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Emperor and God

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In the dark streets of Kuoh Town, a girl wearing a blue hoodie and a black skirt walked around the Neighbourhood until she noticed some faint flashes of light in the dark hills. She stared at it for a while and she swore she could hear something like... gunfire? It looked and sounded like it was coming from the only Church in town which should be abandoned. "What could that be?" She said to herself. After thinking about a little she ended up deciding to check it out to see what was happening.

It took a while to get to the old Church, but she was able to make it there before everything ended. Although on her way here, she noticed that the lights and strange noises stopped but she arrived she could hear someone yelling. One was female while the other one was male and whoever the male voice belonged too sounded familiar. She could hear exactly what they were saying since they were being quite loud.

"You won't get away, Bitch!" She heard the guy shout.

"N-No! I have the supreme power!" The girl yelled fear was clear in her voice.

"This one's for Asia!" She heard the guy shout at the top of his lungs and next was the girl screaming, and suddenly somebody came crashing through the window and hit the ground hard.

"Who's that?" She stared at the hurt black-haired girl who was wearing rather skimpy clothes that didn't leave anything to the imagination. The next she thing she realized was the black feathery wings that seemed a little too real. The girl happened to be a Fallen Angel going by the name of Raynare who she met quite a few times. The Fallen Angel tried to get up but the winged girl gasped when a white-haired girl grabbed and dragged her back into the church. She watched the Fallen Angel get dragged back into the church from her spot in the bushes and she quietly walked towards the doors to listen in on the conversation but by the time she got there, it seems like they were deciding her fate. "You wouldn't let them hurt, would you, Issei?"

"S-Shut up! I don't buy this." Peeking from the door, she noticed Issei turn away from her like he couldn't finish her off himself. "Rias, please. I can't do this."

Raynare gasped when Rias walked over to her and raised her hand while dark red magic appeared in her hand. "You toyed with my servant's emotions for the last time. Begone-" Before Rias could use her magic to finish off Raynare suddenly out of nowhere she noticed someone close in on her with extreme speed. "What!?" Rias was met with a kick to the face which sent her flying into the wall which and by the time they had time to process what just happened the girl was standing over Raynare.

"Who the hell is she?!" Issei asked.

Raynare tried to get up but she was held down which the winged girl gasped as the mysterious hooded girl's ring on her right hand started glowing. Suddenly, Raynare felt extremely tired and she could barely feel any of her magic like it all vanished.

"Wh-What did you do to me!"

"This doesn't look yours." She said as she reached for the rings on her fingers.

"N-No!" The mysterious girl slipped the rings off her fingers and Raynare expected there to be a lot of pain. But once she took them off is when noticed that her wrist was glowing again and it was like she took them off like they were normal rings. She tried to stay conscious but she was way too tired to stay awake and fell into unconsciousness.

"Oh, you look injured too." They watched as she lifted Raynare's unconscious body and carried her bridal style out of the church.

"Wait! Where do you think you're going?" Kiba said as he chased after her with Koneko right behind him but by the time they made it outside, Raynare and the mysterious girl was long gone, the only thing they see is a few black feathers slowly float down to the ground. Though, they didn't expect to see two rings lying on the ground next to where the feathers fell. Just as they were about to pick them up they started to glow with power again so they picked up the sacred gear.

"Who was that?" Kiba asked.

"Who knows." Koneko just shrugged.

Kuoh Academy

After classes were over Issei sat on the grass completely nervous since all the students were staring at him in disbelief and disgust, even his best friends were staring at him with betrayal clear in their eyes since right beside him was a female student of the Academy he was attending. She wore the standard female uniform, and she had black straight hair that reached her shoulders, a slender figure with a moderately sized chest being a little bit bigger than the average. She is considered one of the most attractive female student by her fellow students in the school, her face had a mature look to it that was always calm and collected in any situation. Although the thing that baffled everyone was the fact that she hangs out with Issei, the one known as the biggest pervert in the entire school. Whenever someone did talk to her, they were trying to figure out why she hangs out with him, but nobody knew that she was a childhood friend of Issei, but most people didn't know that and said childhood friend was currently leaning against while reading a book.

"Hey, Kyou, you doing anything later."

"Huh...?" Kyou said since she didn't hear what he said.

"You didn't hear me? I said, are you doing anything later?"

"Huh? I think? I don't know." Kyou said as rubbed her violet coloured eyes and closed her book. "I was up late last night. I couldn't wait to see you."

"You were gone for two weeks," Issei said.

"I wish you could've come with me."

"Hey, Kyou?" One of the students in the group tried to get her attention. "Why do you hang out with him? You know he's the biggest, most disgusting pervert in school?"

"Uh, well... I trust him."

"Kyou..." Issei felt happy when she said that.

"What about us?! Do you trust us?!" Issei's two pervert friends shouted.

"No," Kyou said with no hesitant.

"Um, Issei?" A somewhat shy voice caught both Kyou and Issei's attention. Once they turned towards the direction of the voice which belonged to a girl with blonde hair.

"Uh, who's this?" She asked.

"Oh, Asia! This Kyou, an old friend. We've known each other since we were children."

"Issei? Who's this?"

"This is Asia. I've met her not too long ago."

"You found somebody who will talk to you? That's great! If I'm going, to be honest. I'm surprised."

"What's that supposed to mean!"

"Um, Issei... Rias wanted to see us."

"Oh, I've been gone for two weeks and you've made friends with her too," Kyou said.

"Um, I'm sorry. But I gotta go now." Issei said.

"I've got something important to do anyway."

The Fallen Angel, Raynare, woke up in a strange house, in a strange bed, she tried to remember what happened last night and everything that happened that night flashed in her mind and began to wonder who that mysterious hooded girl. Raynare once again felt no magic from herself couldn't do anything as she could do before and she was about to investigate the house when she suddenly heard footsteps from outside the door. Raynare anxiously waited for the owner of those footsteps to reveal them self and the footsteps eventually stopped outside the door of the room she was in. She watched as the door slid open and on the other side was the girl from that night.

"Who are you?" Raynare said. She started to get angry when her question was met with a light chuckle from the girl. "Whatever you did to me I demand you undo it!"

"You don't remember me? I guess it has been a long time since we last saw each other." Kyou said as Raynare careful inspected her face and after a little while, it all came back to her.

"It's you! Why did you do this to me? I'll kill you for what you did!"

"I wouldn't do that. I've sealed everything that made you a fallen angel. I made you as weak a human... Temporarily." She whispered that last part. "Besides, you can't do anything to me, remember?" Kyou said as four raven black wings sprouted from her back reminding Raynare on her status as a fallen angel.