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Apple Juice

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You were late and you knew it. It was almost 5 and the meet up time was always 4:30. Walking with Midoriya, Ochaco, and Iida was nice but now it might cost you, the text message notification ding proved that. Taking out your phone you frowned seeing his name and willed yourself to start jogging. The tree was a good 10 minute walk from the station but if you ran it would be reduced to 5 maybe 4. Breaking out into a run you weaved through person after person until you finally reached the park. In the distance you could see the large sakura tree and tuffs of spiky blue hair.

His head turned as you slowed down to approach and his grey eyes stared at you. "You're late." he said simply with a sigh, his focus on the butterfly pocket knife as he expertly flipped it. You glanced at the knife cautious as you stood a few feet in front of him.

"I know.. I'm sorry." you said softly as you looked down, feeling self conscience under his gaze. The wind was the only sound around the two of you as he walked closer, putting the knife back in his pocket. Flinching when his hand landed gently on your face, he caressed your cheek and made you look at him.

"I'll forgive you this one time if you give me a kiss." he said smoothly. A soft smile graced your plump lips as you leaned forward to kiss him softly. His lips felt perfect against yours and as the two of you got more into the kiss your arms found his neck and his hands found your hips, pressing your fronts together. This caused you to pull away in shock as you glanced down to see the obvious bulge in his pants.

"Z-Zuma-kun. You have.." you whispered softly, uncomfortable and embarrassed. You tried to pull away from him but instead he forced your bodies closer together and began to place kiss your neck. You body went rigid. Was he going to mark you, even though you didn't want it? "Zuma stop." you knew your voice was shaky, but you said it as firmly as you could. His lips left your neck as he glared at you, the grip on your hips tightening.

"I'm not gonna mark you, don't worry about it." Rikizuma rolled his eyes and placed his lips back on yours with a small smile. "Let's go to my place and chill. My parents aren't home. Teleport us there."

A frown deepen on your lips as he almost completely ignored your discomfort. You didn't want to be alone with him, but if he just wanted to hang out then there's no harm in that. Taking in a deep breath you placed your arms back around him and teleported the two of you away. Minutes later you'd wish you followed your gut. What started off as innocent cuddles turned into him pinning you below him. You were scared, and forgot about your quirks. Instead you thrashed around under him.

"You're mine! Everytime we try and have a good time you go and ruin it by talking about other people! I bet you wished you were dating one if the dicks in your class!? Huh!? Is that what you want!? A random dick to fuck!? Because I can give you that and so much more." he growled into your ear. You were frozen in fear as you could hear him messing with the belt on his pants, realizing where this might lead to you began to thrash more.

"Rikizuma stop! This isn't funny! Get off of me!" you cried as tears brimmed your eyes. His grey eyes hardened at the sound of his full first name and he clicked his teeth in anger.

"Don't you ever!.. Say my name like that again!" he growled, alpha musk of anger assaulting all of your senses as you finally began to cry. "SHUT UP! YOU GO TO THE SCHOOL I WANTED TO, AND ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU'RE ALL HIGH AND MIGHTY! THIS IS YOUR FAULT NOT MINE, SO BE A GOOD GIRL AND TAKE IT!" he yelled, flipping you over onto your stomach as he took out his knife. You didn't know what to do, you terrified scared, and helpless. Your scent of distressed quickly spread but with no one to help. Just like that he was tearing through your shirt and bra with the knife and yanking down you pants and underwear.

"RIKIZUMA PLEASE! STOP! I'M SCARED! I'M SORRY!" you screamed, but they fell on deaf ears as he shrugged off his shirt. He pressed his chest against your bare back and lifted your hips some before slamming into your virgin hole. You screamed in pain as he pushed in dry, and stretched you in ways you could never imagine. Gripping onto the bed sheets tightly you cried freely as his pulled out until only the tip was in and them slammed in with so much force. "P-pleASE!"

"Be a good girl.. Mmm fuck you're so tight.. And take it.. I'm making you a woman after all." he grunted out. You didn't need to look down to see the blood, you could feel it dripping down your inner thigh. While each if his painful deep thrust a shudder ran through your body as you began to produce slick. The pain was still there, still strong, but pleasure began to come as well. And before you knew it that as exactly what you did, multiple times. You felt dirty. The things he was saying, the praise, and vulgar language, the degradation. You felt disgusting. You never stopped crying, even as your body forced out moans, you didn't want it. You didn't want it. You swore you didn't want it. A shiver ran through your body as he hit the spot that made you see stars again and your body continued to shake through the pleasure.

Did you really not want it?

"You're so wet omega… ugh.. Fuck.. So wet for me.. I'm gonna fill you good. You're all mine." he grumbled out as he reached for the knife. His hand held your hip in place and before you could react his thrusts got harder, deeper and faster as his other hand carved into your skin. "Since you.. Oh goddd.. You won't let me bite you… this." he out a loud moan as his cock twitched inside you. "this will do… everyone will know you're mine.." The blade cut deep into you as you began to scream louder trying to get him off. It hurt so much, but his thrust made you feel good at the same time. You felt you were going to die. The two completely different feelings were so intense, and by the time his work was done it left you covered in your blood. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as another orgasm raked through your body, causing you to tighten around him once again, as he filled with his knot and cum. The knot only increased your pain as it stretched you further.

Rikizuma looked at the word carved into your back as he panted above you, sitting up completely to hold your hips as he admired his work. The cursive 'mine' was written vertically, it was puffy and bleeding freely but looked amazing on you. "You look great in red, my love. Don't worry I forgive you for looking at other men though. That was amazing." he whispered softly, as your orgasmic high died down. The weight of everything then hit you, and the tears that had previously stopped were now back as you cried hard. You wanted someone, anyone to come and help you, but you were alone, alone with him. "Shh.. Don't cry Y/n. Good girls don't cry. My good girl should cry."

Rikizuma flipped you onto your back cause more pain to go through your body as his knot tugged at your entrance and the open wound pressed against the bed. He was finally able to see your face. You had dried tears and snot on your face and your eyes were swollen from all the crying. Your hair was a mess, and matted together due to the earlier fighting, but to him you were beautiful. Picking up the bloody knife again you didn't fight, or rather you couldn't fight, as he carved into your forearm. One word on each arm as you cried again, that's all it felt like you could do.

"How could you.." you found yourself whispering. His grey eyes met yours as he clicked his teeth.

"I didn't want to punish you like this, but you made me do it, Y/n." he said condescendingly as the knot finally began to soften enough for him to pull out. He pulled out with a soft pop and pinkish white fluid dripped from your gaping twitching hole. Your body hurt, everything hurt. But it was nothing compared to what you were feeling. The betrayal, hatred, disgust, all toward him but mostly yourself. With deep breathes you struggled to gather your things, each moment caused you to bleed more so you had to move slowly. Rikizuma watched with lecherous eyes as you picked up all your belongings, but didn't say anything thing. He didn't need to, you didn't want him to.

With the same way you got there, you teleported away- straight home. And just like that you dropped your things and broke down. You felt disgusting, dirty. And every step hurt down there so much. Your head hurt, your heart hurt, your pussy hurt, your back and arms extremely hurt. And the dripping fluid down your legs, and dripping arms was the reminder. Unable to move your legs you teleported into the bathroom and went straight into the shower. You sat under the water as it turned red. You didn't know how long you were there crying but after what felt like ages you ran out of tears and the water became clear again.