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National HaikuDex

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#001: Bulbasaur

The bulb on its back

Won’t bloom for a while yet.

Give it lots of light.


#002: Ivysaur

It follows sunlight

And sleeps all through the night.

You can’t wake it up.


#003: Venusaur

The flower has bloomed

It can photosynthesize

Will still steal your food.

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#004: Charmander

Fire on its tail

Is only used to attack.

It won’t keep it warm.


#005: Charmeleon

Very aggressive

Will pick fights with anyone.

Give it a close eye.


#006: Charizard

Apex predator

Prefers flying short distance.

Still shelters from rain.

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#007: Squirtle

The tiny turtle

Hides in its shell for defense.

It hides for hours.


#008: Wartortle

The wings on its head

Help it to sense for danger.

They twitch cutely though.


#009: Blastoise

Water pressure high

Cannons ready to fire

Stay well back of this!

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#010: Caterpie

Caterpillar crawls

Gathering strength for later

So that it might fly.


#011: Metapod

This one’s hardened shell

Keeps it safe from predators.

Doesn’t let it move.


#012: Butterfree

A fey-like creature

This one enjoys sweet gardens.

Loves to play with kids.

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#013: Weedle

Caterpillar creature

Often scary to young kids.

Poison's not lethal.


#014: Kakuna

Pupa stage of life

Shell is stronger than kevlar.

Harvested for such.


#015: Beedrill

Stinger doesn't sting;

More like a battering ram

Is how it is used.

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#016: Pidgey

Kanto’s tiny bird

Begs for food from the tourists.

Please don’t feed the birds.


#017: Pidgeotto

The crest on its head

Helps to navigate in flight.

It always flies true.


#018: Pidgeot

Surprisingly large

Can carry packages far

Is not a ferry.

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#019: Rattata

This Pokémon’s teeth

Can gnaw through most anything.

Including concrete.


#020: Raticate

This one’s fluffy fur

Is good for pillow stuffing.

Just cut carefully.


#021: Spearow

This one likes to dive

Upon its prey to kill it.

Sometimes it misses.

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#022: Fearow

Its long beak can snatch

Prey from the bottom of holes.

Does not camouflage.


#023: Ekans

This snake’s rattle is

Meant to warn it’s dangerous.

It’s musical too.


#024: Arbok

It’s the king of snakes

Its poison is lethal but

Works very slowly.

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#025: Pikachu

A well-know mascot

Prizes determination

In battle and out


#026: Raichu

Thunderstone’s needed

As such is hard to obtain

Not found in wild


#027: Sandshrew

This one’s scaly hide

Easily hides it on rocks.

It enjoys rolling.

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#028: Sandslash

Sharp claws and tough spikes

Make this Pokémon scary

But it’s not so mean


#029: Nidoran (F)

Always a female

The other gender is an-

-other Pokémon


#030: Nidorina

It’s very feisty

Won’t shy away from a fight

Likes to prove itself

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#031: Nidoqueen

Queen of the wild

Likes to take in young orphans.

Even other types.


#032: Nidoran (M)

Always checks as male

Why they are classified as

Two, I do not know.


#033: Nidorino

This one’s jagged spikes

Are used to dig its way out

Of dangerous things

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#034: Nidoking

The king of the clan

Protects his brood with his life.

Does it very well.


#035: Clefairy

One truly fey-like

Mischievous and yet kind too.

Just don’t insult it.


#036: Clefable

This one’s spiral tail

Is said to charm all who look

Into following.

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#037: Vulpix

Cousin to kitsune

It’s said that they still interact

Do not aggravate


#038: Ninetales

Is it a kitsune?

No one can say so for sure –

Or that they aren’t.


#039: Jigglypuff

So round and squishy

It puffs up to seem fiercer.

Can carry people.

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#040: Wigglytuff

It enjoys fighting

Can tank a hit with the best

Because it bounces.


#041: Zubat

Lives in darkened caves

Falls when sleeping upside down.

It does NOT drink blood.


#042: Golbat

It has a wide mouth

Likes to catch food as it falls

From roof of the caves.

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#043: Oddish

The leaves on its head

Are hallucinogenic.

Please handle with care.


#044: Gloom

Saliva that drips

From this creature’s mouth is so

Acidic it burns


#045: Vileplume

Flower on its head

Does smell of rotting corpses.

Don’t try to taste it.

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#046: Paras

This crabby creature’s

Actually pretty docile

Can spread its spores far.


#047: Parasect

The space in its shell

Is a mixing bowl for the

Spores that it emits


#048: Venonat

This fuzzy creature

Enjoys being by others.

It gets lonely quick.

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#049: Venomoth

Not quite as friendly

But still willing to help out.

It can’t lift people.


#050: Diglett

While phallic-looking,

This creature does not have sex.

It only lays eggs.


#051: Dugtrio

One in three yet one

They share a mind between them

But can’t move apart.

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#052: Meowth

Just the coolest cat

Will beg food at the table

After it’s eaten


#053: Persian

Coolest of cool cats

Sharp claws and its jagged teeth

Express displeasure


#054: Psyduck

Constantly confused

Headaches are used to focus

It quacks like a duck

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#055: Golduck

It’s more in control

No longer hurts itself

So more dangerous


#056: Mankey

A rampaging beast

That won’t hesitate to kill

Vastly aggressive


#057: Primeape

Slightly calmed down

But that just makes it smarter

Avoid at all costs

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#058: Growlithe

A playful puppy

It enjoys petting on its

Very fluffy fur.


#059: Arcanine

There’s a scandal when

It's mistaken for Entei.

Not legendary.


#060: Poliwag

It floats in water

Can use its tail to paddle

Against the current

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#061: Poliwhirl

Its spiral belly

Can hypnotize opponents.

Not a psychic type.


#062: Poliwrath

Tadpole no longer

An experienced fighter

Will protect its own.


#063: Abra

Mislabeled “coward”

This one knows when to retreat.

And it really does.



#064: Kadabra

The spoon this one holds

Is an astral projection.

Is not used to eat.


#065: Alakazam

Now has many spoons

Controlled telepathically.

They hurt when they hit.


#066: Machop

A powerful tyke

It can lift with the strength of

Ten well-muscled men.



#067: Machoke

Now strong enough to

Deadlift two full school buses;

Only gets stronger.


#068: Machamp

The heavyweight champ

Has been shown to lift more than

Anyone its size.


#069: Bellsprout

It’s said this creature

Originally a plant

In a science lab

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#070: Weepinbell

This pitcher-shaped plant

Filled with acidic poison

Pours it on its prey


#071: Victreebel

It’s laying in wait

For prey to rest on the leaf

Then consumes them whole


#072: Tentacool

It could be from an

Octopus or jellyfish

We still aren’t sure

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#073: Tentacruel

The trunk on its head

Doesn’t seem to be a nose.

Doesn’t seem to smell.


#074: Geodude

This one does not walk

It rolls and steers with its hands

Its skin does not chip.


#075: Graveler

While it does have feet

It is more comfortable

Rolling like it did.

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#076: Golem

It has legs now, but

If the slope is too steep, it

Will roll down instead.


#077: Ponyta

Mane of golden flames

Stretch from its head to its tail

But do not burn hot.


#078: Rapidash

Its hooves pound the dirt

Forming dust clouds in its wake

As it gallops on

Chapter Text

#079: Slowpoke

While not seeming bright

Its cognitive faculties

Just take a while


#080: Slowbro

The shell on its tail

Used to be its own creature

Now just some armor


#081: Magnemite

This one’s attractive

But it repulses others

With polarity

Chapter Text

#082: Magneton

While more powerful

It controls its charge better.

Gets in less trouble.


#083: Farfetch’d

The leek it carries

Is both a weapon and tool.

It will keep it safe.


#084: Doduo

This flightless bird is

One of the fastest creatures

That runs on the ground.

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College is currently kicking my butt.

I’ll be back probably sometime within the next two weeks, and once I start I intend not to stop again for the rest of the project.

I promise it’s coming.

Thanks for the patience,

Ellissandra Northwind

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#085: Dodrio

This creature’s three heads

Like to talk amongst themselves.

They argue sometimes.


#086: Seel

While it seems a seal,

They share few genetic traits

Beyond obvious.


#087: Dewgong

While it won’t balance

A ball on its nose, it’s not

For lack of trying,

Chapter Text

#088: Grimer

A pile of sludge

With sentience; none know how

They began to move.


#089: Muk

Smells worse than before

It can be neutralized by

Very strong bases.


#090: Shellder

The shell that surrounds

Its body is composed of

Remains of others.

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#091: Cloyster

There’s a legend that

This was a giant’s hairclip.

This is truly false.


#092: Gastly

This confusing cloud

Somehow manages to stay

Coherent in wind.


#093: Haunter

Considering its size

This one disperses a bit

At the edges – it’s fine.

Chapter Text

#094: Gengar

A thief in the night

Will take any shiny things

But leave you unharmed.


#095: Onix

Sentient string of rocks

Doesn’t seem to notice when

Some fall off the end


#096: Drowzee

While elephant-ish

It shares nothing with Phanpy

Still some get confused

Chapter Text

#097: Hypno

You’re getting sleepy

And as your eyes slip closed, you

See they’ve won the fight.


#098: Krabby

It’s not as grumpy

Although people like to joke.

Wish it’d go away.


#099: Kingler

King of the river

Scuttles sideways so quickly

Can outpace people

Chapter Text

#100: Voltorb

This electric ball

Has electromagnetic

Qualities, of course.


#101: Electrode

The colors have flipped

No one can say why for sure

But it’s consistent


#102: Exeggcute

Proof of a hive mind

Eggs can be separated

But they’ll wail loudly

Chapter Text

#103: Exeggutor

Attached to the tree

They hang, although it’s unknown

Just how they got there


#104: Cubone

Connected with death

It’s said that the skull on its head

Is from it’s mother


#105: Marowak

This one ties into

The sacrificial mythos

Of the skull-head cult

Chapter Text

#106: Hitmonlee

Master of kicking

It’s springy legs increase force.

Stay out of its range.


#107: Hitmonchan

Master of punching

Punches so hard elements

Can get conjured up.


#108: Lickitung

Its super long tongue

Can wrangle foes from afar.

Popular online.

Chapter Text

#109: Koffing

The gas it emits

Can incapacitate a

Human in three clicks


#110: Weezing

A poisonous beast

Can empty a field of life

In under ten clicks


#111: Rhyhorn

Fast for its large size

Some like racing on their backs

Just don’t get thrown off

Chapter Text

#112: Rhydon

Drills anywhere with

Its recognizable horn

That cuts through rock well.


#113: Chansey

A nurturing soul

This one likes to be around

Live eggs of all types


#114: Tangela

Tangled mess of vines

No one knows what’s underneath.

Don’t think I want to.

Chapter Text

#115: Kangaskhan

The kid in the pouch

It likes to poke its head out

Once in a while


#116: Horsea

This little seahorse

Enjoys bathing in birdbaths

If it can’t go home.


#117: Seadra

While not a dragon,

It does have a regal mind.

A duke of water.

Chapter Text

#118: Goldeen

While it is pretty

This one is… not all that bright

Expect forgetting


#119: Seaking

The horn that it has

Doesn’t give anything cool.

It’s disappointing.


#120: Staryu

A five-pointed star

The gem in its center can

Transmit messages

Chapter Text

#121: Starmie

Twice in all aspects

It’s called “mysterious” for

Very good reasons


#122: Mr. Mime

Entirely mute

Surprisingly human-like

Entertaining? Yes.


#123: Scyther

This one’s pincer claws

Can snap a man’s neck in two

Alarmingly quick

Chapter Text

#124: Jynx

Its coloration

No longer controversial,

It's mostly obscure.


#125: Electabuzz

A true live wire

It can electrocute a

Man without effort


#126: Magmar

“Spitfire” deserved

For property damage this

One holds the record

Chapter Text

#127: Pinsir

This one’s pinsir claws

Not actually claws; they’re horns

See above for pun.


#128: Tauros

Somehow hard to spell

It’s three tails can be used to

Sense out for danger


#129: Magikarp

True rags to riches

Using EXP share is

Recommended way

Chapter Text

#130: Gyarados

The eastern dragon

While it can not breathe fire

It flies easily


#131: Lapras

It’s very loyal

Will follow you everywhere

Even where it can’t


#132: Ditto

A disguise master

Any creature, anyone

Long as they don’t talk

Chapter Text

#133: Eevee

Evolves to eight types

Some are more common to some

Regions than others


#134: Vaporeon

For a “Bubble Jet”

It has a truly subtle



#135: Jolteon

It’s static-charged fur

Can electrocute a man

From ten feet away

Chapter Text

#136: Flareon

This one’s fur can reach

One thousand degrees kelvin

Careful when touching.


#137: Porygon

Digital creature

No one knows how it came live

Spreads like a virus


#138: Omanyte

Revived from fossil.

The scientists won’t tell me

How they could do it.

Chapter Text

#139: Omastar

It’s unclear if

This one evolved before its

Revival from death.


#140: Kabuto

Also fossilized

Dome fossil’s easy to find

Bring it to the lab


#141: Kabutops

Kinda like Scyther

It is unclear if they’re

Indeed related.

Chapter Text

#142: Aerodactyl

The ancient creature

It’s revived from old amber

And not a fossil.


#143: Snorlax

This huge creature is

Often a cause of chaos

When it blocks the road


#144: Articuno

A creature of ice

Can cause blizzards when it flaps

Its mightiest wings

Chapter Text

#145: Zapdos

Creature of thunder

It causes storms with a flap

Of its mighty wings


#146: Moltres

A creature of flame

A flap of its wings can dry

Out miles of marsh


#147: Dratini

A baby dragon

Of the style of the east

High regarded pet

Chapter Text

#148: Dragonair

It has its own show

Most popular dragon-type –

Save legendaries


#149: Dragonite

Abrupt style shift

Goes from eastern to western

No one can tell why


#150: Mewtwo

A lab-made creature

The first and last of its kind

Under treaty law

Chapter Text

#151: Mew

None ever see it

We only know it exists

From older accounts


#152: Chikorita

First creature of the

Second regional series;

Appropriate choice.


#153: Bayleef

The scent from its neck

Can cause a variety

Of helpful effects

Chapter Text

#154: Meganium

Its antennae are

The stamen of the flower

That’s around its neck.


#155: Cyndaquil

Fire-type starter

Likes to curl up in a ball

Dislikes fuzzy cloth


#156: Quilava

The flames it exudes

As a defensive measure

Instantly char flesh



#157: Typhlosion

Its internal temp

Is enough to melt metal

In a few seconds


#158: Totodile

Water-type starter

It can paddle faster than

Most others can swim


#159: Croconaw

There is no difference

Between the yellow and the

Blue parts of its skin.

Chapter Text

#160: Feraligatr

Aggressive nature

A natural-born fighter

Yet gentle to young.


#161: Sentret

So it can see far

It balances on its tail

Still not that tall, though.


#162: Furret

This creature’s slick fur

Goes for high prices in town.

Make sure it’s not fake.

Chapter Text

#163: Hoothoot

This birdie has an

Incredible sense of time.

Set your watch on it.


#164: Noctowl

It’s interesting;

When it evolves, changes from

Normal à nocturnal.


#165: Ledyba

The spots on its back

Vary with respect to its

Power in battle.

Chapter Text

#166: Ledian

This one can move all

Six of its legs on their own.

Enjoys a fair fight.


#167: Spinarak

The fiber it spins

Can support a piano

With a single thread


#168: Ariados

Can spin many threads

Into impenetrable

Fibers for armor

Chapter Text

#169: Crobat

The shape of its wings

Allows for it to locate

Anyone at all


#170: Chinchou

Dangles on its head

Lure in prey in the wild

Also small children


#171: Lanturn

Its light is brighter

Can be used to light the way

In emergencies.

Chapter Text

#172: Pichu

So good at hiding

Can’t be found in the wild.

Must be bred at home.


#173: Cleffa

A bright spark of joy

It enjoys playing with toys

Like a child would.


#174: Igglybuff

Round and so bouncy

Can be used as a kickball.

Seems to enjoy it.

Chapter Text

#175: Togepi

The egg on its bum

Is not the egg it hatched from.

It grows as it grows.


#176: Togetic

In touch with itself

And others, it knows how to

Make people happy


#177: Natu

A small psychic bird.

It stands on your head and reads

Other peoples’ thoughts.

Chapter Text

#178: Xatu

Taller psychic bird

No longer small enough to

Perch on someone’s head.


#179: Mareep

This one’s fluffy wool

Can be used for keeping warm

Once the static’s out


#180: Flaafy

Ironic in that

It is less fluffy than the

One not named “fluffy”.

Chapter Text

#181: Ampharos

The two gems it has

Glow simultaneously.

Higher is the head.


#182: Bellossom

It’s light and bubbly

Sunny personality

Doesn’t come from stone.


#183: Marill

It squeaks when happy.

It likes playing with just

About anyone.

Chapter Text

#184: Azumarill

Now more bunny-like

It has mellowed out a bit.

Still squeaks when happy.


#185: Sudowoodo

It’s not just a tree

Which is obvious in spring

When it doesn’t bloom


#186: Politoed

The spiral on its front

Can hypnotize opponents.

Can jump really high.

Chapter Text

#187: Hoppip

This cheerful creature

Prefers to bounce around the

House to cheer you up


#188: Skiploom

While not as bouncy

It does like to see the ones

Around it happy


#189: Jumpluff

The balls round its head

Can feel as soft as a cloud

They don’t like it touched.

Chapter Text

#190: Aipom

Famous for its tail

Which can function as a limb.

It likes to play pranks.


#191: Sunkern

Sunshine bouncy ball

Lots and lots of energy

Will never calm down.


#192: Sunflora

Mellowed out a bit

Much easier to command

But still so cheery

Chapter Text

#193: Yanma

Its wings beat faster

Even though they have color

They seem to vanish


#194: Wooper

Can breathe in water

While lacking physical gills.

Takes in air through skin.


#195: Quagsire

Enjoys mud a lot

It would live there if it could

Note that it can’t, though

Chapter Text

#196: Espeon

Evolves in the day

Once the bond with its trainer

Becomes very strong.


#197: Umbreon

Evolves in the night

Once it becomes familiar

With its own trainer.


#198: Murkrow

A symbol for gangs

Although not one for violence.

It prefers the night.

Chapter Text

#199: Slowking

A Shellder-shell crown

Seems to have fused to its head.

Not sure how it did.


#200: Misdreavus

It wants to be feared

Though it mainly doesn’t work.

Really likes jumpscares.


#201: Unown

The twenty-six types

Are considered to be forms

Of the same creature.

Chapter Text

#202: Wobbuffet

This wobbly creature

Inspired a line of toys

Likes playing with them.


#203: Girafarig

Not quite symmetric

Its name echoes its design.

I think it’s clever.


#204: Pineco

It is not a plant.

No matter what you have heard,

It is not a plant.

Chapter Text

#205: Forretress

Spiky shell allows

Specializing in defense.

It’s still not a plant.


#206: Dunsparce

It flees from danger

By burrowing with it’s tail –

Burrowing backwards.


#207: Gligar

It can be scary

But it mainly likes to hide

Can cause jumpscares though

Chapter Text

#208: Steelix

Towers over all

And is perfectly willing

To let you climb up


#209: Snubbull

Despite its grumpy

Demeanor, it really likes

Having its head scratched


#210: Granbull

Its pink coloring

Fools some into thinking that

It’s harmless – it’s not.

Chapter Text

#211: Qwilfish

Its poisonous spines

Shoot outwards when its angered;

Retracting when scared.


#212: Scizor

Designs on its claws

Indicate relative strength

Among its own kind.


#213: Shuckle

Looks like a turtle

But is not a water type.

Acts like a turtle.

Chapter Text

#214: Heracross

Beetle-like creature

Can toss around a truck with

A swing of its horn.


#215: Sneasel

Sneaky little thief

Also loyal to a fault.

It prefers the night.


#216: Teddiursa

While cute and cuddly

Separation from mom is

Not what it enjoys

Chapter Text

#217: Ursaring

“Mama Bear” to T

Will rend any danger with

Its very sharp claws.


#218: Slugma

An infernal heat

Its gooey lava body

Melts road it walks on


#219: Magcargo

Hotter than it was

Knows how to control its heat

To not hurt others

Chapter Text

#220: Swinub

With its thick fur, it’s

A little pillow of warmth.

Likes being slept on.


#221: Piloswine

A modern mammoth

In shape although not in size.

Has really warm hair.


#222: Corsola

Combine to form reefs

Protrusions used for crafting

And fine jewelry

Chapter Text

#223: Remoraid

Not so much alone

Likes traveling in a group

True strength in numbers


#224: Octillery

Shoots projectiles

With an organ in its mouth.

It’s not saliva.


#225: Delibird

While it likes to give

Its bag is limited by

Emotional range

Chapter Text

#226: Mantine

While it can not fly

It skims over the surface

Of the ocean waves


#227: Skarmory

Its steel-bladed wings

Are strong enough to keep it

In the air, somehow


#228: Houndour

While grumpy, this one

Enjoys playing fetch with a

Fireproof toy

Chapter Text

#229: Houndoom

This one’s large curled horns

Can be used to headbutt, but

Really are to dig.


#230: Kingdra

While seahorse patterned

Dragon classification

Is really quite apt


#231: Phanpy

Cute little creature

Likes to tramp around and “sing”

Songs with its trumpet.

Chapter Text

#232: Donphan

While just as loving

It’s not nearly as cuddly.

The armor proves that.


#233: Porygon2

Upgraded version

Like a computer virus

That can fight for real


#234: Stantler

Majestic creature

Prances on delicate hooves

In stories only

Chapter Text

#235: Smeargle

Puts its spin on things

A derivative artist

In battle and out


#236: Tyrogue

Enjoys a good fight

Especially when it can

Ensure a fair fight


#237: Hitmontop

It’s not upside down

It’s mind is suited for this


Chapter Text

#238: Smoochum

It waddles cutely

On tiny stubs of leg that

Make it fall a lot


#239: Elekid

Sparky round body

Can output enough power

To fell a Rhydon


#240: Magby

Heat insulated

Its fur gets much fluffier

The warmer it gets

Chapter Text

#241: Miltank

A bovine creature

Can produce milk in all four

Of its udder tits


#242: Blissey

Of pure happiness

Causes bliss in those around

In large radius


#243: Raikou

Electric tailed beast

Can leap long distance at speeds

That cannot be seen

Chapter Text

#244: Entei

The fire tailed beast

It can cause an eruption

Whenever it’s near


#245: Suicune

The ice type tailed beast

Can step into a sewer

And make clean water


#246: Larvitar

Not legendary

Although it eats of the earth

It is what it eats

Chapter Text

#247: Pupitar

Shell as hard as rock

It waits for just the right time

To unleash pure hell


#248: Tyranitar

Invincible skin;

However it gets tired

From moving too much


#249: Lugia

Guardian of sea

It ironically attacks

With large blasts of air

Chapter Text

#250: Ho-Oh

Guardian of sky

Flies on seven-color wings

Into the sunset


#251: Celebi

Guardian of time

Inhabits the shrine in the

Viridian trees


#252: Treecko

Pads on its fingers

Make climbing things easier

Has three on each hand

Chapter Text

#253: Grovyle

Long leaf on its spine

Helps to keep it balanced when

It jumps from the trees


#254: Sceptile

Its large spiky tail

Can fell all but the thickest

Of trees in Hoenn


#255: Torchic

The first Torchic was

Originally thought to

Be a strange chicken

Chapter Text

#256: Combusken

Talons on its feet

Are more like a hawk’s than a

Chicken’s, like you’d think


#257: Blaziken

Through fire and flames

And all eight regional gyms

This Pokémon fights.


#258: Mudkip

Cause of internet

It has since become a meme

Not sure how or why

Chapter Text

#259: Marshtomp

Its paddle-like paws

Are considered fins by some.

Not picking a side.


#260: Swampert

It is more frog-like

And less intimidating

Than the ones before.


#261: Poochyena

The fangs this one has

Are not to be trifled with

They can chomp rock.

Chapter Text

#262: Mightyena

For its type it has

Surprisingly lustrous fur

That’s very fluffy.


#263: Zigzagoon

Commonly confused

It can’t move in a straight line.

So its name was born.


#264: Linoone

Its sleek streamlined fur

An outward marker of the

Grace it exhibits

Chapter Text

#265: Wurmple

Creature of two paths

We still can’t say for sure which

One it will go down


#266: Silcoon

Silky strands of web

Keep this one safe and secure

While it waits to fly


#267: Beautifly

Spreading its wings for

The first time, it astounds those

Around with beauty

Chapter Text

#268: Cascoon

While it’s oddly tinged,

It is no less strong than the

One that’s prettier.


#269: Dustox

it opens its wings

and looks intimidating

- and covers in dust.


#270: Lotad

while it appears dumb

this one is actually

really quite clever

Chapter Text

#271: Lombre

lily pad design

allows it to camoflage

well in the water

#272: Ludiculo

this crazy creature

enjoys music and dancing

under the moonlight

#273: Seedot

its acorn topped head

protects it from all but the

mightiest of blows

#274: Nuzleaf

Shifty appearance

Belies a sharp mind; do not

Be so quick to judge

#275: Shiftry

Bad reputation

Mainly comes from the days when

Were with the ninja

#276: Taillow

The two-pronged tail is

Used like a rudder to guide

It on its way home

Chapter Text

#277: Swellow

Its two tails are sharp

They can impale human flesh

With little pressure


#278: Wingull

Hangs out at beaches

Enjoys swooping down to peck

At leftover food


#279: Pelipper

The bowl of its beak

Can hold a lot of water

And still let it fly


#280: Ralts

It does not have eyes

But senses those around it

It gets eyes later


#281: Kirlia

Its thick white petals

Release a calming scent in

The air around it


#282: Gardevoir

Gives amazing hugs

Prefers defense to offense

So it can protect


#283: Surskit

Unique body shape

Able to walk on water

It will never sink


#284: Masquerain

Design on its wings

Makes opponents think that a

Larger beast is here


#285: Shroomish

Lacking arm-like limbs

This one spins rapidly in

Order to attack


#286: Breloom

Despite its short reach

It can get in close quickly.

Staying back won’t help.


#287: Slakoth

It likes laying low

And hiding on tree branches

To avoid training.


#288: Vigoroth

Lots of energy

Throws itself into every



#289: Slaking

Energetic phase

Is over; it’s back to being

So slow and steady


#290: Nincada

Surprisingly fast

Can move faster than our sight

On such tiny wings


#291: Ninjask

It can evolve with

Too much energy, making

A ghost-like creature

Chapter Text

#292: Yamask

Energy being

Matter, it makes sense that some

Thing strange could happen…


#293: Whismur

The sound that it makes

Is really its sight; it’s not

Comforting itself


#294: Loudred

Its minuscule ears

Protect it from its own noise

But not from others.

Chapter Text

#295: Exploud

It can emit sound

From any hole that it has

Easier than mouth.


#296: Makuhita

Its fighting style

Looks like one from the far East

- a coincidence!


#297: Hariyama

Its oversized hands

Are used to smack a foe out

Of the battlefield

Chapter Text

#298: Azurill

The ball on its tail

Functions as both comfort and

Heavy ball weapon


#299: Nosepass

Magnets confuse it

Making sense of direction

More terribly worse


#300: Skitty

Cute kitty creature

Enjoys scamming treats from those

Who wander on by


#301: Delcatty

Glamorous kitty

Featured in advertisements

For perfume and jewels


#302: Sableye

Considered creepy

By some, it can see as well

In the dark as light


#303: Mawile

Deceptive creature

Not above some dirty tricks

Strikes where foe is weak

Chapter Text

#304: Aron

It can not be squished

Its steel-plated shell can be

Taken for armor


#305: Lairon

The spikes on its back

Are more flexible than they

First appear to be


#306: Aggron

This one requires

A special strong vehicle

To move it places

Chapter Text

#307: Meditite

While having fingers

Its foot-like appendages

Don’t have any toes


#308: Medicham

The dots on its head

Are this one’s psychic organs.

Please do not touch them.


#309: Electrike

Static in its fur

Shocks unfriendly visitors

Does it conciously?


#310: Manectric

Lightning is its path

A zigzag arc through the sky

To avoid attacks


#311: Plusle

Not most powerful

But an optimistic soul

In cheerful body


#312: Minun

Despite negative

Charge, it has a positive

Happy demeanour


#313: Volbeat

It and Illumise

Are two sides of the same coin

But are not the same


#314: Illumise

The cooler colors

Meant it was first thought to be

A shiny Volbeat.


#315: Roselia

Its flowers for hands

Can pick up more than you’d think

Might have some suction?


#316: Gulpin

It’s mostly stomach

And yet still fights as if that

Means nothing at all


#317: Swalot

Yellow tentacles

Help it search for food by smell

Even though it’s blind


#318: Carvanha

A nasty creature

More than willing to bite those

Who come way too close


#319: Sharpedo

Torpedo design

Lets it move swiftly in the

Deep waters around


#320: Wailmer

Floats like a beach ball

Stings like a cruise ship that has

Been dropped on your head


#321: Wailord

This enourmous beast

Was once used to drive a cruise

Ship, tugboat – style


#322: Numel

This one is immune

To heat, cold, and most other

Haptic sensation


#323: Camerupt

Dormant volcanos

Hide heat in its humps, but it

Can not release it


#324: Torkoal

Do not stick your hand

In the Torkoal’s red-hot shell.

You will lose that hand.


#325: Spoink

Pink pearl on its head

Never moves as it bounces

Boing, boing, up and down


#326: Grumpig

No longer bounces,

But it can make you think that

It is still bouncing.


#327: Spinda

It makes me dizzy

To watch this one for too long.

Not a psychic type.


#328: Trapinch

It hides in a pit

And chomps on prey that walk by.

Matches craglands well.


#329: Vibrava

It makes noise when it

Vibrates its wings fast enough

So they are unseen


#330: Flygon

iIts polygon wings

vibrate rapidly to make

just enough lift


#331: Cacnea

Yellow on its head

Has yet to be explained well



#332: Cacturne

Its finicky limbs

Have fewer joints than others.

It doesn’t bend much.


#333: Swablu

Fluffy cotton wings

Strong enough to lift itself

Yet soft to the touch


#334: Altaria

Cloud around itself

Can become stormy if it

Gets angry enough


#335: Zangoose

Feud with Seviper

Although the reasons for it

Are unknown to me


#336: Seviper

Its creepy smile

Is largely because of the

Thirteen inch long fangs

Chapter Text

#337: Lunatone

The moon’s gaze rises

Over the streets of Hoenn

This creature comes out


#338: Solrock

While you can see it

Only out in the daylight

Still exists at night


#339: Barboach

Listed as ground ‘cause

Can burrow through anything

Easy as water


#340: Whiscash

The yellow whiskers

Deliver electric shocks

Only in fiction


#341: Corphish

This one is known for

Sneak attacks on the beaches –

Reputation earned


#342: Crawdaunt

It rules the waters

But as more of a mob boss

Than a president


#343: Baltoy

There are stories where

It is made from clay and then

Somehow brought to life


#344: Claydol

Despite being made

Of clay, it is very hard

To make it shatter


#345: Lileep

Comes from a fossil

Back when plants and animals

Were moreso the same


#346: Cradily

Its large pink petals

Can sense movement even when

Its two eyes are shut


#347: Anorith

typical fossil

it doesn’t seem to be the

prototype of some


#348: Armaldo

Its armored plates

Can stop a Rhypherior

In full angry charge

Chapter Text

#349: Feebas

It’s super ugly

And yet its skin is used for

Men’s accessories


#350: Milotic

hypnotic beauty

mesmerizes the judges

not just pretty, though


#351: Castform

changes with weather

and changes type with it – still

not legendary

Chapter Text

#352: Kecleon

All of it can hide

Except the red band around

Middle of torso


#353: Shuppet

Mischevous ghostie

Enjoys pranking anf playing

In the dark of night


#354: Banette

A playful prankster

Scary when it’s serious

Don’t make it angry


#355: Duskull

Looks like a reaper

But will not collect dead souls

As far as we know


#356: Dusclops

Wrapped like a mummy

In semi permeable

Skin material


#357: Tropius

Proper dinosaur

It has existed longer

Than most fossil types

Chapter Text

#358: Chimecho

Its soft chiming noise

Is very calming for most

Unless you hate bells


#359: Absol

warning of danger

superstitious avoid it

- think – cause and effect?


#360: Wynaut

Puns on this one’s name

Are far too frequent in my

Humble opinion

Chapter Text

#361: Snorunt

Constantly shivers

In order to keep spirits

Up in cold climates


#362: Glalie

Rumor has it that

The first one of these was a

Gastly that did freeze


#363: Spheal

Floats like a beach ball

And yet heavy enough to

Sink whenever it wants


#364: Sealeo

A seal-like creature

With an amazing sense of

Fine spatial balance


#365: Walrein

Its inches-thick tusks

Are used as ice picks by some

Northerly peoples


#366: Clamperl

Extra pearls it makes

Get released in the water

It only need one


#367: Huntail

Rarely seen on land

In fact, rarely seen at all

Out in the wild


#368: Gorebyss

Prettier than its

Name would suggest although its

Not one for contests


#369: Relicanth

Not fossil quite yet

But getting awfully close

And yet still thriving

Chapter Text

#370: Luvdisc

Valentine’s Day near?

Popular symbol for love

She’ll love it, I swear!


#371: Bagon

Its smooth grey rock crest

Protects better than any

Human-made helmet


#372: Shelgon

While not a cocoon

It does protect the insides

Like a cocoon does

Chapter Text

#373: Salamence

Butterflies emerge

Like this one does, but most of

Them aren’t dragons


#374: Beldum

Dribbling basketball

Made of metal and yet it

Bounces when it falls


#375: Metang

It hovers in place

On psychic abilities

And will not falter

Chapter Text

#376: Metagross

Like Onix, Steelix

There is a theory that

Came from Geodude


#377: Regirock

Guardian titan

Watches over the land while

Groudon is sleeping


#378: Regice

The dots on its front

Are not eyes, technically told.

Not sure what they are.

Chapter Text

#379∷ Registeel

This high-tech titan

Yet still naturally born

How’d that even work?


#380: Latias

Its flight amazing

Can go for hours without

Needing to land


#381: Latios

It makes sonic booms

When it doesn’t watch its speed

Riders get thrown off


#382: Kyogre

The king of the seas

Doesn’t get moderation –

But otherwise chill


#383: Groudon

With its power it

Can expand the continents

At expense of seas


#384: Rayquaza

Dragon of the skies

Keeps the other two in line

As best as it can

Chapter Text

#385: Jirachi

It does grant wishes

But only for those it deems

Worthy of the feat


#386: Deoxys

Its from outer space

No one knows how it got here

Or why it exists


#387: Turtwig

Sinnoh grass starter

The tiny leaves on its head

Can not be picked off

Chapter Text

#388: Grotle

It gets bigger fast

Be prepared to go through one

Ton of food per week


#389: Torterra

It’s really huge, but

To call it “continent” is



#390: Chimchar

Fire type starter

Lacks a real flesh-and-blood tail

But doesn’t care much

Chapter Text

#391: Monferno

It has a tail now

That burns like a Charizard’s

But bigger, stronger


#392: Infernape

Its yellow symbols

Are actually armored

Don’t try to hit there


#393: Piplup

Known for bubble beam

In popular media

Doesn’t use it much

Chapter Text

#394: Prinplup

Penguin-like creature

Looks graceful standing there but

Waddles on webbed feet


#395: Empoleon

Majestic creature

Leads herds of Piplup and more

Out in the wild


#396: Starly

Sinnoh’s tiny bird

Has a surprisingly long

Sharply pointed beak

Chapter Text

#397: Staravia

The curl on its crest

Can somehow withstand the high

Winds of the heavens


#398: Staraptor

Crest and shifty eyes

Give this bird a gangster look

Be careful with it


#399: Bidoof

Kinda dumb looking

And more like a beaver than

The stated plump mouse

Chapter Text

#400: Bibarel

This one’s flat-plank tail

Can withstand more force than one’d

Be led to believe


#401: Kricketot

Looks like a maestro

At the head of a fancy

Concert kinda hall


#402: Kricketune

Its four skinny limbs

Make music by rubbing up

Against each other

Chapter Text

#403: Shinx

The star on its tail

Stores electricity, but

Only to a point


#404: Luxio

This one relies on

Its protective demeanor

To feel close to you


#405: Luxray

Its stripy front legs

Make alternating current

Not direct current

Chapter Text

#406: Budew

It has no arms but

Uses telepathy but

Not psychic type???


#407: Roserade

Its bouquets-for-hands

Are mostly roses, but can

Have other flowers


#408: Cranidos

Shiny egg-shaped head

Is so tough that it can just

Headbutt right through rick

Chapter Text

#409: Rampardos

Despite its body

Getting bigger, its head is

Still the same damn size


#410: Shieldon

While tough, this one’s shield

Puts a lot of strain on its

Not-quite-as-tough neck


#411: Bastiodon

Now that it’s larger

The shield is less a lever

And more of a wall

Chapter Text

#412: Burmy

It camouflages

When it senses danger near

And changes colors


#413: Wormadam

The camouflage of

Its youth has been turned into

Powerful weapons


#414: Mothim

Only ever male

Its stubby little legs are

Never used to walk

Chapter Text

#415: Combee

It has three faces

But it only has one mind.

MPD this ain’t.


#416: Vespiquen

Queen bee of the hive

Only metaphorically –

They are not real bees


#417: Pachirisu

The chipmunk chatter

Is worsened by the static

It constantly emits

Chapter Text

#418: Buizel

Floatie on its neck

Means that it can’t ever sink

Or breach the surface


#419: Floatzel

It can go below

The surface of the water

When it wants to now


#420: Cherubi

The smaller cherry

Hanging from the stem smiling

Is always at peace

Chapter Text

#421: Cherrim

It hides in the dark

Preparing itself to step

Out into the light


#422: Shellos

Up in the mountains

There is a pond with both types

And colors of this


#423: Gastrodon

Sea slugs move slowly

Down the banks of the twin seas

Towards the water

Chapter Text

#424: Ambipom

Its split two-prong tail

Is just as dexterous as it

Was before as one


#425: Drifloon

It brings children’s souls

Away to eternal rest

Only if they’re dead


#426: Drifblim

Large enough to ride

Although not a comfortable

Place to really sit

Chapter Text


Sorry for my absence, I have no excuse other than real life and all of its obligations.

Good news: I've finished writing and typing up all remaining haiku, and from this point on I will be posting in chunks of 9 every morning.

The next chapter will be out within the next ten minutes.


Ellissandra Northwind

Chapter Text

#427: Buneary

It bounces in place

Whenever it is not moving

Or else occupied


#428: Lopunny

Its slim legs and frame

Give it an advantage in

Jumping really high


#429: Mismagius

Cloak of night covers

Playful pranks and transforms them

To haunting nightmares


#430: Honchkrow

Boss of the murder

Won’t hesitate ta hurt’cha

If you cross their path


#431: Glameow

Its spirally tail

Is a major point of pride

Keeps it very clean


#432: Purugly

Beauty is fleeting

But its tail is still curling

So it’s not so bad


#433: Chingling

ring, ring, the bell chimes

calling those from all around

to hear pretty sounds


#434: Stunky

Spiky purple fur

Visual warning for those

Who try to touch it


#435: Skuntank

Tail always forward

Ready to fire putrid

Gas out at its foe

Chapter Text

#436: Bronzor

Just a metal disc

With some strange markings on it

Then it comes to life


#437: Bronzong

Larger than others

Like it, this is a bass to

The soprano chimes


#438: Bonsly

Leaf balls on its head

Somehow stay perfectly pruned

But are never cut


#439: Mime Jr.

Little clown creature

Loves to laugh and play – but in

Battle, stay away!


#440: Happiny

Happy-happy-happy time

Is whenever it’s around

So just enjoy it


#441: Chatot

It never shuts up

But don’t repeat this, because –

“It never shuts up!”


#442: Spiritomb

one hundred and eight

the souls of the dead live on

just in different forms


#443: Gible

Ball of a dragon

Kinda cute, despite that it

Can bite your arm off


#444: Gabite

it’s now certainly

much more intimidating

although it is kind


#445: Garchomp

It’s all grown up now

Can move at the speed of sound

Don’t get in its way

Chapter Text

#446: Munchlax

Will eat anything

Even things it can’t digest

Will spit those back up


#447: Riolu

Fighter in training

They say they have camps out in

The wild mountains


#448: Lucario

Truly skilled fighter

Not just plain punches and kicks

But wielding aura


#449: Hippopotas

Mottled sand-tone skin

Blends into the desert like

A hidden sand tank


#450: Hippowdon

Better for rocky

Terrain, its armored skin is

As tough as iron


#451: Skorupi

Horned scorpion tail

Prohibits head-on attacks

But makes surprises


#452: Drapion

The tails on its head

Aren’t tails, technically –

But what else are they?


#453: Croagunk

Spits poisonous goo

All over its opponents

Washes off after


#454: Toxicroak

Its poison pouch is

The largest of any creature

That really has one


#455: Carnivine

A piranha plant

Gained sentience one day and

It turned into this

Chapter Text

#456: Finneon

Butterfly wing fins

Propel this one through water

Like a bird through air


#457: Lumineon

Fins on the bottom

Don’t seem to have much of a

Functional purpose


#458: Mantyke

It is very bright

But it could use a bit of

Help from memory


#459: Snover

A snow covered tree

Strange for a flesh-made creature

How did this happen?


#460: Abomasnow

Snow on its body

Can harden into ice at

Any time it wants


#461: Weavile

Its razor sharp claws

And scary demeanor make

It terrifying


#462: Magnezone

Extremely rare ‘cause

Special magnetic field is

Needed to evolve


#463: Lickilicky

Its very large tongue

Is subject to much debate

Over dirty jokes


#464: Rhypherior

Its armored body

Survives almost anything –

Its brain doesn’t, though


#465: Tangrowth

The ancient power

This creature wields allows it

Always be hidden

Chapter Text

#466: Electivire

It takes a lot of

Electricity for this

Creature to evolve


#467: Magmortar

The heat energy

Required by this creature

To evolve is huge


#468: Togekiss

It likes to spread cheer

By flying over cities

And being happy


#469: Yanmega

Mega dragonfly

Buzzes over battlefield

Like an old war god


#470: Leafeon

Another Eevee

Every year they find more ways

For it to evolve


#471: Glaceon

Another Eevee?

Is there going to be one

For every typing?


#472: Gliscor

Looks vampiric, right?

Not a dark type like you’d think –

It’s ground and flying


#473: Mamoswine

The ancient power

It wields protects it from “harm” –

All kinds of danger


#474: Porygon-Z

Ultimate virus

A virus that got hacked by

Another virus


#475: Gallade

The cold light of dawn

Hits this creature’s nest to wake

It up for training

Chapter Text

#476: Probopass

Stronger magnets but

This means that it gets confused

So much easier


#477: Dusknoir

A creepy creature

That isn’t as evil as

It appears to be


#478: Froslass

Ghostly kimono

With an ice white mask to hide

The spirit beneath


#479: Rotom

Can possess objects

More power than Porygon

But drains batteries


#480: Uxie

A lake guardian

Representing knowledge and

The “you” consciousness


#481: Mespirit

A lake guardian

Represents emotion and

The “self” consciousness


#482: Azelf

A lake guardian

Representing power

And togetherness


#483: Dialga

Guardian of time

Sleeping beyond Spear Pillar

To wait for when’s right


#484: Palkia

Guardian of space

Waits beyond Spear Pillar for

The place to be right


#485: Heatran

It’s like a giant

Fiery anteater that

Doesn’t just eat ants

Chapter Text

#486: Regigigas

Trio master of

The legendary titans –

Yes, they’re from Hoenn


#487: Giratina

Guardian of all

That is not of time or space

That’s more than you’d think


#488: Cresselia

A creature of dreams

And of sleeping peacefully

Under the full moon


#489: Phione

Very confusing:

Is it legendary? Does

It even matter?


#490: Manaphy

Sailor guardian

Isn’t there a show ‘bout that?

Not what that’s about


#491: Darkrai

Creature of nightmares

Feeds off of peoples’ bad dreams

Under the new moon


#492: Shaymin

Make sure you thank the

Deity of gratitude

For all that you have


#493: Arceus

God of all creatures

Created legendaries

And then it vanished


#494: Victini

Victory spirit

Makes its captor never lose

Constantly sought out


#495: Snivy

Unova starter

Not quite superior yet

But it’ll get there

Chapter Text

#496: Servine

Its yellow fur lines

Make its body look larger

Than it really is


#497: Serperior

According to some

It’s truly superior

(Insert rimshot here)


#498: Tepig

Fire pig creature

Has a tail like Marill but

Does not bounce on it


#499: Pignite

A wrestler creature

Its large poofy tail helps it

Balance on two legs


#500: Emboar

Probably nicer

Reminds me of Endeavour

From an anime


#501: Oshawott

Attacks with the shell

The shell can be replaced but

It does not like that


#502: Dewott

Disciplined as named

It knows what it should do and

Does it very well


#503: Samurott

The horn on its head

Calls to old tales of mermaids

Though it does not sing


#504: Patrat

Multicolor eyes

Somehow give it better sight

Than those without it


#505: Watchog

Non-Sentret sentry

Its tail, taller than itself,

Helps it to balance

Chapter Text

#506: Lillipup

Fluffy facial fur

Puffs up when it is threatened

Only seems more cute


#507: Herdier

Known for loyalty

A prized pet of the rich and

Mildly famous


#508: Stoutland

Loyalty abounds

It will charge into fire

For those that it loves


#509: Purrloin

A thieves’ pet creature

With a good nose and an eye

For valuables


#510: Liepard

While it does like thieves,

It prefers to work alone

And will backstab you


#511: Pansage

The bush on its head

Produces edible leaves

I don’t like the taste


#512: Simisage

A bit like Elvis

Although without rock and roll

And more grass attacks


#513: Pansear

Fur is very hot

A few strands can make a pot

Of water boil


#514: Simisear

Tan fur on its chest

Is not as hot as the rest

But will still burn skin


#515: Panpour

Fur contains water

Not quite like a camel, but

It holds just as much

Chapter Text

#516: Simipour

It can shoot water

Out of the top of its head

Like namesake geyser


#517: Munna

Its feeding on dreams

When it attaches to your

Head and goes to sleep


#518: Musharna

It sleeps constantly

But it’s still aware of what’s

Going on around


#519: Pidove

Unova’s tiny

Bird, shaped like a pigeon as

Opposed to others


#520: Tranquill

Its long flat tail is

Responsible for steering

Its way through the sky


#521: Unfezant

Pigeon to peacock

The males strut around in hopes

Of enticing mates


#522: Blitzle

Electric zebra

Stores power in the white fur

Black is safe to touch


#523: Zebstrika

Its spiky white tail

Holds most of its stored power

But not all of it


#524: Roggenrola

Shaped like a speaker

It is good with sound attacks

So don’t get too close


#525: Boldore

Orange chunks stick out

And scrape along cave walls to

Satisfy the itch

Chapter Text

#526: Gigalith

Through pressured trading

Like Boldore except sharper

Method makes questions


#527: Woobat

Its empathic and

Yet never seems to be sad

Not sure how that works


#528: Swoobat

A creature of love

Charms made from its tail are sold

On Valentine’s Day


#529: Drilbur

Its very large claws

Can tunnel through the ground at

An amazing speed


#530: Excadrill

Mostly underground

It prefers to stay under

Whenever it can


#531: Audino

The curls by its ears

Allow it to sense feelings

In anyone’s voice


#532: Timburr

It can lift a lot –

More than its own body weight

By the five week mark


#533: Gurdurr

The steel bar it lifts

Makes up most of its weight but

Doesn’t slow it down


#534: Conkledurr

The concrete pillars

Look like they’re holding it up –

But they’re in the air


#535: Tympole

This one’s paddle tail

Propels it through the water

To collect some food

Chapter Text

#536: Palpitoad

The blue pustules

Produce vibrations that just

Get stronger with time


#537: Seismitoad

Despite how it looks

It is a gentle soul with

Fragile feelings


#538: Throh

Prefers to suplex

Over any other move

It’s predictable


#539: Sawk

While it likes to punch

Its arsenal is varied

- unpredictable.


#540: Sewaddle

It chews holes in leaves

That can be threaded through to

Sew things together


#541: Swadloon

Wraps itself tightly

In very large leaves to make

Itself feel safer


#542: Leavanny

A gifted seamstress

It can sew faster than a

Real sewing machine


#543: Venipede

Head is smaller than

Its body would suggest, which

Limits its vision


#544: Whirlipede

Curls into a ring

To protect its inner parts

From further damage


#545: Scolipede

It’s a nightmare for

Anyone that’s scared of bugs

Doesn’t try to be

Chapter Text

#546: Cottonee

Fluffy cotton puff

With leaves to stabilize the

Floating round body


#547: Whimsicott

Cotton gets puffed out

To form a fluff in the back

Behind the body


#548: Petilil

The leaves on its head

Connect to its brain, so they

Cannot be plucked out


#549: Lilligant

Very elegant

Rich people often use it

To serve at parties


#550: Basculin

Have two separate forms

Can’t quite be considered two

Separate creatures


#551: Sandile

Its coloring helps

Only to blend in in the

Desert after dark


#552: Krokorok

It stands on two legs

And crosses its arms to look

Like a delinquent


#553: Krookodile

It likes to be mean

And would get along well with



#554: Darumaka

It looks cartoonish

Even by creature standards –

Must be the outlines?


#555: Darmanitan

Becomes a statue

And by stilling its body

It unlocks its mind

Chapter Text

#556: Maractus

A spiky cactus

Possibly related to

The Mushroom Pokey


#557: Dwebble

It is strange in that

It uses rock for a shell

Instead of a shell


#558: Crustle

The rock on its back

Is about ninety percent

Of its body weight


#559: Scraggy

Its loose lower skin

Does need to be held up or

It will trip on it


#560: Scrafty

The loose skin covers

Most of its body but it

Doesn’t protect much


#561: Sigilyph

It is said that this

Creature was once a statue

Then it came to life


#562: Yamask

The mask it holds is

Really where this creature

Holds its own spirit


#563: Cofagrigus

No one knows if this

Creature really contains a

Dead human body


#564: Tirtouga

First of the turtles

Although not nearly as old

As those fossilized


#565: Carracosta

Its heavy armor

Means it is very strong, so

It swims with it on

Chapter Text

#566: Archen

A feathered fossil

The only one with feathers

Feathers don’t work well


#567: Archeops

The first bird creature

Although it doesn’t look like

Modern bird creatures


#568: Trubbish

Unclear how it

First came to exist, but it

Definitely does


#569: Garbodor

It makes one wonder

About stuff we throw away

If it becomes this!


#570: Zorua

It crafts illusions

To hide its position so

It can steal nice things


#571: Zoroark

Even more tricky

Than before, it uses traps

To avoid combat


#572: Minccino

Its fluffy grey fur

Is so highly prized for its

Softness and its warmth


#573: Cinccino

New shiny white fur

Is smoother and pricier

Than previous gray


#574: Gothita

Easily obsessed

With whatever it can find

To focus upon


#575: Gothorita

It doesn’t care for

Any other than itself

And acts like it

Chapter Text

#576: Gothitelle

Not compassionate

But is willing to help if

It gets in return


#577: Solosis

Just a single cell

Can’t do much physically but

It’s a psychic type


#578: Duosion

Somewhere between one

And two cells, it is stuck in

The process of growth


#579: Reuniclus

Finally more cells

Although that means that it’s just

More powerful, so…


#580: Ducklett

Darker plumes below

Can hold more water to keep

Balance everywhere


#581: Swanna

Has more feathers than

It needs because it loses

Them so easily


#582: Vanillite

Ice cream cone of ice

Originally was a

Sculpture come to life


#583: Vanillish

Produces snow at a

Prodigious rate that can’t be

Matched by most others


#584: Vanilluxe

Has two faces but

Only one brain between them

Two heads not better


#585: Deerling

Changes with seasons

Although only in color

And never in type

Chapter Text

#586: Sawsbuck

Changes are mostly

In its horns, although they show

Up other places


#587: Emolga

The electric mouse

Of Unova, its membranes

Allow it to glide


#588: Karrablast

The wrench at its top

Is used to open bottles

If the weight’s worth it


#589: Escavalier

Evolved by trading

Unclear phenomenon

Needs more studying


#590: Foongus

It is said that this

Creature’s dual-colored top

Inspired poké balls


#591: Amoonguss

Its face looks like it

Does not give a single fuck

About what is up


#592: Frillish

Another duo

Based on gender distinguished

By different colors


#593: Jellicent

It is said they guide

Down’ed souls to their next life

Just dead in water


#594: Alomomola

Looks like a Luvdisc

But found in different waters

They’re not related


#595: Joltik

Tiniest creature

Can scurry around tight spots

Around power plants

Chapter Text

#596: Galvantula

Not quite so tiny

But still not all that big for

One fully evolved


#597: Ferroseed

Spiky egg of thorns

Although eyes are protected

By glass-like layer


#598: Ferrothorn

Looks like UFO

Can control the pods on vines

Like mace ended whips


#599: Klink

While it seems two parts

There is one mind that connects

Two faces, bodies


#600: Klang

Only one gear grows

The mind that connects both is

In the larger one


#601: Klinklang

A set of three gears

Luckily it floats because

It can’t really move


#602: Tynamo

True tadpole creature

Seems to have no weaknesses

Except for small size


#603: Eelektrik

The fins on its head

Are the only parts that do

Not produce power


#604: Eelektross

First of line with arms

Makes electricity from

All parts of body


#605: Elgyem

Looks like last of an

Alien race that raided

The planet and left

Chapter Text

#606: Beheeyem

Modern alien

In a fashionable coat -

only in fiction


#607: Litwick

Its ghostly fire

Does not melt its wax body -

It’s already dead


#608: Lampent

Metal coverings

Protect it from harm and can

Be used as weapons


#609: Chandelure

Its ghostly flames can

Lure creatures away from where

They’re supposed to be


#610: Axew

On one hand, it’s cute

But on the other hand it can

Gore with a head turn


#611: Fraxure

Tusks are extensions

Of its jaw bone, which means that

They twist when it bites


#612: Haxorus

Tusks curve backwards now

Remade for cutting and not

Goring opponents


#613: Cubchoo

The mucus that drips

From its nose is actually

Colder than dry ice


#614: Beartic


Snow-bear was a feature film

Starring this creature


#615: Cryogonal

Creature of crystal

It can reflect light and heat

To stay dark and cold

Chapter Text

#616: Shelmet

Evolves when traded

It swaps parts with Karrablast

To complete its form


#617: Accelgor

Its shell has been shed

And it can move much faster

Now that it is gone


#618: Stunfisk

Surprisingly flat

And flexible, in that it

Can be folded up


#619: Mienfoo

Red and yellow parts

Are both its skin, but they have

Different textures


#620: Mienshao

Its long upper limbs

Only have bones halfway down

The rest is hollow


#621: Druddigon

A scary dragon

Because of its temper, it

Likes to hide in caves


#622: Golett

Reminds me of a

Character that allows for

Decent crossovers


#623: Golurk

A hollow armor

That can move all on its own

I’ve seen this before...


#624: Pawniard

While its claws are sharp

The blades on its torso are

Much more dangerous


#625: Bisharp

Do not hug this one

The blades on its torso will

Tear you to pieces

Chapter Text

#626: Bouffalant

The rings on its horns

Act like spikes on brass knuckles

And amplify force


#627: Rufflet

Young eagle creature

Can not fly very far yet

On its tiny wings


#628: Braviary

Very sharp talons

Are good for snatching up prey

And then flying off


#629: Vullaby

Wears its cracked egg shell

As armor or as comfort

None know why for sure


#630: Mandibuzz

Has a caveman look

That looks rather strange when put

On a bird-type frame


#631: Heatmor

Fire anteater

In that it is fiery,

Not that the ants are


#632: Durant

Mostly metal bugs

Hunted mercilessly by

Fiery Heatmor


#633: Deino

It doesn’t have eyes

But that doesn’t stop it from

Glaring with anger


#634: Zweilous

Pure hostility

Contained in a creature that’s

Shorter than I am


#635: Hydreigon

Proven to have eyes

But its lower limbs seem to

Be shredded, ragged

Chapter Text

#636: Larvesta

Short black stubby legs

It’s not getting anywhere

Especially fast


#637: Volcarona

It floats in the air

Meaning its vestigial

Limbs are not in use


#638: Cobalion

A sword of justice

With thick lower legs that make

Its kicks hit harder


#639: Terrakion

Low-down warrior

Member of swords of justice

Good at barrelling


#640: Virizion

A noble creature

The feminine member of

The swords of justice


#641: Tornadus

Has two forms of which

Only one’s normally seen

Other is revealed


#642: Thundurus

The balls on its tail

Contain electricity

That becomes lightning


#643: Reshiram

Guardian of truth

Its tail flames are hot enough

To consume the world


#644: Zekrom

Purely black creature

The guardian of ideals

Could power the world


#645: Landorus

Trio master of

Forces of nature, and it

Provides good harvests

Chapter Text

#646: Kyurem

Splits the line between

Truth and ideals though really

It sways between them


#647: Keldeo

The swords of justice

Resemble three musketeers

And their squire fourth


#648: Meloetta

Singing and dancing

Provide this creature’s two forms

Starts with relic song


#649: Genesect

Never found in wild

No one knows where it comes from

Or how it got here


#650: Chespin

Spiny nut creature

Its flat paws can not grasp but

Give excellent hugs


#651: Quilladin

It will not start fights

But will use its hard body

To stand in the way


#652: Chesnaught

Surprisingly large

For one with no obvious

Joints in this one’s limbs


#653: Fennekin

A real fire fox

Fire starter of Kalos

Very trustworthy


#654: Braixen

The stick in its tail

Is used to start fires it

Uses for attacks


#655: Delphox

The torch it carries

Holds a portion of its soul

Don’t let it burn out

Chapter Text

#656: Froakie

Bubbles on its neck

Are not made of water but

Another liquid


#657: Frogadier

Its white frothy fluff

Is good for redirecting

Opponents’ attacks


#658: Greninja

A ninja master

Prefers to be alone when

At all possible


#659: Bunnelby

Its large rounded ears

Are good for digging in dirt

To hide it away


#660: Diggersby

Its fat middle band

Is filled with nutrients that

Let it dig longer


#661: Fletchling

Kalos tiny bird

Its high pitched cheeps can sound like

A quiet alarm


#662: Fletchinder

First regional bird

To not be normal/flying

Still counted as such


#663: Talonflame

A phoenix rising

Soaring overhead with pride

And then came Moltres


#664: Scatterbug

Super tiny limbs

Means this creature rarely moves

Except to find food


#665: Spewpa

It scatters its dust

In a surprisingly wide

Radius around

Chapter Text

#666: Vivillon

Its colors change

Depending on where it came

From in the real world


#667: Litleo

Energetic kid

Always rushing around in

Order to have fun


#668: Pyroar

Bold coloring and

Sleek shiny fur set this one

Apart from others


#669: Flabébé

Flower it perches

On is one specific plant

With many colors


#670: Floette

Large enough to hold

The flower and use it to

Provide itself shade


#671: Florges

Flower from before

Has vanished, becoming a

Most lavish bouquet


#672: Skiddo

Likes to be ridden

Has impressive stamina

Fluffy coat of leaves


#673: Gogoat

Its curved ram-like horns

Are used for battering rams

Yes, pun intended


#674: Pancham

A cheerful prankster

Not afraid to get dirty

In pursuit of fun


#675: Pangoro

Succumbed to darkness

And not leaner but meaner

Only when it’s mad