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Little sister

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Jotaro remembered when he was 9 years old when he got to hold her in his arms. She was so small, weak and so innocent. Jotaro wanted to protect that. He remembered he was pouty at the fact he was getting a new little sibling.

He quite enjoyed being an only child with how his mother and father dotted at him and praised him...yet...

It changed really, He loved how calm she looked when he held her, Her eyes were shut and she was fast asleep, "Do you wanna know the name of your little sister, Jotaro?" Asked his dad, Jotaro looked at his father with sparkling eyes, still amazed at the fragile baby in his arms, Holly chuckled at her son's sparkling eyes. "Her name is (Y/n), (Y/n) Kujo" (Y/n)...what a great name for his little sister.

"Make sure you protect her...alright son? You're a big brother now and it's your responsibility to make sure she's in safe hands" His father's words made Jotaro nod, "I promise dad!" He said, he looked at the baby in his arms again. Yes, He promise he'll protect her.

A few months later


"Yare yare daze, Be careful (Y/n)!" Jotaro huffed as he guided his little sister, (Y/n) let out angry noises, "Mamaaa, (Y/n) is trying to stand up on her own! She almost hurt herself" Jotaro said, Holly giggled at her whining son. "It's best you try to just watch from afar son, Your little sister is trying to learn how to walk and we can't hinder her progress" She explained, "But s..she'll hurt herself!" Jotaro debated.

Holly shook her head "Come on now Jotaro, I'm sure you'll be able to catch her if she stumbles down, Look at her pouty face Jojo" Jotaro looked at (Y/n)'s expression, It was pouty and determination flash in her (E/c) eyes. "Do you really wanna walk on your own?" Jotaro asked, (Y/n) let out a bunch of gibberish, her chubby hands slapping his chest.

"F..finee, But I'll catch you alright (N/n)? And....and if you get even the smallest scratch then I won't let you even stand up for a second" Jotaro strictly said. Holly giggled again,  How amusing to see her son completely smitten by his little sister

1 year old

"Abwab" (Y/n) said as she slammed the teddy bear to her father, They were currently on the living room, Jotaro poutingly doing his homework, "Ah yes, Daddy is paying close attention sweetie" Their dad said with a smile. (Y/n) let out a giggle as she hugged the teddy close to her, "Bwah!!" She said.

"what was that sweetie?" (Y/n) pointed at Jotaro, "ABWAB!" Their father blinked in surprise, "ah, you want big brother to play with you?" Jotaro turned his attention to his little sister and father. "Oh! Oh! Can I?" He asked, "Hmmm, if you finish your homework quickly then you can play with your little sister" His father bargained, Jotaro pouted at this.

"Yare yare daze, I'll never finish in time though!" Jotaro said, "I guess you gotta think faster" His father chuckled..."Yar..." They looked at (Y/n) shocked "What was that sweetie?" His father asked. "Yareh! Yareh!" (Y/n) cheered as she clapped her hands. Jotaro beamed, "Dad! Dad! She spoke!"

After recovering from his shock, The japanese man gave a laugh, what a unique word his daugther have spoke, "Holly! Holly! Come quick! Our little sakura said her first word!" The father quickly scurried to the kitchen to get his wife.

2 years old

(Y/n) was only two when Sadao (Their father), left for yet another demanded tour, "Papa!" She sobbed, She was such a daddy's girl. "I promise that papa will be back" He assured, "Will you be back before Jojo's birthday?" Holly asked, "I wouldn't miss it for the world, I promise, I know Jojo will be quite mad seeing as i'm leaving while he's at school" Sadao sigh sadly.

"I'll handle everything love, Go on" Holly encouraged, Sadao smiled, "Alright, Thank you my love" Sadao gave his wife a kiss on the lips while he gave his daugther a forehead kiss. "Don't give your big brother and mommy trouble ok?" Sadao cooed, (Y/n) only gave a hiccup "Papa will be back before you know it" He hummed as he then left the house...

He never really kept his promise

 3 years old

She was only three years old when she started kindergarden, her smarts were quite a shock to her parents as Sadao (still on his tour) proposed to Holly to get (Y/n) to kindergarden right away.

Despite Holly's relucant to do that, she wanted her child to stay in the house for a while to keep her company and doth on her just abit longer before she was in a proper age to go to school, Her husband's encouragement was what made her agree to his idea.

"Bye Mom!" Jotaro said as he carried his sister, he waited at the door for Holly to give him and (Y/n) a big kiss. Holly held two bentos and gave it to her son, "Be good ok?" She cooed as she gave Jotaro and (Y/n) a kiss on the cheek, the young Kujo gave a giggle as she tried to reach out to her mother to give a kiss back.

Holly bend down abit more so she can do just that, after recieving smooch from her daughter, she gave a wave of goodbye as the Kujo siblings walked off. 


4 years old

(Y/n) was struck with a terrible fever, "Uwuaah" She moaned in pain as she sobbed, Everything hurt and it was as if her body was on fire. Holly have stripped her naked as the little girl only cried harder with any fabric that touched her. "Mommy" She cried out, her eyes shut tight as she panted.

Holly wanted to cry, What's wrong with her baby? The fever was so sudden and even the doctor they've called in couldn't find anything wrong with her. Only thing that they said was that her fever was extremely high and...and

She could die from it

The very thought made Holly shudder, Please don't take my baby away, Holly could only beg. "I'm here sweetie, I'm here" Holly gave a watering coo to her little girl. "Mom?" Jotaro called out hesitantly, "Grandpa is calling" He said, Holly looked at her son with teary eyes, "Thank you baby, Watch over your sister while I talk with your grandfather"

As Holly left the room, Jotaro sat beside his sister, "Don't worry, Mom and Grandpa will fix this, I promise" Jotaro said, "I promise" He felt his resolve slowly fall apart the more he stared at his baby sister's flushed face, It was just filled with pain and he hated feeling helpless and unable to solve the problem.

"When you get better, Onii-san promise that he'll help you with any school work you missed ok?" Jotaro swore, He gave (Y/n)'s hand a reassuring squeeze "I love you little sis, please...get better soon" Jotaro gave a sob.

2 months later, (Y/n) got better as if the fever never happened, She was back to normal and seem to have a imaginary friend

5 years old

"Onii-san! Can I have some sakuramochi?!" (Y/n) said as she tried to pull her very tall brother to the store, "Yare Yare Daze (Y/n), You don't even eat sakuramochi this much like before" Jotaro said but still, he pulled out his wallet to buy what his little sister wanted.

"Stand-san likes Sakuramochi though!" (Y/n) said with a huff, Stand-san was (Y/n)'s imaginary friend, "She said she's gonna cry if she doesn't get at least 3" She gave her older brother her famous puppy dog eyes.

"Yare yare, Fine, 3 Sakuramochi please" Jotaro said, The seller nodded as he started to wrap the order. (Y/n) jumped up and down "Are you happy Stand-san! We got at least three" She chirped as she looked at thin air.

For some reason, Jotaro almost saw the space beside his little sister shine like stardust for abit.

 6 years old

"I don't get this" (Y/n) pouted as she gave her homework to her brother, "I guess that's understandable, You're only 6 and yet you're in your second year of elementary" Jotaro said as he got a scrap paper to help his sister.

"Now, listen carefully ok?"Jotaro begun to write down his solution, explaining it to (Y/n) as the young Kujo listened closely, Jotaro still felt disdain on his father on letting the young kujo be advance in her school year (He understood the man had good intentions but a 6 year old can only take so much) 

"I get it now!" She said happily as she answered the other questions with ease, "Big brother, after this, can we eat some snacks?" She asked "Sakuramochi and omurice?" Jotaro questioned, (Y/n) gave a happy hum as she flashed her brother a big smile.

Jotaro couldn't help but smile back

 7 years old

Jotaro begun to change, His once happy and respectful nature was now a rough and silent attitude. This worried Holly greatly but over the months, she had gotten use to it as she took Jotaro's words with a grain of salt, She knew her baby boy was still there.

His protectiveness with his little sister proves it as Jotaro's love for the young Kujo was still obvious as ever and yet again (Y/n) had advance to another grade, now in her 4th year of elementary. The young Kujo has not faltered yet, keeping her happy and innocent attitude.

Her imaginary friend was still present as ever, Holly didn't worry too much, after all. (Y/n) Kujo despite her smarts, is still a little girl at heart and she deserves to keep a tint of childish imagination in her.

Jotaro made sure to drop off his little sister to her class, The girls that had taken a liking at the older Kujo were swarming around them as they tried to get into the young kujo's good side in hopes that Jotaro would notice them. Although they only successfully got the Kujo to be uncomfortable.

It was overbearing for the 7 year old to be surrounded by shouting and squeeling teens that it made her cry under pressure, Jotaro shouted at the girls to leave him and his little sister alone.

Much to Jotaro's disdain, the girls only swooned at his suppose overprotective onii-san side.


 "Did big brother do a bad?" (Y/n) asked her mother as they sat in silence "In a way, Yes, he did" Holly said, worry ingrave in her face. "Will he get out of jail, Big brother promised to take us to the festival near school, right Stand-san?" (Y/n) looked at the tall female beside her.

Her yellow eyes bore into the Kujo's (E/c) ones, She was a definition of beauty herself, Her hair seem to show space as it flowed around like gravity didn't matter. Her body sparkled like stardust. The female's body itself was space blue, showing the cosmos itself, Her frame was curvy and every moment had a layer of stardust splashed around her.

Holly didn't say anything when she looked at the backside, she can see the imaginary friend of her daugther clear as day. "I'm sure we can do just that" Holly hummed "Will papa come back?" She asked suddenly. Holly could only give a small smile, the young kujo was slowly forgetting what her father looked like with how he had hardly came home now with how he was demanded to do tours all over.

As Holly parked the car, she quickly got out as (Y/n) followed suit, "Hello, My name is Holly Kujo, I'm here to see my son, Jotaro" Holly said worriedly to the two officers. "Hmm, Jotaro Kujo huh?" The officer took out a clip board.

"Jotaro Kujo, 17 years old, 195 cms tall, his father's a japanese jazz musician and currently on tour" (Y/n) heard her friend curse her father under her breath "His mother is an american with british descend, he has a little sister who is 9 years younger then him" The fat officer glanced at Holly who was clutching her handkerchief as (Y/n) gripped her skirt with her tiny hands.

"Yes that's all true, Jotaro is definantly my son" Holly confirmed. "It seems like his friends call him Jojo, It's by combining the Jo from his first name and the Jo from his last name, Ha that's so lame" The young officer chuckled. 

"I need to know" Holly spoke "I need to know how many people Jotaro killed!" (Y/n)'s friend facepalmed. "Kill is such a strong word" She said, "Stand-san, behave" (Y/n) scolded.

"I am, All I'm saying is, Jojo, Your family is a piece of work" Stand-san smiled.


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"Ah never mind! I don't wanna know" Holly cried out dramatically as she shook her head back and forth, Stand-san gave an unamused look. "Did Onii-chan really kill people?" (Y/n) asked the officer innocently. "Calm down, nobody said anything about killing people" The officer started, "Well said" Stand-san muttered, Holly was a good human in her book but she can see that the woman can be quite prone to jumping into conclusions. 

"He just got into a fight is all" The partner of the smaller officer said as he gave the small Kujo a soft look, Holly had stopped shaking her head to listen to the officer "Turns out the thugs he fought with were armed with nunchucks and knives, there were four including a boxer" Stand-san raised a brow as she listened to the conversation.

"What's a nunchuck?" (Y/n) asked to Stand-san with a whisper "Something that your age shouldn't associate with" Stand-san said. "Between them, fifteen bones were broken, and they had their balls broken" The officer clenched his fist as Stand-san gave a chocked laugh. "How will they play now?" (Y/n) asked the officer.

"what?" The tall one questioned, "Their balls are broken, how will they play ball now?" She asked again, The tall officer chuckled nervously, "I'm sure they'll get a new one kiddo" He said, the young Kujo could only give a nod.

The short officer gave a nervous cough as he waved at Holly dismissively. "Pardon my language, and they were sent to the hospital after" He said as he walked to the desk to give the clipboard to the female officer. "Ma'am, please still do teach your son a lesson" The tall one scolded, Holly gave a cheerful nod "Okay!" She said happily.

"What a total mood changer" Stand-san hummed. "The problem is what happens after" He gave the clipboard to the brunette officer "Can you copy this and hand it around?" He requested, the female nodded as she stood up to do what she was told. The officer looked at the mother and child, "Your son is quite an oddball" Stand-san rolled her eyes

"More then an oddball, he's a jackass" Stand-san muttered. Holly had to refrain herself from gasping at what she heard the "imaginary" friend say, The officer started to lead the two to the cell room, his partner following behind closely. "Come on, We'll show you the way" He said "Thank you" Holly said with as she followed closely. (Y/n) still clung to her mother's skirt, not once did she let go of the blond female's attire.

 "Anyways, please take him back home" Holly gave a confused sound "Eh? He's being released already?" Holly asked confused, "Well we can't keep him forever" The officer said "Ah by the way, ma'am, your japanese is very good, how long have you been living in Japan?" Holly looked at the officer "Twenty years"

"Ah no wonder" The officer hummed, another officer passed by them as he tipped his hat as a greeting "Afternoon" The officer greeted his co-worker as they passed each other. The group turned a corner "We had our hands full already as there's a waiting list for the cells" He scratched his head " Your son is just up ahead" Holly gave a small gasp as she made a run for it, shouting Jotaro's name

"Ah! Mama!" (Y/n) ran after her, she didn't like being left alone with strangers, police or not. Unfortunately the young Kujo wasn't exactly athletic so she was slowly getting tired trying to catch up with her frantic mother since her feet weren't exactly long. "Mama! Please! I'm getting tired" (Y/n) said short breaths, Holly stopped abit to scoop her little girl to her arms as she continued to call out Jotaro.

"Your lungs are weak" Stand-san said "Don't try to run again ever" (Y/n) pouted, "I'm fine" She told her friend "You can't hide anything from me, I'm you" Stand-san smiled softly as she continued to follow the mother and child by floating. When they got into the cell...

"SHUT THE HELL UP" Jotaro shouted "YOU'RE SO ANNOYING, YOU BITCH" There he stood (more like sat) on the prison bed, it looked quite small for his structure, Stand-san had already disappeared, She always does when Jotaro was near as the beauty made it quite obvious that she disliked Jotaro with a passion. 

Holly gave a smile as she let down her daugther, "Alright" She said cheerfully

Holly turned around to face the officers "He's actually a very sweet child!" She said to the officers "He's not capable on doing so appalling!" (Y/n) took the time to look at her brother, giving the older sibling a energetic wave, She couldn't help but see something in his eyes, the growing protective flames in there and it seem to glow brighter with-

"HEY, DON'T FALL ASLEEP, KUJO. YOU'RE BEING RELEASED, GET OUT! WHAT PART OF "GO HOME" DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?!" The tall officer shouted angrily as he kicked the cell's bar, (Y/n) took a step back in shock as she gave a scared whimper at the yelling. She was used at quiet house with her mother's gentle and babying tone, the only yelling she can take would be her brother's, Only because the other Kujo couldn't even have the heart to raise his voice at his sister like to his mother.

Jotaro faced his attention to glare hard at the officer, if looks could kill, (Y/n) pities the police officer. The policemen flinched at his gaze as Jotaro clicked his tongue "Mom, go home, it's also idiotic to drag (Y/n) in here" Jotaro said with his stoic tone "I'm not gonna leave here for a while" The mother and child gave Jotaro a worried look.

" promised" (Y/n) said with trembling lips as she held the bars of the cell. "Yare yare, Look you two.." His usual expression didn't change as he says "I've been possessed by an evil spirit, I don't know what he'll make me do next" Now that (Y/n) looked back, The second glint of emotion she saw in her brothers eyes were worry.

"Even during the fight, It took all I had to stop it" Jotaro furrowed his eyebrows, What if he lost his anger at his little sister? If it took him everything to stop it from hurting thugs, how much more if it's someone who doesn't deserve it (Preferably his mom and little sister) Jotaro went back and lied on the bed "So don't let me out of this cell" The officer rubbed his head in frustration behind Holly.

"For crying out loud..." He grumbles "See what I'm talking about ma'am?" the man had an annoyed look "We're trying to release him but he refuses to leave, Forgive me for asking but is your son all right upstairs?" (Y/n) gave a pout "Onii-chan isn't crazy! He's just worried about the big bad spirit!" She defended. The tall officer rubbed his head in annoyance "Even so, This isn't a hotel"

"AYEEEEEEH" Four men shouted as they slammed into the bars off the cell, their arms reaching out. This frightened the Kujo as Stand-san was close to appearing again to beat up the ones who scared off her friend. (Y/n) went and hid behind her mother again, "PLEASE LET US CHANGE CELLS! HE'S TELLING THE TRUTH!!" They shouted, "THERE REALLY IS AN EVIL SPIRIT POSSESSING HIM!" One man said "IT'S TERRIFYING!" Another added. 

"WE WON'T DO ANYTHING BAD AGAIN!!" (Y/n) trembled at the shouting, The tall officer tsk as he took out some kind of stick (It was in the tip of her tongue, She can't remember what it's called) "HEY THAT'S ENOUGH, QUIET DOWN, YOU'RE SCARING THE LITTLE GIRL" He furiously slammed the stick on the bars, trying to calm down the three (overly terrified) grown men.


Everyone's attention was focused on Jotaro as he stabbed a can (Soda perhaps?) with a pen, Opening it, he started to drink from the hole he made. "W..what is that?" The officer questioned, "Apple juice!" (Y/n) said confidently as she focused at the color of the cans content. "You've been locked up! How did you get that in here?!" He demanded at the older Kujo. Jotaro only continued to drink his apple juice.

As soon as Jotaro finished and gave a satisfied burb, the three criminals scurried to the other side of the cell in fright, letting out a screech that hurts (Y/n) eardrums and gives Stand-san a headache. " I told you" Jotaro's tone was bored as he threw away the can, something grabbed a thick book after as it "flew" to Jotaro's hands. (Although (Y/n) can clearly see the purple hand reaching out for it) "It's an evil spirit", He opened a book (A random page perhaps?) "The evil spirit brings things to me"

The radio turned on, "Nokotta, Nokotta, nokotta!" It played as the short officer gave a surprise "OH!" at this (Again, (Y/n) saw the hand stretch forward to press play) The radio continued to play boombox as Jotaro paid no mind to what the officer said, "He's listening to boombox and reading Shonen Jump!" Claimed the officer.

(Y/n) should really ask them for their names-

"! This is a problem!" Exclaimed his partner, "This is a really huge problem!!" (Y/n) could feel the tall ones panic and fear, "What a bunch of pussies" she heard Stand-san echoed out in her head.


The officer stopped on his feet "This might not be enough to stop you from releasing me" Jotaro spoke as he started to approach the cell's bars, taking off his hat and with a dark glint in his eyes as he did "I'll show you what a terror my evil spirit can be, just so you'll see how dangerous it could be to let me out" (Y/n) felt uneasy at how her older brother spoke.

"Hey, you hag" Holly looked at Jotaro "Cover (Y/n)'s eyes for this" Without a moments notice, the same purple hand popped out and reached for the officers gun, pulling it from it's strap, The room was filled with so much power that Stand-san almost wanted to come out due to how sufficating it was. 

When Jotaro got the gun, the officer shouted in fear " gun!!" he questioned as Holly looked surprise too. "We've got trouble!" When Holly and (Y/n) faced Jotaro again, they saw him with an angry expression, Gun pointed forward as he spoke with rage "Well?! Did you guys see my evil spirit just now?!"

Holly and (Y/n) wanted to despirately saw yes, For Holly's case, she's still frozen in shock, (Y/n) refused to speak as Stand-san told her "It wasn't the time". Jotaro then pointed the gun to himself. "If you didn't then" He clicked the gun and-

"J..JOTARO/ONII-CHAN!" Holly and (Y/n) said in worry, dread and surprise as he pulled the trigger.

(Y/n) watched with wide eyes, her heart beating loudly when the gun went out with a loud *BOOM*, 


What is her older brother thinking?!


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The bang was loud and deafening, (Y/n) could have sworn she felt her ear drums pop, Of course, Stand-san wouldn't let that happen, The mysterious friend of hers always made the ouchies go away with no scars at all. 

(Y/n) didn't know when she closed her eyes out of  instinct but when she opened her big (E/c) eyes, it only widen in shock at the purple hand (Now it was clear, It's fingers were gripping the bullet tightly) Her mother can only gasp in shock as the others let out a shout and whimper.

Jotaro breath heavily as he held the gun, the smoke finally cleared out. "There's someone behind me" He spoke in a weary tone as he slowly let down the gun, slipping it through the bars, the bullet afterwards was dropped

"It seems to have possessed me recently" He explained, the drop of the bullet echoed through the hallways. "Now that I recalled, Didn't grandpa have weird powers" (Y/n) thought in her head "It's different this time" She heard Stand-san say, "Your brother has something " She felt her friend narrow her golden eyes. "Something far more powerful then what your grandpa has"

 STAND NAME: ?????

POWER: ????

STAND USER: Jotaro Kujo!


(Y/n) likes the airport, it wasn't too noisy if you get there in a certain time. Noisy places make her remember the times her classmates locked her up in the locker room, they kept making loud noises. 

Loud noises make her remember that one field trip where her fellow schoolmates went and yelled at her ear, behind a reason to her father that it was a game they made (She was an idiot to agree along, she wouldn't ruin this bonding activity with her father)

"Grandpapa!" (Y/n) couldn't help but shout excitingly, Grandpapa was always there for her special days like her birthday or early kindergarden graduation. He and grandmama would always give her presents with every honor reward she got.

The shouting got a tall elder man's reaction, giving a hum as he glanced to the left. "Over here, Papa, over here!" Holly called out too excitingly, It has been awhile since she's seen her father. He's been busy lately. 

 The old man beamed, "Holly, (Y/n)!" he said "Hey , outta my way!" He pushed the man beside him as he ran to his Granddaughter and Daughter. "Papa/Grandpapa!" They said happily as they tackled the man into a hug. He gave a big smile as he hugged the two females back.

He gave them a small spin as the three of them gave a happy laugh. "I'm so glad you came!" Holly happily said "If my only daughter needs my help, I can be anywhere in the world within 24 hours" He assured as he gave Holly a fond look. "Of course, It's to also see my favorite granddaughter" He gave a grin as he ruffled (Y/n)'s hair.

"Hehe" (Y/n) giggled, she always loved grandfather, He tells the best jokes and he's a mind reader! He somehow guesses whatever (Y/n) was thinking and even Stand-san was impressed by that.

The three hugged again but (Y/n) noticed the lack of a certain cheerful blond female (That isn't her mother) "Where's grandmama?" She questioned her grandfather, "She complained" Joseph gave a weary smile, "But I told Suzie it was a business trip for the Joestar Real Estate Agency" he reasoned

"Of course he did" Stand-san said amused. Stand-san seemed fond of Joseph as she looked forward on his visits (her reasoning to the young Kujo was that, he gives alot of sakuramochi when stand-san wanted the pink sticky treat)

Joseph gave a laugh, Holly only cuddled closer to her father as (Y/n) stood awkwardly in the sideline (On the plus side-ish, She saw a black man with thick robes, He has weird earings, they look really heavy too) Before (Y/n) knew it, Holly was tickling her grandfather to death.

"If we leave now, we can pretend we have no relation to them and that your parents are somewhere else" Stand-san proposed as she appeared behind (Y/n), "Yare yare! We really shouldn't" She told her friend with a dissappionted look. "You're embarrassed, look how red your face is" Stand-san pointed out.

After Joseph shouted at the people who stared at them, (Y/n) dived right in to take her grandpapa's suitcase, "I'll take your bag!" She announced, Joseph shook his head "It's too heavy for you mia cara" He said, (Y/n) pouted as she huffed her chest. "I'm a big girl! Look!" Using Stand-san's help, She effortlessly lifted the case.

She gave her grandfather a proud look, her eyes sparkling....Joseph looked troubled but the expression went away as soon as it came. "That's very...good, (Y/n), But please, let grandpa do it ok? I might be old but these old bones are still kicking" He chuckled.

"I wanna help though" (Y/n) said, "Ara ara, Don't worry (Y/n)-chan! You can help mama cook something for grandpa when we get his room settled" Holly assured her daughter with a pat on her head. (Y/n) reluctantly brought down the suitcase with a small frown.

Joseph went and whispered something to her mother, She can only hear partly of the conversation, Holly's expression trembled as she fell on her knees, her hands covered her face as (Y/n) rushed to her side in worry.

"Oh my poor Jotaro" She whimpered "Yes. The policemen said they couldn't see it but I clearly saw it!" She explained. Joseph kneeled beside his daughter, putting his hand on her back for comfort.

"I saw a separate arm and it grabbed the gun!" (Y/n) rather not remember the deafening boom of the gun that her brother nearly got himself killed with. "Others couldn't see it but you could?" Joseph almost wanted to state (Y/n) too but he concluded that the little girl has no idea that other "special" people can see her galaxy skinned companion.

 Holly gave a hesitant yes, Joseph helped his daughter up "So Jotaro's says he's been possessed recently but nothing strange has happened to you and (Y/n)?" Holly look hesitant, She glanced at her daugther, who seems quite distracted. "No, but Jotaro say's he won't leave the cell until he knows what's going on....Actually...papa...(Y/n)-chan has gotten a imaginative friend and...I..I can see her papa, I can her friend" Holly didn't know how to word this.

"Papa, Her friend is a bad influence, She curses and calls Jotaro an asshole" Joseph had to stiffen his laughter (He shouldn't laugh at this situation, he really shouldn't) Holly held her head in pain, "What should I do, papa?" She whimpered. 

"There, there, my beloved daughter, I, Joseph Joestar, is here now. There's nothing to worry about" He re-assured his stressed daughter. He was glad he picked up Holly's call of distress right away. He didn't think the curse would be affecting his family this quick.

"Right" Holly said as she looked at her father, "(Y/n), Darling, come here now" (Y/n) nod as she rushed to her mother's side quickly, Holly smiled as she patted (Y/n)'s head. Joseph gave a snap on his fingers, the man that (Y/n) had observed for sometime stood up at this and followed closely to the Joestars.

 "First I'd like to hurry and see my grandson, Jotaro!" Joseph said with a serious expression.

 The sound of a remote controlled toy car was heard within Jotaro's cell, the teen boredly controlled it to slam into the bars of the cell. The cell itself felt more like a room with books, a coffee table and a nice tea set on it.

"How terrifying, He got more stuff again..and it's violent" The chief said wearily as he peaked at the corner,  "There's something really terrifying possessing him...i..if anyone outside found out about it, I'll lose my job in a heartbeat" Joseph walked beside the chief, "Don't worry" He assured "I'll take my grandson home" 

Jotaro glanced at him "Grandson?" He wondered "Hey, what are you doing?!" Exclaimed the chief "I told you, You can't go in any further! Convince him from over here! It's dangerous" (Y/n) decided not to listen further as her grandfather and the policemen argued back and forth, "Just let him through, God, these policemen are just downright annoying" Stand-san muttered.

Finally in Joseph's short patience, he lifted the two officers by the neck collar, choking them slightly as he threw them to the side "Damn" Stand-san whistled seeing the utter strength of Joseph, (Y/n) gave a squeek of shock. "Jotaro! It's your grandfather! I'm sure he'll be able to help you!" Holly claimed. "Please come out with your grandfather!"

The two buff men faced each other with an intense glare, the cell door opened beside them "Get out, we're going home" Joseph commanded. Jotaro glared harder "Get lost" He said to the elder. "I didn't ask you to come here" Jotaro waved him off "Help me? What the hell can you do?"

"Sorry you came all the way from New York, but there's no way you can help me"  Jotaro showed a metal finger in his hands. "Grandpapa! Y..your finger!!' (Y/n) cried out. 'stand-san, Stand-san, heal grandpapa!!" (Y/n) begged in her head, Stans-san shook her head "It's an artificial hand, I can't heal it" was her reason behind the refusal. 

Joseph took a step back, his expression filled with shock as he spotted the missing spot of his artificial hand's pinky missing. Jotaro played with the finger as he was still making direct eye contact with Joseph "You see? Don't you get it now? That's my evil spirit" He tossed the finger back to Joseph, which the old man had easily caught it. "Don't get close to me" Jotaro warned. "You'll just shorten what little life you have left"

Jotaro turned around, the door closing behind him as he sat back on the bed. (Y/n) looked at her brother in worry, When will he come out, She was sure the cell wasn't too comfortable. Joseph snapped his fingers "Avdol, You're up" He called out. A tall Egyptian man ( (Y/n) briefly wondered how he wasn't hot with all the layers of clothing he has) got out of the shadows.

"This is my Egyptian friend that I met 3 years ago, Avdol" Joseph introduced, The said man had a stoic look, (Y/n) could almost say he showed lack of emotion like her brother if it weren't for the gentle smiles the man gave her on the way to the police station. Joseph pointed at Jotaro "Chase my grandson Jotaro out of this cell" He ordered.

Avdol took a step forward "Don't-" Jotaro said "He looks strong, but do you really think i'd let someone chase me out of here just because you told him to do it?" Avdol still came forward as Jotaro continued talking "Hell no. Now i'm just gonna be more stubborn and want to leave even less" Avdol's expression harden.

"I'll have to get violent" Avdol spoke, "But soon enough, He'll be so addled with pain, he'll be squeeling "Please get me out of here' " What a bold statement the man did, "As if he can" Stand-san said. "Their gonna hurt big brother" (Y/n) muttered to her friend. "They won't, It's just an empty threat" Stand-san assured.

"That's fine" Joseph said, Holly and (Y/n) looked surprised "Papa, what are you doing?" Holly asked worriedly, they can't possibly think of hurting her son right?! "H..hey, we c..can't have you-" "SHUT UP" Joseph shouted, the policemen flinched as they stood straight up "Yes, sir!" They said.

Avdol started to strike a pose, (Y/n) once again felt the sufficating stand power, Stand-san let out an agitated growl, "So damn hot" She muttered, her patience on hiding running thin. With Avdol's arm wide again, A burst of flames exited from behind him as a creature with a human body and bird head appeared. 

It let out a powerful screeched that made (Y/n)'s head hurt, Jotaro looked shocked "That's..." Holly let out a gasp as Joseph smirked. "That's right, Avdol also has a so-called "Evil Spirit". An evil spirit that Avdol can control freely!" Joseph explained. 

(The temperature is rising, slowly but surely)

The creature phased through the bars with an intense look "The evil spirit's name is..." the creature inhaled as flames went inside it's mouth, "Magician's red!" another terrible screech (another terrible headache as (Y/n) subconsciously tried to keep Stand-san at bay). The flame whips attacked Jotaro, restraining his wrist, legs as well as his neck as he was slammed to the wall.

(The heat is rising and rising, (Y/n) simple dress uniform felt unbearably warm now)

"'s hot! Fire! I'm burning! My arms are burning" Jotaro groaned, (Y/n) flinched, her eyes widen in terror "Onii-chan!" She called out worriedly as she stepped forward but Joseph blocked her path "Don't worry now, (Y/n), It'll be over soon" He assured. 

"W..what is this evil spirit?!" Jotaro muttered, It felt so hot, he glanced to the other's reaction, Holly and (Y/n)'s were pure worry, Jotaro swore that his little sister's eyes were glossy, tears threatening to spill any second. "It's getting" Stand-san groaned, (Y/n) glanced at the thermostat near the cell. 

Her eyes widen seeing the mercury continue to rise up. "IT'S INSANE, IT'S GETTING WAY TO HOT" The taller officer shouted, (Y/n) could only silently agree to the older male. Her back was wet already as beads of sweat start to fall from her chin. 

Jotaro was lifted up, he glanced again to where Holly and (Y/n) was, He can see the flushed face of his sister, memories of her fever ridden face flashes in his mind, He growled as a purple figure got out of him, "ORA!" It cried out as it pushed Magician's Red.

(Y/n), Holly and Joseph's eyes widen, "There it is! It's finally shown itself" Exclaimed the Elder male. "The fact that it's clearly visible means it's very powerful" The spirit stood behind Jotaro menacingly as it towered over him. It's fist raised slightly just like Jotaro's.

"Let me out (Y/n), It's sufficating, the power in the air, you can feel it too right?!" Stand-san said, (Y/n) gave heavy breaths, "It's not the time" She reasoned. "Why you.." Jotaro growled, if he can beat the shit out of the guy, the heat that surrounds them all will be put out. He can't handle seeing the red face of his sister any longer.

With that, his spirit rushed forward, fist ready as it cried out "ORAAA" The spirit grabbed Magician's Red's neck roughly, Avdol groaned, an obvious hand mark around his own neck. "I can't believe he's able to make it manifest this clearly" Avdol said in disbelief as he struggled to breath.

"I'm surprise you have an evil spirit too" Jotaro spoke "And grandpa, the identity of the evil spirit.."

"I know it, Yes" Joseph said, "Mr Joestar, you asked me to get your grandson out of the cell..I was planning on holding back, but considering it's unsuspected power, one misstep and we'll be in danger" Avdol explained. "Shall I stop? If you still insist that I get him out, I'll have to get violent enough to send your grandson to the hospital"

(Y/n) felt all kinds of emotion at what Avdol said, Worry, dread and...anger "Grandpapa! Tell him to stop! You can't hurt onii-chan!" (Y/n) cried to her grandfather. "It's fine, give it a shot" Joseph said. Avdol nod "Yes, sir!" (Y/n) snapped.

"STAND-SAN, STOP HIM!" She screeched. Her friend didn't hesitate as she appeared, In such speed she was beside Avdol, raising her two hands to clap, a gush of wind filled the halls. Avdol flinched as he unsummoned Magician's Red in shock.

"It's...a" Jotaro looked in shock at the galaxy skinned spirit. Stand-san had a raging look, her fist clenched tightly as a powerful blue stand aura surrounded (Y/n). Stand-san went into fighting position. "

"I'm a stand with no name, My user is (Y/n) Jolyne Kujo and I'm here to stop this fucking fight"

The stand possessed a raging look, It didn't match the crying expression of it's user.




















Chapter Text

The tension was high as Stand-san growled, she pointed at Avdol "You" Avdol sweated "Step away" Avdol looked at Joseph, the man gave a nod to the Egyptian as the male stepped back as he was told, Stand-san approached the cell. "Are you gonna get out now?" She asked to the shocked teen.

"You...You're an evil spirit" Jotaro said, "Close enough, I'm a stand, I'm a vision of your sister's inner fighting spirit" Stand-san rolled her golden eyes, "So are you gonna get out or will we have to fight ourselves for you to get out and I'll say this once...Hurt me, you hurt her" Stand-san mentioned a hand to Jotaro's crying sister. "And we can both agree that Jojo has seen enough today right?" Jotaro clenched his fist as he slowly got out of the cell.

Stand-san smiled "Good boy"

 The cafe was buzzing with life, (Y/n) happily sipped her hot chocolate and chocolate bun as she swung her legs under the table. "How shocking that such a small and petit body can hold such a powerful stand" Avdol thought as he observed the young Joestar. "Yare yare daze, Eat slower" Jotaro tched as he wiped the chocolate from (Y/n)'s cheek. 

"Oh thank goodness" Holly clinged into her son's left arm happily "Jotaro finally came out of his cell" She cheered. "You're so annoying, you bitch" He said unamused at his mother's affection. (Y/n) giggled at this as she continued to eat, she was quite hungry and she has to eat for Stand-san sake as her friend refuse to eat anything that isn't sakuramochi or drink anything that isn't green tea. 

"Okay" Holly chimed as she let out happy noises, Joseph huffed at the interaction "Hey! How dare you call your own mother that, huh?! You should also watch your mouth around your little sister! You're being a bad influence" He scolded "And, Holly, stop smiling after he just called you that!" 

(Y/n) smiled at what was happening, Family noises are good noises for her, It was more playful and worrying then aggressive noises she came to dislike. "Ah, young Jojo, could you tell me more about your stand?" Avdol asked gently to the little girl.

(In the backround, Joseph had a serious talk with Jotaro as Holly listened closely) 

"Ah, Stand-san can be quite aggressive but she's a good person" She defended "She's really protective of me and she heals all my booboo's away and doesn't leave angry marks" Avdol's eyes widen. It looks as if her stand's special ability is healing. "She's super fast too! One time me friends were playing tag and she got me out of there right away!" The young Kujo let out whoosh effects as she swung her arms for dramatic affect.

 "Why did you know about me and (Y/n)'s evil spirit- No, Our stand or whatever" Jotaro asked, (Y/n) focused on the conversation now. "I'd like to know too, grandpapa, How did you know about Stand-san's existence? It's something me and big brother don't understand" Joseph sigh.

"Very well, I came all the way from New York to explain just that but in order to explain that. I have to start in the beginning. This has to do with the Joestar family" He told the two "First, take a look at these pictures" Joseph started to put down photo's of a boat and a big chest. 

"Out of context but OK"  Stand-san muttered in (Y/n)'s head. "What are they?" (Y/n) asked as she took a closer look at it. "That's a hundred-year-old coffin pulled up from the Atlantic ocean off the African Coast four years ago" Joseph explained as (Y/n) gave the pictures to her older brother so he could take a closer look. "Coffin?" Jotaro wondered as he looked back at Joseph.

"After I obtained and researched it, I found out it was on the boat where my grandfather, the man four generations before you, Jonathan Joestar died" Joseph looked intense as he told them, Holly and (Y/n) let out a small gasp of shook, Jotaro however remained stoic as ever. "It was apperantly empty when they discovered it" Joseph idly tapped the photo that showed the words "DIO" on it. 

"But i know exactly what was inside" He said "Treasure like in The Little Mermaid?" (Y/n) asked innocently..."Uh no sweetie, Not like the little mermaid" Joseph said, (Y/n) looked chest fallen "Oh" She said. "Avdol and I are trying to locate him as we speak" Joseph placed a hand on Avdol's shoulder "Him? Hold on a sec, you're making it sound like a person was in there" Jotaro pointed out. "Why would you call something lost in the sea a hundred years "Him"?" 

(Y/n) jumped abit in shock when Joseph stood up, slamming his hand on the table in the progress. "He's evil incarnate! His name is Dio!" (Y/n) tilted her head "Like god in Italian?" She asked her mother "Yes" Holly confirmed with a smile. Joseph continued to talk "He's awakened from his hundred-year old sleep! We are fated to kill him!" 

Jotaro rolled his eyes as he sighed in annoyance, He instead focused his attention to his little sister instead, This doesn't concern him, as long as whatever fate that the old man was saying doesn't directly involve himself, his mother or little sister. He doesn't care at all.

"WHAT WAS THAT, JOTARO?!" Joseph shouted in anger "DON'T MAKE A FACE LIKE THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!" Because it really doesn't "The face means "That was so stupid, I don't know what to say" Gramps" Jotaro said as he looked at Joseph. "G-gramps?!" Joseph stuttered out in disbelief "It's short for grandpa!" (Y/n) chirped as she looked at her brother in confirmation.

His small mischievous smile said everything as (Y/n) beamed happily. "Darling that's not what it means" Joseph groaned. "Avdol, right? I don't know who you are but you sure are full of yourself" Jotaro bluntly said "I couldn't have worded it better myself" Stand-san said in the back of (Y/n)'s head.

"And Old man, do you expect me and (Y/n) to hear such a crazy story and say "Oh, I see" and believe it? Don't underestimate my little sister, she didn't skip a couple of grades for nothing" Jotaro said. Avdol chuckled at this "But is it not a fact that our "evil spirit's" are crazy, as well?" Jotaro's eyes squinted in annoyance.

"He's right though" Stand-san said as she appeared behind (Y/n), much to everyone's shock. "Isn't it bizzare enough that we, Stands, exist?" She gave a purr "Much less a stand like me fuhuhuhu, I can see your curious gaze, Avdol-san, Joestar-san" Her golden eyes glanced at the two.

"So you'll have no choice to believe what Joseph-san has to say, Jotaro" Stand-san looked intensely at Jotaro "So I suggest you listen up".  After a moment of silence, Joseph spoke up "If you ask me why I know of Dio's existence" Avdol handed Joseph a camera, (Y/n) could hear the gears turning on her grandfather's artifical hand. "and why I'm after him, I'll show you the reason" he exclaimed.

"By...using a camera?" Stand-san said dumbfounded "Sure Jiji, Good reasoning" Joseph bit his tongue at the sarcasm dripping from Stand-san's voice, The Brit continued talking none-a-less. "Actually, about a year ago, I also suddenly obtained an evil spirit, or rather, the power of a stand" Joseph said with confidence. Holly's eyes widen "What?" She said in shock "Old man, what did you-" Jotaro was cut off. 

With that, Joseph put down the camera, Straightening his hand, he raised it up. "I'LL SHOW YOU" He exclaimed, A normal power of the stand was what (Y/n) felt, luckily it wasn't suffocating like Avdol's or her brother's. "THIS IS MY STAND!" Chopping the camera into pieces, Jotaro, Holly and (Y/n) could only stare in anticipation as a photo appeared.

Joseph dramatically pulled out the photo, "Did you see it? The thorns that came out of my hand? That's my stand!" He explained as he showed the picture, "Big whoop, your stand can do photos, what else can it do? Capture footage?" Stand-san said unamused, Joseph gritted his teeth. "It's power is to take photos of visions I captured from far-away places!" He told the stand "I said what I said" Stand-san shrugged.

"Though I have to smash and destroy a 30,000 yen camera everytime I do!" Stand-san sigh "Oooor maybe try to see if you can use your stand in a more non-violent way? Like...let's say, a gentle tap?" Joseph ignored Stand-san much to the spirit's annoyance "Oi! Jiji! I'm actually telling you advice to use your stand correctly!" She sneered.

Suddenly,  A waiter came in, "Sir, is everything alright?" He nervously asked. Avdol waved him off "we're fine, go away" The blond waiter looked chest-fallen though "Ok..." He said.

"The vision that's going to appear in this picture, Jotaro, (Y/n)...It'll be what determines your fate!" The air shifted intensely, "What-" Stand-san's expression looked troubled. "Holly, Jotaro..(Y/n), Have either of you three looked carefully at the back of your necks?" He asked, "What does this connect to whatever is on the photo, Grandpapa?" (Y/n) asked.

"You've probably never taken a closer look, but right in the base of my neck, there's a star shaped birthmark" Joseph pulled his collar to show the birthmark, Holly did the same with her hair and Jotaro with his coat. Stand-san pulled the collar of (Y/n)'s dress uniform. All of them showed a purple birthmark "M'not sure if that's how birthmarks work" Stand-san muttered at the weird birthmark.

"I'll say what (Y/n) just said, What the hell does all this mean?!" Jotaro said with a demanded tone. "I asked my mother about it and she said that my father, who died when I was young, also had it. Apparently, those in the Joestar bloodline all have this birthmark"

"Hey old man, I'm asking you what's going to show up in that photo" Jotaro was barely concealing his annoyance. "It's our destiny, as yet undiscovered!" Every statement that Joseph said was just vague and ominous. Jotaro and Holly were clearly on edge as well as Stand-san. 

"Damn it! Just show what's in the photo!" Jotaro sneered as he grabbed it from Joseph's hand. He looked at it, only for his eyes to widen in shock. "Dio!, He's always the one who shows up in my spirit photo's" Joseph explained. "He has the same birthmark as you all do" Stand-san stated as she pointed at the star on the man's shoulder.

 "Yes! In the back of the bastard's neck down" Joseph grabbed back the picture, his expression seething with anger. "Is the body of my grandfather, Jonathan Joestar, which that bastard took over!!". Stand-san cringed as everyone's eyes widen in shock"Freaky" She muttered.

"A hundred years ago, An incident occured in the Atlantic Ocean, I know what I heard from my grandmother, Erina, but Dio took over the body of my grandfather and survived" To think that was a possibility to do. (Y/n) could only fear what else this "Dio" is capable of

"There is one thing I'm certain: He's currently hiding somewhere in the world and plotting something!" No one said a word, no one butted in as Joseph continued to talk. "It's been four years since he came back" Four years since Stand-san first appeared when the fever passed (Y/n) when she was just 4 years old also.

"The reason why my spirit photo's and your evil spirit's all begun manifesting this year...Is likely because of Dio" (Y/n) shuffled uncomfortably in her seat, How will she say that Stand-san has been by her side quite earlier then her family. "In the wider world, Our gifts are considered psyhic powers" Avdol said.

"I had my stand since birth but your powers are bound to Dio's body...In other words, In Jonathan's body by invisible threads" By now, Stand-san retreated back to (Y/n), There was no need for her commentary right now. "All we can say is that Dio's existence is what brought fourth the powers that were dormant within you" Jotaro looked troubled, looking at his mother and sister.

Will this mean that they wont have a normal life anymore? Jotaro couldn't control his evil- No- stand when he first got it, He could hurt someone, His sister seems to have one of her own (Could this be the reason why she seeks out his company in the highschool building, sitting beside him despite his insistance that she eats with her friends?) She doesn't seem to trilled of her friend's origins...

Jotaro glanced at his mother, She seems ok, despite sensing and seeing stands, Holly seems like she hasn't shown signs of manifistation of a stand yet. "Avdol, from this photo, can you tell where he is now?" Joseph asked "I cannot, there's hardly any backround visible" Avdol shook his head, Joseph sigh as he took his hat from his chair, "As I though" He said as Avdol put the photo on his sleeves (Does he have pockets inside there? (Y/n) briefly wonders) "I'll take a closer look" Avdol announced.

"Please do..." Joseph hummed as he looked at Holly's worried face "Oh, Holly, I'm sorry for bringing all this up suddenly, I know it's hard to process for you and (Y/n)" He said with a apologetic smile "Let's go home" Holly gave a weary one as she stood up, Picking up (Y/n) so she can carry her "Y...yes" Holly said quietly, not knowing how to response to the new information her father had laid out.

"I'll be staying in Japan for a while and I'll be staying at your place" Joseph said "Will you play with me when we get home grandpapa?" (Y/n) asked, Joseph smiled softly "Of course, anything for my granddaughter" (Y/n) smiled as she slowly drifted off to sleep. Holly gave a fond look at her daughter's peaceful expression, this was all too much for an 8 year old to handle. "Let's go now, Jotaro" Holly called out. Jotaro grunted as he followed suit.

"Stand-san..." Everyone looked at the little Kujo as she spoke in a soft sleepy tone "I...i..had stand-san for four y...years now" She said as she went back to sleep "Yare yare daze, What would that mean jiji?" Jotaro looked at Joseph and Avdol.

"I don't know" Joseph said unsure, Could (Y/n) be a born stand-user like Avdol? That doesn't explain how she got the stand in the first place if none of her family bloodline has been a stand-user.

For now the group continued walking, This was another mystery for another time.

 In another place, A body shuffled around, The buff man only let out a small "wryyy" as he turned around "There it was again" He said, his voice was a smooth like honey, holding a calm tone. "Just now, it felt as though someone was watching me again. The man left his bed, walking away from it "Is it Jonathan's decendants, after all? This body must be sending out some kind of soul signal to his decendants."

Standing on top of the staircase, there laid a woman, eyes widen as blood dripped from her neck, she was dead. "Very well, this might be called fate, A fate I must be rid of, a destiny I must erase" The man turned his back from the stairway as he walked to the darkened halls "I have already made my move"





Chapter Text

Kujo household, 11:50 pm

"Onii-chan?" (Y/n) called out softly as she entered her brother's room, "Hmm?" Jotaro grunted as he turned around, coming face to face with his little sister's big round eyes. "Hmm...what is it, Jojo?" He asked drowsily, "She had a nightmare" Stand-san said wearily as she helped the little Kujo on to the giants bed. "What was it about?" He regretted asking the question as his sister sobbed softly.

"It was dark and everything was painful, I felt so scared onii-chan" She whimpered as she swiped her tears, Jotaro sigh as he scooted abit more for the little girl to cuddle beside him. (Y/n) buried herself on her brother's shirtless chest, "Onii-chan....I...It felt like I was dying" her voice was small, too soft for his liking as if she was scared to voice it out.

"Yare yare....don't think that" Jotaro grumbled as he calmly stroked her hair, "I'll protect you" He swore "Even in my bad dreams?" Her voice was fading away, slowly succumbing into sleep "Even in those bad dreams....I'll be your shield and sword forever" He accepted the sleep that came after, hugging (Y/n) protectively.

It'll be a cold day in hell before he let anyone hurt his family.


Kujo Household, 5:30 am

"Abawah" (Y/n) whined sleepily as Jotaro washed her back, The young Kujo was not a morning person unfortunately unlike her brother who got used to getting up early, the older Kujo took it upon himself to get his little sister ready, "M'sleepy still" She pouted as her eyes were shut tight, Stand-san made herself known and was currently washing her users hair while Jotaro still busied himself with washing her back.

"We can't all be winners, Jojo, I'm sure you don't want to miss mom's pancakes would you?" Jotaro said "Hmmm, fineee" She whined again, Holly's special chocochip pancakes were something that the young Kujo loved and would wake her up right away after one bite. Holly loved to spoil her children and Jotaro will never admit that the pancakes also excite him...

6:00 am

"Come on now, don't squirm" Holly said as she begun to braid her daughter's hair, (Y/n) had always styled her hair in a special way, two twin buns with a nice and tightly done braid, Holly saw it on a daughter-mother magazine category once and the mother and child instantly loved the hairstyle suggestion.

Ever since the reveal of Stand-san, the spirit made herself appear more often, feeding her occupied user while also giving Jotaro the stink eye for some reason. "Tight" (Y/n) whined as she opened her mouth for upcoming piece of pancake, "Aaah" She said as she eagerly chewed on the fluffy choco goodness. 

"There we go" Holly huffed her chest proudly as she looked at her work, (Y/n) gave a happy face as she reached out her arms to hug her mom, "You're so cute! The cutest daughter in the whole world! My little girl" Holly squealed as she pampered (Y/n) with kisses. (Y/n) let out a happy squeak of her own, "You all seem awake at this time" Avdol hummed as he entered the kitchen, "Ohayo gozaimasu Avdol-san" The stand greeted the Egyptian man.

"good morning too, Stand-san" Avdol greeted back, "HOOOLYYY SHIIIT" Joseph shouted in another room "Papa?! What's wrong"?!" Holly asked worriedly "MY BACK HURTS LIKE A BITCH, HOW CAN YOU SLEEP LIKE THIS HOLLY?!" Joseph whined as he entered the room, he was currently hunched over, "Yare yare daze" Jotaro grumbled.

It was going to be a long day

6:30 am

"Ready!" (Y/n) chimed as she put on her shoes, "homework?" Jotaro asked, The little girl puffed her chest proudly "All neatly put inside my bag!" She claimed, Jotaro nod as he grabbed his own bag, sliding the door open, he let his little sister out first before following after her, ducking his head down to avoid getting hit by the door frame. "Jotaro, (Y/n)! Wait! You two forget something!" Holly called out as she ran after the siblings, the two turned their heads to Holly.

"Goodness" she hummed disappointingly, putting a hand on Jotaro's chest,  "Here, a goodbye kiss" Holly smiled as she crouched down to give her little girl a smooch on the cheek, the little one happily gave one back. Holly then stood on her tipsy toes to give Jotaro one too, he only gave a tsk in response "You bitch..." he backed away "stop clinging into your child already" Holly didn't pay mind to that as she gave a fond look at Jotaro, it's hard to take his words seriously when you take notice that his eyes soften abit and if your Holly, you have a daily display of Jotaro being a sweet older brother.

Jotaro crouched down so his little sister could wrap her arms around his neck, lifting her up with ease as well as holding his bag close, he walked off with (Y/n) hanging on his neck as she hummed happily. "Okay! have a good day you two" She waved them goodbye. "yare yare daze" Jotaro grumbled as he summoned his stand's hand to tip down his hat.

By now the younger Kujo was sitting on Jotaro's shoulders instead of hanging on his neck, Jotaro continued to walk as his sister made sure to fill the silence about her P.E day while he was horded up in his cell. A group of female students (Majority having short hair) took notice of the odd Duo with excitement "Ah it's Jojo with little Jojo" The girl with dark brown hair said, blush coating her cheeks as she admired the cute sight. "Eh?! Jojo?!" Another said in surprise, "You're right! It's Jojo!!" before the Kujo's know it, they were swarmed by Jotaro's admirers, all of them asking questions to the male. One of them decided to cling into his arm. "Yare yare dawa, they don't know when to quit"  Stand-san stated as she stared at the swarm of girls with annoyance, despite her grandpa explaining what a stand is and what they represent..Stand-san was a completely different being from (Y/n)

Stand-san acted more independently, they had separate thoughts and different emotions, while the stand felt the same level of annoyance as Jotaro is with the females, (Y/N) could only feel discomfort, they had no respect of personal space during the absents of her brother and till now don't have it despite the older Kujo now being present. Jotaro glanced at the female with an intense look, the girl could only blush at this as she fought of a smile, THE Jotaro Kujo is looking at her, eye contact to eye contact.

It was short-lived though as a ginger haired female pushed her away roughly, their little display made (Y/N) flinched abit, "Why are you clinging into Jojo like that?!" She shouted angrily "You're being too chummy! Stay away from him!" The brunette only gave a raging look back "What the hell, ugly?" she barked as she leaned forward to the female, trying to intimidated her "Shut it, no boobs" Ginger hair did the same, clutching her bag tightly.,  the brunette gasped offended at the nickname, the two turned away from each other, shutting insults to each other as the other girls watched. "Please walk faster onii-chan" (Y/n) whispered to Jotaro, he grunted in agreement as he continued walking away from the girls.

Unfortunately the two followed closely, focused on throwing the same insults back and forth before making a stop so they can shout it even louder. "So loud" (Y/n) whimpered, why are they fighting, what was the problem again? Jotaro felt himself explode in rage, turning his head to shout at the bickering girls "SHUT UP! YOU'RE DAMN ANNOYING! CAN'T YOU SEE YOUR USELESS BICKERING IS DISTURBING MY SISTER?!"  the girls stared at him wide eyes until..

"Waah, he totally said that to me" "He's so cute caring for his little sister" "Onii-chan mode is so cuteee" They all squealed and fawned over him instead, doubling the noises, Jotaro gritted his teeth as he gave a tsk. He decided to continue forward, the more distance the less noise that him and (Y/n) will hear but after the small fawning session they had, the group of girls ran after the, "Jojo wait up!" "Wait, Jojo!" "Jojo wait, I made a bento for your little sister, jojo" How annoying.

The siblings stayed silent as they continued to walk, (Y/n) gripped tightly on Jotaro's head as they ascended down the steps, Jotaro being carefuly slow with his movements...


Jotaro's leg had a cut, Blood sprouting badly "WHAT?!" he shouted in shock as he toppled down, the girls shrieked and called out Jotaro's nickname in worry. (Y/n) herself let out a shriek of fright as she let go of Jotaro's head, loosing balance as she shut her eyes bracing herself for the painful impact until-

Jotaro quickly summoned his stand, grabbing his little sister before she was out of his reach, "the tree branch!" he thought as he used the other hand of his stand to grab it, he held his sister protectively on his chest as the little girl could only shut her eyes and grip her brother's shirt as they swung from the branch, hopefully breaking their fall for less damage. 

"Jojo!" The girl called out in worry as she rushed down, the others followed. "Oh no!" "Jojo fell down the stairs!" to their relief, Jotaro was alright. "Ah but he's moving!" One stated. "It seems like the tree branches broke his fall" "Though is no one going to worry if little Jojo was ok? She was sitting on her brother's shoulder afterall" 

Jotaro gritted his teeth, his cut continued to squirt out blood as he shakingly gripped his knee, "did the tree branch cut my leg?" He wondered as he observed the wound " was already cut before I fell" Him being frustrated wouldn't describe what Jotaro was feeling, He felt anger too, The fall could have injured him severely if not for his quick thinking, it could have injured his little sister as well, she was currently cowering in his chest.

"Hey...It's ok, you're safe" He muttered in reassurance as he looked at the petit girl, Her stand appeared, looking bored as ever "It's a work of an enemy stand, Power destruction not so much but still be on guard, let me heal that cut of yours" She said, Jotaro shook his head "No need, I'm going to the nurse's office with Jojo" The stand tsked, her black hair flowing angrily "What's the use of being a support stand if you won't let me heal you" 

Jotaro chose to ignore the stand, the spirit could only fume as she unsummoned herself "Fine, be that way, check Jojo for injuries for me if you're that stubborn" Jotaro could only conclude that the cut on his leg was the reason for him stumbling down, letting go of the branch, Jotaro stood up as he still continued to carry (Y/n)

"Are you in pain?" Jotaro asked, (Y/n) shook her head "I wanna go to class now please" She said softly as she buried her face on his chest, "Let's head to the Nurse's office first" The girl nod "Can...I be let down now?" She asked, Jotaro did as she asked, letting the little Kujo down, observing her to see if she stumbled when walking. "I'm ok" She assured with a small cute smile.

"Yare yare daze, just checking, you let go of me when we were falling" Jotaro said, slowly the shouting of the group of females finally grew louder "Jojo!" they shouted. "Are you alright?!"

A teen with curly red hair watched the scene unfold on top of the stairs, his violet eyes shined dangerously, "Oh" He spoke to himself as he gripped his painting "He's able to summon a pretty strong stand" He glanced at his artwork, what looks to be like Jotaro had a very angry paint slash in it, it's red color slowly dripping down. 

"I see..." Throwing the painting to the side, it got caught between the branches of a naked tree "No wonder he wants me to get rid of him but...." Looking at the painting, he casually swiped up his brush, the canvas exploded into a thousand pieces.

"He'll be no match for my stand"





ONII-CHAN (◐∇◐*)