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The snake in the lion’s den

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Harry awakens with a light weight on his chest, the feeling of contentment still coursing through his body. He opens his eyes and looks down on his mate, he can feel the warmth swell in his chest at seeing him there, feeling his breath against his chest. Blaise slowly opens his eyes; he can smell the scent of what he can only describe as a fresh wind and smoke together with Harry´s own special musk. He smiles and meets the green eyes of his lover.

“Good morning Blaise. Did you sleep well?” Harry smiles down at him. 

“Good morning, I slept wonderfully, thank you. I think I owe you a little history lesson this morning, maybe we should get ready and talk a bit over breakfast?” Blaise stretches and leans up to kiss the corner of Harry´s mouth before he moves towards the bathroom. 

“Hmm, yes. That does sound like a good plan.” Harry moves off the bed too and follows his mate into the bathroom.

When he gets a look at himself in the mirror, Harry sees a new addition to his ears that was not there the day before.

“Blaise, where does the earring come from?”

“Oh, when you complete the bond with your mate you get your earring, a dark colour for the dominant and a light colour for the submissive, see mine, it’s a light turquoise with some light brown patterns on it, and yours is a dark red with some dark ice blue patterns on it. Now I´m going to shower, will you join me?” Blaise smirks at him and disappears into said shower, with Harry hurrying after him.

In the shower they are washing the other’s new longer hair, and gives the scalp a thorough massage which naturally evolves into them washing and massaging the other completely and to completion. whilst this is going on Harry notices that his creature side doesn't have the crazy libido that tells him to take his mate as often as he can, which he has heard some other races has and he feels a bit relieved at that. He can feel that since they now has this security in the bond, it would seem they will get a chance at actually getting to know each other at a bit more sedated pace. Of course, he is also glad that all this touching and kissing feels very natural even though they don't know each other so well, he enjoys the the pleasure he can both give and take with his mate.




Harry and Blaise stepped out into the medical wing to find their breakfast is already there on a table with two chairs, and a little pile of letters resting by each of the two plates.
Blaise shuffles through his mail and picks out a parcel with a letter attached, retrieving the letter, he hands the parcel over to Harry.

“It´s from my mother, I asked her in the letter yesterday to send me the book my family has on our inheritance, I figured it would be easier to use the book, that way I won´t forget something important.” Blaise answers Harry´s unasked question.

 Harry opens the parcel and takes out the book, Elemental Fae it says on the front. It’s an old book bound in worn leather, and he quickly opens it to the first page.



There are many species of fae, but the most powerful, together with the High Elves, are the Elementals.  

They come in four distinct groups; earth, air, fire and water.

While a full-blooded elemental is what some Wixen would call a regular creature like the salamander, the gnomes or the undines. An Elemental who is part creature and part Wixen will only retain some characteristic from their creature half.


Elements, Elementals.

Elementals tend to have a lot in common with their family “group”.  They usually have similar jobs or similar goals.  They tend to like and dislike similar things.  Yet each class of fae, and each fae themselves can be completely unique. To understand the wixen elementals we need to look at some of the full-blooded creature Elementals.

Air Elementals.

The most common image of a fae is that of a person with wings.  They could have butterfly wings, dragon wings or perhaps dragonfly wings; they could be nude or clothed.  These images of fae correlate most with air Elementals. They are the beings that flit about in the sky. Some cause leaves to fall, others dance in snow drifts, and even others help to spread pollen far and wide. These fae are helpful to have in your garden, though some of them can also be tricksters. Generally, they are benevolent, and they are the ones that most commonly live among humans.

Also included in this group are Valkyries, angels, apsara, Elves, faeries and pixies.

Fire Elementals.

Fire faeries can look the same as air faeries, or they can look completely different. They are most commonly known as salamanders and can indeed look similar to the lizard-like amphibians.  This is mostly due to the fact that salamanders like living under the woodpile or inside old logs and would come out should that log be thrown onto a fire.  Most fire fae claim the term salamander no matter their form. Like fire, however, these beings can either be helpful or harmful.  They are more likely found in a raging wildfire than in your fireplace at home.

Also included in this classification are djinn, dragons, and will-o’-the-wisps.

Earth Elementals.

Earth fae tend to be disappointed in humans, because we take too many natural resources without proper thanks.  Humans can’t even be expected to pick up their own trash after a picnic, and this makes them sad for us, as well as for the natural world. This makes most Earth fae distrustful of humans, which can be clearly seen in the many altercations between goblins and wixen.

This group also includes gnomes, brownies, nymphs, ga-hon-gas, and dwarves.

Water Elementals.

Water fae are things like mermaids, selkies and undines.  They live in the oceans, ponds, rivers and lakes, but tend to seclude themselves from humans. Because there are so many folk tales about humans taking advantage of selkies, these water beings are wary of them. Humans also tend to pollute their water ways. Still, you can find them in the wildest of lakes, in the flooded rivers and streams, and in the depths of the oceans.

Wixen Elementals.
Unlike their full-blooded Cousins the Wixen Elementals are only part creature, this leads to them looking mostly human, and also retain their human magic. They can shift into a form fitting their element, but not permanently. For example, an air Elemental may have wings, they will always be there for them to call upon, but they cannot stay out for the rest of their life, they will sink back into the skin of the Elemental. How long an Elemental can hold on to his forms depends on the magical strength of the wixen. It is possible for a wixen elemental to display their form unconsciously, mostly by the creature magic feeling threatened, this is why some Air Elementals keep their wings out when hurt in battle even if they are unconscious.

Something else that differs a wixen Elemental from the full-blooded creatures are their one and only mate. Some elemental creatures have several, either at the same time or over time. This makes the mate and the bond that much more important for the wixen elementals. The mate keeps them stable, this goes both ways, and one cannot live without the other, with the exception of there being children between the mates. The submissive will not follow the dominant to death before all children are mated themselves. The submissive will however die the instant the youngest child completes their mate bond.


The Elementals will attain their forms as a result of their completed bonding, this also goes for their earrings. The earrings tell other elementals which element you control, as well as if you are a dominant or a submissive. See the chart beneath to see what your earring says about you. All elements have one colour, the difference in light or dark will show if you are a dominant or a submissive. If you are a dominant the colour(s) will be dark, and if you are a submissive the colour(s) will be light. If you have more than one colour on your earring, you have more than one element, this is rare but not unheard of.


        Colour:                               Element:

     Red                                         Fire

         Turquoise                                 Water           

       White                                        Air

    Brown                                   Earth


After bonding the tradition is for the Dominant to court the Submissive. This is to build trust, learn to love and deepen the emotional and physical relationship between mates. This tradition also helps ease the transition into your creature inheritance.



Harry closes the book, he has a lot of things to think about now, but first they really have to finish with these meetings. They only have two meetings left, for now at least. First is Neville and Luna and the other will be with Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott.

 Blaise looks up when Harry closes the book and notices the thoughtful look on his face. “Do you have questions?”

“No, not right now. I need to think it through first, and then we will talk about it.” Harry smiles at him. “Now though, we really need to get going up to the meeting room, Neville and Luna should be here in twenty minutes.”

 Harry gets up and holds out his arm for Blaise to take so he can escort him to the meeting. Blaise is visibly very surprised by how well-mannered Harry is, he has never seen this side of his mate when they were at school. He gets up and places his hand on Harry´s arm and they make their way out of the medical wing.




This time when they arrive in Griphook´s office, they are the last to enter, and they were not expecting the company currently in the room. Neville is there and beside him sits a lady whom can only be his gran, both Harry and Blaise can remember her outfit on Severus in their third year and bite the inside of their cheek to keep from chuckling at the memory. On the other side of Neville sits Professor Flitwick, then comes Luna and on the other side of Luna is the last person in their entourage, a blond man with flashy yellow robes.


“Hello Harry. It´s so good to see you! And your mate, I can see you both got rid of the buzzing wrackspurts at last.” Luna states in her dreamy voice.

“Hello Luna. It´s good to see you too. I must say, you are a few more people than we expected.” Harry looks towards Neville and he stands up.


“Harry, I would like for you to meet my Gran, Augusta Longbottom, Dowager Lady Longbottom. Gran, I would like to present to you, Harry Potter, Lord Black.”


Harry turns to Augusta and holds out his hand for hers “It´s a pleasure to meet you madam. I have heard many good things about you from your grandson. Please call me Harry.” He bows and kisses the air above her hand.


“The pleasure is all mine Harry. I have heard a great many things about you as well. I am pleased that Neville has such good friends as you and Luna here. Please address me as Augusta.” Madam Longbottom inclines her head in greeting.


Harry smiles at both Augusta and Neville before turning to professor Flitwick. “It is wonderful to see you again professor. I hope you are in good health.” He holds out his hand and the professor take it in his own. “It is wonderful to see you to my child. I am in good health, all things considered. I hope you are well in these dark times also Mr. Potter.”


“Please just call me Harry professor. I´m glad you’re well, I am also in good health now. Let´s get these introductions out of the way, so that we may start the meeting we are here for.”


“Of course of course, but please call me by my given name Harry.” Fillius answers and Harry nods his head in confirmation before turning to Luna and the unknown man at her side.


“Harry.” Luna says with a bright smile and skips over to him, latches on to his arm and guides him towards the unknown man. “This is my father; he is utterly pleased to meet you. Father, this is Harry Potter, my very good friend. He is the one who helped me find all my things when the nargles kept borrowing them.”


“It is a pleasure to meet you sir. I am very fond of your daughter; she is a true friend. Please call me Harry.” He states and reaches out his hand.


Luna´s father grabs his hand very enthusiastically, shaking it up and down with ferocious speed. “Such a pleasure, big fan, big fan. Please call me Xenophilius.”


Harry turns to Blaise and holds out his hand for him to take and looks back at the others once his mate is securely placed at his side. “Thank you all for coming to this meeting. I would like to introduce to you my mate; Blaise Zabini. I have a lot to tell you about this summer, but before that, since I don´t actually know two of you, and the third is very close to the headmaster through his job. I would like to ask you for a vow, a vow to not repeat anything from this meeting to anyone outside of here without my permission.”

They all nod at Blaise and he goes through the personal greetings before Luna takes out her wand. “I solemnly swear upon my magic not to reveal anything we speak about in this room today to anyone not in it at the time of this meeting without permission from the one the secret belongs to. So mote it be.”

“So mote it be.” They all echoed. And then everyone in the room followed suit.

From there Harry recounted everything that had happened since the start of the summer, and the reactions from the guests was explosive, it is clear that they are not happy with the old goat.




A while later after Harry has had som refreshments brought in they settle dow to discuss what they are to do further.

“Harry, will you let me join your group and serve as the link between you and my brethren here in the bank? I can also help Minerva and Severus with covering for all of us when we return to the school.” Flitwick offered after he was done cursing and ranting at Dumbledork first in Gobbledygook and then in English just for good measure and had calmed down some with a glass of goblin mead.


“Of course, Fillius, that would be very helpful. Do you think maybe we could get Professor Sprout on our side as well? Having all four heads of house on our side would make it infinitely easier to pull the wool over the headmaster’s eyes I think.” Harry replied, and he is genuinely happy to have the national duelling champion on their side. He would be a great asset, and an even greater teacher.


“She might, and we could most probably also get Poppy over on our side, I know she is most unhappy with how Albus overrides her in the hospital wing.” Fillius says.


“Count me in as well Harry, and Neville too. We will always follow where you go.” Luna states in her dreamy voice. “The teachers are a good idea, but be careful with the medi-witch, the bee has messed with her head and her memories. She needs a cleansing bath before she can be on our side.”


“Me and Neville were not going to leave here without hopefully joining you Harry, Dumbledore has already come to me in hopes of grooming Neville to take your place since he believes you to be dead. I will not go along with this plan of his, he needs to leave my family alone.” Augusta states and she looks as stern as Minerva, and Harry can feel that she deserves the same amount of respect as his head of house.


“We have some basic plans laid out. They need to be worked on of course, but they are a start, I would like for you all to join the others in Italy. If you want to get things from home, but not leave the bank, we can have Dobby fetch your things for you.”

And so Dobby was called and everyone got their stuff and left for Italy, with only Harry and Blaise staying at the bank for the last meeting before they too would travel out of England to build up this third side to the war.