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A Long Story

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“This man was out on bail for not even six hours and he’s already done it again? Same MO same everything? Unbelievable.” Rafael says jaw tensing up as he thinks about it. It’s clear by the look on his face that he’s beating himself up over this. It was the judges choice on bail but he should have pressed harder.

“Yeah the guy is a real piece of work but he left DNA behind luckily we’ll be able to nail his ass once it goes through,” Finn assures the man. He knows how easy it is to put blame on yourself so he hoped that would help Rafael feel a bit better.

Rafael nods before looking from Finn to Olivia. “How is the woman?”

“That is actually why we’re here, I got a call from the doctor who was performing surgery on her,” Olivia tells him as she heads with him into the area family was. She sees the woman make her way and smiles. “Doctor Moore thank you for calling how is she doing?”

“It’s no trouble I know you said that she doesn’t have a family she should have someone-” Heather stops looking from Olivia to Rafael. “Rafael Barba?”

“Heather Moore it really is a small world it’s been too long,” Rafael tells her with a smile. It had been months since they had texted last even longer since they’d actually talked in person.

“You two know each other?” Finn asks looking from Rafael to the doctor. She was a very beautiful woman he wanted to know how the hell Barba knew her. “You gonna tell us how?”

“It’s a story for another time I’m sorry we had to see each other again under these conditions,” Rafael tells her before he clears his throat.

Heather nods before looking back between them. “Sorry back to the patient you said that she doesn’t have any family so I thought she should have someone here for her.” She tells them before motioning for them to follow. “The rape kit was done before I got there shortly after it was finished she had a seizure. I had to take her into surgery she had an Intracerebral Hemorrhage.”

“Not all of us are doctors who know the lingo can you translate that into English for us?” Finn asks as he shoves his hands in his pockets.

“He beat her so hard that her brain started to bleed it was slow at first, it's how they got through the kit without realizing. I relieved the pressure to her brain but she’s far from out of the woods.” Heather says before gently tapping on the window. A curtain was pulled from inside by the nurse to show the woman. “She’s still unconscious and she will be for some time I’m expecting if everything goes well, she'll be here for at least a week.”

“And if everything doesn’t go well?” Rafael asks as he looks at the woman. He’s trying to take it all in as soon as the DNA is through what happened to this woman will be added to the existing charges to ensure the man was on remand.

“We are trying to think positively but this could kill her or seriously impair her for the rest of her life,” Heather says before she looks at the woman. “Do you know who did this to her?”

“We have the suspect back in custody he was trying to flee the scene when a street uni caught him. He was on bail for other charges same MO we think the DNA is going to match.” Finn tells her though his eyes don’t leave that poor woman.

“Make him pay anyone who could do this to a person should spend the rest of their lives in jail,” Heather says before tapping the window so the nurse will shut the blinds.

“Oh don’t worry this man is going to pay,” Rafael assures her before he turns to look back at Heather. “When I add these charges on I’ll need you to testify about the injuries sustained.”

“Oh well I can get you her number-” Olivia starts but before Heather takes out a clipboard.

“You have the hospitals number with my extension this is my personal number. Call me when you need me to testify until then I am going to try my hardest to make sure this woman stays alive.” Heather says before she hands the folding up piece of paper to Rafael. “Now if you’ll excuse me I have to do some rounds it was good seeing you again Rafael.”

Rafael nods, “It was nice to see you as well I’ll make sure to call you when we need you for the trial.” He then stops and watches the woman leave before turning to leave with the detectives.

“So are you going to tell us what that was?” Olivia asks with a smirk.

“I think what we saw was our boy here getting himself a pretty doctor’s number. Not to be bad Barba not too bad at all.”

Rafael lets out a chuckle before shaking his head. “What you saw is a very long story that I am not going to tell you.”

“Looks like Barba isn’t the type to kiss and tell,” Finn tells him before opening the door to let the others out.

“No. No, I am not.” Rafael agrees rolling his eyes before making his way out of the building.