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the missing pieces

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It was a very early, cold Friday morning. The sun was rising up slowly, waking up the city and softening out the edges of the rough buildings.  

Jungkook has never woke up so early in his entire life. He was unable to sleep tonight because of the recent trip and jet lag. The simple thought of going outside to the still sleeping world gave him a bit of comfort so he decided to get out of bed, throw a black, warm hoodie on top of his PJs and head to the rooftop.

Sitting there, listening to music and absorbing the atmosphere made Jungkook think about his life and the choices he made. How he got to one of the best Seoul high schools. At first, he thought that it's going to be a place full of assholes and rich kids, people completely different to who he was. He was not entirely wrong, there was plenty of those privileges pupils but in reality, it was not the worst place in the world. The teachers were nice as well as his classmates.

At home everything was good, his brother liked him and didn't bother him too much and you could say that he was quite close with parents, at least closer than most teenagers.

Even though he was happy and grateful for everything, there was something missing. Jungkook's heart was longing for something he hasn't discovered yet. It was something he has been hoping to find for a long time, during the trips or everyday routine but his heart was empty. Still looking for something.

Who knows maybe he'll find the missing piece sooner than he thinks.