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A Long Story

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“This man was out on bail for not even six hours and he’s already done it again? Same MO same everything? Unbelievable.” Rafael says jaw tensing up as he thinks about it. It’s clear by the look on his face that he’s beating himself up over this. It was the judges choice on bail but he should have pressed harder.

“Yeah the guy is a real piece of work but he left DNA behind luckily we’ll be able to nail his ass once it goes through,” Finn assures the man. He knows how easy it is to put blame on yourself so he hoped that would help Rafael feel a bit better.

Rafael nods before looking from Finn to Olivia. “How is the woman?”

“That is actually why we’re here, I got a call from the doctor who was performing surgery on her,” Olivia tells him as she heads with him into the area family was. She sees the woman make her way and smiles. “Doctor Moore thank you for calling how is she doing?”

“It’s no trouble I know you said that she doesn’t have a family she should have someone-” Heather stops looking from Olivia to Rafael. “Rafael Barba?”

“Heather Moore it really is a small world it’s been too long,” Rafael tells her with a smile. It had been months since they had texted last even longer since they’d actually talked in person.

“You two know each other?” Finn asks looking from Rafael to the doctor. She was a very beautiful woman he wanted to know how the hell Barba knew her. “You gonna tell us how?”

“It’s a story for another time I’m sorry we had to see each other again under these conditions,” Rafael tells her before he clears his throat.

Heather nods before looking back between them. “Sorry back to the patient you said that she doesn’t have any family so I thought she should have someone here for her.” She tells them before motioning for them to follow. “The rape kit was done before I got there shortly after it was finished she had a seizure. I had to take her into surgery she had an Intracerebral Hemorrhage.”

“Not all of us are doctors who know the lingo can you translate that into English for us?” Finn asks as he shoves his hands in his pockets.

“He beat her so hard that her brain started to bleed it was slow at first, it's how they got through the kit without realizing. I relieved the pressure to her brain but she’s far from out of the woods.” Heather says before gently tapping on the window. A curtain was pulled from inside by the nurse to show the woman. “She’s still unconscious and she will be for some time I’m expecting if everything goes well, she'll be here for at least a week.”

“And if everything doesn’t go well?” Rafael asks as he looks at the woman. He’s trying to take it all in as soon as the DNA is through what happened to this woman will be added to the existing charges to ensure the man was on remand.

“We are trying to think positively but this could kill her or seriously impair her for the rest of her life,” Heather says before she looks at the woman. “Do you know who did this to her?”

“We have the suspect back in custody he was trying to flee the scene when a street uni caught him. He was on bail for other charges same MO we think the DNA is going to match.” Finn tells her though his eyes don’t leave that poor woman.

“Make him pay anyone who could do this to a person should spend the rest of their lives in jail,” Heather says before tapping the window so the nurse will shut the blinds.

“Oh don’t worry this man is going to pay,” Rafael assures her before he turns to look back at Heather. “When I add these charges on I’ll need you to testify about the injuries sustained.”

“Oh well I can get you her number-” Olivia starts but before Heather takes out a clipboard.

“You have the hospitals number with my extension this is my personal number. Call me when you need me to testify until then I am going to try my hardest to make sure this woman stays alive.” Heather says before she hands the folding up piece of paper to Rafael. “Now if you’ll excuse me I have to do some rounds it was good seeing you again Rafael.”

Rafael nods, “It was nice to see you as well I’ll make sure to call you when we need you for the trial.” He then stops and watches the woman leave before turning to leave with the detectives.

“So are you going to tell us what that was?” Olivia asks with a smirk.

“I think what we saw was our boy here getting himself a pretty doctor’s number. Not to be bad Barba not too bad at all.”

Rafael lets out a chuckle before shaking his head. “What you saw is a very long story that I am not going to tell you.”

“Looks like Barba isn’t the type to kiss and tell,” Finn tells him before opening the door to let the others out.

“No. No, I am not.” Rafael agrees rolling his eyes before making his way out of the building.

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Rafael has the piece of paper sitting on the desk he should be prepping for the next part of the trial but all he can do is think about her. He couldn’t call her before she went up to the stand but it didn’t stop him from just thinking about if he should after. Meeting for a coffee wouldn’t hurt anything right? It had just been a date that didn’t work for either of them some time ago. It had been so long ago he wondered if she even remembered how bad it had been.

Rafael had shown up early so he had assumed he’d have to wait but this long he was surprised. He was looking down at his watch when he heard someone walk up.

“I am so sorry I got held up with work calls but I’m here,” Heather tells him with a smile before making her way over to the seat across from Rafael. “They left the newer interns in control for the night so clearly they have to call and ask the residents with the night off a hundred and five other questions.”

“No it’s alright I understand- surgical residency I’m sure it’s taxing,” Rafael assures her with a small smile. “I would say I have friends in the medical field but that would mean they get let out of the hospital long enough to make friends.”

Heather laughs, “So you do get it. Yeah, this is the first night I’ve gotten off for longer than a couple of hours to sleep.”

Rafael nods, “You’re spending your precious extra hours off to go out to dinner with me? I feel like I should really be honored.”

“Well, Jay said he knew a very good looking very single ADA. The way he talked you up I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity. We did a transplant surgery together and he wouldn’t stop talking about you said you were a good friend.” Heather tells him with a smile before picking up a glass of water and having a sip.

Rafael chuckles before he nods at her. “That sounds like him. He and his mentor have helped out a few times in cases so I’ve gotten to know him well. He's a charming guy really knows all the right people doesn’t he?”

“Yeah he has a prominent family but he has gone beyond it he’s really his own person-” Heather stops as she hears her phone go off. “I’m so sorry I should make sure it’s not questions one hundred and six.” She takes her phone out of her purse and has a look at the screen. It rings twice more before she dismisses the call and puts her phone away.

“Is everything alright?” Rafael asks he doesn’t want to press but he could see the shift in her mood. “I mean I’m sure they have stupid questions but they can’t be that bad.”

“No, it was just a wrong number now are you a white wine or red wine kind of man because I think after today I could use a glass,” Heather suggests hoping her bait to change the subject.

Rafael sees it and nods figuring it’s best to just forget about it. “I am a red wine guy how about I order us a bottle.” He says before turning to get the waiter’s attention ordering the wine and that they were ready to have bread sent over.

“So from what Jay said you do a lot of work with the special victims unit,” Heather says with a smile. “I’m sure it’s hard to try those cases but it’s honorable that you do it. The world needs more people like you.”

Rafael shrugs feeling like it’s not a big deal, “I’m just doing my job, same as any ADA would. You are the same way though it’s brain surgery yes? It’s hard work not just anyone can do that.”

“Oh, so you’re humble too? Tell me what sort of perfect man factory did you come from? Just asking so I can tell my friends.” Heather flirts. Her attention was taken away as wine is brought over and glasses are poured.

Rafael thanks the waiter before taking his glass. “No perfect man factory but I’ll tell my mother you think so I’m sure she’ll appreciate the compliment.”

Heather’s phone goes off and she looks down long enough to turn it off. “I am not the only one they can call I’ve got a full class and the one below us to call. Now I want to focus on you and on this date.”

Rafael lifts his glass, “I think I can toast to that.” He tells her before they bring their glasses together. He has a sip of his wine before setting the glass down. “Now you avoided the bit where I complimented you- brain surgery. What’s the saying it’s not brain surgery?”

Heather has a sip of her wine before she smiles, “I think it’s that it’s not rocket science but it fits. It’s hard work but it’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I knew I wanted to be a doctor since I was 6 a surgeon since I was 8 then brain surgeon when I was 10. I graduated high school early and headed across the country to pursue my dream.”

Rafael had the drive he’d gone from that scrappy boy from the Bronx who went full scholarship to Harvard he knew how it felt. “So you moved across the country- where are you from originally?”

“A really small town in Montana I doubt you’ve ever heard of it,” Heather tells him with a smile. She should look at the menu but she’s too entranced with him and their conversation.

“Try me you never know I may have even been there I travel when I’ve got the time.” Rafael offers with a smile.

Heather laughs, “Oh you haven’t traveled to our town. The biggest attraction is Cheeseburger- a bear that they have at the wildlife center he’s our big selling point.”

Rafael has to bite back a laugh though he can’t help but smile. “The selling point is a bear- named Cheeseburger?”

“Oh yes there’s bobbleheads, posters, and t-shirts I may even be able to snag you one next time I visit home. If this goes well, of course.” Heather tells him.

Before they can talk further the waitress comes up to them. “Hello I just wanted to check in have you guys had time to think about what you’re ordering.”

Rafael looks from Heather to the waitress, “Sorry we’ve just been chatting give us a minute if that’s alright.”

The woman nods before putting away her pad of paper, “I’ll be back shortly.”

Heather watches the waitress leave before she smiles at Rafael. “I think that you’re in trouble with the waitress. I’ll tell you more about Hope County and Cheeseburger the bear once we’ve picked something to eat.”

“So the town is Hope County I don’t think I’ve ever-” Rafael stops as she gives him a look before nodding. “Right I’m going to look at the menu.”

Heather smiles before looking at the menu. “I doubt you would have it’s an hour from Missoula- have you heard of that town?”

Rafael hides the hint of a smile behind his menu. “No, I’m afraid I haven’t heard of that either. You sure that you aren’t making up those towns?”

The waitress comes back and they order before they get back into their conversation. Heather is amazed at how easily it all seems to flow it was like they’d known each other for years rather than an hour or two. The waitress brought the food out before a man came up with her holding a bouquet of flowers.

“What did I tell you perfect man factory- did Jay tell you that I love lilacs?” Heather says as the man delivering the flowers hands them to her.

Rafael has a confused look on his face looking from the man to Heather. “I’d love to take credit but I didn’t get flowers I thought about it but I didn’t know- who sent you flowers?”

Heather’s face falls and she looks in the flowers for a card. She takes it out and reads it before she drops the flowers on her plate. “I- I have to go I’m sorry. Raincheck on dinner I’ll call you sometime.” She says before getting up and grabbing her bag.

“Is everything alright- Heather?” Rafael gets up and starts to follow after her before she rushes out. He turns to look at the man delivering flowers. “Did they tell you who delivered them?”

“No, they didn’t just the message he wanted me to tell her.” The man says with a shrug. “I’m not supposed to say it’s a bit… it’s not the sort of message the company wants us sending.”

“Well, what was the message?” Rafael presses clearly getting a bit agitated that the man wouldn’t just say it.

“The message was-” The man reaches into his pocket and takes out a piece of paper. “Kitten turn on your damn phone.”

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“We the jury find the defendant- guilty.” The foreman states and cheers break out over the courtroom. Grateful families all four of them hearing the same thing. Guilty on all counts of rape and assault. There was no way this man would be out of prison ever even if there was a possibility of parole he’d have too many years stacked up to prevent that.

Rafael has a moment with the families shaking hands and taking thank yous. It was awkward this part he was just doing his job but he let them do it. Once they were done he started to make his way out of the courtroom when he saw her, Heather.

“I knew Lisette’s family couldn’t make it in until tomorrow so I wanted someone to be here for the verdict being read,” Heather tells him with a small smile before she gets up and follows him out of the courtroom. “Thank you I am sure they will be grateful to hear the news.”

“So you said they’re coming in tomorrow?” Rafael asks, “If they’d like to meet I’d be more than happy to do that.”

“They’re just coming to get Lisette’s body and bring her back home to France. They want her final resting place to be at home among family.” Heather tells him with a sad smile. She had told him they were hoping for the best but instead, they ended up having to deal with the worst.

“Welcome to America right? Please send my condolences when you meet them.” Rafael tells her before pressing the button to the elevator.

“It’s not the only reason that I came I actually brought something for you,” Heather tells him before stepping into the elevator with him. She holds out a gift bag, “I know you probably don’t remember the date was so long ago but I did want to bring it for you.”

Rafael takes the bag and opens it up pulling out a shirt. He unfolds it and chuckles, “Fang Center- home of Cheeseburger. You really weren’t kidding were you?” He asks before he looks over at her.

“There’s one more thing,” Heather tells him with a smile nodding for him to look before she hits the ground floor button.

Rafael reaches in and laughs, “A bobblehead- you have bobbleheads of this bear?” He asks examining the thing surprised when it let out a laugh and said I love you. “So this is Hope County’s national treasure?” He asks before putting the shirt and bobblehead back into the bag.

“Yeah I know you have the Statue of Liberty she’s great and all but that bear- we may have you beat,” Heather tells him with a smile.

“I thought I wasn’t supposed to get this unless the date went well- change of heart?” Rafael jokes before he looks over at her.

“Well, you weren’t the one who messed up the date it was me. I went home a few weeks later and when I saw those I bought them. They’ve been sitting in the top of my linen closet while I looked for a good way to even explain.” Heather admits. “I had your number I should have called you I’m so sorry Rafael.”

“I had your number too I could have called- I should have called.” Rafael insists. It was on both of them but mostly on whoever the hell had sent her those flowers. “I did always want to know though…”

“The calls weren’t from the residents and interns. They were from a blocked number and I just knew it was my ex-boyfriend. He-” She stops seeing the other people in the elevator realizing what she was about to say in front of strangers.

Rafael looks at everyone before he smiles. “Why don’t we head to my office? I’m sure we can get a cup of coffee and have a chat- we can even see if there’s room on a bookshelf for the bobblehead.”

They make their way to his office and he asks for all calls to be held. He sets the bag on his desk before moving to the chairs with her to have a seat. “Alright tell me whatever it is you were going to tell me in the elevator.”

“I started dating him when I was in med school he was this older man who had moved to the town I grew up in. I was 22- young and stupid. I didn’t see until many years into our relationship that he was abusive and controlling. He’d come to visit and I couldn’t see my friends I’d talk about work on the phone he’d dismiss it.” Heather admits she feels tears threaten to fall so she raises her gaze to the ceiling. “Sorry- It’s just hard to talk about.”

Rafael leans over to the side table and takes out a tissue before handing it to her. “It’s okay I’m sure this is hard to talk about to anyone especially someone you went on half a date with.”

“I do want to tell you though you deserve to know the truth. I was distracted and antsy for the what- an hour or two I was there? I probably wasn’t all that Jay talked me up to be.” Heather lets out a wet laugh before she takes the tissue and dabs away fallen tears.

“I was charmed that’s for sure. I kept talking myself in and out of calling you or asking Jay how you were. The time we spent together was lovely.” Rafael assures her before getting another tissue just in case.

Heather takes in a breath before wiping away tears. “I saw bits of it but I didn’t really realize it until I found out he had been poking holes in condoms. He was trying to get me pregnant so he could make me leave my residency the career I’d worked so hard for. He tried to force my hand and that was it, I broke up with him. Since I broke things off he has been harassing me I’ve had to move twice and change my phone number… four times. I thought I’d shaken him when we went out it’s why I finally felt safe enough to start dating again.”

Rafael moves a hand up to stroke her arm hoping to console her. “Then you got the calls and the flowers.”

Heather nods taking the second tissue from him as she tried to pull herself together. “The note on the flowers said hope he takes you home kitten at least that way I’ll know where the prick lives.” She takes in a breath before rubbing her face. “You were such an amazing man I didn’t want you to get dragged into my mess or hurt. I couldn’t I-”

“You were just doing what you thought was best. Do you think it was a real threat that he really would have hurt you or me?” Rafael asks her wondering if she is still in danger. He doesn’t want her to stay in danger he cares about her even if it was just a half of a date they’d gone on.

“He is ex-military really tall and menacing. He’s intense and hot tempered I used to think that it was sexy now I know it was the receipe for disaster. Sometimes I still think he’ll….” Heather starts though she stops and shakes her head. “I have a restraining order he hasn’t broken it. I get so scared about it that I don’t even go home to visit my parents and friends. Just when the Sheriff tells me that Jacob is out of town.”

Having to avoid your home and family the people she cared most about. Rafael couldn’t imagine it he had his mother he saw her whenever he could, he would hate to have someone controlling like that weighing down on him. He isn’t sure what to say so he just gives her arm a gentle squeeze and smiles at her.

“I didn’t want to tell you any of that to make you feel bad or to guilt you into forgiving me. I just thought you deserved to know the truth. I had always wanted to come tell you but I didn’t really think I could- not until I saw you at the hospital.” Heather tells him.

Rafael shakes his head, “I wouldn’t think that ever. You were just trying to get the story straight I understand completely.” He reaches over and wipes away her tears with a tissue. “I do think I owe you for the fantastic t-shirt and… bobblehead.”

“However could you repay for that fantastic gift I have you?” Heather asks with a laugh, leaning a bit into his touch.

“I was thinking about dinner, do you have extra free time now that you’re done with residency?” Rafael asks. He hopes she’ll say yes he had seen so much potential on that date he wants to explore it again.

“I do have more free time actually so yes you can take me out to dinner,” Heather tells him feeling a blush heat up on her cheeks. “You’re the one with the number though so this time it’s your job to do the calling.”

Rafael gets up and takes a business card before writing on the back of it. He turns and holds it out for her. “My personal number is on the back now we really don’t have an excuse.”

Heather takes it and smiles putting it in her purse. “I should head back to the hospital but you- should put that bobblehead up there.” She tells him before she points to one of his bookshelves.

Rafael chuckles, “I’ll get right on that- see you soon, Heather.”

“I’ll see you soon Rafael,” Heather tells him before she leaves.

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“Look at the kind of luck we seem to have,” Heather says standing in her doorway and taking out her phone. “ER doctor texted me huge crash they’re starting to get them in. He says they don’t need me but that I probably shouldn’t leave the house traffic will be backed up for hours.”

Rafael looks at the text and sighs, “We really can’t catch a break with this first date thing can we?” He thinks for a moment, “You have much in your fridge maybe we could cook something up.”

Heather smiles, “Alright but we may have to wipe the dust off the oven I’m not really home enough to use the thing.” She admits before stepping aside to let Rafael in. Once he’s in she locks the door before taking off her heels. “I am happy I don’t have to go out in those my feet would have killed tomorrow.”

“If they’re going to kill then why did you wear them?” Rafael asks curiously before he takes off his suit jacket putting it on a coat rack she has in the living room.

“I’m already almost 6 feet tall may as well go the rest of the way,” Heather tells him with a smile before walking with him towards the kitchen. “Besides they make my ass look great- legs longer and all that.”

Rafael isn’t sure what to say at first but he smiles. “Yeah- I guess I don’t disagree with that.”

“I guess you don’t,” Heather tells him with a smirk. “There isn’t much in the pantry I think the bread is fresh umm cheese, lettuce, butter- maybe some eggs?”

“You know there are apps to deliver groceries… a world outside of takeout and leftovers.” Rafael tells her before he opens up the freezer. “I think even the ice is expired.”

Heather laughs and gives him a playful shove on the shoulder. “You are lucky you’re so good looking you jerk. I don’t keep food at home because if I’m not at work I’m at the medical library at work for my research.”

Rafael shuts the fridge and turns to look at Heather. “She saves people by day and does research to save more people by night. Tell me what was it you said… perfect man factory? I think they made a women’s division just for you.”

“That was very cheesy… in a charming sort of way.” Heather compliments. “I’m working on research about PTSD in veterans. Any way I can help with prevention or treatment- whatever it takes to stop the bad.”

“So you know the bad then,” Rafael says, he’s assuming of course but he just has this feeling that she’ll agree with him.

“I almost married the bad. I’m not excusing what he did to me and to others I just… I know he wasn’t right in the head after I got some perspective. I just want to understand how some men come back like that and others like my father come back as if nothing happened.” Heather tells him before she shrugs. “I don’t want to talk about exes or work I want to hear you keep complimenting me I like that.”

“Is that so?” Rafael asks before he moves to stand in front of her. He puts a hand on either side of the counter she’s leaning on. “I’m afraid that I can’t do that on an empty stomach.”

Heather laughs, “You are something else aren’t you? Alright, step aside I’m going to make something.” She shoos him away before getting into the fridge to get a few things out.

“Your fridge has the bare minimum- I don’t think you can make much with freezer-burned ice cream and half a carrot. Why is there half a carrot in there anyway?” Rafael asks with an amused smile.

“Eating. How about you have the other half while you wait for me to make grilled cheese sandwiches.” Heather tells him before getting out the bread with a smile before she grabs a pan.

“Grilled cheese. I mean it’s not the Japanese restaurant but I’m not going to lie it sounds even better. Do you have anything to drink?” Rafael asks before he opens one of the cabinets.

Heather puts on a pan then turns on the burner. “Next cabinet I have a cheap bottle of white wine I got for my birthday and half a bottle of brandy from Christmas.”

Rafael opens the cabinet and debates between the two. “So you’re an eggnog at the holidays kind of girl?” He asks before taking out the wine. “I don’t think I ever would have guessed.”

Heather reaches into a drawer and takes out a wine bottle opener holding it out for him. “God no my nan is she came and stayed with me over the holidays she had always wanted to see New York City at Christmas decided she wanted to do it before she got too old and batty. Her words, not mine. Does your family live here? I’m sure it’d be nice to have family here for Christmas.”

Rafael opens the bottle of wine and does a bit of searching before he finds two glasses. “My mother and my grandmother the three of us spend Christmas together. You know the mass, family dinner, and the whole 9 yards.”

“I like the sound of that,” Heather tells him with a smile she takes out plates and puts sandwiches on them. “I do a call and send presents in the mail. I’d love to go home but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. “I’d kill for the whole family dinner and mass thing.”

“Well, I’ve never thought about it like that you seem to put a positive spin on a lot of things.” He tells her before he picks up both the glasses. “Where are we eating?”

“Couch if you don’t mind I figure we can just use the coffee table,” Heather says before she picks up the plates letting him lead the way. She comes to the couch and has a seat before she sets down the plates.

Once they’ve both sat Rafael handed her one of the glasses of wine. “To… unconventional dates.”

“To unconventional dates.” Heather agrees before she brings her glass up to clink against his.

Chapter Text

“How is this the best thing I’ve had to eat this week?” Rafael asks with a hand over his mouth. He smiles before having another bite of his grilled cheese.

“I know- I know. She’s a brilliant sexy neurosurgeon who’s saving the world and she can make a fantastic grilled cheese? I will tell you I don’t accept any marriage proposals before the third date I don’t want to seem too desperate or anything.” Heather tells him with a grin. She tops off their glasses of wine before setting down the empty bottle.

Rafael lifts up his wine glass and has a drink. “You sure I can’t get you to accept it on the first date because I mean… I’m really considering.”

“You know you are something else, Rafael Barba,” Heather tells him before she relaxes back into the couch. “I feel like I’ve known you all my life, how is it that happens? You are charming and I just… I really do enjoy your company I only wish I could have stuck to my guns and seen you again.”

“All of that is in the past this is our second chance, isn't it?” Rafael asks with a smile before he leans back to settle back into the seat. “This second chance means that our sort of half date is history. This is our first date and it is a great first date.”

Heather turns moving to lay her legs across lap before having a drink of wine. “I agree this is a fantastic first date. I think next time you should cook though or at least bring better wine.” She tells him with a smile.

Rafael moves to stroke Heather’s leg before he chuckles. “The more of the wine you drink the less you taste it.” He tells her before having another sip of it. “Alright maybe not but yes better wine and a better dinner I can do that.”

“A better- oh come on we were just talking about how much liked my dinner I did a great job,” Heather tells him with a smile. She sets down her wine then moves a bit closer to him she moves to run her fingers through his hair. “Sorry doctor’s ego is a real thing but you’re a lawyer I’m sure you know the feeling.”

“Oh no like you said I’m very humble in fact the most humble person you’ve ever met,” Rafael says before he sets down his wine he then leans into her touch his eyes meeting hers. “I do feel the same way by the way… I feel like I’ve known you much longer than I have.”

Heather leans in close feeling her heart racing. She feels like a nervous teenager something she hadn’t felt in a long time. “Can I…” She starts gaze moving from his eyes to her lips. She leans in slowly feeling hesitant not wanting to do anything he didn’t want to.

Rafael moves a hand to put a hand on the base of her head before pulling her close to kiss her. They close their eyes savoring the kiss his fingers move to tangle into her hair needing to feel her closer to him.

Heather pulls back from the kiss to catch her breath before she moves to straddle his hips before she kisses him again letting her hands wander down his arms as she does so.

Rafael moves to let one of his hands settle at the small of her back. He pulled away from the kiss again brushing her hair to the side so he can start kissing down her neck.

Heather starts to unbutton his shirt getting all the way down before pulling back to stop. “Suspenders- really?”

Rafael pulled his lips from her skin and smiles, “You want to be judgy about my outfit while you’re taking it off?”

“No judgment but if you’d like to visit sometimes wearing just these and some pants I wouldn’t complain.” Heather teases before getting them down with his help. She then pushes his shirt back and he pulls it off tossing it to the side.

Rafael reaches to the back of her dress and undoes the sip. She moves so the top is down before looking her over. “Only if you’ll in wearing just that.”

“I think that could be arranged,” Heather says before she gets up from his lap and stands to drop the dress. “Wear only this and a coat... come visit.” She suggests running her hand down tanned skin letting fingers trace over the edge of lacy black panties ones to match the lacy black bra. “How does that sound to you?”

Rafael just stares taking her in she’s so beautiful he can’t help how his gaze lingers at each curve of her body. “Yeah… I think I like the sound of that.” He gets up before looking over at the little hallway of her apartment. “Bedroom?”

“I want you to take off more before we do that, come on,” Heather says before she takes a step back so he can join her standing.

Rafael stands up and unzipped his pants taking them off then pulls off the undershirt. “That enough for you?” He asks before he moves to slide her hands down her hips.

Heather smiles and moves to give him one more kiss before she turns to lead him to her bedroom. She opens the door before she pulls him in giving him another kiss.

Rafael kisses her back before pushing her back onto the bed. “God you’re beautiful, have I said that yet?”

“Once or twice,” Heather says before propping herself up on her elbows as she looks at him. “You’re not too bad yourself.”

Rafael smiles and drops his boxers before making his way on top of her on his bed straddling her waist. “Well I’ll say it one more time then you are gorgeous.” He moves to palm her hands over her breasts before sliding a hand back to undo her bra.

Heather smiles and takes off the bra tossing it to the side before pulling him back in for another kiss. She flips them over so she can be on top of him straddling his hips. “I want to fuck you.” She tells him, voice full of lust as she looks at him.

Rafael mumbles something under his breath before resting his hands on her lips. “Then fuck me, Heather- ride my cock.” He tells her now breaking eye contact as he forms a proud little smirk on his face.

Heather bites her lip before straddling his thigh to rub her against him. “I’m so wet for you- I have been all night long.” She tells him voice low and lustful as she speaks. “You make me so wet, Rafael.”

“I can feel that- fuck you’re so ready to fuck me aren’t you,” Rafael asks. He sits up and starts to massage her breasts letting his thumbs run over her nipples. “So ready for me.”

Heather smiles as he pulls him in close giving him a kiss before she pulls his boxers down. “Oh, and you- you’re so hard you want to fuck me don’t you?” She asks moving to stroke his cock. He lifts his hip into the touch and she smiles. “Oh you’re so ready, do you want me to fuck you, Rafael?”

“Yes,” Rafael says before swearing in Spanish bucking up into her touch again.

“Yes, what? Tell me what you want Rafael, use your words.” Heather says before she slows the strokes down wanting him to beg for it.

“I already told you,” Rafael says though he lets out a huff when her hand leaves his length. “Alright- I want you to ride my cock, Heather.”

Heather smiles at him before she gets out of her panties. “See that wasn’t so hard now was it?”

Rafael rolls his eyes and gives her a smile, “Just shut up and fuck me.”

Heather pushes him back so he’s lying against the bed. “You shut up Rafael. I’m the one in charge now.”

Chapter Text

Rafael is catching his breath and he looks over at Heather as she does the same. “I think I like it when you’re in control.”

Heather smiles and turns on her side to face him. “Do you? Well, I can do that any time you’d like because I love being in control too.” She leans in and gives him a lingering kiss before she lays down and rests her head on his chest.

Rafael moves to settle his arm around her before he leans his head down to kiss the top of her head. He lets his hand wander just enough to reach her back moving up and down it. “I think I could get used to that if you’d let me.”

“Well, that depends,” Heather says though she smiles as she says it. Her arm moves to drape across his chest as she lets herself relax.

“On what?” Rafael asks with a raised brow, hand still running up and down her back as he speaks.

“If you’ll make breakfast,” Heather tells him with a smile. She has no idea if he’s the type to stay after sex but she hopes that he will. She isn’t looking for just some sort of hookup she likes him and she hopes he’ll be around.

“I think that can be arranged but I do get up early- usually like to go up and jog before work early,” Rafael tells her wondering if that’s some sort of turn off for her. Some people hated the idea of getting up earlier than 10 in the morning which he didn’t understand.

“I do morning yoga so I’ll try not to wake you.” Heather counters before she smirks at him. “Come on now I’m a doctor do you really think I sleep in? You would have sedate me to sleep in I’ve got too much stuff to do.”

“Well then yes I can pull something together with what you’ve got in your fridge,” Rafael tells her before chuckling. “It may be a stretch but I’ll do my best.”

“Alright point taken I’ve got the morning off I’ll have groceries delivered scouts honor,” Heather tells him before she closes her eyes. “Maybe next time you’re here we can have something besides grilled cheese sandwiches.”

“Already planning the next time I come over?” Rafael asks before pulling a blanket over them.

Heather yawns before smiling at him, “As if you weren’t already planning your proposal.” She is able to fall asleep with ease and Rafael does the same both relaxing into each other.

Rafael wakes up the next morning alone in bed. He should have known she was serious about waking up before him even if she was joking a lot it didn’t seem like something she would make a joke about. He gets out of the bed, picking up his clothing and starting to put it on as he goes. He is pulling on his undershirt when he sees her, sure enough, doing yoga on the balcony. He watches for a moment before he pulls on his pants and heads over. He opens the balcony door and walks out. “Morning.” He says waiting for her to turn her head before he kisses her.

“What did I tell you I got up earlier,” Heather says with a proud grin before happily accepting the kiss from him.

“Is everything a competition with you?” Rafael asks with an amused smile.

“You know the saying about the pot calling the kettle black? I think they need to change it to the lawyer calling the surgeon an overachiever.” Heather tells him. “I started a pot of tea for myself but you’re welcome to coffee if you want it the pot should be ready.”

“Thank you- as nice as it sounds to drink tea I need to be awake for more than 20 minutes,” Rafael tells her before he heads back to the kitchen. With a bit of rummaging, he is able to find the coffee to start up a pot.

“I’ll have you know my tea is caffeinated just probably not as much as your coffee,” Heather says as she walks back in from the balcony shutting the door behind her. She makes her way to the whistling pot and pours a cup getting the tea ready to steep. “Now will I be getting this breakfast I was promised last night?”

“After some coffee but you know if you want to go back to that yoga I’m happy to watch,” Rafael tells her with a smirk.

“What do you want to see me in downward dog?” Heather asks with a wink. She leaves her mug there and goes into the little living room area to stretch. “Do you work today?”

“I do I need to be in court in 3 hours,” Rafael says before he picks up the fresh cup of coffee and has a sip. “I have to go home and get ready but I’ve got enough time to prepare breakfast.”

Heather nods before she finishes stretching. “Well if you don’t need any help I’m going to hop in the shower.”

“I’m good you go shower,” Rafael tells her resisting the urge to make a comment about joining her. As tempting as that was he wasn’t going to show up to court late maybe some other day he would.

Heather nods before she heads to the bathroom and turns on the shower. She has a later shift so she can take her time. Still, she does want to spend some time with Rafael before he goes so she won’t.

Rafael hears the water start to run and decides to go take his coffee in the living room. He is sipping on it as he looks at bookshelves and art on the walls. The art is all nature photography beautiful stuff. The books are nothing he would read all medical mostly neuro or combat medicine. He picks up one to read the back cover as he drinks his coffee.

Heather starts to wash her hair before deciding she needs music. Leaning out of the shower she turns on her phone. She sings along as she takes her quick shower a bit of ABBA some classic disco before she gets back to washing her hair.

Rafael stops what he’s doing as he hears the music and smiles. He goes back into the kitchen and takes eggs out of the fridge. Eggs and toast was probably the easiest thing he could do. He’s working on the food before he starts to hum along to the music. It’s not exactly his taste but he has heard it so it’s easy to follow along with.

Heather finishes up in the shower then turns off the water before she gets out and dries off. She comes into her room to get dressed she’s able to put on something comfortable since she isn’t going straight to work. She puts her hair back in a braid figuring she’ll just leave it like that until she gets to work since she’s sure she’ll pull it up once she gets there. She comes out and smiles at Rafael, “You were able to scrounge something up?”

“I know so little in the fridge and I made breakfast I’m a miracle worker,” Rafael says before he puts food on plates. “You have quite the taste in music by the way- loved the concert.”

“You weren’t supposed to be listening but thank you. My mother raised me on disco I’ve got records and a player in storage. I figure I’ll drive my neighbors crazy if I bring them out.” Heather tells him before she takes tea and a plate.

“So you really listen to that as your everyday music huh? Sing in the shower, drive to the car, and all those sorts of things?” Rafael asks following her to the couch with his plate and coffee in tow. He has a seat and starts to eat.

“I even play it when I’m doing surgery. Well if it’s longer anyways that’s what keeps me going when I’m doing a big tumor removal.” Heather tells him before having a sip of tea. “You’re not a disco man let me guess more of a smooth jazz type?”

“Jazz is nice… very soothing.” Rafael tells her it’s really neither a yes or a no but it’s all he’s going to give her. “So when did you say you have to work?”

“I’m working from noon to midnight so I’ve got most of the morning off,” Heather tells him. She has a bite of her eggs before letting out a sigh of relief. She hadn’t realized how hungry she was until just now. “You said you have to be at court in a few hours?”

“Yes prepping for the start of a case getting witnesses ready,” Rafael explains before he goes back to eating. “I think I should finish early enough that I could bring you dinner if you’d like.”

“I may only have 15 or 20 minutes do you think you can deal with just that?” Heather asks. She knows how the hospital can be especially if it’s busy but if he wants to visit she wouldn’t mind it.

“Listen we’ve done one unconventional date what’s another?” Rafael asks he can do 15 or 20 minutes if it’s with her.

“Alright well, you’ve got my number text me when you can come over.”

Chapter Text

“Woah Woah so you let the guy stay the night?” The woman repeats before she smiles. “I didn’t think you even let them do more than kiss on the first date but this guy he stays and makes breakfast?”

Heather smiles, “We just had this connection I don’t know how to describe it. I didn’t even plan on letting him in the house but with that bad crash last night I said we should stay in. One thing just leads to another and…” She starts though she shrugs giving her friend a coy smile.

“Look at you go!” The woman says with a laugh before she winks at Heather“Heather Moore finally putting herself out there you deserve it after everything you’ve been through.”

Heather shrugs feeling a blush creep up on her cheeks that is luckily hidden by her surgical mask. “It’s funny though he was that guy Jay set me up with the first time I was trying to get back out there. I left mid-date and we never talked again but he came into the hospital and we just reconnected.”

“You’re getting it on with patients now?” The woman asks.

“Bridgette, have you ever known me to do that? No, he was the ADA that tried the case for that patient Lisette.” Heather tells her before she pauses moving to take a new instrument before getting back to work.

“Yeah, I remember Jay saying that he really thought he’d made a good match. Then your shitty ex Jac-” Bridgette says though she stops. “Sorry I know you don’t like hearing his name.”

“No it’s okay you heard me talk about him all through residency. Jacob was a big part of my life until he wasn’t.” Heather says before she shrugs again. It does still hurt to talk about him the wound is raw but now she has someone to distract her from him. Rafael was more than that though he was someone special she just knew it.

“Does he bother you anymore? I know he doesn’t hang around the hospital but does he bother you anywhere else?” Bridgette asks. The people in this hospital know his face they know to call security if he showed up.

“He knows he’ll go to jail if he breaks the terms of the restraining order so he mostly just stays back home in Montana. I don’t know I haven’t seen him or heard from him that’s all that matters.” Heather says though the pep in her step. Something about that man just always drained all the happy from her.

Bridgette just knows it she sees in Heather’s posture and decides to change the subject. “So was he good in bed?”

“I am not talking about my sex life in front of Mister Francis’ open skull. I was telling you about the date because he is going to come over once we’re done here. He’s bringing me dinner so we can spend a bit more time together.” Heather explains. She goes quiet to focus once she’s done focusing she relaxes more knowing what’s left is close up work.

“Well that means we’ll get to meet him we can ask the lawyer lots of questions I think I’ll get Kim from emergency to help,” Bridgette says a million questions circling through her head.

Heather can see that look and refuses to let it happen. “I am not letting you play 20 questions with him. Jay thinks he’s okay which must be something right? He wouldn’t try to set me up with someone he didn’t think was great.”

Bridgette lets out a huff knowing that she won’t win this battle. “Can we at least meet him? I have not even seen a picture I want to see if he’s cute enough for you. I don’t want you wasting your time with anyone who isn’t good looking enough. I mean you bring all your own pretty but if you have babies he’ll need to bring some good looking into the relationship.”

Heather backs up and looks to the others in the room. “He is all done I’ll need someone to take him back to the ICU I’ll go update his wife.” She takes off her gloves, mask, and gown before throwing it all in the bin and heading to wash up. She looks at Bridgette who has followed after her letting out a sigh. “Yes you can meet him but just meet no 20 questions, deal?”

“I think that can work out for us so text your man he’ll be here by the time you’re done talking to Mrs. Francis,” Bridgette suggests before she winks at the woman.

“Oh and please no talk about relationships or babies okay? You are moving faster in this… whatever it is than I am. I don’t need you telling him what pretty babies we’d have we barely have a second date planned.” Heather tells her before she heads out of the room. She takes her phone and sends Rafael a text message before going to give Mrs. Francis the update.

Heather gave the woman an update before she checks on Mr. Francis in the ICU. She finishes up and goes to the lounge to check her phone. Rafael was on the way he would probably be there in the next few minutes.

Heather looks at herself in the mirror and knows she’s a mess. She thinks of the time deciding to just fix her hair knowing she doesn’t have time for much else. She pulls it back into a fresh bun before heading down to the ER. She sees Bridgette and Kim talking going over to give the two a look. “Did Bridgette tell you the rules I mean it no funny business.”

Rafael comes in before either of them can say anything with a bag in his hand. “Sorry, it took a bit longer than I thought it would I hope you’ve still got 20 minutes for me.”

“She has all the time you want from her,” Bridgette says before nudging Kim’s arm as they both just stare at Rafael.

Heather turns to glare at the two women before she smiles at Rafael. “Rafael this is my scrub nurse Bridgette and one of the ER nurses Kim.”

“Can I ask my one question to ask if he has a brother?” Kim asks before smiling at Rafael.

Heather reaches out to take Rafael’s hand. “These two have work to do, how about I take you to the lounge so we can eat.” She tells him before leading Rafael off. She turns to look over her shoulder at Kim and Bridgette mouthing how she’s going to kill them.

Rafael follows Heather and when she turns to look ahead he smiles at her. “Her one question?” He asked wanting to know what the hell she even meant by that.

“Well, I think if I’d let them ask all the questions they wanted it would have started with family history and ended with what you want to name our children,” Heather tells him before letting him into the lounge.

“Well then thank you I really appreciate it. I brought Thai food lets enjoy our unconventional date.” Rafael tells her before having a seat.

Heather sits down next to him and smiles, “That sounds like a perfect date to me.”

Chapter Text

Heather pulls away from Rafael and clears her throat, “I think that page was for me they need a consult in the ER.”

“Right- yeah,” Rafael says before he fixes his tie. “I’ll probably be asleep by the time you get out so I’ll just call you tomorrow.”

“Thanks for dinner,” Heather tells him before she gets up. “You can just… leave what’s left in that fridge and I’ll talk to you later.” She tells him before she heads down to the ER.

Rafael nods and pulls himself together putting the food in the fridge before heading out giving her a goodbye kiss in the hall as he walked past.

Heather heads to go do a check-up on a patient though she feels two sets of eyes on her from the two nurses. She keeps a serious face as she speaks to the patient doing a few tests before telling a student to monitor the woman for a few minutes. She makes her way over to the desk giving the two nurses a look. “Don’t you two have some work you should be doing?”

“Did you get much to eat? The lawyer looked right like he was still hungry.” Kim says with a smirk.

Heather hadn’t had much to each they had mostly just made out she felt like a silly teenager making out hoping they wouldn’t get caught. “I think we both had more than enough.”

“Of each other,” Bridgette says before winking.

“Alright, I'm going to take this patient up to get an MRI can you call ahead and tell them we’re coming, Kim?” Heather asks with a smile before she walks back over to the patient.

The woman is speaking to the intern when Heather walks up. “It’s… what is it? Only you?”

Heather freezes as she looks at them. “I’m sorry?”

“We were talking about that stupid bear the cartoon one in the commercials. What is it he said?” The patient asks.

Heather visibly relaxes as she realizes what the woman means. “Can prevent forest fires. I’m sure you all don’t hear it much here. I grew up in a town with lots of forests so he was practically the law.” She takes a wheelchair and helps the woman get into it before she sits.

“What small town would that be?” The woman asks as they make their way to the elevators.

“A small town in Montana. If you visit the right time of year you see all sorts of wildlife out.” Heather tells the woman before they get off on their floor.

“Yeah the closest I get to an animal besides my chihuahua is when I go to the zoo. You ever get homesick? I’m sure I’d miss seeing that all the time.” The patient says letting out a dreamy sigh. “Seeing a wolf outside your bedroom door must be pretty cool.”

“I do get homesick sometimes. Then again I miss this place when I’m back there the closest Walmart is an hour away- you don’t want to know how far the nearest place to get takeout is.” Heather tells her with a smile. “Alright I’ll need you to stay still for me I’ll just behind the glass. If you need anything just ask.” She heads back to stand with the MRI tech having a seat next to him waiting for the picture to come up.

“So no takeout?” The man asks with a smile before he looks over at her.

“If I said pad thai they would look at me like I had two heads,” Heather tells the man before relaxing back in the seat. “She is right about the wolves though- wolves, deer, rabbits, and the sort. Oh, and the buffalo, people always forget them.”

“I’ve had buffalo- tasted good.” The man tells her before looking at the screen, “Images are coming up.”

Heather looks at it and takes in a breath before pressing the intercom button. “Patricia I’m going to right back stay there. I’ll leave the intercom open so you can talk to the tech. He has some things to say about buffalos.” She says before getting up and going out to the nurse's station to tell them to get the OR ready. She knew without a fact it was going to be a long night.

By the time they’re out of surgery it’s late but Patricia is going to live which is all that matters. Heather goes into the lounge and reheats the food they hadn’t eaten hours earlier. She then sits down on a couch and takes out her phone. She doesn't know why she does it, it’s late and he may not even be up but she still calls Rafael. “Hey… did I wake you?”

“No, I actually stayed up to get some work done. Is your shift over?” Rafael asks as he leans back in his seat, happy to have a distraction from the work he’s drowning in.

“It will be by the time I finish eating. I was starving the whole rest of my shift since we didn’t get much eating done.” Heather tells him with a smile. They had gotten a few bites in before their heated makeout session. “It is good reheated though.”

Rafael laughs, “Well I’m happy to hear it. I had to go get something to take to work. I did have a good time though it was nice to see you.”

“I promise sometime this week we are going to go on a real date that isn’t at the hospital or my place,” Heather assures him before having a bite of her food.

“Oh, so we'll have a date at my place then?” Rafael asks with a smirk before messing with some of the papers on his desk.

“I like the sound of that,” Heather says before she looks to the door. No one was in and this late they wouldn’t come in. Still, she makes her way to the restroom in the lounge and locks the door behind her. “Do you want to know what we’d do if we went to your place?”

Rafael smirks, “I would like to hear that, how about you tell me what we would do.”

Heather pauses for a moment letting him wait eagerly for her answer. “I think…” She pauses and has another bite moving the phone away while she chews letting him think she’s just thinking about it. Still, she smiles wondering what dirty thoughts he had gone through his head. He doesn’t look like he would be a dirty man at first glance but she’s sure right now plenty of dirty thoughts were swimming through that mind of his.

Rafael waits, wondering if she is just messing with him at this point. “Are you still there, Heather?” He asks hoping that she’ll answer.

Heather picks her phone back up. “I sent you a photo a little hint of what you’ll see. You enjoy that and think about what we’re going to do when I come to see you. I’ll text you when I’m off work… bye, Rafael.” She hangs up before he can say anything else. She takes her food and heads out back to the lounge to sit and finish eating.

Rafael is surprised by the sudden hang-up though after he hears the ping of his phone. He checks the message and swears under his breath. This woman is going to be the death of him and he knows it.

Chapter Text

Heather hasn’t been able to see much of Rafael or even really spoken to him but she isn’t surprised. She had seen details on the news about his trial it was big so he needed to keep his focus there for the most part. She doesn’t mind it that just means she can fully focus on her work which is something she will do any day of the week. Finally, she does get a message from him and is pleasantly surprised.

[text] Are you free tonight or tomorrow?

She smiles as she reads the message happy that they can plan something. The woman sits down to text him back.

[text] That depends can I stay the night if I could by tonight?

There’s a pause part of her wonders if she shouldn’t have asked. Maybe she shouldn’t ask? She’s overthinking it which came as no surprise to her all she ever does. Lucky for her she doesn’t have to wait long as he texted her back.

[text] I’ll see you tonight

Heather goes about her day getting housework done which seemed to pile up until her days off. Even hours later she still had more to do but she wanted to get ready. She heads to her bedroom and looks at what she can wear trying to figure something out. The woman smiles and takes out some lingerie she has folded up. A see-through little bra and panty set that left nothing to the imagination.

Heather decides that she will put a dress in her handbag for heading home but wearing just the lingerie and a coat. It was what she had jokingly promised him. She gets it on and adds stockings it’s way too much for her but she wants it to be too much. Putting on heels, the longer jacket, and tucking away a dress she feels ready.

She gets his address and takes a car out to him before making her way up to his building. Heather comes inside and knocks on his door trying to fix her hair as she waits for him to come up.

Rafael opens the door and smiles, “Heather- hey it’s good to see you please come in.” He tells her before stepping aside so she can come inside. Once she’s inside he shuts the door, “I am so sorry I haven’t been able to start cooking I have had a distraction.”

Heather smiles and drops her purse on a table before looking back at him. “Well I’m sorry to tell you but you are about to have another distraction.” She tells him before she unties the coat and drops it to the ground.

“Oh my god!”

Heather turns around to see who had been behind her seeing an older woman. “Oh my god!” She has no idea what to cover moving an arm to shield her breasts and one to cover the skimpy panties. “Who are you?!”

“His mother,” Lucia says before turning to look at the wall. “Would you mind putting on more?”

“His mother,” Heather says her face bright red oh my god his mother. They hadn’t even been on enough dates to define their relationship let alone meet parents. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m going to do that.” She assures the woman before putting the coat back on and tying it back up.

“I tried to warn you… three times. Did you not get my text messages?” Rafael asks.

Heather reaches for her purse and knocks it over and condoms fall out, of course, condoms fall out. She gets on her knees and shoves everything back into her purse before taking out her phone. “It’s dead… that would explain it.” She looks at her dress she had packed taking it out. “I am going to go change into this where’s your restroom.”

“Second door over there,” Rafael says before leaning in to whisper to her. “I am so sorry.”

Heather smiles and takes her dress before smiling at the woman before heading to go get dressed. When she shuts the door behind her has a seat. “His mother- his mother!” She whispers before gets up and takes off her coat. Looking at herself in the mirror she groans she is in nearly nothing great for surprising a guy horrible for meeting his mother. She puts on her dress and wipes off the red lipstick.

“That is the girl you are seeing?” Lucia asks once Heather is gone.

“Heather is a nice woman don’t judge her on her first impression,” Rafael tells her. That was quite the first impression he hoped she wouldn’t feel too strange about all of this. His mother would leave and they could just laugh this off later.

“She can prove that over dinner- I’ll start cooking,” Lucia tells him before she heads into his kitchen.

“Mama- hey. I don’t need you to cook for us. She was coming over so I could cook for her.” Rafael insists as he follows his mother into the kitchen. He knows she isn’t going to let go of this she is already invading the kitchen.

“Oh is that what she was wearing to have dinner in?” Lucia asks as she gives him a look.

Rafael gives his mother a look before he takes in a huff. “That is enough, Mama.”

“No it’s alright I understand,” Heather assures Rafael as she walks in. “Mrs. Barba I am so sorry. I had no idea you were going to be here if I had even an inkling I would have never done that I swear.”

Lucia looks at the woman and nods. “You’re going to help me cook. Rafi is going to leave us alone to talk.”

Before Rafael can disagree Heather nods. “Just tell me what to do.” She looks at Rafael and smiles, “I’m sure you have some work you could do we’ll be fine.”

Rafael moves close and kisses Heather. “Mama please be nice I like her.” He gives a look between the two of them before he heads to his office.

Heather goes to wash her hands before making her way back over to the woman. “How can I help?”

“Onions and peppers need cut up,” Lucia says before putting a cutting board in front of her. She doesn’t even wait for Heather to start before the first question comes. “What do you do for work?”

“I am a brain surgeon,” Heather tells her before taking out a knife. She starts to cut the peppers. “What would you prefer I call you?”

“Mrs. Barba is just fine-” Lucia stops though she can already hear her son saying something about it. “Lucia. You can call me Lucia.”

“Thank you, Lucia,” Heather tells her with a smile. “I should tell you about myself. My name is Heather Moore I’m from Montana but I have gone to college, med school, and done residency here in New York. I met your son through a friend from residency who is now a plastic surgeon… what else should I tell you?”

“Do you have any children- been married?” Lucia asks as she finishes getting the chicken ready.

“I do not have children I’d like them someday but not yet. I have not been married I was in a long term relationship before I met your son the first time but it ended a long time ago.” Heather explains hoping the woman won’t press too much on that.

Lucia nods, “Do you still speak to your parents? What do they do?”

“I do speak to them regularly and visit whenever I can. My mother is a wildlife photographer and my dad works at a lumber mill in the town I grew up in.” Heather tells her before switching to the onion. “What do you for work?”

“She is the principal of a charter school,” Rafael tells Heather as he walks back into the kitchen. “I have to go to SVU to talk to them about a case can you come with me, Heather? It should only take a half-hour but this is going to take 2 hours right? I promise she’ll be back in time for more questions.”

Lucia looks between the two of them before she nods, “I’ll think of more questions while you’re both gone… hurry back.”

“Thank you, mama,” Rafael says before kissing her cheek. He then smiles at Heather, “Let's head out.”

Heather nods and goes to wash her hands before following Rafael out the door. “What did they need at SVU?”

“Oh nothing, I just wanted to get you a break from my mother,” Rafael tells her with a smile before looping his arm with hers.

Heather smiles and gives him a kiss, “My hero.”

Chapter Text

“Coffee was a perfect idea,” Heather tells him as they each sit with a cup. Part of her feels bad but she had needed a break from the many questions. “So do you think I’ll recover from this mess?”

“I think it’s already forgotten,” Rafael assures her before drinking his coffee.

“Not with you Rafael I meant your mother. Can I make a comeback after… well, you know.” Heather asks as she messes with the stirring stick in her cup.

“Oh- yeah probably not fully I’m sure if you stick around she’ll bring it up again at some point,” Rafael tells her. “Why does that matter though you’re fine, Heather.”

“I just really like you and I want to stay around. I don’t want to screw this up because she met me for the first time in really skimpy lingerie.” Heather admits. Rafael is so sweet and she doesn't want to mess up her second chance.

Rafael reaches to take one of her hands lifting it so he can kiss the back of her hand. “Nothing is screwed up I promise.”

Heather smiles at him. “Thank you I appreciate you saying that, Rafael.” She gives his hand a squeeze. “I did get through the worst of the questions though and I must say I did a good job.”

“Did you? Well, I’m happy you got the worst of it already. How do you figure it went?” Rafael asks drinking his coffee once she lets go of his hand.

“Oh yeah, we did the family, jobs, and dating history.” Heather watches Rafael try to hide a cringe. “Oh, and I may have said I wanted kids one day. I didn’t say yours but I’m sure she’ll say something.”

Rafael nods, “She will absolutely say something I appreciate the warning.” His mother appreciated that he was focused on school and then on getting to his job. Still part of her would say it, hint about wanting grandchildren or suggest some single woman she knew that he should talk to. Now that would hopefully change. “So you want children?”

“We have been on two dates we probably should save this talk for the next one. I know I’m already meeting your mother but come on.” Heather teases before she winks at him.

“I don’t know, this whole moving fast thing is pretty one-sided. When do I get to meet your parents?” Rafael jokes back.

“Well if you try to meet them the way I met your mom my dad may just come at you with his shotgun.”

Rafael nods, “Alright well I’ll leave the skimpy lingerie at home then thanks for the warning.”

Heather rolls her eyes, “You may also want to ditch the expensive shoes and suit. While I think you look charming I don’t think Hope County is ready for anything more high class than a pair of jeans and a Nascar t-shirt.”

“Dressing down I can do but I’m afraid Nascar shirt I don’t have in the closet,” Rafael tells her with a smile. He knows they should get back sometime soon but he wants to stay here with her. “You know I could stay in the kitchen with you two so she doesn’t ask anything else.”

“Oh we’ve gotten past the awkward questions so this is going to be the part where I ask her all the embarrassing childhood stories. I think I can do that part just fine on my own.” Heather assures him before she looks at her coffee cup. “We should head back shouldn’t we?”

“I can tell her that you got called away to work. I’ll eat dinner with her then you can sneak back in later.” Rafael offers wanting to give her one last out before they head back to his apartment.

Heather gets up and smiles at him. “Like I said I get all of the embarrassing childhood stories now so I”m not going to pass this up for anything. I promise that if it gets too awkward that I’ll find some reason to get you there.”

“Oh no once we go you’re on your own with my mother.” Rafael insists to her before he gets up with her. He smiles and takes her head. “I’m totally kidding, by the way, I’ll rescue you if she gets to be too much I promise.”

“My hero,” Heather says before kissing his cheek. They head back to his apartment and find his mother in the full swing of cooking. “It smells amazing in here.” She calls out before taking off her shoes and heading to go see Rafael’s mother.

“Thank you it’s cooking most of the work is done,” Lucia says as she turns to look at the young woman with a smile.

“I’m sorry I dragged her away I knew if I didn’t take someone with me they would have me at special victims for hours,” Rafael tells his mother giving her a peck on the cheek before he goes to wash his hands. “What else can we do for you?”

“Actually would you mind setting the table, Heather? I need to talk to my son about something.” Lucia suggests before smiling at the woman.

“Yes, of course, I can do that I’ll leave you two be,” Heather says before she takes plates and silverware to leave the kitchen. She had said she was going to get stories but honestly to get out of more questions she would leave Rafael to the wolves.

Rafael watches as Heather leaves seeing that apologetic look. He gives her a small nod before walking over to his mother to help her finish cooking. “What is it you need to talk about?”

“A brain surgeon,” Lucia says with a smile. “Very pretty- would have very pretty children. Is she religious?”

Rafael hadn’t expected that in the slightest smiling at his mother. “We haven’t talked about religion this is only our second date so we really haven’t talked about any of this. Especially not children.”

“Well you are clearly both moving fast I saw that when I met her. Moving fast through other subjects may not be the worst thing.” Lucia tells him with a shrug turning to work on the food to hide her smirk.

“You know I feel like we have had the exact opposite conversation one or more times,” Rafael tells her before leaning in to help his mother with the cooking.

“That was when you were young and liked girls that would have taken you away from your plans. Now you have a career and have met a nice girl with one as well.” Lucia tells her son. “If you have a bad feeling though don’t do it but if you like her just know I approve.”

“Well it’s good to know that you approve but I also don’t think I’ll work too fast on that so don’t hold your breath on that alright?” Rafael asks her before kissing her cheek. He then goes and gets out glasses and a bottle of wine. “Are you going to drink?”

“No, I still have to go see your Abuelita,” Lucia tells him before putting back one of the glasses for him.

Rafael nods and takes the cups out setting down the glasses and taking the cork out of the wine before pouring himself and Heather each glass..

Heather grins and walks over to give him a kiss. “You know I think I hear wedding bells.”

Rafael chuckles before giving her a kiss back. “So you were listening in? I figured you would.” He teases before setting down the bottle and holding out a glass for Heather.

Heather takes the glass and has a sip. “I told you that the brain surgeon thing wins mothers hearts. I’m just happy that she approves I was sure she wouldn’t be able to get past the whole lingerie thing.”

Rafael smiles and kisses her. “You had nothing to worry about Heather you’re perfect. Now come on we should help her finish up so that we can eat.”

“Oh thank god because I’m starving,” Heather tells him before following him into the kitchen. It also meant they were closer to having some alone time but she wouldn’t say that just yet.

Chapter Text

This was not how Heather had expected the night to go changing out of the dress she had expected to go into that skimpy lingerie instead she was putting on something of his to sleep in. She moves to lay down on the bed before letting out a huff. “I ate too much I’m going to go into a food coma.”

“It’s not exactly a bad thing.” Rafael agrees before he lays down next to her. It was not the sexy night they had envisioned but it felt right in a way. “I’m happy that it went well though. I know you didn’t think it would after you met my mother but she loves you it went well.”

Heather smiles at him turning to face him. “It really did go well, didn’t it? I’m happy because I do like you a lot.” She reaches out and strokes his cheek. “I am sorry this didn’t end in that sexy lingerie I just feel the farthest thing from sexy right now.”

“That just means you’ll have to come over some other night and show it off,” Rafael suggests before he moves closer and gives her a kiss.

“I think I could do that come over again and show off just how good it makes me look,” Heather tells him moving so she’s on top of him, straddling his hips. “I’m sure you liked what you saw.”

“You’re wearing ratty old pajamas and you look stunning. I don’t think it would matter what you had on as long as it’s on you.” Rafael tells her, hands moving to settle against her skin under the shirt. “You are so beautiful.”

“Well you are so charming,” Heather tells him with a smile. “You really know how to charm a girl you know that right? If I wasn’t ready to pass out I would probably jump your bones right now.” Still, she is tired and feels bloated from all the food so she moves to lay down next to him. “Next time though- next time I’m sure you’ll go all the way.” She jokes before curling up against him.

“I’m happy to hear that you’re so sure,” Rafael tells her before putting his arm around her. He leans over to kiss her forehead. “I am sorry this is moving fast though. I swear I won’t ask you to move in until the morning.”

“Then I’ll keep the baby names to myself until next week,” Heather assures him before she nods off with him.

Waking up the next morning she can’t believe it but she had slept in. She sees Rafael is still asleep so much for both of them being early risers. She gets out of bed and looks back at him smiling. Still, she fixes her hair before heading to his kitchen to find coffee.

Rafael wakes up sometime after Heather has gotten out of bed feeling her side empty. As he wakes up he can smell the coffee which gets him out of bed a bit faster. He comes out to the kitchen moving to wrap his arms around her middle before kissing her shoulder. “Good morning.”

Heather smiles turning to look back at him before giving him a kiss. “Good morning would you like some coffee?”

“Please,” Rafael says watching her pour coffee before he lets go and takes it. He lets out a sigh of relief before having a drink. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yes I did I even slept in I have no idea how I did that,” Heather tells him before she turns to face him. She smiles at him before drinking some more of her coffee. “What about you I saw that you were still asleep when I came out.”

“Like you said I went into a food coma. It is nice to actually get some sleep though.” Rafael tells her before he smiles lingering close to her.

Heather sets her coffee down. “You know I have my lingerie shoved in the bottom of my purse but I do think I could look sexy. Well for the just woken up look.”

Rafael sets down his coffee before leaning in close to her. “How do you figure you’re going to do that?” He asks before giving her a kiss.

Heather smiles at him, “Just the old fashion way of course.” She pulls her shirt off before pulling him in to give him another kiss.

Rafael happily kisses her back before he pulls away to start kissing more of her. His lips go lower down her neck to her shoulder. His hands settle on her hips before he presses her lips to her breasts moving to take one of her nipples in his mouth and suck on it.

Heather lets out a moan before tangling her fingers into his hair. She pulls him back up so that she can kiss his lips again. The kisses become more frantic hands moving over his body unsure of how exactly she wants to touch him in all the frantic kissing.

The man pulls away trying to catch his breath before he looks at her. “Do you want to go back to the bedroom?”

“Do we have to go that far?” Heather asks with a smirk before taking off the sleeping pants leaning back against the counter.

Rafael looks her before he helps her up to sit on the counter before he gets between her legs. “Have I told you that you’re beautiful?”

“Just shut up and kiss me,” Heather says before she pulls him back to her and gives her a kiss.

Rafael smirks and pulls away from her before pulling her to the edge of the counter. He gets on his knees in front of her hands on her thighs as he moves to run his tongue up her folds. He circled his thumb over her clit as he continues to run his tongue up and down.

Heather feels her breath catch her hips lifting loving the feeling. Her hand is in his hair the other on his counter as she just enjoys it. Eyes closed and head tilts back against the cabinet as her grip tightens in his hair. “Raf- oh fuck that feels so good. I need you.”

Rafael pulls away and looks up at her. “Tell me what you need.”

“I need you to fuck me Rafael please fuck me,” Heather tells him letting go of his hair and putting her hands on his arm to help pull him up.

Rafael gets up and drops his boxers before he comes up and lines up to thrust inside her. He is inside of her for a few moments catching his breath enjoying the feeling before he starts to thrust in and out.

Heather wraps her legs around his waist pulling him in close as she rests her head in the crook of his neck. “Yes- harder.”

Rafael thrusts in and out though as he keeps going his thrusts start to get sloppier. He’s coming close and he knows she is too. He rubs her clit again loving the sound she makes as she comes. He keeps it going stimulating her more before he came.

Heather smiles at him before pulling him back to kiss him. “You know I’m feeling pretty awake now.”

“Awake enough to go for a run?” Rafael jokes before kissing her again.

“I was thinking more of brunch would you like to go out?”

“I think I’d prefer to stay in.”

Chapter Text

“Sorry that’s my phone,” Heather says before untangling from Rafael and the sheets. It was supposed to be a lazy day for them but she pretty much never let her phone ring it was always something. She picks up her phone and smiles. “Okay give me a few minutes I’ll be back.”

“I’ll be here by myself… may start something without you.” Rafael says before he stretches out in the bed.

Heather smirks at him before she grabs a shirt to pull on heading out to sit in the living room. She fixes her hair before she answers the facetime call. “Hey there Joey what are you doing calling in the middle of the day?”

“What I can’t call my best friend out of the blue? Maybe I’m telling you about my day.” Joey tells her as she leaned back in her chair.

Heather smiles and relaxes on the couch. “Okay well tell me how work is going oh and I never heard about how that date went last week. The woman who runs the animal shelter?”

“Oh, Michelle? Yeah, she was going through a phase first guy to flirt with her snapped her right out of that.” Joey says before rolling her eyes.

“I’m sorry Joey. So she wasn’t the one that sucks for her, not you. You know we still have that pact we can’t find anyone in two years and we’ll just marry each other.” Heather reminds her with a grin.

“What a romantic notion.”

Heather looks up and swats a hand. “Weren’t you going to start something without me? Shoo.” She says before flinging a pillow to Rafael. “I’m on a video call.”

“Video call- alright I’m heading back sorry,” Rafael says before he winks at her and heads back.

Heather starts to blush before she looks over at the screen again. “Don’t- don’t you dare say anything!”

Joey gets up and heads somewhere more private before she grins. She looks at Heather’s surroundings again, letting out a gasp. “I should have known that isn’t your couch! You little minx whose place are you at? Sitting in your pajamas at noon… who is this girl?”

“This girl is using her day off to spend in bed which no is not my bed. I’ve met someone he’s really great if you ever come to visit you can meet him.” Heather tells her with a wink.

“Wait that’s all I get? Oh, come on at least a name give me that much all I got was a voice.” Joey argues hoping she can press for just a bit more information.

“Rafael his name is Rafael and that’s all you’re getting.” Heather insists. She knows if she gives anymore Joey is going to look him up. “So why did you call me I doubt it was to nose into my plans so spit it out.”

“I think we need to get off of video call just in case anyone hears,” Joey says she doesn’t know if her guy was lingering around and she didn’t want him to hear any of it.

“Yeah, of course, I wouldn’t want anyone knowing your secrets.” Heather jokes before she switches to a regular phone call. “Alright now tell me what’s up.”

“I just wanted to keep you updated I know the Sheriff usually does but it’s his week off.” Joey starts to explain.

Heather feels her heart in her throat, she's so nervous at that moment. “Well, that must mean it’s about the Seed siblings then?”

“Yeah, I just wanted to let you know that no one has seen Jacob in two days. He must have left right after the Sheriff did I asked Joseph where he was and Joseph just said his brother was off doing the Lord's work whatever the hell that means. I just want you to keep an eye out and stay safe, okay?”

“Well thanks for calling I appreciate you doing that,” Heather says before she rubs the bridge of her nose. “He just- he went so long without bothering me it’s like I try to be happy and now he could suddenly be back?”

“Let him even try to bump into you then guess what he’ll get his stupid ass hauled into jail. The restraining order still works out there. He knows where not to go so if he presses the boundaries he gets even 99 feet from you he is gone for a long time.” Joey promises.

“Yeah but if he breaks the restraining order I just- I don’t know what he’ll do,” Heather admits her voice breaking as she speaks. Tears start to fall and she has to take in a shaky breath. “I hate that I can’t even feel safe 2 thousand miles away I just want my life back.”

“Hey- hey shh don’t cry babe you’re okay. You know what Whitehorse is back in three days. You stay with your boy toy until then and I’ll be on the next plane to you. I’ll take my vacation early come stay with you and be your bodyguard. I’ve got almost three weeks of vacation built up I’ll come to spend it bothering you.”

“No- no you’re saving that time to go visit your dad and isn’t your sister having her baby? I can’t take you away from that Joey.” Heather insists as she wipes away her tears.

“How about this I use up two weeks and save the other for baby Hudson. You could help me shop for baby clothes.” Joey offers with a smile.

“What did I do to deserve a best friend like you, Joey?” Heather asks with a smile feeling herself calm down as she thinks about it. “I would love to have you stay with me. I’ll probably have to work but I’m sure I could leave you to your own devices.”

“Of course just know I’ll be there and a call away in case you need me okay? I’m gonna go to book my flight right now I love you, H.” Joey says happy to smile

“I love you too Joey text me the details of your flight as soon as you get them okay?” Heather asks before she hangs up. She starts to collect herself for a few moments before she makes her way back to the bedroom.

Rafael frowns as she comes in quickly getting up and making his way over to her. “Hey… what’s wrong?” He asks before wiping away some more tears.

Heather leans into his touch and takes in a deep breath. “I just got some news I didn’t want to hear. Would you mind if I just stayed here with you for a few days?”

“Yeah- yeah, of course, stay as long as you need to,” Rafael tells her before pulling her close and giving her a kiss. “Do you need me to go get you some stuff from your place?”

“Yeah if you don’t mind I’d really appreciate it I just don’t think I can go home right now,” Heather admits before smiling at him.

“Well consider it done I’ll get dressed and go grab whatever you need okay?” Rafael tells her before giving her another kiss. He gets her key and a list of stuff to grab before he dresses. “How about you get some rest and then when I get back I’ll bring takeout and a movie.”

“That sounds perfect thank you so much,” Heather tells him before she watches him go.

Rafael picks up some clothes and other basic toiletries along with the random things she had asked for. He put them all in a bag she had out and takes it all with him before going to grab takeout. He stands in line waiting for the food the place is quiet which is rare for this time of the afternoon but he’ll take it. As he’s waiting he looks over his shoulder before facing forward and shaking his head. “Did you think even if she trusted you not to break a restraining order she wouldn’t let me know what you look like?”

“Well she is a smart girl my sweet kitten,” Jacob tells him leaning back in his seat before smiling. “Look at you getting her clothes now the food. Couldn’t find a real man so she found herself a little bitch.”

“Test me I dare you- you’ll see what a real man is,” Rafael tells him hoping that the food will finish so he can get the hell out. “Stay the hell away or I swear you’ll regret it.”

Jacob sets down money for his food before heading to the door. “Bitch has a bark I like it. I guess we’ll have to see which is worse your bark or your bite.”

Rafael watches the man leave before he grabs the bag of food. He knows now what Heather had been upset about and rather than heading back to his home he sends her a text then heads towards SVU knowing it’s the best place he could go that Jacob will hopefully follow.

Chapter Text

“I did what you said I shouldn’t have been followed here. Was he really following you- I’m so sorry I should have told you he could have been in town.” Heather makes her way inside and pulls Rafael in to hug him. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah yeah I’m fine are you sure you weren’t seen? He knows where you live, I wanted to make sure he didn’t know where I lived. It’s why you wanted to stay over right?” Rafael asks.

Heather nods, “I thought I was just being over cautious I didn’t think he’d come to New York.”

“Well you’re safe here so how about you tell me about this man,” Olivia tells her motioning for Heather and Rafael to follow her into her office.

Heather nods and follows her into the office and has a seat. “His name is Jacob Seed I knew him from when he lived in my hometown Hope County Montana. It’s where he is still supposed to be but I guess he came here. We broke up four years ago he bothered me when we were broken up but I didn’t need the restraining order until about a year ago.”

“What happened that made you think you needed it?” Olivia asks taking notes as Heather speaks.

“I just didn’t feel safe can we just leave it at that? Look this isn’t something that the police need to be dragged into my friend is a Deputy she’s going to come to stay with me for a few weeks I'll be fine.” Heather insists not wanting to talk about this or him anymore.

“Did he ever threaten you if you told anything or if you did something? With words or physical violence?” Olivia asks. “I know this is hard if you want Rafael can leave the room so we can talk just the two of us.”

“I had an abortion I was just so mad at him for getting me pregnant without my consent. I called him to tell him it was happening and he just showed up.” Heather admits before her jaw tenses. “I said I didn’t want charges pressed I just wanted a restraining order. It was all they could do anyways it’s not like they had proof he had done it.”

“What did he do?” Olivia asks gently. “I believe you whatever it is you can know that I believe you.”

“He would raise his voice and say hateful things. He would bring it so close to edge I’d think today is the day he’s going to kill me.” Heather stopped for a moment taking a tissue as Olivia offered it. “Look he stalked me I have a restraining order it’s fine I don’t want to waste any more of your time.”

“Why don’t you go out and grab a cup of coffee Finn can show you where it is. I’m just going to call Hope County and see if they agree.” Olivia suggests.

“I can give you the number my friend is working in the Sheriff’s place while he’s out of town,” Heather says before writing down the but pauses. “I was so stupid I should have known he would try something when the Sheriff wasn’t keeping an eye on him, God, how did I let this happen?”

“You didn’t let anything happen to you Heather you’re not to blame for this he is. Now I’m going to make that call please go get coffee and relax we’ll figure this out.” Olivia assures Heather before taking the number.

Heather nods and gets up, “Thank you so much, I'm sure it’ll just be nothing.” She leaves the room letting Rafael stay behind before finding Finn to grab a cup of coffee.

Olivia waits for the door to shut before she looks at Rafael. “So what sort of feeling did you get from the man?”

“I understand why she’s so terrified of him he seemed like the kind of man you don’t want to mess with,” Rafael tells her before waiting for Olivia to call the number.

“Hello, this is Lieutenant Benson of Manhattan Special Victims Unit.” Olivia states before looking at the paper. “Is this Deputy Joey Hudson?”

“Oh god- what did he do please don’t tell me she’s dead,” Joey says getting up from her seat. She doesn’t know what she would even do from her desk at work but she had to do something.

“No no she’s fine I just wanted to ask you about this man. A friend spotted him in town she says it isn’t a big deal but I wanted to check with local police from her hometown.” Olivia explains hearing what the woman had said right off the bat she knew it wasn’t good.

“Thank god,” Joey says before she sits down and takes in a breath. “She hasn’t had much help in New York anytime she tried to tell the police in Brooklyn something it wouldn’t help they acted like just giving her the restraining order is a job well done. I mean before that they didn’t even believe her about Roxy.”

“Who is Roxy?” Olivia asks as she starts to write more down.

Joey takes in a breath she shouldn’t have said anything Heather was going to be pissed at her. “Roxanne DeBiers she was Heather’s roommate when from pre-med through residency. The police say she was mugged but Heather got condolence flowers before it even happened. They barely followed the lead it’s just unsolved. Please don’t… she just doesn’t say anything because the police stop believing everything she says when she talks about it.”

“We’re going to look into it and we’d like to meet you in person at special victims when you come to visit. We look forward to meeting you.” Olivia says before she nods and hangs up. “Alright, I think we have to talk to Heather again it may be a sore subject though her friend said it is so I may do this alone with her.”

“It’s been a long day already I know a few of her friends how about you talk to them first and look into it before bringing her into it. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t think it was for the best.” Rafael asks as he looks at her.

Olivia weighs the options before nodding. “Get some names and numbers for me then and we’ll get people.” She gets up taking the food Rafael has and walks over to the door motioning for Sonny to come over. “Can you take Heather into an interview room make it seem informal say we got some food just chat her up but not about any of this.”

“No problem boss,” Sonny says with a smile before he takes the bag and heads off to find the woman.

This isn’t how they usually did things but today it would be. “Alright let's get to work on this,” Olivia says before heading to pull up files it would be a hell of a night.

Chapter Text

“Alright so explain this to me as a non-brain surgeon you know dumb it down a bit,” Sonny tells her before taking his chopsticks and filling his mouth with noodles.

“Okay, burr holes are to drain fluid or blood that builds up. All of that build-up can cause serious pressure in the brain so you use a medical drill to make holes in the skull-” Heather starts though she pauses. “Do you really want to hear me go on about all of this I mean we are eating.”

“Listen I have worked in this field I’ve seen bad stuff I can handle it. It’s just fascinating stuff you know? I’ve never known a brain surgeon it’s cool stuff I want to hear about it.” Sonny tells her before getting more of the noodles.

“I will tell you after I get some more water this is spicy,” Heather says before she gets up.

“No no- hey let me do that,” Sonny tells her before he quickly gets up nearly knocking over his food as he does. “I’m needing some water myself I’ll get it for both of us.”

“I can go grab water I saw where you keep it I’ll be right back,” Heather tells him but before she can go to the door Sonny makes his way there.

“You’ve had a long day I’ve got it honestly you just get the next part of this surgery ready for me to hear about,” Sonny tells her going out the door and shutting it behind him.

Heather knows something is up he was too quick to keep her in there. She waits a few moments to be sure he’s gone before going out the door. On the way out she bumps into Finn. “Oh, I’m so sorry- Muhammad?”

“Heather, they brought you in too? I saw Erin they must have some new evidence I knew there was still hope.” The man says wrapping his arms around Heather in a hug.

Heather is surprised but she wraps her arms around her friend. “I won’t keep you I’m sure the Deputy has questions to ask you I have to go see someone but I’ll be sure to call you after we should have lunch with Erin we all need to catch up.”

“Of course I’ll see you soon,” Muhammad assures her before going into a room with Fin to answer questions.

Heather watches them leave before heading down the hall and looking for the others. She stops when she sees their screens up with crime scene photos of Roxy’s death. “You-”

Olivia looks over and turns to turn off the screen. “We called your friend Deputy Hudson and she told us about your friend that died we just wanted to look into it. She told us that you were hesitant to talk about this so we just wanted to look into it.”

“I didn’t ask you to do this she was robbed it wasn’t a special victims case,” Heather says before shaking her head. “They never found a link to Jacob you want to help just help keep him away from me not this don’t do this.”

“It doesn’t hurt to put a fresh set of eyes on this all cases could use one. It has been a while maybe someone remembers something they didn’t before we’re going to check into it.” Olivia tells her. “We should go into a room to talk about what you remember.”

“No- no you’re not getting into this you can’t. Muhammad is just starting to date again you can’t just drag the death of his fiancee back into his life to get Jacob out of my life.” Heather says before she shakes her head. “I’m not doing this we can’t drag all of this up.”

“Why don’t we come back in the morning it’s been a long day you can talk to them,” Rafael suggests as he makes his way over to her. “I figured this would be hard I tried to get them to hold off on talking to you until later.”

“Oh, you decided for me? Thank god I have you to make all my decisions for me that’s why I got sent away to go be babysat by the detective.” Heather tells him before she shakes her head. “I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to leave- is that alright or do you want to decide on something else?”

“I’m just trying to help I didn’t mean to tell anyone anything.” Rafael starts to explain. “Why don’t we just head back to my place and figure everything out later.”

“I don’t need you to decide that thank you I’m an adult and I’m going to get a hotel,” Heather says walking over to pick up the bag of stuff he had gotten for her.

“At least let us escort you to your hotel just to be safe we can put a car outside,” Olivia suggests. “I’m sure it will make you feel much safer to know someone is outside.”

“No I’m not doing this I’m not going to be afraid.” Heather looks from Olivia to Rafael. “And leave me the hell alone I don’t want you to call.” She storms out needed to get the hell away from all of this.

Olivia watched her go before she looks over at Rafael. The words are on her lips but he cuts her off before she can say it he interrupts her.

“I know I know you told me so now let's get back to the investigation,” Rafael tells her. He’s frustrated but he knows what matters most is figuring this out to get this man the hell out of her life. He watches Olivia go off before Rawlins puts a hand on his arm to stop him.

“It’s hard for someone to get someone like that out of your life I’m sure she’s just frustrated. She seems like she likes to keep control and it’s hard to do that with some abusive piece of shit breathing down your neck.” Amanda tries to explain hoping that he will understand and not be too mad at her. “I’m sure she just wants her control back it wasn’t personal.”

“I know I’ve met the victims I’ve seen all of it I just… I just want to help.” Rafael tells her knowing it might be selfish but he did want to help he wanted things to be better for her and them which wouldn’t happen with this man breathing down her neck.

“She knows that just give her some time,” Amanda tells him with a reassuring smile. “Besides we have work to do now come on let's see if we can figure this out.”

Heather hails a cab and tries to catch her breath she hadn’t realized it but she had started crying. She knows Joey can’t come any sooner but it doesn’t mean she can’t be there in a sense. She takes out her phone and calls her. “Joey I- I can’t do this I can’t do any of it.”

“Yes you can Heather, you’re going to be okay I promise where are you?” Joey asks hoping that she is still at the police station.

“No, I just went off on Rafael I’m heading to a hotel to stay until you get here,” Heather tells her before rubbing her forehead. “God he was just trying to help and I told him off in front of everyone why would I do that?”

“Don’t think about any of that now just stay on the phone with me until you get to your hotel room okay?” Joey tells her hoping that she can distract her from everything.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve you but I just love you thank you so much,” Heather tells her with a small smile.

“You know I had to play devil’s advocate but that guy is helping,” Joey tells her hoping that she’ll listen and apologize to him.

“God I have to apologize, don’t I? Tomorrow I’ll do it tomorrow.” Heather tells her before she lets out a laugh.

Joey nods, “Tomorrow sounds like a good idea now do you want to hear about the hot town gossip while you ride off to your hotel?”

Heather smiles so happy that she can think about anything but Jacob. “God that sounds perfect now please tell me all the trouble Sharky has gotten into.”

Chapter Text

“You know you can’t avoid him forever you do have to apologize,” Joey tells her friend knowing that it isn’t what she wants to hear. Still after the interview she had and everything she heard about the case she knew how much he cared.

“Oh come on I just picked you up from the airport an hour ago can’t we at least spend some time together before we do this?” Heather asks as she finishes up her sandwich.

“You have been avoiding that poor man for three days now. It was a long flight I’ll just take a nap and catch up on some work.” Joey suggests she won’t push it too hard but she thinks that Heather should go see Rafael.

Heather sighs knowing it is right. “You sure that I can leave you here alone? I wouldn’t want you to just leave you by yourself here.”

“So when you go I say you wear that red bra the one that has the lace on it it makes your cleavage look just amazing,” Joey tells her not wanting to even answer the question about if Heather should go.

Heather rolls her eyes but smiles at her friend, “I’m going to just go now and not fuss I think I look fine.”

“You don’t look fine you look smoking hot like always now get the hell out of here and go talk to Rafael,” Joey tells her before she took their plates and goes to clean up. “Text me if you need anything I’ll be here.”

Heather smiles and heads out she thinks at first to text him but decides to just show up so she doesn’t lose her nerve. She makes her way to his apartment hoping that he’ll be home though it should be his day off. The woman walks up and knocks on his front door nervously messing with her hands as she waits.

The front door opens and Rafael is surprised though he does smile. “Heather it’s so nice to see you. I- I called I wasn’t sure if you got it.”

“I did I was avoiding you because of all of this it just stressed me out so much,” Heather admits. “Has he bothered you any more?”

“No, I haven’t seen him since that first time what about you? I wanted to check in but I figured I was pushing it with calling the few times I did.” Rafael admits before he steps aside so she can come inside.

Heather comes inside and shakes her head. “Not even a hint of him I’m sure I’ll get a call from the Sheriff that he got back home I think he just wanted to scare me.” She moves with Rafael to go sit down on his couch. “I’m sorry that I projected that onto you it was so horrible of me to yell at you in front of the people you work with. I don’t know what I’d do if you had come to my work and done that I’m so sorry.”

“You were under an immense amount of stress and just wanted control I understand what it’s like when your life is far from what you want,” Rafael tells her moving to take her hand in his. His situation isn’t the same but he knows what it’s like to not have things in control as you wanted.

“So how are they doing with looking into the case?” Heather asks. She had talked to Olivia over the phone as a sort of interview but she hadn’t heard anything about what was happening.

“The flower shop has closed they’re trying to locate the owner and the woman who made the order died a few months ago of an overdose. They are pulling the footage of street cams and other buildings though and the same goes for the area it happened.” Rafael explains trying to balance the good with all the bad news that seemed to come with it.

Heather nods letting go of his hand to fix her hair. “I knew when it happened there wouldn’t be a way to trace it to figure any of it out. He’s so detail-oriented he planned it all I mean the only mistake wasn’t even his.”

Rafael lifts a hand to stroke her cheek. “We’re going to figure this out alright? Solve the case or not we’ll figure this out.”

Heather smiles and turns to press a kiss to his palm. “I’m sorry it took me so long to come to apologize how can I make it up to you?”

“Actually I have the perfect way you could take off a week of work next month or two,” Rafael suggest to her before he smiles.

“Why would I do that- just curious,” Heather asks him with a smile.

“I found a nice cabin upstate for the two of us to stay at for a week. I’m not sure how all of this is going to go with the case and your ex so I want the option there for us to get away from everything. To distract ourselves or celebrate to just-”

Heather cuts him off by pulling him close and kissing him. She pulls away once she has and smiles at him. “You know he is an intimidating man most people would run when they realized what they were getting themselves into.”

“I care about you and I won’t be chased away I promise,” Rafael assures her before pulling her in to kiss her forehead. He doesn’t realize until that moment how relieved he is that they’re talking again that she knows he’s there and safe he cares about her more than he realized.

“Now would you like to come out tonight for dinner and meet Joey? She’s been my best friend since we were in diapers and I’m excited for you to meet her.” Heather suggests to him with a smile. “She’s your real test for if you’ll last she knows me better than I know me so she’s the one to prove.”

“Well no pressure there but yes I would love to meet her I’ll take you two to dinner I’m about to head back but I’ll call you and we can figure something out when I’m done with work,” Rafael suggests before he gives her another kiss.

“Oh god, you were probably heading out the door sorry I just wanted to catch you as soon as I can. I’ll walk out with you.” Heather tells him before she gets up and leaves with him. She heads back home letting Joey get some sleep and doing the same as well they go out for the day before she gets the text from Rafael.

“Please be nice we’re keeping the judgment and life questions to a minimum I really like this one,” Heather tells her.

Joey smiles, “I can tell so I promise to be on my best behavior scouts honor.”

“He’s just so sweet I need that in my life I need him in my life. I think I might even love him.” Heather admits. It’s a scary thought she had not said that about anyone since Jacob but she did she loved him.

“Well he already has a win in my books then now come on I’m starving let’s meet your guy,” Joey says with a grin taking Heather’s arm and leading her out.

Chapter Text

“So Heather tells me that you two have known each other for a long time,” Rafael says before smiling at Joey.

“Oh yes, my father was great friends with Heather’s parents, especially her mother, they both had a great appreciation of nature. When Heather and I were born it only made sense that we were friends. I think I would have been her friend anyway she’s always been a great friend.” Joey says before she reaches out and puts a hand on Heather’s hand.

Heather smiles turning her hand to give Joey’s a squeeze. “I was a gawky nerdy quiet girl she made me brave and kept me safe when I was a bit too brave.”

Joey laughs, “I could kick some ass in the name of keeping this one safe. She had me until she ran off to college at 16 then it was all-” She stops when she realizes what she’s going to say.

“It was all Roxy she knew I was a kid who had just moved cross country by myself and she took care of me. She was so smart so we both went to the same schools from pre-med through residency. She looked out for me just like Joey did and is still doing.” Heather says with a smile giving Joey’s hand one more squeeze before letting go to pick up her water.

“So before you can ask yes I do have all the embarrassing stories but no I’m not sharing you have to be here a bit longer for me to do that,” Joey tells him with a smile before sipping her water.

“Oh, do you think I’ll be around long enough to do that then?” Rafael asked with an amused smile. He hoped that he would be around he enjoyed Heather just being around her.

Heather is going to comment but her phone rings. She picks it up, “This is Doctor Moore. Yes- yes, of course, I understand I’ll head right there yes call me with any updates.”

“Is everything alright?” Rafael asks.

“I got called into work it’s apparently all hands on deck I think something went wrong in a subway or something,” Heather tells them before she gets up. “I have to take the car I’ll leave you money for a taxi Joey I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to do that we can eat and I’ll get her back. Maybe we could swing by and bring you something at the hospital.” Rafael suggests before looking at Joey. “If that’s alright with you of course.”

“Yeah, that means I get to ask all the questions Heather won’t let me ask and tell you all the embarrassing stuff,” Joey tells him with a smirk. “Go do your kickass brain surgeon thing we’ll be just fine I promise just leave me your key.”

Heather nods and takes her apartment key off the ring giving it to Joey. “I’ll head out now.” She tells them before giving Rafael a kiss. “Call me later and I’ll come to get food maybe come up for air for a few minutes.”

Rafael smiles and kisses her back before he watches Heather leave. “I’m happy that we can still meet she talks so highly of you I wanted to meet the Joey Hudson in person.”

“Well, she talks about you just as much so I’m happy we can meet,” Joey tells him with a smile. “She has done a few shitty first dates but nothing has stuck since she dumped that creep. So good guy or not I hope you know I have to go through the whole thing you know hurt her and I’ll kick your ass.”

“No, I understand you’re protective just know I don’t plan on hurting her. I do care about Heather and I’m not going to do anything to hurt her I’m trying to do what I can to keep her safe.” Rafael tells her it may seem misguided but he’s trying he cares too much about her not to try.

“Her mother sent the same message she wanted me to feel you out and decide if she should send threats. The lady knows the wildlife well she could absolutely feed you to the wolves if she wanted which is a literal threat. She works with wildlife photographing them and the wolves love her.” Joey admits before she smiles. “She’s a scary lady if you’re on her bad side but she does drop the mama bear act once she knows Heather is okay.”

“Well I’ll stay on her good side then,” Rafael assures her. “What about her father she said he works at a lumber mill does he have some large machine he’ll pulverize me with if I hurt her?”

“Mr. Moore is more complicated,” Joey admits before she looks at her glass of water. “He and Jacob are both veterans her father just adored him they clicked in a way he never did with Heather’s boyfriends. Her father joined the church that Jacob’s family runs he’s still in it. His own daughter tells him about what Jacob did and he still to this day insists she made a mistake dumping him.”

“I know a thing or two about having a bad father but that… that’s a whole other level.” Rafael admits. “She never told me any of that.”

Joey nods, “Heather was always a daddy’s girl then daddy decided to take the rapist ex-boyfriends side. She’s had a hard time dealing with it she’s trying to fix her relationship with her dad and be her mother’s shoulder to cry on. Mrs. Moore loves her husband but it’s just a big rift between the whole family.”

“I wish I could help with that maybe she’ll know she can talk to me,” Rafael tells her. He knows he doesn’t talk to her about his problems maybe if he opens up more she’ll do the same.

“You should do that and you should also be open about how you feel. Now I didn’t tell you this but she thinks she might be in love with you.” Joey wonders if she should be telling him this but she feels like she needs to. She figures that it’d be better to ask for forgiveness later than try to get permission now. “So if you feel the same way about her then you should be open, tell her how you feel tell her about your issues to see if she’ll come to you.”

Rafael is surprised but it’s a happy surprise. The word love is big especially this soon but it feels right to him. “I’ll keep that in mind and tell her how I feel. Thank you for this I appreciate hearing something so honest.”

Joey nods, “Well I think I’ve done enough of the serious stuff do you want to hear about Heather getting drunk at prom senior year?”

Rafael laughs, “If it’s embarrassing then yes I would love to hear all about it.”

After dinner, they head to the hospital catching Heather in the ER between patients. Heather makes her way up to them and smiles, “Did you two have a good time at dinner?”

“We did and don’t worry we brought you food,” Joey says as she holds up the bag. Before she can hand it over though Rafael stops them.

Rafael pulls Heather in close and kisses her after he has he looks at her cupping her cheek in his hand. “I love you.”

“I- wow. I love you too.” Heather says with a smile before she looks over at Joey, “What did you two talk about today that made this happen.”

“That is a secret that’s going to stay between us,” Joey says before handing the bag to Heather. “I’ll give you a hint though it may have to do with a flash of cheap tequila at prom.”

Heather laughs shaking her head at the thought of it. “Well, I have to get back to work but thank you for the food. I’ll see you at home Joey and I’ll see you later Rafael.” She says giving him one more kiss before she heads off.

Joey turns to walk out with Rafael, “That was really smooth honestly it was just right to the point.”

Rafael chuckles and shakes his head, “You know I’m the one driving you home you may want to be nice to me.”

“Yeah and I’m the one who just played fantastic matchmaker for you so you should be nice to me,” Joey tells him as she heads out to his car.

“Alright well how about we see how things go after I did that and decide who is thanking who.” Rafael jokes before he smiles at her.

“Yeah yeah- when you two end up married just know that Josephine would be a beautiful name for your first child,” Joey says before she gets into the car. “Oh or of course Joey for a boy.”

Rafael bites back a laugh, “I’ll keep it in mind.”

Chapter Text

“Thanks for coming with me I just wanted to get an update see how things were going,” Heather says as she heads into SVU.

“It’s no problem I want to hear what they’ve got hopefully they have this figured out,” Joey says before she looks around. A lot is happening but they are able to catch the attention of the Lieutenant.

Olivia looks up from where she is leaving her office holding her son. “Doctor Moore it’s a pleasure to see you again and your friend must be Deputy Hudson yes?”

“Yes this is Joey and please call me Heather.” Heather insists before she smiles and walks over. “Now who is this handsome boy?”

“This is my son Noah,” Olivia tells her before looking at Noah. “Can you say hi to mommy’s friend?”

“Hello there darling you are so sweet,” Heather tells him with a smile letting him wrap his hand around her finger. “Sorry, he’s just so cute I forgot what we were doing here.”

“Asking for an update.” Joey reminds her.

Olivia nods, “Let me give Noah to someone…”

“I’ve got him you guys go chat.” Fin tells them before he walks over and takes Noah before he heads back to his desk having a seat with the boy.

Olivia motions for Joey and Heather to come into the office shutting the door behind them before she has a seat. “So we have been over the people that were interviewed we found the flower shop owner who didn’t have any old footage. We are still searching but with one witness having forgotten and the other one deceased.”

Heather took in a breath and nodded. “What about at the scene were there traffic cameras or surveillance from the building?”

“The footage is too grainy to use any sort of facial recognition software but we did blow it up,” Olivia tells her before she takes photos out of a file. “We asked everyone else but I’ll have you two look to see if the man looks familiar. If it is someone from your hometown like you though you may know who it is.” She tells them before laying the photos out on her desk.

Heather and Joey each pick a few up and look at them before the switch to make sure they see all of them.

“That could be anyone we went to high school with or who lived in our town… honestly, it could be someone we never met he just looks so plain.” Heather says before putting down the photos she should have known it was a lost cause.

“I mean he has the overgrown bear a lot of the men from the church of Joseph have that.” Joey offers hoping it will give her friend some hope.

“So do all the rednecks in the town and hipster population in New York,” Heather tells her. She knows Joey is trying to cheer her up but they shouldn’t have their hopes up. “I’m sorry that you got dragged into all of this. At least you guys looking has scared him off he hasn’t come back the Sheriff assured me he is back home in Montana and has been since Rafael saw him.”

“Well that is good to hear but I promise you that we are going to continue to look into this until we have exhausted every option twice over,” Olivia assures her before she puts the photos back.

“I really appreciate that you want to help but there’s nothing to help we are starting to move on from the tragedy. Not having a case hurts but we’ll be okay so please focus your energy on the people who need you now. Clearly I’m doing good, we all are, so just drop it I can speak for my friends when I say we appreciate you looking but it’s time to move on from this.” Heather says before she gets up. She smiles and holds out a hand for Olivia to shake. “I truly do appreciate it.”

Olivia gets up and shakes her hand. “Thank you for coming in if anything changes I’ll call you we won’t look but if something happens to come up you’ll be the first to know.”

Heather nods, happy to try to put this behind her. “Thank you so much, Olivia, I appreciate all of the work you all did. If I need anything I’ll be sure to call but I’m sure it was just a fluke and we’ll be able to move past this.”

Joey had an uncertain look on her face though she gets up and stands so Heather can’t see. She locks eyes with Olivia for a moment before she looks to her friend. “We should probably head out then we are going to go see a movie and grab dinner. It was nice to meet you in person, Sergeant.”

“It was nice to meet you as well Joey,” Olivia tells her before the three of them leave the office.

Heather makes a beeline over to Fin and more importantly to Noah. “Olivia, do you mind if I hold him? He’s just so darling I can’t resist a cute face like that.”

“Yeah of course,” Olivia tells her before nodding to Joey to get her back into the office. “He’s a hair puller so be careful.”

Heather takes Noah and smiles, “He is just fine hello there sweet boy.” She looks at Fin. “Sorry I just can’t resist a cute face.”

“Nah I get it he’s a cute kid.” Fin tells her with a smile before holding out a toy for Noah. “He seems to like you. He’s not like that with everyone you know I think the kid is a good judge of character. I know my son was when he was that age used to throw fits when the wrong person was holding him.”

“You have a son how old is he?” Heather asks smiling at Noah helping him shake the toy.

“Oh, Ken hasn’t been this age in a long time that boy is grown.” Fin tells her before he smiles. “Like engaged full-time job old.”

Heather raises a brow surprised by his son’s age. “Really? You don’t look like you’d have a grown son.”

Fin chuckles before he shakes his head, “Now you’re just trying to be nice but you know what I’ll take it.”

“It’s crazy to think about them growing up and doing those things. I’ve pictured my own children but not married or having full-time careers. I suppose I haven’t gotten far enough to even figure out what I’d name them.” Heather admits.

“Well, they grow up a lot faster than you’d think I feel like Ken went from diapers to the SAT in the blink of an eye.” Fin tells her. Truthfully, it was because he was never around but he couldn’t say that. He hated to even think about it because now he was trying to be there for his son to make up for that lost time.”

“Hey we should probably head out or we’re going to miss the movie,” Joey suggests as she walks up to the three of them.

“Yeah, I forgot sorry well I’m going to give you back to your mommy. Thank you for seeing us, Olivia.” Heather says before she hands the boy back over to his mother and heads out with Joey.

Fin waits for them to leave before looking back to Olivia. “What did her friend Joey want?”

“Just to make sure we didn’t drop this,” Olivia tells him before putting the diaper bag back on her shoulder.

“Are we going to do what she asked?” Fin asks hoping it’s the case.

“Of course we are this is our case until we’ve exhausted every last option. I’m gonna call Lucy and have her get Noah for a bit so I can work on a few more.” Olivia tells him.

“You don’t need to you two head home and I’ll look into stuff. I want this solved as bad as you do the sooner the better.”

“Alright well call me if you need anything I’ll see you later, Fin.”

“I’ll see you later, Liv.” Fin tells her before he looks at Noah. “See you later too, little man.”

Chapter Text

“Earl called one more time said he’s had the Rookie on Jacob. In his own words like a fly on horse shit and the Rookie says he’s stayed in Hope County with no sign of leaving.” Joey says before she looks back at Heather.

Heather smiles as she looks at her friend, “I wish you could stay longer two weeks went by so fast.” She moves to wrap her arms around Joey giving her a tight squeeze. “Thank you for coming to stay I’m sorry we couldn’t spend as much time together as I would have wanted.”

“Hey you had to work I was just there to make sure you were safe I’m happy it worked out,” Joey says as she hugs her back. “Now I’m gonna call and pester you as soon as I get home and probably at least twice a day because I’m paranoid. Please at least send a doing okay text.”

“I can do that for now but at the end of the month, Rafael and I are going on vacation. He found some nice cabin to rent upstate.” Heather admits with a smile. They had wanted to wait until the case ended but the case was now back to cold so they wanted a nice distraction.

“Well until then I want updates okay? I just need my best friend safe.” Joey says before she hugs her friend tight. “Try not to worry too much you’ve got people looking out for you here and back home.”

Heather holds onto her a bit longer before she finally makes herself let go feeling tears start to fall. “You should probably head in so you don’t miss your flight. Call as soon as your plane touches down.”

“Oh Heather- yeah of course,” Joey tells her giving her one more hug before she puts a hand on her suitcase. “Okay, I’ll see you.”

“Bye Joey have a safe flight,” Heather says with a smile she wipes away some tears watching her friend go. She is going to stay until Joey is gone but her phone rings. She takes in a breath and picks up her phone. “Rafael sorry I’m heading home soon now do you need me to grab anything for dinner with your mother and grandmother?”

“I- I’m afraid I have to cancel,” Rafael says taking in a breath trying to keep himself composed as he speaks.

“If everything alright?” Heather asks she gives one last look to Joey leaving before she turns to head out of the airport.

“There has been a family emergency dinner can’t happen tonight,” Rafael explains before he has a seat.

Heather has heard about everything and she just knows. “Is your grandmother alright- which hospital are you at I’ll meet you there.” She tells him as she starts her car up.

“My mother went to check on her. She was going to help her pack for the move to the nursing home and she-” Rafael start though he has to stop feeling his voice break.

“Oh Rafael,” Heather remembers how hard it was when she lost her grandmother on her paternal side. “Tell me how to help I’ll be wherever you need me.”

“We’re at her building I don’t know what we’re going to do.” Rafael suddenly can’t remember what they had done when his father died what steps even came first?

“I’m on my way alright- I love you, Raf,” Heather tells him as she starts the drive over.

Heather is relieved traffic isn’t too bad, too bad for the city anyways. She comes up to the building seeing the paramedics wrap up. She goes inside and finds Rafael quickly pulling him in close. “Rafael I’m so sorry.”

Rafael moves to hold onto her taking in a breath. The trial he had been working on and now this? It was all too much he just wanted to crumble but he couldn’t. “Thank you for coming.” He tells her quietly.

“I love you and I’m always going to be here,” Heather tells him quietly before pressing a kiss to the top of his head. She stays there with him for a bit longer before letting go. She looks over at his mother moving to take the woman’s hand. “Mrs. Barba I’m so sorry for your loss.”

Lucia gives the girl a kind smile and gently squeezes the girls hand. “Thank you for coming I appreciate that my son has you in his life.”

“Well, I am here to help. I know this is a lot to handle so I’m here to help you figure this out. Do you want to lock up the apartment then head back to Rafael’s place? You can work on a list of people to tell and I’ll call a patient she runs a funeral home I’ll see if she can help any or tell us where to go from here. Does she have any pets or other things that we need to take care of now?” Heather asks. She’s probably taking too much charge but she feels most helpful when she takes charge.

“No pets or anything to take care of. I’ll go lock it up its five flights of stairs you don’t need to go up and down again, mama.” Rafael says before he takes the keys giving her a kiss on the cheek before he heads up.

Heather watches him go before looking at Lucia. “He’s a kind man your son he cares so much. He has taken care of me through so much I want to take care of him to help however I can.”

“I am sure he appreciates you I know that I do,” Lucia tells her with a small smile. “I am sorry that my mother could not meet you I am sure that she would have liked you once she got to know you.”

Heather gives the woman a sad smile, “So do I. I would have loved to meet her, especially with as much as Rafael spoke about her he seemed to really love her. I feel the same way about my Nan I know how hard it is.”

Rafael came down a few minutes later giving his mother back the keys before he gives Heather a kiss. “Let's go back to my place and we can figure this all out.”

They make their way to Rafael’s apartment and Heather is looking around his kitchen before she finds a kettle putting it on to make them some tea. “I’m going to make the call to my friend that owns the funeral home I’ll be back in just a few minutes.” She tells them before heading to Rafael’s room to have some quiet.

Lucia watches her leave before she sets down the pen and paper taking in a breath. She rubs her face before leaning back in her seat. “This is something you should prepare for your grandmother prepared so this will be easier. You wouldn’t want something so sudden for your own children- if you have them.”

If. On a normal day, Rafael would wonder if that was a question or a hint to what he should do but today he didn’t think much into it. “I’m happy to hear that I wouldn’t want this to be any harder for you than it already will be.”

“This is easier with this extra help. You should thank her I’m sure other girls you have seen would not want to help. That one girl the blonde one? Would have run at the first sign you had to drag her to meet us.” Lucia tells her with a wet laugh, tears starting to fall again.

Rafael smiles back at her at the thought of it. “No- no she would not have.” He leans over and grabs a tissue handing it to his mother. “You were right about her she was terrified of commitment she didn’t last.”

Lucia takes the tissue and smiles dabbing away some tears. “I’m your mother I’m always right about all the girls you’ve dated. Listen to me and keep this one around alright?”

“I’ll try don’t worry,” Rafael tells her before getting her another tissue. He keeps a hand on her arm rubbing it soothingly as she tries to stop crying.

Heather comes back out a few minutes later when she hears the tea kettle. She looks over at the two of them and smiles. “I’m going to get you two tea then we can talk about what else we have to do alright.”

Rafael looks from his mother to Heather before he smiles, “That sounds perfect, thank you, Heather.”

Heather smiles back at him, “Of course Rafael anything for you.”

Chapter Text

“It was a beautiful service.”

Rafael had heard some variation of that or I’m sorry for your loss all day long. It was a parade of people coming in and out of his place they had figured it would be easier with his place being bigger. Now he wished it had been at his mother’s place people had more space here to linger and chat. Finally the last of them left and he felt a weight lift off his shoulders.

“Your grandmother had many people that cared about her,” Heather tells him pressing a kiss to his cheek walking up to him and wrapping her arms around him from behind. “It’s abuela right?”

“Wow you really don’t know Spanish do you?” Rafael tells her before he turns his head to give her a kiss. “Yes though that’s correct good job.”

Heather smiles and squeezes him a bit tighter. “I told you I took ASL in high school and minored in Arabic in college. Spanish was on my list just after French.”

“You brag a lot has anyone ever told you that?” Rafael asks her with a smile. He’s so emotionally exhausted feeling her there to hold him he could feel it even more.

“Oui.” Heather teases before giving him one more kiss. She then lets go of him as she hears the front door and heads upfront. “I guess we have a straggler.”

Lucia looks at her son, “I’m going to start cleaning up in the kitchen- come help me.”

Rafael nods and heads with his mother to the kitchen standing to her side to dry dishes for her. “You know this can wait I can do it later.”

“I want the distraction and I’m sure you do too,” Lucia tells him as she rinses off dishes. “I remember how numb I felt how tired I was after we buried my grandmother.”

“And when you buried my father?” Rafael asks. He doesn’t talk about him often and especially doesn’t say his name but at that moment he was curious.

Lucia looks over at her son before looking behind him. “I think these are your guests.”

Rafael turns around and sees Amaro and Carisi standing there with Heather next to them. He rolls his sleeves back down and dries his hands. “Thank you both for coming.”

“Yeah sorry we were all going to come but a big case came through. I also was going to cook but big case- I brought cannolis.” Sonny says before lifting up a bag.

Lucia turns off the water and smiles drying her hands. “Thank you I’ll put on a pot of coffee.”

“I’ve got it, Mrs. Barba, you go sit.” Heather insists as she heads into the kitchen.

“Well, then I’ll continue with the dishes until we have them then,” Lucia tells her back before she goes back to the dishes.

Heather smiles at the woman before she starts up a pot of coffee. “So I think we’ve met in passing but it’s Amaro right?”

“Yeah- call me Nick,” Nick tells her with a smile. “It’s nice to meet you, I'm just sorry it happened under these circumstances.”

“Well we appreciate you coming over regardless,” Rafael tells them. He’s happily surprised that Sonny isn't talking too much. The man does a good job but he usually never stops talking. Now though he must have read the room for a change deciding not to go off.

“How about I help you with those dishes Mrs. Barba?” Sonny suggests before he rolls up his sleeves and goes over to work with her.

They keep up small chit chat and finally, the coffee is done. Rafael grabs coffee mugs and puts them down. He does appreciate them coming it’s late but it’s company to distract them from whatever happens after this.

Heather helps him out, pouring each person coffee and asking how they took it. She felt the need to help however she could she would do anything but just stand around. “Let’s all sit down.” She tells them before she takes mugs to set on the coffee table.

The others follow and have a seat while drinking coffee and eating the cannolis. They talk about work trying to think about anything but the loss. The distraction was nice but they knew they had to have it come to an end at some point.

“This has been nice but I have to head out I’m afraid I’m working the late shift tonight,” Heather tells them before she gets up.

“Why don’t we walk you out I’m sure we’ve overstayed our welcome,” Nick suggests before he and Sonny both get up. “It was nice to meet you, Mrs. Barba, I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you we appreciate you coming,” Lucia tells them with a smile.

Rafael gets up and gives Heather a kiss. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

Heather smiles and kisses him back, “If either of you needs anything just call alright?”

“We’ll be fine you just focus on your work,” Lucia assures them before watching the three of them leave. When they leave Lucia gets up, “I’ll get the dishes cleaned up from coffee if you want to rest.”

“Nonsense you go home and get some rest I’ve got this,” Rafael tells her before giving his mother a kiss on the forehead it was a long day and they all needed to rest after it.

Chapter Text

“How are you still standing sweetheart?” One of the nurses asked as she looked over at Heather. “Helping your boyfriend with his family and working all night?”

“Well don’t tell anyone but I’ve been using an IV drip to inject caffeine into my veins,” Heather says with a smile before she works on typing out some more papers. “I sleep while Raf is at work he’s been back he was really ready to throw himself back into work.”

“Everyone grieves differently I know when my father died I worked myself to death and my sister just slept for days on end. There’s no normal with any of it.”

“I told him to get it out of his system all the hard work and everything. We leave for a cabin Upstate at the end of the month and it’s going to be a no work trip.”

“That’s a really good idea- now are you going to follow your own rules?” The nurse teases unable to help the smile on her lips.

“Of course I am not even research- as hard as that’ll be.” Heather can’t help it, she's the type to always want to work. It is what probably kept her and Rafael together since he was the same way. Still, they were vacationing so even they had to stop working.

The woman smiles and leans against the counter. “I mean if I had a handsome man like that with me I would be just fine. Add a few nice bottles of wine and I’d never want to leave.”

“Oh god, you’d really never want to leave if he cooked for you. He’s one of those people who have old family recipes that got passed down 15 generations.” Heather can’t get enough of his cooking it’s her favorite thing to just be in the kitchen with him.

“My family is like that all Italian food recipes they’ve had since the dawn of time.” The nurse tells her with a nod. “I bet it’s sexy to have someone else do it for you though. Shit a man that cooks anything is sexy at this point.”

“We’ll work on finding you one of those after I finish up this research,” Heather assures the woman.

“Oh sweetie, you and I both know you’ll never be done with it none of you doctors ever are.” The woman tells her before pouring more coffee. “I do think you should take a break to finish this though you’ve still got half a shift.”

Heather lets out a sigh, “You’re right half a shift left I’ll probably need another pot.” She picks up her cup and has a sip. “Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Of course, what’s on your mind?”

Heather wonders how to word it she bites her lip pondering it for a moment. She then picks her coffee mug up having another sip to give herself a bit more time. “How did you know you were ready for kids? Did you have some sign or set an age?” It feels like a silly question but she still wants to ask.

“You haven’t known this man that long don’t tell me he’s already asking.” The woman says giving Heather a look. She knows the woman is smart but hopes she isn’t getting swept up in some man no matter how charming he is.

“No no of course not! It isn’t about him at all, I actually went to see an IVF specialist before we even ran into each other again. She had me take home some pamphlets and I was just looking at them while I was eating.” Heather admits before turning to fully face the woman. “I’ve thought about cutting back on hours and just doing it, you know?”

“That’s good for you taking charge and figuring this stuff out for yourself.” The woman tells her giving Heather’s arm a squeeze. “You do know you’ll have to tell this guy you’re seeing- preferably before you get pregnant.”

“I know but like you said we haven’t been together very long. What am I supposed to do say hey I haven’t even given you a key to my place yet but hey let's have kids.” Heather knew they needed to talk about this but she didn’t want to. “I don’t even know if he wants kids for all I know he hates them and then what?”

“Then I guess he isn’t the one for you. Some people just want different things in their lives and you’re better off if you find out now rather than wait a year and realize you wasted time on someone who doesn’t want the same thing as you.”

Heather takes in a breath she knows the woman is right she has to do that talk at some point. “Well, I can’t do that at 4 in the morning besides I should do rounds in the ER.” She quickly finishes her coffee and gets up.

“Heather you know you can’t avoid your problems forever.” The woman warns. “You’ll have to communicate about these things.”

“You know you didn’t answer my question. How did you and your husband know that you were ready to have kids?” Heather says as she gets up and pulls her hair back up out of her face.

“Oh, we didn’t plan it at all. We got drunk on our anniversary and had a shotgun wedding 4 months later.” The woman shrugs, “I suggest not going down that route but we got our 3 girls out of it so it was a happy accident.”

“You know that doesn’t help me at all I was hoping you’d say you had some sign or something. Maybe some advice?” Heather suggests as if there’s anything that can be said. She stopped in the doorway hoping for some last-minute advice.

The nurse smiles as she watches Heather stop. “Actually now that I think about it I do have some advice. Talk to your guy.”

Heather rolls her eyes, “I’m going to head out and find an excuse to not have the talk- see you out there.”

Chapter Text

Rafael had given Heather a key to his house a few days earlier knowing she’d need somewhere quiet to sleep while some work was done on her apartment. He gets home and isn’t surprised to find her passed out in his bed. He smiles and walks over to put a blanket over her.

Heather wakes up as Rafael comes up to her. She gives him a sleepy smile, “Welcome home from work. Are you early or did I sleep through my alarm?”

“You slept through your alarm… I even stayed at work late.” Rafael admits before stroking her cheek as he looks down at her.

Heather picks up her phone and looks at the time before smiling. “So I just want you to know that I had every intention of making dinner.”

Rafael chuckles, “Well if it makes you feel any better I had every intention of getting home at a decent hour. How about we just cook together.”

“That sounds like a perfect idea,” Heather tells him before getting up from the bed. She gives him a kiss before heading to the kitchen with him. “How about something with pasta maybe alfredo?”

“That sounds good to me,” Rafael tells her before rolling up his sleeves and washing his hands.

Heather does the same pausing for a moment to watch as Rafael starts to get out the ingredients that they’re going to need.

Rafael is lost in it for a moment before he stops and looks back at Heather, “Something on your mind or do you just want to watch me do all the cooking?” He jokes before filling a pot with water for the noodles.

Heather watches him for a moment before she shrugs, “This is just so utterly domestic I’m just enjoying it- enjoying you.” She makes her way over to him and gives Rafael a kiss. “Have I told you that I love you?”

Rafael smiles and turns to face her giving her a kiss back. “What’s this about?”

“I just love you is all. You make me so happy and I love you.” Heather tells him before giving him a kiss. “Thank you for just… for doing things like this with me for being with me.”

Rafael strokes her cheek before giving her a kiss back. “I love you too- I didn’t say it but I love you too, Heather. I’m happy that I have you in my life.”

“I’m happy that we got a second chance after I ruined our first date,” Heather tells him. She almost admits it right then and there. She almost says what she wants but instead, she gives him a kiss. “I’ll get out chicken.”

Rafael nods getting out what she’ll need. “So are you going to tell me what’s on your mind?”

Heather looks at him for a moment before she starts cutting up the meat. “If I said I wasn’t ready to talk about it, how would you feel?”

It’s a strange question but he simply shrugs. “I would tell you that whenever you’re ready to talk about it, I'd love to sit down to talk about it. Until then I’m going to season the chicken.”

Heather’s eyes water, “God I’m so emotional, I just never thought I’d be in such a happy stable relationship. You make me so happy so thank you so much for being here for being with me.”

Rafael comes over and gives her a kiss and wipes away some tears. “Are you sure you don’t want to talk about whatever is on your mind? I won’t push it I just don’t want you to feel like you have to hold in whatever this is.”

“It’s not upset I’m so happy. I was going to work on finding that happiness on my own but now I’ve got you.” Heather tells him it’s the perfect opportunity to bring it up but she just can’t. “Now come on I’m starving season the chicken so we can get it going.”

“Yes ma’am,” Rafael tells her before he helps her get the chicken ready.

Once the chicken is cooking Heather starts to clean up everything and wash her hands. “I was trying to find my own happiness and before we saw each other again I was going to a clinic to see about sperm donors. I have gotten to a point in my life where I am ready to have children.”

Rafael is surprised but he just nods and listens. “Is it something you see yourself doing with me or just by yourself?”

“It’s something that I would like to do with you but if you’re not at that point of your life I would understand. I do want to cut back on work to focus on research and more importantly on starting my own family.” Heather tells him before she walks over to lean against the counter next to him. “I know it’s a lot to lay on you and if you need time to think about all of this I understand.”

“Would you like to start by moving in? We’ll take that trip next week and then start getting you moved in. We can figure out everything else after that but I do want you here so we can figure it out together.” Rafael offers to her. Is it too soon? He doesn’t care he cares about her and wants to be with her more than anything.

Heather walks over to him and pulls him in close giving him a kiss. “I will start packing once they get that pipe fixed in my apartment.”

Rafael smiles at her and pours out the water straining the pasta. “I think we should celebrate I’ll finish cooking you grab some wine.”

“That sounds perfect,” Heather tells him before giving him a kiss on the cheek. She gets out a bottle of wine and two glasses bringing it to the table. She pours the glasses and walks over to help him bring the food over to the table.

Rafael makes his way over with her to the table and has a seat picking up a glass of wine. “I’m happy that we can celebrate. To you moving in.”

Heather smiles and picks up the wine glass and smiles. “To me moving in.” She has a sip of her wine before relaxing back into her seat. “Now how traditional is your mother? I mean if I move in is she going to hate me?”

“I think we’ll just have her over for dinner and tell her but I’m grown she understands. What about your parents?” Rafael asks. He knows that her mother was protective and after everything Heather went to it was rightfully so.

Heather smiles, “We may have to bump up your trip to Montana up a bit sooner. We should plan something after we get back and I’ll just hold off on telling them about the move until after that. I’m sure they won’t catch on it’s not like they come to visit what could go wrong?”

Chapter Text

“You know we can hire movers to deal with all of your stuff right?” Rafael asks, holding the door open as Heather walks in with a few boxes. Once she’s in he grabs the other boxes that she has in the hall and brings them in. “What did you pack in these things?”

“I think you may have picked up one of the ones with books. Sorry I should have warned you.” Heather tells him before she puts down her boxes and goes over to help him. “I hope you know I’ll fill up far too many bookshelves if you let me.”

“Well I cleared up some room and we can split the bookshelves in the study. Law studies books and medical studies books we will have the most boring library in the city.” Rafael tells her putting down his boxes next to hers in the study.

Heather smiles and gives him a kiss. “I mean your law jargon may be boring but I’ll have you know that all my books are very interesting.” She opens a box and starts to put some of the books on the shelf.

Rafael reaches in and takes out a book. “Oh yeah Electrodiagnosis in Diseases of Nerve and Muscle: Principles and Practice just sounds like a real page-turner.”

Heather snatches the book out of his hands with a laugh before she puts it on the shelf. “I’d tell you which one of your books sounds boring but there’s just too many to choose from.”

“Not only is she intelligent and gorgeous but she’s so witty,” Rafael comments before wrapping his arms around her waist and turning her to face him. “What did I ever do to deserve you?”

“You did a damn good job sweeping me off my feet for starters,” Heather tells him with a smile. “You also agreed to help me unpack all these boxes which won you some extra points.”

“You’re lucky that you’re so pretty.” Rafael jokes before giving her one more kiss. He pulls away from her and goes to open another box.

Heather goes back to the box she had opened putting the books up on the shelf. “I figured if I bring all the tedious stuff like this now we can have movers do. Anything heavy if we want to switch out the furniture you know that sort of stuff.”

“Mmhm- yeah that’s fine,” Rafael tells her though he’s distracted flipping through a book that he had pulled out of a box.

Heather raises a brow turning to look at him. “Wait is that- are you looking at my school yearbook? You give that back to me.”

Rafael takes a step back and looks at Heather with a smirk. “President of the Science Club and Captain of the Debate Team? I think my favorite is the Academic Decathlon though please tell me there’s a trophy for it somewhere in these boxes I’ll put it on the mantle.”

Heather makes her way up to him but he takes quick steps back getting just far enough away that she can’t grab the yearbook. “I mean it, give it back you jerk.” She tells him unable to hold back a laugh as she reaches again.

“Oh and Anthony Black you put little hearts around his picture it must have been serious between you,” Rafael tells her before he stops moving and lets her take it back.

“Anthony was on the basketball team and I thought he was the dreamiest boy ever,” Heather admits before she looks at the page. “He was nice to me so I’d do his math homework.”

“That sounds like true love to me,” Rafael tells her with a smile. “I may have had one or two of those in my life.”

Heather nods she then turns and shows him the picture. “That was his actual girlfriend they were prom king and queen of course. I’d show you my prom picture but I don’t keep proof of that. I’ll just paint you a picture think awkward lanky girl tripping over heels in some awful sparkly blue dress.”

“Well if it makes you feel any better I wore some neighbor kids cousins suit. Even when my grandmother fixed it up I was still swimming in the thing and he had made the fashion-forward choice of a very light blue.” Rafael tells her before he smiles it’s something he didn’t talk about and just like he didn’t keep photo evidence of.

“Well, it sounds to me like we would have made a very cute couple at prom. We would have totally beat Tiffany and Anthony for prom court.” Heather tells him before she puts the yearbook back in the box. “I’ll give that to my mom she loves keeping all this stuff. She’s the one you’ll have to ask for my Academic Decathlon trophies she keeps them on her mantle.”

“Oh I’m asking for them for sure and the prom pictures,” Rafael tells her before helping her unload a few more boxes worth of stuff.

Once they’ve stopped Heather looks over to Rafael, “I think we should celebrate. I know I’m only partially moved in but we could christen the study.” She suggests to him moving to sit on the edge of his desk.

“Well it’d make sense you are moved in here,” Rafael tells her with a nod moving to stand between her legs. He runs his hands up her thighs pushing her dress up as he does. “It’s only fair to christen the room you moved some of your things into.”

Heather smiles and puts a hand on the back of his head pulling him in for a kiss. It’s long and slow just taking him in and enjoying him which she needed after her long shift earlier.

While they’re kissing Rafael reaches a hand back to unzip her dress pulling away only long enough to pull it over her head before looking her over. “God I love it when you wear these panties.” He slides a hand down to trace his fingers over the lace.

Heather moans as he slips his finger under the lace to feel how wet she is. “Condom- go grab one and please be wearing far less when you come back.”

Rafael gives her enough kiss before he starts to leave, taking off his shirt as he leaves.

Heather gets out of her dress and drops it to the ground before she takes off her bra. She drops it as he comes back in and smiles, “You know you’re still overdressed.”

“I thought you might want to watch,” Rafael tells her with a smirk before he takes off his belt looking her up and down as he does.

Heather bites her lip as she watches him, “I do love to watch you strip you’re so sexy.”

Rafael moves back between her legs pulling off her panties before he gives her a kiss. “You are quite the sight yourself.” He has stopped taking his clothes off instead he's letting his hands wander along her body as he starts to kiss down her neck.

Heather is too impatient to really enjoy it she wants to fuck him now. Her hands move right to his pants unbuttoning his pants and then unzipping them. She pushes them down and does the same with his boxer briefs. She turns her head so she can give him a kiss before stroking his hardening cock.

Rafael groans against her lips hips jutting forward against her touch before kissing her back. He puts the condom down next to Heather before tangling his fingers into her hair.

Heather feels him set it down removing her hand from his cock to pick up the condom. She opens it and rolls it onto his cock. She then wraps a leg around his waist to bring him in closer. “Fuck me, Raf.”

Rafael groans before giving her one more kiss. He then circles his thumb on her clit as he thrusts into her. He loves this being close to her being able to fuck as the lustful feeling just fills the air.

When they finish Heather catches her breath before she gives him a kiss. “You know I think I’ve got a few things to put in the shower. Do you want me to do that so we can christen the shower?”

“I saw some coffee mugs in the box too. We should hurry up and get unpacking we have a lot of the apartment left to christen.” Rafael agrees before he picks her up and heads to the bathroom with her.

Chapter Text

“God you make me feel like a horny teenager,” Heather tells him with a grin as she starts to redo the buttons on her shirt.

Rafael smiles at her as he smooths down his own shirt. “I don’t think I was even this horny as a teenager.” They had been moving her in bit by bit over the last few days and any time that hadn’t been moving things in was spent messing around. They were supposed to be getting the place ready for having company over but they’d instead gotten carried away.

Heather hears the front door and smiles. “So much for cleaning up. You go open the door and I’ll just put the boxes in the hall in the bedroom.”

Rafael nods and gives Heather a kiss before heading out to the front door. He unlocks it and smiles at his friends before opening the door to let them in. “Thank you for coming we appreciate you coming over so last minute we just wanted to celebrate.”

“Of course we wouldn’t miss it we’re happy for the two of you,” Olivia tells him coming in before looking behind her. “We also caught a few stragglers we assumed they were Heather’s guests.”

“I’m actually a friend of both- long time no see Rafael,” Jay tells him before he walks in with the others.

“Yes, this is Jay I’ve known him since my residency then Bridgette my favorite scrub nurse thank you both for coming,” Heather says as she walks out giving each of them a hug.

“Well, I brought a bottle of wine how about we open this up and do all the introductions,” Jay suggests as he holds out the bottle. “Mind showing me where the wine opener is?”

“I’ll show you where it is.” Rafael offers before going with the man into the kitchen.

Bridgette looks around and smiles, “This place is gorgeous- how are you settling in?”

“Really well actually it’s all been easy I’ve enjoyed taking this step with him,” Heather tells the woman with a smile. She takes Bridgette’s coat then offers to take others before putting them up,

Bridgette follows Heather to help her put the coats up looking to make sure no one is behind them. “You still have sex hair by the way.”

Heather turns around and looks at Bridgette, “Shit it’s that obvious- help me fix it.”

Bridgette smiles and starts to smooth down Heather’s hair. “So it really is going well then? I mean right before you have company over?”

Heather works on fixing her hair as well before smiling. “We were going to unpack some of the stuff I’d brought from my old place but we got carried away. If it’s been this bad between work and unpacking I’m so ready to leave for that cabin tomorrow.”

“I’m happy for you Heather you deserve a break enjoy all of that without having to break for work,” Bridgette tells her with a wink. “Helen told me to ask about the other thing you were supposed to talk to him about.”

“Did she tell you what it was?” Heather asks hoping that the woman hadn’t gone around telling the hospital.

Bridgette shakes her head, “She said just to ask you and to make sure you knew I didn’t know. I would like to know if it’s something you’re willing to tell me.”

“I will tell you about it once I get it all figured out. Just tell Helen that it’s still being figured out I do appreciate her wanted to know.” Heather tells the woman before she turns to look for the others. “I think they got started with the wine let’s go see if we can grab a glass.”

The two women come over and Jay pours them each a glass. “I know this is your dinner but I’m going to make a little toast. To Rafael and Heather, I told you two that you’d be great together so I just wanted to say- I told you so.”

Heather rolls her eyes at him giving him a playful nudge, “Thank you but I’ll take it from here. I just wanted to say thank you all for coming over I know this was last minute and you’re all busy people but I wanted to celebrate. Thank you all for helping us celebrate this next step in our lives.”

They clink their glasses together and everyone has a sip of the wine. When they have taken a few sips they agree to sit down to eat some food that Heather and Rafael had made.

“So you two leave tomorrow- what are you going to do without us to bother you with a bunch of work?” Fin jokes before he has a bite of asparagus.

“Well I’m sure that I am going to sleep a lot better,” Rafael tells him before having a sip of wine. “What are you all going to do without me there to fix all your messes?”

“Probably rely a lot more on Liv,” Sonny tells him before giving Olivia a playful nudge with his elbow. They weren’t really looking forward to whoever was on loan for the week but they knew even Barba needed a break so no one would complain.

“Well lucky for me Lucy is a godsend so I can spend more time at work,” Olivia tells them with a nod.

“That’s your nanny right is she with Noah now?” Heather asks before she works on her food.

Olivia nods, “Yes she is she actually just sent me a picture do you want to see?” She takes out her phone going to her text messages. She pulls the photo of her sleeping son up before handing it to Heather.

Heather takes the phone and smiles, “Oh my goodness what a little angel oh how sweet.” She smiles and gives the phone back to Olivia. “I don’t think I’ve asked how has he been lately?”

Rafael looks over at Heather and smiles moving to rest his hand on top of hers. They’re talking about Noah and all he can do is think about what it’ll be like whenever they have their own child. Heather showing off pictures and telling stories getting even more excited than she is now it makes him smile.

Jay seems to notice the look Rafael is giving Heather smiling at the two of them. “Something on your mind there, Rafael?”

Rafael looks from Heather over to Jay wondering what he could even say to brush it off. “I was just thinking about how lucky I really am.”

Heather smiles as Rafael turns to look at her again. “You’re too sweet.” She tells him before she leans in to give him a kiss.

“Okay now I want to hear more about this story you were telling us about your son- Wyatt right?” Sonny says before he looks over at Bridgette. He was enthralled with her story wanting to hear all about her son.

“Yes of course where was I- oh he was picking out his Halloween costume for last year.” Bridgette starts and she goes on but Heather can’t help but look over at Rafael.

Rafael exchanges a look with her before he gives her hand a squeeze. It’ll be them one day he doesn’t know if it’ll be in a year or five but he knows that they’ll be telling these stories. They’ll get their turn to be parents one day.

Chapter Text

“I’m so ready to be done moving in,” Heather tells Rafael. She’s half asleep as she finishes unpacking the last box she’d brought over but she wanted to get them all done before they left for their trip in the morning.

“Well, you’re done dealing with it for now so how about you get into bed?” Rafael asks before he smiles at her moving the blankets so she’s more tempted to get in bed. “You look exhausted, come to bed.”

Heather looks over to the bed before she strips and changes into something more comfortable. “I’m happy that the dinner went so well I’m happy our friends get along so well.” She walks over to the bed and crawls in giving him a kiss before she settles under the blankets.

“Yeah it seemed like Carisi really liked your friend Bridgette he was hanging off of her every word,” Barba tells her moving to lay back in bed before he turns off the light.

“I’ll give him her number she’s been by herself for a while she deserves a good guy like him,” Heather tells him. She sees the look on Rafael’s face and smiles. “I know he’s a bit chatty for your liking but he’s a sweet guy.”

“Yeah, you can say that because you don’t work with him. If her type is guys that don’t stop talking though she may have just found the one.” Rafael says before he yawns wrapping an arm around Heather and holding her.

Heather closes her eyes as she starts to nod off. “Well, who knows we may just be the next matchmakers we’ll have to see.”

She ends up falling asleep not noticing that she had until she wakes up again. Heather is half asleep but she feels Rafael’s hands wandering her body. She feels herself starting to wake up more as those hands wander. “You know if we fool around now we’ll sleep through our alarm.”

“Well, I don’t mind the idea of that one bit, kitten.” The familiar voice purrs. Jacob.

Heather pulls away from the hands that were grasping her. She stumbles frantically trying to turn on the light. As she gets out of the bed she pulls it down with her holding it as if it’s a weapon. The light shines and she sees him there Jacob sitting on the side of the bed that Rafael had been in.

“You know I’m more of a by the candlelight type of guy but if you want to see me while we do I won’t complain one bit,” Jacob tells her with a proud little smirk.

Heather holds on tighter to the lamp as she gets up, lifting the lamp like it’s a weapon to swing. “How the hell did you get in here- where’s Rafael?”

“Oh, that little shit? He was standing between us you know I couldn’t let him keep doing that, kitten.” Jacob tells her. He gets out of the bed and now Heather can see the blood on his hands.

Heather looks down at herself seeing where his hands had wandered the blood also smeared on her. She panics and drops the lamp quickly backing away it’s dark now and she turns to run out of the room.

“Oh kitten, you know that you can’t hide from me! I’m going to find you no matter where you go so there’s no point in hiding.” Jacob calls out. He moves slow building the suspense something he has always done that he loves doing far too much.

Heather looks back long enough to shut the bedroom door as if that’ll help. She hopes it’ll give her long enough get the hell away from him. Her heart is racing and she opens the door to the study realizing it’s too obvious it’s right next to the bedroom. She leaves the door open as she leaves the room heading to the spare bedroom.

The bedroom door opens and slow footsteps go down the hall. Jacob starts with the study walking around the desk and looking under it. “Where could my sweet little kitten be?”

Heather looks around the spare bedroom before she heads over to bed thinking she might be able to hide under it. She is quick to move to the other side though she slips and falls as she rushes over.

The woman looks down and sees blood all over her hands and where she had fallen. She turns and looks having to cover her mouth to hold back the scream as she sees Rafael. He’s covered in blood and he’s not moving he’s dead. “No- no you’re okay hey stay with me.” She says quietly trying to cover the slash across his neck. She’s not an idiot she knows that he’s dead but she has to at least try. “No, I can’t lose you please Rafael.”

Jacob hears the commotion and leaves the study before heading to the bedroom and throwing the door open. Once he’s in turns on the lights and heads over to her.

Heather holds onto Rafael still pulling him away trying to figure out how the hell they’re going to escape this room.

Jacob smiles at her, “Oh kitten you need to just give it up you lose you are mine now I won.” He grabs her by her hair to pull her up.

“Heather,” Rafael calls out he wasn’t dead but he’s close to it blood pouring from his mouth as he looks at them.

Heather struggles to get out of Jacob’s grasp, “Raf! Rafael!”

“Heather!” Rafael calls out again but this time it’s louder this time it makes Heather open her eyes.

Heather gasps trying to catch her breath as she sits up in bed. It wasn’t real it was a dream a horrible dream.

“Hey- hey you’re okay. Look at me Heather it was just a dream.” Rafael tells her soothingly. He moves to rub her arm slowly trying to get her to look at him. “See shh it’s alright it was just a dream.”

Heather takes those deep breaths and feels herself start to calm down some. Once she feels calm enough she looks at Rafael feeling tears start to fall as she does. The woman reaches up and strokes his cheek just needing to know how okay he was.

“It was all a dream I promise,” Rafael repeats before he moves to hold her into his arms. He had no idea what she was dreaming about but seeing her thrash in the bed like she had then called out for him made him hurt for her. He held onto her a bit tighter and closed his eyes. “You’re safe I’ll never let anything hurt you.”

Heather holds onto Rafael tight as she evens her breathing. She knows it isn’t real but it felt too real she hated it. After some time like that she relaxes a bit. “Let’s try to get some sleep, we've got to be up in a few hours to drive to the cabin.”

“Alright let's get some sleep,” Rafael tells her he lets go to give her a kiss before they both lay down. He wraps his arms around her holding her to him rubbing her back as he does.

Heather lays down with Rafael curled up into him facing him. She stays listening to his heartbeat until she’s finally able to fall back asleep.

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Heather had been able to get more sleep but getting up that morning she felt more exhausted. She gets out of bed quietly wanting to let Rafael get more sleep. She looks at herself in the mirror knowing the blood from her nightmare wasn’t on her body but still feeling like it would be. She takes in a shaky breath before pulling on one of his old college sweatshirts to keep herself from looking.

Once she’s done she quietly makes her way to the kitchen and starts up the coffee pot. She wraps her arms around her middle as she waits closing her eyes. It’s all so vivid the fear and the blood so much blood. “It wasn’t real it was just a nightmare,” she tells herself quietly before taking out a mug. She pours coffee and adds some sugar before having a drink.

Rafael rolls over in bed extending his arm out to lay over Heather only to feel it drop on the mattress. He opens his eyes seeing her side of the bed no longer occupied. He gets out of bed and heads to the kitchen. “Good morning beautiful.”

Heather jumps splashing coffee on the sweatshirt before she drops it as the hot coffee hits her the cup shattering when it hits the ground. “Shit- shit fucking damn it!”

Rafael makes his way over and hands her a towel. “I’ve always hated that mug anyways you saved me the trouble of getting rid of it when you moved in.” He tries to joke but there are tears in her eyes. He moves a hand to her waist gently pulling her a few steps back so she doesn’t step on any shards of the cup. “I’ll go get a broom.”

“I’ll clean the spill up do you have anything you want me to use besides the towel?” Heather asks him taking the towel to wipe the excess coffee off of herself.

“Yeah, I’ll grab the mop,” Rafael says grabbing it along with the dustpan. He walks over and hands it to her before kneeling down. He starts to sweep up the pieces of the mug before he looks at her. “Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?”

Heather looks down at him for a moment before she sighs. “That nightmare I had last night just put me on edge. I’m sorry I had a plan to have coffee ready so we could get out the door and head right to the cabin.”

Rafael gets all the pieces up and dumps them in the trash. “You know that wasn’t really the question. You don’t have to avoid it because you think it’ll ruin the week what’s going to ruin the week is if you’re not feeling well. Don’t keep these things bottled up.”

Heather smiles and starts to clean up the coffee spill. “You are horrible you know I try to avoid everything and you just keep caring so much that it’s hard to avoid my problems.”

Rafael chuckles and kisses her cheek before going to wash her hands. “Tell me what the dream was about why it has you so on edge.”

“It was about Jacob- no surprise there. He doesn’t even have to bother me to still be a problem in my life.” Heather starts before taking in a breath. “In the dream, he was trying to take me away. I went to hide from him and I found you bleeding out in the spare bedroom.”

Rafael nods slowly, “Have you been having bad dreams lately?”

Heather shakes her head, “It was just last night but it felt too real it brought all these fears I’ve had since we’ve started dating. He really thinks I’m his and that anyone in his way of what’s his is a threat.” She leans the mop against the counter and rubs her forehead. “It feels like I’m putting you in danger when I stay here.”

Rafael moves to stand in front of her he moves her hands from her face so she’s looking at him. “He does not know where you live and he hasn’t left that town you’re from since the last time he came here your friend would tell you if he had. You are safe here with me.”

Tears start to fall as Heather looks at him. “I know I’m safe it’s you that I’m afraid for I just can’t let him get to you I can’t let it happen.”

Rafael wipes away the tears before kissing her forehead. “Well no one knows about the little cabin we’ll be in this week. How about we get dressed and head right out it’s a long drive you can get some more rest on the way there.”

Heather smiles and leans in to give him a kiss on the lips. “I’d rather drive and clear my head you can get the rest now let's get dressed.” She gives him one more lingering kiss before she heads to the bedroom to get dressed.

Rafael rings out the mop and dumps the water before he puts everything away. He gets the coffee ready for when they leave before he follows into the bedroom to get dressed.

Heather finishes getting dressed and picks up the bag she has packed. She smiles at him, “I like it when you dress down, you look so sexy.”

Rafael pulls a shirt on, “You know you start talking like that and we won’t leave.”

Heather gives him a kiss, “As tempting as that is I think we should save that until we get to this cabin. I’ll take our bags down to the car and meet you there?”

“Alright I’ll see you there,” Rafael tells her watching her leave before he finishes getting ready. He grabs their coffees on the way out heading down the car and getting in. He holds one out for her to take before relaxing back into his seat with his. “I’m happy that we can do this we both deserve to get away.”

“I agree we deserve a break from work and everything else.” Heather agrees before leaning over to give him a kiss. “I love you, Raf.”

“I love you too Heather,” Rafael tells her before getting out his phone to read her directions.

The drive is rather quiet enjoying the quiet and Heather uses it to clear her head of all the problems. By the time they get to the cabin she’s feeling better once the car is parked she gets out and smiles.

“You know all this space to ourselves secluded like this it’s really romantic. I like having you all to myself.” Heather tells him before walking over and wrapping her arms around Rafael. “Do you want to go enjoy it?”

“That sounds like a perfect idea,” Rafael tells her before he follows her inside. It’s something they’ve been planning for some time now and he’s more than ready to go and enjoy this with her.

They take their bags inside setting them in the entryway before Heather stops to look around smiling at Rafael. “Oh this is so perfect it is exactly what we needed, thank you so much.” Heather tells him before pulling Rafael in for a kiss.

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Heather has music playing on her phone as she cooks. She’s humming along while she stirs feeling so much more relaxed than she had that morning when they left.

“Alright I got a fire started things should start to warm up now,” Rafael tells her before he walks into the kitchen moving to lean against some counter space. “It smells great, by the way.”

“Yeah, chili is the one family recipe we have down. Speaking of family my mother texted me she wants to call but I’m supposed to wait for you.” Heather tells him with a smile. She had spoken about Rafael to her mother but they hadn’t spoken yet. Heather had assumed it would wait until she took Rafael to Hope County but she didn’t mind it happening now.

The man raises a brow, “Did I do something to get in trouble or is she just trying to be friendly?”

“That’s a fantastic question I guess we’ll find out,” Heather tells him turning off her music and calling her mother. She sets her phone back down putting in on speaker. “Hi mom, you’re on speakerphone.”

“Hi, baby! How was your car ride did you two get there safe?” Lucy asks.

Heather nods, “We did and the place is beautiful Raf did a great job finding it.” She leans in giving him a kiss before she smiles.

“Oh, that’s fantastic so you have him there with you right? I can finally meet the man that I’ve heard so much about. Put me on video I want to see him.” Lucille tells her daughter.

Heather gives Rafael a look he nods and she picks up her phone and turns on the video. “Well we want to see you too mom where are you?”

“Hold on let me figure this out- okay there we go!” Lucille says before looking at them. “Oh look at you two he’s really cute you did a good job, Heather.”

Heather smiles and shakes her head at her mother. “If you’re trying to embarrass me you’ll have to try harder. Now did you need anything?”

“Well, I needed to meet your handsome boyfriend. Before we go into the twenty questions I wanted to show you where I am. I’m in Alaska working with a few other people look at this view we’ve got.” The woman says before she turns the camera around to show them.

Heather takes it all in and smiles. “It’s beautiful mom, you’ll have to send us photographs to put up in the apartment.”

Lucille flips the camera back over and smiles. “So you are living with him? You know I thought it would take a lot more to get it out of you. Alright well, you can just put me back on speaker I was trying to catch your lying face. She does this thing with her eyebrow when she lies she’s an easy tell bless her heart.”

Heather laughs doing as her mother suggested and turning off the camera then setting her phone down, “Mom how did you figure it out-” She pauses and has a thought. “Joey.”

“Joey didn’t mean to tell me I asked her when something your Gran sent you went back to her,” Lucille tells her daughter. “I hope you know that means I have to meet him in person.”

“Well, I was thinking of bringing him home after the holidays once work slows down well at least for me. Work never slows down for Raf but I’m sure he’ll be able to take some time off.” Heather tells her mother. She looks at Rafael for conformation.

“Yes- yeah of course Mrs. Moore I am eager to come and visit Heather has told me all about her hometown I’m eager to see it,” Rafael tells the woman with a nod.

“That’s nice we’ll be very excited to see you but that is months from now so I was thinking my trip ends in a month. I changed my flight so I can come and stay in New York I’ve been meaning to come and look into some work anyways plus getting to meet your boyfriend will be nice.” Lucille suggests with a smile. “Do I need to book a hotel room?”

Heather bites her lip and looks at Rafael. She mouths I’m sorry before looking back at her phone. “That sounds like a great idea mom we’d love to have you over. Raf’s place actually has a spare bedroom so you can stay with us. We’ll both be back at work but we won’t be able to spend much time with you we’ll both have work.”

“That’s alright I just want to see how things are. Alright, I’ll send you my flight information later I should leave you two to your vacation. Call me if you need anything okay, baby?” Lucille tells her daughter. “It was nice to meet you, Rafael.”

“It was nice to meet you too Mrs. Moore we’ll see you in a week and a half.” Rafael tells her. He waits until Heather has hung up before looking at her. “That went… well.”

Heather smiles and leans over giving him a kiss. “I am so sorry my mother is just protective. I’m sure she’ll see what a great guy you are and head right home.”

Rafael wraps his arms around Heather giving her a kiss. “The spare bedroom never gets used anyway it’s an excuse to use. Besides, we knew it would happen at some point might as well get it out of the way now. I’m sure she’ll love me and we’ll all do great- maybe if we’re feeling crazy we can even invite my mother over.”

“Oh that sounds like so much fun but for now we are all by ourselves how about we eat and enjoy that fire you started?” Heather suggests. She’s just about done anyways she finishes adding a few things before she turns off the stovetop.

Rafael grabs bowls geeting enough for both of them before taking it out to the living room. “This really is nice I’m ready to spend the week here with you.”

Heather brings drinks with her before sitting down on the couch with Rafael. “So did you really mean it are we going to have both of our mothers over because you have to figure that out I’m exhausted just thinking about it.”

Rafael chuckles moving to bring her feet into his lap before handing her a bowl. “You know if we do decide to have kids we’ll have family over far more than we do now.”

Heather smiles, “Oh it’s kids now instead of a kid?”

“I didn’t want to assume I’m fine either way I mean we were both only children so it would be fine-” Rafael starts but Heather cuts him off.

“I was thinking two would be nice but we’ll see how the first one goes before we figure out if we have another.” Heather tells him. “If we do have one do you want a boy or a girl?””

“I would be fine either way. What about you would you care one way or the other?” Rafael asks. He really couldn’t care one way or the other as long as their child was healthy.

“I agree I just want a healthy baby but we’ll figure all of that out when we do have a baby.” Heather knew that was at least a year or two out but it was still nice to think about. “You know having more family sounds nice maybe we should have our mothers for dinner one night.”
“So does that mean you’re going to cook for them?” Rafael asks with an amused smile.

“I’ll meet you halfway and we can just fake something carryout,” Heather suggests to him with a laugh.

Rafael nods, “Sounds like a plan to me.”

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Heather heads out to the back porch and smiles, “Raf come look at the view this is beautiful.”

Rafael walks out to the back and looks out, “You’re right this is gorgeous.” He wraps his arms around her giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Heather turns to give him a kiss before looking back out at the stars. “This is one of the only things I ever really get homesick for. I love the city but I miss getting to just go out and see the stars like this. In high school, I dragged Joey to Sharky’s parties the appeal was usually the beers someone stole. Truthfully I’d just listen to his disco records and just look at the stars they were some of my favorite nights.”

“I’m sorry you’ve never mentioned that you went to high school with someone named Sharky,” Rafael tells her with an amused laugh.

“His first name is a family name it’s Charlemagne which is quite a mouthful so we called him Sharky. He’s… interesting. We don’t talk as much but he does always have new music recommendations whenever I visit. He’s a disco man so close to my heart as far as music taste goes.” Heather tells him with a laugh. She knows it’s not for everyone but she enjoys it herself.

Rafael nods before he looks from the stars back to her. “Well I don’t have stolen beer but I could grab a bottle of wine and we could enjoy the stars in that hot tub.”

“I think that sounds like a perfect first night to our vacation.” Heather agrees before she heads back inside with him. She stops in the bedroom changing out of her clothes and putting on her swimsuit.

Rafael opens a bottle of wine and grabs two glasses before heading back into the bedroom. “I’ll give you this to take to the hot tub and I’ll meet you out there.”

Heather gives Rafael a kiss before heading out she sets the glasses and wine on a side table before getting into the hot tub. She sinks into the water closing her eyes as she takes it all in able to relax.

“You look relaxed in there,” Rafael says before getting in he pours the wine for them before holding out a glass for Heather.

Heather opens her eyes and smiles, “I think this is where I’m going to spend the week if we’re being honest.” She takes her glass and has a sip of wine. “Oh yeah this is exactly what I’m going to do under the stars with you it feels perfect to me.”

“I’m happy that we were able to do this,” Rafael tells her moving closer and giving her a kiss. “We’ll have to try this more often.”

“Sitting in a hot tub under the stars or the no work thing? I have a feeling that it’s the latter but I figured I should ask.” Heather asks him as she relaxes into him.

Rafael wraps his arm around her and kisses her temple. “I mean both would be nice but I’m sure we can enjoy time off of work anywhere we want. Maybe travel abroad and you could use one of the six languages you know to keep us afloat.”

Heather smiles, “I mean it’s only four but I’m sure we could figure something out.” She drinks a bit more of her wine before laying her head on his shoulder. “You know I thought I would be far more stressed about not doing work I’m always wrapped up in work or research.”

“Oh, there’s still a whole week ahead of us for you to get antsy about work,” Rafael tells her with an amused smile. “I’m sure we’ll have enough time that you can get to the secret work you brought along.”

“Hey I didn’t bring any secret work with me not even articles to read on my phone I was so good,” Heather promises him. “What about you did you bring for secret work?”

“I can’t tell you that,” Rafael tells her with a smirk. He hadn’t brought anything with him work-wise he did enjoy his work but it was easy for him to separate if he had someone to spend time with or something to do.

“Well, no work tonight I say we finish off this bottle of wine then get some rest.” Heather tells him before she gives him a kiss. “Have I said thank you enough? Thank you for thinking of this I needed to not think about work for a week.”

“You and I both.” Rafael finishes his glass of wine untangling from her to grab the bottle and top off both of their glasses. “So what are we going to do this week with no distractions?”

“Well a lot of this- and a lot of this of course,” Heather says moving to kiss his neck.

Rafael take her glass of wine to set them both down before pulling her up to kiss her lips. His hands run up her body palming her breasts as they continue making out. It was not her suggested plan but when the moment took over how could they resist?

Heather pulls back again getting out of the hot tub and untying the top and letting it drop. “Let’s go inside.” She suggests to him before she heads inside.

Rafael takes in her beauty as she stares at him and then watching her walk away. He tries to say something but he can only nod following after her into the cabin.

“You know that’s a pretty nice bed I’m sure we’ll get a good nights rest on it,” Heather tells him as she puts on something to sleep in. She gets back into the bed next to Rafael who is still catching his breath. “You doing alright over there?”

Rafael smiles and pulls her in giving her a kiss. “You are just something else you take my breath away.”

Heather kisses him back, “If that’s your way of saying I love you then I love you too.”

“I love you,” Rafael tells her back before he moves to put his arms around her to hold her. “Now this may sound like an unheard-of plan but I was thinking we sleep in. Not because we worked late but because we can.”

“That’s a thing that people do? I’ve honestly never heard of it.” Heather teases before closing her eyes. “We can try but I doubt it’ll happen.”

They fall asleep easily and surprisingly when Heather gets up the next morning they had slept in some. It wasn’t as if she’d slept in very late but far more than she had thought she would. “You awake, Raf?”

Raf lets out some incoherent sounds before pulling her close to him again as he fell back asleep.

Heather smiles and closes her eyes, five more minutes wouldn’t hurt anything.

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“Is Heather nearby?”

“No, she wanted to go on a hike before we left. I told her I would pack our stuff up to leave so we’ve got some time what’d you find?” Rafael asks as he works on folding clothes.

“Well, we sent Carisi to that town that Heather is from to ask around and it’s fairly close mouthed. Even the people that aren’t part of this church stay quiet she is very justified in her fear that town has everyone terrified.” Olivia explains. The stories Carisi had told about his short time were enough to make her never want to head there he had even left earlier than they intended because of his bad feeling.

Rafael rubs the bridge of his nose. “Please tell me he at least found something to go off of.”

“A man joined the church around the time the incident occurred his name was Jacobi Briggs. All anyone would say is that he’s doing mission work but no one has heard from him since then.” Olivia tells him.

“So a man goes and does mission work for literal years and no one questions it? Is there proof of where he went or could they be hiding him?” Rafael asks before sitting up the bag. They have to have proof of something that is going to nail their asses for the death of Heather’s friend.

“If they have proof they’re not giving it over. You should ask Heather if there’s anyone we can talk to about this with.” Olivia suggests to him. She knows he isn’t keen on the idea of bringing her into this too much.

“I’ll think up a list on the way back and call you Olivia,” Heather tells her as she walks into the room. She looks at Rafael for a moment before huffing. “I need to get in a shower before we leave you should finish your call I’ll be out in a bit.”

“Actually we were done talking thanks for calling Olivia I’ll see you tomorrow.” Rafael says before he hangs up. “Heather.”

“I won’t take long, get the bags in the car and I’ll meet you out there,” Heather tells him before slamming the bathroom door behind her.

Rafael takes in a deep breath before he exhales. He hears the water turn on mumbling to himself in Spanish. He finishes with the bags then takes them out to the car waiting there for her.

Heather comes out a few minutes later and has a seat on the passenger's side. “Let's just get home I want to beat the movers there.”

“Heather you know I’m just doing this because I love you. I want you to be safe and I have the resources to do that for you why won’t you let me?” Rafael asks as he looks over at her. “I just want to help you.”

“I’m going to give you an out on this conversation now because this is too long of a drive to spend the whole time fighting,” Heather tells him taking out her phone. “I’ll answer work emails and we can just drop this.”

“No, I don’t want to drop this. The things that man did you and how terrified he makes you? He doesn’t deserve to go unchecked if we can find something to nail him we should.” Rafael tells her as he pulls away from the cabin. The vacation was over and now it was fighting he didn’t want to but he wasn’t going to let this go.

Heather puts down her phone, so much for dropping that. “Do you think I don’t want that? I don’t get to go home for Christmas! My own father takes my exes side on everything I want my life back but it hasn’t happened. I have tried so many times and so many different ways to get my life back but I can’t it always blows up in my face and I’m tired of it.”

“Then let me help let the people who care about you try to stop him now. I want to help you and so does everyone else. Joey, Earl, Olivia, Fin, and everyone else. We want to help you, Heather, just let us help you.” Rafael insists. “You shouldn’t be afraid to live your life because of that man you should be able to visit home and do the things you want.”

“Are you done because I am I want it dropped now.” Heather picks her phone back up and works on answering her work emails.

Rafael clenches his jaw he doesn’t want to drop it but she has a feeling that she’s going to make him drop it like it or not. “Can you at least give Olivia that list?”

“I’m emailing it to her now not that anyone has any information for her. No one is going to remember Jacobi Briggs if he has been gone for so long.” Heather tells him before sending that email. “Can we please be done now? We just had an amazing week I don’t want to fight.”

Rafael nods, “We’ll have to do this again sometime it was a nice week I enjoyed getting to spend time with you. Now we can finish moving you in though with your place back on the market you’re officially stuck with me.”

Heather bites back a smile she wants to stay mad at him but she knows that she can’t do that. “I think the more alarming thing here is you’re stuck with me.”

“Stuck with you is exactly the place I’d like to be.” Rafael assures her he thinks that she’ll debate him on it but before he can her phone rings.

Heather looks at it and huffs. “Olivia moves fast that’s Adelaide Drubman she was on my list.” She picks up the phone. “Adelaide I haven’t heard from you in a while how are you.”

“Hey there Heather I’m fine baby. I actually was calling to ask you about some lady that called. I’ve got her on hold but she said she knows you what’s her name...” Olivia looks down at what she had written down. “Olivia Benson?”

“I know her she works with the police here they’re looking into Eden’s Gates connection into some stuff. They really want to know what you may know about Jacobi Briggs.” Heather explains.

“Oh that piece of shit please tell me they fucking found him I’ve been wanting to kick his sorry ass,” Adelaide tells the woman. “You know he had a job here at the marina then the first day instead of showing up he leaves some bullshit note about joining the fucking peggies.”

Heather’s eyes widen, “Wait what did the note say, Adelaide? Did he tell you where he was going?”

“Oh you know men and their bullshit the father and his disciples wanted him to do the Lord's work in New York as if anyone wants that shit in New York City we don’t even want it here,” Adelaide tells her before sighing it was this kind of shit that pissed her off. If the guy hadn’t wanted the job he should have just said so.


“Did you keep the letter, Adelaide?” Heather asks holding onto the car door a bit harder as she waits praying to whoever was out there that the woman had.

“Yeah of course I did, I kept it in his employee file. I wanted to throw that shit in his face if he ever tried to come back and beg for his job.” Adelaide tells her with a proud smile it was the exact shit she would do.

Heather nods, “Well I’m going to hang up you tell Olivia about that letter and anything else you may know. If you need anything just call alright?”

“You too baby I know you’re out in New York but I’m just a plane ride away,” Adelaide assures her with a smile before she hangs up.

Heather puts her phone down and takes in a breath before she looks over at Rafael. “Thank you for pushing it.”

“Did what woman have good news?” Rafael asks.

Heather nods, “I think we might have caught a break.”

Chapter Text

Heather wakes up sometime later and lets out a yawn. She gets out of bed and looks at Rafael with a smile leaving the bedroom quietly to let him sleep more. She instead sits on the back porch and checks her phone wondering if looking at work emails counted towards the no work promise they had made she figures it wouldn’t hurt

Rafael wakes up and finds the bed empty thinking about yesterday morning how she had gotten up from nightmares. He gets up and pulls on a shirt checking first in the kitchen before heading to the back porch. Seeing her he smiles, “Good morning Heather.”

Heather looks back and smiles, “Good morning Raf how did you sleep?”

Rafael makes his way over and gives her a kiss before sitting down across from her. “How did you sleep? I didn’t see you in bed when I got up is everything okay?”

Heather sets down her phone and nods. “Yeah everything is okay I just wasn’t tired so I got up. I thought I could go out here to the patio and you could get more sleep I guess you got an extra… 20 minutes of sleep.”


“Oh well, that’s good to hear then. Have you had any coffee this morning I could go make some.” Rafael offers before he gets up.

“I haven’t had any coffee yet thank you,” Heather tells him motioning for him to come over before she gives him a kiss. Once he’s headed back inside she finishes up her email and soon enough Rafael comes back out handing her a cup of coffee. “Thank you, Raf.”

“Did you get all your work done?” Rafael asks with a smile before he has a seat next to her.

Heather smiles at him before having a sip of her coffee, “I have no idea what you’re talking about I said I’d go work free this week.”

Rafael nods, “You know your mother was right you are a horrible liar.”

Heather laughs, “God I wish she wouldn’t have said anything. I love her but she just loves to say stuff like that. I’m sure if the call had lasted much longer she would have told you about some embarrassing thing I did when I was 12.”

“Well you know we’re going to have her over in a month I'm sure she’ll tell me lots of embarrassing stories,” Rafael tells her with a grin having a drink of his coffee. “Probably over coffee like we’re doing now.”

Heather knows he’s right her mother is just going to spill ever embarrassing childhood secret. It wasn’t that her mother meant to embarrass her she was just a proud mother. “She came to New York to hold a graduation party for me when I finished med school. Her very sweet I’m proud of you Heather speech included the story about the time I went through a no pants phase when I was two.”

Rafael laughs, “How did she get the conversation to that point?”

“I am still trying to figure out how she managed that,” Heather tells him with a smile. “She’s my mom though so no matter how many times she embarrasses me I still love her so much.”

“Well I can’t wait to meet her and of course hear all of the stories,” Rafael tells her with a smile. “I can get some stories to tell at work parties.”

Heather sets down her coffee and walks over with a smile. “I’ll have to fight you if you do that.”
She leans in to give him a kiss. “You have coffee breath.”

“You love it.” Rafael tells her pulling her into his lap before giving her a kiss. He moves his hands to settle on her waist.

Heather grins letting him pull her in before kissing him a kiss back. “Alright well, maybe I do only because you’re cute.”

Rafael smirks, “Is that really the only reason why?” He lowers his hands down to the small of her back.

“Lower those hands a little more and I may think of another reason or two,” Heather tells him smiling as she feels his hands on her ass. “How about we go inside maybe see how the shower works.”

“I think that could be arranged.” Rafael agrees leaving their half-empty coffee mugs to get cold as they head inside. What they hadn’t counted on was shower sex going wrong. They make their way out of the bathroom and HEather feels horrible helping him out of the bathroom.

“Okay right here there you go just sit down,” Heather tells Rafael moving a hand to his arm to help him sit. “Have I said sorry enough times yet?”

Rafael smiles at her, “I think you said it enough times. It isn’t the same as our shower at home it was bound to happen.”

“Well, at least you picked the right person to get injured around.” Heather goes into her bag and takes out a little first aid kit. She comes back over and cleans off the wound. “So maybe we should put a hold on the shower sex idea and stick to a bed.”

“I mean if you enjoy sex that ends in a concussion then I’m down for round two,” Rafael tells her, wincing a bit as she cleans the wound. “I did pick the right person to get injured around though thank you for taking care of me.”

“Well since I did the injuring it’s the least I could do.” Heather gives him a kiss before she finishes cleaning him up. “I think you’re going to survive Raf. How about I go make some breakfast for us?”

“You know I hit my head I’m not dying I can help you make breakfast,” Rafael assures her as he starts to get up.

Heather shakes her head giving him a kiss. “I’ll make breakfast you just sit back okay let me make up for how bad I feel.”

“If you say so I’ll be here if you change your mind,” Rafael assures her. He watches her go before he gets into the bed. “So you’re sure you don’t need any help.”

“Just shut up and wait for your breakfast,” Heather calls out rolling her eyes as she heads into the kitchen.

Rafael smiles nodding at her even though she can’t see him, “Yes, ma'am.”

Chapter Text

“So you haven’t found him? I mean not even a trace what happened to him?” Heather asks as she rubs her forehead. She has been pacing back and forth nervously as she tries to cope with this. Two weeks of searching for Jacobi Briggs and they couldn’t find anything on him.

“We are trying to find anything on him but his trail goes cold after he comes to New York City. We have found a sister that lives in Utah we’re working with PD there to get a DNA sample for her to see if that helps. I’m sorry that we don’t have any better news I just wanted to make sure that we keep you up to date.” Olivia explains. It isn’t a lot but it’s something so the woman doesn’t think they have forgotten about her.

“Yeah I really appreciate it Olivia I should probably head back to work but if anything comes up just call me alright? Thank you.” Heather tells her before she hands up. She sets down her phone and has a seat before wiping away tears. “Why- goddamnit.”

Jay makes his way in and walks over picking up a box of tissues and sitting down next to Heather holding them out for her to take. “Hey- hey what’s wrong, Heather?”

Heather takes a tissue and wipes some tears away. “I don’t know I’m just so damn frustrated. Why is everything just so shitty?”

“Don’t tell me that things are going bad at home you two seem to be in the honeymoon phase since you got back,” Jay says giving Heather another tissue.

Heather takes the tissue and wipes her eyes. “No, it’s just them looking into what happened to Roxy they’ve hit a wall again. Then my mother will be here in 2 weeks but I think I’m getting sick which is perfect. How am I supposed to finish unpacking and have everything ready for when my mom comes when I am so tired and feel like I’m going to puke.”

“Well, that doesn’t sound great- any other symptoms?” Jay asks as he looks over at her wondering if she knows what he means.

Heather opens her mouth before looking at Jay. “No- no I’m not. I mean I’m a little late but I’m not pregnant.”

“Have you taken a test? You can’t be sure until you’ve taken a test I mean it could be why you’re feeling the things you’re feeling so extremely.” Jay tells her hoping that if he’s gentle about it she won’t be offended.

Two weeks ago had been their cabin trip they had been careful but maybe not as careful as they should have been the whole time. She rubs her temples before she gets up. “Okay, but we have to keep this a secret just in case put it under a Jane Doe or something I don’t want anyone in the hospital to know.”

Jay nods and heads to a private room with her getting what they’ll need. “Okay you take the test and I’ll send it off as a Jane Doe patient of mine.”

Heather goes into the bathroom before taking in a nervous breath. She filled the cup before coming back out and giving it to him then washing her hands. “We were planning on trying but not for another year or two. I mean we haven’t been together that long.”

Jay gets it ready and writers on the label before looking at his friend. “You care about each other and you wanted to try anyways so if you are pregnant it’s not a bad thing. You two will be great parents and if not then you can start trying when you want.”

Heather smiles at her friend before looking at the sample. “I’m going to do some rounds please come and find me when you have results.”

“Of course I’ll see you in a bit, Heather,” Jay tells her giving his friend a kiss on the cheek before he heads out.

Heather waits for him to leave before coming back out to rounds on her patients. She tries to focus on her work but she keeps going back to the test wondering what the results will be. Is she pregnant?

“Earth to Heather. Are you in there baby?” One of the nurses says as she looks at the woman.

Heather’s eyes snap up at the word baby, “Sorry, what were you saying?”

“You’ve been looking at the same chart for a couple of minutes now where is your mind at baby doll?” The woman asks with a smile.

Heather looks at the chart one more time before she sets it down. “My mother is coming into town in a couple of weeks I’m just thinking of the hundred things I’ve gotta do to get ready. I even planned for my mother to meet Rafael’s mother we’re cooking for them.”

“Well if you can get through this you can get through anything.” The woman tells her sympathetically. “How much longer do you have on your shift?”

“Actually I should be leaving any time now I am just waiting to give Jay a consultation on a patient,” Heather says before looking at her watch. She’s trying to think of how long those tests take it had to have been enough time right? “I think I’ll go see if they need me down in the ER while I’m waiting for him.”

“Alright well if you need any help with that mother thing you’re doing just ask.” The woman calls out before watching Heather leave.

Heather is coming down to the ER when she sees Jay holding a file. She lets out a sigh of relief and makes her way over to him. “Please tell me that you know.” She tells him quietly before looking at the file that he’s carrying.

Jay nods and walks with her into an empty room before he holds out the file. “I didn’t read it I figured you’d want to do that yourself.”

Heather takes it and goes to sit down. She stares at the front of it not feeling ready to open it. “You know if this had happened a few years ago with Jacob I’d be hoping it wasn’t positive. I mean it was positive and I was so distraught I wasn’t ready. Now though now with Raf, I think I want it to be positive.”

“If it’s not positive you can tell him that trying starts tomorrow. If you’re this ready then screw waiting you two should try now.” Jay tells her as he leans against the door, smiling at his friend. “Either way you’ve found what you want and what’s best for you so you’re doing better than you ever were back then. Roxy would be happy to see you in such a good place now.”

Heather had only been thinking about Roxy in terms of the case in terms of getting Jacob into trouble. Now thinking about the friend she had lost she nods wiping away some tears. “She would have made one hell of an aunt probably the buys them beers when they’re in highschool stocks them up on sugar when they’re 6, the cool aunt but still good.”

Jay laughs dipping his head to casually wipe away some tears. “You know you can hold it off all you want but you do have to look at the results.”

Heather nods and takes in a deep breath before she opens the file and looks at the results. She goes quiet and reads them six times before she shuts the file.

“Oh come on it took a lot to not read the results on the way to find you tell me.” Jay insists.

“I’m pregnant,” Heather tells him before getting up. She smiles and runs over to throw her arms around him. “I’m pregnant.”

“You’re pregnant that’s amazing Heather,” Jay says before wrapping his arms around her to hold her tight. “When does your shift end you have to tell Rafael.”

“Oh god, I have to tell Rafael.” Heather lets go of him. “I have to get home my shift is over anyways I’m- I’m gonna go tell him.”

“Alright you go I’ll see you back at work later.” Jay tells her moving aside and letting her go off. This was far from the place they were a few years earlier.

Chapter Text

“Oh come on that’s such a horrible hospital why is that on your list?”

“I mean call it a God complex but I like to fix stuff I want to help them, I think they deserve doctors who actually care. I’ve toured it and they really don’t care which is a damn shame.”

Heather comes out of her room and looks between her friends, “What are we talking about.”

Roxy grins, “There’s our girl- did you finally get off of the call with your boyfriend?”

“Yes and Jacob says hi,” Heather tells them before she has a seat between Jay and Roxy. It’s a lie he didn’t even talk about her friends he never did as he wanted nothing to do with them. “So what were we talking about?”

“We are talking about where we want to go after we finish residency. I was saying that Muhammad and I want to stay here in New York. Where do you want to head, babe?” Roxy asks.

“Well I’ve been looking into some of the hospitals in Missoula they’re really pretty decent,” Heather tells her with a confident nod.

“Wait- Missoula? You are Doctor Bennett’s prodigy Heather you could go literally anywhere, why would you want to go back to Montana? I mean your mom visits any time you want it’s not like you have to go back for your parents.” Roxy asks but she knows exactly why her friend is going back to Montana.

“I mean I don’t want to drag Jacob away from his family. They were separated for years when they got taken from their parents who am I to separate them now?” Heather asks with a shrug.

Roxy huffs, “Seriously? You’d put all your hard work to the side to make him happy?”

“Rox you’re being a bit harsh,” Jay tells her as he looks from Heather to their friend. It’s what they all said but to hear it like that he felt bad that it was all being thrown at Heather.

“No Heather needs to hear it. I love you and I don’t want you to throw away your career possibilities over some guy.” Roxy says before she takes Heather’s hand. “At least keep your possibilities open to better things. The worst that happens is you have to turn them down.”

Jacob had already made the plans he wanted her as close to Hope County as she could be they’d start trying to have kids a few months into her new job. She wanted to wait at least a year or two into her new job but Jacob insisted they only wait a few months. After all, he wasn’t getting any younger which he reminded her about every time she told him they had to wait. He wasn’t getting any younger he wanted kids before he was ready for the senior home. Heather had told him a few months more wouldn’t hurt but he insisted so that was the plan.

“I wouldn’t want to hurt Jacob’s feelings he is just so excited for everything that we have planned,” Heather tells her. “I mean getting married and starting a family is all he wants. I can do my job wherever my family is and if it’s in Montana then I’ll be in Montana.”

“Oh come on at least apply for some jobs in big cities at fantastic hospitals. You know you want to Heather.” Roxy tells her with a smile before she gives her friend's hand a squeeze. “Jacob doesn’t have to know that you are applying for other jobs. I mean who knows he may change his mind and move with you to LA or something.”

Heather thinks of it before she nods, “What Jacob doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

“See! You’ll get some insane job offers and Missoula is going to be on the backburner. Who can say no to Mayo or UCLA.” Roxy tells her with a grin.

Heather thinks about that conversation after Roxy is dead now that everything has changed. Heather has broken things off with Jacob and now she is looking through her job offers. She has a seat on the bench in front of Roxy’s grave before she smiles. “Hey there Rox.”

It seems silly to be sitting in front of the grave and talking to Roxy. She isn’t there her body maybe but it isn’t Roxy. Still, it felt right to sit there telling her about everything. “I know you love to hear this guess what you were right.” She laughs feeling tears start to fall.

Heather doesn’t know if she can do this she thought it would help her but all she can do now is cry. “I am doing exactly what you thought I would do. I mean I don’t know if you thought Jacob and I would break up but obviously we did I took his baby away from him.”

“I feel guilty is that horrible? I mean I wasn’t ready to have kids I know I’m not ready I wanted to wait a year or two after I got a job but I feel bad.” Heather tells her before wiping away some tears. “You would tell me not to feel bad, what he did was wrong and I know it. I do want kids just not right now. Maybe I’ll have a daughter and give her a name after you I know you hated your first name maybe your middle name? You didn’t tell me it was Eleanor I think that’d be a good name for a girl or maybe a middle name I don’t know that’s still a ways away.”

She was rambling but she stopped that and instead takes out some papers from her purse. “I have job offers here in New York great ones so I think I’m going to take one of them. I gave up our apartment after you died but I did find a nice place you’d love it.” She looks at the papers and sighs. “Muhammad took a job here too it’s a great job I think Jay will stay the city just can’t get rid of us.”

“We lost you a year ago and it just feels like yesterday I wish you were here to do this with us getting fancy surgeon jobs enjoying a life that isn’t a crazy residency. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel getting to have an actual life. I mean I have to restart the whole dating thing but you wouldn’t have had to. I mean we could have had some gorgeous wedding for you and Muhammad maybe you could have had a couple of pretty kids.”

She gets up and looks at the headstone setting flowers down on top of it. “I’ll come back when I figure out where I’m going to work to keep you updated I love you Rox.”

Chapter Text

Heather is heading home when she sees the flower shop. Part of her wants to head straight home but she has to do it she feels herself being pulled there. She goes inside and grabs a bouquet of lilies. She sends a text to Rafael about staying late at work knowing she’ll need a bit of extra time.

She makes her way to the cemetery and walks quietly past other people that are seeing loved ones. She has a seat on her bench smiling as she sees the flowers lying in front of the gravestone. “Muhammad must have come to see you. With everything being brought up you’ve been on his mind more than usual. We haven’t found anything but I do have good news.”

Heather sets down the flowers next to the bouquet of tulips yellow, of course, it was Roxy’s favorite color. “I haven’t been in a while so I have a bit of recapping to do I’m sorry work has just been crazy but you’ll be pleased to know I met someone. Jay set us up a while ago but Jacob pulled us apart in typical Jacob fashion.” She explains before rolling her eyes. “It didn’t matter though because I met him again by chance his name is Rafael he’s an ADA he works a lot with the special victims unit. He’s really cute you would approve and god he cares so much sometimes in a stubborn sort of way it really reminds me of you just someone that cares so much about me.”

Heather takes in a breath watching some people walk past waiting for them to go before she talks again. “I moved in with him pretty soon but we just click in this way that I’ve never clicked with anyone. We talked about when we’d have kids and decided we should move in together before we work on that another year or two of course. Life has other ideas though we went on this romantic vacation and now I’m pregnant.”

Heather wipes away some tears that start to fall and smiles. “You’re going to be an aunt. It wasn’t the plan but you know what I’m so ready.” She looks down at her stomach smoothing a hand over it she obviously isn’t showing yet but she still felt the need to do it. “I haven’t told Rafael yet I felt like you needed to be the first person to know. Well, the second person, Jay did the test but the first person I’m officially telling. God, I wish you were here I just want you to jump up and down with me and celebrate. I do know that you are going to be part of this baby's life. I told you once I’d make my baby's middle name yours or if it’s a boy… I’m not sure we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

She looks down at the flowers and smiles, “I have to go but I’ll be back alright I just had to tell you about your little niece or nephew.” Before she can say much more she hears her phone ring picking it up. “Speaking of baby daddy to be, hold on. Hey Raf I’m just heading out of work do you need me to grab anything on the way home?”

“I have dinner ready but I really want something sweet to go with it. Would you mind grabbing something for dessert on the way home?” Rafael asks. He needs to buy a little more time he had hoped he would have more time so he was assuring so by sending her on a silly little errand.

“Yeah of course.” Heather gets up and puts a hand on the gravestone before she heads out. “I can head to that diner on the way home with the great cheesecake”

“That sounds perfect I’ll open up a bottle of wine I made Italian so it’ll all go together nicely.” Rafael offers before he makes his way over to the kitchen.

Heather looks at the file she’s holding, “That sounds tempting but I have to work early tomorrow I don’t want to go in with a wine hangover.” Thank god she did have to work early tomorrow it was a perfect excuse to get out of drinking.

“You’re right some other night then well I’ll see you home in a bit I love you, Heather,” Rafael tells her leaning against the kitchen counter and smiling. They hang up and Rafael looks around putting food out on the table before he lights candles at the table. He wonders if it’s too cheesy he thinks it’s just enough or at least better than the woman at the store who had suggested rose petals all over the ground. He dims the lights and puts out more candles to light it’s just enough he decides as he finishes lighting them. It’ll be the perfect way to propose.

Heather makes her way back home and sends a text to Jay that she’s going to do it. Thinking about it her heart races. She puts her phone in her purse along with the file figuring that she will do it later maybe over the cheesecake she had brought home. She finds her key unlocking the door before looking inside. “Raf?” She asks as she comes inside shutting and locking the door behind her. “I brought the cheesecake.”

“I’m at the dining table can you come in here? Dinner is already on the table.” Rafael tells him before peeking around the corner to look at her.

Heather smiles and makes her way over giving him a kiss. “Hey I love the candles were you feeling romantic?” She asks before she gives him a kiss.

“As a matter of fact, I was how was work?” Rafael asks, taking her coat and putting it away for her before he pulls her chair out.

Heather smiles and has a seat setting her purse down next to her seat and puts the cheesecake on the table. He scoots in the chair and she leans up gives him a kiss. “I love this you’re so sweet, have I told you that?”

“I try.” Rafael tells her giving her a kiss. He has a seat next to her moving to hold her hand. He feels sappy all of the sudden but he wants to wait, act as if everything is normal for a little while. “Did I ask how work was today?”

“Oh! Yes you did I just forgot to answer sorry. Work was good I kept busy for most of my shift.” Heather tells him before looking down at the food. “The food looks great by the way.”

“Well what did you do for the rest of work?” Rafael jokes before he digs into his food. He wants to get it eaten because that means they’re closer to time for him to propose. He shouldn’t rush this but he’s just too eager to ask her the big question.

Heather looks down at her bag, don’t do it don’t do it don’t do it. She picks up the file from her purse and sets it down on the table in front of Rafael. “I took a pregnancy test.” She blurts out before she looks at Rafael. “It was positive I’m pregnant.”

Rafael looks at the folder in front of him before he turns to turn on the light switch turning to look at it. He isn’t well versed in medical terminology but he does see the results right there. “You’re pregnant.”

“I’m pregnant.” Heather tells him with a grin. “I know we weren’t planning on doing this for a while but I just I’m so happy we’re in a great place with each other as well as financially. I think that now is a good time and-”

Before she can say much more Rafael gets up going back over to her to give her a kiss. “You’re pregnant we’re going to be parents.”

“Yeah- yeah we are,” Heather tells him tears starting to fall keeping him there close as she gives him another kiss. “I love you so much.”

Rafael gives her a few more kisses feeling so overwhelmed by all of this. He knew she was acting a little strange but this was far from what he had guessed it would be. “I- I was going to do this before I swear I was that’s why I had the dinner and all the candles.”

Heather smiles and reaches up to stroke his cheek. “Yes.”

“I- what?” Rafael asks he hadn’t even asked he didn’t have the ring out.

“I’ll marry you yes, of course I will,” Heather tells him giving him another kiss. She would have realized it if she hadn’t been so mixed up in her own thoughts. “I do want to wait though nothing shotgun I want to marry you but I want to be right.”

“Yeah- yeah of course,” Rafael tells her with a laugh before he gives her a kiss. “When do we tell people about the news… we have a lot of news to tell.”

“We’ll figure that out later but for now I want to celebrate.” Heather tells him. “Let’s have some dinner and you can tell me about your workday.”

“That sounds perfect oh- hold on,” Rafael asks before he takes out the ring box. “If you hate it we can figure something else out I just wanted you to have it.”

Heather watches him open the box and smiles, “I love it Raf it’s beautiful.” She tells him holding out her hand so he can put the ring on her finger. “I love you too.” She tells him before she leans in to give him a kiss.

“I love you Heather.” Rafael tells her giving her a kiss he moves his hand down to place on her stomach. “I’m so ready to start this part of my life with you.”

Chapter Text

“Hey- hey I have to get up for work,” Heather says quietly before she starts to unravel herself from Rafael’s grasp. He lets out a sleepy groan and she smiles giving him a kiss before she gets out of bed.

“Can’t you call in?” Rafael asks turning to watch her head towards the bathroom.

“Well I can but I doubt you can with that big case to prep for. I’ll see you when I get home.” Heather tells him with a smile before she heads into the shower. By the time she gets out Rafael is up she walks over to him as he debates ties. “The red one.”

“You sure you don’t have time to help me in the shower?” Rafael asks with a smile.

“I don’t have time for the kind of shower you’re looking for,” Heather tells him before giving him a kiss. “Besides I told Jay I’d grab breakfast before work so I really do have to go if I want to beat crowds literally anywhere.”

“Alright well, when we get home I want to go back to celebrating,” Rafael tells her pulling her in for one more kiss before he watches her go.

Heather heads out and goes to grab breakfast sandwiches and coffee then heading to the hospital. She meets Jay outside sitting with him at a bench handing him a drink and a sandwich. “So what do you have on the schedule today?”

“I’m sorry, do you want me to discuss surgeries with you instead of you know…” Jay watches someone walk past and looks at her again. “Well, you know how did it go? Did he have anything to say to you?”

“Well, he-” Heather stops and gives Jay a look. “Oh my god, you knew he was going to propose.”

“How do you think he knew what ring size to get you? By the way, you need to be more observant your graduation present has been gone a week.” Jay asks before he holds up a ring.

Heather looks at the ring then down to her bare right-hand god how long had it been? Her grandmother had given it to her when she graduated med school she almost never had it off. She takes it and puts it back on her right ring finger.

“Oh don’t give me that look I had to do something. I can’t just be like how is your workday going, by the way, what’s your ring size he wanted it a surprise. Your surprise was probably a much better one though right?” Jay asks before he looks at her coffee. “Should you have that?”

“If I’m going to deal with you bullshit all day I do need it besides it will be my… one cup of the day. This child should be very grateful this is a sacrifice I never wanted to make but I will.” Heather says before she has a sip of her coffee. She inhales deeply as if it’ll be her last cup she knows she’s being dramatic but with her work schedule she needed the stuff.

“Only the best for little baby Moore- or Barba? Barba-Moore? Which is it going to be?” Jay asks before he has a bite of his sandwich.

“I mean yesterday was just hey let's celebrate a lot… I mean a lot.” Heather tells him with a smile.

“Oh come on I don’t need to hear about your sex life with my friend,” Jay tells her giving her arm a playful shove.

“Hey you asked and I’m telling you we were too busy having hot sex to consider the last name,” Heather tells him. “Did I say how super hot the sex was?”

“Alright alright, I get it. So when are you going to start telling people?” Jay asks before he focuses on eating.

“Well, I’m hoping the more emphasis I put on being engaged the longer I can hold off on telling them the other news,” Heather tells him she had put thought into this she would at least wait until her first trimester was over. If she could she would wait longer she wanted to keep it as private ad she could. “Oh Jesus- my mother is coming to visit in two weeks!”

Jay laughs, “You can’t lie to your mother she’ll sniff it out in two seconds flat.”

“I won’t be lying I’ll be… concealing the truth.” Heather tells him as if that’ll make a difference. If she tries to lie to her mother then her mother will call her out so fast. She has to figure that out if they’re going to keep that secret.

“Well, you know what you do is the same thing you’re doing at work. You focus on the engagement news and hope that’s all anyone wants to talk about.” Jay suggests to her. “Speaking of work I know how you can save explaining time. Let that nurse that hates you hear you and I talk about your engagement you want to keep quiet and she’ll tell everyone.”

Heather laughs, “Oh god she would make that go so much faster, wouldn’t she? Alright well, lets head past the check-in desk and let her hear us talking.” She finishes her sandwich and heads inside with Jay.

“Heather oh god you left on… your engagement ring.” Jay tells her before he whispered. “Do you want everyone to know about it?”

“Oh god, I did.” Heather takes it off and puts it away in her pocket. “Thank you so much I wouldn’t want anyone to know. Raf and I aren’t going to say anything for at least a few months that would have ruined it.”

Jay watches the nurse walk away before he smiles at Heather. “So why does she hate you?”

“I honestly have no idea but now the news will be out,” Heather tells him with a nod. “I do wonder if this is a bad idea maybe I should tell people?”

“Don’t have you surgery to prep for this morning? You don’t want to explain it to everyone that is just going to take up time you don’t have.” Jay tells her before they head upstairs to go get ready.

Heather smiles putting both her rings on her necklace before she tucks it into her scrubs. “So how long do you give it before the whole hospital knows?”

“I bet you don’t even get scrubbed in for your surgery,” Jay tells her. “Alright, I have to see a family about a tumor removal. Do you want me to come to find you later to call and tell anyone else?”

“I think I’ll be okay I’ll call everyone and tell them tonight,” Heather tells him. Truthfully she was holding off on telling Muhammad she wanted him to celebrate with her but everything happening with Roxy’s murder she felt guilty as if she shouldn’t be celebrating any of this.

As if he could read her mind Jay gives her a look. “Muhammad is going to be thrilled to hear about it all he’s been your friend for a long time and he cares about you. We’re telling him today and then the three of us will go out for dinner to celebrate you can even invite your fiance.”

“You’re right, he's a great friend he’ll just be happy that we’re happy. I will tell Raf your idea I’m sure that he will love it.” Heather assures him. She knows Rafael had wanted his night in but they can do that after dinner with their friends. “I’ll see you later.”

“See you later, Heather,” Jay calls out before they both head their separate ways.

“I heard the amazing news- let me see the ring, Heather.” One of the other doctors asks her.

Heather does the whole talk with her showing off the ring and explaining the story behind the proposal. She had to trim out the pregnancy part to keep the secret but just talking about candles and a fancy dinner was enough to get everyone going aww.

Jay stands back and watches it all happen waiting for the plastic surgeon to leave before he walks over. “So the whole hospital knows- was a right did it happen before you scrubbed in?”

“Oh yes. Bridgette came up to me and told me how she’d fight the front end nurse for outing my secret. I told her the truth and she thought it was amusing but everyone else knows now too. This was way easier than explaining to everyone I just had to show off the ring and tell the proposal story once and awhile.” Heather was ready to get out of work though she could deal with attention but this much of it was emotionally draining her. “I called Muhammad by the way I told him the big news and he agreed we should go out to dinner the three of us are meeting him at a seafood restaurant by his hospital he’ll be out of surgery by 8 or so he says.”

“Oh so Rafael is coming with us he doesn’t have work?” Jay asks. He had assumed he would the man seemed to do nothing but work so it was a happy surprise. “I should go home and get looking presentable then I’ll meet you two there text me the address to the place?”

“I need to do the same so I’ll see you in a bit I’ll see you later,” Heather tells him before she makes her way back home.

Chapter Text

“I’m home! Sorry traffic is a damn nightmare.” Rafael calls out as he heads inside. He sees Heather and smiles, “You look beautiful.”

“You are sweet but we’re running late lucky for us you always look amazing so you don’t have to change let's go,” Heather tells him giving her hair one last fix before she takes him out the door. “You do look amazing,I love seeing you in a suit like this.”

“Hey now hands to yourself you said we’re running late we can’t be doing any of that,” Rafael tells her with a smirk.

Heather rolls her eyes, “You’re so full of yourself I mean I wasn’t going to try anything.”

“Oh, so you really wouldn’t have tried anything- not even with me looking like this?” Rafael asks as he heads out with her to the car opening the door for her before he gets in and starts it up.

Heather buckles up and looks over at him, “Okay maybe I would have started a little something but not much I don’t want to be the one who holds up the whole dinner.” She could have made up some excuse but she wanted to celebrate with the people she cared about.

Rafael gives her a kiss before he starts to drive traffic isn’t too horrible but it still may end with them being a few minutes late. Luckily in a town like this everyone understands so the drive is calm when they’re stopped at a stoplight he even glances over at Heather moving to place a hand on her stomach. “I still can’t believe this is happening.”

Heather smiles and puts her hand over his. “In a couple of months, we’ll be able to hear the heartbeat then feel the baby move.”

Rafael traces his thumb over her stomach and smiles, “Is it too soon to say that you’re glowing?”

Heather blushes before she looks back at the road. “I think the light is about to turn.”

“Right yeah,” Rafael tells her looking back ahead though he still does keep one hand on her stomach as he drives. He feels so excited thinking about all the things she had said. Their baby growing in there it was an exciting thing to think about.

When they park Heather lifts Rafael’s hand and kisses it, “I love you, Rafael Barba.”

“Not nearly as much as I love you, Heather,” Rafael assures her giving her hand a squeeze before he gets out to go open her door for her.

Heather gives him a look and smiles. “You know I’m perfectly capable of opening the door myself.” She tells him but she still gets out and takes his hand with a smile.

“You can but you do know that I’m probably going to fuss over you a lot more now that I have an excuse to.” Rafael presses a kiss to her cheek before he walks to the restaurant with her.

They head to the table and Heather smiles, “Jay Muhammad it’s so nice to see you two!” She walks over and gives them each a hug.

“Hey so I’m sorry but I told Muhhamad about you know… Baby Barba.” Jay admits. “It just came out I’m so sorry.”

“Well I am very happy for you, congratulations to both of you,” Muhammad tells them getting up and hugging Heather. He walks over to Rafael and smiles before shaking the man’s hand. “It’s nice to meet you again under better terms.”

Rafael smiles, “I agree I’m happy that I can come here to celebrate everything with Heather and her closest friends.”

“Everything?” Muhammad asks raising a brow as he looks at Heather.

Heather smiles and holds up her left hand for him to see. “Rafael proposed he had been planning it since before I even found out about the baby. Everything happened on the same day it was quite a night.”

“Well two celebrations for one night that is exciting,” Muhammad says giving his friend one more hug before he goes to sit down.

Heather smiles having a seat as well watching Rafael do the same. “This is a lovely restaurant by the way, how did you find this place?”

“Well a woman I have been seeing recommended it,” Muhammad tells her before he picks up his menu. “I asked her for good places to go and she recommended this restaurant.”

“Wait and you didn’t bring her along? Tell me about her how did you two meet what’s her name?” Heather asks with a smile. She knows that since Roxy’s death years ago Muhammad hadn’t been dating so she was happy to see him start to date.

“Her name is Nadia she is a pediatric nurse at the hospital we met when I first got to the hospital she asked me out a few weeks ago,” Muhammad tells her. “I didn’t want to just invite her I thought it might be rude.”

“Well my mother is coming to visit in two weeks and she wants to see all of my residency friends so you’re bringing Nadia to that dinner alright? I think her heart may be broken but she will want to meet the lucky lady that has won your heart.” Heather tells him with a smile.

Jay sees the look on Rafael’s face and chuckles, “Heather’s mother loves Muhammad she told her many times that she should start dating him.” He watches Muhammad start to blush. “Oh it was all Muhammad is handsome, he’s smart, he’s going to be a plastic surgeon, and he’s so charming. I think if she wasn’t a married woman she would have tried to get with him. Apparently I just wasn’t her type.”

Heather rolls her eyes, “You were screwing any guy or girl that would give you the time of day my mother assumed you were a player.”

“Why does that not surprise me one bit?” Rafael asks with a smile. He has known Jay for some time now and it sounded like him. “I do remember a few stories about a nurse… what was her name Ginny- Georgie?”

“ Georgia? You know he always denied that he messed around with her but we all knew he did.” Muhammad tells them before looking at Rafael. “Please if he has told you anything else about residency tell us all about it.”

“I think we should order dinner. I know Heather and Muhammad aren’t going to drink what about you Raf do you want to have a drink with me?” Jay asks as he tries to change the subject.

“I mean a glass of whiskey could go well with that lovely story you told me about how you spent New Year's your second year of residency,” Rafael suggests with a smirk.

The table is in a fit of laughter by the time they’ve gotten to eating it seemed as though Jay had told every embarrassing story he had to Rafael. The men had shared them over many a party on someone's yacht because when drinks were involved they all slipped out.

Jay rolls his eyes as they tell another one. “You know this really isn’t fair I never heard any of your embarrassing stories.”

“It’s not my fault that you talk enough for six people when you’re drunk,” Rafael tells him with a smile. He had heard more than enough he could even go on but they were towards the end of their dinner. “I think we will have to do this again and we can get out more stories this was really nice.”

“Yeah we’ll do it again with some of your Harvard buddies see what embarrassing stories you have from your law school days,” Jay tells him setting down his glass.

“Oh you’re not getting those stories but we will share more of yours. It was nice seeing you again and Muhammad it was nice seeing you again under better circumstances.” Rafael says getting up to shake the man’s hand.

“Thank you for everything you’ve been doing to help the case,” Muhammad tells him as he shakes the man's hand. “I’m happy I got to really meet the person making Heather so happy. She deserves someone who makes her happy like you seem to.”

Heather smiles and gives each of her friends a hug, “I’m happy you like Rafael he’s one of the best things that has happened to me in a while. Having you like him means a lot.”

“Well we do now tell me when your mother comes to visit we’ll meet up again then,” Muhammad assures her before he looks over at Jay. “Come on I’ll drive you home.”

Jay smiles before he grabs his coat, “I’ll see you two later have a nice night.”

Heather watches them go before she kisses Rafael on his cheek. “That went so well I’m so happy.”

Rafael smiles and presses a kiss to her temple, “Yes now we just have to do this again with your mother.”

“We’ve still got time for now let's get you home, handsome,” Heather tells him before she takes him out to the car.

Chapter Text

“Joey hey how are you lovely lady?” Heather asks as she heads inside. A call from her best friend was always something she enjoyed. “You know I’ve been meaning to call you all week.”

Joey smiles, “You seem to be in a chipper mood did you take out some huge brain tumor today or something?”

Heather rolls her eyes though she still smiles. “You know not all my happiness comes from work.”

“Oh right, you’ve got Rafael now. So tell me what sort of dreamboat thing did he do now?” Joey asks in a teasing manner.

“Well it’s not what he did- I mean he did do it but listen I haven’t said anything to anyone.” Heather starts to tell her friend.

“Wait did he… are you pregnant Heather?” Joey asks. She hates to assume but the way this is going she thinks that’s how it has to be.

“Yes! I’ve been meaning to call you all week since I found out but it has been a crazy week at work. I am pregnant though and I wanted to tell you so bad. I’m only a couple of weeks in so I’m not telling pretty much anyone but you are my best friend so I have to tell you.” Heather tells her with a smile. She has already told a few people but after her mother, it stops at least until the first trimester is over.

Joey takes in a breath she’s happy for her friend and she doesn’t want to ruin the mood. “I’m so happy for you two. I’ll have you know if you do a shotgun wedding without me involved I’ll kick his ass you can pass that on to Rafael.”

Heather laughs, “We are going to have a longer engagement don’t worry I’m we’ll plan something nice, not the shotgun wedding type you know me.”

“Woah you’re engaged? I don’t remember hearing about that, you just said you’re pregnant.” Joey really can’t do this now, shit.

“Right I’m sorry all our work friends know I forget about things back home. I went to tell him I was pregnant but he was trying to propose to me, crazy right?” Heather asks before she has a seat. “Now what did you want to talk about I’m sure just not my update.”

“No- no I just wanted an update you hadn’t called all week I missed hearing from my best friend,” Joey assures her. “Now can we please start talking about this engagement Adelaide Drubman has the marina I bet she’d let you get married there wedding by the waterside would be nice, don't you think?”

“Oh you’re really avoiding it aren’t you? Alright Joey, spit it out what’s bothering you?” Heather asks hoping that her friend will just spit it out.

“Okay, so you know your mom has been on that work trip right? No one has heard from your dad in all that time. I mean it would be fine but we’ve even tried to reach out in person but he won’t talk to anyone outside of the church.” Joey tells her. “I’m sure it’s nothing he’s probably just wrapped up in church and work but we don’t know.”

“So you want me to call him and check-in?” Heather asks before she rubs the bridge of her nose. “Have you tried to see him in person?”

“I’ve gone to the house a few times we just can’t get him to answer we need to know he’s okay. If it’ll upset you we can just try again later maybe call a few more times.” Joey suggests knowing just how upset Heather can get. She fights with her father about a lot mostly surrounding Jacob so it was worse. “It’s really no big deal I shouldn’t have called.”

“No, I’ll call him we need to know he’s okay I don’t know if he’s going to answer but I’ll keep you updated okay? I love you, Joey.” Heather tells her deciding to hang up before Joey can argue the point anymore.

“I’m home,” Rafael says shutting the door behind him and taking off his coat. He hears nothing in return but Heather’s coat is hung up so he heads in to find her, smiling. “I thought your big surgery was today what work did you have to bring home?”

Heather pokes her head out of the study mouthing that she’s on the phone. “Dad we’re just worried about you we want to know that you’re doing okay.”

Rafael walks over and gives her a kiss, “I’ll get dinner started.” He says quietly before he heads to the kitchen, not wanting to interrupt her call.

“That was Rafael, dad- yes Rafael this is our apartment I’ve told you that. I’m an adult, I am allowed to live with my fiance.” Heather gives Rafael an apologetic wolf. “Oh, it’s not the father’s way? Well, I think he’s a bit biased the lord isn’t telling him what to do it’s that piece of shit brother of his pulling the strings.”

Rafael stays quiet cooking in the kitchen though he can hear pieces of the conversation and it isn’t good. He hears Heather come on feeling her arms wrap around him from behind. “Is everything alright?”

“They couldn’t get a hold of my dad so Joey asked me to call him.” Heather smiles moving to lean against the counter. “Apparently we’re living in sin and he doesn’t even know you knocked me up. Now that will really make him bust a gasket.”

Rafael looks over at her unsure if she’s hiding how upset she is or just really amused by all of it. “You know none of that matters right? In the end, it matters how you feel and you want to be here so forget how he feels.”

“I know I know it’s silly but I just… I grew up daddies girl. I hung off his every word and I used to do special fishing trips or pancake breakfasts with him. Now I can’t even get through a phone call with him without a fight breaking out,” Heather’s face scrunches and she tries to fight it but tears are starting to fall. “I just want things how they were I want my dad back.”

Rafael gives her a kiss, “We have that visit in a few months I’m sure he’ll come around to the idea of all of this. You know I’m very charming I bet I’ll have him in love with me in no time.”

Heather laughs taking his hand and giving it a gentle squeeze. “You’ll win my mom over next week and after that, it’ll all fall into place.” She isn’t sure she believes that in the slightest but she’ll try to be positive. “How… how do you think you’ll be as a father?”

Rafael had thought about it some but not that in-depth. He knows why she’s asking though knowing how uncertain things are with her dad. “I think pancake breakfasts would be great now I’m no fisherman but I’m sure we’ll find something to do.”

“You could read them one of those boring law textbooks to get them to sleep,” Heather tells him taking a spoon to try the pasta sauce.

“You never know it could inspire our child to become a supreme court justice,” Rafael tells her with a grin.

“Oh no, we’re having a little surgeon for sure. It may be too soon to assume but I’m thinking cardiothoracic.” Heather tells him before adding in some more pepper.

“Well, surgeon or lawyer what do you think the sex will be?” Rafael had this feeling that it was going to be a girl.

“I have no idea and I don’t think I want to know I think it would be a nice surprise to find out when the baby is born, don’t you?” Heather has never been big on that stuff she didn’t have to do some blue room and cover the kid in trucks or some glittery pink baby in dresses. Gender-neutral could work until this kid decided how they wanted to dress and have their room look.

“I think it sounds like a great idea but I know my mother won’t like it. I can hear her now, scolding me about how the ladies at her church won’t know what colors to knit a blanket.” Rafael jokes. To him, it doesn’t matter one way or the other he just wants a healthy baby.

Heather thinks about it for a moment sure that her mother would say the same. “If they’re really fussy about it tell them yellow. As for your mother, we’ll bring her around to the idea or hope she’s too excited about being a grandmother to care.”

“I am sure she’ll be too excited to care,” Rafael tells her moving over to Heather and wrapping his arms around her. “I love both of you so much.”

Heather smiles and gives him a kiss. “We both love you too, Raf.”

Chapter Text

“I think we’ve got everything we need we should send this guy over to booking and he’ll be processed in the morning,” Olivia tells Rollins before looking up at the person in the door. “Heather it’s nice to see you how can I help you?”

“I was actually looking for Rafael I thought he was coming in here.” Heather tells her she looks at Rawlins and smiles, “You look great.”

“Oh thanks,” Rollins says moving a hand to her growing stomach. “The kids doing great in there- she. I found out last week.”

“A girl that’s nice congratulations,” Heather tells the woman with a smile. “I’m sorry you have to work I’ll leave you to it I was just looking for Rafael like I said.”

“Alright well I’m going to go bring him through booking I’ll keep up updated, Liv,” Rollins tells the woman giving both women a polite smile before she leaves.

Olivia watches Rollins leave before she looks at Heather. “I wish we could help you more but Barba left a while ago something about pressing matters back at the office.”

“Right… well, I should have just called him I’m sorry for bothering you at work, Olivia.” Heather apologizes before looking at the door. “I’ll head out and just text him thanks for talking to me though.”

“If there was anything else you needed we could always talk before you go.” Olivia offers, wondering if Heather wants an update on the case even if it was on the backburner.

Heather thinks about it for a moment before shaking her head. “If there was updates to give you would have given them to me. How are you though?”

Olivia smiles at Heather. “I’m great, things have been quiet at home with Noah. What about you? How are things going for you? I heard congratulations are in honor I just haven’t seen you- congrats we’re all very happy for you two.”

Heather smiles a finger tapping absently at her ring as they speak. “It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks. Everything has been crazy or I would have come in sooner to tell you all. Things at work then my mother is coming to visit tomorrow but it’s all going well. Now, do you have any new pictures of Noah?”

“I’m happy to hear it,” Olivia tells her with a nod before taking out her phone to show pictures to Heather. “This is a trip we took to the park last week and Lucy sent me these yesterday.”

“Oh he’s such a sweet boy look at him,” Heather tells Olivia as she looks at the photos. She thinks about doing that herself having a phone full of photos of her little baby it makes her more excited. “Okay, I won’t take up any more of your time thank you, Olivia, I appreciate you taking some time for me.”

“If you ever need to talk about anything don’t hesitate to call alright. Not just the case, anything really, we could go grab something to eat or just have a chat like this.” Olivia offers wanting Heather to know she has more people in her corner.

“You know Rafael told me you were a caring person and he was very right,” Heather tells the woman with a smile. She was sure she wasn’t supposed to say it but she did want to tell the woman. “You seem to care about the people around you so much, the world needs more people like you in it.”

Olivia is happy to hear that Rafael said that he really didn’t say those things to people so even hearing it from someone else was nice. “He doesn’t show it all the time but he’s a caring person you two fit each other well.”

Heather is about to speak but Olivia’s phone goes off, “I’ll talk to you later- thanks, Olivia.”

Olivia smiles and watches Heather go before she picks up the phone. “This is Sergeant Benson.”

Heather heads out taking her phone out to text Rafael. Once she has she lifts her head and smiles at Sonny, “Hey there Sonny I heard you’ve got a hot date on Saturday night.”

Sonny looks up from his work and smiles, “How did you- oh yeah Bridgette is your friend, of course, she’d tell you.” He nervously rubs the back of his neck. “I was thinking of taking her for Chinese do you think she’d like that? I mean there’s Thai too or even I know a nice Italian place…”

“Bridgette loves sushi but she never gets to go out for it because her son hates fish. I know a couple of nice places if you need help finding one.” Heather offers to him taking a pen and a loose piece of paper. “I have to wait for whatever is holding Raf up anyways.”

“Yeah I’d appreciate that I just want to make a good impression,” Sonny admits.

“You already made a good first impression she likes you a lot. You should wear the red tie it looks good.” Heather tells him pointing at his tie with her pen. “Now I’ll write down a couple of places you finish up your work.”

“What would I do without your help?” Sonny asks before he works on typing up his report.

“He acts helpless but he’s a lady killer.” Fin jokes before he winks at them.

“You would do just fine you’re handsome and very charming,” Heather tells him before she puts down the pen. “Any of those places but the first two are probably the best.”

Sonny looks from his work to the list and nods, “I’ll do one of those then thanks.” He looks at the time. “I think we’re going to order takeout for lunch do you want to stay and join us?”

Heather was supposed to go out for lunch with Rafael but he wasn’t answering so she’d stay. “That sounds perfect I’ll join you for takeout.” She tells him before taking the menus Fin held out.

“Is that really what happened? I’m sure you tell these stories all the time but that is so interesting to hear about.” Heather says before she takes more noodles up in her chopsticks and eating them.

“I mean it’s one hell of a story I don’t mind telling it.” Fin tells her with a shrug. He’s not one to brag but he is willing to tell stories like this.

“I get it people ask for my work stories all the time too. I have quite a few from doing trauma room rotation of my residency but I’ll have to save them for later.” Heather tells him as she looks at the time. “I’m working the evening shift so I need to head to work thank you for sitting down to eat with me.”

“Hey if you ever want to join us again we won’t complain especially if come with those stories.” Fin tells with an amused smile.

Heather nods as she gets up, “I’ll think up plenty of stories and only bring back the best.”

“I look forward to it.” Fin tells her before he gets back to finishing his food.

Heather checks her phone on the way out before calling Rafael again. “Hey there how are you doing, handsome?”

“Good I’m good, I'm just buried in work I’m so sorry I know we were supposed to have lunch but I had my phone off from being in court this morning. I really didn’t mean to miss lunch.” Rafael tells her, he feels horrible but he gets lost in his work sometimes and forgets about the world outside his office.

“It’s alright I probably would have done the same thing if it had been me,” Heather tells him as she heads out of the building. “Remember you are marrying a fellow workaholic you don’t have to apologize so much.”

“We’ll have to get better at this sort of thing won’t we?” Rafael asks before he smiles. “So when do you get off of work?”

“I’m staying late so I’ll probably be back after you’re asleep. My mother’s flight should come in at 6 in the morning tomorrow- a great time to try kicking caffeine right?” Heather jokes even though she knows it’s going to be hell.

“No you sleep in I’ll go get your mother from the airport and take her out for breakfast. She can do all her getting to know you judgment stuff right away.” Rafael offers not wanting Heather to spend the next day exhausted. “Before you fight me on it I’ll tell you it’s happening tell your mother and let me handle the rest.”

Heather sighs the pros and cons of being with someone just as stubborn. “Thank you I appreciate the extra sleep now I’ve got to head to work I’ll see you at home later love you.” She hangs up and heads inside. She changes and is barely to the ER before she gets her first page and she knows it’ll be one hell of a night.

Chapter Text

Lucy is tired when she gets off her plane but she doesn’t care one bit she knows she’ll be with her daughter later so she has a pep in her step as she heads out. Eyes scan the crowd looking for Rafael in the crowd. She sees him and smiles pulling the man right in for a hug, “Well look at you, you look even more handsome in person.”

Rafael smiles and hugs the woman back. “It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Moore.”

Lucy takes herself out of the embrace putting her hands on his arms as she looks at him. “Look at you so sharply dressed and handsome. Gosh, it’s just so nice to meet you. Oh and please call me Lucy.”

“Well Heather wanted to be here but she worked late so I told her she should sleep in. I figured we could pick up your bags and I could take you to breakfast if you’re up to it.” Rafael offers before he holds out a hand to take the woman’s carry on bag from her.

Lucy holds out her bag for him to take. “Thank you very much just be careful that’s some of my camera equipment now let's go grab my bags.”

Rafael nods, “That sounds perfect let's head that way.” He walks with her to go wait for her baggage waiting for her bags.

Lucy waits pulling her two bags up and looks at Rafael. “Alright looks like I’m ready to go now how about you start telling me about yourself.”

Rafael brings the bags up the stairs before he unlocks the door. “I’m not sure if Heather will be up yet so I can help you get your bags into the guest room.” He thinks about how he had considered buying something to start turning that room into a nursery but he hadn’t. Now he’s grateful because that would have been difficult to explain.

“Aren’t you just the sweetest?” Lucy tells him with a grin she has been won over for sure but it had been done before she had even gotten her breakfast.

Rafael opens the door and lets her in before helping to get the bags in before he locks the door behind them. He hears the shower and smiles, “I think she’s up I’ll show you where to put your bags then I’ll tell her we’re back.”

“That sounds like a good plan to me,” Lucy tells him letting Rafael take the lead.

Rafael opens the door to the guest room setting down her bags next to the bed. “The bathroom is the room right next to it then it’s the study and the last room is the bedroom. I’m going to poke my head into the bedroom and tell Heather you’re here.”

Lucy sets down the bags she has and stops Rafael giving him a hug. “I had my doubts but you’re a sweet man I’m happy that my daughter met you.”

Rafael smiles and gives her a hug back. “I appreciate that but you know you have Jay to thank for it he set the two of us up the first time we just figured it out after that.”

“I knew that boy had some good in him he set up quite the couple,” Lucy says before she lets go of him. “I should unpack my stuff but thank you for taking me out to breakfast I appreciate it.”

“It’s no trouble at all I”m happy that we were able to get to know each other,” Rafael tells her before turning to leave. He heads into the bedroom then opening the bathroom door. “Heather we’re- oh are you okay?”

Heather has knelt over the toilet when he comes in holding onto it. She looks over at Rafael and her face goes from sick to nervous. “Shit, how are you two back already- oh please don’t tell me she’s waiting.”

“She’s unpacking her stuff Heather what’s wrong?” Rafael asks walking over to her and pulling her hair back out of her face.

“I’m fine, I just got a wave of nausea on the way into the shower it’s just morning sickness I’ll be fine. Just go out there and stall I’ll be out as soon as I can.” Heather tells him before she gets up and gets into the shower.

Rafael nods, “Just holler if you need anything.” He heads out shutting the door behind him before going into the hall. “I told her you’re here she’s just finishing up in the shower and she’ll be out here.”

“Alright well show me where your food is I’ll make her some breakfast since she didn’t get to come with us,” Lucy tells him more of a demand than a suggestion, she knows she may be stepping on toes by coming to stay with them so she wants to take care of her daughter.

“Oh, you don’t have to she’s feeling a bit under the weather,” Rafael tells her though he pauses hoping she won’t catch on. “She thinks she ate something bad at work last night.”

“Well then, I’ll make her some tea and toast see if we can get her feeling a bit better,” Lucy tells him with a nod. “It’s what I did when she was little she needs something in her stomach could you show me around the kitchen?”

It was a way to stall so he’s sure Heather would be fine with it. He shows her where everything is and has some idle chit chat. He tries not to but he can’t help but look towards the hall hoping that Heather is okay. When she walks out he smiles, “Hey are you feeling better? I know you didn’t want me to tell your mother but I said something about your food poisoning in case you were stuck in the bathroom for a while.”

Heather looks at Rafael it only takes a moment before she sighs. “I’m sorry mom I told Raf not to say anything, I didn’t want you to have to fuss.” She walks into the kitchen and smiles pressing a kiss to her mother’s cheek.

“That sounds like my girl but you are my baby I have to fuss now sit down and I’ll get your tea and toast,” Lucy tells her pressing a kiss to her daughter’s cheek. “Now did you call off of work you shouldn’t be on your feet when you don’t feel good.”

“Oh I don’t work until later mom I’ll be fine by then now please don’t fuss it’s your vacation. I do think Rafael has to go to work though thank you for picking up my mom I appreciate it.” Heather says walking over to him and giving Rafael a kiss.

“I had a lovely time now I’ll be back early as long as nothing happens if it does I’ll call. I love you.” Rafael tells her giving Heather a kiss back before he smiles heading to grab his coat before he leaves to go to work.

Lucy watches Rafael leave before she motions Heather over to have a seat. “So does Rafael not know you’re pregnant yet because I can help you think up better excuses than that.”

Heather’s eyes go wide wondering how her mother knew. “I- how in the world did you know?”

“I spent two months with the stomach flu, food poisoning, and a mess of other excuses so I knew exactly what that was,” Lucy says before setting tea and toast in front of her daughter. “Now you can’t have food poisoning forever so do you need me to help you think of something else?”

Heather smiles and wraps her arms around her mother in a hug. “No no- Raf knows I told him the night he proposed.”

“He didn’t propose because you told him right because you deserve better than some man that does that you deserve some romance- a proposal that means something,” Lucy tells her as she lets go sitting back to look at her daughter.

“He had it all planned out before I even knew I was pregnant he did candles, roses, and the works it was really sweet. I know you were nervous about everything happening so fast but mom he’s just so different than Jacob, mom. This is so much healthier and I feel amazing mom I mean right now I’m having morning sickness but overall I feel so good.” Heather admits reaching out to take her mom’s hand. “I’m just so happy and I’m happy you get to see that.”

“Oh baby, you’re gonna make me cry,” Lucy says feeling tears well up as she cups her daughter's face in her hands. She leans in and presses a kiss on her forehead. “I get to see my little grandbaby have you had a sonogram yet oh have you heard the heartbeat?”

“No none of that yet it’s too soon I’m only a month it,” Heather tells her though it is two weeks since she has found out it feels like not long at all but still feels like it has been a lifetime. “You’re going to be a grandma.”

“Yes I am.” Lucy says moving a hand to Heather’s stomach before she smiles. “My first business as grandma is to take care of you so eat your toast and get to your tea alright? I’m going to go clean up my mess in the kitchen.”

Chapter Text

“Mom I think you get these shots every time you come to visit me in New York,” Heather tells her before she poses giving her mother a smile as the woman takes another photo.

“I’ll use my favorite excuse it’s a new camera now these are my grandbabies first pictures so you can’t complain. Now come on another one put a hand on your stomach so we know.” Lucille tells her daughter as she lifts up her camera.

Heather rolls her eyes but does as her mother asks wanting her to be happy. She is going to pose for another but she hears her phone go off. “Could you look for a new spot to photograph Joey’s calling.”

“Oh tell her I said hi, come get me when you’re ready,” Lucy tells her daughter before she heads off to go look for somewhere new to photograph.

Heather smiles and picks up the phone. “Hey there beautiful, how are you doing this morning?”

“God I missed hearing you say that every morning, kitten,” Jacob says with a happy sigh. “You remember that don’t you? Seeing you with your messy hair and hearing that sweet morning voice god that was just something else.”

Heather’s heart drops and she has to look at her phone screen seeing that it is Joey’s phone. She puts it back up to her ear trying to keep a calm face. “Why do you have Joey’s phone?”

“Oh don’t worry she just left it when she came to check up at the summer camp she’ll get it back. Call me sentimental but I just missed that gorgeous voice.” Jacob tells her with a grin as he leaned back into his seat. “You should call me baby or is that just reserved for your little bun in the oven?”

“How-” Heather stops, “Dad. She told my dad and of course, he told you.”

“My smart kitten. Well, now she’s the momma cat now carrying a sweet little kitten. So does this one get to live because daddy makes better money?” Jacob asks he’s still bitter and he always will be.

Heather’s hand moves to her stomach absently as if she’s protecting the baby. There’s nothing to protect the baby from Jacob can’t come here. “You tried to force me to become a mother before I was ready you were trying to trap me in a relationship that I wanted out of.”

“Then I punished you for murdering my child by murdering your best friend. They aren’t going to find Jacobi, by the way, I got rid of him a long time ago I don’t do loose ends.” Jacob tells her with a proud smirk.

“Why are you saying all of this why are you even risking this phone call I could have you sent to jail just for this you know that right?” Heather tells him, she’s just bluffing she won’t call to snitch on him she doesn’t want the fuss of all of this if she thinks he won’t do anything.

“You’re a horrible liar you won’t do shit unless I threaten you or that baby. Don’t worry unlike you I don’t murder little babies so you’re just fine with that thing in your belly. That thing a boy or a girl?” Jacob asks her wondering if she’ll tell him that much he highly doubts it.

Heather’s jaw tensed, “My child is none of your damn business so don’t you dare try calling again or I will call the police. I have started a better life and I refuse to let you ruin it, Jacob. You need to get over this obsession you have with me and just move on already.”

“Listen I’ve tried you know blind dates and all that setting up stuff and dating websites but you are just a hard girl to get over. I think we should try it one more time what do you say- for old times sake?” Jacob asks he already knows the answer but he is more than amused by the angry little answer he’s sure she’ll give.

Heather smirks, “Well you news isn’t all current apparently don’t know about the engagement.”

Jacob is left silent clearly surprised by that news it hadn’t been told him. He has to think of some sort of fast remark some quip but nothing is coming to him she’s engaged? He had thought he could win her over again but engaged to that little prick? He opens his mouth to say something but instead, he ends up hanging up the call. He wants to throw the phone against the wall but Deputy Hudson has to get her phone back in one piece. He takes in a deep breath before he gets it to someone to give it back.

Heather is relieved when she hears the other end hang up before she puts away her phone. She looks at her mother who is working on lighting for her camera. She wants to be in the moment so she takes in a few breaths before heading over.

“Hey, how is Joey doing did you tell her I said hi?” Lucy asks as she turns to looks at her daughter.

Heather wants to cry and confess to her mother that it was Jacob but for some reason, she can’t do it. Instead, she smiles, "I told her you said hello don’t worry she was just calling during a work break.”

“She’s such a sweet girl looking after you like she does now come on I want photos in front of this graffiti it’s gorgeous,” Lucy tells her daughter before she picks her camera back up.

Heather lets her mother do a few more photos before she finally gets her to stop. “Can I get you in a cab back to the apartment mom I have to run a few errands I can bring home food on my way back if you’d like.”

“You don’t have to grab anything I’ll make dinner for the three of us if you need anything just call, baby,” Lucy says giving her daughter a kiss on the temple before packing away her camera then taking the key her daughter was holding out.

Heather nods hailing a cab for her mother watching her off before she heads off in her own cab. She is quiet all the way to SVU debating internally if she should even be doing this. Jacob hadn’t threatened her or the baby she just didn’t feel right about it. She gets out of the cab and heads inside. She stops in the hall in front of the station wondering at the last minute if she should even do this.

Rollins walks past with sodas she’d grabbed from the machine but she stops when she sees Heather. “Hey there what are you doing here I thought Barba said you were spending a day out with your mom.”

Heather looks at Rollins and feels tears start to fall, no this wasn’t what she had wanted at all. “I-” She starts but she has to stop. “Can we go somewhere to talk.”

“Yeah- yeah, of course, come on let’s go inside.” Rollins rests a hand on the small of Heather’s back guiding her in. She sets the sodas on Carisi’s desk giving him a look so he knows to go call Olivia, why did she have to be out? She picks up a tissue box before heading down the hall with Heather. “Let’s go sit in an interrogation room okay we’ll talk there.”

Heather nods and heads into a room with Rawlins and has a seat. “I’m sorry I didn’t want to get so upset I’m just so damn emotional and now I’m more upset because of it God this is just so frustrating.”

Rollins has a seat holding out the tissue box. “How about you tell me what has you so upset so I can help you out.”

Heather takes out a tissue and wipes her eyes. “I wouldn’t care I really wouldn’t but I just have other people to think about now, other things that matter more you know?”

Rollins didn’t know but she still nods, “It’s not just about you so you have to look out for yourself more than you’re used to.”

Heather nods and takes in a breath. “I don’t think it’s going to be a problem I really don’t but my ex called. He had someone else's phone since I have his number blocked. He didn’t threaten me or say anything dangerous I just know it’s better to be safe especially now.”

Rollins nods and takes out a pad of paper and a pen starting to write down notes. “Jacob right? Now tell me what he said to you.”

“He-” Heather stops realizing she has backed herself into a corner, so much for not telling anyone else about the pregnancy. “He wanted me to know that he knew I’m pregnant I think my father must have told him.”

“Your father told him that you’re pregnant?” Rollins asks as she takes notes trying not to seem so surprised by this fact.

Heather nods, “My father and Jacob were close even after our split up but he’d like to give Jacob that information to let him be ahead. Jacob just loved getting to tell me that he knew.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Rollins tells Heather handing her another tissue.

“I don’t want to do anything but I just know it won’t be safe if I don’t. He’ll think he can overstep these boundaries.” Heather tells her taking in a breath as she starts to calm herself. “I’m sorry about the crying it really wasn’t that big of a deal I’m just feeling extra emotional.”

“Trust me if anyone knows how you feel it’s me,” Rollins tells her placing her hand on her pregnancy bump. “I have cried over too many commercials of puppies and whatever the hell else trust me it is no fun.”

Heather takes in a breath, “I’m sorry I should get going I shooed my mother away with some lie about running work errands I should go head home is this enough of a statement?”

“Actually Olivia is coming in she should just be a few minutes she wanted to talk it through and get the ball rolling on this all she’s getting here as quickly as she can,” Rollins tells her.

“I appreciate it but my mother is a worrier she’ll start asking questions and I need to go buy some toilet paper or something else that is errand worthy enough for me to be gone this long I’ll talk to you later thank you,” Heather tells her before she gets up. “I’ll keep my phone on if anyone needs to call me with an update.”

Rollins picks up her phone when she hears a ding. “Olivia is here just meet her on the way out. She’ll hunt you down if you don’t so you may as well.”

Heather sighs knowing that Rollins is right. “I will and thank you for calming me down I appreciate having someone to talk to.” She thinks about it for a moment. “I don’t want to tell many people at least not before the first trimester is over.”

“It’ll stay as quiet as we can keep it don’t worry. We are gonna make sure you and the baby are safe.” Rollins assures her before she gets up.

Heather smiles and holds open the door for Rollins following her out and down the hall. She meets Olivia at the entrance. “I gave Rollins a statement but I’m guessing you want to talk in your office?”

“If you don’t mind it’ll just take a few minutes,” Olivia tells her before she motions to her office.

“Alright well let's do this,” Heather tells her before taking in a breath. She’ll have to come up with one hell of an excuse when she gets back home.

Chapter Text

“I can drive you home if you want.” Sonny offers as he watches Heather head towards the door. “I’m heading out for the night if you didn’t drive here.”

Heather had taken a cab she should take the offer it would be hard enough to find a cab at the end of everyone’s workday. “I don’t want to tell anyone about you know all of this so I’ve got to go find some excuse for why I was out. I still need to go grab toilet paper or something I haven’t figured it out but thanks for the offer.”

“I need bread anyways,” Sonny tells her grabbing his coat and heading to the door.

“So you’re not taking no for an answer is what you’re saying?” Heather asks with a smile. “Alright well let’s go find my excuse for being gone for so long.”

Sonny follows her out and walks her to his car opening the passenger side door for her. “You know your mother and Barba would understand why you came here. It’s important to have a support system during these sorts of things.”

“Thank you,” Heather tells him before she gets into the door. She waits for him to get in on the other side. “I know that they are going to be supportive and I’ll tell them at some point but not right now. My mother just found out she’s going to be a grandmother and we’re telling Raf’s mother tomorrow. I want to celebrate and be happy right now I don’t want Jacob to ruin another thing in my life.”

Sonny nods he understands that she just wants to be happy. “It’s not the first time he ruined something like this in your life?”

Heather thinks about it and takes in a breath he has ruined too many things to count but she doesn’t want to talk about it. “I never asked how your date went with Bridgette I mean she told me how it went for her but I haven’t heard it from you.”

“It went really well, thanks for the tip on places to eat. We went out again for dinner and one more time for coffee. When we were having coffee I told her about this family recipe great Italian food and now she’s gonna come over and I’m gonna cook dinner for her over the weekend.” Sonny tells her with a smile. He was excited it had been a while since he met a woman he liked this much so he was eager to show off his skills to Bridgette.

“That’s really sweet I’m happy that things are working out between you two,” Heather tells him they have something happy. Bridgette hadn’t been with anyone really good in some time and Sonny seemed like a really great guy.

Sonny parks in front of a corner shop and gets out. He opens the door for Heather and then heads inside with her. “Let's find your excuse.”

Heather goes inside and looks around with him. She tries to think of what they even need but of course, she had stocked up on most things to prepare for her mother showing up. She is looking at the little packs of laundry detergent when she hears the store owner.

“Can you not read the damn sign? I don’t do solicitors leave the people in my store alone.” The woman tells someone and it piques Heather’s interest. She moves a bit closer in the aisle to hear whatever drama is being caused.

“All I’m asking is for you to spread the Lord’s word. Not for sale just free give it to anyone who asks.” The man suggests and Heather’s blood runs cold.

Heather knows that voice and she freezes up. She wants to grab Sonny but he’s down another aisle looking at drinks to take home. She opens her mouth to say something but before she can get up the nerve the man leaves. She grabs trash bags figuring it’s excuse enough and goes to find Sonny. “Can we- we should go.”

“Is everything alright?” Sonny asks as he turns to look at her. “What is it?”

“There was just a man in here I think it was Jacob’s brother. It sounded like John I could just be feeling paranoid but I went to plenty of family dinners I know his voice.” Heather tells him. “Can we just check out I want to go home.”

“Yeah, of course, let me grab the bread we can go,” Sonny tells her grabbing a loaf of bread and heading to the checkout with her. He sees the stack of books up front and recognizes the logo from when he had been to Hope County. “Doing a lot of reading?”

The woman at the register looks at the books, “The guy had pretty eyes it’s hard to say no to pretty eyes.”

“I’m always a sucker for guys with blue eyes myself that’s why I’ve got this one,” Heather says with a smile as she stands next to Sonny.

“Yeah that guy had the prettiest blue eyes god I could have stared into them forever. I figured let him put out a couple of crappy bibles if it means I get to see those pretty eyes around here again.” The woman says ringing up the bread and a pack of gum that Sonny had thrown on the counter.

“You mind if I take one it’s a long drive home could use some reading,” Sonny asks when the woman agrees he takes a second plastic bag and puts it inside of the bag.

Heather checks out and they leave looking out left and right as they leave. “Why is John in town? God, they can’t do this- not right now.”

“I’ll take this back to look for fingerprints and we’ll see if it’s really him. Don’t worry we’ll figure this out but first I’ll drop you off okay?” Sonny asks with a small smile, hoping she’s not too alarmed by it. They get back into the car and the conversation ends there talking instead about what Sonny is going to make Bridgette for dinner.

Heather unlocks the front door happy to hear the disco music she grew up with and the smells, it all brought her back to her childhood home. She shuts the door behind her, “I’m home, mom.”

“There you are we were starting to worry about you.” Lucy says as she pokes her head out of the kitchen.

“We?” Heather asks as she walks into the kitchen. “Well look who got out of work at a halfway decent hour. Hi Raf, how was work today?”

Rafael smiles and pulls her in for a kiss. “Work was… work. What sorts of errands did you have to run?”

“I had a consult for work and I also thought we were out of trash bags- are we?” Heather asks setting down the bag from the corner store. She had dealt with two Seed siblings in one night and she wonders if keeping that from them is wrong. Her thoughts are distracted as she looks at the foods. “Yorkshire puddings?”

“I was telling Rafael how your grandmother never does these recipes in an English sort of way but adding spices that reminded her of home,” Lucy says with a smile. “I couldn’t remember the last time I did this for you, I thought it would be a nice treat.”

“This is a nice treat mom everything smells great,” Heather tells her mother giving the woman a kiss on the cheek.

“You got a package by the way. I signed for the package I hope you don’t mind.” Lucy tells her daughter pointing with a spoon before she gets back to cooking.

For a moment Heather’s mind is brought to the Seeds wondering if they had sent something, no they couldn’t know her address they made sure to keep it quiet. She walks over and looks at it them smiles. “It is actually a present for you and Lucia but you can’t see it until she comes to visit for dinner.”

“Oh come on just a little peek,” Lucy tells her with a smile.

Heather takes the box and smiles back. “I’m going to take this to the bedroom to hide it from you then we will have the pies.” She heads back to the bedroom and puts away the box. She pauses for a moment and takes in a breath. It was one hell of a day but she refused to let it ruin her night.

Chapter Text

“Mom I don’t want to leave you here by yourself tonight I can miss this work party.” Heather offers as her mother zips up the dress that she has on. She looks in the mirror and moves her hair back in place. “I don’t think it would offend anyone all that much.”

“I’m sorry but I’m not giving you an out I have lots of photo editing to do I want to have the ones we took ready to print,” Lucy tells her before smoothing down the dress. “Besides you look beautiful now go enjoy a nice night out with Rafael this time next year you won’t be having too many of those.”

“You’re right I just can barely get through a party of stuck up doctors I don’t know how I’ll cope with stuck up lawyers,” Heather tells her mother doing one last touch up to her makeup. “Alright, I'm going to go get Rafael from work have a nice night, mom.”

“You too baby enjoy your night out,” Lucy tells her with a smile handing her daughter the pair of heels she had chosen before watching her leave.

Heather heads to Rafael’s office seeing his secretary packing up her back. “Are you done for the night?”

The woman looks up and smiles, “I am and it looks like you are getting dragged to that party.”

“Well I hope dragged isn’t the word she’d use,” Rafael says with a smile. He looks at Heather, “You look beautiful by the way.”

Heather smiles before she looks over at his secretary. “I’ll let you go sorry I’m sure you’re eager to get home.” She steps aside and watches the woman leave before looking back to Raf. “So how long before we have to be at this party?”

Rafael raises a brow as he looks at her, “What do you have going on in that mind of yours?”

“I think that we have been very PG since my mother has been here I thought maybe we could get… PG-13 before we go.” Heather tells him with a smile.

Rafael takes her arm and pulled her back into his office. He watches her shut the door behind her before smiling. “So what do we call PG-13 then because I have missed a lot this week.”

“Whatever we can get done in what- 20 minutes?” Heather asks as she looks at the time. That would give them enough time to do some things but still be on time for his work party. Maybe enjoying themselves a bit would make the thought of that party easier.

Rafael smirks turning them so she’s backed against the desk before lifting her up onto it. “I think I can work with 20 minutes.”

Heather fixes her hair and smirks at Rafael. “You know we could ditch the party and go find a hotel room somewhere- take this well past the PG-13 we got to.”

It is a tempting offer but he at least has to head to the party. “You know you don’t have to go to this party I can go to it on my own.”

“Well, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun to get rated R at a hotel room by myself. Besides, I'm sure that if I can handle stuck up doctors then I can do stuck up lawyers just as easily.” Heather tells him with a smirk. She picks her bag back up and heads out with him out to head to the venue.

“I will get all the chatting done I need to and we can head out,” Rafael assures her standing at the bar getting her something non-alcoholic and a glass of wine for himself. He holds her glass out. “As long as Judge Yorke isn’t here it shouldn’t take too long.”

“Take your time just know you are going to owe me immensely later.” Heather jokes pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Oh, so all that in my office wasn’t payment enough even the-” Rafael pauses as someone walks by though he cannot help the smirk that forms. “I thought that was my payment.”

“It was a good start now come on let’s hear all this work chat,” Heather tells him following him over to go talk to a group of people that Rafael worked with.

“Rafael it’s a pleasure to see you here- and who is this?” The woman asks with a smile.

“I’m his fiancee Heather Moore,” Heather says extended a hand to shake the woman’s hand.

“Sawyer Fredrick it’s a pleasure to meet you.” The woman says shaking Heather’s hand. “I haven’t heard about you but then again Rafael does seem to keep quiet about his life. I think you just switched secretaries right? Were you the last one?”

“I did just get a new secretary my last is on maternity leave it wasn’t Heather though she-” Rafael starts though Heather is quick to cut him off.

“I’m sure it’s honest work to be a secretary but I am actually a neurosurgeon at New York Pres.” Heather tells her with a kind smile though the words are a bit curt. Where did this woman get off just assume that Heather had been his secretary? “We met through a mutual friend.”

“That is fantastic I’m happy that Rafael found someone to keep up with him.” The woman says with a nod before she looks past them. “Now if you’ll excuse me I see Judge Yorke I need to go talk to him about some things.”

Heather nods and watches the woman leave before she looks at Rafael. “I am so sorry I don’t know where that came from. She just assumed I was some secretary you were screwing and I just…”

“You know if you did that with Judge Yorke the conversation would end a lot faster than it usually does.” Rafael tries to joke though from the look on Heather’s face she isn’t taking well to the joke. He smiles at her kissing her cheek. “It’s fine Sawyer needs someone to put her in her place once and a while. Now let's go find some group to stand around chatting with.”

Heather smiles and walks with him up to a larger group giving an introduction before she listens to the conversation they’re having. Something about a friend visiting from out of state to lecture and her mind wanders. She sips on her drink thinking about how the dinner is going to go tomorrow with Rafael’s mother. She wants things to be nice when they tell her about the baby and of course when their mothers meet. They’re all going to be a family soon enough but it should be easy enough. The two women are both kind and she knows it’s her father who may make the family coming together a bit harder. Then again he wasn’t here for this he was back home so it didn’t matter for the time being.

“There he is the man of the hour.” One of the men jokes.

“You are just saying that because I finally took you up on that offer to come guest lecture for your future lawyers.” The second man jokes. “I’m sure you’re grateful to have them off your hands for even one lecture.”

Heather focuses back on the conversation and looks between the two men. Of course he was here, of course this was happening right now.

Rafael looks at Heather then to the men. “So who is this man that you dragged to teach your classes for you?”

“John Duncan. George and I go back he was one of my professors and now that he’s getting too lazy to teach. You must be the fiance that everyone in town has heard so much about.” John says before he shakes Rafael’s hand.

“John Duncan is also John Seed he’s Jacob’s younger brother. It’s nice to see you again John how have you been?” Heather asks politely resisting the urge to roll her eyes. She always hated John even when she was trying to be polite as she thought she was becoming part of his family.

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Duncan,” Rafael says. He shook the man's hand then steps back next to Heather trying to gauge her reaction subtly.

“So you know Mr. Barba’s fiancee? It’s just a small world.” The man comments with a chuckle.

“Oh even smaller than you think Miss Moore here actually used to date my brother. How many years was it that you dated him?” John asks before he looks back at Heather.

Heather’s phone rings and she is quick to pick it up. She doesn’t recognize the number it’s probably some scam call but it’s an out. “I am terribly sorry I’d love to stay and chat but I’m on call at work you understand don’t you?” Before anyone can answer she picks up her phone and walks away. “This is Doctor Moore.”

Rafael watches her start to walk away, “I’d love to stay but she is my ride so I should probably head out.”

“I’m sorry that’s probably my fault she has never been my biggest fan. I had a thing for her while she was seeing my brother it made her feel a bit awkward so she avoided me. I shouldn’t have even brought any of it up.” John apologizes though as Rafael looks at him they both know that John knew exactly what he was doing.

Rafael nods, “I’m going to go catch a ride with her but it was nice to meet you. Maybe I’ll come to see the lecture you’re giving.”

“It would be my pleasure it is nice meeting you,” John tells him with a nod.

Rafael sets down his glass somewhere and heads out the front to find Heather. He looks on either side and finds her leaning against a wall. He walks over to her, “Thank you for getting me out of that party- I hate those things.”

“I’m sure they’re not all this interesting- meeting my former almost brother in law,” Heather asks, fingers still wrapped around the glass that she had walked out with. “If it had to be either of them I would have preferred Joseph.”

“So the one who runs a religious cult is the best of the three?” Rafael asks unable to help the laugh. “You know how ridiculous that sounds right?”

Heather pauses before a moment before she laughs, “God it really is. I have no idea how this family got so screwed up but yes the one running a religious cult is the sanest member of the family. Oh and to make it all that much more fun John was so in love with me and he made that obvious every time I would come over for family dinners.”

“Oh, he said that after you left yeah nothing like dropping I used to be in love with her into casual conversation.” Rafael tells her before he takes the glass Heather was holding and sets it on a bench. “Why don’t we go get that hotel room you were talking about?”

“Yeah that sounds like John, fucking prick,” Heather says, rubbing the bridge of her nose as she tries to think about anything but him. The thought of a hotel though that was a decent distraction. “Oh god can we? I miss having sex I miss you.”

Rafael smiles and turns her to face him giving her a kiss. “Is it bad I mean it has only been a few days but I do miss you and I wouldn’t mind spending the night holed up in a hotel catching up on some spare time. I mean we both have tomorrow off right?”

“You’re right,” Heather tells him with a grin. She’s going to whisper something dirty in his ear when she sees John walking up. “Jesus this man doesn’t give up.” She mutters.

Rafael turns around and smiles. “Mr. Duncan- to what do we owe the pleasure?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t want to break up all of that but you left this inside,” John tells Rafael holding out his wallet. “I figured you wouldn’t get that far without it.”

Rafael takes the wallet from John and tucks it away. “Thank you I really do appreciate it. We should get going now though she’s got work.”

“Yes, of course, it’s hard work saving lives I’m sure and you should get to it,” John tells Heather. “Oh and congratulations, by the way, Jacob told me the good news you’ll be a lovely mother.”

Great now she’ll have to explain all of this to Rafael so much for a sexy night. If this is already going downhill she may as well bring it down the rest of the way. The woman nods, “I’m just surprised you didn’t head straight home to help him or have they not told you that he broke his restraining order?”

John is surprised though it is only seen through a change in position, almost too subtle to notice. “I suppose I should head back though it will just be a little fine… a slap on the wrist really.”

Heather smiles, “We’ll see about that. Anyways we should head off it was really a pleasure John. Good luck with helping Jacob in court I’m sure he’ll need it.” She takes Rafael’s hand and heads to the car before anything else can be said. She gets into the car on the driver’s side and takes in a breath.

“What was that about?” Rafael asks as he gets into the car. “He broke his restraining order and you didn’t say anything? Have you told anyone about it?”

“I told Olivia it was nothing, it was just a phone call can we please not do this right now?” Heather asks as she starts the car back up.

“Well, clearly it wasn’t nothing if you felt like keeping it from me. I want to keep you safe and we can’t do that if you keep these things from me.” Rafael insists. “And you told Olivia not to say anything right because I’ve seen her and she hasn’t said a word.”

“I told her that I wanted to wait until after this dinner tomorrow with our mothers. I didn’t want Jacob to ruin our nice night we were all going to have tomorrow- this nice week we’re having with my mother. He has taken too much away from me without taking this time we’ve been having.” Heather tells him, fingers tightening around the steering wheel. “I was just doing what I thought was best, Raf.”

“Were you really going to tell me?” Rafael asks.

Heather keeps her eyes forward as she drives, “Do you want an honest answer?”

“Let’s just head home and go to bed, it was a long day anyway,” Rafael tells her.

“That sounds perfect to me,” Heather tells him her tone cold as she speaks focusing more on the drive home.