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10 seconds

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"Please...No!Don't kill me!" The man was crying in the corner as you approached him with a gun aiming at his head.
You let out a chuckle.
"I'm sorry really.."you said putting a hand on your chest "But work is work."You stood still as the man was blocked against the wall" Plus I gave you a chance to escape. Didn't I?"
"Noo-please I-" BANG
Victor checked his watch once again. It had passed only half an hour since Sofia started to blater about a Mob group that owned her money. Of course he wasn't listening. For him it was enough to know the plan and the name of the people he needed to kill.
It was impressive how Sofia had token the family reins after Falcone's death.She was strong and smart,characteristics that Victor likes in his work leader.

Everyone went silent.Suddenly the sound of a motorbike engine could be heard from outsider. Followed by the sound of doors being opened and slamed with the echo of lots of footsteps.Then a general chattering."I'm sorry lady but you can't go there there is a meeting ongoing.Please listen-"
The door slammed open .Victor and all his man had their guns ready to shoot as you entered the room with a fierce walk,hair loose and a black suit. Glancing around until your eyes catched sight of Sofia.As soon as She recognized your face a smile appeared on her face.
"Fancy to see you here (Y/N)"You bowed down to her and kissed the hand she offered you.
"I didn't expect to see you so soon." You stood up "I came here as soon as I heard about Falcone "
She frowned with curiosity "What about the mission?I thought that back ups would have arrived next week"
You smiled at her "I did It in one shot"
"But It consisted in taking down and entire building how did you managed to do It alone?"
"Well I might have ruined my best suit but they are all death now "
She looked impressed and so was Victor .You just completed such a mission, like It was nothing only because you wanted to be by her side after Carmine's death.And that was something you don't see everyday
"Victor is an honour to introduce you my best assassin (Y/N)" He let out a chuckle "You meant your second best assassin now that you have me" Victor locked his eyes on yours as he spoke,studying you from head to toe. You actually looked kinda cute.
You faked a smile as you got near to him to shake his hand
"Well that must still be decided "
From the on It was a continue competition between the two of you about who had killed more people during a mission. You would both come back to Sofia's mansion and report the result of each quest.
"Today I have killed 18 people " you said proudly to Victor
"Well not bad at all,only not good as me "You frowned at him "I killed 40 people with one move darling"
"What can I say the magic that explosion does Is amazing" He said letting out a low chuckle that sent shivers down your spine.

You both entered Sofia's office .She welcomed you with a smile on her lips like she knew something juicy and well you didn't.
"My two favorite men" you both looked each other confused.
"I have a mission for you " "I can do that-" "No doll I can do-"
"Relax childrens " Sofia said with a grin in his face "I Need that the men I work with to be trusting each other instead of wanting to stab one and other"You didn't like where this was going "So I will send you both and only you to a mission on a island near by .I need you to go and kill everyone in the **** building. Understood?"
You both looked annoyed.
Working together with him/her ? Was probably what you both were thinking.