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It Doesn't End When You Fall Asleep

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Your eyes flit open, and you jump. No reason why, of course, but you could have sworn you heard a noise... oh well. No point in going back to sleep now. Stretching, you stand, peering out the window of the living room into the dark outside. Some creaky floorboard probably woke you up. It takes a moment to decide whether or not you should back to sleep- something tells you you won't be. You start listing the facts, basic things about yourself, an old habit of yours.
You’re here. Here in the Underground no human thought existed, where it’s safe. YOU made it safe. But, you were also its greatest fear for many years. Those memories of murder and pain, dust swirling around you in the snow...they're hazy. Like you weren't really there when they happened. You defeated Asriel, and Asriel shattered the barrier. Ever since then, only a few monsters went to the surface permanently. They were happy to be free, but they were dubious of the human's kindness. So most of them stayed in their homes after confirming they It’s been a few years since all of that, though. You turn your back to the frosty window. But through all the indecision, the skeleton brothers? They stayed. It wasn’t always easy, of course.
Sans still cries some nights, when he thinks no one can hear, mumbling about how he can’t settle in, he can’t relax, it’ll all reset soon, and Papyrus will die again. But he puts on a brave face, and keeps on going. You quietly admire this, but wish you could just make it better somehow, wish he would trust you. He’d only really ever told you one secret, but he was desperate then.
Papyrus comes and goes from the little house in Snowdin. Sans worries about him, but it paid off in the end. He finally acquired some human admirers, and some friends, and even a boyfriend. Mettaton.
“BUT, I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE IF YOU EVER NEED TO TALK, AND THE GREAT PAPYRUS HAS PLENTY OF ENERGY AND WILL MAKE YOU LOTS OF PASTA AND DINOSAUR-EGG CEREAL!” You smirk remembering how he jumped out of his chair when he said that, and upset the table on top of Sans.
You’re startled out of the thought by sniffling coming from upstairs. Definitely Sans. Paps is out for the night on a date, so there isn’t much other option. Tentatively, you start up the stairs. You hear his muttering start to carry:
“stupid, why would’ya let him go and get a boyfriend… when the kid resets it’ll all be over, dammit, stupid, stupid-”
You stare in, crushed that he can’t even be happy for his brother through his anxiety. Should you say something, or just pretend you never heard it? Before you can think of any formulated decisions, the words tumble out.
Your voice breaks as you whisper into his room, hand on the doorframe.
“I won’t reset. Ever. Not unless- not unless something happens to you.” He jumps and turns his head. His faint eyelights, his luminescent tears, he can’t hide he’s been crying.
“shit... kid, I didn’t mean- it’s not like that- i’m just- i mean- i dunno,’ he sighs, defeated. ‘just scared, okay. i just want my bro to be safe; and its kinda hard sometimes, that’s all- whoa, um, hi there.” he stops, startled, as you throw him into a hug mid-sentence. A rush of emotion swells over you, and you say things you don’t realize you mean until after they come out of your mouth.
“Please, please, please don’t be afraid of me, ever, I can’t stand it. I can’t stand when you cry up here, and you worry about Pap, and I promise I’ll never reset again and I just wish you were happy, I wish you were happy more than I wish I was ALIVE, I- I love you, okay?”
You choke back tears, and then, suddenly, he’s hugging you as fiercely as you’re hugging him, and you’re crying together as he holds you.
“hey, don’t say that, i couldn’t- i couldn’t be happy without you here, i-i love you too, i’m so sorry-”
His bright tears are landing in your hair and yours are dampening his hoodie. Suddenly, blue magic swirls out from his soul, around the room. Your eyes widen in fear and you struggle for a second, thinking he’s trying to hurt you. But something, whether the soothing warmth of the magic or his arms around you, you don’t know, makes you calm down. You look up into his eyesockets, and he looks surprised, but calm. Determined- something tells you he was expecting this, somehow. You both hear it, his soul, speaking silently through his eyelights that he loves you back, he needs you, you’re all that keeps him going day in and day out, he loves you, he loves you, he LOVES you.
Then it all stops. Whatever soul miracle just occurred quiets enough for him to blink and rub his sternum with a hand. You smile, laugh breathlessly, and fall into his hoodie again. You can’t believe it- he really meant it, the same way you mean it. His arms tighten around you and his head rests on yours, and even though he doesn’t have any lips, you feel as if he were kissing your hair. It’s soft and gentle, like he’s trying his hardest not to let you notice.
You turn your head to look up at him, surprised. A glowing, blue blush laces his cheekbones as he avoids your eyes.
You brush the tears out of the corners of his big eyes with your hand and smile. You cup his head in your hand, and he leans into it like it will all end soon, like he wants to savor this dream.
“This could be, you know, if you want it. All you have to do is say yes.”
You see him hoping, watch as he registers it, finally considering that, maybe, this wasn’t just some far-fetched dream anymore. This could be real. He holds your hands in his and looks back at you, grinning sheepishly. Nothing fake about it.
“in that case, would you mind if I tried something?”
You grin right back and say, “Try away.”
Suddenly he kisses you, and its just like the kiss in your hair: soft, gentle, but his hands are around your waist and yours, to his head. He’s so warm, you feel so safe, but after a moment you both seem to realize you might be overdoing it a bit. You lean forward into his arms, which wrap around you. He seems a bit starstruck. You realize all of the things that you hadn’t noticed until now: the fact that you’re only wearing a thin night-dress for starters, and you’ve leaned over during the kiss so that he seems very, very close to you. Not to mention his hoodie is slumping off of his shoulders, and you see that under is nothing more than a thin white t shirt- you can see his ribcage through it. As you bury your face into his chest, Sans seems to realize the same things.
He chuckles nervously and tries to get out some words-
“heh, er, um, was that, uh, okay with you? sorry, I just kinda, um, heheh, did…it…” he looks down bashfully, but you look up into his face and your eyes sparkle as you say,
“That was the best thing that has EVER happened to me. I think... I think I love you, um, a lot, okay? But I’m, heh, kinda excited about this, so would you mind if I sleep in here from now on? If you don’t mind or anything, just to be warm and be here? If you don't mind or anything...” you trail off, feeling stupid at the sudden offer, but he just grins and stands, still holding you a little bit.

“well then, imma need your sheets from the couch, 'cause these are kinda gross- and we can make the bed and sleep the night away," he holds out an arm melodramatically, and you smile. Give him a hug, happier than you've been in a long time. Then you stumble down the stairs- you rip the blankets off the couch and scurry back up, already worrying this is just another dream, but Sans is stuffing his greasy ball of sheets in the washing machine and waiting on you. After a few minutes, your own blankets thickly cover his mattress, and he has you in his arms. You wear his hoodie and curl into him, and he plants gentle kisses on your forehead and hair. Soon enough, you both fall asleep.