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Apple Juice

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After the USJ attack everyone was left on edge. The villains that attacked the school knew All Might would be there and that was a problem. And the school telling students to stay cautious didn't help. If Pro-heros were worried then anything can and will happen to them. 


The sports festival ultimately ended up being postponed to a later date, much to the staff's and others students dismay. Most of the students were upset, due to being really excited for it. But no one questioned it, if anything they took it with a strong regard to train harder so they'll be able to defend themselves in such a situation. Class 1-A on the other hand were relatively relieved, the sudden attack left them shaken especially since their teachers got hurt in the mix if it, and even if some did not admit it they were glad this was going the way it was. 




Sitting in her seat in the back next to the window Y/n sat quietly with crossed legs. Class won't begin for another hour leaving her the only one inside at the time. Since she often came into school with one if parents it often resulted in her being early. Y/n then felt a vibration in her pants pocket most likely a text from her boyfriend of 1 year. Taking out her phone and unlocking it she went to the message labeled ‘Rikizuma Muneki’


‘We're going out after school. Meet me at the tree.”

“Is something wrong?”


“Don't be late”


Letting out a sigh Y/n reread the messages again and again the tree was a large sakura tree where Rikizuma confessed to Y/n, the same thing that was supposed to bring happiness only brought sorrow now whenever it was mentioned. Letting out a soft whimper Y/n gently rubbed her upper arm where the bruise was only just starting to fade. 


Their once happy relationship went sour when Y/n got into Yuuei and Rikizuma didn't. She still remember the look of disdain in his once bright silver eyes when they read out their letters. That was the first time he put his hands on her when Y/n tried to comfort him. The hateful words he cried out to her as he pushed her way causing her to fall. But she didn't blame him. He was mad and he had every right to be. And then the next day he apologized, kissed her, and they went on an amazing date. And because of that the cycle of abuse started. The tree, the yells, the hits, apologizes, the kisses, the date and then repeat. Each time Y/n blaming herself for making him mad. 


She never told anyone about it however. Even though its been going on for months now. Her parents and brother didn't even know she had a boyfriend never mind an abusive one. So to vent about how she felt Y/n found herself writing lyric after lyric of pure emotions in a spiral notebook. Each song about her relationship, how she felt, or just random stuff. And after a bad fight she'd make the music/beat for the song on her computer. It wasn't the best way to deal with everything but it did help a lot. After all, their relationship wasn't always like that, there were many happy moments. Moments where she felt like the only person in his world. Where she felt like nothing could ever break them apart. Y/n always thought that it was just a rough patch in their relationship that would make them stronger, granted if anything their relationship only got worse. His pushes became hits, and hits became punches and after each one apologizes became less and less until all together they stopped and he started to blame her. Hiding bruises became a biweekly task until she finally master hiding them no matter how dark or big. 


Putting her phone away Y/n sighed taking out her notebook and started to write. With each passing minute more and more students started to lotter into the class most in groups of about 3. But Y/n paid them no mind as she bounced her leg moving her pen across the paper.  Feeling breathing on her neck Y/n looked up to the faceless and unseeable body of Hagakura. 


“Good Morning Yagi- Chan! What are you writing? A song? A poem? It seems good!” she said. Even though Y/n couldn't see her face she could tell there was either a big smile or a look of curious confusion.


“Good morning Hagakura-san.. And I rather not say.” you said bluntly, but with a hint of embarrassment hoping she'd leave it at that. 


“Awe Yagi- Chan why won't you open up to us! It's not fairrr!” whined Mina from behind you with puffed out cheeks, pouting like a child as she shook her pink fists.


“Good morning to you as well Ashido- san”


“Drop the ‘san’! Just say Ashido! Or even just Mina!! Stop being so formal!”


“Will you extras quiet down! It's too damn early for your loud mouths!”


“Shut up Bakugou this does concern you!”




“Bakugou! As class president I can not allow you to set off explosions in class! Please refrain from setting off any more explosions!”




“F-four eyes!? I'll have you know these glasses-”


“Hey! Don't talk to the class pres like that!”




Using the arguing going on between your classmates and Bakugou, you stood up from your seat and grabbed your notebook on the way out. Something like this wasn't worth the headache of teleporting away. Closing the door behind you, you walked toward the staircase. You were nervous to see Rikizuma after school, you hope the people in his school were treating him well. After all the day he has today at school determines how the two of you will be after. Heading upstairs you stood outside of class 2-B and hesitantly opened the door. Eyes of the upperclassmen were on you and scanned the room. Your (e/c) eyes met purple ones and you beckoned the boy you needed over with a soft call of his name.


“Hey Shinso! Who’s the cute Kohai calling for you?” called out one the males that was in the middle room. He had large red horns and stood at about 198.2cm (6’5). His hair was black but his skin was a dark pink almost red. “Your girllllfrienddd?”


“My sister.” Shinso said simply as he stood up. He ignores the questions that came after that as he walked over and closed the door behind himself. “What’s wrong N/n?” 


“C-can we do something after school? I.. uh.. There’s something going on that I’d rather avoid.” you explained weakly. Knowing your brother he didn't buy your explanation fully but he also wouldn't question.


“Sorry, I have plans. Why?” he took a step closer to and studied your face and body posture. “Is someone bothering you?”


“N-no.. Not at all. Sorry to bother you.” you turned around hiding how deflated you felt as you walked away. Shinso watched your figure walk away with a frown. As your older brother he almost always knew how you felt even if you didn't know yourself. He could see you were nervous and sad but knew better than to pry. 


Walking back to class you stopped outside the door to check your phone again. Rikizuma didn't send another text but you started at his name hoping for a clear understanding of what was going through his head. Taking a breath you started typing away wanting for more context so you're not walking into this blind.


“Did something happen? Please talk to me.”


Almost immediately the word 'sent' that was under your text turned to read. Waiting for a response you didn't realize how much time has passed.


“Who’s that?” 


A cry escaped your lips as you turn to see your mother standing over your figure looking over your shoulder. He had read your text messages or at least just the ones from today. 


“They sound like an ass. Do I know them?”


“Kaa-chan! What are you doing here!?” 


“Y/n you’re standing outside my classroom when class is about to start. What else would I be doing here?” 


“Ah. You're right! Uhh..”


“You never answered my question. Who is that?” 


“Its nothing Kaa-chan! Class is starting anyway so it doesn't matter.” you rushed out. Opening the classroom door you went straight to your seat. Normally you were a calm and level headed person, much like Todoroki, but around your family and boyfriend you let your emotions slip more. 




When the bell of last period rang you were spaced out. Your mother had already forgotten about the messages but that didn't make you any less nervous. 


“Yagi-chan! W-would you like to walk to the station together?” you heard a voice from next to you ask. Looking up you could see the pink blush dusted across Midoriya’s freckled cheeks, his eyes were filled with determination but you could see the hesitation in them. Ochaco and Iida stood behind him with a wide smile. Looking between the three of them you nodded and gathered your things. As your back faced them Midoriya let out a breath he didn't know he was holdings as Ochaco patted his back giving him a thumbs up.


With your bag slug over your shoulder and your hand in your pocket you followed behind your classmates. They talked freely and every once in a while you'll tune in and give your response. With every passing step you grew more comfortable and walked next to them instead of behind. On the train it was same Midoriya and Ochaco were sitting down while you and Iida stood in front of them continuing the conversation. From the corner of your eye you could see the messy purple hair of your brother as he talked with a group of both girls and boys you didn't know, most likely his classmates. You were so into your conversation you almost missed your stop. Waving goodbye to your classmates you stepped off the train, unknown to you your brother's eyes followed your figure in confusion. He didn't know the area of the stop you got off at well and he didn't expect you too either, so why'd you get off here?


“Hey Shinso! What do you think?” 


“Huh? Sorry I wasn't paying attention.”