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Take Note!

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"Somebody made a mistake when designing the layout of this library," was the message waiting for Naoto after her Corrections lecture. She almost snorted.

"Librarians are available if you are struggling to find a reference book," she replied, triple-checking her grammar before hitting "Send". The last thing he needs to be aware of is my old texting habits. She could almost hear his laugh at that thought.

"Haha. No, I mean there's no sunlight in the psych section! It's giving me claustrophobia."

"There r means of removing books from the library..." She swore when she noticed the typo after she sent it, but she was almost giddy when typing it out.

"I will not finish writing this paper in a timely manner if I leave. However, if I had someone to keep me on task..."

She was tempted to jump on the offer on the spot. I was just assigned a paper myself that I could get a head-start on. However, she felt it necessary to jab one more time. "So far, texting seems distracting as it is. Who could possibly help u focus?"

"SHIROGANE-SAN, PLEASE! I've forgotten how to be inside for extended periods of time!"

And then, shortly after:

"Consider it part of the favor to Kurosawa."

She froze. "U KNO?"

"Now I do :)"

She walked briskly to the library and wove her way through the stacks to the psychology section to find him at a table, pouring through one of the books. Clad in workout gear, the red jacket seemed loud for the dimness of his surroundings. He smirked at her approach.

"I'm rather ashamed of myself for falling for such an obvious trap," Naoto admitted in a low voice as she took a seat across from him.

He shrugged. "Element of surprise was working in my favor. Based on my last conversation with Kurosawa, I suspected he may be up to something like that."

"I apologize for not being honest with you," Naoto said, staring at her thumb as she worried at a cuticle.

"My pride suffered a bit at first, but's kind of a relief," he admitted. "I don't think I've ever been good at making friend...but I realized I'm not as good at being a loner as I thought."

She looked up and gave him a shy smile. "In that regard, we're fairly similar." The thought warmed her, so she looked to his notes and asked. "What are you working on?"

"Social Psychology," he said, holding up a flash card. "Just a little shaky on the terms."

"Let me help," she said, and he handed her a stack of blank cards. He slid the book between them, but she shortly found the arrangement slowed their progress. "Do you mind if I take the seat next to you? It'd - it'd be easier to share the book that way."

"R-right. Please, do," he said, making a space for her.

As they wrote out flash cards, Naoto felt the side next to him was burning, as if he radiated heat. It made the hairs on the back of her arm stand up, but she soon discovered that she liked the warmth.