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You Can't Hide It

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It was a bad idea, the Administrator thought looking at the notice that the High Table intended to send out to all of its employees. It was an extremely bad fucking idea and also incredibly unfair.

But then again, when had the High Table ever been fair, the small man thought sourly.

As of next Tuesday every single person who possessed accommodations under the organization's housing system, including the Administrator himself, was required to share said accommodations with somebody appointed by the council. It was a necessary evil the memo informed: a severe shortage in available apartments, coupled with an increase of those working under the High Table's command, had necessitated it.

To try to soften any inconveniences, the High Table had expressed, in plain out terms, no fine print or magnifying glasses needed, that all employees paired would be strictly of matching types; in other words Alphas would only be sent to live with Alphas while Omegas would only cohabit with Omegas.

All files held in the computer system clearly labelled what all employees were; they would be carefully cross referenced and then matched accordingly. The Administrator knew that he may be called upon several times to impress on any worried citizens that the files were completely accurate. The bureaucrat knew that in most cases they were: he had taken care of the majority of them himself especially when they had acquired the new computer system and the data needed to be transfered there.

Looking at the notice that, not only, his department was ordered to send by text and mail, but that he had to approve also, the Administrator still felt like murdering all the twelve who sat at the table.

Sure it sounded like a great plan on paper; there was nothing threatening about it not with the necessary precautions taking place.

For anybody else the whole situation wouldn't be a problem, only an extreme annoyance if you had no desire to share space, the bureaucrat thought as he ran a tattooed hand through his perfectly arranged hair.

There was a very large dilemma for one person, however, the Administrator knew, the information contained in their file being erroneous. The reason that he knew this was because he had falsified the file himself.

It had been his own.

Contrary to what he had claimed, the Administrator was an Omega.

And the prospect of having to live with an Alpha not only irritated damn well terrified him.

* * *

John Wick looked at the text he had just been sent on his brand new phone and didn't know if he was relieved or perturbed.

It appeared he had been approved for an apartment under the High Table's ruling but it also now stated that he would be forced into sharing the space with another High Table servant.

John sighed and shoved his phone back into his pocket, wondering where exactly his life had gone horribly wrong.

He did not need to think about it for too long. It had been Helen's death which had started it. There was absolutely no question about that.

From the moment the Doctor had told them of her condition, to the moment he had kissed his wife that final time in the hospital, John had found himself flung back into the hell he had foolishly believed he had once escaped.

Daisy, the sweet beagle that Helen had given to him to help the healing process, had been viciously killed by Iosef Tarasov and eventually Wick's mission of revenge had lead him straight back into the High Table's waiting arms.

First he had suffered the destruction of his house by Santino D'Antonio, been shot and forced off of the Continental Hotel's roof, struck an uneasy alliance with the Bowery King and then once more received absolution from the Elder. The desert nomad had decided it was in the High Table's best interest to reinstate the assassin; any man who could face constant onslaught and still manage to survive was surely worth more living as an ally than as an enemy.

John Wick remembered Winston's words in the glass room in the same hotel his forner friend managed: 

The gentleman had claimed that Helen wouldn't want him to return to the world of the High Table and become a killer again.

That, of course, had been before the Englishman had betrayed him in order to save his own skin.

Winston's words had seemed less convincing after that.

So he had sold his soul to the High Table one last time but had found himself without a home and not willing to stay at the Continental with his Judas. That was definitely not an option. In a desperate move, Wick had submitted a request for housing to the organization that controlled him and one had been granted.

But every silver lining had a cloud and this one turned out to be the fact that he would have to share it with a stranger. At least he hoped it was a stranger. The prospect of living with Cassian was frightening after the severed aorta, and bad blood that almost had run out of it, between them.

John Wick was dreading the reality of having a roommate. He was a lone wolf by nature; had always been. Only Helen had been able to breach the distance he liked to keep between himself and the rest humanity.

She had been his perfect mate, though. His wonderful Omega.

There had never been one since. There never would be.

That was one thing he need not worry about, John Wick consoled his unease: the notice expressly stated it was to be only Alpha with Alpha living situations. While there would be fights and pissing contests there would be no chance of sexual or romantic complications.

And that was absolutely fine with the mourning Alpha John Wick.

* * *

"Adam," the voice said on the other end of the line and the Administrator knew from the reserved English accent and condescending tone that it was his father.

"Hello Dad," Adam said flatly. "I told you not to call me at work. I don't like it. Hardly professional. You'll make me look bad."

"I got the memo," the older man said and his son thought he detected fear at the edges of his usually calm voice. "Now will you come back and stay at the Continental? I am imploring you!"

Adam frowned. He should have known his father would be panicking at the memo even more than he had; Winston lived in fear that it would be discovered his only known spawn was an Omega.

The pierced man flashbacked to a childhood filled with shame and constant pretending. It had started then with Winston's constant worries of disgrace. Adam remembered the man instructing him on how to carry his stuff toy around with him and growl at anyone who came near it like he was an Alpha. Of course when he had been alone, the boy, whom had become the Administrator, had found himself cuddling and caring for the toy in the most Omega way imaginable. 

Leave it to dear old dad to use the situation to try to lure his embarrassment of a son back under his watchful control, the bureaucrat thought and rolled his eyes. It wasn't going to happen. He was never returning to the Continental and its manager. The first chance he'd gotten, Adam had squirmed out from his father's thumb and found his own place to live.

Or rather his employees had found it for him. That was why he was now in this mess.

"I'm not coming back," the Administrator informed. 

"But your condition," Winston reminded his son of something he could not ever forget.

"Yes," Adam sighed. "And I will deal with it as I always have."

There was a pause on the other end and then a defeated sigh. "At least tell me that you're still on the pill."

Having taken it just that morning, the pencil pusher was sure that he was and told his father this.

"And the wash? What about the pads? I can have Charon bring..."

"I have everything I need," the Administrator snapped. 

"I don't like it," the Continental's manager hissed. "You living with an Alpha! After this whole time we've done so well to hide what you are. If anybody found out...can you imagine the shame?"

Thinking of the years of having to hide his true nature, the Administrator felt a sudden heaviness on his shoulders and tried to fight tears he felt close to entering his eyes. This sensitivity, another Omega trait, was a burden as well; he was far too emotional to be an Alpha. The man in the glasses gave his nose ring a painful tug to distract himself and tried to carry on the conversation with his father, at least long enough to end it.

"I will continue to hide it, I assure you," Adam stated. "You have nothing to worry about. Now goodbye!"

He slammed the phone down.

Knowing he was alone, and suddenly no longer caring, Adam broke into tears. He grabbed a Kleenex from where he kept the box hidden for cases just like this.

What was suddenly bothering him was the fact that Winston, his own father, had been more worried about his image than the fact that his son ran the risk of being raped in the safety of his own apartment. When Omegas were in heat going out was hazardous business; having an unmated Alpha behind locked doors alone with one was beyond dangerous. Still it hadn't even occurred to the man that had fathered him.

"Serves him right if I get pregnant and make him a grandfather," the Administrator cried and grabbed another tissue, blowing his nose into it.

For years after breaking free from his dad, Adam had safely kept his Omega nature successfully hidden; he had gotten hold of the needed items, even buying Alpha scents off of eBay to spray all over himself to hide his pheromones.

Once he had risen to the position of Administrator, he had even fired any female Alpha operators to make things easier and escape detection.

He had done it all, Adam thought sadly, in some way not only to protect himself but to also please his father. Yet Winston remained as unsatisfied as ever.

Unsatisfied and uncaring.

With all the bad news the day had brought, the Administrator wanted nothing more than to go to his apartment, create a little nest and just try to find some kind of comfort, no matter how small.

With a roommate soon to be appointed to him, Adam doubted he would be able to find much of that in the future.


Chapter Text

Tuesday came quickly enough; too quickly for Adam's liking. He had spent most of the time before then trying to prepare the apartment for the arrival of his new roommate; in this particular case that meant getting rid of anything which may remotely indicate his Omega nature. His medication was safely hidden away in a sock in the bottom of his bedroom drawer; the pheromone washes were stashed in his closet while the pads were hidden under his bed.

Having put away his pop and emo albums for some punk and rock, the Administrator also quickly substituted his shelf full of rom-coms for such Alpha-like fare as "Apocalypse Now," "Taxi Driver" and "A Clockwork Orange." The bureaucrat felt a large wet tear rolling down his cheek over the prospect of not being able to listen to Aqua or watch "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton" in the privacy of his own apartment ever again. Or at least not for a while.

Even the nest he had built for himself on his queen sized bed, and where he had been curling up and trying to remain calm in the face of impending doom, had been dismantled and the bed made to appear firm and tough.

Adam cursed his employees for implementing such a cruel and unjuste law. He then damned his father for making him hide his true nature for so long now that it seemed impossible to go back.

With a long and nervous sigh, the Administrator sat in a large and puffy chair and waited for a knock on the door, or a ring of the bell, for the moment when he would finally meet his new roommate.

* * *

Staring at the words typed neatly on the sheet of paper, notifying him of the address of the apartment he had been assigned, John Wick could not understand why the High Table had not included a name to go along with it. Knowing the name of the person who already had been living at the apartment would help to have settled some of the fear that was now seizing him. At least, if you knew the name, Wick thought, you could prepare yourself and know if the guy was a stranger or a bastard you couldn't stand. Instead all he had been given was a piece of paper with an address and the assurance, once again, that his cohabitation partner would be another Alpha just like himself.

It seemed to be a very nice apartment building, incredibly large and well kept, John admitted. And he was grateful that pets had been allowed. His dog showed his gratitude too by spraying one of the weeping willow trees on the grounds.

The assassin took the elevator to the listed floor of the apartment. He had already passed a great number of people under the High Table's command and his neck was going to give him hang that night from all of the nodding he had done.

Outside of his new shelter, John Wick paused a moment and then knocked, fearing it would be Cassian who answered it.

To his horror it was far worse.

John Wick looked down in shock into the bespectacled face of Winston's only son, Adam.

* * *

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh no, oh no, oh shit, oh shit, oh no!" the Administrator's internal monologue cried. "Not John Wick! Oh please God not him!"

But God was busy, or simply not listening, for John Wick continued to stand there beside a drooling and panting creature that could only have been a dog.

"Adam?" the hitman asked as if doubting it was his former friend's child or wishing that it wasn't.

Worrying that he had aged beyond recognition, but then blaming the man's doubt on the piercings, tattoos and hair, the Administrator nodded. "Hello John."

"You're my new roommate?" the assassin frowned and the bureaucrat felt his heart sink.

 "Yes," Adam smirked up at him. "Chalk one up for the intelligence of computers."

Only they could assign a bad ass assassin to live together with the son of the man who had forced him off of a very tall hotel roof.

Or maybe the High Table had taken care of this one all by themselves. They were all sadistic pricks after all.

Of course, they hadn't known how truly cruel their choice had been, Adam thought bitterly; if they had been aware that they had paired the world's biggest Alpha with an inwardly terrified and passing Omega they would have been in pure bliss.

The Administrator walked back to the recliner where he had previously been sitting before he had heard the knock at the door.

Thinking of which...

"You know, dad used to say you could tell if a person was an Alpha or Omega by whether they knocked on the door or rang the bell," Adam said as he rested his chin on the palm of his hand, his arm on the chair's armrest, and looked at Wick. "He said that you could tell their intelligence too."

John Wick was nonplussed. "You just insulted yourself too, you know."

The Administrator squirmed in embarrassment having forgotten about his charade. "Oh yeah. Right."

"So where's your luggage?" the bureaucrat asked, changing the subject and noticing that the assassin had none, only the intimidating canine.

"Santino destroyed my house," John said and sat down on the couch, the pooch hopping up beside him almost immediately. "I don't have anything."

"Oh yeah," Adam said. "I heard about that. Sorry."

"It's all right," the bearded man said but obviously didn't mean it.

After some minutes of awkward silence, the Administrator turned and fixed the assassin with a frank gaze. "Look! I'm sorry my father shot you off of the Continental's roof. But that wasn't me, I want you to know that I'd never have done that to you."

Wick frowned in deep skepticism.

"Okay I might have approved your Excommunicado order but that was just my job and nothing more!" Adam whined.

"That's comforting," the older man replied sarcastically.

"Well it's true whether you believe it or not," the younger man snapped.

A few more moments of silence.

"So who's he?" the Administrator asked nodding towards the Stratfordshire terrier shedding on the sofa.

"He's my dog," Wick answered.

"And does he have a name?" Adam tried again, raising both eyebrows in frustration.


"Your dog doesn't have a name?"

Wick stared straight ahead. "I haven't given him one."

The phone rang and the Administrator rose and walked over to answer it as John Wick continued to sit on the sofa, staring furtively ahead.

"Yeah, what do you want?" the pierced man asked wanting only to retreat to his room. Maybe he could make a nest in the closet and try to forget all about this unfortunate turn of events.

"Is that any way to answer the phone?" a dignified English accent inquired and Adam knew it was his father.

"Hi dad," he greeted and fought the urge to cry to his father about whom his roommate turned out to be. Knowing he would receive no sympathy, he chose to keep his distress momentarily to himself.

"Well," Winston said. "Is he there?"

"Yes," the Administrator answered.

"Who is he then? Do we know him?"

Adam peeked around at John Wick still sitting on the couch in silence. Not knowing how to break the news to his father, the Administrator sighed. "Why don't you come over and see," the bureaucrat suggested.

"Give me an hour and I will be right over," the Continental Hotel manager stated and then hung up.

The High Table worker went back to sit in the living room with his new roommate in awkward silence.

It had, in all odds, been a very bad idea to invite Winston over, Adam knew. Still the Administrator wanted to get this over as soon as possible.

And besides, misery did love company after all.

* * *

"Oh dear God no!" Winston exclaimed as the door to his son's apartment opened and he saw the Baba Yaga on the other side.

"Hello Winston," John Wick said.

"This is a joke right?" the Englishman asked without humour.

"No," Adam piped up from the chair where he was sitting. "This is who the High Council, in their infinite fucking wisdom, decided to have me live with."

"Language!" Winston reprimanded as John walked back to the sofa and the hotel manager stepped inside, closing the door behind him. 

Winston sat on the far end of the couch and he and the assassin looked like ill tempered bookends. The dog had abandoned the sofa to go and explore the rest of the apartment.

"Can I get you something to drink," the Administrator addressed his father.

"A dry martini," the man answered.

"You?" Adam asked Wick.

"A whiskey."

The servant of the High Table disappeared into the kitchen.

"There goes the human pin cushion," the Continental manager said sardonically. "My pride and joy."

"He's your son," John said feeling a wave of protective pity for the pierced man.

"And I love him a million ways to Sunday but I wish that he'd have picked a line of work not requiring so severe a dress code," Winston sighed and lay back on the sofa trying to regain his usual casual manner.

"I can't believe Adam became an Administrator," John Wick confessed.

"I assure you, Jonathan, that makes two of us," Winston laughed dryly.

"He was always such a sweet kid," the assassin reminisced and then added more perturbed, "Did you know that your son approved my Excommunicado order?"

"So? He deconsecrated his own father's hotel," Winston countered. "The snotty little bureaucrat."

"Talking about me are we?" the Administrator asked and sat down between both men. He handed them their drinks and John Wick swigged from his.

"Blanton's? You remembered?" he asked looking in surprise at his glass.

"He keeps the darn stuff in, Heaven knows why, even though he doesn't drink the stuff nor do I," Winston informed.

Adam squirmed uneasily as Wick studied him questioningly.

"Some friends drink it," the small man explained. It was a lie: he had no friends.

"Jonathan, I must beg you not to take out any animosity you may feel towards me on Adam during this horrible situation," Winston finally blurted out. "I did what I did, and I am not sorry, but it has nothing to do with him, so please, leave him out of it."

The youngest man on the couch quickly turned and looked at the oldest. Adam was so moved he wanted to throw his arms around his father, hold him tightly and weep into his $500 silk shirt that he was grateful to be his son.

"I would never take it out on Adam," John Wick retaliated in complete seriousness. "I've always liked him and I know you being a back stabbing bastard is not his fault."

The Administrator swiftly spun his head around to stare at the assassin in shock. Inside, close to his heart, he felt this warm and fuzzy feeling spreading throughout his entire body.

Silence settled around the three men, the bookends still cranky while the man in between them quietly beamed.

Soon John Wick's dog came to join them, its tongue dyed blue from having just finished drinking out of the toilet bowl.

"Look at us," Adam said, fighting tears of happiness. "We're all one fucking big happy family!"

"Language," Winston reminded.

* * *

As the Administrator was walking his father to the door, Winston turned around and whispered to his only known child, "Will you be okay?"

Adam did not reply for he did not know the answer. The fact that he was about to dwell with an Alpha was terrifying; the fact that it was John Wick presented problems the pierced man did not feel remotely safe in confessing to his father.

"I still don't trust him," the hotel manager hissed. "He could use your being an Omega to embarrass me and get revenge."

That same old wound reopened in the Administrator's heart. "He won't find out. I promise," the High Table servant said. "I'll be okay."

"And you will behave yourself?" the Englishman pressed and Adam knew the man who had helped create him's memory was functioning extraordinarily well.

The pierced man nodded slowly.

Winston stared him with eyes of blue ice and then walked to the elevator; carrying himself as if he ran this building too.

* * *

After John was shown around the apartment both men separated and kept to themselves.

In his bed, cuddling next to a pillow and trying to fall asleep, the Administrator reflected on the bad luck that had sent John Wick to his doorstep.

The man was the biggest fucking Alpha on the planet.

He was also the first and only man that Adam had ever loved.

He used to follow the Baba Yaga around the Continental, carting his toy around, and mooning over the tall hadsome assassin. After puberty had hit, and his father's constant criticisms, he had stopped but Adam knew he had kept on pining behind closed doors for the older man.

When his first heat had come, his twelve year old self had cried out for John repeatedly until his father had actually slapped him to make him stop.

Even all these years later it was Wick he thought of when that damned time came upon him and he found himself lost in lust and need but sentenced to only play with himself and be content with mere fantasies.

Now John Wick was his roommate and he was sentenced to try to keep the fact from the man that he was really an Omega.

The Administrator remembered his words to his father and knew that they were pie crust promises as a certain English nanny would say.

* * *

John Wick found himself tossing and turning as well.

He had never once contemplated that Adam could be his new roommate. He had tried his best not to think of the man at all for years.

In a life littered with regrets, his feelings for the man who had become a pencil pusher for the High Table were counted among them too.

Sighing, Wick wished that it had been Cassian that had opened the door and not Adam.

At least he had never been attracted to that man.

* * *

Peering around the corner of the Continental, the youthful John Wick watched as the young son of the Continental's manager, tended to his toy like it was an actual child and not made of fabric and stuffing. He was mimicking feeding it and administering tender kisses to it. The boy looked so adorable, Wick found himself unable to stop staring. He was safely hidden so the boy could not see him, his trained skills coming into use yet again.

The assassin was curious besides being amused.

Adam, this son of Winston, had been carrying the toy around and acting like a little Alpha when ever anybody came too close. A growl was offered to any threat but John had found it the cutest, sweetest growl he had ever heard. Also, much to Winston's disapproval, the boy had let Wick get close to the toy a few times, even willingly offering it to him, as if to protect it.

Yet still here was the child caring for the toy as sweetly as any Omega.

John stood in fascination, watching him.

"What's going on?" a voice whispered and Wick turned to find his friend Marcus standing there.

The assassin remained silent only staring at the child and the toy.

"That's Omega behaviour," Marcus commented.

"It is," John Wick agreed.

"Is he passing you think?" the other man had asked. "Or do you think he's confused?"

"I don't know," John answered.

* * *

It had become a joke between the two of them after that: which one of them would take the child for themselves when the boy came of age; if they would have to fight for him.

A joke for Marcus, at least.

John was deadly serious. He had developed an interest in the boy, some bond between them his heart and soul felt if not his brain. He wanted to claim Adam for his mate when the boy was old enough.

He had been so sure Winston's son was an Omega; Wick had even convinced himself that the boy smelled like one.

John Wick had been traumatised when Adam had turned out to be an Alpha after all. Having lived in expectant hope for years, his disappointment was exceedingly wounding.

It had only been in Helen's arms that he had managed to forget it and move on.

Now, John pondered bitterly, here he was forced into sharing space with the other man; to be aware of both his rutting and mating.

John Wick sighed; it felt like just another win for fate which apparently considered the Baba Yaga its primary source of amusement.

Chapter Text

John Wick watched as Winston's young son, Adam, was lead away by an assassin he did not recognize. That was a distinct problem when you were infamous in your field the Baba Yaga mused; while everybody knew who you were, you, unfortunately, could not claim the same.

He did not know the man with the crew cut but he had watched the way that the stranger had been studying the child and he had not liked it.

Keeping an eye on the other assassin, Wick had witnessed the man whisper something to the eight year old boy and then lead him away.

And the child had just followed easily.

He was too innocent...far too trusting. In a hotel full of assassins and underworld inhabitants, Winston had been foolish to let his son walk around it unguarded and unprotected.

John followed man and child to the basement where he heard Adam start to cry. The sound of skin hitting skin as the unknown assassin struck the child and John Wick felt rage flash into every cell of his body. He did not wait but pounced on the man, beating him to within an inch of his life, knowing that killing him was expressly forbidden within the Continental's sacred walls.

The molester having used any strength left to crawl away, Wick knelt beside Adam who was crying furiously. The boy suddenly threw his small arms around the Baba Yaga's neck and the young man felt shock as his heart stopped beating and then flip flopped inside of his chest before resuming. His large arms wrapped around the child hungrily in return.

With his face so close to Adam's neck, and feeling already so bonded to the boy, John felt the urge to bite the child's sweat gland and make that bond forever almost completely take control of him. He stopped, however, knowing that such an action would make him no better than the man he had just beaten. Adam was too young to know what he wanted; when he was older, and only then, the boy would make the choice for himself.

Still the young man could not resist rubbing his neck against the boy's and marking him with his scent if only for the moment.

At the top of the stairs leading to the first floor, the boy tugged on the large hand holding his own and John Wick looked down at him.

"Do we need to tell Daddy?" Adam asked. "He'll be mad at me."

John smiled gently at him. "No. Just promise me you won't go anywhere with any strangers; not unless you ask your father first."

Winston's offspring nodded enthusiastically and then hugged John Wick's legs, as the other assassins passing by gave indifferent glances. Wick wanted nothing more than to pick the child up and hug him but he was far too aware of the necessity to be careful. Adam was still too young and Winston was not a man to cross. The Baba Yaga had to make sure that the hotel manager did not know of his growing interest in his only son.

John Wick knew that he had to wait for the day when Adam was ready to leave his father.

A few days after the incident in the basement, the young man found the older crew cutted assassin and killed him by shooting him point blank in the head. Not before he had cut off both of the man's hands, however.

Throughout the years that followed, Wick often visited the Continental where he secretly basked in any sight or moment spent with Adam, his intended mate. And the boy seemed overjoyed for his company, if adorably shy and unsure. They could often be seen together, others absently thinking they were an older brother with his younger sibling, until they noted the strange way the two males looked at one another.

John disregarded any talk of the boy being an Alpha;  the Baba Yaga had felt with a certainty that the boy could not be or there would not exist so strong an attraction between them; Adam followed him around often as if they were already bound together, crying when it was time for Wick to leave.

And sometimes, in the dead of night, as he had lay awake in his hotel room, John Wick had been sure that he had heard the pubescent boy calling out his name for him to come to him...

* * *

"JOHN! JOHN WICK WILL YOU COME AND ANSWER THE FUCKING DOOR!" the Administrator screamed as he stood at the door to the apartment he shared with the dreaded Baba Yaga.

In a few seconds, John did appear. "Where's your key?" he asked as the younger man stepped inside, his arms loaded with paper bags filled with groceries.

"I left it here," Adam sighed putting the bags on the floor. He had found himself unusually forgetful these past few days.

The hitman graciously and effortlessly picked the bags up and took them to the kitchen to save his visibly tired roommate from having to.

"Thank you," the Administrator said, feeling a flush of warmth and trying to push it away.

They had been living together for close to three weeks and often the hitman did little kind acts that made him both shy and feeling very good all at once.

As if to negate the sensation, Adam focused on what John Wick had done wrong instead of what he had done that was right. Besides he needed to appear Alpha and starting an argument seemed like a good idea to reinforce the image.

"What took you so long to answer the damn door anyway? I was ringing it for minutes," the High Table servant complained.

"I was in the bathroom. I thought you said only Omegas ring the door bell?" John Wick reappeared in the kitchen doorway, fixing the man with a quizical stare.

"Well...I...ummm...I tried knocking but then I thought that your dog like brain may be better with higher frequencies," Adam lied.

Wick took the insult as he had all the many others that had been hurled in his direction since he had moved in: with a frown and an annoyed shake of the head. He then walked back into the kitchen to grab the new bag of dog chow to feed his awaiting dog.

The Administrator used the opportunity to rush into the washroom, something else he had found himself doing more and more frequently in the last few days.

"Dammit John!" the Baba Yaga heard the small man cry from inside the bathroom and he cringed.

When Adam re-emerged he looked extremely annoyed and pissed off.


"Why do you always leave the toilet seat up?" the bureaucrat asked in frustration.

"Why is that a problem?" the assassin asked looking very confused.

The small man squirmed in embarrassment. "I have a Prince Albert piercing: I dribble so I need to..."

"I got it," the Alpha replied. "I'll try to remember. Any other piercings I should know about?"

It came out sounding flirty. Maybe that hadn't been the man's intention but to Adam it sounded almost suggestive and they both stood in awkward silence as the canine muched on its food noisily.

The bureaucrat wanted to blush. He wanted to look shyly away or to squeak and seek shelter in his room. Knowing that none of this was Alpha behaviour, though, all he did was smirk at the assassin and try to look completely irritated.

"I'll get supper," the Administrator said grittily, but as he walked past the Baba Yaga he misjudged the distance and made the mistake of brushing against the assassin.

Adam felt an electric shock in his heart from the contact and grumpily grabbed two microwavable dinners out of the paper grocery bag.

"TV Dinners again?" John Wick asked, trying to sound only disappointed but there was a strange hoarseness to his voice.

The Administrator recognized Wick's Alpha voice on the verge of being shown and he felt he was dangerously on the brink of falling apart and betraying his Omeganess and just falling into his master's arms.

"Yes!" Adam yelled slamming the dinners on the table. "Now you go and wait at the fucking table until they're done!"

The tone hopefully was dominant enough, or at least had worked well enough, for John walked out of the room, his back slightly arched in angry defiance at being ordered; his Alpha nature in violent opposition to it. Still he followed the instructions and left the room to wait at the table.

Firing a dinner into the microwave, the Administrator brought a hand to his forehead as he remembered the contact. A feeling coursed through his body, familiar but a stranger for a very long time and he foolishly ignored it.

* * *

John Wick waited at the dining room table, trying to forget the way it had felt when the Administrator had brushed against him. The feeling had taken all the breath and heartbeats from his body. Now his heart was racing in an attempt to catch up.

It had been years since he had last touched Adam and that had been too painful for the assassin to willingly recall.

Listening as the beeping of the microwave in the kitchen made its announcement through the rest of the house that the first meal was done, John finally remembered an incident too agonizing to be welcome.

* * *

"So I guess the kid was an Alpha after all," Marcus said carelessly and John Wick had felt his heart drop into his expensive black shoes.

"What?" the Baba Yaga had asked but he knew who his friend meant; the rumours had been circling recently and both of them had heard them.

"Adam," the older man replied. "He's down at the bar talking up a cute little blonde Omega."

"That can't be," John Wick had stated.

"Now calm down, John. He's..."

"NO!" Wick had snarled and Marcus must have seen the anger and pain clearly revealed in his friend's eyes.

"Wow," the man had exclaimed. "You've got it bad. Sorry. I didn't know."

John remained silent, his eyes still expressing feelings too personal to confess.

"I get it, John. I like him too, but you've got to face reality. The boy is an Alpha. He will never belong to you."

"You're wrong, Marcus," John said deadly serious. "He's mine!"

In a flash, the Alpha had left his room at the Continental and was rushing to the bar, where he did find Winston's son affectionately conversing with a cute and petite Omega, who seemed smitten with the 18 year old boy talking to her, just as his friend had said.

John grabbed Adam's arm and started to drag him away. He managed to take the boy a few feet until the younger man started to resist.

"Let me go John Wick!" Adam cried.

"Stop making a fool of yourself!" Wick said commandingly. "That's not who you are!"

"What am I?" the boy asked defiantly.

Not knowing what else to do, John grabbed Adam and leaned into his ear, ignoring the damned Alpha scent he could smell coming off of the other man. "You're an Omega. And you're mine," Wick whispered. 

Desperately seeking to make the words true, the Baba Yaga lowered his head about to bite the hotel manager's offspring's sweat gland when Adam punched him in the stomach and then brought a knee up to his genitals.

Before he fell to the ground, John Wick felt Adam's fingernails dig into the flesh on his face as the boy scratched him.

"If you want to fight me for her be honest about it!" Adam hissed as he stared down at his friend lying on the floor of the hotel his father managed. "Don't make up some cock and bull story to do it!"

John Wick roared at the younger man but did nothing more, knowing he would kill Adam if he gave into the rage and agony that he was suffering.

They glared in hatred at each other, John feeling his heart breaking inside the prison of his chest. It fell into a million pieces as he watched the boy he loved walk away with the blonde Omega, never once looking back.

The pieces of John Wick's heart would remain broken until a woman named Helen had taken the time to put them tenderly back together again.

* * *

When the Administrator brought the meals to the table, he found John sitting there deep in thought with the saddest expression on his beautiful bearded face. It took all the strength he possessed not to throw his little Omega arms around the man and try to give him some comfort.

Instead all he gave him was his dinner.

They ate without speaking and Adam wished that he could give his Alpha a real meal instead of the instant shit he was forced to serve in order to keep an illusion. He wanted to do something to take the sorrow from his former friend's eyes.

Thinking of one thing he had never done but had always wanted to, Adam looked up from his still partly frozen potatoes.

"John," the Administrator started hesitantly.

Wick met his eyes but did not say anything.

"I'm sorry for that night at the Continental bar. I'm sorry if I humiliated you."

"You didn't humiliate me," John Wick corrected and Adam's mouth hung open in confusion.

"You broke my fucking heart," the assassin added and the Administrator's heart broke too.

* * *

Retreating to the hidden nest in his closet for a thirty minute break before he would join the assassin for their after-work TV watching routine, Adam cried violently as he remembered...

* * *

After he had walked away with the blonde, he had taken her to Charon, who had paid her handsomely as Winston had promised. She then disappeared into a dark and High Table free life and Adam gratefully never saw her again.

Winston's son fled to his room, crawled into his nest and wept bitterly, crying John Wick's name over and over again into a heart shaped pillow with a damnable happy face embroidered in its center.

As the boy wailed repeatedly, the Alpha scent his father had purchased for him, and forced him to bathe in, filled his nostrils and Adam found himself hopelessly wishing it was Wick's scent instead of a stranger's.

He cried for being forced by his father to be a part of such a stupid plot to establish a nature contrary to the truth. He mourned for his love and a life that they could never share.

And he wept at the knowledge, as he felt the first stings of preheat mocking him in his sorrow, that John Wick's blood, now caking under his fingernails, was the only fluid from the man that he would ever know.

* * *

Having composed himself, but still feeling odd, Adam went into the living room where John already was sitting on the sofa and watching the television. He plopped down on the end of the couch as far away from Wick as possible. The Administrator's tattooed arm was on the arm rest as he put his pierced head in the palm of his hand, resigning himself to yet another night of wrestling, boxing or hockey playoffs; as if the assassin didn't have enough violence in his life already.

To his surprise, the Baba Yaga had chosen to watch "Forrest Gump" instead of his typical full blown Alpha fare. Adam perked up and let himself enjoy the film. 

By the time Jenny and Forrest were in High School his chin was off of his palm. The moment where Forrest was reunited with Jenny in Washington found him nearing the middle of the couch, John following suit. When Forrest and Jenny finally got married they had bridged the distance and were sitting side by side. Forrest's tearful speech to Jenny by her tree side grave found the Administrator crying tearfully into the Baba Yaga's shirt, as the man had his large and protecting arm around him.

As the credits rolled, John Wick looked down at Adam and asked in confusion, "What are we doing?"

Adam tensed as he realized that he was in the assassin's arms. He quickly scooted over to his former couch end seat. "I got cold," the younger man snapped defensively.

"Are you crying?" Wick asked, studying him in bewilderment.

"It's cold!" the Administrator whined. "My nose is running."

John Wick furrowed his brows, confounded: it was May and an unusually warm one at that.

* * *

Sometime as he was sleeping, back in the safety of his bedroom and away from John, Adam awoke as he experienced a horribly painful sensation he had not known for several years. In terror, the man recognized it for what it was.

Suddenly it all came crystal clear; the frequent trips to the washroom, the odd feeling inside, being so overemotional and finally this...

The pills were no longer working and there could only be one possible explanation: the presence of a very powerful Alpha.

The Administrator squealed and then hid under the bedsheets.

John Wick was making him go into heat.

Chapter Text

While the Administrator was waking up in his bedroom from a large and stabbing pain, John Wick was waking up with his own problem: a large and painful dork. He could not quite believe it at first, having not had one since Helen had become very ill. Still there it was tenting his bedsheets and impossible to deny.

It did not take long for the assassin's mind to center on its cause: cuddling on the couch with Adam. It could be the only reason. Even now safely away from both the man and the couch, Wick could still remember how small and soft the man had felt in his arms and how the whole scenario had been what he had happily envisioned for them when he had been younger. 

Being around the prickly little bureaucrat had awakened feelings he had thought had died alongside his beloved Helen, John understood. Only his body was not smart enough to realize that the Administrator was an Alpha and still subscribed to some hopeless and foolish dream that Adam was an Omega.

It desperately wanted to mate with the man, knot inside him and pound into him until it was time for blessed release. And then start the whole process over repeatedly for 72 hours straight.

It would not accept the reality that Winston's son was a fellow Alpha.

John Wick grabbed a pillow and hit his erection, hoping to calm it down a bit and make it see the error of its way. It refused to do so, remaining perky in the face of heartache and the hitman found himself becoming highly annoyed.

When his dog came up on the bed to see what was going on with his owner, the Baba Yaga growled at him, sending the dog scurrying out of the room in fright.

In irritated horror, the man flopped down on his pillows while his penis stayed up. This sudden agitation coinciding with the arousal could only mean one thing...

He hadn't just woken up with a boner: he was rutting.

And it was all the Administrator's fault.

* * *

Sitting at the dining room table, eating breakfast in the afternoon, Adam could tell past his own worried thoughts that something was bothering his roommate; John kept staring into his bowl of cornflakes, like he wanted to assassinate it, and then would cast him a glare of pure malice as if he blamed him for something.

The Administrator sat fretting in his chair, trying not to cry and pout. If anybody had a reason to be angry it was surely him; his life had been fine, after all, until the assassin had shown up with his damn masculinity and Alphaness. Even now he looked so handsome sitting there eating his cereal that Adam couldn't help but picture that he was lying on the table in front of Wick and letting the man eat from him and not the bowl.

Squirming in his chair, the servant of the High Table tried to conquer all his dirty thoughts, scared to death what his mind would be like when his full heat came on.

John left first which was unusual. The assassin often stayed most of the day in the apartment until he was notified of any hit or mission the High Table requested of him. The Administrator was not going to complain today, however. He had an uncontrollable urge that would be better met without John Wick's presence.

Adam crept into the Baba Yaga's room. First he threw off all of his clothes and rolled around naked on the hitman's bed. This now completed, he soon went over to the man's drawers and rifled through them. He spent ten minutes smelling Wick's underwear before crying into it. In a mad fit of passion he gathered a handful of the few possessions the man had obtained since he had moved in (a watch, some socks, the tear stained underwear and a novel) and carried them back safely to his nest before getting redressed and heading to work; something that would be impossible when heat finally claimed him completely.

* * *

Wick walked the New York city streets aimlessly. He had killed the intended target hours ago and now he found himself with time to kill as well; it, however, refused to die so easily.

Sitting in the park, on a bench beside his yawning and obviously bored dog, John watched a young man push his younger brother on a swing and looked away as he was bitterly reminded of his past with Adam.

Everything was reminding him of the bureaucrat and he hated it, especially how all he wanted to do was find the pierced man and stay around him until he went into a heat which was never going to happen. The hitman could not understand why his body was having such a difficult time accepting what his brain already knew.

Of course, he could always go and find another real Omega and fulfill his needs but that was useless too. He'd had two great loves in his life, one male and one female. Anymore would be overkill and he preferred keeping that as his business not his personal life.

John Wick was aware of something else as well: he was still in love with Adam even after all this time; even if the younger man was an Alpha.

It seemed that both his dick and his heart refused to accept the truth. 

* * *

That night, watching television beside the assassin was pure torture for the Administrator. He was suffering from the worst cramps imaginable, on the verge of crying constantly and also enduring the most lurid fantasies about John Wick.

As John was sitting there watching an episode of Cowboy Bebop, Adam couldn't help but stare at the man's lap and daydream about sitting on it and grinding away. He was staring at it when he saw the fabric of Wick's pants bulge and knew that he had become hard underneath. At first, the Administrator believed that it was only wishful thinking until he cast a glance at it again.

Throughout the rest of their time sitting together on the sofa, the younger man noted how John kept becoming easily aroused from anything from the news to a toothpaste commercial. All the while the hitman sat their staring grumpily at the television set.

Sometime, during another commercial break, it hit the frazzled bureaucrat: the assassin was rutting. There could be little doubt about it. There was nothing sexy about a bowl of Cream of Wheat after all, or at least nothing that could explain the other man's enormous and intimidating hard-on.

In his preheat stage, the Administrator found himself on the verge of hysterics. John Wick was rutting while he was about to go into heat. It seemed like a brutally absurd joke; their cycles had corresponded or else the older man was sensing the younger man was close to being in heat and his body was responding accordingly.

And if the man was subconsciously aware of it now, Adam was in absolute terror of what would happen when it was time for real and he began to slick.

The Administrator jumped off of the couch and ran to his bedroom, leaving John Wick and his enormous woody alone on the couch.

* * *

John turned off the television set a few minutes after Adam had left the room. It was a blessing, he guessed. The bureaucrat had kept turning him on and it was making him delusional on top of it all; Wick had kept thinking that the Administrator was staring at his crotch.

* * *

As the Administrator had walked into the Continental's lobby the following day, he had let out a sad and small sigh; the building held so many memories for him both good and bad.

It had witnessed his infancy, adolesence and the birth of his adulthood.

Here, also, was where he had first met John Wick.

Here was where he had originally said goodbye to him too.

Today he had left John moping around their apartment, still quick to rile and swifter to arouse. He had given the man his distance. Soon that would be more difficult, Adam realized, when he would need to take time off from work. The High Table afforded Alpha employees days off to accomodate their mate's heating cycles. He had accumulated a slew of available time off and he intended to now call it in in the face of his impending doom; it was an advantage point for being a workaholic. 

Solving the problem of John Wick being present for it, however, was far more tricky, and while usually his mind was sharp and wily, Adam found his preheat tampering with his intelligence. He needed to go to the one person who could help him but who he always hated to have to go crawling to: his father. 

Charon, the concierge and Winston's right hand man, was at the lobby behind the registration desk. Often throughout his life, Adam had pondered over the regal black man's relationship with his father. The man had been a staple in his childhood and Winston and he had seemed as inseparable as autumn and a cool salty breeze. The Administrator had started to suspect during his teenage years that Charon was his dad's Omega, although he had never brought the subject up. Neither the hotel manager or the concierge had given even the subtlest of clues away to confirm or renounce the suspicion.

"Why Mr. Adam," Charon greeted. "It remains a pleasure to see you."

"You too," the bureaucrat smiled. It faded as another cramp hit him.

"How have you been?"

"Good," the Administrator lied as the cramp grew in intensity.

"And Mr. Wick? You're father was telling me that he was assigned to live with you."

"He's fine," the High Table servant stated. "Although irritable and highly horny," he was tempted to add but thought better of it.

"I always was fond of Mr. Wick," Charon revealed. "I was most regretful of the unpleasant business months back."

The Administrator nodded. Unpleasant wasn't exactly the word he would have chosen but his father's friend was always properly polite and politically safe.

"And what do we owe the pleasure of this visit?" the older man inquired.

"I wish to speak to Winston," Adam stated.

"He's on the terrace nursing a martini, I believe," Charon informed.

"I'd like to speak to him alone," the Administrator frowned. "It's a private matter."

"May I suggest you wait for him in his office," the concierge offered. "I will go and inform him of your arrival."

The pencil pusher nodded in pain and made his way to the Continental's Manager's office.

Sitting on the plush grey velvet sofa in the room, Adam squirmed and waited for his father's arrival. Winston was a man who rushed for nothing and no one: not even his son. When another cramp seized him, the Administrator collapsed on the sofa. When the hotel manager did finally enter the room he found his only son lying on his expensive couch curled up in the fetal position.

"Adam!" he exclaimed reproachfully. "What is the meaning of this?'

Not having enough strength to mince words the younger man opted for blurting out the truth.

"I'm going into heat dad!"

"Good Lord no!" Winston said and faltered where he stood. "Is it because of Jonathan?"

Adam curled up tighter and nodded his head.

"That damn grizzly of an Alpha!" Winston said in outrage. "Leaving his scent all around."

"And the toilet seat up," the Administrator added.

"Why is that a problem?" Winston asked confused.

"I have a Prince Albert," the bureaucrat had to explain once again.

"Even there!" Winston stated in disgust. "Is no part of you sacred, you bloody little masochist?"

Adam whimpered from the agony of another cramp; at the moment, suffering from wave after wave of cramps, his father's noun hardly seemed valid.

"Does he know?" the older man asked anxiously.

"About the piercing?"

"No, about you being an Omega, you little fool!" Winston sighed. Adam did too; he had missed his father's terms of endearment.

"Well, we'll have to get you out of the apartment before it's time," Winston remarked. "You can stay here."

"No," the Administrator firmly argued. "I want my apartment. I'd feel better there. I just want a way for John not to know."

Falling on to the sofa beside his curled-up offspring, Winston fell into deep thought. After minutes of quiet contemplation, the Continental manager's face brightened.

"I have it!" he cried smugly. "I'll order a hit for a man in Europe, requesting that Jonathan specifically handle the affair. You can work it so it will be anonymous. You're an Administrator after all. You can do that sort of thing: fool with files etc..."

Adam sat up again, feeling momentarily better, but holding onto his stomach. He glared at his father for suggesting the ill use of his occupation but it was true that it was possible. "Who would the victim be?" the Administrator asked in concern.

"Oh you don't have to worry about him," Winston shooed his son's guilt away. "He'll be a horrible nasty man I met in Prague once: Franz Havel. Sold me a rotten suit the little bugger! I always wanted revenge; now I shall have it! We'll kill two birds with one stone."

The bureaucrat scowled. "He's not too tough is he? John won't get hurt?'

"No chance," Winston scoffed. "All Jonathan needs to do is look at him and he'll die; he has a bad heart."

The Englishman was properly proud of himself until he looked over to his quietly weeping son.

"Well for Heaven's sakes, what is it now?" Winston demanded in exasperation.

Adam sniffed a few times and stared down at the carpet in his father's office. "I...I don't like John leaving me alone...again," he replied sadly.

"Oh bloody hell!" Winston said, looking in the opposite direction of his curse word.

* * *

John Wick was outside of the Administrator's empty bedroom trying to fight the urge to go inside, masturbate for a while on the bed and then come all over the other man's sheets and pillows when he received a text message stating he was required to head to Prague to kill a man named Franz Havel. It was just as well, John thought, abandoning his previous plans and walking away from the bedroom door; he had an inkling Adam would have noticed the cum and he had never been very good at doing the laundry, as Helen had often reminded him.

Still reading Havel's profile, Wick did not understand why anybody would pay half a million dollars to kill a tailor.

He was set to leave the next night, which was fine he supposed. Getting away from his roommate was probably a good idea, the assassin realized. His rutting was beginning to make him crazy: John was starting to think that he smelled Omega pheromones coming off of Adam again.

* * *

The Administrator suffered in silence as John prepared to go to the airport and leave for Prague. He had spent the previous night stealing a few more of the man's belongings when he wasn't looking and crying over his soon to arrive departure.

Part of Adam wanted to kick John Wick out the door, while most of him wanted to just beg the Alpha to knot inside of him.

Instead he opted to bid the tall man an awkward goodbye before he went.

"Make sure my dog is fed," John stated.

"I will," the bureaucrat consented.

"And try to keep him out of my room. He must be getting in there; some of my stuff has gone missing," Wick observed flatly as Adam swallowed harshly.

"I guess that's it then," the assassin stated.

Before he knew what he was doing, Adam threw his arms around the Baba Yaga. "Be careful," he whispered, his head pressed against the older man's broad chest.

John Wick gently touched the pierced man's back and the Administrator felt the first bit of slick slide out from him.

The bureaucrat quickly tossed the hitman out the door.

* * *

At the airport, John Wick waited to board the plane. He was agitated and still horny; Adam's strange impulsive embrace had not helped matters at all. He was watching the evening news in an attempt to get his mind off of his rutting when a news story caught his full attention.

"World famous designer Franz Havel died today of a heart attack," the cheerful news anchor morosely reported. "It appears he was startled when a mouse entered his store."

The Baba Yaga arose from his chair.

Whatever idiot had hired him could give the $500 grand to God instead; he was heading home.

* * *

Rolling around naked in his nest in the closet, Adam heard the phone ringing and went to answer it, knowing he still needed to field calls and keep up the illusion he had spent years creating. He felt the large amount of slick making its way down his leg and his hand went to his needful dick and started to play with it.

"Hello," he answered the phone, trying his best to sound normal."

"Adam, it's your father. Is Wick gone?"

"Yes...and I'm in heat!" the Administrator moaned still tugging on his penis.

"Are you playing with yourself while you are on the phone?" Winston asked in shock. "Is that the kind of son that I raised?"

"Yes!" the High Table servant cried.

The hotel manager snorted in outrage and slammed the phone down in shame.

Adam lay down on his bed, too upset to make it back to his nest, his hand hurriedly racing up and down his shaft.

He started to cry out, not in pleasure, but in pain as he thought of John Wick so far away by now. The Alpha was rutting and soon, Adam mournfully lamented, he would probably find some Omega who would take care of his urges.

"And it won't be me," Adam thought, plump tears parading out of his green blue eyes.

The Administrator started to wail in agony, his cries so loud he did not hear the front door opening.

* * *

As John Wick entered the apartment, he could sense that something was not right. He smelled the strong scent of slick and an Omega's pheromones. Wondering sadly if Adam had found a mate sometime after he had left, the Baba Yaga soon heard somebody crying loudly.

"John...John!" the person bemoaned and the assassin soon recognized it as Adam's voice.

Fearing the man was in trouble, the Alpha ran to the bedroom door where the voice was coming from. When the door wouldn't open, obviously having been locked, John Wick, in fear and rage, kicked it free from its hinges.

The Baba Yaga was shocked to see the Administrator lying completely naked, crying as his angry cock was clenched and leaking in one hand.

The pierced and tattooed man looked up at Wick, his eyes large and pleading. "Go away John. Please!"

John Wick shook his head, dazed and shocked at what his senses were telling him: Adam was an Omega.

And this Omega was in heat.


Chapter Text

Adam lay on the bed, dick still in his hand, and completely exposed in front of John Wick. Why had the man come back, the Omega, in heat, wondered. And why did he have to be standing there staring at him, looking so damn good and smelling so very much like an Alpha who could finally satisfy this horrible lust that was causing him so much painful need?

"Just go!" the bureaucrat pleaded again. "I don't want you to see me like this! Please John!"

But John wasn't listening. He continued to stand there, staring, with a strange look in his eyes.

And still Adam felt himself playing with his swollen cock unable to stop himself, John Wick's gaze only urging him on.

The naked Omega watched as the Alpha started to sniff the air and follow the scent. It lead him to the bed and the Administrator lying there.

The small man slipped a little more into the middle of the mattress as John Wick knelt on it, studying the Omega's hand still running up and down the length of his own penis. The assassin gave it a smell but then his attention was caught by another scent completely.

Adam felt as his friend started to smell the slick leaking from his crack; it was a flood which was covering the smaller man's perineum, thigh and the bedsheet underneath.

"Don't," the Omega whispered as John brought his nose to it first and then his tongue, licking it up.

The Administrator gasped as Wick pushed his bearded face into his buttocks and started to lap up the copious amount of slick which was pouring out.

Small little whimpering sounds of pleasure came out of the Omega's pierced mouth as he enjoyed the feeling of John Wick rimming him. He played with his cock some more as it started to leak until Wick's own hand found it and started to do the work for him, curiously exploring the piercing also.

The Administrator writhed on the bedsheet, rubbing his face against the cotton fabric and alternately moaning, whimpering and gasping as the Alpha drank from him and pulled on his eager member.

With the Baba Yaga's face pressed into his rear, as if it was a pillow, and his hand running up and down his spasming cock, Adam came, unleashing his seed into the same bedsheet he was crying out into.

With a few more licks, John Wick removed his face from the Administrator's ass; any slick he had managed to consume was instantly replaced with a torrent of new fluid.

The assassin stood and started to strip off his clothing. Adam, panting heavily, flopped over onto his back to watch. With adoring eyes, the Omega studied the Alpha's body; the strong muscular shoulders, the broad and solid chest. His eyes both shy and hungry fell to the man's engorged and massive cock, very erect and weeping, and the large ball sack underneath that held and produced the ocean of liquid spilling out.

Seeing the Omega's appreciative gaze, John Wick leapt onto the bed to give his lover a better look. He took hold of the Administrator's hand and brought it to his penis to touch.

"It's very nice," Adam said shyly and truthfully as he felt its hot smoothness.

It was also very huge, however, and this suddenly frightened the bureaucrat. He was scared to death of letting that inside of him and of the knot which would soon follow.

Sitting up, the Administrator started to caress the hitman's throbbing member; if he could just make John knot and then orgasm he wouldn't have to worry about being torn apart by the huge and monstrous organ.

Shyly the bureaucrat ran his fingers through the large tuft of dark pubic hair above the engorged organ, liking its texture and coarseness. He then focused his attention lower.

At first Adam attended to the cock as he had done his own, becoming drenched in the Baba Yaga's precum. Although he was highly appreciative, the Alpha would not come. When this failed, the Omega took the swollen member inside of his mouth after having licked it for a bit. John grunted in pleased approval. The pierced man did not dare let it enter his throat, fearing it knotting in there instead.

Forty-five minutes later, John Wick still hadn't knotted or come, although the man with the cock in his mouth had several times, and the Administrator's mouth, jaw and tongue were becoming very sore and tired. Plus he was very bloated having swallowed about a gallon of the man's bodily fluids.

Adam collapsed on the bed again in defeat; he was no match for the control that the Baba Yaga had over his own body: the man was apparently waiting to knot in the good old-fashioned way and nothing else would do. Damn the Belorussian assassin, the Omega thought.

Smelling the other man's semen, John Wick lowered his head to the bureaucrats genitals, which were on full display as he lay on his back. The Alpha started to nuzzle his face into the Administrator's testicles and kiss them.

"Unnn..." the Omega moaned as the assassin started to lick the cum off from him, all the while feeling himself becoming deliciously hard again.

Once he had finished, John pounced on Adam so that they were face to face. The Administrator saw that Wick's face was covered in slick and cum. Not being able to help himself, his Omega nature taking hold of him, Adam grabbed the edge of the rumpled bedsheet and tenderly began to clean the mess off of the bearded man's face. This only succeeded in driving the Alpha more mad with lust; Wick rammed his mouth into the Administrator's, his tooth making a clinking sound as it hit one of the other man's piercings. Adam kissed him back wholeheartedly;  it was a hungry kiss speaking of years worth of longing and unspoken and unfulfilled desire.

When they parted, the Administrator stared at the ceiling, gasping, tears falling from his eyes as Wick rubbed the sides of their necks together, marking the Omega with his scent. The older man proceeded to mark the younger man completely, pressing the glands in his wrists and necks all over Adam's skin.

Still painfully aroused, the High Table servant watched as the assassin started to rub his still frighteningly huge unspent penis against his. The contact felt incredibly good, their precum mixing together. The Baba Yaga made it almost seem like some obscene dance that their swollen dicks were performing. But even now, Adam was scared because he saw how much larger John's cock was compared to his own not immodest one and how angry and impatient it was in its need to be satisfied.

The Alpha was raising the Omega's legs unto his shoulders, preparing to enter him, when the Administrator started to cry in panic.

"No," he said and John Wick just continued forward with his mission.

"NO!" Adam yelled at him, using all of his experience as years passing as an Alpha in his voice.

This made the Baba Yaga stop and meet his eyes. Seeing the small Omega snarling at him, the Alpha roared in frustration. The two men scowled at one another, the bureaucrat lying on his back but propped up on his shoulders, and the assassin with the other man's legs on either side of his neck.

Suddenly John Wick placed the head of his demanding penis at the Administrator's opening.

"Please stop it John!" Adam's angry frown turned into fright instead.

The assassin started to slowly rub the hole with his member.

"Please stop," the Administrator whimpered, half in dread that the assassin would stick that enormous, leaking, veiny and pulsating thing inside of him and half needing him to, the heat he was in wanting nothing more than for the man to knot inside him.

John would not listen.

"Please no," Adam moaned and gasped as the Alpha grabbed his cock and started to squeeze it.

"Please," the Omega cried, tears falling down his cheeks. "Please...please...please..."

He repeated the word over and over again, as John kept using his dick to massage the opening, all the time pulling on the furiously twitching cock in his hand, until it felt so good that Adam was no longer sure if he was begging for Wick to stop or to just go ahead and finally take him.

John decided on the latter, and seeing Adam squirming on the bed in desperate pleasure, thrusted inside the bureaucrat.

The Omega cried out in pain and jolted as the many wide inches of the Alpha's penis filled him. It was a new sensation for the man, having never experienced it before. It felt so agonizing at the start but then the slick served its purpose and aided the Administrator in taking the organ inside him and letting the pain fade. There was only one last flash of it as John Wick knotted and then Adam knew that they were locked together and that there was nothing more that could be done about it.

Except lie back and enjoy.

The Alpha began to thrust vigorously and the Omega found himself delighting in each push of the man's powerful hips. He revelled in the awareness that he was filled to the brink with John Wick's penis and could feel it throbbing inside of him.

"Yes," Adam started to cry. "Yes! Yes! Oh Yes!"

As if feeding on his lover's words, John increased his movements until they were both too lost in ecstasy to be coherent any longer. They were grunting and gasping, crying and screaming and several other sounds neither of them were sure they had ever made or heard before.

After three hours of continuous sex, Adam having shot off several times, the Baba Yaga followed suit. They remained in their position for a while, breathing heavily until their eyes locked and Adam saw John's eyes regain some of his usual composure and he also realized fully what had just happened and what he had done.

"Get out," the Administrator whispered and started to cry.

"Adam," the Alpha said remorsefully.

"Get out!" the Omega screamed and watched as Wick did as he was told, getting first out of him and then the room.

* * *

John sat on the living room recliner, naked with his head in his hands. He did not know what he had just done. Well he knew but he could not believe he had done it. During the whole thing he had been aware but had not been able to control himself. His Alpha nature had taken over and all he could do was helplessly watch.

And he hated himself for having enjoyed it so much.

It had never happened to him before; there had been many times he had been around an Omega in heat but he had always prided himself in his control over both his body and faculties. But seeing Adam like that, it had all gone out of the window and he had lost it. Even now he remembered how good it felt to become lost in the other man.

He could also remember the Administrator's pleas for him to stop, however, and he cursed himself in shame because he had not been able to.

John knew he should leave now; it was too dangerous for Adam if he stayed there; he could not trust himself. Still he could not bring himself to leave. His feelings for the small Omega kept him drawn to the bureaucrat. Strong too was the urge to protect the man from any other Alphas who could harm him.

"Yeah, and who's gonna protect him from you?" John Wick asked himself.

Suddenly, Adam emerged from his bedroom. He looked like he had been crying and he had a bedsheet draped around himself. From what Wick could tell he was naked underneath it and the assassin tried to calm down his excitable penis.

"I asked you to stop," the Administrator stated and he looked so small, fragile and hurt, John Wick cursed himself some more.

"I don't know what came over me," the Baba Yaga apologized. "I..."

"Well I do," the bureaucrat snapped. "You're a big dumb Alpha who can't take no for an answer!"

The phone suddenly rang and John felt as if he was momentarily saved by the bell, not being able to stand the man's lovely eyes glowering at him sadly.

"Hello," Adam answered. "Yes dad...I heard."

John froze, knowing that it was Winston.

"No. He never came back. I guess he was on the plane before the news came out about Havel having kicked it," the assassin heard the Administrator lie. "Look, I'll call you back later, okay?"

The High Table worker placed the phone back on the receiver and walked back to where he had previously been standing.

"You protected me," John Wick said, his voice quivering slightly.

"Well seeing as dad already shot you off of the Continental's roof once..."

The Baba Yaga stared at his beloved in both pity and anger. "You're an Omega. Why? Why did you lie to me?"

The pierced man stared at the ground, pulling his bedsheet closer around him. John caught a glimpse of his bare leg in the opening at the bottom and smelling fresh slick trailing down it, tried to calm himself.

The Administrator looked up. "My father. He thought it would be a disgrace to have an Omega as a son. As an Alpha, he wanted something more powerful. Even a Beta would have been better than what he got."

"You're perfect as you are," Wick tried to comfort the man who had started to openly weep. "I have always known that."

Adam looked at him so desperately John's heart broke. "It was always you, John. All these was always you. There's never been another."

Knowing what the words meant, the Baba Yaga was touched. He had been Adam's first just as he had always craved. It was the right thing to say.

It was also the wrong thing to say.

Feeling the love inside him turn into pride, passion and possession, John smelled the slick once more and felt his member hardening. "Adam," he said.

The Administrator looked up questioningly as Wick clenched his fists.

"Run," the assassin warned as his eyes clouded with desire.

* * *

There was no way he could run out of the apartment in only a sheet and in heat, the Administrator knew, so he fled back into his bedroom. With the door still off of its hinges, he heard, John Wick fast on his heels. Adam's only hope was to make it to the closet. He had a knitting needle in there and he could always imitate Laurie Strode if push came to shove, he thought; it seemed to work well for her and her own personal boogeyman.

However, before he could reach it, John was on his back and ripping the sheet off of him in a fury. Adam felt the engorged cock pressing into his back and let out a scared little cry before the assassin pushed the member inside of him with a tremendous force. The knot came soon after and the Administrator knew that he was trapped.

Once the Alpha was inside, however, the Omega wondered why on earth he had been running. It felt so good to have the man's penis in a spot that seemed to have been tailor made for it; the answer to the problem of his heat. Adam wriggled a bit underneath the hitman, trying to feel it more and Wick moaned in appreciative pleasure.

The Administrator felt the bush he had earlier ran his fingers through and the skin of Wick's pelvis and ass comforting against the skin of his ass. And when John started to nuzzle his head against the sensitive skin on the back of his neck, alternately licking and biting it, the smaller man felt himself falling into some mad and unknown realm of bliss.

The Alpha started pounding into the Omega who gasped and cried, coming onto the carpet several times before John climaxed too.

The assassin rolled off of him and sat on the floor, panting, legs spread far apart, his penis spent and raw between them.

The Administrator lay on the floor, prostate, trying to catch his breath as well.

"I'll leave now," John Wick said after a few minutes of silence and labored breathing.

Hearing his father's voice say "Let him Adam," the Omega just stayed on the floor and listened to the Alpha leave the room.

The younger man crawled into his bed and lay there. Crying, he watched as the older man, once more dressed in his black suit, walked past the door and left the apartment, his dog following closely behind him.

Twenty minutes later, the pierced man's crying had become a loud and pathetic wail.

"It's for the best," Winston once again spoke inside his mind. "We can't have him around you. He's no good; he'll never be anything more than an assassin. We can't have him telling everyone our little secret."

They were words from the past. Things that his father had said for years whenever he had gone into heat and called out for John Wick: the Baba Yaga.

But they were his father's words and sentiments, the Administrator realized; they had never been his own.

"John!" Adam cried out in feverish imitation of his younger self.

In five seconds, the hitman was rushing through the front door and into the bedroom.

He had only made it to the other side of the door it seemed.

John Wick hovered over the Administrator like some giant wolf with its prey. He then started to kiss the younger man gently and repeatedly.

During a moment when they had parted, Adam looked into the Baba Yaga's eyes.

"Do we need to tell daddy?" the Administrator asked softly. "He'll be mad at me."

John Wick smiled tenderly. He pressed his forehead against his lover's and shook his head, telling him that they didn't need to, before kissing him gently again.

Chapter Text

Charon watched from the king size bed as Winston placed the phone back on its cradle and ran a hand over his frowning and weary looking face. While the Englishman usually tried his best to appear blase to the rest of the world, his concierge, saw the face the man kept hidden behind the mask and right now it wore a look of deepest concern.

From his spot on the bed, lost in a crumple of pink satin sheets, the regal man put aside the paper he had been reading to focus on his lover instead. He felt the usual wave of protectiveness overwhelm him but put it aside. "And is everything all right with Master Adam?" he inquired.

Winston sighed as he walked towards the bed. "He told me that Jonathan did not come back. He theorized that he must have been on the plane before Havel's death was reported."

"Do you believe him?"

"It sounded right," Winston sighed. "I'm sure if the brute was there he would have told me."

Charon contemplated this for a moment. "Mr. Wick and Master Adam were always very fond of one another."

"All in the past Charon," the Continental's manager snapped. "That was ages ago, before Helen and before my son joined the organization."

Seeing the concierge's obvious doubt, the Englishman sighed and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Look, I love Adam, dearly and with all of my heart, but when he was born I could tell he was an Omega and I hated it because I could see all of the pain that he would have to face. And then when I met Jonathan I couldn't help but wish that he was my son and not my poor little helpless Adam. Jonathan was not just an Alpha, Charon; he was thee Alpha to end all Alphas."

The Continental manager smiled wistfully. "Now there was a son to be proud of...and to never have to worry about too. Jonathan was an Alpha; he never had to worry about heats or being raped. Matings could occur and then be forgotten about. He could screw the whole world and walk away unscathed. The man never had to worry; he could take whatever he wanted...and then the damn bugger wanted my son!"

Winston quickly stood up again his face now livid with memory.

"Oh the smug bastard thought he hid it well but I could see him sniffing around my precious Adam anytime he could get the chance! Damn Alpha pervert! He was just a little child!"

"If I recall correctly sir," Charon interrupted thoughtfully. "Mr. Wick was always a gentleman around Master Adam."

"It was all in the eyes, Charon," Winston frowned. "You could see everything written there. He couldn't wait for the day my little boy went into heat so he could plough into him. Hmphhh. And Adam, the little brat, was no better. There he was following the beast around, fawning over him. And the cries he would make for the damned Baba Yaga when his time finally came! I'm surprised that the High Table didn't send an Adjudicator my way for noise pollution."

"They did sir," Charon remarked, a twinkle in his usually reserved eyes. "I kept it from you."

"Oh good Lord," Winston said. "Actually I don't find Him so good at all. It all seems like a cosmic joke against me: having my fantasy son lusting after my real one. God hates me, Charon, He absolutely hates me, have no doubt about that."

Winston climbed into bed next to his lover, who took him in his comforting arms.

"What further proves it is Havel up and dying, laying all my plans to waste. Imagine the chance of that!"

"Yes," Charon crooned into the older man's dark hair. "But at least Mr. Wick is on his way to Prague now."

"He'd better stay there," the hotel manager pouted. "And he better leave my baby alone!"

* * *

Feeling the Baba Yaga deep inside of him, Adam feverently wished that the man would never leave him alone ever again. This was what every past ache and need of his body had been crying out for. Oh he had tried to hide it with suppressants but it had always been lurking there underneath, calling out to be answered. And now an Alpha was satisfying that call and not just any Alpha; John Wick: the man he had loved since childhood.

Now free from any shame or fear, the Administrator simply let himself experience the act of John making love to him. The assassin was thrusting, obviously fulfilling his own sexual needs but attentive to his mate's as well. The bureaucrat arched his back as Wick's hands trailed over his body, playing with his nipples and always making sure the erect penis before him was caressed and attended to. Once or twice, the older man had rubbed the scent gland of his wrist on the throbbing cock, marking it as his and his alone.

Watching the Alpha as they made love, Adam felt a certain protectiveness fill him. John was different like this; the man seemed more animal or instinctual. All ability to verbally communicate seemed to have vanished, and all the man could offer were grunts, cries, gasps, groans, roars and moans. Peering into his eyes, the pierced man thought he could see the conscious John Wick in there somewhere but what he seemed entirely left with was a sex crazed beast that just wanted and seemed to exist to ravage him.

Which wasn't so bad at all.

In the throes of heat, wanting to have that aching empty hole inside of him filled, and his own hang-ups now thrown out of the window, the Administrator found himself wanting nothing more than to be ravaged by John Wick.

Over and over again.

"Oh...John," Adam screamed wriggling on the bed as the Baba Yaga pounded inside of him. "Yes! Oh please! Yes!!!"

John put one hand on the Administrator's spasming cock and ran his fist up and down it. His other hand reached around and gave his lover's butt cheek a few playful slaps.

"Ahhh...ahhh..." the bureaucrat moaned as he shot off into the air, a spray of white liquid, some of which hit Wick's face. He felt John come soon after and fall down on the bed beside him.

Adam watched as consciousness once again flooded the hitman's eyes and he became fully in control again.

"I raped you," he started to mutter desperately. "I'm so sorry...I raped you again..."

"No, no no," the Administrator stared soothingly into John's eyes.

The Baba Yaga broke the gaze and looked down. "I'm a fucking rapist."

"No," Adam said gently taking hold of John's face and brushing away a strand of black hair. "John Wick, if you were a flat out rapist I would have called up the switchboard and placed a hit on you myself."

A smile flashed across the bureaucrat's snake bitten lips. "Of course, I would have had to have hired you to kill yourself because I'm a perfectionist and you're the best in the biz and the only one that I trust..."

This won a sad little smile from the weeping Baba Yaga.

"I did say no but it's not all black and white," the Administrator continued. "I wanted you to...I just was scared of that enormous thing you have attatched to you. I also have years of shit that my dad taught me to have to deal with are not a rapist, John Wick. And even if you did rape me, well, I forgive you and that is my right."

The same strand of black hair fell into the hitman's face again and with a frustrated sigh Adam tucked it behind Wick's ear and then kissed him tenderly, tasting the salt of the older man's tears.

They separated and the bureaucrat could tell that the Alpha was calmer.

"John...when you were with Helen did you lose it like that? I mean did you lose control and complete verbal ability?"

The assassin shook the mighty head which was still in the Omega's hands.

"Just with me?"

John Wick nodded both shyly and ashamed.

"I wonder why?" the Administrator thought for a moment. "Did you ever tell Helen about me, about us?" he asked after a few seconds of thought.

"No," John Wick said. "I didn't want to hurt her...I was still in love with you. I didn't think she would understand that I could love you both at the same time."

Adam leaned forward and kissed the Alpha's ear before pressing his forehead into his.

"If it's too much I can leave," the assassin stated mournfully. "I don't want to hurt you."

"Don't you dare! Don't you dare even joke about that, John Wick!" the Administrator chastised the larger man. "You'd hurt me more if you left. You've gotten me into this mess now you have to keep me out of it!"

John raised his eyebrows questioningly.

"You and your Alphaness made me go into heat," the Administrator explained. "I was on suppressants before that. Once an Omega's body has adapted to fit work past them they don't work anymore. Ever. I need you here to protect and take care of me the next time I go into heat."

Adam looked shyly into John Wick's dark eyes. "And besides that...I love you and want to make love with you."

The larger man beamed before crashing his lips into the smaller man's. The kiss was forceful but it started innocently enough. The longer their lips were locked, however, the more the High Table official felt the intense need begin again in his lower extremeties. He broke the kiss to set free a small cry as he felt a fresh spurt of slick burst out from him.

This set the Alpha off again; he brought a large hand to the other man's ass and felt the fresh slick there and growled pleasantly. The Administrator leaned into Wick and started to rub his body against his, slowly. In turn Wick started to massage the Omega's rear, smearing the slick all over it. Suddenly John placed three fingers into the opening as he started to kiss the side of Adam's throat.

"A..haaa..." the Administrator gasped, pressing even closer into the Alpha.

The assassin licked where he had kissed and then rubbed it with his bearded chin.

" good..." Adam whimpered. "But...but...not as good as..."

Understanding, John pulled the now wet fingers out and got to his knees as he spread the Administrator wide and prepared to enter him. Adam looked at the Alpha's huge erection and smiled at it dazedly as he spread his legs even farther for its arrival.

In one simple and quick motion, John Wick was once again inside of him.

"Here we go again," the Omega thought in contented ecstasy as John Wick started to thrust.

* * *

The rest of the Administrator's 72 hours of heat passed by in a blissful euphoria. John was barely coherent but seemed to exist primarily to stick his gigantic and leaking member inside of the small buearucratic Omega who delighted in accepting it happily. They hardly left the bedroom for the first few hours but decided that they had to when John Wick's unnamed dog carried the bowl into them to be filled. The Alpha was far more interested in filling the Omega, but deciding on being a good pet owner, reluctantly let the dog lead him to the kitchen to pour him some dog chow.

Once there, the stark naked hitman turned to discover that the butt naked bureaucrat had followed him out there. The Administrator proceeded to show just how naked his butt was by turning around in front of the fridge and displaying it for him quite boldly and giving it a few pumps. John crawled over to the small man and nestled his head into the quite lovely tattooed ass and started to lap up the generous amount of slick coming out of it. He licked the crack all the way up, rising to his feet and then pushing his demanding organ into the awaiting Omega. They had sex in front of the fridge, the Administrator coming onto its pristine and magnet ridden door.

They found the couch next. The place where they had sat watching television for weeks, now found them a tangle of limbs, feverish strokes and desperate, hungry and satisfied grunts and cries.

All the while the dog stared in confusion at them until his master crankily let him out, before returning hastily to his beloved Omega. 

By the time they were spent, they both agreed that the sofa would need to be reupholstered.

They finished up in the water filled bathtub, John bent over Adam, as the younger man cried out his mate's name as they climaxed in unison

They fell back together, both exhausted. Adam lay back on John's stomach, the assassin's penis still inside of him but no longer knotted. They stayed that way for a while, neither speaking.

"I think it's done John," the Administrator announced lazily as he felt his heat finally leaving.

Wick held him, bringing his lips to the younger man's neck and kissing it.

"Do you think they'll be a baby?" Adam asked shyly.

"They're very rare," John commented although he started to feel his lover's stomach as if prematurely checking.

The Omega giggled, wondering what his worker's reaction would be if they saw their supposedly Alpha boss heavy with child. "Imagine what the girls would say if I came to work pregnant?"

John Wick laughed into the pierced man's neck and Adam delighted in having made his usually sullen Alpha happy.

Outside of the tub now, both dripping wet, the Omega took both pride and pleasure in drying his mate off. He patted and rubbed the older man with a fluffy clean towel and enjoyed fussing over his love without having to pretend to be anything other than an Omega.

John Wick surprised him by suddenly grabbing the towel and drying him off as well. Down on his knees, carefully using the towel to catch every drop of water on the Administrstor's legs, the assassin suddenly dropped it and embraced the Omega, throwing his large arms around the smaller man's legs. Wick, head pressed against his mate's stomach, held onto the bureaucrat as if he were the most valuable object on the planet.

Adam wrapped his own arms around the Baba Yaga's head and then kissed his shiny black hair.

"My Alpha," he whispered and sweetly smiled.

Chapter Text

All eyes were on the Administrator when he returned to work after his string of days off. The legion of Operators who worked beneath him had been grateful for a reprieve from their usually cross and surly boss yet they had all found it most curious and unsettling that the man had finally taken the monthly sabbatical afforded to him. Being all Omegas themselves, and knowing that their Administrator was a known Alpha, they had always noted his perfect attendance as a sign of his being and remaining single. While they had each taken their required few days off each month, suffering cramps, nausea and other such unpleasantries, they had never witnessed their superior even take one day off due to the flu.

Obviously, the Alpha did not have a mate or he would have been home with them in their heat. The man was obviously anal retentive and a workaholic who had shunned any type of sexual liaisons incase they intefered with his service to the High Table.

The Administrator also seemed to manage his ruts exceedingly well, never so much as glancing at a worker who was on the verge of going into heat. It had upset quite a few Omegas who were interested in the man, even if it was only for the sizable check he presumably brought home every payday.

So when the Administrator had not shown up for work for four consecutive days the whole Continental Switchboard office had become abuzz with speculation. Did he finally find a mate to satisfy his high class tastes? Had he merely been sick? What could have possibly made the man deter from his set in stone routine?

One particularly perverted Operator speculated that their boss had been corrupted by his stud of a new roommate, John Wick, and the two rutting Alphas had gone out impregnanting any willing, or unwilling, Omega they could get their sex crazed paws on.

Most of the girls in the office had reprimanded the Operator but secretly wished that they could have been one of the lucky Omegas. Some of the other ladies wished that their boss had been born an Omega himself, so that he and John Wick could have spent the last few days fucking their brains out. These Operators would have happily cleaned up the ensuing mess if they were allowed to watch.

When the Administrator finally stepped into the Administration building, all the Operators stared at him through their thick rimmed glasses to see if any answer could finally be discerned. Eagerly they hoped that the man would betray some clue in his behaviour.

During the first five hours of his return, the Administrator yelled for a solid five minutes at one Operator, threatened to fire another one, made one quit, caused another to burst into tears and threw a stapler at another girl, barely missing her heavily made up head in the process.

Overall, the general consensus was that the boss was in an extremely good mood and must have gotten laid.

* * *

Meanwhile, across the New York City landscape, the assassin known as the dreaded Baba Yaga, John Wick, tried to fulfill any request that came his way in an attempt to save up as much cash as he could so that Adam and he could leave the apartment. He dreamt of moving to a large house, like the one he had shared with Helen; one where his dog could roam around happily to his heart's content while his owners made love without having to worry about being overheard by a network of assassins and bureaucrats all under the High Table control.

Although Wick had not confessed it to his tiny Omega lover, he also desperately hoped for a time when Adam's true nature could be revealed and then he could present the man as his mate to the world; just as he had always longed to do.

Winston would come to accept it. He could help the man come to be proud of his son being an Omega. There was nothing to be ashamed of, John knew: Omegas were the strong ones, existing in a world where they were often used and mistreated, yet still surviving. Omegas were the strength of any Alpha smart enough to know that they would be useless without them.

Alphas would have long ago destroyed themselves and each other if it wasn't for the kindness and intelligence of Omegas.

Thinking happily of the Administrator, the Baba Yaga found himself constantly reminding himself to stop whistling; it only alerted his targets to his presence. Still it did not impede his missions and the assassin had a very nice whistle.

The twelve targets he disposed of in the first five hours of his return to work would have all agreed if they had stayed alive long enough to meet each other and properly discuss the matter.

* * *

"John!" Adam called out as he entered the apartment he shared with the hitman. When no reply came, the bureaucrat knew that his lover was still at work, trying to reach whatever quota he had set for himself. They were both good at their respective jobs and the pierced man delighted in the thought that they made a good team because they were opposites. He had sent John specifically some of the hit requests that he had thought may be of interest to him.

The Administrator's smile faltered at the knowledge that sooner of later one of the twelve who sat at the Table would specifically request John Wick for an especially difficult mission very far away. The possibility that it would occur during one of his heats frightened Adam tremendously; he wanted John to be nearby whenever that happened and shuddered at the thought of having to suffer one alone while worrying about his Alpha's own welfare at the same time.

Trying to push the horrible thought away, the pencil pusher grabbed his laptop from under the sofa where he kept it and placed it on the coffee table. He had meant to research John's loss of control and the man's current absence provided the perfect opportunity. Hitting the keys and searching Google, Adam found quite a few pages devoted to irregularities in certain Alphas mating rituals. Perusing the pages, the pierced man found them highly informative.

He also found them highly disturbing and somewhat gross.

It seemed in the sheltered life his father had forced upon him, Adam thought, he had been spared some of the more grotesque facts. Winston had enjoyed telling him about the cruelty of Alphas but he had never gone into the gorier aspects that these websites depicted in great detail and with relish. It seemed that John's aggressive behaviour could have been a hell of a lot worse and the Administrator thanked God that he had fallen in love with a decent man despite his violent reputation.

Still none of the sites mentioned any case of an Alpha losing verbal ability along with self control. The small man was still searching when he heard a knock at the door. Thinking it was John, having left his keys behind, Adam left the laptop on the table and went to answer it.

He was unpleasantly surprised to find his father standing there.

"What the hell are you doing here?" the Administrator asked.

"Is that any way to greet your father?" Winston asked with no shred of amusement.

"It is if I wasn't expecting you," the younger man snapped.

"Can I come in?" Winston asked and then whispered, "I take it your time is over."

Adam gulped and then stepped aside to let his father enter, grateful that both John and he had given the house a healthy dose of Febreeze. Winston waltzed in, head held high and hands casually in his pockets.

Bringing a hand to his forehead in extreme flustration, Adam backed into the door as he closed it, praying for the strength and ability to appease his father and keep him in the dark about the truth of his son's last heat.

"And what is this?" the Englishman asked in outrage and the bureaucrat realized in horror that he had left the laptop open on the coffee table.

Fearing that the hotel manager had seen the topic of his offspring's Google search, Adam feared that the older man would put two and two together and realize that it was in regards to John Wick. Rushing over to the laptop, Adam was shocked and relieved to find a large image of a cartoon cat on the screen.

"What is that thing?" Winston repeated in disgust.

"That's Hello Kitty. She's my screensaver," the Administrator stated proudly.

"Well for Heaven's sakes get rid of it!" the older man ordered. "What if somebody else had seen it? They would have known what you are! Choose something more Alpha, like a skull and crossbones or Daryl Dixon!" 

"But I...I like Hello Kitty," the Administrator stammered 

"I know you do," Winston patted his son's pierced head gently and condescendingly. "But you have your image to protect and now that you are residing here with Jonathan..."

Adam sadly went to the laptop, turned it off and put it away, deciding to resume the search later without his father around. He then sat down on the sofa, grateful it now bore a cover to hide the fresh stains, waiting in dread for his father's next criticism.

"Speaking of which, is the brute back yet?" the Continental's manager asked looking around the apartment.

Adam was thinking of an answer when the Baba Yaga walked in through the door. In the assassin's hands were a dozen, red, long stemmed roses and the Omega felt his heart turn to a warm pile of mushy goo at the same time as he desperately sought to warn John about their difficult situation.

"Oh John Wick!" the High Table pencil pusher said exageratedly as he threw anxious nods in his father's direction. "So you're back! How was your flight?"

The hitman looked around, gauging the situation in the same way he would if he'd been besieged by a herd of angry gangsters.

"Fine," he answered.

"Who are the roses for?" Winston asked as he squinted in disapproving suspicion.

"My dog," Wick replied without batting and eyelash. All three men turned to look at the dog that had come to sit at his master's right side.

"You're a little too close to that creature, don't you think?" Winston sighed and sat down on the couch next to his sweating son. "There are laws after all."

Adam cast a frazzled look at John, who walked into the kitchen unfazed to put the thorny flowers in a vase.

"What are you doing here, Winston?" the assassin asked, returning to the living room and sitting on the empty recliner.

"Can't a man visit his only child?"

Wick nodded.

"So Adam told me you were in Prague," the Englishman said a twinkle in his eyes, clearly revealing that he thought he had managed to get away with a corker of a secret joke.

The Administrator saw the corner of John Wick's mouth twitch slightly. "Yes, but I wasn't needed so I moved on to Paris and spent some time there instead."

"Ahhh...the city of love," Winston mused.

"Yes," Wick stated. "I texted Adam with a few photos I took."

The Englishman raised an inquiring eyebrow as he looked at his son. "What of exactly?"

"The Eiffel Tower," the pierced man squeaked.

John Wick's eyes now glistened dark and mischevious. "Your son was surprised at how big it actually was. He didn't know it could get that big. It frightened him a bit. He was surprised that it could fit."

"Ahem..." the Administrator cleared his throat and ran a hand through his hair. "What else did you do, John?" he asked, attempting to change the subject.

"Let me see," John said thoughtfully as both father and son stared at him. "I was enveloped by the Seine for an extremely long while. I lapped a bit of it up at first but there was so much of it...and it was so very wet. In the end I just had to go inside. Once there I didn't want to leave."

"Well, that's very interesting, Jonathan," Winston stated and Adam could tell that his father had thought that the hitman had lost his mind. "You're lucky they didn't arrest you."

The Administrator glared at his lover who only looked back at him blank faced.

"Well I really must get back to the Continental," Winston announced. "It was lovely to see you again, Jonathan."

The Baba Yaga nodded.

"Adam can you see me to the door?" 

The Omega rolled his eyes but joined his father to the door and then followed the Englishman out when he motioned him to. Adam stuck his tongue playfully out at John Wick before he shut the door.

Out in the vacant hallway, Winston looked at his son. "Are you sure you don't want to come home with daddy, honey? He really seems to have lost it this time; he isn't making any sense."

"It's probably just jet lag," the Administrator lied.

"Why couldn't you have gotten a respectable roommate, one like that nice Iosef Tarasov."

"John killed him dad. Besides he killed puppies for fun. I'll take my chances with John Wick," the bureaucrat smirked.

"Jonathan has killed a great many," Winston sighed. "That's what he does best...but he's nothing more than a hired thug, Adam, remember that; he's no better than his dog. It is the people like the Tarasovs that are important and hold real sway."

"And what good is that when John Wick can kill them in a heartbeat?" the tattooed man said testily, wanting to defend the man he loved.

"Careful," the Continental manager warned and Adam knew that he had betrayed too much. "Forget him, my boy. He's not good enough for you even if you are only..."

"An Administrator," Adam hissed and then whispered. "Or an Omega?"

No answer given, the younger man turned and slammed the door, leaving his father standing silent and alone in the hallway.

* * *

John Wick walked into the Administrator's bedroom, having prepared for sleep. The two men had logically and joyfully decided to share a bed and give dog the other room after Adam's heat had come to an end and John loved waking up to the chance of seeing his lover's sweet pierced face or finding him small and warm in his arms.

Expecting to find the bureaucrat already in bed, Wick was concerned to find it empty and Adam nowhere to be seen. John knew that his mate had been depressed since his father's departure and he worried where the tiny bureaucrat had gone to. Suddenly he heard a soft mewling coming from the closet. When the assassin opened the closet door he found the Administrator, wearing a pair of sky blue pajamas with fluffy clouds printed all over them, sitting on the floor in the middle of the nest he had built.

John knelt down closer to his weeping lover. Adam looked at him with large damp eyes.

"Can I join you?" John Wick asked gently and the Omega nodded.

Squeezing in carefully behind Adam, a difficult task considering the hitman's size compared to the closet's, he found the answer to the mystery of where his missing items had gone: they lay strewn around the Administrator in an attempt to bring him comfort. The fearsome Baba Yaga couldn't be anything but flattered.

John embraced Adam from behind, stroking his dark hair. "You don't have to feel bad," he crooned. "The roses were for you and not my dog."

This won a small laugh from the Administrator and a momentary reprieve from his tears. The Baba Yaga continued running his fingers over his lover's hair in silence until the man spoke again.

"I threw a stapler at a girl at work today," he confessed.

"Was it big?" John Wick asked.

"Just an average stapler," Adam said after some consideration. "I did it because of him."

"Winston?" a few more slow pets.

The Administrator nodded. "They all hate me at work...all the girls that work for me. And I don't blame them really. I spent so much time trying to look like an Alpha for my dad's sake that it became second nature. But it isn't really my nature. I want them all to like me. I want to laugh with them and listen to their problems and comfort them when things go wrong but I can't. I've spent all of my life living a lie, trying to please my father and today I realized that it was all for nothing because I can never truly please him...I can never give him what he really wants: I can't stop being an Omega. But he's made me too ashamed to stop pretending to be an Alpha."

John bent his head lower as he kept stroking the soft hair under his fingers. He gently bit the ear, feeling the coldness of the piercing and then sucked on it for a moment. Adam fell closer against him.

"Would you still love me if I threw an office supply at you?" the little bureaucrat asked.

"You kneed me in the nuts in front of a bar full of my peers and I'm still crazy about you," John Wick replied.

The Omega smiled.

The assassin stopped touching the Administrator's hair and brought his hands to the smaller man's wet face. He caressed it and kissed the side of Adam's cheek. Softly the Baba Yaga began to croon into his lover's ear; the words were about how good Adam was, how proud he was to have him as his Omega and how much he was in love him. The croon seemed to work and the Administrator fell asleep in his arms.

In the small cramped closet, the Alpha realized that the Omega could take all the time he needed before he was ready to come out to the world. John Wick also realized that he did not need a large house after all:

Home to him would always be anywhere he could hold onto his Adam.


Chapter Text

John Wick and the Administrator fell easily into a comfortable and blissful routine following the Omega's heat. Often there were times when Adam could be snarky, too used to the Alpha act he had adopted for years, or John could become morose and detached, as had previously been his common state; but the two men accepted these as natural occurrences and even looked at them with a great deal of affection.

Both men now enjoyed when the work day was finished for they had someone to come home to. While both had spent a great amount of time losing themselves in their respective work, they now hated when the moment came for them to separate. Adam was the most visibly distressed at their parting, being the Omega, but even Wick seemed to be a little teary eyed, his dark eyes glistening strangely. The hours away from each other seemed to drag on endlessly.

They had taken to texting each other to alleviate the pain and boredom of being apart, no matter for how short a time. The Administrator's face would light up every time he heard the wolf howl, indicating that he had received a text from his love. He delighted over the image attached, usually of dog doing something cute, like playing with a frisbee or of John's latest accomplished mission: a fresh bullet riddled corpse lying face down on the street. Sometimes the bureaucrat would worry about getting in trouble from the Table over John sending him such controversial images; but if they had a problem with canines or frisbees that was their problem and not his.

When they were back together, John and Adam would usually just talk or enjoy being together. They would sit on the sofa and watch television, as they had done before. Except now the Administrator would cuddle up next to the Baba Yaga or the Alpha would rest his head on his Omega's lap as the younger man stroked his hair.

Usually before bed, they would take dog out for a walk. The other servants of the High Table would look at them in interest for rarely were two Alphas so closely knit together. Adam would almost put his hand in John Wick's but then would catch himself and remember the image he had created for himself and put it in his pants' pocket.

Still, often, it found its way into Wick's waiting palm, seeming to know it would find its way there sooner or later.

* * *

If there was one major thorn in their Edenic garden it was Winston's unwelcomed presence. The Continental manager repeatedly showed up unannounced and continued to barb his son with urgings on how to expel the hitman from out of the apartment.

"You'll be going into heat again soon," Winston said warningly one visit while John was out on another hit. "As long as Jonathan is here you run the risk of him finding out and...and...well I dread to think of it."

Adam bit his pierced lip, not wanting to tell his father that he did want to think about it; making hot, frenzied and passionate love with John Wick was a thought that usually occupied his thoughts. If Winston found out what a dirty little mind his son possessed Adam knew that he would probably be disowned.

Which wasn't so bad of an idea.

Still the bureaucrat possessed enough love left for the man who had sired him to want to keep him in his life a little longer. He wanted John Wick there for the long haul, however, so he lied.

"The new suppressants are working fine, dad," the Administrator stated, banking on Winston's general ignorance of the drugs, never having needed to use them since he was an Alpha.

"Are they?" Winston asked. "Thank God! That's a blessing at least."

Adam sighed in relief, thanking God as well but for a more honest reason.

"That's wonderful then for what I have planned!" the Englishman exclaimed clapping his hands together.

"What is that, pray tell?" the pierced man asked in deep concern.

"Next Wednesday. Here. Supper," Winston said. "You can cook me a supper like you used to!"

Adam felt his heart start racing like it was at the Indy 500. "But What about John? He can't know that I'm a good cook," the younger man tried to think of an excuse to prevent the potential debacle. His heat was set for next week, after all.

"Well that's a good point," Winston said scowling, and Adam thought he had been saved until his father's expression brightened. "I'll send Charon over. We'll tell Wick he made the meal."

The Administrator swallowed heavily but nodded; trapped in the lie that he had told.

* * *

"But you go into heat next week!" John Wick grumbled when his lover informed him about his father's unexpected announcement.

"I know," Adam whined. "He was starting to pressure me to kick you out of the apartment so I fibbed and told him the drugs were working. He doesn't think heat is an issue anymore."

"That's one good thing," John said.

"Not that he won't still try to get you to leave," Adam remarked. "He's still worried about you finding out I'm an Omega."

"Too late," Wick smiled lasciviously and the Administrator hit him playfully on the chest.

"We're okay as long as I don't go into heat," Adam said as calmly as he could. "I can put up with the meal and everything with a preheat. It will be a pain but I can manage. You can also handle being horny and cranky right?"

John nodded unhappily.

"Good," the bureaucrat stated.

The real problem was if he went into heat, he knew. They still hadn't found an answer to John's lack of control when that happened and it would not look good if the assassin started fucking him during the main course.

It would feel good but not look good.

Still they could handle it if luck was on their side and things went as according to schedule.

That night, waking up from a stabbing sensation in his gut and John's very hard erection jabbing him in the stomach, the Administrator knew that they were, unfortunately, likely to be very out of luck.

* * *

Wednesday found the Omega still blessedly in pre-heat. The pain was very bad but the agony of Winston finding out the truth was worse so Adam bravely dealt with it. John was coping with equal courage, although, the bureaucrat found himself repeatedly giving the man hand and blow jobs in an attempt to calm him down somewhat. He was irritable as well. When Charon showed up at the door as the decoy chef, the Alpha assassin looked at the concierge and started growling.

"Mr. Wick," the man politely greeted. "Always a pleasure to see you sir."

Another growl as Adam squeezed in front of the hitman.

"Hello Charon," Adam said warmly as he heard the growl still rumbling in his lover's chest. "I'll show you into the kitchen!"

The Administrator grabbed the hand of his father's friend and yanked him into the kitchen. He turned to see John watching the back of the visitor angrily. He could not figure out why the Alpha had treated Charon so coldly. They had always gotten along extremely well to his knowledge. John, however, was still moody in his rut, wanting nothing more than for his mate to go into heat so that he could knot inside of him. The Administrator hoped that the assassin would prove to be a bit more verbal when Winston showed up. At least, Adam thought, he had not gone into heat yet which would really set the hitman off.

Just a few more hours and everything would be smooth sailing.

"Your father informed me that I was to stay long enough for you to prepare the meal," Charon stated regally. "Then I am to return to the Continental and bring him here."

"You are coming back to eat with us right?" the Administrator asked. 

"Mr. Winston did not say."

Adam smirked. It was just like his father to treat his Omega that way. "Well we insist that you do."

Charon looked pleased past his reserve but his expression soon turned to one of concern. "Master Adam is Mr. Wick all right? He seemed very odd when he answered the door."

"He's not feeling well," the pencil pusher said sadly. 

"Most regrettable," the concierge remarked and Adam nodded in agreement.

* * *

The meal was cooking in the oven and Charon had left to pick up Winston as the sky began its darkening. Adam lay on the couch, doubled up with cramps as John caressed his back and crooned comfortingly to him.

"It's okay," the assassin soothed. "It will be okay. They'll be back soon, we can eat and then they'll leave."

"I hope so," the pierced man whispered. "If we can just get thought this without..."

As if on cue, the Administrator felt the first bit of slick leak out from him.

"Oh no!" he cried as he sat up and looked his lover in the eyes. John sniffed a bit and then the hand which had been stroking the Omega's back slid into the bureaucrat's pants and felt the fluid back there.

Adam watched as John Wick's eyes clouded over with lust as the first knock came at the door. The assassin went to wrap his massive arms around the tiny pencil pusher, but being smaller, the Administrator slipped out of them and ran to the door.

Flinging it open, the bureaucrat squeezed past his father and Charon to stand behind the two men, using them as a shield against Wick who had leapt off of the couch and was looking at him past his defensive wall like he was wishing to tackle him.

"Dad! Charon!" the Administrator said as he pushed them in, always being sure to keep them safely in front of him. "Why don't you come in!"

Both hotel manager and concierge looked appropriately confused by the younger man's action. The Administrator kept his eyes on John hoping that the man would regain a little of his composure after that first sniff of his slick. He would not regain his verbal ability until knotting, Adam knew, but that could be worked around; Wick sexually claiming him in front of his father was far more tricky.

John was staring at him lustily but every once in a while would cast a glare at Charon and let loose the same growl as that afternoon.

"Jonathan? Are you quite all right?" Winston asked genuinely concerned despite his animosity towards the assassin.

"He's not feeling well," Charon explained.

"Flu," the Administrator further falsely elaborated.

"Oh," the Continental manager muttered.

Staring into John's eyes, the Omega thought he saw some little bit of control enter the Baba Yaga's eyes and thanked God. He managed to get everyone to the dining room table. Charon sat next to Wick, who sat across from Adam, who was beside Winston. The Administrator made sure that everybody was sitting at the table before excusing himself to serve the food.

"Dammit Adam!" Winston exclaimed. "That is an Omega's job! Let Charon do it!"

"No, dad: my apartment, my job. Charon was already good enough to make the meal."

The Englishman exhaled in frustration but conceded and the bureaucrat went to the kitchen to begin serving supper.

As the Administrator was placing a large portion of meat on each plate, he jolted in surprise as he felt arms wrap around his middle and felt John Wick nuzzle his chin against his neck; he knew it was Wick from the beard. The Alpha had greedily seized the opportunity to be alone with his Omega. The assassin had brought with him his own impressive chunk of meat and it was pressed into Adam's badly slicking ass. The bureaucrat moaned as he felt John's erection and started to instinctively rub against it. He wished for nothing more than the assassin to push his demanding penis inside of him, knot and answer the need his body was crying out for. The Administrator started grinding his buttocks more into Wick as Wick started thrusting more.

"What the hell is going on here?" Adam heard a voice exclaim and turned around to find his father standing in the doorway obviously outraged.

Trying to think of a way out, the Administrator could only think of one thing: he started coughing and hacking as John Wick continued pumping behind him. Suddenly Adam stopped at the same time as stepping down hard on Wick's foot, causing the hitman to back away.

"Thanks John," the smaller man uttered breathlessly. "I was choking on a bit of tomato and my good old buddy here saved me by giving me the Heimlich maneouver. Thanks buddy!"

Adam patted the assassin's back but upon feeling Wick starting to eye him hungrily again, ran behind his father.

"John," the Administrator said slowly and carefully. "Would you mind helping me out by taking two of those plates out. I need your help."

The younger man hoped that by appealing to the Alpha's protective side he could get the man to momentarily forgo his lust in order to assist him. It seemed to work; John Wick begrudgingly took the full plates out.

Father and son watched him leave and then Winston turned to his offspring. "He just bolted in here after you left! I think he was staring at your bum!"

Adam fought a blush. "You're imagining things. Here I'll take the plates and you take the glasses and wine."

The bureaucrat did not give the hotel manager time to argue but rushed over to the two remaining plates, picked them up and fled out the door. John was just heading back to the kitchen but returned to the table when he saw his mate quickly sitting there. The hitman sat opposite of Adam staring at him and nothing else. Eyes still fixed on the tiny bureaucrat, Wick picked up his roast beef and bit into it ravenously. Charon looked surprised while Winston looked down right offended.

"We haven't even said grace yet!" he shouted appalled.

"Come on dad," the Administrator said sheepishly. "God knows were grateful. He's God: He knows everything. Let's not waste His time."

"Her," Charon argued.

"It," Adam corrected politically.

"Jonathan!" Winston continued undetered. "Have you no manners?" What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Nothing," the Administrator smirked. "He has laryngitis."

"Oh. Right," Winston said. 

The other three men joined John Wick and started to eat. Adam felt the Baba Yaga's eyes constantly on him. He half expected Wick to pounce on him from across the table. Feeling in the first throes of heat, the Omega desperately wanted him to. An idea finally occurred to the High Table worker and he shimmied out of his shoes and took off his socks using his adroit feet and toes. Trying to appear as if he was listening intently to his father's story of some bit of trouble that happened that week at the Continental, the Administrator placed his feet in John Wick's lap.

Adam used his toes to feel the tower of John's erection and he saw the Alpha jump a little from the contact. Casting the other man a glance, the Omega nodded and looked downward, hoping his lover would understand. Wick did; a hand disappeared under the table and a moment later the skin of the bureaucrat's feet met the skin of John Wick's now unleashed penis. Charon was too busy listening to his employer to notice the two roommates actions.

The bureaucrat felt himself growing hard as he used his feet to masturbate the assassin. He used his feet to sandwich the massive twitching dildo and then run up it several times. With the balls of his toes he massaged its head and the testicles, being rewarded for his efforts by a torrent of John Wick's precum, which soon soaked his feet.

And all the while in the background, Winston went on and on about some incident involving salmon and brandy at the Continental's bar.

"I daresay, Jonathan, you devoured your meat now be a good boy and finish your veggies," the Englishman remarked as his eyes fell on the assassin's still half full plate. "And what is with that expression?"

Adam nearly died but once again tried to use the wits he had developed as an Administrator. "John likes to meditate after eating meat. He's paying his respect."

The look on the Baba Yaga's face, his eyes closed and his nostrils flaring as Winston's son played with his fountaining dick, looked close enough to peaceful to be believable.

"John Wick: animal lover," Winston held up his wine glass as if toasting the man. He then resumed with his story.

Knowing that he couldn't keep this up, even if the Alpha could for an outrageous time, the Administrator decided to try to plead with Wick. He rolled the round tips of his toes into the cock's opening. "John," he whispered as Charon and Winston laughed loudly at some joke the Englishman had made.

The Baba Yaga opened his eyes.

"Come just this once early..." Adam pleaded. "You can have me soon, I promise."

The Alpha grunted but fixed him with a commanding and passionate gaze, indicating it was a one time deal. The Administrator felt the head of the penis his feet were wrapped around knot in his toed embrace and then the hitman ejaculated five minutes later in a violent spasm. John Wick, feral or civilized possessed incredible control of his dick, Adam thought with admiration.

Watching the control return to his lover's eyes, the younger man took a sip of wine and wiped his cum covered feet on the rug under the table and stuck them back in his shoes, sans socks.

John soon spilled his own glass of wine into his lap and Adam smiled at his lover's foresight.

"Clumsy," Wick explained and winked at his Omega.

"He speaks!" Winston said and rolled his eyes.

The Administrator stood. "I'll go and get dessert," he announced and ran to the kitchen.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say he's trying to get rid of us," Adam heard his father complain and pictured John biting his lip.

Firing the bowls on the table, the four men began to eat their tiramisu.

"I heard you were in Prague recently," Charon said turning to John. "Did you enjoy your time there?"

Wick opened his mouth but the Englishman stopped him. "Don't ask him, Charon, unless you desire to hear about the Eiffel tower and the Seine."

The concierge looked interested but did as his boss requested.

They finished soon after and Winston turned his attention to his watch. "Well I really must be going. Pleasant evening. Nice seeing you, Adam. Come now Charon."

With a dab of his lips on a napkin and a beckoning motion of his hand, the Continental manager left the table and the Administrator and the Baba Yaga looked at one another, sighed, rose and saw their two visitors out.

"See you both soon," Winston said, as Charon nodded, and both men left the apartment.

It was just in time, it seemed, for the Omega felt the Alpha's hand on his shoulder and the man's erection fully returned behind him. Adam turned around and began to kiss John Wick hurriedly. The younger man kicked his own shoes off, undid his trousers and tore them alongside his briefs and slick pad, off.

"Are you ready for the real dessert?" the Administrator asked.

John nodded and tenderly pushed the Omega down on to the floor as he dropped his own pants revealing his red and ready cock. Adam spread his legs and cried out in pleasure as the Alpha pushed his throbbing dick inside of him and knotted.

* * *

Outside, at the end of the hallway, Winston cursed as he reached inside of his pocket.

"What is it!" Charon asked.

"My keys," the hotel manager sighed. "I left them on the dining room table. We'll have to go back."

Charon nodded and the two Continental men started to walk slowly back to the apartment.


Chapter Text

Outside of the apartment that his son shared with John Wick, Winston went to grab the doorknob only for Charon to gently place his own hand over it.

"Should we not knock first?" the concierge asked the older man who only rolled his eyes.

"I hardly believe that that is necessary, Charon," the Englishman answered. "We've been gone less than two minutes. They're probably still putting away the cutlery."

Although his lover looked less than convinced, Winston opened the door. Both men looked on in shock as John Wick's dog ran past them yelping all the way. They looked at each other solemnly as the Continental's manager raised an eyebrow and then glanced at the now partly opened doorway. Sounds were emanating from it, deep, joyous and carnal.

"Oh good Heaven!" Winston exclaimed. "You don't suppose they are watching one of those movies, do you?"

"It certainly does not sound like the clinking of spoons sir," the younger man commented gravely.

The Englishman exhaled in exasperation. "We only bloody well left a little while ago! They couldn't have waited?"

"I propose we wait and come back later," Charon suggested. "It's a lovely night for a stroll, there's not a cloud in the sky and you can see the stars perfectly."

Winston was not ready to listen to his lover's proposition, however. He was suddenly seized with that mood experienced by all parents: the desire to catch their children doing what they should not be doing. Urged on by a distinct outrage that Adam had just hurriedly seen them out the door so he could watch a porno with John Wick, Winston did not heed his concierge's advice but burst into the apartment.

He did not, however, find the two men sitting on the sofa, eyes glued to the television set as he had expected. Nor did he discover them in the midst of clearing away the table as he would have much rather preferred.

No, instead Winston, manager of the New York Continental Hotel, was greeted with the sight of his son lying on the living room floor, lower half naked with his legs wrapped around John Wick's waist as the assassin repeatedly and heatedly thrusted into him. The lurid noises were coming, not from the television, but from the two roommates who were so lost in one another that they had failed to notice their departed dinner guests return.

"Bloody Hell that animal is raping my son!" Winston screamed as both he and Charon rushed over to the other two men.

"You brute leave him alone!" the Englishman demanded and hit Wick on the shoulder. The Baba Yaga treated it as little more than the swat of a fly and continued to pump on regardless.

Having finally noticed his father's reappearance, Adam's eyes widened at first in embarrassment but then found it hard to remain ashamed when his Alpha was doing such a mighty fine job of making him feel so darn good. "N-n-not rape," was all he could get out as he smiled in blissful ecstasy.

"What do you mean this isn't rape?" his father demanded.

"W-w-want him to," the Administrator replied.

Winston's eyes now widened in shock and then anger. "Why you little slut!"

Upon hearing the not so pleasant word used in reference to his lover, John growled at the older man, causing him to back away in fright and hold onto Charon's shoulder for comfort. Winston looked at the concierge. "Well don't just stand there, for Heaven's sake, get him off of my boy!"

Charon audibly gulped but swiftly moved behind John Wick and tried to pull the man off of the Administrator.

He tried.

And tried.

But failed.

"It's no good sir," Charon announced, defeated. "He's locked in."

Moving back beside his mate, the concierge studied the two lovers. "We'll have to wait until he has finished."

"Well this is ridiculous!" Winston exclaimed in frustration and walked closer to Wick's face, which bore a look of deepest concentration. "You come right this moment, Jonathan, and then you get the hell out of my son!" the older man commanded waving a disapproving finger at the infamous assassin.

"S-s-sorry dad," Adam stammered trying to focus. "He i-i-isn't coherent when he's l-l-like this."

"Why not?" the hotel manager demanded, albeit mildly curious.

"Don't know w-hyyyyyy...oh," the Administrator replied. "I'm worrrkkking on i-it."

The Continental manager placed both his hands on his hips and waited.

Adam lost himself in John Wick's skillful movements and closed his eyes for a few minutes to focus on the sensations. When the younger man opened them again he found Winston in the same position, waiting angrily for the two men locked together to finish up so he could lecture them both.

"C-could take ho-ou-ou-ours, dad," the bureaucrat informed. "He's a marathon man."

Winston threw his hands up in complete and utter bewilderment. Charon came to stand beside his employer. "I think perhaps it is best for us to return to the Continental, attend to business and return later. Possibly after Master Adam's heat is over completely."

"Oh dear God," Winston sighed.

"When did your heat start?" the concierge politely asked the man being repeatedly ploughed into. 

Jostling back and forth, Adam managed to hold up three fingers on his left hand, biting his lip so he wouldn't disturb his father with the scream he wanted to let loose.

"So three hours ago," Charon calmly stated.

"You mean you were in heat all through supper?" Winston frowned. "What the hell was Wick trying to do to you in the kitchen anyway while you were serving our food? It wasn't the bloody Heimlich now was it?"

The Administrator smirked as his father turned his attention back to the hitman thrusting happily into his son. "And all that talk about the Eiffel Tower and Seine! You really weren't in Paris! You were fucking my son! You're a dirty old man, Jonathan Wick!"

From the look on his face, Wick hardly seemed bothered by the accusation.

"Let us just go," Charon suggested as he touched Winston's shoulder and tried to kindly pry him away from the exhibition taking place in front of him.

At the door, running a flustered hand through his hair, the Englishman turned to his lover, who was still, trying to steady him. "Keys Charon! Don't forget those stupid damn keys! We'd never have had to endure this bloody nightmare if we'd remembered them in the first place!"

The concierge went to grab them, where they were still lying on the table. He returned quickly but not fast enough for Winston to have avoided taking one final look at the copulating roommates on the living room floor.

Holding the shaken hotel manager as they walked down the apartment building's hallway, Charon got them both safely back to the car. Winston winced as he watched the concierge put the key into the ignition: it reminded him too much of John Wick sticking his own key in Adam's ignition. And from the look on his son's face, and the dreadfully uncivilized sounds coming out of his pierced lips, the hitman had been quite adept at getting the little bureaucrat's motor running.

"Where did I go wrong?" the Englishman asked Charon and the night sky above.

"This may be for the best," Charon crooned trying to calm his mate down. "Master Adam is going through heat again; Mr  Wick has claimed him. He will be safe. You can be sure of that. What happened to you will never happen to your son while John Wick is protecting him."

Winston sniffed for a bit and then turned his blue eyes on the man who was driving the car. "That is all very fine and good, Charon. However, there is one problem."

"What is that sir?" the concierge asked, eyebrow raised.

"Who's going to protect Adam after I have finished strangling John Wick?"

Charon remained silent, having no answer to give the fuming father.

Chapter Text

By the time that Winston was back in his bed at the Continental, unleashing a torrent of expletitives and insults to describe John Wick to the always patient and listening Charon, John Wick was unleashing his own torrent into Winston's son on the floor of the apartment that they both shared. Both momentarily exhausted and spent, the two men lay on the rug, side by side. At first they both looked at each other scared as they remembered what had occurred three hours before.

Then, aware over how crazy and absurd the whole situation had been, they started to laugh.

Adam had been the first one to let a giggle escape. Truth be told, John never would have laughed at all if he had not been sure his Omega was taking the situation with a surprisingly good sense of humour.

"Could that have gone any worse?" the Administrator asked.

"I doubt it" John Wick replied.

"Maybe if they'd brought an Adjudicator along with them?" the Omega suggested. "I hate those!"

"Was Charon actually trying to pull me out of you?" John furrowed his brows.

"Yup. At my father's behest. You were already locked and loaded, though, John Wick," he said and patted his lover's shoulder.

"That's going to make the next time we have them over awkward," the Baba Yaga observed.

"Dad intends to see us when my heat is over," Adam cringed.

"I have only one thing to say to that," the Alpha philosophized.

"What's that?" the Omega asked, propping himself up on an elbow and becoming very curious.

John Wick leapt to his feet and scooped his tiny lover up in his large hands.

"We've got to make sure that these are the best sixty plus hours of our lives if they are going to be our last!" he announced and carted the giggling Omega off to the bedroom.

* * *

Winston woke up the next morning with a total of two minutes and twelve seconds of sleep under his belt. Every time he started to drift off, he would think about John Wick pounding into his only child like tomorrow was extinct and his anger would surge.

There was also the problem of memories. Events long past kept on coming to his mind and he'd find himself crying into his silk pillow case as sorrow claimed him. Always soon after, Charon's comforting hands would be upon his face, and the other man would be crooning into his ear.

"Shhhhh....shhhh..." the concierge would say in his melodic North African accented voice and the memories would flee even if in their absence sleep still would not come.

In the morning, Winston stumbled into the bathroom and grumbled at his appearance. His large blue eyes looked like they were being swallowed by the lying down crescent moons of bags beneath them. To top it all off, they were bloodshot and his psoriasis was flaring up in a break out due to stress. He looked haggard and old. All of his usual refinement had been stripped away and he looked for all the world that he might as well be one of the Bowery King's many subjects.

When he exited the bathroom, he looked slightly better but only due to the fact that he had combed his hair and put on a suit. Seeing Charon having dressed as well, Winston sighed as he kissed his mate's cheek, quickly.

"I would think that I had the worst nightmare except that I hardly had a wink of sleep. Still tell me, my dear, that I was dreaming and my baby boy wasn't being violated by the infamous Baba Yaga."

"I would not quite use the word 'violated' myself, sir," Charon corrected. "Master Adam appeared to be enjoying himself very much. He has a very nice moan, if I may say."

Winston groaned. "Well I for one could have lived quite happily without having heard it. Or without seeing Jonathan's sexual proweress in action. Speaking of him though...we face a difficult question, Charon."

"What is that sir?"

"We must find out the answer that has plagued the world for decades now: how does one kill John Wick?"

The taller man laughed.

"Oh I'm deadly serious," Winston stated. "I want that man dead for real this time."

"And earn your son's hatred?" Charon frowned.

"Oh he doesn't know what he wants!"

The concierge eyed his lover in amused condescension. "If I recall, Master Adam has known for a very long time exactly what he wants and that has always been John Wick."

"Great they're screwing each other and I'm screwed because I have to sit by and let them."

"John Wick is not her, may I remind you," Charon said gently. "He is a noble Alpha and he has always been in love with Master Adam. No longer give the past the power to hurt you, my love. Maybe it is time you told your son the truth. Maybe then you can finally heal."

The Continental's manager looked at the other man with pain filled eyes and then slowly walked away, counting down the time until his son's heat was over and he could have a little chat with Adam and John Wick.

* * *

Pushed up against the wall, John's hands on either side of him as his own legs were wrapped around the larger man's middle, Adam enjoyed the feeling of his Alpha knotted inside of him. He felt their fluids, slick and precum alike, becoming mixed and dripping out as John Wick repeatedly moved back and forth. It leaked out, coating his thighs and the Alpha's balls. Some even smeared onto the wall behind them.

Their lips were locked in imitation of their bodies, but suddenly, John broke away, kissing down the Administrator's tattooed neck to also kiss his artworked shoulders as well. The Omega moaned as John alternately kissed and licked him. He stopped, however, when Wick went to bite the scent gland on his neck in another attempt to bond them.

"N-no," Adam said, trying to gently push the other man's head away.

Having relagated the worry of his father to the back of his mind, and having joyfully given himself to the Alpha, this was the new problem that the Omega faced: John had been repeatedly trying to bond with him and was becoming increasingly aggressive about it.

In truth, Adam wanted nothing more than to be bonded with his soulmate. That wasn't the problem. He only wanted it to happen during a heat which would find John Wick more coherent so he could be certain that the assassin wanted it equally as much.

He wanted him to say something before doing it.

"No," Adam moaned, feeling the Baba Yaga push in even further and trying to concentrate past a fresh surge of pleasure.

John was close to the scent gland now; he was opening his mouth, preparing to bite.

Not knowing what else to do, the Omega bit his Alpha's ear and blood began to seep out of it. Wick bolting his head back in pain, the Administrator quickly brought his hands to John's head and kissed him passionately to show that it was all right. Hands still pressed to the side's of the hitman's bearded face, the Administrator broke the kiss and stared imploringly into his lover's eyes.

"No," he said forcefully yet kindly. "Not now John. Please not now."

Seeing John Wick's clear mind constrained deep inside and seeing the blood he had left on the assassin's lips from the kiss, Adam, began his own movement again while staring sweetly at his soulmate.

Lost in his own pleasure and intense love, the Alpha resumed the broken kiss hungrily, Adam's hands gripping each hill of his buttocks and moving desperately closer to the owner of his heat and heart.

* * *

After the Administrator's second heat had finished, both Alpha and Omega waited with nervous tension for Winston to show up as promised. He did remarkable close to the exact end of the 72 hours, only being beaten by the reappearance of dog by a scant several minutes.

"Now that you boys are finished," the Englishman had said completely non-plussed as Adam opened the door. "I'd like to have a few words with you."

The Administrator would have slammed the door on his tired looking face except for the fact that he still loved his father so very much.

The two roommates sat side by side on the sofa, looking like two unrepentent and naughty schoolboys that had been caught doing something bad as Winston paced behind them giving a severe reprimand to them both. His disappointment was handed out both equally and with much indignation.

"Imagine my shock when I opened the door and found the man I always thought of as a son fucking the man who actually is my son!" the older man exclaimed in severe disapproval and then pointed at a spot on the rug. "Right there! That's where it happened! Like two rabbits! Dear Lord! That's a stain there isn't it! Did you two not even bother to clean up after yourselves?"

"You didn't give us time, Dad," Adam sighed, his head resting on the back of his hand.

"There are no excuses! It's a good thing you didn't go into the hotel business after all, Adam. That kind of laziness is unforgiveable."

The Omega flinched from the criticism and John growled at Winston for making his love upset. The hotel manager continued on ambivalent.

"You are bad sons and you are bad hosts! Imagine having guests over only to do that on the living room floor!"

"We'd thought you had left," Adam countered.

"I forgot my keys," Winston stated. "Besides you should always be prepared."

"You're absolutely right dad," the Omega remarked. "We should definitely screen who we let into the apartment." Adam turned to John and nodded in the direction of the ranting man behind the couch. "Why'd we let him in again?"

Wick fought a laugh.

"It isn't funny," the Englishman pouted.

"Oh but it is dad!" Adam started to hysterically giggle from his seat on the sofa. "It's marvellously fucking hilarious! And, yes, I know: language. But it's a regular bloody laugh riot that you think you have the right to come into our apartment, that's right 'our' apartment and proceed to lecture us like we're a couple of two year olds! If you haven't noticed we're two grown men..."

"Yes I am painfully aware of that fact," Winston interupted.

"And we don't have to take this crap!" the bureaucrat continued. "You know what! GET OUT!"

Adam surprised both Winston and John Wick by suddenly standing up and pointing to the door. "If you came here to give me some stupid ultimatum about forcing me to choose between you and John, let me save you the trouble: I choose John. So just get the hell out."

"Adam," John crooned trying to comfort his lover and prevent him from doing something he would regret later.

"It's okay," the Administrator smiled at his mate before turning back to his father. "I should have done this a long time ago. You always made me feel bad about myself! You made me feel small and worthless but I have somebody who has shown me that I am perfect the way that I am."

"He's a damn Alpha!" Winston yelled. "All Alphas do are wound and hurt!"

"The only Alpha that has ever hurt me has been you and I won't stand it any longer. But, hey, look on the brightside, dear old dad: you won't have to worry about your Omega child embarrassing you or bringing you shame anymore!" the pierced man cried. "Now get out before I have John throw you out! Just imagine how embarrassing that would be!"

Father and son glared at one another in pain and anger until the Continental manager swiftly turned on his heels and walked slowly out the door.

So slowly both Adam and Wick were aware that the man had been hoping that his son would ask him to stay. 

The Administrator fell apart and John was there to catch him.

"That has been years in the making," the smaller man said. "So why do I feel so bad?"

"The same reason why you let him in the door," the larger man replied, gently. "Because you love him."

* * *

John Wick stood in the pouring rain on a rooftop, waiting for a better view of his target when they passed by the window of their hideaway the next time. He was having trouble focusing, his eyes blurred from the falling raindrops and also from the fact that he had not had a decent sleep in over a week. Adam was heartbroken over the separation from his father and also seemed to be in physical pain as well. He was constantly retreating to his nest and John was cramped in there beside him, crooning and occasionally singing to him all night. The hitman knew without asking that the songs his wounded lover requested were lullabies that Winston had sung to him years ago. The assassin found himself in deep confusion over Adam's mourning; while he had been aware that the event would cause anybody sorrow the bureaucrat's agony was odd since Omegas only strongly grieved both emotionally and physically at the loss of their Omega parent.

He was still contemplating the subject when he saw somebody suddenly standing by him and saw that it was Winston himself.

"Hello Jonathan," the Englishman said as Wick swiftly rose to his feet.

Once more being on a rooftop with the Continental's manager was an uncomfortable situation and the Baba Yaga tried to calm his own unpleasant memories.

"Oh you don't have to worry," Winston said. "I won't shoot you. Nor will I throw you off. I meant what I said; you have always been like a son to me."

"Good to know," Wick nodded.

"But if you ever hurt my baby, Jonathan, I want you to know that I will kill you. And I won't intentionally miss all your vital organs this time."

John's eyes widened and the Englishman smiled.

"Yes, I was hoping you'd survive. It was up to God, though, when you fell. I guess He wanted you alive as well. Although if I'd have known it would only be to fuck my little boy..."

"I would never hurt Adam," Wick firmly stated.

"You'd better pray that you never do. I may not have always been the best father but anything that I ever did was for my child's safety. I love him more than the Continental...I love him more than my own life!"

Staring at the older man on the verge of crying, or perhaps he already was and the tears were mixed in among the raindrops, John Wick did not doubt his words. "Tell him and not me," the Baba Yaga said.

Winston looked at him for a few seconds of silence. "You're right," he said as he stood unmoving and drenched in the rainfall. "Maybe I finally should."

* * * 

When the Administrator received a phone call from Charon at work, trying to arrange a meeting between him and his father, the Omega immediately knew that the manager had had his concierge contact him in case he had hung up upon hearing the English accent. It was a smart move since he probably would have, Adam knew. He did not say he would meet with the man nor did he say he would not. The Administrator quickly texted his lover for some advice and received the following text back:

Do it.

So he did.

Charon showed him into the New York Continental's manager's office where Winston sat on the plush grey sofa, his hands on his lap. He appeared to be nervously twiddling his thumbs, apprehension clearly written on his worn face and Adam was instantly worried.

"Dad?" he asked and Winston stood, and grasping both shoulders, sat his progeny on the sofa.

"I need to tell you a few things, Adam," the usually reserved Englishman said in a trembling voice. "But first what am I to you?"

The Administrator thought about his answer for a long while before opening his mouth and offering it. "You're a snooty, overclassed, Alpha, English, know-it-all prick. But you are also my dad and I love you with all of my heart."

Shaking, with tears in his eyes, Winston stood. "Most of those are right but not all," he said and lifted his shirt and slightly lowered his trousers to reveal a large scar a fair bit underneath his navel.

Adam looked at it in shock, almost went to touch it but then took his hand away. "Is that what I think it is?" he asked, his voice barely a whisper. 

The older man nodded and closed his eyes as tears spilled out of them. "I'm an Omega too, Adam. And I gave birth to you."

The Administrator felt himself grow weak and disoriented as perceived truths became lies  "I always just assumed.."

"I wanted you to," the Englishman said as he sat down again. "I wanted everyone to."

Winston inhaled deeply before telling his story.

"In the early eighties, I was in charge of the London Continental. I had been for years and I was damn good at it. The High Table respected me as did everyone else. The problem was that respect breeds contempt at times. And jealousy. There are always those who covet, Adam. I did not know it at the time but a man that I trusted, the concierge at the hotel, wanted my position.

"One night he hired an assassin to kill me outside of the Continental grounds. She was a sleek, dark creature very similar to Jonathan in a way. She was also an Alpha and sensed that I was in heat. She raped me. And then she stabbed me and left me for dead.

"A group of ruffians found me. They did not help matters, I'm afraid. They kicked me for a while, for sport, robbed me and would have had their way with me too if it was not for one amongst them's kindness. He was a young boy from North Africa."

"Charon," Adam stated.

Another nod. "Yes. When they had all left he stayed behind with me. He took me back to the Continental and found me a Doctor. I never told the Doctor what had really happened.

"I, of course, had the old concierge fired and disposed of. I trained Charon in his place. He was eager to learn and possessed an intelligent and refined mind. 

"I tried to put the incident behind me but I found out much later that I had become pregnant from it. By that time it was too late to terminate the pregnancy.

"Back then we weren't so open about our other genders...The sexual revolution may have occurred in the sixties but we still were private about that aspect. My Omega status was not well known. I guess, I had always been ashamed about it to a certain degree from my own father. We often repeat our parents mistake, I'm afraid. I am sorry about that, please believe me.

"I did not want anybody to know that I had been raped or that I was carrying a child. The only person whom I told was Charon and eventually the American Doctor that helped deliver the baby. You see, by the time that I went into labour, I had taken a job to relocate to the New York Continental. I gave birth to you two weeks before I started the job in a crummy little motel on the other side of the city."

Seeing that Adam had openly started to weep now in guilt over the truth about his conception, Winston came closer to the younger man and held him in his arms. "Shhh...the moment I held you I fell in love with you, my child. You were so sweet and so beautiful and so full of need and love. All of a sudden, I wasn't thinking about what the world had done to me in the past but what it would do to you in the future. I wanted only to protect you so I decided to raise you as an Alpha; a move I regret because you hate me for it now."

"Only be-because I didn't know why," Adam said gently. "I thought you hated me."

"Nothing could be further from the truth," the hotel manager said, pressing his forehead into his son's. "I love you more than anything in this world."

"But your heats," the Administrator asked. "What about..."

"Charon attended to those," Winston smiled more than a little impurely. "Why he wanted this damaged old bird I'll never know but he did. He has stayed by my side all these years and humbly played the public role of Omega and private role of an Alpha; he's the kindest, most gentle Alpha you could ever meet, my boy."

"So is John," Adam said clasping Winston's hand.

The Englishman rolled his eyes.

"Come on," the bureaucrat urged. "Just admit that you know it."

"All right," Winston sighed. "I just never liked the way he was always sniffing around you and I wish he was of higher standing."

"He could be a garbage man and I'd still want him," Adam stated. "Besides he saved me from a pedophile once when I was very young."

"He did?" the older Omega asked in shock.

"Yeah," the younger Omega rolled his eyes. "You got a little lazy sometimes with the hotel and all. But John always loved me and was there for me: Just as I want him to be."

Winston sighed and looked heavenward. "Well I guess it could be worse."

Adam smiled as the tears on his cheeks started to dry.

"He could have been a garbage man. Or a bureaucrat," the Englishman joked.

The Administrator playfully slapped Winston's arm and then parent and child embraced each other and burst into a fit of happy tears and healing laughter.

Chapter Text

Adam was lying in John Wick's arms in the bed that they now both shared. He had just finished explaining to his mate the whole tale of his parentage and the reason why Winston had been a bit of a protective sod in regards to his only child. The Englishman had given his reluctant blessing to his son to tell the Baba Yaga, although it had taken a fair bit of pleading and begging. The younger Omega had found it necessary, however, desiring to be completely honest with his Alpha.

There was also another concern weighing heavily on his mind.

"Do you still love me?" Adam asked looking fearfully into his lover's face. "Do you still want to be with me after knowing the truth?"

"Without a doubt," Wick said. 

The Administrator smiled hesitantly still unsure. "I was afraid that you may be ashamed to be with me. That..."

"You are not your mother," John Wick stated. "Nor are you your father. You are who you are Adam. And that is the person that I want to be with."

The Omega threw his arms around the Alpha's neck and cuddled up closer against him.

"I do have one problem though," John stated.

"What?" Adam asked.

"When we're married will that make Winston my father-in-law or my mother-in-law? That has always confused me about male Omega births."

The Administrator smirked. "You'd better call him your father-in-law or else he'll call off the truce."

"Okay. Got it," John Wick smiled.

A few seconds of comfortable silence as the Alpha kissed the side of his Omega's neck and the Omega in return slipped his hand under the Alpha's T-shirt and rubbed his shoulder blades. Thinking of John's words, and feeling the moistness of his kisses right where his sweat gland was, Adam was reminded again of how desperately he wished to bond with his soulmate.

"Do you really want to marry me? Was that, like, an official proposal?"

"Of course," John said. "Would you marry me, Adam?"

"Hell yes," the bureaucrat answered.

"Good. Now just let me bond with you during your next heat."

John Wick felt his small lover squirm in his arms. 

"What is it?" the Alpha asked.

The Omega sighed. "I don't feel right letting you do that when you aren't in complete control."

Wick furrowed his brows, not understanding. "But I'm in control now and I'm telling you that I want to."

"Yeah," Adam sighed. "I'd just feel better if we could have a decent conversation know like you just asking me to marry you right now."

John fought a grin. "For having all those tattoos and piercings you are really old-fashioned," the assassin teased. "I'm lucky your letting me share the same bed."

The Administrator smiled wickedly and pushing John Wick over on to his back, climbed on top of him. "We're both lucky on that front, buster," he cooed before crashing his pierced lips passionately into the older man's waiting ones.

* * *

Adam walked into the Continental's bar where Charon had told him his father could be found nursing one of his favorite martinis and going over the books. The bar was less frequented during the afternoon with only a few patrons seeking refuge on its hallowed and booze available grounds. Winston was sitting in a booth. The man always seemed to look so damn casual, the bureaucrat thought, even when he was attending to business. The Administrator was envious; he found it difficult to calm down and seemed to always be on edge and waiting for the next big ordeal. Only in John Wick's strong arms had he managed to find some peace.

"Adam!" the hotel manager greeted with more warmth than he had ever offered before. "To what do I owe this pleasure, my darling son?"

The High Table's loyal servant sat down at the booth and smiled briefly. "I wanted to discuss two things with you."

"Sure," Winston said removing his glasses but still holding them in his hand. "I was getting weary of all these facts and figures. What is it?"

"First...I was thinking about coming out as an Omega," the Administrator stated tensely, fearing his father's reaction.

The older man took a deep breath but remained silent.

"I want everybody to know what I am," Adam explained. "I don't want to hide it anymore because I am not ashamed and you don't have to be either. If more Omegas see other Omegas in high and powerful professions, like ours, it may let them know that it isn't a burden to be what we are. That we can own it."

Winston raised an eyebrow and studied his son.

"Besides I want everyone to know that John Wick is my Alpha and that I am his Omega."

"And what does Jonathan think of this?" Winston asked.

"I wanted to tell you first, dad," the pierced man stated. "It concerns you and I wanted your blessing."

The Englishman sighed and finally tossed the glasses on to the table. "I guess it is all right. You have the great Baba Yaga to protect you now. You don't need your overprotective father any longer."

"I'll always need you," the younger Omega said and took the older Omega's hand.

Winston beamed warmly at his son's confession. "And what is this other matter?"

Adam took a deep breath of air before starting. "Well, John proposed yesterday and I said yes."

"Congratulations. And this is a problem how?"

"We want to bond first but John still isn't too coherent when I go into heat. He gets very aggressive and he won't verbally communicate. Last time he kept wanting to bond and it was hard to stop him."

"The animal!" Winston said in parental outrage but quietened down upon seeing his son's warning gaze. "I'm sorry. Do go on."

"I want to bond with him so much but I want him to be completely present for the event. I've been looking online but I can't find anything about why he does it."

Winston fixed his son with a know-it-all smile. "May I ask one thing?"

"Yes," Adam nodded warily.

"Did Jonathan ever tell Helen about you?"

The Administrator shook his head. "No."

"There is your problem, my boy," Winston said leaning back. "You were always Jonathan's dirty little secret, I'm afraid. He was attracted to you when you were far too young to claim. Oh he tried to hide it but it was far too obvious. He always wanted you but he kept that part hidden away from anybody that he feared would not understand. Then he was forced to leave you."

"You made me push him away," the Administrator frowned.

"And you have my deepest apology since it didn't seem to do any good and he only came back to claim you again," the older man said wryly. "But before that he found Helen and he fell deeply in love with her. The only problem was that he still was in love with you also."

Adam started to chew on his snake bit lip, seeing where this was heading.

"He could never quite forgive himself for loving you both so he hid his feelings for you safely away. That way he could escape the feeling of betraying her or you for that matter too.

"However, with poor Helen's death he found himself back in your company. Add to that the sudden knowledge that you are an Omega and poor old Jonathan goes crazy with...lust..."

Winston experienced obvious trouble saying the word in relation to his offspring. Still he managed somehow and continued.

"You're his dirty, naughty little secret and you are suddenly all his but he never reconciled his love for you with his love for his beloved wife. His poor brain cannot handle it so it simply is pushed to the background while his body takes over and has its way with you."

Tears were in Winston's bright blue eyes. "My sweet little baby boy, I might add."

Adam looked around the bar as his mind thought about his father's theory. Of course, John would be experiencing some guilt over his feelings for him. And it made sense that he would compartmentalize in order to deal with it. It sounded perfectly logical and sound. There was only one problem still.

"But how do I fix it?" the bureaucrat asked.

"Simple and not so simple," Winston said, taking a sip from his martini. "You have to get him to tell Helen about you."

"But she's dead," Adam said quietly.

"Therein lies the not so simple part of it," the Continental's manager sighed.

* * *

Back in bed, chewing his fingernails in the dark, the Administrator contemplated what his father had told him regarding Wick's problem. Adam had just finished discussing his decision to reveal to the world that he was an Omega and not an Alpha to his mate. John had been so sweet and supportive and the younger man had once again felt blessed and proud to have been reunited with such a decent and good man. He had, however, not told him about Winston's theory. Not wanting to make the Alpha feel bad, his little Omega lover had waited to try to work on a solution when John had fallen asleep. He could tell that he had from his easy and peaceful breathing.

And also the occasional snore.

Pondering his father's words, the Administrator thought about the dilemma of having to find a way to let John Wick confess to Helen Wick the feelings he had buried for so long.

If only John could introduce him to her and just explain the whole thing, Adam thought.

Then a sudden realization came to him: If all John needed to do was tell Helen about him it didn't need to be so complicated at all.

Smiling, he placed his pierced head on John Wick's chest and fell asleep quite quickly, his own snores soon mingling with those of his lover.

* * *

John Wick sat behind the wheel of his '69 Ford Mustang, feeling nervous and uneasy as his small Omega lover sat in the passenger seat beside him. He had been unsure when Adam had told them they were going to visit Helen's grave and even more confused that the other man had insisted that they both dress up for the occasion. John had chosen to wear his best black suit and tie while the Administrator had chosen to wear a black three piece suit, with a pink dress shirt, grey vest, and black tie. His hair was done and he had swept part of it over his right eye, giving him the distinct appearance of a male, dark-haired Veronica Lake.

The Baba Yaga made a mental reminder to ask the man to adorn this particular look the next time his heat came around because it was somehow both handsome and cute at the same time.

"You said she likes daisies?" Adam asked.

"Yes," Wick replied. 

"Good," the Administrator nodded. "Stop at a flower shop on the way there and we'll both by her some.'

The Omega was further confusing him by acting like Helen was alive and that they were actually visiting her and not just her grave.

At the local flower shop, both men went into the shop and purchased mixed bouquets of daisies. John Wick knew the florist, having boughten flowers for Helen there several times. They exchanged some small talk and all the while, the Baba Yaga had seen her curious gaze fall occasionally on the Administrator, obviously never having seen anybody quite like him before and wondering what he was doing with somebody she considered to be relatively normal.

Outside of the shop, John heard a car door close and turned to see Jimmy the cop making his way towards them.

"Hi John!" he greeted cheerfully. "Haven't seen much of you since you've been working again."

Wick nodded and then watched as Jimmy turned his attention on Adam. At first, he thought the policeman was taken aback by the bureaucrat's unique appearance, as the florist had been. In the small town where Jimmy worked, and Helen and he had lived, the citizens all adhered to a conservative appearance. It was only when he noted the boyish little grin on the cop's face and the way that he was looking the short man over that he became suddenly aware of the fact that Jimmy was interested in Adam. Knowing that the Omega had also forgone his usual Alpha scents and was fully presenting himself as he truly was was probably not helping either, and John Wick was suddenly worried about the interest the Administrator may now acquire. 

"Who's your friend?" Jimmy asked enthusiastically.

"I'm Adam," the Administrator said extending a hand which the policeman hastily took.

"This is Jimmy," John Wick said, trying not to growl when he felt that the cop's hand lingered a little too long in the shake.

"So what brings you back to town, John?" Jimmy asked never taking his eyes off of the Administrator.

"We're going to see Helen," Adam answered.

"Oh right the daisies," the cop said. He was opening his mouth to say more when the radio in his cruiser called for his attention.

The policeman frowned, obviously upset about having to leave his new found acquaintance behind. He reluctantly did and John Wick used the opportunity to hurry the Administrator back inside of the car. Adam seemed genuinely oblivious to Jimmy's interest and only looked at his bouquet in consternation.

"Do you think that she'll like them?" he asked.

John didn't know if he should furrow his brow or smile in bemusement. He decided on the latter and told his lover that she would.

At the cemetary, both men walked slowly to Helen Wick's grave. The Omega kept pace with his Alpha, and John felt as if his feet were too heavy to move, yet he found the strength to lift them each time until he was standing at his wife's grave. Flowers had been left, but by whom, John could not tell. His wife had been a kind light in a dark world and they likely could have been from anybody she had shone that light on.

John watched as Adam sat on the ground, no doubt dirtying up his best trousers. He then felt the Omega take his hand and pull him down to the ground to sit beside him. After sitting beside one another in silence, just staring at the grave and tombstone, Adam eventually spoke. 

"Well aren't you going to introduce us, John?" he asked gently.

The assassin fought the urge to look at the man like he was out of his mind but only did as had been requested.

"Helen this is Adam. Adam this is Helen," John Wick introduced.

More silence before an exasperated sigh from the Omega. "Well aren't you going to tell her a little bit more about me?"

"Why?" Wick asked.

An exasperated sigh with no silence from the frustrated Administrator. "Dad says that the reason you keep losing control and coherency when I go into heat is because you were never honest with Helen about us."

John raised his brows in shock. "You've been discussing our sex lives with your father?"

Adam slammed the daisies on the grave and then muttered a sincere apology before turning to his Alpha lover. "He walked in on us fucking on the living room floor; I don't think it's a big deal!"

"Don't say that in front of Helen!" John said offended.

"That is the problem John!" the bureaucrat whined. "You kept me hidden from her for so long that you're having trouble admitting how you feel about me even to your own fucking libido!"

John exhaled sharply in irritation.

"Look," Adam said and gently placed a hand on the assassin's knee. "Just think about it for a moment; it makes sense. Maybe if you just tell her things will be okay. I'm sure that wherever she is she will hear you: God will make sure that she will."

John considered his Omega's words. They were true he finally begrudgingly admitted to himself. When he had met and fell in love with Helen he had put aside so many of the aspects of his other life and Adam, the only person he had loved before her, had been one of them. He had thought that if he locked the love he still felt for that lost boy he would not have to feel any guilt or shame for not being able to stop loving him. Helen's illness, so soon after their being together, had caused him to lock the door on it even tighter so that the memory of Winston's only son, and the feelings he had for him, had become a forbidden subject. John knew that he had never thought he would eventually lose Helen and meet Adam again. It seemed perfectly reasonable that it had caused some kind of divide in himself.

And if he wanted a guilt free future with the man known as the Administrator it was his duty to try to make himself whole again and offer that him to the bureaucrat with a clear conscience.

"Helen," John started shakily and Adam gave him a sweet and pleased smile. "This is Adam. I knew and loved him before I met you. He was a child at the New York Continental, his father Winston was the manager and my friend. I fell in love with him then. Which sounds kind of creepy and is probably another reason why I never mentioned it..."

The Baba Yaga faltered but when he saw Adam still smiling and urging him on he continued. "But I loved him because he was sweet and kind...some of the same reasons why I fell in love with you. You both made me want to be a better person than I am. I had to leave him because of a mistake...and my heart was broken and you fixed it were never a mistake, Helen. You weren't ever just a substitute; I never wanted you to think that. You were my angel and my salvation. You were my eye of the storm and not one day goes by where I don't miss you. You're in my heart, Helen, and you will always be there."

John looked up to see through his own tears that the Administrator was crying too. He watched as the shorter man got on all fours and started to pick out the daisies from his bouquet and arranged them to form a heart on Helen Wick's grave. He then got on his knees.

"I love John, Helen," Adam said. "Even if he leaves the toilet seat up after I've reminded him to put it down a thousand times and I continually fall in. I promise to love and cherish him for the rest of my life and anything that comes after. If you wouldn't mind too much."

The wind blew one of the daisies over to the pierced man's knees and he held it up and smiled, taking it as a sign.

John placed his own flowers on the grave, stood and kissed his wife's headstone. "I love you," he whispered.

The assassin walked over to the Omega and pulled him up. They looked at one another and embraced. Casting one last glance at Helen's grave they left the cemetary, hand in hand.

Back in the Mustang, John Wick watched as Adam did up his seatbelt. "Were you intentionally showing off your butt to me when you were bent over like that?" he asked the younger man.

The bureaucrat grinned at him, innocently. "I was just testing you."

"I am going to have to make you pay for that," John Wick threatened.

"Please do," the Administrator encouraged as the Alpha drove the vehicle back onto the road.

* * *

John was waiting in the Mustang, as Adam went into the convenience store to use the washroom, when Jimmy pulled up. Rolling down the window, Wick tried to ignore his annoyance at the cop he usually liked a great deal.

"So John...Adam is an Omega, right?" the policeman asked leaning over the passenger side of the cruiser. 

The Baba Yaga felt his irritation flash brilliant emerald again. "Yes," he answered.

"So does he have a mate?"

John turned and met the other man's eyes. "Yes. Me," he replied cooly.

Jimmy backed away in his seat. "Sorry. I didn't know."

"Now you do," the assassin grumbled.

"Aren't you a little old for him?" the cop remarked which did not make John Wick's annoyance disappear at all and he started to think about how easy it would be to get his gun out and show the younger man how well his reflexes still worked.

Luckily the cop was saved when Adam reemerged and sat down in the car.

"Goodbye Jimmy," John Wick said before he pulled out of the convenience store's parking lot.

"Was that your cop friend?" the Administrator asked.

John nodded.

"I couldn't tell," Adam confessed. "I only have eyes for you, John Wick."

Smiling more than a little smugly, the Baba Yaga looked at his small Omega lover. "I guess, I couldn't persuade you to wear that the next time you go into heat could I?" he inquired, his mood having greatly improved.

The Administrator looked over his shoulder at him and smiled impishly. "Done. We'll see how long it takes for you to rip it off."

The assassin drove back to their apartment feeling much better already.

Chapter Text

Waiting for Adam's next heat to see if their shared visit to Helen's grave had solved John's particular problem was the most difficult part, the Administrator understood. There was no way of knowing if it had helped John regain control of his copulating coherency problem until he went into heat again, the Omega knew, and that wasn't scheduled for two weeks.

In the meantime, the High Table bureaucrat busied himself with the frightening yet exhilerating task of finally coming out as an Omega. He no longer was wearing the Alpha scents nor was he attempting to do all the other little things that he had done in order to try to convince the world that he was something that he was not.

John was wonderfully supportive.

He was also wonderfully jealous.

At the start, Adam had not noticed in particular that other men and women were looking at him with newfound interest. Having eyes only for John Wick, it had all gone over his head. It was only when his Alpha started to do things such as placing his arm over his shoulder possessively, or growling at anybody who so much as glanced at him in a suspicious manner, that the Administrator had noted that other Alphas were paying him attention and that it did not please John Wick in the slightest.

"Aren't you happy that you have a mate that other people envy you for?" Adam had teased one day as they were walking down the sidewalk and a grungy hipster had been checking him out.

"No," John had grumbled. "I want you for myself. I wouldn't care if you were ugly as sin and nobody looked at you once. I thank God every night that your Operators are all female Omegas."

The Omega had thrown his tattooed arms around his Alpha and beamed the whole way home as John sulked and dog ran ahead of them. The truth was that the Administrator loved his mate's jealousy and possessiveness. He'd have happily made himself as homely as could be for Wick if he wanted but preferred to stay the same and prove to the assassin that he alone had his heart.

A few snide remarks thrown at anybody else whom he caught staring at him during the next few days seemed to make John happier and more content. Although, he still growled at a good many other Alphas and even lunged at a few besides, Adam gave his lover some leniency. The man was the dreaded Baba Yaga after all; the strangers were lucky he hadn't pulled out his gun and shot them all dead, the Administrator figured.

* * *

Work was more or less the same for the bureaucrat. He had come out to the girls at the office as an Omega, and while there had been initial interest and gossip behind his back, particularly about his sex life with John Wick, nobody had really focused on it for much longer than a week. The Administrator tried to be kinder than he previously had when he had been disguised as an Alpha but found to his dismay a disconcerting truth: employees were bound to loathe their boss no matter if they were Alpha, Beta or Omega. Even if he was no longer shouting at them and reducing them to tears or hurling staplers at their overly made-up heads they still were fated to hate him.

At the very least, it took some pressure off of him knowing that it made very little difference lying to them all these years. And if they hated him well...he got to go home to John Wick every fucking night and they didn't.

Days passed by just as they had before with endless verifications and stamping until the monotony was disturbed by one horrendous occurrence: the appearance of an Adjudicator in his dark and smokey office.

Adam recognized the High Table servant immediately as the one that had handled the complaint against his father and John Wick after Santino D'Antonio had been killed on Continental grounds. They fixed him with a gaze neither friendly nor hostile and said his full name as if it were a question.

"I'm he," the Administrator verified.

"It has recently been brought to our attention that you are an Omega when we were led to believe that you were an Alpha," they stated. "Do you wish to deny this claim?"

Adam unerringly answered, "Negative."

"I see," the Adjudicator replied. "I have no choice than to give you this."

They handed him a long white envelope. The Omega took it cautiously already knowing what was inside; he had authorized quite a few himself.

"If you wish to contest the council's decision a hearing is set for next Wednesday. The information is written on the enclosed slip."

The Administrator watched sadly as the Adjudicator walked out of his former office.

* * *

John and Adam sat on their newly cleaned sofa. The Administrator sat staring dejectedly at the pink slip in his hands.

"I can't believe all those years of faithful and unswerving service and this is all that I have to show for it," the small man complained.

"It matches your shirt," the tall man comforted. "At least it doesn't clash."

"It's not funny John," Adam squinted at his mate, non-plussed.

"Just trying to look on the bright side," the Alpha remarked.

Adam sighed, tossed the paper on to the coffee table and cuddled up to John Wick, whom happily cuddled him back. 

"The hearing's next Wednesday in the Conference room at the Continental."

"Won't that be?" John asked in shock.

"Yup," the Administrator said. "Right when my heat is scheduled."

The assassin looked down at his tattooed little lover. "Can't you cancel it?"

"No," the bureaucrat answered. "The High Table is very strict in these matters."

John frowned and stared off into the space in front of him. First Winston coming over for supper and then Adam's hearing all being set during his Omega's time of the month. It seemed as if they were in some story where their existence was continually hampered by a cruel and bad writer who found it amusing to put them in tense and ridiculous situations like this.

Hearing his Omega begin to mewl, John petted his hair and tried to soothe him, lamenting the fact that his love was hurting and that they would probably end up sleeping back in the closet again; right when his back was getting better and he was finally able to sit up straight again.

As if sensing his Alpha's thoughts without even being bonded, Adam sniffed a bit before saying, "It's okay John. The bed's fine. Just hold me; that's all that I want."

John Wick did just that.

* * *

Hearing the news of his son's unemployment, Winston was outraged. His wrath, however, was more directed at the system then at his only child this time.

"Preposterous!" he exclaimed as Adam, John, Charon and himself all sat at a booth in the Continental's restaurant.

John recognized it as the very same one where he had met with the hotel manager when he had been looking for Iosef Tarasov. It seemed like centuries ago and despite the seriousness of the reason for the get together, the assassin found himself very happy about the twists his life had suddenly taken; he was on the way to being bonded to a man he had loved for ages, Winston was a very dear friend again and he had finally found a home and a family once more. If it wasn't for Adam on the verge on no longer being an Administrator life would be pretty good.

Other than the Alpha at the bar making eyes at his Omega, John wryly realized.

"They aren't aware of how many of us are Omegas," the Englishman exclaimed. "Just because only Alphas are allowed to be those twelve that sit at the table they are blind and prejudice! Hogwash!"

"Did you just say 'us?'" the soon to be former Administrator asked.

Winston slammed his martini glass on the table. "You're damn right I did. Are you allowed to bring any witnesses, Adam?"


"Well consider your father present," the older man stated. "That is, of course, if you want me there."

His only child started to water up. "I would be honored."

"Good," Winston smiled and finished the last bit of his drink, the olive left lonely and unfinished at the bottom of the glass.

"I'll be there too," John stated and Adam grinned up at him.

"Now that that's all settled," the Continental manager smiled. "I am going to get a refill."

"Let me sir," Charon said and started to rise before his lover raised a hand stopping him.

"I'll get it," Winston said. "I need the exercise. Going over the books all day has made me a little too sluggish, I'm afraid."

The three men at the table started a light hearted conversation about the latest Yankees game when they turned to look at the bar after hearing a bit of a commotion taking place there. Charon, Adam and John turned to see Winston shaking his hand as the man Wick had noticed earlier at the bar lay on the ground. The Englishman had obviously slugged him yet he returned to the booth as elegant and reserved as ever; his refilled martini glass held steady in the hand he had not used for the unexpected act of violence.

"What the hell happened?" the bureaucrat asked as Winston sat down again.

"Oh that?" the older Omega said. "The bloody bastard made a completely uncalled for remark about your mouth."

John made a mental note to forgive the Continental manager all past transgressions.

"Are you sure that action complies with the High Table's rules?" Charon asked doubtfully.

"It complies with my rules as a father," Winston said and patted his Alpha's face. "Besides I'll be seeing an Adjudicator next week. I'm sure that they will just love telling me what I did wrong. If infact it was."

* * *

Two days after their dinner with Winston and Charon, Adam went into pre-heat and John Wick started to rut.

"Oh great," the former Administrator said as they sat on the sofa and he saw the large tent in the assassin's lap. "We'll make a great impression: Me doubled up with cramps and you with a massive boner. They're sure to rehire me after that!"

"Adjudicators are focused," John grumbled. "They probably won't even notice."

Staring at the large lump in John Wick's pants, the Omega seriously doubted it. Still it reminded Adam that he had the assassin's beautiful and magnificent organ to look forward to following the hearing so things weren't all that bad.

* * *

Wednesday found Winston, Adam and John Wick waiting in the Continental's magnificent glass offices for the Adjudicator's arrival. Winston was calm and showing his typical cool British reserve. John Wick was rutting and obviously very horny and irritable. The man kept wanting to grab his own penis to jerk off and get some relief but Adam grabbed his hand to prevent him, not believing it would be appropriate for the dreaded Baba Yaga to play with himself out in public, especially during a meeting with an Adjudicator. The former Administrator wasn't sure but he was pretty sure that the High Table had rules regarding public sex acts.

Adam looked at the structure made of glass which surrounded them. It had always succeeded in disorienting him whenever Winston had brought him here as a child. He always felt as if he was about to fall into space or be blown by strong winds, and losing his footing, be blown out of the rooms entirely. Much older now, the Omega fought the same foolish sensation, holding onto his Alpha's strong hand a little tighter which earned a grunt from Wick.

"Here they come," Winston warned as the Adjudicator approached.

"Good day Gentlemen," they greeted politely if not warmly. "I am an Adjudicator."

"We know who you are," the Continental manager smiled unpleasantly. "We have already made your acquaintance. Let's just get down to business, shall we?"

The High Table servant nodded and addressed the former Administrator. "As you know, the Table does not approve of Omegas being placed in high positions."

Adam nodded. "I am aware of that fact. Yet I am also aware that there is no rule stating that an Administrator must not be an Omega."

"Still you lied to your employers and presented yourself as an Alpha."

"That is partly my fault," Winston stated. "I forced my child into passing as an Alpha."

"And why was that?" the Adjudicator inquired.

"My own past as an Omega."

The person looked somewhat shocked by the hotel manager's revelation. "Explain."

"I think not," the Englishman smiled sadly. "All I will say is that I managed to manage both the Continental in London and this one, in New York, with my Omega nature never having been a problem or concern. It seems to me that the problem is more with the preconceived misconceptions of Alpha versus Omega natures."

Adam watched as the Adjudicator fixed his father with an uncaring stare.

"Let me ask you this," Winston asked unintimidated as he placed his hands in his pockets. "Did my son ever fail to serve his employers? When you deconsecrated my hotel did he hesitate?"

The Adjudicator turned sharply to the young Omega. "That was you?"

Adam nodded.

"Nor did he fail on placing the bounty on John Wick even though he is in love with him," Winston added.

"Is this true?" the person asked the assassin.

"Yes," Wick growled, obviously uncomfortable from his rutting though the Adjudicator seemed oblivious. "We're to be married."

"This is something to consider," the Adjudicator stated.

"Consider this also," Winston said. "I know of many other hidden Omegas in the organization. If all of them were to be terminated from their positions you would find both services and security severely compromised. Having run this hotel for many years, I can also attest to the many Omegas that are bonded to highly powerful Alphas in the business. Said Alphas would not be too pleased to see their Omegas in pain. Isn't that right Jonathan?"

"Yes it is," John growled.

The Adjudicator considered the matter some more. Winston's words must have reached their logic for they nodded. "You both have made some reasonable arguments. I will concede and suggest to the Table that they retain your services."

"Thank you," the soon to be reinstated Administrator nodded.

The Adjudicator turned their back and proceeded to start the proper process.

Listening to her, Adam squeezed John's hand again and then also playfully squeezed his woody too which made the Alpha more content.

Winston rolled his eyes. "Young love," he whispered. 

The older Omega then turned to his son. "So you're back being a despicable little bureaucrat. How does it feel?"

"Great," the Administrator said. "Of course, the moment I ever become a mommy I'm quitting."

"What?" Winston asked in shock.

"Well I've had enough of office life. I'd want to be a stay-at-home mom and look after John and mine's children," the Administrator confessed. "I guess, it's the Omega in me."

John looked lovingly down at his mate and Adam looked up at him the same way as Winston looked on flustered.

"What on earth was this all for then?" the Englishman asked in utter bewilderment.

"The principle" Adam informed. "The principle."

"Bloody hell!" Winston swore as the Adjudicator turned around and walked towards them.

"Completed," they stated. "You can return next Thursday. The paperwork should be done by then."

"Great. My heat will be over by then," Adam smiled.

"And John Wick is your mate. Correct?" the Adjudicator asked again.


"Good," the person remarked and looked at the assassin's crotch. "That explains that thing then."

The Administrator smiled in embarrassment. Apparently John's erection had not gone by as unnoticed as he had hoped.

"Let me show you out," Winston said motioning the Adjudicator to follow him.

Watching them leave, Adam felt John Wick begin to nuzzle him as the first bit of slick leaked out of his ass. The Administrator looked at his Alpha but still saw no coherency in his beautiful dark eyes, only lust. Apparently the visit to Helen's grave had not worked and John was to remain forever not in control and uncommunicative.

"It's okay," the Omega said softly and caressed his lover's face gently as they fell to the glass floor, their clothing being hurriedly discarded.

A few feet away, the Adjudicator remembered that they had not told the Administrator he would be receiving a cut in pay to reflect his Omega status. They turned around to see, through the glass walls, John Wick and Adam, completely naked, and lost in each other.

Spinning around to see what the Adjudicator was staring at, Winston rolled his eyes once more. "Not again," he sighed.


The Adjudicator then turned and walked away, Winston closely behind them.

"Now about that incident at your bar last week," the Adjudicator started as her English escort sighed and prepared himself for a lengthy lecture.

John Wick was vigorously pumping into Adam as the Adjudicator's words reached them. The assassin looked deeply in to the bureaucrat's pleasured eyes.

"S--ooo-rr-yyy," John Wick apologized slowly.

Adam's eyes widened in shock and then joy. "You talked!" he exclaimed.

"Yes," John Wick smiled and it was the most beautiful thing that the Administrator had ever seen.

The Omega kissed his increasingly coherent lover, throwing his arms around the Alpha's neck and pulling him down closer on top of him.

Chapter Text

Once Adam had gone into heat, neither John nor he wished to travel back to their apartment. It was not the safest and they were too lost in their need for one another to really care about where they made love; they only cared about the making of love itself.

Having finished up for a spell in the glass conference room where they had met with the Adjudicator, Alpha and Omega hastily dressed, trying not to slip on the very wet and mucky floor, and then descended into the heart of the Continental. On the way to their destination, John bumped into Charon and quickly gave him a key and instructions on the feeding and walking of his dog. Charon politely and conscientiously agreed to take care of the matter himself.

Adam also took the opportunity to warn his father's mate of the horrible mess left on the conference room's floor. The concierge stated that he would send the cleaning staff up there immediately to attend to it, which succeeded in earning a deep blush from the Administrator, whom did not envy them their task.

Guessing where his lover was leading him, John Wick scooped the smaller man into his arms and hurriedly carried him to a room that had long been empty and waiting.

Outside of his former bedroom, the Omega fumbled with the key until John took the shaking hand in his own and fit the item steadily inside the lock. Adam moaned and squirmed a bit from the imagery as he felt the slick impatiently exit his ass. He felt the fierce sexual need overtaking him again as John Wick quickly rushed them both inside the Omega's childhood lodgings.

"John," the Administrator moaned into the assassin's neck. "Please!"

"Shhh..." the Alpha crooned. "Where's the bedroom Adam?" While John Wick had often passed by the boy's suite many times he had never actually been allowed to go inside of it.

The younger man pointed and shifted. John Wick rushed to the room, his arms filled with his desperate and needy lover.

The bedroom was hopelessly adorable, Wick thought, as he brought Adam inside of it and shut the door. The assassin knew that the room bore the mark of the teenage Administrator. While the man was presenting himself as an Alpha to the outside world during this time, his inner sanctum confessed the truth; posters of bands called Aqua and The Vengaboys mingled with cute pictures of ponies and puppies. Over on a desk was a collection of beanie babies; while on the bed lay a heart pillow on a rainbow printed comforter.

"Cute," John commented as he gently placed his lover on the bed. Looking down at the pierced man, Wick began to remove his own tie.

"I don't feel cute," Adam whimpered. "I feel horny."

John Wick looked down to see the Administrator's hard-on evident through his trousers, testifying to the validity of his words.

Wick began to undress the Omega whom eagerly helped until he was lying naked and vulnerable on the precious bedspread.

As he continued to remove his own clothing, John looked in admiration at his lover, feeling his own erection throbbing and leaking out what felt like buckets of precum. The assassin's trousers were soaked and ruined and he did not give a damn; he was coherent and his beautiful Omega was naked and ready for him.

But first, being in the man's old bedroom, John Wick remembered one of the Administrator's earlier confessions and decided to have a little fun.

"So you used to jerk yourself off to thoughts of me in this very room?" John asked, undoing his belt.

The Omega nodded.

"Show me," the Alpha said as he undid his zipper and let his pants fall to the floor.

The Administrator brought a hand to his swollen cock and began to run it up and down the shaft. He arched at his own touch, making small cries of pleasure and need.

"And you used to call out my name?" John asked as he threw off his white briefs. "Let me hear you."

"John!" Adam cried in real desperation. "John!"

His cock a swollen and red demanding creature, the heavily tattooed man got to his knees as he continued to use his left hand to play with himself.

"John Wick!" the Administrator screamed as his body was lost in longing and need. "John!"

Eyeing his lover's pulsating member in sympathy and hunger John gently removed the Omega's rapidly moving hand and replaced it with his mouth.

Adam gasped and arched his back, going deeper inside of his mate, as his hands came to rest on John Wick's shoulders.

"John! Oh...John!...unhhh..."

The Alpha let his tongue explore the grateful penis, cradling it, as he moved back and forth in imitation of Adam's former movement with his hand.

"!" the Administrator moaned as he came inside the Baba Yaga's mouth.

The assassin swallowed and looked up at his lover. "Did you picture doing that to me?" he playfully inquired to which the younger man enthusiastically nodded with ravenous eyes.

"Show me," John Wick said as he now knelt on the bed in front of his lover, his dick painfully hard, massively large and hopelessly twitching and leaking.

The Omega immediately got to his hands and knees and began to take the intimidating organ inside of his mouth. The Alpha petted the dark hair of his small lover and then gently rubbed the back of his neck as he enjoyed the man's adoring tongue on his equally adoring erection. John set the bureaucrat's hair free from its tie and it fell in strands on either side of Adam's face, like dark curtains.

The cock was weeping furiously and the Administrator's mouth could not contain its spill; John Wick's precum leaked out from Adam's mouth, dripping onto the red of the cloth rainbow beneath them.

The Alpha looked appreciatively at his lover's buttocks as he was pleasured; each cheek looked like pale tapestried hills. Staring at them, John came furiously.

Adam swallowed what he could manage and then got to his knees and John and he embraced as they feverishly kissed. Each man could taste themselves on the other's tongue.

"And what else did you imagine me doing to you?" Wick asked when the kiss was broken. He began to play with one of the snake bites, liking how its usual coolness was warmed from their kiss.

The Omega gently took his Alpha's hand and placed it on the ass John had just come admiring. He grabbed the assassin's index and middle finger and placed them inside the crevice.

John began to move the fingers deeper inside as he pulled the Administrator closer to him. The Alpha scented his loved one, rubbing the glands on both their necks together as his fingers explored the hole.

"Just this? Only fingers?" the older man whispered into the younger man's ear.

"No," Adam whimpered.

"What else?" Wick asked, kissing and then licking the other man's neck to his jaw and then ear.

Instinctively, the Baba Yaga removed his fingers as the Administrator once more got on all fours, only this time with his beautiful ass offered to him.

"Tongue," the Omega said.

John looked at the slick covered bum presented to him. He took his hand and spread the slick over it. Letting his thumb trail the crack, and then bringing the wet thumb to his mouth, he sucked the fluid off.

"Please," Adam begged once more and then John Wick was on all fours as well, his tongue lapping up the slick as it continued to gush out.

"" the Omega let loose small pleased sounds which encouraged his mate as he continued to use his tongue to lick the Administrator's opening.

Feeling his penis once more engorged and ready, John Wick got to his knees and proceeded to cover it with his own precum. He cupped his hands under the Administrator's ass, catching a torrent of slick which he then rubbed on to his throbbing dick as well, until both of their mixed fluids had made it wet.

The assassin began to trace the bureaucrat's crevice with the head of his large and ready erection and he heard his mate begin to mewl.

"Anything else?" he inquired as he continued to rub the crack with the cock, as Adam continued to cry in sexual need.

"Inside me," the Administrator begged.

"My fingers?" John Wick asked innocently as he returned his fingers to the hole.

"Un unh"  Adam moaned.

"My tongue?" John teased and bent quickly over to lick it once again.

"No!" the Administrator groaned.

"What?" the assassin feigned ignorance.

"Your dick!" the Omega cried out petulantly.

"Oh, you mean this," John Wick smiled wickedly as he pushed his hot and equally petulant cock inside the younger man's slicked and ready hole.

The Administrator gasped as he was entered, the shock of receiving the large organ taking him by pleasant surprise. He pushed back a little, enveloping Wick a little more, who likewise was pleasantly taken off guard as he felt himself knot. They started their natural motions, giving and receiving. John let his fingers move up and down his little lover's back, sometimes using one of them to slip around to the other side and give the Administrator's own swollen member a tug or two.

Completely in control and conscious, John Wick looked around the room of the man who would become the Administrator. He thought of the Omega in his youthful heat satisfying himself with fantasies of what now, in reality, was taking place. John Wick thought of the ghost of his past self hungrily waiting in his own room at the Continental for the boy to be of age so that he could claim him. They were older now, their bodies no strangers to time, but their passion was ageless as they delighted in each other's bodies.

John Wick began to scent the Administrator, rubbing his wrists over his sweat drenched body. He bent forward leaning towards the younger man's neck to once again rub his gland against it, marking him again.

Filled with a frenzy of lust and love, the Baba Yaga was about to bite the gland there, bonding them finally together, when, sensing his intentions, Adam stopped him.

"Face to face," he moaned out a shy little plea.

John Wick acquiesced, choosing to kiss the Omega's scent gland instead. Although the assassin was well skilled and could manouever his body with ease, he did not wish to hurt the younger man so he waited until he ejaculated and unknotted before they changed their position. 

It did not happen soon, Wick's stamina worked against them, but he did eventually climax. Finally unlocked, John pulled out of the Administrator and watched as his soulmate turned over.

Adam lay on his back on the bed, glistening and flushed. He looked so beautiful that Wick could not stop himself from staring at him lovingly before entering him again. The assassin touched his Omega's chest, rubbing each nipple briefly before leaning forward to kiss the spot above the man's navel. The Administrator jolted forward slightly at the contact, pressing his unspent penis against John's chest. The hitman gave it a quick kiss before joyfully thrusting inside of his love and knotting, this time as they were face to face.

They easily found their pace again, Adam crying out several times, eventually as he came on John Wick's chest. When he was close to coming as well, John leaned forward, brushed the Administrator's hair out of the way and was about to bite the Omega's sweat gland to bond them but hesitated.

"What?" Adam asked, confused.

John Wick remembered his first time with the Omega; his lack of control and not following his lover's requests. Not wishing that to happen ever again, and desiring to show that to Adam also, an idea came to him. Brushing aside his own hair, John Wick offered his sweat gland for the Omega to bite.

"Please," John said. "You first."

The Administrator started to cry as he realized what his mate was doing. It was a common practice among Alphas to bite their Omegas without letting them mark them also. It made it easier for them to leave a mate but the subsequent scarring for the Omega was terribly damaging. Often an abandoned Omega was heartbroken and died from the betrayal and the fact that they were possessed by an Alpha whom no longer wanted them. It was also often considered a slight to an Alphas' masculinity to be bitten by an Omega before he had done the honor himself. For an Alpha to willingly ask to be bonded first truly showed the depth of John Wick's love for him, Adam knew.

"Are you sure?" he softly whispered, touching the assassin's cheek.

John nodded assuredly.

The Omega smelled the Alpha's scent gland, kissed it tenderly and then bit it. It took some force to actually draw blood, but with some effort, Adam eventually felt liquid on his tongue, this time blood and not semen.

"Is that good? Did it work?" the Administrator thought and was surprised when John nodded, proving that it was.

The Alpha's lovely brown eyes met the Omega's beautiful green ones. "Are you sure that you want me to?" John Wick asked, holding Adam's face in his hands as blood dripped from the bureaucrat's lips.

"Yes," the Omega's voice rang through his mind before he spoke out loud. "All of my life I have wanted this."

Needing no more convincing, John first kissed Adam, tasting the blood on his lips, and then bringing his mouth to the Administrator's scent glad, bit down on it and broke the skin instantly.

The Omega heard three words inside of his mind: "I love you."

They were followed by ten more: "I have always loved you. I will always love you."

Crying, the Administrator kissed John Wick, now tasting the salt of his own blood.

"Same with me with you," the Omega said without speaking.

When John Wick came again, unleashing the torrent with unexpected ferocity both men felt it not only in the place where their bodies were physically joined together but in their hearts and minds as well. It was something that John had experienced with Helen before but he enjoyed watching Adam's face, knowing that it was the first time he had ever experienced orgasm attatched to bonding. Wick saw the other man's eyes turn bright as if he had just seen God and then glaze over in pure and unadulterated sexual bliss. It wasn't just something the assassin was seeing, however: now bonded to the Administrator he felt every sensation and heard his every thought.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God," Wick heard the Omega think as he rocked his head back and forth.

John hungrily kissed the younger man's lips over and over again.

"I love you, I love you, I love you," Adam repeated inside of his thoughts, earning a fresh feverent kiss for every one John Wick heard inside of his own mind.

With one final long and passionate locking of lips, the Baba Yaga pulled away, allowing his lover to catch his breath as he held him tenderly next to his heart.

"All those years ago," Adam said. "I'd call out for you in this very room. And dad would say I was being too loud. Now I can call out for you without anybody else even hearing."

"And I will always come running," John Wick ardently promised his Omega.

The two men stayed inside the small Continental suite for the rest of Adam's heat, rarely leaving the bed.

Or each other's arms. 

Chapter Text

Following their bonding and the end of Adam's heat, John Wick and the Administrator headed back to their apartment. First, though, they endured a lengthy lecture from Winston on what the Continental's Conference room was and was definitely not to be used for. Both men agreed, as they drove away, that the older Omega's ire was probably doubled by the fact that he had to share Charon's attention with Wick's canine for three consecutive days.

"John," Adam suddenly said very shyly from the passenger seat. "Do you really still want to get married?"

"Are you serious?" the Baba Yaga asked as he carefully navigated through the New York City traffic.

"I don't know. I just thought that maybe since we're bonded now you may not want to. Do you?"

John Wick turned and looked at his mate. "Read my mind," he said earnestly.

The Administrator did and beamed happily as he found the Alpha's wholehearted answer. "When do you want to do it?"

"As soon as possible," John grinned, turning his eyes back to the road. "Sometime before your next heat."

"That soon?"

"It's not that abrupt," Wick honestly answered. "We have been waiting years, after all."

The Omega snuggled down into the Mustang's seat, feeling very happy and loved. That he had John Wick's heart, his father's approval, his position as an Administrator and the chance to live his life with no more deceptions seemed like a dream come true. To actually be married to John on top of it was icing on the cake.

A wedding cake, that was.

"I'll ask dad if I can rent the chapel at the Continental," the Administrator stated. "I don't want a real church. The Table controls most of them as fronts for the various crime families."

"Like the Tarasovs," Wick nodded, remembering his encounter with the now deceased Viggo's Little Russia Church.

Adam nodded back. "I want something a little more pure. We can set a date then based on that. Oh! And we've got to get the rings too!"

"Yes," John Wick said as his eyes fell on his left hand, that was resting on the steering wheel, and the empty space where a finger had once been. "The rings..."

* * *

That night, Adam kept dreaming he was lost in a desert looking for something in the sand. He kept dreaming he was digging up piles and piles of golden dirt but he never found what he was after nor was he completely sure what it was he was looking for. The bureaucrat felt like the place was familiar, although, he was certain that he had never been there before in his life. Truth be told, he'd take the city and a good air conditioner over any other habitat. Looking around frantically as another session of searching proved fruitless, Adam soon saw John a fair distance away, rifling through the sand even more desperately than he was. Dog was by his side trying to help his master.

"John!" the Administrator called out, trying to get his lover's attention. "Hey John!"

The assassin looked up from his frantic endeavor.

"Is this your dream or mine?" the Omega asked.

Wick did not answer and the bureaucrat noticed the sad look of shame on the Alpha's face. He was about to instinctively tell the older man that everything was okay when he woke up with a start.

The Administrator turned around in John Wick's arms only to see his lover still asleep and his face twitching in anxiety. The younger man grabbed the sleeping man's head and carefully woke his lover up. The Baba Yaga opened his eyes in the dark room.

"Shhh," the Omega comforted. "It's okay."

John Wick nodded as he finally realized where he was.

"It was just a nightmare," Adam said, wiping his soulmate's sweat drenched forehead. "Are you all right? Is anything bothering you?"

The Omega tried to search his Alpha's thoughts but found only a block; John was obviously safely guarding something.

"I'm okay," John tried to reassure him but the Administrator was not convinced.

"Are you being honest with me, John Wick?" he asked.

Sensing his mate's unwillingness to lie in the subsequent silence, Adam did not pry. Having faith that the hitman would come clean when it was time, the Omega only embraced his big, gruff Alpha instead.

* * *

The next day, before heading to work, the Administrator contacted his father about reserving the chapel at the Continental. Winston listed off several dates, and after discussing it, John Wick and Adam decided on a date two weeks from the day. While he was halfway out the door, having shared a passionate kiss before leaving, the pierced man smiled excitedly. "Maybe on Friday we can go looking at rings."

"Right," John said, trying to appear pleased at the suggestion.

"See ya," the Administrator offered a joyful smile and an air kiss before closing the door.

The assassin looked at his left hand and frowned. "Great."

Walking over to the couch, John Wick sat down on it with a heavy heart. Never had he regretted the fact that he had severed his ring finger clear off more than after Adam had mentioned the rings. When he had made that important cut, John knew, the only thought in his head had been to survive in order to remember Helen. Even when he had given his wedding band to the Elder as a sign of his fealty, the assassin had taken it as unimportant; he would never marry again, he had believed, and his wife's continued memory meant more than a simple band of gold.

Reuniting with Adam, though, and seeing the Administrator's excitement over the rings, John felt truly horrible that he had damaged his lover's romantic vision. He wanted the ceremony to be perfect for his Omega but all he kept picturing was the moment the minister would tell the man to place the ring on his finger and that finger would be gone.

Running a hand over his bearded face, Wick used his other hand to pet dog, whom had come to pant in comfort by his side.

Needing a distraction, John Wick decided to focus his attention on a more easily solvable problem: Who was going to be his best man?

* * *

"Jeez that's wonderful but I'm sorry John," Aurelio apologized as he leaned over the hood of a Pontiac and attended to the wonky engine cased inside. "I'm going to be away that week. All of us High Table Chop Shop runners are meeting up in Vegas. Been planned for months."

John sighed as he looked around the busy garage. Aurelio had been his first choice after Marcus, whom had sadly declined due to his unfortunate demise months previously.

During his marriage to Helen, the mechanic had been one of the few underworld connections and friendships that he had maintained. Aurelio had also been so faithful a friend that he had refused to obey Iosef Tarasov's orders and had also told Wick the identity of the man that had stolen his car.

It was a bad stroke of luck that the Chop Shop owner would be out of town the day of his wedding, John thought in disappointment.

"How about Jimmy?" Aurelio suggested.

John Wick scowled. "No."

"Any reason why?" the mechanic asked, noting his friend's sudden shift in mood and becoming curious.

"He's in love with my fiance," Wick grumbled.

Aurelio tried to stifle a laugh. "Yeah. That would pose a problem. That ain't good. Sorry I couldn't be of much help."

"It's okay."

"Best of luck to you both, John. Even if he is a bureaucrat. I'm really happy for you!"

John nodded his head and left the garage. As he was walking back to his Mustang, which he had parked outside on the street to avoid confusion among Aurelio's crew, the hitman heard a familiar voice and sighed very loudly, feeling his day taking an even more downward spiral.

"Hey John!" Zero cried out as he rushed forward to meet his hero.

Zero was a fellow assassin and over eager fanboy whom John Wick had found stalking him on several occasions. The last he had heard the man was in a High Table run hospital; it was a common occurrence for Zero even though he was efficiantly skilled. His admiration of older more well known peers had often gotten the better of him. John knew that he had even sent the man there once or twice. Still he was so irritating it was difficult to feel guilty for too long about it.

The assassin did not even bother with a hello but reached swiftly inside of his jacket pocket for the keys.

"I thought that was you," the other man continued undaunted. "Did I hear that you are getting married?"

Wick nodded trying to stick the key in the lock as quickly as he could.

"Wow! That's great. I'm sorry to hear that Aurelio can't be your best man. I didn't mean to listen in or anything. I'm just buying a new set of wheels and kind of overheard. Look, if you need somebody to step in I'd be happy to..."

"Thanks but I've got it covered," John Wick said politely as he climbed in behind the wheel.

"That's great!" Zero commented. "But if you ever need me if..."

John slammed the car door and drove away as the other assassin continued to natter on.

"Are you okay?" the Baba Yaga heard echo throughout his mind and knew instantly that it was Adam.

"No. I just saw Zero," Wick replied.

"His papers just passed by my desk; I was going to warn you. Sorry."

"It's all right. I'd just rather put up with a mosquito buzzing in my ear," the assassin stated. "It would be less annoying."

The Administrator laughed and John Wick smiled at being able to hear it although they were miles away from each other. "So what are you doing anyway?"

"Best man hunting."

"Good luck!" the Omega cheered his Alpha on.

"Thanks," John Wick thought. "I'll need it. Especially with who's on my list next."

The older man heard the younger man gasp as he read his mind. "Not..."

* * *

Cassian stood in the doorway to his room at the Continental. His arms were folded and he was staring at John Wick with a look of purest scorn.

"Let me get this right," the former bodyguard of Gianna D'Antonio said in deepest incredulousness. "You killed my woman and stabbed me in the aorta but you are standing there asking me to be the best man at your wedding?"

John Wick nodded for the upteenth time that day. "Yes. Except Gianna slit her own wrists. I just shot her in the head for safety precautions and to put her out of her misery. And I gave you a chance to survive. More than you would have given me."

"I spent 48 hours in surgery John Wick," Cassian said blankly. "And months recuperating. By the end of it I was wishing you had put me out of my misery."

"But your alive now and its over."

"So I should be grateful to you?" the bodyguard asked. "Grateful enough to have to watch you marry the person you love while I cry every night over a photo of my Gianna girl?"

"Does that mean your answer is 'no?'" the assassin asked blank faced.

Cassian didn't bother with an answer but shut the door in John Wick's face.

In the elevator, Zero was waiting.

"So he turned you down too John?" he said in false sympathy. "I'm still here for you. I mean that I have got your back. I have absolutely nothing planned for that day and I hold nothing against you for almost killing me."

"Thanks but no thanks," John said as he punched in the number for the next person on the list, knowing ahead of time what the answer would be.

* * *

"I'm sorry Jonathan but I will be walking Adam down the aisle," Winston gave the answer the assassin had already forseen. "And Charon is busy handling the other details and the photography so the answer would, likely, be the same from him, as well."

"I thought as much," John said. "I just thought that I would ask to be sure."

Winston smiled warmly and patted his soon to be son-in-law on the shoulder. "And I appreciate it. We really have come a long way, you and I. I am grateful that you are Adam's mate, Jonathan."

John Wick smiled.

"Of course, if you ever break his heart I will kill you where you stand," the Continental manager vowed.

"Of course," the assassin said in complete understanding.

As John Wick walked out of the bar, he spotted Zero again sitting at a table looking hopeful. He raised a glass, and offered a smile, silently begging for a chance to be the famous Baba Yaga's best man.

The assassin sighed. He was running out of options for the position. Still, John Wick thought, who ever said he had to be so literal?

* * *

"Do I look like a man to you, Jardani Jovanovich?" the Director asked without a shred of being flattered or impressed by the offer.

The Baba Yaga kept quiet afraid that any answer given may incriminate him for the woman had always been a touch masculine and he had questioned it a few times in his youth spent here at the theatre under her tutelage. His silence only offended her further, however, and John Wick tried to repair the damage as best as he could.

"No," he replied. "I only respect you so much, teacher, that I would greatly value your presence at my wedding and if you would fulfill that noble honor."

She seemed to have bought it, sitting back smugly in her chair in her office. "I will think about it," she said and shooed him out of the room..

John stood and left, feeling that, at least, he had one viable chance now. His luck had further seemed to be on the upswing, when upon leaving the building, Zero was nowhere to be seen.

* * *

That night at the apartment, as the Administrator and Wick cuddled on the couch and watched an old Quantum Leap rerun, a knock came at the door and John Wick answered it only to have the Director sweep into the apartment. John watched as Adam looked at her with all the awe you would typically afford the Queen from a fairy-tale. She looked like on: tall, raven-haired and possessing a certain regalty.

"Is this your mate, Jardani?" she asked her former pupil as she studied the bureaucrat.

"His name is Adam," John Wick said.

The woman held out her scarred hand for the Omega to take. "I am pleased to meet you, Adam," she greeted. "I have come to tell your fiance, in person, that I agree to be his best man at your wedding."

The Administrator and John shared a smile, as the small man, whom felt even more dwarved with the two gorgeous dark-haired giants in the room, took the Director's hand and shook it.

"That really means a great deal to the both of us," he said as he saw her staring at his tattoos with interest.

Another knock came to the door and Wick answered it to find Cassian standing there. He burst in without an invitation.

"Look," he said, ignoring everybody but his enemy. "I know I was rude. I've been thinking about it and I really should put the past in the past, for my sake as well as yours. I accept your offer. I'll be your best man, John Wick."

The Director raised an eyebrow.

"I'm sorry Cassian," the bearded assassin apologized. "She already said yes."

The bodyguard followed Wick's motion to see the tall and stately Director of the ballet/assassin school looking down her prominent nose at him.

"You're best man is a woman?" Cassian asked. "You picked a woman over me?"

"And do you have a problem with that?" the Director asked threateningly.

Sensing that the two obvious Alphas were about to come to blows, and hating confrontations, the sole Omega in the room hastily thought of a solution.

"You can be one of my maids of honor!" Adam offered cheerfully.

"Who is that?" Cassian asked, staring at the punk, goth nerd in something akin to stupefacation.

"He's my fiance," John Wick answered and the bodyguard's jaw dropped.

"You're marrying another dude, a woman is your best man and I'm going to be a maid of honor?" he asked. "Well you certainly are making me confront my sexist preconceptions, John Wick," he commented wryly as another knock came at the door.

At this point, John was not surprised to find Aurelio standing there. He stepped into the apartment, waving his hands around.

"I cancelled the trip, John. I thought screw it! You're one of my best friends and I want to be there for you. I will be your best man, John Wick," the mechanic exclaimed.

"You can't," Cassian informed and pointed to the Director. "She already is."

"But you can be a maid of honor," the Administrator consoled, handing out another booby prize.

Suddenly the door flew open and Zero burst in. He fell to his knees, folded his hands together and started to beg and weep in abject misery.

"PLEASE!" the desperate assassin pleaded. "I'M BEGGING YOU! LET ME BE YOUR BEST MAN, JOHN WICK!"

Everybody stared at him as if he were a rat that had found its unwanted way into the apartment.

Everybody except for Adam that is.

The man was so pathetic that before he knew it, the Omega had made him a maid of honor too.

Chapter Text

When he entered the bedroom before turning in for the night, Adam did not see John. Having sent all three maids of honor, whom were actually men, and the best man, whom was actually a woman, away, the small bureaucrat had been looking forward at the prospect of regaining a little peace and quiet. But while the bedroom was certainly quiet, due to the fact nobody else was in it, the Administrator could not have any peace while his Alpha was missing.

"Oh, John, where are you?" the Omega thought, sadly.

"I'm in here," the clearly audible reply at first surprised Adam until he followed it to the source.

Opening the closet door, the bureaucrat found his Alpha lover sitting on a pile of blankets in his bedtime clothing: a T-shirt and fleece pants.

"Are you stealing my nest, John Wick?" the Administrator asked.


"I thought you hated it in here."

"I do," John stated. "It's too cramped."

"May I ask why you're in here then?" Adam asked as he sat behind the assassin and wrapped his arms around the Alpha.

"I don't know," Wick stated but his tone gave away that he did.

"You're upset and seeking a little comfort. You're not mad at me for letting Zero be a bridesmaid, are you?" the Omega inquired worriedly.

"No. Certainly not pleased but definitely not angry."

"What is it then?" the Administrator asked as he grabbed John Wick's hands and laced their fingers together.

All except one.

The Omega felt a wave of deep sadness cloud his Alpha's mind at the empty space where their fingers had difficulty linking. It was such an odd and vulnerable feeling from the usually tough and strong hitman that Adam inhaled sharply and felt his eyes flooding with tears. He pressed his face into the back of Wick's T-shirt.

Sensing that his mate knew, John in took his own deep breath.

"When I made the cut," he said. "I was thinking that that part of my life was over. Helen was gone and I thought you were an Alpha and nothing more available to me than a memory. I did it so quickly and simply. Now I keep thinking I've disappointed you somehow."

"I'm not interested in which finger you wear the stupid thing on," the Administrator stated, honestly. "Or if you even wear one or not."

"I want to," John stated. "I just wish it could be on that finger."

"Why does it mean so much to you, John Wick?" the younger man asked, his cheek pressed against his lover's back.

"The Chinese say there is a red thread that runs from that finger to our soulmate. There's a vein there that runs straight to the heart," the assassin answered. "That's where you are to me. I want to wear my ring close to my heart to symbolize that."

"How is it possible?" Adam asked, feeling fresh tears sting his eyes.

"What?" Wick asked, confused.

"That you make me love you a little bit more every single fucking day," the Omega replied and embraced his soulmate even tighter.

* * *

Shortly before the day of the wedding came around, the assassin received the news which he had been dreading more and more each passing day. He feared it the same way you fear the first scratchy swallow that foretells a sore throat or the first aching tooth that signals a trip to the dentist.

John Wick did not want it. But it came to him anyway.

"Hey, John, your Bachelor party is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday," Aurelio told him over the phone.

"But I never asked for one," John said threateningly.

"You're getting one anyway," the mechanic said brightly, obviously missing his friend's dark tone. "No need to say thank you."

"But I don't want one," the Alpha said in a voice so dangerous that Aurelio could not help but get the point.

"Look, I'm sorry man," the Chop Shop owner said. "But I booked the bar over on Montgomery for ten PM and everything. It's the least you can do for me, seeing as though I cancelled my trip to Vegas and all just so I can be a 'Maid of Honor' at your wedding."

The hitman rolled his eyes. Guilt worked every time. "Fine."

"Good. Now at least I still get to see some strippers!"

"No strippers," John growled.

"Not even some pasties and a thong?" the Chop Shop owner cried in disappointed desperation.

"Not even in a nun's habit," the hitman warned.

"Fine," Aurelio snapped and slammed the phone in his garage down.

John Wick frowned and put his own phone away. When he had gotten married to Helen he had been able to forego the custom of sending off his bachelorhood. Having successfully retired, John knew he had been viewed warily at the beginning like some strange disease the underworld had been afraid they may catch. It had afforded him the luxury of not having to put up with the stupid ceremony. He did not like parties as a rule and had been a virtual wallflower at his own wedding, only making the proper amount of small talk to Helen's relatives in order to be polite.

His beautiful wife had never been that warm to the idea of a Bachelor party, herself, and had seemed relieved that her husband-to-be had not had one.

Still, Adam was a bit tougher than Helen had been, even despite her tomboyishness. Maybe he wouldn't take it so badly.

* * *

"A Bachelor Party!" the Omega shrieked that night at home when John informed him of his plans. "With...with strippers and prostitutes and...and..."

"It will just be a small group of friends," the Alpha attempted to calm his mate down. "I told Aurelio no strippers."

The Administrator started to anxiously fiddle with the tie of the uniform he was still wearing. Watching the man's skillful fingers working the article of clothing, John Wick found himself wishing the bureaucrat was showing the exact same attention to a certain part of his anatomy but pushed aside his desire to stifle his Omega's worry instead.

The older man walked towards his lover, and holding him, started to croon which helped a little bit. Adam fell against him, resting his face against his Alpha's broad chest.

"You can trust me," John soothed. "I only want you."

The Administrator turned his head and kissed the clothed chest in front of him. A few moments later, John moaned expectantly as Adam loosened his belt and dipped his hands into his trousers. 

"Is this what you wanted?" the Administrator asked deviously as his fingers started to work John Wick's grateful member in a similar fashion to how he had been working his tie.

John grunted as he felt the Omega's hands sliding up and down his cock's quickly swelling length.

"I never would have guessed what a dirty, filthy mind you have, John Wick, until you let me inside of it," Adam said in mock disapproval as his hands still played naughtily with the assassin's erection.

John thrusted reflexively into the hand clamped around his cock and the Administrator smiled up at him wickedly as he began to run it more feverishly up and down the engorged penis. With his other hand the bureaucrat began to massage the head of John Wick's pulsating organ; his fingertips soon becoming wet with the assassin's precum.

Teasingly, the Administrator stopped, his hands frozen on the hot penis in his grip.

The Alpha looked down at his Omega in urgent need. "Please," he said.

"What's the magic word?" the pierced man asked innocently as he gave the cock a little tug.

"Pretty please," John said not caring how ridiculous he sounded, like an errant two year old, but only that the Administrator finish what he started.

Instantly, Adam resumed the motions of his hands and fingers with even more intensity. John looked down and took the bureaucrat's face in his hands and began to kiss him passionately. Their tongues met and pressed into each other as John Wick felt himself come into the Administrator's hands with violent force.

John watched as Adam took those same hands out. They were covered in come. "I think I'll have to do a wash," the bureaucrat said, meeting his mate's eyes mischeiviously. "There was so much of it I don't think I got it all," he said before he started to lick what he had managed to catch off of his palm and fingers.

* * *

John Wick glared at Aurelio in the crowded bar on Montgomery street. While the table he was sitting at was filled with the mechanic, Cassian, Zero, the Director and himself, the rest of the bar was overflowing with a vast amount of assassins and other denizens whom existed either above or below the Table. John did not consider a quarter of them to be acquaintances, let alone friends.

To be honest, he did not consider them even remotely human.

"Who are these people?" he hissed past the loud music blaring from a band playing on the stage. Just like most of the party-goers, John Wick failed to recognize them also.

"Your friends," Aurelio said.

The Baba Yaga glared at him with deepest skepticism.

"Okay, okay!" the mechanic said. "So I may have let it slip we were having a party for you. This person may have told that person and...well, you know how it is."

"Be a good boy, Jardani," the Director said. "Show me what I taught you and wipe them all out, including that awful band, so I can hear myself think again."

"Might as well," Cassian agreed as he looked around the room. "You'll need to contact Charlie to clean up this mess anyway."

John took a swig of his Blanton's whiskey, deciding if he were to off anybody it would be Zero, whom was sitting far too close for his liking. And maybe Jimmy, who was sitting at the bar and kept hurling jealous glances his way.

Cassian leaned in past Zero and John looked at the bodyguard and the assassin as their heads were side by side; they looked like two extremely large eggs.

"How the hell did you get roped into this crap anyway?" Cassian asked.

"He couldn't go to Vegas," Wick answered, pointing at Aurelio.

The mechanic's face brightened. "Speaking of which! Wheel in the cake!" he cried out.

John watched unimpressed as an enormously large and obviously inedible cake was rolled into the room. They brought it straight to the table and Wick calmly, yet swiftly, got out his gun.

"If a stripper jumps out of that cake, I am going to shoot her," John Wick vowed, his expression made of steel.

"WHEEL OUT THE CAKE!" Aurelio shouted in panic as he stood up hastily.

Flopping down back in his seat, the mechanic turned to the dreaded Baba Yaga and asked, "What the hell kind of a Bachelor party is one without a stripper?"

"The same kind as one without the groom," John Wick stated flatly before he jumped over the table with balletic grace and quickly fled from the bar and the party held in his honor.

"I taught him that!" the Director said proudly.

"BRING BACK THE CAKE!" Aurelio shouted in glee as Zero, in John Wick's absence, turned his attention to Cassian instead.

* * *

"Come and get me," the Administrator heard John Wick's voice running through his head as he sat on the couch, next to Dog, watching "Beauty & the Beast" on DVD.

The Omega had been trying to keep his mind off the whole concept of a Bachelor party and what it usually involved. Watching Belle with her own Beast in a Disney world where such things hardly seemed to exist helped. Still, hearing John's call to come and get him helped even more. He threw on his old black leather jacket, called dog to join him and went off to collect his Alpha.

He found John Wick sitting on the ledge of a closed for the night restaurant's front window. He was sitting there with a frown on his face and looked highly unapproachable. If it wasn't for the fact that he knew the man well and found his grumbliness damn sexy the Omega would have hightailed it. Instead he sat down next to him and took his hand.

"Hi there sourpuss," the Administrator said. "How much would it set me back to take you home for the night?"

"You can have me for free," the assassin turned and stated.

"You don't know your own worth, John Wick," the Administrator chastised.

"Yes, I do: It used to be over $14 million," Wick corrected. 

"Well, at least, you don't let it go to your head."

"How can I?" John asked looking sadly down at his left hand held tightly in the Administrator's grasp.

Adam sighed. "You're still not on about that, are you? I told you: rings aren't that important to me."

John stared at the Omega's face and all of the rings that adorned it. "This from a man whom makes circuses jealous," he scowled.

"Well they don't!" the bureaucrat smirked. "What means more to me is the thought. I like that you want it to be close to your heart even if it can't be."

Studying his lover's face, John's eyes came to rest on the neon sign of the store across the street.

"Not so fast," Wick said, getting to his feet and pulling the Administrator to his own too. 


"Come on!" the Alpha said as he ran across the empty street to "Jodee's All Night Tattoo and Piercing Parlour."

* * *

Although usually appointnents were encouraged when Jodee saw whom her new customer was she made an exception.

John let the Administrator choose the ring he would wear on his left nipple after it had been pierced.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" the Omega had asked. "You don't seem like the piercings type. That's more my bag."

The smile on the assassin's lips was wider than it had been for days and its sincerity was unmistakeably genuine. "Yes," John Wick said. "That's what makes it perfect."

Adam chose a simple gold ring which closely resembled the gold bands they had chosen three days ago. He stayed with John as they made the piercing which did not faze the hitman at all: he had already been shot and stabbed so frequently the pain hardly registered.

Dog stayed patiently in the waiting area.

The three of them walked home together after the procedure was successfully over.

"Will you help me clean it?" the assassin asked the bureaucrat.

"My pleasure," the pierced man said, sticking his tongue out suggestively. "Should be fun and I'm used to it."

"We'll still use the rings at the ceremony," John said. 

"Good idea," Adam stated. "Dad would throw us both out if you flashed your nipple in the Continental chapel."

"Prude," John joked.

"I know. He's so old-fashioned," the Omega stated.

On their way home, John Wick's hand became laced once more with Adam's. This time he did not feel his missing finger but only his lover's fingers, warm and loving, instead.

Chapter Text

After having his nipple pierced, John Wick felt much better.

At least on an emotional level.

It was a little bit sore in that area following the procedure but Adam enjoyed helping him care for any small irritation. The bureaucrat's Omega nature made him delight in caring for his Alpha and soon the assassin felt better physically as well.

The day of the marriage was approaching and the assassin gratefully stepped aside to let both his mate and Winston handle all the tiny touches that made a wedding ceremony a wedding ceremony. Frankly, John Wick knew, having already survived one wedding, he would have much rather have skipped the pomp and circumstance and just have performed the vows and whisked Adam away straight to the nearest bedroom to consummate it. Still, his fiance seemed happy to fuss over all the little details so Wick kept his usually quiet mouth anyway shut and just let the man enjoy himself.

The night before the wedding, though, the Omega was obviously very nervous. He kept looking at his watch.

Later, while they were lying in bed after having made love outside of wedlock for what they had thought was the last time, Adam looked at the clock by the bedside and jumped off of the bed.

"Where do you think you are going?" John Wick asked propping himself on an elbow.

"I'd better leave," the Administrator stated. "It's almost our wedding day. We can't see each other until the ceremony: it's bad luck."

The assassin considered this for a moment. "You know Helen enacted that same rule the day we got married?"

"What is your point, John Wick?" the pencil pusher asked, hands on his naked hips by the bedside.

John eyed him patronizingly. "My point is: look how well that turned out."

"Oh," Adam said.

"Bad luck happens," the Baba Yaga sighed. "Superstitions or not."

The Omega considered the words and then smiled. "So I can stay without jinxing us? Nothing bad is going to happen?"

"Eventually," John said in a deadpan fashion. "We're alive so it's inevitable."

"But I can stay?"

To answer his lover's question John Wick grabbed the Administrator's hand and pulled the small man down on top of him. The bearded assassin brought his lips with passionate force to the bureaucrat's pierced ones.

"Does that answer your question?" he asked after the lengthy kiss.

The Omega sat on his Alpha's stomach and nodded happily as he looked into John Wick's dark eyes. Hungrily the younger man started to explore the older man's chest with searching hands. 

"Any guess to where we're going on our Honeymoon?" Wick asked as he felt the first stirring of sexual arousal again.

The bureaucrat shrugged as his hands started to rub circles on the assassin's skin using his palms and fingertips. "Dad hasn't said yet."

Winston's gift to them both was overseeing their honeymoon. He had even promised to pack their luggage for them. Both Adam and John had told him that he really didn't need to but the older Omega had insisted. Already having so many details to attend to, the Administrator had eventually caved in. Besides his father had better connections and could likely not only get a better deal but have a wider range of available options.

After the wedding, John and Adam were to spend the night back in the younger man's former suite at the Continental; then, in the morning, they would head off to their honeymoon destination; wherever that would be.

The Administrator only hoped that it wasn't in too hot of a place.

His thoughts on the subject of heat, Adam felt his lover's member reawakening behind him and grinned mischievously as he felt it brushing against the skin of his bare buttocks.

"Are you going to miss living in sin?" John Wick asked as he shifted in pleasure as the Administrator began to rub his ass on the swelling cock.

Adam shook his head. "The real sin would be not marrying you, John Wick," he answered softly.

The bureaucrat brought his ring finger to his mate's nipple and placed it in the ring, letting it rest there. The Alpha brought his right hand to where the Omega's hand lay on his chest and clasped it. Leaning forward the Administrator gently kissed John Wick.

After breaking away, the bureaucrat lifted his butt from off of the assassin's stomach, and spreading his legs a bit so he was straddling the other man's groin, inserted the Alpha's erection into his awaiting anus. The cock went in smoothly, the bureaucrat's opening still wet with Wick's come from their last coupling from only minutes before. Adam threw his head back in pleasure as he felt his lover's length filling him.

"C-can't believe h-how good that feels," the younger man said, his eyes closed, savoring it.

"And this?" John asked as he started to toy with the Omega's testicles and penis, tenderly massaging the former while alternately pulling and caressing on the latter.

The Administrator could not even reply but only moaned as he felt his own penis coming to life in the dreaded Baba Yaga's hands. John Wick suddenly sat up and wrapped his arms around Adam and began to kiss him passionately. The bureaucrat rhythmically started to move up and down on the hitman's lap. One of Wick's hands dipped lower down his Omega lover's back so a finger could begin to rub a finger along his crack. The Administrator broke the kiss and grasped the Alpha tightly, his head in the crook of the assassin's neck as he breathed heavily, increasing his pumping up and down; the walls of his anus clenched repeatedly on the cock deep inside of him as it hit his prostate.

"JOHN!" he screamed as Wick found the penis sandwiched between them, leaking furiously and coating both of their stomachs with precum. 

John Wick ran his hand up and down the slippery organ until he felt it convulsing in his grip. Adam returned his lips to the hitman's as he came, covering them both further.

Holding his gasping lover, the Alpha let himself climax, embracing his love until the last spurt of seed and the content knowledge that he had been spent completely.

* * *

Winston and Charon were in the Continental's lobby waiting for John and Adam when they arrived. Wick, whom was holding a leash attached to his dog's collar, could tell that something was wrong by the strained expression on the Englishman's face and the way that he hurried his son off with the concierge so he could speak with the tall assassin alone. 

Alone other than dog that was.

"I did not want Adam to know but there's been an unforseen problem, I'm afraid," the Continental's manager revealed.

"What is it?" John Wick asked, his brow furrowed pensively.

"We don't have a Minister for the ceremony," Winston stated.

"How did this happen?" the hitman asked in confusion.

"It seems somebody went and killed him," the older man sighed. 


"Who knows! All I know is that he is dead," Winston hissed. "That makes his performing the ceremony somewhat difficult. I've tried all the other Ministers and they are previously detained."

"What about a Priest?" John inquired in frustration.

"They're all in hiding Jonathan," the older man informed the younger.

"How?" the groom questioned in disbelief.

Winston smiled in spite of himself. "That one I do know. It seems Abram Tarasov's wife wasn't only giving her confessions to the Priests whenever she went to Church. Poor old Abram went livid. He placed a hit out on every one in New York City and turned Protestant all of a sudden. It isn't the first time he's jumped faiths, either, I'm afraid. He used to be Orthodox. I told him to change wives and not churches but he wouldn't listen to me. She has a thing for holy men it seems and..."

"This is all very interesting, Winston, but what are we going to do?" John interrupted his future father-in-law's sudden detour into gossip. "What about an Adjudicator?"

"In my chapel?" the Englishman asked in outrage. "That would clash!"

John Wick sighed. He didn't think Adam would be warm to the idea either. His tiny lover looked like a punk but was firmly old-fashioned. The Omega was likely to take it all as proof that they shouldn't have seen each other after midnight. The assassin ran a hand through his hair in exasperation.

"Do you know of any other Preachers?" Winston asked.

A tiny light of hope flickered in John Wick's mind as he thought of the last available option.

"Give me an hour!" he stated as he handed the older man the dog leash, turned and started to run.

"That's all the time you have, Jonathan!" the hotel manager shouted out to him as the hitman ran with lightning speed.

Winston sighed wondering how and why John Wick always found himself running with only sixty minutes to spare.

* * *

One thing about spending a great amount of time running for your life, the Baba Yaga realized as he sped down the New York City streets, was that it made one very fast and in great shape. He arrived at the Bowery King's latest base of operations in only seventeen minutes. Earl silently showed him to where his Majesty was overseeing his new subjects attatching various micro chips to his new flock of pigeons.

"John Wick," the Bowery King beamed, the glorious gap between his teeth on full display. "To what do I owe this most sublime honor?"

"Are you, or have you ever been a Minister?" the assassin asked, barely even needing to catch his breath.

His Royal Highness fixed Wick with a lofty gaze. "Now John...I thought the past was a discussion that need not be talked about between us."

After their onslaught against the High Table had failed but caused enough destruction to garner interest from the Elder, both John Wick and the Bowery King had received absolution from the desert nomad and been welcomed back into the High Table's loving embrace. While Wick had returned back in to service, the King had found himself rebuilding his former information under the table. The assassin and monarch had agreed to part on amiable terms and no longer talk of the past.

Apparently, John thought wrly, the other man believed that pact included even areas of one another's history that had not been shared.

"I need a Priest," the hitman stated. "I'm getting married today."

The Bowery King looked suprised before his wide grin returned. "Congratulations John! I am truly happy for you and wish you the best but are there not enough men of the cloth around to suit your needs?"

"Their mostly dead or in hiding," the Baba Yaga replied.

"Abram Tarasov?" the King asked.


The Bowery King nodded. "Took him long enough...Of course, we knew ages ago. Didn't we boys?" he asked to a chorus of yes and snickers from his busily working minions.

"Of course," Wick flattered.

His Royal Highness looked at his visitor with the proper amount of suspicion. "How did you know I used to be a Priest, John Wick?"

"Your tone," the assassin answered. He did not add the holier-than-thou manner and the long sermons had also helped to give away the fact.

"Yes," his Majesty boomed. "I used to be one. Until I saw the hypocrisy and felt that I could better serve my brethren out here on the streets! I still am ordained though so I can marry you and your beloved."

"Thank you," John Wick said.

"Can doesn't mean will," the Bowery King glowered.

The two men stared at each other across the rooftop until Earl approached his liege. Although the mute man tried to face away so his motions could not be seen, John confidently thought he saw the man pointing to his own stomach.

John Wick smiled. "There's a banquet after the ceremony," he announced.

This was enough to warrent the interest of everybody on the building's roof. 

"No," the Monarch commanded.

"More than enough for everyone," the assassin retaliated.

"Not going to happen John," the Bowery King said.

His Majesty's resolve soon began to fade, however, as his loyal and starving subjects surrounded him. Sensing an uprising the Bowery King frowned and surrendered.

"Fine!" he bellowed, scaring half of his pigeons, which flew against their cages or out of his followers hands. "Where and when is this marriage taking place?"

John nodded and simply said, "Follow me."

It was a shock, that fine day in New York City, for anyone present, resident or tourist, to see a handsome, bearded and well dressed man, in his forties or fifties, leading a parade of the homeless to the posh and well respected Continental Hotel, as if he were nothing more than some modern day Pied Piper of Hamlin.

The look on Winston's face when he led the group into the hotel's Chapel was worth it, John Wick thought.

Although the dead Minister and the cowardly hiding Priests would tend to disagree.

Chapter Text

John Wick, formerly Jardani Jovonovich, stared out the window of the black corvette in which he was riding in with his mentor and friend, a man named Marcus. The young assassin was tired, sore and covered in the splattered blood of several men, all of whom were all very much dead. The only thing that the Alpha desired at the moment was to acquire a room at the Continental and fall asleep.

Marcus was in his usual philosophical mood but John was not in the mood to hear it. When he stepped into the hotel's lobby he remained quiet and grumbling; his rutting was soon coming and the knowledge brought him little joy. When he stepped up to the front desk both men surprised to find Winston there and not the usual regal presence of Charon.

"Short of help?" Marcus asked.

"I'm afraid so," the Englishman answered with a frustrated sigh.

John Wick's eyes fell quite by accident on the small child holding on to the Continental manager's left leg. The boy met his eyes just for a second and then tried to hide behind his human shield once more.

Following his young friend's line of vision, Marcus now noticed the child too. "Hiring them rather young, aren't you, Winston? At least wait until after they can see over the counter."

The older man smiled and bent over to pick up the boy. "This is my son: Adam. My precious little Alpha."

The boy possessed dark hair like his father and wide startlingly beautiful eyes like the man also, though they leant more towards green than ice blue. The small child would not look at the strangers but clung to the floppy eared rabbit doll in his hand.

"This is Marcus and this is Jonathan," the Englishman tried to introduce them but Adam was still shyly clinging to his rabbit.

At his father's urging, he shook both men's hand's quickly but then returned his attention back to his toy. While he had held the boy's hand, which had lingered in his palm longer than it had in Marcus', John noted the smallness of it and some odd feeling of fate.

In an attempt to make the boy more brave, Winston sat him down on the counter between them. The boy faced away.

"That's a nice toy there son," Marcus grinned. "Can I see it?"

The older assassin went to take it but the tiny child raised a shoulder up, preventing him and offering a growl. John Wick smiled before he could stop himself. The sound was too cute to be effective. It matched its owner.

His eyes resting on the dark-haired young man, Adam started playing with the plush in his hands as Marcus and Winston made a bit of small talk. John found himself repeatedly looking at the young boy on the desk. He was making him shy, he could tell, but despite this the child could not help but take quick glimpses of the man he had just met.

"For a few days," Wick heard his friend answering the manager's inquiry regarding the duration of their stay.

"I'll get the keys then," Winston said before heading away to find out which rooms were available.

Seeing that Marcus was no longer occupied, and that his father had momentarily left him, Adam went to move slightly away from the man whom had attempted to steal his bunny but he lost his hold on the toy and it fell on to the counter. With his lightning speed reflexes, John Wick took the rabbit plush and offered it back to the toddler.

"Here," he crooned without realizing he had.

Adam took it with the same mixture of bashful interest.

"Your keys," Winston said, returning with the items.

John Wick felt the eyes of Winston's son on him and met and held the boy's gaze, bestowing on him a kind smile.

All three men watched in surprise as Adam held out the bunny rabbit doll for the handsome young assassin to take.

His hand already reaching for it, John watched in disappointment as Winston, grabbed the boy from off of the counter and with a spank to his bottom, sent him off to bed.

* * *

Decades later, Adam waited in a room in the same motel for the moment that his father would willingly give him away to that very same assassin.

Although the Administrator was older now he still felt just as much in love with John Wick as when he had first met him all those years ago.

Anxiously, the bureaucrat studied his reflection in the full length mirror, waiting for the moment that he would walk down the aisle. He could tell something had gone wrong; his father's tense shoulders and slightly raised tone giving the fact unintentionally away. Still, he was confident it hadn't reached too dire a level and that John was taking care of whatever it may be.

The first time his father came in, Adam could tell the problem still had not been fixed. Winston was avoiding looking at him and generally acting as if things were fine when they weren't. It occurred to the Administrator then just how much they both loved one another: they were willing to pretend for the sake of the other.

The second time, Winston appeared he seemed far more calm so the bureaucrat knew that the problem was solved. The previous one anyway. From the look on the older Omega's face something had displeased him but this too he was willing to overlook out of love for his only child.

"How's John?" Adam asked.

"Jonathan's fine," Winston stated as he straightened his offspring's tie. "You forget the Baba Yaga has nerves of steel."

"Plus, he's already done this before," the bureaucrat said. It was meant to be light hearted but as soon as the words were out they disturbed the Administrator in a way he had not predicted.

After a moment of silence, Winston looked up into his son's eyes to see the fear suddenly filling them.

"I can't go through with this dad," he whispered in obvious pain.

* * *

John Wick was waiting at the head of the chapel in his still perfectly maintained black tux. The Director stood by his side in her own suit, looking both proud of her former pupil and terribly uncomfortable. It could have been due to her general disdain of wedding ceremonies. Or it could have been the dog which kept panting and licking itself beside Wick which caused her unease.

Across from them stood Cassian, Zero and Aurelio all likewise in tuxes; theirs' however all being pale pink. It was a fact that seemed to be causing Gianna D'Antonio's former bodyguard unknown levels of grief and humiliation. He kept casting angry glances at the Bowery King's subjects, whom overflowingly filled the pews and appeared to be finding it difficult to stifle their laughter.

In between Wick and the bridesmaids stood the Bowery King himself, proudly puffing out his chest in boisterous gloating of being the one chosen to wed the dreaded Baba Yaga to his mate. John was kind enough not to remind the monarch that he had initially been less than willing.

All those present in the chapel were surprised when the music started, signalling the usual appearance of father and Omega when Charon walked quickly down the aisle instead.

"I'm afraid there has been a slight problem, Mr. Wick," the concierge informed.

"What is it?" the Alpha asked. 

"Master Adam will not come out of his room," Charon whispered trying not to be overheard. This action was proven to be not entirely successful when the Bowery King and Cassian both started to laugh.

"Stood up at the altar!" the bodyguard grinned maliciously. "I'm glad I did come after all, John Wick."

"Shoot him in both legs and drag the boy out here, Jardani," the Director said in frustration. "I have to be at a recital for Swan Lake in two hours. I do not have the time for this."

More concerned for Adam and the silence he was getting inside of his head every time he attempted to talk to him, John Wick ran down the aisle to find his mate.

* * *

Outside of the room where the Administrator had been preparing, John found Winston banging on the door. "It's your wedding day Adam! Get the hell out here!"

"What happened?" the Alpha asked, placing a hand on the Englishman's shoulder.

"He pushed me out and then locked the bloody door!" 

"Did he say anything?" Wick asked.

Winston shook his head. "He was just mentioning that you had already done this before. Then he became damn near petrified!"

John Wick's head was suddenly filled with the memories of his wedding to Helen. He saw the church filled to capacity with her friends, family and professional acquaintances (the ones that hadn't annoyed her too much anyway.)

And finally of Helen herself: the perfect vision of a bride.

At this last image, John felt the agonized cry from the Omega on the other side of the door and knew the source of Adam's pain.

"Could you leave us alone for a few minutes?" John asked.

Giving an understanding nod and a pat on the Alpha's arm, Winston walked out of hearing distance.

Being the greatest assassin the world had ever known, John Wick was well adept at knowing the various weaknesses of any given target. He could easily center on what could make them fall or also what could break their heart. The Administrator had always suffered from both insecurity and inferiority.

Feeling his lover's pain at the image of Helen it had been very easy to know what had caused his Omega's sadness.

"Adam," the Alpha crooned. "You don't have to don't have to live up to Helen. I love you just as much."

Hearing a little whimper on the other side of the door, the older man traced a heart.

"You know," John stated. "When somebody dies you tend to only remember the good things about them. It feels like a sin to think or talk of anything bad. You talk about them like they were this perfect person without any flaws but...that's nowhere near the truth."

The bearded man turned around so his back was against the door.

"Helen was sweet and good and beautiful. But that doesn't mean that there weren't times that she didn't drive me crazy."

"Like?" a small hopeful voice asked from the other side of the door.

"Like leaving her monthly products on full display on the bathroom counter, insisting on my beard and hair being trimmed a certain length, not letting me buy potato chips that had even a trace of sugar. And ribbing me about leaving the toilet seat up," the Baba Yaga teased.

"I'm with her on that one," the Omega commented.

John Wick smiled but it faded as he remembered the thing which had hurt him the most during his time married to Helen Wick.

"And sometimes I had the feeling she couldn't really face what I had been. I think it bothered her to the point that she couldn't face it. I've killed people. I can't change that. I think before she died I would have liked to have heard her say that she forgave me for that."

Feeling the door opening, John tried to regain his balance but couldn't.  He didn't need to worry; Adam caught him from behind before he hit the floor, his arms wrapping around the Alpha's waist and his face pressed against his back.

"Get back out there and marry me, John Wick," he instructed as he gently pushed the assassin out the door.

* * *

John Wick waited patiently, having returned to his place beside the Director. When the music started heralding the appearance of the Omega, the Alpha felt his heart jump up into his throat. He swallowed harshly in an attempt to keep it safely hidden away inside of him. 

A few seconds later he witnessed the sight of his second heart walking down the aisle, his arm linked in Winston's. Adam's long dark hair was worn up in stark contrast to the white suit that he was wearing. The ebony hair was matched by the tie the man was wearing; one with a ruby at its heart. John felt his breath being stolen away for his mate looked extremely stunning and he could not help but remember the shy little child hiding behind his father's legs. The little boy was all grown up and he was beautiful.

Adam barely noticed the various strangers in the pews, his eyes only rested on his groom. When he reached the altar, the Omega faced the Alpha and they smiled at each other joyously.

"We're here today to join the Alpha, John Wick..."

"Jardani Jovonovich," the Director corrected.

The Bowery King glared at the stately woman before continuing. "With this Omega..." the Bowery King began and then halted. "What's your name?" his Majesty asked in confusion.

The bureaucrat offered it and the King finished the sentence.

"Marriage is a beautiful thing. The most holiest thing. Why let me tell you..." the Bowery King continued.

He was still espousing the virtues of marriage almost an half an hour later much to everyone's increasing annoyance.

"Yes," Winston finally interrupted. "We get the point: marriage is lovely. Now can we please proceed with this one?"

Although visibly irritated the Bowery King complied.

"Before I proceed, I want to state first that I am a generously forgiving man. Aren't I my people?"

The people in the pews started to cheer their monarch.

"Yes! To be standing here even after the groom gave me this," his Royal Highness proclaimed before proudly showing off the long scar on his neck.

When the Director stomped on his foot, however, the Bowery King swiftly cut his display short.

"Now does anybody object to this here wedding taking place?"

Noticing Zero staring at John Wick longingly and about to open his mouth, Cassian kindly stuffed his bouquet of red roses in the other man's mouth. Realizing that they still had thorns was a delightful bonus for the bodyguard.

"Do you two men have anything to say to each other?" the substitute Priest asked.

Adam looked at the Bowery King and then at John Wick. "I'd like to say something."

"Go ahead my child," the monarch decreed.

"John," the Administrator said, blushing pleasingly. "I have loved you since I was too young to really even know what that word meant. You have been the face of every prince out of every fairy tale that I have ever read. You have been my heart; every beat and every moment of rest between each beating. I will love you long after it has stopped that beating too."

"I'd like to say something also," Wick said.


"Everybody knows that I am not one for words but I want to use four very important ones now," John Wick said, uncomfortably aware that all the eyes in the room were on him. "I love you, Adam."

The Omega smiled at him so sweetly that John felt it had been worth every single second of embarrassment.

"The rings please," the Bowery King boomed.

The Director handed John Wick the ring and he gently took the Administrator's hand in his, noticing how much larger it was now than when he had held it the first day of their meeting.

Although it had changed, holding it still felt just as meant to be as it had then.

Placing the ring on the finger closest to the heart, John fought tears and sought the strength to say the words that were so close to his own heart they were not easily spoken.

"With this ring I thee wed. I give to you my heart and my life and all the love that I will ever have."

Adam in return took John's right hand and gently placed the ring on the finger there, saying the same words also.

"With this ring I thee wed. I give to you my heart and my life and all the love that I will ever have."

When he had finished, the Omega rested his hand over the Alpha's heart, feeling the ring secretly hidden there too. The bureaucrat met the assassin's eyes, tears of love and happiness falling from them.

Overflowing with love for his soulmate, John could not contain himself. He took Adam into his arms and kissed him passionately.

The Bowery King smiled. "I now pronounce you Husband and Husband. Go ahead and keep on kissing!"

Breaking apart to smile and peer into each other's tear filled eyes, John and Adam Wick's lips soon found each other again, as the crowd in the church began to jubilantly applaud.

Even dog joined in, barking both happily and loudly at his masters' blissful kiss.


Chapter Text

It was with a great feeling of relief that John and Adam Wick escaped from their wedding reception and fled to the safety of the Administrator's former room at the Continental. Neither men were social butterflies, and while the ceremony had been wonderful, the party afterwards proved to be less so.

The Bowery King's subjects had descended upon the banquet table, devouring anything edible. By the time they had finished there wasn't even a crumb to be found. It resembled Whoville after the Grinch had had his way with it.

Aurelio spent his time there inquiring about the make and model of everybodies car while bemoaning his trip to Las Vegas and the absence of strippers.

The Director had left early, complaining that there was far too much testosterone present and how she would be late for her companies performance of Swan Lake. New tutus and guns had been especially ordered for it and she left proclaiming it was the perfect mixture of ballet and bullets.

The Bowery King insisted on showing off his scar to anybody who would listen; mostly nobody would so he ended up showing it to Earl whom had seen it too often before.

Having just watched his crush get married, Zero soon centered in on Cassian on the rebound. The Asian hitman had found, to his surprise, that he quite enjoyed the way it had felt when the bodyguard had stuffed his bouquet in his mouth. He kept following the bald man around in the hope he could entice him to stick something else in there after the reception. Cassian looked very disturbed and tried to escape only to be waylaid by Charon, whom wanted to exchange hair styling tips.

Dog, meanwhile, either drooled on the wedding guests or attempted to mate with their legs.

For his part, seeing the Newlyweds discomfort, Winston aided in them in their escape, hurtling them out the door when nobody was looking.

"Have fun," he warmly wished as John Wick picked up Adam in his arms.

The Alpha insisted on carrying his Omega all the way back to their suite, and the Administrator gave up his protests when he deemed them to be useless and proceeded to rest his pierced head into the crook of his husband's neck instead.

Kicking open the door to the bureaucrat's old abode, John Wick rushed them both in to the bedroom, stood his lover on the floor and started to undress him.

"John?" Adam asked as Wick continued in his pursuit.

"Yes," the assassin said as he removed the younger man's tie.

"Who were all those strangers at our wedding?"

As he slipped Adam's jacket off, John Wick smiled; it was a credit to his mate that he had not commented on their attire or slightly unique scent.

"The Bowery King's men," the Alpha replied removing the pencil pusher's vest. "They helped me make him agree to marrying us."

The Omega nodded as he contemplated this while John unbuttoned his dress shirt and removed it. "Why was he the one marrying us again?"

"Somebody has been murdering ministers and priests," the Baba Yaga said as he turned his attention to freeing the Administrator from his pants.

"Abram Tarasov?"

"Hmmm hmm," John said getting to his knees to pull down the Omega's white pants. "How'd you know?"

"I heard his wife and a priest going at it in a confession box once."

Wick looked up as his fingers curled around the band of Adam's briefs and yanked them down until they were around his ankles. "I didn't know you were Catholic."

The Administrator looked down the length of his short torso at his questioning lover. "I'm not. It's just sometimes, working for the Table, it gets a little much. All those sins get a little too heavy. I need some kind of release."

Feeling a wave of pity for his soulmate, John Wick looked up into the green eyes staring down at him as he rubbed his large hands on the outer edge of the Omega's thighs. It was an action meant to soothe and Adam placed his hand on his Alpha's head, stroking it as he looked at him lovingly. 

The hands soon travelled from the thighs to the hips until they began to rub small circles on the Omega's bare buttocks. Adam groaned and moved forward, pushing his cock closer towards his husband's head. John rubbed his bearded face against the member and nuzzled his chin into the balls below it. The assassin felt the Administrator's penis growing against his face and suddenly took it in to his mouth to help him with release of another kind.

Adam once again reflexively moved forward, revelling in the feeling of being enveloped by John Wick's warm, moist mouth.

The Alpha felt the cock on his tongue give a few twitches of anticipation as he let it rest there before attending to it.

"Oh God," the Administrator started to cry after a few minutes of experiencing the talent of the Baba Yaga's skillful mouth. "Oh God! Please God...unh..."

John Wick realized in amusement it was probably the same oaths the small man had made in the confines of the confessional.

When the Alpha's equally talented fingers found the hole on the other side and began to play with it as well it was too much for the Omega; he came with a burst, spilling his seed inside his lover's mouth. John enjoyed the feel of it as it slipped down his throat.

"Far better than anything at the reception," he told Adam with a bad boy's smile.

The Administrator gave the assassin's hair a few more strokes and then held him as John pressed a cheek against his abdomen.

"Get into bed," the Alpha crooned. "My turn."

The Omega happily complied. Something caught his attention, however, as he knelt on the mattress. John, who was removing his own clothing, could not see what it was, his view blocked by his lover's pleasing ass. "What is it?" he finally asked as he shook off his trousers.

Adam turned around, holding the very same bunny doll he had held when he had first met the assassin.

"Remember this guy?" the naked bureaucrat asked.

John Wick smiled and nodded, now fully undressed too. "How could I forget?"

"Dad must have placed him here," Adam said studying the familiar black button eyes. "I guess it was his little way of telling me he approves of me giving it to you now; another way to tell you that he gives me to you too.

Shyly, the Omega held it out for the Alpha to take; the bunny's ears flopped to its side from the motion. John Wick took it very gently and held it close to his heart, one of the ears touching his nipple ring.

On his knees, Adam moved towards the hitman and touched the ring again as tears flooded his eyes. John placed the bunny doll gently on the nightstand beside the bed. "Don't want him to get dirty," he explained.

"No, we wouldn't want that," Adam seductively met his husband's eyes as his fingers trailed from the nipple ring, down his stomach anf to the cock already stirring at the promise of his touch. 

Taking the hardening member in his hand, the Administrator kissed its slitted opening before letting his tongue loll around the head, slowly and forcefully. The shaft throbbed in his grip, the veins pulsing in sensation and expectation. Adam languorously licked its underside before taking it in his mouth and down his throat.

John Wick let loose a roar of approval, one that half the Continental guests heard, as the Administrator began to deep throat him. One hand gently touching the Omega's neck, which he was filling, as the other caressed the other man's back. Adam moved his head backwards and forwards, feeling the assassin's precum coating his throat like warm butter.

In one smooth motion, the bureaucrat slid the erect penis out of his mouth completely, leaving Wick standing there with a massive, slicked and unsatisfied hard-on.

Adam lay on the bed, his legs spread apart offering his asshole to his lusty groom.

"Are you going to stand there all day or are we going to consummate this marriage, Mr. Wick?"

John looked down at his husband's splayed and exposed body; the Omega's own penis red and fluttering in need.

"I think I will, Mr Wick," John growled hungrily like a starving man before a feast.

With an assassin's speed, the Alpha climbed into bed and lifted his lover's legs on to his shoulders. He ran a finger up the twitching dick in front of him playfully and in the next second he was inside the Administrator.

The Omega inhaled sharply as he took his lover's cock deeper and deeper inside of him.

"Did I ever tell you how good it feels to have you in me?" the bureaucrat moaned as he felt the first rush of pleasure.

"Repeatedly," John Wick answered once more taking hold of his lover's cock. "Tell me again."

"It's so good," and Adam's cock backed up his words by spasming and letting out a little gush of fluid onto John Wick's hand.

John brought the wetted finger to his mouth and tasted it. "Good year," he teased before beginning his thrusting.

Crying out as the pleasure grew into something that made him on the verge of his own incoherency, one thought filled the Omega's blissed out mind:

"I'm married to John...John Wick is my husband..."

Ringing through his thoughts came his Alpha's voice as well.

"And this is my cock stretching you to your capacity, Adam..."

Silently, the hitman brought his hand to his heart and the nipple ring.

"And this is my heart that is overflowing with love for you."

At the words and the almost erotic feeling of having them inside his head, Adam Wick shot out his seed, spraying everything in the immediate area.

Smiling in ecstasy, the Administrator was thankful John had moved the bunny doll.

The assassin pushed a few more times and Adam read easily on his face that he was close. In a few seconds, he came with his own violent spurt.

John Wick lingered inside his husband as he was prone to do; always reluctant to pull out. When he did, the older man hovered over the small Omega, kissing him over and over again. Adam's arms carressed the Alpha's wide back, delighting in his love's strong body.

"I love you so much, John Wick," he proclaimed, rubbing his cheek against his husband's fuzzy one.

"I love you too, Adam Wick," the Alpha returned.

Staring into each other's eyes, the assassin brushed a stray lock of the Administrator's black hair behind his cute protruding ear.

"You'll still love me even if I spend most of our honeymoon in pre-heat?"

John looked at the pierced man in complete sympathy. "You can feel it starting?"

Adam nodded and his mate kissed his forehead tenderly.

"I'd still love you if we spent our honeymoon with you in pre-heat and if we were forced to listen to the Bowery King pontificate," the Alpha testified truthfully.

Laughing, the Omega remarked, "He'd probably wait until I reached heat. Then he could watch us and tell us what we were doing wrong."

John Wick grinned and stroked the Administrator's hair back lovingly. "Baby, you never do anything wrong."

"Neither do you," Adam said, pressing his forehead against his husband's and closing his eyes in happiness and contentment. "Neither do you."


Chapter Text

The morning following the wedding night, John and Adam went to Winston and Charon's suite where the concierge let them in with his usual polite smile. He led them to a room where they discovered the Englishman sitting on a plush sofa in a bathrobe, rubbing his forehead, a pained expression on his lined face. The older Omega's mate went to the back of the sofa and started to massage his neck.

"Are you all right dad?" the Administrator asked, concerned.

"Am I all right?" Winston repeated, casting a weary glance at his son. "Do you think I'm all right after I spent all night with a group of the famished homeless?"

"Really? I never saw you as the orgy sort," Adam joked, suppressing a smile.

The hotel manager smirked. "Don't be cute."

"He's always cute," John said, embracing his husband from behind and kissing his tattooed neck.

Charon smiled but Winston frowned. "It's far too early in the morning to see public demonstrations of affection from the Baba Yaga. No less, with my precious offspring, of all people!"

Adam Wick smiled as John gave his stomach a tender rub. The Alpha knew that his mate was in pain but trying to hide it from Winston. The Omega had no doubt that his father had gone all out on his gift of a honeymoon for them and did not want to spoil it with the fact that he was in preheat. Adam hateded hurting his sire so was instead pretending to be fine and dandy.

John, it seemed, was doing his own bit of hiding too: the Alpha had obviously begun to rut. The bureaucrat felt what felt like a railroad spike pressed against his bottom.

"Anything else interesting happen after we left?" the Administrator asked, trying to distract himself from both his cramps and John's erection.

"Let's see," Winston said appearing as if he were trying to remember events that seemed clearly and traumatically etched on his mind. "Your dog, Jonathan, tried to mate with any leg which crossed his path. He was a poor influence on the inebriated Zero, I'm afraid. The assassin proceeded in trying to hump poor old Cassian. There's the wretched beast now."

Both John and Adam were relieved to see dog making its way into the room and not Cassian or Zero. It sat on the middle of the posh rug on the floor, panting happily.

"I'll be fielding off lawsuits from wedding guests saying they were violated on Continental grounds."

"There is nothing in the Continental rulebook in regards to animals conducting their personal business here, sir," Charon chimed in.

"Well thank God for that!" Winston sighed and held his head in his hand once again.

"I really appreciate you looking after him for me," John thanked the manager and concierge.

"Well you certainly don't need that type of behavior on your honeymoon," the older man smiled more warmly. "You'll be doing plenty of that on your own, I dare say. Speaking of which, Charon please hand them our gift."

At hearing his lover's command the concierge left attending to Winston's neck and went to fetch an envelope on a table by a window. He returned and handed it ceremoniously to John and Adam Wick.

"With fondest hopes and congratulations from the both of us," the Continental's manager said.

"Do I open it here?" the younger Omega asked joyfully.

"Yes! Of course! How else are you to know where you're supposed to go? The plane leaves in a matter of minutes; your bags are all packed and ready," his father exclaimed.

The pierced man ripped into the envelope, his husband watching over his shoulder.

"Two tickets to Paris!" Adam announced excitedly.

Winston smiled. "Yes. You can actually go there this time, Jonathan. And you can bring Adam. If you even think, though, for even just one moment, about referencing the Eiffel tower or Seine as a euphemism for shagging my son, the new bounty on your head will be higher than you could even count."

"Got it," John Wick said. "I can make it up to the fingers on both hands now though, Winston."

"That is certainly not your finger I feel almost rammed up my ass, Mr. Wick," the Omega teasingly said inside his mate's mind, causing the Alpha to pull him even closer.

"There's more," the Englishman stated. "Look."

Adam looked past the tickets to find two others included. "Morocco?"

"Yes," Winston beamed. "It's one of my all time favorite cities."

"How nice," the bureaucrat said, trying to smile and ignore the fact that he hated hot places. The thought of entering heat in one was also not very enticing.

The small man thought that his husband shared his sentiment: feeling him tense up behind him. The only part that seemed to relax a bit was John's erection which seemed to go a bit limp.

"The woman that runs the Continental there, Sofia, is a doll," Winston proclaimed. "She took care of your reservations...when she found out whom it was for, Jonathan, she said she'd be glad to. She said she'd be more than happy to give you exactly what you deserve."

"I bet she did," John Wick said and Adam turned his head to look at his husband, sensing the assassin's sudden trepidation.

"Did you two know each other very well?" the older man asked.

"You may say that," the Baba Yaga answered and the man in his arms' own worry grew as he felt panic flooding his husband's mind.

"She was in your profession, was she not?" Charon asked, sitting behind his own mate on the sofa.


"Small world," Adam laughed uneasily.

The moment they had bid Winston, Charon and dog a warm and genuine farewell, and went to collect their luggage, the Administrator fixed John with a searching and curious gaze. "What are you not telling me?" he asked in suspicion.

The bureaucrat sensed the Alpha trying to figure out how to answer the question.

"Would you like the truth?" he finally asked, looking exceedingly worried past his usual stoicism.

"The truth, as always," the Administrator ordered, trying to ignore another cramp.

"We used to have a thing."

"Ohhhhkay," the pierced man muttered. 

"It was after you and before Helen," John explained. "It was a rebound deal. It meant more to her than it ever did to me."

"Mmmm hmmm," Adam mumbled, bringing a hand to his agonized pelvis.

John stared at his love in embarrassment. "She's still kind of upset; she spit in my water the last time I saw her."

The Administrator sighed as he tried to process the new information. "So you're telling me that I'll be in preheat, or heat, in a fucking hot and sticky country with your ex, whom wants to kill you, while we're on our Honeymoon?"

"Yes," John Wick nodded.

Silence for a moment as the small man considered all of this.

"Yippee!" the pencil pusher finally said without the slightest trace of sincerity or excitement.

Chapter Text

Going to Paris was both an ordeal and a delight for the newlyweds. On the one hand, John and Adam were both suffering in their own personal ways: the Alpha in his rutting and the Omega in his preheat. They carefully visited the most famous attractions and monuments that the city had to offer but found themselves staying in more than actually going out.

Adam was grateful for this, his cramps being quite painful. While John found going out with a noticable erection more than just a little embarrassing. The Alpha was also happy not to run the risk of attacking any of the men and women he saw constantly checking out his mate with interest, sensing his heat was drawing near.

Reading his husband's thoughts, the tiny bureaucrat sighed as they lay next to one another in the Paris Continental. "We probably should just have told dad the truth and fucked our Honeymoon," he commented.

"Winston can get easily offended," John remarked.

"Still," Adam said. "It would have been better than this."

Wick, who was lying on his back on the bed, turned his shaggy head to look at his mate. "You're not happy?"

"No, I am!" the Administrator hurriedly tried to explain himself. "I'd be happy anywhere as long as I was with you. I just feel bad because we can't take advantage of everything that we should be able to! And it's all my stupid fault."

"No it's not," John Wick comforted. "Besides, there's a good view of the Eiffel tower from the window."

Adam stared down the long length of his husband's body at the front of his trousers and gave an appreciative smile. "I prefer the view of your one, Mr. Wick."

Trying to distract himself from the pain he was experiencing, the Omega lowered his hand to the Alpha's trousers and undid them, pulling out the formerly contained cock and giving him an even better view of John Wick's towering erection.

"Now...that's even better," the bureaucrat cooed.

The assassin, however, grunted unsatisfied.

"What's the matter John Wick?" the Administrator whispered into the man's ear, giving it a playful bite.

"I can't wait until it's time," Wick confessed.

"You're a hungry, grumbly wolf aren't you?" his small husband asked, licking the ear where he had just bit it.

"I'm addicted to your slick," the Alpha mused yearningly. "When it first comes and I smell it..."

John Wick didn't need to verbally explain any further; his cock swelled out even more as its head began to spurt out precum in anticipation of an event which hadn't yet occurred.

"And that's what I like," the Administrator said as he licked his lips and stared at the wet member. "Do you mind?"

"Be my guest," John Wick said, another spew of liquid dribbling out as its owner watched his mate move towards it with ravenous lips.

"Mmmmm..." the Administrator sounded in praise as his hungry tongue began to lick up the precum busily coating the Alpha's throbbing penis. "You taste so good, John."

The assassin gasped as his lover began to rub his tongue and cheek against his member. When he lifted his head to look he saw his precum smeared on the Administrator's face as the younger man grabbed his pulsating erection, bringing his mouth to its opening.

"You may be the wolf, John Wick but I'm the one that is going to eat you," he proclaimed as he placed the glans inside of his mouth and began to suckle it.

John grunted in appreciation, feeling more precum flooding out. He could see the bureaucrat's cheeks becoming large with both it and the penis filling his mouth. There was too much fluid for the poor man to take and Wick watched in further arousal as some of it leaked out from the corner of his husband's mouth and dripped down his chin.

Suddenly the Omega took his mouth away from the cock so he could swallow its offering better, pushing his head back and gulping loudly.

This only caused a fresh spurt of the stuff to come bursting from the Baba Yaga's organ. Swiftly the Administrator got to it, licking up as much as he could so that none would be wasted.

The Alpha was writhing on the bed as he moaned and grunted, not able to hide his delight at being his bureaucrat's main dish.

"Do you think we should grab a cellphone and take a photo of me with the real Eiffel tower?" Adam asked, playfully posing with his husband's impressive organ.

"Not unless you want him to take a heart attack," the hitman managed to say past his pleasure, wanting his bureaucrat to quit his teasing and return to his pleasing.

Reading his soulmate's mind yet again, the Administrator let out a cheerful little giggle and attacked the fleshy structure with renewed relish. John Wick was not disappointed, sending out another gush of bodily fluids.

"I'm getting full," the Omega finally announced after another thirty minutes of sucking on his mate's penis and devouring his precum.

"I'm close. I can finish on my own," John said reassuringly. Looking at his tired and obviously back to cramping lover, John Wick sat up, his erection hitting his stomach. Gently he took the Administrator in his arms and motioned him to lie down.

To Wick's surprise, the bureaucrat unbuttoned his own shirt. "Come on my stomach," he requested.

John traced a heart around the younger man's navel. "I don't think my come is a cure for cramps."

"I know," the Omega smiled up at him sweetly as he lay on his back. "I just want you to. It would make me feel better emotionally anyway."

Kissing his husband's forehead, John positioned himself over the small man, holding himself up by the palms of his hands and his knees.

"I'll help you," Adam Wick said as he started to caress the Omega's erection.

John started to thrust into the bureaucrat's grip, feeling his moment of release drawing near. When the Administrator accelerated the motion of his hands and met his gaze with a loving and kind smile, the assassin ejaculated, spraying a torrent of white liquid on to the intended area. Adam inhaled sharply as the semen hit his stomach and squirmed in happy delight. John Wick watched as the pierced man began to rub the seed all over his middle, smiling at the younger man's delight in being covered in his come.

"When it's time...this is where our baby will grow," the Omega stated.

John kissed his mate's forehead again. "You still want my baby?"

"Of course!" the bureaucrat exclaimed as if it were preposterous that he wouldn't.

"I'm not young Adam. I'm not sure I'd make a good father."

Taking his husband's hand, the Administrator brought it to his stomach and had the assassin rub circles on it also. "You wouldn't just make a good one: you'd make the best one."

John Wick felt tears stinging his eyes and he brought the hand, which the Administrator was still holding, to his husband's cheek. The bureaucrat took the Alpha's thumb in his mouth and sucked the seed from off of it.

"How about testing your parenting skills by giving me a bath, Mr. Wick?" the bureaucrat asked.

"My pleasure Mr. Wick," the assassin commented.

"Mine too," Adam said, the sweet smile John loved spreading across his contented and come smeared face.

With a grin and a laugh, John Wick picked his dirty little lover off of the hotel bed and carried him adoringly off to the Continental's luxurious bathroom.

Chapter Text

Arriving in Casablanca and heading for the Moroccan Continental, Adam was still in preheat while John was still rutting. Neither of them were particularly rejoicing over these facts when facing the prospect of meeting with Sofia, the Alpha's ex: a formidable assassin in her own right whom supposedly was also extremely good at holding on to a grudge.

"So," the Administrator said. "This Sofia...She's an Omega?"

"No," John Wick answered. "She's a Beta. I got involved with her after you. I didn't want to have to be reminded of any of that stuff."

The short man looked around at the exotic setting, the crowds, the ornate buildings and scents, and while it seemed all rather interesting, he was having difficulty focusing on it past the cramps and his husband's sudden confessions. What he knew about John's life following their unfortunate separation usually only concerned his vast killings. Thankfully he had been spared too much knowledge of the Alpha's affairs other than of his marriage. Now curiosity was getting the better of Adam and he knew it was bordering on masochistic fascination.

"But Helen was an Omega?" the bureaucrat asked.

The tall assassin nodded. "Yes."

Adam walked a few steps ahead, wondering how damn far away the consecrated hotel would be; his short legs were getting the better of him. "So why did you split with Sofia anyway?"

"We were on and off...I never took it too seriously. Then I met Helen and..."

"You found out that it meant more to Sofia than you thought?"

"Yeah," Wick replied.

The Administrator looked up at the bearded man and raised a disapproving eyebrow. "Cad," he said and lightly hit his husband on the stomach before smiling.

After the playful tap, Adam bent forward and held his stomach in pain from another cramp. John immediately stood behind him about to take him in his arms and carry him the rest of the way when the small bureaucrat prevented him. "It's all right," Adam Wick stated. "I've got to walk in there by myself. I don't want to give her the impression that she can steal you back or anything."

"Never," John Wick said, bestowing a loving kiss on the top of his mate's head. 

Adam beamed.

They soon entered the grounds of the Moroccan Continental. The Omega's mouth nearly hit the ground and John suppressed a laugh; he could tell this was far different from anything the younger man had ever experienced at his father's more reserved establishment. His eyes resting on a nearby belly dancer wildly gyrating, the bureaucrat managed to smile in bemusement and ask, "Do you think dad should get one of those for the lobby?"

"No," the Baba Yaga replied.

"I didn't think so," the Administrator agreed.

John turned to look at his husband. "I wouldn't mind seeing you in something like that though."

Adam turned to gaze at his mate incredulously. "I'm not exactly the belly dancing type, John Wick."

Looking down at his stomach and placing his hands on it, the Administrator smiled sweetly. "Besides...maybe I'll get pregnant this time around. That would just about successfully put an end to my belly dancing career before it had even gotten started."

"It would be worth it," John Wick said as he stood behind the bureaucrat and wrapped his arms around the man's waist. Gently he rested his chin on Adam's head and the Omega let out a happy laugh as he looked up and touched the large hands on his middle.

The two men walked to the Continental lobby where they were greeted by the concierge, whom upon finding out their identities, quickly ushered them into the manager's office instead of showing them to their room.

As they waited in the room, John quickly glancing at the photographs of Sofia and her daughter, the woman's two Belgian Malinois came to greet them. Wick stared at them in caution but Adam only smiled, having gotten too unwisely used to canines after John's own dog.

"Well, hi there!" the Omega cheerfully greeted and went to pet one.

"Don't," the hitman warned.

"Why?" the Administrator asked in confusion.

"They're trained to go for crotches if you make one wrong move..."

"Oh," Adam said, staring apprehensively at the pooch he had been preparing to pet. The small man suddenly noticed that the dogs were looking at his husband malevolently. "Well try to be good too John," he instructed. "I love your crotch just the way it is."

"Really?" a female voice said suddenly from a corner of the room. "I think it may be an improvement."

Both men watched as a gorgeous woman walked towards them. Her hair was long and light, streaked with darker shades which matched her beautiful skin. Seeing her beauty, Adam tried his best not to let insecurity take a hold of him and to hold on to the fact that John had chosen him to bond with and nobody else.

"I guess that's why he's my husband and not yours," the Administrator sneered as he tilted his head and fixed the woman with a smug little smirk.

Sofia Al-Azwar studied the man whom had married her ex and, for a moment, John Wick was in fear that she would sic her dogs on them: there would be one reserved for each of them after all. She only nodded her head, however and turned to Wick. "He's got spunk John," she stated. "He's kind of cute too. Pity he's an Omega."

"I have no complaints," the assassin replied.

Adam smiled in contentment.

"So why wasn't I invited to the wedding?" the hotel manager inquired and both men couldn't tell if she was being serious or not.

"I think he thought you'd kill him," the pierced man confessed, pointing to his lover.

Sofia studied John Wick for a long moment. "I wouldn't do that: it was on Continental ground from what I heard."

"Yes," a voice replied from the other shadowed corner of the room and a man suddenly appeared. "Sofia understands the rules all too well, I'm proud to say. She had a very good teacher after all."

Adam turned to his husband once more, not having a single clue about whom the new partaker in the conversation was. "Berrada," John said as both a greeting and an explanation. "Is he bothering you, Sofia?"

"Not in any way I can't handle," the female former assassin stated as the man walked towards her. As if to prove the fact, she draped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him long and passionately.

"I take it your crotch has mended," Wick commented and Adam's eyes went directly there, still at a loss as to what had happened between the three other people in the room.

"Better than ever," Berrada claimed.

"I can attest to that," Sofia piped up, a devious smile on her lips.

The Administrator still confused quickly turned to seek answers from his lover. John looked at him and the Omega suddenly heard the clear voice of the Alpha ringing through his thoughts: "Long story. I'll tell you later."

"Okay," the pencil pusher replied, more relieved by the fact that John seemed amused by Sofia's relationship with the man called Berrada than in any way jealous.

"You'll see that I am getting better at forgiving and forgetting," Sofia said as her older lover held her from behind. "That's why I'd like you to join us for dinner tonight."

John and Adam Wick looked at one another and asked simultaneously and telepathically: "Should we?"

When the Administrator shrugged, John Wick turned back to his former girlfriend and her latest squeeze. "Sure. Why not?"

"Why John Wick?" Berrada smiled. "Because this beautiful woman may be lying and kill you in a heartbeat. That is why not."

"Uhn uhn. We're on Continental grounds, after all," the Administrator reminded them cheerfully as another cramp secretly claimed him.

* * *

The room which the newlyweds had been given was beautiful and Adam Wick thought to himself that if the woman was still plotting to get revenge on John for spurning her she was, at least, making sure his last few hours were pleasant ones. Although from how cranky and horny the Alpha became once they were alone together, the bureaucrat did not know how pleasant they could be in the face of John Wick's rutting. After a long and carefully administered hand job (the Omega didn't want to risk becoming full again and spoiling his appetite) the assassin seemed in better spirits and hopefully would not bring an extra visitor along to their meal with the Moroccan Continental's manager and her sly and sinister new beau. The bureaucrat only prayed that his heat would hold off long enough to finish the meal; it was very close now he could feel. All he wanted to do was survive the meal with John's managerial ex and then return to their suite so that they could fulfill each other's growing need.

And maybe create a baby while they were doing it.

Now finally married to the man he had loved for so long, Adam was happily looking forward to raising a family with him to. He doubted it would happen quite that quickly but then again he had also doubted he would ever be with John again either. 

Life had a funny way of hurling miracles at you in between the tragedies, the Administrator thought as he happily watched his husband dressing for supper.

* * *

The evening meal went better than either Wick suspected. Despite Berrada's constant teasing, Sofia did seem to have let go of the past. She and her former mentor also seemed to have settled into a relationship which was alternately loving and hostile. While it looked like they were torn between making out and fighting, the two lovers seemed to be comfortable with this as did the dogs whom seemed to have come to accept Berrada's presence.

John kept watching Adam, knowing that his husband was enduring the meal but in too much pain to be completely enjoying it. Both men were surprised when Sofia suddenly turned to the bureaucrat and said, "Are you feeling all right?"

"Yes," the Administrator answered in shock. "I-I'm fine."

She stared into his eyes sharply. "Your forehead is covered in sweat."

"Maybe he has gotten poisoned from the food in this dump of a hotel," Berrada commented. "It is a two-star affair, after all."

"Shhhh!" the woman silenced her lover in annoyance.

Adam quickly bent forward, holding his stomach, and John was at his side instantly.

In realization and kindness, Al-Azwar brought her hands to the Omega's face. "Poor baby...You're in preheat, aren't you?"

"I-I..." the Administrator stammered.

"John Wick!" the hotel manager yelled at the assassin. "How could you let your husband come to supper when he's so damn miserable."

The Baba Yaga went to answer but the bureaucrat interuppted him. "It was because I wanted to," the bespectacled man explained.

"That's no excuse," Sofia said, angrily scowling at her ex. She then turned back to the small Omega and helped him stand up. "We're taking you straight back to bed, honey. We'll make you a little nest and everything."

John Wick watched speechless as his old lover took his new lover affectionately back to their suite. Berrada came to stand beside him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Women and Omegas...Cannot live with them...Do not want to live without them."

* * *

When the Alpha made it back to the room at the Continental, he found Sofia and Adam in the bedroom. The woman had fashioned a little nest on the bed for the Omega with all the motherly care she had once shown to the daughter she had loved with all of her being. Sofia and the pierced man were giggling when he entered the room and John had the suspicion it had been in regards to him by the way they stopped suddenly when they became aware of his arrival.

"Now you rest," the manager said, running a hand over the bureaucrat's forehead and hair. "It will be over soon enough."

As she stood, Sofia kissed the forehead she had just petted; no doubt another habit she had performed with the child she had loved and given up. "Can I speak with you, John?" she said as she brushed past him and out of the room. The tall man gazed at his tiny lover on the bed but Adam indicated it was okay to go and Wick soon followed the woman.

Once safely out of the Administrator's hearing, the woman turned around and slapped John Wick. "What were you thinking, John?" she demanded. "Just tell me what the hell you were thinking?"

"He said he could handle supper," the assassin replied, rubbing his hairy jaw.

"I'm not talking about that!" Sofia stated. "I'm talking about getting married again! It was fine when you were retired but once you fell back into being an assassin and everything...what were you thinking? How could you do that to that poor boy?"

John could not reply. Not marrying Adam, given their mutual feelings, had been the worst possibility to him. "I'm in love with him," was all he could think of to say.

"I get that," she said a little more softly. "He's sweet, John. And he's crazy about you. But...he wants kids with you...he told me he hopes he'll get pregnant this time around."

"I want it too," Wick commented and the woman rolled her eyes in disbelief.

"How can you even think about bringing a child into our world?" she admonished. "A world under the High Table's command. Don't you remember what I told you years ago, John Wick? Don't you remember my little girl?"

The assassin nodded. He could well remember why Sofia had not wanted her child to live in a world where one could only ever expect to kill or be killed. He could remember her sacrifice and he could see the pain now written clearly on every inch of her face.

"But there you are thinking you can escape it all just because you are John Fucking Wick. couldn't save your wife now could you? Or that little puppy even. Hell, the only way you could even save yourself was by selling your soul again. You think about that before you go bringing your husband, and any child you may be creating, any more pain."

With one last angry glare the woman left the suite as the tall, bearded assassin remained standing there motionless in the same place. Her words left him reeling for he knew that they were true. Children were only ever viewed of as pawns or weapons by the High Table and all whom lived by their codes and commands. John felt the horror of subjecting any child to that way of life. But his mate seemingly did not realize it and was yearning to become pregnant, blissfully ignorant.

Having given it no great thought before, the Baba Yaga suddenly did not know what to do about it all.

With a start and a fierce throb of his cock, John Wick smelled the familiar scent of Adam's slick and heard a desperate voice calling out to him in lustful need, "Please get the hell in here, John! It's time!"

Chapter Text

"John!" Adam shouted again.

It was the fourth time he had called out for his lover and once again he was met with silence. After having suffered a particularly miserable preheat, the tiny Omega was just grateful to have felt that first bit of slick leaking out and on to his buttocks and thighs; he had believed that his Alpha would be ecstatic too. In fact, Adam had thought that from the first instant John had smelled the scent the assassin would be rushing, not only in to the room, but inside of him as well. Then he could get busy doing one of the things he did best to his heart and penis' content. That he was still alone in the room, and in such desperate needful lust that he had started to tug on his own cock, made the Administrator not only unnerved but incredibly frightened as well.

"JOHN!" he finally screamed out inside his mind, hoping that his husband would hear him wherever he was and put an end to both his worry and the emptiness inside that was impatiently waiting for John to come and fill it.

This yearnful and terrified call seemed to have done the trick for soon John Wick appeared in the bedroom. He seemed reluctant, however, hesitantly peeking in from the doorway like a child about to receive a scolding.

"John I need you!" the Omega bureaucrat whined sorrowfully as he continued to play with himself.

The Baba Yaga stepped closer to the magnificent bed and once again Adam could sense that the man seemed to be avoiding coming to him and doing what he so badly needed him to do. Confusion and and an unwanted anger sweeping through him, the Administrator threw the covers off from himself and then began to perform the same action with his own clothing next. Off went the pajama top that Sofia had helped him get into; next, getting to his feet on the hotel's firm mattress, the bureaucrat removed his boxers, his penis already having been sticking out from the fly, urgent and demanding.

The Omega stood on the bed, displaying and offering his now naked and tattoo covered body to his mate.
Adam followed John Wick's eyes on him, the gaze falling down the length of his lean body from his pierced face to his chest and then to his swollen cock. With lingering eyes, John's stared at what the bureaucrat knew was the slick glistening in between his legs as it was now thickly coating his inner thighs. The Alpha licked his lips not able to hide his hunger. As if he still was trying to fight giving in and it was the best way to preoccupy and distract himself, Adam watched as Wick started to undress also.

Teasing his soulmate, the Omega brought a hand to his thigh, covered it in slick there and then brought it to his mouth and started to sinuously lick it off. His Alpha husband growled at him in lust and desire and Adam held the hand, still wet with some of the fluid out to him. "Come and get it; it's all yours, Mr. Wick."

John now completely free of his cothing as well, the two men stood in the hotel room, staring at each other: one from his stance on the floor and the other from atop the lavish, circular Morrocan bed. The Omega striked some naughty poses in an attempt to lure the Alpha on to the bed with him but became increasingly frustrated as the assassin remained stubbornly unmoving several feet away. While John was tentative, however, his penis was anything but: it stood erect and adoring like some large, organic, red torpedo attatched to the hitman's groin. Adam watched the vast amount of precum spilling from its enflamed head and wished that it was flooding into him and not driping onto the floor and creating an ever growing puddle.

Having tried every erotic posture, and some he had previously not believed his body capable of, the small Omega soon found his frustration turning into the torturous pain of insecurity. In complete sorrow, the Administrator collapsed back on to the bed, his slick soaking into the bedsheet beneath him. With what sounded to everybody within hearing distance in the Morrocan Continental to be the saddest cry ever uttered, Adam brought his hands to his face and started to wail and mewl all at once.

This display of complete misery was enough to move the Alpha to come to him. One moment, Adam Wick's face was buried in his hands, seeing only darkness, and the next it was less than an inch from John Wick's beautiful countenance; the tall man's breath hot and damp against his skin . The assassin had brought a hand to each of the bureaucrat's shoulders and was holding them fiercely. The Alpha's lust for him was still wonderfully present Adam now was certain of; the man was just holding back for some unknown reason.

Still, the pierced man could not help but look up into John's small and dark beautiful eyes and ask softly, "Don't you want me?"

Less then it took for a heart to perform its act of beating, John had crashed his lips into Adam's with a ferocious intensity that startled the younger man. The assassin's tongue trespassed into his husband's mouth with no complaints, searching and rubbing against Adam's own explorative tongue. Tasting blood, the bureaucrat saw when they separated that John had cut his lips on one of the snake bites somehow. The Omega gently touched the tear, wanting to play mother to his mate and fuss over it. There was no time, though: John had thrown him down so that he was lying suppine upon the mattress. Wick resumed the passionate kiss once more. Adam tried to wrap his legs around the assassin's waist but the man prevented him, choosing instead to begin to kiss and lick his body. The Omega lay there breathless and helpless, enjoying the feel of his Alpha presumably finally attending to his heat.

When John finally reached Adam's cock he began by licking the mixture of slick and precum from off of the skin surrounding the twitching member. The bureaucrat moaned in delight as he experienced Wick's soft and wet tongue cleaning him off. As it started to go to work on his expanded organ, his moans grew more frequent and he wriggled on the bed in carnal bliss. When John took the penis into his mouth, letting it go in deeper and deeper by delightful degree, the Administrator became a mess, exchangimg moans for cries that were sure to have reached the ears of everyone in the Continental, assuring them that the formerly weeping man was now much better.

"AHHHHHH....UNHHHH...OH GOD...THAT'S SO FUCKING GOOD! JOHN! JOHN!" Adam cries out and felt himself unleashing his useless come far back into the Alpha's throat.

He lay back panting heavily, eyes closed and savoring the feeling, until he felt John Wick's big hands, picking him up and turning him over so that he lay on his stomach. The Omega smiled as he let his lover reposition him so that his ass was raised and offered to John for easy enty.

"Here comes the main show..." the Administrator purred waiting to feel Wick's impressive organ being thrust into his awaiting cavity.

It seemed though that first the Alpha intended to taste him as the same wet tongue which had cleaned off his groin proceeded to attend to the same business on the back end also. Feeling, John's hand reaching around to carress his always appreciative cock, Adam Wick had no complaints. The Omega started to thrust into the Alpha's hand as he felt it being pumped and John's tongue entering his hole and moving around it.

"Ohhhh....ohhhh..." he moaned. " always do me so good...that feels so gooood..."

Adam shot off into the sheets beneath him and tried to catch his breath again, his cheek pressed into the mattress. "Now it's time," he thought to himself. Now he's going to put that beautiful dick into me and I won't feel so empty and wanting," the Administrator thought and smiled sweetly.

Only it never came.

Adam lay on the bed with his butt raised in the air only feeling John pushing his tongue inside and licking up slick.

"Ummm....John," the Administrator said. "Are you going to put your dick in now."

A few seconds later, the bureaucrat felt something besides a tongue enter him but it was not John Wick's penis; the man's fingers were large but not that large. His annoyance returning, Adam Wick successfully removed John's didget out of his anus by quickly jutting forward and then flopping on his back to stare at his husband, whom was looking rather sheepish holding a wet index finger out in the air.

"Not that!" the Administrator snapped touching the finger so they looked like an obscene version of the Sistine Chapel. "THAT!" he subsequently shrieked, pointing at John Wick's still unsatisfied member.

John didn't say anything but chose to only kneel there looking uncomfortable with his raging hard-on.

"Put your dick inside me now Wick!" the Administrator ordered in the same tone he usually reserved for misbehaving or inept Operators.

"No," John said as his penis twitched, disagreeing with its owner.

"You will do it NOW!"


They remained paused, glaring at one another on the bed and it occurred to Adam that it was like some reversed parody of their first sexual encounter; only this time he was the one that wanted the Alpha inside of him and John was the one trying to fight it.

"PUT THAT THING INSIDE OF ME NOW!" the Administrator demanded, feeling like a bossy and pissed off bottom.

"I can't," Wick suddenly confessed.

Adam exhaled sharply in disbelief. He studied his husband's penis. It looked in perfectly fine working order, hard, hot and huge; its length already well lubricated with the amount of precum dripping down it. The organ looked better than perfect actually: it looked Divine and Adam Wick suspected that if God were to have a penis it would look exactly like John Wick's.

"That is the finest member to have ever ejaculated on the face of the planet," the bureaucrat hissed. "There is nothing wrong with it!"

"I still can't," John Wick still protested.

"Why the fuck not?" the Administrator whined in desperation.

"If I do you might get pregnant."

Having made his full confession, John got off of his knees and sat on the rounded edge of the bed, away from his husband. Adam shook his head in incomprehension. "I thought we both wanted children, John. What on earth happened?"

The Omega watched as his Alpha's shoulders rose and fell as a sigh escaped from the older man's lips. Placing a foot into his husband's mind, he felt both sorrow and fear. Getting to his knees, Adam moved towards his mate and wrapped his arms around the larger man's middle from behind, resting his chin on his shoulder. "Tell me," he urged comfortingly.

After a moment of trying to weigh his words, the assassin finally decided to offer to his husband the honesty he deserved. "Sofia reminded me: children and the High Table don't exactly mix. I helped her get her daughter out years ago."

Adam frowned. Working for the High Table, John revealing to him how Sofia and he had worked together to betray and deceive it was a very dangerous move. Still it was a testament to how much John Wick trusted and loved him to risk telling him in the first place. "Go on," he instructed.

"They were going to force her child into becoming an assassin like her; the order had been given. She couldn't live with that...and knowing what it's like, Adam, I don't think I can either. Especially when I know the pain it will put you through eventually. I don't want to see that happen. I can't do it."

Tears started flowing from the Administrator's eyes and he rubbed his cheek against John's bare shoulder.

"If you want out of this, I'll understand," Wick said. "Just know that I will always love you."

Taking his head off of the broad and lovely place where it had been resting, the Administrator gave his husband a punch on his arm.

"Owww!" John Wick muttered and started to rub the reddening skin on his arm.

"Don't you dare even suggest it, John Wick!" the livid pencil pusher exclaimed. "I wouldn't stop being your husband for all the gold coins on and under the Table."

"But we won't have children," the Alpha stated somberly.

"To hell we aren't," Adam Wick scoffed, placing a hand on each hip. "After marrying you, the next item on my list is having your baby. I will see the dreaded Baba Yaga changing a dirty diaper if it's the last thing I ever do!"


"Butts are for those same diapers, Mr. Wick," Adam said, holding his lover from behind again and mushing a cheek into his tattoo covered back. "I turned out relatively fine for being born in the High Table's world; no matter what Dad says. And so did you. Sofia isn't too bad either. Berrada needs a little work but she'll get him there eventually."

"What about the killings and the crime?" John asked.

The Administrator laughed sardonically. "I hate to tell you, John, but maybe in your white castle with the lovely Helen you were a little sheltered. Shit is everywhere, people are crummy and life stinks. Any child born into a world away from the Table will have it just as bad; no, they'll have it even worse."

"And why is that Adam Wick?" John asked turning in the direction of his lover. From the tone of his voice the Omega knew his spirits were on the verge of brightening.

"In our world, at least, you know you can't trust anyone. And besides they won't have you as their father; only my children get that honor."

"I'm not invincible Adam. Your father proved that when he shot me off the Continental," John contradicted wryly.

"Pppshawww! I thought he proved that you were. You survived after all," the Administrator joked. "And even if you aren't you are still John Wick. I know that you will fight for our children just like I know that you will always protect me too."

John Wick shifted to face his husband. Bringing a hand to the bureaucrat's clean shaven and youthful face, he looked lovingly into the depths of his eyes. Adam gazed without fear into the assassin's eyes too, hoping the man would see the confidence he felt in the words he had spoken. Not only that, but the faith and belief he had in them as well.

He knew he had succeeded when the Alpha started to kiss him intensely.

When they parted, the two men pressed their foreheads together and Adam gently grabbed the wrist belonging to the hand still holding his face. "Now if you're a good boy, I'll show you what else butts are for."

Grunting in the return of his sexual desire, passion and need, John Wick kissed Adam and they fell on to the bed together, their lips locking on the way down.

Chapter Text

Adam felt John's insistent member knocking against his naked inner thigh as the man pinned his arms down and turned the kiss from a sweet and gentle affair to a voracious one. Feeling the precum furiously leaking from his husband's large organ on to his skin and mixing with his slick, as the assassin's tongue also forcefully rubbed against his own tongue before he pulled away and bit his snake bite pierced lip, the Omega smiled at the return of his Alpha beast.

John Wick brought a hand to the top of the Administrator's head, cupping it as he unleashed a calvacade of passionate kisses all over the man's face and neck. When he reached the scent gland and started to suck on it long and hard, the little bureaucrat thrusted upward, pressing his own once again stiff penis into his lover's stomach. Without taking his mouth away from the place he was attending to, Wick's hand flew to the member, which was poking him, and began to stroke and alternately pump it.

"Oh..." Adam squirmed in John's touch, becoming a puddle of raw need in his hands and lips. "Ohhh..."

The younger man, already reduced to nothing more than nerves and sensations lost it completely when, John placed his finger back into his anus and proceeded to massage his prostate.

Adam was huffing and puffing, trying to catch his breath as he wriggled beneath his much larger lover in euphoric delight. John removed his lips from the scent gland and started to bite the small man's ear as he continued to toy with him and make him both a figurative mess and a literal one; John's precum was still coating him in heavy doses, all the while,his own was leaking out in gushes along with his slick.

"Don't mind that finger so much now, do you?" he heard John ask inside of his mind, as the Alpha continued to nibble on his ear, sucking on it now for good measure.

"All about how y-you u-use it," Adam Wick replied without opening his mouth, it being far too occupied with his moans. "M-much better."

When John Wick brought his mouth back down to kiss the base of his neck, as he intensified his pumping and his inner directed carresses, the Administrator could no longer contain his words and they flowed loudly and with enthusiasm past his pierced lips.


His penis vouched for the validity of his words, sending out a spray of white liquid onto his lover's stomach again; now adding a healthy dose of his come into the brew of bodily fluids. Adam lay on the mattress, squealing in delight as he felt John's tongue hungrily begin to clean him up. He panted a few times, petting his husband's dark hair as if he were a good dog lapping up spilled water.

When the assassin knelt before him, Adam saw his own come at the corner of man's mouth. He got to his knees quickly to help John in cleaning it off but the Baba Yaga beat him to it, licking his lips, possessively. Pretending he was upset, the Administrator saw the large splash where he had ejaculated on Wick's stomach and lowered his head to it playfully.

"Didn't get to this, big boy," the Omega teased as he extended his long and clever tongue and began to lick the seed off of his lover's skin. John grunted in appreciation and jealousy, trying to occupy himself by cupping Adam's full ass, letting his index fingers slowly and tenderly rub the slick covered crevice.
Seeing that molesting him was only turning John Wick on all the more, his cock swollen, ropy and scarlet beneath his chin, Adam seized upon it with aroused attraction. The member twitched inside his mouth, pressed into the warm tongue that was lavishing it with attention.

John Wick's mouth opened as he sought to take in more air, one hand spreading his lover's cheek wider so the other hand could play with the excitedly weeping hole with more ease. At the feel of John's hand on his anus, the Administrator tried to moan past the huge cock dribbling fresh amounts of warm seed down his throat. He stopped himself from breaking away entirely, still langurously sucking and licking the penis he was reluctant to set free, until John placed a finger inside once again and he backed away with a jolt, kneeling with his back straight as he gasped for air. It wasn't long before, John had taken the pierced head in his hands again and was kissing it in an impassioned fever.

Tenderly, the Alpha placed his Omega back down on the mattress as he parted his short legs and prepared to enter. Adam licked his own lips, seeing the beautiful and magnificent member of his husband and tasted its gift to him still on his tongue and slipping down his throat.

"Ready?" John Wick asked, letting his hand run down Adam's torso from his apple to his re-hardened dick.

"I've been ready forever," the younger man cooed, pushing his ass and opening closer to John in hungry desire.

With nary a word more, John Wick smiled lustily at his impatient bureaucrat and pushed inside the dripping wet hole offered to him. Adam cried out with joy as he experienced the indescribable ecstasy of John Wick's dick stretching him wide.

"Oh baby..." he praised in delight as John bent over him, stroking his wet cheek and forehead.

"You okay?" Wick asked in concern, his head an inch from his own.

"Never better," the Administrator purred in rapture.

"Good," John said, kissing the younger man as he bagan his rhythmic thrusting.

With another loud moan, Adam felt his mate locking inside of him. "Can't get away now..." he warned.

"Why would I want to?" John asked, licking the side of the Omega's face.

Adam Wick giggled impishly. "I get your babymaking equipment now, John Wick!" he declared proudly.

"Now and forever," John agreed, surrendering happily as he felt both contentment and pleasure take their tight hold of him.

Deep inside of Adam, falling into the experience of the man surrounding his grateful and adoring penis, Wick cursed his own stupidity for ever thinking he could abstain from this bliss. He moaned, deep and gutteral as he felt the walls clenching down on him, as if also trying to keep him in place too. Foolish anatomy thinking he was going some place, the assassin thought bemusedly as he thrusted, watching in appreciation as his lover was splayed out in his own pleasure before him. There was each lovingly memorized tattoo. There was the St. Albert piercing, getting covered in its owner's fluid as it danced red and swollen before him. John grasped the penis once again as he continued to adore his lover's body, seeing and hearing the man scream out in ecstasy from the touch.

He had been a fool to ever give Sofia's words a second thought or to contemplate leaving this paradise. He'd been exiled once from Eden already when Helen had died; John Wick knew, he would be truly damned if he abandoned the new one God had blessed him enough to find.

"John! JOHN!" the Omega started to cry out in his desperate need, his mouth open and his breathing laboured as he became dazed by the almost unbearable pleasure he was feeling.

"I'm here. Right here," John Wick comforted, stroking his lover's soft and blushing cheek and enjoying the peace he saw claim Adam's face at his words. "I'm right where I'll always be."

Chapter Text

Sofia stood in the Moroccan Continental's spacious lobby offering her farewells to John and Adam Wick; all the while, she glared at the tall and bearded assassin while she looked sympathetically at the bureaucrat.

Adam had just finished his heat the previous night but until then the newleweds had spent that time joyfully cavorting in their luxurious suite and not caring about the increasing volume of their couplings.

"Next time you come to Casablanca, John," she warned, "you better make sure it is not during a heat. We received a hell of a lot of complaints about the noise."

"Oh!" the Administrator exclaimed, a fierce blush claiming his cheeks. "We didn't get you in trouble did we?"

The hotel manager's expression softened as her eyes rested on the fretting Omega. "No. You have nothing to worry about, honey. It's your husband's damn fault for bringing you here during your fragile state."

Adam opened his mouth to tell the woman that it had actually all been all due to his father but John stopped him by placing his hand around his waist and gently squeezing him. It was the Alpha's way of indicating that he was okay with Sofia's disapproval and not to bother earning some for himself. The younger man nestled in closer to his husband, grateful he had been blessed with such an understand and protective mate.

Berrada, whom was standing by his own lover's side, looked amused by the whole incident. "I recomend you not listen to Sofia," he contradicted. "It greatly improved our own lovemaking, you know. We're both rather competitive. In fact she finally let me..."

He never got the chance to finish the sentence, receiving a swiftly delivered elbow to the stomach.

"Well if you are ever in New York, I insist you both come and stay with us; we'd be happy to have you," Adam Wick invited, earning a furrowed brow and a deep frown cast in his direction by John Wick.

"Yes," Sofia agreed. "We still have certain matters to discuss you and I, John...I still hope that you know what you're doing."

The hitman inhaled, knowing that the Beta was still upset at him for trying to help Adam become pregnant. "I do," he said assuredly.

"Where do you live, by the way?" Berrada asked, finally managing to regain his voice.

"A High Table run apartment: The Table on the Green," the bureaucrat replied.

Sofia and Berrada exchanged a surprised look. When they turned to look at the newlyweds again there was a concerned look contained in their eyes which unsettled John and Adam.

"The Table..." Sofia started.

"on the Green?" Berrada finished.

"Yeeeessss..." the Administrator stated after a worried glance at John. "Is there anything wrong?"

Another quick meeting of trouble filled eyes before the couple looked back at their departing guests.

"Oh no..." Berrada began.

"nothing's wrong at all," Sofia completed.

* * *

Despite the weak reassurance, John and Adam Wick's journey back to New York was filled with an insidious unease. The Alpha had given his small Omega mate the window to look out of but the pierced man could hardly concentrate on scenery and clouds when his mind kept returning to the odd expressions on Sofia and Berrada's respective faces. Although he could not say so to John, he still retained a suspicion of assassins. They had been taught to lie in their profession as easily as bureaucrat's learned to: it was a job requirement afterall. One could hardly get near to an intended target without a little subterfuge nor get a particularly annoying complainer off of your back without a little cold blooded deceipt and unnecessary paperwork.

While John was as dependable and trustworthy an individual he had ever met, the Administrator could tell that the Moroccan couple had been withholding something from them. It was probably out of affection, he knew, but it still did not calm his worries. He wanted to find a small dark place on the airplane where he could nest and mewl to his heart's content but instead all he was offered was a very small blanket, a vomit bag and a pathetic stash of peanuts.

Sensing his lover's distress, John tenderly took his hand and stroked it comfortingly, crooning softly to Adam how much he loved him, how beautiful and good he was and how soon they would be home and safe; then he could return to his nest and they could cuddle and relax for a few days before returning to work.

The Omega smiled sweetly at his large mate. Maybe it was because the Baba Yaga had already suffered almost every indignity and horror he could think of but the man remained suprisingly relaxed in the face of possibly impending doom.

When they stood in front of their apartment building, or, at least, what had once been their apartment building, the assassin still amazingly managed to keep his placid demeanor.

The whole building was practically destroyed. Only the frame of it remained and even that was shaky; rafters and beams dangled from the structure and blew lazily in the slight breeze. The contents of the apartment were nothing more than lumps of coal and carbon. Nothing was recognizable and none of their belongings promised to be salvageable.

"I can't believe it," Adam said. "Why didn't anybody tell us that our apartment was blown up!"

Usually, the Administrator had found, people did not quite mind talking about bad news and sad events despite what you might think. They looked at unfortunate incidents as juicy pieces of gossip or escapes from tedious routines. Of course, maybe such occurrences were more discussed behind people's backs then in front of them.

It was also probably a source of discomfort having to give the dreaded Baba Yaga bad news on top of it, the bureaucrat realized. "Don't Kill the Messenger" was a popular saying but nobody probably wanted to see if John Wick remembered it or not.

Still, the assassin was taking it all incredibly well, having lived through it already.

"Sure am glad we left Dog with Winston," he merely commented.

Adam ran an anxious hand through his black hair, grateful for the fact. He was still livid, though, that his father hadn't bothered to contact them about the misfortune which had befallen their housing situation during their absence.

Back at the Continental, Winston seemed unremorseful. "And wreck the honeymoon I spent good money on?" the older man scoffed. "I think not!"

The Englishman was sitting in the hotel Lounge sipping on a brandy as John enjoyed a bourbon and Adam found himself too distraught to drink at all.

"What the hell happened?" he asked, frustrated by his progenitor's blase attitude.

"Oh that was rather silly actually," Winston stated, placing his glass down and leaning against the burgundy sofa. "One of the tenants got kicked out...An assassin named Camille. She insisted on playing her Barry Manilow records at an abnormally high volume while she played Metallica at the same time. Said she could hear secret messages when she did. Poor thing. She was reportedly driven crazy from too many missions in Alaska. Seasonal Affective Disorder, they say. Quite tragic. She didn't take it too well. Retaliated by blowing up the place."

Adam sighed and leaned back against the sofa he was sitting on beside his husband. John placed a loving hand around his shoulder.

"It's the Table's own bloody fault," Winston reprimanded his employers foolishness. "I kept telling them it was unwise to make a housing unit and then place all their workers there."

Adam scowled. "What's the Continental than, Dad?"

"That's different!" the manager exclaimed, looking affronted. "We have rules here, tradition and respect. We're not some cheap little establishment constructed of plywood and chipboard."

A wide micheivious grin flashed across Winston's face and he looked positively devilish in the glow of the fire which was blazing in the fireplace. "You should have seen it go up! Burned to a crisp in less than ten minutes; shoddy piece of craftmanship."

The Administrator brought his pierced head to his hands and held it, feeling the cold metal of his various rings against the skin on his palm and fingers. That his father was enjoying the fact that a rivaling piece of real estate had gone up in flames more than that his son's residence had been completely destroyed was not any comfort at all.

John Wick's hand suddenly resting on his back and rubbing it soothingly, however, was. The Omega began to mewl.

"Tut tut now..." Winston said. "You mustn't do that in public, Adam. It lacks dignity."

Adam removed his head from his hands and started to weep even more furiously, earning everybody in the Lounge's attention. His husband's strong arms wrapped around him as the assassin started to cradle him and nuzzle his chin against the top of his head.

"Everything's gone!" the Administrator wailed.

"Don't worry," John Wick crooned. "You get used to it after a while."

"Come now!" the older Omega said after taking another sip of brandy. "It's not that bad!"

"But we don't have anywhere to stay," his son sniffled as he rested his wet face against John's chest. The Alpha gently caressed his wet cheek with one hand and then rubbed his back again slowly and sensuously.

"Shhh..." Winston protested. "You'll stay here, of course. Where you should have been the whole time, I daresay. Not a rat trap like the Table on the Green is...or was I should say."

"Really?" Adam asked.

"Why of course," the older man smiled warmly.

"It's okay?"

"Why not? We're all family now. You spent your whole childhood here, Adam; if you haven't forgotten."

Cheering up, the Omega turned to his husband. "Is that okay with you, John?"

The Baba Yaga looked his usual stolid self. "It's fine," he said but soon turned to his father-in-law. "How are you with noise complaints?"

Winston rolled his eyes, took a long sip of brandy and fell back against the burgundy leather of the sofa once more. "I handled them fine enough on your wedding night to my son, Jonathan...I think I can manage it still," he smirked. "As for myself, I'll get Charon to purchase a good pair of earplugs."

And so it came to pass, the Wicks came to permanently reside at the New York Continental Hotel.

Chapter Text

Thanksgiving drawing near, John Wick realized that for the first time in a long time he had much to be thankful for; despite the fact that the apartment building where he lived had just been destroyed by an assassin suffering from SAD.

First and foremost was the fact that he had been reunited and married to Adam: the Omega he had loved for a very long time. This was a fact that still amazed the Alpha every morning (or afternoon as was often the case with both of their working hours) when he would find the tiny bureaucrat snuggled up close to him underneath the covers. He often found himself thanking God for this and didn't reserve his gratitude for one lone day in November.

Another string of things to be grateful for followed this one centered firmly in his heart: he was thankful to call Winston a friend again (even if the man was still protective of the son John was happily ravaging to his heart's content,) he was grateful to still be alive (even if he was forced to work for the High Table again) and he was blessed that Adam and himself were currently living in the Continental and under its "no business" rules roof (even if John was still worried about Adam and his noise level during sex.)

Even Cassian seemed to be letting go of his anger over Gianna's death. A point proven when the man greeted him in the Continental lobby with a curt nod and by saying, "So how's married life been treating you again John Wick?"

John wanted to go on about how much he loved Adam, how wonderful it felt to wake up to him every morning (afternoon) and about how magnificent life was now that he was reunited with his darling Omega.

Instead all he could say was, "Good."

Such was the life of an emotionally unavailable assassin whom used words less than he remembered to put the toilet seat down.

Not wanting to seem impolite, however, Wick tossed in three more. "How are you?"

Cassian shrugged. "Can't complain."

There was something in the former bodyguard's voice though that professed otherwise. John thought he detected a seed of worry and concern that was just dying to be brought out into the open so that Cassian could be set free of the heavy weight that was obviously a horrible burden on his shoulders. John Wick wanted to ask his old friend what was bothering him and if he could help out in any way; he wanted to tell him that he was there for him and he could tell him anything and it would be all right.

All Wick heard come out of his thickly stubble framed mouth, however, was, "That's good," before he turned and walked out the front entrance, leaving Cassian alone to sign his name in the register once more.

* * *

"I saw Cassian in the hotel," Adam told his husband as they lay in bed after a hard day's (night's) work and a good night's (day's) sex.

"Me too," John informed, holding his little lover tightly.

"It seems like something is bothering him," the Administrator stated. "Dad said he checked out for a while but has come back."

The assassin could likewise tell that his husband had taken the bodyguard's distress upon himself. Adam had a way of adopting all the little woes of friends, acquaintances and even strangers upon himself. It was part of his Omega nature and one of the many reasons why John loved him so very much. Still it also took a toll on the bureaucrat, depleting him of the strength he needed for himself. John held him closer, knowing that he was there, at least, now to take care of the Omega in return. "He's probably lonely," John Wick theorized.

"That's what I was thinking too," Adam said, snuggling next to his mate. "That's why I invited him to Thanksgiving Day supper with you, dad, Charon and myself."

Furrowing his brow in consternation, the Baba Yaga knew that his silence must have upset his lover when Adam propped himself up on an elbow to look down into his face in worry. "Was that okay? I'm sorry John. He just seemed so distraught, in his own indifferent way. He apparently lost his housing situation too because he's staying here now again. Please tell me that you aren't upset!"

Seeing the Administrator peering down at him, fear filling his beautiful watering eyes, and finding him too damn cute John found it impossible to be mad. "It's okay," he said, playing with a loose strand of Adam's black hair. "Just ask me next time."

The Administrator nodded his head vigorously in agreement and then kissed Wick passionately in his own gratitude.

After the Omega had fallen asleep, John Wick took a deep breath and exhaled it. If he managed to survive the meal without offending someone at the table he would have found one more thing to be grateful for.

Besides, it could have been worse: Adam could have invited Zero to come as well.

* * *

Winston and Adam took care of cooking the meal in the elder Omega's more spacious suite while John, Cassian and Charon loitered around aimlessly in the sitting room. At first they attempted small talk but finding it a little too small, they soon gave up and started to watch sports on TV instead. This loosened them up a bit which gradually led to Charon asking where Cassian had been staying before he had decided to return to stay at the Continental. Gianna D'Antonio's former guard and lover spat out an address and then focused on the football game a little more intently than before.

The concierge had listened to the address with a look of recognition. "That's around where Zero's sushi stand is it not?"

"Yeah," Cassian grumbled.

"Come to think of it," Charon continued. "Zero told me he was living with someone to offset living expenses. Was that you, Mr. Cassian?"

This won John Wick's attention away from the game; he turned and looked at his old friend, trying to picture the tough guard living with the tough but annoying Zero. They seemed so much like opposites it was hard to picture them getting along together let alone cohabiting peacefully. Then again some people would probably have thought the same about Adam and himself, John realized.

As if the Omega had heard his mate thinking about him (which was entirely possible with their bonded minds,) Adam emerged from the kitchen and walked to the sofa, plopping himself down on his husband's lap.

"What happened?" John Wick asked, seeing the look of annoyance on the bureaucrat's face.

"Dad took over," the Administrator explained with a pout. "He fed me some shit about age over youth and kicked me out. Last I saw, he had his hand rammed up the turkey's fucking hole."

Charon set free a small laugh, picturing Winston wearing the bird like a glove and earned a gaze from everyone else in the room, who were shocked by the crack in the concierge's usual reserve. "My apologies," he said before adopting his former demeanor.

"So what were you guys talking about?" Adam Wick asked in curiousity.

"Cassian was living with Zero," John Wick informed.

"You were?" Adam asked in shock. "Why'd you come back here? All the sushi you can eat sounds like a pretty good deal."

"It wasn't working," Cassian stated.

John Wick was ready to believe him but had second thoughts when he noticed Adam staring at the bodyguard.

"What is it?" the assassin asked his mate telepathically as they looked at each other.

"He's blushing," the bureaucrat replied in a similar fashion. "You don't suppose that Zero and he..."

"No," John said shocked at the idea that Cassian would ever be intimate with the annoying fanboy. Turning to glance at his friend, however, Wick was no longer quite so sure when he saw that the other man was infact blushing and looking a bit too uncomfortable.

John Wick met Adam Wick's eyes again. "Maybe..."

Once again, as if on cue, there came a knock on the door and Cassian started to squirm even more on the couch. Charon rose to open the door but the guard stood as his hand was about to turn the knob.

"Don't open it," Cassian hissed.

Charon looked confused as another series of frantic knocks came from the other side.

"WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE GET THAT!" Winston shouted out obviously irritated and losing his own common coolness.

Following his Omega's orders, Charon turned the knob to reveal none other than Zero standing behind it, appearing extremely anxious. "Cassian!" he cried.

The bodyguard and the Asian assassin stood staring silently at one another in the sitting room of the Continental manager's suite for a long moment.

It was a little too silent and for too long, John Wick thought as his eyes came to rest on Zero's neck and the large bite mark over the chef's sweat gland.

Suddenly words did come easily enough to John Wick's tongue and they hurried out of his mouth before he could stop them. "You two are bonded?" the assassin exclaimed in disbelief as Cassian and Zero turned to look at him and then back at each other in embarrassment.

"WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE GET THIS DAMN BIRD OFF OF MY HAND!" Winston shouted as he suddenly appeared in the doorway, his arm still elbow deep inside of the turkey.

Chapter Text

John Wick and Cassian were sitting in silence in the bathroom of Winston's suite at the Continental.

Charon had managed to sucessfully remove the turkey off of Winston's hand and joined him in the kitchen. While Adam had ushered Zero into his father's bedroom to try to calm the other Omega down. Both remaining Alphas had gone into the bathroom to try to have a heart to heart: a difficult task given both men's stoicism and general discomfort at dealing with emotions and hearts at all.

Wick sat on the rim of the large and ornate bathtub as Charon sat moping on the toilet; the lid was down, of course.

"So you mated and then bonded with Zero?" John stated not for the first time.


"Why?" the Baba Yaga asked; also not for the first time.

Now, however, the bodyguard was willing to offer more than a grunt as an answer. "Well after your damn wedding, Wick, me and that fool sushi chef got to talking. He said we could both save on rent if we lived together. He had a spare room. Things have been tight since you killed both D'Antonios. They were my primary source of income. And with my medical bills after the heart surgery, also your fault, and nobody wanting to hire me after your damned return, I needed cash. I moved in with him."

"Didn't you know what would happen when he went into heat?" John asked confounded that this hadn't occurred to his friend before.

"I thought he was too annoying for me to ever want to fuck!" Cassian exclaimed.

The Baba Yaga could suddenly see the man's point.

"But, I guess, I was overestimating the restraint and self respect of my fucking cock," the guard continued. "I haven't been with anybody since Gianna...that probably did me no favors. All I know is that when Zero went into heat and started waving that sweet little ass at me...and all I could smell was his slick...I was on him like spots on a ladybug."

John furrowed his brow. The situation suddenly reminded him a bit like Adam's and his own. Only he had a history and genuine love for his tiny bureaucratic Omega. Adam was also fortunately far less irritating than the fanboy assassin,  Zero.

"That's understandable," John Wick said in comfort. "What I don't get is why you bonded with him."

"He smelled like sushi and I was hungry," Cassian grumbled. "We'd been going at it for 72 hours straight without eating."

A smirk flashed across Wick's bearded face. The man obviously hadn't needed to worry about keeping his strength up: that among other things.

Cassian held his bald head in his large hands. "When it was over I realized what I had done and I thought about placing a contract on myself. You know what the stupid fool is like...imagine having to hear him inside your brain 24/7!"

That was a thought John Wick did not want to contemplate for too long.

"I finally had to check back in here," Cassian whined. "But he's been calling and texting me non stop and I can't get a quiet moment just to hear my own self think! Even now its like having an ABBA tune stuck in your fucking mind! What am I going to do?"

Frowning again, John contemplated the situation. What Cassian had done was what many Alphas would have: hit and run. It wasn't pretty or admirable but it was common and unfortunately easy to get out of. What made it worse, however, was that in a moment of supreme hunger (if not passion) the man had gone and bonded with Zero. That complicated matters. Now the guard had set up a telepathic link with somebody he abhored. There was always the option for Cassian to go somewhere out of the Omega's telepathic reach but that would result in Zero being caused further severe distress at being separated from his Alpha.

Unless the Omega could find a new mate that was.

John's face brightened at the idea and he mentioned it to Cassian.

What possibly shocked the Baba Yaga even more than finding out that Cassian and Zero had had sex was the guard's subsequent reaction to the suggestion that the sushi chef bond with someone else.

The man rose to his feet and glared at John Wick with a wrath as fiery as a habanero pepper. "WHAT? MY BITCH WITH SOMEONE ELSE?" the bald Alpha shouted. "YOU TAKE THAT BACK, WICK, OR ELSE I'LL DROWN YOU IN THE BATHTUB YOUR WHITE ASS IS SITTING ON!"

It was then that John suspected that Cassian wasn't being completely honest with him.

Or even himself.

* * *

Cassian's voice had been so loud that nobody in the suite, or in the whole Continental itself, required a telepathic bond with the man to hear his spoken aloud thought.

Shortly after the proclamation, a mad pounding on the bathroom door had been heard, it had been procceeded by Zero madly declaring that he would be Cassian's bitch for the rest of their natural lives and beyond if the man so wanted. Even if Zero was reincarnated as a tree and the guard as a termite, the sushi chef claimed that they would find each other in the next life also.

As if accepting his fate, John Wick watched, as Cassian got off the pot and opened the door. Once the action had been completed, Zero burst in, threw his arms around the other man's neck and started to pepper him with kisses.

By the time all six men were sitting at the table for Thanksgiving Dinner, Wick was no longer sure that he had much of an appetite left. Knowing that Winston had cooked it did not improve it very much either. The meal looked like what it was: a haphazard affair, hastily put together by a man whom was more used to running a hotel than getting an extravagant supper together.

The hotel manager compounded his mistake by letting Zero start off the grace by listing what he was most grateful for; what followed was a long, rambling and often incoherent list of every single fandom the man had been a part of since childhood. And all his readers and subscribers at AO3.

"I'd be grateful if he just shut up," John Wick stated inside of his mind to the Administrator, whom was holding his hand.

"Well you gave him one more thing, John," Adam smiled and replied. "How did you ever get Cassian to go back to him?"

Being completely honest, the assassin flatly replied, "I don't know."

"Shhhh...that's quite enough!" Winston finally piped up, pulling Zero back down into his chair. "I want to live long enough to see next Thanksgiving, thank you very much!"

The sushi chef looked highly offended but grabbed on to Cassian's arm, anyway, while his mate looked about ready to kill everyone at the table.

"Now since the bloody turkey is getting cold, I request that everybody just keep their gratitude reserved for one specific thing," the Englishman sighed and ran a weary hand over his face before turning to his own Alpha. "Charon?"

The man stood. "I am grateful that Winston does not cook often."

Winston looked up at him drolly. "Ha ha. And I am grateful you are a concierge and not a comedian."

Rising to his feet, the Englishman turned serious and extended his glass as he looked at his son and John Wick. "I am grateful for family."

Adam squeezed John's hand again. As John looked at Winston and then turned to his husband, he felt his heart glow at the knowledge that just like Dog he had found his forever home.

The Continental manager sat down again and then motioned for Cassian to offer up his thanks.

The guard stood and said, "I'm grateful for forgiveness." He threw John Wick a quick glance and a nod before sitting back in his chair where Zero quickly latched on to him again.

"Adam," Winston said.

The Administrator stood and confessed, "I am grateful for love." He looked at all the faces surrounding him until his gaze came to rest on his Alpha husband, blowing him a kiss.

Wick touched the left side of his chest where a nipple ring was secretly hidden.

Winston smiled warmly at his son-in-law. "Your turn Jonathan."

John Wick thought for a moment. As his mate had done, John looked at all of the faces that were looking at him as he got to his feet. Thinking of the last year and all the many things he had to be truly thankful for, and also remembering the pain of the past and his love for a woman named Helen, the Alpha raised his glass as he looked down at Adam Wick's face now looking up at him with deep love and affection.

"I am grateful for our health," he said, saying a silent prayer that it would continue on just the same.

Everybody rose in respect and extended their glasses; the Wicks' own two clinking as they met one another at the end of their journey. In unison, all six men said in voices which were thick with gratitude, "To health."

* * *

It was a toast that stayed with John Wick during the following weeks as he performed the many tasks and missions assigned to him by the High Table and passed on to him by the man that he loved: the Table's own favored Administrator.

As Christmas neared and he received a phone call one day as he was tailing a target, it was a prayer he made once again.

Seeing whom the call was from, John Wick abandoned his stealth and answered it, giving his prey an alert and the time to escape.

"Winston?" the assassin asked, the worry clear and resonating throughout his voice.

"'s Adam. He collapsed at work. They're rushing him to the hospital now."

John Wick felt his world collapsing for a second time as the snow began to fall around him.

Chapter Text

Adam Wick had been hiding the fact that he hadn't been feeling well from John for days.

After John's speech at Thanksgiving regarding his gratitude for his loved ones' health, and knowing that the Alpha had been thinking about Helen and his painful past, the Omega had not wanted to disturb or needlessly worry John without knowing at first what it was that was making him ill. It was coming up to his preheat, Adam knew, but this was somehow different. He felt both weak and nauseated and was having a horrible time trying to secretly rush to the bathroom after he woke up where he would proceed to throw up into the toilet. Having seen it up close for close to a week now, it the seat had started to remind him of a large horseshoe made of porcelain.

One that was not bringing him any luck with improving his condition.

A few days before Christmas, while he was at work and safely away from the chance that his husband might overhear him, the Administrator was just about to make an appointment with his Doctor when he felt his legs giving out underneath him. Before everything went black, Adam watched as his stamp fell off of his desk (which he had grabbed on his way down) and hit him right on his face.

The bureaucrat lay on his office floor with a large "SANXIT INDORSATA" stamped on his forehead for several minutes before an Operator discovered him; the operator phoned an ambulence first and then Winston, her boss' father over at the Continental, second.

* * *

When John Wick rushed into the High Table operated hospital (a sleek structure that looked like something far more related to a Science Fiction film with its corridors of black and furniture of red than an actual place devoted to health and welfare) he immediately found Winston waiting in a chair of crimson, rocking back and forth as Charon stood by his side and held him. Upon seeing his son-in-law entering the hospital's waiting room, the Englishman stood and waited for Wick to cross the distance between them, something the assassin did with startling speed.

"Is he all right?" John demanded his voice catching in his throat, almost too afraid of the answer to come out willingly.

"Nobody's saying a blasted thing!" Winston said in frustration. "He went in about an hour ago but the nurses all have their bloody mouths shut and I have yet to catch a glimpse of one single Doctor at all!"

John Wick looked down at the floor, which resembled something out of a David Lynch film, and longed for something more mundane. After Helen's lengthy illness and being in and out of hospitals and healthcare facilities, he never thought he would ever wish for the familiarity of seeing a non-Table run hospital but he was doing so now. At least there they had the decency to realize that you loved whomever had been admitted and tried to help in any way that they could your anxiety or sorrow; they didn't leave you feeling like you were invisible.

Then again, to the High Table, if you weren't one of the twelve whom sat at the Table you were not considered worth much attention to begin with.
Even if you were like Adam, John thought, whom had served them unfailingly for years now you were treated as something less than human.

When the large double doors, that were colored the shade of blood, opened and Adam Wick stepped out all three men first sighed in relief and then rushed to him in grateful enthusiasm. The Alpha took the tiny Omega in his arms and held on to him tightly, afraid that Adam would be unsafe outside of his embrace. John Wick proceeded to take the Administrator's head in his hands and assault it with kisses as if his lips were a salt shaker and his lover's own face was a pile of french fries. When he suddenly reached the smaller man's forehead and tasted ink instead of salt, John backed away to see the words "SANXIT INDORSATA" stamped on it.

"What happened?" he asked his Omega.

The bureaucrat looked relatively fine except for the stamp on his skin, a few black hairs out of place and his tie being slightly askew. Adam smiled up at him happily. A little too happily for having just been taken to the hospital in a state of unconsciousness.

"I was just weak," Adam Wick replied in a cheerfully upbeat tone. "I guess, I just didn't eat enough this morning."

Winston scoffed at his son's claim. "Your room service bill would argue against that statement. You eat like a starving man. You always have. Even as a child you would..."

"Dad!" the Administrator hissed, looking more like a snake than ever as he shot his father a warning glare.

Watching as something unspoken yet understood passed between the two Omegas, John suddenly had the clear impression that he had caught a glimpse into the silent communication which could exist between a parent and a child that truly loved and cared for one another. The life Wick shared with his parents having been tragically cut short when they had both died, leaving him an orphan and sent to the Tarkovsky to live under the Director's care with a group of other children, the assassin had never experienced this link for himself. The closest he had ever come was in his marriage with Helen and his subsequent one with Adam. Their telepathic connection after bonding was very much like it he guessed: only with sex and naughty stuff included.

It disgruntled John now that he wasn't being told the whole truth, despite his admiration for Winston and Adam's closeness, and he looked down at his mate with a look that declared as much. When the bureaucrat only turned to look up at him sweetly, however, practically glowing and obviously in good health, John Wick could not stay mad for very long.

Nor could he contain himself. He grabbed a hold of Adam and hugged him passionately, lifting him off of the floor and causing the younger man to giggle.
The display was far too affectionate for the hospital, of course. They quickly sent out a nurse to tell the two men too behave themselves and stop acting so terribly human.

* * *

John kept staring at him.

Adam could feel the assassin's watchful and concerned eyes constantly on him and it made him feel wonderful to know that he was loved so much but afraid that he would also be able to see into his mind and discover too soon the wonderful little secret he was trying to keep until it was Christmas Day.

It was the most important gift John had given to him this December without realizing it and Adam wanted it to be the best present he could give to John also. 

Present was the perfect word for it too; it would hopefully help the Alpha remember that the here and now could hopefully bring some healing peace to the agony of the past which seemed to be haunting the older man after his visit to the hospital. That was perhaps the worst part about waiting to tell John about what the Doctor had informed him about as he had sat in the horribly sterile examination room: not being able to fully calm his husband's worried mind.

John was constantly following him around and making sure that he was okay and not about to faint again. Whenever he wasn't sent by the Table on this mission or that, the assassin would often accompany him to the office, frightening the Operators with his reputation if not his attitude which was too fretful and fussing over his mate to be all that imposing or intimidating. Wick had even taken to making sure that his tiny bureaucratic Omega was eating properly. He brought him vitamin supplements and also sat by patiently to ensure that he drank the whole bottle much to the bespectacled man's chagrin.

If anything, his husband's caring manner proved to the Administrator what a good father John Wick was going to be.

Something which was going to prove immensely helpful in what God had in store for them both, Adam Wick knew.

Chapter Text

"There's something you're not telling me, Winston," the Baba Yaga stated as he glared at his father-in-law.

The old friends were sitting in the Lounge of the Continental, sharing a conversation over a glass of bourbon and brandy respectively. It was the day before Christmas and John Wick was finding to his disappointment that while he made a wonderful assassin he was a lousy interrogator. At least, in as far as he had tried, he had not been able to pry one bit of information out of Winston or Adam about what little secret they were hiding from him.

The Continental manager just looked rather smug as he sipped on his drink and lay back on the plush couch. "And were you the type who would poke holes in his presents to see what they were, Jonathan?" Winston inquired as he sipped his drink leisurely.

"No. The Director didn't believe in presents," John Wick answered flatly.

"Now why doesn't that surprise me," Winston said with a laugh.

Seeing the concern evident in his son-in-law's eyes, the Omega reached toward to pat the tall man's hand reassuringly. "Adam is fine. He was right and I was wrong, but never let the little upstart hear it. He hadn't eaten enough so he collapsed. Just enjoy the rest of the Holiday season...But do try to keep it down if you can," Winston said with a scowl. "I was wrong about that too, I'm afraid: there have been quite a few complaints about your erotic endeavors with my darling baby boy."

* * *

When John Wick walked into the suite he shared with his husband, he found the Administrator busying himself with the tree. It was a tall evergreen which almost touched the ceiling and which Winston had complained about incessantly. He had not understood why his son had needed another tree when the Continental lobby was already graced with one that made even this impressive one look like a Bonsai. Adam had to keep repeatedly telling the patriarch that he wanted a tree just for John and himself this year.

As the Alpha came up behind the small Omega and wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed his neck, Adam laughed. "I'm glad you're here. You can help me with the taller branches," he stated.

After bestowing another kiss on the wings tattooed which graced his lover's neck, John Wick went to the box of ornaments on the ground and began to fulfill the other man's request. Looking under the tree and seeing the box he had placed there for his husband, John realized that he did not see a gift placed underneath it for him.

"Where's my gift?" John asked.

Hanging an ornament of a swan on the bottom branch, Adam faked a frown. "Awful selfish aren't we, Mr. Wick?"

"Same to you, Mr. Wick," the assassin shot back playfully.

"Maybe I just don't trust you," the Administrator stated.

"You think I'd put holes in the paper?" John asked, remembering Winston's words in the Lounge.

Adam laughed. "Yeah, bullet holes."

"No, I wouldn't," John Wick argued. "That may damage the present."

A bit of comfortable silence as more ornaments, one by one, found their place on this branch or that. Seeing an unused string of tinsel, Adam studied it regretting that he hadn't found a place to use it.

"Don't I get a hint?" John asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.

Winding the strand of sparkling gold around his husband's long body as if it were another evergreen, the Administrator snapped, "No," and then sauntered away saucily to the kitchen to see if the Gingerbread men were done yet.

* * *

Having moved back into the Continental, the Wicks found it difficult to break their former routine; they sat on the sofa together watching Rankin Bass Christmas specials when they heard a strange sound emanating from the door. Rising in unison, they traversed afar to the door only to open it and be greeted with the sight and sound of Zero cheerfully singing "Good King Wenceslas." His festive clothing was almost as loud as his singing; the sushi chef had forgone his usual black attire for a Christmas sweater with an unintentionally frightening Santa Claus on it. Cassian stood by his side looking absolutely miserable in a matching sweater, only with an Elf knitted at its center instead of old St. Nick.

"Merry Christmas!" the fanboy Omega greeted.

"Merry Christmas," Adam returned. 

John was too busy staring at Cassian in horror and pity to bring himself to actually speak.

"You two men want to come in for a Gingerbread man?" Adam Wick asked.

Zero looked about to say "yes" but Cassian stopped him with a glare. "No," the chef/assassin declined. "We still have two floors to go."

"I want to get this over with," his mate grumbled and turned and started walking down the corridor.

Zero gave an apologetic smile and then hurried after his grumpy Alpha.

John shut the door and the two men started to head back to the couch. "Is that suggestion box still in the lobby?" John Wick inquired as he motioned Dog off of the couch, the pooch having stolen his place.

"Yes. Why?" his husband replied, nestling into his arms. 

"I want to add a 'No Caroling' rule to go with the 'No Business' one for the Continental," John stated.

"Good idea," Adam said with a nod as they both watched Santa go and fetch the misfit toys. "Although, hopefully that will be the only noise the neighbors will be complaining of tonight, at least. Hopefully ours will sound much more pleasant in comparison."

"Yeah," the assassin agreed with a lusty smile.

* * *

John had been tender in his lovemaking with Adam since the bureaucrat's visit to the High Table hospital. Christmas Eve night was no different. Still even at his gentlest, the assassin still managed to make his lover squirm and call out in joyous pleasure. Thrusting deep inside of the Administrator, as he ran his hand up and down the swollen member before him, pumping it slow and hard, John Wick watched in delight the ecstasy written clearly on every precious feature of his beloved. 

Both spent after making the night a noisy one instead of a silent one, John Wick collapsed on the bed and Adam crawled on top of him, pantless but donning a nightshirt of red satin. He kissed the assassin's sweat covered chest and then rested his head close to the nipple ring on his left side where his eyes kept vigil on the digital clock, waiting impatiently for it to announce the arrival of Christmas day.

"How old were you when you found out the truth about Santa?" Adam asked playing with the band of gold close to him.

John laughed. "I never knew it was anything but a lie so there was no time to find out any truth. You?"

The Administrator thought about it. "Christmas Eve was shit for getting any sleep. I overheard Dad going into the closet one night and getting the presents out."

"Darn insomnia," the Alpha said as he twirled a lock of his lover's hair around his finger.

Watching as the clock changed from 11:59 to 12:00. "It doesn't matter," Adam said, kissing the older man passionately and then straddling his stomach. "I don't need a man in red coming down the chimney. I've got the most beautiful red cock attatched to the most wonderful man in the world visiting my special place 365 days a year...and this Christmas he gave me the perfect present...just as I hope it will be the perfect one for him; it's time for your gift, John Wick!"

The hitman was filled with curiosity and incomprehension as the bureaucrat reached over and grabbed the bunny doll which lay on the nightstand. With a sly wink, Adam slipped the doll under his nightshirt giving the impression that he was Santa himself.

Or that he was pregnant.

John Wick's eyes widened in realization and joy. "You're..."

Finding that he couldn't finish the sentence out of fear that he would make it all nothing more than a dream, John watched and listened as the Administrator finished it for him.

"Pregnant!" the bureaucrat announced with a happy grin.

Smiling wider than Adam had ever seen him, John Wick sat upright and held him lovingly in his naked arms, grabbing his head and kissing him deeply. Afterwards, the Omega rested his pierced ladened head on the Alpha's broad shoulder and whispered adoringly into his ear, "Merry Christmas Baby."

Chapter Text

If Adam had thought that John was attentive and protective towards him before he had informed his spouse that he was pregnant, it was nothing compared to the behavior of the Alpha after hearing the joyous news. John insisted on carrying him here and there in their suite at the Continental or going and fetching every little thing he needed. It was adorable and slightly embarrassing for the little Omega who was used to at least getting his own glass of water now and then. John Wick was having none of it, however, and grumbled when the bureaucrat declared that he was returning to work after Christmas. Eventually, the assassin had conceeded but he personally escorted the Administrator to the Administration building, growling at any Alpha that dared get in a ten foot radius of his expectant mate.

"I'm fine John!" the bureaucrat had exclaimed outside of his workplace. "Nobody is going to hurt me or the baby."

The Baba Yaga frowned as he looked around them in suspicion, his mouth turning into a snarl as a young Alpha male with sideburns and a Yankees cap passed by the parked Mustang.

When the assassin made to follow him into the office, Adam stopped his husband by placing a warning hand on his chest. "Look," he stated. "You are going to have to let me out of your sight every once in a while. I will be perfectly fine! The security in this building is airtight; all the files and some of the transfering  funds are here after all. The Elder makes sure it is taken care of."

"The Elder," John Wick growled and looked down at his left hand and the missing finger on it.

His expression softening, the assassin placed the same hand on Adam's stomach. Looking at the Alpha's eyes filled with such warm, deep and protective love, the Administrator wished that he could let the man come to work with him. However, there were rules, well established and equally well inforced ones. Still suddenly hating being separated from John Wick, the bureaucrat threw his arms around his towering lover and squeezed him tightly, pressing his ring and studded head against John's chest.

"I'm going to miss you!" the Omega declared and began to weep into his lover's white shirt, all the while craving a ham and Nutella sandwich with pickles.

* * *

Over the course of the following weeks, Adam Wick noticed a strange and bothersome occurrence: John was not making love to him again just as he had been reluctant to on their honeymoon. Foreplay sessions lasted a blissfully long time but when it came to the moment when Wick was supposed to place his wonderful and swollen member inside of the spot that was waiting for him excitedly twitching and clenching, John would simply kiss his stomach and then cuddle, very gently, with him. Confused, Adam would lie there in the bed and feel as John's throbbing and leaking penis would slowly return to its flaccid state while it rested against his buttocks, thigh or stomach.

Sometimes he would kindly help the Alpha out by taking it in his hands and work it until it started to violently spasm in his understanding grasp and unleash its semen in a messy yet wonderful spray that covered the bureaucrat's hands or bedsheets. It was far cleaner, Adam discerned, though, when he would take the unspent cock in his mouth and work it with his tongue inside the playground of his mouth. Swallowing was far simpler than enlisting the aid of the irritable cleaning staff.

The assassin was always properly grateful but Adam was left wondering why his mate wouldn't just come inside his other willing opening and make a deposit of its hot and marvelous fluid.

Although he hated to discuss his sex life with his father, the Administrator found himself doing just that one day when Winston had shown up at the suite while John was out killing somebody.

The Continental manager had been a perfectly doting grandfather to be and was irritatingly giving advice on everything to do and also what not to do whilst one was pregnant. Hence Adam thought it would be okay to seek his father's advice on this particular subject also. The look of discomfort on Winston's face told him that it had possibly been an illconceived move but still Adam Wick continued on regardless.

"He won't have sex with me like he used to," the peirced man sighed. "And I'm getting painfully horny for it. He's getting horny for it too."

"He told you that?" Winston asked in shock.

"No," the Administrator revealed. "A certain part of his anatomy did. It gets all big and red and angry but the man its attatched to won't let it go back to its favorite place."

"Oh really, Adam! Don't be so uncouth!"

"Sorry, Dad!" the younger Omega apologized. "I just can't understand why he won't do it. Last time it was because he didn't want me to get pregnant. But now that I am, I can't understand what the hang up is."

"Did it ever occur to you that it is precisely because you are pregnant?" Winston asked both affectionately and condescendingly smugly.

"Well...I..." Adam stammered.

Winston smiled warmly. "John Wick is a man of violence and force. I don't require or want the exact details but I would hazard a guess that his...performance... between the sheets has been passionate, correct?"

A naughty smile spread across the Administrator's face as he remembered the assassin's energetic lovemaking. "Yeah," he replied very giddily.

Winston rolled his eyes before continuing. "Now that he knows you are carrying his child in your little body, Adam, he is afraid he'll hurt you of the baby if he gets...oh bloody hell, if he gets too amorous!"

"He's afraid to fuck me incase he hurts the baby?" Adam asked in amazement.

"Yes to put it in the crudest way imaginable!" Winston exclaimed at his foul mouthed only child.

* * *

When John Wick arrived home following a successful mission, he was more than a little surprised when Adam grabbed his hand when he had hardly set one foot inside the suite. Grateful that he had taken the time to wash the blood off of that same hand before he had arrived back at the Continental, Wick let himself be dragged by his tiny mate to their bedroom.

Once inside of their favorite room, Adam turned to look up at him, a hand on each of his hips. "Are you not making love to me all the way because you're afraid of hurting the baby?"

John Wick looked down into the waiting face of his husband and decided that it was useless to lie: that was just what had been worrying him for days now. A concern his cock was complaining almost constantly about since it adored the Administrator's hole tremendously.

"Yes," he replied.

The Omega sighed. "Of all the silly things. How could you hurt the baby?"

"Our baby is in there," John stated. "When I make love to you, I get carried away sometimes. What if I make you lose it?"

This last confession the hitman whispered as if he were afraid that even his voice may be too gruff and somehow hurt the new life growing inside of his love.

Adam smiled sweetly at his Alpha and hugged him as he had done outside of the Administration building. "You could never ever hurt me, John Wick. Besides we're all connected: you and I and this baby; you'd know if you were even remotely going too far."

John held his lover now as well, tightly but safely comfortably for all three of them.

Suddenly the Alpha felt his Omega's hand leave its place at the small of his back where it had been resting. Slowly and mischievously, it made its nefarious way to the belt buckle which it undid and the fly of the assassin's pants,  which it pulled down before disapoearing inside to tease the cock that lay inside. Running his fingers up and down the member, teasing it with carresses mixed with tugs and a finger which proceeded to rub the opening at the end of its sensitive head, Adam Wick got to his knees as John shuddered, feeling his cock coming to grateful life under his husband's attention.

"You want to come inside, don't you?" the Administrator asked the reddening and quickly swelling member.

The penis remained silent but John Wick moaned out as the first bit of precum appeared on its raised tip. Adam took the head into his mouth, rolling his tongue around the glans and savoring the liquid spilling out like it was sweeter than honey.

"W-want go-to..." John muttered enjoying the sensation but craving something else instead.

The Administrator looked up at him, his eyes wide and green and the hitman felt himself grow harder when he thought it was impossible. "You want something else don't you, big boy?" Adam asked, precum pooling at the corner of his lips.

John nodded helplessly.

Rising to his feet and walking to the bed with a sexy swaying of his ass, Adam climbed onto the bed. Quickly he pulled his pants down to around his ankles and spread his legs as he got onto his hands and knees.

"Fuck me like my daddy doesn't want to hear about, John Wick," Adam said, looking over his shoulder at the dreaded assassin. His plump white rear was on display, the cheeks slightly parted and John was given a good view of the paradise which he had been denying himself.

Practically jumping on the bed, Wick let his tongue lick the Administrator's crack first, beginning at the perineum and slowly making its way upwards, sending a jolt of pleasure through the Omega's body which visibly trembled.

"That's a pretty good body part," Adam cooed. "But it's not the one your husband is really after."

"You mean this?" John asked, grabbing his pulsating and wet organ and letting it now run up and down the crevice placed before him.

The Omega practically purred in anticipation. "That is precisely what I want."

John Wick leaned forward over his lover, placing his arms and hands on either side of his beloved bureaucrat. "Then by all means have it," John whispered into the an ear, a sensuous croon before he pushed his hot and demanding member inside of Adam.

"OOOOOHHHHHH!" the younger man cried out, enjoying the feeling of John Wick's cock's return after days of its sorrowful absense. "Oh....ohh..."

The Alpha gave a few thrusts as the Omega turned to a bundle of need beneath him. He listened in proud delight to all the small and satisfied sounds he could elicit from his mate whom obviously was in heaven as he shuddered underneath him.

"More!" Adam pleaded and John fulfilled the demand, thrusting more frequently while he ravaged the bureaucrat's ear and neck with kisses which turned into playful bites.

The Administrator panted and moaned as he felt John's penis filling him, locking inside even though the purpose of the act was fulfilled and he was carrying the man's child already. He pushed his buttocks back against the hitman's groin and John lost control for a bit, crying out his lover's name loudly and increasing his movements.

Never to the point where it caused Adam pain, though.

They came together, John ejaculating into the warm depth of Adam as Adam shot off onto the bedsheets. Having both come, John fell over on to his back in bliss as Adam fell down on to him in shared pleasure, his back against John's stomach.

"Ready for another noise complaint?" the Baba Yaga inquired, short of breath.

"Yes," Adam replied, his eyes drifting to the puddle of come on the bedsheets to his left. "Another from the cleaning staff too."