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“I’m going to miss you” My dad whispered in my ear as we were saying our goodbyes.
“I promise to call every day, I’ll still be the annoying girl you know” I giggled in his neck, I pulled back from the hug, only to see his eyes with tears.

“Avalynn I’m really going to miss you, please call me when you are there” He said wiping his tears “I will” I kissed him on the cheek and took a deep breath, took my bags and walked away.

“Don’t look back!” My dad sobbed out, making me smile, I rushed to the plane that was already boarding, I sighed, so this is it, I’m flying almost three hours to go to Miami University.

I have planned and saved for this my whole life, I have always wanted to study law, so I signed up to all my classes, knowing I’ll be able to take all of them at once.

I hope I have a nice roommate; I think as I sat down on the plane, I put on my headphones, in case anyone talked to me, and started reading one of my books I brought with me, one of my many books.

The time literally flew by, no pun intended, I got quickly out off the plane to get my baggage, I got them immediately and I walked outside to catch a Taxi, as I came out, one stopped, guess it’s really a good day for me.

He helped me with my baggage and then I told him to go to campus of University Miami, I guess I should wait till I arrive at the dorms to call my dad.

I guess he should be worried by now, you see, it’s us alone, my mother left what felt like ages ago, but it has only been 10 years, since then, we got closer than ever, well, which is obvious, and I got so dedicated to make him proud, that I put everything in for my studies, I worked so hard, not only studying, but actually working, I worked at a library, to save for this.

I came out of my daydream by him saying that we are here, I looked out the window to see a lot, but a lot, of teenagers, I felt my stomach fill with nervous butterflies but I try my hard to ignore it, I got out the taxi, as he already got my bags out, I paid him and thanked his nice actions.

I took a deep breath and got in the building with all my bags, trying my hardest not to be clumsy and drop everything. Room 184, I read on my letter.
As soon as I found it, I opened the door and saw my roommate I was so anxious to meet...