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Smooth Ocean Blues

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The world held its breath as she closed her eyes, and everything fell away. For a flicker of a moment all was quiet and still before she snapped her eyes open exhaled sharply and dove off the platform. Below, green eyes tracked her movement, anticipating her trajectory as she hurled towards the ground. Snap. Her yoyo caught the bar and her momentum flung her in a graceful arc across the arena. She twisted at the last second throwing herself as high as she could while she yanked the yoyo back to do it all over again. The crowd roared, and below her Chat's smile was dazzling.

The world spun as she sailed around the arena periodically tangling with Chat for a pair stunt before letting him launch her back into the air for the next trip around. Through it all brilliant green eyes traced her path and Chat sprang around on the ground staying beneath her in case she fell.

She landed with a flourish and Chat rolled out of a flip rising to his feet gracefully and taking her hand. They bowed low as Alya came skipping out, arms wide as she walked the perimeter of the arena.

"That was the famous Ladybug and Chat Noir, give it up for the best acrobats in France!" She called, ramping up the crowd even more as the pair bowed to the other sides of the arena. "Next up we have Alix, the fastest woman in Europe!"

The pair took their cue and slipped past the curtain as Alix zipped across the space towards Alya, screeching to a half beside her and grinning at the crowd. The thick curtain fell shut and Marinette let out a breath as she headed towards her tent to change, Adrien falling into step beside her.

Torches stuck into the ground every few feet guided them through the maze of wagons and tents, thrown up in a way that utilized every inch of space and left no real path between. Clouds had gathered above them threatening rain for most fo the afternoon, and Marinette hoped it would hold off until at least the next morning. Sleeping in a wet tent was no fun and finding enough space in one of the wagons was difficult when everyone was competing against you.

"Tonight was one of your best nights since we got here, don't you think my lady?" Adrien had his arms crossed behind his head as he stared up at the sky.

Marinette shrugged, glancing up again as lightning flashed deep in the clouds. "It was alright I guess. I missed the last flip in the first sequence and almost missed my landing in the third. The rest was ok."

"I think you're being a little hard on yourself," He turned his head to watch her out of the corner of his eye. "You were fantastic."

She smiled, looking down at the ground. "Thanks kitty."

"Anytime my lady." He bowed low with a twirl and a grin. "Sleep well and try to stay dry tonight."

"You too." She rolled her eyes at his antics and peeled off to the right towards her tent tucked between her parent’s and one of the supply wagons. Thunder echoed in the distance and the wind picked up as she ducked inside.

Deep blue eyes follow the pair as they slip behind the curtain, ignoring the girl now breezing around the space at high speed through a series of ramps and platforms. An elbow landed sharply in his ribcage and he jerked, earning a scowl from the woman to his left. He flashed an apologetic smile her way then narrowed his eyes at his sister. She stared flatly back then flicked her gaze to the curtain and back. He rolled his eyes and shrugged slightly. She continued staring at him. He shrugged again and looked back towards the arena floor ending the conversation.

The acrobatic pair had been a sight to behold, moving effortlessly through the air and across the floor, perfectly in sync. He'd never seen a sight so beautiful and he ached for his guitar. His fingers twitched in his lap and he pointedly ignored Juleka’s knowing gaze.

The show marched on until finally a handful of the performers came back out for a final bow, the acrobatic pair not among them. The crowd cheered enthusiastically and the performers all filed out of the arena once more, signaling the end of the show. Luka trailed a few steps behind his sister and her partner as Rose chattered about the show and Juleka nodded along silently. His gaze trailed over the mass of tents and wagons wondering where in the mess the missing acrobats were and if he would see them again.