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Of how to be a funtional brother (or at least try)

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First week of classes came around and Jason Todd had mix emotions and mix results by the end of the week.
For one side Jason had learn more in this week about geography, politics, literature and maths than in his entire run on an average American public education.
It was in part fault of the fact that while he was in school he also had to take care of his mother and prevent his abusive father to let them to starve
Still Gotham academy was a sea of knowledge and if Jason had learnt anything in his short life on the streets was that the more you know the less likely you are to get kill.
On the other side the students were just like the men and women on Bruce's events. Just as spoiled and fake.
Those little shits full of shit on the inside.
Jason was chewing some gum and watching some old TV shows the same morning that Dick burst in the mansion full of fury with what it seem all the energy that man had at the moment
(it wasn't much it seem he haven't been sleeping lately, but whatever)
It was strange because he was sure he didn't saw Alfred going to open the door what it must have meant that he at least had kept his keys, even if he had hear Richard threatening Bruce with just going away forever and something about "never seeing him again"
Too bad luck wasn't on Jason's side and Richard hadn't kept his promise
Dick enter the room with agitated and angry steps which got to an end when he saw Jason sitting peacefully at the sofa that was in front of the TV.
He inspected Jason, the same way he always did when he saw him, and give him a carefully constructed tentative smile towards his direction
“Do you know by any chance know where Bruce is?” Dick voice was tough trying to be cold but not really hitting the mark.
Jason look at Dick for that moment, really looked at him. Inspected, his fake smile, his "cold voice"
Jason knew Dick wasn't a businessman, but he was of course raise by one, and in that moment when his eyes meet. Richard Grayson seem to Jason Todd as fake and spoiled as anyone in the Gotham elite.
Jason hated that.
“Wouldnt know I'm not his boyfriend” Dick expression change to a frown for less than a second before putting the well put charade back on his face. He was silent for a moment there.
All of this interaction with the first Robin where just a reminder to Jason that even if he was Robin and he was being trained by Batman and he was Bruce Wayne's adopted kid to Dick Grayson he wasn't more than just a complete extranger who had invaded his home, had put himself in the Robin costume and now was nothing more than a liability.
Well he'd would have to fucking deal with it because Jason Peter Todd wasn't going anywhere any time soon.
“Well I'll be around for the rest of the day” he seemed to think his next words carefully like he didn't want to tell Jason way to much, truly trained by the bat to be a paranoid bastard Jason thought bitterly. “Just tell him if you see him that I'm here and I want to talk with him just for a sec” Jason really thought of just telling him to fuck off but Jason's street instincts of 'just not to mess with people who didn't need to be bother' kick in faster
“yeah, ok” was all he said it wasn't really worth it to waste more breath in his words he knew Dick wouldn't listen.
He never listens.
Dick left in less than blink probably to say hi to Alfred or to argue with Bruce.
Who cares.
Three weeks later of his encounter with Dick and his first month in the new school later Jason found himself reading Mobydick in the complete silence and tranquility of his room when he heard Alfred calling him “Master Jason” God no Jason knew what that voice meant it was Alfred's 'I'm really disappointed at you master Jason' tone.
“Yes Alfred?” Jason tried with his most charming and sweet voice,trying to tame the beast.
Not that it really matter when it came down to Alfred being pissed at him.
“Come here please, master Jason” So Jason walked slowly towards Alfred's kitchen surprisingly or rather unsurprisingly Dick was there.
His "Surprise visits" had become more normal since the last time. Jason had the theory that whatever had Dick so pissed off had been put aside when the other boy had been threaten to be cut short of money.
That theory came because of the fact that Richard dirty looks towards Bruce hadn't stopped yet Jason hadn't heard him complain once since his last visit or have an argument with Bruce for that matter.
So there he was in the middle of the kitchen where Jason was about to be executed.
Dick didn't have much interest in the situation and was just using his phone without many cares in the world.
Still a part of Jason's wished Alfred didn't scold him in front of the...
Adult? Boy? Man? Manboy? Whatever Dick was
(probably a Dick).
“Have you lost your backpack again Master Jason?” Jason was surprised Alfred knew about that little insident.
After the third time it had happened he went directly to Bruce knowing full well Alfred would burn him alive, like they did with those old witches.
It wasn't like Jason didn't knew how to take care of things of course he knew, he was an alley kid he had grown up with a total of three things, not knowing how to take care of them meant death in some cases.
He'd have to take care with his life everything he own because they could be gone in a second and he wouldn't be able to replace them.
But living with Bruce Wayne was a mistery to him, now he have way to many stuff, and he just couldn't keep track of everything he own and it didn't matter if he lost something because if he lost it was replaced immediately after.
It was something Jason never in his life had gotten to experiment.
It was nice.
he felt somewhat safe, not completely but Jason was sure he have never since he was two years old he had felt safe.
It was a survival instinct that used to be useful for the streets and now it was useful for his Robin job.
Maybe if he explained to Alfred why he kept losing his backpack, maybe if he explained to him that he had never taken care of so many things at the same time, and that in the end it didn't matter because there were people who would make sure he still got a backpack at the end of the day.
Then maybe he wouldn't be so pissed at him, he certainly wouldn't be so disappointed. He wasn't going to explain that to Alfred anytime soon it would imply a level of emotional openess he wasn't able to demonstrate just yet.
“I'm sorry Alf” Alfred  was cold ice to anyone who didn't knew him but to those who did he could be sweet and understanding.
Right now Alfred truly was ice cold.
Jason then saw in the corner of his eye how Dick pick up his head to look at him, and then to Alfred like if he just only now had realized what was happening around him.
A true detective indeed.
Oh great just what he needed the asshole watching him get publically humiliated.
Dick's gaze was warm when he saw him and Jason got completely in shock seeing him standing up from his sit on the kitchen table to stand beside him.
“Alfred, cut the poor boy some slack, he is still learning how all of this works” he said gesturing at the huge kitchen, probably also referencing the huge Manor.
Alfred glares shift from Jason towards Dick “I mean the poor boy probably has never even have a proper backpack”
Ouch,true, but still ouch.
Dick's voice was truly charming Jason would have to take notes of that later.
Alfred's glare seem to soften, still there, but softer. He change his gaze direction towards Jason eyes “Master Jason this time I'd give you a warning but there better not be a next time” With that Alfred retired
Dick went back to his sit with a self sastified grin “you're welcome” Jason glares at him and then went back to his room with a slam in the kitchen's door.
Why would Dick do this if he as so much couldn't stand his sight?
The jerk.
Around the two months mark of classes came around so did Richard.
He didn't came to see him when he arrived and in reality Jason was a bit stung by it. It wasn't like they were closer per see, they were on peace terms.
Which meant that whenever Dick came around now he'd say hi. Not have a full on conversation, not even a two minutes one but still.
He was at kitchen table doing some arts homework when through the window where you could see the living room,the one they actually use (they have way too many in his opinion)
He saw Dick being scold by The Bruce Wayne, something of an unprecedented ocassion yeah sure Dick and Bruce had epic fights that was something he was aware of.
Even though they haven't happened in a while.
Maybe he has seen in some other time Batman scolding Nightwing was something but Richard Grayson being scold by Bruce Wayne? Yeah that wasn't something you could see every day.
So Jason was pretending to do his homework while watching the whole thing without being noticed by the two adults.
Bruce open his mouth and even if he couldn't hear what he was saying a part of Jason ache when he saw Dick's face.
It was completely clean off of the usual self confidence or the fake expressions he normally gave Jason.
His gaze was weak and he couldn't even look at Bruce in the eyes everything from his eyes to his posture scream vulnerability.
Suddenly Jason couldn't stand those blue eyes.
Not in the same way he couldn't stand them before.
So Dick didn't came around for a long while Jason had only see his costume self only a few times since last time.
Summer holidays where rolling around so logically Jason was doing homework and studying in his room he needed to end the year with the best grades of his whole class.
He'd show them.
So the heat of his room was helping him concentrate.
Reason why he didn't have the AC on.
He loved the heat.
“Hiya” And Jason turn around to see a grown person in his window.
Not any person it was Richard Grayson.
“So can I come in? Or what?” Jason was more than a little shock but he let him in anyway.
“I thought you dissapear” Jason said a little too harshly.
Dick didn't acknowledge his comment and just walk around the room touching and looking at everything like a child.
“It's really hot in here, put on the AC” Jason just stare “No way, I hate that thing, if you can't stand the heat then you can go to your own home” it was bit too low saying your 'own home' as if this wasn't also his home.
Jason still didn't care
Dick kept making dead ears to his words as he kept checking everything Jason had from pictures, to books, magazines and even draws,suddenly he stop in a picture he have with his mother.
“Would you please stop doing that?” Jason said loudly towards the other boy.
Dick look at him with piercing blue eyes then suddenly the thought of why he came in here in the first place came around.
“Oh, yeah right” Said Dick while he hesitated to say whatever was he wanted to say “Jay, sometimes B can be an ass” He said very seriously as if Jason didn't knew this already but to his credit he didn't stop and continue talking.
“So know that he loves you, even when it seems he actually hates you” Jason look at Dick quizzically he knew this why would he told him this? “And I've told I'm way to much like him sometimes, so I hope you know I don't hate you either" Dick now was looking at him directly into his eyes "I do think of you as my family and I wouldn't rather have anyone else as my successor than you”
Jason didn't knew how much he needed to hear this.
So yes he was learning how to live this new crazy life. “ok” He said looking at the smile dick give at him.
A true smile this time.
And while Dick was climbing out of the manor, through the window Jason yell "I think of you as my family too".