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Army hearts of love and war

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She stood there, stunned, still not quiet believing what had happened.

First, the disappointment and shock about her fiancé fornicating.
Second, him and two other people shot, and five others injured.
Third, realizing he had been the target of the shooter – it hadn’t been some crazy psycho running around with a gun. A planned assassination.
And now, forth – her apartment being scanned through to scare her.

Hollis Mann didn’t even quiet have to force herself to laugh. That person, whoever it was, might have caught her off-guard, might have ruined a part of her life, but she wasn’t scared. She wouldn’t let him or her have that power over her.
She was angry.
If that person really wanted to mess with an ex-army soldier with links to one of the best team of investigators in Washington … well then, mercy with them.
She was ready for the war.