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Descendants Genderbent first movie

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I am going to change the story from the original but the beginning will be pretty much the same and maybe the end.
Hades and Maleficent both raise Mal.

Mal is now a boy name Malcom but people calls him still Mal.

Ben is a girl name Bethany

Audrey is now Andrew

Chad is now Caroline

Carlos is now Chloe

And Jane is now Jake

Jay, Doug, Evie and Lonnie will stay the same because it fits better to the story.


I may also change the song and who is sing it.

Hope you all like the story. Love to hear your comments

The story is ratet Mature because of language, mention Child Abuse, Alcohol and maybe smut.

Chapter Text

pov. Mal aka Malcom

So we all have heard about the boring story of Beauty and the Beast. Well after they got marry, Adam and Belle united all the kingdoms into the United States of Auradon and became elected leaders of the new kingdom. And nobody questioned their motives, like really literal nobody, guess that what happened when you are one of the good guys. If it was a villain rules than you have to rule with fear. Like my mom always say nothing is better than when people runway from you in fear. Anyway King Adam and Queen Belle forced all of the villains, sidekicks, and their accomplices «the interesting people» to live on the Isle of the Lost, a forbidden island surrounded by a magical barrier to keep them there. A isle with bad environment, food, equipment’s and no Magic, no Wi-Fi and no way out or so i thought.

Hang on, you’re about to meet us. But first this happened.


pov. Bet aka Bethany

As my designer is working om my dress I look out on the Isle of the Lost. Was it the right decision to send the villain to that awful place. I know that they did terrible things and that they should be punished but what about their children they are innocent. As I got deep in my thoughts my mother and father walk’s inn to my room.

Adam - How is it possible, that my little girl is going to be crowned queen next month?

Belle - She is turning 16, dear.

Bet - Hey dad, hey mom

Adam - 16? that`s far too young to be crowned Queen. i didn’t make a good decision until i was at least 42.

Belle - Uh, you decided to marry me at 28.

Adam - it was either you or a teapot (chuckles) KIDDING.

I start chuckles too


Bet - Mom, Dad

Get disrupted by the designer

Designer - ah! NN-NNH! don’t move.

I rolls my eyes.


Bet - I’ve chosen my first official proclamation. I’ve have decided that the children on the isle of the lost be given a chance to live here in Auradon.

Mom (squeaks) and lose the closing she is holding while dad looks shocked at me.

Bet- mom, dad every time i look out at the island i feel like we have been abandoned them.


Dad continue to looks at me in shock as I start too walk up to them, he begins to talk.

Adam- The children of our sworn enemies, living among us?

I can hear my father is getting mad, but I need to continued to tell about my plans.

Bet - We start out with a few at first, only the ones who need our help the most. I’ve already chosen them.

Adam- Have you?

Mom looks at her dad while putting her hands on his shoulder.

Belle - I gave you a second chance. (mom looks at me) - Who are their parents?

Bet - Cruella De Vil, Jafar, Evil Queen and ……..


I take a deep breath before naming the last parents, as I mentally repair my self for my parents reaction.

Bet - Maleficent and Hades

The anger shows in my father eyes and his body is getting stiffed after hearing those name.

Adam - Maleficent and Hades! (he shouts) They are the worst villains in the land.

Bet - Daddy ! please just hear me out!

Adam - I won’t hear of it. - OH, OH, - They are guilty of unspeakable crimes.

Bet - But dad, their children are innocent. (I look at him with puppy eyes) - Don’t you think they deserve a shot at a normal life? A second chance? Dad? (I still look at him with puppy eyes hoping that he will change is mind, as i make my voice sweet and innocent) - Please!

Dad cold’s down and look at me, while I still have my puppy eyes. He looks at my mom one last time, she sympathise with me. He looks back at me and sigh`s

Adam - I suppose their children are innocent.

I get a smile and start jumping in happiness. I giv both of them a big hug says screams

Bet - thank you, thank you. Your are the best.

Dad smiles at me but doesn’t look so happy when he start to walk out of the my room. But my mom takes my hand’s in her and smiles at me proudly while squeezing my hands lovelily, she whispered too me well done before she goes after dad.


While I have my victory dance, Mom catch’s up with dan and hears him muttering:

Adam - that girl is going to be the death of me

Mom laugh and gives her dad a soothing hand on the back.


pov. Mal aka Malcom

After the song «Rotten to the Core»

Maleficent - Stealing candy Mal? I´m very disappointed in you,

«Really mom, i didn’t know» i think to my self while rolling my eyes before i turned around to meet my mother.

Mal - It was from a baby. (i said proud)

Maleficent - That´s my wicked boy. (she smiles before she took the lollipop spat on it and but it under her arm) - Give it back to the little creature (she ordered one of her minions)

Mal - Really mom

Maleficent - It’s the deets, Mal that make the different between mean an truly evil. (She points at me and show’s with her finger that I have to come to her.) - Walk with me.


I take a quick peek at my friends before walking to my mother and thinks. «And here we go again with the same speech» as I start mimicking hers word.

Maleficent - When i was your age, I was cursing entire Kingdoms. (She caught me mimicking her, and giving me a look warning me before she continued with her speech) - I´m just trying to teach you what´s really important. How to be me.

«You don’t say. You never mentioned it before» but of course that not what i said.

Mal - I know that. I will try harder

Maleficent - Oh there’s news. (Mom shouted) - You 4 have been chosen to go to a different school in Auradon.

Me and my friends tried to escape, but my mother minions stand’s in our way, I know there are no escape this. So i turned around to look at my mother again hoping that she is joking.

Mal - WHAT (I shouted)

Mom gave a look that i knew meant that i have to lower my voice.

Mal - I´m not going to a school with prince’s and prissy pink princesses.

Evie takes a step forward with a dreamy face.

Evie - Prince’s (she says in a dreamy voice)

I look at Evie. «Really Evie, come on, you are supposed to back me up»

Evie - Ugh! (she added after she sees me looking at her)

Jay - I don´t do uniforms, unless it´s learher, you feel me?

«Thank you Jay» Maybe not the best argument.

Chloe - I read somewhere that they allows dogs in Auradon. Mom says that dogs are vicious animals who eats girls that don´t behave.

Jay sneak’s behind Chloe and says. - Woof. Too scare her, it worked. Chloe punched him.

Mal - Yeah mom you see we´re not going. (And try to walk away, which i never get a chance to do before she talks again.)

Maleficent - Oh you are thinking to small sweetie, it´s all about world domination. (As she was walking away she called or more like screaming to her minions to followed her. Than i hear her voice again with a sweet tone where she calls my name.)

I look at my friends in terror before following my mom. «Maybe I can get dad to help me change her mind»

Chapter Text

pov. Mal

We go back to my home, where we see my friends parents waiting on us.

Hades - I see you have told them.

Maleficent - Yes, now the plan. You will go to Auradon. Find the fairy Godmother and bring me her wand, easy peasey. (She gives my a wink)

Mal - What´s in it for us?

Maleficent - Matching thrones. Hers-and-hers crowns.

Chloe - I think she meant us ?

Mom looks at me

Maleficent - it´s all about you and me, sweetie.

Hades - And me!

Maleficent - And your father. (she rolls her eyes). Do you enjoy watching innocent people suffer?

Mal - Well, yeah, i mean, who doesn’t..

Hades - it’s gets boring after a while, believe me i know. You know I was the god of

Maleficent - yeah,, yeah we know honey. Well Mal, then get me the wand and you and I can see all that and so much more. And with that wand and my scepter, I will be able to bend both good an evil to my will!

Evil Queen - Our will

Maleficent - Our will, our will. And if you refuse, you’re grounded for the rest of your life, mister.

Mal - But, DAD!

Hades - don´t look at me.

Mal - Ugh.. Fine. Whatever.

Evil Queen - Evie. My little evil-ette in training, you just find yourself a prince with a big castle and a mother-in-law wing.

Evil Queen & Evie. - And lots and lots of mirrors!

Evil Queen - Ah! - No laughing. Wrinkles.

Cruella - Oh, well, they’re not taking mu Chloe, - because I´d miss her too much.

Chloe look at her mother with hop i her eyes and a smile.

Chloe - Really, mom?

Cruella - Yes. Who would touch up my roots, fluff my fur, and scrape the bunions off my feet?

And that´s how quickly Cruella managed to take the hope and smile of her only daughter face. You can hear it in Chloe voice that she is hurt by what her mother said.

Chloe - Yeah, mayby a new school wouldn’t be the worst thing.

Cruella - Oh, but Chloe, they have dogs i Auradon.

Chloe - Oh, no! I´m not going!

Jafar - Well, Jay isn’t going either. I need him to stock the shelves in my store. What did you score? Oh. Ooh. A lamp.

Jay - Dad. I already tried.

Evil Queen - Ah! Evie´s not going anywhere until we get rid of this unibrow, hmm?

Maleficent - What is wrong with you all? People used to cower at the mention of our names! For 20 years, i have searched for a way off this island.


While my mom is talking i use this opportunity to walk to Evie and whisper in her ears that she is looks beautiful. She smiles at me and mouthed to me thank you. I know that she need’s to hear this because some time her mother comments makes her doubts her self. Jay did the same as me, he is now with Chloe probably telling her that we will protect her from the dogs. I can se that she smiles now and feeling more safe. I know that both Evie and Chloe is tough girls, are the most badass girl and don´t need us boys, but they are like sisters to us and both me and Jay will do anything to protect them. We are family, and family stays together.


Maleficent - For 20 years, they have robbed us from our revenge… - revenge on snow white and her horrible little men.

Evil Queen - Ow!

Maleficent - Revenge on Aladdin and his bloated genie!

Jafar - I will......

Maleficent - revenge on every sneaky Dalmatian that escaped your clutches.

Cruella - Oh, but they didn’t get baby. They didn’t get the …. They didn’t get the baby!

As Cruella laugh’s her crazy laughter. I thought to may self «The legacy baby you are always taking about is a fucking teddy bear. Luckily we don´t need listen to Cruella awful laughter anymore when we leave to Auradon

Maleficent - Revenge on Beauty and the Beast for putting you Hades a God on this Isle.

Hades - I will show them what happen when you mess with a God.

Maleficent - And i, Maleficent… The evilest ot them all, I will finally have my revenge on sleeping beauty and her relentless little prince. Villains!


Villains- Yes, Yes?

Maleficent - Our day has come. Hmm. E.Q. give her the magic mirror.

Evie - Is this your magic mirror? (It a small mirror that fits perfectly in Evie´s hand)

Evil Queen - Yeah, well, it ain’t what it used to be, but then again, neither are we! (she and mom chuckles)- It will help you find things.

Evie - Like a prince?

Evil Queen - Like my waistline.

Hades - Like my insanity.

We all chuckles by hades comment except my mother.

Maleficent - Like the magic wand! Hello!

Evil Queen - Hello, to you too

We all chuckles again.

Maleficent - My spell book. My book. I need my… that book. Oh, ah! The safe. The safe. Queen, help me! I never can figure this thing out.

Evil Queen goes to the refrigerator and opens the door without any problem and mom got her spell book.

Maleficent - I doesn’t work here but it will in Auradon. Remember when we went around causing pain and hectic.

Evil Queen - Like it was yesterday.

Maleficent - So many memories, now you’ll create your own. By doing exactly as i tell you.

We all hear the car horn honked.

Jay - Let´s get this party started!

Cruella - Chloe! Come

Evil Queen - Who is the fairest of them all?

Evie - Me

Evil Queen - ah!

Evie - You

Evil Queen - Yes! Let´s go.

Jafar - Now, recite our mantra

Jay - there’s no team in «I»

Jafar - Oh, run along. you’re making me tear up

Jay - My bag

Jafar - Yeah

Jay - Dad!

Jafar - Coming!

Maleficent - The future of the free world rests on your shoulders. Don’t blow it Mal!

On my way down to the car my dad stops my.

Hades - Mal

Mal - What?

Hades - Have fun

Mal - Thanks. I try

Evil Queen: Ah! Smells like common folk.

Cruella - Come back her now! Chloe

Chloe - bye mom

Driver - The jackals have landed.

Maleficent - Mal!


I look up at the balcony where mom and dad is standing. Mom did the motion that means i´m watching you. We all got in the car. As the car start driving we hear.

Jafar - Bring home the gold!

Cruella - Bring home a puppy

Evil Queen - bring home a prince.

I zoned out and began to think.

Chapter Text

Pov. Mal

As we are on the way to Auradon soon leaving The Isle of the Lost. Evie is fixing her make-up, and try’s too put make-up on Chloe, something that´s not easy at the moment because Chloe and Jay are too busy eating everything eatable they can find in the car. Normal i probably laughed at Evie attempt to do Chloe make-up. But I am still deep in my thoughts.

I want to make mom proud. Thing at home is terrible, mom and dad i always fighting. Dad don´t even live at the same place. He has own place deep into the ground. Whenever my mom got really angry she punished me for not being evil enough. I don't blame her, I am supposed be the son of the most powerful and evileste villains of them all. «No pressure at all».

My eye start to wander all over the car. I find something a black remote with button’s on. As i push the some of button´s the black wall behind my head starts to open. I look at the driver, before even got to think, Evie shouted.

Evie - Look!

The car is driving to the bridge. You may wonder what so special about this bridge. Well you see the bridge is destroyed which means that if you drive there you fall in the water, or that at least what we thought.

Chloe - IT´S A TRAP! (She shouts)

We all starts screaming. I pull Evie close to me, Jay those the same to Chloe.


As we look at the windows we see yellow light around the car. It looks like magic. I let go of Evie and look at the other.

Jay - What just happened. (laughs)

Evie - it most be magic

I turned around to look at the driver

Mal - Hey. Did this little button’s just open up the magic barrier

Driver - No, This one opens the magic barrier. (Shows a gulden remote.) That one you have opens my garage. And this button… (he push a button on the car roof and the wall between him and the villain comes up again)

Me and Evie start to smirk as we look at the others

Mal - Okay (Laughs) Nasty. I like that guy.

Chloe - Hey, Evie? Can i ask you about something?

Evie - Sure Chloe what is it?

Chloe - What are you going to do if you find a prince?

Evie - Well, i get him to notice me and make myself as available as possible. Once that´s done, I can hopefully get him to date me, and then we can maybe get married in the future.

Jay - Princes are stuck up and idiots!

Mal - Agree

Evie - Even if they are, they have access to good food, warmth, and overall luxury for me and my mother. So I should at least try to get one. What about you Chloe? Do you want a prince.

Chloe - nah, i don´t care if he is a prince or not, as long as he like me for me. (Chloe muttered quietly while she looks down at the floor) If a boy like that even exist.

I was about to say something, but Evie bet me too it.

Evie - Jay, Mal what about you guys?

Mal - I have already a princess in my life. Remember I am stuck with you. (After i say it, I stuck out my tongue to Evie. Evie gave me a mild punch on my shoulder. I laughed.)

Jay - I agree with Mal. You are the only princess we ever need.

Chloe - True. (Chloe gives Evie a hug.)

Evie - aww, love you guys.

Rest of the trip went quickly and before we knows it we are arrived.


Pov. Bet

The limousine pulled up at the school. I give the signal too the band and they starts playing. Everybody is excited too meets the villain kids. At lot of people stands with welcome sign and flags. I start smiling. People are supporting my decision too welcome the villain kids too Auradon. The driver goes to the car door and open the door.

You know in a movie where we are induced to a hot/handsome person and everything slows down in slow motion. Well now you have a idea about how i felt when the first person came out. It was a tall handsome guy with dark purple hair. He was wearing a blue leather jacket and pants, purple shirt and shoes. I didn’t even notice the other kids before the music stopped and snapped me out of my trance. There is now a beautiful girl standing beside him, probably his girlfriend. Wait why is that important, focus Bethany i mentally tell myself. Now why did the music stop. Behind the handsome guy and the girl is another girl and boy that is fighting over a blanket. Wait why a blanket? Fairy Godmother begins to walk to the kids. Me, Andrew and Caroline follows.

Chloe - Jay stop, give it too me, Why do you want it?

Jay - Because you want it

Chloe - Come on, you got everything else?

The handsome guy whistle, and gets those who are fighting attentions. The blue girl turned around and starts to speak the others

Evie - Guys! Stop it. We have an Audience

The girl gave the guy the blanket while both of the looking embarrassed. They quickly got out of it, and are now standing with the handsome guy like nothing ever happened.

I really have too stop calling him the handsome guy

Jay - Just cleaning up (he chuckles, while he holds a bunch of others thing in his arms)

Fairy Godmother - Leave it like you found it! (she says in her sing song voice). And by that, i mean just leave it. (she says in a more serious voice.)

The guys throw’s it all back too the car. After that he walks up to me with a smirk.

Jay - Hello Foxy. The Name’s Jay

I giggle a little and smiles back at him.

Bet - Nice to meet you, My name is Bet….
Andrew stop me form continue, and starts to talking instead.

Andrew - Bethany. Princess Bethany soon to be queen. (he smiles at me, and i gives him a little smile back) And i am Prince Andrew son of Sleeping beauty and

Evie - You had me at Prince. My name is Evie daughter of the Evil Queen. Which makes me a Princess.

Evie goes to Andrew with a big smile and flattering eyes. She definitely trying to flirt with him. Wonder how he is going to react. But before he even get a chance to do any thing Caroline Cinderella’s daughter aka one of my best friend steps in front of Evie

Caroline - 1. Evil Queen has no royal status i Auradon, which means you are not a princess. And 2. before you rudely interrupted Andrew you would have know that he is my best friend Bethany boyfriend which means he is taken. So back off. (She says in a annoying voice)

Bet - Caroline be nice, they just came her. it´s okay (I sends a comfort smile to Evie hoping that she know that i am not mad at her)

Caroline had no right to act like she did, i mean Andrew is not hers boyfriend. But she is may bestfriend, she is just probably looking out for me. Luckily fairy Godmother break’s the awkward silence.

Fairy Godmother - Anyway welcome to Auradon Prep. I´m fairy godmother, Headmistress.

Mal - The Fairy Godmother? As in, «Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo»?

Fairy Godmother - bibbidi - bobbidi. You know it.

Mal - You know what i always wandering how Cinderella felt when you just appeared in front of here and gave her everything she wanted, like how could she know that you are to be trusted. But know that i can see you myself. I see that you are good and nice women with a warm smil. Unlike Rumplestiltskin if you know what i mean. (He chuckles at his last comment, so does fairy godmother)

He smiles at her and takes her hand in his and bows down and gives her ring a kiss. Fairy Godmother gives me a look like are you sure he is a villain kid. I just smiles back at her.

Mal - Its a pleasure to meet you. My name is Malcom but everybody calls me Mal

Fairy Godmother - How is your parents again?

Mal chuckles. So that his name. And how does he has so good manners. I didn’t think that villain taught their kids things like that.

Mal - And this is Chloe. (He takes his hand over her shoulder)

Chloe - Hey, you are so pretty (She smiles and shakes fairy godmother hands)

Fairy Godmother - Aww, thank you. And so are you.

Chloe - Thank you

Mal - So do you think that me and Chloe could see you in action?

Fairy Godmother - I am sorry, but i don´t use the wand so much anymore and it was a long time ago.

Chloe - Not even if we ask you really nicely?

Fair Godmother - Sorry, honey but i can´t. Anyway like I always say «don’t focus on the past or you’ll miss the future. (Than she does what she does in the movie after saying the line).

I take the opportunity and walks too the villain kids, with Andrew following.

Bet - It´s so good to finally have you all here. As you all know i princess Bethany but you can all call me Bet.

Fairy Godmother - Bet and Andrew are going to show you all around. And I’ll see you tomorrow. The doors of wisdom are never shut. But the library hours are from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm. And as you may have heard, I have a little thing about curfews.

As fairy Godmother starts too walk away the band follow her. But than she calls back.

Fairy Godmother - And Caroline you are coming with me.

Caroline - What, Why.

Fairy Godmother - don’t make me say it twice

Caroline - Fine!

I put on a big smile and walks to the villain kids. And shakes there hands. First Jay he wink’s at me, Then Mal, i lock eyes with him and almost forgot to begin my speech. He has beautiful green eyes. Bethany snap out of it, you have a speech to say i tell my self. I continue to shake hands with Chloe and Evie while starting my speech.

Bet - This is a momentous occasion, and one that i hope will go down in history. As the day our two people began to heal…

Mal - Or the day that the you princesse soon too be queen (he wink’s at me) showed four people where the bathrooms are. (We both chuckles)

Bet - Let me guess, a little bit over the top?

Mal - Maybe a little more than a little bit.

Bet - Well, so much for my first impression. (We both laugh’s)

Andrew - Hey! you’re maleficent´s son aren´t you

Mal - That´s me

Andrew - Yeah, you know what? I do not blame you for your mother trying to kill my parents and stuff. All forgiven

Mal - You sure, it doesn’t hear like you are.

Andrew - Unlike villain we forgive and gives people a second chance.

Mal - Sure, btw tell your folks that next time they are celebrate something try too invite everyone, it is a good way to avoid trouble. (He chuckles)

Bet - Okay! So, how about a tour. Yeah? (They all gives me a smile and i continues) So you can all see this is Auradon Prep, originally built over 300 years ago and converted into a high school by my father when he became king.

We walk too my father statue, i clapped my hands and the statue morphed to into a Beast. As that happened i heard a scream and find Chloe on Jay´s back clinging to him for dear life.

Bet - Chloe is okay, my father wanted his statue to morph from beast to man. To remind us that anything is possible.

Mal - Does he shed much?

Bet - Yeah, mom won´t let him on the couch (I say with a serious voice)

Mal looks at me too see if I am joking or not, i only smirk’s at him.

Mal - So you guys have a lot of magic here in Auradon? Like wands and things like that?

Bet - Yeah, it exists of course, but it´s pretty much retired. Most of us here are just ordinary mortals.
Mal - Who happened to be Kings and Queens.

Bet - Look who is talking, last time i checked your father is a God.

Mal - You got a point there sweetie (he says with a dreamy smile, "I not the only one sees i right?")

I started to blush and giggle when called me sweetie. I feel Andrew put his arm over my shoulders. As i look up on him, he look at the stairs where Doug is walking down.

Andrew - Doug. Doug, come down. This is Doug. He is going to help you with your class schedules and show you the rest of the dorms. Which means that you guys don´t need me and Bet anymore. Bye.

As Andrew try’s to make me follow him, i stop.

Bet - Andrew, i can´t leave. i was supposed to follow the girls too their dorms.

Andrew - Doug have no problem doing it, Right Doug.

Doug - Sure, no problem

Bet - But

I really wanted too do it my self but Andrew takes my hand and starts walking. All i have time to say is.

Bet - I´ll see you guys later, okay. Bye.

I heard them say bye back before i got outside the building with Andrew. I have no idea where he is taken me. We all cleaned your schedules too be with the villain kids


pov. Mal

Me and Jay are in our dorm waiting on the girls. The dorm is not bad, for once we have actual bed´s. The gaming system is awesome, although i´m probably not going too use it often unlike Jay. Who is playing right now.

The doors open and the girls comes in awe.

Mal - pretty cool right. How was yours dorm? Wait actually don’t answer it. Let me guess is pink and princesses like.

Evie - It is amazing, i could definitely get used to this.

Chloe - is that a gaming system! Can i please try.

Jay - Sure, go ahead.

Mal - How do you even know what a gaming system is. I had to read the instructions manual before i even understood what it was.

Chloe - I have my sources. (She give me a wicked smile) It no surprising that you needed too read the manual. I mean your mother can't even open a refrigerator without help.

Jay - Burn. (Laughs really hard)

Mal - I am going to let it slide, only because you back me up with fairy godmother today

Chloe - I quickly understood what you was trying to do, and thought that if both of us complemented her, we would have better luck in getting her to take out the wand.

Evie - So that what you guys were doing.

Jay - I knew that

We all rolled our eyes

Mal - i can´t believe what i am going to say, but i am actually grateful that your mom Evie and dad forced me to pretend to be a prince so that you can practice how to act around royal’s and important people.

Eive - I told you that is was going to get handy.

Chloe - Why did Hades make you to it

Mal - So that he could make fun of me, when i failed.

Eive - I remember that, it was so funny having him there. (She laughs thinking about the memory’s)

Mal - Not for me

Evie walks to Jay`s bed.

Evie - what´s all this.

Jay - It called stealing, princess.

Evie - i know that but what´s the point?

Jay - Well, Evie, it´s like buying whatever i want except it´s free

Mal - Sure that´s cool or you could leave all of this here and pick it up when we take over the World

Evie - You sound just like your mom
Mal - Thanks Evie, you always know what too say. (I wink at her, and she smiles back).

Jay - You do your way and i´ll do it mine.

Chloe - DIE, SUCKERS! (laughs)

Mal - Chloe, are you soon done?

Chloe - 1 sec, There now i am done. So what´s the plan

Mal - Since it didn’t work to ask nicely, we do it the bad way. Evie , Mirror me

Evie - mirror, mirror on the— in my hand, where is fairy godmother wand …. stand?

Mal - There it is!

Chloe - zoom out

Evie - Magic mirror, not so close

Mal - it´s in a museum. Do we know where that is?

Chloe goes on the computer.

Chloe - 2.3 miles from here

Mal - let’s go.


(Ps: I am skipping the museum part because the same thing happens in the movie happens in the story too. The only difference is that the scene between Mal and Maleficent doesn't happened.)

After walking the girls back to theirs dorm, me and Jay goes back to ours dorm.

Jay - look man, i am sorry for what happen at the museum.

Mal - Not so good as a thief you claim you are Jay - Okay, i deserve that one. Can you forgive me? Mal - Sure, bro. But i think that take a walk outside before i goes to bed.

Jay - okay, see you later, Bye.

Jay walks down the hallway to the ours dorm while i leave the building to get fresh air, no idea of where i am heading.

Chapter Text

Pov. Bet


Why can’t I sleep arrggh. I try too lay still in my bed, but start´s too get restless and walk´s out off my bed. I go too the window and look out at the sky. Wonder how the villain kids are doing? Maybe I can go and check. They are not going to mind it right? I look at the clock it shows 4.00 am. I sighed they all are probably at sleep now. I look back out the window but this time i look at the trees. Wait a minute, who is that? And why is this the person walking outside this hour. As I get a better look of who the person is, I realized that the person is Mal. What is he doing on the girls sides of the building? Especially on the end where my room is? Before even realizing what I was doing. I had already walked out my balcony door and to the end of the balcony.  


Bet - Mal, what are you doing out here on the girl´s side of the building? (I shouted)


He looks at me surprised, like he didn’t expect anyone to be a wake at this hour. 


Mal - Why are you not a asleep? 


Bet - hey I ask first 


Mal - Needed some fresh air too think. Didn’t realized where i was going. (He walked closer to the balcony) Now what about you princess? Don’t you need your Beauty sleep? (He smirk’s at me) 


Bet - haha very funny. Couldn’t sleep 


It was quiet for a good time before Mal spoke again 


Mal - Now what do you think fairy godmother are going do to me if she caught me breaking curfew. (He smiles, but than stops and looked worried)  She not going too send me back to the isle, right?  


Bet - No she is not (I give him a comforting smile)  She is probably just going to give you detention. (He sighs in relief) Either way she can’t send you back to the isle, because she is not the one who deicide’s if you should go back or not. (This got is his curiosity) 


Mal - Who is ?


I decided to joke a little bit with him. 


Bet - The princess who are soon to become Queen  


Mal - It that so. (He has a humorous smile on his face) And what do you think she is going to do me when she finds out about me breaking the curfew ?


He was now walking up the balcony 


Bet - She is probably willing too look past it, i can even put in a good word for you. If you tell me what you where thinking about. 


Mal - And what if I don’t tell you


Bet - Well i could always tell people about your little adventure 


Mal - Aww, is the princess trying too give me a ultimatum. How sweet. (He got a wicked smile on his face) I BET that you are not going too do that. You know why? Because you are too kind person to snitch on others.  And the new Queen need us VK to look good or the people is going to question her decision on bringing us her. And we don´t want that do we now? 


He is so close now, my heart is beating and it is getting harder too think straight. He bends down a little bit and start to whisper in my ears. I can feel his warm breath. It feels so nice


Mal - Now that how you gives people a ultimatums princess (he whispers)


He bends back up again and take a step back. i can feel my body yearning for his closeness again. i don´t want him to go, not just yet.


Bet - Fine, what about a deal than.(I smile to him) I won’t tell, if you take me with you on your little adventure. 


Mal - So the princess want too break rules now. 


Bet - Sure why not, just don’t get us caught handsome 


Mal - Me getting us caught. Are you trying too hurt my feelings princess. Don’t forget that I am a VK after all. (He smirks at me).Well than are you ready to go princess. 


Bet - 1 sec, I  just need too get my jacket 


Did i just call him handsome out loud, how embarrassing. Take yourself together Bethany, you have a boyfriend already. I try to comfort myself. You just going on a walk with him. In the night under the stars, not romantic at all. Right? 


As we walk around the school yard, we talk about almost everything, things that is not even important. It just came naturally to us and i really enjoy how easy it was talking to him. I never get too that with Andrew. He is normally the one that who is always talking. How he is perfect and how he is going to be a great king if we married. He is so sure that I am going too say yes. But would I? Well we have been together now over 3 years and he his from a royal family so it should make sense that I end up marrying him. But is that what I really want. I don’t even know if i want do be Queen. 


Mal - Wait, so you are telling me that the thing in your hand (he points at my phone) what ever is called ... 


Bet - A phone ( I interrupted smiling. It funny how him as he is trying to take in what I just told him.) 


Mal - Fine!  A PHONE. Can communicate with people all over the world without being stuck the a wall. 


Bet - and texts, FaceTime, take pictures and videos, and so much more ( I laughed at his  shocking reaction) 


Mal - Man. I guess Chloe was right than when she told us about thing like this existing in Auradon. 


Bet - I don’t understand how you gives got a hold of each other on the Isle. I mean i cant even imagine my life with my phone. 


Mal - Well we do have telebox in our home but we rarely use them….


Bet - Telebox? ( I interrupted him agian)


Mal - Yeah, the thing you have stuck to the wall and have push button’s to dial number in. 


Bet - that´s called a telephone not a Telebox? (I start laughing, and he smiles at me)


Mal - Well that what my mom calls it. (He laugh’s after realizing how silly the name Telebox sounds) Anyway we were always together so we didn’t need phones. And if we where not, we used the kids on the Isle to send message to each other. The kids will do anything for food.


Bet - Really, but don’t they get food from their parents. 


Mal - most of the kids are orphans, and even if they do have parents, they have to be lucky if their parents are willing to share. 


Bet - oh, I didn’t know 


Mal - how could you, it not like people form Auradon visit the Isle to check how we are doing. 


We continue walking in silence. I didn’t know what too say or do. I felt bad about how we haven’t given much of a thought about how bad thing was on the Isle. Especially for the kids. When I becomes queen I am not going to look past the Isle. It a part of my kingdom and i am going too fix things. No kids should be starving. I look back at Mal, he looked sad to. Then a idea came too my head on how to share us up. 


Bet - You know what, I will personally deliver phone’s to you all tomorrow. Do you guys have any favorite colors ?


Mal - Are you serious? You do that?


Bet - Of course. I was the one who invited you guys. I will make it my personal mission too help you guy feel welcome. 24/7 (I joked, he smiles at me) 


Mal - Don’t you think 24/7 is a little bit much. (he chuckles) 


Bet - Fine maybe not 24/7. But I do want you guys to feel welcome. So which color? 


Mal - Yeah of course. Evie’s blue and red, Chloe’s white and black, Jay’s dark red and yellow. And my is well, you can look for yourself. 


He’s says while spinning around so that I can take a look at his clothes, he is wearing the same one he came with. Dark blue and purple. 


Bet - Got it 


We was walking back to my dorm. We didn’t talk that much on the way back, but it wasn’t a awkward quiet or any thing it was nice quiet. Like we didn’t feel like we had too talk, we just enjoyed each other company. We got too my door. I opened it, but before going in I turned around to look at him. 


Bet - this was fun, we should do this again 


Mal - And how am I going to know if you are awake or not. 


Bet - well when you gets your phone, all you need to do is text me. ( I start yawning) 


Mal - you going to sleep ? 


Bet - probably. I mean is getting pretty late. ( I look at the my phone it 6.00 am, i looked back at the sky, the sun was being too light up the sky, how didn’t i noticed it before) So should you, it 6.00 am, only 2 hours before school starts 


Mal - Shit, totally forgot. do i have to go. 


Bet - Sorry but yes, but so must I 


Mal - Fine (He says in defeat). Goodnight or should I say good morning (He gives me a smile 


Bet - see you later. (i smile back)


I go inside my room and close the door, after only 3 steps i hear Mal muttering a little bit too loud


Mal - you going to sleep? Of course she is, you idiot. Why else would you followed her to her dorm. Really thats the best you could come up with? arrgh 


I giggles and continue walk the rest of the way to my bed. 




Pov. Chloe 


Remedial Goodness 101 Classroom 


Fairy godmother - If someone hands you a crying baby, do you, A, curse it? B, lock it in a tower? C, give it a bottle? Or D, carve out its heart? (Evie takes opp her hand) Yes, Evie.


Evie - what the second one? (the boys giggles. knowing that she is faking it only to annoy the fairy godmother, which works) 


Fairy godmother - (try to keep smiling) Oh, okay. Anyone else? Mal? 


Mal is drawing, but look´s up when fairy godmother calls his name. 


Mal - C, gives it a bottle. (After answering he continues to work on his drawings) 


Fairy godmother - Correct. Again. (she says proudly)


Jay - Man, how do you know all the rights answers? 


Mal - Just pick the one that doesn’t sound like any fun. 


Chloe - Oh. 


Evie - that makes so much sense. 


A guy walks in the room, it funny how he look´s scared of us as he walk past. I start to smile, and takes a quick look at Evie and Mal they both have noticed boy walking in. 


Fairy godmother - Oh. Hello, dear one. 


Jake - Hi, You need to sign off on early dismissal for the coronation. 


Fairy godmother - Everyone this my son, Jake 


Jake - Mom, no!


Fairy godmother - It´s okay. Jake, this is everyone. 


Jake - Hi, That´s okay, don´t mind me. As you were. 


He start walking, i look at Evie and she at me. We both start smirking, conforming that we have the same idea. Both of us look at Jake, and gives him a seductive smile. He looked shocked at us and gave us a nervous smile back, before he continues walking out of the classroom. I look back at Evie and we both start´s giggling. Look’s like we are going to have a little chat with Fairy boy here. 


Fairy godmother - Ahem, Let´s continue. You find a vial of poison. Do you A, put it in the king´s wine? B, paint it on an apple? (Evie smiles) Or C, turn it over to the proper authorities? 


We all raised our hand´s except Mal, who looks bored. Jay pushes down my hand. 


Chloe - Jay stop it, let go! (I get annoyed) 


Fairy godmother - Jay 


Jay -  C,  you turn it over to the proper authorities


Chloe - I was gonna say that 


Jay - But i said it first. Hahaha


I give him a hard push on his arm, and almost pushes him of the chair. Mal and Evie start´s to laugh. The school bell starts ringing. We all start packing, and walking out of the classroom. Evie walk´s beside me. We link our hand´s together. The boys is walking behind us. On our way to the lockers, we see Jake again. He is with is own locker, i look at Evie and smile. We starts walking to Jake.


Chloe & Evie - Heeeyyy (we says seductive) 


Jake - Hi 


He says in a nervous voice, it´s kinda cute how nervous he is. What to say, what to say. Got it.


Chloe - I like your name 


Jake - Thanks, i guess ( Still nervous and tries too leave) 


Chloe - Wait, don´t go. We guess we where just kinda of hoping to make a new friend. (Both me and Evie looks disappointed) 


Evie - You probably have all the friends you need though, huh? 


Jake - Hardly 


Evie - Really? I mean, with your mom being fairy godmother and headmistress? Not to mention your own, um…..


Chloe - Personality!


Evie - Yeah 


Jake - I´d rather look good. Like your friends over there 


He points at the boys, we both look behind us seeing Jay say goodbye to Mal before heading to his next’s class. We look back at Jake. 


Evie - Well, your are going to need a makeover. Like we definitely need to do something with your hair. Mal! (She calls him over) Can you come her for a little bit 


Mal - What?


Evie - do you think you can do something with his hair 


Mal - You know what? I have just the thing for that. (He finds his mother magic book) It´s right…Ah, here. Beware, forswear, replace the old with brand new hair.


Evie - Now that´s much better. (Takes out her mirror and shows him)


Jake - Do my nose!


Mal - Oh, sorry I can´t. I’ve been practicing, but you know, I can´t do really big magic. Not like your mom with her wand. I mean one swoosh form that thing and you could probably have whatever features you wanted. 


Jake - She doesn’t use the wand anymore. She believes the real magic is in the books. And not the spell books, regular books with history and stuff. 


Mal - What a rip. 


Jake - Yeah 


Mal - You know, she used magic in Cinderella, who wasn’t even her real kid. 


Evie - Doesn’t she love you ?


Jake - Well, of course she does. It´s…. it’s just you know, tough love. «Work on the inside, not the outside.» You know, that sort of thing. (He looks sad. I almost wanted to give him a hug and comfort him) 


Evie - That´s the face! Yeah, and then just look as If your…. your heart is about to break. And say «Oh, mother, I just don´t understand why you can´t help me feel good about myself.»


Jake - Do you guys really think it would work? 


Mal - Yeah of course. I mean. that´s what old Cindy did, right. And your mother Bibbidi-bobbidi-booed the living daylights out of her. And, hey. If your mom does decide to, you know, break out the old wand, invite us.


Jake - If i managed to convince mom, you all are so there.


Evie - Yay. 


Jake - Bye 


Mal, Chloe & Evie - Bye 


Mal - good work girls. 


He give us a high five. We than leave separately to our next class. 



Pov. Evie 


The chemistry lab  


Doug - Hey 


Evie - Hey


Doug - Do you mind if i sit with you?


Evie - Sure why not. By the way, how may students goes on this school?


Doug - Over 1 000 students? Why do you ask?


Evie - And how many of them are royals? 


Mr. Deley - Evie. Perhaps this is just review for you. So tell me, what it the average atomic weight of silver? 


Evie - Atomic weight? Uh, well, not very mush. I mean, it´s an atom, right? Let´s see. How do i find the average atomic weight of sliver? That would be 106.905 times 5200, plus 108.905 times 4800, which, Mr. Deley, would give us 107.9 amu…


Doug - Amu? 


Mr. Deley - I forget. Always a mistake to underestimate… 


Evie - A villain? Don’t make it again. 


I go back to my chair and look at Doug smiling.


Evie- Now where were we. 



After class 


Caroline - Evie wait up 


Evie - What do you want?


Caroline - I saw how you solved the problem and was hoping we can make a deal.


Evie -  And why should I make a deal with you?  


Caroline - Well it pretty obvious that you are looking for a prince. And I just happened that I have a brother. So i thought that if you do my homework, i will personally introduce you to my brother. So what do you say? 


Evie . Deal. 


Caroline - Yay, see you later. 




Chapter Text



Pov. Bet 




As i was done with my class, I meet up with Andrew and Caroline. Andrew takes his arm over my shoulder and we start walking down the hallway. He and Caroline  starts talking but i don´t pay much attention to what they were saying. I was still waiting on a text about the phones i requested. This morning I ask Lumiere to help me since i had to go too school. I checked my phone once more, Lumiere had texting me back.


 «The phone would be done before school ends, I will leave them at our dorm.»


I smiled. Andrew and Caroline started laughing, since I didn’t pay enough attention to know why, I just continue smiling. Caroline stop and she gets a serious face while she point somewhere behind me. I look behind and see Evie and Mal talking. 


Andrew - Those kids are trouble. 


Caroline - I agree 


I heard Evie say goodbye to Mal. Telling him that she is going to look for Chloe. 


Bet - Come on, guys give them a chance. 


Caroline - No offense, Bethany, but you’re just too trusting. 


Andrew takes away his arm away from my shoulder and take both my hand’s in his. 


Andrew - Look, I know your mom fell in love with a big nasty beast who turned out to be a prince. But with my mom, the evil fairy was just the evil fairy. That guy mother. (He said to me like i was a little kid, which annoyed me a little bit) 


Bet - Well I think you guys are both wrong about them. I’ll see you both later. 


Andrew & Caroline - Bye 


I start walking to Mal and i noticed the amazing art on his locker. I didn’t know he was talented.  


Bet - Hey 


Mal - Hey to you too princess


Bet - How was your first day? 


Mal - Super (He says in sarcasm) 


He close his locker and look’s at me with a smile


Bet - You should really think about taking this talent off the locker and into art class. I could sign you up. What do you think?


Mal - Way to take all the fun out of it. 


Bet - Mhmm. (I give him a playful smile) But you see this is vandalism on the school property (I point on his locker and start mimicking his voice) And we want the VK to look good or the people is going to question the decision on bringing you guys her. And we don´t want that do we now.


He smirk´s  at me and takes a step closer me.  


Mal - Not bad princess. Not bad.


Bet - What can i say I have a excellent teacher (I smiled)


Mal - Fine, i will check it out. But I am not can’t make any promises. 


Bet - Yay, it starts after school…..


Before i got to say anything more, Jay comes running to Mal all excited


Jay - dude, they have a sword fighting club, we have to check it out.  


Bet - I can show you guys where it is. 


Mal - Show us the way princess.  


On your way to the Sword and Shields we meet Evie and Chloe. They came along to the fighting area. As we enter the room I saw Andrew with his teammates and Coach Jenkins. Coach Jenkins sees us walking in.


Coach Jenkins - ah. Princess Bethany.  What can I do for you today? 


Bet - You can first of all begin to call me Bet instead of princess Bethany . 


Coach Jenkins -  I know you prefer to be called Bet, but i can ignore your parents status. 


Bet - I know.(I sighs) Anyway remember my proclamation about bringing four kids form the isle. Well i have two of them wanting to try out our sword fighting program. 


Coach Jenkins - Sure, why not. Do you guys know how to handle a sword? 


Jay - Only since we where 4 years old (Mal and Jay high five each other) 


Coach Jenkins - Right, your parents let you guys play with real sword at the age of 4. (He says sarcastically)


Mal - Who do you think gave it to us. (Both Jay and Mal chuckles) 


Coach Jenkins - Wait you guys wasn’t kidding 


Mal & Jay - Nope 


Coach Jenkins - Well then, give them a sword and a helmet and let see what they got. 


Andrew - Coach I know we need two more on the team but are you seriously considering letting Villain kids join the team. 


Coach Jenkins - If they can beat all your asses, I will even make one of them Captain. (He says pointing on the hole team.) 


While Coach talk´s to the team Mal and Jay gets their swords and helmets. Me and the girls go up to the balcony too watch. 


Coach Jenkins - All right, we start with you two. (He point’s at two of the members, and they gets in position). Everyone ready. (He blows the whistle)


Mal and Jay gives each other a smirk´s before the fight start. It barely been a minute before the members had lost their sword and was on the ground.


Mal - Well this was easy, (He even looked a little bit bored)


Jay - Yeah, this can´t be the best you guys got? 


Andrew didn’t look very happy. Coach pick´s out new members too try. Which meant that Andrew and Artie son of king Arthur was next. As the two member launch at Mal and Jay. Mal and Jay took a step to the side and put their foot in the way so that the two guys they were fighting trip on their foot´s and fall to the ground. Evie and Chloe cheer’s on the boys. Maybe I should ask them too try out Cheerleading. 


Mal - Looks like it only you two left. 


He point with his sword on Andrew. Andrew gets in position in front of Mal 


Mal - You sure you don´t want ask Flora, Fauna and Merryweather for help like your dad did. (He chuckles) 


Andrew - Don’t have high expectations. Your mother lost, so will you. 


They all get in position and the fight starts. Andrew and Artie is the best fighters in team, but Mal and Jay had more experience. They were faster to react than them and know how to play dirty. Which gave them the upper hand. Even how hard Andrew and Artie try they never gets a god enough shoot on them. Mal even went behind Andrew and slapped his ass with the flat side of his sword. Teasing him. Out of shock Andrew put’s one of his hand on his butt.  


Mal - What is your royal ass hurting. (He laughs after teasing Andrew) 


Everyone starts giggling, which only makes Andrew more angry. He tries to attacking Mal again. Mal block’s Andrew sword with is own, and attack Andrew sword with so much power that the sword falls out of Andrew hand. Mal point´s his sword at Andrew chest. He look at Jay, who had already won his fight with Artie and then back at Andrew. 


Mal - Look´s like we won (He says with a smile) 


Jay and Mal takes off their helmet, and a new player comes in the fighting area. The player looks at Mal and Jay.  


Jay - This one I can handle


(Jay and Lonnie sword fight scene in descendants 2) 


Mal - At least the girls knows how to give us some challenge. 


The hole team - Girls? 


Mal - Yeah, can’t you guys see that a girl (He point at the new player). I even bet that she is Mulan daughter. 


Lonnie takes of her helmet. Jay gets a smile on his face 


Jay - Beautiful and talented. (He walks too Lonnie, who blush a little, which is surprisingly since she never blushes) My name is Jay (he wink’s at her, definitely trying to flirt with her) And this is Mal (He point at Mal, who give a little smile)


Lonnie - Lonnie (She smiles back to both the boys) 



Andrew - Lonnie what are you doing here, you know girls are not allowed to join, they are not even supposed too use sword 


Mal & Jay - What? 


Mal - Wait a minute, are you telling me girls are not supposed know how too fight with sword?


Andrew - What, girls at the Isle do? 


Mal - Of course, isn’t that right girls? (He looks up at the balcony were me, Chloe and Evie is.) 


Evie - You know it


Chloe - You mess with us, then you are in big troubles. 


Both Mal and Jay get a big grin on their faces, proud of their girls. Lonnie smiles too. 


Andrew - It doesn’t matter, we are in Auradon, were we have rules. Like Section 2 paragraph 311 - for a team vinyl be comprised of a captain and eight men. Sorry Lonnie.


Jay - It that so, one captain and eight men right? 


Andrew - Yes 


Jay - Coach you said to your team that if we (point at both him and Mal) beat´s them, which we did. One us would be Captain. (He looks at Mal, who nods) Well we want Lonnie to be our Captain. 


Lonnie - seriously (Jay gives her his signature smile) 


Andrew - Didn’t you just heard what i just said. 


Mal - Oh we heard. You said eight men and one Captain. But you never said if the captain hade too be a girl or a boy. 


Andrew - Coach are you seriously going too let them do this. 


Coach Jenkins - They are technically not breaking any rules, so yes. Meet your new teammates and Captain. Welcome to the team. (He gives the 3 a handshake)


Lonnie - Yay, thank you guys so much. 


Mal - Of course, anyone who can kick a sword off Jay´s hand is a friend of my. 


Jay - She does have skills, she maybe even be good enough to beat you. 


Lonnie - Lets find out? 


Mal - Not right now, I am starving. lets take lunch. 


As Mal starts walking, me and girls goes downstairs to meet up with him, Jay stays behind talking to Lonnie.  


Jay - You what too join us?


Lonnie - Sure, love to 


Jay - Hey guys wait on us. 





Pov. Mal 


School Cafeteria


Lucifer! It so much food in here. How am I supposed too decide what i want. 


Bet - I know, I know is too little to choose between. (She says playfully) 


Mal - Well at least we know how spoiled princess your are 


Bet - Hey, i am not that spoiled. 


She give me a playful push on my shoulder, we both laugh


Mal - So does the princess have any recommendations 


Bet - mm… (She stands in a thinking position)


Andrew - I recommend that you stay away from my girlfriend. (He says in a threatening voice) 


Bet - ANDREW, that wasn’t very nice. Apologise to Mal 


Andrew - Why, he is a villain kid, he doesn’t deserve a apology.


Bet - I know you just lost the sword fight, but that doesn’t give you the right to be mean  


Mal - It’s okay princess, someone is just bad losers. 


Andrew - Lets go Bet. (He start directing her away) 


Bet - Wait, i almost forgot


She turned to me again and took up her notebook, she wrote a note. Andrew did not look happy about it. She gave me the note and a smile before going with Andrew to theirs table. 



I end up taking a sandwich, and went to my table where Evie, Jay, Chloe and Lonnie was. Lonnie was talking to Jay 


Lonnie - You should definitely try out on the Tourney Team. They have try out today after school.


Jay - What do you say Mal, should we beat some more Auradon asses today. 


Mal - Sorry I can´t after school, was think about checking out art class. 


Jay - BORING! 


Evie - It’s not, i was actually thinking about going there myself. I heard that they had a sewing machine I could borrow and fabric’s I can use. 


As Evie and Jay talked I looked at the note Bet gave me.


« Your phones are ready. Tell the gang to meet up at the girls dorm so I can deliver the phones. I am coming around 5 pm, which gives you plenty of time to check out art class.» 


Jay - Well than it looks like we all are going art class than. 


He didn’t look happy about it, while Lonnie looked confused. Probably not knowing that we do most things together as a group. 


Mal - No, me and the girls is going to art class, while you are going to crush some Auradon asses on the Tourney field. 


Jay - Alright !


He stand´s up and give me a high five, which got everyone´s in the cafeteria attention. 


Jay - Does anyone knowns where is the tourney field is? (We all laugh) 


Lonnie - I can meet you after school and show you 


Chloe - It i alright if i join you guys, i really don’t want to be the one who has too help Evie carry all the stuff she finds in art class. 


Mal - Oh no, that means i have too


Evie - Hey, i not going to take that much stuff with me


Jay, Mal & Chloe - Yes you are. 


We all laugh, except Evie who looks annoyed, which made us laugh more. 


Jay - Look´s like it trouble in paradise. 


He point´s where Bet and Andrew was sitting. Andrew tries to take his arm over Bet shoulder but she just pushes it off. He said something to her, she looked shock for a moment, and then mad. She stood up and start walking out of the cafeteria. I wanted too go after her but seeing the look Andrew gave us, told me that is was something to do with us. I gave him a smile, which only made him more angry and he went after Bet. 


Lonnie - I never understood what Bet is seeing in him. I mean she is the most selfless and nicest person in the world, while Andrew is the complete opposite. 


Chloe - Than why is they together? 


Lonnie - Well Bet, Andrew and Caroline have been friends since they were little. And i think since both Bet and Andrew is from respected royal family they were kinda pushed too together. Especially by Queen Leah. 


Mal - Why Queen Leah ? 


Lonnie - Well i don´t know if it completely true or not. But there is a rumor that Queen Leah wasn’t very happy when Belle and Adam became elected leaders instead of her daughter and Philip. But when Bet and Andrew was 13 year old she started to play matchmaker, so that Andrew would become king if he married Bet. Anyway they have been together over 3 years now, so I don’t know if it true or not. 


Chloe -  I kinda feel sorry for her. Remember when people on the Isle said that some of us was together. 


Evie - Not fun. 


The school bell rings, telling us to get to our next class. 


Mal - Meet up at the girls dorm at 5 pm. 

Chapter Text

Pov. Jay 


Finally!! Done with the last class of the day. Since me and Chloe had same class,  we left together right after word to go look for Lonnie . She had told us to meet up with her at the cafeteria. Which didn’t take so long to find. I see her waiting on us, she was still wearing the sword and shield team training clothes, but now she had her hair in a ponytail, which lets me see more of her features. She is truly beautiful.   


Lonnie - Ready to go?


Chloe - Yes we are. Thanks for showing us the way. 


Lonnie - Happy to help. (She smiles.) 


We all start walking to the Tourney field. I realised that I know nothing about this game.  


Jay - So what can you tell me about this Tourney game? 


Lonnie - Well, there is a kill zone in the middle of the field, where people shoots at you. If you get hit, the ball goes over too the other team. 


Jay - Not with real guns right? 


Lonnie - Yes, with real guns. 


Jay - What? 


I look shockingly at her, she start laughing. 


Lonnie - Kidding! Off course not. We don’t want to kill the players. 


I signs in relief. 


Jay - How do you win? 


Lonnie - You have to score the ball in the other teams goal. 


Jay - That doesn’t sound so hard 


We arrived at the Tourney field. Coach sees us. 


Coach Jenkins - JAY, you here for the try out ?


Jay - Why else would I be here. 


Coach Jenkins - Good to hear son, can’t wait too see what you got.  


Andrew - Were is Mal? Afraid to lose this time. 


Some of the team start laughing, backing up Andrew.    


Jay - Nah, he thought it would be too easy to win if we both came. But hey, at least we tried to make it fair for you guys. Even though you won’t stand a chance. (I chuckles) 


Andrew - We will see about that, villain. 


As Andrew said the last part i disgust, he narrowed his eye, I did the same and start walking up to him. Ready to fight him, but Coach stops me. 


Coach Jenkins - You need to gear up, if you want to play. My assistant will give you the equipment you need. 


I went to the locker room to change. After changing, i go outside, and get the last equipment I needed. 


Coach - Jay you’re offense, Andrew you’re defence, Taylor, you’re the shooter. 


Taylor - Right, coach! 


Jay - See you on the field, loser. 


We all got in position on the field. The girls is watching from the bleachers. Coach blew the whistle and the game starts. Once I get the ball I starts running and tackle Andrew who trues to stop me. He falls on the ground and i continued running through people not letting anyone stop me. Once i get to the kill zone, my survival technique kick’s in. I get through with no problem. And continue to run too the other team goal. One of the player starts to shouting in fear. 


A random player - Wait Stop! No, no, no, no! 


He lays himself down on the ground and use his shield to protect his body. This makes me smile, and I run on his shield. A other player tries to take the ball, but i push him out of the way. Takes the ball and score. 


Jay - Oh, oh, oh yeah! Whoo! Whoo, whoo. (I shout while doing my victory dance) 


Other random players - What the hell just happened? Who is this guy? 


I heard Coach Whistle, which gets my attention. He points at me. 


Coach Jenkins - You! Get over here! 


He sounds mad. I start running over to Coach, the girls are also making there way to where Coach Jenkins is standing. Probably to find out what is going to happened. 


Coach Jenkins - What do you call that? (He starts smiling) I call that raw talent. Come with me. I’ll show you something you haven’t seen before. It´s called a rule book. Welcome to the team, son. 


Lonnie - Good job Jay. 


Chloe - Not bad. 


I give both of them a high five, before joining Coach. He takes me to the bleachers away from the team. He sits down, so does I.  


Coach Jenkins - I could really use a tough guy like you. The team´s a bunch of princes, if you know what i mean. 


Jay - you’re telling me. It´s all «after you, old chum» «Oh, pardon me, did i bump into you?» Where i come from it´s, «prepare to die, sucker!» As my father says «the only way to win, is to make sure everyone loses!» You rip…. (I begin to standing up) 


Coach - Jay! Jay, Jay (He says, while pulling me back down on the bleachers again) Let me explain a team. Uh, it’s like a family. 


Jay - You do not want to be at my house at dinner time. 


Coach - Okay, okay, um.. You know a body has a lot of different parts? The legs, elbows, ear. But they all need each other. Well, that´s what a team is…. different players who work together to win. Make any sense? 


Jay - Can I be the fist   


Coach Jenkins - Sure. (he shows me a jersey with the number 8). Here is your number Jay. We will put our name on it later. 


Jay - Nice (I put on the jersey and gives him back the one I borrowed) How much is the clock?  


Coach Jenkins - around 04.40 pm


Jay - Shoot, I have to go. (I start running too Chloe, who is waiting on me.) See you later Coach. 


Coach - See ya. 


Chloe - Lonnie had to go, she wished you good luck.  


Jay - Can’t wait to show her my jersey. I am officially a part of team. 


Chloe - Congratulations. 


Jay - Come lets go, before Mal get mad at us for being late. 


Chloe - Probably a good idea. 




pov Mal 


The girls dorm 


My arm is so tired after carrying all the fabric Evie took. How was i stupid enough to believe her when she told me that she wouldn’t take much. And how the hell does the art classroom have so many stuff, where do they get it from. 


Evie - I think that´s all


Mal - Finally 


I lead out a big relief and threw myself on Evie´s bed. 


Evie - For now. 


I looked up at her in shock. She gives me a smooth smile. Jay and Chloe walk in. Jay was wearing a new shirt, which he was showing off. 


Jay - Hey, hey, look what i got. 


Chloe - You should have seen him, one of the players got on the ground terrified of Jay 


Mal - Not bad brother. 


Evie - Tell us everything 


Jay and Chloe tells us what happened on the Tourney field. And ask us how it went in art class. I told them to take a look at the room too guess how it went. There was fabric’s everywhere. 


Evie - So Mal, what did you want us to meet up for. 


I give her my signature smile, while still laying in her bed and starts count’s with my finger from 3 to 1. As I take down the last finger, I pointed at the door and we heard a knock. 


Mal - If you want to come in, you have to open the door yourself. I not going too do it for you princess. 


Bet opens the door and walks in. The gang looked confused on why she was here.  


Bet - Laying on the bed, how lazy of you. Where did your manners go? (She says playfully) 


Mal - My manner are still here. I just think you are to spoiled. 


Bet - I am not spoiled (she says a little bit annoyed) 


I chuckles, loving how easy it is to tease her. She narrowed her eyes at me, which only made me smile more. 


Jay - Now that you two are done flirting. Can someone tell us why Bet is here. 


Bet - You haven’t told them? (She looks at me confused) 


Mal - I thought it would be a nice surprise 


Bet - Well then,(she looks at the gang) I came to deliver you all phones. 


Chloe - You serious 


Chloe had a big grin on her face. Bet gives her at affirmative nod. 


Chloe - Oh my lucifer, thank you. (She gives Bet a big hug, and Bet hugs her back) 


Bet - Your welcome 


Jay - What´s a phone? 


Chloe - A wireless handhold device with a electrical system that allows users to make and receive calls and to send text messages to someone else in another place. Among other features


Which made Jay only more confused, I probably be confused myself if it hadn’t  been for Bet explaining it to me before. 


Mal - A Telebox that doesn’t need too be stick to a wall 


Jay - Oh! Cool 


Bet handed out all our phone. Every phone had their own color phone case. I got one with dark purple case, Evie got a blue one, Chloe got a black one and Jay got a dark red one. 


Bet - I put all your phone numbers inn each other phones. Also mine and Doug number are in there if you guys need help with something or have any question, we are happy to help.


Bet showed us have too use our phone, even though Chloe had full control. While the rest of us took some time before getting a hang on it. Jay even when outside to test the phone. When he came back Bet got a text. She got a serious look at her face once she saw the text. 


Bet - I am really sorry guys, but i have to go. 


Evie - It okay, we understand. 


Bet - See you guys later. Bye 


Everyone - Bye 


We all spent some time at on our new phone  After a while Jay start´s too speak up


Jay - I don´t know Mal, it not so bad her. 


Chloe - Yeah, some people is actually really nice. 


Mal - What are you guys saying? You want to back out of the plan. Don´t forget who we are, and who our parents are. We are villain remember.  


(Since I took away Maleficent and Mal song in the museum. I am gonna put a song in her. The song is called Legendary by Welshly Arms. Hope you like it.)


Take a look around me 

Taking pages form a magazine 

Been looking for the answers 

Ever since we were kids


You know the truth can be a weapon 

To fight this world of ill intentions

A new answer to the same question 

How many times will you learn the same lesson? 


I think they got it all wrong 

We just gotta hold on 

And on, and on, and on


`Cause we´re gonna be legends (Ooh)

Gonna get their attention (Ooh)

What we´re doing here ain’t just scary 

It´s about to be legendary 


Yeah we´re gonna be legends (Ooh)

Gonna teach ´em all a lesson (Ooh)

Got this feeling in our souls we carry 

That it´s about to be legendary 


This is what we came for 

And we couldn’t want it anymore 

We can never turn back now 

Got to leave it all on the floor 


Been dreaming of the pay-off 

Though the struggles and the trade-offs 

Fighting tooth and nail on the way up 

Tell them the truth but they’d think it’s made up 


I think they got it all wrong 

We just gotta hold on 

And on, and on, and on


( The gang joined me on the last part) 



`Cause we´re gonna be legends (Legends)

Gonna get their attention (Attention)

What we´re doing here ain’t just scary 

It´s about to be legendary 


Yeah we´re gonna be legends (Legends)

Gonna teach ´em all a lesson (Lesson) 

Got this feeling in our souls we carry 

That it´s about to be legendary 



Eventually they’re gonna know who´s right 

To make a stand you’ve got to win the fight 

Can´t stand the heat then just stay out the light 

Or you might never make it out alive 

You gotta live without a compromise 

Let everybody hear your battle cry!



Yeah we´re gonna be legends (Legends)

Gonna get their attention (Attention)

What we´re doing here ain’t just scary 

It´s about to be legendary 


Yeah we´re gonna be legends (Legends)

Gonna teach ´em all a lesson (Lesson) 

Got this feeling in our souls we carry 

That it´s about to be legendary 










Oh, oh 






Ooh legends 


(After the song) 


Mal - Because we are ?!


Evie, Chloe, Jay - Rotten to the core !


Mal - And don’t never forget it. 


Jay - Thanks Mal, we need that. 





The next few days we all had tried to come up with a idea on how to get Fairy godmother wand. But no luck. We had almost been here for a entire week, and still no closer to the Wand. It was Saturday today, and we first came here on Sunday,. Our parents are probably not happy about the wait. 


We had already asked Jake how it went with his mother. It didn’t go as we hoped. Luckily my little magic trick on his hair wasn’t completely in wain, once people found out that it was me who had fixed Jake hair, they all came to me asking me too do the same to their hair. At the beginning I didn’t want too help them, but they were willing too pay. Which was perfect, because we are going to need the money if we where going to stay here a while.


On Wednesday the girls had gone with Bet to try out for the cheerleading squad. Which they told me went well, until a dog came running on the field. Which had made Chloe run for her life to the woods. Evie and Bet had to run after her. Once the caught up with her, they managed to convince her that dog wasn’t scary, and now she won’t go anywhere without the dog. She even sends a picture to all of us daily of the dog now, where he is wearing clothes Evie made for him. 


It was getting late, I was going threw all of my mother’s spell, for i don’t know how many time now, trying to find a way to get fairy godmother’s wand. But as i finished the book again, I put it down, trying to get some sleep. Jay was already at sleeping, tired after the Tourney and sword and shield practice he hade to go trow this week. The Tourney team even have a big game at Monday. I was a part of the sword and shield practice. Even though Lonnie definitely knew how too push us to the limits. Which I swear just made Jay fell more in love with the girl. I wasn’t as tried a Jay. Quite the opposite I still had some energy in my body which only makes it harder to sleep. I get out of my bed and goes outside, to take a little walking hoping that it might help. I realised that I was walking to the girls side of the building again. I took out my phone and texted Bet 



You awake ?








Look out of the window, princess 


I see her walking too the window, she sees me and I give her a smile. She smiles back. I wait for her as she comes out with a jacket, ready to go.


Bet - Hi 


Mal - No, beauty sleep too night either I see  


Bet - The same goes for you. 


Mal - Well I enjoy walking in the night. Its quite. 


Bet - And peaceful. Ready too go then


Mal - I was the one waiting on you remember.  


As we were walking, i noticed she didn’t say so much. She has probably something on her mind. I decided to use the opportunity to tease her a little. 


Mal - Can´t get me out of your mind, can you?  


Bet - WHAT? NO (She blushes) 


Mal - So what, I am not important enough for you to think about? (I looked at her hurt) 


Bet - No, of course you are. (She said comforting) I think about you all the time….


Mal - Oh, really. It that so. 


I gave her a seductively smile, her eyes winded i shock when she realised what she had just said. 


Bet - No, wait. Not like that…. I meant you and the gang…. Not just you as a individual… 


She continued rambling, I start giggling. Which she heard, she does not look happy.


Bet - You are trying to tease me, aren’t you.


Mal - Maybe (I start laughing).  


Bet - You are awful, you know that 


Mal - Aw. Thank you princess, I try my best. 


I bow in front of her. She rolled her eyes and turned herself away from me. Making it clear that she is annoyed.  


Mal - Come on princess. I was just joking around. (She still don´t turned around) What about this, we both know that something is bothering you. And if you want, you can tell me what on your mind. I may even be able to help you. 


She turned around, considering my offer. 


Bet - it nothing (she sighs) 


Mal - Clearly it is. And I can’t help you, if you don’t tell me. 


Bet - it just… 


Mal - it about Andrew isn’t it ? 


Bet - how did you know 


Mal - Lucky guess (She didn’t believe me)  I saw what happened in the cafeteria on monday, also people been talking. Saying that you two have been fighting these last days. 


Bet - oh, you heard about that. It nothing serious, it …


Mal - Come on, you can tell me. I won’t judge.  


Bet - No, it just stupid. 


Mal - If it was stupid, you wouldn’t be think about it 


Bet - Right, well Andrew accused me for cheating. 


Mal - With who? 


Bet - With you 


Mal - Oh. (I smiled) 


Bet - Why are you smiling? This is serious.


Mal - Well, can you blame him, I mean have you seen me, I am hot as fire. 


While saying the last part, my hair burst in fire. Proving my point. Unlike my father how has blue fire, mine is purple. 


Mal - Don’t you think? (I give her a wink, she doesn’t not look impressed) 


Bet - You may wanna put out the fire, before you getting us caught


Mal - Your wish is my command princess. (I bow to her, while putting out the fire, in attempt to make her smile, which works) Who did you react then when he said it to you?


Bet - I was offended, I mean me and Andrew have been together over 3 years now and he doesn’t trust me.    


Mal - Only a idiot could not trust you  


Bet - Thanks 


Mal - How did you guys even get together 


Bet - It´s a long story 


Mal - I have time 


Bet - Me, Andrew and Caroline have known each other or hole life. Once we became 13 years old, he asked me on a date. I said no at first. Because I had just started my Queen tranning. And I really didn’t have time for a boyfriend. Queen Leah somehow found out about me saying no to Andrew. She came to me one day to talk. She understood that i had a lot on my plate, that´s why it was even more important for me to have someone like Andrew in my life. One how understand what i was going throw and knew that i didn’t have the same amount of time to spend with him like normal couple do. Which made sense, not many people do understand how it like. 


So i said yes, and we went on some dates. Which was nice, I got to talk to him about how stressful it was for me, the pressure I felt about becoming the next Queen. He listened, comfort me. He supported me, telling me that we could take things slow in our relationship. Which we did. He and was always there for me, when i needed him. Things was great, it was me, him and Caroline against the world. 


Mal - When did you guys start fighting? If you don´t mind me asking.  


Bet - No, it fine. It actually been going on quite a while now 


Mal - How long? 


Bet - About 6 month ago. 


Mal - What change?  


Bet - I don´t know what exactly happened. All I know that 6 months ago me, Andrew and Caroline had made plans to go on a trip together. We decided too go to the cottage where Aurora grew up in. Then at the least minute i couldn’t go. A important meeting came up, that I had to attend. I told them how sorry I was for not being able to join them. They understood. Andrew and Caroline went on the trip alone. While I stayed behind. Everything was fine, up to when they came back, something had changed. They get more cautious and quiet when i was around. I started too felt left out. I tired to ask about the trip, but the just got mad at me. Andrew even tried to get more intimate with me, but I told him no. Luckily thing started to better after a while, but me and Andrew began fighting. Never over something serious. We always became friends again. But somehow I still feel like it is my fault that we are fighting. Since i didn’t join them on the trip. I wish knew what happened. Than maybe I wouldn’t feel like a bad girlfriend. 


She starts crying while continue talking.  


Bet - And now he says that i spend to more time with you guys than him, accusing me for cheating on him. I only wanted you guys to feel welcome. 


Mal - Hey, hey, Don’t cry. You have done a great job with welcoming us. Chloe loves her phone and won´t stop talking about all the apps she have fond. And now that she have meet Dude, I get a dam picture of the dog everyday from her. So guess I have to thank you for that. 


I said the last part in a playful annoying voice, trying to make stop crying. It works, she start laughing a little bit. 


Bet - Sorry


Mal - Don’t be. At least Chloe isn’t afraid of dog anymore. 


Bet - Glad I could help. (She smiles)


Mal - And hey, don’t let what Andrew told get in your head. As for us Villain kids, i don´t think his family is quite over it what my mother did too them. I haven’t been helping too change that either. If you hadn’t noticed I have been getting under his skin the last few days. 


Bet - So I am just a tool you us to tease Andrew with 


Mal - If you was I wouldn’t have been talking to you in the middle if the night where one body can see us. 


Bet - Then why are you talking to me?  


Mal - Believe it or not princess. But you are not so bad hang out with. And maybe i was wrong about you being spoiled.  


Bet - What was that, I didn’t hear you. (She had a big smile on her face) 


Mal - Nice try princess, but i am not going to say it twice. 


Bet - Not even if i say nicely? 


She put on her puppy face, which make her so dam cute. But I am not going to let it affect me.  


Mal - Sorry princess. 


Bet - Please !!!


Dam this girl is stubborn. 


Mal - No can do, princess. 


Bet - Not even if give you a kiss. 


Now this got my interest. I give her a seductive smile. 


Mal - Really, would you give me a kiss just to hear me say that your not a spoiled princess? 


She has a big smile at her face clearly satisfied with her self, when i realised my mistake. Dam it. She tricked me. 


Bet - Gotcha. 


Mal - So, no kiss then 


I put a fake pout on my face. She comes closer to me, gets on her toes, her face comes close to mine. What is she doing. I locked eyes with her, not noticing one of her hands making it way up to my face. She use her index finger to do a little push on my nose. 


Bet - No kiss, for you 


She gets down from her toes and take a step back while having a playful laughing smile on her face. So she wants to play. Lets play princess. 


Mal - Careful there princess, you are giving out signals. 


Bet - What signals?


Mal - That you are dying to kiss my me. 


Bet - Don’t get cocky. You may be hot, but that doesn’t mean I am dying to kiss you 


Mal - So you do think I am hot. 


The realisation shock in her eyes was priceless after realizing what se said. I start laughing knowing I got my little revenge. 


Bet - You son of a bit…..


Mal - Gotcha 


She gives me hard push on the shoulder. But can´t hide the fact that she is smiling. 


Bet - Idiot  


Mal - So, why are the future Queen willing to spend her time with a VK. Specially at night? 


Bet - Believe it or not. You are not so bad either. 


Mal - That hurtful princess. (I make a dramatic move to my heart, looking hurt) 


Bet - What did I say now? 


Mal - You told a VK that he is not bad. 


She just rolled her eyes at me. We continue talking a while longer, before going back to our dorms. 


Chapter Text


Pov. Chloe


Girls dorm. 


I feel someone licking my face. I wake up seeing Dude standing in front of me. He starts licking me again. 


Chloe - Okay, okay. I am up. 


Evie - Finally, was beginning to wonder how long he had to lick you before you woke up. 


Chloe - You he did it. Didn’t you. Good boy. 


I can believe that I ever feared dog before. They so amazing creatures. I am so happy that got to meet Dude. All thanks too Bet. She had asked me and Evie if we wanted to try out cheerleading. Which we did, and the try out went great. 





Bet - You guys was amazing.


Evie - We know 


Bet - I am so happy to welcome both of you on the cheerleading squad. We already have a big game on Monday we need to repair for. I will also send a text to you both about practice and other details later, you need to know. 


Chloe - Thanks. What game are we repairing for.  


Bet - The Tourney game. 


Evie - That means we get to see Jay play. 


Bet - Yeah, I heard, tell him congratulations from me. 


Chloe - We will. 


We went to get our bag, before heading to the dorms. Evie and Bet was talking about how Evie wanted to do some changes on the cheerleading outfit’s. No surprise there. I heard a barf, I looked up seeing a dog running on the field. I got so terrified and started too run in to the woods. The dog follows me to the woods. Which did not make it any better. I found a tree, that I was able to climb in. The dog standings at the bottom of the tree looking at me. Evie and Bet came a minute later. 


Bet and Evie - Chloe! 


Chloe - Bet, Evie, help me!


Bet - What going on? 


Chloe - Help me! This thing is a killer! He´s gonna chase me down and rip out my throat. This is a vicious, rabid pack animal! 


Bet looks confused, she looks at Evie hoping on a explanation. Evie tried to say something, but stops and looks at the ground not knowing what exactly to say. Bet looks back at me.


Bet - Chloe, who told you that? 


Chloe - My mother 


Bet - Cruella 


Chloe - She´s a dog expert. A dog yellerer. 


Bet take’s the dog in her hands, caring it.


Chloe -  Why are you holding him? He´s gonna attack you! 


Bet - Chloe, you’ve never actually met a dog, have you? 


Chloe - Of course not. 


Bet - Dude, meet Chloe. Chloe, this is Dude. He´s the campus mutt. 


I get down from the tree. Still beginning unsure what to do, Evie goes to Bet and start petting the dog. 


Evie - What a sweetie-pie you are.  


Chloe - He dosen´t look like a vicious, rabid pack animal. 


I get closer to the dog. Evie moves out of the way, so I can pet the dog.  


Chloe - You’re a good boy, aren’t you? You’re a good boy. 


Bet - I guess you guys have it pretty rough on the island. 


Chloe - Let´s just say we don´t get a lot of belly rubs. 


Bet - What do you say about taking care of Dude for a while. Then you guys can get to know each other. 


Chloe - Yeah, that sound great. 


Bet gives me Dude. He gives me a lick on the face, which makes me giggle. 


Evie - I have already so many idea´s of clothes I can make to him. We are going to make you so handsome Dude.


She scratches his behind the ear while saying the last part. 


Flashback ends 


Evie - Chloe, earth to Chloe. We need to get ready if we want to get some food.


Chloe - Right. You talk to the boys. 


Evie - Just Jay. Mal is still sleeping, Jay is going to try waking him up. 


Chloe - Poor Jay. 


Evie - Yeah, I feel sorry for him too. 




Pov. Bet 




Since it is the weekend, mostly people wakes up to lunch instead of breakfast. I normally wakes up to breakfast, always trying to get most of the day. But after the night walk with Mal, I was still very tired. Andrew and Caroline was already in the cafeteria, holding of a place too me. I got myself some food before sitting down with Andrew and Caroline. 


Caroline - Still not quite awake I see. 


Bet - Yeah, was up pretty late. 


Andrew - Queenly duty i presume. 


Bet - Yes. 


I did actually have some important stuff to look through. So didn’t technically lie, it just wasn’t the only reason I was up so late.  


Random girl - Look it´s Evie and Chloe. Hey. 


People in the room start saying hey, and waved to them. 


Radom girl - You guys are welcome to sit with us. 

Evie - Thank you for the offer. But we are waiting on the boys. Maybe next time. 


Looks like they are starting to get popular. This is great, maybe I can start thinking about bringing over more children from the Isle.  


Andrew - Do you think they actually paid for those? 


Bet - Paid for what? 


Caroline - Their hair. Mal fixed Jake hair too. Which fairy godmother is not happy about it. 


Andrew - Ever since Mal started to fix people’s hair. The villain kids got popular. 


Bet - What´s the harm, anyway? 


Andrew - It´s gateway magic! Sure, it starts with the hair. Next thing you know, It’s the lips and legs and the clothes and the everybody looks good and the were will we be? 


Bet - What do you mean with were will we be? 


Before Andrew got to answer, Jay comes running in runs the cafeteria like something is hunting him. He heard a someone shouting. 


Mal - JAY, I am going to kill you 


That definitely got everyone attention. Many starts whispering, what did Jay do too Mal to make angry. Mal comes running in, still in his pyjamas, but his face and chest was soakings wet. 


Jay - Sorry man, but i didn’t know how else to wake you. 


Mal - So you decided to trow ice cold water at me!!!


Jay - Come on, it wasn’t that cold. 


And now Mal is even more mad, his eyes was glowing green. He start throwing food at Jay. I stood up from my table, to try and stop this. Jay was closer so I went to him. As i was about to say something. But Mal throw food at Jay. Jay used his reflexes to dock away, and the food ended up at me. We heard gaps all over the cafeteria. Mal eyes stop glowing when he look at me. 


Bet - MAL ! 


Mal - It was supposed to hit Jay. 


Bet - No figures, can you at lest give some paper. 


He takes some of the paper close to him. And walks up to me, giving me the paper. I take one glass of smoothie beside me and pure it over his head. Cafeteria goes in gaps again. Someone start laughing. 


A random guy - That our future Queen. (He yelled, and many started to cheer) 


Mal - You just couldn’t resist, could you princess. 


Bet - Sorry (Which I definitely was not) 


Mal - You know what, so can’t I. 


He also takes on of the smoothie and pure it over me. The people start gasping again. We turned around to se Jay trying not to laugh. I look back at Mal, we both smile, before start throwing food at Jay. 




He yelled, and before we know it, everyone start throwing food at each other. Evie and Chloe came up to Jay to join the fight. 


Fairy godmother - What is this. 


We all stops, looking at fairy godmother. Andrew and Caroline was behind her. 


Andrew - It was the villain kids, they started this. 


Fairy godmother - It that true. 


Everyone was quite, no one said a word.   


Fairy godmother - Well then, since you four finds it so fun to throw food. You will get the pleasure too clean it up. 


Jay - but I have… 


Fairy godmother - no, but’s


Bet - You mean five 


Fair godmother - I beg you pardon. Last i check there was only four villain kids.  


Bet - I was as much part of this as they are. I even had the chance to stop it, but instead incurred it. Which makes this as much as my fault as them. 


Fairy godmother - But your majesty, I can´t punish you. You don´t have time to clean. 


Bet - Well, I guess I should have thought of it before starting a food fight. If they are going to get punished, it only fair to punish me too. 


Fairy godmother - All right then, if that want ….. 


Lonnie - I want to help. 


Doug - Me too. 


Jake - And me 


Fairy godmother - Jake you too? 


Jake - Yes mother, everyone in her joined the food fight. It isn’t fair to just punish the villain kids. 


Fairy godmother - Fine, have it our way. But this have be cleaned before dinner. Got it. 


Everyone - Yes madam. 


Fairy godmother - Good, now get change and meets up back her. I get the equipment ready for you guys. And Mal why are you still wearing your pyjamas, and no shoes? 


Mal - Well you see, my amazing room-mate here. 


Mal takes both his hand on Jay shoulders. Jay gives fairy godmother a nervous smile. Andrew takes a hold of hand and drags me out of the cafeteria, not letting me hear the rest of the story.  


Andrew - Why did you do that? 


Bet - Do what, I only told her the truth. 


He did not look happy with my answer. 


Andrew - I don´t know what´s it up with you and the villain kids, especially with Maleficent´s kid. But you are gonna have to pick soon. Me or him? 


Bet - What? You can´t …… 


He walks away, before i got to say anything more. Caroline came up to me. 


Caroline -  I will talk to him. He shouldn’t have given you a ultimatum


I give her a nod, not knowing how to react. 



Bet - I was the one who brought them her. I can´t just ignore and stop talking to them. 


Caroline - I know, you are too nice of a person to do that. But remember, you did bring over Maleficent´s child, without asking Andrew how he felt. 


Bet - You right, I didn’t ask him. But if the villain kids becomes good. We hopefully bring more kids from the Isle too. 


Caroline - You really do have a heart off gold. Sometime i wonder how it even possible that a person like you even existing.  


Bet - I definitely not perfect, I mean you are the one who fixes things between me Andrew everything we fights. 


Caroline - I love both of you guys too much, to see you two fighting. 


Bet - Sometime I wonder if you and Andrew should have been together instead. 


Caroline - What do you mean. 


Bet - You and him have always had better chemistry between each other. Than I ever had with him.  


Caroline - Anyway I think is time for you to get change, you looks like a mess. (We both giggle) And I will talk to Andrew when I get the chance. 


Bet - Thanks Caroline, you are truly the best. 


Caroline - What else do you have best friends for. 


Bet - I would have given you a hug, but like you said i am a mess. 


Caroline - That´s okay. maybe later.  


Bet - Definitely later 


Caroline - Bye. 


Bet - Bye 




Pov. Mal 




We all got to take a shower and change clothes. I got my revenge on Jay. After being done showering I turned the temperature in the water to ice cold. You can probably guess what happened next, when Jay went too take a shower. Me and Jay got dressed and made our way back to the cafeteria. Fairy godmother was waiting on us. 


Fairy godmother - Good, you are all her. We pushed dinner a hour later, so that you guys get more time to clean. I will also be tanking your phones.  


Chloe - Wait, why? 


Fairy godmother - We don´t want any thing to take a way your attentions from cleaning. 


Chloe - Fine. 


We all gave our phones to fairy godmother. Even though fairy godmother hesitated about taking away Bet´s phone. But as stubborn Bet is, she made it clear, that if nobody had their phones she wasn’t either. 


Fairy godmother - And no magic. If i finds any trace of magic, I won’t hesitate making you all clean the entire school instead of just the cafeteria. That all, I will leave you to it. 


Once fairy godmother, was gone from the cafeteria. I turned to Jake. 


Mal - So how is your mother going to know if i use magic? Are she going to bring her wand to do it? 


Jake - No, she has a magic detector. 


Mal - Let me guess, brand new? 


He just looks down on the floor, which made the answer easy to guess. 


Mal - Well, then. Guys you know what to do. 


We all when to work. After while   


Lonnie - I wish we hade some music. It would make this less boring. I don’t understand why she had to take our phones. 


Chloe - Me either 


Bet - I think it nice, not being stuck to the phone. 


Doug - I agree with Lonnie, some music would have been nice. 


Chloe - Why don’t you guys just sing or make your own music. That what we did on the Isle. 


Doug - You seriously did that.  


Mal - Yeah, unlike you guys, we didn’t have phone or Wi-Fi on the isle.  


Jake - What did guys do too make the time go? 


Mal - Lets just say, we know how to be created. 


Bet - Than sing for us. 


Mal - I not sure if you guys can handle it  


Bet - I think we can survive.  


Lonnie - Yeah, we love to hear.  


Mal - I don´t know …….


Bet - What? You afraid? 


Jay - Afraid, ha. Not a chance. 


Mal - Remember princess you asked for it. What you guys say, should we show them a little bit of the Isle. 


Evie - You know i can’t say no when i get the chance to show off my amazingly singing voice. 


Chloe - What ever you say boss. 


Mal -  Lets have some fun


Jay - YEAH 




They say I´m trouble 

They say I´m bad 

They say I´m evil 

And that makes me glad. 



A dirty no good

down to the bone. 

Your worst nightmare 

can’t take me home 



So I got some mischief

in my blood 

can you blame me 

I never got no love 



They think I´m callous 

A lowlife hood 

I feel so useless


All four: 



Evie and Chloe  

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who´s the baddest of them all? 

Welcome to my wicked world 

wicked world


Jay and Mal 

I´m rotten to the core, core 

Rotten to the core 

I´m rotten to the core, core 

Who could ask for more

I´m nothing like the kid next 

Like the kid next door 


I´m rotten to the…. oh

I´m rotten to the 

I´m rotten to the core 


(We all start making rhythmically banging on the tables. Hooting and laughing.) 



Call me a schemer 

Call me a freak 

How can you say that 

I´m just unique 



What, me a traitor? 

Ain’t got your back? 

Are we not friends? 

What´s up with that? 


(He takes away Lonnie´s hair tie from her ponytail) 


Lonnie - HEY 



So I´m a misfit 

So I´m a flirt 

I broke your heart? 

I made ya hurt? 



The past is past 

Forgive, forget 

The truth is 


All four: 

You ain’t seen nothing yet… 


Evie and Chloe 

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who´s the baddest of them all? 

Welcome to my wicked world 

wicked world


(Freestyle dance, jay laugh) 


Jay - yeah 


Chloe - oohh 


Evie - ahhh haha


Mal - yeah


All four:  

I´m rotten to the core, core 

Rotten to the core 

I´m rotten the core, core 

Who could ask for more? 

I´m nothing like the kid next 

Like the kid next door 

I´m rotten to the 

I´m rotten to the 

I´m rotten to the core.  



Their face was priceless. Bet, Lonnie, Doug and Jake looks at us in completely shock. It was Doug who broke the silence wow. 


Doug - I don´t know if should be impressed or..


Jake - scared  


Doug - mmhm 


We four starts chuckling. 


Doug - Did you guys make the song yourself ? 


Evie - Yes we did. 


Lonnie - Impressive. Jay can I get my hair tie back ? 


Jay - Why should give it back? 


Lonnie - Because i need it. 


Jay - If you want it so much, come and get it. 


Lonnie makes her way to Jay. He keep the hair tie in her reach, but at the least minute before she manages to take it out his hand, he take his hand away from Lonnie. With a playful smile on his face.


Jay - To slow 


He runs away form her, she goes after him.  


Lonnie - JAY. give it back. 


Jay - Nope (laughs) 


Jay passes me, I use the opportunity to take the hair tie away from him. 


Jay - HEY, why did you do that? 


I give it back to Lonnie 


Lonnie - Thanks 


Jay - Buss kill 


Mal - You can continue flirt with her, after we are done cleaning. 


Jay gives her his signature smiles, she rolls her eyes on him. 


Mal - Chloe 


Chloe - Yes 


Mal - Can you begin to take out the trash. (I points at the trash bags)  


Chloe - Sure. Hey fairy boy.


Jake - Who? Me? 


Chloe - Yeah, you. Show me were to throw the trash? 


She say commandingly, which scared Jake a little. 


Jake - S… This way. 


Chloe and Jake start taking some of the trash bags and walks out of the cafeteria. 


Bet - Should I be concerned. (She points at Chloe and Jake walking out) 


Mal - Chloe? Nah she is harmless, well as long he doesn’t make her angry. Beside I be more concerned about Evie power over boys. (I point at Evie that makes her way to Doug) 


Evie - Hey sweetie, do you mind help me with cleaning the floor. 


Doug - Sure. I mean, of course. love too. 


Evie - Thanks 


Bet - Maybe, but you have to admit, they would be a cute couple. 


Mal - I don´t know if he is quite her type. 


Bet - Let me guess she wants a prince. 


Mal - Something like that. 


Bet - I still think Doug has a shot. 


Mal - Oh really. What makes y……


Jay - Hey, Mal


Mal - What is it?  


Jay - Why does you the only one you gets to flirt, while the rest of us have have to work. 


Bet - We were just talking. 


Lonnie - You sure, we all can see the chemistry you two have.    


Bet - LONNIE. 


Mal - Just ignore them, that what i do most of the time. 


Jay - Yeah, right. You couldn’t even if you tried. 


Mal - It got awfully quiet now, don´t you think?  


Bet - You right, it did. 


Jay - haha, very funny. 


We continue cleaning up, After a while we were all done. Chloe and Jake came back again after the last round of throwing the trash. Chloe had a big grin on her face. 


Evie - What are you smiling all about, Chloe. 


Chloe - Jake told me about computer club, they have at school. And offered to show me later. Can’t wait, too see it. They have there own computer labs. 


We all could se the excitement in her face. Fairy godmother came behind Chloe and Jake. 


Fairy godmother - I see you all done already. A half hour early than I expected. You all did a great job with no magic, right.  


Bet - No magic


Fairy godmother - Good  




Chloe - Does this mean we get our phone back. 


Fairy godmother - Yes dear. Her you go. 


We all got our phones back. And fairy godmother left.  


Bet - Hey, since we all are probably tired of being in this room for too long. What do you guys say about going to town and crabbing dinner there instead. We can use this chance to show Evie, Jay, Chloe and Mal around town and all the shops and restaurants we have. 


Lonnie - Sounds fun


Doug - I am in. 


Jake - Can I come too. 


Bet - Of course, Jake you are always welcome. 


Jay - What do you say, Mal. You want to go?  


Mal - How much will it coast? 


Ben - You don’t have to worry about money. I will pay for everything. 


Mal - Well, then looks like we are going to town. 


They all start cheering. 


Bet - Can´t wait to show you guys all the shops we have. And Evie I know a place where you can get some amazing fabrics, you gonna love it. 


Evie - Can´t wait, to see it. 

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I will also give you a little teaser from the next chapter.


Bet - Be my boyfriend


Mal - What? 



Chapter Text

Pov. Bet 


We all enjoyed our dinner at one of my favorite restaurant in town. As for dessert we ordered ice cream. The VK had actually never eaten ice cream before. Jay and Chloe loved it, and started to eat ice cream fast and got a headache because of it, this made us all laugh except for Jay and Chloe of course, who heads still hurt. I did feel a little bit sorry for them, they didn’t know. After dessert we went walking around the town. Showing them where the mall was, shop’s, restaurants, cafes and the movie theater. They had no idea of what a movie theater was, they didn’t even know what a movie was. This surprised me at first, but then I realised where they was from. I felt guilty, almost everything they hadn’t seen or taste before was a big part of my childhood, my parents taking me to movies, buying ice cream, chocolate, and many other things. We in Auradon had some amazing childhoods, while kids on the Isle was fighting to survive. And the worst part my parents did nothing to help them. 


We continue going around town, and went to the fabric shop. Evie was completely in love with the shop. She was so happy, as she went throw all the fabric the shop had to offer. Seeing how happy she was I offered Evie and the rest gang to pay for whatever they wanted. They all started to smile except for Mal. Mal declined my offer, which meant that rest of the gang did the same. I try to convince him otherwise. But he refused, telling me that I had already done enough by paying   for the food.   


Evie got really sad, not getting to buy anything from the store. Mal see’s this and sign’s in defeat before giving Evie some money. He had earn some money in Auradon by fixing people’s hair. Evie got a smile on her face, and start to collect the fabric she wanted. With the amount of money Evie didn’t get to buy as much she originally wanted too, but she didn’t complained.   


We went home around 08.00 pm. Before I went to my dorm, Mal asked me if I wanted to meet him later tonight. I said yes of course, starting to really enjoying our night’s walk. I could also use the opportunity to asking him why he declined my offer. I was waiting on him, were he normally waits on me.  


Mal - Careful there princess, letting yourself get lost in your thoughts makes it easy to seek up on you. 


He scared the hell out of me. How had he managed to get so close to me, without me notice it. I wanted to scream. He stops, putting his hand in front of my mouth. 


Mal - Don’t scream princess, or you are going to get us caught. 


He took away his hand. I punch him hard on his chest, he didn’t even flinch. How did he not feel that. He slowly looks at his cheat before looking back at me. 


Mal - What was that for?


Bet - You scared the bloody hell out of me, that why.   


Mal - I notice. (He chuckles, clearly proud of himself)


Bet - Shut up. I am still mad at you. 


Mal - Well I am ready when you are princess. 


To night we meet earlier then normal, not wanting to stay up to late. After all school is tomorrow. We used the wood around the school as cover not wanting to risk getting caught. I really wanted to know why he declined my offer. 


Bet - Mal, I need to ask you about something. 


Mal - About what.  


Bet - My offer to pay. Why did you decline? 


Mal - When we were in town I noticed people taking pictures and whisper about us. Somebody was even following us all over town, taking pictures, and listening to our conversation. 


Bet - Probably a paparazzi, but what does this have to do with you declining my offer. 


Mal - Not everyone trust us VK´s so by saying yes, people may believe that we were using your kindness and status to get what we want. Giving people more reasons to questioning our friendship with you. 


Bet - So that why you said no. 


Mal - Yeah, hope I didn’t hurt your feeling to much by declining your offer. 


Bet - Maybe a little bit, but I understand why you did it. Our little trip to town is probably gonna be all over Internett by tomorrow. One of the downside by being a friends with me.  


Mal - It must be hard to being watch your hole life by the public. 


Bet - I am used to it by now. Ever since I was born people have been taking pictures of me. I learned how to cope with it and not letting it bother me too much.  People just want to get too know their new Queen. And I can’t blame them for that. 


Mal - Does it ever gets too much? 


Bet - Sometimes it does. But luckily they don´t bother me as much at school. Giving me at lest some kinda of a normal life.  


It was nice having someone to talk about thing like this. He seems to get how I feel. It almost felt like he was going throw the same. We were getting closer to the boys side of the building. Like me, Andrew has is dorm at the end of the building. His light was still on. Meaning that he was still awake. He was begin to cover his windows. Probably getting ready too got to sleep. A figure was on its way to Andrew room. By taking another look I realised that is was Caroline. She must be on her way to talk to him about what happened earlier to day. I got curious, did she normally talk to him this late. Wanting to get a better look I got closer to his room. On his to cover over the last window, Caroline knocked on Andrew door. Not covering his window, I could see him opening the door for Caroline. When the door closed  Andrew pulls Caroline closer to kiss her. He covered his last window. I got out my shock, and went closer to his dorm. Trying to get a explanation. Mal followed me, shit I had almost forgotten that he was still here. We both stayed quiet listening to Andrew and Caroline conversation 


Andrew - I missed you 


Caroline - Missed you too sweetie, but we need to talk. 


Andrew - About what? 


Caroline - About Bet 


Andrew - Again. We had already talk about this, when the coronation is done or plans gets set in motion. 


Caroline - I was actually talking about, what you said too her at the cafeteria. Giving her a ultimatum. What was you thinking. 


Andrew - She spent too much time with the villain kids. I couldn’t just stand there and watch her being trick and used. 


Caroline - You give the Villains kids too much credit. I managed too get Evie to do my homework. All i had to do was promising here that i would introduce here to my brother. 


Andrew - Isn’t your brother 10 years old. Why does she want to meet him.  


Bet - She is so desperate to find a prince that she didn’t even bother to ask me how old my brother was. It kinda sad actually, how easy it was to trick her. 


Andrew - Not bad. 


Caroline - Anyway, you know how Bet is. She loves to help people. Remember when she always used to sign us up on different charity projects all the time. And that what the villain kids is to her. A charity project.    


Andrew - She left to town with them without inviting us. 


Caroline - Can you blame her. We made it quite clear that we don’t like the villains kids.  


Andrew - Still she too naive to realized when people goes behind her back. We have been together for 6 moths now without her even noticing it. And I know that  the villain kids are definitely planning something, especially that Maleficent´s kid. 


Caroline - I will talk to her. Convince her that the villain kids are not to be trusted.  But you have to apologise and take back your ultimatum. Or she going to be too stubborn to admit that she was wrong about the villain kids.


Andrew - How is it that you know her better than me. 


Caroline - Because she is my best friend. 


It got quiet. Maybe they are kissing or making out, I really didn’t care anymore. The piece got finally together. The trip, acting different, changing subject when i mention the trip. For 6 months they have been lying to me. All this time I have been feeling  like a bad girlfriend and friend, but i didn’t do anything, they did. I felt sad, betrayed and mostly angry. What a idiot i have been. Not setting the pieces together sooner.


Somehow I was back in the woods. Someone was carrying me. I looked to see how it was. Mal, why was he her. Oh no he heard. He heard the entire conversation. 


Mal - You okay? 


I looked back at him, he looked concern. 


Mal - I tried talking to you, but you were too deep in your thoughts. I was afraid, that you would break down in tears. I thought it would be better if we went back to the woods.   


He put me down on the ground. Feeling the warm comfort disappear. I was on the tip of crying. I put my arms around him, wanting to feel safe and warm again, not wanting to let go. I felt his strong arms around me once more. 


Mal - How are you holding up? 


Bet - Consider that I just found out that my boyfriend have been sleeping with my best friend for the last 6 months. Not good. 

I feel angry and betrayed. He even had the guts to accuse me for cheating when he was the one who cheated. For months I felt like I was doing something wrong, not being a good enough girlfriend, being the reason why we fought. Now I know it not. I just wish could make them feel the same way I am feeling now, betrayed. 


Mal - I may know a spell or two for that. 


Bet - I may take you up on that offer. 


After all I just went through, he still managed to make me smile. 


Mal - Lets get you back to your dorm. 


I let go of him, we walk to my dorm in silence. I got to my door, ready to go inside. 


Mal - Before you go in. Can i ask you about something Caroline said. 


Bet - Sure, you most be confused not knowing the hole story. 


Mal - What ultimatum was Caroline taking about. 


Bet - Before we had to clean up the Cafeteria. Andrew told me that he didn’t like me spending time with you guys. I had to decide between him or …….   


Andrew despite Mal, hating that i spends time with him. This gave me idea. 


Mal - Let me guess him or us. 


Bet - Be my boyfriend


Mal - What? 


Oh god, he must be so confused by now.  


Bet - Help me get revenge. He told me that I have to choose between him or you. I chose you. 


Mal - So you want me to pretend to be our boyfriend so that you can get revenge. 


Bet - Maybe it not at good idea, hearing it out loud makes it sound…… 


Mal - I do it. 


Bet - You will? 


Mal - Yes


Bet - But why


Mal - I never say No when it comes to getting revenge. (He give me a wicked smile). Now how are we going to spread the news.


Bet - I may have a idea. 


Mal - Lets hear it princess. 




Monday  Tourney field. 


The big game was today, which means a lot of people is coming. I was starting to have douts. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all, maybe it even too cruel. Does they really deserve it. The more closer I get to the tourney field, the more I want to back out. I was about to meet the squad when I see Andrew and Caroline talking. They were only just talking but it was enough to all the douts washed away. The betrayal and anger i felt yesterday came back. I wanted to scream at both of them for lying to me. Not wanting to look like a emotional rack, i cold myself down. And went to were the cheerleading squad was. I gave one more look at Caroline and Andrew. Seeing her wishing Andrew good luck before join us. I found Mal standing in the audience with Lonnie. The game started and we cheered. 


Announcer - This is a nail-biter, folks. There’s 47 seconds left on the clock. We´re all tied up. The Sherwood falcons, two. The fighting knights, two. What a game between Auradon´s fiercest rivals.  


The teams get into their huddles and take up positions along the kill zone. Akiho! The dragoneers have been laying down a withering hail of fire. 


Coach Jenkins -  Jay you are up. 


Announcer - And now a substitution….. He´s brining that hothead Jay in from the Isle of the Lost. 


When they break form their huddles, this is gonna be a big moment here. And the tip-off is ready. Here we go. Long pass goes to Jay. He has the ball now. 


Here comes Jay! Jay, hurdling maneuver at mid-field. Jay makes a nice pass to one of this team mates through the kill zone. 


They are getting closer too score. Jay gets the ball back. He´s in the clear! Shot! 


What a victory! An absolutely wonderful end to one of the best game ever. Here they come, folks. The winners of the first Tourney game this season. 


Bet - Excuse me, do you mind, I would like to say something.  


Announcer - No at all your majesty. Her you go. 


Bet - Thank you. What a victory. (people cheers) What a day for the Auradon Knights, finally winning back the trophy after so many years. 


All - Yeah. Whoooo 


Bet - Thank you all for the amazing support you have showed us throw the game. And a big thank you to our a amazing player, especially to the new player. We couldn’t have done it without you. 


All - Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay. 


Bet - The same goes to Evie and Chloe joined the cheerleading squad. Helping us cheering on the team through the hole game. 


All - whooooo


Bet - Can´t wait for the next game. Before i go, there is something I like too do first. Give me a «M»


All - M 


Bet - Give me a «A» 


All - A 


Bet - Give me a «L» 


All - L 


Bet - What does that spell 


All - Mal 


Bet - Come on, I can´t hear you! 


All - Mal 


Bet - Mal would you like to be my date to the coronation. 


All - awwww


Mal - Does this mean I get a free ride 


Everyone laughs 


Bet - Yes it does. 


Mal - Then count me in, princess. 


Bet - He said Yes! 


Everyone was cheering. Mal mad his way to me and I to him.  He pulls me in a hug, lift me of the ground and spin me around. Once I am on the ground again, he whispers in my ear. 


Mal - Lets get out of here, before people ask questions. 


Bet - Good idea.


He takes my hand in his. We left the field and went too Mal´s dorm.  



The boys dorm 


Mal - You should have seen the expression on Andrew´s face when he realised it was my name you spelled. He was so mad. The plan is definitely working (We both laughs) You sure you are not a VK.


Before I got to answer the door opens. And Evie, Chloe and Jay walks in. Evie points at both of us. 


Evie - You two, explain. 


Mal - What can I say, we are in Love 


Evie - Yeah right. Unless one of you under a spell, I don´t believe you.


Mal - Do you really think I need a love spell to get Bet to fall in love with me. 


Evie - Yes. 


Mal - Hey (He tried to look hurt) 


Evie - Still waiting on a explanation. 


Mal - Fine, do you want to tell or should I? 


Bet - I do it. 


Mal - As you wish princess. 


Bet - I found out that Andrew was cheating on me with Caroline.


Evie - Oh my Lucifer. You okay? 


Bet - I still feel betrayed. But feel a little bit better now. Luckily Mal was there to  comforting me, after i found out. 


Jay - you did? (he asked Mal) 


Mal - What can i say.  I am a knight in chining armor. 


Evie - Yeah right. (She says sarcastically) 


Chloe - When did this even happened? 


Bet - Yesterday, at night. After i found out, I wanted revenge for what they did too me. And Mal is going to help me get it, by pretending to be my boyfriend. And I was hoping that you guys would help me too. Especially you Evie. 


Evie - Why me? 


Bet - We found out that Caroline have been using you. 


Evie - Used me how. 


Bet - It true that Caroline has a brother. But he is only 10 years old. 


Evie - That bitch! Count me in. 


I start to telling them what i had in mind.  





Chapter Text

Pov. Evie 


After hearing Bet´s plan, Jay went too celebrating with Coach and the team. Bet stayed behind with Mal, not wanting to talk with Caroline who is probably waiting on her at her dorm. 


But Bet could have stayed with me and Chloe if she wanted, by the look of it she prefer to spend time with Mal. Oh Mal you do know how to get a girl crushing on you. Not that I blame her, he is quite handsome. 


While me and Chloe went back too our dorm. Chloe give dude a belly rub on her bed. 


Chloe - I think they look cute together. Do you think they will fall in love?  


Evie - I not sure. We already know what his mother think about love.


Chloe - Mal doesn’t think the same as his mother. Right? 


Evie - I don´t know. Mal don’t exactly know what love is. What his mother and father have is definitely not love. 


Chloe - Maybe Bet will teach him. 


Evie - Maybe. 


We both laugh a little. There was definitely some chemistry between them. 


Evie - Even if she did, I don´t think it will change the plan. We all know what  his morther will do too him if he show´s any kind of weakness. 


Maleficent whip’s Mal´s back every time she think he is showing weakness. I know this because I am the one how has to take care of his wounds afterwords. 

Even how many time his mother pushes him down, whips him. He always manages too somehow to stand up again, stronger than the last time. Not showing any kind of pain. Which is one of many reasons why we respect him and the decision he makes.  


Chloe - But if they fall in love. Don´t you think Bet will protect him, protect us from our parents. When she becomes Queen.  


Evie - Chloe, even if she is the Queen, she has to listen too her people. If they don´t want us in Auradon, she can´t stop them from sending us back too the Isle. 


I go over to Chloe bed and hug her from behind. She is starting too like it her Auradon, but i need to remind her why we are her. 


Chloe - But we haven’t done anything wrong. (I can hear the sadness in her voice. 


Evie - I know. But our parents did, and no matter what the people will never truly trust us.  


Chloe - So either way, we are doomed. 


Evie - Yes. That why it important that we get the wand and prove us self to our parent.  


She still looks sad, but then i remember Bet´s plan. Maybe this will cheer her up. 


Evie - Wanna help me mess up Caroline’s homework.


She turns her head to me with a wicked smile. 


Chloe - Thought you never ask.










Chemistry class 


Mr.Deley - Class dismissed. 


I start packing my stuff, getting ready to next class.   


Mr. Deley - Miss. Caroline, may I have a word with you in private before you go. 


Caroline - Sure. 


Knowing what this about. I told my mirror to show me the conversation between Caroline and Mr.Deley, once I go out of the classroom. 


Caroline - What is it you want to talk about. 


Mr. Deley - Your homework. 


I could see and hear that Caroline was getting nervous. 


Caroline - What about it. 


Mr. Deley - When I went throw your report you delivered on Monday, I notice that you wasn’t completely focused when you did yours. 


Caroline - What do you mean. 


Mr. Deley - I know that your family has a thing for shoes, and that you have this blog where you comments on shoes. 


She looked completely confused, not knowing that the hell he was talking about. I could barely stop myself from laughing. 


Mr. Deley - What i am trying to say is, your opinion on shoes has not place in a chemistry report. 


Caroline - I promise you that it won´t happened again.  


Mr. Deley - Good. Now to the more important part I want to discuss with you. 


Caroline - There is more? 


Mr. Deley - Yes, you also have all the numbers wrong too in your report. Which makes me wonder how your going to be able to pass the test on Friday. That why I called your parents ….. 


Caroline - You called my parents!!! (She yelled) 


Oh, i did not see that coming. 


Mr. Deley -  Yes, and we have come to a agreement that need too take extra classes after school. Or you won´t be able to pass the test. 


Caroline - No,no,no. You don´t understand Mr. Deley I don´t have time for extra classes. 


Mr. Deley - Well make time then. 


Caroline - But….  


Mr. Deley - No buts, your studies are more important. That´s all Caroline, you can go now.


She start walking away angry. 


 Mr. Deley - See you after school. 


Caroline walk out of the classroom scans the hallway, looking for me. I give her friendly smile. You can see the smoke coming from her head, when she walks up to me.  


Caroline - YOU! You did this


Evie - Did what? 


Caroline - Oww don’t you dear play dumb. If you think I am going to introduce you too… 


Evie - Your brother. I saw a picture of him. He is very cute for 10 years old boy. 


Caroline - How did you? 


Evie - Figure it out. Did you really think that you could trick a VK. 


Caroline - I …. 


Evie - Pro tips. Don´t play with fire, if you doesn’t wanna be burned. 


I whisper in her ears, before leaving her there standing, with a wicked smile.  





Pov. Bet




Mal follows me too my locker. He looks at his phone. 


Mal - Looks like my next class is about to begin. I will see you later. 


Bet - Yes, you will. (I smile at him) Now leave before you get in trouble. 


Mal - Trouble you say, maybe I should just stay with you then. (He smirk´s) 


Bet - I am not gonna be the reason why you are late for class.  


Mal - I think you are a very good reason for being late. 


Bet - I am serious Mal. 


Mal - Fine. I go. 


Bet - Bye 


Mal - Bye 


I get my own books, before heading to my next class. As I walk down the hallway, i see a Caroline and Andrew walking tours me. Oh no, this is not going to end good. 


Caroline - We need to talk too you. 


Bet - Can’t it wait to after school. 


Andrew - No it can’t. 


Both Caroline and Andrew drags me to a empty classroom. 


Caroline - What the hell Bet. I tried find you for two days now. Why haven’t you answered any of my calls or text. 


Bet - I had some things too do at the castle yesterday. That why i wasn’t at school. 


Caroline - What about Monday then. After the game. You completely disappeared. 


Andrew - And why did you ask Mal do be your date to the coronation. 


Bet - You told me to choose. Which I did. 


Andrew - In front of everyone! You know what Bet, you have been a real pice of work the this last week. 


Bet - And you have been for the last 6 months. (I snapped back at him) 


I could see the anger in his eyes. Normally I would have apologise to him for snapping, but this time I am not. I keep eye contact with him, telling him that I am not backing down.  


Andrew - So where does this leave us? hm ? 


Bet - Definitely not a couple anymore. That for sure. 


Andrew - So, you are breaking up me. 


Bet - Looks like it.  


Andrew - Because of them. Because of HIM! (I doesn’t answer him.) You are going to regret this.  


He leaves the room in anger. Leaving me and Caroline left in the room. 


Caroline - Are you really choosing them over us?  Your closest friends. 


Bet - Looks like I am. 


I looked down at the floor. Knowing if I got eye contact with her, I would cry. I know that she lie to me and hurt me, I still cared about her. I can´t just forget the friendship we hade. 


Caroline - Bet, you can’t trusted them. They are not what you think they are. 


Bet - The same goes for you. 


Caroline - What? 


Bet - I found out what you have been doing. Using her too do your homework.  How could you?  Do you even know I felt  when I have to tell Evie that my best friend was tricking her, using her. 


She is the looking down on the floor now. 


Bet -  Just be glad that she didn’t report you too fairy godmother.  


Caroline - I …. 


Bet - You know what. If you guys hadn’t been so against them the from the start. You realised that they are actually amazing person to be with.  


She doesn’t answer, and I am not gonna wait on one either. 


Bet - No if you excuse me, I need too get to class. 


Caroline - Bet wait! 


She calls out for me, but i doesn’t stop. I continue my way too class, trying to hold my tears in. I the feeling from Sunday night came all back.  






Mal and I walked to the cafeteria together, meeting the rest of the gang there. As we was walking in, everyone got quite. Why? Was it because of me and Mal walking together or? I made a quick scan over the room, and that when i notices Andrew having his arm around Caroline and she leaning in to his body. They most have renounce their relationship. No wonder people was looking they were waiting on a reaction. I had no idea of what to do. Out of the corner of my eye I see Mal bow too me. What was he doing. I turned to him. 


Mal - May I take you to our table, princess 


Bet - You may. (I curtsied) 


I expect him to give me his arm so we could walk together to our table, not to carry me over his shoulder. So glad that i decided to wear pants today.  




Mal - Taking you to our table. 


Bet - This not what i agree to 


Mal - I know, that what makes it more fun. 


I didn’t have to see his face to know that he was smirking. I heard people giggling all over the cafeteria, trying not to laugh to loud. Oh my god, this is so embarrassing. 


Bet - Put me down!! 


Mal - Not jet. 


Bet - Mal!


Mal - Fine, as you wish princess. 


He puts me down. Seeing that were already at the table, I give him a playful push on his shoulder. 


Bet - Idiot. 


Mal - Correction: Yours idiot. (He give me a quick kiss on my cheek.) I be right back. 


He leaves to get some food. I sit down, still a little shocked that he kissed me. I could feel the blush reaching my cheeks. I looked around the table, seeing girls smirking at me. 


Bet - Stop it 


Evie - Stop what. (Evie and Chloe giggles.)  


Mal - What´s so funny? 


Evie, Chloe and Bet - Nothing. (They continue to giggle) 


Mal - Jay? 


Jay - The girls is just teasing your girlfriend a little. 


Mal - Girls, play nice. 


Evie & Chloe - Awwwww


Evie - Someone is getting protective


He ignores them. He had gotten two salads, one for me and one for him. 


Bet - Thanks, but how did you know I like this one. 


Mal - I have seen you take one before, so i just took a chance. 


Bet - Well it was a good chance. (I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. He looked surprised for a moment, but it quickly disappeared and got replaced with a little smile on his face.    


While we ate, the gang told us what had happened before we came in. Clearly Andrew had told everyone that the break up between him and me was a neutral decision. He clearly didn’t want people to know that I dumped him for Mal. And he had also declared Caroline as his girlfriend now.


Bet - So I was thinking. Since you guys wanted to see Fairy godmother wand when you first cam her (this got VK´s attention) I could show you guys the Museum of Cultural History were it is exhibited. (They look a little bit disappointed) I know you guys want too see it in action, but ….. 


Mal - No, buts. You have already done so much for us. Which we are all grateful for. 


Chloe - Yeah, thanks you Bet for being so kind to us. 


Bet - So does this mean you all want to go? (I looked at them all excited) 


Mal - Sure, it sounds fun. (They all gives me a smile). 


Bet - Great! I will ask Doug to join us too, he knows more about the wand than me. 


I texted Doug, he answered right away. 


Bet - Looks like Doug is joining. We also have a exhibition of your parents in the museum.  


Mal - You don´t say. 


Bet - I love to hear your opinions about it. 


Mal - Can´t wait to see it.

Chapter Text

Side note: 

Even though Wendy Raquel Robinson did a amazing job playing Cruella De Vil. In this story I want Victoria Smurfit who played Cruella De Vil in Once upon a time to be Chloe mother. 


One of the reason to this is because Victoria Smurfit looks a lot more like the animation figure of Cruelle De Vil. To does who haven’t seen Victoria Smurfit as Cruella her is some picture



Now to the Story. 


Pov. Chloe 


The girls dorm. 


After school was done, we all decided to meet up at mine and Evie´s dorm. Wondering what Mal had plan.  


Evie - So what´s the plan, Mal? 


Mal - Well since Bet was so nice to offer us a private tour in the museum. We have a opportunity too find out as much as we can about the wand. 


Chloe - Don’t you think she will get suspicious, if we all start asking about the same thing. 


Mal - That´s why Evie her, (He put his hands on Evie´s shoulder’s) is going to spend some time with Doug. What better way to get information, than asking the expert.


Jay - What about us.   


Mal - You and Chloe is gonna to try too find way through the alarm system.  


Chloe - I will take a better look at the computers the security guard was monitoring maybe I can hack the alarm system. 


Mal - If somebody is gonna be able to hack it, it´s you Chloe. 


Evie - Let guess, you will probably be flirting with a certain princess how happens to be the next Queen. 


Jay - Yeah, how knew Mal actually knows how to flirt. 


Mal - Well it not that hard, all I have do it the opposite of what you do Jay. 


Jay - Hey, what do mean with that. 


Mal - Well for starters I actually listening to what my girl is saying. Not zooming out. 


Evie & Chloe - Awww, he listens 


The me and Evie starts giggling, Mal gives us a lower look. Telling us to stop. 


Jay - Your girl?  Sure you are not crushing on her. 


Mal - What no. Love is weakness remember.  


Chloe - Then why did you say yes to be her boyfriend


Mal - «Fake boyfriend». And you know why. 


Chloe - To get revenge on Andrew. 


Mal - Correction, Bet wanted to get revenge, I just wanted to join the fun. (He give us a wicked smile) 


Evie - So there is nothing between you guys at all.


Mal - Nope. 


Chloe - So you are just using her for you own advantage. 


Mal - To our advantage, we all have the same goal. Don’t we. 


Chloe - Still it doesn’t feel right, using her. 


Mal - She is using me to get revenge on her ex. 


Chloe - Yes, but you agreed to it. She did not. 


It got quiet for a while. Evie and Jay looks at the floor, while Mal keep his eyes on me. 


Mal - Evie, Jay tell Bet that me and Chloe will be there shortly. 


Jay - Got it. 


Mal - And don´t forget this is our first time at the museum. 


Jay - Yeah, yeah, we not that stupid. 


Mal - Evie is not, you on the other hand…. 


Jay - I messed up one time, and you still won´t let it go. 


Mal - Nope. 


Jay - Go to Hell. 


Mal - I love to, but unfortunately dad is still on the Isle. 


Jay - Fuck you (Jay mutters before closing the door) 


And then there was just me and Mal in the dorm. 


Mal - Chloe…  


Chloe - Just promise me that you will protect her when our parents take over. 


Mal - Who, Bet. 


Chloe - Yes Bet, she has already been betrayed once. The least we can do is to protect her villain takes over. 


Mal - Chloe.. 


Chloe - Promise me, or I will tell Bet about the plan. 


Mal - You wouldn’t dear. (He gets closer to me) 


Chloe - Try me (I say while looking him in the eyes, showing him that I am not joking) 


Mal - Fine, promise. I will protect her. 


Chloe - Good. 


Mal - Can we go now. 


Chloe - Yes. 




Pov. Bet 


Me and Doug was waiting on them at the entrance of Auradon prep. We watch Evie and Jay walking down the stairs. But i don’t see Mal or Chloe. Were are they?  Evie smile as she walks too Doug.  


Evie - Hey 


Doug - Hhheeeyyy, 


Evie - Thanks. So Bet told me that you were a expert on magical artifact. 


Doug - She did? (Evie nods) Well I don´t know if would call myself a expert. 


Bet - Of course you are, you know almost about everything that is in the museum. 


Evie - Great, can’t wait to find out what you know.   


While Evie and Doug continues talking, I went to Jay too ask if he knew why Mal and Chloe hasn’t come.   


Bet - Where is Mal and Chloe. 


Jay - Mal said that………………


Mal - Did someone say my name. (He smirks) 


How the hell did he hear us when he is on the second floor. He looked down at us, before jumping down. Once he hits the ground, he stands up and walk casually up to me and Jay. How does he always managed to make a enters. Chloe took the stairs. 


Bet - The are stairs you know. 


Mal - Were is the fun in that. (He smiles at me, I roll my eyes) 


Bet - You are late. 


Mal - Awww, did someone miss their boyfriend. 


Bet - Know that you mention it, have you seen him. He is lat. 


Mal - If he doesn’t show up, I love to be the one to escort you. 


Bet - Well, It depends


Mal - On what? 


Bet - If you are going to carry me over your shoulders again or not. 


Mal - hmm 


Jay - You two love bird done? Or are we going to stand her all day.


I look around me seeing everyone was waiting on us. 


Bet - Sorry. 


Mal - I am not. 


I give him a push on the shoulder, he chuckles. 


Bet - The limo is outside. 


We all got in the limo and starts driving to the museum. 





As we went out of the limo, Mal offered me his arm, I hesitate a little. 


Mal - I am not going to carrying you over my shoulder. 


Bet - Well then (I link my arm with his)


Mal - This time. 


Oh god. We walk in, and sees Maleficent spinning wheel.  


Doug - This spinning wheel…. 


Mal - Was the one my mother used to curse Aurora to fall asleep. 


Doug - Sorry, forgot that you ……. 


Mal - Yes? 


Doug - Never mind. 


Jay - Why a spinning wheel. 


Mal - Hmm, I really don´t know. She never told me. 


Doug - The spinning wheel is actually a symbol of the cycles of life, which are often associated with woman due to menstruation. 


Mal - Are you indicating that my mother was on her period when she cursed Aurora? 


Doug - No,no,no, I was just…. 


We all should see that Doug was panicking, the VK start laughing. 


Evie - Mal was just joking with you. 


Doug relax a little 


Evie - I think. 


This got Doug body to stiff again. We continue walking, I turned my head around at the spinning wheel. I see Chloe standing behind looking at the computers. Mal turned his head around as well, seeing what i was looking at. 


Mal - She does that with every election machine she finds. I think it still fascinates her that they actually works her unlike on the Isle. 







Bet - Yeah sorry about that. 


Mal - Don´t be, you weren’t the one how did it. 


We continue through the museum, Doug begin more careful with what he was saying, still afraid that he somehow was going to offend the VK.  We got to the expedition of there parents.  


Mal - Were is dad? 


Doug - He is exhibited with the rest of Olympians gods. 


Mal - Hmm. (He scans the room and locks eye with Jafar). Looks like Jaffy boy didn’t lie when he told us that he was skinny before he got to the Isle. (He chuckles)


Bet - Jaffy? 


Mal - That´s what dad calls Jafar. 


Jay - He hates it when you two call him that. 


Mal - I know, that why its fun. 


Chloe - Definitely not gonna forget mother’s day. 


Jay - God, she looks even more crazy now. 


Evie - Well my mom still looks fabulous as she does on the Isle. 


Evie drags Doug with her so that he can take pictures with her and her mom. Chloe does the same for Jay. Jay definitely have fun making funny picture with is dad. Mal looks at his mom. It almost looks like he was expecting her too come to life. 


Bet - What do you think of your mother wax figure.  


Mal - It looks like she is going to sing.  


Bet - Sing? 


Mal - Yes, she used to sing a song to me when i was little.  


Bet - Like a lullaby? My mom used to do me all the time when i was little. 


Mal - I wouldn’t it a lullaby. 


Bet - Okay, what is it called then. 


Mal - I doubt that you know it. 


Bet - How do you know if you won´t give me a chance. 


Mal - Right, because you know a song called «Evil like me» (He looks at me) 


Bet - Maybe not that one. 


Mal - Told you so. 


Bet - What´s it about. 


Mal - A song sung by Maleficent that is called «Evil like me». It not exactly hard to guess. 


Bet - Right. (I look at the fool, felling a little bit stupid, Mal sighs) 


Mal - It about how my mother wanting me to be Evil like her. 


Bet - It´s that what you want? To be evil like her? 


Mal - I want her to be proud of me.  


Bet - I sure she already is. 


Mal - If you knew my mother, you know that not the case. In her mind, I will never be as evil as her. 


Bet - Just because your parents is the images of evil, like my parents is the images of good doesn’t mean we have to automatically be like them. We get to choose who we´re gonna be. 


Mal - You really believe that don´t you. 


Bet - Sometime you have to ask your self what you want, not what your parents want. 


Evie - Mal !! You have to take a picture with our mom. 


Mal - Why. 


Evie - Because, it not like you ever gonna get the chance to do that in real life. 


Jay - Plus it fun. 


Jay makes bunny ears behind his father head to prove is point. Even though he is not supposed to get that close the wax figure. 


Doug - You are breaking the rules by standing so close to the wax figures. You are not even supposed to touch it. 


Mal - You don´t say. (He get a wicked smile) 


Mal walk over the banners in front of Maleficent and walk up the stairs to his mom. He sits down at the top of the staircase.  


Doug - Bet, aren’t you not gonna stop him. 


Bet - Like Evie said, it not like the ever gonna get the chance with their real parents. 


Evie - Smile.  


After taking pictures, we went to the Wand. 


Evie - Why is the wand lock up in the museum? Like does you guys ever take it out?


Doug - Only at special events. 


Evie - Which ? 


Doug - Like Bet coronation, for example. 


Mal - Really. (He looks at me) 


Bet - Yes, the hole school is going.


Chloe - Is there any chance we all should sit at the front row next to the Fairy Godmother? 


Bet - Sorry, I wish you all could. But up front It´s just me, my folks, and my boyfriend. 


Doug - Perhaps we could sit next to each other and discuss its attributes. (He looks at Evie, trying to ask her out.) 


Mal - Wait a minute, I am your boyfriend. 


Chloe - Took you long enough 


Mal - Shut up. So I get to be at the front row.  


Bet - Yes you do. So you better behave. 


Mal - Can´t make any promises princess.


He smirk´s. I love it when he calls me princess, it almost fells like he is my actual boyfriends.  But he is not, the only reason he is doing this is to help me get revenge. But the more time I spend time with him, the less i care about getting revenge. I really wish that I had broken up with Andrew long time again, than maybe we two…. No what I am think, it not like he has actual feelings for me. 


Evie - Oh my Lucifer. (She shouts, which got me back to reality). I just realised we have nothing to wear for the coronation. Especially you Mal. We need to go back the school now. I need to start design suits to the guys, and dresses…. (She was talking very fast) 


Bet - Evie. Evie, it okay. Relax, we can always just buy suits and dresses. (Evie gasps) 


Jay - Oh no, did she just.


She walks away, hurt. Mal sighs. 


Mal - I will go talk to her. (He start walking after her.) Evie! Don’t be like this, she doesn’t know. (We can hear him shout to her.) 


Bet - Was there something i said. 


Chloe - She makes all our clothes. 


Bet - She does ? Wow that impressive. 


Chloe - Yeah, if we ever try to buy clothes, she gets offended. 


Bet - I feel so bad know. I have to make it up to her. 


Mal and Evie comes back. 


Bet - Evie, I am sorry. 


Evie - It´s okay, you didn’t know. 


Bet - No its not, I am gonna make it up for you. What ever fabric you need I will buy for you. 


Evie - You really don´t have too.. 


Bet - Nonsense. And i won´t take No for a answer. 


Evie - Thank you 


Evie gives me a big hug, she look at Mal after the hug. 


Evie - She is a keeper.  




Ps: Love to hear comments. 

Chapter Text

Pov. Evie

After the museum we went back to Auradon prep. I was so excited that we came back, I went straight to my dorm, I end up with drawing all night, that i fell asleep on my desk. Chloe had to wake me up this morning. Even though i was exhausted of the lack of sleep, i managed to get throw the school day. Thanks to coffee.

After school Jay went Tourney practice, Mal disappeared. While me and Chloe decided do some homework outside, Jake also joined us

Jake - I wish Doug didn’t have band practice. I can’t find the answer to this question.

Evie - Maybe I can help.

Jake - Okay, (he says skeptical) Name the number that is three more that one-fifth of one-tenth of one-half of 5,000.

Evie - Hmm

Jake - It’s a trick question, the answer is supposed to be easy. And…….

Evie - Oh! I know exactly how we can to find the answer. (I take up my mirror) Mirror, mirror in my hand tell me the answer of this question.

«Name the number that is three more that one-fifth of one-tenth of one-half of 5,000.»

The mirror: Work backward. Half of 5,000 is 2,500. One-tenth of that is 250. One-fifth of that is 50, than add three. The answer is 53.

Evie - The answer is 53. You have to work backwards. Half of 5,000 is 2,500. One-tenth of that is 250. One-fifth of that is 50, than add three.

Jake - Thanks, but what is that. (He points at my mirror)

Evie - Its my mom old mirror. If i ask it something, it shows me the answer.

Jake - Hmm. Does the mirror work on anyone else.

Evie - No, only me.

Jake - Did you all get something from your parents.

Chloe - Nope, only Mal and Evie.


Jake - Okay. Anyway thank again Evie for helping me.

Evie - You welcome.

We continue our homework, after a while Jake left, leaving me and Chloe alone. Once Jake was out of hearing shot, I closed my book, getting Chloe attention.

Evie - You like him don´t you?

Chloe - I have no idea of what you are talking about. (She says sarcastically and smiles)

Evie - You totally do. Does he like you back? Have he asked you out? When are you two going out? I can do your make-up?

Chloe - Evie, clam down, we barely know each other. And I don´t wanna push it. Right now we are only friend. If anything change, you will be the first one i tell.

Evie - Yeah!

Chloe - Now, Doug

Evie - What about him?

Chloe - Don´t play dum, I know you like the way he looks at you.

Evie - Maybe (We both giggle) To bad he isn’t a prince.

Chloe - Evie…….

Bet - Are you guys having a girl talk without me.(She makes a fake gasp) I and so thought we were friends.

Chloe - It never too late to join us. (She sits down with us)

Bet - So what are you guys talking about?

Evie - Isn’t obvious. (I exchange looks with Chloe before we answered her)

Chloe and Evie - Boys!!

Evie - Now to the big question. How is thing between you and Mal?

Bet - Actually, that one of the reasons i wanted too talk to you two about. I was thinking on having a picnic with him, but I don´t know food he likes. Like what did he like to eat on the Isle?

Chloe - That easy, just go through the garbage.

Bet - Sorry I forgot, you guys get the left over.

Chloe - Well, since garbage is out of the question, why don´t just you give him some of yours favourite food. Its a good way to find out what you guys have in comment.

Bet - That´s actually a very good idea. Thank you.

Evie - Where are going to take him?

Bet - I was thinking on taking him to the enchanted lake.

Evie - I heard that is quit a famous kissing spot. (Bet started to blush)

Bet - Enough about me. Who are the lucky boys you two were talking about?


Chemistry class


It was the last class, but also when were having the chemistry test. The beginning of the test went okay, but the got unsure of the answer of one of the question and decided to use my mirror. As i was looking in my purse, I started to panic, the mirror wasn’t there.

Mr. Deley - Looking for something? (He holds my mirror) Thank you, Caroline. It´s gratifying to see someone still respects the honor code. It will be my recommendation that you are expelled.

Evie - Mr. Deley, I ….

Doug - But that isn’t fair. Obviously she wasn’t cheating since she didn’t have that… Whatever it is.

Evie - It´s called a magic mir……

Doug - you’re not helping. Maybe she needed another pencil.

Evie - Actually, I was…..

Doug - Really, don’t help. (He looks back at Mr.Deley.) Please.

Evie - Please

Mr. Deley - Well, If you can pass this test, I´ll return your property and let the matter drop.

I give Caroline a death glare. How did she know about the magic mirror. I never showed it to her. I see Doug looking at me, telling me to focus on my test. I finally got done with the test, and delivered it too Mr.Deley. I was on my way out with Doug, when.

Mr. Deley - Miss Evie, you are not allowed to leave the classroom before I finished correcting our test.

I look at Doug for comfort.

Doug - Don´t worry, am sure you did great. (He whispers to me)

Evie - But, if not. (I whisper back)

Doug - Mr. Deley, do you mind if I stay here with Ev…..

Mr. Deley - I do mind.

Doug - Sorry. Find me when you done, okay?

Evie - Okay

Doug - Bye.

Evie - Bye.


The Picnic Area.

I found Doug sitting on a table outside, I walk up behind him and took my arms around him, so that I could shows him my test. It stood «B+.»

Evie - For the first time, It´s like I´m more than just a pretty face.

Doug - A shocker, huh? (I sits beside him.)

Evie - You were pretty great in there.

Doug - So were you

Evie - I bet I can get an «A» on the next test without the mirror.

Doug - Yeah. Well, maybe we can get together and We´ll hang out with….

Evie - Yeah, let´s get together.

Bet - Evie!

Evie - Yes

Bet - I know we decided to go shopping on Saturday for fabric’s, but I was wondering, it is okay if we go a other day.

Evie - Let me guess you want to spend time with Mal.

Bet - Sorry it just that…………

Doug - I can take you.

Evie - Doug, it nice of you, but you don´t have too.

Doug - Why not, I don´t mind.

Bet - Great I call the shop telling the to expected you guys. And don´t worry about the money, the royal house will cover all the expensive.

Evie - I promise that I will pay you back one day.

Bet - Don´t worry about it. Can´t wait to see the results. By the way any do you know where Mal.

Evie - Try his dorm

Bet - Thanks, bye.

Evie & Doug - Bye.


Pov. Mal

The boys dorm.


Jay - Okay I am out. See you later

Mal - Bye.

I lock the door after him, and covered up the windows. I planned to take a nap, before going to dinner. I was about too go to my bed when I heard a knock. Did Jay forget his keys, again I open the door.

Mal - Next time you forget the keys, I wont ……. (Instead of Jay I saw Bet.) Bet?

Bet - Disappointed?

Mal - Never disappointed when you are around. (She starts blushing.)

Bet - Why is it so dark in her?

Mal - I was planning to take i nap. Wanna join?

Bet - Not today, i have some homework. Anyway do you have any plans on Saturday?

Mal - Other than sleeping. No, I am all free on Saturday. Why do you ask?

Bet - I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me.

Mal - A date?

Bet - Yeah.

Mal - When should I should I pick you up.

Bet - Tomorrow at 1.00 pm. At my dorm.

Mal - Where are we going.?

Bet - It´s a surprise?

Mal - Should I be worry.

Bet - Nope. Now if you excuse me, i have some homework to do. See you at dinner.

Chapter Text

I finally got drawing of Chloe Isle clothes and one of the clothes she wears while been in Auradon



The same goes for Mal, her you have his Isle clothes, but the other design is what he will wearing on the date with Bet. 


And now i finally got Bet drawing done. The dress she wore the first day she meet the VK and what she is wearing on the date. 


Seeing how much time i used on drawing the others character i decide to just find some people i felt would fit as Caroline and Andrew. So her you have them. 

Chapter Text

I am standing outside Bet´s dorm,  I decided to wear my Isle jacket with a purple T-shirt and black pants. I knocked on her door. She opened the door, she is wearing a yellow top and blue shorts. Even though she wears normal clothes is still get stunned by her beauty every time I see her. She is truly one of the most beautiful girl I ever seen. Sorry Evie.               


Mal - You look nice. 


Bet - It´s that the compliment you are going with ? (She looks challenging at me) 


Mal - What did you expect? Something cheesy, like……. (I lock eyes with her)

Whenever I lay me eyes on you, I understand the difference between pretty and beautiful.


Bet - It’s not cheesy if you mean it. 


I bend down to her face and whisper in her ear.  


Mal - How said I didn’t? 


I straighten up, leaning against the door frame, keep eyes contact with her. She turns around, but not fast enough to hide her blush. She goes back in her room and comes back with two helmets in her hands. I give a questionably look. 


Mal - You said that I didn’t have to worry. 


Bet - You don´t. 


Mal - Than why, do we need helmet’s? (She smiles at me) 


Bet - I hope you like bikes. 


She takes me to the parking lot, to a blue scooter. I sits behind her, my arm around her abdomen. She drove us in to the forest.


Mal - Where are we going? 


Bet - You see. Now stop complaining. 


She starts walking in to the forest, not giving me a other choice than to follow her. We went deeper into the forest and came to a long bridge, we had to cross. Bet was in front of me, walking in zigzag. 



Bet - Tell me something about yourself that you’ve never told anyone. 


Mal - Um…. My middle name is Bernard 


Bet - Bernard? 


Mal - Yes. Malcom Bernard. Just my parents doing what they do best. Being really, really evil.


Bet - Mine´s Bertha. Bethany Bertha 


Mal - And I so thought my parents was cruel. 


Bet - Hey, is still better than Bernard 


Mal - No, it’s not. They are both equally bad


Bet -  You right, they are. (We both laugh, she turned around) Close your eyes. 


Mal - Why? 


Bet - Just trust me. 


Mal - Fine 


I do what she says and she takes my hand in hers leading me forward. Telling me where to put my foots. She stops. 


Bet - You ready? 


Mal - Born ready. 


Bet - Open your eyes. 


The place looked like it was straight from a fairy-tale. A beautiful lake with a white pavilion on the side. I could sense the magic from the lake, it was strong and powerful, but also pure making you feel safe and relaxed. I can’t remember the last time my body relaxed.  


Bet - You hungry? 


Mal - Yes. 


She leads me to the pavilion, where a picnic was already set up for us. 




Pov. Bet 


Mal was eating a jelly donut, getting coconut crumbles on is mouth To busy enjoying the donut to realise. It made me smile. 


Bet - Is this your first time? (He puts down the donut, before answering)  


Mal - Mm… we don´t really date much on the island. It´s more like…. Gang activity. 


Bet - Um, I meant, is this your first time eating a jelly donut? 


Mal - Is it bad? 


Bet - You got a… 


I tried to point, but quickly gave up. Instead i used my own thumb to brush it way. Feeling his soft lips….


Mal - All gone? 


Bet - Not jet, just a little more …… Do this. (I licked my lips, he did the same to his)  


Mal - Mm-hmmm. Gone? (I nodded) You can’t take me anywhere, I guess. 


Bet - You know, I’ve done most of all the talking, Your turn. Tell me something. 


Mal - Well, I´m 16, only child, and only lived in one place. 


Bet - Me, too. Looks like we have much in common already. 


Mal - Trust me, we don´t. 


No liking the silent between us,i thought maybe a swim in the lake could break it. 


Bet - Let´s go for a swim. 


I stood up, and start taking of my clothes. Leaving me in just underwear. His eyes wandering over my body, 


Mal - Hm? What? Uh..Right now? 


Bet - No tomorrow.(I say sarcastically) Yes, right now. 


Mal - I think I´m just gonna stay here. 


Bet - No, no, no. Come on. 


Mal - I think I’m gonna stay behind and try a strawberry. I’ve literally never tried a strawberry before. Mm! Mm….


Bet - Don’t  eat all of them 


Mal - Why not. 


Bet - Because i want some too. 


Mal - Fine, I will try to save some.  


I walk in down the stairs to the water. I continue to walk in till I didn’t reach the bottom anymore, and i start swimming. 


Bet - It still not too late to join ( I called out) 


Mal - I am good. 


I started to swim father out, all the way to the stone wall. There was a opening in the wall, I decided to hid in. Hoping Mal would come looking for me. While waiting on him to notice my disappearance, I started to thinking about the last two weeks. To the day I first meet the villain kids, the night walks. How Mal agreed to be my «fake boyfriend». People warning me about trusting the VK´s. Warning me about Mal, but when I am with him everything feels right. Does he feel the same way? I don´t know what to do anymore. 


A million thoughts in my head

Should I let my heart keep listening

'Cause up 'til now I've walked the line

Nothing lost but something missing


I can't decide

What's wrong, what's right

Which way should I go


If only I knew what my heart was telling me

Don't know what I'm feeling

Is this just a dream?

Ah oh, yeah

If only I could read the signs in front of me

I could find the way to who I'm meant to be

Ah oh, if only

If only

If only


Every step, every word

With every hour I am falling in

To something new, something brave

To someone I, I have never been


I can't decide

What's wrong, what's right

Which way should I go


If only I knew what my heart was telling me

Don't know what I'm feeling

Is this just a dream?

Ah oh, yeah

If only I could read the signs in front of me

I could find the way to who I'm meant to be

Ah oh, if only



Am I crazy? Maybe we could happen


Will you still be with me when the magic's all run out?


If only I knew what my heart was telling me

Don't know what I'm feeling

Is this just a dream?

Ah oh

If only I could read the signs in front of me

I could find the way to who I'm meant to be

Ah oh


If only, yeah

If only, yeah

If only, yeah

If only, yeah


If only

If only



Mal - Bet??


He called out, not able to see me. I was out of his eye sight, but I was still able to see him. 


Mal - BET!!! no,no,no 


He start panicking, taking his jacked of and throwing it away. He leaps in to the  water. 


Mal - BET!! 


He goes deeper and deeper into the water. In till he can’t stand at the bottom anymore, his head goes under and back to the surface, gasping for air. Oh god,  he is drowning. I get out from my hiding place, swimming as fast i can, trying to reach him before it to late. 


Bet - MAL!! 


What have i done. It felt like hours before I finally got to him. Getting us both to a place were our feet could touch the bottom. 


Bet - Are you okay? 


He doesn’t replay, only looking at me in relief, before carrying me back to the pavilion. He puts me down on the stone floor, still standing in the water. 


Bet - You… you can´t swim?


Mal - No! 


Bet - You live on a island!


Mal - With a barrier around it, remember? 


I could hear the anger in his voice, I looked him in the eyes, and all i could see was   concern. 


Bet - And you still tried to save me. 


Mal - Yeah, but you clearly didn’t need saving. And look at me now, I am all soaking…. mmmm


Sitting on my knees, one hand on his cheek, and one on his neck. Our lips connected. Kissing, feeling his soft lips on mine. My heart skipping a beat as I slowly draws my lips away, feeling his warm breath lingering between us. 


His hand moving to my back, pulling my hole body closer to his. His wet clothes make me gasp as it touches my skin. His eyes never leaving me face, he leans in. Our lips getting closer by every second, in till the finally meets again. My hands in his hair, pulling him closer, deepening our kiss. He moaned, giving me the opportunity to slide my tongue in his mouth, exploring his mouth, as he does in mine. His hand moved slowly to my thighs, getting a grip before carrying me with him as walk out of the water. Our lips still connected.  


He slowly lower himself down in a sitting position with me on his lap. My lungs aching for air, making us end the kiss. Both pacing, trying to get our breath back to normal. Locking eyes, he smiles 


Mal - Hey (I can´t help but smile) 


Bet - Hi 


His hands moves slowly from my thighs to my hips making me shiver form his touch. I look down at his arm, that when I noticed the scars. I turned to his other arm, also full with scars. 


Bet - What happened to your arms? (I look up at him) 


Mal - Shit 


He mumbles, clearly not expecting me to see them. My hands leaves his neck to one of his arms. Moving it away from my hip, closer to my face so I can take a better look. 


Mal - It´s nothing. 


Bet - It doesn’t look like nothing to me. 


Mal - Well it is, It’s not even the worst one´s. (My eyes widened) 


Bet - You have worse? How many? Where? Why? 


He looks away, not wanting to talk about it. What happened on the Isle? Does the rest also have scars like his. 


Bet - What about Jay, Chloe and Evie? Those they have too? (He looks down at the floor) 


Mal - Evie very few, Chloe some but not many. Jake on the other hand has his potion of scars, but nothing compared to mine. I made sure of it. 


Bet - What do you mean, you make sure of it? 


He doesn’t answer me, and still looking away. I sigh, he is not ready to tell, not now at least. I put a hand on his cheek, making him face me.  


Mal - Bet. I am not…… 


Bet - Okay. 


Mal - Okay? 


Bet - It your past, not mine.You tell me, when you are ready too. 


I leaned down, resting my head below his neck, closing my eyes. His arms goes around me, keeping me close. Mal had reached for his jacket putting it on me, so that i wouldn’t get cold.


A phone started to bussing, waking me up. I groaned, not wanting to wake up. 

I looked up seeing Mal, his eyes was still closed. We must have falling asleep. The phone start bussing again, coming far away, probably mine. Since i felt it with my clothes.  


Mal - We need to head back. 


Bet - NO  


He moved a little so that he could look at me. His hand resting on my cheek, stroking it with his thumb. He moves his head closer to mine. Putting a soft kiss on my lip, before rested his head on mine.


Mal - We can´t stay her forever. 


Bet - Why not? 


Mal - Because people would think i kidnap you. 


Bet - You make it sound like a bad thing. 


I could feel his cheat moving as he laughs. 


Bet - I wish I wasn’t royal, or the future queen. 


Mal - Why is that? 


Bet - Because of the pressure, expectations. Afraid that I am a going to be a bad queen. 


Mal - You would be a bad queen even if you tried. Just to what you think is right, not what others think. 


Bet - How do you know I would make the right choice. 


Mal - Because you have a good heart and people believe in you.


Bet - No they don´t. 


Mal - How do you know? 


Bet - Because, when i told people that i was bring you guys over, people was not happy.


Mal - But you still did it, why?


I straighten myself up on his lap, looking him in the eye. 


Bet - Because I knew it was the right choice? 


Mal - And know that you meet us, you still think it was the right choice? 


Bet - Definitely (I give him a playful smile) But. 


Mal - But? 


Bet - It depends on you 


Mal - How? 


Bet - Are you going to continue to kiss me or not. (He smirks) 


Mal - Oh princess, I will kiss you. 


He kissed my lips, before leaving a trail of kissed down to my neck. 


Mal - Make out with you. 


He pulls of the jacket from my shoulders and kisses them. 


Mal - And if you don´t get more clothes on soon, I will do a lot more. 


Shit, I totally forgot that I still was in just my underwear’s. Not ready to lose my virginity, I push him back, taking his jacket over me again, covering myself up. 


Bet - I gonna get my clothes, to you mind putting everything in the basket. 


Mal - Not at all, but before you go. I need you to know this, I never force you. You tell me to stop, I stop. 


Bet - I know. 


I left his lap to get my clothes. He gets up and starts to putting thing in the basket. He had turned his back to me, giving me some privacy to get dressed. Once i was done, i gave his jacked back. 


Mal - Keep it, it looks good on you. 


Bet - You sure. 


Mal - Positive, and if you were it at school, i wouldn’t mind it all. 


Bet - You wanna show everyone I am girlfriend. 


Mal - You make it sound like a bad thing 


I can help to smile while putting the jacket on me.


Mal - One question though, how are we supposed to get the basket and blanket back on the scooter. 


Fuck, i totally forgot how we got her. 


Bet - Just leave it her, I will get someone to pick it up later. 


Mal - Still not liking our royal life. 


Bet - Shut up. 


Mal - Ready to go then. 


Bet - Not quite jet. 


I put arms around his neck, goes up on my toes and kiss him. He happily kiss back. 


Bet - Now I am ready. 


He take my hand in his and we walk back to the scooter. 





Extra note: I would also like to say that this is my first time writing a kissing scene, never done it before. Love to hear what you guys think.

Chapter Text

Pov. Jay 


Guys dorm. 


Mal had been gone all day. The clock is 9.00 pm when Mal walks in.


Jay - Look, who finally decided to come back. 


Instead of answering me, he went straight to the bathroom. When he came back I noticed that his jacket was gone and his scars was showing. He always hide them. Telling me that it makes him feel vulnerable, that the scars is a reminder of what his mom like to call it «his failure’s». That´s why Mal hates showing his scars. Then why is he showing them now? 


Jay - What happened to your jacket? 


He still doesn’t answer me, and goes to one of his drawer. Taking out a bottle of Nectar. The drink of the gods, he got it from his father a long time ago. Only gods can drink it without getting completely drunk and blacking out from one sip. This i know for certain, since i managed to convince Mal to let me taste. I was out the moment i swallow the nectar. Until this day he never told me what happened that day. And whenever i ask him about it, he start laughing. 


Anyway since Mal is a demigod, he can drink some of it before he blacking out.  He used it to help him sleep. But normally he waits to everyone is asleep before drinking it. The only reason the girls knows about it is because sometimes he drink more than normally and passes out before putting the bottle back. Last time i had actually see him drink it, was when I found out his secret. We were fourteen at the time.  


He sits down at the table, putting down a whisky glass, filling some of it with nectar and the rest with water. Trying to save most of the Nectar as possible. As he takes a sip from his glass, i ask him another question hoping to get a response. 


Jay - So how did the date go? 


He looks at his glass before answering. 


Mal - She saw my scars. 


Jay - Which one


Mal - Only those on my arm. 


Jay - Does she know how you got them? 


Mal - Nope, and she not gonna find out. Is that clear.


Jay - I won´t make the same mistake again. 


After Evie and Chloe saw Mal´s scars, they had ask me what happened. I didn’t tell them at first, but they keep pushing. I got irritated and told them to ask Maleficent why he had scars. As the girl didn’t know the hole story behind his scars, the girls had linked Maleficent to the scars, believing she was the one hurting him.  Even thought Maleficent wasn’t hurting him, she played a huge part on why he gotten them. 


Mal - Good, I don´t need a other girl to get ideas of how i got them. 


Jay - Why won´t you just tell them the truth. 


Mal - Because they care to much, and Its safer for them if don´t know.  


I hated keeping secret from the girls, but this was his secret not mine.


Jay - So how did Bet managed to see the scar? (He smiled in amusement) 


Mal - That girl. (He laugh’s a little) I underestimated her. She tricked me to go after her.  


Jay - Wait, wait, you telling me a Auradon princess was able to trick you. The son of Maleficent the mistress of evil and Hades the god of the underworld. (I was shocked)  


Mal - Yup. 


No one even dared to try and trick Mal on the Isle. Not even Rumpelstiltskin himself was able to trick Mal, instead Mal was the one tricking him. But maybe since Bet didn’t fear him like other, he found it amusing.  


Jay - How ? 


Mal - She ask me to go and swim with her. 


Jay - But you can´t swim, none of us can. 


Mal - Don´t you think i already know that. Anyway, I told her no. So she went swimming while I stayed behind enjoying the food she brought to the enchanted lake. After a while i started to look after her in the water. Imagine my surprise when I wasn’t able to see her in the water. 

I start yelling, but when she didn’t response. I was afraid that she might had drowned. So i took of my jacket and went in the water, trying to find her. Once i deep enough in the water, she came out from her hiding place. Clearly she had hide her self on purpose so that I would go in the water looking for her. And since i had thrown my jacket away, she saw my scars.


Jay - I got to say, I am impressed. But why did you guys come back so late? 


Mal - When did you became my dad? 


Jay - I was just wondering 


Mal - We stayed late so that my clothes could get dried, as for the jacket i gave it to Bet. 


Jay - Why ? 


Mal - You know what the say on the Isle, always mark your territory. (He had a smug smirk on his face) 


Jay - So you were willing to let other people see your scars, just so you could mark your territory?  (He was holding something back). 


Mal - Of course not. That why I used a camouflage spell. The only reason you can see them is because you know they are there.  


Jay - Hmm, makes sense. Mal? 


Mal - Yeah? 


Jay - Is there something you’re not telling me?  


Mal - Always (He smiled before finishing his drink) I am going to bed. 


I hate it when he does that. Mal loves his secret’s. Knowing that pushing him won´t work, I could either find out myself or wait until he tells me himself. 




Next day. 


Pov. Bet 


When i was finally able to sleep it was very late, or should i say very early in the morning. I couldn’t get Mal´s scars out of my head. What happened to him? Would I be able to prevent it, if the VK came Auradon earlier. Knowing that i wouldn’t get any sleep i stared doing some paperwork my parents wanted me to read and sign before the coronation. I ended up falling asleep with paper work all over my bed. 


I heard knocking on my door, forcing me to wake up. I groan, leaving my bed to see who was knocking. It was probably Lonnie coming to wake me, after what happened to Caroline and Andrew. I had gotten closer to Lonnie and the others. I felt bad for not doing it sooner. I was too busy trying to be a good friend and boyfriend for Caroline and Andrew, that i barely had any other friends. 


I got to the door, thinking that Lonnie was the one behind it, Not bothering to get dressed or fix my hair. I froze when i saw Mal standing there instead, with a smirk on his face. 


Mal - And I was hoping that you need a kiss to wake up. 


He pouted before looked me up and down, examining my body. His eyes landed at my panties and frowned. 


Mal - It´s that a crown? 


My eyes wined. Omg, omg, I was only wearing a white T-shirt and panties with a  crown on the front. My hair was aslo everywhere. I slam the door in his face, turning around and start looking for clothes to wear. 


Mal - BET? 


Bet - One second.  



Pov Mal 


What the hell just happened, did she just slam the door at me. This girl is something else. And she was taking a lot of time, I stared to look around the corridor. There where a bunch of girls was looking at me, some of them standing in the their doors. The must have heard the slam from Bet’s door. Wondering what happened. I gave them a weak smile before turning my attention back to the door. 

Bet opened the door, wearing a sweater and pants.


Mal - Why did you hide it, i like the crown. (I pouted, she just rolled her eyes.)


Bet - What are you doing her? 


Mal - You missed breakfast and lunch. So i ask the cafeteria lady if i could bring you some food. 


I picked up the serving tray i got from the cafeteria lady. It was on commode in the corridor on the right side of Bet´s door. 


Mal - And I wasn’t gonna let my princess starve.(Showing her the tray with food i brought.) 


The girls in the corridor - Awwwww. How sweet. She is so lucky. Who knew a villain kid, could be so sweet. Why does she always get the hot one.   


Bet - Thanks. (she blushed) Do you want to come in? 


I gave her a smile, and walk in to her room. I never actually been in her room before. It’s a lot bigger than the others dorms, which isn’t surprising since she gonna be the next Queen of Auradon after all. 


Mal - Where should i put it? 


Bet - Just over her. 


She pointed on her writing desk. I looked over to her bed, which was way also bigger than the others beds. But full of paper. 


Mal - Wow that a lot of paper. 


I start going to her bed, curious on what she have been working on. 



Pov Bet 


Oh no, I forgot to hide the papers. He isn’t allowed to see the documents. Even though it not exactly something top secret, no one was allowed to see it except people with clearance.  


Bet - NO ! 


Mal - What? 


Bet - You can’t look. It’s confidential for the public eyes. 


Mal - What happened if I look? 


Bet - We both get in trouble? 


Mal - Oh, really. (He gets a playful smile on his face.) 


Bet - Don’t you dear. 


I realised quickly what he was about to do. He gives me on last look before running to my bed. I managed to jump at him from behind. Making us both fall on the bed, with him under me. His head pushed down, so that he would see what on the documents. 


Bet - What is it about you and the word «trouble»


Mal - I am a villain kid. We love trouble. 


Bet -  Well if you don´t start to behave…


Mal - You what? Punish me? Oh, I would like to see that.


Bet - I send you back to the Isle. 


Mal - You wouldn’t. 


Bet - Don´t push me, Bernard.  


Mal - Already regretting telling you that one. Bertha. 


Bet - So are you gonna behave or what? 


Mal - Yeah, yeah, I behave.


Bet - Good, now don´t look while I clean up. Promise?  


Mal - Promise (before going off him i hesitated) 


Bet - How do I know you keep your promise? Like you said you are a VK. 


Mal - I may be a VK, but i always keep my promises, no matter what. Happy?  


Bet - Yes. 


Happy with his answer, I got off him, and start collecting the paper. After everything was gone, i told Mal he could look. He stands up and walks to where i am standing. He leads my to the bed, before pinning me down on the bed. Now he was on top of me 


Bet - What are you doing. 


Mal - Getting my reward. 


He smash his lips at mine, letting my hands go in the process. My arms goes goes around his neck, while his goes around my waist. Our make-up session, got interrupted by my stomach growling. I knew why, since i haven’t eating anything jet. But I felt like i was going to die of embarrassment. It isn’t exactly a sound you want your boyfriend to hear while making out with him.  


Mal -  Wait her. 


He left the bed, and went to my writing desk. I get up, fixing the cover on my bed so we can sit. As i was still embarrassed, I didn’t look at him when he came back with the food. He put the tray on my lap. 


Bet - Thanks, and sorry. 


Mal - Don´t be, we all need to eat. Your tummy just got a little bit impatient. 


Bet - I guess so. Now let me see what we got. Oatmeal with berries and banana. A croissant, apple juice and a big bowl with strawberries. Let me guess the strawberries was your idea.


Mal - What make you think that? (He smiles while taking a strawberry) 


Bet - I don´t know, call it a gut feeling. (He chuckles) 


I was done with my Oatmeal, and started on my croissant.  


Mal - Bet? 


Bet - Yes? 


Mal - As you may know, things is a little bit different on the Isle, than in Auradon. 


Bet - Yes


Mal - One of those things is that couple’s don´t kiss in public. 


Bet - Why? 


Mal - Do you really wanna know? 


Bet - Yes. 


Mal - It´s a sign of weakness. Especially if the couple is in love. Which is basically banned on the Isle. 


Bet - What? Why? 


Mal - Villain, hate the idea of people in love. Is one of the reason they lost. 


Bet - I see. What your opinion on Love? 


Mal - I was raised to hate it. And to never love. 


Bet - But your parents love you, don´t they? 


Mal - Bet, I don´t even know what love feels like.  


I put the food to the side, getting closer to Mal before pulling him into a hug. It broke my heart hearing this. Did none of the parents love their kids on the Isle. I could feel the tears treading to leave my eyes. I could feel the his arms around me, pulling me closer. 


Mal - Bet. 


Bet - mmhmmh. 


I did dare to talk, afraid if i do i may start crying. He is opening up to me, and don´t want him stop, just because I am crying. I am the one how is supposed to be comforting him, not the other way around. 


Mal - I am telling you this, because if you try to kiss me in public, I will probably push you away.  Don´t get me wrong, I do really enjoy kissing you. I really do, it just that i wasn’t raised to show that kind of affection to someone in public. 


I pulled back a little so that i could look at him. 


Bet - I understand. We don´t have to do it in public. Lets just start with doing it in privacy okay. 


Mal - You sure you don´t mind. 


Bet - Not a all. At least we don´t have to worry about people taking photos of us while kissing. 


Mal - I thought you said that the paparazzi wasn’t allowed on the school property. 


Bet - I wasn’t talking about the paparazzi. Princess love to gossip. And last i check this school is full of them. 


Mal - There is, I only had my eyes on you. 


Bet - I thought you didn’t like to say cheesy stuff. 


Mal - Hey, you told me it wasn’t cheesy if I meant it. (This made me giggle) 


Bet - True. Now since I can’t kiss you in public. What can I do? What about holding hand? 


Mal - People don’t do that on the Isle. 


Bet - So you think you will survive if I hold your hand in public. 


Mal - I think i manage. 


Bet - Good, what else. 


Mal - A kiss on the cheek is okay, even thought it mostly mean submissions on the isle. Especially if only one does it. 


Bet - Submission how? 


Mal - A kiss on the check means that the person is your boss. Or that you are under that person protection. 


Bet - Okay, but if the person does it back. 


Mal - That means they are either equally leaders which is unlikely or in some sort of a sexual relationship. Sometime both. But mostly people do this to clam a person sexually. Telling people that they are off limits for the time being. 


Bet - hmm…  


Mal - What´s on your mind? 


Bet - Is just, that day in the cafeteria. When you decide to carry me over your shoulder in front of everyone. (I said the last part a little annoyed). 


Mal - Yes, i do remember that day. (He says with a smug smile on his face.) 


Bet - You kissed me on the check. Was you submitting, claiming me or something? 


Mal - Actually, none of that. I did it too make Andrew mad. Remember you wanted revenge. 


Bet - Yeah…..





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