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The snake in the lion’s den

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There is a street named Privet Drive, where all the houses are the same, all the gardens look the same and all the people behave the same. At Privet Drive everything is perfect, there is not even a leaf out of place, because the worst thing that can happen at Privet Drive is to be gossiped about, best to just do everything exactly like everyone else. This is true for everyone but one person, but no one knows about him. There is no reason for the good people of Privet Drive to think that a person like this exists. This person, who is currently lying on a small mattress in a dark and cold cellar, is Harry Potter. The relatives of Harry Potter whom he is currently living with, have spent years making sure that no one is aware of just what goes on with their freak of a nephew. And this is where our story begins, Harry has been home from school for two weeks, and has been in this cellar since he came home, no food, one glass of water per day, and a bucket in the corner for a toilet. The only visits he´s had are when his uncle needs to get rid of some stress and comes in with the belt.


Harry groans where he lays on the mattress, he can feel the thin blanket covering his body, but it gives no comfort or warmth. He can feel the lacerations on his back, they burn with intensity, and he thinks they may be inflamed. He wonders how much time has passed since he got there, between the beatings, and the small glasses of water, he reckons it´s been around two weeks, but he can´t be sure. He can hear them now, up in the kitchen, the creaking of the floor just outside the door to the cellar, and he wonders if it is time for his uncle to come down with the belt again, he is pretty sure it is happening every day, but he sleeps so much now, it may not be as often as that. Harry goes back to sleep, he´s just so tired all the time, but he is startled awake one hour later when he is thrown from the bed, and his head crashes in to the wall first and then the floor. He lays there, just waiting for the belt he knows is coming. But the belt does not come, or at least he can´t feel it, because he slips in to unconsciousness, his body too weak to sustain him with this new head injury, he´s losing too much blood and even his magic can´t help him now.

----------- HP/BZ----------

Up north in Scotland in the office of one Albus too-many-names Dumbledore there is a silver device which explodes the moment Harry Potter dies. But, the esteemed headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry won´t see this until it is too late for him to do anything about it and try to save his precious weapon.

----------- HP/BZ----------

Griphook is a normal goblin, just sitting at his desk and going about his day at work in the Magical bank of Gringotts, when suddenly there is a blinding white light in the room. He has never seen anything like this and is about to call the guards when the light disappears and leaves behind the battered and broken form of one Harry Potter. Griphook of course knows who he is at once, and reacts instinctively, he calls for a team of healers, a team of guards, and sends an emergency note to the head of the bank, King Ragnarok.


The medical team comes in and starts working at once, there is no time to even move the boy to the medical wing. They work on him for hours, noting down every injury they find, even the really old ones, like the time when he was four and spilt boiling water on his shoulder whilst cooking for his relatives. They find magical blocks on his core and on his abilities, how this boy has even survived to this age is a miracle, and they are not about to lose him now. It is whilst they are examining his scar that the king comes in, marching straight for Griphook to get the story so far from him. At the same time that Griphook finishes the report, the head healer suddenly exclaims in anger and starts ranting off curses in Gobbledygook making everyone in the room halt in surprise. Everyone is thinking the same thing ´ What in the world could have set off the healer like that? ´. When the healer explains what is hidden behind the scar, the king gets a mad gleam in his eyes and orders them not to touch the thing until they have spoken to Harry, they don´t know what effect the thing has had on him, or possibly what effect Harry has had on it. So, the healers finish up with what they can immediately deal with and get Harry stable enough for the transfer to the medical wing.