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Let Us Stare

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Where do all good stories start? Why, at the beginning, of course! Not at the end or in the middle, but at the very beginning.

For a certain angel and demon, the very beginning, just so happens to be the literal beginning. A little over seven days to be exact. Right before the first storm, at the top of a wall, in the garden of Eden. (Aziraphale and Crowley were both created, eons before that, but did not officially meet, until then.)

When they first met, they couldn’t say it was ‘love at first sight’, but there was a definite interest there. They assumed that, upon meeting their opposition, there would be an instant hatred for one another, but there wasn’t.

They liked each other...but not in a romantic way.

That came much later in Rome, when they shared their first meal together. All it took was a little temptation, a couple of oysters and a lot of shit alcohol, for them to truly feel something. Something that was a bit more than just an interest.

An undeniable attraction started that day, which overtime, blossomed into love.

However, they didn’t confess these feelings, until after the ‘well-that-was-anti-climatic’ apocalypse. It just so happened that today, was also the one year anniversary, for the almost end times. (Though it was not their official anniversary. That was in two months time.)

They thought it ironic really. To start at the beginning, on the day it almost ended...

The two had barricaded, a small corner of St James’s Park, using some miracles and a little imagination. They had chosen to block the section off, using some white walls, (the sort that modern builders use). They also added a couple of signs, which said things like, ‘DO NOT ENTER’ and ‘UNSAFE AREA’, for extra effect.

Inside the white walls, was a garden. It was awash with colourful flowers, overgrown plants and was so full of life, that it hid the outside world wonderfully.

It was almost as stunning, as the original garden. Almost...

In the middle, of this false Eden, was an apple tree. It was attempting to mimic, the tree of knowledge, but it could not match the tantalising allure from before.

Nonetheless, it was still a very handsome looking thing, which Aziraphale was appreciating from it’s base. His eyes roamed over, the strong branches and lush green leaves, before settling on it’s ripe red fruit.

Each apple was large and shinning. They were all perfect in every way and he was tempted to-

“Try one.”

Aziraphale jumped out of his thoughts and spun around. The angel was then face to face, with large golden eyes, long curling red hair and a smile, that redefined the meaning of wicked.

It could only be one person. Crowley.

No. Not Crowley. It was Crawly now.

If they were going to pretend, that this was the first time they met, then they would act, as they once did.

They weren’t Aziraphale and Crowley anymore. They were an angel and a demon. An angel, who guarded the eastern gate and a demon, who was the first one, to tempt humans, into breaking the rules.

Aziraphale swallowed at the implications and Crawly’s smile only widened.

“You didn’t answer me.” The demon then said slyly.

Aziraphale blinked several times, “I-I didn’t hear what you said, dea - uhh - demon.” He cut himself off, just before he called the Crawly ‘dear.’

Crawly though, had already realised what Aziraphale was about to say and smirked. Gratefully, the demon decided not to tease him, on his minor slip up and got back into character.

“That was some storm earlier, wasn’t it?” Crawly prompted at seeing his confused expression, “You know on the wall.”

Aziraphale face lightened, remembering the demon sheltering under his wing, “Oh, the storm yes! It was quite the show, if you ask me.”

Crawly hummed and his face then became unreadable. He then put his hands behind his back and circled Aziraphale. The angel was rooted to the spot, as he allowed Crawly to examine him.

Thanks to some miracles, they were both adorned in their old clothes. Aziraphale was wearing his long white tunic, complete with gold detailing, while Crawly wore his own darker tunic.

They also had their wings out. It had been a few months, since they last saw each other in their true forms and it was invigorating.

Aziraphale stared at the demons silky jet black feathers and wanted to run his fingers through them. The angel held back though, knowing that his former self would not do that.

An angel of the lord, resisted such carnal things.

However, when Crawly stepped behind him and accidentally brushed one of his white folded wings, Aziraphale felt himself shiver with need. This was going to harder than he thought...

As the demon, then finished his circuit around him and stood facing him again, they each exchanged a knowing smile. This was it. This was where they rewrote their history and forged new memories together.

Crawly then motioned at the apples, “Why don’t you try one.”

“Oh, I couldn’t possibly...” Aziraphale glanced at the fruits and blushed.

Crawly tilted his head, “Why not?”

Aziraphale hesitated, before lifting his chin and declaring proudly, “Because the Lord said we mustn’t.”

Crawly narrowed his eyes, “Sssooo?”

Aziraphale didn’t know what to say to that, so he bit his lip and looked away rather answer him. Crawly, pleased to have made the angel speechless, then sauntered up to the tree.

When the demon reached the tree, he held out one of his hands, while his other hand formed a fist and hit the trunk. On cue, an apple fell and landed into his waiting palm.

Aziraphale would normally roll his eyes, at the theatrical display, but his old self would have been in impressed. And so he stammered out, “Th-Thats quite a trick.”

Crawly hummed in agreement, but his attention was now on the fruit. The demon studied the red globe closely, before he frowned and brought the apple to his chest. He then began to polish it against his clothes.

Aziraphale watched the movement and unconsciously licked his lips. He was fixated, on the thin material, as it pulled against his chest muscles. Crawly caught sight of his pink tongue and smiled.

“What else has God told us not to do?” The demon asked curiously.

Aziraphale opened his mouth to reply, but stopped when he saw Crawly lock eyes with him and brought the apple to his mouth. The crunch from the demons bite, seemed to echo all around them and a small amount of juice, dribbled out the side of his mouth.

It beckoned the angel, to follow the fluid with his tongue and kiss into the demons mouth...

The angel cleared his throat, “There are too many to recall...”

“Really?” Crawly said, swallowing his mouthful and going for another bite, “Well, perhaps you could enlighten me then.”

Crawly then lowered his free hand and groped his cock through his clothes. Aziraphale could only stare, as the demon pleasured himself in front of hm.

“Is this allowed?” Crawly then bit into the apple again and released a breathless moan, as his fingers traced the head of his prick.

Aziraphale felt his stomach swoop with heat and he wanted to replace the demons hand with his own. He had decided not to make the effort yet, remembering how innocent he was before.

However, it didn’t stop the angel from feeling the same desire, building within him. He watched, as Crawly then dragged his hand, from the base of his cock and up his thick shaft, until he got to the top and squeezed-

The angel looked away, trying to find something more interesting to look at, other than Crawly, (suffice to say, there wasn’t!), “I-I’m not sure...”

Crawly then gaze down and inspected Aziraphale’s groin, “Do angel’s have cocks or cunts?”

The angel’s breath hitched, acting scandalised by the question and his hands covered his front, “That is an entirely inappropriate question!”

Crawly groaned, giving himself a harder stroke and hissing out, “Isss It?”

Aziraphale swallowed nervously, “It is...”

Crawly then halted his movements on his cock and something feral, flashed behind his eyes, “Shall I find out for myself?”

“What do you - Baah!”

Aziraphale’s reaction was caused by Crawly, who had tossed the apple aside and snagged him by his tunic. Off balance, the angel stumbled forward, which Crawly took advantage of and pushed him into the tree.

The demon then hiked up his tunic and exposed his lower half. Aziraphale’s eyes widened and he squeaked, “Crowley!”

“Crawly...” The demon reminded, but then looked thoughtful, “But I quite like that. Maybe, I’ll change it one day.”

Aziraphale chuckled, before slumping back into the tree and allowing Crow-Crawly to lift his clothes. The demons hand then skittered down to his groin and was met with smooth flat skin.

Aziraphale flushed, “I’m sorry, I’ve never...made the effort before.”

Crawly raised his brow, knowing that it was a lie. They’d done it copious amounts of times, over the last ten months together, but for the time period, which they’re pretending to be in, was 100% true.

The first month, before they got together, Aziraphale had divulged to Crowley, that he wanted to masturbate, but was unable to manifest a cock. Crowley, being a dreadful demon, decided to help him out.

He taught the angel all about porn, aphrodisiacs, how to love yourself and generally everything he knew about cocks. A few weeks later and the two couldn’t hold back their feelings anymore. They fell into bed together and made love for the first time.

But that was another story, for another part...

Right now, Crawly was soothing his palm over the skin, where the angel’s cock should be and making his head roll back.

“It’s okay...” Crawly whispered, “I’ll show you.”

“Oh, Heavens!” The angel exclaimed, as Crawly continued to touch him.

Aziraphale then spread his legs and Crawly manoeuvred himself between them, pushing his cock into the angel rather than his hand. Both of the demon’s hands then came up and his fingers danced over the angel’s nipples

Already, the angel was struggling to hold back, from manifesting his prick and Crawly could sense it. The demon had redoubled his efforts over Aziraphale’s groin and was pinching his nipples more determinedly.

Crawly was also mouthing into his neck and Aziraphale gasped, “We-We can’t do this. It’s forbidden...”

Crawly moaned at that, but said earnestly at the angel, “Forget about her rules, Aziraphale. She doesn’t control you.” The demon then nipped at his ear and asked pleadingly, “Do you want this? Do you...Do you want me?”

Unable to resist any longer, the angel’s cock formed and he groaned, “Oh yes! Crow-Crawly, yes. I want you! Please, touch me. Show me how to - Ahh!”

Crawly had taken hold of him, his hand slicked at the snap of a finger and was touching him properly. His wrist flicked and grasped at the angel, using the perfect pressure-

The demon, suddenly aware that he shouldn’t know what Aziraphale liked, loosened his grip and slowed his pace. The angel whined and tried to thrust into Crawly’s hand, but he was held still.

Aziraphale huffed and gave the demon a pointed look. Crawly smirked and broke character for a moment to purr, “Wish it was that easy before...”

“So do I...” Aziraphale said, recalling how long it took them to get together and felt his heart tug sadly. He looked at him beseechingly, “Kiss me...”

The demon smiled and leaned forward. They shared a sweet and gentle kiss, making sure they felt it their fondness for each other. Yes, they had waited a long time to get here, but they were together now.

And nothing could keep them apart...nothing...

When the demon pulled away from his lips, he was back into character and looking at Aziraphale hungrily. The angel gasped, returning to his old innocent nature as well and held onto Crawly’s forearms.

“Oh, please, Crawly,” Aziraphale thrusted into the demons hand and arched his back, his wings flexing out, “Show me what pleasure feels like.”

Crawly growled and instantly obeyed. This time, when he touched him, he had tightened his grip and sped up his movements, jerking him off the way he liked it. The demon’s other hand had also joined in and was rolling Aziraphale’s balls crudely.

Aziraphale couldn’t stop himself from babbling, as the demon manipulated his stiff prick, “Hmm...Ohh...Hoh! That feels incredible...So good! You’re so go-oh! I think I’m - uh, uh, uh! - Yes! Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop! Yes! Oh, my dearest! Crawly! I’m gonnaaaahhh!”

Aziraphale came, screaming out in ecstasy, (which could only be heard by the demon, within their little Eden.) Crawly hugged him through it, letting the angel spill onto his clothes and pumped him for every last drop.

Eventually, Aziraphale gathered his wits and sighed, “Oh, my dear. That was-”

The demon then pressed his still erect cock into his thigh and growled, “I’m not finished with you.”

Crawly then fell backwards and pulled the angel down with him. Aziraphale squealed, as he collapsed on top the demon, their wings fluttering at the movement. As the angel, righted himself, the demon wasted no time in removing Aziraphale’s clothes.

He clawed and ripped at the fabric, until it was in tatters. Aziraphale tutted, glaring down at Crawly accusingly, which only made the demon grin lecherously.

Crawly then raked his eyes over the angel’s bared body and Aziraphale gulped loudly. Suddenly, the demon rucked up his tunic and said, “I want you to ride me.”

Aziraphale’s spent cock twitched at his words, but luckily remembered to act shy, “I don’t know how...”

Crawly smiled, knowing he was still pretending and played along, “It’s alright, Aziraphale...” he then settled his palms on the angel’s backside, “I’ll show you.”

Crawly magicked his fingers, to become slippery once more and he teased a digit between Aziraphale’s cheeks. He found the angels fluttering hole quickly and eased a finger into him. He impaled said finger, in and out of him lewdly, making Aziraphale whimper and thrust into his hand.

Soon enough, Aziraphale was hard again and Crawly had three fingers deep inside him and was bumping at his prostate deliciously.

Aziraphale needed more of him and so he begged, “Oh, please, dear. I need...”

Crawly continued to finger him, as he asked sweetly, “What do you need, my lovely angel?”

‘You’re cock,’ Is what Aziraphale wanted to say, but his angelic side would not have approved of that and so said instead, “I need - Oh, please, Crawly! I need you!”

Crawly, without a moments hesitation, removed his fingers and positioned his cock, at Aziraphale’s entrance. Slowly, he helped the angel down onto his cock.

Aziraphale panted and clutched at the demons chest, as he was gradually filled with his prick. When Crawly was fully inside him, they both sighed and basked in the moment.

For about four seconds, until-

“Bloody Hell!” Crawly yelped, as Aziraphale started to fuck him without mercy.

The noise of their slapping skin was deafening and sinful. The angels wings flapped in tedium with his thrusts and all Crawly could do, was cling on for dear life, as they chased their orgasms.

When the angel took hold of his own erection, however, Crawly immediately waved him off and covered it with his own hand. He fisted him time with Aziraphale’s frantic rhythm and quickly they were both on the edge.

“I’m close-”

“I know, love. I am too.” Crawly moaned, stretching up to tweak one of the Aziraphale’s nipple, “Come for me. Come for me, angel.”

Aziraphale shrieked and climaxed once more, covering his stomach in his come. At the sight of the angel coming, Crawly followed suit and humped into him, until he was howling in rapture as well.

After a moment, exhausted from the exertion of their lovemaking, collapsed into each others arms and kissed one another affectionately. When they were too tired to even kiss, they held the other closely and poured all their love towards their partner.

Aziraphale then sighed, “That was marvellous, dear.”

“You weren’t so bad yourself.” Craw-Crowley mumbled in return.

“We should discuss our next liaison.” The angel said quietly.

“Hmm, agreed...” Crowley then lifted his head, “but a nap first yeah?”

“Yes, I think that would be wise...” Aziraphale then held up his hand, “I’ll miracle away all this and you get us home. Deal?”

Crowley copied the angel and raised his own hand, “Deal.”

They clicked their fingers and they both disappeared.

There was silence.

Then there was a distinctive thud and a panel of bark was kicked down from the tree, which was followed by a person, jumping out as well. They were holding onto a camera and were examining the pictures, they had taken of the two.

The beginning, for a certain avid photographer, was also in the garden of Eden. Although, it was not at the top of the wall, when it first started, but at the bottom of it.

They looked up and saw the two beings together, thinking how strange it was, to see both sides getting along. It gave them hope, for a day of peace, between Heaven and Hell.

When the storm came in and the angel sheltered the demon under his wing, they thought it was a fascinating moment. One that was too important, not to capture.

If cameras were around back then, they’d have snapped up their picture in a heartbeat. Instead, they picked up a sharp rock and etched them into a tree.

Realistically, they should have checked, which tree they had carved into...

When God eventually saw the vandalism, which they had made on the tree of knowledge, they expected to Fall. However, God only smiled and named them, ‘Earth’s Record Keeper.’