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The Tie

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Before reading this, i want to warn you i'm FRENCHIE, so english is not my born language, i will make grammatical mistakes, pretty please forgive me and enjoy this one shot fanfic.

Izuku Midoriya can brag he is not affraid of many things in his life, He face countless of foes in his short life and a lot of them when he was not even a pro hero. Now aged of 25 he can brag to have beaten many vilains, save a lot of lives in fires, accidents or natural cataclysm, he even manage to get in the top 5 of the hero classifications witch is a great exploit by himself, Yeah Izuku Midoriya can brag for not being affraid of many things. Exceptionnaly today is a freaking stressfull day, he check and double check his little text, check and double check his hair, smell his breath to be sure it's fresh, nothing to do, he is pretty sure he miss something! Not even 10 minutes before everything start Eijiro Kirishima enter the room.

-Hey Bro, it's time, bring back your ass or I send someone to bring it!
-Yyes! I'm coming Kirishima
-Chill out bro, you are awsome!
-Ookay, One last trip to the bathroom and i'm ready!

Izuku take all his time in the bathroom, he cool his face one last time with some water, he is still sure he miss something. Knowing Iida, the man have make a checklist and look everything at least 2 time to be sure nothing is missing. He exit the bathroom and stat mutting again in his non-existing beard

-And if nothing goes as plan? And if vilains attack at the same time, do my professional obligation force me to go and save the day or somes heros who are not here will deal with it, and if

-Oh no, don't kachan me, you come with me now, you are needed and I don't have all night waiting for you!
-Yyes Kacchan! The 2 men are going before Katsuki put a hand on Izuku' shoulder.
-Are you bullshiting me? After all thoses years you can't even make a nice tie? What you are looking if you came with this shit around your neck? Bakugo unravel the black tie and elegantly make a wonderfull Windsor tie knot.
-Tthanks Kacchan! I knew I have forgot something all day.
-It's my job as a pal to make sure you don't forget the watermellon you use as a head today!
-Did you just said we are friend?
-Fuck you, we hang out since we wear diapers, off course we are friend, now you shut up and go back to the pink alien you called your girlfriend, she is waiting for you!
Thanks Kacchan, you are the best!
-Off course I am, now Deku moove your ass, I don't want half & half and Ochako accusing me because you are late at your fucking wedding!