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Apple Juice

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The next day came too soon. Your arms were wrapped but your back wasn't, the blood had long dried but that didn't change much. You weren't able to sleep you could still feel him on you. You just wanted to be left alone, or to disappear.

"N/n its time to get ready for school, get up."

You didn't move an inch. With your door locked you didn't have to worry about anyone coming in and seeing you hiding under the covers naked. On the other side of the door Shinsou stood tapping his feet. Normally you were the early bird but ever since you got home late last night you've been acting strange. Groaning softly at the sound of silence and the locked door Shinsou went downstairs to alert the couple you two called parents.

"Mother. Father. She won't get up and the door is locked." Shinsou said as he sat down at the table to eat his cereal. Aizawa and Toshinori shared a look of confusion as they had a silent conversation. Moments later they both stood up, and were in front of your room.

"Y/n, my daughter, it's time to get up. Open the door." Toshi said while knocking. The skinny alpha looked down at his mate in visually worry. "She's never locked her door before.."

Aizawa nodded and glanced at the doorknob "Where's the key? Each room came with one."

"Shouta, we haven't used them since she was 5. They're long gone I believe. Why don't I just-"

"You're not breaking another item in this house."



"What was the first one then Shouta?"

"My back."

Toshinori choked and coughed up some blood as his face turned completely red. Looking down at the shorter man, Aizawa held his normally straight face as he stepped closer to the door. "Y/n I know you're awake. Unlock the door and get ready for school or your father is going to leave without you."

A frown traveled through your face but you didn't move. "Please leave me alone." you called out softly, but loud enough for them to hear. Your parents exchanged another look and frowned.

"What's wrong Y/n? Open the door we need to see your face." Aizawa said back softly, his omega instincts telling him you weren't ok, causing him to go into a slight panic. He twisted at the doorknob a few times cause Toshinori to look at him in worry and confusion.

"Okaa-San.. Please. I just want to be alone right now." Aizawa's hands stilled at the sound of your voice. The sadness in it worried him, even more since you called him 'Okaa-san' instead of 'kaa-chan', but against his better judgement he stopped as Toshinori pulled him away from the door.

"Ok Y/n. Just call us if you need anything. You have your phone right?"


"Ok my girl. Feel better, we're here if you need to talk." Toshinori said simply as he pulled his mate and husband away before he could protest.

"Toshi what the hell. Something's obviously wrong." Aizawa said in a panic.

"Yes. But we can't force it out of her. She needs to be able to tell us herself. Lets just give her today for herself and she can go back to school tomorrow. We have to prepare for the talent show anyway."

"I hate it when your right."

Toshinori smiled as he kissed his mate.


"Deku-kun! Wait up!"

Izuku stilled as he turned to face the young beta girl that he has quickly become close friends with. Not too far behind her was Iida, another person who he has grown close with.

"Good morning Uraraka-chan. You look happy!" Izuku smiled. Ever since the announcement of the week long talent show event yesterday in placement of the sport festival, there was a lot more pep in everyone's step.

"Yep! I'm excited for this talent show! I can't believe it's a week away! I heard the winning class gets a prize! And now that I think of it this is the perfect chance to get closer to Yagi-chan!" Ochaco squealed excitedly. Since you were the only omega, and the debatably strongest person, in class 1-A everyone wanted to get to know you better. But you were so reserved, and especially wary towards the alpha's in the class, making it hard. Looking at the bubbly female, Izuku nodded in agreement as they slid the door to the classroom open. "Awe she's not here yet"

"Maybe she's running late. We should just go to our seats for now." Izuku said with a smile. But even with his positive attitude he couldn't help but to glance at your empty seat throughout the day


You were at school the next day, but you kept your head down the whole day. Your cheek was on the desk and your hand gripped your long skirt, you didn't say a word and flinched every time someone was too loud or got too close. So when it was announced today you would be sparring there was shock when you sat on the side lines, head on your knees and arms at your side.

"Hey Ice Queen! Be my sparring partner! I'll definitely beat you this time!" Bakugou yelled as he stomped over to you. He seemed like his normal angry self, but deep down he was just as worried as the rest of his classmates about you. The change in your aura and scent was extremely noticeable, the deep bags under your eyes were noticeable as well. Eyes were on the two of you, but you didn't move and inch. You sat there, still as a board. From the other side of the field Toshinori frowned deeply. He was confused as to why your were so sad. You haven't said a word since yesterday, you just completely shutdown. And it was affecting those around you. In a matter of seconds he was kneeling in front of you and when he reached over to touch you, you violently flinched away, fear and unshed tears in your eyes.

"N-N/n?" he said in complete shock. You've never done that before. Instead of pulling away he got a little closer and continued even as wave after wave of omega in distress pheromones were released from you. "What's wrong?"

Your (e/c) eyes stared into the blue eyes of your father's as your shoulders began to shake much to the shock of your classmates. The normally calm and cool classmate they admired began to hiccup as tears fell from her cheeks.

"Pa- Sensei.. I don't wanna be here.. It hurts too much." You cried out. Your arms wrapped around him tightly as began to cry freely, leaving everyone in shock. The frown on Toshinori's face deepen as he gathered you into his arms, rubbing your back as he carried you.

"Ok my girl, let's take you to recovery girl first." he said softly as you cried into his neck, his fatherly scent doing nothing to calm you down. Looking back at the class, they could tell he was seriously worried by the lack of the signature smile. "I want all of you to be in pairs by the time I'm back. Iida I'm trusting you to make sure of that."

After Iida gave a curt nod All Might was gone.

"Are we not gonna talk about the fact that she finally called All Might- sensei 'sensei' instead rabbit and he called her 'my girl'?"

"Is that all you got out of this Kami?" Kirishima said with a soft groan. "Ok so they may or may not be finally getting along. But what happened to as to why she reacted that way and started crying."

"Yesterday.. She wasn't here. Do you think something happened?" Izuku said softly as he stepped forward, worry in his eyes.

"Classmates! As much as I'd like to help with assumptions, All might-sensei gave me a job and I must fulfill it! Everyone pair up!" Iida called out. In other words 'We should talk about this later.'


Your tears had dried up not too long ago, and you were left with sniffles and hiccups as you breathed in your father's scent. You didn't want him to leave, you didn't want to be alone, but when you felt your grandmother's gentle hand rub your thigh you turned to look at her with a for a brief moment.

"Toshi you can leave. I'll take care of it from here." she said softly as your father placed you down on one of the beds.

"Are you sure? She's never broken down like this before. Maybe I should stay." he mumbled.

"You have a class to teach. Now leave. As an omega I have a hunch what's going on, and as her adoptive grandmother I know exactly what to do." she said firmly, pushing the large male out, leaving just the two of you as she closed up the infirmary. "You poor thing.."

No words had to be said for her to understand. She's been in the medical field for years after all, each case was different but similar, she just hoped she wouldn't have to do it for family. The whole time her voice was soft and her touch was gentle and she reassured you that you did nothing wrong. Her kindness left you hysterical, but not nearly as hysterical as when she told you a rape kit had to be conducted.

You bit your lip as your hands shook, getting undressed was suddenly ten times harder, but putting on the gown was easier. Pushing back the changing curtain, you played with the bandages on your arms as you walked to the bed. Her eyes fell on you as you avoided eye contact "I'm sorry N/n but the proper authorities have to be involved as soon as possible. Did you shower since it happened?"

You blinked away the tears as you nodded "I-I didn't scrub though.. I just sat under the shower.. To get the blood off.."

"What blood?"

Turning your back to face her, Chiyo was able to look through the open slit of the gown she let out a gasp at the sight of the carving on your back. "Oh dear.. Is that why you have.. those bandages?" she said softly as she moved closer. By the looks of it it was extremely fresh, and kept reopening.

"Please don't tell.. I'm not ready.." you found yourself whispering.

"Y/n. You're a minor and you were severely assaulted.. I can't keep that a secret."

"I'll run away if I have to talk about it before I'm ready."

A sigh escaped her and she frowned. "2 weeks. Now lay down ok.. I'm going to start the kit. Ok my dear?"

A nod was your answer as you winced. Laying on your back hurt but you just wanted to get this over with. If anyone asked, you'd deny that you cried the whole time. You'd deny that you also pictured him on top of you again.