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Otani Week Collection

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A couple’s vacation was meant to be enjoyed either at the beach or on a futon. There was nothing better than sweaty summer sex and the ocean breeze cooling your skin in the afterglow.

Ogata Hyakunosuke planned the perfect getaway. He took leave when his lover scheduled his off days; paid for a cottage with a private beach, and then stocked it with enough lube and sake to last the entire summer.

“It’s been four days, Genji,” the sand on his bare feet left prints on the bedroom floor. “Get out here and enjoy the sun,”

Tanigaki strolled in wearing a yukata and socks; his perfect fuzzy body covered in sores.

“Explain something to me,” his eyes narrowed. “How were you never vaccinated at school?”

This was his fault for sure, but apologizing wasn’t his business.

“I was home schooled for years, never had to worry about that stuff,” he said, as the Matagi folded his arms and went silent. “I didn’t even know I had it until the day before we left,”

“And you didn’t think to tell me?”

“I got a fever and little rash on my ass,”

“Do you have any idea how disgusting this is, ’Nosuke?”

He tried his best not to smirk, “Is it still between your toes?”

“It’s in my hair, all of my hairs, it’s everywhere!”

“If you got vaccinated,” he said. “How’d you catch it from me?”

“Vaccinated adults can get infected if they’re exposed to adults and children who’ve never been vaccinated,” the Matagi’s steely voice unnerved him. “When I was a kid, I got chickenpox, and like you, it was just a rash and a stuffy nose,”

“You still don’t want to swim?” he asked.

“Would you put saltwater on an open zit, ‘Nosuke,”

He curled his lip, “No, I wouldn’t, Genji,”

Silent as always, the Matagi stalked away.

“If you didn’t have it that bad as a kid,” he called out. “Does that mean if I catch it again, it’ll be nasty like you are right now?”

Genjirou paced back into the bedroom and stared at him with that look he gave those oversized cupcakes in the bakery window downtown. Without a word, he peeled the yukata from his muscular shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

“Tanigaki,” he raised a finger. “No!”

“That’s why you brought me here, isn’t it?” the Matagi was using that voice he always used when his clothes were off, and there was nothing to watch on Hulu. “Come on, ‘Nosuke, you can use a rubber if you want,”

“Don’t don’t this to me, Genji, don’t get on your knees,” he begged as his lover dropped before him and pulled at the hem of his bathing trunks. “You goddam Matagi, don’t you dare open your mouth-”