemi gave them the rest of the stickers, asking for them to give them to the other children.


“Oh, Riemi.” One of the men said, who was holding the stickers. “Taro’s trying to get into UA next school year, trying to follow your example. Do you have any advice?”


“He’s going to have to work really hard, tell him to study every night. Have him practice using his quirk, and make him work on his problem-solving.” She explained, smiling. “I can help him if he gets the letter that he can take the exams for it.”


“Alright. Thanks, Riemi. It’s nice to know someone got out of here, and into a nice home.” The man looked at Shinso. “Your friend?”


“Yep!” She looked back at Shinso, who was still chatting with the kids. “We should probably get going. We have school in the morning, and I got a bit hurt during the USJ attack, so I need to make sure everything healed right.”


“That was a nasty attack. It’s good to see you’re alright.” A woman said, patting Riemi’s head. “See ya, kid.”


“Hold on.” She took off her jacket, despite it being a bit cold. “Give this to Taro. I doubt he has the best coat, and it’s only going to get colder.”


The woman took it, knowing better than to reject Riemi’s offering. “I’m sure he’ll be grateful.”


“He better be.” She turned around, walking back to the kids and Shinso. “Hey, Shin, we should get going. It’s getting late, and we kinda skipped lunch, so I’m hungry.”


Shinso laughed, standing up and saying bye to the kids. “Yeah, that’d be smart. Shota and Hizashi might get worried, and I’m supposed to actually go home tonight.”


They said goodbye to the people before leaving, walking back to the apartment.


“Sorry I forced you to come, I just haven’t had time to visit.” Riemi shoved her hands into her pockets.


“It’s fine, those kids were nice.” He smiled a little. “Just...a bit sad they have to live like that.”


“That’s why I’m becoming a hero.” She looked up at him, grinning. “So I can protect them, and give them the best life I can!”


She was currently sitting above Kiri and Ashido, like she normally did so there was enough room for them all to sit. The two had asked her tons of questions, about how the fight with Handy and Bird went, and she answered the best she could.


“I don’t remember All Might coming.” Was the answer of one, after they asked about what happened from when All Might came to when Kiri joined the main fight. “I was probably passed out by then.”


“Oh, right!” Kiri smacked his fist to his palm. “I saw Midoriya and Asui carrying you and Aizawa-Sensei. You looked terrible, so I’m happy to see you better now!”


“My injuries were bad, but nothing that couldn’t be healed.” She showed off one of the wounds on her hip, that was still pink. “They hurt a bit, but I can deal with that.”


“Think you can participate in Hero Training today?” Ashido asked, looking up at her. 


Riemi nodded. “As long as my costume is fixed already. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if the teachers make me sit out. I won’t complain if I have to.”


Ashido groaned. “Ah, this is so boring!” Her eyes lit up, in a very scary manner. “Tell me about your date with that purple haired guy! What class is he in? What did you two do? How long have you two been together?”


“W-we’re not dating, Ashido.” Riemi playfully kicked her, ignoring the heavy feeling on her heart. “I haven’t known him for long, we’re just friends. And all we really did was train at a park, and eat ice cream. Oh, and he’s in General Studies.”


Ashido laughed. “Yeah, sure you aren’t! I wanna meet him!”


“Yeah, so do I!” Kiri grinned, holding his hands in fists. “He looks really manly!”


“No, I don’t think he’d like meeting everyone at the same time.” She looked away from them, knowing that Shinso was usually grumpy around people. “‘Cause I know you’d bring Kami, Sero, Jiro, and Katsu.”


Kiri nodded. “Then we’ll meet him at the Sports Festival. He can’t run from us then!”


Riemi giggled, already apologizing to Shin in her head.




They were in the classroom, a few people asking if Riemi was fit to be in class. She assured them that she was alright, messing around with them. She asked Izuku if he was fine, since he had broken his legs and two of his fingers.


“Oh!” She must have caught him by surprise. “I-I-I’m fine, Riemi. H-how about you? You were bleeding pretty bad.”


“I healed up fine.” She smiled, her arms on her desk. “I got out of the hospital Sunday night, so I had Monday to rest.”


Izuku nodded. “That’s good. You really scared me when you ran after Aizawa-Sensei. I know you can defend yourself; you probably have the most experience out of the class, not to mention you’re pretty strong. But you still got really hurt.”


He began to ramble on about how strong Handy and the bird thing was, and how Riemi and Aizawa could have taken Handy down and escape. Riemi just laughed at him.


“You really haven’t changed, have you, Izu?” She brought him out of his trance. “Still the kid I remember, all those years ago.”


“Huh?!” Izuku’s face went red. “I-I mean, I guess I haven’t, not really. But I have changed a bit!”


Riemi nodded. “But you’re still the same Izuku I remember, even if you have grown and matured. The kid I used to fangirl over All Might with.”


“Oh, ya! I remember doing that, with Kacchan, during the holidays!”


The two laughed a little. “I can’t see Katsu fanboying over anyone anymore.” She looked at her cousin, who was glaring back at the two. “Aw, c’mon, you remember those days, Katsu!”


“SHUT UP, YOU DAMN SPIDER!” He jumped over Izuku, making him scream. Riemi stood up, catching his fist and picking him up, setting him on his desk.


“Calm down, you dumbass.” She waved at him, going back to her seat.


Riemi’s classmates were all talking about the USJ attack, which was what she expected. She had gotten the story of what had happened after she passed out from Kirishima, so she didn’t really care about anything else, other than that the other students were okay.


With a minute before class started, Iida came in, nearly running.


“ATTENTION!” He shouted, doing his weird stiff arm run. “Homeroom class is about to begin! Everyone stop talking and take your seats!”


Riemi just blinked at him.


“Uh, we’re all sitting…” Kirishima told him.


“Ya, you’re the only one standing.” Sero pointed out, making Iida sprint to his chair.


Riemi looked at where Ashido asked Tsu who she thought would teach class today. Tsu had no clue.


Uh, Aizawa? He wouldn’t skip teaching a class if his life depended on it.


And on cue, Aizawa somehow opened the door, still wrapped in bandages.


“Morning, class.” He said, his voice muffled.


“MR. AIZAWA WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” The class shouted, all in unison as if they were in a choir.


“Mr. Aizawa! I’m glad you’re okay!” Iida shouted from the back of the classroom.


Aizawa just shook them off, slowly making his way to his pedestal. “My well being is irrelevant. What’s more important is that your fight isn’t over yet.”


“Our fight…” Katsu whispered.


“Don’t tell me…” Izuku followed.


“There’s more bad guys?” Riemi finished.


He glared at the three. “The UA Sports Festival is about to start.”


Oh ya! That’s what Shinso and I were talking about. Oh, I can’t wait!


An uproar started in the class, as everyone began discussing the festival. 


But, then it all ended, when Kami smacked Kiri, and Jiro asked, “Is it really a good idea to hold the sports festival so soon after the villains snuck inside?”


“They could attack when we’re all in the same place.” Ojiro added, and Riemi couldn’t help but agree.


“Apparently, the administration thinks that this is a good way to show that the threat has been handled and our school is safer than ever.” Aizawa seemed annoyed, which was understandable. He’d nearly died just a few days ago, and now they were grouping everyone up again. “Plus, they’re beefing up security, so it’s better than past years.” He looked up at his students.


“This event is a huge opportunity for all students at UA. It’s not something we can cancel just because of a few villains.”


Uh, a few villains? Ya mean a hundred, right, Aizawa?


“Our sports festival is one of the most watched events in the entire world. In the past, everyone obsessed over the Olympic games, but then quirks started appearing, and now the Olympics have been drastically reduced in terms of scale and viewership. For anyone who cares about competition, there’s only one tournament that matters. The UA Sports Festival.” 


“He’s right.” Ponytail spoke up, and Riemi turned to look at her a bit. “All the top pro-heroes will be watching. This is where you get scouted.”


Kaminari explained how hero-agencies worked, and Riemi actually listened since her middle school hadn’t really touched upon in. 


And then Jiro fucking roasted him, saying that he was going to be forever a sidekick.




“It’s true that joining a famous hero agency can give you a greater experience and more popularity, that’s why the festival matters. If you want to go pro one day, then this event will open the path for you.”


Riemi smirked, excited for what the festival would hold. She’d never seen an entire thing before.


“One chance a year, three chances in a lifetime. No aspiring hero can afford to miss this festival. That means you better not slack off on your training.”


“Yes, sir!” The class responded. 


“Class is dismissed.”




After the class with Cementos, the class talked about the festival.


Riemi ended up getting stuck with just talking to Katsu, since the rest of her friends were either not in the class or talking to someone else.


“This is going to be so fun!” Riemi cheered, sitting in a chair in front of her cousin’s and leaning her head back. “I hope we can fight each other, Katsu! We haven’t been able to yet!”


“You know I’d kick your ass.” He growled, but he had an evil smirk on his face.


“Ha, you think.” She turned her chair around, so she faced him. “But if we are able to fight each other, and I hear about you holding back, I’ma tell everyone embarrassing stories about you from when we were kids!”


“What kind of threat is that?” He just lowered his head a bit. “I just want to go against Deku again, or that Half-n-Half guy. Anyone else is too easy.”


Riemi rolled her eyes. “You’re so cocky, Katsu. You’re stronger than me, sure, but I have seven more years of practice up my sleeve! So I think we’re evenly matched! And Izu has all those notes, I’m sure he’d beat you if you two fought again.”


Katsu met her eyes, glaring at her. “Have you figured anything out about his quirk?” He growled, nearly silently, but she heard and shook her head.


“I’ve tried listening, but nothing.”


Figuring out Izuku’s quirk was one of the things they were doing together. Both know that he got it in some weird, black-magic way. And both wanted answers.


Pink Cheeks began shouting about something, and both turned to watch her for a minute.


“What’s all that about?” Katsu asked.


“No clue. Some type of pep-talk, I think.”


The lunch bell rang, so both stood up to go down to the lunchroom.




Riemi had to run down to the nurse’s office, to pick up mild pain killers since her injuries were hurting her a bit, so she was running a bit late to lunch. 


As she jogged down the hallway, she heard voices coming from one of the rooms. 


“Only fifty minutes?”


She skidded to a stop, stepping on her shoelace to untie it so she had an excuse to listen in.




“Ya, that’s about how long I can use my power now.”


AlL mIgHt?


“I overdid it too many times. That Nomu was a real tough customer. It took a lot out of me. At this point, I can barely look like All Might for an hour and a half.”


What the hell? It that what Thirteen said about him having a time limit? And it’s shorter now? Oh, shit, that can’t be good.


“I’m so sorry!” There’s Izuku again. “I should have just-”


He screamed as All Might laughed, and Riemi purposely messed up her knot to keep listening.


“You don’t need to apologize for anything! Man, we are alike, you and me. Have some tea.”


I’d like some tea, All Might. You’re making me miss my lunch. Oh shit, I’m not gonna have time to eat! But they might say something about Izuku’s quirk, and I need to know about that.


All Might began to talk about the festival, and about Izuku’s quirk.


“...problem is, you still can’t control One for All yet.”


One for All? That must be Izu’s quirk! 


They continued talking, Riemi picking up on any information that seemed important. 


All Might’s going to have to retire soon? I mean, it makes sense, but still. 


“I gave you my power-”

And that’s all she needed to hear.


Standing up, she brushed off her skirt and hurried to the lunchroom, processing the new information.


Izuku got his quirk from All Might! That...that’s fucking amazing! And makes so much sense. Their quirks are similar, and they have a close relationship. And Izu said he got it from someone he looked up to. So that has to be All Might!


But I can’t tell Katsuki. No, not yet. Not until Izu can control this One-for-All quirk, so if Katsu gets angry, Izu can defend himself. And I don’t want to tell Izu I know, in case I’m somehow wrong. No, this is something I have to keep to myself, unless it’s important. 


Love ya, Katsu, but you’re figuring this out yourself.




After the last class of the day, while Riemi was packing up her things, she heard a commotion from the door.


Of course, she shouldered her bag and looked out the entrance, and her eyes widened.


It’s as if every first year is outside our classroom!


“W-why are you here?!” Pink Cheeks asked, surprised.


“Do you students have some kind of business with our class?” Iida questioned.


“Why are you blocking the door?” Riemi tilted her head a little.


Katsuki walked up, going straight to the doorway. “They’re scouting out the competition, idiots. We’re the class that survived a real villain attack, they want to see us with their own eyes.”


The blonde walked up to one of the students, probably glaring at them. “At least now you know what a future pro looks like. Now move it, extras!”




You cocky bastard. Just shut up.


“So this is class 1-A?”


Ah, Shinso. Please talk some sense into my cousin. I know you already hate him.


“I heard you guys were impressive, but you just sound like an ass.”


Shinso reached the doorway, carefully moving through the crowd to get there. He only gave Riemi an acknowledging look, since he had asked her to keep their friendship on the down-low so it didn’t look like she was forcing him up to her class.


“Is everyone in the hero course delusional, or just you?”


Iida, Pink Cheeks, and Izu shook their heads, but Riemi just stood there, crossing her arms and pulled of an annoyed look, while inside she was cheering him on.


“I’d be sad to come here and find a bunch of ego-maniacs. I wanted to be in the hero course, but like many others here, I was forced onto a different track. Such is life.”


Katsu scoffed at him, not saying anything.


“I didn’t cut it the first time around, but I have another chance. If any of us do well in the Sports Festival then the teachers can decide to move us up into the hero course. And they’ll have to transfer people out to make room.”


That’s true. So when he does make it into our class, someone’s going to leave. 


Shinso looked around the room, and Riemi nearly cringed as some of her other friends recognized him. “Scouting the competition. Maybe some of my peers are, but I’m here to let you know that if you don’t bring your very best, then I’ll steal your spot from right under you.” He looked back at Katsu. “Consider this a declaration of war.”


Oh, so it’s war? I can go with that.


Another guy appeared, and Riemi saw that he had silvery hair, and bushy eyelashes. “Hey you! I’m from Class 1-B, right next to you! I heard that you fought some villains and came to see if that were true! BUT YOU’RE JUST A BUNCH OF BRATS WHO THINK THEIR BETTER THAN US!”


Geez, does everyone hate our class now? Oi, we’re gonna be heroes together, Silver Lashes, just shut up.


He continued talking, but she ignored him. He was really annoying.


Katsuki tried to leave, but Kiri interrupted him. “Hey, where’re you going dude? You gotta say something, it’s your fault they’re all hating on us, Bakugo!”


Katsu looked back at him. “These people don’t matter. The only thing that’s important is that I beat them.”


He began to walk again, and the mob outside the door cleared a path room him. 


Kirishima whined, “Ah! I hate that that was such a manly exit!”


“Katsuki knows how to make a name for himself.” Riemi looked over at him. “Just hope his name doesn’t wear off onto us. It could ruin our reputations.”


And with that, she walked to the door and asked the students to let her through, and they did.




All the students had two weeks to prepare for the sports festival. And so, Riemi prepared.


Aizawa and Yamada had gotten gym memberships for Riemi and Shinso, so they could work on their bodies. Aizawa couldn’t help them train, like he usually did, so they didn’t get much fighting experience besides what they could do with the instructors, Yamada, and each other. 


Riemi was stronger than Shinso, so she always lifted more than him, but she had more limbs to work on, so by the end, she hadn’t gotten much stronger.


They got only a little time to work, since there was still school, but when they did, they worked hard.


Training with each other, with the instructors, with Yamada. Lifting weights and using the other machines while having fun conversations. And going on runs, racing each other and making bets. 


While their strength grew, their friendship grew.


When they couldn’t train, they’d study together. Both decided to study at Shinso’s house, so they could leave Riemi’s guardians to correct their schoolwork without risking them changing anything.


Despite being in different classes, their work was the exact same. So they exchanged notes, calculated answers, and spoke English while sitting on his bed, learning how to curse in English and figuring out funny insults.


One day, during their jog, Riemi had to ask a question that was weighing on her mind.


“Have you decided on a hero name yet, Shin?”


He looked at her, from his spot to her right. “I’ve thought about it, but nothing too serious. Why, has your class already decided on them?”


She shook her head. “No, not yet. But I’ve been trying to figure out one good for me. I was just wondering if you ever thought about it?”


“What have you thought about for yours?”


“Well, the best thing I’ve thought about is The Arachnid Hero - Spider.”


Shin shrugged. “It’s simple, but it’s exactly what you are. Nothing too flashy, so it might be hard to get high up.”


“Eh, I’ll see if I can find something better.” They reached their half-way point, and took a quick break. “I thought of one for you awhile ago, wanna hear it?”




She grinned, waving her hand around. “The Control Hero - Control Freak!”


He nodded. “It’s not too bad, close to something I’ve thought of. But people already consider my quirk a villain’s quirk, so it might not be the best.”


“That’s right.” They began to jog again. “I’ll think about it more.”


“I’ll think about one for you.”


And in no time, two weeks had passed.


On the last day of training, the two rested at a park bench, panting. Riemi had her eyes closed, her legs crossed on her half of the bench.


“You ready for the festival, Shin?” She asked, steadying her breathing.


“Course. That’s what these two weeks have been for. You better keep your a-game out there, I don’t want to take your spot.” He tapped her leg with his water. “Thirsty?”


“Thanks.” She opened her eyes and took it, taking a small drink before handing it back.


They sat in silence for a minute, thinking.


“What do you think the festival’s gonna be like? I haven’t seen a full one in years.” Riemi asked, picking at a loose string on her sweatpants.


“It’s different every year. Usually, it has three round. The first round has all the students, and usually only the top fifty pass, sometimes less. The second round has those students, and takes it down to sixteen. Then those sixteen go into a bracket, fighting each other until there’s a winner. First, second, and third place receive trophies, and the two who lost the semi-finals fight each other to see who’s third.”


Riemi nodded. “Well, I’m excited. I hope people are impressed with my quirk, even if it’s a mutant quirk.”


“They will be.” Shinso smiled at her. “You’re going to get far enough so you can fight your cousin, right? So you’ll have to get into the bracket. You two will meet somewhere on that, unless that idiot gets taken down before you.”


Riemi felt her face go red, just a little, as she smiled back. “We’re meeting each other there, too. Remember, both of us are getting to the final round. Together.”


“Together.” He nodded, and the two high-fived.

Chapter Text

The different classes had to wait in different rooms, so Riemi had to say goodbye to Shinso before anything actually started.


“Good luck, Shin.” She said, as they approached the stadium in their gym uniforms.


“You too, Rem.” He patted her shoulder. “Remember, all the way to the finals.”


“All the way.” She echoed, turning down the hallway to her class’s waiting room.


She pried the door open, noticing she was one of the last people there. She found a chair to sit in, taking deep breaths to calm her nerves.


Ignoring everyone who was talking, Riemi crossed her arms and waited for the announcement to go outside.


Just as she had calmed down, Iida came barging in. “Everybody, get ready. We’ll be entering the area soon!”


Riemi took another breath.


Okay, so I know that no one in my class, Class 1-B, or General Studies has a fire quirk besides Peppermint, but I know he isn’t going to use his. As long as the fire isn’t near me, I should be okay. But that may be the end of me, so I have to fight it. Just keep breathing, I have to get all the way!




It was Peppermint who interrupted everyone’s conversations.


He walked all dramatically over to where Izuku stood, freaking out the green-haired boy. 


“Uh, hey Todoroki.” Izu turned around to face him, looking a bit nervous. “What’s up?”


What’s Peppermint doing with Izu? He never talks to anyone, just sits in the back and stays quiet.


“From an objective standpoint, I think it’s fairly clear that I’m stronger than you.” Peppermint said, intimidating the shorter teen. 


Izu nodded. “Ya.”


“However, you got All Might in your corner, helping you out.”


Oh fucking crepes! Does Peppermint know Izu’s secret too? If he does, he’s not being discreet. How do I discreetly ask him if he knows?


“I’m not here to pry about what’s going on between you two, but know that I will beat you.”


Haha, I think not, bitch. 


Izu gasped, taken aback by Peppermint’s words, like the rest of the class. 


“Ah, what’s with all these declarations of war?” Kaminari asked, looking over at the two.


Kirishima stood up, walking up to Peppermint and putting a hand on his shoulder. “Ya, what’s the big deal, why ya pickin’ a fight all of a sudden? And right before we get started?”


Peppermint knocked off Kiri’s hand. “I’m not here to be your guys’ friend.” He turned around, walking off. “Don’t forget, this isn’t a team effort.”


Izuku looked down at the ground. “Wait a sec, Todoroki.” Peppermint stopped. “I don’t know what’s going through your head, or why you think you need to tell me beat me. Ya, of course you’re better than me. In fact, you probably have way more potential than anyone else in the hero course. That’s why you got in so easily.”


“You’re being a bit hard on yourself, Izu.” Riemi said softly, standing and walking towards him, but he held out his hand. 


“No! He’s right, you guys. All the other courses, they’re coming after us with all they got. We’re all gonna have to fight to stand out.” He looked up at Peppermint, an unfamiliar look in Izuku’s eyes. “I’ll be aiming for the top, too.”




Riemi looked from Izu to Peppermint, then to Katsu when he made an annoyed noise.


The three strongest people in our class. Izuku, who has no control over his quirk, but has All Might teaching him. Katsuki, who has full control, but a huge ego and even bigger sense of pride. And Peppermint, who only ever uses half his power, but has the skills to put every else here at shame. Three people I look up to, and three people that I have to beat, so I don’t put Aizawa’s work to waste.


It’s going to be hard, but I have to. 


“Okay everyone!” Iida shouted from the doorway, breaking some of the tension. “Create two single-file lines and follow me.”


Everyone formed a mob and followed Iida to where they would be entering the area.


Riemi was pushed forward, so she could enter the area right next to Katsu. 


“Seems you will be fighting Izu and Peppermint after all.” She whispered to him, as they walked down the pathway to the area.


“And I’ll beat them both.” He hissed in reply.


“Not if I beat you first.”


As they entered the area, after Yamada called out for their class, Riemi heard Izuku whisper something.


“All Might, I won’t let you down.”


Of course you aren’t going to, Izu. You’re too cool, and he’s too nice.


Riemi nearly laughed as she saw Izuku looking around at the crowds in the stands. He looked so scared it was almost cute. 


“Present Mic sure did talk us up a lot.” Kiri said from behind her. “Sure does make me nervous. How you feelin, man?”


Clearly, he spoke to Katsu, because he lifted his head up with a signature scary grin. 


“I’m not worried. Makes me want to win this thing even more.”


Riemi did snicker at his face a little, but he didn’t seem to hear.


Yamada announced the other classes as they came out of the area. Class 1-B. General Studies, classes C, D, and E. Support Classes, F, G, and H. Business Classes, I, J, and K.


The spider girl saw Shinso leading his class, and he noticed her. They exchanged small smiles, but that was it.


Keep it low-key. Don’t want anyone in my class to think I’m a traitor.


“Hey, that’s the boy you keep hanging out with.” Ashido wrapped her arm around Riemi’s shoulders, ignoring when she flinched. “He was really intimidating when he came to our class.”


“That’s because he wants to be in our class.” Riemi knew it was a waste to try and keep her image up in front of Ashido. “And I have full confidence that he’s going to make it.”


“You sure you two aren’t togeth-”


“Shut it.”


All the classes met at the center of the area, in front of the stand where Midnight stood. 


“Now, for the introductory speech!” Miss Midnight shouted, and Riemi’s gay little eyes smiled at her costume.


It’s a beautiful costume, but should be nowhere near a bunch of high schoolers.


“For the student pledge, we have...Katsuki Bakugo!”


Riemi looked at him, shuttering. This is going to be bad…


“Kacchan’s our first year rep?”


“Well, I guess he did place first in the exams.” Sero replied.


A girl nearby sighed. “Only in the hero exams.”


Oh, that’s General Studies 1-C. Shinso’s right in front of her. Well, she seems like a prick. You got into UA, be happy about that.


“That girl obviously hates us.” Sero whined.


“Ya, and we can thank Bakugo for that.” Kaminari complained.


Riemi nodded her head in agreement. 


Katsu stood in front of the microphone, glaring at the audience in front of him.


He’s going to say something about him being the best. I just know it.


“I just wanna say…” he let his voice echo a little bit. Riemi crossed her arms, so she wouldn’t facepalm at whatever he says next. “I’m gonna win.”


Oh fuck off, ya little explosive dandelion. 


Everyone began to shout at him, booing him. Riemi just shook her head, laughing a little.


“Huh? What’s so funny, Riemi?” Izuku asked, looking at her.


“He’s gonna win.” She replied, looking back at him, her arms still crossed. “I know, because he wouldn’t risk his pride to go up there and lie. This is his motivation to win. And his psychotic little ass is gonna fight with everything he has.”


Izuku nodded. “That’s what I thought.” 


The screen displaying their first game popped up, so Riemi turned her gaze to it.


“Without further ado, it’s time for us to get started!” Midnight shouted, catching everyone’s attention. “Let’s figure out the first game of the Festival!”


A screen behind her appeared, with an icon pretending to spin. Everyone waited in anticipation, their hands at their sides. 


It stopped, and Riemi’s eyes lit up.


Obstacle Race. That’s something I can do!


“All eleven classes will participate in this treacherous contest. The track is four kilometers around the outside of the stadium. I don’t want to restrain anyone, at least in this game.”


Damn Midnight, you’re in front of a bunch of children. Tone it down a notch.


“As long as you don’t leave the course, you’re able to do whatever your heart desires! Now, take your places, contestants!”


All of the students walked towards the big opening, where the race would begin. Riemi made sure to be close enough to the opening so she could shoot up there, and loosened the laces on her shoes so she could drop them as soon as possible.


“Just don’t hit me again.” Shinso whispered to her, as she stood back up.


“Don’t give me a reason to.” She gave him a thumbs up. “See ya at the finish line!”


“Just don’t beat me by too much.”


The first light disappeared, and Riemi held out her arm, ready to shoot a web. The second light. 


Third light. 




Riemi shot a web up at the ceiling, her shoes falling off as she went up. She didn’t have socks on for this reason.


Also, she wasn’t wearing her gloves, so she immediately stuck to the ceiling and began to sprint on all fours, catching an easy lead. 


“And we’re off to a racing start!” Yamada shouted to the crowd. “So, Eraser, what do you think we should be paying attention to during the race?”


“The doorway.” Aizawa grumbled, making Riemi smiled as she reached the end of the ceiling.


A shit ton of ice began to cover the ground and the students as Riemi reached the end, getting ready to do a flip onto the ground.




The ice nearly reached her feet, so she flipped off and webbed herself to a spot where the ice had already reached, wincing at the cold.


“Apologies.” Peppermint said, and Riemi began to chase him, sliding on the ice like she had as a kid.


Just don’t let your toes or heel touch. Slide on the sides of your feet.


Peppermint looked back at her, glaring as he shot a wave of ice at her. She dodged, using the ice to jump off of and catch up. 


She heard a few other students catch up, and used her side eyes to see Ponytail, Sparkle Boy, and Katsuki flying in the air, and used her webs to throw them back onto the ground. 


This is going to be fun.


Ignoring the people catching up to her, Riemi kept sliding on the ice, dodging attacks that came from Peppermint and Sparkle Boy.


“I didn’t expect so many people to dodge that.” Peppermint said quietly, and she laughed.


“Stop underestimating us!” She shouted, using a web to boost her. “You aren’t the only great one here!”


The ice ended, and she was stuck to running like normal.


Okay, this track is only four kilometers. I ran more than that with Shinso, so I can do this. I don’t have to get first place, but I should aim for the top five, since I’m great at these things. Peppermint, Katsu, and Ponytail are my biggest worries. Maybe Izu if he can outsmart this. C’mon Mai, you got this. Make Aizawa and Yamada proud!


She saw one of the Class 1-B students, the little grape thing, get thrown into the air, and then noticed the huge machines.


Shit, the things from the entrance exam! Okay, breathe, you can handle this. You don’t have to destroy any of them. Just shoot to the top of one and jump off, easy as pie.


While everyone else hesitated a bit, Riemi lifted up her arm and jumped, high enough to go over them.


“Oh no! Machines that showed up out of nowhere!” Yamada shouted. “This is a test of strength and- what’s this? A student’s already passed?”


Riemi was running towards the larger ones, sensing a smaller one was about to hit her. She dodged, using its arm to propel herself into the air. 


Just keep a cool head, and think. You don’t have to destroy anything. You’re skills are in acrobatics and stealth. You can make up great plans on the go, just don’t panic.


“Riemisho’s already passed the first wave of robots?”


“Unlike most other students, Riemi’s had more experience due to what’s happened to her in her past. While Class 1-A’s had the most villain encounters than the rest of the school, she’s had more in her lifetime. She can make plans as she goes, and trusts her gut.”


Ah, kind words. She thought, as she approached the bigger robots. Okay, I can still get on top of these bastards. It just might be a bit risky. Maybe I should go right through them?


Her thoughts were answered when Peppermint froze every single fucking robot, running in between one of the robots’s legs. Riemi grinned, shooting a web at it’s arm and swinging into the lead. 


“Nice job, Peppermint!” She shouted, falling back onto the ground. “Thanks for the help.”


“I didn’t do it for you.” He growled, shooting another wave of ice her way, causing her to slow down enough for him to pass. 


“That’s Todoroki, from Class 1-A!” Yamada shouted. “Flying in on an early lead, of course met with Riemisho, who won’t give up that easy! It’s amazing!”


Well, okay, Yamada’s just shouting random crap. Ignore it, and stay focused. She glared at the back of Peppermint. He’s the only person in front of you, and Katsu should be here any minute. I was wrong, my fight will be between them. 


She kept an even pace, dodging the attacks from her classmate. She couldn’t use an attack back, it would only slow herself down. 


I have to outrun him.


There were explosions, and Riemi laughed.


“Get ready, Peppermint! Katsu’s coming!” She shouted, nearly tripping over her feet.


They approached the second obstacle, which was easier than the last, despite what Yamada was saying. Mid step, she jumped and webbed herself to the first landing.


Okay, just a bunch more. Keep your footing, don’t trip. Stick to the ropes, you can bounce on them.

It took only a few minutes to bounce on the ropes, and she hit the final landing seconds after Todoroki. 


And then there was a landmine-filled area.


She and Peppermint both stopped for a second, checking out the area.


Riemi heard faint explosions from behind them, so she knew she only had a little bit of time. 


Avoid the mines until the end, then step on one, launch yourself up, and beat them. You can still win this Mai! It doesn’t matter how strong Peppermint and Katsu are, they can’t beat your seven years of experience!


Both entered the field together, staying at a distance so they didn’t accidentally help the other. Riemi turned to look at Katsuki, flying in on his explosions, focusing on Peppermint and not her.


Good. He won’t realize how great I am at this until it’s too late. I hope you’re watching, Aunt Mitsuki, Uncle Masaru, Auntie Inko. I’ma kick your childrens’ asses!


“It’s over.” Katsuki growled, getting closer to Peppermint. “Bastard! Your declaration of war, was to the wrong person!”


He shot a large explosion at Peppermint, but he seemed barely phased. 


Katsu’s in the lead now. She turned so she was right behind them, running where they already did. 


Both Katsu and Peppermint were fighting each other, totally ignoring Riemi as she ran about ten feet behind them. She grinned, as she saw the finish line in the distance. 


“You were right, Katsuki!” She shouted, catching their attention. “You should be paying attention to me!”


She was about to step on a mine when something flew right in front of her. A green piece of scrap metal, from the robots. 


Riemi looked up, stopping, when she saw where the metal had come from. Izuku!


Izuku flew right over them, and Riemi shot a web at the metal he was flying on. So, after accidentally kicking Katsuki’s face, she made it into second place. 


Katsuki quickly reached her, grabbing at her web to destroy it, but it didn’t work. 


Peppermint was right under their feet sliding on the ice.


As Izuku got closer to the ground, Riemi had to land, and it happened to land her in fourth place. But she kept running, on Peppermint’s ice path.


Izuku jumped onto her shoulders, smashing the metal into the ground. It caused an explosion, making the four fly into the air.


The green-haired boy made it into first place, sprinting as if his life depended on it.


Peppermint quickly formed an ice path, making him second.


Katsuki was right on his tail.


And Riemi was right on his.


The girl swung as she reached the final stretch, the part that was enclosed again. But it wasn’t enough to get her up any places, and she ended up in fourth.




The crowd cheered for him, and kept it up as Peppermint, Katsu, Riemi, and everyone else made it.


Once she was in the clear, Riemi panted, wiping the sweat off her forehead and letting her knees tremble.


Oh God, my feet are probably destroyed! I’m going to regret this tomorrow!


She looked at Izuku as she caught her breath, seeing him standing there, almost unfazed.


Nice job. It’s only fitting that All Might’s pupil would quickly fall into the number one spot. I know he’s proud of you, Izu. She looked towards the announcer booth, where she knew Yamada and Aizawa waited. And I think my mentors are proud of me, too.


“Nice job getting fourth place.” Of course, Shinso was there, not too long after. “Though I told you not to beat me by that much.”


She grinned at him. “Well, you see, I’m just that awesome!”


On the screen, it showed what place everyone got. She smiled at her picture when it showed up for 4th place.


Shinso’s face showed up, for 27th place.


“Not to bad.” Riemi said cheerfully. “Still got some improving to do, but you still did great!”


He nodded. 


“Only the top forty-two will advance to the next round. But don’t be too let down if you didn’t make the cut, we’ve prepared other opportunities for you to shine.”


Riemi crossed her arms, just wanting to know what’s next. 


“But now the real fun’s about to begin.” Midnight looked among the students, smiling. “The chance to fully move yourselves into the light. Give it your best!”


She raised her whip. “Let’s see what we have in store for you next! Will your wildest fantasies come to life? Or could it be? Oh, the waiting is torture!”


Lady, this is not torture. Trust me.


“Prepare yourselves!” She pointed to the screen as it showed the next challenge. “For this!”


Calvary Battle. That may not be the best thing for my quirk.


Midnight explained the rules, about the teams and point system.


“And the first place constentant’s point value it...ten million!”


Riemi looked over at Izuku, a new grin on her face.


Ah, I see. He’s the most valuable, and the biggest target. Kinda happy I didn’t get first place now!


“It’s a battle of the fittest, for those at the bottom to overthrow those at the top!”


Riemi looked back at her point value. 195. That’s a lot. Whatever team I’m on, I’ll be the biggest issue. And I can’t team up with Izu, I need his points.


“This is going to be fun!” Riemi whispered to herself. “But I might be a problem for whatever team I’m on, since I have so many points.”


She listened to the rules as Midnight explained them, trying to figure out her best position in this.


I’d have to be in the back, because of my legs. I can’t be carried because of them, either. But my legs can still be of use, as can my webs since I can shoot them out of my face. I should unzip my jacket a bit, so I can use my shoulders as well. And roll my pants. Shit! I should really find a team! Oh no, who’ll let me join them? I’m only really close to Kiri and Ashido, and they’ll probably team up with Katsu.


There was a tapping on her shoulder. She turned around, seeing Shinso there.


“I got two other people.” He said calmly, pointing back at Ojiro and another person. Riemi’s eyes widened.


“Huh?” She asked, tilting her head.


“We’re...a team. I got those two. I have a control on them, so you need to be careful.” Shinso looked back at them. “I’ll be on the top. Monkey’ll be on the left, you’ll be on the right. That other guy will be in the front. Hold onto them with webs, I’ll make sure nothing breaks.”


Riemi looked up at him. “ want me on your team? Really? B-but I have so many points!”


“You only got fourth. The top three will be focused on each other, we’ll be able to sneak under their noses.” Shinso patted her shoulder. “What, did you not think we’d team up? Sorry for assuming, if you have another team you want to join, go right ahead.”


She shook her head. “No, no, I wanted to team up with you. Just...caught me off guard.”


He nodded. “Good. I didn’t want to force you to team up.”


They walked up to their team. Shinso commanded them to get into their positions. Riemi went into hers, webbing her hands to Ojiro and the other guy. Then Shinso climbed on top, and the team was ready.


Riemi skillfully used a web to unzip her shirt, accidentally unzipping it all the way and showing off her black sports bra, and the faint scars and burns on her skin.


Eh, whatever, I’m used to it now.


The timer clicked down, and Midnight shouted, “Oh goodie! It’s time to get this party started!”


Each team walked to the sidelines, and once they were there, the person on top was given the headband.


“What’s our value, Shin?” Riemi asked, trying to see the value.


“Four seventy.” He held it out in front of her. “Rem, if you see any headbands out in the open, snatch it. We’ll be going after the smaller teams, so don’t go for anyone who has something big. Got it?”


She nodded. “Understood.”


The countdown started, and the crowd cheered.


Riemi closed her eyes, getting control of her breathing before she battle.


“All the way, Rem. Remember.” Shinso whispered.


“All the way.”


Yamada and Midnight finished the countdown, and Riemi began to run as soon as Shin told the others to the same.


They ran the opposite direction of where Izuku was, towards where one of the smaller-valued teams were.


The team saw them, and Riemi glared back.


“Rem, now!”


She shot a web out of her cheek, it hitting the guy’s headband and sticking. She immediately pulled back, making sure the web went right by Shinso so he could grab it.


“Good job.” 


Riemi noticed a slight movement out of the side of her eye, and made a shield out of webs. “Shin, there’s a team, right behind us.”


“They got our headbands.”


Riemi gasped. “Shit, we need them back!”


Shinso nodded. “That’s the plan! Turn around!”


The group turned, and Riemi saw who it was. 


Monoma, that 1-B bastard. Him, I know.


“Fourth place is a right wing?” He sneered, looking at Riemi. “I saw potential in you, spider. Didn’t expect you to fall under the control of another student.”


Riemi glared back at him. “Was it him?” She whispered.


“Pretty sure.” 


“I’m not under his control.” She raised her voice, preparing to shoot webs out of her. “I wouldn’t allow it.”


Shooting two bunches of webs out of her cheeks, she tried to grab the headbands off the guy’s head.


But he grabbed the webs, tearing them out.


She winced as blood ran down her face, but she only glared harder. 


“Shin.” She muttered, adjusting the arm under his leg. “We should go. There’s plenty of other headbands to get.”


“Understood. Turn around and jog.” The group turned and jogged off, and Riemi pretended to look around, but she was just waiting for Monoma to turn around.




She shot a group of webs out of her arm, hitting the bands and ripping them off. They didn’t notice for a split second, but by then, they were already on Riemi’s arm.


“Shin, there’s two headbands on my arm.” He looked down, and grabbed them off her arm, wrapping them around his neck.


They ran around, defending their headbands. Riemi grabbed a 70 point one, adding to their point value.


Riemi saw the walls of ice that appeared. Peppermint captured Izuku in there. Doesn’t matter, we should have enough points to get to the finals.


“Shin, any headbands nearby?”


“No, but we’re in fourth place. It’s not the biggest issue.”


She nodded, still looking around.


Katsu and Peppermint probably have a lot. Izu’s team might still have the million headband, too. And they’re all going at each other. 


Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Monoma again, with one headband around his neck.


“We’re not done yet.” She pushed Shinso’s leg, so he’d turn around. “Monoma. Run towards him. We’re getting that last one.”


“With only two minutes left?”


“I don’t care.” She growled as they started to turn. “He tore my webs, I won’t let him get away with that.”


They began to sprint, awkwardly since two of the people were still under Shinso’s control. 


Shinso led them so they would right of Monoma, where Riemi couldn’t reach them.


“I’ll grab it. If they try to take any, attack back.”


Riemi nodded, and they reached Monoma with only about half a minute left.


Shinso reached over and snagged the headband out of the Class 1-B asshole’s grasp, quickly tying it around his neck.


Riemi lifted her legs and connected them with webs, making a shield.


“W-what?” Monoma stuttered. “How the hell did you grab them?”


She laughed. “Maybe there’s a reason I’m the right wing, Monoma.”




The group stopped, and Riemi tried to look at the headbands.


“We still got all them?”


Shinso nodded, climbing off his teammates’ arms.


“Huh?” Riemi glanced over at Ojiro, who was no longer under Shinso’s control. “What’s going on?” He ripped his shoulder away from Riemi, causing a bunch of her webs to tear and her hand to get covered in blood.


She awkwardly released the rest of her webs, taking a few steps away from him while holding her hand. “Uh...we finished the cavalry battle, Ojiro!”


“How? I...I don’t remember it.”


Shinso sighed. “Doesn’t matter. Rem, tap that other guy. Present Mic’s about to show the results.”


She nodded, tapping the other guy’s shoulder with her non-bloody hand. He woke up, but before saying anything, Yamada was announcing the scores.”


“IN FIRST PLACE IS TEAM TODOROKI!” Riemi looked at the walls of ice. So they got the headband from Izu.


“IN SECOND PLACE, TEAM BAKUGO!” Oh, he’s probably pissed he only got second.




Riemi smiled, looking up at Shinso. “We got third!” She cheered. “We’re going to the final round!”


“Course we are. That’s what we said we were going to do.” He looked back at the other two, still looking around all confused. “Thanks for all your help.”




Riemi looked back at the ice walls when she heard loud crying, and saw small spouts of water.


What the hell, Izu? How can you cry that hard?




“I’m taking a nap.”


Riemi and Shinso began to walk towards the exit of the area. “Hey, I’m going to the nurse for something to clean my face and hand.”


“What happened to your hand?”


She held it up, while it was still bleeding. “Ojiro tore the webs by accident. Nothing too bad.”


Shinso nodded. “I’ll grab your lunch. Go find me.”


Smiling, she jogged off inside, looking for Recovery Girl’s office.


Finding the door, she knocked.


“Come in!”


She opened the door, and the nurse looked at her. “Ah, Riemi. You need something for your cheeks?”


Nodding, Riemi sat down on a chair and zipped up her uniform, holding up the bloody hand. “And my hand. It got torn.”


Recovery Girl sighed, spraying the hand with the healing spray that Riemi kept in her hero costume. “Oh, it seems like you and Midoriya are always getting hurt. You’ve got to be more careful, you’re going to stress out Aizawa and Yamada.”


“I know.” She took the roll of bandages she was offered, wrapping up her own hand. “You were watching the game, right? I was with Shinso, and two others that he was controlling. But one of the people got out of it sooner than expected, and since I was holding onto him with webs, he broke them when he tried to get away.”


Recovery Girl nodded, spraying her face. “You and Shinso seemed to be close.”


“He’s the first person that I, at least I think I can, call a friend for a couple years.” She ripped the bandages and tucked the loose end in the rest. 


“You can call him a friend, sweetie.” The short, sweet old woman smiled. “I’ve heard your guardians talking about you two, and you two seem like great friends. Now go, I’m sure you two are eating lunch together.”


Riemi nodded. “Alright. Thanks, Recovery Girl!”


She walked out of the office, jogging towards the lunch room.




“Does your hand hurt?” Shinso asked as she ate, her left hand on the table.


“A little. But I’ll be able to unwrap it when I have to fight.” She stretched it out, wincing at the slight pain.


They were eating lunch together in the loud lunchroom, being ignored by their classmates. Riemi had a huge bowl of katsudon, like she usually did. But this time it was more, and she was already half-way done.


She swallowed her bite. “Y’know, I think these finals are gonna be dramatic. Katsu, Peppermint, and Izu are all challenging each other, and I think Iida challenge Izu too. I challenged Katsu, and I think Peppermint might see me as a threat. So we’re all gonna kick each other’s asses.”


“Makes sense.” Shinso nodded. “You five are probably the strongest in your class. And your have a natural rivalry with your cousin and that green-haired kid, since you grew up with them. I don’t really know that engine guy or ‘Peppermint’, but they seem strong. You have your work cut out for you.”


Riemi grinned. “Yep! I just hope that if we fight each other, we’re not in the first or second round. And you’ll have to do your best.”


“Of course.” He poked her chest with his chopsticks. “I’ll take you out of the running, so sorry if you don’t get to fight your cousin.”


“Ha, you wish.” She poked him too, with her non-bandaged hand. “You won’t be able to use your quirk on me, and I’ll throw all I have at you.”


Shinso nodded. “Finish your katsudon, or you’ll never beat anyone.”


“Finish your rice, or you’ll never have enough energy to shout at people.”

Chapter Text

The lunch hour ended, and all of the students had to return to the arena. 


She watched as the girls in her class all went into the locker rooms, even though there was no reason to.




Still, she went into the area, trying to find some of her classmates that made it into the finals so she could talk to them.


Shinso understood, so he’s taking his time. I figured he won’t want me annoying him this whole time, since he does need to prepare. But I’d like to talk to Kiri and Ashido. I’m not sure they realized I got into the finals.


She reached the area to see the girl from her class coming out of the locker rooms, and she and Ponytail just stared at each other.


“What the hell are you doing, Ponytail?” Riemi asked, jogging up to her. “Why are you guys all dressed up in cheerleading outfits?”


“Well, apparently, Aizawa-Sensei said all the girls had to wear them.” She explained, waving the pom-poms in the air. “I can’t believe we forgot to tell you!”


She laughed awkwardly. “Well, I was never told. And I’m not about to go wear something like that. So, have fun!”


Riemi ran off, knowing damn well Aizawa didn’t say that.


Must have been Kaminari, and that little grape prick from 1-B. Damn them.




Why the hell do we need cheerleaders? And from America? Just bring Spider-Man, that’s all you need.


“Oh, hold up.” Yamada must have realized what Riemi did. 


WhOeVeR tOlD tHeM tO wEaR tHoSe Is GoNnA dIe.




Oh, that’s why I wasn’t told. Not even that grape thing wants to see me in something like that.


Ponytail began shouting at Kami and Trash Grape. 


Ah, I feel bad. I’d punch those two boys, but I can’t get disqualified. 




The screens all showed pictures of the four teams, and honestly, Riemi wasn’t surprised at the outcome.


Everyone’s from my class besides Shinso, that one guy on my team, and that pink-haired girl that’s not Ashido.




Riemi went over to where Midnight was, joining the rest of her class who were already there, waiting.


“Come closer, and draw lots to see who you’re up against.” The teacher said, holding a box of lots that was used during battle exercises in class. “Then enjoy the pleasure of the receactional game before we start. The sixteen finalists have the option to participate in the festival activities or sitting out to prepare for battle. I’m sure you all want to conserve your stamina.”


“I’ll start with the first place team-”


Ojiro raised his hand. “Um, excuse me.” Everyone turned to him.


“Sorry, but I’m withdrawing.”




“Ojiro, no way!” Izuku said, looking back at him.


“This is a rare chance for you to get scouted!” Iida added.


“It just wouldn’t be right.” He explained. “I barely remember anything from the cavalry battle until the very end of it.”


Oh, right. Shinso had him under control. He must not have let him retain the information. Probably forgot. He better have forgot, that purple haired jerk.


“I...think it was that guy’s quirk.”


Riemi looked over at her friend, not moving her head at all. Shinso looked away from the eyes of the students.


I get what Ojiro’s saying, and I don’t blame him. But this is still a big chance he’s giving up. 


“I know this is a great opportunity, and I wish I could take advantage of it, but my conscious won’t let me.”


“Just, think about this-” Izu tried to say.


“I have, okay? Everyone gave their all in round two, but I was just someone’s puppet. No way. I don’t want to advance if I don’t even know how I got here. It wouldn’t be fair.”


The girls tried to comfort him, but he brushed them off, bringing his hand to his face. 


“That’s not it...I’m talking about my pride here. I refuse to give that up.” 


It was quiet for a second, and then-


“Also, why are all the girls but Riemi dressed up like cheerleaders?”


Riemi giggled as the other girls groaned. 


Suddenly, that other guy from her team spoke. She didn’t catch his name. “...from Class 1-B. I think I should withdraw for the exact same reason. Regardless about how strong I am, this isn’t how I wanted to get here! It would go against the reason of the festival to advance without earning my spot!”


“Listen to these guys, they’re so manly!” Kiri whispered, and Riemi could sense the tears in his eyes.


Ojiro looked over at her, as if he were expecting her to leave too.


She shook her head. “I wasn’t under control. I earned my spot, and I’m not giving it up.”


He only nodded. 


Midnight waited a minute to say whether they could or not, and it was a very dramatic minute.


“This sort of talk is incredibly naive my boys! That turns me on!”


Please, turn off.


“Shodo, Ojiro, you’re withdrawn!”


“Why didn’t you call him out on his quirk use, Riemi?” Ojiro whispered to her.


“‘Cause Midnight said we could use our quirks, as long as it followed the rules. And that’s his quirk!” 


“It seems unfair.”


“Ya, and so is having a bunch of unnecessary limbs. I think you can sympathize.”


He nodded again.


“Now, let’s see.” Midnight looked at the students under her. “We’ll have to move up two people from the fifth place cavalry team so we have enough contestants.”


One of the team members from that team spoke up, a girl from Class 1-B. “We were frozen most of the time. So we barely did anything during the cavalry battle. Isn’t that right?”


A couple other people agreed with her.


“You should choose from the group who kept fighting the whole time. Team Tesutesu.”


“Ah, Kendo!” Wait, that’s Silver Lashes?


“I’m not doing this as a favor. It’s just fair!”


Silver Lashes screamed a ‘thank you’, and he and Vineplunzal were added into the final battle.


“Take a look at the bracket, my dears! These are your opponents!”


Hey, we were supposed to draw lots!


Riemi was going against Ashido for the final match of the first round of the final round.


Ashido cheered. “Yay! I don’t have to go against Bakugo!”


“Yet you have to go against me.” Riemi turned to face her, smiling. “Hope you enjoy the little time you have up there!”


Alien’s face fell. “ Oh right, I have to go against the female version.


Riemi looked back at the bracket.


Shinso’s the first match, and he’s up against Izu. Dangit, I thought Izu would get farther. Ah, I hate having to choose between them, but I have to root for Shin.


“That is you, right, Izuku Midoriya?” She heard her friend say. Without turning around, she listened in.


“Ah!” Izu seemed to take a few steps back. 


“A pleasure. So, you excited?”


Izuku tried to reply, but something muffled his voice.


Riemi decided to risk walking away, just so she could see who did that.


Ojiro. So he has a grudge against Shin now? Guess he probably hates me, too.


“Not so fast.” Ojiro snapped, as Riemi slowed down to put her hands in her pockets. 


I can’t fight you today, Ojiro, but if we ever get the chance, I’ll have fun. 




Riemi decided to find a nice shady spot to relax, probably a tree to dangle from. She wouldn’t run away, just want to take some deep breaths and calm down.


It wasn’t long before she found a nice tree. She climbed up to the first thick branch, wrapping the back of her knees around it and dangling down, letting the blood rush into her head.


This is my new life, huh? Fighting classmates, challenging them, making rivalries. Honestly, a lot better than what life was. 


She swung a bit, unwrapping her bandages on her hand. 


This is for my parents. Mom and Dad. For Saeko’s parents. For Sae. For Aunt Mitsuki and Uncle Masaru. Auntie Inko. Aizawa and Yamada. All those people who helped me, on the streets. So I can kill those bastards in the Elefel gang, and save all those kids.


I’ve got to do great. I’ve gotta impress these people, so when I’m out of this school, I can immediately sign up with a good agency and get their help. Or, hell, I’ll do it myself. Without anyone.


She stayed there until the announcement to come back came on, dangling and muttering to herself, pulling herself up to set the blood flow around her body every couple minutes.


The recreation time was about fifteen minutes, so when the announcement came on about the final round, she fell out of the tree, bouncing on her hands and jumping onto her feet.


“Time to kick ass!” She whispered to herself, then jogged inside, finding Waiting Room 1, where Shinso would be waiting for his match.


He was just shutting the door when she appeared, and she webbed it so it wouldn’t shut. He looked back, smiling a little when he saw her.


“Here to wish me luck?” He asked, as she ran down the hallway.


“Yep!” Riemi stopped, grinning at him. “I mean, I know you’ll win, even if Ojiro told Izu about your quirk. You can easily get him to talk. But it’ll only get harder when you get higher up, so you’ll have to figure something out.”


Shinso chuckled, patting her shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’ll figure it out along the way. Just worry about your matches.”


Riemi nodded. “I’ll be cheering you on.” She turned around, waving. “See ya!”


She jogged to the staircase, running up the stairs and wincing when she stepped on a part of her foot.


“Ow! Fuck.” She stopped, jumping up onto the wall with one hand and looking at her foot with the other. 


It was red, some of the skin burnt a little.


How the hell did I not notice this before? That looks bad. Eh, I’ll survive.


Bouncing off the wall, she continued to jog up the stairs. 


She found her class, sitting down in front of Katsu and pulling her feet up, giving them a rest.


“Hey, Katsu, who you going against first?” She asked, leaning back to look at him. “I’m going against Ashido.”


“Uraraka.” He glared at her. “Don’t even know who she is.”


“How? She’s in our freaking class.”




Riemi sighed, crossing her arms. “Y’know, most of us are going to be heroes together. You might want to get along with the class, so you can work together with them when we’re heroes.”


Katsuki sighed. “Whatever. Just watch the fight.”


“Geez, you’re such an ass.”




“The truth.”


She laughed as she looked back at the area, now with an entire fighting area on it.










Riemi leaned forward in her seat a little, wanting to see if Shinso was going to let Izuku seem like he was winning at first, or just immediately win.


Their conversation was too quiet for Riemi to hear, but she knew that Shinso was talking, even over Yamada shouting ‘BEGIN.’


So he’s going for a quick win. Probably just wants it over. Understandable.


“Ah!” Riemi glanced over at Ojiro, who was now standing. “I told him not to say anything!”


“WHA?” Yamada shouted from the announcer’s booth, even though he knew exactly what had happened.


As her classmate’s faces filled with confusion and terror, Riemi just smile a bit.






And, after a couple minutes, Izu turned around and began walking towards the side of the area.




“Oh no, Deku, what are you doing?” Uraraka asked, looking a bit frightened. Riemi put her elbows on her knees, leaning forward and putting a hand in her head.


He’s probably talking to him, which means he’s letting Izu remember all this. Well, you fought good, Izu. You mom would be proud.


“What’s the purple guy’s quirk, Riemi?” Kaminari asked, catching her attention. “You know him so well, do you know?”


“Yep!” Riemi nodded. “But, since he’s my friend, I’m not gonna tell you.”




“He’s gonna lose!” Uraraka whined.


But, just before he reached the end, a large gust of wind formed around Izuku. Everyone in the crowd gasped, and Riemi gaped at her friends.


Did...did Izu break Shinso’s hold? How? How the hell? That’s impossible! I’ve been training with him for weeks and still can’t!




Everyone began to cheer, all besides Riemi, who clenched her fist, digging her nails into her palm until it almost bled.


NO! If Izuku broke his hold, then he’s going to win! Shin was going to use this so the teachers would see just how strong he is! He was going to try and get into the hero course with this!


Shinso continued to talk, and Riemi could tell he was trying to get Izu to talk again. But it was too late.


Izuku reached Shin, pushing him towards the other end of the area. 


Shin punched Izuku, in the face and where his injured fingers were. He tried to push him out, but Izu grabbed his arm and flug Shinso out of bounds.


He’s always relying on his quirk. Even if we’re fighting, he tries to put me under control. He barely knows how to throw a proper punch, much less win a fight.


That’s why he lost. That’s why we won’t be able to fight each other.


Good job, Izuku Midoriya. I doubt it’ll happen again.


“Shinso is out of bounds!” Midnight shouted. “Midoriya advances to the next match!”


No, this sucks. I wanna go meet up with him, but I doubt he wants to talk. No, it’ll wait. I’m sorry, Shinso. But I’ll make sure you get another chance.


She ignored her classmates, who complimented Izuku on his victory. Not realizing the feeling that Shinso felt about himself, about the things people had told him.




“Hey, can I ask you something?” Riemi asked Shinso one day, when they had finished their homework early and were just relaxing on his bed, watching YouTube videos.


“Sure, what’s up?”


“When we first met, and I complimented your quirk? How I said it was really cool, and you’d be a great hero, remember that?”


“Is...this your question?”


She shook her head. “No, something else. Aizawa said that not everyone thinks your quirk’s a villain’s quirk. Why’s that? Do people really think it’s a villain’s quirk?”


Shinso sighed, pausing the video. “Well...kinda. It’s what everyone’s always said. Of course, Uncle Shota and Hizashi, and my parents, never said it was. But you were the first person outside of my family that complimented it. It...took me a bit off guard.”


“That’s...that’s terrible. I’ve dealt with similar things, and was picked on since my girlfriend was quirkless. But I meant what I said. You’re quirk’s badass, and you’ll be a great hero.”


The boy smiled, looking over at her. “I know you mean it. And you’re going to be a hero, too. So don’t let anything like that take over you, too.”


“As long as you don’t.” She grinned back at him. “Despite what the world says, anyone can be a hero! Even if you have to work just a bit harder to get people to realize that.”




Suddenly, she heard more faint voices, ones she didn’t recognize.


Glancing over, she saw some of the other General Studies students shouting, looking down at Shinso. Even some of the pro-heroes behind them spoke.


Well, I guess I’m not the only one. You’re quirk’s nowhere near villainous, Shin. It can help as much as it can hurt. And now, people are seeing it for what it truly is.




The next matches weren’t very exciting. Well, actually, they were. Riemi just didn’t care, she was trying to figure out how the hell Izuku broke through Shinso’s hold.


She’d given him an approving nod when he came up to the stands, and he’d asked her a few questions. Apparently, Shinso had said something about her, about her being one of the few people who actually believed in him.


Izu had his hero notebook, and was writing down information on Shin, so she helped him out a bit, not giving some of Shinso’s secret abilities away.


The second match was Peppermint and Sero, and Peppermint froze half of the stadium. Riemi was forced to go inside and warm up, since her spider-ness made her more vulnerable to the cold.


She’d missed the third match, but Vinepunzal had won that over Kaminari.


Fourth match was Iida and Techie, where Iida won after Techie showed off all of her ‘babies’. Riemi didn’t really like Techie, but only because she was too much like Saeko.


Then, it was her match.


Riemi sat in Waiting Room 2, taking deep breaths to prepare herself, when the door opened.


“Excited?” Shinso asked, sitting down nearby her.


“A lot, but also nervous.” Riemi stretched her arms. “Ashido’s quirk is really cool, but I’m confident I’ll win.” She looked over to him. “Sorry about your match. I couldn’t hear what you were saying, but you seemed to impress people, even if you lost.”


“Don’t worry about me.” Shinso rolled his eyes. “You got your own fights to worry about. As long as you keep winning, you’ll fight your cousin in the semi-finals. So hold out until then.”


Riemi nodded. “If I can get that far.”


“You will.”


She began to walk towards the door that led to the entrance of the area. “Hey, Izu told me you said something about me. May I ask what you said?”


“I said that you were the first person, outside of my family, that believed in me, and that you’ve helped me get this far. Nothing that was a lie.”


She grinned. “Just making me look like such a great person.”


“Go kick that alien’s ass, Rem.”


“Whatever you say.”


She walked outside, and onto the area.






Ashido grinned at her. “Have a pep-talk with that Shinso guy? To bad it’ll be for nothin’.”


“Excuse me, I have a battle with Katsuki I need to fight.” Riemi knelt down, stretching her legs out, and ignored the fire coming from both her sides. “So I need you out of my way.”




Riemi jumped up, shooting herself near the alien-girl and attacking with all of her legs, smacking her side with all of the weight she could muster. Ashido jumped out of the way, throwing acid at Riemi’s shirt and the top of her pants.


But her movements were slower than the alien had meant, and the spider was able to wrap webs around her entire body. Picking her up while still being wrapped around, Riemi sprinted towards the boundaries, even as her webs began to melt.


“I told you…” She unwrapped her webs, throwing her over the line and stopping just before the line. “I need you out of my way.”


“Ashido is out of bounds! Riemisho wins the match!”


“Damn, you’re strong.” Ashido stood up, rubbing her side. “Workin’ out?”


“A little.” Riemi gave her a little wave before turning around. “Sorry for beating you!”


She jogged back inside, going into the waiting room to grab another uniform. Shinso was still inside, for some reason. 


“That was quick. Good job.” He stood up, pushing in his chair. “I’ll stop whoever’s coming in here so you can change. Hurry up.”


“Shut up.” She found a spare uniform, taking off her top before Shinso was even out of the room, since she was so used to being seen in just a top similar to a bra.


“Seriously? I haven’t left yet.” Looking over, she could tell that the boy was doing his best to not look.


“If you’re going to join the hero course, then you’re going to have to get used to girls wearing minimal clothing. Just go.”


The door opened and quickly shut, and Riemi laughed a little, pulling on a new top. Thankfully, Shin hadn’t seen under the holes in her pants, where some of her worst scars were.


Ignore it and pull on the new pair. Then I should go to Recovery Girl, I'm bleeding from my arm. 


With the ruined uniform in her arms, she ran out the door, wincing as she hit a raised tile that pressed against a burned part of her foot.


Pushing the door open, she saw that Shinso was alone. “Done?”


“Just gotta go to Recovery Girl, but I’ll be able to do that alone. And she’ll take the uniform. Have fun watching the matches!”


“Have fun kicking ass.”


Waving, she ran towards the nurse.




She reached the stands, sitting down in her seat and looking around.


It’s the sixth match. Ponytail versus Raven. Whoever wins, I have to go up against next. And they’re both pretty strong.


And Raven won, pushing Ponytail out of the way.


Okay, so I’m going up against Raven next. I heard something about Dark Shadow being weaker in sunlight. So he’s going to be using mostly defense. I’ll have to use that to my advantage. It doesn’t matter how many webs I break, my body will be fixed. So I should use close distance, setting as close as I can. Dark Shadow is cool, but still a shadow. A fast enough web should get through him. 


Once I know for sure, I should hit his chest and fly forward, fast enough to dispel the shadow. Then use my legs and fists to knock him out or get him out of bounds.


If it doesn’t work, then it’ll be a lot harder. Keep my feet stuck to the ground, run low. Find an opening, bring him closer to me. No matter what he hits me with, I’ve dealt with worse. And I can deal with even worse than that.


I’m going to fight Katsuki. That’s all I care about.


The fight between Testutestu and Kiri ended in a draw, since they were basically one in the same.


I’ll take down whoever gets in my way.


And then, it was Katsu and Pink Cheeks fight.


Iida and Izu went to go help Pink Cheeks plan her fight, but Riemi knew that Katsu was going to win.






What the hell is up with this biased commentary? What the hell, Yamada?




Riemi crossed her arms, listening to a plan that Izuku had made up for Pink Cheeks to beat Katsu.


“Actually, it wasn’t much of a plan. Kacchan’s so strong, when it comes to close combat, there’s almost no openings. And the more he moves, the more he sweats, and that just makes his quirk more powerful. He’s gotten really good at using his explosions to move around in the air, but if Uraraka is able to touch him, and make him float, she could send him out of bounds. That’s why, it’s obvious what Uraraka needs to do to get the upper hand. She needs to strike first!”


Riemi watched as Pink Cheeks began to run at Katsuki, running low to the ground.


Okay, but what’s her plan? She isn’t using Izu’s plan, so she must be doing something. And I know she isn’t underestimating Katsu, she’d be dead if she did.


She got hit by one of Katsu’s explosions, forcing her back and tearing up the ground under her. Riemi winced, but kept most of her composure.


Did she underestimate him? No, she has some sort of plan, she’s smart. But what is it?


“Oh, it looks like Bakugo isn’t planning on showing her any mercy!” Tsu said from the other side of the area, and Riemi looked over at her.


“Why would he?” Riemi asked, catching everyone’s attention. “If Katsu doesn’t use his full power on an opponent, then he doesn’t think of them as an equal. And, despite his pride and large ego, he sees everyone in our class as an equal. So he’s going to attack her with all he has. He’d do that to any of us.”


She turned to watch the fight again, just seeing Katsuki launch Pink Cheeks into the air after she tried to get the drop on him.


All of Katsu’s attacks are so strong, they’re tearing the concrete. That does terrible things to flesh. 


Then, Riemi noticed a chunk of concrete floating up, and looked to where it was going.


And, right above the area, a small group of broken concrete floated, and Riemi smiled.


That’s her plan. Tear up the area and drop all of these on Katsu’s head. How you going to dodge all that, Katsuki?


A bunch of her classmates kept wincing as Pink Cheeks got hit with big explosions, with even Jiro covering her eyes. 


“Looks like she’s not resting between attacks, despite being exploded.” Yamada announced, his voice quieter than is was before. “The poor girl.”


Another big wave attacked her, and more concrete flew up.


You can’t take much more of that, Pink Cheeks. Just drop it. 


One of the pros in the stands began shouting at Katsu, saying how he should stop his attacking.


Everyone began to boo, and Riemi couldn’t take it. She stood up, grabbing the rail at the end of the stands. 

“Kick her ass, Katsu.” She said quietly, too insecure to scream.


“THE CROWD IS NOW BOOING BAKUGO! And honestly, I kinda agree with what their say-AH! Hey, woah, what the crap!”


“Where’s the man who started this uproar?” Aizawa had the mic now, and he sounded angry. “Are you a pro? Because if you’re being serious, then you can go home and hang up your cape. I suggest looking into another career.”


Okay, damn. Where are you going with this? Please call them out for the sexist assholes they’re being. Please, Shota.


“ know what he’s talking about?” Izuku asked, confused.


“Bakugo’s fierceness is an acknowledgement to his opponent's strength. He knows she deserved to make it this far, so he’s doing whatever it takes to keep her at bay, so he can come out on top”


Pink Cheeks looked tired. Those pieces of concrete can’t be easy to lift for so long. Honestly, I don’t know who I’m going for anymore. But, Katsuki’s still going to win. At least, this match he will. 


The rocks began to rain down from the sky, all aimed at the boy in the area.


“Hey, she had a plan all along!” Izu shouted, standing up himself.


“Of freaking course she did.” Riemi looked back at him. “What, you think she’d go against Katsuki of all people without a plan?”


Pink Cheeks began to sprint towards Katsu, dodging the raining rocks and trying to reach him, most likely to touch him and send him out. 


Katuski blasted the rocks flying down at him, one huge blast causing the audience to scream. When the smoke cleared, Pink Cheeks was on the ground, struggling to get up.


“BAKUGO MADE A HUGE DEMONSTRATION OF POWER!” Even Riemi was surprised at it, her hair blown a bit back due to the wind. She wasn’t aware of the heights of her cousin’s power. “HE BLEW APART URARAKA’S FINISHING MOVE AND REMAINS UNTOUCHED!”


And I was right. Katsu won.


Riemi sat back down, keeping her bare feet on the ground this time. She didn’t need a close-up anymore. 


Pink Cheeks tried to stand up, but fell over before she could take more than a few steps. Riemi felt sorry for her, knowing she probably was in pain.


Katsu had charged at her, but stopped as she fell. 




She tried to crawl towards Katsu, and Katsu got ready to attack, but there was no need, since she stopped moving.


Midnight came onto the area, holding out a hand for Katsu to stop, which he did. She knelt down besides Pink Cheeks. 


“Uraraka is KO’ed. Bakugo advances to the second round.”


The crowd cheered. Weren’t they just booing Katsu earlier?


Med-Droids came up, putting Pink Cheeks onto a stretcher and taking her inside, while Katsu walked back inside himself.




“Or not…”


Where’s the announcer’s booth, I have another ass to kick.




Riemi watched as Izuku stood up, getting ready for his match.


“Good luck, Izu.” She told him, giving him a smile. “Do your best against Peppermint, I’ll be rooting for you.”


“Thanks, Riemi.”


She waited a few minutes before standing up herself, knowing that she couldn’t be in the stands for Peppermint’s fight, in case is got dangerously cold again.


Leaving, she saw Katsuki, walking to the stands.


“Nice job, Katsu!” She said, and he stopped. “Seems like you’re keeping up with your decoration.”




He walked past, and Riemi just shrugged and went inside, so a room with a TV so she could still watch the fight.




So Izu and Peppermint’s fight was pretty fucking cool, but it almost gave Riemi a panic attack.


The fight started out with Izuku breaking all of his fingers, twice . Dumbass, your mom’s probably watching. Peppermint kept blowing shit tons of ice at Izu, and they were shouting at each other. 


And then Peppermint showed off is Pepper side, and that caused Riemi to panic.


By the end of the match, even as Izuku was taken to the nurse, she was sitting in her chair, calming down her nerves. 


Peppermint won the match by a landslide.


The next fight was Iida and Vinepunzal. Iida won, and by then, Riemi was calm enough to head down to her waiting room.


Waiting Room One, this time. 


She walked in, just as Iida left.


“Good luck, Riemi.” He said, and she gave him a thumbs up.


“Good job, Iida!”


She entered the room, finding a hair tie to put her hair up.


Okay, I can win this. See if you can shoot through Dark Shadow, with the fastest web you could shoot. If that fails, wait for an opening and get closer, then beat him with my legs and fists. Push him out. Win this, so when Katsu beats Kirishima, you can beat him. Ignore the fire, ignore Peppermint’s fight. Just kick some Raven ass.


Riemi walked into the area, standing on the concrete, her feet sticking to the ground.




“You’ll be a good fight, Riemisho.” Raven said, calming. Riemi smirked.


“As will you.”




Dark Shadow appeared, rushing at Riemi. She unzipped her shirt and shot a thin web, going almost as fast as a bullet. It only got pulled off in the storm of the shadow, and a trail of blood formed on Riemi’s stomach. She dodged just in time, jumping closer to Raven.


The shadow kept attacking at Riemi, and she kept dodging, waiting for just a small opening. 




She shot a web at him, hitting his foot. Zipping forward, she dodged an attack from Dark Shadow and landed a strong punch on Raven’s face. 


Ignoring the announcements about her attack, she began to absolutely destroy her opponent, landing hits on his side and face, while also taking hits from Dark Shadow, tearing up her left arm.


When she reached the side of the area, she spun around and landed a strong kick on Raven’s stomach, pushing him out as Dark Shadow threw her half-way across the area, scraping her legs on the ground.


“Tokoyami is out-of-bounds! Riemisho wins!”


Riemi panted, trying to muster enough strength to stand. She eventually did, trembling on her legs as she sat down on the stretcher the Med-Droids came up with.




Laying down, she closed her eyes, groaning slightly at the pain in her legs and arms.


He’s strong...damn, those attacks hurt. But I’m in the semi-finals! That’s all that matters.




She must have passed out, because she woke up a bit later, in the nurse’s office. Her arms and legs hurt, but they looked okay. 


Sitting up, she rubbed her arm, making sure it wasn’t hurt.


“Ah, Riemi!” Recovery Girl spun around in her chair. “That was a rough fight. You missed Bakugo and Kirishimas’ fight, and you’ll be going against Bakugo. It’s Todoroki and Iida’s fight right now.”


“Awesome.” Riemi grinned, standing up from the hospital bed. “Can I leave? I need to prepare.” 


“Sure, sweetie. But I’m sure you’ll be here soon again.”


Riemi nodded. “Of course. But you’ll be seeing Katsuki here too. Oh, did Tokoyami have to come here? I didn’t hurt him too bad, did I?”


“He’s already back in the stands. You did some damage, but nothing too bad.” Recovery Girl smiled at her. “Now go get ready. Your friend’s already there waiting.”






“Alright. Bye!”


She jogged out, looking at her arms. They were still pink, but healed up. 


Gotta meet up with Shin. God, I’m so happy! I get to fight Katsuki! Finally! Oh, I want to kick his ass.


In just a few minutes, Riemi was at the Waiting Room, seeing Shinso leaning against the wall.


“Engine just left. ‘Peppermint’ won the fight, so if you win, you’re going against him.” He said, opening the door for her. 


“Did he use his fire in the last match?” Riemi asked, thanking him for opening the door and jumping onto a table.


“No, but he still might, since his ice only helps you out.” Shinso sat down in a chair near the table she was on. “Excited?”


“Yep!” She bounced from foot to foot, realizing that her feet were healed. “And I’m really, really nervous!”


Shinso laughed. “You seem nervous. Get off the table, you’re going to hurt yourself.”


She jumped off, her hair flying up. “I’m about to go fight Katsuki. I’m gonna get myself hurt anyway.”


“So don’t get yourself hurt first. You already messed up your arms after your fight with that bird guy.” He looked at her arms, grabbing one to look at the pink skin. “They’re all healed, right?”


Riemi nodded. “I’m fine. I just feel bad for Raven. I think I hurt his face a little.”


“Ya, you abused his face with your fist. It was almost scary.” 


Riemi’s eyes widened. “Oh…Shit! I didn’t wanna seem scary, the pros might not like that! That’s what they were complaining about with Katsu!”


“Calm down, they didn’t complain. At least, no complaining that I heard.” Shinso patted her shoulders, pushing her towards the door. “Go fight your cousin. I’ll meet you at Recovery Girl’s office.”


“Okay.” She took a deep breath. “Alright. See you after, Shinso.”


“Get into the finals, Rem.”


Riemi opened the door, going into the area and meeting her cousin, who was already there.




Katsu glared at her. “I’m not going to go easy on you, Mai. I don’t care if we’re family.”


“I want you to go all out on me, Katsuki. I’ve been wanting to fight you since I saw you, on the first day of school.” She knelt down, one of her human legs stretched out. “So fuck whatever the audenice says. It’s just you and me. Fighting with whatever strength we have.”


Katsuki smirked, letting explosions rain from his hands. “Just what I wanted to hear!”


Riemi grinned back at him. “You ready to taste concrete?!”


“Where’s this mirror you talkin’ to?” 




They sprinted towards each other, with Katsuki sending a wave of explosions at her when they were close enough. She jumped over him, shooting a web at his back and lifting him up, throwing him onto the ground.


“I saw what happened to you during the USJ!” He shouted, jumping up and rushing at her. “That hand dude did a number on you!”


She mostly dodged the attack, burning part of her uniform. She aimed a kick at his head, and he grabbed her foot, throwing her to the ground.


“I’ve dealt with worse!” She jumped back up, aiming a web at his chest and pulling him closer, giving him an uppercut.


He shot an explosion at her face. It hit her, but she smacked his waist with a leg in retaliation.


She grabbed his head, but before she could do anything, she was blasted into the air, fraying her shirt. While in the air, she ripped it off and shot a web down, getting ready to land a punch. He met her fist, and wrapped it in webs, kicking his face.


Katsu grabbed her shoulder, throwing her onto the ground and ripping her webs. She winced, and aimed a kick at his stomach. But a bunch of explosions hit her own stomach, and she whined.


“Fucker.” She muttered, moving back and raising her legs in front of her, creating a shield. 


I need a plan. How did I forget to make a plan? Okay, I need one. I should wrap him up in webs. I want to stretch this fight out, but I also want to win.


Katsuki aimed a bunch of explosions at her, and she jumped up, landing near him and beating his back with her legs. He elbowed her face, and she wrapped his arms around his neck, putting him into a chokehold.


He struggled, trying to get out of her grip. He ended up blasting her knees, making her let go, before aiming a punch to her chest.


She coughed, a little blood coming out of her mouth.


“Wanna give up?” He asked, panting a little.


“Hell no.” She replied, wiping her mouth. “I’m enjoying this.”


“Good answer.” He sprinted to her again, aiming with a right-hook. She caught it, throwing him onto the ground.


He bounced up, pushing her down and punching her face, probably breaking her nose. He did it a couple more times, before she was able to catch his fist.


She aimed a punch at him, and rolled on top of him. They kept rolling, using explosions and extra limbs to fight each other, both bleeding and laughing.


And then she was tossed, and she knew the match was over.


“Riemisho is out-of-bounds! Bakugo wins!”


Riemi grinned, wiping the blood from her mouth and tried to get onto her feet, but they hurt too much to stand on.


A Med-Droid lifted her up, and she looked at Katsuki, who was in a similar condition. “Thanks...for the fun fight, Katsu.”


He looked back at her. “I said I was gonna win.”


“I never doubted you.”


Both were taken to the nurse, and Riemi passed out again.




She woke up shortly after, and Recovery Girl told her that she could return to her class. Shinso made sure she was okay, since she had bandages on her face and arms. But then they returned to their classes.


Riemi sat down at her spot, greeting her classmates.


“That fight with Bakugo was brutal, Riemi!” Pink Cheeks cried out. “Are you okay?”


“Oh, I’m fine.” She shrugged, sitting down. “It was fun. I liked going all out on him.”


She looked up at Tokoyami, who was sitting nearby. “Sorry for being so brutal, Raven. I just wanted to beat up Katsuki.”


“If you won, you are clearly strong.” He nodded to her. “You deserved that win.”


“I didn’t know you were so good at physical attacks.” Kaminari said from above her. “You almost beat him!”


“Eh, I’ll settle for fourth or third place.” She looked around, for Iida. “Hey, speaking of my ranking, where’s Iida? We’re supposed to fight for third.”


“He had to leave for a family emergency.” Izuku explained. “I’m a bit worried.”


“I’m sure everything will be alright. Let’s just focus on Katsu and Peppermints’ fight.” She put her wrapped up hand on her lap, waiting in mild fear for the final fight.


Katsu’s really strong, so Peppermint might have to use his fire on him. If there’s a lot of fire, I’ll have to leave. But I don’t want anyone else to know about my fear of fire. They’ll bug me about it, and I don’t want to explain it.




Win, Peppermint, and crush Explodo’s pride.




The fight was too quick for Riemi to really see, besides for the beginning. A shit ton of ice from Peppermint, capturing Katsu and making the area a lot cooler.


Yet, of course, Katsu escaped, and the fight got a bit to fast for Riemi’s tired head to follow.


Then, Katsuki began shouting, demanding that Peppermint use his left side on him, so he can truly win.


Okay, deep breaths. Deal with the fire. Don’t let anyone know your weakness.


“C’mon Todoroki!” Izuku shouted, making Riemi look at him. “Don’t give up! Do your best!” I sense the beginning of a relationship?


She looked back at Peppermint. There was now fire, making Riemi jump a bit.


Ignore it, damnit! 


But the fire disappeared as smoke filled the arena, and the girl was, in her mind, saved a little.


When the smoke cleared, she saw Katsuki on the concrete, clearly able to move. And there was Peppermint, out-of-bounds, knocked out on his own ice.


Katsuki ran at him, shouting and picking him up, until Midnight put him to sleep with her quirk.


Why didn’t Peppermint go through with his attack? He could have easily won! 


Midnight raised her hand. “Todoroki is out-of-bounds. That means...Bakugo is the winner!”

Chapter Text

The final round was over, meaning it was time for the top three to meet up.


Since Iida was gone, Riemi won third place, so she had to walk to the area where the first, second, and third place students were going to be lifted onto the field.


As she approached the room, she heard loud shouting, coming from her cousin.




She pushed the door open, only to see her cousin being restrained to a pillar while the helpers and Peppermint watched on.


Ignoring him, she walked over to Peppermint.


“Congrats on getting second place, Peppermint!” She said cheerfully, holding out her hand. “We never officially met, have we? Mai Riemisho, but I go by Riemi.”


He looked at her hand for a second, which was bandaged up, before shaking it. “Shoto Todoroki. Good job on getting third.” His voice was so soft and quiet, it was nearly cute.


“Riemisho!” One of the others in the room shouted, catching her attention. “You have to stand over here.”


“I know!” She waved to Todoroki before standing on her spot, waiting for it to rise.


“The first year students have completed all of the events for the UA Sports Festival.” Midnight shouted from above them. “Now it’s time to relax and watch the awards ceremony!”


Music began to play, and the ground that Riemi stood on began to rise up, going through the opening in the ground and taking her back into the world of sunlight.


All of the students and the reporters were on the field, trying to see the top three up close.


Riemi glanced at her cousin, who was tearing at his metal restraints, trying to shout despite his muffler.


“Seriously, Katsu?” She muttered, shaking her head. “Damn, I should have beaten you when I had the chance.”


“Tenya Iida actually shares the third-place award with Riemisho, but sadly he had to leave for family reasons. You gotta love those familial bonds.” Midnight told the crowd, and Riemi was close to facepalming.


Why is she at a fucking high school?


“Now, let’s break out the hardware! Of course, there’s only one person worthy enough to distribute the award!”


Familiar laughing came from the top of the area, and the fangirl in Riemi’s heart leaped.


All Might, of course!


The crowd cheered once more, as the hero jumped down in front of the three students.



“All Might, the natural-born hero!” Midnight shouted.


And the crowd was silent, and Midnight apologize for ruining the entrance.


“So now that you’re here All Might, why don’t you start the presentation?” The female hero held out the three medals, all connected to a carrier-thingy.


All Might nodded, grabbing the bronze metal and walking up to Riemi.


Young Riemisho, ” He said, and Riemi lowered her head to that he could put the medal around her neck. “ Congratulations. You showed great strength out there.


“T-thank you, sir.” She replied, stuttering a bit since she had never really spoken to the pro-hero herself, only addressing him during training. 


For some reason, the pro hugged her, so she was forced to stand awkwardly as he tried to find somewhere to pat her back. “ However, you still have to train if you want to fight against villains of all types. You’re not going to be able to rely on your ability to move around in every battle.


He let her go, and as he went over to Todoroki, she took the medal into her hand.


I...I did it. I really did it. Only third place, but that’s still more than everyone else, ‘sides Katsu and Todoroki got. And I even had to hold back! I...honestly can’t believe it. And All Might fucking hugged me! I hate physical contact, but I’ll go with that! Mr. Number-One-Hero, Person-who-let-Izu-actually-become-a-hero, hugging me? Hell yeah!


She missed the conversation between All Might and Todoroki, but she saw a sad expression on his face.


Why’s he so sad? Wish I could help you, friend.


Now, Bakugo! ” All Might went over to Katsu, seeing him chained onto the pillar behind him. “ Well, that seems like a little much. ” He unlatched the muzzle, and Riemi plugged her ears to protect them from the shouting she knew would come.


Well, you did what you said you would do in the pledge. You’re true to your word!


All Might…” Katsu growled, in a very, very scary way. “Winning first place this way...DOESN’T PROVE THAT I’M THE BEST ONE HERE! EVEN IF THE WORLD CALLS ME THE WINNER I REFUSE TO TAKE IT LIKE THIS!”


As Katsu’s face got angrier, it even seemed to scare All Might. Riemi slowly unplugged her ears, hoping the worst was over.


In a world where we are constantly against each other, there are few who can keep their eyes on the top. You’re one of them. Please accept this medal, even if you have to think of it as a scar, something you’ll never forget.


All Might held up the medal to Katsuki, slowly moving closer.




All Might tried, he really tried, to put the medal around Katsu’s head, but had to settle with it dangling from his mouth, and a glary, angry explodo boy growing for awhile.


Here they are! The winners of this year’s Sports Festival! But listen closely, ” he looked over the students who didn’t make it up. “ Any of you first years could have ended up standing on these podiums. Think about what you’ve done today. You’ve challenged each other, learned, and climbed even closer to your goals of being pros! I think our next generation of heroes is bound to be the most promising one yet! ” He pointed a finger to the sky. “ So I have one more thing to say! I want to hear everyone yell it with me, you know what it is!


No one knew what it was, since everyone yelled ‘Plus Ultra!’ and he yelled something that got lost in the noise.


Everyone began to yell at him, that is was the perfect time to shout ‘Plus Ultra’ and he shouted some other crap.


He jumped out of the arena, and the students had to go to the locker rooms to change. Riemi and Todoroki jumped off of their podiums and followed their classmates.


Riemi followed the rest of the girls of her class to the girl’s locker rooms, where she could get dressed in her uniform and finally put her gloves on again .


She was congratulated, all of her female classmates all talking to her as she tried to get dressed. She only smiled and assured them that they did great too, and, before she left, put her medal in her pocket, since she didn’t really feel like wearing it.


It would feel like I was showing off if I did, and I don’t want to show off. I just wanna go home and eat something, then take a nap.


After pulling her shoes on, she walked out of the locker rooms, pulling her hair down and brushing it so it covered her eyes again.




All the students had to return to their classes, so that’s where she went. Back to Class 1-A.




When everyone was in the room, with Aizawa there too, the teacher got everyone’s attention.


“Nice work.” He started off with. “You have the next two days of school off to recuperate. I’m sure the pros who watched the festival will want to recruit some of you, so we’ll look at the draft forms when you return. Get some rest, you still have a lot of training to do.”


“Yes, sir!” The class responded with. 


“Class dismissed.” The teacher walked out of the class, and Riemi grabbed her bag.


“Hey, Riemi, where’s your medal?” Izuku asked as she began to leave. “And where are you going?”


She showed the medal from her pocket. “I don’t want to seem like I was showing off. And I’m starving, so I’m going to go home and eat. See ya when we get back!”


“Oh. You have my number, right?”


Riemi nodded. “Yep. Why?”


“I was planning on making a study date with a bunch of people, and was thinking about inviting you. Think you can make it?”


“Most likely. Just text me a time and place. I’ll show up!”


She turned away, walking out of the classroom. 


I should tell Izu that I know his secret, with All Might. I’ve been thinking about it, and it’s probably for the best, in case it’s important to know one of these days. And I want to keep track of Izu’s progress. But how would I confront him? I can't around other people, and someone could overhear!




She turned her head. “Oh, hey Aizawa.”


“Why aren’t you wearing your medal?”


Riemi scratched the back of her neck. “Well, I feel like it would be showing off. Todoroki isn’t wearing his either, and Katsu’s only wearing his because he’s too pissed to take it off.”


“You got third place, fair and square. So it’s perfectly fine if you want to wear it.”


She shrugged. “I still don’t really mind. All that’s on my mind is food, so I’m gonna stop somewhere on my way home.”


“You have cash on you?”


“A little, but it should be enough.” She tapped her chin. “I have about a thousand yen, enough for food.”


“Alright. I’ll meet you home, then.” Aizawa turned to walk down the hallway. “Good job on getting third place. I’m proud of you, kid. You earned it.”


Riemi’s eyes lit up, and she smiled a bit. “Couldn’t have done it without you and Yamada, and Shinso.”


“But your victory was because you were tough enough to train, and brave enough to go after Bakugo and Todoroki, despite being at a huge disadvantage. So today’s win was yours. We’ll continue working, but take these two days as a break. Hang out with your friends.”


“Okay. See you when I get home.” Riemi began to walk down the stairs, sliding her arm down the rail.


“See you.”


She jogged down the stairs, her hair flying back as she went to her locker, grabbing the stuff she needed and leaving what she didn’t.


I can leave my note-oh, wait, Izuku’s group study date thing. I’ll need it. I just hope someone else will bring books, ‘cause I can’t carry them in my bag.


Checking to make sure she had her phone, pocket knife, and wallet, she walked out of the school, taking her medal out as she walked.


I really earned this, didn’t I? It still doesn’t feel real. I hope your watching, Mom, Dad, Sae, wherever you are. And I hope you’re proud.


As she left school grounds, she slid the medal to the bottom of her bag and took off her jacket, putting it down next to the medal.


There’s a fast food place not to far away. I’ll go eat there. Tally ho, to food!




“Yes, can I have two chicken sandwiches and a large soda?”


The cashier nodded. “That’ll be 550 yen. For here or to go?”


Riemi handed over the money. “For here.”


“Your order number is fifty-two. It’ll be announced when it’s ready.”


“Okay, thank you sir!”


Riemi found a spot to sit down, a bar-type area, a few seats away from an annoying toddler and a disgruntled father.


“Hey!” Someone shouted, and she looked over. “Get back here!”


A little kid ran by Riemi’s feet, and she moved just in time to make sure the kid didn’t hit her.


Damn, tonight’s a bad night for this place. Even if it is just a few people.


A small TV played back parts of the Sports Festival, and the reporters were talking about the results of the second years.


After a couple minutes, her order was called, and she went up to get it.


“Oh! Hey, Riemisho!” A familiar voice called out as she grabbed her meal. Glancing over, she saw Okku, sitting with his parents, who Riemi could easily remember. 


She walked over, holding her tray of food. “Hey Okku! What’s up?”


He moved over for her to sit down. She blinked for a second before sitting, confused at the kindness of her old friend.


“You got third place in the UA Sports Festival, right?” He asked, excitedly. She nodded, taking a bite of her sandwich. “Woah! That’s so cool! I only heard about it, but I heard that your fights were brutal!”


Riemi shrugged. “I guess, but it’s not like I’m without injury.” She held up her hand, showing the bandages on them. “I couldn’t get them fully healed, but I got beat up myself during my matches.”


“But that’s still awesome! Our school wasn’t really known for producing strong heroes.”


The girl smiled. “Well, that’ll change soon.”


She looked at Okku's parents, waving at them. "Hello, Mr. and Miss Okku. It's nice to see you again."


"Nice to see you too, Riemisho." Mr. Okku replied, smiling softly at the girl. "It's been awhile."


A number was called, and Mrs. Okku stood up. "That's our number."


“Oh.” Riemi stood up, letting her old classmate by. “See ya, Okku.”


“Bye, Riemisho!”


She continued to eat, happily munching away on her sandwiches and sipping her drink. Peacefully finishing her dinner as it grew darker outside.


Having lived on the streets for seven years, she wasn’t too scared to walk to the station in the dark. So after she finished, she began to walk to the station to get home, satisfied with her meal.


But she walked silently, keeping her ears open, in case something did come out. Because the streets were filled with dangerous people, and people who wanted her dead.


It was peaceful most of the way, then she heard something besides her.


She brushed her hair back, seeing with her side eyes, only to see a man in an alley, walking towards her.


She held out her hand. “What the fuck do you want?” She growled, still looking from the side of her head.


“Nothin’ much, sweet. Just you.” He moved closer. The girl shuddered, knowing the only group who called their victims pet names.


Riemi shot a web at his face, smashing it into the wall. “Sorry, but I don’t like dudes.” She moved over, smashing his head in again. “So go fuck a pickle jar.”


Making sure he was unconscious, she turned away and jogged the rest of the way to the station, barely making it to the train.


Once she had boarded, she found an empty seat and sat down, sighing and looking in her bag, making sure her phone, wallet, knife, and medal were still in there.


Good, it’s all in there.


Her senses were a bit heightened, but she just kept an eye out and kept a hand under her bag, keeping the glove on her un-bandaged hand off. 


She was at her stop soon, and decided to jog home, even though she knew she was safer there, since most of the gangs were either cool with her or was scared of her.


When she reached the apartment, she grabbed the key from her wallet and unlocked the door, taking off her shoes. 


“I’m back!” She said, loud enough to that the adults would hear.


No reply.


She walked inside, picking up Sushi on the way. Glancing around, she looked for them.


Until she heard snoring.


Looking towards the couch, she softly smiled when she saw her guardians laying together on the couch, cuddling, and fast asleep.


Grabbing her phone, she snapped a quick picture before turning off the lights and heading to her room, taking Sushi with her.


It’s rare when they’re really doing couple-things, since their relationship is a secret. Sitting on her bed, she looked at the picture. It’s honestly really sweet, and I wish Japan would let them be open about it.


She dropped off her things, changed into her pajamas, and left to find a blanket to put over the two.


So I’ma take advantage of it, and repay them a bit.


Gently setting the blanket over the two, she counted up the three cats, made sure they had water, and went to the bathroom to shower.


She always took quick warm showers, just long enough to clean and relax a bit. Then she brushed her hair and teeth, washed her face, and back to her room.




The next morning, a text message woke her up.


Rubbing her eyes, she grabbed her phone, to see who decided to text her twenty-three in the fucking morning when they had no school .


Izuku - hey u up yet?


Groaning, she sat up and unlocked her phone, going into her messenger.


Riemi - sure what’s up


Izuku - is twelve a good time for the study meet-thing?


Study meet? Oh yeah, that thing that Izu wanted to do. Studying…


Riemi - itll work whos all coming?


Izuku - me, u, uraraka, tsu, kirishima, kacchan


Riemi - y katsu?hes an ass


Izuku - idk he just told me hes coming


Riemi - whatever where we meeting up


Izuku - u remeber the park we used to play at?


Riemi - ye there at 12?


Izuku - ye


Great, Katsuki. She groaned and stretched her limbs. I might not get to tell Izuku that I know about his thing with All Might. I’ll try and find time, so I can make sure no one else hears about it.


Riemi stood up, pulling off her shirt and grabbing a new one. She grabbed a pair of jeans and socks, and put on her gloves.


Where was the park again? Oh, right, it was next to their apartment building. I...I should be able to remember where that is, take a train since it’s still free. It's been forever, but still. I'll finally get to see that area again.


She left her room, still tugging at her gloves.


Shit, I need to clean these. Well, I can start a load of laundry, they’ll be clean soon. I’ll ask Aizawa and Yamada if they need anything cleaned.


She pulled them back off, grabbing her dirty uniforms and opening the door with her leg.


“Hey, Yamada, Aizawa.” She walked to the kitchen, only seeing Yamada there, drinking tea. “Morning Yamada, where’s Aizawa?”


“He’s getting his bandages off, I’m waiting for him to text me back. Doing laundry?”


Riemi nodded. “Izuku invited me to study with him and a couple other people, and my gloves are dirty. So I said ‘fuck it’ and decided to do some. You have anything dirty that I should clean?”


“Yep. I’ll grab it.”


He set down his mug, walking to his and Aizawa’s room and exiting a few seconds later, holding a couple shirts and his hero jacket. “Thanks, Mai.”


“You’re welcome, Yamada.” Balancing the clothes, she left the apartment and walked to the community laundry room, finding an empty washing machine and taking a coin from her pocket to activate it.


There was only one other person there, a young man in his early twenties or something. She waved at him from under the pile of clothes, then shoved them in the machine, pouring soap inside.


As she closed the lid of the machine and turned it on, she looked at the bandages that were still on her arms. 


Right, I should take these off when I get back. My shirt will cover my injuries.


The guy there was listening to music, so he ignored the girl as she sat down, leaning against the washing machine and drifting off to sleep.




She woke up as it finished, taking the laundry from the washer to the nearby dryer. She fell asleep again, and woke up a few minutes before it finished.


Pulling her gloves on, and grabbing the clean laundry, she carried it back to her apartment, using a leg to open the door.


Taking all of the laundry to her room, she separated Aizawa’s and Yamada’s clothes, taking them to their room and setting them on the bed.


She looked at the alarm clock, seeing that is was around nine. Breakfast time.


Going back into the kitchen, noting that Yamada was gone ( probably picking up Aizawa ) and that there were plenty of eggs in the fridge.


Egg time.




At eleven, Riemi texted Aizawa that she was leaving, then grabbed her messenger bag with her notes inside. 


Okay, so I have to find that park. I looked it up, and the train will leave in about ten minutes. It’ll take about thirty minutes to get to the closest stop, and then it’ll take maybe five minutes to walk. I’ll be early, but screw it. I’ll just sleep. Geez, I’ve been more tired since I moved here. Damnit Aizawa, you're a terrible influence.


She jogged down the sidewalk, not wanting to miss the train.


The train arrived as she entered, and she scanned her school ID and found an empty spot. The train wasn’t busy in the middle of a school day, so there was plenty of room for her to relax.


Playing a game on her phone, she waited for her stop.


When she arrived, she put her phone away and walked out, holding onto her bag strap and looking around for the park.


It’s here somewhere, I know it! Oh, there! That’s the park! ‘Cause that’s Izu and Katsu’s apartment building! Jesus, it's been years since I've been here! Maybe I can visit Aunt Mistu and Uncle Masaru. Or maybe Auntie Inko.


She turned into the park, looking to see if any of her classmates were there yet. She saw Kirishima and Tsu there, talking and sitting on a park bench.


“Oh, Riemi!” Tsu called out, waving her over. “You’re also early!”


Riemi jogged over. “The only train this way came about half an hour ago, and if I took a different one, I would be late. Anyway, it’s nice to see you two!”


Kiri moved over so she could sit, and she did, dangling her bag off the other side. “Why’re you wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt? It’s pretty hot out here.”


“If I wear short sleeves and shorts, I scare a bunch of kids.” Riemi explained, rubbing the back of her neck. “It’s ‘cause I have so many scars. Honestly, I don’t mind.”


“That’s sad.” Tsu said, from the other side of the bench. “Oh, look! There’s Midoriya!”


Riemi looked towards the entrance of the park, and waved at Izuku as he approached. She noticed that his arms were still covered in bandages. 


“Hey guys!” Izuku said, holding his huge-ass backpack. “Guess we’re just waiting for Kacchan and Uraraka.”


“Well, we’re all a bit early.” Kirishima stood up, stretching his arms. “Let’s find a nice grassy area while we wait.”


The four traveled a bit farther into the park, finding an empty, shady grass area to sit at. Riemi leaned against a tree, and the four pulled out their notes and began comparing notes, writing down some they may have missed.


Pink Cheeks soon showed up, joining their circle and pulling out her notes.


“Geez, Riemi.” Pink Cheeks looked at her detailed notes. “You’re always sleeping in class, how do you have such great notes?”


“Correction.” She pointed up, looking at the girl. “I’m always half-asleep, I only sleep between classes. My half-asleep brain can still hear all of Yamada’s English shit, and write it down.”


Pink Cheeks rolled her eyes. “Lucky. I can barely write down anything. He talks too quick.”


“If you’re complaining about him, you’d hate my old English teacher.” Kirishima added, looking up from his notes. “I’m pretty sure she didn’t breathe at all.”


After maybe twenty minutes of studying together, Katsuki finally decided to show up, slamming his notebooks and school books on the ground, scaring the shit out of everyone.


“You idiots wanted to study, huh?” He growled, sitting between Kirishima and Riemi. “Your dumbasses are gonna need help.”


“Aw, you do care.” Riemi said softly, stealing one of his books and looking for one of the study pages. “Okay, Kiri, Izu, you two have books. Find page 78 in Science, there’s something we should work on.”




They ended up eating lunch together, finding a small cafe. Katsuki had to pay for Riemi, even though she said she wasn’t hungry. She had used over half her money the night before, and forgot her wallet.


“Y-you don’t have to, Katsu, I’ll be fine-”




“O-okay, Katsu, calm down-”








Half-way through the study session, Riemi got a text from Aizawa.


Aizawa - were back home, know when youll be back?


Riemi - no but i wont stay past 3


“Oh, who’s that?” Pink Cheeks asked, trying to see her screen. Riemi held the phone above her head, pressing the power button so no one could see.


“M-my foster dad!” She blurted out. “Y-yeah, he was just asking when I’d be home.”


“Foster dad?” Pink Cheeks, Kiri, and Tsu asked in unison.


Riemi nodded. “My parents died years ago. But new foster parents are really cool.”


“What happened to your parents, if you don’t mind me asking?” Tsu looked at the two blondes and Izuku.


Riemi looked at the ground. “A fire. When I was eight.” After a moment of silence, she pulled Katsu’s book in front of her again. “Okay, so, English…”


At two-thirty, the study session ended, since Tsu, Kiri, and Cheeks had to go.


After saying goodbye, Katsuki grabbed Riemi’s arm.


“Mai.” He growled, dragging her to the apartments. “Mom and Dad want to see you. We’re going.”


Riemi planted her feet on the ground. “Sorry, I can’t. The next train comes at two forty. I should be goin-”






Riemi took a deep breath. “And fine. But I doubt my foster family will be home. They have to work, so don’t expect them to meet us.”


She pulled out her phone, sending a quick text to Aizawa as she followed her cousin. 


Riemi - katsus taking me to see my aunt an uncle theyll give me a ride home


Looking at Izuku, who was walking next to her, she asked, “You coming with us, Izu?”


He shook his head. “Actually, can I give my mom your number? She misses you, a lot. And she was really happy to see you in the festival, so she asked me to give her your number, but I didn’t want to if you didn’t want her to have it.”


Riemi nodded. “Please give it to her. I miss Auntie Inko as much as Aunt Mitsuki and Uncle Masaru.”


“Okay!” They entered the building, with Izuku going into a separate elevator as Riemi and Katsuki. “See ya later, Riemi! Kacchan!”


“Bye, Izu!”




Katsuki let go of Riemi’s arm, smashing a button and letting the door close.


Once it was closed, he turned to Riemi. “Find anything about Deku lately?”


She shook her head. “A couple theories, but nothing strong. Why, you found something?


I hate lying, but I have to. Only until Izuku can protect himself, ‘cause you’ll kill him, Katsu.


“Random little pieces, nothing solid.” He glared at the wall. “But I want to figure this shit out. I hate not knowing.”


“So do I, Katsuki.” Riemi leaned against the other wall, crossing her arms. “So, is that why you bringing me here?”


Katsuki shook his head. “No. Mom and Dad want to see you. They saw you, in the festival. And the old hag was pissed that I didn’t say you were in my class.” He scoffed. "Not that they fucking cared that you were gone all those years." The last part was said in a whisper, so she didn't comment on it.


“Well, of course they were angry.” The elevator opened. “I was close to them. It’s not fair that you kept it from them, they’re my family too.”


Together, they walked down the hallway that Riemi could remember running down as a child, side-by-side with her cousin and best friend while playing with action figures.


Last time I was here was right after my parents’ funeral. God, that was so long ago. It’s been forever, but it hasn’t changed a bit.


Katsu stopped in front of his door, unlocking it and nearly slamming the door open.




Instantly, a familiar woman ran into the entrance, pulling Riemi into a tight hug.


“Mai, I’ve missed you so much.” Mitsuki whispered, and Riemi awkwardly hugged her back, watching as Katsuki rolled his eyes and went upstairs.


“I-I’ve missed you too, Aunt Mitsu.” Smiling, the young girl rested her head on her aunt’s shoulder. “A helluva lot.”


Masaru stumbled in, seeing his niece. “Mai?” He moved closer, and Riemi let go of her aunt to give him a hug too.


“I’ve missed you too, Uncle Masaru.”


The hug lasted only a few seconds, until Masaru let go and held onto her shoulders, looking at her. “’ve grown, so much, kid. look just like…”


“Your dad.” Mitsuki patted her shoulder. “Same blonde, spiky hair that runs in the family. Just smoother, thanks to your mom. Damn, I wish I could have seen you grow up.”


Riemi smiled at her. “I wish I could have stayed with Katsuki and Izuku, and you guys.”


Mitsuki grabbed her arm, dragging her to the living room. “C’mon, we’re catching up. KATSUKI! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?”





Ah, just as I remember, just with cursing added.


Katsuki grumbled as he walked down the stairs, and Riemi waved at her aunts.


“Eh, it’s fine, Aunt Mitsu! I have class with Katsu, we see each other enough!” She explained. “And we just spent half the day together, so if he doesn’t wanna talk, it’s fine!”


Mitsuki rolled her eyes. “Fine. Go back to your room, Katsuki.”


Katsu continued to grumble as he walked up the stairs again.


Riemi sat on a chair in the living room, and her aunt and uncle sat on the couch in front of her.


“So, is your other aunt treating you good?” Masaru asked, and Riemi’s heart dropped.


Oh, right. They don’t know about that dense fucking cabbage. Well, might as well tell them. They can kill her if they want.


“Actually…” She sighed, crossing her legs. “I...only stayed there for about a month. She kicked me out, and I had to live on the streets. And I did, for about seven years.”


It was silent, for a few minutes, before the two adults erupted.


They fucking screamed , shouting and cursing about the dense cabbage. Even Masaru was cursing, and he never did.


It took a bit for them to calm down, and Riemi was unfazed by it. She knew it would bring out a strong negative reaction.


Yeah, Aizawa and Yamada acted similar. Less intense, but still angry.


When they had calmed down, they asked her if she had taken any legal action. She explained that she did, took it up with her elementary and middle school, and with the police, but they didn’t listen.


“B-but it’s a lot better now!” She said, a bit higher than she intended. “I-I’m living with two pro-heroes now. For security reasons, I can’t tell you which heroes, but they’re really nice. A-and they’re my legal guardians, so no one can make me leave.”


Mitsuki, still fuming, nodded. “Okay...did you ever try to find us?”


“Of course I did! But I could never remember what city you lived it, and I had no idea where I was. And when I knew where to go, I could barely afford a school uniform. And since I’ve moved in with my new guardians, I’ve been too busy with training and school work to do anything. Sorry I couldn’t come by sooner.”


They were stuck in an awkward silence, when Riemi’s phone buzzed. She opened it.


Aizawa - hizashi’ll pick you up, we have bakugos building on record but hes picking you up at four since we have hero work at five


Riemi - kay ill be down ther at 350


“I have to leave at three fifty.” She explained, putting her phone away. “Both of my foster parents have hero work tonight.”


Masaru and Mitsuki nodded. “You’ll have to stay for dinner someday soon.” Masaru said, having calmed down. “Maybe we’ll be able to meet these heroes one day.”


“Probably not for awhile. It’s for your guy’s safety as much as mine.”


They continued to speak until about 3:40, when she decided to wait outside so Yamada didn’t have to wait. Katsuki emerged from his room to take her down, without being asked. It confused her, but Riemi didn't mind.


“Bye Aunt Mitsu! Bye Uncle Masaru!” Riemi called out, waving to both. “I’ll see you guys whenever I can!”


Together once again, Katsuki and Riemi went into the closest available elevator, pressing the button and waiting.


“You live with Aizawa-Sensei.” Katsuki said suddenly, catching Riemi off-guard.


“Uh...h-how could you tell?” She replied, knowing it was stupid to deny it.


Katsuki shrugged. “You don’t say Sensei after his name. He’s accidentally called you Mai in class, multiple times. And the USJ, Deku said you shouted his fucking first name when you tried to save him. I was thinking about it for awhile, but you confirmed it, dumbass.”


“Okay. But you can’t tell anyone. Not a soul.” She poked him in the chest. “Aizawa could get in a lot of trouble if someone accused him of helping me cheat.”


“Only if you tell me the other hero.” He glared at her. “Is it Midnight-Sensei?”


“No, it’s Yamada-Sensei.”


His eyes widened. “Him? You mean...they’re-”


She shushed him, covering his mouth with her hand. “Yes, and if you tell anyone, I’m grounded. So be quiet about it. And if I hear one fucking homophobic word from you-”


“Well…” he grabbed her hand, pulling it off as he spoke. “I’ll tell you this. I’m gay, too.” His cheeks were pink. “That’s your secret from me. Keep quiet about that, and I’ll keep quiet about them, deal?”


Damn, not much of a secret, but so long as he keeps quiet, so will I.




The elevator door opened, and she walked out. 


“Later, Katsuki.”


“Later, Mai.”


Waving, she turned around and opened the door, keeping an eye out for Yamada’s old car. It was really hot out, so she rolled up her sleeves.


When she saw his car, she waved him over and climbed into the front seat, putting her bag in the back seat.


“Hey, Yamada!” She said cheerfully, smiling at him.


“Hey, Listener!” He replied, giving her a high-five. “How was your afternoon?”


She looked out the front window, buckling her seatbelt. “It was really nice. Izuku, Katsu, Tsu, Pink Cheeks, Kiri, and I went to the park near here, where me, Izu, and Katsu used to play at all the time. We compared notes, touched up on things we weren’t sure about, ate lunch at a cafe. Katsuki was a dick most of the time; I don’t know why he even came. But he paid for my lunch, which was really nice.


“Oh, and I got to see my aunt and uncle again, Katsuki’s parents. They were really happy that I got third place in the festival. But when I told them about my other aunt, they were really pissed. But, other than that, we had a nice reunion. And I’ll probably be back soon, since Izu’s mom has my number now, and he said she wants to see me. Probably for lunch or somethin’.”


Yamada nodded. “Sounds like a nice afternoon. And the thing with your other aunt is too be expected, she was a real piece of work.”


“I know. But, honestly, I want to talk to her again.”


“Really? Why’s that?”


Riemi sighed. “I wanna asked her why she kicked me out. I mean, she had to of had a reason. The government gave her money, she had a good job. But she...she was just a bitch. And I need to know why. But I don’t remember where she lives, or even her name, so I can’t go find her yet.”


“Well, if you ever go find her again, I’d ask for you to bring someone along. I don’t want you hurting her and risking your hero career.”


She nodded, playing with her gloves. “I didn’t plan to. I know my temper would get out of hand, so when I do find her...c-can you and Aizawa come with me? I...I want her to see the people who actually gave me a good chance. Just to show how terrible she was.”


“Of course, kid.” Yamada replied, and the two were quiet for a bit, in a peaceful-ish silence.


After a couple minutes, Riemi asked, “Is Aizawa doing hero work too? Even though he just got his bandages off?”


“He insisted upon it. Trust me, I told him to take tonight off.” Yamada sighed. “Shota’s stubborn. But I still love him.”


Riemi laughed a bit. “Stubbornness can be an admirable trait.”


“Well, Sho has many good traits.”


“Please refrain from explaining.”


He snorted, bursting out laughing. “Fine, then.”


They continued to joke around, teasing each other as they drove to their home. And, soon, they were there, and where walking up to the apartment.


Riemi opened the door, greeting Aizawa and taking off her shoes. He walked over to put on his own shoes, messing up her hair as he ruffled it. 


“Have fun?” He asked, wrapping his scarf around him. She nodded. 


“Yep! See you in the morning!”


“‘Night, kid.” 


The adults left, and she was left alone with the two indoor cats.


Picking up Sushi, she walked to her room, dropping off her bag and changing into a t-shirt and shorts since she wasn’t planning on leaving again.


She curled up on the couch with the cats, turning on some Amercain kid’s cartoon and mindlessly watching, while slowly falling asleep.


At least, until there was a noise at the window.


She paused the show, looking at the open window. Standing up, she walked over to the window and looked out.


What was that noise…


Seeing a slight movement, she glared at it, her fingers curling up on the sill.


“Who’s there?” She shouted, trying to see their face. They moved, but stuck to the shadows, and was too far away for her to see with her other eyes.


A bit shaken, she slammed the door shut, going into the hallway to find Apple so she could lock the door. She didn't know who it was; it could be someone with Elefel or another gang. Or just a random civilian. Still, she wouldn't take the risk.


The cat was sleeping, so she sadly had to wake her up and carry her back, moving a bit quicker than she normally would.


The apartment door across from her opened, and she looked with her side eyes to see who it was, just out of her natural paranoid instincts.


Her hair must not have been covering her face very well, because the little girl who left the building, maybe three years old, screeched a little, causing Riemi to nearly drop Apple and raise her spider legs.


“Momma!” The kid shouted, hiding behind the woman. “Her eyes are scary!”


“Leave my kid alone.” The woman growled, and Riemi had closed her eyes, shoving her door open and slamming it closed, roughly setting Apple down and locking the door, before stumbling to the kitchen and resting her forehead against the cool metal of the countertop. For some reason, she had started to freak out, her anxiety rising rapidly. 


Okay, you’re fine. Her breathing was sharp, as she quickly entered a panicky mindset. The kid’s just a kid, you’ve dealt with them before. Another breath, a bit more shaky than the last. The noise was nothing, the person was just an innocent bystander. Nothing’s going to hurt you here. Suck it up and make dinner, it’s getting late.


Riemi stayed against the counter for another minute, before pushing herself up and taking a deep breath. She was dizzy for a second, but was able to start some rice and feed the cats.


The beep of the rice cooker scared her, making her jump onto the ceiling.


Fuck. Okay, down Mai. Now.


She lowered herself down, finding a bowl and put the rice inside, eating it plain and going back to the couch, continuing to watch the cartoon as she was ultra-jumpy at every noise the cats made.


Just the cats. Just the cats…


Her phone buzzed, and she nearly screamed.


It’s just your phone, you fucking cabbage.


She grabbed it, shaking a little to see who contacted her.


Floaty Hair sent you 1 Picture


Riemi opened it the picture, a bit confused.


It was just a picture of an orange and white kitten with a brown paw, with Shinso holding it and his phone, smiling at the kitten.


She smiled a bit, typing a reply.


Riemi - where’d ya steal the cat


Floaty Hair - f u dad found her this morning and she doesnt have a home so we took her in i figured ud want to see her


Riemi - thanks then whats her name


Floaty Hair - we cant decide


Riemi - gasp


Riemi - howd ur dad find her


Floaty Hair - just a lonely kitten on the street nothing special


Riemi - id help u brainstorm but im tired


Floaty Hair - oky ill tell u wat we decide tmrow


Riemi - okei have fun n send more pics of cat


Floaty Hair - no


Riemi - :0


Floaty Hair - fine


Riemi - :)

Riemi set her phone down, her body calming down a bit more. Even though is was maybe seven, and there was no school again the next day, she went to bed to hopefully calm her nerves and catch up on some of the sleep she kept missing out on due to nightmares.

Chapter Text

When she returned to school, many of the people on her train talked to Riemi, Kiri, and Ashido, asking them many questions about the Sports Festival. Mostly Riemi, since she got third place, but plenty of questions were pointed to the other two.


It was raining, so Riemi walked under Kirishima’s umbrella since she forgot hers. Until, that is, she noticed Shinso walking by, and he waved her over. So she told the other two that she’d see them in class and jogged over to him, her hair getting soaked despite only being in the rain for a few seconds.


“Morning, Shin.” She greeted, bouncing a little in her steps as she stood as far as she could but still be underneath the umbrella, to keep personal space. “How’s Lilo?”


‘Lilo’ was the kitten. Shinso had told her the name the day prior, and Riemi liked it.


“The cat’s doing fine.” He rolled his eyes, and they entered the school. “And so am I, thanks for asking.” He put away his umbrella, setting it in the holder thing and opening his locker.


“What, you never ask me if I’m fine, so why should I ask you?” Riemi grabbed her books from her locker, quietly shutting it. “I mean, I’d probably just lie or somethin’, but I’d still be nice.”


“That’s not the point of the question, Rem.”


“Oh, so you’re always being honest? You and your anti-gravity hair?”


He sighed. “Hey, my hair is naturally like this. I can’t control it.”


“I know, I’m just messing with you. And it’s cool.”


They walked together to the General Studies classroom, with Riemi getting a few congratulations from students. She just brushed it off, smiling at all of them and waving.


“So, you have fans now?” Shinso asked, as they reached his class.


Riemi shrugged. “Well, I’m the nicest out of the three who won. So I guess that makes me cool?”


He looked up, looking at someone who was probably coming nearby. “Yeah, well, that makes sense. Just don’t let it get to your head.”


He started going into his class, and she waved to him. “Whatever you say. See you later, Shinso!”


“See ya, Rem.”


He waved back, a small smile on his lips as she closed the door. She jogged away, running up the stairs to her own class.




Ashido came up, wrapping her arm around the spider girl. She’d gotten used to it, so she didn’t flinch as bad anymore.


“So~ how’s Shinso?” The alien asked, stretching out every word. Riemi rolled her eyes, still walking with the girl.


“He’s fine. He found a stray kitten two days ago, named her Lilo.” Riemi replied, knowing full well what the pink asshole meant. “I asked him to send me cute pictures of her. I can show you some later.”


“Aw, that’s so cute!” She cooed, unwrapping her arm. “You so have to show me. During lunch.”


“Sure.” The spider girl opened the door to their classroom, waving at the classmates that were already there. “Lilo’s really cute, and really tiny. The vet says she’s malnourished, at least that’s what I was told.”


Ashido sat down at her desk, sighing a little. “I wanna meet her!”


“Well, sorry, but I doubt we can bring her to school.” Riemi went to her own desk, leaving her friend with Kirishima and Kaminari. 


She rested her head on her desk, greeting Izuku and closing her eyes, waiting for the bell to ring.


“It’s so weird that people recognize us from TV!” Ashido said loudly, making Riemi crack her eyes open and glare at her. “Everyone wanted to talk to me on my way here.”


“Not just you!” Kirishima whined. “Me and Riemi, too.”


Riemi moved her head so that her face was completely covered, ignoring the talking.


The door opened before the bell rang, so Riemi lifted her head up to see who it was. 


It was Aizawa, so she was happy she had sat up. She ‘discreetly’ smoothed her hair back down, then leaned on her arm while she waited for class to begin.


“Good morning.” The teacher said gruffly, walking inside. 


“Good morning, Aizawa-Sensei.” The class replied.


Tsu ribbit-ed. “Sensei, you don’t have bandages anymore! That’s good news!”


“The old lady went a little overboard on her treatment.” Riemi’s usually chipper mood fell slightly when she saw the new scar on her face again.


I should have done better, maybe then he wouldn’t have gotten so hurt.


“Anyway, we’ve got a big class today. Our Hero Informatics.”


Informatics? Please no pop-quiz, I’m tired!


“You need code-names.” The few seconds of dramatic pause made the announcement even better. “Time to pick your hero names.”


The class cheered, Riemi’s mood going back up.


Aw, hell yes! I can finally decide on my hero name!


Her and Shinso had brainstormed a bit more, but she still wasn’t sure about hers.


Aizawa activated his quirk, so someone must have been using their quirk. Riemi didn’t know who’d be using it, though. “This is related to the pro-hero draft picks I told you about the last time we were together.” His hair fell, and he took his arms off the pedestal. “Normally, students wouldn’t have to worry about the draft yet, not until their second or third year actually. But your class is different. In fact, by extending offers to first-years like you, pros are pretty much investing on your potential. Many offers can be rescinded if their interested in you dies down before graduation.”


“So what you’re saying is,” Invisi asked the teacher. “That we’ll still need to prove ourselves after we get recruited?”


“Correct. Now, here are the totals for those of you who got offers.” He grabbed the little remote and pressed a button, making names and numbers appear on the wall.


Todoroki - 4123


Bakugo - 3556


Riemisho - 420


Tokoyami - 315


Iida - 301


Kaminari - 272


Yaoyorozu - 108


Kirishima -  68


Uraraka - 20


Sero - 14


HoLy ShIt i GoT 420 oFfErS tHaT’s So BaDaSs .


“In past years, it’s been more spread-out.” Aizawa explained. “But there’s a pretty big gap this time.”


“GAh!” Kaminari whined. “That’s no fair.”


Bitch you got 272 stfu.


Katsu shouted something, but Riemi listened to behind her, when Ponytail sighed. “Guess you’re amazing, must be proud.”


“These offers are probably because of my father.”


Poor Pep-Todoroki. No more Peppermint.


Riemi saw Izuku sulking on his desk, and laughed a little. “It’s fine, Izu! This isn’t the only shot we have, you still have time! You just have to control your quirk better!”


She looked back up at the teacher as he spoke. “Despite these results, you’ll all be interning with pros. Got it? Even those of you who didn’t get any offers.”


“We’re all interning?” Izuku asked.


“Yes. You all already got to experience combat with real villains during the attack on the USJ facility. But it’ll still be helpful to see pros at work, up close and personal, first-hand.”


Buff Sugar-dude commented, “And for that, we’ll need hero names!”


“Things are suddenly getting a lot more fun!” Pink Cheeks shouted.


“These hero names will likely be temporary, but take them seriously, or-”


The door opened again. “Or you’ll have hell to pay later.”


Ah, good morning, Miss I-Shouldn’t-Work-For-A-God-Damn-High-School.


“What you pick today could be your codename for life.” Midnight said, walking into the classroom. “You better be careful, or you’ll be stuck with something utterly indecent.”


Oh, like with Aizawa’s hero name? When Yamada decided it for him? Excuse you, I think it’s nice. 


“Yeah, she’s got a good point. Midnight is going to have final approval over your names.” He pulled on this Caterpillar Suit whilst talking. “It’s not my forte.” He paused a second before continuing. “The name you give yourself is important. It helps reinforce your image and shows what kind of hero you want to be in the future. Your codename tells people exactly what you represent. Take All Might, for example.”


Izuku passed her two whiteboards, and she kept one while passing the other back. Pulling out her marker, she tapped her chin with it.


Shinso and I have discussed this, talked about each of our hero names. I’ve thought about a few. Spider, but it’s too generic. Too simple. Black Widow, but that’s that one cool stealth hero in the Iron Man Agency in America. Recluse, but I just don’t like that. Hmm…


She looked around the classroom. Most people were as stuck as she was, and Aizawa was already asleep.


C’mon, something cool! Aw, ya know what? It’ll work if it’s permanent, but I should be able to change it. Riemi, in her nicest handwriting, wrote on her board:


The Arachnid Hero - Spider


With a little doodle of a spider spinning a web from the bottom of the ‘S’.


“Now, students, who among you is ready to share?” Midnight asked, and a flush of panic hit Riemi.


Shit, I’m not going first. No way in hell!


Sparkle Boy quickly stood up, walking to the front at a slow, annoying pace.


Giving his audience a second to live in the suspense, he said, “Hold your breath!” and flipped the board over. “The Dazzling Hero, my name is I Can Not Stop Twinkling!”


What kind of name is that?


Mona Mie, you cannot deny my sparkle.”


Please return to the Host Club, Tamaki.


Midnight took the board, erasing some stuff and writing something down. “It’ll be better this way.” She turned it back to Sparkle Boy. “Take out the ‘I’ and shorten the ‘can not’ to ‘can’t’.”


“It’s perfect, madam.


She likes it?” The class asked in unison, as he went to sit down. Ashido soon bounced up into his place, holding her own board.


“Okei Dokei let me go next!” She set the board down, showing the class her name. “My codename? Alien Queen!”


Midnight didn’t like it. “Hold on, like that horrible monster with the acidic blood? No, I don’t think so.”


Ashido sadly walked away. “Dang it…” She muttered. 


How was that not cool?


While many of the boys in front of Riemi fell into a state of panic, Tsu raised her hand. “I think I got one, okay if I go next?”


“C’mon up!” 


Tsu took her board up to the front, turning it around as she spoke. “I’ve had this name in mind since grade school. Rainy Season Hero - Froppy.”


“That’s delightful!” Midnight complimented, and Riemi sighed in relief. “It makes you sound approachable. What a great example of a hero name everyone will love!”


Finally, a normal one.


The class began to chant ‘Froppy’ for her, to boost her self-confidence in it.


Riemi bit down her anxiety stood up as Tsu sat down, walking to the front of the class and turning it around.


“The Arachnid Hero - Spider.” She said simply. “It’s a bit basic, but I don’t want a flashy title.”


“Well, it works!” Midnight nodded to her. “Spider it is!”


Kiri went up next, using the name ‘Red Riot’, based off an old hero named Crimson Riot. A hero that was great, and everyone liked it.


Honestly, everyone’s hero name was great. Besides Katsuki’s. He choose ‘King Explosion Murder’ and ‘Lord Explosion Murder’.


I mean, c’mon dude, not even a crappy villain would chose names like that!


It was worse than P-Todoroki’s, and he literally just chose his first name. Just...Shoto.


The last three to have to choose their names were Izu, Katsu (for the third time), and Iida.


Iida ended up doing what Todoroki did, just using Tenya, his first name. Midnight commented on it, but he ignored her.


“Well, Midoriya, are you ready?” The teacher called out, and Riemi glanced at his board.


D...Deku? He’s going with Deku?  But he hates that name!


He walked to the front of the class, hesitating for a few seconds before turning his board around. 


A couple of people asked if he was cool with using Deku as his hero name. It was no secret that Katsuki used that to offend him, and it was a bit confusing at first, until Riemi remembered something she told him, years ago.


“You’ll be the first quirkless hero, Izu-Chan. You’ll bring a whole new meaning to the word! You’ll be a light for a bunch of people!”


So he wants to put a new meaning to the name? That’s...honestly, really cool. I approve, ‘Deku’.


Izuku sat down after explaining his name choice, and after a couple of minutes, Katsuki stomped up to the front, again.


“Ground Zero.” He growled to the class.


Midnight nodded. “It’s much better than the last two. I approve!”


When Katsuki sat down, Midnight addressed the class. “Well, it seems everyone has a hero name now! Time to wake up, Eraser!”


Aizawa quickly woke up, climbing out of his sleeping bag and going back to the front of the class.


“Alright, now that everyone’s decided their hero names…” He dropped some of his eye drops into his eyes, before putting them away and looking at his class. “We can go back to talking about your internships. As for who you’ll be working with, those of you on the board will choose from all your offerings. Everyone else will have a different list.”


He held up a sheet. “You have a lot to think about. There are about forty agencies who agreed to take students from your class, and each agency has a different specialty that each of it’s heroes focus on. Keep that in mind.”


“Imagine that you were Thirteen,” Midnight said. “You’d want to choose a place that focuses on rescuing people, not fighting things. Understand?”


“Think carefully before you decide.”




Sheets of paper where handed back, and while Riemi passed Ponytail’s to her, she read over the offerings that she had gotten.


I’ll want to choose some place that involves a lot of stealth, since that’s what I want to focus on. But a lot of these are for really popular heroes, or other animal-based heroes. 


“Turn these in before the weekend.” Aizawa told them, walking out of the classroom.


Geez, two days? I’ll probably need a bit more than that. Well, I’ll take this to lunch, see if I can get Shin’s opinion of the matter. He can help me, I hope. Or I’ll just annoy, I won’t ask. But I’m still taking the sheet.


Some of the class stayed inside the classroom, but Riemi went down to eat, neatly folding the sheet into her pocket.


That Agitha Agency sounds cool. I’ve heard a bit about her, she’s a well-known assassin-type hero. Works primarily in stealth, but can also teach me some good things about fighting. But she’s on the other side of the country! And these intern things are for about a week, I can’t leave Sushi alone for that long! He’ll miss me!


She went to the lunch room, grabbing her lunch and waving at Kirishima before finding Shinso.


Fucker. At a different table. Where are you?


He was across the lunch room, sitting at an almost-full table, but with his school jacket on the seat next to him. He looked up as she walked nearby, moving his jacket and looking back at his food.


“Our normal spots were taken, so I had to find somewhere else.” He explained, letting her sit down. She nodded, pulling off her gloves. 


“Weird. Most of my class hasn’t even come down here yet.” She took a bite of her rice. “It can’t be that full.”


“Why not? Shota tearing into them?”


Riemi shook her head. “No, the hero course first years are doing internships, so they’re staying to discuss it. But I was hungry, so I came down.”


Shinso looked at her. “Internships? Isn’t that just for second and third years?”


“Aizawa said we’re doing it this time. A bunch of us got offers. Todoroki and Katsuki got a shit ton, both over two thousand.” She took another bite. “I onl’ got four ‘undred.”


One of the third years at the table spoke up. “Hey, that’s still great, kid.” He said, a cheerful smile on his face. “For a first year with a mutant quirk, four hundred is a great amount.”


She nodded. “Thanks, Senpai.” Looking back at her food, she took another few bites of meat.


“Any ideas about where you’re going to intern?”


Riemi hesitated for a second before pulling out the sheet. “The Agitha Agency. She’s a really badass stealth hero, and that’s what I’m gonna focus on.”


Damnit, I didn't want to talk about it to him, it feels like I'm bragging about  it...


He took the sheet, his eyes widening at something. “Rem...both the Best Jeanest Agency and the Hawks Agency gave you offers.”


“Yeah, but they’re not stealth.”


“How the hell did you get offers from them ?”


Riemi shrugged. “I’m strong, apparently!” She took the sheet back, putting it in her pocket. “Anyway, I was going to ask Shota or Hizashi later. See if they have any ideas.”


“Just go wherever you’d like. Agitha’s great for stealth, but for your plans for the future, you may want to choose someplace else.”


The girl took another bite of food, shaking her head. “I’ve worked out my plans to work with stealth skills. It’s not like I’m executing those plans alone.”


Shinso took a bite of his lunch. “Smart.”


The continued to eat in silence, just enjoying the other being there as they listened to the third years talk amongst themselves. 


“How long do internships last?” Shinso asked after a bit, breaking their silence.


“A school week, five days.” She looked up at him. “So you’ll be stuck without me for a week. Lucky you.”


He kicked her leg. “Yeah, lucky me. I have to eat lunch alone for an entire week.”


“Sit with your classmates. They’re nice.”


“Maybe I will.” 


She kicked his leg back. “I can’t be your only friend.”


“Hate to admit it, but you kinda are.”


Her eyes widened a bit, and she looked up at him. “How? You’re so nice, you have to have other friends!”


He shrugged, turning away from her a bit. “Guess I just...never bothered to make any. ‘Sides you.”


She looked at her lunch, gripping her chopsticks a little too hard, since they snapped. “Clearly, you’ve been wasting your time.”


How can I be his only friend? Shin’s such a great person, he’d be able to make lots of friends! Does he not want friends? Am I just annoying him, with being here? I’d understand that, since I’m pretty obnoxious. But...I like being friends with him, I don’t wanna leave.


“Hey, you okay, Rem?” Shinso was looking back at her, and took her now broken chopsticks. “I’m not wasting my time, how could I be? I like hanging out with you. You treat me nicer than almost everyone else I’ve ever met.”


She shook her head,standing up and smacking the table with her knees. “Sorry, I’m fine. I...I need to get a new pair of chopsticks.”


“Just hurry up. Lunch ends soon.” He handed her the broken pair, and she threw them away as she grabbed a new pair, breaking them apart before she sat back down.


He doesn’t mean it. He...seems to be faking it. I mean, he sounds sincere, but...I can’t think of anyone who’d want to hang out with me. Since Sae, at least. I bet he probably just pities me, lets me go over to his house and study. He always seems a bit uncomfortable. Stupid me, trying to think I have friends again. Even after I pushed away Okku and Taro.



Fuck, don't spiral again, Mai. Ignore it for now, if he doesn't want to be friends, than that's a problem for later.


Riemi sighed, quickly finishing her food without saying another word. When she finished, she stood up to put away her dishes, leaving Shinso alone.


I should just head back to class. It starts in about ten minutes, and I don’t want to be late.


As she walked into the hallway, her arm was grabbed and she was pulled into an empty classroom, stumbling on her feet as she looked around.


“What the hell, Shin? I have to get to class!” She complained, pulling her arm away.


He shut the door, leaning against it so she couldn’t leave. “You look a bit upset. Something wrong? And not lie; you’re good, but I’ll figure it out.”


She rolled her eyes and tugged at her hair. “Shit, I don’t know! I have anxiety; it just happens!” The feeling that she had felt before was normal; she constantly doubted herself. It had been her norm since Saeko died. 


Shinso grabbed her arms again, gently pulling her hands away from her head. “Calm down. Breathe, Rem. You can talk to me, I won’t judge you.”


He put his hands on her shoulders, pushing down a little. She grabbed his arm, closing her eyes. 


“I-I don’t know…” She admitted quietly, squeezing his arm. “M-my can’t help but second-guess everything…”


Damnit, don’t say anything! He doesn’t want to hear my problems.


“Second-guess what?” His voice was soft, and she wanted to hug him, badly. But she didn’t.


A tear fell down her cheek, and she began to shake. “E-e-everything...talking to you, A-Aizawa and Yamada caring a-about me, coming to this school…”


“Rem…” Shinso lifted his hands for a second, and Riemi was scared. Until he awkwardly put his arms around her, one arm above her legs, the other below. “It’s fine. But you don’t have to worry about anything with me, Shota, or Hizashi. We all care about you, I promise.”


She put her arms around him, trying to not wrinkle his jacket more that in already was. “I’m sorry.” She muttered.


“It’s okay, Rem.” He squeezed her a little. “You can talk to me whenever, alright? Just come find me.”


“O-okay!” Her voice cracked a little. “I...I will, at least-at least, I’ll try.”


After a minute more of shaking and trying not to cry, she pushed away and stared at the ground. “I-I need to go to class.”


“I know.” Shinso brushed a stray tear from her cheek. “We can talk later, okay? You want to come over, I know my dad’ll allow it.”


She nodded, meeting his eyes. “Are my eyes red?”


“A little. There’s a few more minutes left, go...wash up a bit.” He patted her shoulder. “I’ll walk with you to the bathroom, ‘kay?”


“No, go to class.” She gently moved him, opening the door. “I’m going to the bathroom upstairs. Oh, and I’ll tell Aizawa that I’m going to your house. See…see ya later.”


“See ya, Rem.” 


Riemi jogged to the stairs, going up and finding the bathroom. Once she did, she soaked a paper towel and washed her face, cleaning off the few dried tears off her face. 


Class is going to start in a minute. Go, you don’t have time to relax. Heroes can’t relax, so neither can you. Pull yourself together, and get your ass to class.


Taking a deep breath, she ran off to class.




Class had ended for the day, and Riemi was going to Aizawa’s private office to turn in her internship paper.


When she found the room, she knocked gently, and opened the door when she heard him respond.


“Mai?” He asked, when he looked up from the paper he was grading. “Already decide on who you’re interning with?”


She nodded, sliding him the paper. “I’m going to go to the Agitha Agency. At least, that’s my first choice. She’s a great stealth-based hero, and that’s what I want to focus on.”


“Good choice, then.” Aizawa took the paper. “Anything else?”


“Actually, can I go over to Shinso house?” She asked, faking a bit of the warm smile she usually had while asking. 


“Sure, I’ll pick you up at eight, alright?”


Riemi nodded. “Okay. Thanks, D-Aizawa!”


Uh...ahem, Mai? Wh-what did you just try to call Spoopy Emo Man?


Her cheeks going a little pink, she ran out of the office and slammed the door, hurrying down the staircase and trying to find Shinso before she freaked out.


He was waiting for her near the entrance, and his eyes widened when he saw her probably panicked expression. “Rem, is somethin-”


“I nEaRlY cAlLeD aIzAwA dAd PlEaSe hElP mE!” Riemi grabbed his arm, pulling him away from everyone else.


It took him a second before he processed her words, but he was soon laughing. “Rem, it’s not the end of the world. Let me go.”


“That’s not helping!” She whined, but let his arm go. “It was so weird! So awkward!”


“He probably didn’t catch it.” This time, Shinso grabbed her arm and dragged her towards the gate of the school. “C’mon, Dad’s taking us home. Hurry your ass up.”


“If I can’t drag you by the arm, you can’t drag me!” Riemi pulled her arm away from him, matching his pace and staying right next to him. “And I know he did. He fucking hears everything.”


“Then he probably figures it was an accident. He won’t harass you, Rem.” The boy rolled his eyes. “Anyway, Shota probably thought it was cute.”


Her face went red. “B-b-but I can’t call him ‘dad’! My dad died years ago, I can’t just start calling someone else that!”


“Then don’t.” He laughed a little again. “Geez, overreacting a bit? You see Shota and Hizashi as father-figures, right?”


She nodded, her face still pink.


“So it’s fine if you accidentally call them ‘dad’ once in a while. They won’t mind, they’ll probably just laugh and move on. So stop worrying, we have homework to do.”


Homework...I thought this was going to be a ‘confess your every dark thought’ type of hangout? Well, at least homework makes sense, but I don’t have much. Only a little bit for math.


They found Shinso’s dad, waiting in his car. The tired looking man only blinked when he saw Riemi.


“Hey Hitoshi. Hey Riemisho.” He said, as Riemi got into the back and Shinso took the front seat.


“Hey Dad.” Shinso greeted.


“Hello Hajime.” Riemi grinned and waved from the back seat, and began to take off her bag and set it besides her.


“Y’know, Hitoshi, you can tell me when you’re bringing someone over.” Hajime started the car, beginning to drive away from the school. “I don’t mind if Riemisho comes over, but a head’s up is always nice.”


“Sorry, this wasn’t really planned.” Shinso put his bag at his feet. “I’ll tell you next time.”


They hit the main road. “So, how was class, you two? Riemisho?”


“Oh, we got to choose our hero names today.” She replied, smiling a little. “We still have time to change them, but it was still fun seeing what people chose.”


“Nice, what did you choose?”


“I decided to just use ‘Spider’. Nothing cool and dramatic, but still gets the point across.”


Hajime nodded. “It’s as good as any name. Anything else?”


“Well, the first years are doing internships now, but I’ve already decided on mine.”


Shinso looked back at her. “Decided on Agitha’s agency?”


“Yep! At least, it’s my first choice. I put Best Jeanist as second, and some other as third.”


“Sounds fun. What’d you do today, Hitoshi?”


Shinso looked out the window for a second before responding. “Just...what we do everyday. General Studies isn’t very interesting.”


“You had to of done something. Anyone talk to you about the Sports Festival?”


“A few. They congratulated me for getting into the top sixteen, since I was one of the two that got in that wasn’t from the hero course.”


“And I’m proud of you for that, Toshi. You did great.”


“Yes, I know…”




The two teens were in Shinso’s room, working on the small amount of homework they had. Riemi was on the ceiling, crouching upside-down with her bare feet sticking to the ceiling. Shinso was on his bed, right under her. They were keeping a conversation flowing, a conversation about what heroes could, in theory, defeat Eraserhead. 


“You think Hizashi could?” Riemi asked, doodling a little spider on her paper as she figured out the answer of her math problem.


“I don’t think that’d end in a fight. Can you help me on this one, I think I’m stuck.”


Riemi put her pencil in her book, gently closing in and stretching her legs, so she was standing from the ceiling and her hair was nearly in Shinso’s face. He just pushed it away from his face.


Pointing at his work, she said, “you forgot to carry the two.”


“Fuck, you’re right.” He erased a bunch of his work, correcting it with the missing amount. “Thanks.”


“I’m on your ceiling if you need me.”


She crouched again, going back to doodling and figuring out her problem. “And, you’re right, Hizashi and Shota ‘fighting’ would not end in a PG-13 way.”


“That’s a great way to put it.”


She wrote the answer. “What about that Vlad dude, that teaches 1-B?”


“Shota’d kick his ass. Easily.”


Riemi accidentally dropped her pencil, and it hit Shinso’s head. “Oh, sorry.” She stood again, grabbing the pencil from the bed.


His head turned as she was reaching down, and their eyes were level with each other. Both froze, staring at each other.


Wow, his eyes are a pretty indigo. I never realized that.


“Your eyes are pretty.” She said, patting his head and going back to the ceiling.


His eyes widened, and he paused before responding.“Y-your eyes...look like blood?”


Riemi laughed. “Crafted from the blood of my enemies.”


He laughed a little. “Highly disturbing. They’re cool.”




It took a few more minutes before they were both done, and Riemi was done first. “I finished. You done?”


“One more problem. Start correcting yours. And sit on the bed, you’re going to break my ceiling.”


She rolled her eyes, dropping her book, paper, pencil, and turtle eraser on the bed next to Shinso before pulling off one of her gloves and latching onto the ceiling with it, pushing off with her feet and gently tapping the bed, pulling her hand down and sitting crisscross next to Shin.


Opening to the back of her book, she scanned the answers, correcting any problems she had gotten wrong.


Soon, Shinso joined her in correcting, and they were sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, scanning the pages to see if they screwed up.


“I missed...three. No...four? Ah, fuck it.” She closed her book. “I’ma say I got that one right. I missed three. How many did you get wrong?”


“Four. And count that fourth one, you’re not special.”




He glared at her. She glared back. “I’m not counting it.”


“You’re cheating.”


“No, I only explained the answer with less explanation. It’s still correct.”


“That’s the point of the question. You just wanna win.”


“I win nearly every day, my pride isn’t too big to lose every once in awhile.”


Shinso rolled his eyes. “Yes it is. Your pride is as big as your cousin’s. Just count it, I’d mean we tie.”


“But I won.


“And that’s your pride , Rem.”


She groaned, leaning her head back until it bonked the wall. “ But I wanna win…


“Just let it go. You’ll win next time.”




She lifted her head, looking at Shinso. He was setting their books on the ground, and stood up to grab his laptop, so they could do their usual after-homework activity.


Watch random Youtube videos and talk about whatever comes to mind.


Riemi moved over to the wall so Shinso could lay down next to her, and he started up his laptop, getting comfortable on the other side of the bed. 


“Any requests?” He asked, turning so the front of his body faced her.


“Nope.” She copied him, putting one of her arms under her head and brushing her hair out of her face. “Whatever sounds interesting.”


“Cat videos it is.”


The girl giggled, setting the arm that wasn’t under her head besides the laptop, as Shinso found a compilation of videos.


He moved Lilo, who had been sleeping on a nearby pillow, in between them, and put his arm right beside Riemi’s as the video started. 


A few minutes into the video, Shinso asked, “Hey, when do you leave for the internships?”


“Next week, I think. Monday. Why?”


“Well, this weekend…” He looked at her for a second, before looking back at the screen. “I wanted to do something fun with you. Y’know, before you leave, since we won’t be able to see each other for at least a school week. ‘Cause I care about you, and wanna have some fun.”


Riemi smiled a little. “Sounds like fun. What’s your idea?”


“A bike ride. Around the city. Like the one we tried to plan after the whole USJ thing, but you had cramps and had to cancel.”


“I still don’t have a bike.”


“You can borrow my mom’s. She’d be fine with it.”


Riemi grinned, lightly tapping his leg. “Sure, sounds fun. Saturday?”


“Sounds good. Just stay the night on Friday, we can go in the morning so it’s not too hot.” He tapped her leg back, smiling himself. “Don’t think Mom or Dad’ll care.”


Riemi’s face went a little pink when she thought about spending the night, but she tried to hide it by petting Lilo. “As long as Shota and Hizashi don’t mind...That sounds great, just hope you can stand me for that long.”


“I can always stand you, Rem.” She wasn’t watching him, but he also began to pet Lilo, who was enjoying all of the attention.


She looked back at the screen, scratching under the kitten’s chin while watching the other cats on YouTube. “I hope so.” She murmured, softly to herself.


They watched the video in a peaceful-ish silence, and Shinso clicked the next one. Riemi’s eyes were feeling heavy, so she moved her arm from the cat to where her head was, moving onto her stomach so she could close her eyes.


“Tired already?” Shinso whispered, gently patting her shoulder. “We’re hanging out, not taking a nap.”


“Sorry…” She began to pull her head up, but he chuckled and pushed her head back down.


“Sleep, I don’t mind.” He moved his hand, and Riemi adjusted her head so she could watch him.


He moved Lilo to the pillow, then scooted closer and put his arm around her shoulders, moving his head so it was almost against hers.


Riemi’s face went red, blood red. But, she was enjoying the contact, so she moved one of her arms so it was around his shoulders, moving her face so it was hidden.


“You’re so weird…” She muttered, hearing him laugh in response.


“Just take your fucking nap.”




The next two days leading up to the weekend were just your average school days, at least for the UA students.


They talked about their internships. Apparently, Katsuki had chosen Best Jeanist as his first choice. So there was a chance that they’d be stuck interning together. 


Izuku had gotten a late offer, from a retired hero named ‘Gran Torino’. Riemi guessed that he had something to do with ‘One-for-All’, so she didn’t ask to many questions.


A few others had decided theirs, but most were still thinking. 


Yamada had questioned her about her choice, when she had finally gotten home from Shin’s house. But Aizawa had told him to stop, since it was her choice. Her judgement didn’t need to be judged.


But she’d rather have to explain her entire post-UA plans to the entire fucking world than put up with the large amount of teasing she’d gotten from both adults.


Fucking Mihoko and Hajime, sending them stupid pictures me and Shinso. We were just fucking tired, and we’re friends. I think that’s what friends do. That's what Okku, Taro, Saeko, and I did.


That afternoon had been awkward, when both teens had woken up. They’d just said a quick goodbye before Riemi left, and that morning at school had been nearly silent, until Riemi finally decided to talk about where they’d be biking on Saturday.


On Friday, Riemi packed a change of clothes and pajamas in her messenger bag, making sure to put them at the bottom so no one assumed anything.


Yet fucking Ashido figured it out, that fucker.


“Ooh~” The alien bitch had put her arm around Riemi as she stood at her locker, talking to Shinso. “Why do you have clothes in your bag, Riemi? Any plans~”


“I-I’m going to a friend’s house.” Riemi tried to explain, attempting to get the arm off of her. But Ashido just smirked.


Ashido looked over at Shinso, who was staring at her, and she must have seen something in his eyes. “Whoa, Riemi, I didn’t like you were like that -”


Riemi was fed up, and elbowed her friend in the gut. “Shut up, and go bother Kirishima. I have my own life.”


“What kind of life~?”


“Ashido if you don’t leave you’ll be eating the fucking concrete.”


Riemi glared at her, doing her best impression of Katsuki as Ashido trembled and ran off, hiding behind Kirishima. The spider girl sighed, turning back to her locker.


“She’s annoying.” Shinso stated, shutting his locker. “You good? You seemed pretty pissed.”


Riemi shrugged. “Apparently, I can look as scary as Katsuki. I sometimes use it to my advantage, but usually I don’t try to scare people. And it was faked; I can't be mad at Ashido.”


“You’re not scary.” He poked her shoulder, smiling a bit. “Neither is your cousin, he’s just stupid.”


The girl snorted. “Yeah, you’re right. C’mon, let’s get to class.”


That day, Riemi had eaten lunch with Kirishima and Ashido, since she’d be spending the night and most of Saturday with Shinso. He had understood, but still gave her shit about it.


After school, they’d gotten a ride with Hajime, both sitting in the back so they could talk about what they’d do for their sleepover.


It was the first sleepover that Riemi had gone to for years, and the first time since she was seven that she’d gone on one that didn’t involve Saeko. So she was kinda scared, her anxiety a bit heightened. 


They decided to play some video games until dinner, then eat, of course. Then they’d watch a couple movies, until they both fell asleep. Riemi had brought her sketchbook, so she could try and teach him how to do some simple sketches, since he had been impressed by her drawings.


When they had gotten to his house, they greeted Mihoko and went to Shinso’s room. They took off their school jackets, and Riemi took off her skirt (which was fine, since she had leggings on). They put in Minecraft in Shinso’s PS4, climbing on his bed to play.


Shinso made a new world, a survival world, and they started playing. 


They messed around while playing, kicking and elbowing each other, making fun of each time the other died. It was light-hearted; a happiness that Riemi doubted Shinso showed many other people.


If I’m going to be honest... she looked up at him, burning his smile into her memory. He’s really cute. 


Her eyes widened in slight horror as she thought that, but before the dark thoughts could enter, Shinso laughed.


“Did you see that cow? It just fucking walked off the cliff. Dumbass.”


She looked up at him again, smiling herself. “Don’t make fun of the depressed cow. You should have saved them.”


“Well then.” He laughed again. “Sorry, cow friend. Your death will not be in vain.”


“We’ll save any other animal feeling that way, I swear.” Riemi began to run towards the cliff the cow had fallen from, only to accidentally fall off herself.


“Rem!” He shouted, playfully grabbing her arm. “You just said-”


She giggled. “I’m sorry! I thought I saw him!”


“Don’t do that, you had a full iron set on!”


“I didn’t die!” She pointed to the screen, where she had a single heart left. “Let go of me, I need to eat.”


He did, and she brought her health back up. They quickly went back into normal playing, trying to make a huge house.


They played for a couple hours, but still didn’t complete the house by the time they had to eat dinner. So they saved the game and got off, smiles still on their face as they went to eat dinner with Shinso’s parents.


Dinner was nice, but it was also quick, since the two wanted to start their movie marathon. They rarely got to do things together that wasn’t working out or doing homework, so this night was going to be simple.


After the meal, Shinso took the game out of his PS4 and put in the first movie. It was a Disney movie, Mulan. Neither really liked any other types of movies, but Disney was great. Riemi loved musicals. Okku had introduced them to her and Taro when they were nine, and the three and Saeko learned almost every Disney song and a bunch of musical songs. 


Shinso grabbed a bunch of blankets from his closet, making a make-shift bed on the floor from Riemi when she’d finally have to go to bed. 


She grabbed her sketchbook, and the pencil she always carried. The two sat on the bed as the movie started, and Riemi showed Shinso the pictures she’d drawn.


“I’ve had this since I was thirteen. I got it as a present.” She opened it, moving closer so they both could see. “I had a lot of extra time, so I decided to learn how to draw. It really helped with my anxiety, and calmed me down when I didn’t feel comfortable going to people.”


Riemi flipped through the first few pages, a few of her old middle school classmates. Then, around the fifth page, the profiles started.


“That’s Taro.” She explained, pointing at the picture. “He lived in the group. He’s really smart, and really strong. And he was the person who was closest to my age, so we always hung out. But I was also really protective of him. He of me, too. I pretty much consider him my younger brother.”


She flipped to the next page, talking about the other people who she had lived with, happily as the movie played in the background. Shinso asked only a few questions, since he knew that she was sensitive of her past, and this was probably one of the few times he’d hear anything about it.


Until she reached the page about Saeko.


Riemi knew it was coming, and hesitated before turning the page, her hand shaking. Shinso put his hand on hers, sensing what the problem was.


“You don’t have to talk about her, Rem.” He whispered softly, rubbing her hand. “We can skip hers, leave it for another day.”


She shook her head, slowly turning the page. “No. I...I wanna talk about her. I trust you, Shin. I’m just...nervous.”


“If you want to. Don’t push yourself.”


The page was finally turned, and the two pages showed different sketches of the same girl, a curly-haired brunette with yellow eyes, and a bright smile.


“S-Saeko Juur. My...old girlfriend.” She started, digging her nails into her gloved palm. “We met shortly after my parents died, at school. She introduced me to Okku. She comforted me, made me feel happy. Whenever I was… whenever I was feeling bad, whenever I wanted to give up, I would remember her face. Her smile.


“She asked me out in our first year. I had to say yes; there was no way I could deny her. I’d stay at her house often, since her parents liked me. They’d get me presents on my birthday, food if I couldn’t afford it, they were just...just...great people.”


A tear ran down her cheek, and she quickly wiped it away. “Her...her parents died, shortly before our first year ended. It was all my fault, I-I led those bastards to them, I-”


“Shh, it’s not your fault.” Shin pulled her closer, so her head rested on his shoulder. “Don’t blame yourself.”


Riemi closed her eyes, and she tugged at her gloves. “It was...a-a-and so was her death...I couldn’t... I couldn’t save her, Shin. S-s-she was there, s-s-she j-jumped, I w-was too sc-cared to catch her…”


“Rem, it wasn’t your fault.” He rested his head on hers, rubbing her arm as the girl shook from tears. 


It was. I saw her face. She begged me to catch her. To show her that I did care about her. But I couldn’t, because I’m a failure. I’m a fucking disgrace. Can’t save the people I care about, couldn’t save the girl I loved. How the hell am I gonna be a hero? How will I save strangers, when I can’t save my friends?


“All of it was…” She muttered, now ignoring her clothes and digging her nails into her scarred arms. “She...she isn’t coming back.”


“That’s true, but you have other people who care about you.” Shinso closed his eyes, petting her hair. “Me, Shota, Hizashi. Your cousin, and his parents. My parents. Your classmates. Those people you lived with. You’re not alone. That’s why we’re here, because I want to spend time with you.”


Riemi nodded, squeezing her arms. She forced herself to look at the TV, watching the movie as she tried to suppress her tears.


“Thank you, Shinso.” Her voice was softer than it was before, as she started to relax. Her hands fell into her lap, and Shinso adjusted himself so she could lean against him. Her sketchbook sat in her lap, but it had closed during her confessions.


“Any time, Rem.”


They watched the rest of the movie in silence, until the credits began to roll. Then Shinso had to stand up, leaving a half-sleep Riemi leaning against the wall.


He put in the next movie, something that Riemi couldn’t remember. He quickly came back, starting it and pulling her close again, letting her rest against his shoulder.


I’m usually so happy around him...why is this just as easy? Talking about things I haven’t even told Aizawa and Yamada, crying without worrying. No, scratch that. I feel terrible about this. I hate pushing my problems on people. But, he doesn’t seem to mind. I’m...happy about that. I really hope he doesn’t. This means we're friends, right?


Taking a deep breath, she let herself drift off to sleep, peacefully against her friend’s shoulder.

Chapter Text

Riemi woke up that morning, when the sunlight was just barely passing through the window. She rubbed her dried eyes, noting that she was on the floor, a blanket over her shoulders and her sketchbook above her head.


Shit, I must have fallen asleep. Well, that ruined our night. 


Yawning, she pulled herself up so she could look at the bed, seeing Shinso still fast asleep.


Still cute.


She laid back down, curling up under the blanket and grabbing her sketchbook, looking through her doodles.


They hadn’t gotten through the entirety of the book. If they had, he would have seen the newer profiles. Of himself, Aizawa, Yamada, most of her classmates. Updated versions of Izuku’s and Katsuki’s. A few other teachers. All with descriptions of their personalities and talents. Reasons why she was friends with them or not. It was similar to Izuku’s hero notebooks, but hers was focused on facts that could calm her down in case she had a panic attack.


Happy little facts, small things that could make her smile. So she didn’t have to always bother people when her anxiety was high, and didn’t have to rely on her dark thoughts to ground her.


As she reached the still-empty sheets in the back of the book, she ran her fingers over the page, trying to think of something to draw.


I guess...I can try to sketch a winter-type hero costume. It’ll be difficult to make, since I have to make sure I can still use my quirk to its full potential. But I will be freezing, and that’ll be harmful to my body. I’ll have to warn Aizawa, so maybe he can help me. Damnit, stupid spiders. Why are you cold-blooded? You’re making me suffer.


She found her pencil and leaned against Shinso’s bed, setting her sketchbook and beginning to sketch a simple base, trying to think of an idea. She began to draw the sleeves when the mattress groaned above her, and a hand smacked her head.


“You’re awake?” Shinso murmured, moving closer and leaning his head on hers. “What’re ya drawing?”


“An idea for an updated hero costume.” She looked up at him, smiling. “Mornin’, Shin.”


“Mornin’, Rem.” His voice was still thick with sleep, and his arms went around her neck, giving her a weird hug. She felt a bit uncomfortable, but only laughed.


“Damn, you’re so clingy.” She rolled her eyes, setting down her pencil.


“You’re warm…”


She laughed. “And your hands are freezing. C’mon, we’re going on our bike ride before it gets to hot, right? Get off your ass.”


“No…I’m fine here.”


Riemi grabbed his hands, not pulling them away, but flinching at the coldness of the skin. “Fine. But only a few minutes.”




They stayed there for a little bit, until Riemi finally decided to move Shinso’s hands and crawl away. He tried to grab one of her legs, but missed and almost fell off of his bed.


“No, come back, please?”


Don’t answer that! That was a question. Bastard’s trying to trick you.


She only smiled, going to her bag and finding her change of clothes. Looking back before she left the room, she saw him sitting up, rubbing his eyes.


“I’m not gonna brainwash you, promise. What time is it?”


“...Seven O’five.” Thankfully, he kept his word and didn’t control her.


He rolled his eyes, standing up from his bed. “Go get dressed in the bathroom. Mom and Dad are working, so meet me in the kitchen. I’ll be there when I get dressed.”


“Kay!” She smiled, walking the few steps it took to meet him and tried to flatten his hair more. “Damnit, it’s still defying gravity. I wanna see it flat!”




She pouted, turning around and going to the door. “I will someday.”


“I refuse.”


“Don’t try me, Shinso.” The girl growled, trying to seem threatening as she opened his door and left the room, petting Lilo on her way to the bathroom. 


Locking the door to the bathroom behind her, she tugged off her now-untucked school shirt and threw it on the ground, looking at the nearly full-length mirror in the bathroom.


Riemi gently brushed the scars and burns on her stomach, tracing them like she had many times before. The old ones, the ones she had gotten from Shigaraki. The burn. The faint ones, the dark ones. 


They’re just another flaw in my skin. Can’t get acne with my quirk, so I have to deal with a shit ton of scars in its place.


Grabbing her clean shirt, a red and gray striped long sleeve shirt, she pulled it over her face, adjusting it so it fit her thin frame.


Then, she took off her pants, her eyes pausing at the faint, thin scars high on her upper thighs, barely visible with her underwear.


Shaking her head, she pulled on her clean jeans, then put on her socks before brushing her hair with her hands, making sure it covered her side eyes perfectly. 


Well, the bike ride’s gonna make my hair go everywhere. She found her crinkled pants, digging in the pockets for the hair-tie she always kept. When she found it, she tied her hair up behind her, putting it in a small bun.


Making sure that she looked presentable, she grabbed her dirty clothes and left the bathroom, seeing that the bedroom door was still closed. So she continued to the kitchen, setting the clothes on an empty chair and sitting in another one, resting her head in her arms and bringing her legs up.


I’m going to be burning up do I not get sick from wearing long sleeved shit? I’m almost sweating already. Damnit, I need to outgrow this fear. It’s just skin. No one fucking cares. Besides kids. Little kids. And they’re too cute to be scared…


“Can you put on a short sleeve shirt?” Shinso asked her, walking out of his room. “I’m not letting you have a heat stroke.”




And she lost all control of her body. He rolled his eyes, walking up to her, holding the pajama shirt she had brought.


“Go to my room, take off the shirt you’re wearing, put this shirt on, and come back.” Shinso commanded, putting the shirt in her arms. “You dumbass. Only an idiot would wear a long sleeved shirt on a bike ride.”


Well this idiot is an insecure idiot, Hitoshi Shinso. I’d rather get the summer flu then have to show off my arms. Not like I can actually get sick, but still!


She was forced to follow his commands, going into his room and involuntarily taking off her shirt, and pulling on the other one, which was a simple green t-shirt.


When she returned, the control on her body dissipated, and she imedietly said, “Fuck you.”


“No one cares about your arms. Sit down, I’m almost done with breakfast.”


She tugged at her sleeves as she listened, trying to cover as much of her skin as she could. “A lot of people care.”


“And those who care are wrong.” He set a plate in front of her. The plate was filled with a pork omelette and rice. Sitting across from her, he lightly tapped her leg, like they always did while eating. “Hurry up, I don’t want the streets to get too busy.”


She nodded, taking a bite of her omelette. “Since when could you cook?”


“Not all of us have to look up a video on cooking mac and cheese.”


“Hey, I have an excuse.” She pointed a chopstick at him. “I lived on the streets for seven years. We didn’t have mac and cheese.”


Shinso’s eyes darkened a bit, and he looked at his own breakfast. “Yeah, I know. But still, a video? How many times did you have to watch it?”


“Only once! I’m stupid, not incompetent.” 


“Sure you aren’t.”


She kicked him, eating the rest of her omelette. “Asshole.”


They finished eating in just a few minutes, and Shinso left to find their bike helmets. Riemi quickly washed their dishes, and put her dirty uniform into her school bag, taking the extra helmet from her friend and putting it on.


“Ready?” Shinso asked, putting on his helmet.


“Sure.” She grinned, pulling on her gloves and tugging at her sleeves. They felt majorly uncomfortable, like she was being exposed. It was the same feeling that she felt whenever she wore her hero costume.


Shinso put his arm around her shoulders, leading her to the garage. “Don’t worry about your arms.” He whispered to her, opening the door. “You’re fine.”

“It feels weird.” She grumbled, as he moved his arm to get the bikes. “And your garage is cold.”


“Suck it up and open the door.”


Rolling her eyes, she found the door and opened it, feeling the cool air of the outside. Even though it wasn’t very cold, maybe 60 degrees, she shivered a little and tugged at her sleeves.


She turned around to grab the bike that was being pushed at her, leading it outside and waiting for Shinso to lock the door. When the door was locked, she mounted the bike and waited for him to get on.


“Where are we going?”


“Just follow me. There’s a really nice beach across town, it’s not popular. I think you’ll like it.”


Riemi nodded, following him as he rode down the street. She tried to keep up with him, but her bike riding skills sucked. 


It took, maybe an hour and a half to get to the beach. And the beach was, as Shinso had said, empty. They chained the bikes up above, carrying their helmets as they found a bench to sit at and watch the water.


“It’s been forever since I last saw a beach.” Riemi admitted, taking a sip of her water. “Just as nice as I remember.”


“Why'd you not come back?” Shinso sat down, and Riemi sat on the other side of the bench.


“I was too busy, not to mention that I had no clue where it was.” She smiled softly, leaning forward. 


“Reasonable.” He replied, leaning back. After a minute, he added, “hey, wanna hear something cool?”


“Sure.” She looked at him, not moving her head. Just closing her front eyes and looking at him through the side of her head. He didn’t even flinch. 


“Uncle Shota’s making me a capture weapon like his. He’s gonna teach me how to use it.” (A.N. That's your manga spoiler!)


Riemi grinned. “That’s awesome! That’ll give you the boost you need, Shin.”

“I hope so.” He stared at the water for a second, before looking at her. “Do you really think I can get into the hero course, Rem? Be honest.”


She blinked a couple times. “Of course you can, Shin!” She exclaimed, clapping her hands together. “You already are smart enough to pass the test. Yes, you’re physically weak, but everyone starts out like that. But you’re getting stronger. I’ve watched you, I’m helping you. I’d know. Maybe…” She smiled at him. “Maybe you’re not there yet. But you just need a little bit more. Shota’s capture weapon is badass, and I know you’ll master it easily. That’s your boost. Hell, I bet you’ll be in the hero course by the end of our first year!”


The boy hesitated for a second, soaking up her words before smiling back. “You’re right. Sorry, I’ve been doubting myself a bit.”


“That’s okay. Doubting yourself? We all do that.” She laughed a little, looking down at the bench. “Some of us do it often. You just have to accept compliments, and criticism. Work hard, and don’t let the negative things get a hold of you. You’re already so close, I know you’ll make it.”


His hand went to her head, and he took out her bun so he could play with her hair. “How is your hair so soft?”


“I don’t know. How does your hair fly?”


“It’s natural.”


She pushed his hands away, grinning. “Asshole. Messed up my hair. I actually put it up today, and there ya go, putting it back down again.” She began to tie it back up, grabbing her hair tie and brushing it a little with her fingers.


“You seem fine with it now.” Shinso looked at the side of her face, and she opened her eyes at him. He laughed a little. 


“My eyes are part of my quirk, so I can easily explain them.” She closed her eyes, finishing her bun. “Scars are a bit harder. Long as I can cover the left side of my face, I don't care as much.”


“Just say that they’re from a fight.”


She looked at her arms, tracing one of the big ones. “That makes me seem hostile.” She sighed, clenching her fists. “Look, I only hide my arms and legs for the little kids that have to see me. I love kids, and I don’t want them to be scared of me.”


Shinso was quiet for a minute, but he turned his body towards her, poking at one of the faint scars on her elbow. “How many little kids do you see whenever you’re at school? Or coming to my house?”




“None. And we didn’t run into anyone on the ride here. So, at least when you come over to my house, and when it gets warmer, try to wear something short-sleeved. Maybe shorts, too. Something shorter under your skirt.”


Riemi hung her head, her forehead smacking her arm. “I’ll...I’ll try, okay?”


“Good.” He patted her arm, setting her helmet back on her head. “C’mon, let’s go back. We can come here again some other day. When it’s warmer.”


She lifted her head, moving the helmet so it fit her. “We better. Oh, we could train out here. A different environment would be nice. The gym’s too loud.”


“I’ll ask Uncle Shota.” He looked back at the water, a slight wind blowing at his hair. He nodded to himself, putting his helmet on. “This would be a nice spot. But it would put you at a disadvantage.”


“How else would you have the chance to beat me?”


Shinso paused to let her pass him, and smacked the back of her head. Riemi laughed, spinning around to catch his hand before he could pull it away.


Squeezing his wrist, she made the motions to throw him over her, but when Shinso’s eyes widened, she stopped, letting go of his arm and letting her own drop.


“You still can’t beat me.” She grinned, her hands behind her. “Don’t worry, I'm one of the stronger students in my class. Just ‘cause you can’t beat me, doesn’t mean you aren’t strong.”


“I’ll win one day.” Shinso smiled back at her, pulling out the key to unlock their bikes. “I don’t care if you’re one of the strongest first years. I’ll kick your ass.”


They mounted their bikes, and started off back to Shinso’s house, this time much faster since Riemi was more used to biking.




Riemi, sadly, had to go home shortly after their ride. Not like they wouldn’t see each other for awhile; they had training with Aizawa the next day. But that was the end of their peaceful hang out. Where they weren’t trying to knock each other out.


The girl decided to go to the gym by herself, dressed in a tank top (with a jacket on over it while walking there) and shorts since there weren’t any kids at the gym. The other gym patrons avoided her, but it was fine. She liked the peacefulness, despite all of the drama going on.


The gym was one of the only places Riemi felt comfortable listening to music, at least with her earbuds in. The gym, her apartment, and her friends' houses. Any other place and she’d be too anxious to put them on, scared that she wouldn’t hear someone if they tried to attack her.


Finding an empty running machine, she tied her hair up and started it, already at a quick speed. She put in her earbuds and started to jog, quietly humming along to the Spider-Man theme.


Spider-Man, a beautiful man, is a real cool hero-man. I don’t know, how to rhyme. But fuck you, I’ma try. Look out, here comes Spider-Man.


She smiled at her own lyrics, knowing that she was a complete idiot when it came to music. But she liked to try and sing, even if her voice would crack and feel hoarse. 


Riemi jogged on the machine for...maybe twenty minutes. Until her legs began to shake and her throat was dry. She stopped the machine and got off, finding an empty bench to get a drink at.


“Hey, Riemi!”


She glanced up, still catching her breath. “Oh...hey Kiri…”


“You work out here too?” Her friend sat down next to her, and she saw the beads of sweat falling down his own face. “I haven’t seen you here before.”


Riemi wiped her forehead. “Yeah, usually. But I’m usually working in a private dojo, training. Our schedules might not match up.”


Kiri grinned. “Maybe. You coming back tomorrow?”


“Yeah, but I’m working in the dojo. I have fight training.”


“Why do you need fight training? You’re already good.”


“At stealth. But I work on one-on-one and two-on-one fights here.” She stretched her arms. “You ever work in the dojos? They're really fun.


Kiri shook his head. “Dad said that I shouldn’t use my quirk against people unless they’re at school, or they’re trying to hurt me.”


“That sucks. The people here are a fun fight. One lady’s really badass; I haven’t been able to beat her yet.” At least, I can't beat her while restraining myself so much. I could definitely beat her in a real fight.


Kirishima laughed, setting his water down. “Damn, you can’t beat her? She must be tough.”


“Not just tough, but skilled.” She clenched her fist, lifting it to her face. “I’ll beat her one day.”


“That’s so manly.” He laughed again. “Where did you decide to intern, Riemi?”


“Uh, Agitha. The stealth hero, on the south tip of the country. What did you decide?”


“Oh, I forgot his name!” Kiri rubbed the back of his neck. “Some really manly guy, who gave me an offer. If only I could remember his name!”


“It’s alright, Kirishima!” Riemi stood up, grabbing her water. “Well, I should get back to working. A-My foster dad’s picking me up in about an hour. And I still have some more leg stuff to do.”


“Okay! I’m working on my arms. I’ll see you on Monday!” Kiri stood up as well, and they waved goodbye as Riemi searched for an empty leg machine.


I shouldn’t push myself too hard. Don’t want to go to Agitha with a weak body. And I don’t want to do fight training with sore legs, Shin might beat me. And I can't let that happen.


She sat down at a machine, put on a decent amount of weight and starting her workout, putting her earbuds back in and letting the song play out as she worked her legs.


Her mind lost track of time, and she only realized how long she had worked when the buzzing of her phone interrupted her music.


Aizawa - I’ll be there in ten, take a shower before i pick you up


She stopped working, panting a little as she answered.


Riemi - alright


Standing up on her slightly shaky legs, she wandered over to the showers and put her phone and water in a locker.


Finding an empty shower, she undressed and started it, hiding inside and quickly cleaning the sweat off of her with warm water.


Ignoring the voices outside, she scrubbed her skin and hair. When it was clean, she shut the shower off and dried herself, getting dressed in the stall before leaving to grab her things.


It was almost time for her to leave, so she dried her hair the best she could and ignored the fact that it was sticking up everywhere. Jogging out of the gym, she sat down on a bench, shivering a little since the breeze was chilly on her damp skin.


The familiar car came up, and Riemi bounced forward, jumping off the last two steps. She smiled and waved to Aizawa, who only nodded in response. 


She opened the door, climbing into the passenger seat. “Hey, Aizawa!”


“Hey kid.” He glanced at her hair. “Didn’t bother to fix your hair, I see.”


“Nope.” She smiled, pulling down the mirror as they started to drive off. She pushed it down, trying to flatten it. “It’s a pain in the ass if I don’t have a brush.”


“Looks like it. There’s a brush in the glove department.”


Riemi popped open the glove department, digging through the random things to find the brush. Grinning, she closed it with her knee and brushed her hair down, moving it so it would cover her face like she always had it.


She set it back in the department when she was finished, and by then, they were pulling into the parking space for the apartment. 


“Oh, I’m letting you stay home tomorrow.” Aizawa told her as he parked. “Take a break before your internship. I have some work that I need to focus on Hitoshi.”


“With your capture weapon?” She tilted her head a bit, and Aizawa rolled his eyes. “He told me about it, this morning. I get it, it’s perfectly fine!”


“I wondered how long it’d take him to tell you.” Aizawa climbed out of the car, shortly followed by the girl. “So, you two seem close nowadays. I asked him to keep it a secret, but I knew he’d tell you. But I expected him to wait a bit longer.”


Riemi’s cheeks went a little pink, but she just looked towards where they were walking. “I like hanging out with him. He’s really nice, and I feel comfortable ranting to him. And the capture weapon thing is cool, and he knows I won’t tell anyone!”


He's the first person I've been able to really talk to since Saeko died. I was too scared to talk to Okku, and even Taro. But, with him, it's all different. I wonder why that is? He's kinda like Sae, but no that much.


“Did you enjoy your sleepover at his house? Miho was a little hesitant about it, but I convinced her to let you stay.”


Riemi nodded. “It was fun. And I can see why Mihoko was hesitant, but I slept over at my girlfriend’s house a lot, even when we were dating. Her parents never cared.


Aizawa shrugged. “Same-sex relationships are usually ignored. People would instantly pair me up with Hizashi and not Midnight, but I’m dating Hizashi. But, if you aren’t planning anything like that, then I’m fine with it. Hell, even if you were. I don’t care, just be smart.”


Her face went even more red as she started up the steps. Aizawa chuckled, messing up her hair.


“Knew you liked Hitoshi.”


“That’s just an awkward topic!” She whined, hiding her cheeks. “That...that doesn’t mean I like Shin, you’re just being an ass.”


Aizawa rolled his eyes, and they reached the apartment. “Zashi already left for work, but there’s leftovers in the fridge. I have to get ready. See ya, kid.”


“Bye, Aizawa. Have fun kicking ass.” She waved to him, bouncing to the kitchen to warm up her dinner. 


“Don’t stay up too late.”


He went into his room, shutting the door behind him. Riemi opened the fridge, quickly seeing the plate of chicken and rice that waited for her. 


Hizashi makes great chicken. My precious~


She took the plate out of the fridge, tearing off the plastic and putting it on the microwave. Tearing her sweaty gloves of her fingers, she shoved them in her pocket and waved to Aizawa as he walked through the house again, now in full hero costume. He waved back, and patted Riceball before opening the door. 


The microwave beeped, and Riemi opened it, grabbing the hot plate and setting it on the counter. Finding a knife and a pair of chopsticks, she sat down at the table and began to eat, quickly finishing the food and setting them in the dishwater. Before going to her room, she started the dishwasher and fed the cats, since Sushi and Apple were precious little beans and Riceball would steal from them if she didn’t feed him too.


After making sure the cats were all inside and had food and water, Riemi dropped off her gloves in the hamper and went into her room, shutting the door behind her and laying on her bed. 


She was a bit tired, so she turned onto her stomach and put her arms under her face, falling asleep within seconds.




Sunday went by quickly, with Riemi just studying a few things and packing a suitcase for the week she’d have to spend away from home.


She hated the fact that she had to leave for so long. Almost weekly, she’d wake up to a nightmare or have an attack. And when she did, she’d always have the safety of the rooftop to calm her down. But there was no way she could do that at a hotel, not without people thinking she's going to kill herself and having someone call the police. Or even a pro hero. It had happened to her before, and was extremely awkward.


I can always just call Shinso, Aizawa, or Yamada, but I don’t wanna wake them up. I’ll just have to get over them myself. I have my sketchbook, that should be able to tide me over. Damnit, Mai, you have to get used to not being able to rely on people for those kinds of things. You won’t be staying at Aizawa’s apartment forever. Only until you graduate, if you’re lucky. 


And soon, Monday rolled around.


The class all met at the train station in the city. Riemi was the first student to arrive, since she arrived with Aizawa. The two sat on a bench next to each other, waiting for the rest of the students.


The entire time, Riemi’s legs were shaking. Even as her friends appeared, and she went to go sit and chat with them, she was clearly nervous. But, everyone was, so no one called her out on it.


“What city are you going to, Riemi?” Jiro asked calmly, her hands in her pockets as her hero suitcase stood at her feet.


“I’m going to Yamaguchi. To work under Agitha, the Future Hero!” Riemi grinned, from her seat above her friends. Like always, she was balancing on the top of the bench while her friends sat on the actual bench.


“I’ve never heard of her.” The earphone girl replied, looking up at her. “But Yamaguchi is pretty far away. Plan on going home every night?”


The spider girl shook her head. “I’m staying in a hotel. It’ll give me a little time to myself, and I’ll be giving my foster family a break from me. I know they’ll want it.”


“You have to stay away from home, too?” Sero questioned, leaning on his two suitcases. “It’s gonna suck. I’ve never had to fend for myself for so long.”


Riemi moved her body so that her human legs were on the bench, taking the space between Ashido and Sero. “The school’s paying for all food and that stuff, all of the supplies you may have to buy for yourself. All you have to do alone is sleep and eat a meal or two. That’s not that difficult.”


“Not all of us have lived our lives like you, Riemi.” Kaminari butted in, and she kicked him.


“Fuck off, you can’t even use your quirk for five minutes before frying your one brain cell. Maybe a life like mine could have made you tough.”


He grinned, looking up at her. “Don’t know what I should say. Maybe you’re right.”


“‘Course I’m right, dumbass.”


The last few students arrived, and all twenty of them gathered around their teacher.


“Everyone has their costumes, right?” Aizawa asked, looking at all of his students. “Remember, you don’t have permission to wear them out in public yet. And don’t lose them or anything.”


Ashido cheerfully jumped up a little, clutching her case to her chest. “Gotcha!” Her voice was cheerful, and excited.


 “Speak properly. It’s ‘yes, sir’, Ashido.” Aizawa reprimanded. 


“Yes, sir…” It was like she had been sucker punched with his words, and she replied defeatedly.


“Make sure you mind your manners with the other heroes during your internship. Now get to it.”


The class replied with, “Yes sir!” in unison, and all went to board the trains waiting for them.


Riemi waved goodbye to her friends, since she’d be riding a train by herself. It was just about to leave, so she scanned her ID and boarded, finding an empty seat and setting her suitcases on her lap.


I have to go straight to the agency once I get there. My hotel check time thing is at 3, and Agitha has to let me check in. Oh, I can’t wait! This is going to be so much fun! :)

Chapter Text

In about two hours, Riemi arrived in Yamaguchi. She stretched her arms and grabbed her suitcases, jogging onto the sidewalk and looking for her agency. 


Three blocks this way, then...right? Yeah, right. Two streets. It’s the three-story building at the end there. Oh, look out for that guy! Okay, back on track. Where’s this place?


She dodged the people that were in her way, apologizing as she did. The building wasn’t very flashy, so she could have easily missed it. But, as Riemi approached, she could hear voices inside.


“When’s that intern girl supposed to come?”


It was soft, but she heard it, and it made the girl smile.


Aw, they already like me! Better go introduce myself!


The girl found the entrance to the building, lightly knocking on the door since she didn’t know if she could just barge in.


Someone from the inside opened it for her. It was a guy, dressed in a silver suit and tie with black dress pants. “Ah, are you the intern from UA High?”


Riemi nodded. “That’s me.”


“Come right in. Miss Agitha has been waiting for you.” The man led her inside, and she quickly followed, bouncing a little on her feet. Nicely-Dressed Man guided her down the hallways, not saying another word.


Shit, Nicely-Dressed Man? Damnit, Mai, you’re better than this. But, like, he doesn’t have anything about him that’s cool. So...I have to stick with it, I guess.


They reached what looked like a gym, but dimly lit and misty. Nicely-Dressed Man knocked on the door to the gym, loudly.


“Miss Agitha? Your intern is here.”


It took a minute, but the gym door opened. A woman was on the other side.


She had long, curly ruby hair, shorter in the front as it covered her face. Her eyes were covered in what looked like a black cloth, and the cloth was tied around her head. The outfit she wore consisted of a long-sleeved tight black shirt and loose pants, and thin sock-like shoes.


“Ah, Riemisho, was it?” The blinded woman held out her hand to the spider girl. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I heard about your fights at the Sports Festival, you seem like a strong student.”


Riemi grinned, firmly shaking her hand. “It’s great to meet you too, Agitha. And, please, call me Riemi. It’s what I usually go by.”


“Whatever you say. Akihito, please return to the front desk.” Nicely-Dressed Man nodded, turning away and speed-walking down the hall he had just walked down. “Now, Riemi, I believe I saw you carrying two suitcases. One holds your hero costume, correct?”


“Yes. Would you like me to change into it?”


Agitha nodded. “If you would, please. The dressing room is a door down, to your left. I wouldn’t like you to get lost, but you seem to have a great sense of direction, so I trust you. Return here when you’re dressed.”


Riemi set down one of her suitcases, and jogged off with her school-issued one. The one with her hero costume. 


Pushing open one of the stalls of the changing room, she pulled off her shirt and opened her suitcase, finding her hero shirt. She took it out, running her hands through the thick fabric before tugging it over her head, trying to find all of the holes for her legs as she grabbed her belt.


She opened the belt, making sure she had a good amount of bandages and spray left before closing it and snapping it around her waist. 


Then, she took off her shoes and jeans, setting them in the suitcase and taking out her shorts. Riemi pulled them on, changed her gloves to her other pair, slid her headband over her forehead, and tied her hair into a single ponytail instead of her usual twin pigtails.


‘Cause why the fuck not?


Closing her suitcase that was now filled with her casual outfit, she bursted through the changing room and jogged back to the gym, setting her suitcase down besides her other one and carefully opening the door.


“Miss Agitha? I’m back.” She said loudly, hoping the woman could hear. But as she looked around the dimly-lit room, however, she heard a faint woosh of air behind her, and she smacked the object in the air down with her legs.


“Quick reflexes, kid. You got them.” The woman stood up, jumping at Riemi with her signature weapon, knuckle braces, on and ready to punch.


Riemi dodged a couple, trying to find a weak point. One of the punches to her gut lightly braised her, but she took the chance to grab Agitha’s arm and threw her to the ground.


The pro dodged a couple of Riemi’s attacks, but couldn’t block the leg to the gut that the spider girl had given her.


“Stop, kid.” Agitha told her, and Riemi immediately stopped. “You really are strong. Using both your fists and legs in a fight can give you a major advantage. But you didn’t use your webs. Pity, we’ll have to work on that.”


The hero stood up, smiling a little at her new intern. “So, Riemi. I was impressed by your actions at the Sports Festival. A mutant quirk getting so high up is rare. Usually, emitter quirks are the strongest. I rarely send out offers, but I felt as if you were worthy.” She poked Riemi’s forehead. “Don’t let me down, or let my words get to your head. You still have a lot to improve on, yet you seem farther ahead than your classmates. Is that your teachers’ doings? I believe your information sheet said that you were living under your homeroom and English teacher.”


Riemi shook her head. “My teachers are my guardians, and I do get special training under Aizawa, but my skills are from my childhood. Without going into detail, it was...pretty shitty.”


“I believe that was in the letter that Eraserhead sent me. I wasn’t able to see all of it, but it spoke about your past.” Agitha turned around, one of her hands out so she didn’t hit anything. “A fear of fire, a risk of a panic attack, constant nightmares. Don’t worry, I’ve created a five-day schedule that involves minimal fire, and if you do happen to have a panic attack, I can help you with it.”


The student’s eyes widened. “Oh...I’m sorry about all that. I won’t let it get in the way, I promise.”


“Oh, it’s not a problem, kid. Many people these days have anxiety, and it’s common among heroes, too. I believe Present Mic has a fear of insects. You live with him too, correct?”


“Yep.” I learned that after that spider had gotten into the apartment. I couldn’t hear for a good ten minutes, but I saved that spider. That’s all that matters.


“Then you should be able to understand that even the strongest heroes have weaknesses. Don’t think it’s a problem that you’re scared of fire.” She clapped her hands together, now standing about twenty feet from Riemi. “Oh, I’m not too far from you, am I?”


Riemi took a few steps forward. “No, not at all.”


“Good. Now, you know what my quirk is, correct?”


The spider nodded. “It’s called Foresight. Your quirk shares the same name as Sir Nighteye, but they’re extremely different.”


Agitha turned around and smiled. “Perfect. Can you explain why?”


“Your quirk activates whenever you open your eyes, that’s why you keep them covered. When you see the future, it’s usually just five seconds before you. But you can make it longer, up to a couple hours. It’s not very exact, and it’s only your future, but it’s extremely clear. Nighteye’s quirk can only be used once a day, and sees an hour of the life of someone else. His visions are ninety-nine percent correct, but not very clear.”


The hero laughed, clapping her hands a couple times. “Wow, kid, you did your research! A great summary of my own quirk, and the basics of Sir Nighteye’s. I’m impressed.”


“T-Thank you, Agitha.”


“Well, now that we have that finished.” Agitha cracked her knuckles, humming for a second. “I need to test your abilities. Most heroes who take on interns go on street patrols, I’m guessing many of your friends are currently on some. They get to see first-hand examples of real world, normal villain encounters. Nothing like the USJ or stuff like that.


“But, you came to me for a reason. You want to be a stealth-based hero, which is what I am. Street patrols wouldn’t be of any use to you.” The hero giggled a little. “So I decided to set up a full-fledged, seventy-five percent realistic simulator of what you’d face if you do become a stealth-based hero. I’ll run you through a course of that, then I’ll provide lunch while I set up a plan.”


Riemi nodded, clasping her fist and raising it. “I’ll take whatever you throw at me.”


“That’s the spirit! Dang, it’s hard to tell that you live with Eraserhead of all people.” Agitha laughed, walking towards the door. “Glad to see his solemness hasn’t had an effect on you. Keep being cheerful, kid.


“Wait there. I’m only turning on the lights, the simulator is in here. Tell me when the lights are on.”


Agitha slammed into the wall, a few feet from the light switch. She reached out, finding the switch and flipping it.


The bright lights turned on, and Riemi blinked a couple times to get used to the light. 


Now, she could see that there was a whole obstacle course was fit into the gym. All types of things; it was like a Ninja Warrior course. Rings to jump from, a bunch of small pegs coming up from the ground, different types of walls made of different materials. 


How the hell did Agitha make an ice wall? It’s not even melting?


“I saw that there are a bunch of different obstacles.” Agitha explained, walking back to the spider girl. “I’ll just find out the outcome. The start is with the walls, ends with the chains. Complete them all, as fast and skillful as you can. And have fun! I’ll be watching.”


The woman laughed, gently pushing Riemi forward. Riemi laughed nervously, going in front of the walls and stretching a bit.


Okay, I’m guessing this should take me...maybe five minutes? No, wait. There’s a trick to this. I can see the wires. Oh fuck, what is this lady going to do to me?


Pausing for a second before starting, Riemi popped her fingers and leaped onto the first wall, the ice. Her fingers and toes stuck perfectly, and she was able to climb up and flip onto the next wall.


Glass. Easy to stick to. Next. 


Eww, what’s on this wall? It’s so slimy...but I’m still sticking, so it’s fine. It’s fucking disgusting. Where can I get this stuff, I want to throw it on Katsu.


The last wall was styrofoam. Styrofoam was one of Riemi’s worst enemies, since her hands and feet stuck so bad it took a shit ton of effort to pull them off, unless she was extremely relaxed, which she never was.


“Fucking foam,” she muttered, ripping it apart as she climbed. “Go fucking explode in Katsuki’s rage, you sick fucks.”


Finally reaching the top, she pulled her hands off and used her spider legs to leap off and land on the next platform. 


As her styrofoam-covered feet tapped the ground, a large spike shot out from the wall. 


That’s the trick. Does she want to kill me? It wouldn’t be the first time I trusted someone and they wanted to kill me. 


She leaped over it, focusing on relaxing her left foot to get the foam off of it. It worked, so when she landed, her foot was cleared. So she started with her other foot as she looked at the next obstacle. 


Tiny-ass platforms above water. Easy.


Pull off the styrofoam that’s on your left hand, then right. And for this one, show off your acrobatics. These platforms are only a few square inches, but big enough. My hands are small.


Taking a deep breath, she leaped towards the first platform, touching down with only three toes before jumping to the next one. She did a small flip, landing on her now-clean left hand as she pushed off.


Relax right hand, and land with it on the next platform. Then flip, and finish this section. There’s probably another trap coming up, so be prepared. 


When she hit the next platform, there was a little bit of styrofoam left on her hand. It nearly made her mess up, but she was still able to flip onto the final section. 


The noise of the machines alerted her, and she was able to jump before something attacked her. She ignored it as she continued on with the course, dodging multiple knives as they flew at her.


Okay, Agitha wants me dead. Like, dead-dead. Or she’s just crazy. But this is fun! 


She passed about five obstacles in twenty seconds, and had completed the course in less than a minute. As she did a high backflip to jump over a high wall, pushing off the roof of the gym, a loud horn played that made Riemi flinch and fuck up her landing, making her land right on her face.


A loud clapping came from her left, and she groaned and pulled herself to her feet.


“That slime is really easy to make; I’ll give you the recipe.” Agitha had reappeared, walking down from wherever she had been. “And no, I wasn’t trying to kill you. Eraser informed me about your crazy good reflexes, and I noticed them in the Festival. I wanted to test them.”


“You’re crazy, Agitha.” Riemi wiped away the little sweat that was on her forehead. “That was fun. Get what you needed?”


“All the information! Now go eat, there’s a map to the cafeteria next to the elevator. Whatever you want, it’s all on me. When you finish, go to the gym across from this one.” Agitha grinned, turning around and waving. “Have fun, kid! Oh, and one more thing. Today’s session will end at two thirty, so you have time to get to your hotel. I’ll expect you back here at eight tomorrow, in this gym with your costume. Don’t disappoint me.”


Riemi nodded, even though the hero couldn’t see her. “I’d never disappoint a pro!” She jogged out of the room, scanning the halls for the elevator.


It wasn’t too far, so she walked over to it, pulling her hair down so it covered her face again.


Cafeteria is on the third floor, I’m on floor B2. Easy enough. 


She opened the elevator, pressing the button for the third floor. It took a minute for it to reach the floor, and she bounced out the second it did. 


The cafeteria wasn’t too far away, and only had a few other heroes and workers inside. She went up to the counter, looking at the menu for something high in protein.


Ah, rice, eggs, chicken, and bacon. Perfect.


She ordered her meal, along with a chocolate milk, and found an empty table to sit at. Digging into her meal, she quickly munched down on her meal.


This is actually pretty good. Agitha’s agency is small, but still has enough to make good food. I like that. Maybe I can stay here until I graduate, then immediately join. I’ll have to tell her everything I know when I do graduate. And wait a year to complete my plan; I need Taro to graduate too.


Oh, speaking of Taro, I should meet up with him when I get back home. I want to check on his progress. If he does get the paper to take the UA Exams, I’ll have to ask Aizawa for tips on training. And maybe find a way to get money, so I can properly feed him. I have to be a good role model to him. Damn, I hope nothing bad has happened to him since I left.


She choked on a bit of rice, since she was eating so quickly. It made her laugh at herself, and she paused to take a drink before continuing. 


I’m sure he’s okay. He’s just as strong as I am…




When training ended at 2:30, Riemi’s legs were sore from all of the running and jumping she had done.


Training had included sprinting across the walls and ceiling, swinging across the room, using all six of her legs in a fight. It made her body sore, but she also had the rest of the afternoon off, so she could relax and do some homework.


Once she was back in her normal clothes and carrying her suitcases, she found her hotel on her phone and walked there, since it wasn’t very far.


And the fact that she still had half an hour to burn.


So, when she eventually found her hotel, at around 3:10, her feet were aching and all she wanted was a fucking shower and a pack of fucking gummy bears.


Take shower, buy gummy bears and dinner. something. I don’t know. Homework. Then sleep. No, text people. Then sleep.


As she arrived to her room, she tossed her suitcases on the bed and went straight to the bathroom, taking a hot shower and brushing her hair.


When she was done, she changed out of her school uniform and into a shirt and jeans, making sure she had her phone, pocket knife, and money in her pocket before leaving.


Gummy bears, and...something microwavable. Oh, and popcorn. The school’s paying for all of this anyway, so maybe something to drink. I have no clue if I’ll be eating dinner at Agitha’s agency, so only buy dinner for today. But a lot of gummy bears.


Near the hotel was a store, which, thankfully, had everything that Riemi needed. 


In twenty minutes, she had left with a small box of popcorn, a large bag of Pizza Rolls, two large bags of gummy bears, and a bunch of powdered drink mixes.


Hahhahaha, this is why I’m not allowed to go shopping by myself.


With the bags on her right arm, she joyfully walked down the street again, keeping an eye out for anything that seemed strange.


A sharp noise made her stop, her left hand going straight to where her knife was. She looked through her hair, seeing if it was anything.


Doesn’t look like it. Good, I don’t want my gummy bears to- oh, wait, they’re right there. Fuck.


In just a few seconds, she dropped her snacks and pulled out her knife, holding it out to defend herself as the person walked closer.


“Someone wants to see you again, Miss Mai …” The person said, in a deep but cheery woman’s voice. “He’s missed you~!”


Riemi growled. “Well, I don’t miss him. Please relay that information, along with leave people the fuck alone.


“I don’t think he’ll enjoy that very much!” The woman held out her arm, it quickly turning into a gun. Riemi leaped into the air as she began to fire, shooting a web down to lift the arm up, so it didn’t hit any civilians or her food.


“Well, I don’t enjoy his presence!” The spider girl jumped at the woman, landing a hard kick on her back. “Nor yours, miss.”


The gun woman chuckled, and turned to face Riemi again. A shot flew right next to Riemi’s waist, and she barely dodged in time. 


That was a tranquilizer. So she’s trying to kidnap me. Definitely Katashi. I have to take her down, now. 


Shooting a web at Gun’s face, Riemi flew forward and grabbed it, smashing it into the stone of the building next to them. Using her other hand to stick to the wall, Riemi smashed her face in a couple more times, making sure she was unconscious before dropping her and jumping off the wall.


One man stood at the end of the alley, a shocked expression on his face. Riemi waved and grabbed her bags, all casually like, as if someone hadn’t just tried to kidnap her.


“Don’t worry, sir, this is normal.” She explained. “But, if you don’t mind, can you call the police and inform them that this woman is an attempted kidnapper? I have some homework that I need to finish.”


The man stuttered a little. “K-kid, shouldn’t you-shouldn’t you call your parents or something, at least?”


“Why? I don’t wanna worry them. But, sir, please call the police. I’m not very sure of the street we’re on, and you look as if you live here. Thank you!” She smiled and ran off, shaking the drops of blood off of her hand.


Shit, I should have bought more gummy bears. Fucking Katashi, fucking Elefel gang. Trying to ruin my internship. Should I tell Shota and Hizashi about what happened? She shook her head, sighing a little. Nah, I don’t want them to worry. I haven’t told them about the other times, either. I only if I ever find any notion that they’re following me.


The Elefel gang had attempted to kidnap her maybe...twelve times since she moved in with Shota and Hizashi? Give or take, of course.


It wasn’t something new, but she had connected some of the dots. She’d seen people outside from her window, who looked suspicious. People on the streets, even her ‘neighbors’. 


Something’s going on, but I don’t want to worry anybody. 


She arrived back in her hotel room by four. Piling about half of the pizza rolls onto a plate, she set it in the microwave and turned it on. Before putting the rest of the pizza rolls away, she made sure to turn down the mini-fridge as much as possible, since they were supposed to be frozen.


Shoving a handful of gummy bears into her mouth, she pulled out her notebooks and school books, laying them out on the bed. Turning on a random movie and grabbing her now-cooked Pizza Rolls, she settled in for a good couple hours of food and work.




The week went by quickly, and it was a great week for the girl. She really enjoyed training under the pro-hero, and she was learning a hell of a lot more than she normally would in a week.


Riemi made sure to at least talk to someone every night. Mostly Shinso, but she did hold a conversation with Izuku after he strangely sent his location to the class group chat on the third night.


It wasn’t serious , he had told her. Just an overreaction.


Ah, well, I’ll know soon enough. Don’t try to hide something from me, Izu, I’ll always find something out.


It was something, but she wasn’t able to check it out since it was all the way in Hosu. But, when she got back to school, she’d listen for an answer.


The nights were kinda shitty for her, since the other people at the hotel were bothering her hearing. It was just like…did everyone decide to take the ‘next step’ in there relationship this week? Do they not realize that there are children staying here?


But the days, when she wasn’t exhausted, were amazing. Agitha taught her a bunch of things about stealth; how to move silently on even the creakiest floors, how do disguise herself in the shadows, even showed her a decent place to carry knives on her hero costume. 


Riemi had to come to the agency at 10; Agitha had texted her to come in later. But they worked late into the night, doing night patrols around the city until midnight. It was when stealth heroes worked best. 


She finally understood why Aizawa was always so fucking tired.


On the last day, they were supposed to do an actual mission, down in Tokyo. They were supposed to meet up with Fourth Kind and Gunhead, who had three interns between them. It was a small mission, but it would give the interns a good challenge.


But it was called off, due to the attacks with the Nomus and Stain. Apparently, Izuku, Iida, and Todoroki got mixed up in that mess.


That’s what the message was, Izuku was calling for help. But, how did Endeavor get there to help them? Did Pep-Todoroki bring him? 


She decided to wait until she could speak to Izuku in person, since he was the only one out of the three she’d want to talk to.


Instead of going with the interns, she ran a couple simulations for missions. During it, she ended up breaking her left wrist, after messing up a landing. That ended the internship for her, which was disappointing. 


“Well, I’ll definitely be inviting you back for your next internship, Riemi.” Agitha told her, cheerfully as they were walking to the entrance. “But we’ll try and not get you injured next time.”


“Oh, it’s fine. It doesn’t hurt.” Riemi held up her wrapped wrist, grinning. “And I’ll come back, as long as you still want me to. I learned a lot, and had fun.”


“Amazing! I’m happy you did; having a negative experience during your internship is never fun. Well, I hope your wrist heals nicely, and see you soon!” The pro patted Riemi’s shoulder, laughing a little as she jogged off, leaving Riemi alone.


Welp, one more night in the hotel, then I can go visit Taro. I should finish off my gummy bears tonight, and my popcorn. Then I can sleep in until ten, pack up, and head home! Yay!


With her hero costume in her right hand, she bounced down the street in the dimming light. 


Her broken wrist ached a little, and she knew that Aizawa was going to hound her on it. It was a little nerve racking, knowing that he’d lecture her on it. But she didn’t mind, he was just a protective person.


Shota would make a great father one day. Maybe once him and Hizashi actually get married, they can adopt a kid. I mean, they’d probably need to let go of a job or two, but as long as I’m not busy, I’d babysit for free. And they have a lot of money saved up, so they could take care of a kid.


I just have to execute my plan on getting them ‘married’, if not legally. Fucking Japan, the homophobic trash country. Okay, add ‘talk to Nemuri’ to the quest log, she has the main plan. 


She opened the door to her hotel room, tossing her suitcase onto the bed and locking the door. Finding her bag of gummy bears, she sat down on the couch and turned on a movie, something about space.


Her phone buzzed, and she opened it to see what it was.


Floaty Hair - hey your coming back on saturday right


Riemi - yeep


Floaty Hair - any plans


Riemi - im gonna find a friend of mine ive been meaning to catch up on, but i may be grounded when i get home


Floaty Hair - shit what did you do


Riemi smiled, and took a quick picture of her broken wrist. 


Floaty Hair - geez howd you break it?


Riemi - messed up a landing


Floaty Hair - how???


Riemi - hitting the ground from 3 stories up and not breaking something is hard


Floaty Hair - ur a idiot    does shota know yet?


Riemi - nope :D


Floaty Hair - ur not grounded ur dead ill be at ur funeral


Riemi - no protect me please


Floaty Hair - nope RIP rem


Riemi - :0


Riemi - i thought we were friends


Floaty Hair - i dont wanna die either


Riemi - be a hero


Floaty Hair - im not a hero with a death wish


Riemi - FiNe ThEn ‘fRiEnD’


Laughing, she turned off her phone and set it back down, eating a few more gummy bears.


Oh shit, I am gonna die, aren’t I?




But, luckily, she survived coming back home.


Aizawa was out when she came home, training with Shinso. Yamada asked about her injury, and just offered an ice pack to help with it.


“When’s Aizawa getting home?” She asked, sitting down next to him on the couch, ice pack on her wrist.


“In a few hours. Why, don’t want to have to go through his ‘why you should always heal your injuries immediately’ lecture again?” Yamada laughed, smiling at his ward.


Riemi nodded. “Ya, I’ve heard that one enough. And I have something I’ve been meaning to do. A friend of mine, who lived on the streets with me. He’s a year younger than me, and trying to get into UA too. I was going to check up on him. Mind if I do so?”


“Just be careful, and be back before six.” He patted her head. “And have fun. We can talk about your internship when Sho gets home. I’ll make sure he doesn’t give you the lecture again; I get it enough myself to know it’s shitty.”


The girl grinned, giggling a bit. “You’re so much better than Shin. He was just going to let me die.”


“A terrible friend.”


“I know! Clearly, he hasn’t had to deal with the lecture enough.” She stood up, petting Sushi on her way to the door. “I’ll see you later, Yamada. And thanks for having my back.”


“Have fun with your friend, Mai.”

Chapter Text

The familiar paths of the streets made Riemi smile as she traveled, remembering all of the times she had explored the area with her brother-like friend.


Taro started living with the group soon after I joined, back when I was still getting over my parent’s deaths. We quickly became friends, and he really helped me move on. He’s like my little brother, that’s why I want to help him get into UA. Taro’s one of the only people who know about my plan, too, and he’s a big part of it.


And, of course, he knows me the best. All of my fears, my insecurities, and he met Saeko. And I know all of his fears and insecurities. I’d trust him with my life. 


It was nearing one in the afternoon when she finally got to the old building that used to be home. The building was huge, and each ‘family’ got their own ‘room’. Usually, a ‘family’ included an adult or two, and a child under the age of twelve. Any kids that were twelve or above joined the largest room, until they were sixteen and started working and defending the group. 


‘Rooms’ were small sections of ground, marked by chunks of stone with their names engraved. Each person that lived in the group had a bed, a ‘bed’ that was a pile of three blankets and a shitty pillow. 


The upper part of the building had any and all supplies, and only certain adults could take from it. It had a small amount of money they all shared, their stockpile of food, and any extra clothes and blankets that a ‘fallen one’ had left behind when they died.


When Riemi entered the building, the children that were there erupted into loud cheers and laughter, quickly running up to her and giving her a hug.


“Riemisho!” They all chanted, greeting her and trying to tell her about things that had happened. She did her best to respond, but there was about fifteen children under the age of ten. She couldn’t.


An old woman, one of the elders, came by and shoo-ed the children away. She greeted Riemi with a hug, and Riemi smiled softly.


“It’s nice to see you, Riemisho.” The woman told her, letting her go. “Look at you! You’ve grown, you’ve filled out.’re injured? What happened to your arm?”


Riemi held up her broken wrist, laughing. “Oh, we had internships this week, I just got back less than an hour ago. I broke it when I landed wrong, it’s nothing big. And I’ve missed you too, Kokoro. All of you. I wish I could visit more.”


“It’s no problem, child, you know your education is much more important.” Kokoro grabbed her right hand gently, leading her through the old building. “I’m proud of you, getting out of this life. We all are. You’re a role model to all of the kids, they already call you the bestest hero ever.”


Riemi giggled, waving at the children who were now all chattering happily. “You know my plan, Kokoro. Soon after I graduate, you’ll all be living a better life.”


“A true hero.” The old woman let go of her hand as they reached the Wall of the Fallen. Riemi took a few steps closer, checking the newest names on the board.


Five names, in the past couple months. Terrible, but it’s nothing more than what usually happens. 


“Hey, is Taro here?” Riemi asked her elder, looking over at her. “I heard that he was trying to get into UA too, and I want to check on his process. It’ll be hard to get in without the help I had, but I want to help him the best I can.”


“He’s working, actually. We’re tight on money, and he was able to get a fake ID. But, I’m sure he’ll be back soon.” Kokoro smiled softly, looking at all of the children and adults that were in the building. “It’s tough, but it always has been. But you’ll do great things for us, Riemisho. Both you and Taro. I’ll always be proud of you.”


“I know, Kokoro. But I wish I could do more.” Riemi sighed, looking at the cold concrete. “Honesty, it feels weird being back here. It’s like...I just realized how poor we really are. Now that I’m back in normal life. I feel bad for thinking like that.”


“It’s perfectly alright.” Kokoro patted her arm, walking over to her actual bed. The elders and any pregnant women were given ruined mattresses that anyone could find. “But I’m exhausted. Taro should be getting off work at three, and he’s at the cafe near Mezu. Go visit him, I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.”


“Okay. Have a nice nap, Kokoro. I’ll return whenever I can.” Riemi took a deep breath, leaving the building after saying goodbye to everyone that was there. She wanted to stick around and play with the kids, maybe help out with patrols, but she had to talk to Taro.


She knew where the cafe was, since she worked there too. It was illegal for her to work there, since she was underage, but it hadn’t mattered back then. All that had mattered was that her family got food and decent clothing.


Slowly opening the door to the cafe, she quickly saw her white haired friend’s head, and walked over, grinning.


“Finally got a job, Taro?” She teased, crossing her arms and standing right in front of him. His sky-blue eyes lit up, and he matched her grin.


“Riemisho!” He held out his hand for a high-five, and she accepted it. “Why are you here? Don’t you have a school to study for? And what happened to your arm?”


He walked over to the counter, and Riemi followed, making sure to not look anyone in the eye. “Oh, I broke it during my internship. I don’t feel like studying, and my mentor’s working with my friend. So I decided to come find you, I’ve been meaning to anyway.”


“Well, it’s nice to see you.” Taro leaned against the counter, a soft smile on his lips. “Wanna buy anything while we talk? My boss would probably get angry if I didn’t ask. And I can’t give you a discount or anything, since I’m still new.”


“I can’t, I didn’t bring any cash.” Riemi sighed, running a hand through her hair. “You get off at three, right? I’ll just stick around the area ‘til then. I’ve been meaning to ask you some things.”


“Actually, I get off in a few minutes. Kokoro got the time wrong. Just sit down and wait, I’ll meet up with you.”


Riemi nodded. “‘Kay, I’ll wait at a table.”


She left her friend, finding an empty table and playing a game on her phone. It was difficult, ignoring all of the conversations around her, but she focused on listening to the faint music playing from her device.


She was so focused, in fact, that when there was a tap on her shoulder, she jolted up in surprise. 


“Already done, Ta-” She started, looking at the person. But, it was not Taro, the minty hair proved her wrong. “Oh, hey Okku! How’s it going?”


“Life’s great, Riemisho.” He sat down next to her, a smile plastered on his pale face. “What takes you back over here? Doesn’t UA have a lot of homework?”


“We had internships this week, and I finished it all when I wasn’t working.” Riemi explained, setting her phone down. “And I’m here ‘cause I was waiting for Taro. He should be here in a minute.”


“Izaki Taro? That underclassman?” Riemi nodded to him, but held a finger to her lips.


“Be quiet about that.” She smiled a little, waiting for him to nod before continuing. “Wanna come with?”


“Uh, sure.” Okku checked his phone. “I have nothing better to do. And I’ve...wanted to fix our friendship, since...ya know. And I’m friends with Taro, too.”


Riemi grinned. “It would be nice. Finally get over it. It’s only been...almost two years.”


“Really? It’s...actually been that long? It doesn’t feel like it.”


The girl’s face fell, and she solemnly looked at the table. “Yep. September thirteenth. Geez, I hate fucking September. Everything bad happens in September.”


Okku gently patted her shoulder. “Well, it’s always been a terrible month. Don’t worry about it.”


“Oh, hey Okku.” Taro appeared, standing near them. “You joining us?”


“Riemisho said I could, so I guess so.” The green-haired boy stood up, and Riemi followed, cheering up as her younger friend came over.


She waved them over as she led them out of the cafe, bouncing down the street as she looked for a semi-private area to talk.


“So, Taro, have you been working towards UA? You’re gonna have to work extra-fucking hard to get in, it’s really difficult.”


They stopped at a small park, going straight to the swingset. The two boys got on the swings and Riemi dangled from the metal bar.


“I’ve been trying. My grades are all strong A’s, and I’ve gotten much better with my quirk. Mikha said that you’d help me out if I get the confirmation for the Entrance Exam.”


“That was the plan.” Riemi sat cross-legged on the top bar, her right hand keeping her up. “I’ll have to ask my guardian for advice on it. Oh, I haven’t told either of you about my guardians, have I?”


“Nope. Are they cool?” 


The girl nodded as her two friends got higher on the swings. Before answering, she focused her hearing around, making sure no one suspicious was listening in. “You have to keep it a secret, but you two already know almost everything about me.” She swung down, so her legs were wrapped around the poll and she was upside-down.


“My legal guardians are pro-heroes Present Mic and Eraserhead.”


Taro’s eyes lit up. “Woah, really? That’s so cool! But, both? Like, they’re married or somethin’?”


“Technically, they’re dating, since gAy MaRrIaGe Is bAd. But I’m waiting for a friend of theirs to finish the plan, then they’ll be married in no time.”


“Are they nice?” Okku asked, coming back past her as he got higher.


“The fucking best! They have three cats, all named after food.” She began to ramble, swinging a little. “Yamada, who’s Present Mic, is great at cooking, and he’s really nice. I’ve improved my English a lot thanks to him. And Aizawa; Eraserhead, helped me train for UA, and showed me how to do a bunch of normal-life things.


“Oh! And, Aizawa has a nephew. His name’s Shinso. Shin’s an asshole, but we’ve been training together since we both got into UA. And we’re friends, at least I’m ninety-nine percent sure we’re friends. I’m helping him get into the Hero Course, since he only made it to General Studies.”


She continued on for a few more minutes, until her two other friends began to laugh.




Okku looked at her, grinning wildly. “You haven’t been this happy for two years, Riemisho. You’re eyes are lighting up, you’re swinging, you’re rambling . It’s you. You’re finally back.”


“I guess so.” She giggled, showing her broken wrist. “But I’m not all back in one piece.


“And, to be honest, I’m only here because of you two. Even though I kinda pushed you two away, when I was...considering suicide, I knew that if I was gone, you two would be even more broken than you already were. So, thank you, Okku. Taro.” She gave them a thumbs up. “Thanks to you guys, I’m not actively suicidal anymore!”


Both boys smiled. “Great!”


They continued to swing and chat for a couple hours, just catching up and enjoying the fact that Riemi was happy. It was a nice time.


After awhile, though, they all had to go home. Taro had homework and patrol, Okku just had homework, and Riemi had her death waiting for her.


“Wait, Riemisho.” Taro suddenly said, before they all left each other. “’ve been working on the plan, right?”


“Plan?” Okku questioned, and Riemi nodded.


“Yep.” She looked at Okku. “It another secret. I’ll tell you if you keep quiet.”


“Uh, ya, I’ll keep quiet.”


“Good. So, the plan.” The girl took a deep breath, trying to snap her fingers despite her gloves. “So, this is kinda hard for me to talk about, but here we go. The people who have been kidnapping people here, they’re the same people who killed Saeko’s parents. And Taro and I, since they’ve kidnapped and tortured both of us, are going to get our revenge.”


“Can I join?” For once, the usual positive look in Okku’s eyes were gone, turned into a dark and serious look. One that had been used to defend their old friend when she got bullied for her lack of quirk. “I-If it’s those bastards that killed Mr. and Mrs. Juur, then...then I want revenge too! For Juur, if not myself.”


Riemi smirked, her own scary smirk. This time, talking about her old girlfriend didn’t make her feel sad or depressed. 


It made her feel...a sickening feeling of excitement.


More firepower. Hell yes.


“Then it’s official. You’ve joined the team.” She patted his shoulder, her smirk not disappearing. “Taro, give him the rundown on the plan. I haven’t changed much, just a few small details. I have to go.” Moving her hand, she changed her smirk to a more peaceful grin. “Thank you, Okku. With you with us, I’ll feel more comfortable in our power.


“But, I have to warn you. If you do join us, there’s a high chance you will die. It may be a decision that you wait awhile to decide.” It wasn’t a lie; the Elefel gang was strong and dangerous. It wouldn’t be surprising if she died in her attempt for revenge.


But, it would be worth it. Take down as many of them as possible.


Okku nodded. “I’ll think about it. But you know I will, Riemisho. Anything for Juur.”


“Then I’ll add you in.” Riemi turned around, getting ready to leave. “That makes three, for sure. There may be a fourth, but he hasn’t confirmed anything. Hopefully, I’ll be able to come back over here soon, then I can explain all of the back-up plans I’ve made.”


“Back-up plans?” Taro questioned.


“I still have trouble sleeping at night. Figuring out how I’m going to defeat the people that caused that usually helps me go right back to sleep.” She waved, beginning to speed walk down the street. “See you two later!”


“Bye, Riemisho!”


Cradling her injured arm close to her chest, the girl made her way back to her apartment, a memory of her friends filling her brain.




Fifth grade. The second-to-last grade of elementary school. Three students all sat together on a bench, waiting for their younger friend to arrive.


A green-haired boy sat in the middle, his arms resting on the back of the wooden bench. A curly-haired brunette sat to his right, sketching in a notebook. And, lastly, a blonde with waist-long hair sat with her knees to her chest, staring off into space.


“Do you have any plans after school, Juur? Riemisho?” The mint-haired boy asked the two girls by his side. The blonde barely looked up, but the brunette looked over at him.

“Nope! Why, have something fun planned?” Juur’s voice was light, lively. Happy.


“Well, I know it’s Taro’s birthday soon, so I wanted to have a celebration for him. There’s a park nearby that would work. Think he’d enjoy it, Riemisho?” Okku addressed the blonde, who was still gazing at nothing. “Riemisho, you okay?”


“Huh?” She blinked a couple times, finally replying to her friend. “Oh, Taro’s birthday? He’d enjoy a party, but just don’t spend too much on it.”


Her voice was quiet, but scratchy. A clear sign that she didn’t speak much, usually only addressing her friends in short sentences or with nods. It would be another year before she’d get more talkative.


Juur pushed Okku back a little, to look at the solemn blonde. “Why are you so sad, Riemisho? You’ve been even sadder than normal, I won’t stand for it!”


“It’s September.” Riemisho dug her face into her knees, curling up into a ball. “I hate September.”


“Why?” Now the brunette was at her friend, leaning on Riemisho’s legs and putting her face way too close to her friend’s face. “It’s not too hot, it’s not freezing. The tree’s are starting to turn pretty colors, it’s dark more often. We don’t have any big tests! You should be happy, Riemisho!”


The blonde only shook her head, using one of her spider legs to push Juur a bit farther away. “You don’t get it, Juur. Just leave me alone.”


“Not ‘till you’re happy!” 


Riemisho sighed, slowly lifting her head up. “Because it happened in September. You know what ‘it’ is, right, Juur?”


Juur’s eyes widened. “Oh...I’m sorry, Riemisho! I forget things like that!” She went in for a hug, but stopped at the last second, deciding to go back to her seat on the bench.


The three were quiet for a second, before Okku spoke up again.


“Does Taro like pro heroes? I think I have something he’d enjoy in my closet.”




It was just a simple memory, an occurrence that happened often. Saeko would often forget things, Riemi had been a moody bitch. Okku did his best to bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Taro was late to everything. 


Better times. Well, no, actually I was really depressed back then. Different times.


The light was only just dimming as she reached her apartment, jogging up the steps to the hallway. Since it was still so early, a couple people were in the hallway, and there were many loud conversations going on in the actual homes.


Ignore the conversations, they’re just random people. I should talk to that girl from the Support Course, the one that got into the final round of the Festival. I’ve heard that she’s really smart, and good with all that techy shit. Maybe she can make a hearing-aid thing, so I can control what I hear. Add that to my quest log, brain.


Opening her door, she tried to hide her broken wrist behind her as she took off her shoes. “Hello~”


Yamada peered from the kitchen, panic in his eyes. “Run.” He whispered, before Aizawa appeared.


“So, what happened to your arm?” His tone was dark, and radiating fear.




“Uh...I...broke my wrist?” Riemi’s voice raised about five octaves, fearing for her life. “I messed up a landing, but it doesn’t hurt! Agitha said that I could just get it healed on Monday, when I get back to school. I’m fine!”


“If you were fine, your arm wouldn’t be wrapped up.”


And the lecture started.


It was all too familiar, and she ended up leaning against the wall, resisting the urge to roll her eyes and groan. 


The ‘I’m not letting you die just yet bitch, so I’m going to tell you every which way to not get hurt’ lecture lasted a good ten minutes. And through it all, she could feel the pity Yamada felt for her from the kitchen.


As the last words came from Aizawa, and he finally let her leave, she sarcastically thanked him and walked into the kitchen, stealing one of the vegetables that Yamada was cutting up.


“I was counting on you.” She whispered, popping the snack into her mouth.


“I’m sorry, Agitha texted him and Hitoshi confirmed it. There was nothing I could do.” His voice carried pure sympathy, so Riemi didn’t get angry at him.


“Fucking Shinso.” She hissed, leaning on the counter. “Need any help?”


“Wash up, put your hair up, and grab a knife, I’ll give you things to cut up. Still don’t trust you near the stove.”


Laughing a little, she ran off to the bathroom to grab a hair tie, tying her hair into a quick braid before washing her hands and returning.


Finding a clean knife from the knife block, she took Yamada’s spot at the cutting board and began to cut up the vegetables while he worked at the stove.


She hated cooking; absolutely despised it. She didn’t have an excuse; it was just stupid, and she was shit at it. But she enjoyed spending time with Yamada, so she suffered to spend time with him. And cutting stuff wasn’t too bad; she knew how to use a knife pretty well.


Oh, I’m going to be a terrible adult. 


She started with the mushrooms, since they were already halfway done. In thin cuts, like she was taught to. Even with her injured arm, she was quick and efficient.


As she continued to the carrots, the mushrooms were taken from her. She worked faster, as fast as she could with her arm. It was a real challenge, but it was fine.


“How are you cutting so fast?” Yamada asked, as she finished the carrots. “You’re wrist is broken !”


“I’m good with knives.” She flipped the utensil in her hand. “Anything else I can do?”


He shook his head. “I got the rest. Thanks, Mai.”


“You’re welcome!”


She wandered into the living room, picking up Sushi and sitting on the chair, petting the black cat with her knuckles since she was too lazy to cover her fingers back up.


Pretty cat, you’re so soft. So nice, such a good cat.


Her eyes caught Riceball in her peripheral.


You’re not Riceball McAsshole, you’re better. You don’t scratch me whenever I pick you up. You stay when I’m scared or panicking. Don’t follow Riceball’s path, it’s the path to the dark side, or whatever, I never watched that movie. That’s what Okku says, so I’ll take his word as truth.


Although, he did make me majorly fuck up that meme reference that one time. Shit, why do I still trust him? Oh, right, ‘cause he’s my friend. And he’s on my team now. Team Anti-Elefel. Me, Taro, Okku, and maybe Shin. A great team. Nice variety of hair colors, too. Green, white, purple, and blonde.


We should all meet up soon, get a good ground on what Okku’s school is teaching him, and make sure that Taro and Shinso can get into the UA Hero Course. Taro and I have the most experience, so we’ll end up leading the fight. But we’ll all have experience, so I’ll have to add in that factor. And add in any help we can get from whatever agencies we start working with. 


We should probably wait until Taro graduates. I don’t want him getting expelled in case something goes wrong. And if we do end up killing anyone, I’ll make sure that I have to do it. I have the least to lose.


Pulling Sushi closer to her, petting his head, she sighed and tried to make a plan, a least a plan to meet up and go over what everyone can do.


See, she never actually had a plan. Just the very fragments of one, ones usually made after a bad nightmare or a serious panic attack. Birthed on the rooftop of the apartment complex, while she tried to stay away from the edge so she didn’t think about falling.


To make her seem like a leader, she had filled up every hole in her plan with blabber as she explained her ‘plan’ to Taro and Shinso, so both had slightly different versions. Before they all met up, she’d have to actually make a plan so she didn’t end up killing any of her friends.


Because she couldn’t lose anyone else. Not Taro, not Okku, not Shinso. Not Aizawa, Yamada, Izuku, Katsuki, Kirishima, Ashido, Kaminari, Sero, Jiro, Ponytail. Pink Cheeks, Iida, Tsu, or even that bastard Todoroki. 


If she lost someone else, she wouldn’t be able to live with herself.


So she had to make a perfect plan, perfectly structure every second, make back-up after back-up. No one was allowed to die, everyone had to survive.


If anyone would die, it would be her. Taro and Okku could carry on her legacy. Everyone else would just forget. But she couldn’t forget anyone, so she wouldn’t allow herself to try.


Either everyone makes it out, or everyone but me. Either way, the Elefel gang will fall one day. And if it costs my life, then so be it. Taro knows what to do in case of my death; we figured that out as kids. 


But, for everyone, I’ll try not to get myself killed. Because even if they will forget, I don’t want them to feel hurt. 


Scratching under Sushi’s chin, Riemi tried to dream up a plan on how to conquer such a task. The only real, true plan could be made when they actually began the fight. But she could make and perfect a plan now , so they aren’t completely clueless.


Her fingers began to stick to the cat’s fur, and she knew that she was digging a hole that was only going to lead into a terrible panic attack and ruin the first night she would be able to spend with both of her father figures for a while, since both had work for awhile. Her fingers sticking when she felt only minor stress were a sign.


Okay, stop thinking. Focus on Sushi so you can calm down. Don’t ruin this night, or at least forget about it until you’re alone and can sneak up to the rooftop. See, Mai, you anxiety-filled monkey? Tiny little black panther is soft and cute. He’s purring. Protect this damn panther. He’s your child.


The stickiness on her right hand quickly disappeared, so the girl felt confidant to run her bare fingers in Sushi’s fur. They didn’t stick, thankfully. The cat just began to purr louder, making Riemi grin.


God, do I love this cat.


She was faintly aware of the click of a phone camera, and she flipped off Aizawa, since she knew that he was taking a picture. She knew.


“Watch yourself, kid.” 


And I was correct.


“Don’t take pictures, then. I’m pretty sure you and Yamada have gotten enough over the past few months.” She sent him a glare through her side eyes, making sure he had put away his phone before closing them.


“Eh, we just missed ya, kid.” Yamada piped in from the kitchen. “It was strange, having you gone for five days. Pretty sure the cats missed you, too.”


Riemi laughed. “Riceball didn’t.”


Yamada sighed softly. “That cat likes Shota and Hitoshi only. So, Sushi and Apple missed you.”


“That makes more sense.” The girl glared at the white cat, who was watching her, a judging aura surrounding the cat’s body.


Yeah, fuck you too, dumbass cat. I feed you, enjoy my company.


After a few more minutes of petting the cat, Yamada announced that dinner was finished, and the other two met up with him in the kitchen.


“Thanks, Yamada!” Riemi said cheerfully, filling a bowl to the brim with food.


Aizawa gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks, ‘Zashi.”


“Aw, you two are great to cook for. You’re both welcome.” Riemi heard him kiss Aizawa, but elected to ignore it. She didn’t mind, and if things went far enough, she’d just go into her room. It had been sound-proofed a little so she didn’t have to hear everything. And with that and her music, all was well and her guardians could do whatever they please. They were adults, and she was just intruding on their life.


She sat down at her spot, resting her cast on the table as she broke apart her chopsticks with two fingers and began to eat.


“So, how was your internship, Mai?” Aizawa asked, sitting in his spot.


“It was really fun.” She paused to take a bite. “Agitha’s really cool. She made an entire obstacle course for me to do, secret traps and everything. And we ran through a lot of simulations, and I was only about to complete about half of them. We did patrols, but during the middle of the night, so my sleep schedule all messed up. Oh, and we were supposed to do something in Tokyo, with two other pro-heroes and their interns, but the thing with Stain messed it up. Not that I’m complaining; I’m happy Stain’s gone.”


“Do you know anything about Stain?”


She paused, closing her eyes and trying to remember something.


“You don’t have to answer-” Yamada started, but she held up her hand.


“No, I don’t mind.” She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. “I’ve heard of him, sure. I don’t think he’s ever worked with the Elefel gang, but I believe he worked with another, a smaller one. It was one that I was actually cool with; I saved their leader, they promised to help protect the children that I lived with. But, even if it’s the same guy, I don’t know anything. Just his name in a passing conversation or two. May have met him, I don’t know.”


They were quiet for a second, before Yamada asked, “Wait, so, you saved a gang leader?”


“I didn’t mean to!” Her voice went up an octave. It was true, the woman who she had saved was kidnapped at the same time as her; and Riemi, being the polite eleven year old she was, saved her. “The leader was kidnapped with me, back when I was eleven. I helped her out. She’s cool, and it was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. There would be a lot more dead kids if I hadn’t spent the extra few minutes to get her out.”


She took a huge bite of her food, waiting for a reaction from the other two. It was silent for an entire minute, before she had to break it. “It’s...nothing huge. Not all gangs are bad. My group is considered a gang to some people. Most gangs were made for adults to make enough money for their children; I even considered joining one of the nicer ones when I was younger.”


“What do you consider a ‘bad’ gang, Mai?” Aizawa questioned, staring at her.


She sighed, playing with her chopsticks. “A good gang is a gang that commits petty crimes, and all of the money goes to caring for the children. Getting a job is hard when you don’t have a complete education; few did.


“A bad gang, however, is a gang that commits huge crimes, like unnecessary murder, mass robbery, kidnapping, and rape. A gang that does things only for themselves. That’s the bigger gangs, like Elefel. They’re loaded, but I’d never steal from them. It’s disgusting.”


Slight panic filled her again, flashbacks rapidly hitting her as she remembered. But she tried to ignore it, playing with her chopsticks.


“Everyone that lives on the streets commits crimes. I did it on a daily basis, if only to save myself from kidnappers. To normal people, we’re all criminals. But, at least to me, there’s some people who shouldn’t be blamed for it. It’s just life that’s fucked up.”


She continued eating, mentally cursing herself out for admitting that she, technically, was a criminal. They could easily get her arrested for everything, and all of the others in her group arrested.


They didn’t speak for awhile, settling in the awkward silence. Whenever she spoke about her past, it always disrupted the peace that usually settled around the small apartment. But, something inside her knew that it was the right thing to do. That they could help her better if she told them.


When she was about half-way done with eating, Aizawa spoke up. “Are these ‘good’ gangs more or less common than the bad ones?”


She shrugged. “It depends on where you are. Here, there’s more good ones, but they’re really small. Only about five or six people each. I believe that the north part of the country has more bad ones, and the south has more good ones. But, I don’t really know. I rarely left the area, unless I was going on a rescue mission.”


“And you know about all of these guys?”




The black haired man looked at his food. “People are saying that Stain was working with the League of Villains. That’s why there was those three Nomu’s, and a reporter thought they saw Shigaraki and Kurogiri on a water tower in Hosu. If you know anything, then I’ll have to tell someone, and you’ll probably have to answer some questions.”


“I don’t know much about the League of Villains. They aren’t a normal gang, and they’re new. I only remember Shigaraki; but, if I remember anything, I’ll tell you.”


An unsettling feeling filled her stomach, but she ignored it and continued eating. Talking about anything involving gangs made her feel sick. It even made her body ache. But she kept quiet about it.


“Well, when I first met you,” Yamada finally spoke up, a soft smile on his lips. “You said something about how the gang I took down wasn’t important. That the pros should focus on the Elefel gang. We can take them do-”


“No. They’re mine.” Her voice turned dark, and she glared at him. “Mine, and Taro’s. I want them taken down, but I want to do it. Even if I have to wait for Taro to graduate. They ruined our lives, so we’re going to ruin theirs together. Him, me, another friend, and whoever in my group can come. I’m sorry, but I’m not letting anyone take them down without me alongside them.”


“Revenge is a fool’s game, kid.” Aizawa told her, and her dark tone disappeared for her reply.


She nodded in agreement. “It is a fool’s game, if played like a fool. But I’m making a plan. I’m not underestimating them, I know better; and if I did, that’d mean that I could get Taro and myself killed. And he’s the closest thing I have to a brother, I’m not letting him die on my watch.”


She noticed that she had finished eating. When she did, she couldn’t remember. But she didn’t really want to continue the conversation, so she stood up and set her bowl in the sink. Leaving the adults to finish eating as she went to go hide in her room.


In her room, she did her normal calming thing of opening her window and hiding under her blankets, even though it was still bright outside.


With her head leaning against her window screen, she watched as the cars drove by, people walking down the sidewalks. If she listened closely, she could hear their conversations. Hear their footsteps as they walked down the street.


It was strangely soothing, like soft noise to help her fall asleep.


Okay, now I should be able to work on a plan.


The gang has four main leaders. Katashi, Elefel, Yuudai, and Osamu. They’re spread out around Japan, keeping to the shadows. 


Katashi sticks around here; he’s the one Taro and I are most familiar with. His torture invovles drugs and poisons that he makes with his quirk. He’s ruined parts of my quirk. So he’s the first one that’s going down.


Yuudai is farther south, and he’s more focused on physical torture. I’ve been taken by him too, and most of my scars come from him. He’s a good second.


Elefel is up north. He’s more prone to mental torture, since his quirk can put false memories into people’s heads. Luckily, I’ve been able to avoid him, mostly. Only kidnapped by him twice, I think.


And Osamu. God, Osamu...he has to be the worse. He works all around the country, and he’s a fucking rapist. I’ve been able to avoid him entirely, but I want to give that bastard a slow death. Maybe get some of the women to kill him. He’s not my kill.


She sighed, watching the birds fly around outside. Aizawa and Yamada were talking outside her room, but she was able to ignore them.


I wish I didn’t have to do this. I don’t want to fight them. I just want to live a happy life as a hero. But I want; no, need revenge. We all need revenge. 


Dropping her head into her arm, she groaned and tugged at her hair.


Make a plan, idiot! Something!


Her phone buzzed from her nightstand, and she lifted her head enough to look at it.


If it’s Shinso, I’m blocking him.


Pulling it over to her with a web, she read the contact name.


Kirishima? Good, not Shinso.


SharkBoi - u back from ur internship?


She smiled softly, unlocking her phone to reply.


Riemi - yep how was yours?


SharkBoi - it was awesome!!! Fourth kind is so manly!!!


Riemi - wait


Riemi - u were susposed to go to that think in tokyo to?


SharkBoi - wait were u going?






Riemi - damnit that would have been so much fun


SharkBoi - ya it would have


SharkBoi - me, u, and Testutestu


Riemi - he was with u?


SharkBoi - Yep


Riemi - congrats you made a friend


SharkBoi - :D i have


Riemi - i hope ur friendship is fun but i gtg


SharkBoi - see u on monday


Locking her phone, Riemi dropped it next to her and continued to stare out the window, a soft smile tugging on her face.


It seemed that whenever she was stressed, one of her friends could easily cheer her up. And it always worked, since most of her friends have such pure hearts.

Chapter Text

Sunday was a quiet day, just Riemi recovering from the stress of her internship. But Monday.


Oh Monday.


The day started peacefully. Tugging on her single glove while making sure her other glove was handy; she’d be getting her wrist healed during lunch. Making sure her uniform looked nice, that all of her injuries healed up nicely.


She met up with Kirishima and Ashido, all three of them obsessing over what they did during their internships. About their theories about what happened to Izuku when he sent his location on the third day.


“The news said that three students got caught up with the fight between Stain and Endeavor. That was probably Midoriya, but who could the other two be?” Kiri asked as they got closer to the school.


Riemi shrugged. “I have no clue. I would have gone if I could, but I was all the way in Yamaguchi and doing late night patrols. We’ll just have to see who’s injured when we get to class.”


“But won’t people assume that you were mixed up in it? Your wrist is all wrapped up.”


She held up her arm, looking at the mostly hidden cast. “Eh, I’ll just hope they believe it when I say I landed wrong. If they don’t, I’ll just insist. And I’ll probably figure out what happened in class; I’ll make sure to tell you two everything I learn.”


“YAY!” Ashido shouted, pulling Riemi into a hug. Riemi tensed up, since she didn’t like hugs. “You have to tell us everything , Riemi. Everything.


“Everything I learn, you’ll know.”


Unless I have to cover them, then I’ll lie. ‘Cause I love Izuku. Love like a brother. Like I love Taro and Katsuki.


At school, Riemi saw Shinso waiting for her in his normal spot. She glared over at him, still walking with Kiri and Ashido.


She watched him sigh, walking over to her and making her stop. “Hey Rem.”


“Oh, hey! It’s you!” Kiri shouted, pointing at Shinso. “You’re that person from General Studies 1-C! You went against Midoriya in the final round of the Festival, right?”


“Yep. The name’s Shinso.”


“Kirishima! I’m in Riemi’s class!”


Ashido jumped in between Kiri and Shin, bouncing on her toes. “Mina Ashido! You better be treating Riemi nice, Shinso!”


Riemi rolled her eyes, adjusting her grip on her bag strap. “I told you Ashido, we’re friends. But he is an asshole.”


“Rem, I didn’t have a choice-”


“I got lectured for ten minute, Shin! Again! Because I twisted my wrist just a bit to much and snapped it!” She wasn’t really angry, but loved arguing with her friend. “You’re supposed to help me!”


He sighed again, gently grabbing one of her legs and began pulling her away. “It was nice to meet you, Kirishima, Ashido. But I’m taking Rem.”


“Okay! See ya, Riemi!” Ashido shouted, walking with Kiri inside.


“No. I’m still angry.” Riemi grumbled, pulling her leg away from him. She still followed him to the tree, trying to seem as pissed off as possible.


“You’re annoying, ya know that?”


“You know what else is annoying? Getting lectured about ‘not getting hurt’ and ‘recovering from your injures imedietly so you don’t fuck up your body anymore than it already is’ for what seems liked the hundredth time. You could have saved me!”


He looked down at the grass, rolling his eyes. “Fine. I’m sorry, Rem. But it seems like you should be paying more attention to the lecture if you’re getting it often.”


“I can’t help it if people like to surprise attack me! It just happens!”


Oh fuck. I wasn’t supposed to say that! SHIT!


She covered her mouth, trying to take back the words she had said. Shinso noticed what she had said, and looked back up at her.


“What do you mean, people like to surprise attack you?” He asked, a bit forceful. “People have been attacking you? How long? Does Shota know?”


“Uh…” She waved her hand in the air, trying to brush it off. “Don’t...don’t worry. They’re no one bad; just a bunch of idiots who think I’m still on the market for kidnapping. It happens, and no, Shota doesn’t know. He doesn’t need to know, it’s fine.”


He grabbed her wrist, making her freeze. “Rem, that’s important. Kidnapping? Wh...why would you think that’s nothing big?”


“Because it’s normal!” She tried to keep her voice quiet, since she saw Iida, Pink Cheeks, and Izuku walking towards the school. “It’s fine, they aren’t anything I’m not used to. I’ve been able to avoid being kidnapped since I was thirteen; I don’t plan on letting that streak let up.”


“Rem, you’re going to get yourself killed. Tell Shota .”


“Why should I?” Now she raised her voice, pushing his hand off of hers. “If I feel like him and Hizashi are in any danger, I’ll leave the apartment. This is my life. It’s been my life since I was eight. I won’t get killed, I won’t get kidnapped. They don’t need to know; it’s just more stress that I’m stacking on them.”


Shinso grabbed her shoulders, not letting her move. “I don’t care if it’s your life. It was your life. Not anymore. I don’t want you getting hurt, Rem. Neither does Shota or Hizashi. And I’m pretty sure your friends in your class would be upset. It could happen any day, you could slip up or something. Then what do you do?”


“Escape. Simple as that.”


“And if you don’t?”


“I will.” She was able to escape from him for a final time, making sure to stay away so she didn’t get caught again. “I can get out. Or someone in my group will help me out. I’ve been through the process, I know what to do. I promise. There’s no need to worry.


“Now come on. We have to get to class.”


Speed walking inside, she left her friend behind to drop off her things. She greeted Izuku, who was still putting his stuff away.


“Morning, Izuku!” She said cheerfully, put a smile back on her face.


“Hey Mai-Chan.” He waved at her, and she saw the bandages on his arm.


“Oh, so you’re calling me ‘Mai-Chan’ again, Izu?” Riemi grinned at him, watching his face go red.


“I’m sorry, Riemi! I-I just figured that, since you call me Izuku and call Kacchan Katsuki, that I can call you Mai-Chan. I was talking to my mom over the weekend, and she helped me remember some of the things we did as kids. So I thought about calling you by your first name again.”


She stopped his muttering. “Eh, it’s fine Izu. Call me whatever you’d like.”


He nodded. “Okay. I’ll work on it.” He shut his locker, putting his backpack back on. “Hey, was Shinso bothering you outside? You two were arguing a lot.”


“Nah, nothing big. Just playful bickering.” She waved him off, pulling her own bag back on and walking with her friend to the stairs. “You got pretty hurt in that thing with Stain, didn’t ya?”


He looked at his arm. “Ya, I guess so. It was pretty scary.”


“Who was with you? I didn’t hear about the other students; I only caught the later reports of the aftermath.”


“Oh, Todoroki and Iida!” Izuku grinned, and she had to avert her eyes from the brightness. “They’re really strong! We would have probably died if not for them!”


She chuckled. “So you fought. That’s not what the reports said.”


“AH! Oh, no! N-No we didn’t!”


“Dude, I get it. The public isn’t supposed to know.” She patted his shoulder. “Good job out there. I would have come if I hadn’t been in Yamaguchi. You’re getting stronger. A long way from the little kid that I was friends with all those years ago.”


Izuku blinked up at her. “Y-you can’t tell anyone!”


“Ya, I know.”


He looked at her left hand. “What happened to you, Rie- Mai-Chan?”


“Oh, I just messed up a landing. Recovery Girl is going to fix it during lunch, so I can do hero stuff.”


They had reached their class, Riemi pushing the door open into the chaos of their classroom.


“I’m going to go talk to Todoroki and Iida. See ya later, Mai-Chan!” He waved to her, going to the back of the class where the other two were.


Riemi scanned her classroom. Some of the girls were talking to each other. Katsuki had his a strange way.




“Oi, Katsuki!” She shouted, catching his attention. “What the hell is with your hair?”




Sero and Kirishima were laughing like crazy, and it pissed off Katsuki enough to make his hair pop back up into its normal spikes. She giggled and took her seat, greeting a couple other people and answering the questions about her arm.


She then noticed that everyone was slowly gathering around Todoroki’s desk, where him, Iida, and Izuku were. She turned her seat around, looking at her friends as everyone move closer and talked about the fight with Stain.


The cover story was that Endeavor came and saved them, and that they just got caught up in the fight. But it’s pretty obvious that they fought Stain themselves. Their injuries are mostly healed, but Izuku still has those bandages. Iida, too. And I doubt any of them would let a hero saved them. I mean, Todoroki. He’s an asshole. He’d throw hands at a hero before admitting that he needs to be saved by one.


And I heard about what happened to Iida’s older brother. That was probably a revenge fight. A stupid one. You need to plan things like that.


Oh, wait. I want to have a revenge fight and can’t make a plan. Well, I’m still calling Iida an idiot.


She turned back around, since she couldn’t really see anything. Dropping her head into her desk, she analyzed her cast for the tenth time.


No, Mai, admit it to yourself. You’re an idiot. Letting that thing slip to Shinso. Of course he’s going to fucking worry. He’s a caring person! And now he’s going to tell Shota and Hizashi. And they’re going to get angry that I didn’t tell them. And they’re probably going to kick me out. I’m only a danger to them, I get it.


Well, the group will always take me back. I’ll be able to help train Taro better if I’m with him. And they can always use my help. 


Get packing, Mai. It’ll be soon enough.


Iida began shouting for everyone to take their seats. Riemi lifted her head, brushing her hair back so she could see everything.


As Aizawa walked into the classroom, a thought filled her head.


You’re going to be so disappointed in me when you find out, huh, Shota?




Class went by like normal. She got her arm healed, sat with Kirishima and those guys during lunch, got first place in the race during training.


She was impressed by Izuku’s growth over the week. He was able to use his quirk to move across the area quickly. Riemi could probably go faster than him, but he was still improving.


All Might is probably proud of him. He’s getting One for All under control. And his movements almost mirror Katsuki’s. Izuku’s really got to find his own way of fighting, but for now, he’s getting stronger, and that’s what matters.


As she was on her way to the train station, she was stopped by a single word.




Her feet stopped, and her hands began to shake, even though he hadn’t said anything other than her name. His nickname for her name.  


“What?” She kept her voice quiet, trying to hide the slight fear in her tone. She couldn’t get their conversation from the morning out of her head. 


I’m going to lose everything. They’re going to be so angry. But I’ll have Taro back in my life more, so that’s a good thing.


“I’m not telling them what you told me.”


Riemi’s eyes widened, and she turned around to face him. “Why aren’t you? You have every reason to tell them.”


Shinso walked over to her, making her walk beside him as they left school grounds. “I...thought about it, during lunch. And I trust you. If you say that you aren’t going to let yourself get kidnapped, then fine. I’ll believe you. But you have to promise to make sure that you don’t lead anyone to Shota and Hizashi.”


“You know I wouldn’t do something like that.” She messed with her gloves a bit, tugging at the ends of them. “I swear.”


“And promise that, if something does happen, you’ll survive. I still have to kick your ass.”


Riemi let out a coarse laugh. “What happens if you do kick my ass?”


“We’ll never know.”


“Always complaining that I’m always doubting myself, and then you say shit like that.” She let her voice grow quiet again. “With Shota’s capture weapon, you’ll improve greatly.”


He pulled her off the sidewalk a little, to get away from everyone else. “If it means that you aren’t going anywhere, then I’ll live with it.”


“Oi, you feeling okay, Shin?” She asked, leaning against a tree. “You’re acting weird. I know that what I told you is disturbing, but when I usually tell you deep shit, you don’t act like that.”


He sighed, rubbing his face. “I just...don’t want you to get hurt, Rem. Everything you’ve told me, it’s worried me. And now, there’s people trying to kidnap you? And they do it often?”


“I’m sorry.” She whispered, looking at the ground. “Truly. I can’t keep things to myself. The only people I’ve ever been close to knew everything, and I could confess anything. I’m sorry if I’m worrying you. I’ll...I’ll stop.”


“That’s not what I mean!” He groaned, moving towards her and grabbing her shoulders, like he had that morning. “Rem- Riemi. You can tell me anything. Anything you want. I just want to make sure that you can live long enough to be a hero, so we can be heroes together. So you can complete that goal of yours. But I will worry, that’s going to happen.”


Her eyes began to grow wet, and she stared at his arm. “Really?”


“Yes. And I won’t tell Shota or Hizashi anything. I can promise you that. I’ll help you with whatever I can, Rem.” His grip relaxed, and he pulled her in for a hug.


She pushed away from him, wiping her eyes. “I have to catch my train. Sorry. Bye!” 


Giving him a quick wave, she ran off down the street, forcing a smile to come back on her face as she met up with Kirishima and Ashido at the station.


“Riemi! You were almost late- WHY WERE YOU CRYING?!” Ashido screeched, shaking her by the shoulders as soon as they met.


Riemi carefully pushed her hands off, keeping the smile on her face. “Don’t worry about it, Ashido. It was nothing.”


“It WaS hIm I kNoW iT wAs!” The alien girl growled, looking over at Kirishima. “C’mon, Kiri! We’re kicking that guy’s ass!”


“It wasn’t him, Ashido!” Riemi looked at Kirishima herself. “Please make her stop, Kiri. I don’t want him to die.”


Kiri grabbed Ashido’s arm, but he had concern etched on his face. “Were you crying, Riemi?”


“That’s not an issue. The issue is that Ashido’s trying to kill my friend. Let’s go, our train’s here.”


Leading her friends to their train, they scanned their ID’s and took their seats. Ashido still looked pissed off, but wasn’t trying to escape anymore. She was grumbling under her breath about how she was going to kick Shinso’s ass.


Riemi was actually sitting on a seat for once, leaning forward while fidgeting with her gloves.


“‘Cause I care about you, and wanna have some fun.”


“I can always stand you, Rem.”


Does he, though? Does he really? It always seems like our hangouts end up with me confessing another dark part of my past. And here at school. All I want is a nice, easy-going friendship with him. I don’t want another person worrying about my every move, like Okku. 


Maybe if he talked about his own insecurities, I’d feel more comfortable talking to him. But noO, it’s always centered around me. And I hate that. I can help people with their problems too! I’ve talked people out of suicide attempts! I’m not a fucking snowflake!


“Riemi, are you okay?” Kiri asked again, breaking her out of her thoughts. “You can talk to us, if you need to.”


She shook her head. “Thanks for offering, Kiri, but I’m fine.”


No more pushing your problems onto other people. Be like All Might, and smile!


A small smile appeared on her face, one that she knew would look strained.


Be a hero, Mai. Help others, not just yourself.




A few weeks had passed, and they were pretty uneventful. Just preparing for the exams that were to come.


Riemi and Shinso were back to their normal friendship after a couple days, mostly ignoring what had been said that Monday. She kept her promise to herself; not pushing her problems onto him anymore. 


She had managed to pry all of the events from Hosu out of Izuku, so know she had a good idea on what happened. And, from some of the mutterings she had picked up from him, she discovered that he could use about five percent of All Might’s power.


He still doesn’t know that I know about his quirk. I haven’t been able to talk to him in a secure place yet. And Katsuki still doesn’t know, so we can’t work together. ERGH, I just wanna talk about it! It’s so fucking cool!


So, ya. Few weeks later -


The final exams were coming up, and Riemi was only 52% prepared. She had ranked 9th place in the midterms, but hadn’t had much time for studying since she was always training with Shinso, and occasionally helping out Taro.


The exams were more important this time, though. Anyone who failed wasn’t going to the training camp, and the training camp sounded kinda fun. Well, not really, but it would be a good time to hang out with everyone. So Riemi knew she had to pick up her study game for the next few days. 


Ponytail, who had ranked first in the midterms, had offered to help anyone who thought they were going to struggle. Riemi considered it, but figured that her friend have enough on her plate without her.


She was going to study with Katsuki, since she wasn’t completely confident that he wouldn’t kill Kirishima, who was also working with them. 


Shinso was her only other option, and he had ranked 5th in his class. But Katsuki ranked 3rd in hers, and she rarely spent time with him. 


And for Kirishima’s sake, she took it upon herself to keep her cousin in line.


Apparently, the physical exam would be like the entrance exam. Just fighting the robots. Of course, it was second-hand information from someone in Class 1-B, so Riemi wouldn’t rely to heavily on it. 


I hate those damn robot things. I can only really break their sensors to take them down. Only other way would be a venom attack, but that would probably kill me. Maybe I could tear off a limb or two, but that also puts my body at risk.


Once class was over, as Riemi was packing her things, Katsuki decided to declare war on Izuku and Todoroki once again.  


She wanted to confront him about it on their first day of studying, when she met him and Kiri at a cafe near his apartment, but never had the chance.


The cafe was a new place, and Riemi actually had cash this time, so she could get good stuff without worrying about owing someone something.


Kirishima was there first, dressed in a white and orange t-shirt and jeans. “Yo, Riemi! I guess we both beat Bakugo!”


Riemi waved to him, happy that her casual blue long sleeved shirt and jeans wouldn’t be out of place. “Weird, since he lives so close to this place. You prepared?”


“Always!” He grinned, gesturing to his backpack. “I’m surprised you decided to come. Don’t you usually study alone? You only came to those few study groups, when we had a lot of people.”


“Honestly, I hate studying with people. But I don’t trust Katsuki to not kill you, so I decided to keep him in check.”


And so I can confirm my suspicion that Katsu likes you, Kiri. Those are the only reasons I’m subjecting myself to this.


“What are you two standing around for?” The blond had arrived, grumbling as he walked towards the door. “Come on, let’s get this over with.”


Katsu seemed a little too dressed for just a study group. Nice jacket, nice shirt, good quality jeans. But he always had a nice sense of style.


The other two followed him inside, finding an empty booth. Riemi sat next to Katsuki, while Kiri sat across from them.


Kirishima pulled out one of his notebooks, his math one. Riemi copied him, reading over her messy scribbles, off-hand comments, and small doodles on her paper.


“What the hell do you need help with, Shitty Hair?” Katsuki asked roughly, pulling out his own notebook.


“This formula. It’s been confusing me for awhile…”


A waitress came by as Katsu began to explain it, using minimal violent acts against their red haired friend. Riemi used one of her legs to hold him back as she ordered for the three of them, just guessing what they would want.


“Are you sure about that, miss?” The woman asked, glancing at two boys.


“Eh, I know what the red haired guy likes. And that idiot-” she pointed to Katsuki. “-can suffer with whatever I deem worthy. I’m just here to make sure no one dies.”


Waitress Lady shrugged. “Alright, then. I’ll be back soon.”


Riemi scanned over her own notes, listening to what Katsuki was shouting while plugging her ears. She had already felt her hearing get overwhelmed, like they did when Yamada used his quirk for a long time. 


How the fuck does Katsuki match Hizashi’s level of noise?


Sighing, she risked the hearing in her left ear to write something down, thanking the gods for her ability to write with both hands. 


When Katsuki finally stopped shouting, she moved her leg back behind her and unplugged her other ear, glaring over at him.


“You could stand to be a bit quieter, asshole.” She said, ignoring the fact that she could no longer hear his heartbeat like she usually could. “The entire city doesn’t need to know about the quadratic formula right now.”


“Why do you care?!”


“Because I like hearing , Katsuki. I have enhanced hearing, remember? It gets overstimulated easily.”


He scoffed, and the waitress returned with their drinks. Kiri got green tea, Katsu got Cola (which she knew he liked; she, unlike him, isn’t an asshole), and Riemi got peach tea. Riemi thanked her and continued to look over her notes, taking a sip of her drink. 


She flicked the air next to her ear, checking the level of sound that she was able to hear.


Decent amount. Should be back to normal in a few minutes. 


“Dude, is your hearing okay?” Kirishima asked, catching her attention. “That might cause damage.”


“No, it won’t. My hearing can get overstimulated, and I can become deaf for up to an hour, but it won’t get damaged. It’s fixing itself right now.”


I doubt even Katsuki’s shouting could make me lose all hearing. Only Hizashi can do that…




It was after Riemi had been living at the apartment for a few months when she learned about Hizashi’s fear of insects.


The night was just beginning, on that disastrous day. She was popping some popcorn so she could watch a movie, while Yamada washed some of the dishes that couldn’t be put through the dishwasher. She was assisting him a little, since it took a bir for her snack to be ready.


She was drying off one of the pans, when suddenly, Yamada’s calm voice became a loud screech, one making her drop the pan onto the counter and cover her ears in pain.


The only thing she could hear was loud ringing, and she knew that her hearing had done a complete reset; leaving her deaf.


Glancing back over at the blond, she saw that there was just a small spider on the window sill. Rolling her eyes, she walked over to it and picked it up, opening the window to let it free.


Aizawa told me that Yamada didn’t like bugs, but I didn’t know this would happen. The girl thought, looking back at the man.


He seemed to be talking, but she couldn’t hear him. 


“I can’t hear you. ” She tried to say, without being able to hear her own words. 


It must have worked, since he immediately stopped talking. His head tilted, so the girl looked for a sheet of paper to explain it on.


Scribbling down some words, she showed him the words.


My hearing’s sensitive, and your scream over-stimuatled (I can’t spell it) my ears. It’s fine, my hearing will come back. I don’t know when, though.


He nodded, but his facial expressions made Riemi think that he was worried. But still, he took the paper and pencil from her to write a reply.


Do you know JSL?


She shook her head, flicking the air besides her ear to make sure that she couldn’t hear anything. In her peripheral, she saw the door open. It was Aizawa coming back, with the groceries he had left to buy.


He said something, probably a greeting. Yamada walked over to him, talking rapidly. Riemi didn’t know how to read lips, so she was just stuck not knowing anything. Which, for her, was uncomfortable. 


Turning back to the microwave, she pulled out her finished popcorn and grabbed the sheet of paper.


Aizawa walked over to her, tapping her shoulder and showing her what he had written on his phone.


‘It was zashi, wasnt it?’


She nodded, pointing to her ear. “ I won’t be able to hear anything for awhile. ” She wasn’t sure if she had said the right things, but the words felt right.


The dark haired man nodded, typing something new on his phone. ‘Is this normal? Take my phone and reply im not sure you know what youre saying’


Laughing to herself, she took the phone and quickly typed a reply. ‘My hearing will be gone for a bit i don’t know when it’ll be back. And yes, it’s normal when im around loud noises. Guess i forgot to tell you’


‘Its fine just tell me when its back. Do you know if it damages your hearing?’


‘It doesn’t.’


He only nodded that time, and Riemi noticed that Yamada was rambling. Aizawa began to talk, which calmed the other down, but he still seemed upset.


Shrugging, she opened her popcorn and popped a few kernels into her mouth, falling onto the couch and curling up next to one of the armrests. 


Her hearing was gone for an hour, which was a new record. When it finally started to come back, Aizawa had to use his quirk to stop Yamada from shouting apologies to her.


When it was finally fully back, she insisted to Yamada that it was fine. That her hearing was going to be fine.


And it happened many times after that. Many, many times. 


--Flashback End--


The study session lasted for about three hours, with Riemi the one that was subjected to ask for more drinks every once in awhile. It was terrible, and she regretted every second that she was there.


But, since she wasn’t miraculously killed during that time, it eventually ended. They paid their for their drinks and left, walking together for a bit.


“I should probably call my foster dad, but he might still be at work…” Riemi looked at her phone, playing with the strap of her bag. Aizawa was probably sleeping, and Yamada was working at his radio show. And the train wouldn’t be there for awhile.


“Sensei does work at night, dumbass.” Katsuki told her, and Riemi facepalmed.


“What? Sensei? Aizawa sensei?” Kiri asked, confused. “Wait, he’s your foster dad?”


The girl reached out to slap her cousin. “That’s private info, Katsu. No one’s supposed to know. And how the hell do you think you know his schedule better than me?”


“Wait, he is? ” 


“Yes, Kirishima. Aizawa’s my foster dad.” She rolled her eyes, sighing. “Keep quiet about it. I don’t mind if people know, but they mind.”


Kiri stopped walking. “ They? Sensei’s married?


Aw fuck, I’m going to get grounded.


“He’s married to Mic, Shitty Hair. It’s fuckin’ obvious.” Katsu looked back at him. “Come on, you’re coming to my house, aren’t ya?”


Riemi sighed again. “Gay marriage isn’t legal here, Katsuki. They’re dating. And no, Aizawa can’t pick me up. He’s asleep.”


The look in Kiri’s eyes were filled with betrayal. “How come you told Bakugo and not me?”


“Katsu figured it out. I’m not supposed to tell anyone.”


She looked back down at her phone. “Aw, shit. Guess I could go bother Izuku for awhile…”


“Midoriya lives around here?”


Katsuki groaned. “Why did you have to tell him that, Mai?”


“I don’t know, why did you have to tell him that I live with Aizawa?”


The shark toothed boy whined. “How many secrets do you two have? It’s not fair!”


“Be more observant, Kirishima.” Both blondes said in unison, in the same flat tone, with identical expressions. 


Both slowly looked at each other, anger filling the atmosphere.






They began screaming at each other, loudly and filled with curses. All was fine; they did that often. But it got serious when Riemi’s legs began to raise and explosions formed on Katsuki’s hands.


“Okay, calm down you two!” Kiri pulled Katsuki away from the girl, using his quirk so he didn’t get hurt. “Stop arguing!”


“She started it!” The explosive dandelion shouted, trying to break free of Kirishima’s hug of restraint. “Let me at her!”


Riemi sent a web at his mouth, one from her cheek. “Ya, shut up. You started it.” She pulled the web back into her body, sighing and turning away. “I should get going. Kiri, I’ll text you Midoriya’s apartment number later. Have fun, you two!”


“See ya, Riemi!”


Strolling down the streets, she tried to think of a place where she could wait for the train. She wasn’t in the city she lived in, so she couldn’t exactly walk home. And the group wasn’t focused in this city. There were people she knew and trusted, but not really friends.


Aizawa may be awake by now, but she didn’t want to risk it. And Yamada’s show wouldn’t end for another hour and a half. She’d be home by then with the next train.


Well, I could just wait at the station and listen to Yamada’s show. Stare off into space for awhile. Just like waiting in Skyrim, that American game that Saeko got me to play. Just sitting down and spacing out. Make sure my hearing’s fixed by now.


Spinning on her heal, she directed her course back to the train station, digging out her earbuds and putting one in her ear, streaming Yamada’s radio show in her ear as she kept an eye out for anyone who could hurt her.


Since I promised Shin that I wouldn’t get killed before we graduate, I should keep a better eye out for my safety. So I have to change my take on self-preservation. Which means I should start actually caring whether I die or not. So I should also change my fighting style, it’s pretty reckless. And never tell him about the whole venom attack, he’d flip. 


What could help me watch my own ass for once? Stop climbing every abandoned building I see? Don’t jump into every fight? Not think about these things while walking down a street where anyone could attack me? This is going to be tough. It’s going to affect most of my life. But I care about Shinso, so I should at least try.


On the radio, Yamada began to answer some of his fan’s questions. Riemi smiled softly, knowing that she had anonymously added questions, stupid and extremely specific ones to get a smile out of the listeners. She didn’t listen to the show all of the time, so she didn’t know if any of her questions had been answered. But she really hoped so. 


“Next question~ from an anonymous fan, ‘What is the strangest thing you’ve done on a Friday morning during the month of March?’”


Ah, yes. One of my questions.


“Well, listener, I can barely remember what I did this morning! So I can’t really answer that question.”


Dang it. That was such a great question, too. 


“Next one!”


She was at the station now, glancing at a clock to see how much longer she had to wait. It was now about a half hour before the next train, so she found a decent place to sit and relax.


It was nearly empty at the station, just a couple people who were on their phones. That would change as the time grew nearer, since it was so far into the afternoon.


Pulling her legs up onto her seat, she tried to relieve some of her stress as she focused on the radio, it soothing her a little as she anxiously waited for the next train.




Exams came and went, and Riemi figured that she did better than she expected. During the three days of torture, she only had one mild panic attack, and it didn’t interupt anyone.


The practical exam, on the other hand, was actually really fun.


Because the students of Class 1-A got to kick the teacher’s asses.


While she wanted to be paired with Shota or Hizashi, she knew it wasn’t going to happen. She trained with both of them, so that would be an unfair advantage for her and whoever her teammate would be.


Instead, she was paired up with Sero, and went head-to-head against Nemuri.


The two students found a nice spot to strategize, both dangling from the ceiling using their quirks to keep them up.


“You’re good at physical combat, Riemi. Do you think we could take on Midnight?”


Riemi shook her head. “I mean, if I tried, I probably could. If I could hard-wire my head to think that she’d trying to kill me. But if I try that, then I could hurt you too, and I may not be able to trust Nemuri again. That’s just how my head works.”


Sero nodded. “Okay. So we should run away?”


“That’s our best bet. Just fly over her and run. Try not to breathe, limit your movements so you don’t have to take it more breaths. If one of us falls, then the other has to keep going. Got it?”


The black haired kid grinned. “Got it! We’ll use that!”


They continued to talk, light conversation about random things while the results of the exams came in.


“Why do you think they teamed us up, Riemi?” The boy asked, as the announcement that Ponytail and Todoroki came in. “And with Midnight sensei?”


RIemi shrugged, pulling herself up for a second to let blood rush out of her head. “Well, my fighting skills are great. Not to flex, but I’d say I’m one of the most experienced in the class. And I’ve worked personally with Aizawa and Yamada, so they’re out of the picture. Most of the other teachers’ quirks work in my favor, too. Midnight seems like the only one who would be a challenge, since she had subdue me.


“And we were teamed up since we’re friends, and probably since your quirk is similar to part of mine. So I’d guess that the area we’re going in won’t be good for swinging around.”


“You are pretty strong. I bet you could even beat Bakugo, if you were in an arena that works for all parts of your quirks!” Sero grinned, and the next results were announced. “Have you ever beaten Aizawa Sensei or Mic Sensei in a fight?”


Riemi matched his smile. “Usually, I train with Aizawa. He can only disable the web part and the hearing part of my quirk, so while movement is hard, I can still use my legs. I’ve beaten him a couple times. Oh, I can show you a trick on how to escape his capture weapon.”


“Dude, that’s be badass! You have to tell me!”


They decided to finally going to the area that they would be waiting at, despite it only being Jiro and Koda’s turn. After that round, there was one more before theirs.


Cheerfully chatting, they waited for the announcements to declare the winner of the next battles so that they could do theirs. 


The entrance to the area opened, and they walked in. Riemi opened her belt to make sure that all of her things were inside, and that her now-present knife was available. 


Team Riemisho and Sero; Practical Exam. Ready? Go!


“Nemuri is probably going to meet us here; let’s go.” Riemi whispered, scanning the rocky terrain.


Weird, this still works with our quirks. 


Together, they leaped through the air, shooting webs and tape to fly through the air. Riemi kept an eye out for any pink smoke, only occasionally looking for the exit.


“It’s over there!” Sero shouted, pointing to the exit. They changed their direction, when Riemi saw the pink smoke raise into the air.


She grabbed her friend’s back and jumped away, letting go and hoping he got the message as she landed with a roll.


Riemi glanced over at him, and saw Sero passed out on the ground and Midnight approaching her.


“Fuck.” She muttered, pulling Sero to her and carrying him in her arms. Leaping away, she escaped from the pink smoke and tried to make a plan.


Sero weighs more than Taro, so I won’t be able to do the same acrobatics with his added weight. And Midnight is guarding the exit pretty well, she knows me all too well. Shota must have told her some things; that’s why she went after Sero before me. She knows that I’ll be easy to take down with him. Really, only I have to escape. But in case Sero wakes up, I have to keep him with me.


Finding a large rock to perch on, she moved Sero so he rested on the top of her legs. Crouching down, she kept an eye on Midnight as the teacher watched from afar.


Looking at her hand, she sighed.


No, I should leave him here. And I still have one trick up my sleeve, an ace that I really don’t need to use. A venom attack.


Okay. Launch myself towards the entrance. You can hold your breath for long enough to get there. Just get high enough to evade the attack, and use a few drops of venom. It’ll hurt like hell, but I kinda wanna see if I can still use it. Just don’t hit her, or else she could get really hurt.


Setting down her friend, she smacked him a little. “Dumbass. I’ll win this for both of us.” Standing up, she locked eyes with Nemuri.


“You got information on me from Aizawa, right?” She shouted, kneeling back down so she could jump. “Well, even he doesn’t know everything about me! I still have a couple tricks!”


Leaping up, she shot a tight web at the gate and swung down, sewing her mouth and nose shut with webs. With her left hand, she held onto the web.


With her right, she squeezed out a couple drops of the green colored poison, her organs burning inside her as they surrounded the teacher. The liquid burned quickly through the rock, confusing Nemuri long enough for Riemi to land a kick on her chest and start running, removing the webs so she could breathe as she hit the exit.


Team Riemisho and Sero pass the exam.”


Relieved, Riemi tumbled to the ground, holding her stomach in pain.


Fuckfuckfuck owie owie that hurts. Stupid, dumbass Mai! Why did you show off? You could have tested this with Taro! Or with someone who could help you immediately ya dumb fuck.


She realized that Nemuri was standing above her, looking down at her with concern.


“Are you okay, Riemi?” She said softly, bending down to gently grab her arm. “What happened?”


Riemi pulled herself to her feet, shaking heavily as her body ached. “Just...wanted to see...if something...worked. It’s an...attack...that I can do.”


Hugging her stomach, she slowly began to walk back to the building. 


“Shota didn’t tell me about anything like that. You burned through the ground like it was nothing! What kind of attack was it?”


“Venom.” She let in a sharp breath, whimpering a little. “I be use it often. But my...body has been...ruined too much. Figured I could...see if it...had...healed.”


Midnight helped keep her up as some androids went to grab Sero. “Those guys really did a number on you, didn’t they?”


Riemi let out a hoarse laugh. “This is...nothing. I’d rather entire quirk...than face the...things they made me experience.”


She pushed away from the teacher, walking on her own. “I’ fine. Make sure...Sero’s good.”


“You sure? You know where Recovery Girl’s office is, right?”


The girl nodded, slowly making her way back to the main building while focusing on taking her hair down, getting her mind off of the pain. 


Come on, you’ve been through worse. The office is close, and you’ll probably run into someone on the way. Focus on walking, focus on seeing. All your senses besides feel. Because owie does it hurt!


Nearly tripping when she pushed open the door, Riemi ran into Kaminari and Kirishima, who immediately went from looking excited to scared.


They tried to help her walk, but she brushed them off, feeling the ache lessen slightly. 


“What happened?” 


She began to slowly walk down the hallway, her friends close to her sides. “Just...using my a really stupid way. Nothing bad.” She took another sharp breath, one hand going to her hair to tug on it. “I just need...painkillers.”


Kiri lifted her up, ignoring her squirming. He began to jog down the hallway, finding the nurse’s office.


“You and Bakugo share a lot of traits, y’know?” He said softly, smiling down at her for a second. “Stubborn, prideful, strong. Both of you refuse most help. It’s almost shocking that you spent so much time away from each other. Guess it was fated that you’d be together again, huh?”


Riemi grinned, still in immense pain that was slowly dulling. “You have...such an obvious...crush on him, Kiri. Fallin’ for me...too?”


His face went red, but he laughed it off. “Mind if you keep quiet about it?”


“Sure. I’ll...give you two some time to...get together. But…I may take...the reins if you two...are too dense.”


“Kaminari, you can go back to the observation room. Watch Bakugo and Midoriyas’ fight. I’ll make sure Riemi’s okay.”


Riemi couldn’t see her other friend, but heard him reply and walk off. The girl rolled her eyes.


“I can the office by...myself, Kiri.”


“You probably can. But I wouldn’t be manly of me if I didn’t help you.” His movements slowed down, until he had stopped in front of the door. “We’re at the office, I’ll leave once I set you down.”


“Tell me what...happens with Katsu...and Izu’s fight...kay?”


“Sure.” He set her down, mostly. Still had her leaning against him. Opening the door, he called out for Recovery Girl. “Hey, Recovery Girl? I think Riemi needs painkillers.”


Kiri helped her sit down, as she was still hugging her stomach. Recovery Girl sighed, walking over to the injured girl.


“Do you know how strong of medication you need, sweetie?” The nurse said softly, but Riemi shook her head.


“Something...strong? It’s like a...bad period cramp...but in my stomach.”


Recovery Girl went to the cabinet, coming back with two medium-sized pills and a water bottle. “Take these, and you’re staying here until you tell me about this. You need to be open about these things, Riemisho. It’s dangerous if we aren’t prepared, especially since your body has been affected by so many things.”


Riemi nodded, taking the medication and chugging the entire bottle. “Thanks. Give me a minute.”


“I’m going to watch the final round. See ya later, Riemi.” Kiri waved to her, and she waved back, giving him a small smile until he was gone. As the door clicked shut, she went back to hugging her stomach, wincing in pain and biting back a whine.


“I fucked up again, Recovery Girl.” She whimpered, squeezing her eyes shut. “I used an attack that I know I can’t use anymore, and now my body hurts!”


The nurse smacked her knee. “Yes, you did mess up. Don’t do that again. I’ll have to tell Aizawa and Yamada about this, and probably run a test to see if it did any serious damage.”


The pain started to go away quicker, and Riemi sighed in relief. “I should probably get a test to scan my entire body. A lot has changed from when I was a kid, and I want to know just how much more Katashi ruined my life.”




“Eh, he’s the guy that keeps pumping drugs and poisons into my body. Me and my friend Taro, too. But I’ve never really had a chance to see how much damage it’s done.” She stretched her back, popping a couple joints. “Would you like an explanation on the attack I used?”


“Yes, child. I’d like that.”


Riemi cracked her knuckles, giving off a forced grin. “So, back when I was...ten? Eleven? I can’t remember. Well, a while ago, I was kidnapped again. Like I was almost every month back then. Of course, it was Katashi. He injected some sort of poison into me. I escaped, found my group again. But then, after I recovered, I tried to use a venom attack with my fingers since I got my ankle stuck under a piece of concrete. Let’s just say that I had a terrible stomach ache, and the scar is still on my ankle.”


“And it gives you an intense stomach ache whenever you use it?”




Recovery Girl sighed again, turning around and walking to her desk. “I’d advise you to stay here until Midoriya and Bakugo’s match is done. Just to make sure you don’t relapse. I’d call your guardians, but Yamada is still...recovering from his fight, and Aizawa is helping him out.”


Riemi giggled, tossing her water bottle up in the air as she listened through the walls to her guardians, immediately ignoring them again. “Don’t want to interrupt his recovery process .”


The old lady went to go watch the match, while Riemi sprawled out on a bunch of chairs, muttering to herself as she pretended to argue about why she shouldn’t get the lecture again.


She heard the announcement that Izuku and Katsuki had won their fight. Smiling, she stood back up and moved the chairs back, leaving the room so that Recovery Girl had all of the space she needed to take care of the two students. 


Finding her classmates again, she silently entered the mass of girls going to the locker room. 


“Dude! I can’t believe I failed…” Ashido complained, pulling off her dress as the girls began to get dressed. “I wanna go to the training camp too!”


“Hey, it okay Ashido!” Pink Cheeks said, trying to comfort the other girl. “There might be a trick to this that we didn’t see!”


Yeah, a logical ruse. Shota likes to use them, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was one mixed in this. And I want Ashido, Kiri, and Kami to come. But then again, I also kinda don’t want to go. There’s going to be fire; since Todoroki is using his left side now. And I could have a nightmare, and people don’t need to see that.


Pulling her shirt over her head, she dug out her tie and began to wrap it around her neck, trying to ignore the conversations going on around her.


Could I ask Shota to stay home? I think he’d be disappointed, but if I explain, he might let me. I could help out the group while I’m gone, maybe help Shin with his capture weapon. Shota said not to use it when he’s not around, but since when did we listen to him? 


Is this why I’m always grounded? God, I’m such a terrible child. Life seemed so much easier back when the rules were ‘don’t die’ and ‘protect the children’. Damn, I’ve got to work on being nicer. I’m terrible at following rules and the law. Of course, had I always obeyed the law, I would have died years ago. But now I actually have to follow it, so I don’t get anyone in trouble.


But I can’t get my provisional license until at least my second year here. So that means I either can’t help the group until then, or I’ll have to help them illegally. Guess I’m staying a criminal for now.


Finding her skirt, she realized that most of her classmates were done getting dressed.


Shit! Hurry up, Mai, you can’t be the last one out!


Tugging on her skirt, she shut her locker and jogged out, joining the girls as they walked back to the classroom.


But, as she brushed her hair back with her fingers, she realized something.


“I forgot my fucking gloves.” She whispered angrily, facepalming. “Fuck.”


Ponytail stopped to look back at her. “What did you say, Riemi?”


She groaned, tugging her hair. “I forgot my gloves in the locker room. Shit, and it automatically locks. And I don’t have any spare pairs!”


“Don’t worry, you’ll be able to get them tomorrow, Riemi!” Invisi said, in a cheerful tone. 


“Ya, I know. I just hate being forced to do things without them.” The spider girl moved her hand, shoving them into her unbuttoned school jacket’s pockets and began to swing her arms. “It’s so annoying!”


They continued to their classroom, ignoring Riemi’s anguish and talking about how they were going to spend their summer.


Riemi noticed that Ashido was pouting, since she had failed her exam. So she pushed down her hatred of most physical contact and put her arm around the pink girl.


“Hey, it’s fine that you didn’t pass the practical. There might be a trick to the exams, so you might still be able to go.”


“But Sensei said that if we fail then we can’t go~ and he’s really mean, so I don’t think he’s lying.”


Riemi sighed. “Everyone says that Aizawa’s an ass, but he’s really not.”


“That’s what you say! He never yells at you; you’re as much of a model student as Yaomomo.”


Dude, I can’t go a week without getting in trouble. I am being yelled at by him more than anyone in the class.


“And how can you call him an ass? He could hear you, then you’re totally gonna be yelled at!”


The girl laughed that time. “Ashido, I’ve called him an ass to his face. I show that I care about people through cursing at them.”


“To HiS fAcE?!” Ashido stopped walking, gaping at her. “AnD yOu SuRvIvEd?”


Shoot, I might be saying to much. Gotta tone it back down.


“Eh, it’s nothing big. I just wouldn’t recommend doing it, ‘cause he does get frightening then.”


No, it’s not, ‘cause he always teases me. I can call him almost any name in the book, but I stick with smaller ones. Now, Hizashi, I will rarely call him a bad name. He’s too innocent to do that.


“Dude, you’re kinda scary.” The pink girl whispered, her voice shaking a bit. 


“Let’s just go. He’ll be pissed if we aren’t there in time.”




The next day was the last day of the semester, and it went by pretty quickly.


As assumed, the entire class was going to the training camp. Even Ashido, Kaminari, Sato, Kirishima, and Sero. And, apparently, Sero failed his exam since Riemi basically passed it on her own.


It’s surprising that I passed, considering how angry Shota was last night between the venom and losing my gloves. SoRrY I can’t explain all of the parts of my quirk and my full potential, I kinda only use most of it to kill people! And I don’t feel comfortable talking about that! And I’m forgetful, I lose a lot of things!


So, while the five who had failed would have a lot more work to do, they were going on the trip! And it was all Riemi could have hoped for, since four of her closest friends at the school almost didn’t make it.


She still didn’t want to go, but she would for her squad. 


And, for her squad, she agreed to go on a shopping trip the next day, for some random reason.


The first semester was over, and so much of her life had changed. Mai Riemisho could only predict that so much more was going to happen. She wasn’t sure if all of her classmates would last to see graduation, but she hoped to any and every god that they all would. And she just couldn’t wait so see what the future held.


But, in fact, the contents of the future was almost too much for one to bear. So the real question was, could she survived to graduation?

Chapter Text

Riemi didn’t have much money on her, since she spent a lot getting small presents for the kids in her group, flowers for the graves of her family, and at her study meet with Kiri and Katsu. But, in the same light, she didn’t have anything to buy.


So, with her small amount of money, she made a small list of what she needed.



  • At least 1 pair of socks for sleeping
  • New knife
  • New earbuds
  • Sketchbook



The earbuds and sketchbook weren’t necessary, but the socks and knife were. It was getting colder, and she owned no socks. None. Because she refused to wear them (who knows when she’ll be walking home from school and she needs to climb something? Socks just get in the way), and by now she had gone down too far down the rabbit hole to ask for some.


And her pocket knife was really old, and getting too dull to be able to use for self-defence. 


So, necessary.


Neatly folding the piece of paper, she shoved it into her pocket along with her money. She wasn’t one for wallets or purses, so she always got men’s jeans so she could shove all of her shit in her pockets. 


She glanced at the mirror in her room before leaving. Her shirt was a simple white three-quarter sleeve, the shortest sleeve length she really felt comfortable wearing. It had a purple collar, too.


Her jeans were a worn-looking dark blue, with tight hips and loose legs that kinda showed off her ass with the bottom hem frayed. And her normal black running shoes with red laces, of course.


With her hair slightly frizzy and covering the sides of her head and her gloves fully on, she could actually push down her insecurities and say that she didn’t look terrible.


So, with the positive mind set, she pushed open her door and left the empty apartment, a small and completely honest smile on her face as she bounced down the stairs and journeyed to the train station. 




She was the third one to the mall, beaten only by Ponytail and Kaminari who were delved in a deep conversation about the insanity of some of the hero laws. Kaminari noticed Riemi first, waving her over with a big smile on his face. 


“Hey, Riemi! Happy you could make it!” He shouted as she sat down next to him. “You weren’t sure, right?”


“Well, I was going to go visit my parent’s graves, but I’m waiting until the day before the training camp. For reasons. And why would I miss out on this? I rarely go to things like this!”


She smiled at her two friends, whom must have ignored the beginning of her statement since they looked perfectly happy.


“Got anything you need, or are you just walking around?” Ponytail asked, pulling out a long list of the things she was getting. “I’ve made a bit of a list.”


Riemi laughed, pulling out her list. “I ask of you to not question what I put on mine, at least Number Two. I have my reasons.”


She handed the list to her friends. It took a second before Kaminari asked, “Socks? You don’t have any socks?”


“Well, ya see, when I first moved into my foster house, I told them that I didn’t wear socks. I don’t, so that way if there is an emergency, I could easily climb something and do whatever was needed. But, since winter’s coming, I realized that they might be helpful.” She rubbed the back of her neck, a bit embarrassed. “And now I’m too prideful to ask for some, so I’m buying them myself.”


Both laughed, and continued to read her list.


Ponytail nodded a bit. “Okay, I understand why you don’t want questions for two. Don’t you have an MP3 player in your hero costume? You were listening to it a couple days ago, your earbuds broke?”


Riemi shook her head. “I have two MP3 players, and the earbuds for the other broke. And before you ask, the one in my hero costume has my favorite songs on it. The other is for calming down while I’m at home.”




The conversation changed as other students came. In all, there was about half the class there. Riemi stuck with Kirishima, Kaminari, and Invisi, since they were going to an outdoorsy shop. 


Those kind of shops sell knives, right? I’ve never actually bought a knife, this is kinda scary. But it’s just a pocket knife, many people buy those. I mean, I want something bigger and sharper, but it will have to do. The one in my hero costume is great, but I have no clue where Agitha found it. And she doesn’t know of my normal fight-for-my-life lifestyle, so I can’t just ask. ERURGH I have buying things that are weird. Can’t I just buy a shit ton of gummy bears and be done with this?


The four entered the store, silently aweing at all of the cool things that filled the walls. There was a lot of shit; everything you could ever need for camping, hunting, everything. 


“Okay, what does everyone need?” Kirishima asked the small group.


Kaminari and Invisi were both getting shoes, and Riemi told him about the knife, and maybe socks if they were in the store.


“Why do you need a knife? And can’t you ask your foster parents for socks?” Invisi questioned her, the strap of her tank top moving. The spider girl guessed she was waving her hand around.


“Do not question the knife, that’s for a private reason. And I’ve dug myself too deep to ask my foster parents for socks.”


Kiri blinked a couple times, a confused look on his face. “Do you not...own any socks?”


Riemi nodded. “Look, sometimes I’m walking home from school and see something that looks fun to climb. And then I climb it. Socks only get in the way; I only wear them when it’s cold, and my shoes are warm, so I figured I wouldn’t need them. But for sleeping, they’d be nice. Don’t judge me.”


“What about your old foster parents? They didn’t give you socks?”


“I have a difficult backstory, Kiri. Think TV show protagonist, but worse. Now just let me buy my socks and knife; also, someone should get bug spray. I haven’t been to a forest in years, but I know there’s a bunch of bugs. Just trying to be smart.”


With a smile on her face, she waved to her friends and spun around, wandering down the store to find the items she needed.


She turned down an aisle, and her jaw dropped.


An. Entire. Wall. Of. Pocket. Knives.


Her smile grew, and she looked closely at a bunch of them. They ranged from tiny ones, with blades only an inch long, to huge ones that would barely fit in her pocket but with blades that would suit her the best.


Okay, I should probably get a medium sized one. But they’re all so pretty! How can I choose one? OHH! GREEN. 


She grabbed the small, shiny knife and tossed it in her hand a couple times. Popping out the blade, she examined it quickly.


Good weight, great quality. Pretty color. This should work.


Tossing it up one more time, Riemi left the aisle and looked down the other aisles, waving at Invisi as she looked for socks.


Finding a couple pairs, she purchased them with most of her money and slid the knife into her back pocket.


“I’ll meet you guys later!” She called out to her friends, waving before pushing open the door to the mall.


Okay, I saw an art supply store nearby. I’ll have to suffer without earbuds for awhile, since I don’t have nearly enough for both. And a new sketchbook is important; I filled up most of my leftover pages with profiles on my classmates. 


From the second floor of the shopping centre, she saw Pink Cheeks staring down at the crowd below.


Riemi joined her, leaning against the barrier. She saw the stressed expression on her friend’s face, and wanted to help. “Somethin’ up, Pink Cheeks?”


“Eh, it’’s nothing.” The brunette didn’t meet Riemi’s look, just kept staring down. 


“Can’t find something? I can help you.” Riemi looked to where Pink Cheeks was staring, and saw Izuku talking to someone in a black hoodie.


Why is she staring at Izu?


“Does it involve Izu? You’re staring at him.” The blonde sighed, tapping the glass. “I don’t recognize that guy in the hoodie. Think he might be more foe than friend?”


Pink Cheeks’s cheeks got pinker. “Oh, t-that guy? He might be a friend from middle school. B-b-but I’m not staring or anything, why would I be staring?”


“You were clearing staring at him, Cheeks.” Riemi giggled a bit, watching the other girl’s cheeks slowly grow a tomato red. “Aw, do you like him or somethin’? You know it’s hopeless to keep something like that from me.”


“It-it’s not-”


“Look, I won’t tell anyone. Promise.” The blonde pushed off the barrier, pushing the brunette towards the stairs. “Go! Go talk to him, he’s a great person. But, you already know that, huh?”


“But Deku’s talking to his friend!”


“Then wait ‘till they’re done. Just go.”


When Pink Cheeks began to walk by herself, Riemi took a few steps back and smiled, turning to the art supply store that was nearby. 


Finding a sketchbook that barely fit her price range and paying for it, Riemi wandered back out into the swarm, hugging the book to her chest. 


New knife, new sketchbook, socks. Today just feels like a great day. Where else could I go? There’s still about a half-hour until I have to meet up with everyone. Well, the sketchbook came with a pencil, so I can find a nice bench to sit at and draw until it’s time to meet up.


“Jesus Christ, seems like we’re always running into each other, Riemisho.”


Riemi grinned, spinning around on her heel. “Okku, I’m pretty sure you’re stalking me.” She laughed at met him where he stood. “It’s nice to see you. We don’t get to talk very often.”


The minty haired boy smiled, holding out a stick of jerky. “Good to see you too. Want some? My mom bought me a lot.”


The girl accepted the snack, taking a bite before they began to walk. “Here with your mom?”


“Yeah. She’s getting a haircut, so she gave me some money to buy some things I need. Got everything, too. Why are you over here?”


“About half of my class is here. We’re all going on a training camp soon, one organized by the school. Since a lot of us have things we need, we planned this. And I already have what I need, so I’m going back down there to draw and wait for my classmates. Wanna come? You can meet some of this generation's Greatest Heroes-in-Training!”


Okku laughed a bit, nodded his head. “Sure. I’ve heard a lot about Class 1-A. It would be cool to meet them. So I can see all of the asses you’re going to kick.”


“Oh, there are so many asses. Not just in my class, even.” They reached the stairs, slowly walking down with their bags swinging at their sides. “There’s the other hero course class, the second years, I could even probably beat some of the third years if I really tried. And the teachers, of course.”


“Riemisho, you cocky idiot.”


She poked him in the chest. “Oi, I’m only a cocky idiot if I’m weak. And you know I’m a badass.”


Okku nodded. “Well, that’s true. Never seen you lose, besides at the Sports Festival. But even then, you couldn’t do your best.”


“See? You are one of the few who know the truth! And I couldn’t beat that dude at the USJ because I didn’t have enough time to analyze him. But I know I could now! Even if I had to...use extreme methods.”


They stepped off of the staircase, sitting down at a bench. With their bags at their feet, Riemi opened her new book and was about to start drawing, when…


“Attention all shoppers. There has been sightings of a villain on the premise. Please remain calm and wait for authorities to arrive. Attention all shoppers…”


“Can’t I go one fucking week without running into villains?” Riemi shouted, slamming her sketchbook shut. “C’mon, Okku, I have a feeling I know who ran into this villain.”


Both stood up. Okku seemed a bit worried, but Riemi just looked pissed.


“Who do you think ran into the villain, Riemisho? One of your classmates?”


“Yep.” She shoved the book into her bag. “Izuku. He’s a villain magnet. Now, he’s the cocky little bastard. Always breaking all of his goddamn bones.”


Riemi stormed off in a random direction, anger in each step.


Who the fuck is trying to hurt Izuku this time? Is it the League? It better not be the fucking League. I’ll fucking stab Shigaraki’s eyes out and chop off his fingers if it was him. Izuku is off-fucking-limits. Everyone is off-limits. Even fucking Katsuki. Don’t fucking hurt anyone. Any problems can be dealt with me, got it?! ‘Cause I’m the only one who can fucking kill someone!


When she heard the faint voice of her old friend, she followed it to find him, Pink Cheeks, and a couple police officers talking and writing things down.


“Hey, Izu! Cheeks!” She shouted, hiding her anger a bit as she waved. “You two know what happened?”


Izuku nodded, a serious look on his face. Riemi saw the faint purple bruises on his neck. “Yeah. I ran into Shigaraki.”


“Oh, I fucking knew it!” She groaned, but went straight back to making sure he and Pink Cheeks were safe. “He didn’t hurt you two, did he? I’ll kill him if he did.”


“Nothing too bad, don’t worry Riem- uh, Mai-Chan.” He waved his hands, trying to subdue her. “The police and some pros were called. Hopefully, they’ll find him.”


“I hope so.” 


That little handy fucker. I’m gonna find him, and I’m gonna fucking stab him. With this new knife. Add him to the hit list, Mai. He’s gonna die.


A police officer asked her a couple questions, then tried to ask Okku some, but stopped when he said he didn’t know anything.


Pink Cheeks asked a question that Riemi assumed she had on her mind for a while. “Hey, Riemi, who’s the guy with you?”


“Oh, right.” Riemi pointed to Okku. “Izuku, Pink Cheeks, that’s one of my closest friends, Sora Okku. We’ve been friends since I was eight. Okku, the green haired kid’s Izuku Midoriya, and the brunette is Ochako Uraraka.”


“Nice to meet you two.” Okku held out his hand for the two to shake. “I watched the Sports Festival, and Riemisho’s told me some things. Especially you, Midoriya. You two have been friends since you were born, right? I’ve seen some of the pictures that she carries around.”


“P-pictures?” Izuku asked, his voice shaking.


Riemi sighed, a small smile forming since her anger was fading. “Yeah, your mom and Aunt Mistu gave me some pictures before I left. They’re all I really had for awhile, and it helped me not forget you.”


“What? Can I see them? Deku seems like he’d be a really cute kid!” Pink Cheeks asked cheerfully, her eyes lighting up.


The blonde nodded. “I’ll bring them when we meet up next, if I can remember. When school starts again, at the latest.”


More of the students from Class 1-A appeared, and their conversation was cut short as the officers told them to group up. The mall was being closed until they could find Shigaraki, and the police ended up taking Izuku to the station to ask more questions. After he was taken, the students of Class 1-A and Okku, who insisted on staying since ‘he was worried, since his friend could be in danger’ were allowed to go home.


“Well, I know my foster dad’s gonna be here to pick me up soon, since he probably already heard about this.” Riemi said as her class and Okku left the building. “So, girls, I’ll see you all at the school pools on Monday. That’s what we decided on, right?”


“Yep!” Ponytail nodded, waving at the girl. “See you then, Riemi!”


“Bye, guys!”


Waving, she separated from everyone else, besides Okku, and walked to an empty area of the street. She sat down, and Okku sat to her right.


The boy sighed, shaking his head. “Do these villains happen to be the ones who were after you and Taro, by any chance?”


“Nope. A whole ‘nother territory.” Riemi groaned, tugging at her hair. “I wish it was Elefel, and those other guys that tried to turn me onto their beliefs. I’m semi-familiar with these guys; I know their faces, and I knew what that Nomu was. But, still, if it was someone I knew, I could just kill them and be done with it. I want to let others have their revenge, but I could do it myself if necessary.


“But I don’t know what these guys’ motives are. Are they like Stain? Are they like Elefel? Are they like Jurno? I can’t just end someone’s life without knowing why I’m doing it. That goes against everything I stand for. Hell, they might have people working for them that I owe my life to. If I kill someone, or even attack the wrong person, I’ll lose my entire reputation. And that can’t happen.”


Weird. My classmates and teachers are all worried about the League of Villains killing a student or civilian. And here I am, worrying about having to kill one of them. But I can’t kill someone I owe a debt to. Hell, why am I thinking kill? Subdue, Mai. You aren’t killing anyone in the League besides Shigaraki.


“That’s...a strange problem. But am I right to guess that Taro has the same issues?” Okku questioned, his voice almost a whisper. And with Riemi’s stress, it was what she needed.


“Yes.” She put her head in her hands. “Oh, I should probably tell a teacher about this. You get what I’m saying, right, Oak?”


“Mostly. Well, not really, but it’s you.” His hand very gently patted her shoulder. “And I trust your word about these things. If you can’t attack them, then you can’t. You’ve talked about your reputation before, how it was one of the strongest in your group. You could get information with it, right? If you can, you should explain that to those pros you live with. They’ll understand you, hopefully.”


Riemi nodded, not lifting her head. “Thanks. I missed times like these.”


The hand stopped on her shoulder, pressing a little for comfort. “I did, too. So did Taro. I get why you did what you did, but we really missed you. You, your pretty smile, your annoying jokes, your crappy comics, your great singing.”


“I don’t do much of that anymore. I smile, I guess, but not the other things.”


“No more of the ‘Adventures of That Little Fucker Called Jerry’ comics?”

The memory of the comic made Riemi giggle. It was one of the first ones she ever wrote, and shared with her friends. It was about a little guy, about six inches tall, named Jerry (a funny American name that she had heard of) that tried to live a normal life, but was too fucking short. Honestly, just a stupid little comic, but it never failed to make Okku, Taro, and Saeko smile.


“No, I guess not. All of the pages are in my bedroom. Geez, I haven’t read them in awhile. I should.” She finally lifted her head again, just a bit so she could watch the street. “But I doubt I’ll continue it. I’m not as good as making original content as I was back then.”


“It’s an amazing comic.” He pointed to a familiar car that was stopping nearby. “Hey, is that your guardian? How would he know you were here?”


Riemi stood up, dusting off her jeans and shirt. “Oh, whenever you hear sightings of villains and  no heroes, I’m probably in the area. Just a general thing. And both of them knew I was at the mall.”


Okku stood up, too, handing her her single bag. “Well, see ya ar-oh, wait! You have a phone now, right?”


“Oh yeah, I do! What’s your number, Okku?”


They traded numbers as another person approached them. Riemi knew it was Yamada, but Okku didn’t, and he nearly fell on his ass when he noticed the man.


She gave Yamada a smile. “Hey, Yamada. Already heard about all this?”


“About someone seeing Shigaraki at the mall? It was on the news when I got home. No one was hurt, right?”


“Izuku got bruised a bit, but that’s it. I didn’t even see him.” Riemi shrugged, then pointed to Okku. “Hey, since you’re here. Yamada, that’s one of my closest friends, Sora Okku. Okku, this is one of my legal guardians, Hizashi Yamada. Y’know the story.”


“Nice to meet you, sir.” Okku grinned, waving at the adult. “Thank you for taking in Riemisho. You’ve done great things for her, I can see it in her eyes.”


“Just call me Yamada, kid.” Hizashi turned to Riemi, patting her shoulder. “C’mon. Sho’s gonna kill us if we don’t get home soon. And we both have work tonight.”


She nodded. “See ya later, Okku.”


“See ya, Riemisho.”




Monday came slowly, but, alas, it still came. 


Aizawa had to do some work with Vlad, the homeroom teacher for Class 1-B, so he was able to give her a ride to the school so she could go swimming with the girls.


The school provided swimsuits for everyone, ones that weren’t very showy. While it would leave most of her arms uncovered, it would cover most of her legs. That was fine, she’d worn worse. The girls were used to seeing her arms when she wasn’t in her hero costume. A fucking disaster, but just...normal.


After she said goodbye to Shota, Riemi ran off into the locker rooms, running into the girls as they finished changing into their suits.


“Ah, Riemi, you made it.” Ponytail said, announcing her arrival. “I was scared that you wouldn’t turn up.”


“Sorry, I had to wait to get a ride.” She tugged off her shirt before opening her locker. “It took a bit to get Ai- uh, my dad- fuck, foster dad to get ready.”


“We’re just glad you could make it!” Pink Cheeks cheered.


Ashido walked up to Riemi, poking the burn on her waist. “So, who was that guy you were with at the mall? You cheating on Shinso or something?”


“I can’t cheat on someone I’m not dating, and stop poking my scars.” She slapped Ashido’s stupid pink hand. “And that guy is my friend Okku. We keep running into each other, and I finally got his number so we can meet up intentionally.”


“Oh~ so you have his number?”


Riemi rolled her eyes, pushing the girl away so she could put on her swimsuit. “Look, Ashido. I have never seen why it’s so weird to have a guy’s phone number. He’s one of my childhood friends, he was one of my two outlets into the outside world, he’s basically my brother , and, lastly, I’m Bi. So wouldn’t that make getting a girl’s number also ‘special’?”


“Wait, you’re Bi ?” Alien’s eyes lit up, and she grinned. “Have you ever dated anyone? Oh, I know you have! You’re too cute to not have been with at least one person!”


Slowly, Riemi nodded, pulling the top of her swimsuit. “Yeah, I have. Haven’t I already told you this, I feel like I have.”


“Maybe, I can’t remember. So, was it a girl or a guy?”




They began to walk to the pools, side by side.


“Well, what’s her name?”


“Saeko. Saeko Juur.”


“Why’da break up with her?”


Riemi looked at her bare hands, eyes scanning the scars that laid on them. “I...I didn’t. Something came up, and we couldn’t stay together.”


“What happened?”


“If I wanted to tell you, I would have.”


Both girls made it to the pool, and Riemi was surprised to see that there was a couple guys there. So far, just Iida, Todoroki, Ojiro, and Sero, but she guessed that the rest were getting dressed. And her hearing confirmed that, at least, that there were more guys.


“Since when were the guys coming?” Jiro asked, not anyone in particular.


Iida walked over, greeting them. “Hello! Midoriya told us about the endurance training that he was going to do, and invited us to come with him. Are you guys here for that, too?”


“No, we’re just here to play around.” Tsu said, holding a colorful beach ball in her arms. “Have fun with training, though.”


“I’m sure we will! Feel free to join us if you’d like.”


I doubt we will.


The group of girls went to the side of the pool, stretching as more of the guys entered the pool area.


“Once we finish stretching, we’ll split into two teams. Me, Uraraka, Asui, and Hakagure will be one team. Riemi, Jiro, Ashido, you guys will be on the other. The teams aren’t even, but with Riemi’s legs, I figured that she could cover more ground with them.” Ponytail explained, as the continued to stretch.


All of the girls agreed, and soon got into the pool, sticking to one lane so that the guys would have more room to train.


As Iida began to boss the guys around, the girls entered the pool and separated into their separate teams. Ponytail tossed the ball up, and the game began.


The game wasn’t very intense, as Riemi would have wished it were. She loved a good challenge. But the rest of the girls were more tame in their competitions, so she held back a helluva lot. 


Mostly, she used her legs to smack the ball, or the back of her hand. And she kept aiming at the other side’s faces, on accident.


They played around for...maybe two hours, Riemi lost track. It was fun, but not very intense. It was almost exactly like the games she played with Okku, Taro, and Saeko, when Okku invited them all over to play in his pool. And the thought made her feel a bit uncomfortable. 


But she kept a smile on her face. It was a nice day, and she wasn’t going to ruin it.


After awhile, when the guys were taking a break, Riemi noticed that Kirishima and Katsuki finally arrived, together. The thought made her grin on the inside.


Ah, so, a sleepover? Was something going on there? I know they like each other. Oh I hope there was something going on. Bet Suki would be less of an ass if he got with Kiri.


“Hey, can we help out?” 


Oh, am I missing out on the conversation? What am I helping out with?


The other girls began to climb out of the pool, and, while panicking, Riemi followed. 


WhAt Am I hElPiNg OuT wItH?


Iida began to separate the boys into three groups. Two groups had four, and the other had five. Riemi quickly noticed that Izuku, Todoroki, and Katsuki were all separated, and the results began to flow into her head.


Whatever’s going on, those three are going to be going against each other. Wait, the teams aren’t very even. I’ll ask if I can join; the girls’ game wasn’t anything like what I usually do on days off.


“Hey, so, I’ve been spacing out a bit, but-” She raised her hand, catching everyone’s attention. “Whatever this is, the teams aren’t even, and I wanna do whatever this is.”


A couple people sighed, but Iida nodded. “Alright! We’re doing races, whoever gets to the other side first wins. You can join either my group or Bakugo’s.”


Riemi nodded, ambling over to her cousin’s group. She gave him a smile, and he scoffed at her. 


“Okay, the first group to go will be Bakugo, Koda, Riemi, Tokoyami, and Kaminari. Get on the stands and wait for the whistle.”


They all approached the pool, lining up with each other. Riemi’s hair was already slicked back due to the water, so she stood next to her cousin and watched him with her side eyes.


“Why the fuck are you staring at me?” 


She grinned. “Intimidation. Is it working?”


“Mai, you’re a fucking idiot. Of course it’s not working, you dumbass.”


The girl shrugged, bending down to get ready to jump into the water. “Eh, may as well as try. Never been at scaring people without blood on my face and a knife in my hand. Unlike you. Your face is enough to give people nightmares.”


He huffed, but wasn’t able to reply. Iida started them off, and Riemi gracefully dived into the water, using the tricks she had taught herself to swim fast.


But, it was for nothing, because as she tapped the end of the pool and pulled herself up, Katsuki was already finished, not a drop of water on his body.


Bastard used his quirk the whole way. Damnit, why didn’t I think about that?


Pulling herself up, alongside Koda, she forced her rapid breathing to dissipate before meeting up with the rest of the girls, squeezing water from her wet, blonde hair.


The next two groups went by, and as predicted, Todoroki and Izuku won. Riemi had begun sensing a pattern. Even if she had won third place in the Sports Festival, Izuku was clearly in the top three strongest of the class. But she’d happily give away her place up top; he clearly deserved it more, and she wasn’t a fan of the spotlight. 


So, the three students met back up at the platforms, getting ready to jump in. The others began to cheer for the student they wanted to him. The spider girl cheered for Izuku, since she wasn’t as close to Todoroki as the other two, and she hated Katsuki in the most loving way. 


“Let’s go, Izu! Kick their asses!”


The three knelt down, firing up their quirks for the race.


And Riemi heard the approaching figure before anyone saw him, and lost her enthusiasm in less time than it took him to approach.


Damnit, Shota’s going to ruin this…


Iida shouted ‘Go!’ and the three boys jumped off, using their quirks to race to the end.


Riemi couldn’t tear her eyes from the sight of the three teens, racing to the other side. Katsuki riding the shockwaves of his explosions, Todoroki sliding on his ice, and Izu gliding through the water using One for All.


It was a crazy fast race, with Todoroki barely able to pull ahead at the end. She laughed out a cheer, grinning widely as the other two made it to the end. 


It wasn’t Izuku who won, but it also wasn’t Katsuki. So, a win in her book.


“Okay, that’s enough for today.” Shota grumbled loudly, catching everyone’s attention. “It’s past five; you’re lucky I allowed that. Leave.”


“DAMNIT, YOU ICEY-HOT BASTARD! HOW DARE YOU FUCKING BEAT ME!” Katsuki began to shout, getting dangerously close to said bastard. Kirishima had to come in and drag his blond obnoxious ass away.


Riemi giggled and followed everyone else to the locker room, congratulating Todoroki from a distance as she passed Shota.


“Thanks.” She whispered, not even making eye contact as she waved to the other girls.


He only hummed in response, quiet enough that only she could hear. It made her grin grow even bigger.

Chapter Text

A week after the first semester ended, the entirety of Class 1-A met up once more, with bags in tow. Class 1-B was also coming along for the trip. She didn’t really know any of them, besides the nice girl Kendo, the ass hat Monoma, and the pervert Mineta.


But she never had to worry about Mineta trying to talk to her. With her relations to Katsuki, most people assumed she was a nasty brat. And with her scars, she was far too hideous to ever be hit on!


She would even bet that Saeko would be at her wit’s end nowadays, had she still been alive. So many more scars, her body getting more ruined each week.


Yet, that didn’t matter right now, her thoughts were getting off-track. What she was supposed to be wondering is what the training camp would be. 


Riemi stood next to Katsuki, her arms crossed and an excited smile on her face. On the other side of the blond boy, Kirishima stood with his arm thrown around Katsu’s shoulders.


“Now that you’ve finished up your first semester at UA High,” Aizawa started, addressing the class as he stood before them. “It’s time for summer vacation to officially begin. 


“However, don’t think this’ll be a month of rest for you heroes in the making. At this camp, we’ll be forcing you to go beyond your limits. You’re aiming to become plus ultra.”


“Yes sir!” 


Riemi turned to her cousin, letting her uncovered, tanned arms fall to her sides. “Hey, Katsu, excited? You get to go all out against some trees.”


“Those trees are toast.” He growled, but in his own excited tone. 


“Well, it’s been far too long since I’ve been to a forest. I can’t wait to swing across the forest. It’s going to be so much better that swinging in the city.”


She raised her arms, spinning around on her toes while laughing quietly. “I’m just so happy to actually go somewhere!”


“Yeah, this is going to be great! Even if I do have to take those extra lessons.” Kirishima added, his expression falling as he finished speaking.


“You’ll still be able to do stuff with everyone else. Don’t worry!”


She grinned to her spikey haired friend, watching him until he smiled back. 


“I hEaRd ThAt SoMe Of ClAsS 1-A aRe TaKiNg ExTrA cOuRsEs!” Monoma, the bastard from Class 1-B, shouted, suddenly appearing. “DoEs ThAt mEaN tHeY aCtUaLlY fAiLeD tHe FiNaL eXaMs?”


Riemi glared at him, wanting to shut him up with a web but not wanting to out herself. He continued to shout, saying how ‘Class 1-A is supposed to be SOOO much better than them’ like her classmates had a choice on what had happened during their time at UA.


Kendo eventually slapped him, effectively doing the world a favor. “Don’t mind him.” She said, dragging him away. 


Thanks, Kendo. You’re a lifesaver.


Riemi looked among the rest of Class 1-B. They all had strong quirks, but she had only seen a few during the Sports Festival. So she was curious to see what would happen during the camp.


Kendo called her class to get on their bus, and they all lined up in front of the door.


The girls of Class B and Class A? ” The little grape guy from 1-B muttered, who happened to be standing near Kiri, Katsu, and Riemi. “ It’s like a buffet of bombshells .”


Ew, that’s disgusting! 


“Dude, get yourself together.” Kiri replied, glancing at Riemi for a second. “For real.”


Iida called for the class to get on their bus, and despite being told to line up in seating order, they all chose their own seats. Riemi sat with Ashido in the front, listening to music while talking to her friend.


They were on the bus for an hour, and Riemi could tell that her hearing was affected due to the loud chatter of her classmates. When they finally reached their destination, Riemi tested it with her flick test.


Maybe only at seventy five percent, eighty if I’m lucky. Sucks, but I’ll manage.


She stretched her limbs, happy that she had been forced to wear her summer uniform instead of her normal one. Tying her hair back, she waited for further instruction. 


Glancing at Aizawa, she tried to decipher his look to figure out what they would be doing. Honestly, she was nervous, since the strange black car with them held unfamiliar voices. Her immediate thought was ‘villains’ but that didn’t make any sense!


“You really don’t think we stopped here just so you could stretch your legs, do you?” The teacher said, catching everyone’s attention.


The voices in the car stopped, and Riemi watched as the doors to it opened. “Heyo, Eraser,” one of the ladies said.


Shota bowed slightly. “Long time no see.”


Out of the car stepped three people. A brunette wearing a pink cat-like uniform, a blonde wearing something similar but in blue, and a kid with a red hat.


They introduced themselves as the ‘Wild Wild Pussycats’, a group of heroes that Riemi was semi-familiar with. She had heard about them a couple times when she had gone camping with Okku, Taro, and Saeko. 


I wish Shin were here, I think he’d like this group. Cute girls, cats, right up his alley. With the cat part, at least. I don’t know the type of people he likes.


“These are the pro heroes you will be working with at the training camp.” Aizawa explained, and Riemi nodded to herself. 


Okay, then why are we meeting them here? I didn’t hear anything about a trick, but I’m guessing that this is it. I hope it’s a fun trick.


Izuku began to explain the ins and outs of the group of heroes, but was cut off after he said something about their ages.


“Everyone, say hello.” 


The class greeted the heroes, and Riemi watched the little kid roll his eyes and look away from from the class.


Who’s that kid? He seems like he’s been through something rough. Maybe I’ll be able to talk to him, see what’s up.


“We own this whole stretch of land out here,” the brunette hero explained, gesturing to the forest. “Everything you can see. The summer camp you’re staying at is there, at the base of the mountain.”


The base of the fucking mountain?! Then why the hell are we way up here?!


Or...oh, oh shit. We have to get there. Oh shit...this is more than I could have dreamed of! Flying through a forest? A dream come fucking true!


“The current time is nine thirty in the morning. If you’re fast about it, you may make it there by noon.”


While most of the class panicked, Riemi grinned, already tugging off the tips of her gloves. As the class ran back to the bus, she broke into a sprint and flew down, shouting a goodbye to everyone as she began to glide through the air.


The ground behind her rumbled, and she heard people shouting. Dirt fell into her views as she shot a web at the trunk of a tree, nearly being pummeled to the ground by Sato as she began to swing back up.


“I’ll meet you fuckers there!” She screamed, quickly being enveloped by the darkness of the forest. 


There was a monster right at the entrance, but she dodged it by breaking through the trees, gliding high about them for a second as she plotted her course.


Okay, I have three hours to get to the camp. I’m leaving everyone behind, and there’s monsters. How do I do this without having to rely on everyone else?


She broke through the trees again, seeing another monster flying towards her. She landed on it, stretching a hand down to cover the thing in webs. In a split second, the monster; made out of dirt, apparently, was dust on the ground after Riemi had used to her webs to crush it like dry pasta.


Well, even though I’m trying not to use my full power, I’m supposed to be mastering my quirk. And if these are just dirt, then I can use my kill moves on them. And with no one watching, I can show off in peace.


Another creature appeared, and it was taken down by a strong kick to the throat. Down, but only for a second. Her classmates could worry about him.


The only people who know about my kill moves are Taro, Okku, the people of my group, and my enemies. None of which are, hopefully, here right now. I don’t like telling people about them, which is why I limit myself when training and fighting. But it would be nice if I could control those moves better, so I don’t have to kill with them.


More monsters, more webs, more dirt on the ground. She had lost her shirt, skirt, and shoes somewhere, so she was just in a bra, tight shorts that reached just above her knees, and her gloves.


She began to get tired, sweat covering her face and limbs. Her webs began to get weaker, and she had to use more to fly. But the monsters weren’t letting up, and her classmates were just faint noises in the wind, so she continued to swing.


After what had to be at least two hours, she heard the voices of the Pussycats. A smile grew on her face, and she ended up taking a hit to the face as she let her guard down a bit.


“Fuck you, ya hunk of mud.” She growled, slicing the rock with her legs as she shot webs to crush it.


Panting, she shot a bunch of webs out of one of her scarred arms and began to soar again, following the voices of the Pussycats.


“Oh, have they already finished?” One of them asked as she hit the ground badly, twisting her ankle slightly. 


Letting out a long string of swears, she lifted up her injured leg to check the damage. Nothing too bad, but it hurt a bit.


Still able to put weight on it. But I’m fucking tired, I don’t want to deal with a twisted ankle too.


She saw the end of the forest, limping and panting as she passed through. The pro heroes watched her, probably noticing the small patches of blood on her body and the lack of most of her uniform.


“Hello. Guess I’m back first?” Riemi asked. The blonde Pussycat walked over to her, offering the stud her arm so she could walk better. Riemi accepted it, too tired to care.


“Yes you are. Congratulations, kid,” the brunette said, nodding. “We based this off of how long it takes us, and you only took four hours.”


“Only four? But we only had three!”


The blonde laughed. “Well, since you did such a great job on my dirt monsters, you can have lunch. I don’t think you heard about the stakes, did ya, Riemi?”


She shook her head. “I haven’t been able to really swing through forests before. It’s really fun; more relaxing than a city. And your dirt monsters weren’t very strong; they need to be tougher on the outside. I was able to kick one without suffering from an injury.”

“What happened to your uniform?” Aizawa asked as she approached the building. 


She shrugged. “It was getting in the way. No clue where it is.”


He sighed, facepalming. “Well then, go wash up and grab your things from the bus. Eat, do whatever until the rest of your class gets here.”


“Okay, Aizawa!” She let go of the blonde Pussycat’s arm, limping by herself as she pushed open the door, using the walls as support.


The bathrooms weren’t far away, and she was able to clean the blood off of her body. Her ankle was still hurting, but she couldn’t do anything about that at the second.


Rinsing the dirt out of her hair, she adjusted it so it perfectly covered the sides of her face. Once it was perfect, she grabbed a towel that had been left out and draped it over her shoulders.


It covered most of her upper body, which was the goal.


Leaving the building, she found the bus and dug out her suitcase. Lifting it with one of her spider legs, she hobbled back to the area that her class and 1-B would be sleeping.


Ah, so I get first choice, she thought as she entered the room, seeing forty bedrolls sprawled on the ground. 


“What the hell?” She asked herself, walking up to the closest one and looking at it. “Why are these go nice? I thought camping involved thin-ass sleeping bags and suffering. This is better than my normal bed was!”


It was all in a hushed whisper, since she never talked to herself loudly. But still , UA wasn’t lacking in anything.


Setting her suitcase on the bedroll, she dug out a shirt, underwear, and a pair of shorts, along with her knife and new sketchbook.


“If anyone complains about the sleeping situation, I’m sending them to Hell myself,” she told herself, carrying the clothes to the bathroom.


Quickly tugging on the new, clean, not sweaty clothes, she bundled up her dirty clothes and went back to her suitcase, leaving them in there as she found her way back outside. She was checking her knife as she walked out the door, making sure it was clean. She had been forced to use it a few days before, and kept checking it to make sure there was no more blood on it.


“Why do you have a knife?” The brunette hero asked as Riemi met up with everyone.


“Oh, sorry.” She tucked the weapon into her pocket. “I always keep one on me; I suffer from paranoia. Carrying a knife makes me feel better.”


“Just keep it out of sight.”


Riemi nodded, limping over to the wall and sitting down, leaning on the shoulders of her legs against it while opening it and beginning to draw.


Before starting to draw, she glanced over at the kid with the red hat. He was glaring at her, and she could sense the hurt and pain behind his eyes.


“Hey, kid, c’mere.” 


She waved at him, gesturing for him to come over. He didn’t move. “Oi, kid, I’m not going to hurt you. Wanna draw with me; I have a spare pencil.”




“Fine then.”


Riemi knew what scarred, depressed kids were like. Usually moody and little bastards, since they didn’t really know their emotions. She was the same when she was younger, but that had changed. It was best to let them come to her, but offer to be there and get their mind off things.


So she began to sketch the two Pussycats, framing their faces first. 


It was a nice, time-consuming task that let her think. And yes, she forgot to eat lunch. But that wasn’t a big issue; she got up after an hour to get a ‘snack’ that was her lunch.


Aizawa soon sat next to her, watching her as she sketched. She didn’t mind, since he was familiar and a soothing presence to her. 


The hours passed by, and the sky grew orange. Riemi was confused on how her none of classmates had finished yet. It wasn’t even hard. It’s just running and breaking dirt , at least Katsuki should be back.


She was adding more details to the face as she heard noises from the forest. She glanced up, eyes widening as she tried to listen in.


Footsteps, panting. Sounds like the rest of the class. They actually stuck together? That’s weird. Katsuki and Todoroki would have ditched them the second they had the chance.


“They’re coming.” She said, standing up. Her ankle had stopped hurting, so she stood normally. “It sounds like everyone, but I may be wrong.”


Aizawa nodded, standing and walking closer to the edge of the forest. Riemi pulled her formly injured leg up, pulling off a casual stance. Hey, her classmates had gotten back hours after her. She clearly won. She was going to brag, even without words. 


It took a couple minutes from when she first heard them, but soon, Todoroki appeared. 


“That took a lot longer than I expected it to.” The brunette Pussycat said as more students came into view.


Everyone looked roughed up, some injured. Torn clothes, panting, dragging limbs. Todoroki had ice still on his right side. Riemi figured that she looked similar when she got back.


They all gathered around, some falling to the ground. “You said it was only gonna take three hours~” Sero whined.


“I guess we based it off on how long it would take us, sorry.” Brunette said, in an understanding tone. 


“Took y’all long enough.” Riemi called out, walking up to them with her sketchbook in hand. “Geez, I’ve been back for hours. What if Monoma heard? He’d never let us live it down.”


“How did you get back so fast? ” Kiri asked from the ground, holding his stomach. “UH! I’m so hungry!”


“Well, I did ditch you guys. Sorry, I got ahead of myself. It was really fun, so I didn’t bother to help you guys.” She sat down next to him, patting his shoulder. Ashido and Jiro slumped over, and she held them up with her legs.


Blonde meowed a couple, catching everyone’s attention. “I thought it would take you guys even longer! But you did much better against my dirt monsters than I thought you would! Even after Riemi told me their flaws!”


The spider girl received glares from her classmates, but she just stared at the dirt.


I can’t help it. I hate fighting weak things, and I give my feedback on anything I fight.


“You guys were seriously great.” Blonde’s voice lowered a bit, and she held out a hand (paw?) to the crowd. “Expeccially… the four of you!” She pointed to Izu, Katsu, Todo, and Iida. “It seems like you four have quite a bit of experience!”


Riemi blinked a couple times, looking up at her. But...but I got here hours before everyone else! Why are you giving them credit?


“I call dibs on these four kittens myself!” Blonde screeched, running up to them and swiping her paws at them. 


Everyone watched as Blonde harassed the four boys, and Ashido asked Riemi a question. “Hey, why aren’t you wearing a uniform?”


“Oh, I lost most of it when I was getting here.” 


“Oh, so that was the clothes we saw.” Kiri said, nodding. “Eh, I figured it was you. But I didn’t expect you to be hours ahead. How’d you get here so fast? Where you also the one who crushed those monsters into dust? I kept seeing them, but it doesn’t look like your work.”


Riemi grinned. “Y’know the saying ‘I have an ace up my sleeve’? Well, it works for me, but instead on an ace, I have a whole deck of cards.”


The red head and two girls looked at her, confused, until she sighed. “I don’t show all of my strength usually. I save a lot of my real strength for when I’m fighting non-living things.”


“Why?” Jiro asked, still leaning on Riemi’s leg. “If you’re so strong, why don’t you use it all the time?”


“Because I don’t want to accidentally kill anyone. My quirk’s dangerous, and so is my temper. So I keep myself in check when I fight.”


Aizawa spoke up to his students, quickly ending all conversations. “Enough playing around. Get your bags off the bus. Once all your stuff is away, you can eat dinner in the cafeteria. After that, you can bathe and sleep. Tomorrow, your training starts in earnest. You better get a move-on.”


Riemi stood up, helping her friends walk to the bus by being a support. She carried about half of the classes’ bags, nothing too bad since she was really strong and had a lot of limbs to carry them with.


They all decided on where they were going to sleep, and a few quickly changed before going to the cafeteria. Riemi was helping Koda with his hurt vocal cords by instructing him on a drink that would help, and taking him to the cafetiera to find it.


She sat across from Kiri and Kaminari’, after finding the drink for Koda. Filling her plate high with meat and rice (her lunch wasn’t very big, so she was still starving), she munched down while her friends followed. 


“YoU gOt MeAt?” The two asked, after finishing two bowls of rice in record time. Riemi nearly smacked them.


“Dumbasses. What do you think I’m eating?”


She pointed to where it was, and the two thanked her. 


Soon after dinner, the boys and girls separated to take baths in the universal hot spring things. Since she was still too insecure to be naked in front of the girls for longer than it took to change, Riemi used a private shower stall that was in the changing room and joined them after her shower, dressed