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Guess Who?

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For the next few days, George felt like he was in a constant dreamlike state. Waking up in the mornings was so much easier knowing that once he made his way to the kitchen, Ringo would be there to greet him with a kiss. And as if that wasn’t incredible enough, they spent the full length of their breakfasts with their toes playfully touching under the table.

Whatever doubts Ringo had at the beginning faded quickly. After only a couple weeks, he was ready to fully commit to George—an announcement that sent George flying toward Ringo to throw his arms around him and capture his mouth in a kiss that ended up being more teeth than lips with how much they were both smiling. When they paused kissing to breathe, George didn’t miss a beat in calling Ringo his boyfriend for the first time, and Ringo’s lips were back on his within seconds.

It was a relationship like none other that George had experienced—no awkward flirting stage, no worrying that the other person would run off whenever they discovered a new side to him—and, of course, the obvious ‘no secretly hating that the person he was with was a girl.’ He and Ringo already had years of best-friendship behind them, and taking things to the next level with him was so easy and natural. It just fit.

It was, however, a bit disappointing that they couldn’t be as open about their budding relationship as they’d prefer to be—nothing would have been more romantic than strolling around town during sunset hours, just holding hands. Luckily, the fact that they were already roommates and could easily spend every evening together eased the pain a little. But, George thought as he woke up with a sleeping Ringo in his arms, it did seem wasteful to continue paying for a two-bedroom flat when they were only using one.

They didn’t have to be entirely secretive, of course. Since the first night George had talked to him, Paul had really come around to what he was now calling his ‘favorite couple’—something he would never let John and Cynthia catch him saying. It was so nice for the three of them to relax in the living room, carrying on a normal conversation while Ringo’s arm was wrapped around George’s waist, and Paul didn’t mind a bit. Still, that didn’t stop Paul from jokingly telling them to ‘get a room’ each time they shared an innocent kiss.

With Paul already being in the know, George and Ringo figured that they should get around to telling John eventually—they just weren’t sure how. In the end, the decision was made for them when they lagged behind in the studio one day, thinking that they were the only two left. George grabbed Ringo’s hands and pulled him in for a quick kiss, which turned into another kiss, and another.

It wasn’t until John interrupted them with a quick, “Goodnight, mates,” on his way to the door that they realized they weren’t as alone as they had thought. They quickly pulled apart and stumbled over their words, trying to explain to John what he had just witnessed. But their attempts at an explanation left John looking very confused. “What the hell are you two on about?”

“We—we just,” Ringo sputtered until George grabbed his hand and squeezed.

“We’re together,” George said finally.

“…Well yeah,” John said plainly. “You’ve been shagging for a year already.”

What?” George gasped in shock. “No, we haven’t. This is only a few weeks old.”

“Really?” John cocked his head. “Nah, I don’t believe you. There’s been something goin’ on with you two for way longer than that.” George was about to interject, but John was already opening the door. “See you tomorrow, you liars,” John said as he left the building.

George and Ringo stood in silence for a few seconds before bursting into laughter. “What the fuck was that?” Ringo asked.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” George said while wrapping his arms around Ringo again, just to hold him.

“You know what I don’t understand?” Ringo continued. “How the hell did John and Paul figure out how I felt about you before I did?”

“Lucky guess on Paul’s part…delusion for John.”

Ringo cracked up again and ran his fingers through George’s hair. “C’mon, love—let’s get home.”

George happily agreed, and they shared one more kiss before heading outside themselves. George could still hardly believe that Ringo had fallen for him. But as they headed home side by side, brushing the backs of their hands together accidentally-on-purpose, George knew that it didn’t matter whether Ringo had discovered his feelings a year ago, a week ago, or twenty years in the future. They had found each other eventually, and that was more than enough.